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  • Amira Hass predicts Israel's 'colonial project' will eventually fail--but at what cost?
    • "...The Palestinians can win. The only question is how long it will take."

      Much sooner than most imagine.

  • Obama doesn't talk to Jimmy Carter -- because of Israel
    • "...Or maybe he’s a coward...."

      All American politicians occupy the second rank of the 'greatest cowards in the universe,' just barely beating out capitalist for the top slot. The last people in all of creation who will turn against the Zionists will be those weird, little creatures who inhabit the environs of the Potomac.

  • Florida Jewish leader quits a Hillel board to protest bar on free speech
  • Obama warns Israel about delegitimization, and Oren suggests annexation
    • Not to worry Woody, the teeth may be long in coming, but as sure as the sun also rises so will the teeth.

  • Arab-American scholars back ASA boycott as legal threats start pouring in
    • abu afak, you need to wake up, and fast. Its finally, but ever so slowly sinking into some Israeli heads (possessors of the densest brain matter in the universe) that the game is more or less up, that its only a matter of time between having some version of a Jewish home in Palestine or nothing. Of course, fanatics of all persuasions can deny and rail against the facts, but as John Adams observed: 'facts are stubborn things.'

      The tragedy of 9/11 and the supreme stupidity of 19 Mar 2003 is as much an Israeli FUBAR as an American screw-up, and its been a worsening geo-political climate for both ever since. If it should prove there are no Mandela's or de Klerk's in Israel and Palestine, if Israeli intransigence and racism in the end prove as insanely stubborn as had white Rhodesians, than Israelis have no right to expect any outcome other than a Zimbabwean result, or maybe worse.

  • What if Obama wanted to transfer Miami to Cuba so as to lower percentage of Jews in U.S.?
    • Whether out of desperation regarding the path of negotiations or a desire to provoke, whatever Liberman's motive his grand scheme has sunk like a stone. Even his number 2 in Yisrael Beytenu, Yair Shamir, has protested against striping Israeli Arabs of their citizenship. In any case Liberman's fantasy was pronounced DOA by Abbas, before it even had its chance to sink like a stone, which is still racing to the bottom.

  • Kerry's diplomatic doublespeak: The peace process is a puzzle steeped in history where core issues fit together like a mosaic
    • I agree with everything you said, excepting that when "it falls apart" (and it will) it will be just as interesting as had Kerry's diplomatic mission succeeded. I believe this current effort is different from past attempts because it appears Israelis and Palestinians are viscerally and openly opposed to the SoS's proposals, whatever they are, notwithstanding the leaks and acrimony from both sides. There's no question about it, neither side likes what they are hearing.

      As for Kerry, his artful dissembling in managing to say everything, but admit to nothing short of lying is why this guy was a Senator for 28 years! Considering how he publicly frames these secret negotiations, presenting himself as the only happy and cheerful face in the crowd while everyone else is anything but cheerful, I doubt that failure to accomplish anything will adversely stick to this guy.

  • 'This is a conflict felt around the world,' Kerry says on his tenth trip
    • Classic Zionist befuddlement that is totally oblivious to the ruin they are ardently marching towards due to a mix of ideological and theological blinkers. Contrary to what this Zionist believes BDS is a very big deal, far bigger and potentially far more destructive than the sanctions regime against Iran.

      An excerpt from a Harretz analysis by Barak Ravid:
      Swell of boycotts driving Israel into international isolation

      “The marking of produce from the [Palestinian] territories is on hold at this stage," the European diplomat said to his Israeli interlocutor. “However, should the negotiations with the Palestinians run aground you should expect a deluge of sanctions.” The Israeli official was taken aback by the sharp words. “Aren’t the circumstances of a breakdown in negotiations relevant,” he asked. The European replied laconically, “the way things look now, you will be the losers in the blame game.”

      Israel has lost the global community, and if they continue to play their hands badly with their only and last defender, they'll lose the US of A too.

  • 'Throwing gasoline on bystanders' -- school presidents' condemnations of boycott ignore Palestinian rights
    • If what Mr. Edwards says is true, than this statement by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations is a weak reed to lean on for sure.

  • Questioning Obama's nerve, Oren imagines 'massive' bombing campaign to 'flatten all of Iran'
    • The decisive moment comes about when or if the whores in the Senate actually pass the "Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act." Obama has no alternative but to veto the legislation or see several years of secret multilateralism, hard headed diplomacy and the collapse of the sanctions regime swirl down the sewer pipe due to international angst over US faithlessness and hypocrisy.

      I'll bet the majority of Senators know the score, that Israel and its lobbyists are buying & selling ropes to each other that they will hang themselves with. I'll also bet the majority of those voting for the legislation will be on their knees praying to their gods for Obama to do as he has claimed, veto an ill advised statute and save them from an agitated public their cowardice and corruption will have aroused.

      I can hardly wait, straining at the leash and biting at the bit for this stooge hall show to begin.

  • Hagel hearing set for next Thursday as Jewish Dems line up in support
    • Hagel's giving cover to Lautenberg, Levin, Feinstein, Boxer, Shumer and other Democrats, who are scrambling for excuses and need to assuage the fears of constituencies in their districts and big money Zionist campaign contributors.

      Everyone with half a brain knows exactly where Hagel stands from his past views and opinions. In fact, what he says now to secure the SoS job means absolutely nothing and everyone knows that too. Zionists especially, because they know Democrats & Republicans supporting Hagel are blowing smoke up their asses.

    • >>>This is insanity.<<<

      Not at all. Republican governance is working in Washington D.C. exactly as the founding generation founded and structured it.

    • >>>Any basis for this?<<<


  • Obama Goldberg's liberal Zionist lament
    • Israeli fanaticism of a Greater Israel is hurtling towards an 'uber alles' Palestine, which in the wholeness of time is the default 'one state solution' should Israelis remain suicidally intransigent.

      Its presumed by some Jewish/Americans that the US should force Israel to compromise. Under Obama the US tried and learned it will never attempt such a 'fools errand' again. If Israel as a Jewish state is to survive it must on its own accord fully embrace the 2 state end game.

      If not, than Jews will again find themselves concluding the seder with "Next Year in Jerusalem."

  • Hagel prostrates himself before the lobby, gets votes
    • Hagel's schmoozing is absolutely necessary to provide cover for the greatest cowards (congressmen) in the universe to confirm his nomination. Those who think nominees should say it like it is, or heaven's forbid flim flam the world's greatest flim flam artists will never see the change they ardently hope for.

      Nothing is more deadly in politics than the unvarnished truth. A popular Russian saying regarding the former USSR's organ's of disinformation is stunningly apt regarding US governance in real time:

      "v Pravde net izvestiy, v Izvestiyakh net pravdy."
      In the Truth there is no news, and in the News there is no truth.

      Platitudes change nothing. There will be no war and Zionists are doubly right to be troubled with Obama's appointments to State, Pentagon and the CIA.

  • Israel calls its own bluff on the Palestinian Authority's UN bid
    • I'm not at all surprised at Israeli fecklessness and weakness. Abbas should have struck last year instead of caving to senseless fear & empty threats, wasting another year to no purpose. For Palestinians sake maybe Abbas has learned to grow a pair in this affair.

  • How Israelis imagine their future
  • Ross and Dershowitz close rank behind Obama and reassure, there's no daylight
    • Its starting to sink into the immense densities between the ears of some Zionist insane asylum escapees, that they've blundered badly in their political opposition and tactics of humiliation waged against Obama.

      Its also very interesting that the worst of them who have betrayed, denounced and vilified the president the most, are limbering up their lips and greasing up their bottoms with K-Y jelly in an attempt to ameliorate unwise deeds and loose mouths.

      As I knew in 2010 that the maniacal Republican party could not defeat Obama on 6 November next, I'm also certain Obama's not going to be fooled by Zionists sucking up to him. He will of course continue flim flaming on the US/Israeli relationship, which fools Zionists and grieves mightily anti Zionists.

      This renegade RINO's estimation for Obama has soared over the course of these past 4 years, not plummeted.

    • Yeah. The interviewer tried nailing him with Zionist propaganda accusing him of advising Obama to shoot down Israeli aircraft should they dare to attack Iran unilaterally.

      He excoriated her mercilessly for her sloppy work and for perpetuating bald faced lies, setting the record straight, that it was his concern for America's soldiers, sailors and airmen who would get caught in the crossfire.

      That's exactly what happened to the USS Liberty, attacked deliberately and willfully by perfidious Israelis. Brzezinski of course didn't go that far in his original statement and his blistering correction of the interviewer, but its interesting to watch him navigate the line he's chiseled in concrete between himself and Zionists & their mouth organs, which is why they hate him so viscerally.

