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  • On the use of provocative analogies (Nazism, fascism)
    • @German Lefty your comment of September 13 It is sufficient for Israel’s purposes merely to impose great suffering on the Palestinians, so as to deter or crush any resistance to Israel’s ongoing colonization of Jerusalem and the West Bank and the continuing repression not just of Hamas but of the Gazan people as a whole.

      You last paragraph summarizes it or says it all i.e. as how American somewhere in this comment section said it very concise : if it walks, talks and quacks like a Nazi it is a Nazi. And goes on to say that it does not matter whether you go quick, slow or at whatever way or in whatever pace (paraphrasing him here obviously). And he’s right in my opinion. You basically say the same and come to the same conclusion. Namely, that for tactical reasons the zionists refrain from treating the Palestinians in a same manner as the nazis. Which I mentioned somewhere here also. If the zios could get away with it they would eliminate them with whatever means on a much grander scale more often if not daily. But the US cannot permit that. The world would eventually find out. Where have all the Palestinians gone? And then both would be damned, the Yanks and the zios.

    • You last paragraph summarizes it or says it all i.e. as how American somewhere in this comment section said it very concise : if it walks, talks and quacks like a Nazi it is a Nazi. And goes on to say that it does not matter whether you go quick, slow or at whatever way or in whatever pace (paraphrasing him here obviously). And he's right in my opinion. You basically say the same and come to the same conclusion. Namely, that for tactical reasons the zionists refrain from treating the Palestinians in a same manner as the nazis. Which I mentioned somewhere here also. If the zios could get away with it they would eliminate them with whatever means on a much grander scale more often if not daily. But the US cannot permit that. The world would eventually find out. Where have all the Palestinians gone? And then both would be damned, the Yanks and the zios.

    • Conflating Jews with that Hmm, Frau Bundeskanzlerin? Doch!

    • I guess that if those came onto TV the whole staged PR campaign would be ruined. What, antizionists are also against antisemitism. The audience that way cannot be brainwashed. And remember: Germans are loathe to be remembered about antisemitism. They will be the very last part of the globe to see and then utter the likeness of zionism and nazism. Whoa, it might remind some of their background or past. Dass is doch nicht gut, nah?

      Hypocrites. Esp. the Axel Springer publishing house. Another form of Wiedergutmachung? They'd better shape up then!

    • @ \mooser How about a RRRRRausss!!!!! Or in contemporary talk: Mavet le Aravim (Death to the Arabs). Even the word Palestinian is not allowed. See, they have some self-censorship. Only the wrong one.

    • @ Nite_Owl. Wow. Indeed, German Americans were not sent to concentration camps as Japanese Americans were. I am sure there were good reasons for that given the fact that some industrialists and bankers and later politicians did business with nazi-Germany. (Rmember the 1933 almost succeeded coup d'etat against FDR by same sources). My opinion. But it is very telling.
      Murder for some gives them more appetite for more blood thirst since their conscience is more or less if not totally subdued.

      What's the matter with this board? Even when you want to delete stuff you can't mark it and delete. As much annoyance as not being able to edit. Why do the non-editors ignore our complaints? Maybe we should stop commenting for a while en masse until our wishes are met.

    • And why? Because the Sixth Day War was a war of conquest not of defense as the story goes that everyone including moi grew up with. A conquest to get both the West Bank and Gaza into their hands and yes, massacres of Palestinians galore. Hence, he witnessed it in some form or other since he has lived there from 1934 on if my memory serves me right.

      The man was a visionary in some respects, but also spoke on the basis of pure living through the times. How on earth this could be kept under wraps is work by some intelligence agencies. Otherwise it is impossible. No one knows about the ethnic cleansing (sterile words if you think about it and about what it stands for) which also took place then in 1967.

    • Reading some of his books and seeing some interviews, no one should misjudge the utter revulsion Leibowitz had for the unconscionability of the occupying state of Israel and its actions.
      He also in some respects was a visionary. From Judaism, Human Values and the Jewish State p. 234 ff : "But in addition to endangering our security and foreign relations, "unpartitioned Eretz-Israel" is internally unstable. Even if the Arabs do not become the majority, the state will no longer be a Jewish state. Its problems, needs, and functions will not longer be those of the Jewish people in Israel and abroad, but those arising from the specific tasks of government and administration of this strange system of political domination. They would be the problems of ruling over two peoples that do not cohere as a single nation. To the intense national antagonism between them will be added the passionate hatred evoked by the rule of one people by the other. There would be a deep social rift, similar to the one that existed in Rhodesia-Zimbabwe, with its constant fear and insecurity caused by the strained relations between whites and blacks. All that country's resources were consequently channeled into the one endeavor of maintaining white dominance over the blacks. The state of "unpartitioned Israel" is already beset by such problems, which are not problems of the Jewish people at all, but those of governing an Arab-Jewish "unpartitioned Eretz-Israel." (The "..." are in the book, not done by me.) He goes on a.o. to call De Gaulle "a great patriot" who freed the French people from the bane of ruling over the Algerians. (After losing a colonial war to keep Algeria but he does not mention that)

    • @ German Lefty How's that? Because Israel does not use gas chambers to kill a thousand a day? Their weapons and mass murder on a grand scale on the ground and with high-tech ammunition and weapons by air, also to test them out on the Palestinians (they use the latter description even for sales purposes with a smile even, this depraved lot) can compare. And they know they would not get away with killing a thousand people a day. The USA could not keep defending that.

      How many have they purposely annihilated, assassinated, starved, tortured to death, burned, shot and hanged since 1946, not as accidents but by deliberate plan? Often on a massive scale. To hurt, to wipe out, to exterminate by orders starting with this little murderer Ben Gurion? They just could not get away with it and genocide does not mean that all has to be happening within let's say a few years.
      If the nazis (BTW fascism and racism both very present since its inception and now burst out like pus from an infected wound in Israel, is the definition of nazism) would have had their way after the jews, would be the half-jews (according to their race laws), then the Poles, then the Russians. All Untermenschen. One has to be a half-wit not (willing) to see what the zionists willfully and purposely have embarked upon since the mid-forties if not earlier, actually. They want all of Palestine for themselves. Without any Palestinian around. And be sure, the Palestinian Christians and other minorities feel the heat too nowadays(or rather since some twenty years) and many have left already.

      I'm done with semantics and mitigating, holding pseudo-intellectual lectures trying (only the cups of tea, the scones, and the home libraries are lacking), trying to find some pseudo exonerating lame excuse in some nook or cranny for this bunch of utterly wicked racist murderers/thieves.

      And yes, they deserve the same fate as the nazis of whom only a few, unfortunately, were hung on the gallows. Many who are guilty already died.

      My father is certainly rotating in his grave. Worked in the illegality in WWII. Let's stop finding excuses and call a spade a spade. And seek the necessary punishment if laws have been transgressed. Well, ....need I say more?

    • Accurate comments by Mooser, MRW, American and W. Jones, JohannBorck. Yes, the law is the law and saying: Yes, but there's jurisprudence. Well, they hung on to the texts and the actions.

      Apparently, cf. Schabas only recently legal thinking is expanding if that is even the right word. Which in any case does not mean watering down or changing the ways "genocide" would be taken up and weighed in court altogether. But as precedent is concerned: I have my doubts.

      Very telling otherwise this shameless piece in many respects, came up. And about provoking: Isn't that exactly what Slater did and maybe was trying to do i.e. probably has written this with an eye on how people think?

      Wonder how many eyes are reading this too who should be very afraid by now but aren't given their incurable sense of arrogance, misplaced sense of being in power and invincibility since they are a vassal of the USA war, oil/gas machine.

