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  • Activists post mock eviction notices in campus dorms to highlight Israeli home demolition policy
    • "Love to know more about that" too. Would be nice to think it was a trend of refusing to be bullied by the Zionist orgs.

  • Flabby Zionism
    • I take offense at people who hyphenate their american identity, and I do so because its completely unnecessary "...Dan

      So do I. I despise the "hyphening". I think it was created by politics for the purpose of "niche pandering" Easier for politicians to gather votes by pandering to niches with promised favors than by putting forth positions that are for the 'common good'. The only place I use "Jewish' Americans is on this blog because of the subject. I refuse to call blacks 'African' -Americans.

  • The Israel/Palestine conflict will be resolved when Arab countries kick the U.S. out of the region
    • Couple of details I don't agree with but overall agree---as long as the US is involved there will be no peace or Palestine. And agree that ME autocrat's first concern is holding onto their thrones. Saudi is going along to get along right now because Iran has been thrown into the mix by Israel.

      Dont' agree that the US is necessary to keep autocrats and kings in rule---they are capable of putting down their own people as we have seen. What kingdoms like Saudi depend on is US protection/intervention in the event of a 'large conflagration' of ME states warring against each other. That is the umbrella the US offers them--which is in effect a protection from the Sunni -Shiite problem between ME states. Otherwise they are perfectly capable of handling any Arab spring without material support from the US.

      The big mystery of power and how it's maintained by the US though isn't really a mystery. Although Saudi, the UAE and other Gulf oil states hold all the real power in relation to the US and Europe by virtue of oil---the US and Israeli success in the ME has been in keeping ME states divided, some by US aid given to them and some by the US protection umbrella extended to those like Saudi.

      "If" the US took it's hands off the ME the chances of the ME states coming into agreement on their own problems would increase because it would be either come to agreements or face chaos, or at minimum constant on going small wars in which all the rulers chances of losing would increase with time.

      What's going on now is the Arab states are sitting on their hand waiting to see how Iran plays out .It's interesting that several years ago Iran made overtures to Saudi to convince Saudi it had no aggressive intentions toward them and they held a few state to state pow wows talks. But now that Iran has been made 'an enemy' of the US Saudi is basically doing nothing.
      This is the kind of classic example W&M gave on how Israel must always shit stir in the ME, not only to keep it's US "only ally" status, but to also do it by singling out a ME state as a regional 'threat' to keep the whole region at odds and wary of what could happen, preventing any kind of coalition or agreement between them.
      Whereas the US policy in the ME "use to be" stability thru 'balancing powers" of the ME" now it's replaced with Israel's policy of "destabilizing" powers to maintain 'one' power--Israel's own "threat hegemony".

  • Former State Dep't official says Obama calls for human rights and democracy are 'undercut' by position on Palestinians
    • Good for Slaughter. My opinion of her has gone up.
      I've been so sick of our US hypocrisy and been so ashamed of this country for so long I've grown barnacles on it.

  • My spirit is American (a religious manifesto)
    • ''This was never my way. Nor the way of countless other Jews. But our way has been repudiated by the establishment. They staked out a new trail, they wanted the grass to grow over mine. Well…. f that.''

      f 'the establishment.
      Paul Revere rides again.

  • Jewish food fight (at Park Slope Co-op)
    • February 13, 1959
      Ben Gurion Reveals Hammarskjold’s Suggestion to Re-admit Arabs
      TEL AVIV, Feb. 12 (JTA) –
      Prime Minister David Ben Gurion disclosed today that United Nations Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold had suggested that if Israel could take in a large number of Jews, it should be de to accept also a large number of the Arab refugees.

      Details of the exchange, which occurred during the Secretary General's recent visit to the Prime Minister's retreat at the Sde Boker kibbutz, were reported by the Prime Minister at the Convention of the Latin American Organization in Israel now being held here.

      He quoted Mr. Hammarskjold as remarking to him that if the Prime Minister envisaged "the absorption of 2, 000, 000 Jews, could you not take back 1,000,000 Arabs?"

      The Prime Minister said he replied: "Would those Arabs be able to do what our boys and girls do in conquering the desert and turning it into flourishing green land?"
      The Prime Minister said he believed Mr. Hammarskjold understood the point.

      The Prime Minister also told the delegates that while 50 percent of Latin American Jews migrating to Israel went into the pioneering settlements on the borders--a record he lauded---he still felt that numerically Latin American Jewry was not fulfilling the mission of Aliyah."

      This was 53 years ago....been racist so long, unlikely Israel will ever not be racist, they think it's normal.

  • Those who criticize Israel join campaign to 'slaughter the Jews en masse'
    • What a nutcase.
      I notice from the comments there that a lot of readers thought so too.
      But I also noticed one paragraph in the article that I think gets to the heart of the Jewish and Israel issue:

      "The Middle East conflict, David Ben-Gurion said a long time ago, and he was right, is not about the Jews and the Arabs, it is about the Jews and the world, a world that is overwhelmingly not Jewish, and thus bears certain responsibilities toward its Jewish minority. If and when the world finally accepts these responsibilities, criticism of Israel will be possible “without being antisemitic.”

      This "Jews and the world", with the 'world bearing responsibility' for the Jews.
      This is what has been ingrained into Jews....that the world, not just the nazis and their collaborators, somehow owes them.
      Well, the world has a lot of minorities, all of them have been discriminated against in the past in fact. Does the world owe in perpetuity the Muslim minority slaughtered in Bosnia or the Gypsies the German Nazis also killed or the Armenians slaughtered by the Turks? Do the Jews owe the world for the Christians they slaughtered in ancient days?
      I think more than anything else this idea that the world owes and is responsible for them forever is the poison in the Jewish community. It is their overwhelming attitude toward the world and what they base their demands for themselves and Israel on and allows them to evade responsibility for themselves and their own actions.
      It's unreasonable, doubly unreasonable wrt Israel, and the world is tired of it.

  • Sullivan forces American attention on the settlements
    • annie, here what I see/ have seen.

      "and what of the complicit americans who do not even know their complicity? do you know how many americans have no idea what’s really going on over there? it’s never too late."

      The Americans who don't know of their complicity don't know because they weren't/ aren't avid followers/supporters of Israel, don't care about it one way or another and have been prevented by the msm from even knowing what Israel really does so they had no reason to pursue it. I would expect the pro Israel community and supporters, on the other hand, such as Sullivan and others to have been aware of this and out front long, long ago.

      "damn, he just called out goldberg (the gatekeeper of israel in the american media) as being a shill for netanyahu, a virtual mouthpiece for the israeli gov. that’s not nuthin."

      Yea is it nothing or at least not much in the non Jewish conversation going on out here about Israel...I posted several links on here to FP experts like Brenner and others at Col Langs and the National Security Journal who some time ago called Goldberg a media mouthpiece and conduit for's common knowledge.

      Sullivan may be pushing it now, but he and the rest finally coming out, are way ''behind the curve'' of what has already been said about Israel and it's minions outside of their circle.

      No one except MJ Rosenberg has used his pen to pen any attacks on the rotten core of US-Israel Lobby that is the real problem of I/P.
      But let them natter on and fight their blog war of words on each other in the battle for the Jewish soul over Israel----let me know when it results in a Jewish million man march on DC to protest US support of Israel which is the mainstay of I/P and keeps it going ,as it will down to the last square foot of what use to be Palestine.

      May I live to have to eat my words, but I doubt it.

