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  • Yale Protestant chaplain says Americans must curb Israel so as to curb anti-Semitism
    • Yes I understand, it’s a delicate issue, but people have a right to talk about it.

      That is my conclusion as well, not only because censoring our voice goes against our constitutionally-protected free speech, but also because no one has the right to regulate our conscience.

      I honestly hope that more and more of these cases (Shipman, Salaita, et al) come to the mainstream forefront, it will get discussed, it will get exposure, and more and more will weigh in on it, with the possible benefit of further destigmatising the discourse on Israel .

      PS: was away for a few days and came back to find the furniture all re-arranged here on the MW site! Getting used to the new lay-out but glad to see the content and commentary still as hard-hitting as ever :-)

  • Chancellor Wise, why not accept the scholarly inquiry of your colleagues over the politicized judgment of Salaita's critics?
    • JeffB,
      you seem to be quite the stickler for what is civil, non-malicious discourse (never mind treating Palestinians civilly and non-maliciously).

      Could you provide for us criteria and examples of what is acceptable criticism of Israel and Zionism. Since Zionist is code for Jews, what word should we use in our discourse when discussing an ideological movement that was exclusively reserved for a select religion to settle on land where there were previous inhabitants?

      By the way, did you see this JeffB?
      link to

  • As Salaita's case becomes a cause, U of Illinois issues declarations on 'civility'
    • I rarely take JeffB seriously anymore. He has over and over and over again made completely inane statements and has been continuously taken to task for making unsubstantiated and/or outlandish claims.

      The fact that he can state "Academics should not be political activists" is another typical and outlandish JeffB comment that doesn't in any way enrich or further our discussions. It is an absurd statement that defies and denies the historical importance of academic discourse in our political life. One may as well just say people who don't support my political point of view should not be political activists.

  • In Photos: Thousands pack Rafah streets for funeral of top Hamas commanders
    • When did you go to Gaza Jon? Can you tell us about the places you visited. Also, which dialogue group did you participate in?

      I ask all these questions because your hositile point of view toward Palestinians contradicts your alleged actions/visits/encounters with them. So it is very hard to believe you.

    • Jon,
      have you been following Max's Twitter TL? You really should, you will learn a lot, including the fact that he left Gaza, and as Max so astutely phrased it: "I just crossed from the involuntarily walled off ghetto to the voluntarily walled off ghetto. Goodbye Gaza, home of the brave".

      You will also learn that he was welcomed by his Palestinian friends there. Palestinian people, like any people on this earth, are very warm and welcoming if you come as a friend, and not as an occupying army. It's just common sense. Go on and try it, Jon, open up your world to new possibilities and ways of seeing. You will be amazed at what beauty you will discover. I say that sincerely.

    • Jon,
      why do you think we would approve of this? I would like to understand your reasoning behind such a callous statement. Why are you trying to dehumanize us? Just because we are critical of Israeli actions?

      Assuming that they were collaborators why would we cheer their death? Don't you think their death is as much of a tragedy as innocent children being killed by Israeli bombs?

  • Democratic Party leader echoes Netanyahu's new theme: Hamas equals ISIS
    • thanks for posting this Just.

    • Just,
      we must have both missed that part in the history books about Israel offering to embrace Palestinians within their "democracy". Perhaps JeffB can fill us in with more details.

      JeffB: would you be so kind as to tell us when the vote was extended to Palestinians? Maybe the Palestinians didn't get the memo of this generous offer? Perhaps Israel can resend the invitation? You could personally deliver it!

  • 'Lesson: The Jews will defend themselves even if it means killing children'
    • So, that’s it. I know your methodology, and that of your fans

      let it be known to Yaacov that I, a reader of and commentator at Mondoweiss, am not a "fan" of anybody, never have been, never will be. I am an admirer of certain things and people, but for Yaacov to label us collectively as "fans" is condescending. I am an independent thinker who has seen first-hand the savagery of Zionist policy so I don't need this Yaacov-come-lately allocating me a role or undermining my views.

      As for his letter overall, it is a very disturbing and revealing portrait of the psychology of a human being who is both the beneficiary and supporter of a system that uses extreme measures of violence as a means to oppress others. It gave me chills.

      not your groupie

  • 'I mourn my Jewish community, which seeks to justify these inexcusable acts'
    • thanks for clarifying. I usually don't expend any mental energy on religious mumbo jumbo but that just didn't make sense the way I was interpreting it.

    • is it just me or does the below not make any sense whatsoever??

      from the reuben jacobs comment in ha'aretz: " (and the switch from male to female lineage came about to combat the amount of illegitimate children born after Jewish women were raped by the occupying Roman army)"

    • of course your fellow MW'ers will get first dibs on the IPO! Too too funny.

  • Ceasefire comes to a close -- Mohammed Assaf's 'Raise Your Head High'
    • do Palestinians a favor Jon and stop being their "friend". The Palestinian people have millions of supporters around the world, so they don't need your kind of duplicitous friendship. Is that clear?

      Lastly, DON'T ever again use the noun "friend" to describe your relationship to Palestinians. You are the occupier/supporter of occupation/settler-colonialist/supporter of settler-colonialist ideology. DON'T use Palestinians as a plot device to make a false claim that in no shape/way or form helps the Palestinian cause.

      For your benefit I am posting the definition of FRIEND. Memorize it.

      friend noun \ˈfrend\
      : a person who you like and enjoy being with
      : a person who helps or supports someone or something (such as a cause or charity)
      : one attached to another by affection or esteem
      : one that is not hostile

    • It must really eat away at you, JonS, that so many people around the world stand in solidarity with Palestinians.

      For years your leaders have been telling the world that Israel is the only democracy, the "villa in the jungle", the "civilized" ones......and yet, and yet, no one is really buying it, it doesn't make any difference in how the majority view Israel and its criminal state-sponsored slaughter.

      Does it bother you that you have to buy the politicians for them to stand on your side? Kind of makes their words meaningless no? Whereas we stand with the Palestinians out of our humane convictions and no one has given us a penny.

      It must be the bane of your existence that after all the zionist propaganda that has been spewed forth we still view Palestinians as human beings, and that the world is even more solidly and strongly behind them in attaining their rights. After all these years of dehumanizing, imprisoning, occupying, killing, demolishing, besieging, starving, humiliating and oppressing the Palestinians you still haven't defeated them.

      Do you go to sleep wondering "where have we gone wrong?"

  • More Orientalist insinuations in the New York Times
    • Erlanger's usage of orientalist tropes is just another form of hostility and prejudice of islamic culture, ergo: islamophobia. He is so enmeshed within this socio/political construct that he is probably not even aware of how offensive his "analysis" and opinion is.

  • Rob Reiner wants to pick Palestinians' leaders for them
  • UPDATED: Bay Area demonstrators succeed for **fourth** day in 'Blocking the Boat for Gaza'
    • I'm following you guys on twitter.....fingers crossed!!!!!

    • So Hoppo, you recognize that bombing an airport is terrorism? Great, then we agree that Israel is a terrorist nation, afterall, the IOF bombed the Gaza International Airport....

