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  • Palbox: A way to support Palestinian farmers and artisans this holiday season
  • Why we are blocking the boat
    • LOL effective think that the word is now becoming a contradiction.

      FYI Israel isn't a democracy. I'm still surprised many Zionists are spreading these lies.

  • NY Times describes Israel’s June rampage in the West Bank as a “clampdown”
    • I am honestly surprised that so many Israeli Palestinians actually believe the war against Gaza was justfied.

  • Former Senator Weicker says he was 'lobbied' to be silent about Palestinian suffering
    • His last statement was the most telling -- he will speak his mind because he isn't pursuing office anymore. Obviously I'm taking a pessimistic definition, but we've seen it more and more recently.

      And for that [greater number of former public servents expressing their views] I am thankful because it will build up, yet I have no idea how long it will take for that breeze to really affect the tree branches of government.

  • Two-state advocates are on the defensive in debate on Capitol Hill
    • Translation: Let me use the "How to Defend Israel" guide.
      Alternative (Sarcastic) Translation: Let me cast doubt on documented and indisputable refugeedom while glorifying mythos of Hebrew refugeedom.

      That said, I'm not going to play your game. You'd prefer to pointlessly entertain people in this type of argument till the end of time, because you can avoid discussions about how to move forward in a single state whose laws and practice aim to espouse principles of liberty, equality, and opportunity for all.

  • Morsi, the last caliph-president of Egypt
    • I very much agree.I read about half of it, and then felt it was getting too long-winded for me, and then started skimming through the first and last sentences of every paragraph or so just so I can get the gist of it. If there's something really valuable let me know and I'll go back and reread the whole thing

      the interpretations of the article make is just twisted if you ask me, even if the interpretations are what some people believe in think. For example, rather than say that Morsi was making a statement when he chose to announce the call to prayer by Indicating that anyone of any background can potentially reach any level of office, instead he gets lambasted because he wasn't acting like a president by doing that.

      When we talk about democratizing a society you would think a statement about the maximum level about of mobility that could be had should be a statement that should be celebrated.

      this type of thought is riddled everywhere, especially when he tries to connect culture and sayings that aren't even part of authentic religious text and take them to be the political soap box of the first democratically elected EGyptian government.

      the coup organizer organizers better hurry fast and secure jobs for the country so they can run the country the way China is run, because if they don't, there will be yet another coup

  • Weiner should be 'hounded' for his support for apartheid
    • LOL. It was very clear what his statements were. He wasn't cut off at all, he was allocated his time, and even if he 'intended' something else, he clearly displayed a lack of knowledge. The event went on to discuss what the definition of the West Bank was, and he wasn't limiting it specifically to just a few Palestinians Cities. Go back and watch it (I'm recalling from memory, but I remember the extra dive to clarify his position).

      To say he represents a constituency that is "to the right" is a massive understatement.

      I do agree with you though that his opinions are malleable so as long as they fall in line with those that support him. For someone to spout such vulgar claims, but still appear to be incredibly ignorant, is a clear sign that he or she is following the money and power. Maybe at some point in his heart he believes it, but he is clearly pandering to an extreme right.

  • With conventional wisdom solidifying behind Hagel, will Obama finally declare on 'Meet the Press?'
    • I think power can be measured in more ways than simply 'successes'. Look at the noise that was raised and how it permeated much of the media; that, in itself, is an exemplary example of the power that can be mobilized when the right strings are pulled to set a system into motion.

      Even then, I don't see how AIPAC comes out as a winner...they still get 95% of what they want, remember?

      If Hagel doesn't get nominated, and it goes to someone that is more acceptable to AIPAC, it will be a pyrrhic victory because the visibility that AIPAC/Israel Lobby received plays against their desire to operate outside of the limelight.

  • Joseph and Mary can't make it to Bethlehem, on Banksy's Christmas card
    • The Hebrews of Yore can be genetically & ancestrally found in the Palestinians of today. They simply speak Arabic, and now have a major component of Arab identity.

      The image evokes a powerful sense of how the life of a Palestinian is affected - even shared religious wisdom (ie: The Christian story) cannot escape the powerful grips of racist Israeli government policy.

      Its a beautiful postcard.

  • Khalidi, Karon and Bronner (!) deliver a post mortem for the two-state solution
    • ____When did this change happen to Bronner? ___
      I've noticed a couple articles of the past few months showing Bronner being aware of what is going on; this is after the debacles that happened before he stepped aside from his previous posting at the NYT. Only 12 minutes into this video he truthfully articulated the Palestinians perspective of why they aren't interested in the game of the 'peace process'.