    • "He's got a firm grip on the main artery of of Israel's relentless expansion and he's not backing down, he's doubling down, driving it home and not letting go"

      Good for Andy but it's 40 years too late. Every non zionist looking at this for decades has recongized that Israel was and is carrying out a deliberate slow motion ethnic cleansing of Palestine.
      Now that Israel has taken 85% of Palestine they finally start saying something?
      Totally meaningless in terms of stopping Israel. Maybe it makes some people feel better about themselves to condemn it after the fact. ..but that's about all it does.
      The millions of words and articles and endless Jewish 'conversations' and zionist naval studying can't paper over the fact they supported this right up to the last minute.
      Where were they all these years? Sorry, I'm not into forgiving or praising them -- too little, too late.
      All this back and forth crap between zionist anbd soc alled liberal zionist is just that ---crap.
      If any of the Sullivans were actually serious about 'change" they would writting about and going after the Israel firsters in congress and elsewhere and exposing the Israel-US political corruption that keeps Israel I/P going. But they don't do that do they? And we know why. Well, they made their choice. May they live to regret it.

  • 'Judaizing' Beit Hanina in East Jerusalem, with backing from Americans
  • Head of Bill Kristol's lobby group calls on Israeli army to use Palestinian protesters as 'target practice'
  • The Palestine National Orchestra: a view from the violin section
    • "The occupation is, most insidiously, the occupation of a people—the systematic destruction or theft of their history, culture, arts, and self-worth"

      This is exactly what it is.

  • BDS is endorsed by large Latino/a youth organization at Arizona conference
    • Here it is. It's the hypocrisy stupid, it'll get you every time.
      There are 55 million Hispanics in the US and 6.3 million Jews (US 2010 census).
      Also according to the 2010 census Asian- Americans have the highest average income of all US groups. So what we need to do is bring some US billionaires into the Israel battle to replace the Zionist money men in DC and form an alliance with the most dominant minorities; Hispanics, African Americans and Asians for voting clout and volia! we have a American Lobby. Might not even need any billionaire politician buyers.

      link to

      Latinos Won't Be Fooled by AZ's New Pro-Israel Bill

      ''In other words, this bill forces one of the most powerful US-based Israel constituencies to have a lot of explaining to do. They'll likely have to exert significant time and energy trying to convince Latino allies that Israeli anti-immigrant and border militarization policies are justified against migrants and Palestinians by Israel because those migrant and border issues are indescribably different than those in Arizona.
      The argument is a Catch-22 loss. Because whichever way one may try to spin it, the AZ-Israel bill runs contrary to migrant and Palestinian rights
      American liberals now face uneasy questions. The challenge now will be to apply standards equally across the board--across borders and states where situations may be different in the details but fundamental human rights issues remain stubborn and constant.''

    • This is good.

      I read something the other day about the AZ legistature passing some "Support Israel resolution" wrt Iran (like SC did). Something about that resolution pissed off the Latino groups in AZ according to the newspaper article, can't remember the exact details. Will see if I can find the article again.
      But perhaps that also helped Latinos to take a stand.
      AIPAC will be very disappointed

  • Land Day vs. the 'Jewish State': an interview with Haneen Zoabi
    • Thomson....unless things have changed
      There was a case 2 years go where a Catholic man who was born to Jewish parents, a Jewish mother, was adopted by a Catholic family during the war and raised Catholic, he applied to Israel for citizenship and was rejected.

    • " Ideally yes, Israel should not have any religious affiliation. But this is never going to happen"...Blake

      You know I constantly see pro Israeler's say....''it's never going to happen''...constantly declaring what is is never going to happen. They are "never" going to do this or that, the US or whoever is ''never' going to make them do this or that, they are 'never' going to let Iran get the bomb and on and on.
      Well, a lot of Americans and other people in the world 'never' though they would live to see the day that handful of zionist and a outlaw little client state would control the policy of the world's super power either.
      There is no such thing as 'never' and "never" never last.

  • Another two-stater goes one-state
    • link to|/home/LegislativeData.php?n=BSS;c=112|
      Latest Title: Supporting Israel's right to annex Judea and Samaria in the event that the Palestinian Authority continues to press for unilateral recognition of Palestinian statehood at the United Nations.

      Whatever the Israelis in the US congress are for I am against. I am against the One State solution for Palestines because it 'is' and always has been the final realizaiton of zionism's "Greater Israel" and will it 'be' an apartheid state. Now, what do you think you can do to intervene "within" Israel when it becomes a One state apartheid state when you can't even do anything about it 'externally'' with the weight of international law against it?

  • There are two liberation movements
    • "and we’re here talking about how to get your point across with out offending people. It would be funny if it wasnt so tragic."...Dan

      Yea, it is ridiculous.

    • I really like Cecilie and thinks she's smart and makes good points.

      But I stick to the ...."Aggressively using language to challenge the Israel lobby.'' LOL
      Because while Cecilie's goal is actually 'a process' to mainly convert the Jews thinking on Israel, my goal as an American is to get other Americans educated on and pissed off enough to do some thing about Israel I/P and the "Lobby'' sooner rather than later.

      My For list is shorter and simpler than my Against list. I automatically assume Americans are For human rights for everyone and for the US. Don't know anyone who would say they aren't. I also automatically assume they are against bullies, stealing people's land and property, killing children and defenseless people, cheating, lying, giving Israel 3 billion + a year, having their President even if they don't like him humiliated by a foreigner from a US welfare state, and listening to politicians pledge their allegiance and US blood and treasure to a foreign country.
      I find the Against works better than the For cause your average person says..'oh yea, ho hum, human rights yea, I'm for that, and of course I love my country'. What was the most famous picture of the 60's that inflamed America? The picture on cover of Life of the young Vietnamese girl running down the road with her clothes burned off. That's the kind of picture Americans need to see on Israel. But since the media and press won't show those kind of pictures, you have to tell them or use a copy of MW's pictures of the dead Palestine guy shot in the head or some 12 old child shot.
      A picture like that is worth ten thousand words about human rights. What turned everyone I know in my town on Israel was when our local paper front paged a picture of a dead Gaza child in Israel's assault on Gaza.

  • Wrong planet
  • And you thought they just followed the Dow! WSJ publishes bible story to justify occupation
    • link to

      Coleen Rowley was a participant or observer in the following events:
      Rowley was the FBI whistle blower who testified before congress how her FBI peers and superiors prevented other FBI agents from sending out the alarm. Click on the link and read all of it, it gets worse and worse, right up to the day before 911 and after numerous other countries imput into impending strikes some in the FBI still refused to open any investigation in to the hijackers even though other agents said they were positive they intended to fly a plane into some buildings. To fine out if it was all incompetence or if some in the FBI were letting the hijackers go on with their plan you would have to find the now retired FBI agents who "deliberately " hindered the investigation and probably water board them to get the truth. At any rate I do not buy that they buried the investigation into the hijackers because of their 'career' concerns. With the amount of warnings they were getting from numerous sources on this group it makes no sense they would not follow up because of "careerism" would have been the opposite, they would have followed it to prevent any blame in the event something happened.