      Wait and see.

  • Ohio University filibuster: harangue or free speech?
    • Glad it was in a country were they could call the police who actually thought the situation so serious as to arrest the perpetrators. Not so in the "greatest democracy in the ME". I don't even want to think what would have happened to Marzec and others. The Bobcats would have had a state dinner with fossile fuel Peres.

    • Page: 1
    • Actually, Mooser, you meant JFK had to federalize the National Guard to be able to enroll one black student, James Meredith? Or do you mean another occasion? In case of the IDF they would send camp guards. On campus they probably have watchmen in plain clothes to make sure no Palestinian can study.

    • Agent provocateur? Who faded away into the crowd as the police arrived and arrested some?

    • Actually, here we grew up with the notion that some non-Jews who would claim:"One of my best friends (or: my best friends are) is Jewish" would be exposed thus as being anti-semite.

  • Israel surveils and blackmails gay Palestinians to make them informants
    • @ Walker +1!

    • But uses the same foul tricks and underlying psychological workings. Goebbels c.s. revisited. Of course, in the name of national security.

      Until they will be sent off. And they will. That's also the swing of the pendulum. History repeats itself. In different ways, but still. So some can cry foul over a peaceful and justifiable BDS like in South-Africa Apartheid era: same will happen here. Fascists never stay in power forever. Thank God.

    • Right. It is total brainwash, Seafoid. And Gracie fr keeps pushing the blah button. The refuseniks did not get any dishonorable discharge. They disappeared into jails. Time and again. Time and again. Time and again. Nowadays refuseniks are pestered by being forced to wear army uniforms (kindergarten stuff, really, but psychopaths are actually stuck in earlier childhood with a violent, sadistic twist to their mental state) and clean toilets and things. Being harassed. Very honorably, of course. Goes without saying.

      The Bullshit Factor is very large with some.

    • @seafoid My idea exactly. I read the whole piece last Friday in the Guardian and saw the several videos (there is much more than Weiss excerpted for unknown reasons for why not give it all and also the headline on Mondoweiss is strange: Not only gays are spied upon and extorted to being an informant).

      When I had read the pieces with these guys easily recognizable, their voices not even distorted by computers of something else, and then supposedly intelligence officers who come out of the army and then choose to go into intelligence (!!) and one even reading a piece in English (....for which audience???) without typos and reading the piece without any Israeli accent. I mean: Who are they trying to fool? Are they so desperate for their image?

      I don't trust this all the more since there is nothing new about whatever they say. Old wine in newly invented transparent bags full of sh*t to my idea.

      Refusing Palestinian people medical treatment happens daily and has for decades even when Palestinians do get a permit to travel for e.g. chemo treatment or radiation or else, at checkpoints, just because some soldier can. If they get permits at all. Israeli's routinely play games with the lives of innocents.

      Same with women on labor many who died at checkpoints as a result of absence of medical care. Idem sick children. Already for years and years. Yet, all of this is being presented as intelligence officers outing something new? With no news? The news is: There is no news. Nothing new under the occupying sun, so to speak.

      Why don't I ever read something which shows the real backgrounds for keeping the Palestinians under control and decimating them to the point of extinction at so many levels?

      It has nothing whatsoever to do with national security but everything with being in bed or at least on the payroll of the war and oil industries. Gaza has gas and the Israelis have recently made a multi- billion dollar deal with Jordan to sell Gaza's gas. Yes, violation of international law but who cares? Israel does not like any law whatsoever. I sent this info to Annie Robbins who apparently did not find this important enough for Mondoweiss. I disagree.

  • The west is safer for Jews than Israel (duh)
    • @ Maximus Decimus Meridius

      +1 !

    • @Mooser You call the nationalist-religious zionists jewish? There is nothing Jewish about pogroms, rallies with "death to the arabs"(mavet la aravim), stealing land, demolishing houses, beating up Palestinians, having raw sewage flood Palestinian farmland, demolishing crops, cutting down fruit trees and thus stealing and destroying livelihoods, throwing Palestinians out of their houses for settlers to steal (inhabit) them immediately which is also a daily occurence in Jerusalem a.o. places inside the state/green line.

      Sometimes your comments are mind-boggling....

    • @ pabelmont It's not the religious image imho. Or not only, at least. It's the way you put it before: the imaginary wonderful israel that unfortunately never existed but in many a jew's mind to exist so they can run to it in case of danger. Selfishness. Me, myself and I and to hell with anyone else esp. the Palestinians.

      Since the older generations - unlike nowadays jewish students and under - grew up with lies and myths (= propaganda) pertaining to the skillfully concocted tale of wonder and beauty and apparently needed tales of heroism of the soldier/farmer in the land of milk and honey state of israel which always is the hated victim of its neighbors, that and the willful complicity of Judoren and Bronner at NYT and others, nothing will probably change.

      Even with B'tselem, HaMoked, Gisha, Breaking the Silence, Jewish Voice for Peace, etc. etc. It's easier to have an easy life in dreamland than to face the truth and speak up. Believe me, without the American Jewish community's voice thundering Washington can continue to give full military and other support (like drilling for oil and gas) without having to change their act. Idem israel itself.

    • ritzl: Thank you, my thoughts exactly. Although I'm sure there are who leave because of the intolerance (almost a eufemism), I too get the feeling lots are not wanting to go on living in a society with national religious people although they grew up with them since they have not been parachuted into israel yesterday.

      I don't read anything about discovering the truth vis-a-vis the inception of the state or what even went on before and after. But rather, they want an easier life without much ado.

      I wonder how many among them are hasbara types to go on pushing the agenda in jewish communities abroad like here in the netherlands were from time to time we have an "expert"telling the jews how to think basically. (Another reason I stopped going to shul).

      I wonder whether - although I did check the box - I get follow-up comments of others in my inbox or whether that got lost in the process of changing the lay-out as well? Still no "edit" button restored either....???

  • Yasher Koach to Brant Rosen
    • Mooser, as usual, you write exactly what I thought when reading this piece. Ms. Mertz, I find it unfortunate for you that you throw away and accuse the whole of Judaism of which I am sure you and i and many others don't and cannot know the diverse layers and scriptures with its humongous interpretations, commentaries, laws. sub-laws, jurisprudence, etc. etc.

      You confuse a belief and value system in which diverse thinking people can easily find what they want (without distorting it, I mean, which unfortunately happens in every belief system but is not indicative of it) with some Jews.

      And no, I am not happy that the majority of us (I am Jewish) not only keeps silent where they according to Jewish law and morality should speak up and have spoken up already, but apparently is too cowardly to seek the truth but prefers to stay in lalaland and see Israel as the redemptive golden calf, treasuring it as if it was a baby.

      But to lament the way you do: Sorry. Too easy. What will you teach your kids now?

  • Tzipi Livni's vacation nightmare
    • Maybe Ebay has one. Berachamav shenit? Are you competing with Ritzl?

    • No, she needs a shrink. And a debriefing. Part of a supremacist depraved cult. Nothing to do with Judaism. Everything with zionism.

    • Why was it dumped in the first place and not reinstated after so many requests? Are they tone deaf at MW?

    • No, he was the provocation and should get a penalty for ruining a piece of art. But then: diplomatic immunity. Lack of control is not very say the least.

      Re: Part of a conference on genocide: lots of pics and vids of the latest Protective Edge massacre part of a sequel. White phosphorous like in 2008/2009 or the experimental DIME ammunition used recently would also be incorporated. Why suicide bombers and as such pointing the finger toward the Palestinians once again as "terrorreests"?

