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  • I always knew Nana was Jewish, but it only came up once
    • BTW Denis...

      Let me point out what most annoys others in the kind of statement like:

      "You would still have an Anglo/Hispanic/Asian residue, but think how flaccid it would be compared to what America is. "

      It's the way that one ethnic puts down" all others or dismisses their value in order to make that ethnic or group look better or superior to. This is a constant practice among Jewish's very revolting. I don't know if you are Jewish or Black or neither, and just think you are sticking up for Jews and blacks as minorities with this stuff. Whichever, this is the way you alienate people.

    • "It’s better to not know who you are than to think you are somebody you’re not."

      This should be entered into the Book of Truisms.

    • Worse than chutzpa.

      "As a thought experiment, what if you could remove from American culture everything that has been contributed by Jews and Blacks. You would still have an Anglo/Hispanic/Asian residue, but think how flaccid it would be compared to what America is.

      "It’s the smarmy vulgarity of the relentless stream of ethnic braggadocio ” borrow a phrase.

  • 'Let go of two-state solution insanity' -- says Illinois congressman who supports transfer
    • It's amazing how these Israel firsters assume that if they are pitching for Israel it's o.k. to be a racist or that no one will see them racist.

      Here's another one:.......this is Beinart idea of 'discussion'?...featuring a racist like this Open Zion?

      link to

      I have another slogan now....'Israel legitimizes racism. That's their "achievement".... their 'contribution' to the world.

  • BDS Scorecard: Methodists recommend sanctions & boycotts; reject divestment
    • ""The United Methodist Church does not support a boycott of products made in Israel. Our opposition is to products made by Israeli companies operating in occupied Palestinian territories."

      That is so stupid they might as well have said nothing. ISRAEL occupies the Palestine territories... boycott Israel.

  • It's apartheid in the West Bank, but Obama and liberal Jews are too 'intimidated' to say anything -- Perlstein in Rolling Stone
    • "I still maintain that the biggest reason why the topic on Israel has opened as much is because of Walt/Mearsheimer."

      I think so too. I did a jig on my computer when the article in the London Book Review came out and exchanged some emails with them giving what I believe the is average American's view or would be if Americans knew enough about the Lobby, and urging them on.
      The zionist played right into the book with their attacks, making it attract even more attention than it would have without the attacks. I gave two copies to my local library and checked later to see if they had been checked out....they had been.
      So there was some interest and knowledge among people even before the book came out or people would have ignored it. The attacks by the zios if anything helped, not hurt.

    • "It's finally happening. The great slumbering and privileged body of integrated American Jews is lifting its head and saying, Wait, you are doing what in my name?
      Note in my excerpt his relentless focus on what Zionism has done to Jewish identity, note his focus on Jewish power.''

      Wait, what are they doing in America's and Americans name?
      How many ask that question? Some ask that question.
      The appeal to Jews on Palestine seems framed this way by a lot of Jewish activist...what they are doing to their Jewishness.
      Sometimes I say o.k., those that do it this way, appealing to a Jew's notion of himself, or Jewish morality, are trying what they think will work with them.
      So I'd say hey, ...if it works, ends Israeli-zionist atrocities .....then use it.
      But I also see, it deliberately by some and inadvertently by others I suppose, reinforces the narcissism and separation that is zionism and tribalism.
      So even if this approach is successful on this issue, particulary if it is successful, it just kicks the can down the road to another chapter.
      MJRosenburg and Atzom, different characters that they are, get this I believe.

  • 'Jewish Council for Public Affairs' mounts denial campaign against '60 Minutes'
    • Boulos says:
      May 4, 2012 at 9:49 am
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      what i can’t figure out is what right american jews or american christians or american anyone have to speak out on behalf of another group of people half a world away. i mean, really, how many people in Christians for Israel actually know Palestinian Christians or an actual living, breathing palestinian christian?"

      I don't know why you can't figure it out.

      "Something happens....then you make a choice and take a side"...
      'The Quiet American', Graham Green.

    • 'Let’s increase the signatures at"


  • The Methodist conference: Let’s call this victory what it is
    • "That probably takes care of most of the companies in the world so you’d better go live as a hermit"

      Realistically Fred, Israel could disappear tomorrow and there wouldn't be blip in the world economy. All you would see is other suppliers in other countries take the place of whatever Israel provides. This is the case with most small countries simply because of the globalized can skip right over a country because all the eggs of world production and economics are not in one basket. We have many times here illustrated this when we get the claims about....."no one would have a computer if not for Israel stuff'. Intel and Microsoft, the companies Israel's tech sector is based on for instance, operate plants and research facilities in more than 65 countries around the world...if they shut down in Israel, no problem , it shifts to another plant or facility to take up the slack. If Israel's generic drug industry dropped out, India who has an even bigger one, gets a bigger share of the market and richer. Israel just doesn't have unique products or resources to offer than the world can't get elsewhere. In today's global economy critical raw material suppliers, countries that are major importers of those materials and goods, and the world's food suppliers 'are' the ultimate economic rulers. Israel is not any of those. If the world shut the door on Israel it would only hurt Israel. That's the plain truth, hasbara, if that's where you get your stuff, isn't telling you.

  • Beinart warns Jews that not talking to Palestinians and anti-Zionists 'makes us stupid'
    • "Gordis, with his “‘profound… tribal’ essence of Judaism”"

      Yea, sound familiar.

      White Fist - My heritage is loyalty - YouTube
      ► 4:14► 4:14
      link to Jan 1, 2011 - 4 min - Uploaded by Delvidekert
      White Fist - My heritage is loyalty.
      Preserving our white race is essential for the existance of our earth. Without our Aryan brothers and sisters destruction is imminent.
      We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”

      Someone should punk this guy by presenting him with research that says ,guess what?.. you aren't Jewish after all, your parents and grandparents lied, their ancestry was all made up, they were actually Spanish Catholics who assumed a Jewish family's identity to get in on the Jewish immigration slots to the US in the 1930s.
      LOL....opps, no tribe for you Gordy.

    • "but the fact that similar battles are raging throughout our land has to be looked upon as progress. as for all the zionist donor $$$, once we have these israel firster traitors on the run, all the zionist donors & all their $$$ won’t be able to put the special relationship together again."

      Sounds nice but that's not the way you beat a Mafia gang.