      August 20-September 11, 2001: FBI’s Radical Fundamentalist Unit Unhelpful with Moussaoui Search Warrant The FBI Minneapolis field office wishes to search Zacarias Moussaoui’s belongings, which will later be found to contain enough information to potentially stop 9/11 (see August 16, 2001). To do so it must get the approval of the Radical Fundamentalist Unit (RFU) at FBI headquarters. However, the RFU throws obstacles in the warrant request’s path:
      RFU chief Dave Frasca stops the Minneapolis office from pursuing a criminal warrant (see August 21, 2001);
      When French authorities say that Moussaoui is connected to the Chechen rebels, RFU agent Mike Maltbie insists that the FBI representative in Paris go through all telephone directories in France to see how many Zacarias Moussaouis live there (see August 22, 2001);
      Maltbie stops Minneapolis from informing the Justice Department’s Criminal Division about the case (see August 22, 2001);
      When RFU agent Rita Flack, who is working on the Moussaoui case, reads the Phoenix memo suggesting that bin Laden is sending pilots to the US for training, she apparently does not tell her colleagues about it, even though it was addressed to several of them, including Frasca (see July 10, 2001 and August 22, 2001);
      The RFU does not provide the relevant documentation to attorneys consulted about the request. In particular, Flack does not tell them about the Phoenix Memo, even though one of the attorneys will later say she asked Flack if anyone is sending radical Islamists to the US to learn to fly (see August 22-28, 2001);
      When Minneapolis learns Moussaoui apparently wants to go on jihad, Frasca is not concerned and says jihad does not necessarily mean holy war. However, a top Justice Department attorney will later say “he would have tied bells and whistles” to this comment in a request for a search warrant had he known this (see August 17, 2001 and August 29, 2001);
      Maltbie tells the Minneapolis office that getting a warrant will “take a few months” (see August 24, 2001). He also tells Minneapolis, “We know what’s going on. You will not question us.” (see August 27, 2001);
      Maltbie weakens the warrant request by editing it and removing a statement by a CIA officer that Chechen rebel leader Ibn Khattab was closely connected to Osama bin Laden, despite there being intelligence linking that leader to bin Laden (see August 28, 2001);
      In a key meeting with an attorney about the request, Maltbie and Flack, who are submitting the warrant, are adamant that it is not sufficiently supported (see August 28, 2001);
      Frasca opposes a plan to put an undercover officer in the jail cell with Moussaoui to find out more information about his connections to Islamic militants (August 29, 2001 and Shortly After);
      The RFU does not want a Minneapolis agent to accompany Moussaoui when he is deported (see (August 30-September 10, 2001));
      The RFU does not re-consider getting a criminal search warrant after a decision is taken not to seek a warrant under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (see After August 28, 2001);
      Frasca and Maltbie are said to oppose a search warrant after 9/11 (see September 11, 2001).
      It is unclear why the RFU opposes the warrant so strongly. The Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General will later criticize the RFU staff, but will conclude that they did not intentionally sabotage the warrant application. [US Department of Justice, 11/2004, pp. 101-222 ] A 2004 book by independent researcher Mike Ruppert will speculate that Frasca is actually a CIA agent. Ruppert suggests that the CIA placed Frasca in the FBI to prevent CIA operations from being compromised by FBI investigations. But he does not provide any direct evidence of ties between Frasca and the CIA (see October 1, 2004). The Minneapolis agents will offer a different interpretation of RFU actions. Coleen Rowley will say, “I feel that certain facts… have, up to now, been omitted, downplayed, glossed over and/or mischaracterized in an effort to avoid or minimize personal and/or institutional embarrassment on the part of the FBI and/or perhaps even for improper political reasons.” She asks, “Why would an FBI agent deliberately sabotage a case? The superiors acted so strangely that some agents in the Minneapolis office openly joked that these higher-ups ‘had to be spies or moles… working for Osama bin Laden.’… Our best real guess, however, is that, in most cases avoidance of all ‘unnecessary’ actions/decisions by FBI [headquarters] managers… has, in recent years, been seen as the safest FBI career course. Numerous high-ranking FBI officials who have made decisions or have taken actions which, in hindsight, turned out to be mistaken or just turned out badly… have seen their careers plummet and end. This has in turn resulted in a climate of fear which has chilled aggressive FBI law enforcement action/decisions.” [Time, 5/21/2002] Minneapolis FBI agent Harry Samit will agree with explanation, telling the Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General that the RFU is guilty of “obstructionism, criminal negligence, and careerism.” [Associated Press, 3/20/2006] Samit will also say that Maltbie even told him he was acting this way to “preserve the existence of his advancement potential” in the FBI. [Newsday, 3/21/2006]
      Entity Tags: Radical Fundamentalist Unit, Michael Maltbie, David Frasca, FBI Headquarters, Harry Samit, Rita Flack, Coleen Rowley
      Timeline Tags: Complete 911 Timeline, 9/11 Timeline

  • Sen. Cardin tells how he and Hillary Clinton muscled foreign ambassadors to block 'anti-American' Palestinian statehood
    • There is some good news. AIPAC is not succeeding very well in creating Israel lobbies in other countries:

      Translating U.S. pro-Israel advocacy for Jewish communities abroad—and taking care about context
      link to

      ""One way to assist Jewish communities overseas is to leverage the impression of U.S. Jewish influence, said Michael Salberg, the Anti-Defamation League’s international affairs director "

      ''Two days later, a closed meeting with AIPAC officials and the Europeans ended in an emotional shouting match. Insiders who attended the meeting said the AIPAC officials accused the Europeans of exercising excessive caution in advancing lobbying in their countries, and the Europeans countered that AIPAC was pushing too hard.

      The axis of Israel is this---6 million Jews in the US, about 6.5 Jews in Israel. The other 500,000 some Jews are scattered around the world in dozens of other countries in small numbers not significant enough to have much political force or influence on those countries. The US Israel lobby is where Israel's power is because the US is the only country outside of Israel with a large enough population of Jews to bolster support of Israel.
      Also most other countries don't have a political system where a Parliament can be leveraged against the Executive as congress can do in the US and congress is where AIPAC does it's work to pressure the Executive.

    • We did know 70 or at least 63 years ago, ago. Truman knew and was displeased with his Israel creation. The whole world was demanding that Palestines driven out by Israel be allowed to return to their homes

      link to

      But the world has taken no action on it for 64 years now. I think the main reasons it didn't was at first a combination of the holocaust being fresher in people's minds that made them loath to take action against Jews, combined with the Zionist who have maintained a constant political presence in the US since Truman.
      Now the Holocaust protection racket for Israel has worn thin and people are rejecting it. Israel has also worn thin with the US public to put it midly. Israel now has mostly only two things in it's pocket; the US politicians and the German government.
      Losing Germany would be a blow to them, but losing the US would mean the end of them.

    • Israel is a first class parasite, pirate and scavenger, without what it steals and begs it couldn't exist.
      So says the CIA country report. It says Israel will never be self supporting.

  • Ethnocentrism and journalism (Beinart's double standard for Israel and Iraq)
    • "Or is that simply impossible for them?"

      Looking at the ones on your list I'd say there is zero chance of them reforming. They are deep, deep into their cultism.

    • I know he's not a WASP, he's hispanic, I don't care what he is. He could be Buddhist Albino for all I care. He shot an unarmed kid.

    • Well, wonders of wonders, I must be the only non-ethnocentric here, who woulda thought a southern white WASP would be non ethnocentric.
      This hefty guy who looks to weight at least 195-210 chased a black 17 year old kid who was doing nothing but walking while being black in the asshole's neighborhood. He was armed with a gun and the kid wasn't and he shot and killed him. Fry his ass.

  • Bloomberg warns BDS will lead to 'massacres' as Park Slope Co-op holds initial vote on boycott tonight
    • "if I were still teaching journalism, I could use it as an example of bias."...North

      Absolutely. And the bias and misrepresentation and 'incitement'
      language like Bloombergs for example, is exactly why I argue against the "nusancing" of descriptions and language regarding Israel's actions the liberal zionist insist on under the guise it will turn off Jews.
      You want to beat back zionism? Then you have to talk about it and describe it in a way that arouses emotions and moral outrage in the average person. The majority of people are aroused to action by their emotions not by reason and intellect.

  • The Toulouse killings and the false specter of European anti-Semitism
    • Here is Faurisson from wiki. He's 80 years old so I doubt he's very active.

      Faurisson was fined by a French court in 1983, for having declared that "Hitler never ordered nor permitted that anyone be killed by reason of his race or religion."[1][5][6]

      Further controversy was sparked when one of Faurisson's revisionist works was published with an introduction by Noam Chomsky. It turned out that the Chomsky piece was not written to be used as an introduction, although Chomsky had authorized its use to defend Faurisson in a different context. Chomsky's piece was a general defense of freedom of speech, including Faurisson's. Chomsky stated that he had "no evidence to support [the] conclusion" that Faurisson was antisemitic. Chomsky was accused of supporting Faurisson's views, rather than merely defending his right to speech, which Chomsky denied. Noting that he had described the Holocaust as "the most fantastic outburst of collective insanity in human history", Chomsky answered that his views were "diametrically opposed" to those of Faurisson on the subject.[2][7]

      In September 1989, Faurisson was beaten severely by unknown assailants who called themselves "The Sons of the Memory of the Jews". This is an organization about whom nothing is known, either before or since the incident.[1]

      I still say it is ridiculous to lock up people for questioning aspects of the holocaust. I think it arouses resentment in people who don't even care to question it or ever even thought of questioning it simply because of the assualt on someone's freedom of speech and right to hold any opinion no matter how outlandish.

