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  • NY ads depicting Palestinian dispossession are termed anti-Semitic by 'Jewish community'
    • Well witty's greatest hits do put into a nutshell what the zionist belief is...and these are even echoed by most of the liberal zionist.
      I can't say today that the American colonist wiping out the native Indians was necessary or worth it.....I prefer to believe there was some other way to accommodate the both the European immigrants and the Indians. Maybe our American 'advancement' wouldn't have been as fast but advancement isn 't always what it's cracked up to be.

    • Yes they have and what's so funny is that it's the Israel firsters in congress who screamed, screeched and 'demanded' US Muslims should condemn publicaly Islamic terrorist......are the same congressperps that lie for Israel every day with blood dripping from their hands.

    • Who wants to bet that the Zios will next start warning that there is a second holocaust about to come to America and everyone '' is ignoring the signs".
      Don't laugh....I can see them going that far as they get more desperate....demanding the government do something to stop the anti Jews ..i.e...anti Jewish State hysterica ''sweeping'' the nation. Some Zio groups will call on government officials and politicans to privately impart how alarmingly close America is getting to the anti Jewishness of Nazi Germany with all this opposition to and criticism of Israel which they must know is really anti semitic becuase it's the Jewish State. And the ADL will get a grant to study the public for anti Jewish/Israel attitudes and then make recommendations to congress on what actions have to be taken to eradicate it and "save America" from becoming Germany.

    • I agree RoHa. I think it's impossible to tell how many Jews support Israel and how many don't. Or more accurately how many 'vehemently" support Israel and how many "sorta" support it by pure reflex or conditioning.
      To my knowledge no one except Jewish orgs do any polls specifically on Jews and the pro Israel org polls always show the majority support Israel and the anti zionist orgs always show most don't or don't support what Israel does at any rate.
      I don't think either are that reliable because they both want to prove something favorable to their position.

    • ''Jews in Israel are not invaders or foreigners .".....jon s

      Actually they are jon. This is easily proven by simply using the numbers in the two British census of 1922 and 1931. It is a waste of time I am sure to tell you to download the complete census carried out by Major E. Mills and read the in depth details for your self.

      But the findings were that the Jewish population of Palestine had increased "108% from European Jewish immigration" in the space of 9 years, 1922 to 1931. Also in contrast to foreign born Jewish immigrants, only 2% of the Palestine population was born outside Palestine.

      * The total population reported was 1,035,821 (1,033,314 excluding the numbers of H.M. Forces)[2] – an increase of 36.8% since 1922, of which the Jewish population increased by 108.4%.[1]
      The population was divided by religion as follows: 759,717 Muslims, 174,610 Jews, 91,398 Christians, 9,148 Druzes, 350 Bahais, 182 Samaritans, and 421 "no religion.

    • ""By the early 1940s Jews owned about one third of Mulk land in Palestine and Arabs about two-thirds. The vast majority of the total land, however, belonged to the government, meaning that when the state of Israel was established, it became legally Israel’s. "...PZ

      Government? What government? There was no Israel government prior to 1948.

    • Fredblogs says:
      July 13, 2012 at 3:16 am

      funny how the only sites that even mention a “British Survey of Mandate Palestine” are 6 posts by you, here and elsewhere

      There have been dozens upon dozens of post here linking to the documents of the British Survey of Mandate Palestine......and the Brisith Census of Palestine.

    • But, now, think ‘Zionist state.’"..Colin

      Exactly....... people who don't know would have to ask what zionism is and find out.
      What they find is going to be a lot different from what 90% of them thought the Jewish state was.

    • "It is a criminal enterprise run by Jews with the noble goal of saving Judaism''.... ..Seafoid

      I don't think the aim of zionism was the noble goal of saving Judaism, it was to use it or replace it or turn it into zionist nationalism.

    • "“This is anti-Semitic because when people think of Jews they think of the Jewish state,”

      Well ....he has has it backwards....when people think of the Jewish State 'then' they think of Jews...there is a difference.
      But they deliberately set up that (universal) linkage so their complaint is typically hypocritical.

      I notice that the ME Arab countries commonly refer to Israel as the' Zionist' state or entity not the Jewish state.
      So Zionist State should be introduced into US discourse to replace Jewish State.
      Come to think of it using Zionist State instead would be a good way for the public to check out zionism and learn what Israel was and is actually about.

  • 'NYT' sees end of 2SS in Levy report, Munayyer sees Israel's growing int'l isolation
    • " or to invite the world’s unprecedented condemnation and isolation as a profoundly undemocratic state.''

      I am convinced this is what they want ..... them against the world (as long as the US protects them). There is some self destructive core in Israeli zionist. They have this psychopathic compulsion to 'force upon or beat down others' even if it also destroys them in the process.
      Really they are not sane people. And all the liberal zionist who think they can 'change' zionist Israel are just as deluded because even it it was possible to change Israel there is not enough time left to do that before it all detonates.

    • Zzzzzzzzzz...

      Yea, Ditto, totally immaterial.

  • Romney to hold fundraiser in Jerusalem...
  • Zionism as a political movement is dead
    • I am tired of this stereotyping contest--- so for the last time.

      The Question was.....was there anything good in zionism.
      I replied that zionism urging Jews to be builders and creators, even take up manual labor instead of staying in merchant and trade and other middle men fields was good.

      Now you can pick whatever you choose to believe in Jewish stereotyping and no doubt some of you will pick both and then use your contradictions to at various times to label something stereotyping or anti semitic.

      Chose one.
      1) Jews were always builders and creators fully participating in building and creating in the countries they lived in and no anti Jewish restrictions prevented this.
      2) Or they were prevented from doing this in mnay places and that is why Jews were not in the building and creating sectors and were for the most part relegated to only certain endeavors and livelihoods.

      In Herzl's writings on zionism he talked about Jews being banned from owning land and from pursuing a variety of ownership professions and said the constant expulsions of Jews led to insecurity and Jews adopting artisan professions and other professions that were easily * transferable* to other countries or locations

      MY opinion that some, not all, but enough, of this about Jews not being allowed into building and 'ownership is true and did affect the kind of work Jews took up because historians other than Jewish ones have noted this in world history.
      THERFORE, it is a perfectly logical, not stereotyping, deduction to say that if Jews had a history of being prevented from being builders in the sense of creating thing *materially permanent* then the ones ''that could'' stayed away from those kind of ventures because they couldn't take it with them if the need to flee arose.
      THIS does not rule out Jewish peasants raising chickens or doing manual labor in those days.
      WHAT is does say is the Jews who had any wherewithall at all either couldn't or didn't want to invest it in 'building-creating hard assets" they might lose in new explusions or new rules for Jews.

      So if you don't agree with my take at least use some facts and logic to dispute it and not the usual knee jerk reactions of the bots.

    • "and it’s a hell of thing that an entire people should be dispossessed and oppressed on behalf of a hobby."

      Every morning I flip thru the cable news channels...every morning I see channel 2 broadcasting fund raising tear jerkers asking for $350 donations for transporting black Ethiopian Jews to Israel......While Israel is busy deporting non Jewish black Africans.

    • tokyobk says:
      July 11, 2012 at 7:13 pm

      There you go American, true to form. Jews have never been creators of any kind, not in art or philosophy or science or medicine. Or builders, since even when financing building the Jew is mere moneylender.''

      Oh so Jews were land builders and not a restricted put upon minority in history?
      Make up your mind which tale you're going to go with about Jewish history---persecuted minorities kept out of certain endevors or full blown 'builders' fully particpating in countries they lived in.
      But..wait!...I forgot, you're a zio so you can flip back and forth to whatever truth or myth suits your accusations and arguements.