      The [Gaza International Airport] facility ceased to operate in 2001 after the bombing of the radar station and control tower by Israel Defense Forces aircraft during the al-Aqsa Intifada.
      The airport opened in 1998. It is owned, and was operated, by the Palestinian Authority, and served as the home airport for Palestinian Airlines. It was able to handle 700,000 passengers per year and operated 24 hours and 364 days a year. The total area of the airport is 235 hectares (2.35 km2). The airport closed in 2001 after being severely damaged by Israeli military forces. The closest public airport in the area is El Arish International Airport in Egypt.
      The construction of the airport was provided for in the Oslo II Agreement of 1995. The airport was built with funding from Japan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Spain, and Germany and designed by Moroccan architects (modeled after Casablanca airport) and engineers funded by Morocco's King Hassan II. The total cost was $86 million. After a year of construction, it opened on 24 November 1998. At the time, the opening of the airport was described as evidence of progress toward Palestinian statehood. The airport got international airport codes (IATA: GZA, ICAO: LVGZ).

      The radar station and control tower were destroyed by Israel Defense Forces aircraft on 4 December 2001, after the start of the al-Aqsa Intifada. Bulldozers cut the runway apart on 10 January 2002.
      link to

  • Gov. Cuomo annexes Jerusalem to Israel -- and 'NYT' echoes him
    • I try very hard to understand the mentality of people like Cuomo who sell themselves (cheaply) in order to satisfy their ambitions.

      But what I want to know is: when an individual has sold his/her intellect and integrity, what remains? I honestly would like to know how they can betray on such a massive scale those who suffer and then turn around and justify it. One doesn't need a religion or a codified moral doctrine to know that that is wrong.....our inner voice will tell us.

  • Tough Hillary Clinton says 'dreadful' pictures of dead women and children make it hard to get at truth-- Hamas is to blame
  • 'We are all Palestinian'
    • Ezra,
      how has Israel tried to help the Palestinians exactly? Evidence? Time after time, all Israel has ever done is try to obliterate all iterations of Palestinian resistance to occupation and land theft. Hamas is just the latest iteration.

    • that's a great story!

    • Incredibly moving.....I hope that the Palestinians in Gaza all see this to give them a glimmer of hope too.

  • 'Cooking is my politics': Rawia Bishara's Middle Eastern food is all about spreading culture
    • so let me get this straight Jonny, the Palestinians who have farmed and foraged their lands for millennia and didn't manage to cause extinction of the za'atar plant, now need the Israelis to teach them how to be good land stewards? Oh gosh, who knew! Ok, well, care to tell me why Israeli settlers uproot olive trees? Is this also a benevolent occupation policy that we aren't aware of?

    • Walid,
      when I first heard about that ridiculous law I gave a cynical laugh. The za'atar is in no way, shape or form at risk of being over-harvested in the wild, that plant is so hardy and so tenacious, it would be easier to eradicate weeds in a garden. As you say, the law was solely another malicious Israeli tactic to control the land and distance Palestinians from their heritage. The fact that the za'atar plant has survived centuries upon centuries of being harvested is all that is needed to disprove the premise behind the law.

      In our area of Italy, all the villagers would go to the mountains to forage for oregano. There were lots of regulations even back in the day about what/when to forage for certain plant species to ensure conservation, but no regulations whatsoever concerning wild oregano. Simply because it grows in such abundance, just like the za'atar plant. If you were to tell a villager that foraging of oregano was to be restricted for conservation purposes they would laugh at you.

  • 'Day of rage' tomorrow: Palestinian resistance 'starts with the tongue'
    • I agree 100% that the protest location/logistics is difficult to find unless you are already familiar with the various orgs that usually sponsor these actions. I'm not sure why the BDS movement website isn't providing the resource links that activists and concerned people can get information from, it would certainly help in mobilizing more people.

      The information you have for the NYC rally is correct and can also be found at link to , one of many groups organizing contingencies to the protest.

      The twitter hashtag for the event is #GazaDayofRage, perhaps this may prove helpful. I would imagine that all Jewish Voice for Peace and Students for Justice in Palestine chapters will also be organizing protests so they may have protest information for their particular locations.

  • 'A blind evil rage that increased forever, day and night' --Mads Gilbert on Operation Protective Edge
    • WOW! WOW! WOW! The analogies that Dr. Gilbert uses to relate the Palestinian struggle will resonate with many many people. He captures and translates it with incredible clarity.

      Has he been interviewed by any MSM outlets in the U.S.?

  • Jodi Rudoren and Abe Foxman mull over 'the Arabs' owning New York hotel
    • They are “very nice Arab guys who do a good job with the cleaning” (laundry).

      The fact that they made this video publicly available really says something about their lack of self-awareness. They think they are being cute and folksy. It is positively revolting. I would hate to imagine what would happen if those "Arab guys" mess up the laundry order.

      PS: kind of says it all, no? ----> RuderMan

  • Steven Salaita-- unremitting in criticism of Zionism and Gaza slaughter-- loses a job at University of Illinois
    • Please indicate your evidence that in the field of Middle East Studies, that there are more pro-Israel professors than there are pro-Palestinian ones, with tenure. I think you know I’m right.

      ---> But Hoppo, I thought the poll results you cited in another post proved that the majority of "educated" people support Israel? I'm confused now, Hoppo, which is it?

      If you don’t have evidence, go back to the barn and continue playing with Mooser and the other dirty animals.

      ---> Ahhhhhhh evidence! Funny you should ask. So let me get this straight Hoppo: you make an unsubstantiated statement that is not backed up by any data whatsoever (sample selection of faculty by school/relevant depts, analysis of books written by faculty, etc) and then you have the audacity to turn around and demand evidence that we disprove your unsubstantiated statement? Right. Well, my mamma didn't make me yesterday, and she also told me not play with dumdums.

  • Where you can donate to help Gaza -- Updated
    • This center does amazing work. Anne Barnard of the NYT did a fantastic feature story about Dr. Hassan al-Zeyada, a psychologist at the Gaza Community Mental Health center, it is well worth the read.
      link to

      Dr. Eyad al-Sarraj, the founder of the center, is a personal hero of mine for his humanitarian work, and this video interview with him shows him discussing PTSD in the children of Gaza, and the struggle for dignity and human rights. link to

    • John,
      Many many thanks for putting this information together. It is very useful and I will share it with others.

      Another organization which you may want to add to the this list is Medical Aid for Palestinians, a UK-based organization. link to

  • israel is the golden calf
    • bravo for conveying so forcefully and beautifully, so soulfully and rhythmically, in so few words that which we can't say with 10,000 words. I join the others in applause!

      and G-d is
      a child in Gaza


  • Israel, your brand is tanking
    • precisely Steve, privilege and power that doesn't see or understand what suffering is, have never been forced to speak or live within the framework of struggle....and then are caught unguarded by the uprisings & dissent. Same story throughout history.

    • Spot-on analysis! You got to the heart of the matter with this:

      "...their sole interest lies in the analysis, manipulation and manufacturing of the is an admission that they are aware of the moral bankruptcy of their actions"

    • "...AIPAC will never take the position that Congress should defund UNRWA" - Hophmi

      because then Israel will have to take responsibility for the people they occupy (per International Law)....but once again, someone else is paying Israel's bill.