    • Doesn't she see she's making a total fool of herself? That's what you get when you're surrounded with the same criminal orc heads as she is. Not very great thinkers. Arrogance is at least good for something.

    • Mooser! LOL! I can see the whole court room clapping and singing and her standing there totally confused! Fix it, Jesus! Yeah!

    • No one has patience for that, hopefully. They'll show her what she's responsible for and then she may hide behind her evenly criminal daddy. "I didn't know any better." Like father, like daughter. They'll shut her up.

  • I see five bears
    • Actually, now something did happen and i got back to this same page about the wonderful tale of Weiss and bears in the wild.

      I think Phil Weiss is a very lucky man to be able to have experienced this. And the bears for not having been confronted by ignorant, aggressive human beings. May mommy see her offspring grow up in health and peace 'n quiet.

    • When I click on your link, Mooser, nothing happens.... ?????

  • Our new look
    • What could maybe be changed for the better is the fact that if you reply underneath the one you want to reply to or comment on, lots of time your comment or reply gets shoves somewhere where it does not make any sense whatsoever without the original comment above it. That is so unprofessional and basically the stupidest thing on this site. In order to make sure it maybe might make sense still so you haven't wasted your time completely you have to start with @....

      Annoying and amateurish.

    • But often did not work too proper. If you were tired and had to ...yes, happened to me I must admit....edit something thrice the unedited version was printed.

    • Crowd Favorite must now go Crowd Funding for Mondoweiss.

    • I guess every new way of finding old things after things have changed comes down to this: It's just a matter of getting used to it. In a few weeks time no one talks about all this anymore, unless

      1. editing is put on hold (meaning impossible which is ridiculous) forever
      2. copy and paste cannot be done easier. I get a light pink color (light yellow? Wish it was true one of my favorites!) but something I don't want to copy and paste also comes along .....

      Otherwise: good luck with whatever idea the MW team had changing the outlook. It's about the content for me not how it looks. I must say, the previous very large font has changed to "if you ain't using glasses, MW will try to get you at least one pair" font.

      Maybe I get used to that too. .....

  • Bardem and Cruz don't speak English well enough to understand 'genocide' -- Saban
    • LOL. Although my eyes needed adjustment. OK not very ladylike to comment on an ugly pic of someone looking like a great white shark ready to bite. Although, that's an insult to any great white who are actually very intelligent creatures and not the murder machines Jaws would have them. OK, let's compare her to the (fake, it was a robot they had made) robot Jaws. Nice lookalike. Ugly inside, ugly outside....

    • Due to the lack of an edit button (bring it back, please, people need to be able to edit whatever they wrote if only to get a typo out) : I am aware that Meir is no longer with us.

    • Sadism disguised as compassion? Where is the compassion? Israel and as such the steely unconscionable Meir has no compassion, simply does not know what it is and sees it as weakness. To be destroyed probably. Like anything else they don't like.

    • Mafia mentality. If you have the guts to have an opinion which is contrary to mine you eat dust. What a gross bunch of crappy racketeers. I don't understand how they ever got there.
      And then the Saban comment: Not only arrogant and petty but also pretty dumb. How to get disliked in a second. But hey, money talks, he thinks. Cheap.

  • 'Common Dreams' website traps Hasbara troll spewing anti-Semitism
    • @JustJessetrOne fake one and the rest of those fakers are for real? Man oh man, some have no shame. Did you actually understand what this dangerous fraud has been up to? Sure you do but that does not matter apparently. Hunt down who? Watch your language because it is coming from your soul.

    • @just +1 My thoughts exactly. Some never try to miss a beat, do they?

  • No justice, no peace -- in Gaza or Ferguson
    • @seafoid They all of a sudden though denying the existence of the Palestinians, an enormous interest for the Kurds to get their own country. So Irak, Iran (...), Turkey and Syria (...) will be fractured.
      Don't see it happen but the neo-cons of which nutanyahoo is one and surely not him alone have set this as their goal long ago and I guess also other American institutions.

      Another link to haaretz with a plea from Archbishop Desmond Tutu. For the mob and masses of Israel: They don't read haaretz though.

  • 'I mourn my Jewish community, which seeks to justify these inexcusable acts'
    • @Straightline Read this for a change. Oh, and let no one react on the titel CD put after the slash. Entirely their idea.

    • @eljay

      Amen. Funny indeed or - since I am still angry at the ongoing slaughter of innocents in Gaza - shameful for the lack of another word.

      @Larrysturn They must show who's boss with their high-tech weapons to show those Untermenschen that there is no resistance against them allowed. So the orcs of israel bomb whole families and wipe them out. Day in night out. Imagine that. No water, no food, and losing everything you have. If that is not enough the shithoses steal your money and jewellery just to make sure you are and stay destitute.
      But, oh, their rockets can now reach us. Yeah....isn't that terrible that the concentration camp inmates still have some energy to fight back? Why not show us some history about the Warsaw ghetto uprising and the uprising in Sobibor for a change? Let's have it, Larry.
      Show us some one-sided wicked reaction from you, another apologist or strawman. BTW My family was wiped out in Sobibor and Auschwitz. So don't bother to come up with that.....wicked sh*t. Don't use that genocide to cover our genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza and, slower, in the West Bank. Turn around, Larry and wash the dirt out of your eyes.

    • And what a meeting it will be! Black gospel is the most spiritual music that goes right through my soul!

      Thank you, Mooser!

    • @jon s

      No, buddy. What you are getting wrong is the prayer to one day be able to return to Zion or the holy land - which is not in Uganda as Herzl would want it but hey, he wanted a whole people to convert to Roman-Catholicism, what does he know right? I always wonder what Nutanyahoo and others before him know or care a bit when they stand in front of a huge picture of this nutcase who apparently was a Jewish antisemite. Ha!
      That prayer was inserted centuries ago. Fully knowing that this last diaspora that is still there since 70 CE, till this day thus, would only be lifted through the coming of Mashiach. Of which no one knows when that will be but God him/her/itself and certainly no peyes wearing person nor a secularist military dictator as Ben Gurion and his ilk then.
      The zionism people refer to is the zionism of Herzl the Uganda/converter propagandist. And don't you know it. But hey, getting the words "antisemite" in might work for you. But not for others here. Too knowledgable a commenting crowd at MW not suffering from psychopathic poor little me/the hell with anybody else syndrom.

    • @Michtom
      +1 and then some!

    • @ seafoid LOL! Make the SPV an SUV and drive the thing into a ravine with rocks so that no tree is damaged. Bolivian jungle eh? What would president Morales think of that? Good idea though. In a jungle within a few weeks or maybe sooner everything is overgrown and nothing is seen anymore. Yippeeeeee!!

    • @ Mooser You sound as if Judaism without zionism would have to be established and built or made up from the ground up again. Judaism is thousands of years old. Not so zionism which is a political movement from the end of the 19th century only! (Sorry if I sound like a lecturer). Take out the prayer for the state of israel and its orcs er..soldiers in many sidurim or daily prayer books and voila!

      What is more important is that the zionist hasbara has to be purged from the Jewish mind. No israeli hasbara agent or shaliach sent to head the Jewish youth movements should be sent all over the world anymore where there are Jewish communities. The minds of Jewish kids get poisoned.