  • Netanyahu's warmongering spells high noon for the Israel lobby
    • Klein:

      "...“We went into this knowing this was probably going to happen.”

      I wonder if that statement is enough to charge and prove a 'criminal intent' to commit violence?

  • Netanyahu goes after Obama: 'Those in the international community who refuse to put red lines before Iran don't have a moral right to place a red light before Israel'
    • I'll second that with a further caveat. They're the ones scared half to death, because they know full well what's coming their way if they fail in beating Obama 6 November next. Nonetheless, none of their desperate antics will work.

      The American people have steadily been moving from the center/right to the center/left, and the motivator in that development is owned solely and totally by the Republican party and its far right wusses. I warned my fellow Republicans and legislators that they have got 2010 all wrong, that they are riding our party hard to ruin and the dreaded "wilderness" of political irrelevance.

      I'm done trying to talk sense to fools.

    • He probably already has, more pointedly than most people suspect.

    • They can't climb down? Oh yeah they will. That's why they are making fools out of themselves with these silly demonstrations. The only people they're fooling is themselves.

    • No, your not getting it right. Obama's flim-flaming Bibi and is why he showboated in front of Roger's, who by the way was probably not "astonished" at all and a full partner in this 'stooge hall show,' just so he could come home and complain how bad and nasty Obama is to Israel.

      The vermin can't move Obama and are now reduced to unstatesman like outbursts that actually hurts them more than it does Obama. And as for right wing enthusiasm, its going to take more than a wuss like Netanyahu to help out in that department. Its likely also a gambit for more money from high rolling Jewish donors, since what they have spent and got on hand isn't enough.

  • Two more signs that US consensus on the issue is starting to crumble
    • >>>I once wrote that young Jews were going to respond in fury to the bill of goods they were sold in Israel, and I wonder if Rothman is not evidence for that belief.<<<

      This just isn't a counter reaction among Jewish/Americans regarding Zionism, but its also a debate within the US 'establishment' over the US special relationship with Israel that's beginning to be discussed in broad daylight, the ultimate horror of the Zionists.

      Before the Iraq war even began, the deceased General Odom declared such a stupidity in the footing a 'strategic disaster' in the making, which in execution was not only unparallelled in US history, but will probably take decades for the US to recover from.

      Not long after 19 March 2003, considering the complicity of Israel and its front groups in promoting the Iraq war, I believed the same could be said for Israel. As this story played and continues to play a host of unintended consequences, it will all end far more badly for Israel than it will for the US.

  • 'Wired' comment board is consumed by Israel/Palestine argument
    • Hayes and his panel discussion regarding 'memorial day' and 'hero's' is quite interesting. Undeniably he and his guests had breached some non-permissible limits, which he was forced to apologize for. But the media event should be viewed as a troubling exercise by the uninitiated within the greater, national community, trying to grasp what to them is the unimaginable.

      Combat veterans do not have the same perceptions as the other 99%, whether such are draftees, enlistees or gung-ho, 1049'n crazies who have yet to sober up. In their own conversations its embarrassing for them to describe themselves as hero's, regardless of the decorations earned.

      There is far more significance for a troop to be called a "soldier" by another soldier, a rare distinction that merits and means more than the highest decoration or rating among all the ranks. This is unfathomable to the 99% who know not what it means to being the 'spear point' of a nations armed forces.

      Raimondo has useful things to say, but on this issue he is as dead wrong as he can ever be.

    • American, its no revelation that the US of A has staged coups and meddled in the affairs of other nations, especially to visitors to this site. And if Truman actually said: “We don’t overthrow governments; the United States has never done this before, and we’re not going to start now.” He lied. Brazenly.

    • I'm sorry Pabelmont, the US has never been a democracy and the media here and everywhere else is about entertainment, not news. Quite frankly, the US media are very much in touch with the "American Street." I dislike that fact as much as you.

      "In the Truth there is no news, and in the News there is no truth"

      Democracies are not republics like the US or parliamentarian societies like Britain. Such a government does not have legislatures, executives or most especially judges local or supreme. There is only the 'people in assembly' in various venues that are sovereign, who rule directly and not by delegates or surrogates.

      So called democracies are governing systems based exclusively on 'consent' by the governed, ruled or "slaves." This is accomplished by voting (which a democracy does not make) by peoples nearly everywhere by electing masters, lords or gods to governmental positions of power, who decide the fate of the governed or ruled for 2, 4, or 6 years, or in perpetua and removed by other means.

    • Seafoid, I share your perspective, but MSM news programs are not 'debate's in any sense of the term. Talking heads or media darlings on these infotainment channels may speak or participate in brief panel discussions void of content, lacking depth and scope, but such are scripted and censored affairs.

      What is important is that I/P issues are at least being addressed, however minimally and cautiously, when previously they were never mentioned or aired on the MSM. On alternative media the story is different. Zionists have lost their immunity in that fora and in time will suffer the same fate across the spectrum of media.

  • Peter Beinart's cognitive dissonance on 'threats to Israel's demographics'
    • Beinart's argument for 2 states is moot, meaning irrelevant and no longer practical due to the Israeli colonization of the W/B. Nor do I believe a 2nd term Obama is committed to 2 states as he was in his first term. My hunch is that this president will surreptitiously begin moving US policy towards a 1 state, anti apartheid, democratic outcome. After all, the fools in Jerusalem have been plotting and begging for for a 1 state, greater Israel for years. Why not give it them?

  • AIPAC's Iran resolution (What if Congress had told JFK he couldn't 'rely on containment' with Soviets?)
    • I agree 100% that Netanyahu and the Israel Lobby are getting all their "ducks in a row" and gearing up for a big fight. I just don't accept the common belief that the beating of Likudnik & neocon war drums, or nonbinding congressional resolutions will result in war with Iran as many fear.

      Nor do I buy into the argument Israel will attack Iran before the US election. No one knows exactly how the Iranians or Obama for that matter, would respond to an Israeli provocation that several nanoseconds after the event would face instantaneous global outrage & condemnation. Even Shrub 43 put the screws to Israel bombing Iran, a bridge too far even for him.

      Capital hill maneuvers by the Israel Lobby are warnings and shots across Obama's bows, that if he don't acquiesce, kneel and toe the Zionist line they'll destroy him. But corralling the second place 'Greatest Cowards in the Universe' (capitalists are the first) by threats and money is no great achievement, as this is a state of affairs that happens daily by enumerable lobbies and constituencies on capitol hill. I perceive these political posturings by the lobby as signs of weakness, not strength, impelled by blind visceral hatred and paralytic terror of a 2nd Obama term.

      The best Netanyahu and his gang of traitors can do is whine, screech and snivel loud enough in the hopes of sabotaging the negotiations between the p5+1 group and Iran. The fact that the US and the Europeans are willing to accept the NPT as the framework for negotiations was shocking enough, but should a deal ultimately result on that understanding would be disastrous for Israeli hegemony in the region, to say nothing about the actual state of the US/Israeli special relationship.

    • Christian Zionists are solidly in the republican party and have been ever since the mid 1990's. None of these lunatics are voting for Obama, never have and never will. The problem for Democrats is mobilizing their base to vote. The only reason Republicans did well in the 2010 midterms is because the whining, cry baby left did not come out and support their guy.

      Republicans are deeply divided over Romney, but if he's the standard bearer they will swallow their pride, rally and support the party nominee. And if he's the winner November next the culprits for that fiasco will be the Democrat left that sat on their hands, not independents or even Republicans who number fewer than Democrats.

    • Sin Nombre my guess is exactly the opposite. These meetings can go on for a long time with the parties expressing satisfaction and optimism that a deal can be attained between the parties. Israel stupidly taught America how to play this song and dance over the Palestinian issue, and are now in the process of getting the favor rammed up their tutu.

    • Charon

      If you dig deep into US history you'll find that the corruptive influence of lobbying has always been a huge factor in Congressional immorality, perversion and depravity since nearly day one. Its how Congress works and always worked.

      All these resolutions AIPAC has passed and attempting to pass are flawed legislative vehicles. Senators and Representatives know full well the defects in these legal documents (precedent and S/C judgments), which will render such legislation invalid in curtailing Executive branch authority should Congress press the issue.

      This game can only work as cover for a President whose already fired up in attacking another country, like Bush 43. Its not going to work with a President opposed to war. The big sucker and loser in this game is AIPAC, while Congressmen are whistling 'I'm in the money' and taking their free loot to the bank.

    • Dan Crowther

      Neutering Iran is a dead option once Iran attained the capability to enrich uranium to 20%. The p5+1 recognize this by acquiescing to the Iranian demand that the NPT is the framework for present and future negotiations.