    • Hophmi,
      I think you are missing a critical factor and that is that Israel no longer monopolizes the narrative, that privilege is long gone. There are more and more people speaking out, there is less and less inhibition to say Israel is acting criminally, and this grassroots shift has already put pressure on the media professionals who, as commercial entities, need our audience but we're pushing back on the way they frame the stories. The media knows that they can no longer parrot the hasbara. And even if here in the States the media remains more conservative with regards to Israel, people can easily turn to other sources of information, e.g. UK media, blogs, twitter, etc.

      All of this has been devastating for Israel because they never operated under conditions in which the average person spoke back. Whether we reached a point of no return I don't know. Whether or not Israel can manage to develop an effective PR strategy to salvage their image, that is to be seen. But right now, and moving into the future, it looks bleak for Israel. I think you need to be honest about these developments and honestly factor them into your analysis, not try to rationalize them into remission. It won't be as easy to play the anti-semitic card, it won't be as easy to intimidate those who challenge Israel. This is the new reality. I just hope that we use these positive developments for a better future, don't you?

    • Brilliantly done! The rest of us get it but the hasbara gang hasn't moved with the times, pathetically they still think that their old talking points will work. They're hasbaring themselves into a corner without an exit.

  • Librarians give New York subway riders a taste of Palestinian literature to protest Gaza assault
  • Seven congresspeople go to Israel on AIPAC's dime-- and one gets defensive about it
    • Hophmi -
      Your concern for the Syrian people is exemplary, your heart is in the right place, with the suffering and displaced population. I underestimated you!

      I am sure that you know there are approximately 500,000 Palestinian refugees in Syria who are caught in a dangerous situation and over half have fled the refugee camps there. Given your humanitarian concern, I am sure that you will want to mitigate their suffering by advocating for their return to their Palestinian villages and cities from which they were forced to flee and prohibited from returning by Israel.

      As a reminder Hoppo, you can make all the arguments you want, you can deflect til the moon howls back, at the end of the day the conflict is always about the injustice created by a colonial-settler state that stole the land and livelihoods of the Palestinians, and all the subsequent crimes and violence against Palestinians in order to sustain the dystopian dream that is zionism.

  • Tariq Abu Khdeir goes to Washington -- and finds surprising support
    • Thanks for sharing that with us. I have the feeling Just that there is a groundswell of empathy and understanding that is just going to overflow. All the images, all the first-hand accounts, it is all becoming too too much to deny that Palestinians have been suffering an unbearable injustice.

  • Evanston Public Library censors Ali Abunimah, saying issue is 'complex' and he'd need to be balanced (Updated)
    • My lord, we have so moved beyond the "balance" approach when it comes to Israel/Palestine. That was like so yesterday. We are in the digital age for heaven's sake. But let the gatekeepers indulge in this fantasy if they think that it will make a difference in obfuscating Israel's criminal record. Go for it, schedule the "balancing" act, the blatant facts that can no longer be hidden will still speak for themselves.

  • Inhuman shield: How 'The New York Times' protects US elites from Gaza's brutal reality
    • It used to be that peddling the Israeli version of events was a career-builder....seems like more and more that is no longer the case. It now makes you a laughing stock among your peers and discredits you in the eyes of many viewers, especially the younger audience .

      PS: regarding the expose Max Blumenthal did on the Rudorens, the Rudorens have now made that video private (the implications being obvious). Not only has she become a laughing stock within the media world, but this reflects really poorly on the NYT. I think the NYT will be forced to do something about it...not sure what their response will be but I don't think they will be able to ignore it. The NYT encourages their journalists to be visible on social media but Rudoren is proving to be a liability.

  • Reprint of Yochanan Gordon's "When Genocide is Permissible" (Updated)
    • some will never get it Annie. perpetual darkness of the soul and heart. I can't help but wonder at the irony that people such as Mazal can say such inhumane, surreal nonsense and yet the onus is put on the the Palestinians to prove their humanity to the world.

  • Slaughter is not self-defense: The assault on Gaza and the corruption of language
  • Video: If you voted for Hamas, Israel has a right to kill you, says president of NY Board of Rabbis
    • ah, the beauty of zionist apologists & human rights deniers, they keep twisting themselves into a pretzel at their own hands. Meanwhile, Oleg is still pondering and scratching his head how he (a master race) and bin laden share the same political philosophy. Oleg meet irony. Irony meet Oleg.

  • To my Jewish friend (you know who you are)
    • that was beautiful Linda, and your description of this abode being an "oasis of sanity" is I am sure shared by many who come here to read, learn and comment. It is comforting to know we are not alone, that there are so many who believe in justice. May your journey be inspiring to yourself and others.

  • Statement: Legal experts and human rights defenders demand international community end Israel's collective punishment of Gaza
    • Citizen, if possible please post the link, am sure many would like to show their support. thanks :-)

    • Wow Just, I'm literally smh after having read that. Thanks for posting that article. All I can say is good luck to Professor Keren in trying to stop the collective world condemnation of Israel. The letter published in The Lancet was written by highly regarded and respected doctors in their field who are witnessing humanitarian horrors and they have every right to voice their opinion, especially regarding conditions that impact their fieldwork.

      Would this Professor Keren criticise The Lancet for taking "political positions" if they published an an open letter on the humanitarian disaster conditions in Syria? 'Nuff said.

      Israel has only itself to blame for people losing their inhibition to speak out against Israeli crimes. What is laughable is that Professor Keren is still using stale and discredited talking points about the IOF being the "most moral army on earth, throughout the world". Yawn. No one is listening to or buying into Israel's myths anymore except the tools of Empire and Zionism.

    • The letter is simply incredible in its description of what a humanitarian and environmental disaster this is for Gaza, including its condemnation of Israeli actions, and should receive much more exposure. I believe the AP reported on it but don't have the link handy at the moment. Other than that I haven't seen much more reporting on it, maybe others have?

    • Page: 3
    • I also came across a letter from International Doctors speaking out against the assault in Gaza. It was published in The Lancet on July 23. It begins:

      An open letter for the people in Gaza
      Paola Manduca, Iain Chalmers, Derek Summerfield, Mads Gilbert, Swee Ang on behalf of 24 signatories:
      We are doctors and scientists, who spend our lives developing means to care and protect health and lives. We are also informed people; we teach the ethics of our professions, together with the knowledge and practice of it. We all have worked in and known the situation of Gaza for years.

      It is well worth reading and sharing as the letter addresses the desperate humanitarian situation, the crippling siege as well as denouncing the myths that Israel tells the world link to

  • ‘Lone soldiers’ and young ideologues from around the world contribute to Israeli war crimes
    • Hoppo - am curious, do Zionists ever do anything wrong? If so, can you share with us your thoughts on this.

  • Israeli embassy puts Mona Lisa in a hijab -- 'Israel now, Paris next'
    • "Granted, O’Conner is not mega-rich like the Rolling Stones or Rihanna who wouldn’t even notice any money earned from a concert in Israel, but I doubt her kids would starve if she cancelled one concert.

      agreed, especially in comparison to the privations Palestinians in Gaza are have been enduring.

  • Attacks on demonstrators in Rome
    • I have been trying to find analysis on this trend happening in France & Italy. It wasn't always this one-sided which leads me to believe that there are underlying forces causing this alliance between the state and pro-Israel organizations. If anyone has articles, analysis please share.

