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  • Boycott RE/MAX protests flood the US during Week of Action
    • Good to know. I wasn't aware of what RE/MAX was doing. Unfortunately, I don't think many Palestinians in the West Bank do either b/c there's a few Palestinian RE/MAX offices that popped up over the year in the Ramallah area. I think it's safe to say that we shouldn't be doing business with them even if the franchises are owned by ill-informed Palestinian businessmen.

  • #JusticeForMikeBrown: NFL star Reggie Bush connects Ferguson to Palestine
    • Oy vey, are you really a Palestinian? I have my doubts but if so, stop what you're doing, go to jail, do not collect $200. You are an embarrassment to the rest of us. As a Palestinian American with one foot firmly planted in the United States and the other foot firmly planted in the heart of Palestine, my moral outrage is for all injustices whether it is injustice perpetrated against Black youth in America or Palestinian youth in Gaza or Silwan. To me there is no difference in degrees of injustice. If you can't get with that, you have serious issues. Maybe take a moment to reflect upon the fact that the only one making Palestinians look ridiculous is you. Personally, I'll take real solidarity from Reggie Bush over fake solidarity from you any day.

  • 'We will make soap out of you!': Violent right-wing protest against Jerusalem art exhibit reflects rising anti-democratic tide in Israel
    • Hmmm...arguably the most advanced and lethal army in the world are "sheep to the slaughter." Who would've thunk it?

  • Video: Routine exchange on a bus reveals racism embedded within Jewish Israeli society
    • It may be a global phenomenon but in too indeed is an Israeli characteristic. Anyone of the "other kind" living in Israel or the West Bank is thoroughly aware of just how much this characteristic is woven into Israeli society.

    • That's exactly what I was thinking when I read this. I'm not racist; I have black friends. Oh, why didn't you say so? Well in that case.....

      Only racists use such a stupid defense against being racist and the fact that they don't see how racist they are is even worse.

  • After deadly attack Netanyahu vows ‘iron fist’ as clashes and closures rock Jerusalem
    • Isn't that what they used to call Golda Meir?

    • Indeed, and the Knesset's new laws don't do much to diffuse the situation. They just recently passed a law in Israel that allows the Israeli Judicial System to convict Palestinians for up to 20 years for throwing stones...even if there is no evidence that they did throw stones.

    • Historically speaking, isn't the Zionists' "Iron Fist" what caused this mess in the first place?
      Iron has a tendency to rust and decay, let's hope the same happens to Netanyahu and his occupation.

  • SodaStream says it plans to leave West Bank for the Negev, but boycotters promise to not let up
    • "Set the Bubbles Free", "Water Made Exciting"....who is running their marketing campaign? If you want to spike sales, here's the way to do it: You need a New tag line. I'm thinking:

      "It doesn't taste like Pepsi but it sure does Taste like Crap."

  • Another New York Times' reporter's son is in the Israeli army
    • If foreign fighters can proudly fight in the IDF, then it should also not come as a shock that other foreign fighters could fight in ISIS or Al Qaeda. It's all a matter of perspective. In my mind, there is no distinction between the massacres committed by the IDF and the massacres committed by ISIS and if you think about it both are equally motivated by religion as they are by politics.

    • Ahh such a charming young group of lads and lasses, especially for ethnic cleansing racist baby killers. Hell, I bet, outside of their uniforms, they could even be advertisement models for Abercrombie & Fitch. How could you be against their actions? Just look at their smiles!

  • Israeli army kills 14-year old Palestinian with U.S. citizenship
    • Israel also killed some of America's finest sailors and seamen when they launched an attack on the U.S.S. Liberty. THose are some mighty find friends the U.S. has; we should all be lucky to have such a "special relationship" with murderers like that.

    • Rest assured that rockets were not fired from Silwad. I drive past Silwad everyday. It's exactly opposite the back end of the Ofer Settlement and a military post is stationed conveniently in Silwad right on the main road between Silwad and Ein Yabrud. There is massive construction going on in that section of Ofer and you can clearly see it when you drive past b/c there's only a low concrete wall and a metal gate, both of which do nothing to hide the bulldozers that are confiscating Silwad's land and erecting new settlement homes.

      The people of Silwad have been protesting blatant land theft for years. One can only hope that the State Department not only condemns the killing but also the reason for the protest and the violent reaction towards it; namely: The on-going Occupation. Of course, I'm not holding my breath.

  • A peek inside the Israeli subconscious as revealed at the King Hussein crossing from Jordan
    • Unfortunately this is the sad reality we all now face. Whether at the Jordan/West Bank border crossing or at the Tel Aviv (Ben Gurion) airport, racism and hostile treatment is felt quite thoroughly. Recently I flew to a city in Europe and decided to go via the Israeli airport in order to save time and avoid any unnecessary delays (my destination was not that far away). Out of 168 people who were to board my flight only one of them was strip searched and that was me. When I got to the European City, I passed through customs and airport security very easily. Unlike their Israeli counterparts, they were very polite and respectful.

      On my way home, I reached the passport check at the Israeli airport and waited in line with all the people who didn't have Israeli passports. In front of me were a group of African tourists who were all wearing the same color shirt and hat which said "Holy Land Tours" on it. Each person walked up to the counter, got their passport stamped and received a visa in less than a couple seconds each. When it was my turn, I walked up, turned on my smile, greeted the lady at the counter and handed her my passport. She flipped through it and after seeing my photo and reading a name which was clearly an indication that I was an Arab. She picked up the phone, called someone and said something in Hebrew which I obviously didn't understand. Then she hung up, took my passport and laughed in my face, saying, "I'm sure you know procedure. Go to the waiting room in the corner over there." Ah yes, the dreaded waiting room. We call it the "VIP room for Arabs" where the Shin Bet call us in one by one and run us through "security checks." Great. It took me an hour and a half of intrusive interview questions...where are your parents? Do you have any other passports from other countries? Are you Christian or Muslim? Where are you staying? What is your father's name? What are your cellphone and landline numbers here and in the United States? Where did you go to school? What is your job? Do you talk about politics? How many Arabs do you know? What is your email address? Why did you come here and not through Jordan? And after they'll all done, they tell you to go wait for your passport. Another 45 minutes until someone comes over, calls your name, hands you your passport and with a fake smile says "Welcome to Israel." That's if you're lucky. If you happened to get itchy with them, they'll tell you "I'm sorry but you won't be visiting Israel today." I've seen that happen too.

  • Ethnic Cleansing by All Means: The real Israeli ‘peace’ policy
    • "I am Jewish, have been to Israel/Palestine many times"

      It's usually bad news if you need to start your comment with a statement like this to justify what you said. It's akin to saying "I'm not racist, I have black friends." It's not going to help your argument at all. It's ironic you had to do that by saying you've met a handful of Arabs. Oh my God, now I really believe you don't hate us b/c you've actually met Salam Fayyad, an anonymous member of Hamas and some generic "peacemakers." Next time just say what you mean: "I'm not racist, I've actually met and spoken to Arabs." It won't work to your benefit but at least we'll know where you stand without having to put in some effort.

    • The Second Intifada changed the ability of many Israelis to believe that peace was actually possible at least in the short run and required the creation of a Security Wall to separate the populations and eliminate the access of terrorists to Israeli cities.

      Sure, take a look at the route of the Israeli wall and tell me again that it's purpose is to "eliminate the access of terrorists to Israeli cities." You're either a liar, very naive, or you think that West Bank settlements constitute "Israeli cities."

    • If there was no occupation, there would be no Hamas and there would be no conflict with Hezbollah. Assad as was not a threat to you but rather you were to him and continue to be as long as you illegally occupy Syrian Land. Yes, the Golan is not Israel. It never was, it never will be. Erdogan has a llegitimate gripe with you because you murdered his citizens in international water and like the stubborn arrogant warmonger you are, you've refused to apologize for your crimes. The Ayatollahs have never attacked you except in words. Yet you have attacked and bombed their country on several occasions; attacks which are clearly an act of war. What was the reason? That they have nuclear capabilities? Ah that's right. So it's not OK for brown Persians to have nuclear capabilities but it is OK for White European colonists in Palestine to have them. I see.

      As for Israel, it did indeed a colonialist "nation" of illegal immigrants who've forcefully expelled the indigenous Arab population. There is no denying that. The evidence is quite crystal clear. Killing children? Indeed. Land theft? Indeed. Ethnic Cleansing? Absolutely and originally perpetrated by the Haganah, the Stern Gang, the Irgun...all whom have been pulled together and reintroduced as the "most moral army in the world." Moral indeed. The fact is that Israel is an Apartheid State whether you choose to accept it or not. It has all the characteristics of an apartheid state and then some. It is a morally bankrupt, ethnocracy poorly disguised as a faux "western democracy."

      The lot you've listed in your post all have gripes with Israel as a result if Israel's own doing. It has brought upon itself it's enemies and it is indeed the only one to blame.

  • The Titanic of the occupation -- SodaStream (Update)
    • Well if she's really a dedicated Sodastream Ambassador, maybe she can wrangle some product placement in the next Avengers movie. Israel just killed a few thousand...woah, look! Captain America drinks Sodastream. It must be cool!

    • Even if one is not involved in the Israel/Palestine discussion or the BDS movement, Sodastream is a raw deal any way you look at it but financially speaking, the product is a rip off.

      $100 for a Sodastream machine
      $5 to 20 on flavored syrup
      $50 for CO2 cartridges (for the carbonation)

      Most people I know are not invested in the love of soda enough to want to own one of these things. Compare the cost of homebrew cola to a $0.75 can of Coke. It's a no brainer...and the so-called "healthy" aspect of Sodastream is extremely sketchy. For one thing, most of the syrups are all artificially flavored high fructose corn syrups and the ones that aren't are chemical rich; they're hardly comparable to all natural fruit smoothies or other healthier alternatives. Thanks but I'd rather stick to water. I don't get enough of it anyway...being Arab in the West Bank and whatnot.

  • 'Ethnic cleansing for a better world' -- Richard Cohen says Palestinians brought the Nakba on themselves
    • *Gasp* Richie Cohen. What would your response be if the people of the world decided that the European Jews brought about the Holocaust upon themselves? After all, They didn't voluntarily lie down and die when the peaceful Third Reich waltzed into town expecting to wipe their feet on a carpet of Jewish flesh, right? I'm sure you'd be up in arms, ranting and raving about "anti-semitism."

      Let's take a better look at Mr. Cohen, shall we?

      1) He's a privileged New York Yuppie who rarely finds himself coming into contact with those lesser than him. He's afraid of interracial marriage, supports "stop and frisk" laws, and is always fearful of the scary black man *shudder*.

      3) In 1986, he said that jewelry stores should not have to allow entry by young black men b/c of the fear that said black men might rob the place.

      2) In 1998, he sexually harassed a co-worker, created a hostile work environment for her, and at one point told her to "Stand up and turn around." Stand up, guy.

      3) He fiercely supported G. Dubya and was in favor of the Iraq War...and look where that got us. Hi, ISIS. How YOU doin'?

      4) After 9-11, he was quoted as saying ""the prudent use of violence could be therapeutic." So in other words, go ahead 'merica. Lick your wounds by murdering civilians far away. After all, it's good therapy.

      5) He was a supporter of Scooter Libby (enough said)

      6) In 2013, He was a supporter of George Zimmerman and found it reasonable that Trayvon Martin could be considered a threat...because he was Black. He said that Washington needs to acknowledge that Black people commit more crimes than anyone else.

      7) His response to the movie "12 Years a Slave" included the quote: "Slave owners were mostly nice people."

      8) In talking about Mayor Bill DeBlasio of NY: "People with conventional views must repress a gag reflex when considering the mayor-elect of New York — a white man married to a black woman and with two biracial children (Should I mention that Bill de Blasio's wife, Chirlane McCray, used to be a lesbian?) ."