    • @Collin

      If it's stereotyping it's stereotyping I got from from Jewish accounts of history -----one being that Jews were not allowed to own land in many countries---which was they went to other means of livilhood.
      Now perhaps my statement was too much predicated on thinking about that Jewish condition in past centuries when I said it was good that Herzl's zionism urged Jews to' build and create'......something they couldn't do in the past.
      But anti semitic and stereotyping? Where the hell am I? the ADL?

    • @ Mooser,

      Nothing stupid or anti semitic about it. the history of the Jews as told by Jewish historians....Jews weren't allowed to own land in some or most countries they lived in....therefore they were mainly merchants or engaged in "trade" or were 'middle men' or bankers-money lenders.

      NOW, ---this is the history put forth by Jewish historians themselves and given as a reason by many as to why Jews gravitated to other types of livilhoods like academics, banking, accounting and etc..not into developing land and building 'directly' themselves.

      If you don't like my deducing this from what Jewish historians say about the Jewish past and saying the good thing about Zionism was urging Jews to go out and build and 'create' their own something...then f*** you, take it up with your own historians.

    • Ker-boom!...ker boom! ....evidently some in the Church of E have turned the holocaust defense upside down. Instead of Jewish orgs using 'remember the holocaust' now some have stolen it and are saying what the zionist do is ''shaming the memory of the victims of the holocaust''. Well I guess that's what they get for desecrating the holocaust victims by using them as a fig leaf to begin with.
      Anyway it shows how the fight has been kicked up a notch by their opponents to fighting fire with fire. ..which was bound to happen cause the zionist don't know what 'enough is enough' means.

      The statement went to say, "Moreover, to hear the debate at Synod littered with references to 'powerful lobbies', the money expended by the Jewish community, 'Jewish-sounding names' and the actions of the community 'bringing shame on the memory of victims of the Holocaust', is deeply offensive and raises serious questions about the motivation of those behind this motion.""

    • They may end up bankrupt as well as losing Israel. So far they've done pretty well at buying politicians and individuals in some important governments and bodies but doubtful they have enough to buy out everyone and all the movements against them.
      I think what Kretzmer say below shows where the zionist and Israel are headed...for a eventual collision with most of the world.
      I think a big collision is a high probability because although most everyone, governments, the public, is fed up with and warning Israel no real action has ever been taken to stop them--and what that likely means is the world will continue to take no real action on Israel till it crosses some final point of no return.
      At that point the world can fall on Israel "with complete justification" and "no other choice'' so to speak, saying it has done everything it could to avoid having to take whatever drastic action but now has no other options.

      'Israel is in a dangerous position vis-a-vis the world'

      Haaretz‎ - 1 day ago
      Prof. David Kretzmer, an expert on international law, also commented on the Levy committee's determination that Israel is not an occupying ...

    • "from liberation to intellectual dreaminess to socialism to manual labor to a new Jewish relationship to land”

      This is the only good thing that I see in original zionism, the urging Jews to become 'builders" or 'creators' of something instead of being mainly those who either made their living off servicing/selling to the labor and building masses or loaning money to the builders and creators.
      But their building something turned into stealing from others-- so it went wrong.

  • Republicans woo the settler vote
    • This headline cracks me up.....:)

      ""Wasserman Schultz: "It Would Be Nice If We Had A Candidate for President Who Was Committed To America"

      She's talking about Romney but in the video she looks like she's trying not to laugh.
      I could like Debbie, she seems sincere and earnest, if she just wasn't so fucked up about Israel.

    • I can't wait till the GOP and ZIO declare it's anti semitic to vote for the Obama or the Dems..rotflmao!
      I guarantee you some zio or repub operative is already circulating that idea.

    • The US zios sure aren't making any effort to hide their fifth column activities and subversion of America are they? They are pulling out the stops in this election.
      Zionist control of the US is way out in the open and heading down the stretch toward a climax.

      Who would have ever believed the US could be taken over and subverted like this?......seriously.......who would have believed it was possible for a minority group of foreign loyalty to turn 90% of our so called US representatives into, in the absolute true sense of the word-- traitors -- and to make obedience to a foreign country the 'hallmark' of America and to make loyalty to another country acceptable?

      Sometimes I have to stop and pinch myself to make sure this isn't a nightmare.
      I tell you though, If Americans ever do find out exactly what has and is going on and the true extent of it, if they ever even know half of what we know....there will such a murderous rage in the public that all the King's horses and all the King's men won't be able to contain it.

  • The day the general came (and the lobby tried to get me fired)
  • The BDS movement at 7: Stronger, more widespread and more effective than ever
  • Expert UN panel established to investigate 'implications' of settlements on Palestinian human rights
    • "The Levy report on the Israeli occupation and West Bank settlements has everyone talking--mostly about the absurd and delusional nature of the conclusion, which is that there is no occupation."

      LOL......if any scientist are looking for perfect subjects for research on the Stupid Gene...well, look no further than Levy & Group.

  • Ash responds to critique of Finkelstein on BDS
    • Les says:
      July 10, 2012 at 12:12 pm

      "Having a long history of being a minority in many different lands, Jews supported both justice and equality. Justice for minorities in society, not just Jews. And equality (before the law) for all individuals."

      O.K,. here we go again. You need to amend that statement to "Some" Jews.
      Can 't get away with lionizing 'all' Jews or 'The Jews' any more than one can get away with stereotyping The Jews as baddies.

      And to stir the pot some more let's consider....some people who were never, have never, been discriminated against, who were within the majority, also supported justice and equality for minorities.....when ''there was nothing in it for them''.....except their own personal principles.

      So if people insist on getting into group showdowns over ''what group is the fairest and most moral of them all''....then we have to go into some real philosophical debates like the one about whether the man riding in the carriage got out of his carriage to save a dog from drowning in the stream did so because he himself had almost drown in a stream and knew how it felt. or whether he had never experienced near drowning and did so out of some human 'empathy' quality.
      And then we have to decide which type is the most virtuous ...those who act from 'their own' remembered suffering or those who with 'no personal' remembrance or identification with suffering act with empathy for others.

      Take it away Aristotle.

  • Beinart signals shift to cultural Zionism, away from need for a Jewish state
    • There was no "need" for a Jewish state.
      Particularly after the Jewish holocaust, the Jews were home free after that event, guaranteed their protection by the world powers.
      They should have left it at that because zionism and Israel and it's politics have put them back into the center of a storm.

    • ''that they have a right, or it is okay, for them to oppress the Palestinians in order to safeguard what they see as their right to rule.'''.....Woody

      That the problem isn't it? The talk of Jewish 'self rule' is fluffy goes beyond that into ruling others.
      I pay attention to way Israel and zionist talk to the world at large and to world governments and's always "We Demand", 'We Won't Allow"....always ''dictating'' to the world what They will and won't accept and what the world 'Must and Will' do to satisfy their wishes and demands.

    • Seems to me Beinart's next step is to define Cutural zionism.
      What is it?
      Zionism has always been about separation and Jewish exclusiveness based on Jews being different and not fitting in or being allowed to fit in with others necessitating their own Jewish ruled nation.

      Define culture any way you want, convolute it, add to it or twist it around as I am sure the Pilpul Jewish wing will or has, the most accurate description still remains the beliefs, behaviors, traditions and other characteristics common to the members of a particular group or society.
      So I don't see how anyone can get an admirable or acceptable culture out of zionism particulary as it applies to Israel.

      Beinart wants to 'change' zionism ...BUT....but for the purpose of STILL holding onto the Jewish creation of Israel, which is a zionist "political' creation and entity. Can't be done imo.

  • State Dep't expresses 'concern' about Israeli move to legalize settlements, but let's leave it at that
  • Exile and the Prophetic: Traveling Jewish
    • If Hitler were around now, he’d be having a field day. Israel and its supporters seem to be bent on clothing his fantasy with reality."...Colin

      Well that is what the zionist have done to an amazing degree in numerous US gov sectors.
      That is what is so bizaare. They have actually brought the old Jewish canard to reality in the US in some respects and yet they think no one will say the Emperor has no clothes as long they yell anti semitism.