      PS: in one of the demonstrations in Paris a protester held up a sign that said: "Pour La Separation du Crif et de l'Etat" [Translation: "For the Separation of CRIF and the State"; with CRIF being the AIPAC equivalent in France]

      I saw it in this tweet: link to

  • Kerry is off the Israel bandwagon
    • If people choose to sympathize with the Palestinian cause they are freely choosing to act according to their conscience so who the hell is he to presume otherwise. Complete & utter sanctimonious & condescending rubbish.

    • from Barak Ravid's article:

      The ministers voted unanimously to reject the document [Kerry's ceasefire proposal]. Nevertheless, Israel decided not to issue an official announcement on the matter, so as to avoid embarrassing the U.S. secretary of state and burning the bridges at work.

      I interpret the above as both Israel and Kerry seeking cover and letting the carnage continue.

    • Donald,
      Israel's strategy was to divide the Palestinians and by saying Gazan it helps accomplish that. They are Palestinians first and foremost and given that around 70% of the Palestinians who live in Gaza are refugees it reinforces the impetus on us to use Palestinian when identifying them.

  • Destruction of Gaza's children is something 'every one of us must confront' -- Jon Snow
    • Norman "Israeli Shield" F: stop dehumanizing the Palestinian children with your discredited hasbara, they've been traumatized enough by Israel for over 60 years.

  • As in Vietnam and South Africa, Gazan masses are willing to pay high price for freedom -- Kasrils
    • Great suggestion, Just. Letting the companies know why we take our money elsewhere is important!

  • Oren's charge that networks showcase Palestinian dead at behest of Hamas is 'obscene' -- Penhaul
    • These press & social media faux-pas' are truly indicative of just how unprepared and unpolished (in another post seafoid called them undomesticated with his usual straight-to-the point clarity) many of these Israeli gov't representatives are when dealing with a non-Israeli public.

      Not that we should be complaining, these crass graphics and evident lies are helping the Palestinian cause so more power to the the Israeli spokespeople with their hasbara armies and social media promoted ads.

      The poetic justice of it all is that the very policies of occupation and regional destabilization that Israel enforces/promotes have forced many Palestinians and Arabs to immigrate westward, and in turn this new generation of educated Palestinians and Arab youth have begun to use social media to their advantage. Israel's narrative for the first time is being seriously challenged.

    • From the Jon Snow episode where Dermer got trounced and now to this latest episode at CNN where they walked away with a black eye, it is painfully obvious that the Israeli spin masters didn't calculate into their PR model any push back from the media. They thought some slick charisma and perfect English was all that was needed to keep the smoke screen going.

      It is an absolute delight to watch them unraveling. They are in panic mode right now (I can just imagine all the white papers, proposals and powerpoint presentations that are right this moment being drawn up) and scrambling about for a winning strategy but so obvious that they will in no way recover during this round. They are no match for the optics and social media.

      Speaking of social media, did anybody see this crude propaganda by the Israeli Embassy in Ireland that they tweeted out last night? Unbelievable that a diplomatic institution would actually press the send button on this, which they since deleted. Here's a screenshot -- link to

  • PLO official Hanan Ashrawi: Israel's assault on Gaza is 'state terrorism' and should be referred to the International Criminal Court
  • Which crowded cities can you fire into?
  • Israel's actions 'unjustified' in eyes of women, non-whites, Dems, indy's, and those under 50 -- Gallup
    • dbkr - see my reply to Pk and feel free to "scratch" that "itch" and comment.

    • Palikari,
      can you elaborate on your statement, because I am not understanding what conclusion you are trying to make, re: educated vs. uneducated.

      (PS: my great-grandmother was a barely literate farmer who was vociferously against Mussolini's invasion of Ethiopia and made it known to the "educated" officials at the municipality who were cheering on the war and recruiting effort. Her reasoning was that it is a sin to steal another people's land because they earn their food and living from it. Maybe she missed something by not going to school that would have changed her views?)

  • 10,000 march on Qalandia in solidarity with Gaza
    • Benedict,
      Hamas, an elected body of the Palestinian people of Gaza, is ATTEMPTING to liberate the people of Gaza from the siege that Israel imposed on them (which if you care to know is a violation of International Law). Israel, a nation founded on the principle of colonialism, land theft and ethnic cleansing, is COMMITTING war crimes against a people simply because they are the wrong religion (i.e., non-Jewish), and the majority of which are comprised of refugees from the lands which Israel stole and denies them the right to return to (another crime). Would you like me to elaborate further?

      Honestly though, how many times do we have to go round and round the stale Hasbara merry-go-round, and each and every time your position is negated with facts and simple common decency. Why don't you expend the short time we have here on earth instead on figuring out how you can come to terms with co-existing with Palestinians as equals.

  • Horrifying details continue to emerge of massacre in Khuza'a
    • All I can say after reading these blood-curdling reports from Khuza'a is no wonder Palestinians in Gaza are resolute in ending this hellish nightmare. May the uprising in the WB shake the ground under their feet until Israel surrenders. No more, no less.

  • Hamas mimics Hezbollah tactics, and no one will have stability till blockade is lifted
    • Beautiful song Seafoid. I found a translation of the Arabic lyrics....

      Ahmed Qabour - I'm Calling You

      I'm calling you
      I kiss the ground beneath your feet
      And say, "I will redeem you" (or "I'd die for you")

      I dedicated to you the light of my eyes
      And I give you the warmth of my heart
      And the tragedy that I live is that my fate is the same of yours

      I have not become worthless in my country
      Nor have I shrunk in fear
      I stood in the face of my oppressors
      A naked, barefoot orphan

      I've carried my blood on my hands and never half-masted my flags
      And I've preserved the green grass on the graves of my ancestors

      link to

    • Piotr, many thanks for sharing that overview.

    • excellent points Abierno, and timely. I too get the sense that Abbas is trying to outmaneuver Israel at their own game. I may be wrong but I get the sense that Fatah is aligning itself with the Palestinian civil society/grassroots. In which case it will be more difficult for Israel to bomb its way out of that situation if the Palestinians are united and once again engage in massive protests, etc.

      The Hamas bogeyman was convenient for Israel because it exploited the anti-Islamic sentiments of the West (particularly post 9/11) and many nations went along with it in their wholesale backing of designating Hamas a terrorist organization (which is nonsense considering Israel's criminal actions in denying Palestinian Gazans their basic rights). It will be near impossible for Israel to portray Abbas as a "terrorist" and try and justify its violence against Palestinians in the West Bank.

      The question is then: when will world governments unanimously condemn Israel's actions and take concrete trade & arms embargo actions? And how long can the U.S. keep them from doing so?

  • Israeli forces shell UN school where displaced Palestinians gathered, killing at least 9
    • NormanF,
      where is Israel's concern for the almost 2 million people it keeps under lock and key isolated by land, sea and air? When you answer me that question then you will have the right to voice disapproval of Hamas' liberation tactics.

  • 'Slate' blames Birthright for indoctrinating American Jew who was killed fighting for Israel
  • Watch: 9 Jewish activists arrested after occupying Friends of the Israel Defense Forces office
    • This makes me want to cry....because it never ends.....and because there are people such as Maia who truly understand the meaning of sanctifying life and won't desecrate the pain and suffering of her loved ones :

      Maia Ettinger, one of those who went inside the FIDF office, said she participated in the action to honor the memory of her mother and grandmother, who survived the Holocaust.