      9) He thinks Miley Cyrus is bringing about the potential to being raped upon herself for her provocative stage acts.

      10) He supported Judge Clarence Thomas who sexually harassed Anita Hill b/c according to him it was "before the modern era" when apparently people primitive and uncultured and didn't understand how sexual harassment and rape could be considered something bad.

      11) Roman Polanski drugged and raped a little girl (13 years old) but that's old news to Cohen. In discussing the case, he repeatedly put Victim in quotes as if to imply that a little girl who was drugged and raped is anything but a victim and even said that people should just get over it because it happened so long ago.

      12) Cohen apparently was against torture, but he also said that it works just fine and that abolishing torture won't make us safer b/c terrorists don't care about our morality.

  • Netanyahu at the United Nations: Hamas, Iran, ISIS and 100 cheering Israelis
  • 'Jews Against Genocide' take the blood bucket challenge at Yad Vashem
    • I'm sure that Gene Shae and other brain-dead Zio-nuts that post here would call these people "self-hating Jews." Prove me wrong. Kudos to JAG for their support of HR.

  • Netanyahu heads to New York to ‘refute all the lies’ and praise ‘the most moral army in the world’
    • Netanyahu can't refute anything. All he can do is circumvent the attention on Israel by attempting to draw said attention elsewhere (Hamas, Iran, Syria, ISIS, whatever...). This man avoids the truth the plague. Either that or he is so psychologically damaged that he really truly believes the nonsense that comes out of his mouth. In which case, I pray for him.

      The "most moral army in the world" just finished killing over 2200 people in Gaza, over 90% of them were innocent civilians, many of the reported here on Mondoweiss and elsewhere, in several cases entire families were wiped out in one missile strike. Complete bloodlines erased. Netanyahu can't "refute" that. He also can't refute that Israel did indeed completely destroy hospitals, mosques, churches, community centers, refugee shelters, UN buildings, schools, water, gas and electricity plants, waste management facilities, a candy factory and a dairy processing plant, hotels housing Palestinian and international journalists and dignitaries, etc. These are all cold hard facts. They can't deny they murdered children playing soccer on a beach, or bombed a youth center full of kids watching the World Cup games. He can't deny that Israel routinely kidnaps and tortures Palestinians or that it is building illegal settlements for Jews only in land that was stolen from the UN recognized Palestinian state. His statements comparing Hamas to ISIS also show that he is ignorant, racist, and stubborn as a mule. Hamas is not ISIS. It doesn't have a Caliphate. It is not a religious group. It doesn't want to take over the Middle East and it's targets are not anyone and everyone who mare not Hamas. Hamas has a legal and moral right to resist the ongoing occupation by any means necessary to free Palestine from the the threat of Israeli control.

  • Abbas calls on UN Security Council to end the occupation
    • Shingo, what happened when the United States and the "transitional" Iraqi puppet government it propped up, put a rope around Saddam's neck? Nothing better for the people of Iraq of course.

      I don't agree with Abbas' leadership but I certainly don't want someone to put a bullet in his head.

    • Do tell. I think there's a special slot for "professional victims" who consistently rape the memory of the Holocaust to justify murdering Palestinians. Isn't that what Israel does best? Those professionals are in a major league of their own.

    • Perhaps in Jen Psaki's world, a "positive atmosphere" for negotiations would include overstuffed leather recliners, mood lights and a Yanni CD. Would that get Bibi back to the table?

    • I know what the reaction of Israel to Abbas' speech is going to be. They're so predictable. Two words:


    • Enough of your B.S. Actions speak louder than words. Arafat and Rabin hugged it out with Clinton on the White House lawn and declared "2 states for 2 people", did it happen? No. Israelis murdered their so-called peacenik and turbocharged the settlement program and the same has happened every single time talks were initiated.

      The idea of 2 states for 2 people has been the basis of every single round of negotiations since the start of this conflict. When has Israel ever been on board? Go on, I'll wait.

  • The pinkwashing of 'Out in the Dark'
    • Did Michael Mayer forget or intentionally disregard the fact that Nimr, a Palestinian student in the West Bank, would never be allowed to reach Tel Aviv to meet Roy because, being a Palestinian, he's not allowed to enter Israel on account of having a West Bank ID since there's this little thing called the freakin' occupation. This tiny fact could make the whole script fall apart. How is Nimr ever supposed to meet Roy now? How are they ever to fall in love? Surely this movie can't happen if Nimr can't get to Tel Aviv. Well, why can't he get to Tel Aviv? Oh, that's right. The occupation...... Roy should be familiar with it. After all, like any good Israeli he probably put in his required time in the IDF since its mandatory for all Israelis. How does Nimr feel about falling in love with a baby killer?

  • West Bank settlers exporting dates labelled as 'Made in Palestine'
    • Oh those crazy settlers...proving once again that they're willing to sacrifice their integrity to make a buck....umm...shekel. If you're going to be a racist occupier who wants us all dead or transferred go at it 100% or GTFO. I can accept an Israeli settler hating me because I'm an Arab...that's what settlers are (racist genocidal psychopaths) but what I can't accept is an Israeli settler hating me because I'm an Arab unless I'm able to help him circumvent the sanctions placed on him for hating me because I'm Arab. Needless to say that Khaldoun and Hassan whom are receiving and repackaging the dates are traitors and need to be treated as such too as are any other Palestinians that work with settlers, work in settlements or work for settlers.

      For what its worth, my wife and I are full on BDS mode here in Palestine and we've managed to convince all of our friends and relatives to do the same (baby steps). For every shitty Israeli product in the local market, there is a ,much better Palestinian product available for purchase. I've run across several products that have attempted to pass themselves off as Palestinian goods but a little research goes a long way (for starters Google the name of the manufacturer and/or distributor that appears in tiny fine print on the package and you'll get ALL The details of who makes it).

  • Israel carries out extrajudicial killing of two Palestinians suspected in Israeli youths kidnapping
    • Like any true "western democracy" Israel murders Palestinian suspects before they're arrested, tried and convicted. This saves the trouble of going through the laborious process of having to produce secret evidence, having to torture the detained, having to force them to sign confessions in Hebrew that they can't read, having to put them on trial as civilians in a military court and of course preventing them from meeting with lawyers, reviewing evidence, preparing their case, etc.

      I mean seriously, doesn't every western democracy just blow the shit out of their suspects? Bulldoze their homes? Arrest their families? lob grenades into homes? Israel is so much better than the United States. At least it doesn't have a death penalty. Of course, that's because no Palestinian ever makes it to court to actually receive a death penalty. They're already dead.

  • Keffiyehs in Harlem in 'Ghetto to Gaza' rap
    • I find it disturbing that you find it strange that people are standing up for human rights, but hey, what do I know?

    • Dead Prez have always been supporters of Palestine. Their music isn't everyone's cup of tea but if you're really into hip-hop, these guys are as real as it gets. Same goes with Talib Kweli and Mos Def, KRS-One, Immortal Technique, and Lupe Fiasco.

  • Leading writers and editors protest Israeli sponsorship of Brooklyn book festival
    • So glad to see Molly Crabapple on this list. She's an amazing artist and a really great person. I had the opportunity to attend several of her Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School events over the years.

  • Naive? At a Jewish spiritual retreat center, I insist on talking about Gaza
    • Wow, talk about enlightenment, huh? Indeed it is a dumb argument.
      So our lack of a letter P means that we don't exist as a people. That's a new one. I'm never bored by the new and innovative ways that Zionists will discredit our existence. Never mind the fact that the word "Palestine" is an English-based translation for what we "Palestinians" actually call ourselves and is not actually the name of "Palestine" because non-Arabs can't actually pronounce the words we use in our language. Maybe he can also explain that Germany isn't a country either because Germans call it Deutschland.

      If Palestine doesn't exist, surely فلسطين (pronounce Falasteen) does and فلسطينيا (Falasteeniyah) have been around for thousands of years well before the manufactured state of Israel or Mr. Pro-Genocide Psychotic Settler's Settlement and he can even thumb through the pages of Torah to find evidence of our being here.

  • Senator Warren's progressive supporters demand accountability for her rightwing pro-Israel positioning
    • There's a term for people like her: Progressive Except Palestine (PEP). Unfortunately it's not very progressive at all. There are many in Washington like her.

  • Hamas is ISIS for dummies
    • If Palestinians won their freedom and independence and got the nation state that they (we) had always wanted, they would not be sweeping into neighboring Jordan, Syria and Egypt to create a wider Islamic Palestinian state. Hamas is not ISIS or Al Qaeda or Jihadist. We're not fighting a war for religion against the so-called "infidels" or against westernized democracies. We're fighting to live freely on our own land which has been stolen from us and when that land is recovered, our fighting is over.

  • I quit my job at the Jewish Community Center over a pro-Israel rally and they called me an anti-semite
    • There is a major problem in this on-going conflict and that is that Israel has successfully linked Jews and Israelis making them essentially synonymous with each other. Whether you believe in ones Jewishness in terms of his/her religion only or whether you believe its rooted in one's culture, none of this is enough anymore. You now have to be deeply compliant with the Zionist agenda and loyal to the state of Israel and its actions without question lest you be branded an anti-Semite even if you are Jewish. If you question Israel's murder of 2000 civilians, or its theft of 1000 dunums of land outside its borders, you are anti-semite. You are anti-you...the "you" that Israel claims to represent and protect from anti-semitism.

      What needs to be done is to separate Jews from Israelis. Israel is not the homeland of the Jews as it claims. A Jew's homeland is the land he was born in. The homeland of American Jews is America. The homeland of Russian Jews is Russia and so on. Israel is the homeland of Israelis not Jews. It could be the homeland of Jewish Israelis but not Jews. The process of making the distinction between Jews and Israelis needs work. It isn't just in names or titles. There needs to be a major clash of cultures here. We need more Jews to speak up and refute the claim that Israel speaks in their names or represents them.

  • Israel's right wing Zionists, Palestine's militant resistance are political winners after Gaza slaughter
    • The closest that the Palestinians have to a Lobby is the so-called "American Task Force on Palestine" led by Hussein Ibish and Dr. Ziad Asali but they're more interested in bending over backwards to appease the U.S./Israeli leaders and playing the role of house arabs. Those photos of Asali hanging out wiht Michael Oren should tell you all you need to know about the ATFP.

      The American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee is another one. They're kind of/sort of an ADL for Arabs but they really have no weight in Washington.

  • Israel seizes 1000 acres from 5 Palestinian villages to build new settlement in response to teens' abduction
    • Thanks for posting that article. It seemed like an interesting read but I am always suspicious of registering with Haaretz.

    • Nabil Abu Rudeinah shouldn't call upon Israel to cancel the appropriation. He should be calling upon Abu Mazen to fulfill his obligations following Palestine's introduction into a dozen of international conventions and polices; he should follow that up by calling upon the Palestinian (lack of) Authority to be dissolved by the PLO and for the Israeli government to be held legally and financially responsible for the occupied Palestinian territories. The PA should immediately end all security coordination with Israel. It makes no sense whatsoever that the Israelis continue to commit these blatant criminal acts against the Palestinians and our Palestinian leaders still stand firmly committed to continuing peace talks and negotiations with the U.S. and Israel. How many more punches to his walnut-sized brain will it take for Abbas to finally realize that Israel is not interested in peace, is not interested in resolving the conflict and absolutely never ever was in the entire 66 years that this shit has been going on? No one gives a damn that hes "moderate" or that he's "westernized" or a "serious peace-partner" because none of that matters. Israel is none of those things. Sitting at a table with a mass murderer and negotiating with him not to murder you is futile.