      Jews should start learning of their spiritual heritage and there are great books to read in English or any other language. You don't immediately have to learn or know Hebrew. Even if that helps with the original text so that you know and are not taught by others. Lots of layers of interpretation although the deepest or mystical side has been kept away from the population at large for centuries. Only known to a few insiders. Power? Yes, that had something to do with it. We are quite patriarchical although Reform, Reconstructionist and Conservative have done a great job in changing that but they are mainly American denominations. Orthodox fundamentalism which holds sway these days is mainly rigid and sometimes even in some respects obsolete and backward.
      Maybe with some common sense some Jews should come down to earth and not think ourselves holy by birth. We are not. That is a misconception and a very dangerous one imho. We have some immense treasure in our hands but put it on a shelf for God is apparently an anomaly or a made up thing. Then that's where zionism crept in.
      Oppressive religion which had nothing to do with Torah ethics and standards which should give voice to so many interpretations, antisemitism, and getting out of the ghettos, may have contributed to losing our sights of living halachah and learning and living joyously on a daily basis.
      Synagogue services used to be learning events instead of boring, unspiritual, repetitive get togethers because it is a holiday or shabat or you want to see such and such, or a bar mitzvah that costs thousands to outdo others.... Books by Aryeh Kaplan z"l about Jewish meditation (has nothing to do with Eastern religion's meditations) gives great insights in not only Jewish history but certainly how Judaism was lived without the straitjacket it has declined into over the past centuries with now the idolatry of the state of israel around it. Filler-up of a void maybe.

    • And those of the rest of the Jewish people globally too. Amen veamen!

  • 'Bombing the Dead' -- Max Blumenthal in Gaza
    • @Justicewillprevail There will always be an israeli probably paid shill to provoke in order to get people here to give the nut attention and, true to its nature, off topic which is in casu the above shown pictures by an incredibly moral courageous journalist with a great mind and soul.

      BTW I wonder whether I get attacked again by some shill on these comment pages, who now avoid using israeli nicknames but use anglo-saxon ones, like I did last Thursday and got my computer hacked and my anti-virus as well. Most probably BIOS has been entered like last time so every letter I type is followed.
      Mooser was called @Loser and other derogatory sh*t when I wanted to post a reaction to him (Mooser is one of the most sensible and eloquent commenters here among seafoid whom I dearly miss, Woody Tanaka and pabelmont whom I miss also here lately.). The slurs were in different font above my typed comment which subsequently I was not able to post. I could click whatever I wanted: Nothing. Courtesy no doubt The Only Democracy In the Middle East. Well, better than threatened on a tramway stop like back in February 2014. Some BDS helps apparently to get the ork ziobots and their ilk scared shitless. Some ork started to speak to me in Ivrit and since I answered him in English I noticed his fluent English without Israeli accent. Not that he spoke any logical word, but uttered threats. I have no idea who the idiot was other than anobviously israeli ork. How did this mongrel know who I was, how I looked like and that I spoke Ivrit? After I started to get to a certain shul again? Anyway, I see I can post comments again. Well, probably until I again come with Jewish law showing clearly and objectively (Halachah that is) that the ziobot state is in total transgression of it. That's kinda scary for these so-called jews? Chaza"l (our sages) already wrote: whoever is committing crimes (and they named a list) is not part of israel but like mitzrayim. Meant was the mitzrim who held us as slaves back then. Not nowadays Mitzrayim for sure.

  • Watch: Young Israeli Jew at Western Wall calls for 'another war and another war and another war and another war'
    • Uh, that is exactly what Israeli hasbara also maintains about other Muslim countries. How coincidental. Whataboutery.

    • @ Mooser


    • Yes. And the worse of the matter is, is that this is not one single freak who speaks his mind. Neither this guy nor these foul-mouthing teenagers are a minority. Halevai (wish it was so).

      To be frank, no government leader has said anything. Thus, they give the green light to go even further and somehow, I fear some may already know the scenario. Israel is not being stopped and it knows it. Who would stop them next time? Who will? And that's what makes these sociopaths drunk with bloodthirsty thoughts of owning the USA and being masters of the universe.

    • @ Inanna

      My thoughts exactly. I frankly was taken aback by Mr. Weiss's comment.

    • @MHughes76

      That a besieged, starved, humiliated and murdered (even when Israel does not wage a crippling one-sided bombardment and send ground troops with snipers too in, it is killing people a.o. fishermen fishing for a livelihood) population living in squalor due to being confined in an ever smaller cage, is somehow trying to do something back, is imho very understandable. Who wouldn't? Their grandparents were violently dispossessed, beaten, robbed, deported from what are now Israeli cities and dumped into Gaza in the late forties.

      Overall, already for years the Palestinians engage in non-violent resistance on the West Bank. Something the West has conveniently overlooked and the Israelis too since the latter hates the strategy since they cannot accuse them then of being mindless terrorist barbarians and it would trigger memories of Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi. Imagine.... Not that dumb Israeli politicians don't call Palestinians barbaric. Like Netanyahoo who continuously projects his own vile character onto a whole population.

    • @can of worms

      +1 and then some.

      (You may expand the West Jerusalemites to the whole of israel which has no boundaries but seems to expand by way of theft, intimidation and oh, sorry, I have to be political correct, right: government policy. Thus.)

  • Rania Masri gives Barack Obama a lesson on the meaning of 'barbaric'
    • @ Mooser For minds high on fired-up imagination. Or they just looooved Ghost Whisperer. Something's gotta give if you talk genocide and do ethnic cleansing from the relative safe seat of your F-16 with a remote control.... Not that those missiles are so precise but hey, 25 miles in length, I mean always have a hit!

      Crude missiles and not being able therefore to have precise targeting....want to compare? High-tech against crude? Booby-trapped houses? No. Instead of learning the laws of war and the laws of ethics and a whole lotta other real Torah stuff, some ziobots just babble away to affirm their chosenness as confirmed murderers and assassins of innocents if not plain cowards. If you need God to justify what you do, there must be something wrong.

    • @ Boomer Ah, but the landscape is changing.....within one generation and even sooner than that.

  • Hollywood's latest blacklist shadows Bardem, Cruz, Almodovar
    • @ Mooser What is the "She's a Denier" parody? Maybe it's because I live in Europe and this is American that I don't have a clue what you mean?

    • For decades and even in recent times i.e. the massacre in 2008/09 and 2012 no one spoke out. Deafening silence. It only now starts to become a wave. So the ziobots try to prevent the ripple from being a wave by threatening to take away someone's livelihood and prevent him/her from speaking his/her mind. The first is a definite crime in Jewish law. For all their professed Judaism these zionists trash it. Preventing someone from speaking his/her mind and retaliating is also an averah (transgression). Question: How Jewish are those including the state of Israel when continuously transgressing? Uprooting fruit trees, also in wartime, is also a transgression. Approx. a million olive, orange and other citrus fruit trees, whole orchards have been destroyed by the Israehelli army since at least 1967. Wonder when they started with that. Bet before that year. Must check.

    • @ Daniel Rich Her own what? Mind, looks?

    • I doubt that C only does to B because of A's behavior. That's the excuse they want us, D, to believe. Now, D may be variable but understands A to Z.

    • We are not the indigeneous people. Kavanaugh has not had any education in Jewish history other maybe than from the zionist perspective which are a bunch of concocted stories or from a Hollywood script he mistook for the truth. We got kicked out at least twice. And not a little bit. We have been dispersed to all directions and settled all over the globe. For various reasons, one of them is apparently not sticking i.e. learning our lessons. We got kicked due to our own abysmal behavior so don't sue the Italians, please.

      The Arab population, called Palestinians since the Romans decided to name their then-province, were already there. So were others. A handful of Jews have continued to live in Palestine since the last exile in 70 CE but the Palestinian population always has been much larger.
      I repeat: Palestinians were already there when Jews came to Palestine to settle in the late 19th century. And were the majority.

    • @ Daniel Rich
      :-D! LOL!