      Am I mis reading something???

      That said, there is still a long road on the way to being a Non-Zionist ;-) That said, I'm encouraged, especially after watching the Hilary video last night.

  • Visit Hillary Clinton's settlement
    • How he walked through the tunnel, she exclaimed, "Oh wow, they really improved it!" and they talked about the lighting for a brief moment. I suppose that is what you get excited about when the oppressor chooses to make oppression a little bit more palatable?

  • Journalist teaches students to join no party and sign no petitions for any cause -- oh except one
    • I read the book when it first came out; its thesis is very interesting, and even if one doesn't subscribe into the final conclusions, it still throws the official Israeli story into complete disarray and shows that its construction is:
      (A) Much like the story of many other nation states: pure myth and
      (B) the mythology was constructed using extremely shoddy "historical reconstruction" (still true for other nation states, except for the special University Dept's dedicated to Israeli History)

  • Bill Maher says Islam and Christianity are 'warlike religions' but Israel 'kicked ass' in its 'little war'
    • Not surprising coming from Bill Maher; Progressive Except Palestine at its best.

      Of course, in this scenario, based on what I've seen of him, I think he _genuinely_ believes the propaganda story. For someone who lambastes religious beliefs as a sign of weak minded people, he doesn't pause once to question the myths of Zionism and the hasbara that he effortlessly calls on.

  • Exile and the prophetic: Two more years
    • I would think the response would be "...How the hell is this going to help our economy?"

      I think because people's focus is on the economy, it gives him some leverage to pursue a more navigable foreign policy in the background, especially since he quietly knows that many of the 'ground forces' that constitute the diplomats, generals, intelligence officers, etc. have never been fond of Israel.

  • What did the Sheldon and Miriam Adelson get for their money? (Not much)
    • I doubt it; Israel is already very polarized; Adelson will get a regime that shares the sentiments he does - Olmert, Livni, Netanyahu, Barack...they are simply all the same with regards to Palestinians!
      If you look at Israeli elections, with regards to Palestine, they essentially amount to: "How much do we have to beat up on the Palestinians? More than the current state, or a little less than the current state?".. "Oh Americans are looking? Uhh yeah peace peace peace, lets talk more"
      There are no minorities to mobilize like in the US, as they are simply Palestinians (ie "Arab Israelis") and its hard to mobilize a block against (quite literally) their own existence :p Also, the youth are virulently racist given that most have had little to no interaction with Palestinians.

      What I hope is that the drift between the American and Israeli establishments continue to widen.

  • I am you
  • The Colbert Report: 'Israel Israel Israel'
    • I'm glad that we see JS & SC push these issues; I have many friends that don't care about politics, nor do they really care to listen about the plight of any oppressed people, but when they see shows like this they can't help but laugh and then "hold on a minute why in the world are we...."

      Keep it up Steven Colbert! It may be comedy, but you are fighting the good fight, and bringing the right issues to the foreplay, even if you do it subtly (ie: implying that extremely largely wealthy Zionist donors to Israel live in Boca Raton without directly saying it)

  • Anti-Obama infomerical confirms Israel's role as a partisan election issue
    • Again, to me, from the American perspective, we have to remember that people are simply ignorant and don't know of the reality. Even for "Irina", her problem is that her liberal self truly has no idea what she is defending.

  • See how Israeli colonies killed the two state solution
    • History has shown over and over that it is the Israelis who attack, and it is the Israelis who imprison the deluge of peace activists pushing for human rights, equality, and justice. This site is literally filled with thousands of examples.

      Its amazing how with so much information at your tips here, you can't see anything past your own racist, false, and (quite often) erroneous. preconceptions.

    • What does anything of a religious book have to do with basic human rights of people that live on a land?

    • Please Please PLEASE get a piece to break the wind on your makes it difficult to hear anything. An external mic that is appropriately dampened does WONDERS.