      Victory will be ours but the cost of destroyed lives and families is unbearable.

  • Renouncing my Israeli citizenship
  • Netanyahu's latest 'cartoon evidence': racist image identifying Muslims with terror
    • Palikari,
      I hate to tell you this but your hasbara efforts are really very ineffective and lacking in sophistication. It isn't at all challenging for us, but more importantly it doesn't help Israel. I'm just telling you this for your own good because I'm sure your quarterly review will be coming up soon and you may risk job termination. Perhaps you can claim Hasbara Fatigue Syndrome and collect disability?

    • Ritzl,
      LOL! And so on point. Israel really is the U.S.'s trust fund baby, and a very spoiled and pampered one at that. It's a perfect description, and one which I plan on using (with your permission of course :-)

  • Finally, Israel is alienating the US mainstream media
  • NBC reverses; Mohyeldin to return to Gaza to cover 'Palestinian side of story'
    • Small correction, Selena Gomez has 21.4 million followers on Twitter. Her "Pray For Gaza" tweet received 10.9k faves. I read through some of the comments and from I could garner the verbal responses were overwhelmingly positive.

      And she hasn't retracted the tweet, unlike Rihanna, et al.

  • NBC reportedly orders Mohyeldin to leave Gaza -- after he criticized State Dep't
    • Thanks for posting that MDM. Most beautiful of all is how it exposes the house of cards Israel is built on, the hasbara doesn't work when it is openly questioned and with just one puff it comes crashing down. The hasbarists are so used to being coddled and given soft questions by the MSM that they fall apart when presented with the truth. Bravo Jon Snow!

  • Gaza under attack again
    • Can you imagine being a parent in Gaza trying to keep your children emotionally and physically healthy in this situation? Trying to shield them from injury and assuage their fear, struggling to ensure that you can nourish them and find them clean water to drink? I just read that Israel bombed water pipelines and over 350,000 Palestinians in Gaza are now affected. Dear good lord, the stress, fear, anguish and grief these innocent people are being subjected to is inhumane. Such bitter days.

  • Terror in Gaza: 57 seconds after 'warning,' Israel destroys a house
    • Precisely, Palestinians in Gaza have nowhere to seek safety or evacuate to. Gaza is a deathtrap thanks to Israel. I saw a report earlier (on twitter I believe) with photos of bombed out boats along the Gazan coast. There is no place on earth where these depraved monsters can confess their sins, and when Dante created his circles of hell he never envisaged the crimes against Gaza. Such bitter days, and to think that this is happening during Ramadan.
      My mood is so bleak and I can't help my words reflecting this.

  • Protest the Israeli onslaught: Demonstrations planned worldwide against Israeli attack on Gaza
    • my1 - the question you need to be asking is "Why not call for an end to the siege of Gaza?".

      For just one day my1 imagine your life as a Palestinian in Gaza, barricaded and imprisoned within that tiny strip of land, your life under the complete control of a brutal occupier. If you behave the sadistic jailer will allow in food and other life-sustaining materials. This is what Jeff Halper means when he refers to the "warehousing of a people". Far far worse than apartheid.

    • It certainly is, and the best part is that the protests appear to be quite large. On my twitter timeline today I saw photos of the protest in London and they occupied one of the iconic London buses. It was awesome. Perhaps my memory fails me, but I don't recall protests of this magnitude for Palestine in the past.

    • Henry,
      here is a link that compiles global actions. Protests happening in many cities across the world on Saturday, July 12 are listed.

      link to

      #BDS until Palestinians achieve complete equality in their homeland.

  • Palestinians are 'trapped' in Gaza in 'lopsided conflict', Brian Williams says
  • Ben Gurion detention guard tells humanitarian worker she is being deported for 'trying to change Israel and make it free of racism'
    • Rachelle,
      I like your sass and awesome sense of justice and solidarity. Pretty hard to keep one's dignity while under interrogation at Ben Gurion but you appear to have passed with flying colors! Glad you are safe and that you didn't bow to their intimidation tactics. Israel is so upside-down, it lets in all the crazies and is scared of the sane ones. Good luck running a country for long on that philosophy.

      Rachelle's treatment ------------------> is one more reason to BDS.

  • Contradicting Israeli officials, family of Tarek Abu Khdeir says he was attacked while in uncle's Jerusalem backyard
    • Naïveté has nothing to do with it my1, you need to provide facts, without it your words and accusations are empty and make you look foolish.

      I know you don't know much about how civil society works but in a court of law the person who makes the accusation has to prove the allegation. Hence, it is not my responsibility to look for the events that you claim occurred, it is yours.

    • my1 -
      you need to back up your statements with sources.

  • How long can Israel depend on Mizrahi docile loyalty? Smadar Lavie asks in new book
    • Sylvia,
      this is a superb article and am so glad that MW published it as this topic is not very well known or understood outside of Israel.

  • Largest British union refuses to offer support for peace talks
    • I was shaking my head too Just, feeling sorry for the poor daft bugger, he hasn't a clue on the history of labor solidarity.

      I'm not sure which way the cause & effect works in this case: if the daft ones are attracted to the zio-cult or if the zio-cult shrinks the brain cells. Either which way, this dangerous zio-toxin needs to come with a medical warning.

  • Family of Tarek Abu Khdeir calls for his immediate release after brutal beating and arbitrary arrest
    • Can you imagine if a Palestinian-American went to fight on behalf of Palestine? They would be jailed upon their return and/or their citizenship revoked. Meanwhile, Jeffrey Goldberg served in the IDF as a prison guard during the first intifada, Rahm Emmanuel was a civilian volunteer assisting the IDForces during the 1991 Gulf War, and on and on.

      The hypocrisy is so blatant.

  • 'Survival and well-being of the Jewish state' is a national security interest of U.S., Indyk says
    • debakr the dynamo,
      thanks for making my point on the corruption and immorality of lobbies. What would I do with your astute observations I wonder?

      Funny though how none of the Zio-cultists are addressing my simple question: if Israel is such a strategic asset to the U.S. why then does it need the AIPAC lobby to coerce U.S. political decision makers?

      PS: the only person obsessed with Israel is you. I on the other hand am disgusted by it. If we criticize Israel it is because we care about justice for Palestinians. So simple, and yet so difficult for you to comprehend. But don't that stop you from spinning your convoluted web of lies and deceit that will in no way serve Israel in the long-run.

    • Any corporate & foreign lobbying is bribery. I don't like the NRA spreading their bribe money around either.

      But that technicality is beside the point (but it is cute that you are so concerned to the point of wanting them removed from their positions).

      Now back to the point at hand: Why does Israel need AIPAC when it is such a strategic asset to the U.S.? Answer me that one (factually and with evidence) and you will win a bon bon.

    • HabiboHoppo,
      ask yourself Mate, if Israel is such an obviously important strategic asset to the US, then what is the point of having AIPAC around spreading its money far and wide to bribe US political decision-makers to support all things Israel?


  • Video: Israeli border police brutally beat Palestinian youth (Update)
    • the rudoren is probably on a tel aviv beach wearing her zio-tinted sunglasses wondering what more she can do to ensure that the Israel-Dreamcastle facade doesn't crumble.