    • Need Israel for what? Desecrate the Torah? To show the world that whining racist Jews can holocaust an indigeneous population and declare statehood? And lie about all they did including covering up their crimes (war crimes, crimes against humanity since 1946, 1947)? And then some...right now people are being butchered and traumatized again and again. An Israel with censorship for its own population including brainwashing since kindergarten (yes) but still claims to be the only democracy in the ME, that beats the war drum and sells its war industrial goods (to sometimes both sides of a conflict although not only Israel does that for sure) as also foreign law enforcement training militarizing police forces? An Israel which stages pogroms (the term is from Jewish non-leftist whatever label witnesses on the ground) against Palestinians and Bedouins by settlers and border police alike and within the cities against African asylum seekers? That Israel nobody needs. As it stands, Israel is a force for evil in this world. And I am by no means a self-hating Jewess. Quite the contrary. If that is even relevant.

    • Just boycott Israeli goods. The Palestinians will be thankful you do. Instead of them other minorities slave for the Israeli overseers especially inside the illegal settlements. And if Palestinians are forced to buy Israeli goods as to make them dependent on their overseers even more, they want to boycott that themselves. Hurt Palestinian lives? No comprendo.

    • How's the tissues, Jon? Keep us informed about which brands work the best for ya. Cheers!

    • "Yea it is and they started it —–people havent yet quite caught on to the fact that they are waging a war against the world."

      They wage a war for supremacy as proxy for the USA who is waging war to dominate the world. That's where the big mouth and arrogance of the Israhelli's come from. They can get away with murder for they are doing the job for others. And have their little Greater Israehell for themselves. Not. Mark my words. Something will go awfully wrong. Hopefully we live to see it and it won't cost any more Palestinian lives.

    • Like massacring innocent civilians and being over the top racist. If an Arab is a semite, well that makes the Holocaust Schreiers (Screamers) eh......anti- s...s..s..emitic...Oh, no......

    • Being Hebrew? That would be the same as being Jewish. Never mind. Hebrew is a language. But lots of zionists speak Hebrew. That's no doubt what he meant. Or something. I like him anyway.

    • You know what? If Abe Foxman says that, it simply must be true. Then we are all antisemites. Mele, as they say in Ivrit. (Yes, I do speak Ivrit or Hebrew). Meaning: who cares? Let's make a verb of it, we're antisemiting, you're antisemiting. Let's just throw it in their inhumane, unconscionable faces. They don't know us, don't care about us anyway. For we have morals, hearts and do see the other as a human being. Whoever does not and does not want to see the other as equal: what does that make him/her? A hater. A racist. So, we're antisemites, they are racists. See, we're still equal. (Rats, I thought I was better than those unconscionable barbaric zio-white supremacists!).
      So, they are the Jew Klux Klan.

    • I am and I'm sure many who do see the reality are grandchildren of both Holocaust survivors and grandparents they have never known since those grandparents did not survive.

      Frankly, what the hell does that all have to do with the genocidical (if that is English, if not, my apologies) and totally unconscionable barbaric savagery the Israehelli army and government with its call for concentration camps in Gaza (...Holocaust survivors, anyone?), is perpetrating on a whole population which is purposely targeted? And has been weakened by earlier such onslaughts and massacres if not a brutal siege for years on end? Does Kavanaugh care? No, he plays the Holocaust card to shut people up. Part of the Jewish Mafia.

  • Even Wieseltier is upset by 'indifference in Jewish world' to Gaza slaughter and wholehearted Israeli support for it
  • Gaza war gives rise to new Jewish group targeting Jewish institutions that support occupation
    • @ Kay. I am sure when this state spouts its usual roll of mud about doing every evil thing in the book "against Hamas" it is lying as it is lying that it is a democracy as it is lying it represents the Jews in the world. (I am a Jewess and israel does not represent me, God forbid even).
      Mowing the lawn = deliberately attacking the defenseless civilian population squeezed within a concentration camp with high-tech weaponry to test them on these people.
      Putting them on a diet = starving aforementioned population to stunt their children's mental and intellectual development a.o.
      Someone tell me whether this has anything to do with Judaism, whether this is not demonic and basically out to slowly kill off an entire population including their history and culture. This is not genocide? Israel cannot use gas chambers or say it wants to wipe out the Palestinians. But if you really take a detached look at it. What else can it be? The West Bank Palestinians nor those inside the state cannot even commemorate the nakba. Suppose we as Jews were forbidden to commemmorate the shoah? And how many western and non-western countries don't earn money from this occupation?

    • I hope they won't do galas and invite Livni or another Israeli war criminal like they did years ago having Olmert as guest....So much for J Street.

    • @Donald. Exactly. And more: it's high time that Jews organize and protest loudly and clearly that there are Jews who want the cruel and inexcusable occupation to end as well as open their mouths against the Gaza genocide (mowing the lawn after having put the Gazans on a diet= not against Hamas but against civilians because they are Arab (Palestinians).

      It is exactly necessary that Jews open their mouth loud and clear publicly all over the world, not only in the USA. Only then something will shift and maybe bring other Jews to open their mouth and take a moral stance - Jews who are now afraid for retaliation and vicious repercussions within their own non-democratically thinking and acting Jewish communities, e.g. not getting a Jewish burial, being ostracized if not attacked in the UK, the Netherlands, and elsewhere. So much for antisemitism on the rise? Yeah right....

  • israel is the golden calf
    • @SeanMcBride Judaism it says. Not Jews. Too many Jewish leaders have kept silent for opportunistic reasons or worse. And many if not most have little knowledge of Judaism, believe it or not. Quite assimilated while dancing around the golden calf, of course. Which goes also for any Jewish religious establishment although I wonder which one because the orthodox do not think alike among themselves and loathe often all the other denominations, and vice versa. So which religious establishment? There is a human rights organization in Israel called Rabbis for Human Rights who now merely fight with the Palestinians (also for them in court) but also for others either on the streets or in court. In the USA the branch which went on as independent from them but used to be a part of them is called Tru'ah,
      1. Lots has to do - and I am by no means defending any but so many people have been self-appointed leaders over how many years so who are we judging: All? - with not speaking ill of Jews in public (Jewish law), not criticizing when they should have because they felt that that would harm this state. (How is anyone's guess. But a false kind of protection which apparently is not due to people with a different take on things. They are apparently allowed to be threatened, called names, having their computers hacked, etc. all in the name of being the greatest democracy etc.)
      2. Power. Jewish leaders in the US and elsewhere but mostly in the US are/have been in positions of influence or wished or imagined they had both in Washington and in Tel Aviv. Vanity. As lots of non-Jewish leaders have in recent times. Politicians being fig leaves for war and oil and geo-engineering industries for example.
      3. Maybe also due to the enormous propaganda machine which has the official zionist narrative as the only "true" history in the world when almost all has come out of the PR departments of in my humble opinion at least two western intelligence agencies. The whole ME was transformed after WWI and Israel maybe came in handy for at least the US against the so-called Communist will to reign. The decrepit jeshuv, soon to be state of Israel, did not have the money nor capacity to do so. How come the fighters of those terror organizations were so well trained, where did all the war equipment come from? And who came up with influencing not only the Jews generation after generation but the whole world? A few arrogant warriors? No. One of the main roles of intelligence organizations is influencing world public opinion. And anything goes then. Watch this for the real story of what happened before and as the state of israel came into being (mind boggling and must see):
      4. Every Jew(ess) who went to Jewish youth groups was unwittingly brainwashed with the same ziosh*t. Whether one went to a socialist group (Hashomer Hatzair) or religious zionist (Bne Akiva) or others. Always, astonishingly, this state was central. (That it took so many years to open my eyes....). Of course, many of those so-called leaders have been believing and are still in the same hasbara/propaganda i.e. lies. Don't forget: Israel is massively important for the US and not only the US as a war industry but also as a client of that war, oil and gas industry a.o. Maybe, for reasons of ignorance or wanting to keep their positions, those so-called leaders were silent. That they are still silent is fully their responsibility in the age of Israeli human rights organizations, the Internet, and what have you.
      It makes them complicit in enabling or not speaking out and voicing dissent in the face of unspeakable cruelty and wanton murder, pogroms against African refugees inside this state of Israel, as lines like"mowing the lawn." As repeated demos inside Israel where often youths shout slogans like "Death to Arabs" and where Palestinians lose their homes also inside that state which goes unnoticed.