  • Jewish theologian says Christian discourse on divesting from occupation contains 'latent anti-Semitism'
    • "I think that quite a few here feel they have nothing to learn (or so they think). I think in fact that curiosity, a desire to learn about the other, is a key factor."......yonah

      Your narcissism is deeper and wider than the Atlantic Ocean.

    • "Now imagine listening to these comments "....yonah

      Why don't you imagine the comments we have had to listen to. the one you just made. I think I will start talking about how all Jews are latent Gentile haters.
      That's how those like you and many others talk about and view Non Jews.
      We get a steady diet of how evil and bad non Jews are. Even if we aren't 'active' anti semities we've still got the 'disease' of anti semitism.

      Commenters on this site spend a huge percentage of their comments and efforts recongizing and cheering on (moral) Jews and defending ''The Jews'' against being lumped in with psycopathic Zionist Jews.....While.....the psychopathic Zionist Jews swear thru a megaphone to the world that all Jews are like them and agree with them.....AND...scream constantly about all us anti semites while we are saying not all Jews are like zionist. If that doesn't hit 110 on the black is white irony scale nothing ever will.
      So you don't have a leg to stand on with that site smear.

    • The American Heritage Dictionary, Webster's and most others define anti-Semitism as “hostility’’ and prejudice toward Jews and or Judaism.
      Latent naturally means present or existing, but needing certain conditions in order to be apparent, expressed, or developed

      So it's basically a 'disease' of some kind in non Jews that is always present but not always active. But all diseases have a 'cause', either from some damage or infection, or from a biological defect in the body. Since most Jews claim there has never been a Jewish cause of anti semitism that leaves us with having some biological defect that causes our anti semitism disease.
      But wait!...if anti semitism is defect disease non Jews are born with and had no control over can't they ' also' claim it's not their fault? LOL
      I saw a news article in Blomberg's business section recently about a Jewish man who got indicted for US tax evasion, stashing some millions in a Swiss bank, and his court defense was the trama of the Jewish holocaust made him hide his money.
      Can you picture some Ayran nation guy going to court on some anti semitic incident charge with a stack of Jewish writings on the latent anti semitism of non Jews and saying ...see your honor, even the Jewish scholars admit I was born this way and can 't help it I deserve a stay at some cushy mental socializing rehab resort and not a real criminal sentencing.

    • Doesn't matter what latent anti semitism is or how they want to define anti semitism in the long run.
      The Churches movements on I/P are spreading. The zionist will not be able to quell it by insulting the Churches with 'latent' anti semitism.
      When you compare the political progress on Israel within countries to the religious progress of Churches on Israel, the religious movements are actually getting somewhere.

      Church of England weighs link to anti-Israel group


      LAST UPDATED: 07/09/2012 09:29

      Assembly, highest body to vote on motion formally adopting links to Ecumenical Accompaniment Program in Palestine.
      Photo: Finbarr O'Reilly / Reuters

      LONDON - Jewish and Christian community leaders have expressed widespread concern that the Church of England, the country's officially established Christian church, is next week set to discuss formally deepening links with a politicized anti-Israel group.

      On Tuesday, the General Synod in York, the Church's national assembly and highest legislative body, will vote on a motion that seeks to formally adopt the Church's links with the Ecumenical Accompaniment Program in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI).

      The motion encourages parishioners to take part in the program - which brings internationals to the West Bank to experience "life under occupation," according to its website - and urges churches to make use of the experiences of returning participants.

      However EAPPI - founded by the World Council of Churches and supported in the UK by Christian Aid and the Quakers - are considered to be a controversial group and stand accused of being anti-Israel advocates whose work "runs the risk of leading to anti-Jewish sentiment." "EAPPI is a one-sided advocacy group promoting the Durban strategy of boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel, supporting the Palestinian claim of a 'right of return,' which is code for ending Israeli sovereignty, and systematically ignoring continuous Palestinian terror attacks against Israeli civilians - each one a war crime," Yitzhak Santis, chief programs officer at the Jerusalem-based NGO Monitor, told The Jerusalem Post.

      The decision to discuss the motion has led to an outcry in the Jewish community, with British Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks and the Board of Deputies of British Jews leading protests.

      Alarmed that it could raise the group's profile and legitimacy, the Board of Deputies has sent a letter to all synod participants outlining their concerns.

      "The Board naturally commends those who want to protect the rights of the Palestinians living in the West Bank. As a result we support any organization which encourages reconciliation, but it appears to us that EAPPI does not promote this," wrote board president Vivian Wineman. "I fear the negative impact which the passing of this motion could have on that work and on relations between the two communities." Warning that the motion could do "serious damage" to relations between Christians and Jews, Sacks said it presents a one-sided narrative on a complex and difficult issue.

      "I am deeply concerned about the private members motion being debated. Were it to be passed it would do serious damage to Jewish-Christian relations in Britain, which have been so positive in recent decades. But that is not my only concern.


    • "“There is a latent anti-Semitism in much of these [divestment] discussions in mainline groups…. That’s hugely concerning.”

      There is 'anti- all -others' in full bloom in your 'homeland'.....suggest you sit up at night and worry about that for a change.

  • Israeli gov't study declares West Bank not occupied, Earth flat
    • @ Eitan

      Israel does not recongize and has said it doesn't recongize international law.
      The book is a joke, an argument against international law...based on whatver law Israel "makes up" for itself.

  • Nearly 100 weeks of protest in Adelaide: serenaded by buskers, and Christian Zionist unprintables
  • The country with the fourth largest Jewish population in the world isn't even a country
    • There is no check box for Jew or any combinations of Jew and another on the US Census form survey.
      There is no check box for religion on the US Census form.
      This a check race on the US census form, including a mixed race check box.
      There is a what is your ethnic 'origin' check box that includes Asian, Hispanic, several other sub set variations of that....Jew is not on the list of ethnic origins.

      Officially in the United States, by virtue of a US Supreme Court ruling, Jews are not considered an ethnic or a race. They are only,under all US law, recognized as 1) a minority and 2) as a religious group.

  • Water Torture: Gideon Levy says 'water is for Jews only' in the Jordan Valley
    • Palestinian Abuse of Water Resources

      by Barb Weir
      Monday, July 9th, 2012

      In response to the report by respected journalist Gideon Levy that the Israeli Civil Administration (i.e. military administration) in the Jordan valley had taken new steps to prevent abuse of water resources by Palestinians, this reporter spoke directly with Inspection Coordinator (i.e. military controller) Avi Regudju.

      “Is it true,” I asked, “that Bedouins and other Palestinians are not permitted to carry water containers in this area?”

      “Yes, I can confirm that. We are performing our duty to the best of our capacity.”

      “And what is that duty, exactly?”

      “We must prevent the stealing of water by Palestinians, and we know for a fact that some of these containers have been used for that purpose.”

      “So whose water is it?”

      “I’m sorry. That’s beyond the scope of my responsibility.”

      “So are you applying the same rules to Israelis who steal water?”

      “No, of course not.”

      “Why not?”

      “We are the civil administration of the Israeli military. Our job is to protect Israelis. And there are Israelis out here. It’s not our business whether they are stealing water or land or anything else. Our instructions are very specific about this.”

      “So how are Palestinians supposed to get water?”

      “Let them use their own water.”

      “You mean by digging wells on their land?”

      “That would be stealing.”

      “So what rights do Palestinians have and who protects them?”

      “I have no idea about Palestinian rights. Our job is to protect Israelis, and part of that means protecting the resources where they live. That is why we try to prevent theft of those resources – by Palestinians. The Palestinians have their own government. Let their military protect them.”

