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Abu Yusef

Palestinian American who comes from Paterson NJ via Nabi Saleh Palestine.

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  • Israel, are you a real state?
    • For years I've been told that I don't look Palestinian because I am fair skinned and have green eyes and for years I replied: "in Nabi Saleh were my family comes from this is what we look like". Sure I have cousins that are darker or lighter than I am but, for the most part, you can tell we are Tamimi's. Nabi Saleh is a close-knit family whether we are there or in the states. I was born in the New Jersey but, the story of my ancestors I knew by heart since I was a small boy.

      My first trip to Nabi Saleh from America was in 1978, I was eight years old and had never been out of Paterson before. My father had to go back to contest the seizure of our land. This seizure of our land would eventually become Halamish and the catalyst of most of the problems for Nabi Saleh and Deir Nitham.

      Once there I truly fell in love with this tiny village. I was amazed that everyone there was related to me some way or another. I was young and asked my father how we were related? He didn't hesitate at all. For each house, he could trace back the lineage and how we were related. Back then there may have been two hundred and fifty or so people in Nabi Saleh but, my father knew how we were all Tamimi's and most important of all we were all Palestinian's.

      As years went by more cousins made it to the states and became productive citizens of America. We, of course, would still go back to visit our family in Nabi Saleh really with no issues, except maybe a five-hour delay in the airport as always occurs to Palestinians, especially ones named Mahmoud when flying into to Ben Gurion. But, once you were home in the village everything was ok. We would see our cousins dressing more western every time. Sometimes they would look more American than the Americans who visited. We were able to watch as the youth of the village embraced our culture in dress and most of all in spirit. These cousins of ours saw our facebooks posts and our freedoms and they thirsted for the same.

      This didn't last long. Becuase they embraced the ideologies of the western cousins and felt that because we were able to be free they marched and wanted to be free. That didn't sit well with the Occupiers. A slew of murders at the hands of the IDF, were to follow. From children to adults, there was no discretion to the pain inflicted on the Tamimi's of Nabi Saleh and Deir Nitham. All the while we sat in the States in shock and horror yet incapable to do anything.

      Then to add insult to injury you have this person who is supposed to be part of the mainstream, Oren, make a statement that is as outlandish as it is stupid. I am a Tamimi of Nabi Saleh and have always been proud of being one. I am also an American who has served my country proudly and diligently. A public servant who has protected the citizens of New Jersey with my life for over 23 years now. But, the things I have taught my children to be most proud of is their name, Tamimi, This man has assaulted our family and honor for generations by simply stating we may not be a real family. We are and we will be marching and protesting on two continents against the brutal occupation and apartheid in our village.

  • PLO source denies Abbas plans to propose large land swap deal during Trump visit
    • This would be a really wonderful thing, One State, but this would mean equal rights for all and I don't think the Israeli's are willing to give up their supremacy yet. I truly believe that they have been persecuted for so long, throughout history, that now that they are in a position of supremacy, they are intoxicated with the feeling of power.

      This type of feeling is not easily relinquished. There is only one reason the occupation continues. Free Land! Once the Israeli's drop the pretense that this was a land without people for a people without land, only then could we consider living together as one family under the same roof! Inshallah this will happen!

  • Israeli sniper kills unarmed Palestinian protester during demonstration in occupied village of Nabi Saleh
    • I have been a cop for 23 years in Newark NJ. You can rest assure if a person was throwing a rock at me and I shot and killed him, I would be put in prison for murder. Trying to find parallels between the IDF's action and the NYPD is comical at best! But, what is really troubling is the justifying and rationalizing of the murder of this boy by the IDF, by you Boris.

      Imagine if there was no occupation, then this young man would still be alive! As an American who's father comes from Nabi Saleh, I find it so disheartening when I see a comment like yours Boris.

      If Saba was just another boy, from an unoccupied country, he would be finishing his studies in some University or Trade school, however, he was unlucky and born a Palestinian, so now he is dead. Never to enjoy marriage, never to feel the joy of being a father. No just another dead Palestinian, already forgotten and not a tear shed by the West for this handsome young man.

      I always felt that we were a punished lot simply because of our heritage as Palestinians and your language sort of confirms that sentiment. I have been singled out many times because of it and it is those words that are a distorted narrative and completely one sided.

      I was a Soldier in the US Army and as I said before I am still a cop. As I watch the IDF commit atrocity after atrocity, I wonder how the world allows them to go so unchecked. They are not a security apparatus any longer. What they are is a menacing presence, an occupier in every sense of the word. An Occupier who is happy shooting fish in the barrel.

      There is no bravery in what they are doing. There is no honor in killing people with no arms and only stones! Shame on anyone who feels there is a reason for the IDF to be in Nabi Saleh killing its residents and having a good time at human target practice!

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