  • Survey of Arab-Americans highlights drop in support for Obama
    • Yeah just FYI the Arab vote doesn't matter because

      (a) We aren't big enough of a politically organized group, regardless of the number of Americans that have that heritage in them
      (b) We don't represent key swing voters in constituencies that matter (First I've read would be that report you have linked...but the link isn't working)
      (c) We haven't pooled money to the same extent as other PACs to help get politicians elected that are sympathetic to causes important to the community (which should be 100% in line with basic concepts of Human Rights & Universal Equality)
      (d) There are much bigger forces that make/break elections

  • Romney dirge for two-state solution causes widespread panic among those fearing for Israel
    • that is where my sentiments fall to: 2SS now with a path (which may take anywhere from 1 generation to many more generations) back to 1SS.

      That said I wouldn't oppose 1 state solution...I'd welcome both options (2SS w/ East Jer and 1967 or 1 SS with equal rights for all)

    • Sure, but the 2SS that Avnery is talking about is a far cry from what Dershowitz is talking about....lets not conflate the two.

    • Yup.

      In the past, two state to Dershowitz meant 'no state, so Israel takes more land'.

      Now, two state probably means finding some kind of guilded moral justification to shoving palestinians on bantustans, restricting movement to within those regions, controlling all functions related to natural resource management (land, air, sea), and still denying them the right to vote because 'technically they are a different country'. Lets push to ensure that this alternative is never realized because it is the legalization of the current situation with no true justice.

    • Spoken like someone who wants to split the technicalities. Define 'two-state solution'.

      Dershowitz supports a 2 state solution where Israel creates a series of bantustans. Finkelstein, on Democracy now many years ago, clearly called him out on this; he forced Dershowitz to clarify that his support for 2 states lies on whatever vague notion of 2 states Israel wants.

      A 2 state solution on the 1967 lines with East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine would be, quite literally, an anathema to him.

  • Moses and Mohammed are not equivalent figures in Jewish and Islamic faiths
    • I misunderstood then, I thought that you meant only Mohammed was viewed as such.

      Even if they appear flawless, I don't know if that is necessarily the message the Quran is pushing. Unlike the Bible, the Quran doesn't engage in a story for the sake of narrative; even though stories of 'cain and able' can be found in both, the Quran immediately goes towards the position of 'what is the lesson to be learned' -- that is why many colorful narratives in that story, for example, don't exist at all, resulting in a story that is a fraction of the length of what the Bible contains. Even the names of these two are not given.
      This is a common theme over and over - so I don't know if it is truly a scenario of being immaculate, but I know I completely go against the grain =)

      Anyways we both seem to agree that its awkward for a Muslim (with some 'basic' understanding of the religion...but lets look at most religious people :p) should try to make an analogy like that....

    • Yup; whether we believe in religion or not, one of the big important things is to juxtapose the Quran to both the Torah and New Testament, and to highlight all these points of similarity and 'restoration of the evolved message' in the Quran; "hey you may vehemently disagree about our claims of corruption of the message, but we aren't ultimately trying to mix water and oil; we are quite similar"

      Islamophobes, when it comes down to it, really don't know the Quran beyond many deliberate mistranslations of small sections. And if they actually do, then often its a case of 'follow the money trail' (people have Wafa Sultan have been very rich off the industry)...

      And the more you can enlighten (ha!) people to these religious similarities, the more difficult it will be to recruit Islamophobes whose hatred lies on fear of the unknown -- the ones left will just be intense racists towards Arabs and/or Muslims.

    • I think Insan al Kamil is something that isn't even in the Quran; its concepts and ideas that no doubt existed before, and were re used to justify things in the Quran. Just FYI Its been a while since I've dived into the Quran, but this sounds very hadith-ish.

      That said - even aside the point of the basic concept of being 'flawless and perfected', there is nothing in the Quran that shows the other messengers/prophets (atleast moses and Jesus...been a couple of years since i've done serious Quranic reading) to be flawed.

      The example that comes to mind actually goes to Moses. With Moses, the quran is very clear in drawing a distinction between the actions of Bene-Isra'il (Children of Isreal) and Moses. Moses comes off just as 'perfect' and 'flawless' in that regard.

    • Yakov didn't go as far as I thought he would. I would agree that the relationship is different, but not in the way he described.

      The messenger Moses is revered a lot in the Quran. In fact, he (arabic: 'Moo-seh', and, to which muslims should alwy) is the _most recounted messenger of all of them_ (I think he is referenced almost *twice as many times* as the next Messenger...which is Jesus. Surprisingly to most non muslims, the messenger Mohammed is referenced near the bottom of the list)

      So for a muslim to insult Moses thinking of it as 'pay back' just goes to show that he or she hasn't really read the Quran...probably didn't even open it up ;-) Of course, its Goldberg we are dealing with, and he is probably picking out the e-mails that best suit his point...