      The best outcome the west can play for is limiting Iranian enrichment to 2.5% to to 5% enrichment. Ruining Iran as you envision it as a precursor to war and regime change is not going to happen.

    • Approval ratings for Congress are lower than whale shit at 6%, while Obama's is higher than any politician or institution at 49%. In today's age of distrust and disillusionment that number is stellar! I believe that's a fight Obama would be calling..."bring it on!...if Congress and the Israel Lobby were that stupid to try it.

    • MHughes976


    • American, your dead right. Obama and practically everyone else on the planet, sans the maniacal factions of Zionists, sees no benefit to "bombing Iran" today or tomorrow.

    • Its amazing how much sloppy thinking pervades this issue.

      All Obama has to do when push comes to shove with the bought whores on capital hill is demand they pass a 'declaration of war,' per their obligations and duties under that same constitution.

      That of course will be a whole different ballgame. Though there is no anti-war movement, the US voting public is definitely war weary and sick to death of overseas adventures. By demanding a formal 'declaration of war' by Congress, Obama makes this a fight between AIPAC and the American People, not him.

      The maniacal Zionists here in the US are just as stupid as their maniacal brethren in Israel. They don't foresee the traps and dead-ends they are manufacturing for themselves.

  • Palestinians shut down a second int'l aid organization to demand action on dying hunger strikers
    • >>>the pressure to release those in isolation did not come from international monitors, rather "all of the pressure came from behind bars."<<<

      Palestinians are finding the paths to victory by learning how to use the power of the weak against the strong, which isn't solely rooted in guns and suicide bombers.

  • Biden gives Israel the green light on Iran in speech to rabbinical convention
    • Another yawner. Biden is throwing scraps and bones to placate the maniacal Zionists among the rabbis. Though one things for sure, Biden is not a master of political speech as Obama has profusely demonstrated.

      Biden's 'shooting from the hip' style of rhetoric caused his boss to publicly correct any misunderstanding of US policy, that the US is:

      ""...absolutely not" giving Israel a green light to attack Iran..."We have said directly to the Israelis that it is important to try and resolve this in an international setting in a way that does not create major conflict in the Middle East...""

    • Page: 1
    • A nuclear free M/E zone and the Iranian P5+1 venue are separate issues.

  • Tail has stopped wagging, so dog can stop talking about war with Iran
    • lysias

      >>>What is the significance of this?<<<

      Politics. She probably senses blood in the water, Netanyahu's, and is positioning herself as a successor.

    • Though its universally known Rome mercilessly crushed the Jewish Revolt in 60 AD, and in 135 AD exterminated Judah after the Bar Kokhba revolt, its little known that Rome was a patron of the Maccabees, waged war against the Seleucid Empire and instigated rebellions within and wars on Syria's borders.

      If it weren't for Roman meddling in the Levant and near M/E, and a formal treaty of alliance made by Judah Maccabee with the Roman senate before his death, the Jewish revolt of the 2nd century BC would have concluded in annihilation the same way the later revolts against Rome ended.

      Its one of those peculiar twists of fate, that the nation so instrumental in the creation of a state, would in the end be the agency that exterminates it root and branch.

    • Gideon Levy presciently said it all back in March.

      "...But one day the rope could snap and the whole thing could blow up in the face of power-drunk Israel: Israel doesn’t know when to stop, and it could pay dearly as a result."

      Even when Obama was publicly kissing Netanyahu's ass and humiliating himself before AIPAC, he was at the same time fingering the dagger under his shirt he had every intention of using, when the time was right.

      Netanyahu's hell is just beginning.

    • American

      >>>Regime change isn’t only for Arab countries.<<<

      I second that.

  • 'Messianic' rap on Netanyahu frees Obama, thaws discourse (and exposes 'No Return' Goldberg)
    • Narcissistic, a-historical and illogical outbursts of hate aren't worth responding to.

    • Jesus, Marx & Wilson were crusaders who desired to change the world.

      Nietzsche was a philosopher whose critical thinking still remains substantial within and beyond philosophy, but he was no founder or leader of a movement to transform the world. If he were he would probably have critiqued that to death too.

      Nietzsche: "God is dead."

      God: "Nietzsche is dead."

      Obama is an "establishment" politician on the liberal spectrum of US politics. He doesn't so much desire to change the world as much as believes in making it a better place, and that "government of the people, by the people, for the people" is a vehicle and public good in accomplishing it. To be sure, not the popular opinion of Obama on this page. I also believe he strongly desires to be an activist President, which he had to button down early in his first term due to the problems his enthusiasm and inexperience caused him. I fully expect to see that side of him reemerge post November next should he win reelection.

      I wasn't aware Phillip wanted to make the world all "new" again.

      Nor does Ron Paul. He desires to restore what has been lost. From reading his works his raison d'être is the reestablishment of the founding generations revolutionary faith, that the business of America is not business, its liberty. That takes a physically hardy, resolute and independent minded people, far tougher than what populates the commons of America today.

    • I've been listening to the man for nearly 20 years and have every confidence Ron Paul is exactly who he says he is. His veracity is beyond reproach.

      My lack of confidence is not in the man as much as its in his following. I have serious misgivings that his supporters fully comprehend the full enormity of what Paul stands for, the great difficulty of the task should he ever become president, and the sacrifices it means for them, their families and the country in actualizing a counter revolution.

      Paul is not about taking the country back to the 'gilded age' as some have claimed, he's about restoring the revolutionary ideals of the Declaration of Independence. He wants to restore the country to before 4 July 1826. To that time before the children and grandchildren of the revolution began destroying the glorious inheritance of 1775.

      Paul is a living, breathing anachronism, a believer, a true 'son of liberty' and exemplifies the republican virtues that have been betrayed and sodomized by every generation that came after the founding, proving that inheritors are never worthy of the inheritance.

    • >>>Where’s the debate in US Congress?<>can kill a lot Americans...can close the Straits of Hurmuz<<<

      Do you think the prez and his admirals don't know this? Obama is not George and most of the Pentagon's 'perfumed princes' that laid down to the 'shrub'/Cheney/Rumsfeld gang of serial blunderers aren't there anymore.

    • Citizen

      >>>You wouldn’t have to vote for Ron Paul with your fingers crossed<<<

      Oh yes you would.

    • ritzl

      From Phil's and various other sources on the web, that I'm sure your connected to as I, we are witnessing the beginning of the end of the total dominance of the Israel lobby on Capitol hill, which is becoming their last redoubt of defense.

      Though this is not widely understood, Congress is in fact the weakest reed any constituency can rely upon as a sole base of support. Muslims domestic & foreign are finally organizing and muzzling in on Israeli firsters bandwidth across the landscapes of America (in US governance its the squeaky wheel that gets the grease). Israel and its lobbyists have lost a lot of clout within the national security state, not merely just the Pentagon. And despite self serving polls the American People aren't anymore committed to Israel than they are to any other country.

      There are many other factors such as the strategic disasters plural following two wars, domestic & global economic change, peak oil, the end of US uni-polarity and demise of the post WWII era, the rise of a new global era of competing great, regional and lesser powers, ect & ect that's driving and transforming US foreign policy. And most of it is slowly but surely killing the US/Israeli special relationship, an anachronism from a dead age.

      As for Obama the proof in the pudding is post November next should he win another term of office. I believe he will manifest the kind of president you, American and many others wish he would be once freed of re-election concerns.

    • American & ritzl...WRONG!

      Obama is up to his eye balls in these developments.

  • Three score and four years ago our forefathers brought forth on this planet a new nation
    • >>>isn’t there anyone among our president’s advisers who’s willing to tell him that the american people don’t want another permanent war?<<<

      Trust me yourstruly, Obama knows full well of the war weariness of the American masses. Nor is his well executed 'Israel firstness' a mistake he is going to rue. Its his "bodyguard of lies" attending his truth, that doesn't for one moment deceive Netanyahu and fellow zealots.

    • Amazing! Fred broke a cardinal rule in propaganda, never allude to and dare not tell the truth.

      Among the 'voting' public the I/P conflict ranks lower than whale shit on the list of partisan and constituency interests that dominate elections. Add in the other half who don't vote and the issue doesn't exist.

      The I/P conflict, like the Iranian nuclear issue is an 'establishment' concern currently being fought out across its myriad public, profit & nonprofit, media and private spheres, within and without government. The pending BDS disinvestment resolution currently before the United Methodist conference is an example of this evolving & growing stasis within the 'establishment' community.