    • Neither have I, who is he?

    • Well, that was interesting. I went to Storm front and put Palestine in their search function. Several articles and threads came up but the following represents the gist:

      Re: MEDIA RELEASE — National Socialists Recognize Palestinian State

      Three cheers for Matt Koehl and the World Union of National Socialists taking the lead in this important issue of the day!

      Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian National Authority has shown great political adroitness and personal courage in forcing this issue. It really puts the Jews and their US lackies on the spot. The vast majority of member-states of the United Nations support Palestian statehood. Some of these states have already recognized Palestinan independence.''
      It is good for National-Socialists and White Nationalists to take a formal stand on this question''

      (typical comments on the thread:)

      #""I'm sorry they did that.
      Muslims ARE NOT OUR ALLIES""

      #Well, to start with, not all Palestinans are Muslims: about 20 percent are Christian.

      #"But more importantly, we want the same thing for our country as they want for theirs: FREEDOM FROM DOMINATION BY THE JEWS!

      #""Whether they are our allies or not, we face a common enemy!"
      "There are white Palestinians. Yes, very few of them. But they are there. The media hides them. If they are in a crowd that appears on TV. You have to look closely and keep in mind-that a good amount of them have tans because of the climate.
      Study facial shapes; it will help you in the end of see who is white or not. Because I met whites who tanned ssoo dark that I thought their weren't white!

      #I support them.
      It's a first step to making Israel weaker!""

      Obviously they consider the Palestines no beter than the Jews but are cheering on the fall of Israel because it is Jewish.
      What struck me though was the site had a slightly more sophisticated political 'veneer' than I expected...trying to present itself as more about politics than have to read the comments section to see the racism. I also got the impression that the election of Obama, a back man, their biggest horror, might have inspired them to give themselves a more political flavor to attract more whites.
      Another thing I noticed was a listing of sites and links to dozens of other White supremist groups in Europe on the site. One to the articles of the Norway guy that Pamler Geller and her crowd also supported.

      And in googling around I saw this:

      link to
      White Supremacist Stampede
      Jul 4, 2011 8:18 PM EDT
      A startling number of white-power candidates are seeking public office. Eve Conant reports on their under-the-radar strategy

      I don't know how much the rise of 'ethnic nationalism' around the world may be being hyped, but we may be underestimating the growth and potential danger of it.

    • "kamanja says:
      March 30, 2012 at 9:15 am
      This is further complicated by the segment of Jew-haters that plights its troth with the Palestinian struggle."

      Name some 'Jew haters" that are plighting their troth with the Palestines. If there are any Stormfronters and neo nazis ( in the US at least) involved with Palestine activism I haven't seen them mentioned.
      But I will hold my nose and go look at Duke's site and see what they are saying or doing about Palestine if anything. Something tells me they are much too busy with Jews,Muslims, Blacks, etc. in the US to care about Palestine.

  • It is a Palestinian Call: A response to Finkelstein and Beinart on BDS
    • I don't how the difference between a holocaust survivor who says Never Again FOR ANYONE and those who call him an anti semite for pointing out the similarities of Israeli zionisim mentality to the nazis mentality could possibility be any clearer. A holocaust camp survivor sure as h*** knows a nazi like dehumanizing of others mentality when he sees it.

    • I like this group, they don't mince words and 'pretend" there is an excuse for what Israel is doing.

      Newspaper Article in Response to Never Again Tour: “Auschwitz survivor: ‘Israel acts like Nazis’”
      link to
      Sunday, January 24, 2010 Scotland
      Exclusive: Graeme Murray and Chris Watt

      One of the last remaining Auschwitz survivors has launched a blistering attack on Israel over its occupation of Palestine as he began a lecture tour of Scotland.

      Dr Hajo Meyer, 86, who survived 10 months in the Nazi death camp, spoke out as his 10-day tour of the UK and Ireland - taking in three Scottish venues - got under way. His comments sparked a furious reaction from hardline Jewish lobby groups, with Dr Meyer branded an "anti-Semite" and accused of abusing his position as a Holocaust survivor.

      Dr Meyer also attended hearings at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Thursday, where five pro-Palestine campaigners are accused of racially aggravated conduct after disrupting a concert by the Jerusalem Quartet at the city's Queen's Hall.

      Speaking as his tour got under way, Dr Meyer said there were parallels between the treatment of Jews by Germans in the Second World War and the current treatment of Palestinians by Israelis.

      He said: "The Israelis tried to dehumanise the Palestinians, just like the Nazis tried to dehumanise me. Nobody should dehumanise any other and those who try to dehumanise another are not human.

      "It may be that Israel is not the most cruel country in the world ... but one thing I know for sure is that Israel is the world champion in pretending to be civilised and cultured."

      Dr Meyer was born in 1924 in Bielefeld , Germany . He was not allowed to attend school there after November 1938. He then fled to the Netherlands , alone. In 1944, after a year in the underground, he was caught by the Gestapo and survived 10 months at Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland .

      He now lives in the Netherlands , and is the author of three books on Judaism, the Holocaust and Zionism.

      Dr Meyer also insisted the definition of "anti-Semitic" had now changed, saying: "Formerly an anti-Semite was somebody who hated Jews because they were Jews and had a Jewish soul. But nowadays an anti-Semite is somebody who is hated by Jews."

      A spokesman for the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, of which Dr Meyer is a member, said criticising Israel was "not the same" as criticising Jews.

      Mick Napier, Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign chairman and one of the five demonstrators facing charges when the court case continues in March, said: "Palestinians are happy to have him as an ally in their cause.

      "Hajo knows that Israel has a long history of abusing the tragic history of the Holocaust in order to suppress legitimate criticism of its own crimes.

      "Especially since Gaza , people are no longer taken in by their claim that anyone that criticises Israel is anti-Semitic."

      Dr Meyer's claims met with a furious reaction from pro-Israel groups, who branded him "a disgrace".

      Jonathan Hoffman, co-vice-chairman of the Zionist Federation, said: "I shall be telling him he is abusing his status as a survivor, and I shall be telling him that if Israel had been created 10 years earlier, millions of lives might have been saved.

      "Whether he is a survivor or not, to use Nazi comparisons in relation to Israel 's policies is anti-Semitic, unquestionably."

      The tour was cynically timed, Mr Hoffman added, to coincide with Holocaust Memorial Day on January 27.

      Dr Ezra Golombok, Scottish spokesman for the Israel Information Office, accused the anti-zionist lobby of "exploiting" Dr Meyer, who he described as someone "who's got into a situation he doesn't understand".

      "This is a propaganda exercise by Mick Napier and his friends, and nothing more. It's preposterous to compare Israel with Nazi tactics."

      The lecture series, entitled Never Again - For Anyone, continues until January 30

  • The 'clash of civilizations' and the death of an Iraqi mother in San Diego
    • I can separate out, but not condone, revenge killing, which in the killer's madness is some kind of tit for tat , but hate and racism are the same thing to me.

    • The question is though, why this woman? what were her contacts, how did she attract the attention of the killer? Targeting a Muslim on the street for being Muslim would have been less risky than breaking into to her house to kill her.

    • Who would do this? Do the neo white supremist nazis concentrate on Muslims as they do blacks and Jews? We know some Jewish/Zionist Israeli supremacist do incite against Muslims specifically. But it could also be any lone nutcase taking messages thru his tin foil hat like the one that shot Giffords. Or it could be a PTSD ex military member like the one that killed the 16 Afghans.
      The hate -o- meter in this country is going up alarmingly.