  • Please, pray for Palestine
    • The people you oppress, that is who. If Israel didn't want to provoke further violence, they could have kept their police & soldiers away from the funeral so that the family & community could have mourned and buried Mohammad Abu Khdeir in peace and dignity. I don't recall the PA forces being on the scene menacing the mourners at the funeral of Naftali, Gilad and Eyal, do you?

      *Categorize under --->Silly Questions

    • Fatina,
      my heart goes out to your family for your loss and suffering, and the abusive treatment, lies and pressure that Israel is using against your family. I am completely dumbstruck that a child who was savagely beaten is now arrested and not receiving the medical attention he needs.

      Please let us know if there is a specific contact we should be reaching out to at the American Embassy, it would be very helpful to have that information.

      When I read that Tareq was arrested I was

    • I cannot confirm it but I did see numerous tweets mentioning that Tareq, a cousin of Mohammad Abu Khdeir, is a US citizen visiting with his relatives. One tweet mentioned that Tareq doesn't speak Arabic. Again, nothing officially confirmed, just postings I saw on twitter.

    • I light a candle every day for Israel, and makes offerings to the Saint of Lost Causes....oh yes, and I also to BDS to hedge my prayers :-)

  • 'Forward' normalizes idea that some folks 'hate Israel'
  • The Aftermath: Home demolitions and dead Palestinian teen follow Netanyahu call for revenge
  • The world's sympathy cannot be limited to Israeli victims
    • Piotr -
      (comment button missing under your comment)

      in all fairness to Kay she was only using the same exact language that Netanyahu used in his tweets regarding the 3 Israeli teens who were found killed. Refer to tweet below that was mentioned in this mondoweiss article (link to

      So if you want to rebuke anyone, you should send Netanyahu (the Israeli leader who is inciting violence) a note via his twitter account.

      PM of Israel @IsraeliPM
      They were abducted & murdered in cold blood by human animals. On behalf of the entire Jewish People, I would like to tell the dear families-
      3:57 PM - 30 Jun 2014

    • Apparently you never learned the lesson from your Mother. That old violin is ready for you every time you start going into your unwarranted, delirious self-pity tantrum. And if you stomp your feet no dessert for you MY1.

    • Oh, my heart breaks for you MY1: "explained many times that we are also victims (and the main victims) of this cruel conflict."

    • I agree with you MY1, inconsistent English is a drop in the ocean compared with your crimes of mendacity. Keep the inconsistent English....but Drop your absurd victimization mantra and the lies you use to defend Israel's actions against a militarily oppressed and occupied people.

    • The Zionists are victims of their own brutal, racist and inhumane policies, so spare us MY1 the hypocrisy and the hand-wringing. The Zionists brought the violence with their colonialist project. Stop stealing land, stop killing/bombing Palestinians, stop demolishing homes, stop the occupation and stop the lying.

  • 'Utter solidarity with Palestine' -- Dave Zirin says at DC soccer talk
    • To be a mensch one has to have a heart, and Dave Zirin has that in abundance. Every time I encounter individuals such as Dave, with such an elevated, inherent sense of justice, and the ability to articulate it, I feel inspired anew!

      SUSIE - thanks so much for writing about Dave's book and of his bridging the issues for all of us.....tremendously right on and informative!

  • Media postings twist 3-fingered sign of support for Mohammed Assaf into celebration of reported teen kidnapping (Updated)
  • Israeli army enacts curfew near Nablus and raids eight major West Bank cities
    • A precarious situation all around. The sun eventually set on the British Empire.

    • And that in a nutshell Accentitude is the issue with the Oslo agreement and the elite Palestinian class it created. All form and no substance.

    • What I don't understand about this incident is why Israel is putting the blame on Palestinians for the boys' kidnapping, couldn't it just as well be that the boys were abducted by another settler?
      At this point no one knows what has happened, only those who carried out this act (and no one puts it beyond Israel to have fabricated it or to exploit the incident).

  • Mainstream piece lays settler teen abduction at feet of 'illegal' and 'indefensible' occupation
    • a kidnapping is now a "crime against humanity".....makes ethnic cleansing and the holocaust pale in comparison. #Perspective

  • Human rights activists are 'out front' of others and 'thank goodness they are' --Hillary Clinton
    • Seafoid,
      thanks for all the lol's! On a sweltering summer day those lol's, along with some fine breezes, work magic.

      PS: don't forget to send those vouchers!

  • Kidnapped
    • Reading the comments made by those that defend the Zionist state's actions reminds me of the poem by Mahmoud Darwish, "On Man":

      They gagged his mouth,
      Bound his hands to the rock of the dead
      And said: Murderer!
      They took his food, clothes and banners,
      Cast him into the condemned cell
      And said: Thief!
      They drove him away from every port,
      Took his young sweetheart,
      Then said: Refugee!

      O you with bloodshot eyes and bloody hands,
      Night is short-lived,
      The detention room lasts not for ever,
      Nor yet the links of chains.
      Nero died, Rome did not:
      With her very eyes she fights.
      And seeds from a withered ear
      With wheat shall fill the valley.

      The poem was set to music by Palestinian composer Said Murad and performed by Sabreen: link to

  • PA condemns Israeli 'collective punishment' following disappearance of Israeli teens
    • You are all terror supporters and support killing of civilians and innocent peoples!!!

      How can we be "terror supporters" when we oppose Israel's terrorist actions?

      Logic, Mahane, is not your strong suit.

  • Fire Thomas Friedman
  • The world was right about Iraq-- though Israel got its 'Clean Break'
    • excellent points Kris, hopefully Palikari and his gang read this and begin to understand, rather than write inane words justifying war crimes.

    • Palikari,
      the things you don't know about Iraq are so immense that I don't even know where to begin. Why don't you read up on it's history and its peoples, their social policies and accomplishments, an oil-economy that invested in the country's infrastructure and in it's people.

      I will never defend Saddam Hussein, nor the violence and terror he wrought against some of the Iraqi people but to my dying breath I will oppose the atrocities that the US coalition brought to the Iraqi people, from the sanctions that created so much misery and poverty and the 1991 Gulf War bombing campaign that brought such levels of destruction that a U.N. official who visited immediately after the bombings ended reported that the massive bombing campaign of that war destroyed the country with:

      "near apocalyptic results upon the economic mechanized society," wrote Martti Ahtisaari, U.N. Under-Secretary-General after visiting Iraq some weeks later. "Iraq has, for some time to come, been relegated to a pre-industrial age, but with all the disabliities of post-industrial dependency."
      (link to

      I know it is hard for you to believe (given your ignorance and racism), but Iraq had built and was continuing to build a modern infrastructure before 1990, thanks to oil revenue. Hence the U.S. bombing coalition targeting their modern infrastructure such as electrical grid stations, water purification systems, etc., which were all pulverized.

      Saddam's dictatorship and the violence and terror he meted should be denounced but have no doubt that it pales in comparison to what the US-led coalition did to the sovereign Iraqi nation and its people. The Iraqi people have experienced nothing but misery and fear and death over more than two decades, 99% of it caused by the U.S. and others who stood to benefit from Iraq's suffering and disintegration. For you to even try to justify it makes you an ignorant, loathsome individual without a shred of compassion. Had anyone done this to Israel I would be weeping and protesting for no people walking on this earth should ever suffer what the Iraqis have.