  • Coming to a campus near you: ADL recruits student politicians for Israel trips
    • The ADL really needs to consider what its initials represent unless of course they intend to change it to more accurately fit their agenda in which case, they can begin to call it: ADLFDIJOBNOGWDCNATWMASJMC (Anti-Defamantion League Fighting Defamation of Israelis and Jews Only Because No Other Group is the World is Defamed Certainly Not Arabs They are War-Mongering Anti-Semitic Jihadist Murderers Of Course)

      Can that fit on the side of their headquarter? It won't look bad if it hangs off the side of the building, right?

  • This war was not a war, it was a massacre
    • I also often wonder why world leaders are made to wear a kippah and visit Yad Vashem (Israeli Holocaust memorial) when they come to Israel/Palestine. Its all well orchestrated B.S. PR propaganda. So that the Zionists can take the necessary photos and pass them around to the media to strengthen their "case." After all, the only thing that prevents a new Holocaust from occurring again is the State of Israel, the self declared representative of world Jewry, right? In the case of these Gaza kids, I suppose the idea is to make them understand the so-called Israeli narrative even though that Narrative begins with the Holocaust which had absolutely nothing to do with Palestinians. It makes as much sense as if the Kurds being victimized by the Turks, decide to go occupy Vietnam or Nebraska.

  • Palestinian-American teen denied access to Israel’s airport
    • we get it. israel doesn't want more people having palestinian citizenship. you want them to leave, and leave for good giving up their idtentiy til there are none left.

      I don't want anyone to leave. I'm among the so-called "demographic threat" here in Palestine. I fulfilled my right of return despite Israel's objections and yet I'm no more a citizen today then I was yesterday. I agree with you that the occupation needs to end but it isn't going to end until the international community takes serious measures to hold Israel fully accountable for all of its actions. Its certainly not going to happen under America's watchful eye. They are the financiers of this occupation, mind you. "Western Democracy....shared first...blah blah blah..." Isn't that what they all say? They'll throw their citizens under the bus to appease the Israeli state.

      What I'm saying is that we here in Palestine are familiar with Israel's policies. We live it everyday. Everyone in Palestine knows that people who hold West Bank IDs cannot travel through Ben Gurion unless they get tasreeh (special permission...rarely granted. You're more likely to get hit by a laser guided missile fired from a unicorn).

      Her family should have known that they can't just walk into Ben Gurion and expect to fly out from there especially if, as her father says, they have West Bank IDs. Whether they asked for them or not, they got them. We can talk all day and night about how this is a policy of discrimination and how the occupation needs to end and how they should be allowed to us the airport and I agree with all of those sentiments. But it isn't happening, is it? We are no less occupied today than were were 66 years ago despite Oslo and despite Camp David and despite all those awkward hugs and kisses on the White House lawn. We in Palestine have to deal with the reality we live in right now and right now we are not allowed to go through Ben Gurion.

    • I don't agree with what Israel did at all. However, she has a Palestinian West Bank I.D. (the green I.D. card mentioned in the article). If you have this I.D. you are required to travel via the Jordan border crossing. That's just the way it is. Every Palestinian knows this. It is discrimination but what can we do? If she has a Palestinian I.D. and a U.S. Passport, the Palestinian I.D. take priority according to the Israelis. In their eyes, you're a Palestinian, not an American. This isn't anything new. If she was traveling only as an American, in other words if she didn't have a Palestinian I.D., then she's allowed to travel through Ben Gurion Airport.

  • The new center
    • That's a misconception and to my knowledge there has never been a poll of all world Jewry nor living Holocaust Survivors to measure whether they "overwhelmingly" support Israel. I think you are saying that based on your own opinion but you don't have any hard evidence to back it up. On the other hand there is concrete evidence that Israel claims to speak on behalf of the world's Jewish population and all survivors of the Holocaust. Yet it has been repeatedly shot down by various groups of Jews over the years who do not accept Israel speaking on their behalf nor representing them. This is the equivalent of saying that the Monarchy of Saudi Arabia represents all Arabs of the world and speaks on their behalf. Nothing could be further than the truth. It is also ridiculous that Israel consistently capitalizes on (exploits) the memory of the Holocaust and the horrific events perpetrated against European Jews for its own purpose. "Never again" Netanyahu boldly claims. Yet, when has it ever been that Palestinians perpetrated the Holocaust in Europe? They didn't.

  • Hillary Clinton just lost the White House in Gaza -- same way she lost it in Iraq the last time
    • This to me clearly defines what Hillary is all about:

      HRC: I’ve thought a lot about this, because you do have a number of conflicts going on right now. As the U.S., as a U.S. official, you have to pay attention to anything that threatens Israel directly, or anything in the larger Middle East that arises out of the Palestinian-Israeli situation. That’s just a given.

      Think about that quote for a moment. Hillary is telling us that the job of a U.S. elected official is to protect Israel's security and interests. This right here is why Washington is so thoroughly f*cked up.

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  • Soldiers fire on Palestinian protesters in Nablus, including 14-year-old boy
    • I'm a Christian Palestinian. Actually, I'm a Christian Palestinian-American. I've been living in the West Bank for over 5 years. I'm what the Israelis would consider a so-called "demographic threat." Israel passed legislation within their own country (excluding the oPt) to differentiate Christians, whom they regard as their "natural allies" from Muslims whom they apparently regard as a threat to their existence. However, its the same policy of divide and conquer that they've been conducting for the last 60+ years. It doesn't mean anything to anyone of Arab descent. Because when we come into contact with IDF and other Israeli security or authorities, we're all treated as the so-called "enemies" of Israel. The rule here is guilty until proven innocent and even then, you're still guilty just because you're an Arab. They don't care if I'm a Christian or if I'm a Muslim and they certainly don't care that I'm an American holding a U.S. passport. We all get the same horrible treatment. There are Christians in both Gaza and in the West Bank and plenty in East Jerusalem and in areas of Israel proper. We all get treated the same. Among the couple of thousand Palestinian prisoners are Christians too. Though the Christian population is smaller than what it used to be, we still exist and we're still victimized just like everyone else. So to answer your question: No, we aren't treated better, certainly not treated equally by any means. Remember, we're Arabs first and that's all that matters to them. Our prisoners are starving and fighting for their rights too; we're also tortured and beaten just like everyone else.

  • A visit to the East Jerusalem hospital treating children injured by Israeli strikes on Gaza
    • Thank you Allison Deger for this article. Thank you for your continued work here in Palestine to show the outside world what is really happening to us, to our kids. This article was the most difficult one for me to read. As I started reading, I felt the lump growing in my throat and the tears forming in my eyes. This is too much. My son is a little older than Ahmad who has the same innocent smile and glimmer in his eyes as all innocent children including my son. I can't imagine what his family is going through. As a parent myself I can't imagine living without my boy or for my boy to live without his mother and I.

  • Rob Reiner wants to pick Palestinians' leaders for them
    • 1. This guy hasn't directed a good movie since 1989 (When Harry Met Sally) and even then it wasn't the greatest thing in the world.

      2. It's not "The Hamas"; its just "Hamas" although if he wants to parrot the Israelis, maybe he should call them "Khamas."

      3. Hamas' charter was revised in 2006 and no longer advocates for the so-called destruction of Israel. Unfortunately, Likud, Yisrael Beitineu, and The Jewish Home party haven't changed their charters, platform, or political positions and mostly refuse to recognize any legitimacy to Palestinian claims or the right to self determination....and well....they're the folks that have orchestrated the last 4-5 wars and spilled the blood of thousands of innocent Palestinian civilians. Can we negotiate with them or should they be eliminated too?

      4. In regard to the aforementioned Hamas charter, revision or not, neither Hamas or any Palestinian hizb (faction or political party) have ever called for the elimination of "every Jew on the planet." It never was a war against Jews.That's f*cking stupid. Its an outright lie and Rob Reiner knows it.

      5. Israel and the United States, both of which claim to be "democratic" nations firmly rooted in the belief that the voice of the people direct the leadership of the government, cannot dictate nor force upon the Palestinian people who should or should not be running the Palestinian Government. Like both Israel and the United States, we had elections, people voted, Hamas won. Cry me a river if you don't agree with the results. That's how democracy works. Sometimes you get who you want and sometimes you don't. Lest we forget, that most Americans (and others around the world) didn't want George W. Bush to have a second term as U.S. President and most thought the person who should have been Pres was Al Gore. But that didn't work out how we or you wanted, did it? Should the MENA countries have demanded that they will cut off all oil exports and cease cooperation with the U.S. until Al Gore took over?

      6. Spinal Tap 2 or GTFO.

  • UPDATED: Bay Area demonstrators succeed for **fourth** day in 'Blocking the Boat for Gaza'
    • This is awesome and even though they cannot possibly prevent the ship from eventually docking, it must be known that there is such a huge financial loss when one of these ships is completely thrown off schedule and prevented from loading and unloading when its scheduled to do so. In that regard, they really are hitting Israel where it counts most: in the pocketbooks and wallets....and that really is the only way to make Israel suffer for continuing the occupation. When Israelis begin to feel the unbearable consequences of the occupation and all the atrocities that the Israeli government has committed, that's when things will change.

  • 'Bombing the Dead' -- Max Blumenthal in Gaza
    • Shhh....the "most moral army in the world" wouldn't want to tarnish its image with stories of looting and what not. Ehhh...f*ck it. It's also well known that in their faux operation to rescue kids they already knew were dead in Hebron, they looted over 3 million dollars in cash and belongings from families in the West Bank. So much for morality, huh?

  • Rania Masri gives Barack Obama a lesson on the meaning of 'barbaric'
    • The presidential elections are only a slight breeze away and Clinton knows this. She's pandering to the Israeli lobby. It doesn't surprise me at all.

    • A "Lesson"? She gave Obama a thorough beating. After reading her speech and seeing the reality all around us, its fairly obvious that Obama, who had the opportunity to create REAL TANGIBLE "CHANGE", failed tremendously not only as a President but as a decent human being, which is appalling when you look at his history of having been a progressive civil rights activist. He's as bad as, if not worse than, George W. Bush. On the other hand, G.W. atleast had the excuse of being mentally insufficient. What's Obama's excuse?

  • Rightwing Jews who want to destroy Muslim holy site in Jerusalem raise funds on Indiegogo
    • Is this group suicidal? Are they hoping to be murdered? Is that what this is about? Are they really trying to instigate a giant global war between Judaism and Islam? The dumbest thing they could do is threaten to destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque and then attempt to do it. Think about this. You've go super religious militants in Syria and Iraq right you really want to be in their cross hairs? I sure as hell don't. Not to mention the Iranians, Hezbollah, The Saudis, Al Qaeda and countless other devout groups that would seethe with venomous rage should anything happen to the Al Aqsa compound. Palestinians are much more moderate than these folk and Israel has had a fine and dandy time dealing with us, but get 18 billion Muslims from 30-40 countries around the world pissed off at you and ....I'm just going out on a limb here....the game might change a little.

  • Where you can donate to help Gaza -- Updated
    • Friends, the devastation in Gaza is vastly overwhelming. I don't think I need to tell anyone how terribly it affects children living there, especially those whom have lost their parents, siblings...some have even lost their entire families and have become orphans due to this war. A good place to donate which will go directly to children whom have become orphans is the SOS Children's Village. There are locations in many places but the one in Rafah definitely needs support to be able to take on new orphans. My wife and I have been making monthly donations to the SOS in Palestine every month for the last 2 years. Please check out their website and consider providing them with your support:

  • On ‘Death to Arabs’ in Jerusalem & Tel Aviv
    • This is Rabbi Dov Lior, a horrible and despicable creature who is not worthy of his role as a leader of faith. However, this is also not the first time that Dov Lior has spewed his venomous hatred. He is well known for his extreme and racist decrees and often calls for outright murder of "Arabs" and Palestinians. I shed no tears whatsoever for Yitzkhak Rabin but it is well known that Baruch Goldstein, the settler who murdered him, was a follower of Dov Lior and still receives his support.