    • link to

      Rolling Stone Piece On The Awesome Power of the Israel Lobby

      The terrific historian, Rick Perlstein, has the best review I’ve seen on the Peter Beinart book.

      As he notes, you won’t find too many good reviews of Beinart’s book because people are scared shitless at the very though of praising a book that tears apart the lobby.

      The best part of Perlstein’s review is that he is new to the issue and, before reading Beinart, really had no idea how dominant the lobby is in Washington. Perlstein:

      ''As for Israel, I don’t think of it much. Even in a career as a political writer given to disputation, the sheer viciousness (which you’ll see from the hate mail this piece produces: I plan to publish it) faced by those who criticize not merely Israel, but certain specific de rigeur formulations about Israel, turned me off the entire subject. Instead, and I’ve never admitted this publicly before, the deeply saturated irrationalism surrounding it as I was growing up was what made me fascinated with political irrationalism as such – and helps explain why I ended up a scholar of the American far-right.

      That reflexive intimidation, in the end, is what most fascinates me about The Crisis of Zionism. I’d heard great things from friends about the book — but read almost nothing admiring about it in the public prints. People are cowed at the thought of taking on the shrieking Israel absolutists, the ones who imagine themselves every day saving six million lives and their critics as hastening the slaughter. Apropos: In one stunning story Beinart tells in his book, a group of young Jewish leaders declined to stand together at a Jewish gathering and sing the national anthem, but also declined to join a public resolution opposing settlement growth: “In the organized Jewish world, left-leaning young Jews often rely on establishment Jewish institutions for financial support. And publicly criticism is an excellent way to endanger that support.” Again and again, he prints quotations from unidentified sources, who apparently fear attaching their name to even innocuous opinions: like the former official of the American Defamation League who says it is “first and foremost a fund-raising organization”; and the “prominent Jewish journalist” who remarks that one major institutional conference “looks like the day room at the old-age home.”

      Another anonymous source is a “senior State Department official,” who recently traveled with Secretary Clinton from Jerusalem to Ramallah in the West Bank: “There was a kind of silence and people were careful, but it was like, my God, you crossed that border and it was apartheid.” For the most prominent victim of this climate of intimidation, and the retreat from reason and empirical observation it enforces, is the president whose Chicago home sits across the street from a venerable synagogue where, Beinart argues, he learned from the Jewish community that embraced him a Zionism that was both deeply felt and opposed to settlement growth. But then Barack Obama moved into the White House, where he found it impossible to follow through on his convictions, thanks to “Jewish pressure,” as a revealing headline in Time magazine puts it.

      Jewish pressure issues from people like Malcolm Honlein, not from any preponderance of actual Jews; polling finds “the gap between Jews and other Americans has not narrowed at all” on approval of Obama, and only 10 percent of American Jews make Israel their primary voting issue. “Members of Congress,” Beinart concludes, “worried that the administration did not fully grasp what he had gotten himself into” when he made a halt to the growth in settlements by the Israeli government a precondition for further diplomatic progress. Now, however, he has given up, and his statements sound like “they were faxed to his office by the Israeli prime minister’s office,” according to one Israeli commentary Beinart quotes. “‘If you’re going to pick a fight with a bully, you need to win.’”This quote is from a “Congressional staffer who works on Israel policy” – who, naturally, asked not to be named.''

    • "But he has been unable to present a meaningful alternative"

      Obviously his alternative is to have Israel 'back off' and be reasonable enough regarding Palestine to make itself halfway acceptable to the world and it's critics. Thing is, he has "no power" or not enough power to overcome the hard core and he is trying to drum up some among Jews.
      But if we want to be what if he got 90% of US Jews in his corner who would say enough on Israel's behavior, stop supporting it. Would DC pay any more attention to them than they pay to the rest of us? The zionist $$$ donors would still be politicians first consideration.
      Unless Mossad stops wasting it's time on Hamas and starts knocking off the hard core Zio Hierarchy in Israel and the US I'd say we are all trapped on this train till it runs off the rails.
      I hate being defeatist.

  • Israeli official tours Europe in attempt to influence Iran talks
    • This may have appeared here before but I just saw it today:

      Israel enters it's End Game

      link to

      Since 1967, Israel placed occupied Palestinian land, privately owned or otherwise, into various categories. One of these categories is ‘state-owned’, as in obtained by virtue of military occupation. For many years, the ‘state-owned’ occupied land was allotted to various purposes. Since 1990, however, the Israeli government refrained from establishing settlements, at lease formally. Now, according to the Israeli anti-settlement group, Peace Now, “instead of going to peace the government is announcing the establishment of three new settlements…this announcement is against the Israeli interest of achieving peace and a two states solution”

      The fact that any country would talk to or even allow Israelis to enter their countries since everyone is aware that they, in violation of Geneva, claimed occupied land as their own and built on it , are outright criminals by International Law. Just goes to show you how Orwellian the Special Victims exception and aberration of Zionism, has made institutions and governments that would normally be required to recongize at least, if not forced to act in accordance with those laws.
      Zionism is a curse on the world that effects the whole world, not just Jews, there is no other way to put it. It has nullified every law the nations created to prevent exactly what Israel has done.
      I am not being overly dramatic when I say it has to be destroyed..exceptions to universal law like this cannot be allowed to stand in the world or those laws will be as meaningless to everyone as they are to Israel.

    • "Although the Europeans are not beholden to the Israelis like the Americans"

      I don't know of any US 'beholdness' to Israel...I think he must be referring to the "domestic politics' and the lobby within the US..but I wouldn't put it as beholden to Israel.... accurately it's a situtation where US politician bribee owes Israel first political bribor whatever they demand for Israel.

  • The benedictions of Benzion Netanyahu's racism
    • Thanks again Hostage for the very good update.....I thought I remembered there was some problem/holdup for Palestine with the ICC but lost track of the details or exactly what happened.

    • Yes Oleg, the majority establishes, for all practical purposes, what is moral/ acceptable by going along with something or refusing to go along with it.
      People thought giving the holocaust Jews a protected country was moral originally, when they no longer think it's a moral good they will reject it.

    • Thanks Hostage

      No it doesn't sound like Abbas has given up.
      But can the US prevent them getting observer status.

    • I pray you are right Hostage.