      Now you need to make a printout of the '91 UN report (link to and bring it with you as you go back to your cave and re-start your human journey.

  • Pardon our interruption
    • I second Elizabeth's suggestion! Please do consider teaming up with women's tatriz cooperatives (only those that give most, if not all, of the profits directly to the women artisans though) and selling their beautiful products. I would definitely buy knowing that I would be supporting two excellent causes (Mondoweiss and these crafts women :-)

      Mondoweiss can give these women great exposure, and we all know how financially precarious their lives are and what a great service we would be doing them.

      Readers: Any tatriz cooperatives that you would recommend?

      PS: Elizabeth, thanks so much for sharing the video, so very beautiful. Makes me miss Palestine.

    • Keffiyehs....with a mondoweiss logo? (on second thought, perhaps a tad tacky :-)

      Love the 'toons t-shirt idea, that's a winner!

  • Anti-Cantor coalition included Tea Partiers, Independents, Democrats
    • PS: The way you depict and view the political world Gazacalling is based on binaries that have no relation to reality. Just because someone is a democrat doesn't mean they are anti-imperialist, doesn't mean they won't support/execute the bombing of Libya. No one is defending Obama's record in the Middle East; yes, we had hope, but at the end of the day Obama's lofty words didn't align with his actions. Just look at the love affair between the coup regime in Egypt w/ our political leaders of all stripes. And we all know how the "free-market" corporations and their gov't-sponsored cheerleaders love plundering for profit. They always use some moralizing excuse, yesterday it was to civilize the savages, today's moral is to lay the foundation for democracy (via war and tanks) and to liberate the oppressed women (did anyone ever ask those women what they wanted/needed?). Nothing new under the sun, hence the prefix "neo"....Neo-liberalists and Neo-imperialists and they come in both blue and red flavor. Successful alliances aren't made based on labels but on values. If those republicans and democrats want to join us they are welcomed to, there is no membership fee.

    • Gazacalling....I don't exactly remember the Republican base being allies with the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa, do you?

  • Palestinians 'under occupation... denied dignity and self-determination' -- Clinton
  • Chris Matthews and David Corn defend Israel against 'slander' of apartheid
    • seafoid,

      I love how the zio-fascists think their pronouncement is a threat to the U.S.

      Israel is not an asset, and without the U.S. as its backer is but a bit player - and if Israel feels the need to form new alliances who is to say that the CIA and their paid mercenaries in the region won't be used to destabilize the Israeli regime.....after all, we've destabilized/control most of the nations in the region anyway, what is one more. All threats without conviction....the geo-political soap opera continues....

  • 'Washington Post' reports that funders have excommunicated Jews who don't believe in Zionism
    • When has censorship ever succeeded in the long-term over artistic expressions? True artists are the mythic heroes who overcome our inner fears and pave new roads for the rest of us.

      The censorship may work for awhile, but honestly it is not a viable strategy. I get the money aspect, and it is an important determinant, but at the end of the day, once the shift has occurred in terms of how people identify and what they value, the institution that is doing the censoring is a dying institution, it is no longer representative. The zeitgeist is everything and once that is lost so is it's connection to the people and communities they serve. Of course these institutions will still exist and hobble along, but only as shadow of their former selves. This is common sense, but because the shift is gradual (like climate change), they think they can buck the trend and continue to shape it. Adaption is key to survival.

  • Welcome to Bethlehem, Pope Francis -- now shut down the checkpoint for 3 days
    • I was just online searching for the Pope's Jordan/Palestine/Israel itinerary and came across a Daily Beast article which included this quote which I particularly liked :-) So far so good. But still falls short of fully coming out on record against Apartheid.

      "The Israeli National News quoted the pope’s friend and Argentinian parliamentarian Rabbi Sergio Bergman as claiming “the pope intends to define himself as the ‘Che Guevera of the Palestinians’ and support their ‘struggle and rights.’”

      The article also mentioned that the Pope will be traveling with two trusted friends from Argentina, one a rabbi, the other a Muslim scholar.
      link to

  • European Union ruling: Ban poultry imports from settlements
  • 'Ebony' article explores 'Why Black People Must Stand With Palestine'
    • This is what it is all about, solidarity between communities that face the same structural injustices. Bravo to Kristian Davis Bailey for helping to bridge the divide.

      Last year, Michelle Alexander wrote an amazing article also highlighting this same theme: Breaking My Silence - For years I have written about mass incarceration, while staying mute about drones and other injustices. It is time to connect the dots.
      For those interested, here is the link: link to

      Let's keep on connecting the dots and building bridges of solidarity!

  • Israelis and Americans are ho-hum about Palestinian children's deaths
    • The death of any person, especially an innocent child, is heartbreaking, regardless of creed or race. But the difference Jon S is that we don't question their deaths or make up farcical stories to try and trivialize their tragic deaths further. Apart from that, what is your point then?

    • Behold Emperor Bloomberg's values:

      STOP & FRISK: Since Bloomberg's term began, the number of people stopped and interrogated by the New York Police Department rose 600 percent. In 2011, the NYPD stopped people 685,724 times. About 87 percent of these people were black or Latino, and fewer than 10 percent of these stops resulted in arrests.

      The Bloomberg administration argued that "stop and frisk" made the city safer (statistics don't prove this claim). The mayor went so far as to say the number of minorities stopped was not a disproportionate percentage of those committing or experiencing crime. Bloomberg actually said: "In that case I think we disproportionately stop whites too much and minorities too little."
      link to

      SECRET SURVEILLANCE UNIT monitoring Mosques, Muslim-owned businesses and Muslim Student Groups: Bloomberg claimed that the NYPD didn't focus on religion and only follows threats or leads: "Everything the NYPD has done is legal, it is appropriate, it is constitutional." The surveillance program was disbanded on April 15, 2014 after a meeting that was held with several Muslim advocates on April 8, 2014. It was also revealed that the surveillance program failed to generate even a single lead. link to

      SQUELCHING POLITICAL DISSENT at the 2004 Republican Convention: more than 1,800 people had been arrested during protests of the RNC Convention, and placed in toxic holding cells that came to be known as Guantanamo on the Hudson."
      Under Mayor Bloomberg's supervision, in one of the most progressive major cities in the world, the NYPD's 1,800 arrests around the 2004 RNC protests amounted to the largest use of preventive detention of political protesters in more than 230 years on U.S. history. Many of those arrested were caught in large orange nets that police indiscriminately tossed over sidewalk "holding pens" for protesters. After the 1,800 protesters were handcuffed and bussed to an abandoned, filthy city-owned pier on the West Side highway, they were denied phone calls, medications and food. Many were held in this condition for more than 24 hours, despite court orders to release them. This heavy-handed, illegal crackdown on peaceful protest insured that they would not return to exercise their First Amendment rights and protest the RNC, and would not embarrass Mayor Bloomberg, and his vision of a Republican-welcoming city.

      GOOD BLOOMBERG: Under his watch the city's waterfronts were turned into parks and smoking in public places was banned.

  • CNN airs evidence Israelis used live bullets on Palestinian protesters
    • You know what Mayhem, I think WE all have it wrong. I think the journalists staged this all and those Palestinian kids were accessories to this fabrication. The journalists got a good reporting scoop and the Palestinian kids* earned some extra cash. Those pesky journalists masterminded it all (with CNN's collaboration, after all CNN's ratings have been dismal) and now poor Israel gets dragged through the mud and is made to look bad. Boo-hoo, Israel always ends up the victim.