  • Israel on human rights: It's accountability for Palestinians but 'diplomatic terror' for Israel
    • AIPAC has their congressional minons put up a dozen bills a year demanding the US move it's embassy to Jerusalem and recongize it as the capital of Israel. The bills always pass but the WH never acts on them.

    • ''Israel to Block UN Mission on Settlements
      link to

      '''Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon told Israel Radio that the Israeli government will not allow the U.N. delegation to enter the country. -''

      So what are the Israelis gonna do if the UN delegation tries to enter, shoot them?
      I suggest the UN group go to Egypt and then helicopter into Palestine and approach the settlements that way.

    • "You can't demand accountability from others while rejecting calls for the same on yourself"

      Yea you can, Israel has done it for 60 years.

  • Cuba-Gaza parallels explored (by Gaza Center for Political and Developmental Studies)
    • "Dispossession of small farmers” – (in fact, Cuba’s agricultural wages in 1958 were higher than half of Europe’s, including Ireland’s. And – far from huge latifundia hogging the Cuban countryside – the average Cuban farm in 1958 was SMALLER than the average in the U.S.)"

      Bullshit...75% of ALL productive farm land in Cuba Was Owned by foreigners during Batista's regime. After the revolution Castro 'seized' and 'nationalized all foreign held enterprise and subdivided large farms into small ones. Do the research.

  • Zionism totalled
    • Good.
      One of our commenters here, Danaa, has better than anyone described what is so destructive to Jewish outlook about being raised in Zionism.
      One of the biggest mysteries to me is how American and other disapora Jews could support in Israel things that they would rail against in the democratic countries they live in.
      Zionism is done, they need to let it go.

  • On the passing of Novick: the political limitations of 'The Holocaust in American Life'
  • 'Tribefest' excommunicates group of young Jews who dared to speak about ethnic discrimination
    • Yea, JVP is open to anyone, I joined several years ago. I think they are one of the better ones.

    • "What will it take to change these attitudes"

      I want to be flippant and say another century or two but I don't know.
      A tribe is a tribe is a tribe... and a tribal elders do whatever it takes to keep the tribe together and tribal. If the tribe opened ideas up it would be letting loose members to think outside the tribe and risk losing them.
      You don't have Jewish Federations of North America and Jewish World Congress and this, that and the other for no reason. 'Tribefest" is the accurate name of the game.
      I don't know what the cure for exaggerated tribalism is, maybe there is none.

  • 'I didn't say I liked Beinart's book' -- J Street head sells his star guest out to his antagonist, Goldberg
    • "I see the possibility of a colossal political civil war that will transcend traditional liberal-conservative boundaries and in so doing will result in much figurative blood-letting."....Thomson

      For that to happen we would have to have a horrific transforming "event" that impacted the majority of Americans in such a way that neither the media nor the politicians can cover their a**** on it. I don't doubt that we will have one sooner or later. But the reason I say some 'event' is necessary is because our politicans are light years removed from the general public, even with a 8 or 10% approval rating, they still aren't listening and they don't listen because they don't care what the public is saying. And they won't care until they see their own destruction coming. The only thing other then some event overthrowing the present corruption is some chrasmatic figure emerging in a third party, a less extreme Ron Paul, that appeals to the majority and starts a 'popular movement'. Without one of those two things what we are looking at is a long gradual slide into a 'nothing left to lose' society which will be undirected chaos with a vengence.

    • Here is Beinart in a interview with Goldberg. I don't see any real difference in zionist and liberal zionist. Neither of them reflect either universal human values or American interest. They are strictly Israeli. Well, let them continue to natter and yada while their little Rome in Israel is burning. I prefer to fan the flames of anti zionism in the US.

      link to

      PB: I'm not asking Israel to be Utopian. I'm not asking it to allow Palestinians who were forced out (or fled) in 1948 to return to their homes. I'm not even asking it to allow full, equal citizenship to Arab Israelis, since that would require Israel no longer being a Jewish state. I'm actually pretty willing to compromise my liberalism for Israel's security and for its status as a Jewish state. What I am asking is that Israel not do things that foreclose the possibility of a Palestinian state in the West Bank, because if it is does that it will become--and I'm quoting Ehud Olmert and Ehud Barak here--an "apartheid state."

      There certainly are leftists (and for that matter) rightists who focus so disproportionately on Israel's failings as to raise questions about their true motives. I'm not sure what that has to do with my essay. I'm writing about American Jewish groups whose mission is ostensibly to sustain Israel as a democratic Jewish state, and to sustain Zionism in the United States. I think they're failing on both fronts.''

    • "if Beinart has a personal red line regarding how far Israel can go along its present trajectory before America should start thinking seriously about withdrawing support for Israel’s conduct "

      Too late now. The Israeli fetish has too much hold on US political system. This thing is going to have to play out to the bitter end. The time to put limits on Israel was the first time they violated the requirements of UN 181 63 years ago.

    • I wonder why so much time and effort is spent on discussing people like Beinart, Ben-Ami and's a soap opera, a side show.
      These people aren't to change anything.
      Unless someone or something else intervenes wrt Israel they will all still be discussing and studying Israel, the zionist naval and Jewish identity for decades.
      It reminds me of the talky-talky stally-stally peace will go on and on, round and round.
      They are trying to 'save their mess' instead of cleaning up their mess.

    • Here is where the 'nice zionist as Beinart describes them ,''who only want to do something for Israel'' go wrong in their exhilaration:

      Beinart's Daily Beast article:
      "On the one hand, Jews delight in our newfound power. What could be more exhilarating for a people that seven decades ago were impotent to stop the Holocaust than seeing a Jewish state with nuclear weapons and an American Jewish community capable of making politicians pander in the most obsequious of ways? What is the AIPAC Conference if not a celebration of our own Purim-like transformation from terrifying weakness to intoxicating strength?"

      The 'power" of the Lobby, Zionist, Israel is a vicarious identification with and use of American power.
      They derived it thru the worse abuses of democratic tools, perverted the so called citizens "right to representation" into a foreign lobby
      and literally "buy" and hold our "national" policy hostage for a foreign country.
      I would not object if Jews or some other group supported some foreign 'cause" as long they did it strictly by and among themselves without involving the nation and the rest of the population in their cause.
      But the Zionist have gone too far, abused to the max the original American sympathy and generosity shown them after WWII. They are and have been for a long time stepping on the interest and welfare of the majority of Americans. They are totally out of tune with US majority opinion on what US government obligations are and to who and what.
      And because they are literally so"intoxicated" like a drunk who won the lottery, by their substitution of Jewish power for American power they will not know when to back off.
      How this niche power ends is anyone's could 'simmer' along as usual if we avoid a confrontation with Iran, it could blow up if we don't, it could be quietly or covertly marginalized out by some opposing power group in the long run. A crystal ball would be nice but I don't have one.

    • atime forpeace says:
      March 23, 2012 at 6:24 pm
      Look at Jstreet as a back-up fish net, their job is to catch all of the fish that were leaving the aipac net because

      A fish net is the perfect description.

    • A excellent examination of Goldberg's articles as a conduit for Israeli propaganda. And what they convey about Israel and Netanyahu.
      Is Netanyahu rational or irrational? And even if he is rational about Israel's inability to successfully attack Iran, if the Machiavellian game he is playing with the US dead ends, will he do the irrational out of frustration? And the seeming Goldberg and Israeli ignored implications for Jews by discounting American public opinions if the US is forced into war. And the implications for Israel if the US refuses to be forced into bombing Iran.

      Goldberg Variations

      "The fascinating discussion on this site of the piece which Jeffrey Goldberg published on Bloomberg on 19 March, under the title 'Israelis Grow Confident Strike on Iran's Nukes Can Work', sent me back to the article he published, under the title 'The Point of No Return', in the Atlantic in September 2010.