    • "Well Oleg the world has moved-on. We no longer permit the use of the crime of aggression to force others into involuntary “agreements” under the duress of military occupation, forced eviction, colonization, and apartheid. Those are all considered to be decidedly immoral acts. They are also international crimes for which statutory limitations do not exist"..Hostage

      The world did move on .... but zionism and Israel have dragged it back.
      How else do we account for the fact that despite the laws nations created to prevent exactly what Israel has continues to this day? It cannot be that any sane person actually sees these universally prohibited crimes by Israel as justified legally or morally under a past victim hood claim by the criminals.
      I can't comprehend it. Some one explain it to me.

    • Don't the neo nazis fetishize Hitler as some kind of great man?
      Seems like the same kind of thing to me.

    • "“Two brief remarks: In the first place, if anyone objects that this point of view is immoral, I answer: It is not true; either Zionism is moral and just or it is immoral and unjust. But that is a question that we should have settled before we became Zionists. Actually we have settled that question, and in the affirmative."

      sigh.....banging my head against wall. This again reflects the supremist attitude and hubris.....they absolutely cannot process the reality or fact that what 'they decide' is immaterial if the majority of the world ultimately disagrees with them.

    • I don't see that he was a religious supremist...he was a plain supremist. If there's anything religious about zionism, it's that for zionist, they and Jews by extension, since they have to have some following or myth to fit the claim and belief, are their own literal God. ..they worship themselves. And of course by being Supreme beings they get to establish universal truth and demand worship and obedience from others and melt out punishments to those who don't accept them as the Supreme beings.
      I am surprised the guy lived as long as he did carrying around that kind rot inside him.

  • 'Shame on You': Why I interrupted Obama counter-terrorism adviser John Brennan
    • It occurs to me that the people out there upsetting applecarts and getting in faces like this in public are mostly women Medea.... never underestimate the female of the species.
      Some study I read long ago about gun owners said that if a woman has a gun she's 10 times more likey to actually use it than a man.

    • I so second that! Love this woman.

  • Obama working to postpone UN investigation into settlements until after 2012 elections
    • "Foreign Ministry officials noted that the U.S. wants to postpone the establishment of the panel to the latest possible date, hoping this will lead to the unofficial burial of the matter. However, the assessment is that it will not be possible to prevent the establishment of the panel, so the aim is therefore to delay it until at least after the U.S. presidential elections in November" if it's not going to be possible to prevent it.....then the effort to delay it has to be only because the adm thinks it would become an issue with Jewish voters or donors and OB would be blamed for not stopping it.
      So if OB gets relected I guess we will see how much of a fight against it he puts up and whether they is any real weakening of Israel firstdom in his second term.
      Considering the fact his own dem party has been so shitty in backing him up on anything, if I were he, I would stick it to them and the Israel firsters all in my second term and exit laughing my a** off.

  • Dershowitz gets booed for warning Israel supporters not to boo Obama
    • Keith
      If you want to bitch about US vulture capitalism and neo globalism, do it, I agree.
      But quit pucking crap out of the sky in someone's comment.
      Wait till someone actually says 'all' American policies originate from Tel Aviv before getting all pissy.

    • If I had to use any Jew as an example of the zionist racist wing being discusssed on another thread here it would be Caroline Glick. I use to read her columns in JP. Glick "HATES' the US, I mean really hates us, as a country, as people...along with Europe and every other non Jewish country in the world I suppose ..hates everything and everyone outside of Zionism and the Jewish State. The last column of her's I read was years ago and it was so bad, so full of venom, particulary toward the US, I finally said I don't need to read this crap any was that hateful.
      Anyone that follows this lunatic is on a path to doom.

    • "For all Israel’s strengths, Olmert said, “we should face the international community with quieter tones.” It isn’t healthy for either party, he said, if America is seen as “under the command of the state of Israel.”

      Too late. It's been seen that way to a great many people for quite a while, at least where US ME policy is concerned.
      In fact prominent figures have written about the "abdication of US interest to Israel" using just that term..."abdication".
      Fighting words to Americans, 'abdication of our interest' to a foreign country.

  • New petition challenges Horowitz smear invoking Nazi holocaust to attack BDS
    • No Fred, it's hypocriscy to 'complain' about others using the holocaust for some point or advantage when Israel/zios use it as an excuse, reason or tool for their agenda.

    • ''Fredblogs says:
      May 2, 2012 at 11:25 am
      + Show content
      Uh, no. Both invoke the Holocaust.'

      Well really, so what?
      The fact is you have used the holocaust excuse against everyone for so long it was only a matter of time till people's tolerance of the hypocrisy involved ran out and they used it back against you.

    • grrrr....every time I see this kind of crap defaming people in public by the zionist I lose it...he is outright slandering people and naming them as anti semites.
      How does he get away with this?

  • Hillary Clinton's invocation of 'our values' in Chen Guangcheng case highlights total abdication of that policy in Palestine
  • United Methodist Church rejects divestment
    • "How? Sanctions are very different than selective divestment.
      I think the Methodist just proved once again that they as the young woman said ” hiding behind pretty rhetoric"..kathleen

      Yes they are different...divesting wouldn 't starve out anyone in this case.
      I'd like to see names put to the no votes and each one ask to explain his reason for voting against it.

    • OlegR says:
      May 3, 2012 at 9:02 am
      + Show content
      / you need to burn everything that’s made in Israel or that supports israel./
      Then you should start by burning your computer."

      Oh gawd, not that again! This Oleg, the outlandish claims like this, is one reason why people are so dismissive of Israel's claims of acheivement. Do you just not know any better? Who tells you these things?

  • To counter the injustice of Israeli impunity, remember the Samouni family
    • Woody might be pointing out that the Never Again lesson to the world on whoever might be someone's 'other' at any time hasn't been learned. If the dead victims of the holocaust could speak, wonder what they would say about what Israel is doing in Palestine?...I think they would be replused.

  • Israel closes investigation of those responsible for al Samouni family massacre, no legal action taken
    • [email protected], I asked Woody about HIS family, not “from an Israeli”. If you be so kind as to reveal your thoughts, pls answer too, about YOUR family, yes/no pls.''

      There isn't a yes/no answer for my family because I would never allow a member of my family to commit or support acts that oppress other people to begin with. If one did he would have to answer for it and take his medicine for his own sake as well as his victims. It would be impossible for me to tolerate that from someone in my family, emotionally devastating as it would be to have to do something about it.