      It is also worth mentioning that he is the Chief Rabbi of Hebron (particularly the Kiryat Arba settlement) and is on the Israeli government's payroll.

      Haaretz said it right - If Dov Lior was a Muslim, he would have been assassinated a long time ago. link to

    • In chanting "Death to Arabs", Israelis far surpass the source and the reason of the conflict: Occupation of Israelis over Palestinians and in doing so, they're showing that it's not just protesting against the actions of Palestinians that affect them in their own country but that they are thoroughly racist towards the region that they live in. Palestinians are a flavor of Arabs but Israelis are not chanting "Death to Palestinians", they're chanting "Death to Arabs" which basically translates to "Death to Palestinians, Jordanians and Egyptians (both of whom have full diplomatic and economic ties with Israel), Lebanese, Iraqis, Kuwaitis, Saudis, Sudanese, Moroccans, Tunisians, Algerians, Somalis, Libyans, Omanis, Yemenis, Qataris..." and so on. This is the real face of Zionism - that anyone one Arab from any Arab nation is unfit to live as he is perceived as a natural threat to Jews and Israelis everywhere and therefore needs to die. Have we not learned from the past? There was a certain German fellow who believed the same thing about Jews. He led his followers into chanting "Death to Jews" and they ran through the streets of Berlin looking for Jewish people much like Israelis now look for "Arabs." Do we need to repeat how that story ended?

  • Look at Netanyahu's 'evidence' that civilians are harboring rockets in Gaza
    • There's something not right about that illustration. Where are the minarets that transform into missile silos?

  • Israeli military destroyed el-Wafa hospital even though it knew there were no weapons inside
    • Every time I think that Israel couldn't possibly commit a more heinous act, they surprise me and once again It sickens me that so-called nations that claim to be peace-loving and democratic preach about all rights of all persons to pursue freedom, liberty and self determination while actively funding and arming genocidal parties who commit blatant atrocities without so much as a hiccup. Whereas in the past, Israel would commit genocide and then cover it up, they are now not bothering with the efforts to cover up anything. I'm sure the "cover up" must be budgeted and they'd rather spend it on more important things like white phosphorous to incinerate women and children.

      But look on the bright side, maybe Catherine Ashton will express her "concern" between bites of a Croissant with cheese and Obama will express that both sides should show "restraint" giving the impression that this is a war between two equal armies and of course the MSM will run with it. After all, its the victims' faults that they are occupied by the occupier. This isn't a war between two armies. It is a war between arguably the most technologically advanced military in the entire world and a densely populated open air prison consisting of a little over 1.5 million of the most destitute people in the entire world packed like rats with no place to run. This isn't a war. It's genocide and it is exactly what Bibi wants because he has already tested the waters, and now he knows that no one will ever stand in his way or make him stop.

      But of course, maybe the ineffective UN Security Council might pass a resolution that will be largely ignored before the death toll hits 1,000.

      Today, I am thoroughly disgusted to be a human being on this sick repulsive case you had any doubts.

  • Jeffrey Goldberg leads the charge on latest BDS smear: Presbyterian Church divestment is anti-Semitic because David Duke supports it
    • The Presbyterian Church divestment is anti-Semitic because David Duke supports it. Well how can you argue with logic, right? Why stop there? I mean if we're just going to say that everything in the world is anti-semitic then Obama is ant-Semitic because he once stood in Ramallah in the same building where a member of Hamas also once stood at some point in history before him. The Later Roger Ebert is anti-Semitic because he convinced me, a Palestinian, that Pauly Shore movies have always sucked. Christians are anti-Semitic because Jewish Jesus was crucified for their sins. Coca-Cola is anti-Semitic because a member of the Iranian Team at the World Cup in Brazil probably drank a bottle of Dasani water and said it tasted good. Marvel Comics is anti-Semitic because The Avengers didn't provide a major role to Scarlett Johannsson, spokeswoman of Settler Sodastream, Inc. Jeffrey Dahmer was anti-Semitic because although he killed many white people, a majority of them weren't Jewish, which proves that he did't like them.

  • Israel can’t force-feed occupation to those who hunger for freedom
    • I work with victims of torture on a daily basis. Part of my job is translating their stories from Arabic to English and providing testimonies and reports to the UN in Geneva. I literally have thousands of case studies on torture practiced against Palestinians and perpetrated by all of the various Israeli security agencies. After interviewing these victims or reading/translating their first hand accounts, nothing shocks me anymore. I've seen and heard it all.

      Ironically, the Israeli PR machine is doing a great job at rationalizing the use of torture because tomorrow is the United Nations Day in Support of Victims of Torture (June 26) and all eyes will be on Israel and its crimes. So this announcement that they're continuing to practices physical and psychological torture under the pretext of a "ticking bomb scenario" is quite timely indeed. There is a national conference tomorrow in Ramallah where Mustafa Barghouti and the EU Representative are going to be discussing these issues. I'm sure that Israel is already preparing its B.S. talking points in response.

  • Israel maintains gag order in missing teens' case, leading to charge of media 'manipulation'
  • One killed in protests as Israeli army takes control of Ramallah city center for first time since 2007
    • Several times in the chest from only a few feet away as well. They didn't bother detaining him or pushing him back in the direction he came from. One less Arab to breathe annexed Israeli air, I'm sure.

    • Yonah, according to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistic's Local Community Survey of 2013, there are 4,420,549 Palestinians total in the West Bank and Gaza, (again, as of 2013) and contrary to popular belief (which I partially blame on deliberate Israeli misinformation and a heavily biased and negligent MSM but there is also much blame to be passed around to many so-called stakeholders) there are more Palestinian political parties than just Fatah and Hamas present in WB/G. In fact, there are 16 political parties. So it is ridiculous to state that "Hamas represents approximately half of the Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank." because it is, in fact, not true at all. Anyway you carve it, the equation does not come out to 50% of the total Palestinian population being represented by Hamas nor registered as members of the Hamas political party.

    • If only it was just the Al Quds TV Channel. The IDF raided the Palmedia link to building an confiscated computers, recording equipment, files, and other equipment and materials. Palmedia is part of the greater PalTel group and operates throughout the oPt. One of it's clients is RT.

    • Well, 66 but the PLO already dropped 19 years from claims against Israel on behalf of Palestinian victims everywhere. So I suppose technically its only 47 since we're supposed to start counting from 1967.

    • I don't even know what to think anymore. After reading about this on Ma'an, I've been have been experiencing a creeping sensation of paranoia. I'll admit I shut the window and drew the blinds in my office here in Ramallah as if that would create some sort of barrier between myself and some sniper somewhere out there.

  • After the celebration: Kidnapping and assaulting an entire nation
    • Walid, most of the funding that Abbas gets barely makes it to the average Palestinian. Even if he does play along, the United States and Israel have a history of turning on their "allies." Lest we forget, Saddam, Mubarak, Khadaffi, Bin Laden....the list goes on and on...were at one point in time beneficiaries of U.S. funds and considered allies. One was hung, one is in prison, one was killed like a dog in the street, and one was assassinated and dropped in the ocean.

      Israel more or less created Hamas and funded them to upset Fateh and dilute the resistance, that didn't stop them from killing Sheikh Ahmad Yassein or any of the other Hamas leaders. Arafat was their negotiating partner and a close "friend" of Rabin. Look where that got him.

      I don't think we can have a greater calamity than the one we have now, with or without the PA. Israel is already doing everything it wants to do, what more is there?

    • Abbas thoroughly disgusts me. He's towing the Israeli line concerning the "kidnapping" of the 3 settlers without so much a raised eyebrow or a question to review the evidence of supposed "kidnapping" or Hamas orchestration of said "kidnapping." Netanyahu told him to condemn it, and condemn it he did before a meeting of the Islamic nations. Meanwhile, the widespread IDF attacks on the whole West Bank continues - 14yr old dead of gunshot wound in the chest in Hebron & 22yr old dead of a gunshot wound in the head in Qalandia - both on Friday, and of course a man in his 60s died of a heart attack after Israeli soldiers raided his home in Salfit. Israel already denied responsibility: link to

      And today, 36yr old killed in Nablus:
      In al-Ein refugee camp, Israeli soldiers fired four gunshots at 36-year-old Ahmad Said Suod Khalid while he was headed to a mosque for dawn prayer.
      According to eyewitnesses, the soldiers asked Khalid to go back home, but he refused and insisted on walking to the mosque. At this point, a soldier pointed his rifle at him and shot him several times from point-blank range.

      And in Ramallah:
      In Ramallah, a young Palestinian man Mahmoud Ismail Atallah was found dead on the roof of a commercial building opposite to another building where Israeli snipers were stationed. It is believed that a sniper shot Atallah, and he bled for hours before his body was found. Earlier, Israeli troops invaded several neighborhoods in Ramallah before dawn and broke into several houses and stores. Young Palestinian men clashed with the soldiers, who fired live ammunition and rubber-coated steel bullets at the demonstrators, injuring more than 10. An Israeli military spokeswoman said that the military was still "reviewing" the incident.
      link to

      Yet the security coordination between Abbas' PA and the Israeli forces continues without so much a hiccup. Abbas even sent his thugs to beat the crap out of people rallying in support of hunger-striking prisoners. link to and Netanyahu is still making payments to the PA's coffers, building up the obedient PA and destroying the Unity government and the Palestinian Legislative Council with it.

  • UNESCO group votes to protect ancient Palestinian terraces from Israel's wall
    • It doesn't surprise me that she hasn't been very public on the Palestine issue. After all, Sirhan Sirhan murdered her father and he was a Palestinian.

  • How Israel is exploiting the reported kidnapping to weaken Palestinian reconciliation
    • Well the purpose of the "unity government" was to prepare for elections which are scheduled to occur in 6 months (now 5). Abbas has already stated that he would not run for presidency again and that after this election, his political career is over. However, we've done this dance before and elections didn't happen and Abbas is still here. So I don't hold much merit in what the PA government intends to do anymore. As long as Abbas is the preferred man by U.S. & Israel, I don't see him stepping down or retiring anytime soon. I could easily see him taking on a long-term dictatorship role much like the late Gadaffi or Mubarak. Luckily, he's in his 70s and probably won't last very long. Even if there were elections and Abbas didn't drop his name in the list of runners, I couldn't imagine who would be a worthy candidate? Mohammad Dahlan? God save us all if he is ever in power. If you think the PA are corrupt, Dahlan is as down right slimy as they come.

      Whomever would take on the role of President would have to tow the U.S./Israeli line otherwise his government would not be recognized and we'd have a repeat of the Hamas/Fatah War or something similar to it all over again.

  • After ADL says opera is 'biased' toward Palestinians, Met cancels broadcast, citing rising anti-Semitism
    • You know what's anti-semitic? Demonizing Palestinians, denying them their rights and funding and promoting a culture of violence against them because they're Palestinians. Lest we forget that Palestinians are one of the original Semitic tribes and therefore are Semites but of course the ADL is only concerned about fighting anti-semitism against one of thos tribes, the Jews, all others be damned. I also think the ADL should change its name. because victims of "Defamation" are not exclusively Jewish. However, I don't see ADL fighting against the defamation of anyone else. Do you?

  • Israeli army enacts curfew near Nablus and raids eight major West Bank cities
    • Even so, Israel, namely Netanyahu, would still provide "justification" for having done what they have done to the WB.

    • Its part of Israeli culture. This circumstance won't change that.