      Quite clearly, in both articles, Goldberg has been acting as a conduit for Israeli government propaganda. As so often in contemporary journalism, the implicit deal appears to be that a favoured reporter is granted access, on the condition that he or she uncritically relays the messages which his or her sources want broadcast. As a result, while Goldberg's interviews with Netanyahu and others are extremely useful for all of us attempting to assess what that Israel is likely to do in relation to Iran, the evidence they provide is difficult to interpret.

      What put the problem into the sharpest possible relief was the invaluable evidence presented on an earlier thread by jdledell. Summarising conversations with contacts in Israel who had a proper grasp of the technical problems involved in an attack on Iran and were not in the propaganda business, he confirmed what Colonel Lang, and others, have argued time and again on this site. On its own, Israel simply cannot expect to do significant damage to the Iranian nuclear programme. Among multiple problems, the refuelling capabilities that would be required for effective strikes just are not there.

      Quite clearly then, there can be no rational basis for the confidence which Goldberg attributed to the Israeli leaders about what can be achieved by acting on their own. To act as he suggests they may intend to do would not only involve risking important military assets, but also court a humiliating demonstration of impotence which would mean that, far from providing a way out of the country's security dilemmas, Netanyahu and his associates would have been likely to have made its situation immeasurably worse.

      continued to

    • This is a prime example of why I constantly say the Jewish community can not and will not be the force for change despite the efforts of admirable groups like Code Pink and JVP. Those group can raise awareness of the I/P occupation within the Jewish and non Jewish public but they do not have the political force to actually change Israeli policy, that change has to come in the form of US or other world governments pressure.
      It is a 'given' that Jewish groups for or involved in the issue are involved for Israel as their guiding concern. The infighting and hawk vr dove within these movements makes it impossible first, to have one large unified voice, and second, the liberals aren't willing to advocate the more stringent measures necessary to actually change Israel by changing US policy on Israel. They want to have their cake and eat it too by having the US maintain it's unqualified Israel favoritism in aid and protection and yet somehow expect something about the Israeli occupation of Palestine to change without any change it's US Protector's official attitude towards it.
      The liberal zionist cannot eat their cake...of US favortism of Israel and also have their cake of...a gentler Israel.

    • "Because I don't think that it makes any sense to put negative pressure on people whose behavior you hope to change. I think that the way that Israelis will feel comfortable making the compromises and the sacrifices--and Israel as a whole, not just the settlers --is when they really feel that not only American Jews, but the United States, is going to be there for them."

      So ridiculous, negative pressure and action is what it will take. Israel, for 63 years has run rampant as a lawless entity, never held to account for it's universally recognized crimes, supported by diaspora Zionist in particular and diaspora Jews in general and protected, financed and shielded from all international and human rights laws and punishment by the world's super power, the USA.
      The last thing Israel and it's citizens and supporters need is to be allowed to continue to feel "comfortable" about their positions. Comfort does not inspire change.

  • 'Safe European home'?
    • That injustice is the real problem, along with people who refuse to address it head-on....Hostage"

      Yep, no peace without justice. And if you can't get justice then revenge will keep on taking the place of justice. As Sir Francis Bacon said,... ''revenge 'is' a wild kind of justice."

  • Holocaust consciousness-raising = harming Palestinians
    • link to

      Every world leader believed that the Bolshvik revolution was led by Jews and none more so than Winston Churchill. The Jewish Bolshivks were his initial main motivation in supporting a national home land for the Jews...and he was concerned about keeping Bolshivks from migrating into Palestine. He wrote several screeds about Jewish Bolshivks and even thought they had penetrated into Germany and said they contributed to anti semitism in Germany. Churchill also accused US Jews and what he called International Jews of supporting it. He saw zionism as something that could fight Jewish Bolshivks and turn Jews away from it. All world governments at the time were alarmed by Bolshivkism in Russia, the largest country in the world, because of the communism . Churchill, actually like dreaded Atzmon on here, sort of seperated Jews into good and bad classes, blaming the bad International Jews for leading the poor class Jews astray. The text of the 1920 paper he wrote on the Struggle for the Jewish soul isn't in the link above but you can find it somewhere on the net I am sure.

    • This constant use of the holocaust desensitizes people to the holocaust imo. Except for the Jews Netanyahu wishes to influence, now a third generation from the holocaust, I think it's been ridden as far as it can go for everyone else in political terms. Particulary the current non Jewish young won't accord it the importance or be as emotional about it as my generation was, it's too far removed from them.

  • Peter King hypes Hezbollah threat to US
    • King is opportunistic nut case. He never met a threat or conspiracy he didn't like and if he can't find one to adopt he makes one up.

  • The video that pushed Peter Beinart to speak out against the occupation
    • I remember that video, it wasn't that long ago.
      I turned in 2001 when I saw the picture of the Palestine man and his young son crouching in building corner and a IDF sniper shot the father.
      So Beinart is very- very late to the party.
      And for someone so dedicated to Israel as Beinart to say he just noticed some act of cruelty a few years ago?
      Naw....his angst and activism is he realizes Israel is going to go down eventually because of it's murderous ways.

  • One crazed murderer sparks Zionist calls for European migration to Israel
    • "That the Jewish state has become dependent upon the Diaspora to remain a Jewish state is obvious in hindsight, but not to those at the time pursuing an illusion and engaging in self-deception"..Keith

      So in other words you think the zios have now bought their own advertising about the power of Israel or their mythical prowess and are
      operating totally in the delusion they need no one's support or approval. Well, their success in blackmailing the US over and over again with use of their nukes or creating total chaos in the ME could be one of the reasons for a delusion like this.

    • Oh, I get that zionism uses the Jews like fodder Mooser, no doubt about that. I am just wondering how the zios think taking Jews out of the domestic political equation in other countries like the US is going to help Israel. Being politically supported by Jews 'outside ' of Israel has been extremely important to Israel.

    • The idea that Jews all gathered in tiny Israel like ducks in a barrel would be safe in the event of some major world anti semitism is so crazy I can't believe any Jews believe this theory. How does Israel think it would protect the Jews if the world really wanted to get them? Even if their theory is that an anti semitic world would be satisfied to simply see the Jews out of their countries and therefore not bother with them further, how does Israel think it would continue to exist as it is since the world would no longer in that case, prevent the Arab world from addressing the Palestine issue and at minimun reduce Israel to a small colony/country or put it under their control? The only thing Israel could threaten would be their Sampson option nuke threat by which they would also be nuking the Jews into total extinction. The theory of Israel as a safe haven is and always has been totally crazy imo.

    • What is the end game of the zionist goal of having all or most European Jews immigrate to Israel? Do they also want US Jews to immigrate to Israel? Suppose most Jews did leave their current countries for Israel. How then would Israel, without Jews in other countries, maintain any political influence for Israel in those countries, particularly in the US? Countries would have very little or no reason to support Israel without a domestic political demand for it.
      So I don't understand how all the Jews fleeing to Israel benefits them and I am certain the Zionist know other countries support is necessary to Israel. Unless they have some mad idea about dual citizenship and voting rights in which new dual citizen Israelis would still be able to have an affect on their previous country's Israel policy thru voting in it's elections. And that would be a nightmare situation, having a voting block with no stake in another country's domestic policy and voting strictly on that country's foreign policy toward Israel. However imo there is no end to the zionist crazy schemes so who knows.

    • "it sounds like it was written by hollywood scriptwriters"...annie

      It does. The news showed a video of him some one made of him drving a car illustrating what looked like defensive a car chase scene in a movie. Looks to me like this 23 year old 'fancied' himself as some kind of terrorist avenger.