    • Ditto.

      asher should worried about the hatred barbaric Israeli actions incite.

    • Woody, question to you: would you have your family live under a possiblility to be “fireracked” by these “firecrackers” from Gaza? Yes/no answer wud suffice"..asherpat

      Well, the obvious answer from an Israeli would be yes.
      They did and do ask for it after all, by what they do in and to Palestine.
      try doing the same thing to people who actually have the wherewithall to really fight back and see what you get.

  • Another Christian apostasy on NPR (when will non-Zionist Jews get some air?)
  • 'Tear down this wall' Hillel tells... Israel? (No, University of Illinois)
    • I like the wall, brilliant idea.
      They need to add a slogan saying 'Israel delegitimizes Jews.'
      Turn the tables on their delegitimizing Israel

  • His excellency Michael Oren to address American Jewish organization on 'facing our challenges together'
    • I like my new found slogan so I'm gonna repeat it.

      'Israel delegitimizes The Jews'.

      Would like to see that jingo on some signs in Oren's audience. Here he is calling on the old ' nation within a nation' concept which legitmitizes a canard which delegitimizes the Jews while he cries anti semitism.
      Hopeless, hopeless upsidedowninsideoutism.

  • When Netanyahu described Iran as Amalek -- read, Hitler-- NYT passed this along as rational thinking
    • Bumblebye says:
      May 1, 2012 at 9:55 pm

      Yeah – the one in his mirror! "

      Do Vampires have reflections? Or is it werewolves that don't have have reflections?

    • Regime change, regime change.......hee, hee, hee.
      Perhaps I give OB and the US Military too much credit ...but dollars to doughnuts all the Israeli former official critics now after Netanyahu have been told...''we can't work with Israel with that crazy Netanyahu in office."
      Can anyone think of a single world head of state that doesn't want Netanyahu gone?

    • "After we denounce the exaggeration, after we shake off the unjustified part of the charge, we must listen to these great people. They are not anti-Semites, they are expressing the opinion of many people. Instead of accusing them we should consider what we did that led them to express it.."

      I found this part......''we should consider what we did that led them to express this"....confusing, is he saying they don't know what they, Israel the zionist do and did?

  • 'J Post' says David Remnick is 'conflicted' and 'born of Jewish parents'
    • The reason for Americans to obsess over Israel more so than other rouges and abuses is because we, our government and politicians, are as guilty and responsible for what it does as it is. This is our Frankenstein, we raised it.

  • An account of the Guardian's racist endorsement of the Balfour Declaration
    • Like all times, a lot of political garbage opinions were put out about giving Palestine to the Jews.
      Bottom line, the British though they were being smart.....they referred to the Jews back then as Britain's "Jewish problem" and thought they had hit upon the ideal
      solution to the Jews and to their Egypt stragety.
      There was no hubris quite like the '' for the good of everyone cause we know better than anyone" as the British kind during their empire mode.
      It's almost comical...they misjudged the zionist who instead of being grateful allies,
      turned around and called England "worse then Hitler and more cunning" when Britain tried to back off the growing monster by sticking to the immigration quotas for Israel. And they totally misjudged the Arabs.
      Then they threw the whole fracking mess in the lap of the world.

  • Tail has stopped wagging, so dog can stop talking about war with Iran
    • "Gideon Levy presciently said it all back in March.
      “…But one day the rope could snap and the whole thing could blow up in the face of power-drunk Israel: Israel doesn’t know when to stop, and it could pay dearly as a result.”......Ahhiyawa

      I believe that.....they do not know when to stop. I believe that is how they will arrogantly dropping that one last final straw on the world and/or the US.

    • "No, because the Israeli consensus is shattering. And that Israeli consensus was, as Fallows implicitly concedes, driving the American discourse."

      I don't think the Israeli consensus came about on it's own...nor is it driving American discourse. But it is driving the Jewish discourse on it thru the press because of the Israeli interested members of the press.
      Obama and the US Military "public statements"have been full of little dropppings that are tiny warnings and can still be said publically in a way that comes out as concern for and supportive of Israel without totally blowing out the Lobby support. They have been subtle, but warning enough while still supportive enough to raise a question mark among Israelis who are finely tuned in to any sign of wavering US support for Israel.
      What doesn't get diseminated for the general public, for political reasons, is the 'private conversations' between the US officials and the Israelis. Olmert and the former intelligence and military officials who are speaking out know how to read the fine print in those private conversations. "If" the message they were getting was full US support for Israel on Iran they wouldn't be crossing either the US or Israel quite so publically. They are getting some under the radar US 'suggestions' and backup to go after Netanyahu and the other crazies. It's a stab at containing Israel, at least for the time being.
      Regime change isn't only for Arab countries.

  • Beinart's Blindspot: Israel has always been a non-democratic apartheid state
    • SN

      The exception I would tolerate would be the original exception of giving the 'a piece of Palestine' for holocaust Jews..... BUT....not because they were or are "entitled" to another's land for any reason.... but because it is not practical now to remove Israel. That exception would also require that for Israel to remain it be held to every single 'requirement' of the UN 181 that created it and make reprepations for every agreement and condition in 181 that they have violated the past 65 years. That some people except some exception I think is based purely on the holocaust justification, but even those people, if they knew the extent of exceptions granted Israel and zionism and the victims it has created I dont' think they would except it....theyd be outraged as we are.

      What can you imagine that is more insane than allowing a group the privilege to take what isn't their and to victimize others with complete immunity from law and human standards based on the claim they are entitled to it or it is necessary for them because of their connection to prior victims in their group? It's madness. Would be madness to bestow this kind of exceptionalism on any group of humans for any reason because it will always be abused.

    • "There is, it can seem, somewhat of an unconscious acceptance of the idea that yes, to a very considerable if not absolute degree one simply cannot hold Israel to the standards held to everyone else, and this seems to me a huge thing."

      That is the core of zionism and Israel. It's exceptionalism and victimhood entitlement without which it could not exist, least not in the form is now does.
      I have to reject it...the whole idea of privileges and immunity and exceptions passed down to or inherited by every succeeding generation of a certain group based on a peoplehood or religious connection to prior generations victimization.
      It's too bizarre as eternal guilt imposed on a group for their ancestors crimes.
      The world can't work that way or at least those exceptions won't work forever. It's against most people basic concept of fairness. It breeds resentment especially when those who demand special privileges as victims then use their privilege to abuse and victimize others.
      It's not even rational, the holocaust-victim contract with the world does not even arise from humanitarian values, it's a political construct. It's in such conflict with what we consider fair and equal and humanitarian treatment of everyone that that's why it is now being questioned. It has nothing to do with discounting the lives of innocent victims or disrespecting or minimizing what happen to them.