      The reason Obama will get a solid majority of Jewish/American votes is because of their solid commitment to liberalism, the Democratic party and the fact they are loyal American citizens first, not Israeli firsters who also include the deranged sects of fundamentalist Christians.

  • Krugman jumps into debate over Beinart with both pinkies
    • "...PK is not very interested in Israel..."

      Then he would never have opened his mouth in the first place.

    • ' that i have read his brief commentary i like it even more."

      Me too Annie.

      What's important is that a personality like Krugman has spoken out, no matter how tepid. The importance of the act is well demonstrated by the hysterical attacks its elicited.

  • A letter to the Methodists in support of divestment
    • >>>It took the US government 20 years to get behind the BDS movement against apartheid S Africa<<<

      Bingo! And once that was achieved in the mid 1980's it wasn't even half that time before Nelson Mandela was elected president. When the game goes, it goes fast with the Fred's of the world a day late and a dollar short.

      What zealous Zionists can't get through the immense densities between their ears is that the I/P conflict is morphing into an entirely different struggle than what had come before. Its all a downhill race for Israel and Phil comprehends where this is leading, though it could also have a Rhodesian end game as much as a S. African one.

  • The new landscape: big media cover former Palestinian P.M.'s obit for two-state solution
    • Gideon Levy, a columnist for Haaretz proclaimed it dead several weeks ago, but the link to the page no longer works. The senior editor of the Atlantic, Robert Wright wrote an article about it.

      The Atlantic, Wednesday, April 25, 2012
      "It's Official: Two-State Solution Declared Dead"
      link to

      It matters not what "mainstream" media darling or analysts say or believe, as its infinitely more important what's transpiring in the collective minds of Palestinians. Annie is spot on when she described the current state of affairs between Israelis and Palestinians as a "shifting paradigm."

    • A decade ago the idea of a single state outcome among Palestinians was unthinkable, but today it has traction and gaining currency on the W/B and Gaza. It has always been so among Israeli Palestinians. No matter how much land Zionists steal Palestinian nationalism only hardens with every insult and violation, while the policies of humiliation and punishment have failed in driving the Palestinians to immigrate.

      Palestinians have survived on their own terms for some 60 plus years against all the odds short of genocide or ethnic cleansing, for which Israelis haven't the stomach for the former or balls for the latter. All Pals need do is endure (a bottomless well from which they are uniquely gifted from which to draw) and wait. Patience may be a pain for you, but for Palestinians its a treasury of hidden resources.

    • >>>The truth doesn’t need freshening up. It was true before, it’s still true now. Boring I know, but the truth often is.<<<

      "What is truth?" John 18:38

    • Zionisms barking dogs are on a road that leads nowhere.

    • >>>And if they did that, the Palestinians would demand that they get back to the pre-1948 borders. And if they did that, the Palestinians would demand that they go “back” to Europe.<<<

      Nonsense. Israelis will flee like rats bailing from a sinking ship once they come face to face with what they have and are doing to themselves.

      Israelis will only consider 2 states when they realize the suicidal path of having it all explodes like a nuke in their collective minds. But when that day comes it will be too late. Palestinians are learning, they are getting smarter, its dawning that acquiescing to the Zionist fantasy is their path to having 'it all.'

      Zionism will end in Palestine "uber alles."

    • >>>Israel just has to hold out until the Arab oil runs out, then the only U.N. countries that will care are the Muslim and Arab ones.<<<

      The origins of the US/Israeli special relationship were the Cold War and oil. That war ended in the early 1990's and the special relationships guaranteeing western access to oil is shifting to Arab and Muslim states, not Israel.

  • On Iran, Obama's fmr national security adviser uses the new C-word (Contain)
    • Iran currently does not have nuclear weapons, so it was no big deal (except to Israelis) for Obama to throw it (containment) away for political reasons, all to the good. It deludes the Israelis and of no consequence to Iranians if they don't intend to build a nuclear arsenal. But its no more difficult to resurrect "containment" than it was to pitch it should the Mullah's be pulling a fast one.

  • P5 +1 Iran nuclear talks went swimmingly! Netanyahu is fuming
    • There are many factors driving US/Iranian "accommodation," and Israel is one among many pressing geo-political and US domestic issues driving it. Proponents of course won't be bantering this from the roof tops and providing op-eds on it.

    • Come June the sanctions regime will begin to crumble like a house of cards. The US has already given exemptions to China, Japan and India. And India is already saying enough and ingeniously violating the sanctions they agreed to. Europeans won't be long in demanding exemptions too, and when that happens that game is done.

      The US and Iran both know this, but its more important to the US as a foil against the domestic and foreign opposition as proof of steadfastness and resolve in the face of Iranian intransigence. The immediate and important quid pro quo for Iran is US acceptance of Iranian rights under the NPT.

      The question now isn't whether Iran should or should not have a nuclear program and engage in enrichment. Iran won that argument. The dialog and negotiations are now all about the parameters of that understanding among the participants. And the Iranians have already retracted their opposition to working groups, by flagging:

      "..."The two sides' experts should prepare a road map for clarifying what steps should be taken before next month's nuclear meeting in Baghdad, and already enabling the start of the trust-making process," Salehi said.

      Salehi refrained to give any details on what should be included in the road map but said it could make the negotiations in Baghdad easier and faster."

      When states meet publicly as the P5+1 and Iran did recently, these are not venues to solve problems. These are fundamentally ceremonies to formalize and accept protocols or agreements already hammered out and arrived at in committees working in private.

      I'd like to be a fly on Bibi's walls.

    • >>>...this shot for the WH won’t be around after the first of the year, like iran. the easiest way to get iran is via US elections. iran is merely the tool for that at this juncture. and for his own political capital re israel elections."<<<

      Ditto to that.

      Obama is well aware of these Machiavellian maneuverings by Netanyahu, his Republican allies and Zionist front groups in the US.

      As Obama has adroitly managed and unified the global community, P5+1 group and the sanctions regime regarding the Iranian nuclear program, an accomplishment similar to 'herding cats,' he no doubt is laying his snares and traps for Republicans in the general election and their allies should the Iranians say "yes."

    • Annie

      There is no reason not to feel confident regarding a satisfactory conclusion to the P5+1/Iranian negotiations.

      Regardless of how minimal the US media defines the outcomes of this first meeting, the fact is Iran has won big by US and western acquiescence to the fact of uranium enrichment on some yet to be determined basis. And that ongoing discussions regarding Iran's nuclear program will be framed within the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, a demand the Iranians have made from day one.

      Therefor, Netanyahu's charge of "freebie" is not far from the mark, because the P5+1 negotiation posture is the fat lady singing the death knell in toto to Israeli demands of zero Iranian enrichment, shutting down impregnable facilities under mountains and submission to an inspections regime no other NPT country has to endure. Our maladjusted cub scout in Tel Aviv is not a happy camper.

      Though there have been missed opportunities these past 3 years by both Iran and the US, the fact such attempts have occurred and are re-igniting again today is because of the national security interests of Iran and the US. The post WWII global order is dead and a new paradigm is arising upon the ashes of its funeral pyre, which is the driver forcing dialog and compromise on the issues that divides Iran and the US.

      This was clear to me by the end of 2004. That the much abused notion of "tipping point" for the US wasn't 9-11 or Afghanistan, but the insanity of 19 March 2003 and the massive, negative knock-on effects beyond defeat affecting US hegemony, limits of power, domestic fiscal constraints and global influence & leverage in an array of fields from diplomacy to economics.

      What Netanyahu and fellow travelers are learning, bitterly, is that there are fateful consequences for Israel due to that "special relationship" between the US and Israel. That there's more than kisses and affectations of eternal love in Obama's embraces, as you too presciently foresee.

    • Fuming? Bibi's erupting like a volcano with lava spewing out of his eyeballs, ears, nose, mouth and ass. The fools going to learn what close associates of "no drama" Obama have warned; this guy doesn't get mad, he gets even.

      Sanger and Erlander shot their mouths off peddling zealous Zionist propaganda in they're 7 April, joint NYT's article. They're characterization of the P5+1 group making "hard line," confrontational demands or else Israel will start bombing as Obama's teams "opening moves" in Istanbul did not happen.

      What's stunning to me is the veracity people are willing to place in peddlers of rabid, Zionist hasbura, especially when its spouted from mainstream organs of the US media by the usual suspects.

  • Israel will attack Iran-- and Obama gave tacit approval (Haaretz)
    • Agreed. Not going to happen by either Israel or the US.

    • Do you THINK! That maybe criminal charges are a consequence of Adelson's treason's and attempts at manipulating US foreign policy?

    • RudyM. Agreed.