    • "Are you going to write this crap if some Jew shoots up a mosque in France and says he did it because of all of the Israeli children who have been killed by suicide bombers, or all of the people who have been killed by Al-Qaeda fanatics?" hoppie

      Yea I would. A revenge killer is a revenge killer, period.

  • Public radio station fires editor who dared to speak out about Israel's 'brutal military occupation'
  • The 'folly' of the 'war lobby'-- What if NYT's top-pick comments reflect popular opinion?
    • "Pamela Olson says:
      March 22, 2012 at 12:02 am
      I’ve been saying this for years. It’s the same with almost every foreign policy article in the NYT. You read the article and cringe. Then you look at the top reader picks — which are entirely sensible! — and ask yourself: “Who in the hell annointed these yahoo pundits to spin bullshit that even their readers don’t believe?”

      So have I... been following the comment sections of the MS press for a year now and these remarks are typical. I also check local papers in other parts of the country and it is the same.....the public is not stupid as some assume.

  • Responses to Toulouse murders from Palestinian orgs and Jerusalem mourners
    • "and few mentioned that there were several other dead(!) victims, among them a US judge"

      And a 12 year girl was killed. But I didn't hear the politicians talking about her.

    • "By the way, I read that the four Jews were buried in Jerusalem. Was that their personal wish, or some publicity stunt? I imagine as citizens of France, they would have wanted to be buried there?"

      Sounds like a publicity stunt to me. Are the parents of the dead children going to move to Israel to be near their childrens graves?

    • The facts Mayhem, are that a vicious psychopath/ terrorist/ whatever killed some innocent Jewish school children. The fact is the State of Israel does this also to Palestines and to Palestine children--on purpose, not as an accident.
      The sympathy here belongs only to the families, not to Israel.

  • Wikileaks: Google caught in spy games on execs and 'regime change'
    • This is probably what you remember about Stratfor. I use to read their reports and thought I had good source until I started noticing their more intelligent reports were basically copied or plagarized from more official agency intelligence sources. I wouldn't put much stock in their internal emails.

      link to

      Dr. Brenner on "Stratfor"

      Curiosity prompted me to peruse some of the material placed on the web today by Wikileaks. My curiosity was whetted by Startfor’s location only a mile or so from the University of Texas. Moreover, a few students of mine have penetrated the inner sanctum as interns. Here are my impressions based on my examination of the material and the testimony of those interns. They concentrate on Stratfor as a phenomenon rather than on the substance of the leaked documents which are pretty anodyne.

      Stratfor is a sleazy outfit. It was established as a money machine by George Friedman and a former Texas Congressman (now out of the picture) who served at one time on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. His being the co-founder along with the presence in the vicinity of numerous retired military people and civilian officials helps explain the selection of Austin as the company’s home. They hustle; everything they do smacks of a hustle. They exploit the student interns while playing on their desire to partake of the mysterious and the romantic. Those they do hire for regular positions get the skimpiest of wages. Expertise and languages are little valued. Their hallmark tool is an electronic pair of scissors. One student had spent four years as an interrogator for the U.S. Army in Iraq and Afghanistan. He served as an employee of a contract firm there. His first assignment as a junior member of the Stratfor team was to prowl around the Rio Grande Valley looking for stuff on the drug cartels; he never had been there before.

      Stratfor cultivates a mystique of secrecy and insider intelligence because in fact they have little to sell that is exceptional. They use open sources and communicate with old pals in and around government to get a feel for what’s going on. The Wikileaks material corroborates this, and it provides the further insight that they pay people for information and/or contacts. Those people include journalists, politicos, the occasional academic and professional tattlers. Sources and clients seem to overlap, i.e. Stratfor plays both ends against the middle. Having been shown a couple of Stratfor reports, I am singularly unimpressed by the supposedly inside information and the quality of the analysis.

      The most stunning feature of the operation is that they induce many large organizations to pay them hefty fees for ‘customized’ analyses which, at times, pass as the product of an intelligence investigation. Coca Cola, for example, lined their pockets for providing answers to a set questions about the aims, intentions and means of PETA which they feared might disrupt the winter Olympics in Vancouver where the company had an advertising stake. The information requested could have been uncovered by a five minute web search. Evidently, Coca Cola’s tens of thousands of employees do not include anyone capable of conducting such a search. Management, of course, derives greater reassurance when the product is received from a super secret unit with cachet.

      Even more baffling is that Stratfor does contract work for agencies of the United States government. The Marine Corps has been one of its clients. Apparently, the latter found itself in need of an external source to supply training materials on the global Muslim threat. In light of exposes about the appallingly bigoted writings, films and lectures imposed on FBI and NYPD officers, seeking new providers is not a bad idea in principle – even though one might reasonably expect that after ten years in the region the Marines might know enough not to throw Korans onto bonfires as did their Air Force counterparts. Still, relying on a dubious bunch like Stratfor is not reassuring. The leaked communications give no indication of what was served up.

      The tenor of the communications conveys the sense of a crass outfit populated by fatuous people. There is an adolescent quality to it. Code words, lots of expletives, a self-conscious secrecy about their doings, generally a ‘wow aren’t we clever’ atmosphere. The whole thing a frat house prank or a community college “Skull & Bones.” My own attempts to contact them ran into this secret society mentality. A suite address but restricted entry; no telephone numbers for the principles or email addresses; the aura of an ultra, ultra select coterie of initiates.

      Stratfor strikes me as emblematic of what’s perverse about the consulting cum information universe. Supposedly grave matters trivialized, deformed and used as cover to make big bucks for hustlers and charlatans. As for the institutions that make use of their services? well let’s just say that there must be something deeply unsatisfying at home . Brenner

  • 'Anti-Palestinian political groups' (Fletcher on lobby)
    • Oh dear! How will Chomsky explain this had nothing to do with the Israel lobby and served some nefarious US interest purpose. Maybe as a US program to keep the world stupid and starved so we can expand out empire?
      Hummm....I think stupid, hungry, desperate people are willing to fight and kill you quicker.

  • Letters of note
    • "and unintentional damage to civilians as part of a legitimate fight against terrorism. "

      LOL, that doesn't pass the laugh test when coming from Netanyahu.

    • Revenge is never rational, it's emotional. But zio Israelis have no room to talk, being whacko militant and primitive ethno centrics themselves, which isn't rational either.

    • Good for Kaminsky and Larner!
      Maybe they will start some de-tox centers in their areas for those not yet rehabiliated from ziocaine.

  • Pentagon fears Israeli strike on Iran would drag US in
    • Israeli can't do anything but botch a raid, it doesn't have the heft to do it. But Netanyahu is so delusional I doubt he understands that.

      Report from jdledell

      ''I've been in Israel for Purim. While there I spent a lot of time with my nephew and his family. He is an F-16D squad leader in the IAF. Over more beers than I can count we spent a lot of time discussing the topic on everyone's mind, Iran. While he has no inside information, at least to share, he was quite open on his reasons for believing there will be no IAF strike on Iran. 1 - Israel has only 25 of the F-15 Strike Eagles. These are the planes best equipped to carry the GBU-28 bombs and extra fuel tanks necessary to bomb the nuclear sites. The about 20 other F-15's will mainly carry 2000 lb bombs. The remaining F-15's will stay home in case they are needed for Lebanon and/or Gaza. 2 - A sizeable contingent of F-16's will be needed for escort and anti-air suppression. His guess is 50-60 would be needed. However, there is a shortage of external fuel tanks to outfit all the planes needed foe this mission. Unless they are hidden at some base he doesn't know about, there isn't enough. He is not aware of any on order either. 3 - The biggest achilles heel to this mission is air refueling. The IAF currently has seven 707 refuelers. However, only 4 of them are in current service, the other three await canibalization for parts. However, these 707's are old and in the maintenance shop more than in the air. The wiring is old and they have had problems with electrical shorts - not a good thing in a refueler. The old C-130 refuelers are not up to this kind of dangerous mission over hostile territory. In a nutshell, he doesn't believe they have enough reliable refueling capacity to support an effective mission of this size. The IAF has bought another 707 refueler but it wont' be delivered until this summer. His biggest gripe is the IAF spends tons on money on Gee Whiz stuff on not enough on nuts and bolts. ''

    • American Public Opposes Israel Striking Iran
      link to

  • As I read this, I cringe
    • LOL...damn right Mooser.

