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I am Irish with a profound interest in the Palestinian /Israeli conflict.

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  • Palestinian babies not included on Israel gov't list of most popular names
    • Nothing new or recent about this mentality!.

      "After the depopulation, an Israeli member of the MAPAI secretariat remarked in 1949: "The landscape is also more beautiful. I enjoy it, especially when travelling between Haifa and Tel Aviv, and there is not a single Arab to be seen."

      link to

      It survives to this day in the minds of the Ivris and mayhem and gene schaes et al racist land thieves and colonialist supremacists.

    • So , the way I see it, it,s just fine and dandy if goyim use Hebrew names --David --eg , but heavens forbid if an Israeli Jew gives an Arabic name to their child .

      Mohammed Netanyahu has a nice ring to it or how about Khaled Disraeli.Could have a lot of fun with that.

      BTW , does the Israeli mail service deliver mail to anyone called Mohammed.

      link to

      Lets play , pretend there are no Palestinians.We will all feel much more secure .

  • Homegrown jihadis and the limits of the Israel lobby
    • Will we see a spate of "Euroguantanamos" to house "suspects" without trials for 10 years.

      Will we see the re emergence of rendition flights.

      If ISIS set out to screw up Europe and the USA plus a few stragglers like Australia /Canada , they sure must be smiling.

      Their recruiting numbers must be increasing beyond their wildest dreams.

    • "Gimme a break!" palikari

      Take as long as you want .

      While you are on your break , study Jewish terrorism going back to Irgun/stern and lehi.

      And look up the meaning of terrorism!!.

      " 1. systematic use of violence and intimidation to achieve some goal.

      2. the act of terrorizing.

      3. the state of being terrorised.

      Fits Israel perfectly so those 4700 foreigners fighting with Israel are Terrorists.

  • Keffiyehs in Harlem in 'Ghetto to Gaza' rap
    • "seems like in the name of sportsmanship Israel
      should have been kicked out of the world football program
      when ‘they’ arrested/shot/killed Palestine players "michelle

      Didn,t you hear.They tried those guys but found the victims guilty of existing as non Jews in the so called Jewish state.

      The IDF was simply carrying out orders.

    • Sorry OT but some good news on the UEFA 2020 soccer competition.

      " Israel's Euro 2020 soccer bid fails
      BDS Movement takes partial credit, although attempt to host part of soccer final seemed to have been doomed by 'fundamentally' flawed bid.

      "The Irish Times singled out Israel as "fundamentally extremely flawed." It noted that Jerusalem's bid failed to include the projected number of available hotel beds and lacked details regarding the venue, Teddy Stadium. "

      link to

      Imagine , the nation with all those Nobel prize winners is incapable of presenting a credible bid to run a soccer game.

      Jut as well they are not going to be hosting a game.

      The next step is to get them kicked out of UEFA.They are not in Europe so should not be even considered.

  • Naive? At a Jewish spiritual retreat center, I insist on talking about Gaza
    • "What’s a Zio-Supremist?" gs

      You tell us.

      It,s your word.

      If you meant to ask what a "Zio supremacist " is , then that would be similar to a snob.

      Someone who thinks they are better than they are.

    • "If I was at this retreat, lynne would have been in tears. " gs

      Well, if your responses here are anything to go by , then I agree .She would have been in tears, of laughter.

    • Page: 24
    • "Much like the Ivris and the mayhems " amigo

      Please add Gene Shae to that.

      Ok Councillor.

    • "And so it was at my discussion group. I tried to talk facts in vain; no-one was listening. A vicious hasbara indoctrination had overtaken these people’s minds and shuttered their ability to think - "Lynn

      Much like the Ivris and the mayhems and others who claim to be liberal zionists (never met one) but cannot get past placing most of the blame where it belongs.

    • "What does this have to do with spirituality? she complained to one of the other vacationers "

      Has to qualify as the most idiotic question of the decade.

      "I’d come for the ‘Mikvah’ retreat, named after the purifying ritual immersion in water which is an integral part of Jewish practice. The Center described the retreat as a ‘transformative experience’, where we could delve deep into spiritual practice and emerge refreshed and purified."Lynn

      I wonder if Gazans could avail of this trans-formative and purifying experience , or is that only necessary for those feeling guilty about something.