    • "This doesn't work because even within the green line Israel has always been a non-democratic apartheid state."

      Of course it has. A state can actually have a majority of one race or religion and still have full democratic equality for the minorities.....BUT can't define itself and 'operate' as a State FOR one particular race or religion on that race or religion's ideology and primilary on laws and doctrine 'preferred' by that race or religion.
      Every time I hear a zionist call Israel a democracy it just illustrates once again their narcissistic, or whatever mental deficit causes it, stupidity in assuming anyone would accept their black is white, up is down description of democracy.
      They are like wind up toys...Israel is a democracy, Israel is a's so annoying after a while you want to take hammer to it to shut it up.

  • John Wesley advises Methodist delegates on divestment
    • Yea....if religion doesn't bring people to this ,what good is it?...or maybe that's unfair....maybe religion only works on those who have some nugget of morality to begin with.

    • "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. ~ Theodore Roosevelt"

      One of my favorite great life instructions.
      Along with..if you don't have enough to get it done, go get enough to get it done.......LOL

  • How Zionists implanted their dream in Einstein
    • " but to implant an idea so deep into a subject's subconscious that it germinated on its own and fooled the target into believing that this idea was genuine and spontaneous."

      I don't know that the zionist suceeded with Einstein but imprinting on the subconscious is practiced all the time....and works to a large degree on the average unaware person. Knowing what people value or fear or desire, which is similar in most people, and then using certain words or question, deliberate but unrelated off hand remarks, can spark an idea in a person that they think came to them without any outside imput or suggestion.

  • Boots on the ground: Israel wants hikers with guns to visit renamed hilltops in West Bank
  • Obama high-fives Jimmy Kimmel after he calls Netanyahu a warmongering 'yahoo'
    • I don't think you have to apologize either. The fact is we are all conditioned to the fact that something said about Israel that gets public exposure is usually because a Jew said it, not a non Jew. Everyone is thrown by the fact that that is changing somewhat now.

    • "” I want to take (mild) issue with that, and especially with MJ Rosenberg, who today wrote: “If he speaks out on Israel/Palestine, the lobby will try to shut him down….After all, if they can shut Paul Krugman up, who exactly will be allowed to speak?”

      Well, the lobby can only shut down public figures they can threaten or take something away from.
      That's where we non-public figures and average citizens come in.
      We can say whatever we think to whoever we want...nothing AIPAC can do about it.

  • 'Messianic' rap on Netanyahu frees Obama, thaws discourse (and exposes 'No Return' Goldberg)
    • If I was given a better choice I would take it.
      Sometimes this GOP-Dem musical chairs dual monarchy so infuriates me I consider not even voting.
      But I end up like most of us,voting for the lesser evil....but it always feels like trying to bail out the Titanic with a tea cup.

    • At Haaretz, Amos Harel says that Diskin penned his off-the-cuff comments on a sheet with a Bible verse on it, and Obama will use the statement as a magic carpet to come to Jerusalem at last:

      Should we receive word of an upcoming visit by President Barack Obama to Israel, it will only serve as further proof that the United States is making all efforts to prevent a possible Israeli attack."

      LOL...that's a nice piece of spin to try and up Israel's image by trying to entice BO to visit. Don't go BO.

    • "does it have to do with the potential for economic upheaval and the resulting chaos that could ensue?"

      I would say yes , definitely.
      I said years ago that the US Military command and the US's assumed responsibility for world economics were the only two areas that could trump the Israel Lobby with the Executive branch. Although not with congress, we all understand they are too far gone from reality to care about ramifications.
      The economic fallout, not only on the US, but on the entire world from a major upheaval in the ME oil regions is the line in the sand for Israel.
      What could change that though is the US putting some Apocalypse loon president in even worse than clueless Bush Jr.....even Jr wasn't that crazy.
      As disappointed as I am with Obama, the way things stand now I will be forced to vote for him with my fingers crossed.

    • ''Neither Netanyahu nor Barak have moderated their rhetoric. The prime minister recently said that those who downplayed the threat from a nuclear Iran "have learned nothing from the Holocaust".

      Ha!'s the zionist who have learned nothing from the holocaust.
      They think the holocaust shield protects them from ever having to pay or answer for what they do. Like primitives who made human sacrifices to their Gods, they think of the Jews murdered by Hitler as only offerings to their Zionist entity in return for perpetural immunity from any future crimes Zionist rule would ever commit.
      Run Jews, run, run, run, away from these psychopaths.

  • Settlers raise Israeli flag over Hebron's Ibrahimi Mosque for the first time
    • "Giving birth with hands and feet tied"

      This is so bad, that even having had Israeli cruelty verified by unimpeachable sources time and again, I have a hard time believing this one. The only way I can process this for believability is if we accept that Nazi doctors did hideous experiments on Jews we have to believe that Jews are capable of doing the same things to Palestines.

  • Major olive producing village ordered to uproot 1,400 trees by May 1
    • "the deliberate imposition on a group of living conditions calculated to cause its physical destruction in whole or in part,..."

      A.b.s.o.l.u.t.e.l.y plain as day.

    • "The purpose is ethnic cleansing though slow economic strangulation which is less noticeable in MSM than outright expulsion/genocide."

      "This isn’t savagery,barbarism?"

      "If Israel wants to breed hatred of itself then consider the job done. No-one can possible continue making excuses for this ethnic cleansing and barbarism. They haven’t got hearts, just blackened evil souls."

      All true.
      It is a deliberate and planned slow motion genocide.
      The savagery of these people is made 1000 times more evil by the holocaust and victimhood 'excuses' they claim for what they do.
      When the zionists time comes show them no more mercy than the world showed the nazis.
      And don't even think about telling me not to make that comparison, ..if 63 years of zionist Israel doesn't epitomize of the true 'banality of evil' I don't know what does.

  • Denver billboards lead to-- hold on to your hat-- spirited debate!
    • I don't think any more 'debate ' is needed.
      The evidence is overwhelming, the verdict is in.
      If Israel couldn't change in 63 years it won't change in 63 more.
      Giving half the world's Jews a state of their own created a zionist monster.