      Any idea why the mainstream media is totally silent about all those things before only singling out the Jewish pseudo-leaders? Although imho their guilt stands.
      5. Given the continuous persecution of the Jews over the past twenty centuries (and more) alone, lots of Jews are subconsciously or not so subconsciously very sensitive to the us vs. them rhetoric. And casting the state of Israel as the eternal victim ("surrounded by a sea of hatred", "they (i.e. the Arab countries and thus the Palestinians, nebbich) want to drive us into the sea", etc.) Given the recent genocide during WW II whose wounds are inside us still since also many people still have no to little or a decimated family as a result of that, many Jews are open to deception. A thing that the hasbarats are very good in exploiting and very evil therefore since the holocaust is being used to justify the evenly monstrous policy of ethnic cleansing or wholesale massacring of people for racist and anti-Jewish reasons by the state of Israel. With anti-Jewish is meant here against Jewish law or halachah.

      But you equate Judaism with some of the Jews or with (ahem...non-elected) Jewish leaders. As if Roman Catholicism is to be equated with Vatican policies and its executors. That is of course a false equation. And Judaism does not know a religious establishment anymore after the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE. The pseudo-rabbis of the state-funded corrupt gang is not any establishment at all in any case, state funded (and owned thus) or not. They merely function as the settlers i.e. part of the agenda of the Apartheid state of Israel. Corrupt and racist.

  • 9 Reasons why Israel is under rocket attack 
    • You have no morals writing this but are a puppet spewing the same Goebbels-like nonsense as your hero netanyahoo. Why is it that everything that israel does is projected onto Hamas? Cheap if not loathesome. Go spew your garbage somewhere else.

    • Well, if my grandparents would have been treated like their grandparents and then my whole family or half (the rest might live in the West Bank impossible for me to visit due to the Apartheid policies of israel) would be starved, their property stolen, destroyed again and again, their farmland destroyed, or as fishermen prevented from fishing if not shot at or arrested and having their fishing boats confiscated (stolen) or sunk, starved on a concentration camp diet, being made totally helpless and cut off from the world:
      I would have taken up arms as well. Israel deserves no better. Violence begets violence. And no, there is no good in that. But to only blame Hamas however fundamentalist they may be which in this case does not really matter, is hypocritical if not false (although I loathe Jewish, Muslim and Christian fundamentalism which in most cases have nothing to do with spirituality but with power and a lack of respect for others' way of thinking/believing but that also goes for some secular folks, e.g. atheists).

    • They put them in military trucks or otherwise expelled them from what is now the south of israel and dumped them in Gaza. Toward the end of the 40's. That is how it all started This peace-loving so innocent, besieged victims of....their own lack of morals i.e. the israelis. From the start they were militant er....terrorists who were heavily racist.

  • Israel destroys el-Wafa hospital as staff evacuates all patients
    • A high-tech army against unarmed civilians. Cowards or unbelievable criminals?

    • Actually, I heard today there are 173 Dutch who perished.

    • They want to show the world how very democratic they are and in want of real true peace.

      Also, according to the war criminal Netanyahu who can only act because the US allows him to Israel is supposedly “a beacon of civilization and moderation” that “protects Christians – Christians are persecuted throughout the Middle East,” and contrasted it to the rest of Middle East, which he characterized as being riddled “by religious hatred, by savagery of unimaginable proportions". (I copied the quote from seafoid (thank you) Gosh, this is exactly what the state of Israel (and the terrorist organizations before its establishment) have been doing all along! Many Christians have left for those reasons or are stuck with enormous discrimination against them.

    • Shush, 'Tush. The grown-ups are talking.

    • @Rusty Pipes

      It also shows the mindset of someone who says such highly undemocratic, and even nasty things. Indeed, a denial of the right to free speech. But that is a no-brainer in many many Jewish congregations nowadays regarding the state of Israel. Without thinking, Jacobs and Netanyahu always show their true colors and project their own character/deeds/thinking onto another. Very telling. Who falls for that, I tell ya...

  • Israeli strike kills four Palestinian children playing soccer on Gaza beach
    • I don't know whether you can click on it when I have posted this comment or whether you have to cut and paste.
      Worth watching what is behind Israel's vicious attacks apart from trying out new weapons on live people (part of their marketing of their weapons when showing them for sale. It is actually said that they have been tested live. How's that for amorality?)

  • 'Jewish' or 'Israeli' -- NYT, BBC, and CNN make different word choice
    • @ritzl. Which conclusions does one need after reading the book (haven't finished it yet but am currently busy reading)? The reader gets enough info to draw his/her own IMHO. And often the choice of words Blumenthal uses says enough too.

      I personally find him apart from a thorough journalist to be a morally (if not physically overthere) courageous man. If not a good writer too.

      Read that the Rudoren and Kershner are all but independent. One is married to an AIPAC guy. Forgot whether that is Rudoren or Kershner. Don't hold your breaths on any of those to ever get a balanced piece on I/P.

    • @marty_mcfly "..... and we’re currently investigating it” That is what Regev always says. Standard line. Hollow.

    • @ Kris Most are in administrative detention. No charges. No trial. And often as in the Occupied Territories the defense lawyer if there might be a court case, does not get to see the secret evidence. It is so evident that it is secret. What part of the word Apartheid state do some people not understand, I ask ya...

  • How long can Israel depend on Mizrahi docile loyalty? Smadar Lavie asks in new book
    • What you state is so not true.
      Listening and having listened to so many Mizrahi young, middle aged and elderly Jews who were not tsabres (born in Israel) already from the seventies on (me, that is), Lavie's book is the truth.

      However much some Israelis do not want anybody to know that. Even to this day there are trials by people who were given away to Ashkenazi parents but were originally stolen from a.o. Yemeni Jewish parents (Mizrahi, you know..) because the latter were orthodox. Those parents were told their children had died. Welcome to Israel. They escaped the camps but their children got kidnapped/stolen/irradiated in some experiments, by other Jews. But of course, no one gives that a thought nowadays in Israel. Most crimes are shoved under the zionist carpet because there is so much more crimes which were committed against Jews. Anecdotes? How dare you, unconscionable .....(censored). You may do away with the first three letters of your nickname.

    • 1. Arab descent, not Eastern European or European. Bigotry and racism = zionism.
      2.Most Mizrahi Jews were very observant Jews when arriving. With an enormous heritage and culture. A big Yikes in the eyes of Askkenazi zionists who wanted to do away with Judaism in general and basically replace it with zionism which is impossible but, hey, you cannot be smart always, right?
      3. Most of their skin color maybe? Wild guess.

    • @ritzl Thank you for pointing this out! I was puzzled by this and also why sometimes one sees loginreply, at other times in larger font and sometimes nothing. ????? Now I know. Thanks again.