      “But the Palestinians have no military.”

      “I should hope not! We go to great lengths to assure that they don’t.”

      “In that case, what use is the Palestinian Authority?”

      “Sorry, but I’m not going to touch that one.”

  • A Fresh Coat of Paint for the Rubble: The message the Presbyterian Church (USA) sent to Palestinian Christians
  • Exile and the Prophetic: Chosen/Kairos
    • Another excellent piece Marc.

      But let me throw in something from the Non Jewish world's pov.
      I'll use this quote instead of all the preceding paragraphs dealing with it:

      "We can argue the point of chosenness vigorously, as often happens. Yet the argument itself is the point. The challenge of chosenness is a perennial in Jewish history. The struggle over Israel and the debates about the lessons of the Holocaust confirm this understanding."

      To the objective observer this chosenness in Jewish belief or thought is the achilles heel when it comes to Israel and Jews as a people. People will say and point out that other peoplehoods also regard themselves as chosen or as having some destiny they believe in or that some 'are trying to figure out'. But others chosenness (in the real world) for the most part, is something that flares with certain real events and then recedes, iow it's not a constant obsession in the majority.
      When it comes to the Jewish Holocaust a realist like myself sees it as 'another' example of the evil side of humans that has always been present and will always hover in the human world. To study and concentrate on 'why' it happened to the Jews is as pointless as studying on why it happened to Armenians and other genocided groups thruout history. The only lesson in the holocaust for Jews, or anyone, is not how or why they were singled out "that time" or any times-- but how the evil side in humans can single out and attack anyone, not only Jews. This is the real answer to the why of the Jewish holocaust, the answer to why the holocaust included the disabled,the homosexual, the inferior. But the idea of chosenness won't let many Jews accept it and they burrow deeper into the idea of chosenness by incorporating the holocaust as another proof of it and incorporating it into Jewish identity.
      This idea of chosenness, even the benign interpretation, was fertile ground for Zionist who turned it into 'exceptionalism' for the purpose of Jewish nationalism.
      If chosenness had remained within some religoius framework it wouldn't even be of interest to anyone and still isn't really.
      But when zionism made Jews and Jewish State "exceptions", as societal, political and legal exceptions, to the rest of the world and imposed the cost for Jewish exceptionalism on the others world it entered the danger zone.
      How Jews will get out of this I don't know. My belief is they can keep religious chosenness within the religion as a benign concept for good with no harm to themselves or others, but to put it bluntly Jews in and out of Israel, are going to have to accept ''ordinary equality'' and give up their ''special exceptionalism'' status if they want to survive in tact. Which means they have to get rid of/ reject zionism/zionist Israel as the expression of Jewish peoplehood exceptionalism.

  • 'Commentary' slams me for struggling with the elite issue
    • traintosiberia says:
      July 9, 2012 at 9:17 am

      American is pointing to the fact that the great institutions were not created by the Jewish minds.Not now not in the centuries of Jewish dominance as a country and as a civilization in 100 BCor 500 BC. ''

      Thanks for saying it better.
      In the bit of research I did on this what I saw was Jewish education in the Jewish past consisted of ''religious studies''.
      A far cry from what even then (centuries ago) was considered advanced learning or desire for knowledge.
      And why I think Phil has it exactly backwards. If the Jews had valued real 'learning' more so than others did they would have created the educational institutions and broadened their concept of education beyond the study of their religion, not gravitated to Gentile established halls of learning.

    • + 10 for Avi_G

    • @ Citizen

      Agree, material success is most worshipped by the majority. But then 'ideas' are also worshipped...people who invent...maybe not as widely.
      Not many in the masses are going to be reading about Higgs because of his boson particle's a subject way over their heads.

    • @ tokyobk

      Oh, don't start that crap. You know exactly what I meant and why I made the illustration.
      If you want to 'distinguish' Jews from Non Jews in their values in learning as some admirable trait in Jews more so than others then expect to have it deconstructed for you.
      There is this tendency for some to believe they can forever get away with left handedly insulting non Jews and non minorities without being called on it.
      Well as you can see can't.

    • @ tokyobk

      "But what on earth do you mean “our” Ivies? The point is in the twentieth century immigrant vigor coupled with fairer admissions changed demographics. Jews were overrepresented in that shift."

      By 'our' Ivies I meant US Ivies created long, long, long ago by those non Jews that Phil says/implies didn 't and don't value learning as much as Jews.
      The point really isn't changing demographics or opening up those schools to Jews and others...the point was I was challenging Phil on his claim that non Jews gravitate to the Jewish because they value learning more.
      Obviously if non Jews didn't value education these Ivies and thousands of other universities would never have been created to begin with and Jews wouldn't be clamoring to go to them.
      Fine to say Jews value education but don't imply more so than non Jews and get on a high horse to promote 'your people' by putting down others.

    • Do Jews value learning more than lesser mortals? I don't think so.
      "If" Jews did always and do value it more than Gentiles where are all their Jewish created elite and renown Ivies?
      Why are they wanting to go our Ivies created by Gentiles who value learning less than Jews for educational creds?'s a mystery.

      Harvard was established by the Unitarian clergy. Harvard's curriculum and students became secular throughout the 18th century and by the 19th century had emerged as the central cultural establishment among Boston elites
      In 1945–1960 admissions policies were opened up to bring in students from a more diverse applicant pool. No longer drawing mostly from rich alumni of select New England prep schools, the undergraduate college was now open to striving middle class students from public schools; many more Jews and Catholics were admitted, but few blacks, Hispanics or Asians

      Brown owes its founding to the support of the Baptist Church association

      Elija Yale who provided the original seed money for Yale was a Wlesh Anglican/Protestant with East India Company

      Columbia Univ.
      The university was founded in 1754 as King's College by royal charter of George II of Great Britain.

      Ezra Cornell was a birthright Quaker, but was later married a Methodist. White, his co-founder of Cornell was a Episcopaian.

      Dartmouth College was established in 1769 by Congregational minister Eleazar Wheelock. One of the nine Colonial colleges etablished before the Revolution.

      New Light Presbyterians founded the College of New Jersey, later Princeton University, in 1746 in order to train ministers. The college was the educational and religious capital of Scots-Irish America. In 1756, the college moved to Princeton, New Jersey. Its home in Princeton was Nassau Hall, named for the royal house of William III of England

      Univ of Pennsylvania
      Benjamin Franklin, Penn's founder, advocated an educational program that focused as much on practical education for commerce and public service as on the classics and theology. Penn was one of the first academic institutions to follow a multidisciplinary model pioneered by several European universities.

      Why aren't Jews like Phil going to their Jewish established colleges in the US if people who love learning gravitate to the Jewish because they value learning more than non Jews? must be another one of those mysteries:

      The Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies is a leading center for Jewish learning and culture in Chicago, Illinois

      Students at Yeshiva College pursue a dual educational program that combines liberal arts and sciences and pre-professional studies with the study of Torah and Jewish heritage

      The Karaite Jewish University
      Is a non-profit corporation incorporated in California, U.S.A., in November 2005 for the purposes of disseminating the study of Karaite Judaism. Karaite Jewish University is not accredited as an academic institution.

      The Jewish Theological Seminary of America
      JTS or JTSA) is one of the academic and spiritual centers of Conservative Judaism, and a major center for academic scholarship in Jewish studies. JTS operates five schools: Albert A. List College of Jewish Studies (which is affiliated with Columbia University and offers joint/double bachelors degree programs with both Columbia and Barnard College); The Graduate School; the William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education; the H. L. Miller Cantorial School and College of Jewish Music; and The Rabbinical School.