  • Beinart's romance, and the coming tragedy
    • In my reading of 'real' opposed to the zionist version of Jewish history.....the existence of what is referred to as "Court Jews"...which were basically Jews who were intermediaries or performed services like tax collections and oversaw royal rentals to the serfs and peasants for the Crowns of numerous countries thruout time were far more privileged and better off than the other commoners. Whether this benefited the entire Jewish collective or not is debatable but no doubt the Court Jews did intercede for the Jewish community in some cases. This practice of Court Jews servicing state royalty did lead to resentment of Jews and the establishing of many of the canards about the greed of Jews and etc.. The common serfs on the other hand had no court representatives and where the peasants finally all out revolted against the Crown for being overtaxed and impoverished, the Crown usually responded by expelling the target of their ire, the Jewish 'representatives' of the Crown and the Jews along with them to calm the masses revolt and hold onto their crowns. Whether this position of Jews was caused by some restrictions against being land owners or not in some countries it led to commoners to being trapped between tax collecting Court Jews on one hand and Jewish merchants practice of interest on debt making peasants unable to pay for basic needs and eternally in debt on the other hand. Between the two and without any avenue to the Crown for redress by commoners against their impoverishment their revolts were directed against the Jews first, then the Crown. In most cases I read about European rejection of Jews it was the popular masses revolt, not the ruling entity or the Crown that initiated it. There were other cases, as we know, where the religion of the Crown or ruling entity was responsible for the shunning of Jews on religious grounds.
      Jewish wisdom holds this was another historical 'scapegoating' of the Jews....but the way it worked in those times was the Crown set a amount to be collected for the Crown and that was what the Court Jews who served in that capacity must provide the Crown, their profit was whatever they could demand or collect over and above that amount. So there was probably both some scapegoating of Jews by the Crowns to deflect their own guilt and some opportunistic greed mongering by the Court Jews.
      You could make the comparison that in some ways the zionist of today resemble the Court Jews of old. They are certainly "extracting" from the common masses for their own benefit while also aiding/servicing and ensuring the 'Congressional Court' Rulers who allow them to do this, keep their Court thrones in Congress.

    • Beinart seems intent on avoiding the very crux of the biscuit. There is no more Jewish community. There is only Zionism, and Judaism is its handmaiden, its whore, and its body-guard."..Mooser

      I think that is deadly accurate.....Israel and zionism have replaced Judaism and corrupted whatever better traditions of Jewishness that existed by "organizing" them for Israel.

    • But claiming that he has “exposed” this community as if this is a first is absurd"

      I agree, people of conscience and true patriots exposed the Israel fetish in US government long ago. That those truth tellers and danger warners haven't been able to eradicate it is proof of the total corruption of our political system.
      Beinart' s problem and others like him is they assume they, the Jews, will or can do something about it....the way they approach it, as being under the control of the Jews is another indication of their tribalism. The Jewish community won't change I/P or the US-Isr problem....they can't turn fast enough, they are 63 years into the Jewish/Israel favored status quo. At the pace Israel is moving, by the time, if they ever do, catch up with reality and the non Jewish world re Israel, it will already be over....some zionist or Israeli event will have changed it whether they or we are ready for it or not. Pessimistic?...yes...but political reality.

    • "American Judaism, in the main, does not regard itself as a religion in the sense that the term is understood in the modern world. American Jews, in this discourse, are less a religious community than a polity. All of the major denominations of American Judaism are affiliated with the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, which regards itself as the governing body of the whole American community and has essentially no other purpose than to advocate for the State of Israel. Said “community,” in turn, is regarded to be nothing more than an appendage of the transnational polity called “the Jewish people” of which, according to the official ideology of the State of Israel, it is the collectively held possession as opposed to a state of all its citizens."

      And that is the problem. They either don't see or don't care that the zionist are living up to every old canard about Jews. ...they are acting as the old' nation within a nation' in the a 'political body' for a foreign nation within the US nation.
      I don't know why more of the Jewish community doesn't get how this US zionist cult in our government and the Jews by implication/extension are viewed by non Jewish Americans as detrimental to this country.
      This is why I am so dismissive of all the Jew hater claims. Actual Jew haters are so
      minuscule they are immaterial in the US. But the resentment Israel and the Israel firsters create in the US is valid. Most of the Jewish discussions I see, as in Beinarts, are as if there was no non Jewish world looking at what the zionist and Israel are doing, as if what the wider world thinks of their actions and attitudes isn't going to affect them sooner or later.

      The World Jewish "Congress', all the "Global Jewish World Political entities", the Jewish Conference of 'Presidents', all the Jewish People World Governments....all so bizarre, so canard like. It's like some weird alien race thinking they can operate the world to their benefit from some Zionist space ship station in the sky thru remote control of the earthly Jews.

  • Yoffie rallies American Jews to determine 'character of the Jewish state' without a word about our obligations as American citizens
    • the only way we possibly can influence the behavior of the settler entity is by our participation in the struggle to sever the u.s.-israel special relationship. it’s through such an effort that we jewish-americans have a unique role to play, that of relentlessly exposing neocons for the israel first traitors that they are. we succeed in this effort and the the public will come to realize that our government has to rethink and then change the type of relationship it has with israel."

      I would rephrase that to.....'the US congress will come to realize' they have to change their Israel loyalty".
      I don't think it's going to happen but if it did it would do much more than would kill the canard of Jewish disloyalty the zionist represent and put it square on the zionist cult alone. It would also be a earthquake for Israel more US Jewish power for them..change or perish.
      Inspiring to imagine...but don't think,it will happen...however I will never say never.

    • "he could be right that the survival of the Jewish people depends on having a nation state with an army:

      Every time I see that statement I go crazy......who,who, their right mind could possibly think Israel could protect Jews from anyone but unarmed Palestines????
      Listen, if the world, even half or a quarter of the world ever turned on the Jews Israel could be ashes in a nano second. It is the absolute l.a.s.t place on earth I would go if I were a Jew running from rampant anti semitism....unless I just wanted to die with a bunch of other Jews.
      Seriously, who with an I/Q above 70 could believe Israel is any kind of safe haven or protection?