    • Beinart, according to DC insider Steve Clemons of the New America Foundation, TWN and The Altlantic is a sort of Jewish prince within the Democratic party political machine, but he is of the hawkish wing of the Dems.
      Whether that connection is related to his present activities or not who can say, but it's probably why he is able to get prominent press placement.

    • Bravo Danaa.
      If I could write as coherently, I would have written that exactly myself.

  • The Clementi family's compassionate statement
  • How important is it to the Times (and us) that Greg Smith is Jewish?
    • I asked the normative question, ‘Are such manifestations of Jewish power good for us?’"..Thomson

      "If" the Jews are, as Phil says "in charge", then I would say no they aren't good for us. Considering the rampant lack of ethics, economic failures, wars of choice, income inequality and general sleeziness of what pasts for society, the industrial decline of the US, the lose of US influence and respect in the world, not to mention our ruined reputation, our media and press being organs of special interest, and every major area of the US from WS to Government being totally corrupt. I'd give them an F for failure.
      But I am glad to know it's the Jews fault this time and can't be blamed on the WASP. LOL

  • Video: IDF caught in a lie about Tristan Anderson
    • "giladg says:
      March 17, 2012 at 2:05 am
      As the stakes get higher, the naive romantic activists who pretend they care about the Palestinians, but who do it more out of hate than concern, need to know that in the real world stuff hapens and people can get badly injured."

      O.K. I hate you, happy now? And you haven't met the real world yet. But you will.
      Karma is a bitch.

  • Rendell (of MSNBC and Friends of IDF) is under investigation for ties to Iranian terror group
    • Do read the Greenwald article, really lays it out.
      Oddly enough this am in the car I heard the old Johnny Cash song 'there's a man going round taking names, gonna treat everyone the same".
      Well, take names now, we might eventually have a chance to get these cretins.

    • I hope this goes somewhere but won't hold my breath. Just another example of corruption and being above all US laws.
      My guess is the MEK's funds and speakers fees come from Israel or Israel first sources.
      That Israel supports the MEK which is a terrorist group is well known.

  • 'Tablet' describes American veterans of IDF experiencing 'dual loyalty' issues
    • This reminds me of a argument I had back when I use to comment on Dkos occasionally. I had a running debate with a former IDF guy who immigrated to the US and was by and large in dove camp on I/P in that he was against the occupation but strongly pro Israel.
      I ask him one time how he would deal with it and which side he would fall on when the US and Israeli interest finally collided one day in a big way.
      He said that would never happen.
      People like this live in denial of reality and even common sense where it concerns Israel.
      There was another, what appeared to be young squirt, pro Israel poster that chimed in and said if the US and Israel ever squared off he would take up arms against the US.
      This is where dual loyalty and being raised on loyalty to another country gets you.
      This where a lot of Jews will forever be between the rock and hard place of their Israel creation.
      Maybe they can "manage it' in normal times but imo Israel is eventually going to force a choice on them of the US or Israel.

    • Hump,.... I think you need a history lesson and to develop some smarts yourself dimadok --evidently you dig up stuff without knowing what you are talking about.

      # The Flying Tigers for example were "officially" commissioned by US Presidential directive to help China's AF in WWII
      # The Lafayette Escadrille "volunteers' were BEFORE the US entered the war.
      # The Eagle Squadrons were also formed BEFORE the US entered the war.
      # The 7th Air Escadrille was formed AFTER WWI when the US was no longer at war.
      None of the examples you gave apply to what we are saying about US Jews joining the IDF while the US is at war.

    • Good for this guy he is living in NY, he wouldn't be able to get a job as dog catcher in most parts of the country with a resume showing he took off to join the Israeli military instead of the US after 911.

    • I can see a young fellow who has been raised on some identity emotion for a foreign country going off to join their armed forces "if" that country is embroiled in some great war and the US isn't embroiled in one at the same time.
      I probably wouldn't have much of a problem with that.
      I can't see one doing that if that other country isn't in some significant war, just to serve the other country as a sign of loyalty.
      What I have a big problem with is those who do that when the US is involved in actual combat wars and they don't join the US military to serve but do go join the IDF.
      I think a fair law would be that if someone leaves the US to join a foreign military during our time(s) of war instead of serving the US then they should have their citizenship revoked and not be able to come back.

  • Gilad Shalit's father says, 'If I were Palestinian I'd kidnap soldiers'
    • Well he certainly made a bold statement, wonder if he has a chance of getting elected.

      Frankly I'd kidnap Israeli IDF or officials too as bargaining chips, see nothing wrong with that.
      More strategic would be to kidnap a large number of them and stake them out around Iran nuclear facilities where they are certain to get blown up in an attack. And then invite one Israeli to come verify they are there. When he returns and Israel starts denouncing it as using human shields, then I would do what Israel always does and scream to the world it's a lie to delegitimize Iran, deny I had them and so forth. LOL.
      If I ever decided to be an outlaw and go rouge in the USA I would kidnap some AIPAC'ers and Israel first big wigs in politics and media and stow them in the basement for use at various times.... LOL
      This could be fun! Surely there's a thriller novel in this somewhere.

  • Israel will attack Iran-- and Obama gave tacit approval (Haaretz)
    • Netanyahu is doing what he his merry band always do, lying, stirring shit, and grinding out propaganda for those not smart enough to catch onto it.

      Only about a hundred times have the "on going" statements of the US military command been quoted on here along with their findings and pronouncement that Israel is not capable of carrying off a successful attack on Iran. Period
      And they have explained in detail why Israel does not have the capability to do it.
      And stated "publicly" that the US Military is 'against' a strike on Iran.
      Pay attention to "publicly stated" cause the Military does not 'ever' publicly voice their view or leak their views unless they are stone cold seriously for or against something.

      "If Obama does go against the US military position then you can bend over and kiss the American ass goodby...cause it will be just the start of more and more.

    • This is just more propaganda and story plant.
      Obama is not going to o.k., officially or secretly a Israeli attack "that the US will part of.""
      Three purposes to this plant--1) rattle the monkey cage more 2) make it appear there is some "secret" green light by Obama. 3) then if Israel does 'try' to bomb Iran the portion of dummies susceptible to this propaganda will believe it.

      Attacking Iran or 'being seen to be' in on a war with Iran would send Obama's election ratings down, not up. Which would be another plus for the zios.

  • When victims retaliate: A response to Bradley Burston
    • Should know by now lying is the only tool these kind of people have.
      Or maybe they don't know their lying and really are that mentally deficient. Probably both more likely.

    • I read the Burston article.....same old, same old typical whining hypocritical fop, as are all of his kind. Throw in some leftism, throw in some war crimes, mix and stir and you have the same old serving of bull s***.

    • " If it’s an instinctive natural response, there’s no moral problem, no matter who commits the violence. Even Israelis."

      Of course there is a moral difference . How dumb.
      Break in my house armed, to rob me and watch me blow your head off and be absolved under the law by my right to defend myself and my property.

    • I wouldn't have apologized. Maybe he had to for his job. In which case he should get another job.

    • I agree, very well done annie.

  • Chair of DNC says: 'Israel is our rightful place... a place for us to go'
    • "She is being smart, not dumb as many here would have her"

      LOL ...'short term' smart and 'long term' stupid of behalf of the Israel firsters.
      Foresight and long term vision is definitely not their forte.

    • "What would be the basis for choosing which nation to betray in a showdown?"

      Exactly what going is on now and has been going on in the US for a long time regarding Israel firstdom.
      Did Pollard betray the US for Israel?

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