      The Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion
      The College-Institute) is the oldest extant Jewish seminary in the Americas[1] and the main seminary for training rabbis, cantors, educators and communal workers in Reform Judaism

      Hebrew College
      I1s an accredited college of Jewish studies in Newton Centre, near Boston, Massachusetts. Founded in 1921, Hebrew College is committed to Jewish scholarship in a transdenominational academic environment. The president of the college is Rabbi Daniel Lehmann.

      Gratz College
      Is a general college of Jewish studies founded in 1895 offering a broad array of credentials and programs in virtually every area of higher Judaic learning to aspiring Jewish educators/

      Baltimore Hebrew University
      Was founded as Baltimore Hebrew College and Teachers Training School in 1919 to promote Jewish scholarship and academic excellence, it continues to be the only institution of higher learning in Maryland devoted solely to all aspects of Judaic and Hebraic studies.

      The American Jewish University, formerly the separate institutions University of Judaism and Brandeis-Bardin Institute, is a Jewish, non-denominational educational institution in Los Angeles, California.

      Founded in 1948 as a nonsectarian Jewish-sponsored coeducational institution on the site of the former Middlesex University. The university is named for Louis Brandeis (1856–1941), the first Jewish Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States

      (Jewish college listings from Wiki)

    • Ah the eliteness thing.
      People, Americans in particular, don't resent eliteness, they worship success in almost anything, they'll lift you up and applaud you ---but the moment you become obnoxious in some way or any little way or they see your eliteness as some how rotten they will squash you.
      From zero to hero to zero again.... eliteness is constantly flitting about and changing.
      We're so fickle.

  • Evelyn Garcia welcomes a debate on US Middle East policy -- not smears and misrepresentation and hate mail
    • Obviously Mooser you are not infected with internet insanity.

      Beware everyone of too much...

      Actually there is some truth in this, you can get addicted and if your iffy anyway you can go over the edge.

    • @ Krauss

      How?...the same way they got other UN countries to vote for them....threating to use US power against them and bribes. ..same things they still do today.

      Pro-Israel Pressure on General Assembly Members

      When it was clear that, despite US support, the partition recommendation did not have the two-thirds support of the UN General Assembly required to pass, Zionists pushed through a delay in the vote. They then used this period to pressure numerous nations into voting for the recommendation. A number of people later described this campaign.

      Robert Nathan, a Zionist who had worked for the US government and who was particularly active in the Jewish Agency, wrote afterward, “We used any tools at hand,” such as telling certain delegations that the Zionists would use their influence to block economic aid to any countries that did not vote the right way.

      Another Zionist proudly stated: “Every clue was meticulously checked and pursued. Not the smallest or the remotest of nations, but was contacted and wooed. Nothing was left to chance.”

      Financier and longtime presidential advisor Bernard Baruch told France it would lose U.S. aid if it voted against partition. Top White House executive assistant David Niles organized pressure on Liberia; rubber magnate Harvey Firestone pressured Liberia.

      Latin American delegates were told that the Pan-American highway construction project would be more likely if they voted yes. Delegates’ wives received mink coats (the wife of the Cuban delegate returned hers); Costa Rica’s President Jose Figueres reportedly received a blank checkbook. Haiti was promised economic aid if it would change its original vote opposing partition.

      Longtime Zionist Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter, along with ten senators and Truman domestic advisor Clark Clifford, threatened the Philippines (seven bills were pending on the Philippines in Congress).

      Before the vote on the plan, the Philippine delegate had given a passionate speech against partition, defending the inviolable “primordial rights of a people to determine their political future and to preserve the territorial integrity of their native land...”

      The delegate went on to say that he could not believe that the General Assembly would sanction a move that would place the world “back on the road to the dangerous principles of racial exclusiveness and to the archaic documents of theocratic governments.”

      Twenty-four hours later, after intense Zionist pressure, the Philippine delegate voted in favor of partition.

      The U.S. delegation to the U.N. was so outraged when Truman insisted that they support partition that the State Department director of U.N. Affairs was sent to New York to prevent the delegates from resigning en masse.’

    • "A second question would be what (Jewish) faith has to do with this? If you mean to apologize to ‘Jewish people’ in general is one, but apologizing to ‘religious Jews’ is something else. "...Dutch

      Maybe she like many of us do, view Jews "as members of a religion" .....and not as the zionist version of some kind of third way people.

    • Get a attorney and sue hell of them....the individuals that smeared you and the Ft.L DNC. You have the grounds in the material damage----that you had to resign your position because of the smear of anti semitism--that they made it impossible for you to continue in that position by their slander.
      Until people start turning the tables on these cretins they will keep doing their sleezy crap.

  • Dershowitz says Jewish Democrats love Adelson, who 'has helped repair the world'
    • "Adelson has “helped to repair the world” by doing one thing, and one thing only, he’s “helped” Jews. That’s what the Dersh means – by “doing for” any jewish community, you’re healing the entire world."...Dan

      That is the belief of zionist....they 'are the world'.... to themselves at least.
      They are only a step away from publicly declaring themselves Gods like Roman Emperors Augustus, Caligula and dozens of others....they already believe they are Lords over other earthlings.
      Crazy cult.

      I will bet you that the zionist and Israel will try to horn in on the recent discovery of Higgs boson particle, referred to as the' God particle' because it may explain how the the earth and all matter was created, and try to find something uniquely Jewish about it....LOL.

  • On July 4th, Netanyahu lectures Middle East on Jefferson: 'All men are created equal'
    • @allenbee

      Thanks for quote.
      That's an excellent one for representing Jefferson's view.
      Makes it clearer.

    • @sean

      It's been decades since I looked at the Old Testement but 'anti-social, bloodthirsty, capricious, cruel, depraved, remorseless, superstitious, unjust, vicious and vindictive ' describes my impression of it.
      I don't think Jefferson was anti semitic, as in hating Jews, that wouldn't fit with his morality. I think he probably regarded Jews as being 'primitive' because of the Old Testment.

    • @Blake,

      I think you're missing the point about Jefferson.....he did indeed dislike Christianity or any religion AS A SYSTEM.....that is the point....BUT .....he thought the '' moral principles'' ,.... NOT THE RELIGION.....should be reflected in the governing of the nation.
      That government should be 'inclusive of all men (the people) ,"enlightened". ...he saw no conflict between morals even if taken from religion with 'reason'. IOW he thought moral principles combined with reason was the best guarantee for the success and longevity of a nation.

    • I am not surprised that Bibi would quote Jefferson but I wonder how much he really knows about Jefferson (very little I would guess) and the fact that Jefferson's considerable intellect came from classical studies of religion and reason, which rejected the Hebrew Old Testament. There was a very interesting, probably little known intellectual engagement between Jefferson and Adams in America's formative days. Adams was somewhat an Old Testament man and Jefferson definitely was not.....he was of the enlightenment and the New Testament. People always argue over and claim America was or was not based on Christianity. Both sides are about half assed right and wrong on that. You have to read what the founders wrote in their peer exchanges and own musings about religion to understand their thinking at the time. I think Jefferson comes closest to being the example of what thought and reasoning finally set the foundations America would adhere to. In the letter below Jefferson set out the difference between the Old Testament, which he thought lacked moral instructions for man and the new Testament and it's requirements of morality and justice and responsibility in individuals. I think it is fair to say that the Jefferson believed the "morals teachings of Jesus' had a place or needed to be reflected in the framework of what America was to be. Jefferson saw these morals though as what men needed to go by, what he called a "benevolent code of morals" in establishing a" nation for people" opposed to.... "establishing a religious nation for people". And Jefferson's beliefs and reasoning won out in setting the fundementals for America.
      That difference of belief and though in establishing a 'nation for people" with religious freedom and the establishing of ''a nation for religion and the people of that religion" is the difference in Israel and is an exact opposite of principles.

      Monticello Oct. 12. 13.