    • Send this to every single person you know.

      link to

      "How does AIPAC endanger America?" IRmep

      How does AIPAC endanger America? Workshop videos now online

      April 23, Washington, DC--Video from the March 3, 2012 workshop "AIPAC: What it is, who its allies are, why it's dangerous and how to stop it" sessions are now available over the Internet. Turn off HD (high definition) for faster video streaming.

      AIPAC History Proto-AIPAC's incubation in the Israeli embassy in 1948. Strategic direction-setting by the Mossad and Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Confrontations with the Eisenhower and Kennedy Administrations and the secret battle over registration as an Israeli foreign agent. FBI espionage investigations of AIPAC. AIPAC and the clandestine Israeli nuclear weapons program. The grassroots fight for transparency, regulatory oversight and accountability. Presented by Grant F. Smith, Director of IRmep. link to

      AIPAC Political Power US politicians and the Israel lobby campaign finance network. Why Israel political action committees use confusing and misleading names. How ostensibly independent political action committees are coordinated to avoid contribution limits imposed on other industries. How AIPAC has directed PAC contributions to chosen candidates. How to track stealth Israel PAC contributions to your representative. Presented by Janet McMahon, Managing Editor of the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. link to

      AIPAC and the Media Why establishment media outlets consistently fail to present an accurate picture of Palestinian vs Israeli casualties in the ongoing conflict. Why the background and motives of key Middle East reporters prevents Americans from receiving accurate reporting. Enduring myths about Israel's value as a US ally. How to counteract the disinformation network. Presented by Alison Weir, President of the Council for the National Interest and Founder of If Americans Knew. link to

      Promoting Islamophobia AIPAC's role in promoting Muslim "otherness." The Clash of Civilization policy framework, why is it of strategic value to Israel, especially after the Cold War? Who funds Islamophobia in the United States? What can be done about it? Presented by Hatem Bazian. link to

      Exposing, Challenging and Stopping AIPAC Why aren't operatives and their organizations (WINEP, FDD, FPI, AEI, JINSA) ever properly identified in the mainstream media? Are AIPAC and the larger network of organizations vying to operate as an "alternative government?" How can proven tactics to confront dangerous policy be implemented in the Internet age? Presented by Jeffrey Blankfort. link to

      "Occupy AIPAC" and "Move Over AIPAC" are annual Washington DC gatherings of over 100 organizations organized by Code Pink to challenge and present alternatives to dangerous and costly Middle East policies. The Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy (IRmep) is a Washington, DC based organization that studies US Middle East policy formulation. The Council for the National Interest works for U.S. Middle East policies that serve the national interest. If Americans Knew is dedicated to providing Americans with everything they need to know about Israel and Palestine. The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs is a magazine published to provide the American public with balanced and accurate information concerning U.S. relations with Middle Eastern states.

      PR Newswire news release:

      link to

  • Three score and four years ago our forefathers brought forth on this planet a new nation
    • " Ours is a unique relationship founded on an unbreakable commitment to Israel’s security, and anchored by our common interests and deeply held values. "

      ROTFLMAO....this 'relationship' is built on political payoffs/bribes/political intimitation by Israel firsters and their lobby and corruption.
      That's all the US-Isr relationship is or has ever been about.
      The zionist and Israel sure as hell don't have any 'values' and neither do their US supporters.
      They all need to be held underwater till the bubbles stop coming up.

  • How the mighty have fallen (how many and since when?)
    • "the desperate effort to associate Jewishness with perpetual victimhood is truly pathological. "

      Yea it is....I see no cure for's gone on for centuries and will probably always be because it perpetually self mutates it's own victimhood internally regardless of reality. I think this is part of what the hated Gilad Atzom recongizes about the tribe and why so many hate him for what he says....which is basically...'you are doing it to yourselves.'

  • Shmully and guilt
    • Seems to me racism/whatever is always going to be more pronounced in tribalistic groups based on "peoplehood". Whether it's deliberately taught or instilled or not, consciously or unconsciously, it becomes an attitude toward others.

    • Well I am having no problems with even long delays at all.

    • "when it is all said and done, what religion the Zionists happened to employ for their project will be one of the least significant things about it"...Mooser

      I think so too. The whys of something are just background , the 'what ' is done is what the world deals with.

    • "Why should I not be proud of my country, The USA? "...bk

      So if America is your country, what is the Jewish state to you and what's the deal with this Jewish society you belong to that seems to made up mostly of people so concerned with Israel?

    • "I was careful to use the words “organized” and “overall,” with full cognizance that many Jews are not enthusiastically on board with the Conference of Presidents and its many member and allied organizations (which number in the hundreds). But they are not making themselves heard or felt in an effective way."...Sean

      True, they aren't making themselves heard in a public way. Afraid of the tribal rejection or are they shut out by the powers that be in press and media? I'd say both and particulary shut out of msm.
      Makes me wonder how much of the general non Jewish public is aware of groups like Code Pink or JVP or ever heard of or hear the Jewish critics of Israel.
      Probably not many....only those really following the Israel issue on the net, the last corner of freedom. Do things like Occupy AIPAC even make the msm news...I've never seen it if it did.

    • "MJR claims his work reverses resentment towards Jews.
      I hope so but not so sure it matters to those individuals who simply hate Jews."

      Well, MJR's work does reverse hatred of Jews, just as Phil's does.. or better put, prevents the misconception that all Jews are alike in this or are all immoral zionist zombies or collectively to blame. You should get down and kiss their feet cause there are a lot of Type A American personalities like me out here that are fed up with the zionist cult here in America and really, really pissed off with Israel, it's I/P atrocities and it's US zionist manipulation of our government.
      Ever heard of tossing the baby out with the bath water?....well the MJs and Phils are your protection from being tossed out with the zio bath water.

    • Every time I see something about betraying the tribe (the Jews) I am all the more convinced that extreme tribalism is one of the causes of Jewish travails.

      As white Anglo Saxon person would I consider the Anglo Saxons in the KKK or the David Dukes or the insane Evangelicals "my people"?...hell no. All white people, all Anglo Protestants and Christians and etc aren't 'my people". 'My people' are the people who hold the same basic human values I do, period....the rest aren't my people. Waterboarding couldn't make me claim some white people or so called christians as my people.

    • All true MJ.