      Should Obama attack Iran before the November election oil will skyrocket to 200 or more a barrel. He will certainly suffer defeat at the polls. Should he win the election and than attack he will instantly become a failed, lame duck President, far more maligned and hated than Bush-43 when the enterprise becomes widely known as a failure.

      Bibi and his cohorts are serial prevaricators, who in failing to strong arm Obama to their 'red lines,' is attacking the Prez by creating war fears in the hopes of driving up the price of oil, which they hope will defeat Obama in the election. Its the only angle they have got and will probably not work.

  • Chair of DNC says: 'Israel is our rightful place... a place for us to go'
    • Debbie Wasserman Schultz is just trying to get re-elected boys and girls. She can say to high heaven all she wants about how much she loves Israel, because zealous US Zionists are all over her ass about her support for Obama's foreign policies, which they abhor to high heaven. She is being smart, not dumb as many here would have her.

  • Obama could only take Netanyahu on when Dennis Ross, Bibi's backchannel, was incommunicado
    • The fact is Obama stepped up to the plate and took a shot, only to find himself out on a limb all by his lonesome and pretty much abandoned by his party and liberal Zionists, for whom when the fight got particularly nasty running backsides was the order of the day, not brave fronts.

      He did the right thing by cutting his losses and used Ross as a temporary block punt to blunt the Israeli lobbies revenge attacks. Did Ross the traitor and Netanyahu exploit the situation for Israel's benefit? Of course. Did Obama calculate this possibility? Probably. What is today's current outcome? Ross is out of the administration and likely was bounced instead of quit, and its Netanyahu's turn to be on the short end of the stick.

      "...Obama took office with a distinctly progressive vision of Jewish identity and the Jewish state, one shaped by the Chicago Jewish community that helped launch his political career. Three years later—after a bitter struggle with the Israeli government and the American Jewish establishment--that vision is all but gone..."

      No kidding. What we got now is a far more experienced and pragmatic Obama on the Israeli/Palestinian question. What that means we will find out after November next.

    • Money is all the Republican candidate has got, and its apparently not doing him much good in shutting down the competition and sewing up the nomination against opponents with no money and less organization. How's your "money out of politics" square with that fact?

  • Massacre in Afghanistan
    • Maybe the general should get out of the army.

      Though the US didn't have a systematic policy of humiliation and extermination of the Vietnamese people, anymore than the US has against Afghans, criminal acts by troops against indigents is common in ALL WARS!

      Though these heinous occurrences are more rare than what occurred in past US wars, its today's all pervasive media that instantly reports everything, when or wherever it happens, that tends to magnify the effect and provide opportunities to friend and foe alike to exploit for their nefarious purposes.

      This troop has had 3 combat tours and suffered serious head trauma from wounding, besides possibly getting a dear John letter from his wife. I suspect he cracked, a not uncommon occurrence for a soldier who has seen and done too much and passed his breaking point. And all men break differently and unpredictably.

      Whatever the circumstances this troop is screwed. The Army is reportedly going to court marshal this soldier in Afghanistan and his fate is already singed, sealed and delivered for geopolitical needs. The survivors will receive massive monetary prizes and the trial and execution will probably be a major media story in the country.

  • MSM jailbreak: Chris Hayes devotes 2 hours to conflict with panel of 2 Zionists and 2 Palestinians
    • And the worm turns.

      This isn't just Chris Hayes. There are undoubtedly tons of media journalists and pundits who would love to put on the show he did. Its that wall of powers within the mainstream media who self censor what the public reads and sees that's beginning to crumble and shake underneath the Israeli/Zionist Lobby and their front groups in the US.

      This is infinitely far more powerful in its effects than Zionist control over the Congress. Too many people moan and groan over Israels influence on Capital Hill, not realizing that lobbyists and constituencies come and go, that today's Congressional darlings usually windup becoming tomorrows annoyances or exasperation, especially when the '30 pieces of silver' is heavily backed by threats and attacks.

      Woe to Israel. Obama is not going to war for Israel and they have lost the support of the 'national security state.' It's also a lie the American masses love Israel or that US & Israeli interests are one, besides riding an exceedingly uncertain horse to save their asses on Capitol Hill.

  • Israel is sucking up all the oxygen in the White House
    • A classic example of misconstruing American republican governance and politics for democracy.

      The interests of corporatism and constituencies rule in America! Not the People, which is an ambiguous term in the Constitution, especially Lincoln's unfortunate phrase “government of the people, by the people, for the people” in the Gettysburg Address. Such sentiments in a broad sense are grand & noble, but its not how American governance works.

      Bruce put together a picture of domestic and international interests in collision, and what Obama and his team has essentially done to shepherd their way through these minefields. The throttling US/Israeli special relationship has been over 50 years in the making and its not going to be corrected overnight.

      Some condemn Obama as an abject failure. I reject such characterizations and see a man who has navigated a whole host of grave, destructive challenges any other democrat or republican would have cracked up under the load.

    • "...Doing the right thing for the sake of US principles is so much more philosophically rewarding. And politically, too."

      Congressmen, especially Republicans don't think so. All you can do is vote for bosses, who rule over us for 2, 4 or 6 years.

      And during their terms of office they do much as they please until they face the voters again, a rabble they believe they can flimflam, which they all too often succeed in doing for another pillaging 2, 4 or 6 years.

      A political career is all about getting rich. The idealism's that inspire candidates for office has the life expectancy of a snow ball in hell once they gain office.

    • "Dick and Jane" aren't the problem. Its not their fault thieving politicians lie, conspire, cheat, betray and commit treason on a daily basis on capital hill. If the US structures of governance were actually democratic as its often falsely claimed, instead of republican per the Constitution, than you and others would be dead right in chastising the American people.

  • Obama victory over Netanyahu gained support, time
    • Defending Anwar al-Awlaki? The terminated traitor who took up arms against the US, a regional commander within al-Qaeda preaching, planning operations and attacks against the US, tried in abstentia by the Yemeni government and wanted "dead or alive" for being an al Qaeda member and plotting to kill foreigners? Taking this goof out is false proof Obama is "sinister," besides all the other baseless mentalisms recklessly and sloppily thrown around. You better come up with a hell of lot more than that if you want to be taken seriously.

      Socialist? When or where has Obama ever claimed he was a socialist?

      As for Congress they did literally nothing to stop, hinder or legislate against Obama taking action in Libya.

      Nor is Obama a rogue CinC laying waste to the nations of the world as far left lunatics claim.

      And this whining by the far left about American empire demonstrates they're as far out in orbit around Pluto as neocons, who themselves stupidly broached the subject as an anal justification for loser wars in the Middle East. Such arguments were present at the very beginning of the Republic between Hamiltonian Federalists and Jeffersonian Republicans, and a rational argument among historians can make the claim the US is in danger of losing the republic and becoming an empire, a process, a thing in the becoming, but hardly yet a fact that can be dated from the seizure of the Hawaiian Islands and the Spanish/American War.

      The biggest current threat to the US republic isn't empire, China, Iran, international terrorism, Islam, the Israel Lobby, Obama, or any other manufactured jingoism of the left or the right. Its the rise of the 'national security state' Eisenhower warned would be the result of the irresponsible politics and corrupt relationships between Congress and corporate America in his famous speech. A monster Bush 43, the stupidest man in the universe birthed during his administration, which Obama and probably future presidents are going to have to deal with before its tamed and put back in its cage.

      Obama is an 'establishment,' liberal Democrat who is trying to govern from the center/left in the US. He has never claimed to be anything else. Its whacked denzions of the left who are losing their water and dropping their loads because their false premises and wishful thinking regarding Obama had been dead wrong in all respects from day one.

      Its no wonder the sloppy thinking on the far left and they're brain dead world views aren't taken seriously in US politics and by the American people. Obama is the right man at the right time, and I'm going to proselytize that no matter how much it burns someones ass.

      By the way, another correction for a wrong headed point straight out of left-field is I'm not a Democrat or a lefty.

    • Anti Obama critics want a Moses, magician or miracle worker with a bag of pixie dust to make the world beautiful. Its they who have misunderstood the man and chose to believe in a godlike personality that does not exist.

      Obama is just man and a politician who is dealing with extremely difficult domestic, foreign and economic policy issues that are not amendable to quick fixes or easy solutions. He of course has made mistakes, but nothing as massive or unrecoverable as Bush 42, Clinton or the stupidest man in the universe the Shrub.

      As far as I'm concerned Obama is infinitely better than these 3 previous cluster f@@@ up artists singular or plural, or any of the candidates past, present or future in the current Republican party.

    • Too soon radii...too soon. There's an election that has to won first.