      Dear Sir

      Since mine of Aug. 22. I have received your favors of Aug. 16. Sep. 2. 14. 15. and ____ and mrs Adams's of Sep 20. I now send you, according to your request a copy of the Syllabus. to fill up this skeleton with arteries, with veins, with nerves, muscles and flesh, is really beyond my time and information. whoever could undertake it would find great aid in Enfield's judicious abridgment of Brucker's history of Philosophy, in which he has reduced 5. or 6. quarto vols of 1000. pages each of Latin closely printed, to two moderate 8 vos of English, open, type.

      To compare the morals of the old, with those of the new testament, would require an attentive study of the former, a search thro' all it's books for it's precepts, and through all it's history for it's practices, and the principles, they prove. as commentaries too on these, the philosophy of the Hebrews must be enquired into, their Mishna, their Gemara, Cabbala, Jezirah, Sohar, Cosri and their Talmud must be examined and understood, in order to do them full justice. Brucker, it should seem, has gone deeply into these Repositories of their ethics, and Enfield, his epitomiser, concludes in these words. "Ethics were so little studies among the Jews, that, in their whole compilation called the Talmud, there is only one treatise on moral subjects.— their books of Morals chiefly consisted in a minute enumeration of duties. from the law of Moses were deduced 613. precepts , which were divided into two classes, affirmative and negative, 248 in the former, and 365 in the latter.—it may serve to give the reader some idea of the low state of moral philosophy among the Jews in the Middle age, to add, that of the 248. affirmative precepts, only 3. were considered as obligatory upon women; and that, in order to obtain salvation, it was judges sufficient to fulfill any one single law in the hour of death; the observance of the rest being deemed necessary, only to increase the felicity of the future life. what a wretched depravity of sentiment & manners must have prevailed before such corrupt maxims could have obtained credit! it is impossible to collect from these writings a consistent series of moral Doctrine.' Enfield B. 4. chap. 3. it was the reformation of this 'wretched depravity' of morals which Jesus undertook. in extracting

      —page 1265—

      Title: The Thomas Jefferson
      Papers, Series 1, Page
      More informationthe pure principles which he taught, we should have to strip off the artificial vestments in which they have been muffled by priests, who have travestied them into various forms, as instruments of riches and power to them. we must dismiss the Platonists & Plotinists, the Stagyrites & Gamalielites, the Eclectis the Gnostics & Scholastics their essences & emanations, their Logos & Demi-urgos, Aeons & Daemons male & female, with a long train of Etc. Etc. Etc. or, shall I say at once, of Nonsense. we must reduce our volume to the simple evangelists, select, even from them, the very words only of Jesus, paring off the Amphibologisms into which they have been led by forgetting often, or not understanding, what had fallen from him, by giving their own misconceptions as his dicta, and expressing unintelligibly for others what they had not understood themselves. there will be found remaining the most sublime and benevolent code of morals which has ever been offered to man. I have performed this operation for my own use, by cutting verse by verse out of the printed book, and arranging the matter which is evidently, his, and which is as easily distinguishable as diamonds in a dunghill. the result is an 8 vo of 46. pages of pure and unsophisticated doctrines, such as were professed & acted on by the unlettered apostles, the Apostolic fathers, and the Christians of the 1st century. their Platonising successors indeed, in after times, in order to legitimate the corruptions which they had incorporated into the doctrines of Jesus, found it necessary to disavow, the primitive Christians, who had taken their principles from the mouth of Jesus himself, of his Apostles, & the Fathers contemporary with them. they excommunicated their followers as heretics, branding them with the opprobrious name of Ebionites or Beggards.

      For a comparison of the Graecian philosophy with that of Jesus, materials might be largely drawn from the same source. Enfield gives a history, & detailed account of the opinions & principles of the different sects. these relate to the gods, their natures, grades, places and powers;
      the demi-gods and daemons, and their agency with man;
      the Universe, it's structure, extent and duration;

      —page 1266—

      Title: The Thomas Jefferson
      Papers, Series 1, Page
      More informationthe origin of things from the elements of fire, water, air and earth;
      the human soul, it's essence and derivation;

      the summum bonum, and finis bonorum; with a thousand idle dreams & fancies on these and other subjects the knolege of which is witheld from man, leaving but a short chapter for his moral duties, and the principal section of that given to what he owes himself, to precepts for rendering him impassible, and unassailable by the evils of life, and for preserving his mind in a state of constant serenity.'


    • What? lecture on how the Jews invented America?
      Bibi must be slipping. LOL

  • Exile and the Prophetic: South Africa in the mirror
    • The “Christians are evil/Jews are innocent” genie is out of the bottle, never to return."

      That had to happen and it is good that it is happening. Destroying that exceptional innocence myth, which is the core weapon of zionist tactics against the world, is the only way to defeat zionism. The zionist can fight it all they want but rational minds do eventually overcome what is irrational...even in the religious.

  • Norman Finkelstein's disinformation about BDS
    • I am.
      I think the entire country should be sanctioned and embargoed.
      Now...the 'only' way I would not be for if...the US outlawed it's own policy of using sanctions against 'any' other country as well.
      However, as long as we employ it against other countries we should impose it on Israel also.

    • "But I said it will never reach a broad public until and unless they are explicit on their goal. And their goal has to include recognition of Israel. Or it is a non starter.”...Finkelstein

      Well this could be taken as a zionist statement ...or it could be taken as from someone who has been so immersed in zionist control of the US that he thinks they can't be defeated in any arena that doesn't bottom line support the continued exisence of Israel.

      Either way I don't think it matters in the end...Israel and anti Israel or anti zionism is in the non Jewish mainstream now and growing.....when and if it grows enough neither the zionist nor the liberal zionist will matter except as opponants of the majority public opinion.

    • I don't think he should attack BDS either, I'm totally for BDS.....but I'm saying he can't stop it, it's here to stay....he doesn't really have any influence in that creating some war with him over it is just giving anti BDS more space.
      Finkelstein has never been the go to guy for 'the solution'..his value has been as the exposer.

    • I am not going to get involved in the BDS vs Norman fight cause it's pointless.
      But for sake of all he has done to expose the Holocaust Mafia for decades and paid for it with his career I think maybe everyone should consider that he is short changing BDS because he believes it might short change the UN and legal process ----that is actually, in the end, the only thing that will create a Palestine state.

      As I said before there is no reason for his opinon, which I think comes from the pure frustration of decades and decades of going at this, and BDS to be opposing each so far as ending the Isr occupation goes. It's just not worth fighting over. ..he's not going to stop BDS and BDS isn't going to stop him.

  • Some 'Peace Now' faithful dispute its claim that divestment will stoke 'global anti-Semitism'
  • 'Goldstone Report will pale' next to damage we will do to Lebanon, says senior IDF official
    • Well I've had my quota of zionist hubris for today, let Israel go faster and faster, we are all ready for an ending to this.

      'Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall' -Proverbs 16

  • Netanyahu implicated in nuclear smuggling from U.S. -- big story in Israel
    • For some time now it has looked to me that there are some "like-minded" people operating within some of our agencies against the Israel firsters.

  • Exile and the Prophetic: Tighter than tight
    • "You talk about forging an ethical future, but we wouldn’t have a future to forge of any kind without our empire, ask the Bund."...Rafi

      Such, such, such as fool you are. You do not understand that the world's tiny Jewish population has no future with Israel's evil 'Empire'. Your empire is totally based on America's empire, not your own and you are foolish to think that will last forever.
      You should pay attention to what Marc is telling you, that is the only way you will continue to exist...and even then it's doubtful you will be entirely forgiven such evil hypocrisy.
      It's becoming more and more obvious no one can stop you from self destructing so I guess it's a waste of our energy to keep warning you away from what you are doing.

  • By nearly 9-to-1, Americans believe our support for Israel could lead to terrorist attacks
    • Interesting that pollees say by 49% they pay close attention to foreign policy yet 50% of them mistakenly think the US has a formal Treaty with Israel.
      What this and most polls tell me is a large percentage of people get their opinions from mass media and cable news.