    • "When I spoke of the dispossesson of Palestinians, several members of the group contested me. They said that Palestinians had sold the land. They said that no one was getting pushed off their land. When I said that Nabi Saleh had been denied access to its wells, and had to have water trucked in, Toby said Well who trucks that water in—Israel"

      Who trucks in the stolen water???????......good gawd!... I don't know how you tolorate the Toby idiots...really I don't.

      "I woke up at 4 and then at 5 from having drunk too much red wine, feeling terribly guilty. I was in an entirely Jewish setting and had betrayed the Jewish people."..Phil

      No you didn't....these nuts might be Jewish but they aren't your people. If you beleive Judaism or Jewishness is what you say it is, then they are the betrayers, not you.

  • Widely-imitated, Beinart is giving Jews permission to be, unh, liberal Zionists
    • "Hamas had an objective in the 1990s. It was to derail the peace process. They succeeded in bringing Likud into power. That was their achievement"

      Oh gawd....can you shut up with this ----> 'it's always someone else's fault' stuff? Anti semites are to blame, Hamas is to blame, Europe is to blame, the UN is to blame,..everyone is to blame for what Israel and zionist do.
      Nuts! Grow the hell up and take responsibility for your own crimes...everyone is tired of your totally innocent Israel/zionism crap.

    • "What are the “Jewish people” struggling to be liberated from?"

      From themselves I think. Imagine if you spent almost every day of your life obsessing over or at least thinking about your '' identity''. It's enough to make anyone crazy.

  • Netanyahu goes looney tunes on Israeli Independence Day
  • '60 Minutes' report boosts divestment proponents at Methodist church convention
    • Ditto.
      With the Methodist and Presbyterians, others will follow.
      The question is as it has always been, will it be too late.

  • Krugman jumps into debate over Beinart with both pinkies
    • Krugman knows his economics. He knows how Israel will eventually become undone."

      Israel (re US) is a ponzi scheme in every sense of the word....Krugman knows it can't last. Clx even one year of US aid and or guarentees and down it would go....couldn't pay it's internal or external obligations without literally obliterating it's private sector and workers tax wise, and I doubt that even that would even keep their doors open.

    • "The guy isn’t solely focused on economics. He does care about democracy."

      I read a in depth interview piece done on Krugman several years ago..... Krugman's original theory was that econcomics could create or destroy there always was a political connection for him in economics. However, in the interview he expressed a current sense of defeat about that belief......finally realized how disgusting/hopeless politics is due to those in it I suppose who won't realize that connection.

  • Fighting Jews-- then and now
    • WJS had an article decrying the fact that Military officers were predominantly Southern.....for some reason the WJS didn't like it...maybe they thought it was a Southern conspiracy to take over the military. More West Pointers and more recruits come from the Southern US than any other part of the country.

    • "It wants military action written into legislation. Just look at the AIPAC written bills in the Congress. And so the premise is not at all wrong."

      It's already gotten legistation written..don't have the bill number on hand, but it was the one passed last month saying...... 'the US will take military action to prevent Iran from *even* obtaining the *means* to develop nukes. That basically means that any pretext could be used to attack Iran even if peaceful nuclear 'energy" would give rise to materials for nuclear warheads.

    • I think, and as Bruce shows, when it comes down to real defense of the country, american jews are right there with everyone else, even more so"...Dan

      I don't think that is the case today. US Jews have become "Israelized" since the 40's.

  • 1200 rabbis threaten an end to interfaith harmony if Methodists support divestment
    • "Fredblogs says:
      May 2, 2012 at 10:12 am"

      Perhaps some..there is no accounting for some kind of people .....some abused become abusers.....but my experience is that most people who have experienced bullying and oppression have a visceral reaction against it when they see being done to anyone.

  • Denial
    • "And we do not see African Americans and all the other peoples who have suffered using their past suffering to hide present day atrocities- as is happening with Israel’s war crimes"

      Watched an interesting program last night...the one that seeks out the ancestry of people, mostly featuring the ancestry of well known Hollywood or other public figures. Last night they had Condi Rice and several other prominent black Americans whose ancestry they had traced for them on the show.
      As you can understand all their original ancestors in the US were slaves. But also interesting was the mixtures that appeared, Condi for instance had whites, blacks and Asians in her bloodline.
      But what really struck me was the attitude expressed by these black Americans who aren't that far, generation wise, from different from the 'holocaust' attitude of zionist. I can't remember the exact words most of them used when talking about their families as former slaves and slavery in general....but it was to the effect that it's ancient history for them now....they used the word 'history" repeatedly....that it was a "bad part" in American history.....that slavery was 'one' of the historical wrongs that occurred in a imperfect world of sometimes evil people. When you consider what we did to blacks for a 100 years and that they don't all have the lingering resentments and suspicions of 'all of us as others' in their community or consider their enslavement as the only one that ever occured or counted you see the difference in how blacks have moved on and coped and overcome and even forgiven for the most part in a way that zionism will not allow for the Jews vr gentiles and others.
      A lot of times when I am out and about, in some store around town I will see some white guy yell out to a black guy or visa versa...' hey how you doing buddy' ....and you can tell by the conversation that ensues between them they were 'friends ', maybe a connection from working together at some company or some social venue. I feel a small twinge of pride in this country when I see this. I felt a small twinge of pride when we elected a black president.
      For whatever reason, blacks for the most part seem more able to live and go forward without bitterness and hatred of their former oppressors. Maybe their heritage of slavery makes them 'old souls" as my grandmother use to say about some people...some sort of inbred wisdom and acceptence about the world, an understanding there is good and evil, but not letting the evil part dictate or dominate their life.

  • Political farce
    • I've mostly given up paying attention to the Israel 'first this, then that' pea shell spin games.
      Just like their re arresting the Palestines of the prisoner I thought they would.
      They are criminals, I expect and except they will behave as criminals.
      No explanation necessary for criminals .....just reminders of what they are.

  • A wall
  • Jazz reviewer pulls glowing review of my album so as to 'stand with Israel'
    • "This is why Zionism may well turn out to be a catastrophe for Jews: many people (probably a majority of people all around the world) now, like Brent Black, associate “the Jews” — the Jewish people, the Jewish community — with Israel"...sean

      Yes, this is the trap. But it is one zionist and Jews built and trapped themselves in. This trap cannot and should not prevent non Jews (and Jews) from attacking Israel or zionism or supporters of Israel status quo. It is up to Jews to escape their own trap, they're being shown the way out, some of them are taking it.

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