    • Big deal. Worthless sledgehammers to strike a mosquito whose defensive planning is in depth and asymmetric. Conventional armaments are impotent against such an enemy in Iran, Lebanon and Gaza, who have demonstrated a phenomenal will to resist and sacrifice compared to the Israelis.

      Israel loses a troop here and there and the entire Zionist state has a major, defeatist, psychological breakdown. The IDF is not the military of the founding generation. Its rotted to the core due to years of being an occupation force suppressing indigents. It can't fight and God help the USA if we ever have to rely upon Israel as an ally and its IDF in a war.

    • The market is not taking Netanyahu seriously NOW! The past several months speculators were yapping another tune over war fears pumping the premium.

    • One step at a time.

      Obama learned there are some issues that can’t be rushed, and the Israeli/Palestinian/Iran games fit the bill big time. Demanding action immediately loses everything, and its a tribute to Obama who learns quickly while managing to remain a vital actor at the same time. This is a very underestimated man.

  • Democratic chair Wasserman Schultz said to cancel speech to Muslim voting-rights group under rightwing pressure
    • Phil, it's not prejudice, its politics. I'm sure the 'Emerge USA' leadership understand the political constraints of this election year, but what's far more important is that Muslim and Arab Americans are FINALLY organizing their communities by educating their voters, PAC's, getting out the vote and lobbying.

  • Walt and Mearsheimer don't think Israel will attack Iran, and neither will we
    • I've searched the web and found no instance of Zbigniew Brzezinski saying "Israel may attack Iran before the November election." If you have a link I would appreciate it if you would send it.

      The most recent video I have found is one dated from 24 Feb on CNN's Fareed Zakaria show, before the Netanyahu's visit. Besides current political events, he still consistently condemns any offensive, unilateral action by the Israelis and waxed loudly about all the negatives that would be unleashed in the region for the US and for Israel.

      And though Brzezinski is not an adviser to Obama, his advise that the prez should tell the Israelis not to attack Iran appears to be the outcome of the Obama/Netanyahu meeting.

    • The greatest threat to liberty and the republic is the emergence of the 'national security state.' It's not the elites or the 'military industrial complex,' which itself was principally the corrupt axis between congress and corporate (fascist) America. The NSS is its birth-ling, what Eisenhower warned the fools their corruptions would wrought into being.

      That monster came alive under Bush 43's regency, a behemoth no politician on the left or right dares to deride, which Obama is handling far more effectively than that fool the "Shrub," or any of its like minded minions on the right. In any case, should the NSS win in the final analysis, the first to the slaughter pens will be the elites the left is so worried about. Tyrants always liquidate the useful idiots first who paved their way to power.

    • I understand some on the left are disillusioned with Obama, but he still remains infinitely superior in all respects to the insane asylum escapees my sick party is running for the presidency.

    • And that same guy has seen pump prices driven up by wars and market speculation due to senseless saber rattling by Republicans and Israel.

      There are other considerations militating against the conventional wisdom of "anyone but Obama" like hydro carbon depletion, the price of oil determined by supply & demand in the global marketplace, besides the glaring fact it was under the Republican regency the worst blows were wielded against the economy.

      Pre 2000 I would agree, but a lot has changed in the past 12 years with a more aware American voter than whether he or she wanted.

    • That's the dirty little secret in foreign aid to Israel. Attached strings returns most of those aid dollars to US industry and worker payrolls.

    • In a manner of speaking we are already there.

      IBM creates 1Tbps Holey Optochip
      link to

      The world is changing exponentially faster than any one singular person can keep up with. Those who remain ideologically and emotionally stuck in dead pasts, cannot get up to speed or connect with the rapidly changing circumstances in our lives.

    • Obviously Netanyahu and his legions of prevaricators in the hope of concealing Bibi's failure in strong arming Obama into compliance with his 'red lines.'

    • The crucial factor isn't Congress, battle fleets or how much ordnance and aid the US funnels to Israel, its the mindset and intentions of the Chief Executive in the Oval Office. In this and much else Obama is no George Bush 43.

    • I'm a long time admirer of Brezezinski going all the way back to the Carter years. I'll bet his prognosis of the situation is a far lot more optimistic than the one he pronounced in January of this year.

    • With the exile of liberal and moderates the party rank and file of the Republican base is far right, while the leadership positions are still in the hands of a diminished 'establishment' elite. This unstable relationship is the source of the stasis that afflicts the party and the disarray in their primary.

      The American political landscape is irrevocably turning from a center/right to a center/left orientation. Its emerging and younger generations are more progressive and globalist in their world views, with unfathomable effects upon America's political, cultural and social landscapes.

      None of this bodes well for the Republican party if it continues on the course it has set for itself. It has rapidly become the party of far right, ultra-nationalist fanatics, neocons, insane Christian fundamentalists, Zionist traitors and so called fiscal conservatives who are nothing more than goons and shilling stooges for private wealth (nouveau riche - the worst kind) and corporate blood suckers (Romney). They are rapidly becoming the party of the few and will slide again into the political wilderness.

      It was clear to me the fat lady began singing the Republican parties death knell the moment the party arose out of the political wilderness by riding the populist wave against Clinton in the 1994 elections. I warned my fellow republicans about Gingrich, that he was no conservative and didn't create the populist wave. Clinton did and Gingrich merely exploited it and much else. But drunk with victory they weren't then and are much less willing to listen today.

      The only hope for the Republican party is defeat in the general election November next. It doesn't matter who the party chooses to carry the banner, Romney or Santorum, either will fail and the party will sink into bitter acrimony and blood letting.

    • That's the conventional wisdom, but I believe we are Oswald Spengler's (the real guy, not the fraud) "dawn men" and women in a new age where old, conventional wisdom's no longer apply. Its my hunch higher oil prices won't negatively impact Obama's chances for a second term.

  • Israel's lobby (updated)
    • Like water off a ducks back.

      Obama and his team knew his dismissal of Bibi's 'red lines' would result in attacks from the I/Lobby, and from an increasingly weakening and irrelevant Congress composed of cheap dates on a cheap Saturday night.

      One thing a first term POTUS must learn if he is to win a 2nd term, is that his greatest enemies aren't the opposition, its his own party. Obama learned that lesson in spades before the 1st year of his 1st term played out.

      In the natural order of republican (the US is a republic, not a democracy) politics, the most powerful lobby and constituency is the rising 'national security state' that's got Obama's back. These are the guys and gals with all the secrets and dirt on every enemy Obama's got, and was the source of much of the leaked scandals & bad press that rocked Bush and the Republicans during that goofs 2nd term.

      There have been rocky moments, but Obama's CinC bona fides vis a vis the 'national security state' are infinitely stronger and far more respected than anyone the Republicans are running for office November next.

  • Friedman warns war could hurt American Jews
    • A short time ago the conventional wisdom was that Americans would "support US military action if Iran" enriched uranium.

      That goal post has come, gone and been superseded by 20% enrichment, demonstrably making Iran a nuclear capable state, which will move further down the field should the Iranians build nuclear armaments.

      And Americans don't and won't give a damn no matter how loudly the usual suspects whine and squeal.

    • Your kidding or your not knowledgeable regarding the political history of the US. In 1782 George Washington had to humiliate the officers of the Continental Army from leading a mutinous army that was ready to march on a hated Congress. Americans would have cheered.

      The American masses from day one have always held a low opinion of Congress, no matter what they thought of their Representative or Senator. And today's polls indicate that disdain is lower than ever. Congress is about lucre, and few who serve can resist Mammon and end their political careers filthy rich. Of course there are exceptions and some surprises along the way, but all to often few and far between.

    • Israel is not threatening to launch a "preemptive war", but a preventative war. The first is justifiable under international law in the face of clear and imminent threat, the last is criminal no matter how much Zionists and their barking dogs try to confuse the differences.

      Possession of a nuclear capability, or even nuclear arms is not a clear and imminent threat, no matter how loudly Bibi chokes to death claiming it. If that were so North Korea would have been attacked years ago.

    • A tipping point has been navigated, but its not the product of one event or person, but a series of nonlinear developments and hosts of unknown personages, many within the evolving US national security state that's become increasingly oppositional to the Zionist regime in Israel.

      Israelis are going to find out what Americans have always known about putting their trust in Congressmen. There has never been a cause, constituency or issue that has not been abandoned or betrayed by those thieves and bloodsuckers on capitol hill.

      The days coming when even the money can't buy the loyalty of duplicitous vermin in the 'Hall of Mirrors' on the Potomac.

    • Talk about who is reading "only what you want to read."