      But it is interesting that 28.1% say the Israel Lobby has too much influence and 36.6% say they' don't know' if it does or not. Educate that 36.6% and you've got a huge majority.
      28% is a good number and astounding really when you consider how Israel firsters have such total control over our media and news outlets and the decades old and rentless propagandizing of the public on Israel.

  • Presbyterians overwhelmingly vote for boycott of settlement products; endorse 'choice of conscience' option for pension holders to screen CAT, Moto, and HP from portfolios
    • I am pointing out that there are Jews who forgo their own heritage and rather see themselves as belonging to a non descript group of people, that we know does not exist"....gilad

      Who is the non descript group of people who don't exist?

    • "Eva Shmagacz is exposing her antisemitism by initially suggesting this, always looking for the smoking gun on how Jews “controll” the world and have this secret lingo that goes with it."...gilad

      Secret lingo?....what is the secret lingo?

    • "I personally think this is the besetting weakness of Presbyterians — an almost obsessive need to “not hurt anyone’s feelings”..Betsy

      The essence for the Presbyterian members is simple.....either choose the teachings of God/Jesus social justice or choose not offending the Jews.
      It's a choice....choose one or the other.
      No one with any kind of beliefs at all gets out of life without having to make choices.
      The problem in issues like this is it suffers from the same "process disease" as politics, where everything is a 'process' in which the wrong gets accommodated with the right and therefore never produces a cure for the problem or a answer to the question.

    • "And in the process you are participating in a great injustice towards the Jewish people and Israel.".....gilad

      How funny. You have spent most of your time here saying Israeli might makes right and how you will kill us all to defend Israel...and now you want to talk about 'injustice'

    • "Everyone wants to be involved in a major, hopefully positive event, in their lifetime. "...gilad

      Well that part is true. People do want to be involved in some major event, cause or victory.
      What will you do when the major cause for Americans is to rid their government of corruption....particularly the foreign kind?
      This has in fact already started in grass roots and includes Israel Firstdom.
      It is not possible for Israel- first to dominate America forever, holocuast sympathy as a cover for Israel has already ended in the publics of most countries and is reaching their governments.
      I can't emphasize enough how bad it's going to be for Israel when it ends in the US.
      But you zionist are too high on zioncaine to understand how the world of others's a lot like that wheel of God, it grinds slowly but exceeding fine.

  • Presbyterians reject divestment, endorse 'positive investment' by 369-290 vote; settlement product boycott vote tomorrow
    • This is so Orwellian I can't get over it.
      Disinvesting from companies that sell equipment to Israel for bulldozing people and destroying their homes in a Illegal going to offend The Jews.
      So what does this say to the world about the Jews?
      What is the world suppose to think now about the Jews?
      That no crime or immorality in the world can be condemned if it's the Jews doing it?
      Do the people using the offend the Jews tactic have the slightest idea what they are saying really means and what they are setting up The Jews for? That to bring Israel and it's enablers to account the world is going have to bust thru the Jews.
      Totally FUBAR.

    • I hope there is report on how many 'dual citizens" in Israel vote in the US election.
      I think headlines saying Mitt won by 100,000 or so votes and the vote tally showed Americans voted mostly for Obama and the Israeli vote was responsible for electing for Mitt would be just what we need.
      Wouldn't it be great for Americans to see that a foreign country elected their President?
      Yep, I think that would cause some BDS.

      Mitt who? Republican Jewish operatives Ari Fleischer and Matt Brooks headed to Israel

      By Ami Eden · July 4, 2012

      Forget the old Jews in Palm Beach who voted for Pat Buchanan by accident. This year it could be absentee ballots from Israel that make the difference.

      At least that's what the Republican Jewish Coalition is thinking... its executive director, Matt Brooks, and big-name cheerleader, former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer, will be in Israel next week to sign up expats to vote:

      "If you look at the numbers, there is a significant opportunity out there for the Republicans to mine a number of votes," Brooks said, noting that Americans in Israel tend to favor Mitt Romney, the GOP presidential candidate, over President Obama, in contrast to United States, where Jews tend to favor Democrats. "If this election is going to be as close as people think it is, and with the support Romney is getting in Israel, being able to turn out American voters, especially from battleground states, could be critical."

      An RJC release said the tour, from July 9-13 "will include media events, town hall meetings with U.S. citizens living abroad, and meetings with leading bloggers and social media activists on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms who are expert in communicating directly with potential voters."

      "It's a long flight, but when you think about Israel being home to 150,000 American voters, it's also the equivalent of visiting Dayton, Ohio or Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. to get out the message," Fleischer said in the statement. "In this election, every vote is going to be important."

  • 'Americans for Peace Now' says Presbyterian measure could stoke 'global anti-Semitism'
    • What is really, truly, unbelievably absurd is this idea instilled in some of the public by propaganda that all Jews are "elevated" above all others and all other victims of the world...or as Sin Nombre says..."as precious" the absurd point that anything Jewish is 'eternally' not responsible for anything they do and exempt from all common morality and laws.
      It is so totally insane that it's hardly explainable that any person would "deify" some other ordinary humans, turn them into something like Golden Calves,.......except for the susceptibility of people to be propagandized by repeated memes over and over again.
      It is bizarre beyond belief. To be afraid to 'offend the Jews' by condemning oppression of another people is so f******* dangerous to ALL involved, INCLUDING Jews, I can't even think about where all this might end.
      Insane, just insane.

    • "As for me, I find it useful to know where every group stands. It doesn’t give them extra weight in my mind.'....homingpigeon

      Agree. I look and listen at some whacko wing outlets just to see how their little minds work. You need to know how the opposition and your opponants think.

    • Rrrright. This is what I mean. Posts like this on APN dont add to anything, they just make people want to “double down” on others – is this really the goal?"

      Well it's my goal to double down on the Israel can spend your time ranting on about the Great US Satan.
      My efforts on the I-firsters will probably pay off long before yours on the US Imperial Satan do.
      You really should pick battles you at least have a prayer of winning...and ones you know something about.

    • "does the statement that divesting from 3 companies that do business in the israeli occupation, an occupation you supposedly disapprove of, is going to stoke global antisemitism– is tht a rational statement?" expect rational statements from people who will use any 'excuse ' to shut down or intimidate any movements critical of Israel? They use the anti semitism (Jewish hatred) excuse for everything.
      And people wonder why Jews are conflated with Israel?...look no further than idiotic statements like this.
      All this statement by Peace Now does is show how desperate some are about the I/P and Israel issue now being an issue in a very important public sector like US churches.
      Objecting to a immoral violation of people rights and an occupation illegal under international law is going to cause global anti, what a concept!

    • "You’re kind of indirectly lending weight to these people, and helping to perpetuate the notion that Jews deserve a privileged place in the discussion here in the US by publishing every response made by these hacks."....Dan

      I don't think so. It shows that the Israel firsters are the ones that think they deserve a privilaged place...and we need to disabuse them of that notion.
      Every time I see this stuff I just double down on the Israel firsters and remind myself to start more conversations about it with people in life off the net.

    • ""very real and understandable worries about global anti-Semitism."

      If they are worried about anti semitism they know how to stop it.
      But they don't stop what they're doing do they? they must not really be worried.
      65 years and counting....time to pull out all the stops.

  • 'Promoting coexistence with an occupier rather than divestment is tragically misguided' --Palestinian groups to Presbyterians
    • @ anan

      Please bone up on Hong Kong before you spout this gibberish.
      First- Hong Kong isn't 'a country'. It's a city in China that it allows some autonomy because it is the financial center for ""foreign investment"" in China. Think of Hong Kong as China's Wall Street. It doesn't do much for the average Chinese as only 19% of Hong Kong residents have any college education. It's basically a gated community for the world financiers where the majority labor force serves the 1%.
      No doubt what you'd like to see for Palestine...