      It is all so simple!!.

      Spend the whole year denying Israel,s war crimes and then take a trip to the centre of the earth and purify yourself --of what?.

      They have not done anything wrong--right.

  • Hamas is just as bad as ISIS and worse than Boko Haram -- Israeli government propaganda
    • "Did you know that Hamas is still holding the bodies of Israeli soldiers? Heartless,ghouls. "gs

      Are you referring to the former or the latter???.

      Oh by the way, did you know Israel trades in dead Palestinian/ Hizbollah resistance fighters.

      Do a little research Gene before you lunge in head first.

      Did you not learn that in Law School????.

    • “First of all, Palestine – from the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea, from its north to its south – is our land, our right, and our homeland. There will be no relinquishing or forsaking even an inch or small part of it. Second, Palestine was, continues to be, and will remain Arab and Islamic. It belongs to the Arab and the Islamic world. Palestine belongs to us and to nobody else.” mayhem

      Your link states that the "Translation " and tape are provided by "MEMRI".

      Nuff said.

      Now lets compare the Likud charter, source not in question.

      "a. “The Jordan river will be the permanent eastern border of the State of Israel.”

      b. “Jerusalem is the eternal, united capital of the State of Israel and only of Israel. The government will flatly reject Palestinian proposals to divide Jerusalem”

      c. “The Government of Israel flatly rejects the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state west of the Jordan river.”

      d. “The Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza are the realization of Zionist values. Settlement of the land is a clear expression of the unassailable right of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel and constitutes an important asset in the defense of the vital interests of the State of Israel. The Likud will continue to strengthen and develop these communities and will prevent their uprooting.”

      link to

    • Speaking about propaganda, Geller gets the thumbs down from De Blasio re her hate ads.

      N.Y. mayor blasts anti-Islamic ads on city transit
      Bill de Blasio says ads, which aim to 'tell the truth about Islam,' are 'outrageous and inflammatory.'
      By The Associated Press and Haaretz | Sep. 20, 2014 | 2:34 PM | 4

      link to

  • Israeli Supreme Court upholds law allowing housing discrimination against Palestinians
    • "I don’t think Israeli Arabs want Jews moving to their towns." ds

      So you wont complain if they quote this law and tell Israeli Jews to get lost and rent elsewhere.

      By the way, Israel is the State of the Israeli people ,Not the State of the Jewish people.
      Just like Ireland is the State of the Irish people --not the State of the Catholic people even though a large proportion of Ireland is Catholic.Separation of Church and state laws require that in true democracies.

      Israel is no where close to being a democracy.It never was and never will be, which is why in it,s present makeup , it will collapse.

    • This needs to be front page news on every major newspaper worldwide.

      This is pure and simple racism and consequently , Apartheid in intent.

      Imagine the uproar if Jews were denied access to rental facilities because they are Jews.Holy hell, the proverbial s--t would hit every fan on this planet.

      We now can be certain that the rot that is zionism has gotten inside Israel,s supreme Court.

    • Annie, did you take a quick look at DS archives.

      You have got a right one there , This poster believes Syrian Heights belongs to Israel and black is white and white is black and pigs fly and the Real estate guy in the sky gave Israel to the Jews.

      Yep, some mothers do ave them.

    • 1) Other countries do have laws privileging one group over another. DS

      Can you provide us with a link to this stunning revelation.By the way , your response must refer to "Democratic nations".

      (2) Israel is still treating them better than they would treat Jews.DS

      Does your mommy know you are using the pc.

      3) Is it so unreasonable for communities to want to remain religiously homogeneous and not admit citizens who are likely hostile toward the state?

      So you would also apply this rule to Secular Jews???.

  • Senator Warren's progressive supporters demand accountability for her rightwing pro-Israel positioning
    • I have come to the conclusion , contrary to my earlier opinion of Irish politicians , that we have a fairly decent lot on the whole, when compared to Warren , Clinton,Cruz,Biden, Feisnstein,Boxer,Graham,Pelosi, Schumer and all the rest of the blood sucking parasites.