  • At last a leader, Obama fingers 'Israeli interest' in war
    • I believe Obama's been playing hardball with Netanyahu all along, its just come out into the open with his adroit rejection of Netanyahu's demands, while divorcing that disagreement with his solid support for Israels existence and right to defend itself like any other nation state on earth.

      War however, would be the death kneel for Obama's legacy. It may not prevent a 2nd term, but war will destroy Obama in his 2nd term just as assuredly it destroyed Bush 43 in his. And make no mistakes, some on the maniacal right are more than willing to force the US into an unwinnable war, with infinitely far worse consequences in the hopes of preventing or weakening a 2nd term Obama.

    • You don't know it now, but Obama is an infinitely superior POTUS compared to the past 3 serial blunders who have held the regency.

      As for war the US will not overtly attack Iran, or covertly support Israel in the deed. And for probably good reasons Obama, his principles and chieftains running the national security state have affirmed the Iranians are rational actors and have national interests like any state. The Iranians have proved this in spades in the face of the worst acts of aggression by Israel upon its people, territory and sovereignty.

      If there is to be war Israel will have to start it unilaterally and in the absence of Iranian provocation. And that will be of a whole horse of a different color rarely touched upon here.

    • Spot on quercus & ToivoS

      What many of Obama's jaded & non-supporters have never appreciated is that the man's a politician, not another Moses they perennially seek and then condemn when he fails to live up their unnatural and unreasoned expectations.

      Such are so obsessed with his many presumed faults and failures, imagined or real, they are completely blind to his nature, policies and real accomplishments. Fortunately for the US they are the minority, and a minority they will remain whether the economy declines or improves no matter the smears, slanders and misrepresentations of Obama's record by Republicans, neocons and zealous Zionists.

      There will be no war this year with Iran, if ever, and Israel cannot attack without solid assurance the US will back the enterprise all the way. That's what Bibi hoped to wring from POTUS, not Congress or the American People, and he decidedly failed in getting it. To his surprise 2012 did not play like 2010 & 11.

    • Ive stated often since the 2010 midterms that those elections were not what Republicans were imagining them to be and that Obama will win a 2nd term. Its the margin he will win by that's impossible to calculate, though if Republican bungling is not staunched promises to make it a big one.

    • The US strategic disaster of 19 March 2003 was as massive a blunder for the Zionist state, as it has proved to be for irrational US ambitions in the post cold war era. It will just take a little time longer for the destructive after effects of that FUBAR to penetrate the immeasurable densities of Zionist minds.

    • Obama has been playing Netanyahu and the Israel Lobby for suckers from the day they humiliated him and forced him to backtrack on settlements and knife the Palestinians in the back.

      They say 'no drama Obama' doesn't get mad, he gets even. Netanyahu and Zionist front groups are beginning to learn to their despair of another Obama. The Prez says he's got "Israel's back." I'd be especially worried if I were them.

    • The only persons late or never getting the facts straight are Obama haters of all ilks and mentalisms.

  • Beinart to cast Obama as caped hero of two-state-solution in forthcoming book
    • To Annie Robbins

      I respectfully disagree.

      A person can be displeased & dissatisfied with Obama's answer, and as this board shows many are, but answer the lady he did.

    • Where do you think I live?

    • Where do you think I live, since that explains so much for you?

    • Obama's response may be very painful to you, but he smartly accepted and adroitly answered the question the petitioner asked of him, which was an explanation of his views and administrations policy posture regarding the Israeli/Palestinian issue.

      Zealous Zionists however, would cringe in great pain over Obama's remarks. Any recognition of Palestinian grievances and interests, no matter how slight, would virtually nullify any protestations for Israel's security in their minds, no matter how strongly Obama declares it.

    • Beinart is proposing a conversation within the Jewish/American community that can't come soon enough. Zealous Zionism isn't just an existential threat to the state of Israel, but could also negatively impact patriotic and loyal Jewish/Americans.

  • Fatah and Hamas sign historic unity deal, Abbas to head interim government
    • "...“Western governments are dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and it is only a matter of time before they will meet with Hamas as well...”

      The regional and geo-political reality is shifting underneath Israels feet. Its Israel that will ultimately have to decide between the survival of a Jewish home in Palestine or the zealotry of Zionism. Israelis can't and won't have both.

  • What power will Paul have over Romney? (JJ Goldberg and Krauthammer ask)
    • "...Paul commands a strong, energetic, highly committed following. And he is unlike any of the other candidates. They're out to win. He admits he doesn't see himself in the Oval Office. They're one-time self-contained enterprises aiming for the White House. Paul is out there to build a movement that will long outlive this campaign..."

      "...Paul is less a candidate than a "cause..."

      "...His goal is to make himself leader of the opposition — within the Republican Party..."

      Its fascinating how some establishment stooges, lackeys, quislings, bootlickers and mouth organs can come so close to understanding Ron Paul, and yet persist in their historic underestimation of the man. Krauthammer has no problem believing that Paul's primary focus is not the White House, yet he is convinced his real goal are baubles and trinkets; "to influence the platform and demand a prime-time speaking slot."

      The divide between Paul and Romney, or any of the the other Republican candidates makes the Grand Canyon look like a puddle. No deal can bridge those differences, not without sacrificing the movement and his successor, Rand Paul. And here Krauthammer truly out does himself, hoping for a "moderate" son, that in this case the apple falls far from the tree. Its been an unnerving decade for the Krauthammer's of this world. Its going to get worse.

    • He won't.

    • If Paul can manage a fifth or more of the party base by the end of the primary season, no one, including media talking heads will be able to ignore him.

  • Ron Paul gets respect
    • The rantings of quislings and sycophants on the left no more affect Ron Paul and his movement than similar gibberish from quislings and sycophants on the right.

    • Making assumptions out of poll numbers regarding Ron Paul is useless.

      He is not an establishment candidate nor a far right radical seeking the crown. He is a revolutionary and he has spawned a revolutionary movement within the Republican party, much to the ire of the establishment's elected politicians, party bosses, operatives and nouveau riche that have displaced country club Republicans.

      His goal is not gaining the presidency, its gaining the stage from which to argue and proselytize his beliefs and views. The more public access he has the more people flock to his standard, the less extreme his policies become to the public.

  • Is Paul a precursor of a more presentable candidate in 2016?
    • There is some, but most will vote for another Obama presidency in spite of perceived grievances and disappointments. This is especially true of the far left in or out of the Democrat party.

      Lang is like a blind folded machine gunner spraying bullets everywhere. Once in a while he hits a bulls-eye. Walt otoh is an intelligent analyst and very prescient person. I daily visit the FP site to read his posts.

      Though Paul traumatizes and is giving the destroyers of America a run for their money, it would be nothing less than miraculous should he win the nomination. At this time the Paulist movement is a developing and growing phenomenon in the Republican party, and the test of Ron Paul's legacy will be if the movement he has inspired survives his retirement or death.

      Paul is the father of a movement all other libertarians, constitutionalists and bonafide, limited government conservatives have tried and failed to create in opposition to the welfare/warfare state and creeping imperialism since the late 19th century. Its probably the last chance to defend and preserve the republic.

  • Emergency Committee for Israel goes after Ron Paul
    • The fear is palpably evident in the messaging.

      The field has been winnowed. Should the next battleground in New Hampshire see the Romney/Santorum/Paul camps whittled down to a Romney and Paul fight, that fear will become paralyzing in the breasts of Paul's opponents.

  • Ron Paul's antiwar position is simpleminded
    • Pollitt and Slater 'doth protest too much.'

      Should a miracle happen and bequeath the US a Paul presidency, such a president would be constrained by the separation of powers from implementing domestic and foreign policies the Politt's and Slater's of the world do not approve or fear.

      What Ron Paul would have is the bully pulpit from which to proselytize to the American public his views on constitutionalism, anti-imperialism, liberty and limited governance. A conversation the American public have not heard since the beginning of the 20th century and establishment elites dread.

  • Mossad Chief: Stop calling Iran an 'existential threat'
    • "...My guess: if we attacked Iran, that would END any chance of Obama’s being re-elected."


      One thing Obama is not, and that's he's no one's fool.

  • Condi Rice was 'shocked' by 'ethnic purity' claims for Jewish state
    • Zionism is an ideological construct derived from the merging of 'Romanticism' of heroic individualism and 'national socialism' in the latter half of the 19th century. Judaism was merely a framework upon which Zionists overlaid their doctrines and ideals, a practice Leninist's, Stalinist's and Nazis for various motives and purposes peculiar to them did too. So cultism and racism is not a surprising feature of Zionism.

    • Abraham is a fictitious, eponymous hero invented many times over from a pagan milieu, to explain the origins of an originally pagan cult, clan or tribe who some speculate may originally have been the Habiru of ancient correspondence in the 14th & 13th centuries BC.