  • Former DNC member got in hot water by forwarding Code Pink email blasting AIPAC
    • ""“Cuban-Americans identify very closely with Israel,” he said. “We were basically without a country, and know what it is like to be persecuted for your beliefs.”

      Really...without a country? what are you calling yourself Cuban-"Americans"?

    • Shouldn't be hard to find out who the aide of either the senator or congressman was...he or she represents S. Fla and has an office in Fort Lauderdale.

  • The therapist blurts
    • ''I think this sort of thing happens a lot, actually. And what is most interesting here is the extent to which a political prejudice on the therapist's part overrides his professional instructions; ''

      The death of professionalism.. objectivity and impartiality... is rampant in everything these days, maybe it always was. I think it's a special kind of ignorance.

  • DNC member resigns after emails faulting Israeli 'aggression' and Palestinian burden for Holocaust
    • I just e mailed her too. Wish I had asked her whose office that aide was in...but I guess she doesn't want to tell.

    • The Lobby is playing with fire."...dbroncos

      Yea they are. Cause people like me are ready to set them on fire.
      The only difference between me and any average American of any class in America is I have learned more about Israel and I/P. So take my attitude and multipy it by 100 million and you have a good idea of how America is going to react when that final Israel straw is dropped and it is all hanging out.
      If not literally, then politically, Israel First Washington will be burned to the ground.

    • I have to go sort of celebrate the 4th. Enjoy.

      IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776.

      The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America,

      When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

      We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, ---

      That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

      Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

      But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

    • "Beneath the calm exterior contrived by a complicit MSM that speaks of ties that bind and a special relationship that “cannot be broken”, a silent rage grows in this land of ours. "...C&D

      I agree....but it hasn't reached outright 'rage' yet in the majority as it has in some of the minority ..the majority is more like 'festering' and "simmering"..hasn't gone over the top quite yet.
      If it ever does blow it's going to blow big.
      If the religious church movement against Israeli I/P spreads more the heat is going to be turned up considerably on all things zionist.
      Zionist rule in congress might not be the single precipitating factor in a public blowup but it will be included.
      They can't avoid it, their fingerprints are everywhere and they have made a lot of enemies like this woman who will be waiting in the wings for political revenge.

  • Et tu Elena-- Justice Kagan's in Israel, celebrating 'deep commitment to the rule of law'
    • Not surprised by Kagan. I was very much against her appointment, she is a 'ethnic worshiper". If you read her many speeches thruout her career it is very obvious she believes in the superiority of certain groups.
      Kagan and others like her are the downside to 'diversity'. It puts ethnic agendas, not impartial objectivity, into seats of power they shouldn't be in.
      Almost everytime I see anyone appointed to any position these days I think 'political payoff' to some special interest donor group.
      One reason we are in the mess we are in.

  • Presbyterian committee passes call for divestment from occupation profiteers
    • Been telling you the Evangelicals aren’t all on board with zionism. And this article has some inaccurate sort of "put downs"of the mainline faiths of course, typical of zionist writings....but anyway it set me to doing some further research on the difference in Evangelicals and actual christian zionist. Evangelical is a term applied to churches who ''evangelalize"..spread God's word, do social work for good and/or convert others to christianity. Almost ALL churches , including mainline belong to the "National Association of Evangelicals". So Evangelical does not mean
      Christian Zionist. It appears from nunerous church activities and leaders that the Evangelical push back against christian zionism has been simmering for long time.
      The leaders of this push back have been producing their own videos and phamplets for the public targeting what they call the distortions and faulty applications of the Bible by the Christian zionist.
      *Here is the census report for anyone interested in how the numbers for churches in general break down in the US.

      Religiously Targeting Israel

      ‘’Kairos USA … aims to reach across entrenched divides in American Christianity––black/white, mainstream/evangelical, conservative/liberal––to stand in solidarity with Palestine Christians as they resist the Israeli occupation of their native land,” the group’s website explains. It cites as inspiration “contemporary prophetic movements of Christians in Palestine, southern Africa, Asia and Europe, as well as the civil rights movement in this country and the struggle to end apartheid in South Africa.”
      Leaders include several evangelicals such as Wheaton College professor Gary Burge, former senator Mark Hatfield staffer and World Vision relief executive Tom Getman, and former World Vision executive Serge Duss, who serves on the evangelical advisory board of the Center for American Progress. There are also mainline Protestants such as former Presbyterian Church (USA) moderator Rick Ufford-Chase. Signers include Emergent Church guru Brian McLaren and Shane Claiborne, a popular pacifist preacher.

      The coalition reflects the limited success of anti-Israel activists to moving Christian opinion in America about Israel. But it also reflects the widening circle of anti-Israel activism beyond leftist, old-line Protestantism into mainstream evangelical circles, traditionally a bedrock of pro-Israel opinion.

      Increasingly, anti-Israel activists are targeting evangelicals, especially young people. Kairos USA organizer Gary Burge, who teaches at prestigious evangelical Wheaton College outside Chicago, helped produce “With God on Our Side,” a 2010 anti-Israel film faulting Christian Zionism in the U.S. for Palestinian suffering and still being widely shown. Burge is the author of the 2010 book, Jesus and the Land: The New Testament Challenge to "Holy Land" Theology, which criticizes pro-Israel evangelicals. The film won endorsements from prominent evangelicals such as Brian McLaren (who also endorsed Kairos USA), Tony Campolo, and Steve Haas of World Vision. It was also favorably reviewed by Christianity Today, evangelicaldom’s flagship publication.

      More recently, another film, Little Town of Bethlehem, also aims, more subtly, to persuade evangelicals to abandon traditional pro-Israel sympathies by highlighting the collaboration of Palestinian and Jewish Israeli pacifists. Evangelical endorsers include former World Vision president Robert Seiple and megachurch church leader Lynne Hybels, along with faculty of evangelical schools.

      The film featured Palestinian Christian activist Sami Awad, who addressed the Society of Pentecostal Studies meeting at Pat Robertson’s Regents University in Virginia Beach in March. Pentecostals are typically ardent Zionists, and most still are. But some evangelical elites are embarrassed by the old religious right and increasingly want to disassociate from figures like Pat Robertson. Disavowing pro-Israel views is sometimes an easy way to create a new evangelical identity.

      In March, numerous evangelical elites attended a “Christ at the Checkpoint” event in Bethlehem on the West Bank to highlight Christian solidarity with Palestinian suffering and against Israeli occupation. Speakers included mainstream liberal evangelicals such as Tony Campolo and Ron Sider, as well as Joel Hunter, a Florida megachurch pastor and spiritual counselor to President Obama. Lynne Hybels and Shane Claiborne also spoke.’’

  • Ben-Ami says divestment will alienate Christians from 'American Jewish community'
    • I think we should introduce a new term for gilad's type....'self destructing Jew'.

    • WJ,

      No more dialogue. No more stall. Dialogue, as evidenced here, has gone no where because the zios refuse to own up to zionist/Israeli sins and actions and take responsibility.
      Talking to confirmed zionist is now we just throw stones and ridicule.

    • I am trying to figure out what the Zios think the Christians have to lose in a break between Judeo and Christian or in losing the good will of Jews. That alliance has always benefited the Jews and Israel, not the Christians anyway.

    • "I think people have just concluded in general, at least in the liberal spheres, that the Jewish interfaith contacts who have been feeding them with self-serving agitprop for years".....Krauss

      I agree. And since the Ben-Ami is typical of the response the churches will get from zionist Jews, the self serving agitprop will just get more irritating to people already fed up with their worn out stally stally talky talky ploy. Cause that's all it is...the same old stall.

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