    • I can only comment on the situation in Ramallah as that is primarily my stomping ground. During these days (since the news broke regarding the 3 settlers), stark differences in Ramallah between day and night are frightening. Ramallah during the day is business a usual. Between the Beit El Settlement & Al Bireh (outskirts of Ramallah city), Palestinian Presidential Guards line the streets as usual; within the city of Ramallah, PA security forces & military police are posted in their usual areas; blue cops conducting routine traffic control, MPs posted every few blocks or so. But at night...none of them are anywhere to be seen. This is where the coordination between the Palestinian and Israeli security forces is obvious. Just before the Israelis entered downtown Ramallah (which they only do at night), PA security jeeps and vans were quickly picking up posted MPs and returning them to their barracks so that they would not have any contact at all with the Israelis, as if someone called up the Ministry of Interior and said, "Get your boys off the street. We're coming in" and I'm pretty sure that's exactly how its done. No one is protecting the Palestinian civilian population or looking out for their rights or questioning Israeli raids and arrests in the heart of Area A, certainly not the PA nor its various security forces. IDF says jump, PA MPs ask "how high?"

  • Mainstream piece lays settler teen abduction at feet of 'illegal' and 'indefensible' occupation
    • "War Zone" implies that the conflict is between two opposing armies. Nothing could be further than the truth. There is no war zone; there is only oppression of a largely unarmed civilian population by a well-armed highly advanced military force controlled by a repressive racist government.

    • This conflict was never about religion until religion was used as a cover for continuing the perpetration of crimes against the indigenous population. Lest we forget that the founder of Political Zionism, Theodore Herzl, the architect and patron saint (for lack of a better term) of this new Israeli movement which continues its criminal occupation of Palestine, was an Atheist. He didn't believe in God and as such, he probably didn't hold much belief in the idea of a "chosen people" who have been gifted this land by their God through some divine decree.

    • It is temporarily enough that it is being said and with less fear for reprise than in the past. Think of how fake the world would be if people only expressed what they knew others would hear.

  • Israeli army seals Hebron, saying Hamas is responsible for abducted teens
    • Maan is reporting that Netanyahu called Abbas but Haaretz is reporting that Abbas called Netanyahu. Either way, the message was clear: Netanyahu "expected" Abbas' cooperation in finding the kidnapped.

    • Wonderful. But post a page about the nationalistic poetry of Mahmoud Darwish or a page in recognition of the accomplishment of the late Arafat and it'll get reported and pulled immediately.

    • Ahh, here we go with the "anti-Israel" bullshit. Congratulations on being that guy. I've seen plenty of Pro-Peace Human Rights Activists condemning the kidnapping of three Jewish teenagers. I've also seen plenty of pro-peace human rights activists condemning the nightly routine of kidnappings of Palestinian children from their homes by IDF but I have failed to see any condemnation of these particular activities by any Israelis. Ok, that's not true, Breaking the Silence, Hamoked, Adalah, PCATI, PHR-IL, B'tselem have issued plenty of statements. Let's try that again, I have yet to see any condemnation of these particular activities by the general Israeli population or their elected officials and I have yet to see Israeli cities locked down, citizens/soldiers arrested, detained, or tortured, checkpoints erected in Tel Aviv or Haifa or West Jerusalem or Netanya; I've yet to see Israeli homes demolished or talks of threatening to ban Likud or Yisrael Beiteinu party members to certain areas or rounded up and thrown in solitary confinement or expediting laws that would make releasing them impossible. I wonder why there is no response when Israel perpetrates these crimes against Palestinians. Could it be because we're not Jewish? Because we're not "chosen"? Because we're the unwanted disposable brand of human that is flawed and undesired? Yes, probably. Israel's actions in this matter have only exposed it as a truly racist biased apartheid state.

  • Missing!
    • "Prejudgement" is when you blame Hamas for kidnapping the kids without any evidence and before beginning your investigation. "Prejudgement" is when you lock down the entire West Bank and run through the lives of Palestinians with a fine tooth comb when you have no idea who the kidnapper is but nevertheless put the blame on Palestinians. Israel has a history of "Prejudgement" of Palestinians much like they issued a "Prejudgement" absolving the Israeli Defense Force of wrong-doing in the deaths of two Palestinian kids murdered in cold blood on video near Ofer Prison. Israel "Prejudged" that these two kids weren't killed by Israeli soldiers and maintained this position even after an international team of forensic doctors exhumed the dead and concluded that they were indeed killed by Israeli soldiers.

    • Exactly. The teens went missing in Area C which constitutes approximately 62% of the West Bank and is under FULL Israeli control. In other words, It's the PA's no man's land. They have no authority in those areas, no control, no jurisdiction, their police are not even allowed to enter said areas unless they coordinate with their Israeli counterparts and receive approval ahead of time. Netanyahu is quick to blame Abbas, pointing out the he is "responsible" and many in media and in the international community, including John Kerry, have vocally expressed that Abbas and the Palestinian Authority should support efforts to find these boys. I say that is complete rubbish. Israel's negligence is what led to these boys being "kidnapped" (if they were kidnapped). Israel conducts kidnappings of Palestinian kids every single night; pulled from their beds in the middle of the night dragged away, tortured and held in administrative detention. Who is holding Netanyahu responsible for their lives? Who is asking the Israeli government to #BringBackOurBoys? This whole situation reeks of double standards and hypocrisy.I'm not shedding any tears for these kids, not while Israel continues to perpetrate serious human rights violations under this disgusting occupation with total impunity.

  • Palestinian prisoner Ayman Itbeish completes 100th day of hunger strike to protest his indefinite detention
    • Some insider info that may be of interest to many of you. Due to the nature of my work in Palestine, I have been sitting in on some meetings hosted by the newly elected Palestinian government as a representative and in coordination with several Palestinian Human Rights organizations which work primarily with prisoners and ex-prisoners. From the highest level of the government to Civil Society, everyone agrees that there is a real fear that should one of these hunger-striking prisoners die while in Israeli custody, that it would be matchstick that sets the West Bank on fire and I mean that in the most serious way. I'm not going to say that there could be another intifada, frankly I hope not, but there is a real uneasiness bubbling below the surface here and everyone feels it. Something is inevitably going to ignite.

  • Boston subway ads are shocking-- 'and so is the reality on the ground'
    • Ok, Brian. Here we go:

      1) I agree with you Jews have always been here but you seem to be confused about what "Jew" means. Jews are followers of the monotheistic religion known as Judaism and certainly there were Jewish Palestinians and Jewish Arabs living here, I agree with you. However, Jewish Russians, Jewish Americans, Jewish Germans are not "indigenous" to this area. Do you know why? Because if you took away their religion, they'd just be Russians, Americans and Germans. Furthermore, the fact that Jews are indigenous to this area does not mean that Palestinians are NOT indigenous to this area.

      2) Palestinian children are not killed everyday by Israelis. I agree. The ad actually says that the "Israeli Military has killed one Palestinian child every 4 days..." That unfortunately is true. If you actually follow the news here in Palestine, you would know that. If you want to know the names and circumstances of these children, go here: link to

      3) Your point here is a complete lie. Homes are demolished in Area B and Areas C in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Jewish Israelis are allowed to build on privately owned Palestinian lands but Palestinians are not allowed to build on their own lands because the Israeli government discriminates between Arabs and Jews and does not issue building permits to Arabs. Can you name one instance of when the Israeli government demolished a Jewish Israeli home anywhere in WB or EJ? You can't, because it has never happened (settlements excluded). Today there is news of homes being demolished in Tulkarem. In case you're wondering, that is governorate in the northern area of the West Bank, not in Jerusalem: link to

      Here's news from 3 days ago of homes being demolished in the southern area of the West Bank near Bethlehem. That too is not in Jerusalem: link to

      4) The organization that made the ad quoted Bennett, not Mondoweiss. What you're talking about and what Bennett is talking about is what Israel has been doing since 1967 in the oPt - that is to expedite annexation of Eretz Israel from the river to the sea, right? So that a viable Palestinian state is impossible as it would largely made up of fragmented and disconnected blocs. However, Yair Lapid issued a statement yesterday that if Israel annexes the settlements, he would dissolve Netanyahu's coalition government. Its not because he likes Palestinians. Its because he doesn't want a bi-national one state solution: link to The Israelis don't want Palestinians to have their own state and they don't want Palestinians to become part of an Israeli state. That is a fact.

      5) Why bother even stating point #5 if you have no knowledge regarding the ages of Palestinian kids in prison. Unfortunately, the add is correct. The average age of Palestinian children in administrative detention/prison is 9 years old. Palestinian children are arrested, tortured, beaten, their rights are grossly abused, they're put in solitary confinement, threatened with rape and murder, they're tried in military courts even though they're civilians. THAT is something that the Israelis shouldn't be too proud about because it violates conventions and treaties that Israel itself became a party to when it signed and ratified said documents including the 4th Geneva Convention (link to, the United Nations Convention against Torture (link to, the Universal Declaration for Human Rights (link to, and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (link to Israel systematically violates all of these international policies every single day. How would you like if a massive burly soldier dragged your child out of his bed at night and beat the shit out of him in front of you, then dragged him off to get tortured in the Russian Compound, then placed in solitary confinement, and held indefinitely in administrative detention on secret charges that neither he nor his family, nor his lawyers are allowed to know? I imagine that you wouldn't like that very much.

    • I'm not sure you fully understand the wide expansive difference between Jews and Israelis but that's a topic for another discussion. I don't see anything hating against Jews or Israelis here. In fact, all it is doing is exposing the crimes of the latter so that they could open their eyes and become better people. Consider it free group therapy.

    • Hook, line and sinker, huh Mahane? You Zionists are a ridiculously predictable lot.

  • US is 'pushing privately' on settlements, as reporters point out nothing has ever come of that
    • As far as I know, Australia doesn't think that East Jerusalem is occupied. I don't recall that they said this about "all of the West Bank" as you mentioned in your comment. If indeed, they took this stance on all of the West Bank from Jenin in the north to Hebron in the south, that would really be something (not that denying the Israeli occupation over East Jerusalem isn't).

  • Palestinian citizens of Israel protest draft in Tel Aviv as passersby tell them to die or emigrate
    • Interestingly, I found this....thing...which claims to be the "International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem" (link to but is really a PR tool for Zionist Christians and their unholy alliance and complicity with the Israeli government and its crimes against Palestinians. Maybe Nadav could weasel his way into a position now that the Church doesn't want him.

    • There are no Jewish Palestinians because since the Jewish settlers have moved to the West Bank, not a single one of them has ever had the decency to abide by the laws of the state in which he is physically living and to go to the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Interior to apply for residency or citizenship.

    • Really? Congratulations on being that guy. There's always one of you out there.

    • ...a member of parliament for the right-wing Likud, Yariv Levin, Christians are “natural allies, a counterbalance against the Muslims who want to destroy the state from within.”

      So "natural" are these "allies" that over in Beit Sahour, Beit Jala, Beit Lahem (the birthplace of Christianity no less), the Israelis are arresting, beating, torturing, murdering these Christians and stealing their lands. Lest we forget the same goes on in East Jerusalem, Beit Hanina, Beirzeit, Zababda, Taybeh, Jifna, Aboud, Jericho, and other areas with Christian populations. We cannot forget that that there are also Christians living in the Gaza Strip as well, and they too have been affected by Cast Lead, Pillar of Smoke, and the on-going Blockade. Certainly the Israeli Air Force doesn't distinguish between Christian or Muslim Gazans when it carpet bombs civilian populations in Gaza or liquifies human beings with white phospherous, or when Rabbis on the Israeli government's payroll teach their followers that its OK to kill the Goy because they're not human beings, that they're less than dogs, and that by doing so, you are carrying out God's will. Such great "allies" are we, Christian Palestinians, that we're treated like disposable sub-human biological waste by the Zionists.