      No AIPAC in Ireland ----yet.

  • 'This is our land!': West Bank village Wadi Fukin fights largest Israeli land grab in decades
    • "Omg it’s a not a land grab. The land is mostly empty, "ds

      Where the hell do you think you are.Out in the wild west in the 1700,s .

      "The very fact that Israel even allows Palestinians to petition its court system is a credit to it - ds

      How very very democratic of Israel.Allow the victim to file a complaint and then find against them anyway.

      What a twisted evil deviant you are.I certainly would not want you anywhere near my neighbourhood.

  • The Shipman 'disgrace' -- did NY Police commish Bill Bratton just say the same thing?
    • It is not anti semitic to condemn the vile acts perpetrated by Israel against the Palestinian people.

      Clearly there would be a spike in criticism of Israel,s crimes such as those committed in Gaza.

      Nothing to do with Anti semitism and all to do with defending the right of an oppressed and brutalized People from those who perpetrate thee crimes.

  • South Africa High Court rules in favor of BDS South Africa billboard
    • "The maps are still false and misleading." jon s

      jon s , you will need to be more explicit.Just claiming the maps are misleading is misleading.

      So ante up with some reasons why you think they are misleading.

      Otherwise you are just waffling.

  • Malta sinking killed hundreds fleeing Gaza
    • "A Gaza resident contemplating making the same voyage in a few weeks remarked: “We are thinking: It’s better to try and to drown in the sea than to stay at home and be killed by Israeli bombs.”

      Nothing to do with Israel.

      They chose to leave.

      Hey , dust off that "Absentee Law" .

  • According to Yesha Council, 7,500 new settlers have moved into West Bank in last six months
    • The cry used to be??,

      Run to the hills, what you take is ours , what,s left is theirs.

      Revised version.

      It,s all ours.

      Problem is what do we do with the 5 million that are still here.

      Where is my Minister of Ethnic Cleansing.There is work to be done.

  • Warren, Schama, and Lipstadt address Holocaust echoes in Gaza conflict
    • "This is crap. the 2SS is dead" seafoid.

      What the world needs is a worldwide "2SS" funeral complete with a military escort and a 21 gun salute and attended by all the worlds dignitaries who would be required to sign the book of condolence, for the record.

      The carcass should be buried in lime and thrown to the wind so no one ever tries to resurrect it --again.

    • Wasn’t it the odious Elie Wiesel who said that the ‘other’ – ie non Jewish – victims of the holocaust aren’t so special because ‘Jews died differently’?

      I guess he meant that Jews died differently so Zionists could live differently.

      This man cheapens the memory of those he views as more special than anyone else .

      Odious , is a far too kind description.

  • Rabbi in Ohio U. controversy leads group that denies there's an occupation
    • "Oh come on. Do you know how many maps in pro-Palestinian literature include a map with no Israel on it? " hophmi

      Maybe the same number as there are copies of the "Likud Charter".

    • "So, your either making an ironic point about the use of maps in terms of the I/P conflict or you are clueless about how the Arab block of nations has been using the non-existence of Israel on its maps since ’48 as a way to show they have never accepted the existence of the Israeli Nation. " dabakr


      a. “The Jordan river will be the permanent eastern border of the State of Israel.”

      c. “The Government of Israel flatly rejects the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state west of the Jordan river.”

      link to

      Or a Palestinian Nation.

    • "is that a tatoo on her leg? can’t make it out for the brush.) Just

      Looks like bobcat droppings to me.

  • The elephant in the room, in Marin County
    • I think "Bull" (y) in a China shop would be more apt.

      Bulls don,t do "Pinpoint" ops.

      They smash all the delicate objects , (children, elderly, women ) in their path to find an exit , of which they have no idea of where/ what that is.Turning around and going back is not an option.

      Describes Israel perfectly.

  • US and Canada strengthen economic relationship with Israel following attack on Gaza
    • "Leave me out of this bullshit. Complicit in Israel’s crimes? We’re the root fucking cause. QED - Dan C

      Kay , Where exactly did you drag him kicking and screaming into it???.

    • Upthread,

      "Please don’t call me naive." Dan C

      Then this---

      "Does that clown from Oxford" Dan C

      Like to give it but can,t take it --eh Dan.