      * My heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Nadim Nawara (17) and Mohammad Salameh (16), may their souls be at peace, far from occupation and oppression. To the highest heavens.

  • U.S. is 'closely following' Israel's killing of 2 youths at demo, seeks 'transparent' investigation
    • Shuki is in desperado mode flinging anything out there, his/her insinuation doesn't even make sense and anybody (besides zio-heads) reading it will give it a cursory look and think: "Huh????"

      Thanks Shuki, keep posting your nonsense, it gives Palestinians more credibility (not that they need it but your contributions are all the same appreciated).

  • 10,000 University of South Florida students call for divestment from occupation-linked firms
    • Jon,
      have you ever thought that we are just so sick and tired of how Israel mistreats human beings (you know, the Palestinians who are horribly treated for being the wrong religion)? Have you????? Instead of resorting to the tired anti-semitic canard, for once in your life look at this from another perspective, step outside your narrow confines and see what we see. I know, it must be a revelation for you to think it is not about hatred of the Jews, it is about the Palestinians and defending their land and human rights. Get it now? It's not that complicated.

  • Palestinian journalists accused of incitement against their Israeli colleagues
    • What we need to acknowledge is the environment in which Palestinians live where there are internal collaborators and undercover Shin Bet (shabak) operations/operators. This is not some spy novel fantasy, this is the real, hard-core, lethal environment that Palestinian protesters inhabit. It is not like me or you going off to City Hall to demonstrate. This is a whole different ballgame with devastating consequences.

      Bottomline, if Issacharoff is reporting in a professional capacity in this environment and he doesn't understand these dynamics then he is either A) a very naive, ill-prepared journalist who is putting himself and others in danger or B) an informant.

      We need to understand this from the Palestinians' perspective, this is their daily reality. The true reporters understand this, those who are on an ideological mission (knock, knock, Rudoren) don't care.

  • 'Today at 0800, Israeli bulldozers came to the fertile valley where we planted fruit trees--'
    • Environmental Crimes, plain and simple. Am assuming that this is so an illegal settlement can be expanded onto stolen land that is militarily confiscated. Where are all the Liberal Zionists who bemoan the fact that the Palestinians are not "developing", are so "backward"? Why aren't they pointing their righteous fingers at their beloved Israel asking it why they destroy people's livelihoods?

      MW did a report back in March about an Italian citizen who was planning on spending a month at the Tent of Nations as a volunteer, but upon arrival at Ben Gurion was barred from entering (link to Anything Israel can do to keep Palestinians downtrodden and closed off. It is heartbreaking to see, I can only imagine how the people who planted and cared for this orchard must be feeling. All the fruits of their labor are vulnerable to the IDF's aggression, whether it be their beloved children or their nurtured trees.

  • New video shows Palestinian youths killed by Israeli army on Nakba Day posed no threat to soldiers
    • Thanks for the quote Mayhem, I'm using it now in a separate venue to illustrate how duplicitous and untrustworthy the Israeli Govt is. I dare say, despite your name you do prove to be most useful at times. Cheerio.

      PS: in your reference to the child Muhammed al-Dura, are you implying that once again the Israeli Government is covering up murder by its own occupying forces? Just need it for the record.

  • Report: Germany cancels military subsidy deal with Israel following breakdown of peace negotiations
    • Merkel ….. reiterated that Germany adhered to the EU position on settlements, which under guidelines published in July prohibits financial dealings with settlement-based entities.

      Israel itself is a settlement-based entity in the sense that the Israeli government is the central planner and coordinator of the settlement building in the OP, and without the IDF they would not be able to steal the land that settlements are built on from Palestinian families/communities/villages; ergo, Israel itself should be boycotted until they abide by international laws.

  • This just in: Glenn Greenwald was never bar mitzvahed
    • Can anyone provide a summary of what Yonah is attempting to say? I can't figure it out, lots of words and rambling thoughts that don't appear to be coherent. Do I detect evidence of an existential crisis perhaps, identity-crisis-breakdown? If yes, Yonah has my sympathy, must be brutal to have your world slowly erode away because it was built on the oppression and suffering of another people.

      Meanwhile the Palestinians in Gaza, behind Israel's electrified fence, whilst under siege from their Israeli occupiers, are praying that Yonah and his tribal kin figure out their crisis because they would like to get on with their lives and no longer be imprisoned.

      Perhaps Yonah should call: 1-800-Identity-Crisis

  • Denial of Palestinian self-determination in the 40s haunts U.S. policy to this day
    • Zach,
      in what way would Jewish Israelis lose their self-determination? You need to be specific and give examples otherwise your rhetorical question is baseless and will not be taken seriously.

  • Israel lobbyist Ronald Lauder denounces movie star Danny Glover for boycott call
    • unverified__f91d36j8 says: Nothing brave about being anti-Israel. Israel is the safest country to hate on.

      Desmond Tutu, who isn't even anti-Israeli but anti-apartheid was treated to "Black Nazi Pig" graffitti on one of his visits to Israel and Yad Vashem. He wasn't even hating on Israel, but preaching love & forgiveness and still the Zio-Cult extremists interpreted that as hatred. So I doubt Tutu would agree with your assessment about Israel being a safe country when even preaching "love & forgiveness" is perceived as criminal.

  • Obama outmaneuvers Netanyahu, at last
  • When a wedding party is a form of resistance
    • Donna,
      these reports are amazing! It really creates an invaluable human connection for those of us who are not in Palestine. And most importantly illuminating the everyday acts of resistance that take place in the Occupied Territories that we otherwise would not be aware of.

  • Who will be the last neoconservative?
    • Yonah,
      Where was/is your concern for the neo-conservative's barbarian invasion of Iraq (aka, the Cradle of Civilization) and it's destruction?

      Marhaba Ya Iraq:

  • Defending Apartheid – From 1968 to the present
  • Two-state solution is 'psychological solution' allowing people to take themselves off the moral hook -- Telhami
  • A Jew who visited Palestine responds to 'NYT' assertion that Palestinians want to kill all Jews
  • Long ago, Bill Buckley and Woody Allen agreed on occupation
    • Ha ha, Buckley. Bad childhood memories, horrifying man. I first saw Buckley on tv as a kid, right around the time when I first came to live here from Italy (early 80's). His whole demeanor and arrogance and speech pattern made me shudder. I hated being here at first, and hearing that man speak confirmed for me all of my (unwarranted + self-manufactured) prejudices about the States. I've since evolved (as we all must and should) but Buckley is still such a potent symbol of the WASP culture that I encountered when I first came here (not that Italy doesn't have it's own Italian version). Just glad that I can now laugh about it :-) Thank you Bill Buckley for making me a more tolerant person.

      PS: I had seen that clip before, and it is very funny. It doesn't hurt that Buckley was so wrong vis-a-vis Israel; but then again, when was he ever right?

  • 'NYT' abided by Israeli gag order even as 'EI' scooped it repeatedly
    • Am I sponsoring slave work if I do order there?

      I stopped buying from amazon after I became aware of how badly the warehouse workers are treated. If you're interested, the article below does a pretty good job of exposing the labor conditions in their warehouses.

      link to

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