  • Egyptian President Mursi orders Tantawi to stand down
    • Who knows what the intentions are plans are...but what we know for sure is that the pre-existing apparatus of key decision makers that have ruled the country for decades NEEDS to go (ie: something like Napoleonic exile to an island where they can live the rest of their lives away) for Egypt's uprising to be set on a successful path, otherwise, it will be tainted at its core.

      Removing that high level military structure seems one way to do it... I must say I wonder about the replacement, who is another career general...

      more unanswered questions, but probably a step in the right direction.

  • Settler Marc Zell talks Jewish identity at the King David Hotel
    • I felt the same way when I first heard his voice...Reminded me of a high pitched german ;)

      Anyways, Zell is well spoken, but that doesn't mean a lot of his points had no basis in reality. The way he said it though is as if he believes every little detail of the historical past, and think the 'dirty points' is just the modern day treatment of Arabs.
      How do you break to that mindset?
      I don't think you do. I don't think you can.

      In 'The General's Son', which I read many months back, Miko Peled internally had to fight off fears and misconceptions despite being squarely in the 'Pro-Peace' camp. How do you break through this?

  • Israel's only hope is that theocracies emerge...
    • Well so as long as several billion go there every year, i don't think it matters how bad our economy gets. We seem to insistent on securing $$ to Israel even at our own detriment that I don't even see triple dip recession to the bottom of the Mariana trench changing that

  • A representation of Israeli soldiers
    • Is staging sit ins and blocking the entrances to buildings not non-violence?

      It is called civil dis obedience. I like how your definition of 'non violent' can extend to anything beyond "lying dead on the ground and occasionally crowing about equal rights'

    • You know you would fit right in line with 1950s/60s segregationists who would argue against the many incredibly important 'civil disobedience' movements there were taking place.

      You are basically boiling it down as follows: "I accept our legal system which does everything possible to detach Palestinians from their land". Following that you move into some gibberish (later on) about how Israel's right to 'defense' is needed, bla bla. You HAVE to call it *defense*, because it is the way you rationalize these inhuman actions. No human could. Israeli leaders need this language, along with dehumanization through outright lies and fabrication, to psychologically placate the minds of humans committing and supporting these atrocities.

  • New film investigates Israel's legal system in the occupied territories
    • Yes, can someone please reply to my post if the full version is found? I'd love to get a hold of it

  • Prominent Protestant journalist who learned everything from secular Jews warns them about their blindness to a messianic 'debacle'
    • My god hophmi do you do this on purpose? All this talk about Jewish suffering, yet you miss a few points:

      (a) suffering of Jews is not unique only to Jews. There can be no moral comparison to argue which suffering is worse - each group of people throughout history that have suffered have a unique experience worth listening to. But please don't speak of Jewish suffering as if only Jews experienced oppression time and time again in this world. It completely betlittles many of the other experiences that have plagued populations throughout human history

      (b) What about the suffering of the Palestinians? Do you truly think Israel was created in a vacuum, void of Palestinian Arabs? That the British mandate ruled over an empty desert as opposed to a people with a rich agriculture history of orange, olives, pomegranites, etc. etc.? How can you talk on and on about suffering, but somehow have a blind eye to all the Palestinian suffering from the statistics (750k ejected refugees), to the personal face-to-face stories of the youtube videos and diaries that are featured on this website.

      I would say that almost no one here is an anti Semite, and no one here wants suffering for Jewish Israelis or Palestinians (be they citizens of Israel or not). But you have to understand that [b] you must give them equal rights, afford them the same protections that Jewish citizens have, and stop oppressing them through traumatic violence and legally sanctioned discrimination. The experiences they are going through now are simply a different manifestation of Jewish suffering of the past; it can never be said to be the same, and its an entirely unique experience, but it stabs at the heart and soul of the oppressed all the same[/b].

  • Arab countries see Israeli occupation and US interference as greatest threats to peace in Middle East (not Iran)
    • I read his book..."Arab Voices". Its pretty good because it shows very clearly how the data, over the years, has shown very clearly what general trends exist in various Arab Countries, what people in different countries tend to value, how they see the Israeli occupation, and what drives them in life.

      Amazingly enough, they come out entirely human just like us...and are overwhelmingly for a solution that still involves the existence of Israel. the problem is that zionists don't want anyone to know that - its easier to pretend that they are bloody thirsty, violent, and irrational animals. Population transfer is easier when the 'other' can be broken down into something non human.