    • “We are dependent on the strength of our military and the strength of our economy to withstand these threats,” said Lapid .

      You forgot the generosity of dick and jane taxpayer who have given Israel some 135 billion dollars since 1949, Give or take 10 billion.

      "Since 1949 the U.S. has given Israel a total of $83.205 billion. The interest costs borne by U.S. tax payers on behalf of Israel are $49.937 billion, thus making the total amount of aid given to Israel since 1949 $133.132 billion. This may mean that U.S. government has given more federal aid to the average Israeli citizen in a given year than it has given to the average American citizen."

      link to

      "For progress to be made we must ensure that rehabilitation occurs alongside demilitarization. " Lapid.

      That,s the ticket yair.Disarm those pesky Palestinians and then the so called greater Israel becomes even more simple and less costly in terms of olive drab green uniforms being stained with Jewish blood.

  • Achieving a hudna and ten years of calm in Israel/Palestine
    • pineywoodslim, thanks for that link.It is a very revealing article.It may be worth a full story here on MW.

      I suggest you send it direct to Phil/Adam or Annie.

      Ckeck the about button for their e.mail addresses.

    • Survey: Israelis lead Middle East in satisfaction with their lives
      State of Global Well Being report shows Israel scores similar results for subjective well-being as in wealthy OECD countries." Haaretz

      link to

      Why would they need a Hudna, they are apparently happy slaughtering Palestinians.

      Not sure if the poll included those other 20% of "Israelis" though.

    • "How a plant that was supposedly target for heavy bombing by the IDF and was “laid to waste” was miraculously uo and running after only two weeks will have to remain a mystery as we wouldn’t want to claim Hamas PR machine was exaggerating damage reports."dabakr

      Any link for your claim dabakr??.

      I get it.Israel saw fit to bomb the s--t out of a dairy producing milk and yogurt, (image available at link provided below) but only barely destroyed a Power plant which supplied the power to that dairy plant and any other plant in Gaza.Hell even the ones alledgedly producing rockets.Geez, what a doozie.

      Smart boys , your IAF , eh dabakr.

      "It was not a chemical plant, nor a nuclear facility, nor a manufacturer of weapons of mass destruction. But almost all the rubble of the entirely destroyed factory was covered in white, with white chunks everywhere. These were pieces of cheese, butter and yoghurt — some of the products made by the Dalloul dairy factory in southern Gaza City.

      Israeli warplanes bombed the factory shortly after midnight last Thursday through Friday night, 1-2 April, leaving the building, all its equipment and the distribution van completely destroyed."EI

      link to

    • Israel would lose it,s external threat for ten years .It might lose it,s social welfare hand outs from dick and jane.

      It,s defence industry would have to introduce severe cutbacks.

      Of course it could always keep it,s Idfeffers special skills honed in by joining the "coalition of the willing " and go fight ISIS.

      But then , the IDF would be up in arms (pun intended) seeking foreign service pay .

      Israel does not have a Foreign Service Medal--does it.

      Poor Israel , what to do???.

  • Encounter at a post office
    • Talknic, thanks for the link.

      Reply button to your reply is not available.

    • Talknic , I tried your link!!

      Typed in ,

      Dublin .

      No probelm.

      Then typed in Palestine and got the following message!.

      Your words do not match any in our database.

      BTW , Can you give me the link to the Letter from Israel to the UN confirming their acceptance of accession rules.


    • "I wonder if someone addressed a letter to “the apartheid nation of Israel” would it be delivered? " Kay 24

      Make sure to do it on the really urgent packages .No chance it will be RTS.

      The bonus is , the recipient will have to eat some crow and not be able to do anything about it.

      The bulk mailing idea is great but it might backfire if the originating Postal authority got tired of having to take back "Refused" mail.

      I used to write "refused" on any junk mail in the USA and the "Mail man " had to take it back.Sometimes I would gather it for a week and then put it in my mail box.I think he used to dump it in a nearby Safeway/Lucky,s/Costco garbage can.Thats where lots of it came from so it was fine with me.

