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I am a retired former clergyman, 82 years old, and currently an Orthodox Layman, an amateur anthropologist and author of a book on Orthodox Finland and another on Eastern European village life, as well as five Children's books.

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  • French premier says 'loathing of Jews' is behind BDS
    • I’ve known Jeff Halper for some fifty years since he came as a young man from Hibbing Minnesota to Macalester College where I was Chaplain. Fifty years I’ve watched him, followed his path, and been profoundly encouraged by his embodiment of the mighty stream of Jewish justice and righteousness, even though he denies to me that he came to college wanting to be a Rabbi. No, instead he became like Amos the shepherd of Tekoa, a prophet, striding the land with a call in word and deed to the mercy and commandments of God and the Torah. He is the very opposite of an Anti-Semite. He is instead a prophet rooted in the noblest of our Judaeo-Christian tradition.

  • Theocratic Israel
    • Thanks, I sense it is as I sort of figured. As long as he's just visiting and looking around he's okay. Mine was, or is, only a mild curiosity about when, or at what point, or in what cases, possible and probable social pressure might yield to some sort of legal constraint?

    • My grandson, the son of a christian raised mother who married a Jewish man, recently had his Bar Mitzvah. He now looks forward to visiting Israel. Will he have problems because he is uncircumcised Jew?

  • Israel will lose all American Jews but the crazies
    • I was walking along thinking that the old saying was about rats leaving a sinking ship, but then I stopped and chuckled as I said to myself: No now it is the crew and passengers fleeing the sinking ship and leaving it to the rats.

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