    • @ Mikhael

      For anyone's knowledge: the terms "leftist" or "radical-leftist" "extreme anti-Zionist ultra left-wing" are all day-to-day terminology used by the official israeli hasbara institutions and its employees. It means"enemies of the state" i.e. people who are against the zionist state of Israel and its practices. Which has all the hallmarks of an Apartheid state.

    • @ Danaa The caste system - good wording - is a lot like South Africa Apartheid and the state of Israel. And yes, very recognizable indeed no matter how much Mikhael tries to whitewash it and tries to convince everyone that it is a thing of the past.

      But apparently, as I read at one of his comments, to point out the obvious is something of
      "The “shed ha edati” and anti-Mizrahi bigotry persists among extreme anti-Zionist/post-Zionist ultra left-wing radical types, who are overwhelmingly Ashkenazi, and to a lesser extent among certain segments of the haredi sector (mainly in the so-called “Lithuanian” yeshiva world), who have been known to discriminate against Sefaradi/Mizrahi students in their educational institutions. Otherwise, the Ashkenazi/Mizrahi/Sefaradi divide is mainly of interest to people like the Mondoweiss fellow travelers, who try (and fail) to stoke intra-Jewish tensions, whilst ignoring the head-chopping intra-Muslim disunity."

      Part of some Israeli army cyber task force, Mikhael or whatever your real name might be? You are so transparent and artificial, it defies logic. Interesting how you manage to ignore the crimes the ziostate of israel managed to perpetrate against so many generations of Mizrahi jews. And children of all too. Is that not in your instruction book? What an omission. And how glaringly obvious.

      BTW why is it that if I reply to a certain comment I never get my comment underneath that one in question. Now neither. Of all places it is placed underneath the unrealistic ziobot Mikhael.

  • Murdered teen laid to rest, as tensions flare in Shufat
    • @ blah chick That's all some ziobots can think of: violence and sex. And of course trying to degrade someone (motsi shem ra or creating a bad name by lying which is an enormous crime in Jewish law. Akin to spilling someone's blood. But then again: these are pagans posing as Jews who love spilling blood) as a result of their own prejudices. Not even worth mentioning maybe because after all, all that it shows is the mindset of lowlifes.

      BTW: the state of israel as robber baron, and a murdering, racist bunch addicted to violence, sadism and power cannot sink any lower. I agree with CloakAndDagger but it may be my wishful thinking out of disgust and anger. Hopefully the monster will come down without dragging the Palestinians and Bedouins with them.

      Am finally reading Goliath, etc. by Blumenthal. Had it lying here already for over half a year. Whatever one did not know yet, is there. This state of israel has no right to exist IMHO in the current form. It is a parasitic destructive energy. Lots of Israelis are or already have emigrated. To.....Germany.......

      I fear for the Palestinians living in this created hell by us Jews who for the most refuse to speak up. If we all would esp. the American and European ones, this would be public opinion sweltering into enormous political pressure on the USA (and the EU).

  • Change the narrative from 'cycle of violence' to occupation, JVP says
    • @ Hophmi Why sidetrack people with a false logic and talk about Palestinian terrorism? This all is Israeli state terrorism. Nothing more, nothing less and I fully agree with Vilkomerson. It is a daily occurrence. Against indigeneous people.

      There is no proof any Palestinian did it nor any Palestinian organization. You ignorantly and stupidly fall for everything your beloved Fuehrer says? And thus it is true? What does that say of you?

      Demolition of suspects' homes. Suspects. No court or verdict in sight. Guilty without any court decision nor proof. But because it serves the Israeli racist agenda. And after a verdict if guilty one gets a jail sentence for kidnapping and killing someone. In most countries, that is, where any judiciary is based on just laws and real universal values. Sadly, such things do not happen inside the state of Israel.
      The daily despicable violence both by the IDF (and border police) and settlers which all go with impunity would have to speak to you if you have any real values. Not a word about that. You agree with those policies?

      But lip service about a - in fact made impossible by the settler industry done by subsequent Israeli governments - two-state solution on virtual paper must be your credentials? Not good enough.

  • From Mississippi to Gaza -- Dorothy Zellner reflects on 50 years of struggle
    • Why is it that I never read anything like e.g. the existence of the war industries of both countries (including spying on each other but also exchanging military secrets) and the oil, and gas industry (American that is). They've found gas in Syrian waters, Lebanon and....Israel. They're drilling on the occupied Golan Heights (another violation of international law) now.
      High tech industry of Israel supposedly making software for a.o. US spy agencies although I'm sure the latter don't rely on Israel for that.

      It is rather easy for some apparently to see Israel as the largest power broker in the whole world. That is not only a quite distorted oversimplification, it is wrong IMHO. However much Netanyahu and some in the army and security forces might think it's true.
      Both countries' geo-political interests show parallels and Israel comes in very handy in policies of the US since at least WWII (if not before) or rather officially 1948.
      To claim that Israel is at the helm and not US empire is even a bit laughable. The moment the US would stop giving out those $3 bn a year, the occupation would stop immediately a.o. Israel is not funding the US but the other way around and is a vassal state with a big mouth because it knows Big Sugar Daddy not only covers them but is in bed with them on many issues as some have been mentioned before.

  • Israel maintains gag order in missing teens' case, leading to charge of media 'manipulation'
    • Of course, it should be "Setting them on fire, instead of "putting them on fire". Sorry.

    • Hebron? Do you know what the settlers do together with their children on a daily basis to those Palestinians still living there? Go to the B'tselem Israel website and there's plenty of video footage which shows how wonderful they are...Desperate parents.

      a. Cui bono? Does Israel really think that the west (the Div(w)est) will think: Oh, those terrorists! Israel has no partner for peace! Those Arabs (or Hamas, or unity government, or Fatah) cannot be trusted, etc. etc. etc. This will be Israel's occupational trap. They underestimate others and project their own miserable prejudices and policy points of departure onto others. In other words: They think they can manipulate public western opinion esp. the American people and those inside the EU. One of the main roles for intelligence services is exactly that i.e. manipulation of world public opinion. And they do anything to get it that way including killing their own if they see fit. A very dark and obscure world.
      b. These youths look remarkably like fresh youth from let's say the USA or Israel maybe. Nice marketing item. Nothing like peyes and kipot (yarmulkes) as large as bathtubs on their head spouting racist slurs, and violently attacking either Palestinians, including young kids, youths and elderly people if not cutting down olive trees or putting them on fire.
      c. Isn't it coincidental (there is no coincidence in this world) that this happens after the much hated (by Israel) unity government comes along? Divide and conquer. Kill the agreement and influence western public opinion. Nice try. Wrong era.

  • 'Landmark divestment action': United Methodist Church Divests from G4S
    • I say Amen to that! If I had some smileys I'd print a few! Going good.

      BDS is winning. Smart people doing the right thing. Hopefully more presidential candidates and other politicians too will follow. In the face of what's at stake (oil, gas,war industry, power, big profits) it takes great political courage needed to call a spade a spade and thus Apartheid Apartheid (Kerry) and Occupation Occupation (Hillary Clinton).
      All that will be left are the whiners who don't see the writing on the wall.

  • 'In every generation they rise up against us' -- Passover and the Jewish imagination
  • Brandeis retracts plan to honor anti-Muslim activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali
    • @Maximimus DM Hear hear! Spot on. I forgot about the "Magan" scam!

