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Alfred Gluecksmann

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  • Leading journalists call 2nd Amendment an anachronism -- but spare Zionism
    • Another excellent article exposing hypocrisy and double standards.

      Incidentally, one often overlooked source of information about how the ethnocratic “state” of Israel came into being is a book by the London based Thomas Suárez which is titled “ State of Terror : How Terrorism Created Modern Israel “.

      This book documents the violent and lethal punishments meted out on Palestinian Torah universalist values abiding Palestinian Jews for refusing to go along with the Zionist mandated nationalization of the Jewish religion and ordered them to join the Irgun, Haganah, and Stern Gang terrorists for the colonization of Palestine and hence - as early as in 1941 - these noble Jews were targeted for punishment by assassinations and or bombing of their residences.

  • UN takes first concrete step to hold Israel accountable for violating Palestinian human rights
    • Bravo ! At long last a major move forward to begin to redress the decades long torturous suffering being meted out on the predominantly innocent, unarmed Palestinians by the dishonest, corrupt, hegemonist, supremacist Zionist misleaders of Israel.

      UN Secretary General António Guterres must be lauded for this initiative to end once for all the notion that some mythical so-called “exceptionalist” invention renders it immune to the Kafkaesque torture and international law violations it has been meting out on the autochthonous Palestinians of Palestine.

  • Meet Reem Anbar, Gaza's first music therapist

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