      Trying to divide Christian Palestinians from Muslim Palestinians to destroy their unity, nationalism and quest for self-determination won't work. George Habash founder of the PLFP, Hanan Ashrawi, Vera Baboun, Azmi Bishara, Huwaida Arraf , founder of the ISM, Edward Said, Khalil Sakakini, Chris Bandak of Tanzim and the Al Aqsa Martyr's Brigade, and Dr. Nayif Hawatmeh of the DFLP were/are Christians and they certainly aren't "allies" of Israel and neither am I or any of the Christian Palestinians that I know.

  • For wearing veil, woman is ordered off Jerusalem light rail and frisked
    • The niqab is the mask, veil or face covering that the woman was wearing on her head, not the robe that goes with it. Do you know of many bombers that can easily hide a bomb strapped to their faces?

      If you want to make up lies, at least go so far as to make them sound slightly believable.

      Btw, I am oh so touched by your sincerea and heart-warming concern for the humiliation of Palestinian women who choose to wear the niqab.

    • Of course the most moral army in the world doesn't send its snipers to shoot Palestinian teenagers. What rubbish. We all know that they hand out candy and licorice and hold hands with Palestinians and sing songs and skip off into the sunset each day. When they raid Palestinian homes at night and drag children out of their beds, kicking and screaming, its only so they could take them to the Shin Bet's Russian Compound where they can ride unicorns, bounce on rainbows, each chocolate and frolic with puppies.

  • Dr. Ruth says she might shoot you if you don't support Israel
    • Isn't it sad that the world demonized Helen Thomas, a women who had real ethics and morals, just because she told the Jews that they should "go home" instead of stealing and colonizing Palestinian land? Meanwhile, this decrepit thing in the video above thinks its lovely that she was a sharpshooter in a terrorist organization that is known for massacring Arab men, women and children in blatant war crimes and yet she's applauded as this old "progressive" sex expert who is in tune with the youth? Frankly, I think she could stick to doing the intros of Tales From The Crypt.

    • So, Dr. Ruth just openly admitted on television that she was a sniper in a terrorist organization. Lovely.

  • In Bloomberg internal news memos, 'there is no such country' as Palestine
    • Because the country of Palestine is under military occupation by the ever expanding gelatinous blob known as Israel which enforces its control over Palestine's land, sea, and air borders, and over who does and does not get to be a citizen or resident of Palestine. Palestinian refugees are Palestinian refugees because of the ethnic cleansing and terror campaigns waged by Jewish and Israeli militias since the start of this conflict. These people are displaced because of the actions of Israel and Israel is legally obligated to compensate them for their suffering, and as such the refugees are Israel's problem and it needs to deal with them today or tomorrow.

    • You forgot that the Kingdom of Jordan has an office in Ramallah as well.

    • Official recognition is Washington's national policy. However, a reporter's job is to be objective and report on the news without having a romantic kissyfest with the Israeli government and then using their talking points as a reference guide. Pretending something doesn't exist doesn't make it so. Whether you like it or not, whether Washington likes it or not, whether Bloomberg or Israel like it or not, Palestine is a country. It may not be a free country, but it is a country no less as recognized by an overwhelming majority of the Planet Earth. Had Israel not favored ethnic cleansing, forced displacement and colonial expansionism over building bridges and forging peace with its neighbors, the Palestinian leadership wouldn't have gone to the United Nations. You Zionists only have yourselves to blame.

  • Palestinian Refugees Welcome The Pope: The story behind the iconic photo at the Separation Wall
    • Excellent article. Though I worry over the safety of these activists. I wish you hadn't published their names. It's disgusting how deep the cooperation between the PA and the IDF really goes.

  • U.S. is 'closely following' Israel's killing of 2 youths at demo, seeks 'transparent' investigation
    • Anyone who knows the IDF (and to a larger extent, the Israeli government) knows that "transparent", they are not. Every time something happens and an internal Israeli investigation is conducted, 99.999% of the time, the IDF is found completely and totally innocent based on evidence that is not made publicly available, on research and investigations that are not documented and, if they are, are withheld from public knowledge. The truth is that the IDF is a fraternity that covers for its own, no matter what the charges are. If you served in the IDF, you'll be set for life and well protected. Even if you are war criminal.

      Even though Israel claims that it will conduct an investigation into the killing of these two kids, it seems that they have already determined the outcome before they even began:

      "In a statement after the incident the IDF said, "Last Thursday, a violent and illegal disturbance took place in Betunia. The video in question was edited in a biased way and does not reflect the violence in the disturbance."

      "An initial investigation with the forces operating in area of disturbance did not use live fire. Nevertheless, the military prosecutor has ordered a limited internal investigation into the matter." - as seen on Haaretz: link to

  • New video shows Palestinian youths killed by Israeli army on Nakba Day posed no threat to soldiers
    • All I heard was blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...Syria, blah, blah, blah-bity blah.

      What does Syria have to do with Israel and Palestine? There was a mine disaster in Turkey which resulted in the deaths of 301 people. Are we not allowed to talk about that because a few months ago 6,000 people died in the Philippines during a Typhoon? Are we not allowed to talk about the Boston Bombing because only 3 people were killed whereas in Sandy Hook 20 kids were killed?

      Your logic makes no sense whatsoever.

    • The US isn't going to veto anything. They requested that Israel conduct a "transparent" investigation. Whatever that means (we are speaking about Israel of course).

    • Who says that the kids were killed by a Sniper? Maybe they were killed by Israeli infrantry carrying a standard issue Tar-21 or a Galil assault rifle? Both which are used by the IDF and use distinct rounds. Palestinians have no access to these weapons; PA security forces use the AK-47 & AK-74U, which both use a different size round than the Israeli guns.

      So there is a very easy solution to your argument. The fact is that they were killed, right? We have bodies. They were taken to the Ramallah general hospital and doctors conducted autopsies. The bullets must've been extracted from at least one of the victims, the 17yr old. While the 14yr old was shot through the back (reports say that the bullet exited through his chest). So look at the bullets. Match them with guns that fired them. If they came from the Israeli weapons, then the IDF killed those kids.

      As for your other remark: "Second, catching a crystal clear picture of a bullet in mid-flight in ambient light with a standard camera? BS. "

      It wasn't a bullet. It was a "rubber bullet". Maybe projectile is a better name for it since if you compared the two, you'd know that it doesn't look anything like a bullet. Have you ever held one in your hand? Its heavy. It looks like a steel marble coated in plastic. IDF have been known to cut slits into the outer plastic shell with their knives so that it is more lethal on impact. The circled item in the photo above looks exactly like what a rubber bullet looks like.

    • I enjoy reading their ridiculous racist comments. Do you know why? Because despite the vast availability of evidence and qualitative and quantitative data available in this information age regarding the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, they still manage to stick to their well-rehearsed ADL/AIPAC/ZOA talking points based on no evidence whatsoever. The more that fools like Mehane come to websites such as this and provide their stupid racist comments, the more that they work in favor of raising awareness for the rights of Palestinians by showing how completely unhinged, insane, irrational, and racist Zionist Israelis are. The very fact that they do not see this is amazing. I say let them continue to bark; let them post what they will.

    • The video is surveillance camera footage taken from a surveillance camera mounted above the front door of a store and fixated on the area in front of the store. I know that is a hard concept for you to grasp.

    • I see you believe that "honest journalism" can only be defined if it is pro-Zionist. Is that it? Being at the place of an event and documenting through videos and photos, seen above, is not enough for you.

      Please enlighten us, what about this situation do you claim is "Palywood"? Do you deny that the Nuwara and Abu Thaer families each lost a child on Nakba day due to gunshots? Or is this simply inconvenient to your belief of the Israeli Defense Forces as the "most moral army in the world?"

      As for "Palywood", this is an incredibly racist term but I'm sure you're well aware of that and you used it specifically for the reactions it will produce.

  • Inspiration on the quiet streets of Palestine
    • How pathetic are you, that you need to shut down any discussion that doesn't go your way? If you truly claim to want to end the "Israeli-Arab conflict" (and I'll let you get away with that remark this time but take note that it is not an Israeli-Arab conflict but an Israeli-Palestinian conflict) and you care about peace and human rights, don't you think that you should allow intelligent discussions with others of various viewpoints regarding this conflict?

      Shutting down a website and ending access to dialogue and discussion is what fascist dictatorships do, not "western democracies" that "share ideals" with democratic nations in Europe, and the United States.

      There is also nothing anti-Semitic and in support of terrorism on this site. Unless of course you are one of those people. The type that think that any criticism of Israel is anti-semitic. However, you may think that but it doesn't make it so. The very nature of Zionist Israel is anti-semitic as Palestinians are Semites. Did that not sit well with you either?

      Its also amusing that you put the word FACTS in quotes as to disregard the legitimacy of the evidence that is presented in many of the articles on this website. Do you then disagree that there is an occupation? That Israel denies basic human rights of Palestinians and continues torture despite signing and ratifying several international conventions? Do you deny that the Nakba actually happened or that Israel's so-called withdrawal from Gaza is purely symbolic as the Gaza Strip is still under occupation? Do you disagree that Price Tag Attacks actually do happen and that had they been perpetrated by Palestinians, your government would label them "terrorism"? What other facts do you claim are "pure lies"? Everything I have mentioned is well documented and of course I don't mean by internal Israeli investigations because we all know how ridiculous those are. So enlighten us.

      Perhaps Israel is your nation and homeland, and more power to you. I hope you enjoy living there. However, Palestine is my nation and homeland and I don't need to submit a request to you in order to pardon my existence here.


  • Long faces at Israel's birthday party
    • From the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English:

      Nation: 1 - a large group of people living in one area and usually having an independent government. 2 - a large group of people with the same race and language.

      I think he may have been referring to the "nation" according to the second definition. In which case, this brings up the question of whether or not Jews constitute one race. Are Iranian Jews and Russian Jews part of the same race? How about Polish or African Jews? They indeed share the same religion, Judaism, but they aren't the same "race" nor do they speak the same native language, and they certainly do not share the same culture.

  • Let’s have reasoned debate on the academic boycott
    • Psssh... y'all can have the land. My God gave me cyberspace. The internet is mine.

  • Obama outmaneuvers Netanyahu, at last
    • He could enshrine it, name it, legislate it however he wants. It doesn't make it so to anyone in the world other than he and his supporters. He could enshrine it as the nation-state for the people of Zork Zak from Planet Chumbawumba for all I care.

  • Now Rand Paul wants to 'Stand with Israel'
    • Nice to know that American national politics are less about doing whats in the best interests of America and more about how you can out-Pro-Israel the other Pro-Israeli politicians. The common American voter no longer has a voice because its been replaced by the nefarious voices of AIPAC, ZOA, J-Street and the Crypt Keeper himself, good of ol' Sheldy Adelson. Its amusing and equally disturbing that politicans are busting their asses to have some sort of political relevancy on Capitol Hill by kissing up to the Israeli Lobby. In Rand Paul's case, its quite pathetic and humiliating. Someone needs to remind him that has a spine and maybe a pair of gonads (not quite so sure).

      On a side note, someone sent me an email that contained a job posting for Pacific Northwest Regional Director of AIPAC: link to I'm pretty sure it wasn't intended for me, unless it was a joke, I guess. Given that I'm a liberal pro-BDS human rights advocate/Christian Palestinian, what do you think my chances are of being the #1 guy at AIPAC's Seattle branch? They are an equal opportunity employer after all.