      A further complication is the bible as we know it was revised countless times by the Judahites from the southern Kingdom of Judah before and after the Babylonian expulsions. Though there is no complete bible to prove the date of its final form, the basic structure of the Torah was probably imagined no earlier than 538 BC by the returning Judahites, as a means to unify the fractured communities of what ultimately became known as the Jews.

      Abraham never existed and the name in Hebrew as understood by the biblical narrative means “the father of a multitude." But even this is hotly disputed by linguists, some suggesting an Akkadian origin, not a Hebrew.

    • " struck me as a harsh defense of the ethnic purity of the Israeli state when Tzipi said it. It was one of those conversations that shocked my sensibilities as an American..."

      Condi's misgivings proves that even from the wings of the far right in US politics, there are many hooks from which a Palestinian narrative can hang its hat.

      "...I took a deep breath and tried to understand, and slowly I came to see what she meant..."

      Nor can Condi be faulted here, because its the virtual absence of an ethnic, US constituency vigorously pushing that narrative, which leaves Condi subject to no other realpolitik but the Zionist.

  • Report: PA denies plans to abandon UN effort due to Israeli and American pressure
    • Regardless of the consequences, Abbas should without hesitation pursue membership in all UN and international bodies. The UNSC is a sideshow and never was attainable, while UNGC recognition of statehood and an upgraded status was and remains the only prize worth having.

      In the face of doing nothing the Palestinian Authority is a walking corpse. Abbas won a temporary reprieve among the rising generation of Palestinians, who've had nothing but contempt for it and the planning and tactics of its leaders. Giving way now is probably worse than doing nothing at all, since it will fuel the demise of the PA among Palestinians.

      Defeat however, is not a loss. Even if it cannot save the PA. It can in fact be the foundation for a new approach in securing Palestinian liberties and rights in a one state end game, which to all intents and purposes is a fait accompli in any case.

  • Dubious Charlie Rose asks Ehud Barak why not one state?
    • You heard it right Phil, and your remark of a "growing establishment impatience with Israel's actions" is dead on.

  • South African apartheid didn't have a domestic constituency in the U.S.
    • In America having an opinion or speaking one's mind is like having an asshole, everyone has got one and consequently is no more important than anyone else's. Nor am I talking about Palestinians in the M/E who have been struggling since 1947 to regain their liberty and country.

      The problem I'm identifying is the American Arab/Muslim community who are not politically engaged in the US for Palestinian interests, as the Jewish/American community is politically engaged for Israeli and Zionist interests. This isn't the major media, Obama's or the Jewish/American communities fault, or Jordan's, Egypt's, Saudi Arabia's or any other Arab or Muslim nations fault.

      Until Arab/Muslim Americans start uniting, organizing politically, mobilizing their base, creating political lobbies & PAC's, funding politicians, get out the vote drives and fully competing and engaging in all the gambits of civil society their story just won't be heard. In fact, it doesn't exist. Accusations, pointing fingers and sobbing won't do it. Not in America.

      There are dozens of other successful immigrant experiences from which to learn should Arab/Muslim Americans can't edure absorbing the lessons learned from the Jewish/American community. There is no excuse there either.

      Not only do Arab/Muslim Americans stand mute on political advocacy for Palestinian interests, as well as their own, in the American political scheme of things this failure to politically advocate their interests also means they count for nothing.

      In America that's the way it is.

    • I will further add that Israel and its front groups, lobbies and agents provocateurs are doing nothing different than any other foreign interest group in the US.

      The only reason the Zionist Lobby in the US is effective, and this needs to be underlined with an atomic pencil a million times, is because they have a free road with absolutely no competition to blunt their effectiveness. There is no Arab/Muslim Lobby in the US, or not much to speak of.

      There are just as many Arab/Muslim Americans as there are Jewish/Americans, their numbers globally total in the billions, nor are they a destitute people. Expecting Jewish/Americans to save their butts is a nice idea, but wrong headed.

      Politics in America is a public affair wide open to all classes of PERSONS, foreign or domestic. Its not a democracy and its not elusively the domain of indigent or naturalized citizens.

      Its the squeaky wheel that gets the grease, and when Arab/Muslims stand mute they just don't give way to Jewish/American interests and gains, their political silence literally means they accept the status quo.

    • The sole responsibility for a constituency lobbying, politicking and supporting Palestine is a job that belongs to the community of Arab/Muslim Americans.

      Like all immigrant groups before them, they adhere to the delusion if they hide in the wood work, play it low key and mind their own business they can avoid trouble and reap the economic benefits the US has to offer. It doesn't work that way.

      The American Arab/Muslim community needs to get off their dead asses and start organizing and participating across the board in the public, private and political spheres of America, just as all other immigrant groups have learned to do.

  • Ross's departure will hurt Obama's reelection hopes, Abrams explains
    • I too agree. Abrams is wishing hard Obama is gone come November 2012. And as for this characters supposed intelligence he was a key player in the most disastrous presidential administration in US history.

      And all those who have "...long since turned, or were never his to begin with..." are concentrated in the Republican party, which is in turmoil between nominating a lunatic from a host of maniacs, or a lackluster establishment candidate like Romney from a shrunken 'country club' faction.

      The economy "stupid" will play a role, but it has consistently hurt Obama far less than it hurts Republicans or the Congress. Nor can any valid lessons be drawn from the multitude of analysis's of the 2010 mid-term elections. There was bound to be a big correction after the lopsided electoral win by Obama in 2008, besides the opportunity it provided voters to generally register their discontent over the economy.

      Unless the repubs can field a viable candidate and quick, they are likely stuck with losing brands Obama has consistently beat to annihilating in polling, regardless of popularity or job approval ratings. Though the 6 November next poll on election day is the only poll that counts, my hunch is that Abrams is going to be eating crow and whining to high heaven for the rest of his life.

  • Dennis Ross announces he is leaving the Obama administration in December
    • "...KAGAN: You know, all the options are bad...."

      As usual, Kagan is spectacularly wrong again. The best option is not to start a war in the first place.

      In any case, should Romney actually support unilateral aggression against Iran, "at the end of the day" he may as well pack his bags and go home.

      In the absence of an overt attack that can be without equivocation and zero doubt laid at Tehran's doorstep, American's are sick and tired of making wars of choice.

    • No.

      The US has economic and national security differences with the Iranians. Likudniks, Zealous Zionists, neocons and fellow travelers are trying to exploit US/Iranian competition to their advantage and not doing a very good job of it, as the latest IAEA SNAFU amply demonstrates.

      When all's said and done the US and Iran will ultimately come to a mutual 'modus operandi,' especially and quite rapidly after that precise moment the Iranians have become nuclear capable. The US cannot afford to wage a war against Iran, not without totally militarizing state, economy and society as it did during WW II. That's not going to happen.

    • No president since Eisenhower over the Suez incident has successfully stood the Israelis down. Obama may be faulted for overestimating himself and his political support vis a vis Netanyahu in the fight over the settlements, but he can't be faulted for trying. Ross was nothing more than a useful tool in damage control whose usefulness for whatever reason has ended.

      Because every president has to keep an eye on the next election Obama has been playing humble and sandbagging on the Israeli/Palestinian issue. He fully knows Zealous/Zionists will never forgive him and are psychotically committed to his electoral defeat. All it takes is visiting their websites to get clear on that fact.

      Should Obama win another term will tell whether he is a coward or an American president committed to the national & strategic interests of the United States. The visceral hatred of the Zealots leaves little doubt in my mind what they fear the most, an activist president who no longer has to face re-election and can cut himself free from a treacherous party base.

      That's another reason the Israelis are going nuts banging the the swords and the shields. None know better than them the score a second term Obama will want to settle with them.

    • More like Obama's 'block punt' has figured out his usefulness to this administration is finished or been advised to leave. I don't buy 'I promised the family' line of bull for a second. Its not an opportune time for a major mouth organ of the Zionist/Israeli cause to be taking a powder, and may represent something afoot within the Obama administration that Ross figures he can better combat outside of.

  • James Baker blasts Obama as 'shortsighted' on settlements, on 20th anniversary of Madrid
    • Back in 2003 I read a news report that stated whenever Bush's name came up Baker's critique of the president was "scathing." My first thought was oh-oh, the shrub has made an enemy of the grey eminence and master architect of the Bush dynasty?

      Whether in or out of government the US has a powerful aristocracy of merit, and Baker is right at the top of the power pyramid. Only a fool crosses Baker as the shrub had learned. The Zionists had better do all they can to defeat Obama and elect another shrub as POTUS.

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