    • You have to always be against anything anyone writes here, don't you? Re: Ali. The fact that she lied when she did not have to (she got help and is not to be put on the same level as other asylum seekers although she would like to portray it that way, makes her untrustworthy. She flip-flopped from a social-democratic party overnight to an arch-conservative one. And apparently keeps inciting hatred against a religion. That is very telling. She was still working in the Dutch Parliament when she already made plans (was hired) by the American Enterprise Institute the neocon thinktank of Cheney, Feith, Kogan, Wolfowitz etc. I wonder on whose payroll she is besides first AEI and now Harvard.

      Re: treatment of women in Judaism. Veils (yes, in Mea Shearim copied from er...muslims). Forced marriages at a young age without any say for the girl (or boy often), forced wearing of wigs (sheitls) after marriage, forced upon dress code, woman is property of her husband, no formal education, no library books, no nothing. Beating up of women who want a divorce also in cases of domestic violence. No right to initiate a divorce. If husband bolts she is an agunah or someone who stays married but cannot have a boy friend nor obviously remarry since that would make her an adultress. Call a spade a spade. Fundamentalists are the same in any religion, Jewish, Muslim, Christian. Of course, I stress here the word fundamentalist. since in modern orthodox judaism or other denominations these things do not occur. (Although I am not so sure about the get or bill of divorce in modern orthodox circles. Jewish law should have been changed eons ago but hey, it's a male dominant patriarchical thing.....

  • Zionism has distorted American Jewish life
    • Quote: “The Judaism you are talking about is a diaspora religion, a religion that came out of our defeat at the hands of the Romans and our dispossession. Where small groups of Jews lived scattered all over the face of the earth. The diaspora is most countries is over either through mass extermination or migration. The two centers of Jewish life are America and Israel now. That religion simply doesn’t make sense anymore.

      The great Jewish wish for many centuries was for a messiah who would gather the exiles back to Zion. That’s happened. It has been fulfilled, the fulfillment is Israel. Judaism cannot exist in the form it did prior to those events. The Holocaust was our crucifixion and Israel our resurrection.” End of quote

      A. For someone who pretends to know things and be Jewish – if you are a Jew at all – you either show a lot of ignorance or you are on purpose denying the Torah which would make you an apikorus.
      Also part of the hasbara these days of the allegedly Jewish state? Nothing Jewish about Israel certainly not its inception and behavior till today: exactly in contrast of all Jewish laws esp. pertaining to the laws of war, of ethics, of treatment of prisoners, of the stranger, the poor, the environment, etc. etc. But I guess you don’t know about that either, do you? Or, in your words, they make no sense.
      And with that the vast vast scriptures with or without books of endless deep, wise, open for debate sometimes, commentaries and commentaries upon commentaries which all does not start nor end with either the five books of Moses nor with the Talmud, Judaism was there long before the Romans ever were. Actually, the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 B.C. at the hands of the Romans ushered in our umptieth and last exile. Scattered us over the world (predicted literally inside the Torah but you would not know where to look that up I’m afraid) due to a.o. social injustice and sinat chinam or wanton hatred. But if I have to give you some history lessons I need five internets. So either you do your homework or at least not distort history. About the rest of the Torah I will spare you accordingly. Not the venue, is it?

      B. I will ignore the absurdity of you stating Judaism is obsolete or in your words “makes no sense” since as you state there are now two centers of Judaism or Jewish life i.e. America (I guess you mean the USA) and Israel. It is you who makes no sense here. If Judaism is obsolete why are Jewish centers not in the USA and Israel? But I guess you mean with that Congress and Hasbara central are the only focus for you in the world. As for the respective Israeli governments.
      Close minded thinking IMHO. Never mind. Take off the blinders.

      The most abject and nonsensical if not entirely not Jewish but kind of picking here from Christianity whilst insulting it by doing so in order to point out another false statement is – again showing your enormous ignorance whilst living in your own hasbara bubble – that for centuries Jews have longed for a messiah. Wrong. We pray(ed) since the last scattering and present diaspora for a return to Tzion. Meaning the building of (which will not be by human hands BTW) the third Temple after the arrival of mashiach who a. has not arrived yet and b. we know that since we know all the conditions listed in a.o. Yeshayahu XI (a chapter in the book of Nevi’im or Prophets but it is also listed in different terms in another book in Nevi’im) so as to be able for the people to recognize him and know who the real mashiach is and what will happen at that time. So that people will not fall for a false one like e.g. Shabtai Zvi or the most impudent if not laughable statement of yours: the on all accounts according to Jewish law heinously criminally acting from its inception state of Israel which is a chilul Hashem or desecration of the name of God. To equate a state entity and one acting in transgression of Jewish law(s) with mashiach is nothing more than idolatry. Someone (Ellen) in this comment section equated this with the worshipping of the Golden Calf (chet ha aigel). She is right IMHO. An Israeli author Sami Michaeli warned already for this: how will this play out with the Source of Life since we have no Moshe to pray for us and kol Yisrael averim ze al ze or every Jew is responsible for (the deeds of) the other. But I will spare you that concept.
      BTW also when the time of Mashiach who obviously has not arrived since a.o. evil be absent from this world so lots and lots of things will be different as we know life now, Judaism will still be there. Sorry pal, the state of Israel will not.

  • Dutch pension giant ditches Israeli banks over involvement with settlements
    • @seafoid I don't agree that the Dutch of which the majority is Dutch reformed thus calvinistic (was, rather, due to secularization and no doubt because calvinism here was also like Roman-Catholicism such that sometimes the elderlings of the church would come at their houses to tell them what they had done wrong and how to behave from then on, quite oppressive and suffocating, not very spiritual.)
      Dutch people, also in the educational system are not taught nor educated even today to speak their mind freely in the open and give one's opinion other than the wisdom of the majority, herd thinking, I cal it. And most are not eloquent even in street interviews. And yes, 80 % of the Jews were deported to their deaths which is, after Polish Jews, the pro rato highest rate per country. You are well informed. Does the Dutch population know that? Mostly, not.
      To be pro-Israeli in politics has and had as basis in my opinion: business interests, a.o. war-industry. I cannot imagine that learned and informed people in the political sphere in the Netherlands have not known of the original sins by which the state of Israel came into existence. Politics and guilt feelings don't normally go hand in hand.

    • This evening , January 8, 2014, it was on the Dutch news that the Israeli government has sent letters to the shareholders of Vitens to put pressure on the board to have a change of mind or rather to go on with the plans vis-a-vis the Mekorot deal. Unfortunately, it did not speak of settlers getting all the water and Palestinians next to nothing to the point of having to buy water which they often cannot afford. There was where the item on PCGM was concerned only an interview with the Israeli minister of foreign affairs who had the arrogance (what else is new if you get away with murder every time thanks to the US mainly) to state that Vitens was ill-guided and he said it had been and anti-Israeli decision. When does a minister of foreign affairs meddle in business affairs? He doesn't seem to realize how ridiculous and fishy this looks and sounds. Another comment from the Israeli side was that inside the Netherlands would be a growing anti-Israel attitude which is ludicrous. He fell short of mentioning the A-word. Waste of my and the viewers's time thus. The decision as to why PCGM withdrew was concisely outlined though. All in all to my surprise quite unbiased whereas in the Dutch media there is still scant recognition or reporting on the daily reality on the grounds inside the Occupied Territories. No mention of the daily terror attacks by Jewish settlers. No accounts of the hundreds of thousands of olive trees willfully destroyed since 1967 by settlers, border police and IDF nor that the attacks are supported or ignored by the two latter forces. No mention of raw sewage destroying Palestinian crops and farmland. No mention of designating Palestinian land as military zone all of a sudden as e.g. in Qusra recently. I agree with Tzombo that the Netherlands is pro-Israeli. Politically as well as the public the latter however also due to ignorance or misinformation.

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