  • Video: Israeli soldiers detain 6-year-old child on his way to school in Hebron
    • In addition to the 230 children whom are currently detained in Israel, there have been 1,500 children killed by Israel since 2000. Imagine if you lived in the United States or the UK and 1,500 American or English children were violently killed in 14 years. What kind of outrage would result? Most of these victims are documented thoroughly on this website:

      It should also be noted what it means to be "detained" by the Israelis. Children, much like the child in this video, are often dragged out of their homes kicking and screaming, many times in the middle of the night for maximum psychological trauma, and are presented before a military court. Civilian children in a military court. This is a completely different system than the one used against Israeli Jewish children. The evidence presented to the judges by the Israeli authorities are mostly deemed to high of a security risk and thus are never presented to child defendants or their lawyers, and detentions (imprisonment) can be indefinitely renewed in 6 month increments at the whim of the Israeli authorities before and during trials which usually last about 15 minutes max.

      Not to mention the fact that 55% of the Palestinian population are children and that a majority of them have been arrested, detained and "interrogated" (tortured) at least once. Post traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety disorder or social avoidance behavior and a wide range of other psychological disorders are widespread among Palestinian children.

  • John Kerry and the Pope set to face off with Jewish Knight Templars on the Temple Mount
    • To answer Marc Ellis' question, yes it's definitely getting worse in Palestine. All of the things that he mentions in his article are signs of some impending catastrophe and yet daily life in Palestine (for the most part) has been ominously quiet despite the political maneuvers, skirmishes and scattered flashes of violence here and there. But its that sort of quietness that makes one uneasy because there is prevailing gut feeling that something is coming. You can see and feel it everywhere.

  • How many 'Palestinian Arabs' want to kill 'all Jews?'
    • I'm with you. I'm Palestinian too. Unfortunately, Zionists are so warped that they interpret "return to our homeland" as "Kill all the Jews" and it doesn't help that in the United States, heavy hitters on Capitol Hill and the Pro-Israel lobby are furiously working around the clock to make people really believe that.

    • I am a Palestinian American. I've been living in Palestine for 6 years now. I've worked with both Palestinians and Israelis through my work with several locally based non-profits. I've met all sorts of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank including people in the Hamas government, the PA, the PLO, Bedouins, people in refugee camps, basically everyone. Discussions around here always revert to politics. Its hard not to when literally every single hour of your life is affected by politics. Going to work is affected by politics, being able to buy a gallon of milk from the corner store is affected by politics, attending a cousin's wedding is affected by politics, even how much you pay for a pair of Adidas or whether or not you can get the medicine you need from the local pharmacy. Anyway in my time here, I have never, not even once, met a single person who has professed their desire to "kill all the Jews." The most radical statements I've heard were from people who were sick and tired of the occupation and believed in the one state solution as long as they could be equal and have all their rights.

  • Oren says Pollard 'sacrificed himself for the Jewish people'
    • Oren who represented the Israeli government said that Pollard sacrificed himself for the Jewish people and that he's a hero. That's interesting. This is the same Israeli government that refused to allow him to enter the Israeli embassy. Oh but then they later gave him an honorary Israeli citizenship so I guess all is well between them, huh? Let's not kid ourselves. Pollard is no hero. He was a drug addict and a drunkard who sacrificed himself for the almighty Dollar hoping that he could get away free on account of his Jewish identity. That didn't work but if Oren thinks of him as a hero, what does he think of Yossi Yagur, Irit Erb and Aviem Sella?

  • Former Israeli general: failed peace talks won't lead to doom
    • "Yadlin also reprised his plan for an Israeli withdrawal from 85 percent of the West Bank.....He said Israel should withdraw to the separation barrier that cuts into the West Bank, retain large settlement blocs and continue to occupy the Jordan Valley."
      Well, Palestinians currently control 23% of the West Bank. That means that 77% has already been annexed by Israel and I doubt that Israel would return any of that land back to the Palestinians. So maybe Yadlin really means that Israel would withdraw from 85% of the remaining 23% but that means that the Palestinians living in areas completely surrounded by the Wall and are totally segregated from the rest of the West Bank would be on the inside of Israel's new borders. In which case, they can either be given Israeli citizenship...or rather "residency"....or they could live unrecognized and stateless in between both areas. Either way, its a whole new can of worms that Israel will open for itself.

  • Reports: Abbas faults Israel for 'procrastinating,' says Palestine will move to join int'l organizations
    • This is what should have been done from the start. We shouldn't have to ask for our rights. We should demand them. Israel might be in a position of power through force but it is not and never was in a position to dictate the rights of the Palestinian people under any circumstances. It cannot tell us who we are, what we are entitled to or where we should define our existence. We are Palestinians and Palestine is our country whether Israel recognizes it or not and there are no other alternatives to that.

  • Pollard was in it for money, and sold so many dox Cap Weinberger wanted the death penalty
    • I'm glad that the Pollard deal is DOA, as it should be. Pollard is a scumbag through and through and the fact that if he were released he would have received a hero's welcome in Israel is further proof of Israel's urinating on American support it so widely receives. I'm sure Moshe Ya'alon would have been all too happy to drop trou. It must be salt to their wound to know that the PLO effectively killed the chances of Pollard standing as a free man in Israel next week. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Mahmoud Abbas vs Mohammed Dahlan: The showdown begins
    • Dahlan is a gangster. He is essentially a leader of his own mafia. He is brutish and self serving. He doesn't care about the Palestinian people as much as he cares about lining his pockets with cash. This is not o excuse Abbas of course. I think he is highly ineffective as the un-elected Palestinian leader. To hell with them both. I long for the days when great men like George Habash led the Palestinians. However it doesn't look good for us anyway you look at it. If you remove Abbas and Dahlan's names from the list of leaders. Who could step up and lead the Palestinians to a just solution? No one. The rest of their posse are the same old men who keep rotating positions and are as equally corrupt. Israel and the United States did a fine job of molding these men to serve their interests instead of the interests of the Palestinian people and that's exactly why this gang of thugs are still running the show. Of course we also know that friends of the U.S. or Israel are only friends when they useful to the U.S. or Israel. Look at Saddam Hussein, Gaddaffi, Bin Laden, Arafat, the list goes on and on....Once friends, later became enemies...and all are now dead.

  • Christie steps in deep doo-doo, promptly apologizes to Adelson. Whew!
    • The problem with your statement, and you said it yourself, is that what you call "Piano" Zionists foresee "some kind of peace and certain rights for non-Jews." When you allow one group to have "certain" rights but not all the rights that they are due, that is still a very big problem. Non-Jews...and let's be honest here, you're talking about Arabs, more specifically Palestinians....and Jews should be completely and totally equal. Israel is not in a position to define what rights a person should or should not have. Frankly, it is not Israel's place and it does not have the power nor the authority to prevent the full realization of all inalienable rights due to the Palestinian population or to any other group of people. Faux Liberal or Progressive Zionists can pretend as much as they want, that they are more in tune with human rights and peace building and conflict resolution but the reality remains that they are part of a bigger ideology that is racist and evil.

    • Where are the cajones on these politicians? That they say one word get all nervous about being on the receiving end of a talking to from Morton Klein or Adelson? Maybe next time Christie will be told to park his porky rear on Adelson's lap for a proper spanking. How dare he say "occupied"? That's reserved for restrooms only. Israel and Palestine are merely in a "dispute." The kind two drunk friends at the bar get into when arguing over which team is going to make it to the NBA Finals. No big deal you guys. No big deal at all.

  • OSU group questions campus presentation of an Israeli soldier as a 'feminist role model'
    • You bring up a good point. Israel also uses the same tactics by exploiting the LGBT community in order to show how progressive and westernized it is in comparison to it MENA neighbors. The Israeli government's PR machine is always ready to brag that it is the only country in the MENA region that hosts a Gay Pride Parade which marches through the heart of the old Jerusalem every year. While that may be true, it conveniently forgets that hate crimes and discrimination against the LGBT community in Israel is still a pretty big problem. It also don't get a free pass for being progressive and liberal when its government is made up of rightist pro-settler government that is ready and willing to trample on the rights of all who are not in line with it, Arabs and Jews alike.

  • Over half of all Israeli land sales in 2014 have been in the occupied territories
    • Yes it happens. It sells land to developers who build housing on that lend and rent, lease or sell the properties to settlers. Other times it allows developers to bid on contracts to building housing units. Keep in mind that this has all been going on in parallel to the so-called framework talks. So we all know how serious Israel is about formulating a concrete peace plan. What amazes me is that it is demanding an extension to the talks. For what, I have no idea.

  • US desperate to keep futile peace process going a little longer
    • Here's the deal:
      The entire time that these talks have been going on, the Israelis have been murdering Palestinians. Most of the prisoners that were released in rounds during the talks have been re-arrested. Settlement housing tenders are at an all-time high, land confiscation is still a daily occurrence, and racist price-tage attacks in WB & EJ are a dime a dozen often under the watchful eye of IDF. On top of that, the entire time that the talks have been going on, the Israelis have been saying that they don't have a partner for peace, yet despite all of this, security coordination between the PA and Israel is still at its optimum level. Israel has not once presented a map of the disputed region in these talks or any talks before it and has provided no indication whatsoever of their willingness to draw final borders for their undefined gelatinous blob of a nation. They have constantly demanded that Palestinians recognize Israel as "Jewish state" in order for the talks to continue despite constantly demanding "no preconditions." By the way, the PLO and the PA have already recognized the legitimacy of the Israeli state on several....well-documented....occasions while Israel still stands by the belief that there is no occupation, there never was/is a Palestine (ask the Jews of 1930s to produce a map for these revisionist Zionists), and that the oPt is Judea and Samaria, part of Eretz Israel.

      The talks have been doomed from the start because the United States does not have the capacity on any level whatsoever to be an unbiased mediator between the two sides. Certainly not when it's providing one side with billions of dollars per year and particularly in which some of those billions are used to buy the drones, warplanes, Iron Dome systems, hellfire, cluster, and white phosphorous munitions and other tools of death used against the Palestinians and while it is invested in the settlement enterprise...and lets not forget M72 Law rockets fired into the face of unarmed protestors in Birzeit. On top of that, Israel has fiddled its thumbs and stuck its nose in the air during the entire length of the talks and has not proposed anything at all. Now when the final bell is about to ring, they're complaining that more time is needed. Like a student who slacked off all semester and is suddenly faced with the threat of a final exam that may prevent his graduation. Of course more time is needed. More time is needed to enable Israel to kill more Palestinians and to expand deeper into the West Bank (they still want the E1 Corridor and the Jordan Valley and all air, land, and sea borders under their control, and long term military and police presence in Palestine...for "security" or course. This has already been determined before they came to the table) and to develop more facts on the ground that make a 2 state solution thoroughly impossible. Meanwhile, this "no partner for peace", Abbas is proposing that the Arab League continues to keep the Saudi Peace Initiative on the table. The same one that calls for complete normalization with 22 countries in exchange for the end to the occupation. The same one that has been sitting on Bibi's desk for several years, completely ignored by the Israeli government.

      There is no reason whatsoever for the PLO to continue talking with Israel and its financier, the United States. Even before the talks began, Israel and the United States dictated the results. They have proven time and time again that they are biased and that they are not interested in resolving the conflict but they two nations in a world of 196 nations. The ONLY solution is for the PLO to treat Bibi and Obama a vow of silence and take this issue to the UN whether they throw a hissy fit or not. If Abbas had any kind of balls, that's what he would do.

  • Is the U.S. quietly imposing travel sanctions on Israeli officials?
    • Well in the cases in which visas are not declined, I think it's only fair to give them visas that limit their travels or maybe I'm still just bitter from my "Judea and Samaria" visa and the "VIP treatment" I get everytime I come through the Allenby bridge or Ben Gurion. Still it would bring joy to my heart to issue Israeli travelers visas that bar them from using JFK airport for example or prevent them from entering the New York or Los Angeles metropolitan areas. Or maybe they should only be able to enter the United States through Mexico by Mule or through a connecting flight from Antarctica. And lets not forget full body cavity searches, detainment, and stupid interviews..."what did you have for breakfast 9 Thursdays ago and who were you with and how do you know that person and what is his father's favorite TV show?"