      The other interesting part is it completely shoots down all the partisans talking about what really matters in the mid east: claims that women's rights are more important, Iran is a bigger issue, etc. etc. is all FUD. Who would have that most of Saudi Males are for a much more equitable gender system and want women to drive? Did you know (oh noes, now I'm making a claim and I don't have the book around me to confirm) that a greater percent of Saudi Males are interested in these rights than Saudi Women are? And of course, Israel & Palestine ranks as a higher issue in their minds...and that is a common theme across the entire Arab World (one of the very few that you can generalize) - despite all the differences, and how Arab countries have pretty different perspectives on what matters to them, the problem of Palestine is something that tops the charts of Arabs in every single country.

  • Strauss-Kahn. Israel every morning
    • Uh dude; I'm no expert, but that transnational ummah isn't another physical country, where issues of dual loyalty can appear. A person can feel a tie to a transnational spiritual community that doesn't physically exist.

      DSK didn't wake up saying "I wake up every morning thinking about how I can help the spiritual plight of Jews" ....he said he wakes up every morning thinking about how to help another foreign country".

  • Why am I organizing the Gaza boat? Because Jewish history commands me
    • sorry for replying so late (I don't even know if you will see this)

      "Anything that defangs religion, and gets it out of the public sphere, is okay by me."

      Is an equally dangerous comment. Imagine what falls under the category of 'anything'

      FWIW, I've pretty much fallen by the wayside as far as religion is concerned, but I've seen and experienced how it can be such a beautiful force of good in this world.

      For all the problems you claim religion brings, its non existance will not remove those problems. People will find something else to twist and control a population with, and the non existance of organized religion will have little to no impact on that.

    • Does it matter? If any belief system can be taken and positioned to align with universal ideas of humanity that we all agree with, I'm not going to complain. Better than having a wedge, artificial or real, injected into the conversation. Makes isolating extremists easier

  • Khalidi says Palestinian humiliation is at the heart of the Arab revolutions
    • If you are going to spout statistics, make them relevant. There over 750,000 Palestinians that were ethnically cleansed on Israel's founding, and the oppression, humiliation and attempt to destroy their culture and memories continues daily. You can read the many stories here that put faces to those numbers and bring to life their struggles. I would think you'd be opposed to that because you understand that once you do that, people's humanity opens up and taking a stance against violently aggressive expansion is a no brainer.

      It is not a simple question of percentages of land: Saudi Arabia is a big f*ing desert; So is Sudan and much of Egypt. It isn't even a question of livible/fertile land vs desert; it is a question of human rights and equality. That is something that the way you presented numbers will never real, which is EXACTLY why you presented it that way.

      The way you use your numbers is also decieving - would anyone come forward and say that ONLY 1e-3 % (3000/300million) of Americans died on 9/11, so therefore 9/11 is overblown?
      If you come forward with a statistic, put it in perspective, and have it make sense.

      On your comments about the Ottoman - people living in the region known as Palestine [ a 'backwater' as you refer i to - shows how you are influenced by the Zionist mythos] have no sovereignty over the land they live on is an incredibly weak argument.
      Here is another way to put what you just stated:
      "Doesn't matter how long you've lived on a long, could be generations! But if political power doesn't reside in your land, then you have no right to say it is your land". It doesn't matter who has political control over any swath or region --> it is never an excuse to de-legitimize people who live on a land. Does this mean we can kick out every other Arab from Arab countries because they had no sovereignty either during the Ottomon era? Using your this ridiculous logic as well as paranoid tendencies you display in your responses, I'd argue that you are pushing for an Israel that truly does extend to the Euphrates.

      You then descend into a 'They suck just as much as we suck' argument (hint hint: doesn't work), and end the post with your own projections of anti semitism, which no one here has stated or implied.

      ...maybe there was a reason Walid chose not to respond to your weak diatrabe...

  • Slater: Hamas is pragmatic
    • I guess no matter what Israeli leaders say, do, write, whatever, some among us will never stop apologizing for them and projecting their own Western values upon them.

      You all look very naive right now.