  • 'Nobody knew where I was, nobody… I was simply disappeared': An Italian tourist's Ben Gurion nightmare
    • Crossing via Jordan is hardly easier unless the person crossing is Israeli or a friendly foreign national and even then its only a barely less infuriating. The Sheikh Hussein bridge further north on the border which crosses from Jordan directly into Israel is hands-off for most Arabs but even there, you can expect the great service Israel is known for. The Allenby bridge, further south, which crosses into West Bank Jordan Valley....after passing through Jordanian checkpoint, two Israeli checkpoints and faux Palestinian checkpoint is notoriously bad. That's the one we're allowed to use: link to

      I got the VIP treatment there Israelis....AND...Jordanians. If you thought the Shin Bet were bad, try the Jordanian intelligence. They give the Shin Bet a run for their money.

  • Penn Hillel pushes Birthright-like trip for non-Jewish students
    • This guy is full of deceptive language:

      "Thus I am hoping to bring 20 non-Jewish students on an intensive 7-day exploration of Israel’s political, business, security, and religious circles."

      " is important to expose them to a more nuanced view of the region..."

      "This trip will occupy a unique niche. It will focus on instilling an intellectual connection to the region..."

  • How 'trigger-happy' soldiers killed an unarmed man walking to work
    • Hardly. The PA Thugs learned all of their tactics through training conducted by American and Israeli police and military following the agreement signed at Oslo. They are also armed and funded by the American government and have direct security channels and cooperation with the Israeli intelligence and security agencies. They are by all means an Israeli Proxy. All day long PA paramilitary police are stationed on random street corners in Area A cities but mysteriously disappear minutes before the IDF rolls through town like they did in Birzeit to arrest (kill) an activist. Why is that? If the IDF or the Shin Bet says Jump, the PA officers will always say how high.

    • "They nearly shut down the direct negotiations with Israeli officials and spurred two demonstrations in Ramallah against the Palestinian Authority. Protesters were beaten at random, and injured were arrested in hospital beds."

      From my experience the PA thugs are as bad as, if not worse, than the IDF. To hell with the whole lot of 'em.

  • The killing of Muataz Washaha
    • I attended Muataz' funeral in Birzeit and I am also a member of the PFLP, among which most youth in this country are; its not strange or as evil as Israel makes it out seem. It's no strange than a young American joining a progressive liberal party in the U.S. The PFLP is more in touch with the reality on the ground than Fatah which makes up the majority of the WB government and prioritizes its cooperation with Israel and the United States over its obligations to the Palestinian population in the oPT and Diaspora.

      Have you seen Muataz' house? The Israeli government sent a counter-terrorism unit which shelled his house with a M72 LAW Missile fired from a rocket launcher. It hit him in the face. You can imagine (but I don't blame you if you choose not to) what was left of the poor guy. He was not a terrorist. His biggest crime was organizing protests and waving PFLP and Palestinian national flags and because of those actions, he was summoned by the Shin Bet for interrogation but ignored their summons. His failure to show up resulted in his murder.

      Ironically (or maybe not so) around the same time that this kid was murdered Amnesty International published a report indicating that IDF actions in the West Bank and Gaza could constitute "War Crimes." Muataz' death is a clear indication that he was the victim of a blatant war crime. However, I'm sure that another Israeli internal investigation will clear the IDF and enable them to kill someone else. Oops, they already did: a mentally challenged woman inside the Gaza Border. She won't be the last though.

  • Do Americans want to know that Israel is waging war on Africans?
    • No Amigo, they'll only lock up the non-Jewish portion of the world and still claim to be a non-racist, progressive western democracy.

  • 'Can you tell who is an Arab?' appeal is tax-deductible
    • I'm responding to your asinine argument. I'm not new here. I've been away on account of that aforementioned "vip treatment." By the way, "Arab" or not, there is absolutely nothing about you that is "like me." For one, I actually have morals and really do support Human Rights. You are an "Uncle Tom." Go look that up.

    • Here's a bit of education for you:

      To integrate into Palestine (or any country in the entire world for that matter....except Israel of course), you integrate through legal channels as in applying for citizenship. You can't integrate into Palestine by breaking international laws, confiscating land that isn't yours (and never was), squatting on it, then building a whole new Jews only city while shooting and murdering your neighbors who were already there before you and then when (and if) peace is finally declared and your Jews-city is no longer within the confines of "occupied" land but rather IN the sovereign state of Palestine, tell me "welp, we're already here so I guess we HAVE to stay and the Palestinians just need to deal with it." That is not how you integrate. Get out of the settlements, bulldoze them all, then go apply to the PA Ministry of Interior for a visitor's visa. Then we'll talk. By the way, the Palestinians already have stated (on several occasions) that Israelis and Jews can live in the state of Palestine as long as they do it LEGALLY and do not infringe on the rights of the Palestinian population nor break any Palestinian laws. Call me crazy, but that's not too much to ask.

    • Indeed. They forgot that Israel supported, funded and provided arms to the Apartheid Regime in South Africa, that while everyone was mourning the loss of Nelson Mandela an international humanitarian, the Israelis were reminiscing about how he supposedly "supported terrorism" by befriending the late Yaser Arafat, and many in the Knesset were quick to point out that he was a so-called "terrorist", and how we was a "benign zealot" (according to Ehud Barak). They failed to recognize that Jews have a long documented history of being slave traders particularly in the Carribbean and Central/South America, and that right this very second in Israel, the government is violating the human rights of Africans by illegally detaining them, and removing them from the country in the thousands. People in Tel Aviv, Yafa, Haifa, and Jerusalem are openly committing racist acts against Black Africans with the government's full support and complete impunity. They make living conditions in black slums in Israel so horrible in the hopes that they'll just leave Israel on their own. Their communities are completely neglected by government services afforded to white Israelis, full of crime, drugs, etc. Many of them are discriminated against because of their color and can't get work, education, or places to live because white Israelis refuse to rent to them, or employ them, etc.

    • Lol, so you really aren't from this region or if you are, you're extremely sheltered. Why do you assume that the Arabs who participate in the discussions on this website must be Muslims? Don't you accept that Palestine/Israel is the birthplace to the 3 primary monotheistic religions? Christianity, Islam and Judaism? By the way, I'm not. You can ask Walid if he is though. And before you get all chesty puffy about how Christians are being assured, the only persecution going on is by the Israeli government who claims that building a wall and annexing the Cremisan Monastery in Bethlehem is for "security" reasons but we all know its to expand Jerusalem Municipality, accommodate settlers and steal fertile farming lands which Priests rely on to make wine in order to cover their living expenses but who cares, right?

      As for your comment about German Lefty's question, different strokes for different folks. Its not nearly the epidemic that you make it out to be.
      Here's a shocker: sometimes when Arabs are living among Jews in Israel...they might actually try to integrate with them and in doing so maybe, just maybe they might develop friendships and/or relationships with other Israelis Arabs or Jews alike. *Gasp* Did I just blow your mind wide open? Oh you already knew that. What was it that you call that. Ah yes, the "demographic threat." That's why we gotta those damn dirty ay-rabs away from our women, rabble rabble rabble!

      Finally, I'm still waiting for you to educate me on what's going on in Palestine. My patience is running thin. I might accuse you of throwing stones. You can get familiar with my Shin Bet buddies at the Russian Compound. They gave me the VIP treatment last time I was there but, you know, I'll put in a good word for you. Maybe they'll give you a cup of water that doesn't have pee in it.

    • Wow, that's amazing. A Zionist stooge who is not a Palestinian is going to give me an education about "what is going on in Palestine" even though I am a Palestinian in Palestine and have been living on the receiving end of this conflict since the day I was born. By all means, go ahead. Enlighten me.

    • Well the Bibz spent a major chunk of his childhood in the Philly suburbs where he graduated high school and college...and he might still be a legal U.S. citizen, you know with that special relationship that lets them have dual citizenships and all but I could be wrong, and Lieberman is your typical Soviet-era thug...served in the red army, spent several years locked up in a Siberian Gulag. Neither of them are indigenous to this region.

    • "...hence you all talk about the poster and the language but not about the women (see the new comment of Accentitude)."

      Clearly, you completely failed to comprehend anything of what I wrote.

    • I present you with this article:
      link to

      Netanyahu's son is dating a Norwegian non-Jewish girl and apparently it's enough of an outrage that its become a national story over here. Maybe L&L should worry about locking up its boys too?

    • I have the unfortunate luxury of being a Palestinian-American, living in two distinct worlds yet not being able to fully integrate into either one. Because of that I saw this story from two different perspectives. The first as a Palestinian living in the West Bank:

      According to L&L's website there are "thousands of Israeli girls missing." Now pardon me, but in a situation where there are "thousands" of girls missing and in which the blame is being put on Arabs (as this organization seems to insinuate that they're being caged up and repeatedly raped in dingy dirty Arab villages), don't you think that the Israeli government would respond with the fury of a Cast Lead type offensive, particularly in a conflict where zero Israeli casualties are responded to with hundreds of Palestinian casualties? This reeks of nothing more than a fear campaign with no concrete tangible evidence for the claims it seems to be making. Have you checked out the "endorsements" page on their website? The "Knesset Report" looks like a rough draft cut n'paste and hardly qualifies as an official state report. And should we forget that Israel is among one of the top countries in the world in terms of organ traffiking and sex slaves? The country has huge problems with Russian mafia setting up shop in Israel and working the black market trade route between Eastern Europe and Israel. There's no evidence whatsoever to believe that Arab men are kidnapping Israeli girls in the "thousands" and holding them captive in "Arab villages." No Arab, man or women, could take ten steps inside or outside of the Green line without getting the eagle eye from someone in the Israeli authority, much less kidnap and transport an Israeli girl. Lest we forget that the country is riddled with arabs-only checkpoints, the separation wall, border guards, military police, IDF, Shin Bet and Mossad mingling as Arabs inside Palestinians villages, cities and refugee camps. What these idiots propose is damn near impossible.

      Now here comes the American perspective; I'm a little young to remember the days of segregation and white racism as against Black Americans but I'm not young enough to be naive about how it is starkly similar to what Palestinians are going through today. Reading about this organization and perusing through its website reminded me ALOT of 1960s America when white Americans would produce fear campaigns to ensure that their children are not associating with Black youth.

  • Student who exposed 'leftist' teacher is honored at Knesset, while teacher gets violent threats
    • Seems that Gila Dog is taking a page out of Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer by trying to white wash history ;)

    • Israel is not and never will be the "Jewish state" because not every Jew is an Israeli and not every Israeli is a Jew. There are millions of Jews around the world and not even a fraction of them consider Israel as their homeland. Furthermore, calling it the "Jewish State" goes against its own vision of being the so-called "only western democracy in the Middle East" by drawing nationalism along religious lines. As Lincoln once said, a democracy is a "government of the people, by the people and for the people"; a country governed by its people. Clearly such is not the case when non-Jewish citizens of Israel are considered a cancerous sore and are denied their social equality. By carelessly using the term "The Jewish State" one is promoting continued racism and repression against non-Jewish citizens of Israel by implying that Israel is a state for Jews only. Again, this goes against the very definition of a Democracy. Such statements have the danger of inflaming racially motivated violence against non-Jews in a military state where Children are already indoctrinated from birth to hate anyone who isn't Jewish, as evident by the ridiculous claims of Sapir Sabah against her teacher.

    • A great eye opening article by Mr. Glunts....until he decided to use racist terminology such as "the Jewish State" which only serves to further push Israel into right wing ultra nationalism at the expense of non-Jews.

  • AP asks State: Why shouldn't folks boycott Israel when your own settlements policy is ineffective?

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