  • Dare to struggle, dare to win, dare to live together and build a paradise
    • Great Q&A. Going to save this link so I can refer others to it in the future if/when the need arises

  • OBL/Palestine = Berlin Wall/Apartheid
  • Hamas officials condemn bin Laden killing
    • :\ Although I think that these statements are said in the midst of what they've gone through the past several years in Gaza, and our on Govt's Double Standard towards the development and spread of the Arab Spring

  • On NPR, Marc Lynch raises a central Arab concern: 'What about no-fly-zone for Gaza?'
  • Guess they've decided controversy is good for business
  • Obama honors Arab uprisings for demanding 'universal values'
    • ...Peaceful Assembly and Association...

      ...Freedom to Speak your Mind and Choose your Leaders....

      *list of people who were attacked/killed for political reasons*

      Do we see this in Israel?

  • A Jewish student responds to the charge of anti-Semitism at UC Santa Cruz
    • Uh the left does not affirm that (2) is acceptable.

      You should stop conflating the 'actively Jewish' part with the raping and pillaging of Palestine. And if, to you, being actively Jewish means to support the destruction of another people (not a doomsday word at all - that is quite literally what is happening. I'm assuming you at least read the HEADLINES of the articles posted here) , then there is a much bigger problem beyond your carefully crafted technical definition of anti semitism.

  • Hogtied on Israel, Obama privately calls on Europe to take on Netanyahu and settlements --Economist
    • Official Recognition does not matter at all. Paraphrasing what Clinton hippocritically said on the topic of the ceasefire in Libya, "We look for actions, not words"

  • The Arab revolutions' message to America
    • A dishonest comment - she was directly pointing to the 'Arab Revolutions' as being the messages from the 'Arab World'. Do not conflate the governments with the reactions of the people.

  • Israel, and the AJC, try to shut down Miral US premiere tonight at the UN
    • Well to be fair, someone might have called him out for saying nothing; at least he gave his (super predictable) perspective.

      I haven't seen the movie but I'm curious. Hope they have a release somewhere around where i live. Even if it is subpar, I'd see it just to provide financial support to these projects that try to bring push forward the Palestinian Cause

  • If Obama thinks the revolutions in the Arab world will lead to more support for the US and Israel, he's wrong
    • A lot of this reminds me of colonial powers using the local govts to force down uprisings. Sure the technology and power of the Govt is vastly superior these days, but if everyone is uprising...what do you do, kill them all? Rule over dirt?

    • WJ - that may be true, but going off what I know, Mubarek's Egypt wasn't a cake walk either...but one important difference was that the latter publicly collaborated with Israel.

      I would perhaps suggest that, ultimately, when people desire freedom, paying lip service to the Palestinians only serves to delay the inevitable (fall of the Govt). But keep in mind that the Palestinian issue is one of the key and forefront issues of pretty much everyone in the Arab Street (the REAL Arab street - not the rulers). So from that perspective, Assad's Syria will hopefully fall as well providing that no reforms and changes are made, it just may take more time.

    • "No matter how the spin makers try, there is a new Arab world in the making and it might take years but the end result will be a major tidle wave against Israel and the US, although then it wil be fully supported by their new governments. That’s democracy."

      I will definitely take years, if not decades....I started to write a list of serious questions that would seek to clarify what change and the extent of it, and then I realized its simply too complex and unknown at this point.

      I do think if the US does attempt 'the typical washington spin', we can relatively save our skin by atleast having cordial relations. This is partially because I don't expect everything to change within a few years. It doesn't suggest that they'll become buddy buddy from day one: People won't forget easily, but they'll forgive easily.
      However, as pointed out, it would require the US to change the approach everywhere (ie: pull out of Iraq) in the Middle East, and requires that approach to be more than just words. It requires us to think that these universal values are indeed our values that we believe in rather than an 100% empty message. Some may say this is too idealistic, but I've seen enough speakers (Chas Freeman, Dr. Baird, etc) eloquently detail how its in our actual interests to do so, so I am definitely a believer in that approach.

  • Whitewashing Israeli apartheid with literary finesse
    • I'm on the side that is pushing for universal human rights I feel pretty solid with my smile and comment about irony =)

      It also isn't as if Israel is unfairly targeted with BDS tactics with no context - 40 years of occupation, never ending Orwelian peace talks, and flagrant apartheid style governance brought about BDS. Since its entirely non violent but still effective, it can't be given the same terrorist style labels or discredited so easily.
      Thus, Israeli officials/propagandists are trying to highjack the actual intention of BDS and make it toothless - force it into a mold that the Israeli Govt/its extensions wants, and then criticize other forms of BDS as 'out of the accepted standard'....hence the irony at your '...unless you do it my way' comment.
      This article just calls out this attempt to detooth BDS and nothing more.

    • Oh you don't know how ironic your words are hophmi =)

  • Is Libya already lost?
    • Uhhh no. It reads as follows: "Do not interfere in situations where a populace is revolting against a leadership; it is best to let them sort everything out".

  • Ironically, only a Jewish filmmaker is allowed to tell Palestinian story in US, say Schnabel and Weinstein
  • The plan
    • Well Walid, truth be told, what is the point of assassinating him? He isn't leading whatever nuclear project exists (whether its nuclear power soley for energy, or nuclear power to develop a bomb), even if they had a bomb he isn't going to be using it offensively as that is suicide, and truth he told he sure as hell isn't the one with the nuclear codes at all.

  • Makovsky: Obama will give it up for Israel for a two-month freeze extension
    • I'm amazed how BY could have turned this down; From the Zionist perspective it is perfect: agree to kinda halfway languish in construction for 60 days, and get soooooo much more in return.

  • Pseudo-freeze ends, pseudo-liberals rejoice
    • I also thought it was a brilliant post. I always felt that there was dishonesty with these people who claim to be opposed to settlements yet are hawks on every other imaginable position.....and the OP explained it succinctly and clearly in a way that I am not able to. Paragraph 2 is absolutely powerful ...

  • 'Why would YOU want to go THERE?'
    • So the Israeli Govt doesn't fit the criteria of 1,2,3 or 4...and somehow you try to pin it on BDS.

      BDS says, "They don't accept the other, don't support the law to apply to everyone equally, aren't interested in integration at all, and don't care about non nationalist parties...let us make it hurt where things truly matter: their pocket books" and you have the audacity to claim that BDS somehow works differently? "
      You may ask what 'They' is....of course the Israeli Govt, the elites that run things, and a Large Segment of the Israeli Population that supports them

      You are laughable Witty.

  • The advance of the anti-Muslim movement across America
    • ZEeeeomg, that scares me! I don't watch TV, and don't really read anything in the mainstream media...and I had no idea that demonization is at that level. I guess living in the bubble that I live in, I don't see/notice it at all; and I'm hoping that the people I interact with already know it is bunk...however, to see absolute poppycock being paraded around as gospel is quite freaky when you realize how many households listen to the lies, take it in, and quietly start to think "we" are the enemy.

      Why are these people so interested in demonizing Muslims!?

  • Feeling the loyalty to the Jewish state
    • Still not fully random ;) A SRS can be biased if it doesn't consider location and time. Perhaps you can generalize these results to young American Jews who have spent time in Israel, but we can't statistically say its representative of all Zionists. Of course I'm arguing on technicality, I've read more than enough Zionist garbage to know that these views are often the baseline among Zionists....statistics isn't need there at all ;)

  • Hillel prepares from another year of BDS on campus
    • I find it interesting they keep suggesting 'advocacy'. What a nice, vague, term to cover up what is going on.

      It is always a warm reassurance to me that 'our side' is really about revealing what is going on, and exposing the truth of the matter as opposed to hide beyond fuzzy terms, hoping that entertainment can distract what is happening.

  • Smoking gun: even as it enters into talks, Israel declares policy of separating Gaza and W.B.
  • What Lebanon can teach the U.S. about religious tolerance
    • Wow...

      He starts off very clear: "If I am unfamiliar with the statements, it is because they are in all likelihood fabrications."

      He then traces where the false accusation PROBABLY came from.

      As for the second quote, he attributes to to an Israeli Gov Website and then says no more as to the source. Why? To show that there is no real trail to find the source - unlike the prior one which has to be traced to the liar, this one has nothing, or no one that corroborates it. So he simply asks the organization, who replies "We deny ever saying that".
      It turns the game of the quote into a "He said She said" match. Of course, that may be construed as not being sure if the source is accurate....

      ...until you reach the end where he states, "may I ask in return whether he is succumbing to the disinformation that passes for scholarship and journalism in certain quarters in the United States".
      Clearly stating that both quotes are disinformation.

      If you have an alternative way of reading the passage, I beg for your 'enlightenment'.

  • J Street and Oren patch up
    • Glad I never donated to them. Sounds like they'll just provide token opposition to say "SEEEE...all sides of the Jewish voice is truly represented". We'll see what happens in the coming months.

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