      It still kept coming but I felt better about the whole sordid system.Doing my bit , as it were.

  • US Congressman Danny Davis calls for lifting the blockade of Gaza
    • " And where is the Black Caucus?" ABC

      You might find the answer here!!.

      link to

      "All CBC members absolutely know that Israel is an apartheid society, with one set of laws applying to Jews, a second to Israeli Arabs and a third to Palestinians. Congressional Black Caucus members know that Israel requires different colored license plates for non-Jews so their vehicles can be profiled at a distance, and Jewish-only roads between settlements carved from the villages of Palestinians and watched voer by military garrisons. They know that Israel refuses to recognize mixed marriages, or even marriages between Palestinians in Gaza and those on the West Bank. Black members of Congress know what an ethnocracy is, and even though they claim to have opposed it in South Africa and here at home, they choose to endorse it in Israel, out of greed and subservience."Bruce Dixon.

    • It is fitting that the first and only Congress reps to stand up and be counted are African Americans.

      Time for a "Rainbow" coalition.

  • 'Stop$30Billion' coalition unveils new digital billboard in Albuquerque, NM
  • Dutch activists disrupt Israeli apartheid whitewashing event in Amsterdam
    • "And what about the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra concert that was disrupted in ten Edinburgh music festival? It had no political dimension and was not organized by the government. "ivri


      "This writer’s personal experience will suffice to illustrate. I was among a group of people invited to a professional event in Gaza City sponsored by the World Health Organization and the European Union. Applications to Israel were made well in advance by these international agencies, all to Israel’s specifications. But shortly before the event, despite a year of planning and prior approval, and despite Israel’s claim not to be occupying Gaza, it blocked our entry without explanation. When I refused to leave the gate to the Erez crossing, IDF soldiers physically removed me - See more at: link to"

      You were saying about intolerance and hurting Israel

    • Correction above.

      First line should say!!,

      So your for freedom of speech palikari.

      Second line should say!!.

      How about denial of movement which caused the death of a Palestinians child ??.

    • So , you are against freedom of speech??.

      How about freedom of movement which caused the death of a Palestinians child ??.

      "Misbehaviour of personnel manning checkpoints

      The Israel Defense Forces' Military Advocate General, Maj. Gen. Dr. Menachem Finkelstein released a statement to the Knesset Constitution, Justice and Law Committee in which he reported that there were many complaints about the troops manning the checkpoints abusing and humiliating Palestinians. He said that the excessive number of complaints "lit a red light". He said that the number of complaints required an examination to see whether the misbehavior was being caused by an excessive workload of the IDF soldiers manning the checkpoints.[18]

      An Israeli soldier was removed from duty and imprisoned for two weeks for refusing the passage of a pregnant Palestinian woman in labour. The woman was forced to give birth at the checkpoint and she suffered a miscarriage."wiki.

      Your beloved IDF " thug "got two weeks in prison for his little act of humanity.

      link to

      Your protestations ring hollow .

    • "Is there ANY humanity in Zionism?" ABC

      Zionism and Humanity are a contradiction in terms.

      That is why it must be destroyed.

    • "Author: If I read the title of the article, I am lead to believe that the purpose of the Israeli activity was solely to trick people into thinking the occupation is not as bad as it is. So, if there was no occupation there would be no performance. " Gene shae

      What,s your point.

      Israelis are in someone else's country trying to look normal , intentional or not , they are targets for derision and boycott until the nation they represent ends the occupation and gets out of Palestine.

      So , if there was no occupation , there would be no need to boycott the performance.

      Why do you apologists always get the horse before the cart.


    • It is good to send a message to anyone thinking they are are immune from such actions.

      Keeping them on tender hooks no matter how/where, or when (we know the why) they plan to make Israel look normal.

      "Boycott Israel" ringing in their ears for as long as it takes to end the sham act , that is Israel.

      Well done these Dutch activists.

  • Gaza ceasefire proving once again to be part of the ‘occupation game’
    • Pam , thank you for your tireless and brave reporting of Israel,s ongoing aggression in Gaza.

      Your list is of invaluable help in deconstruction of on going hasbara lies and denials.

      It is a great help to have this as a ready source of reference and particularly as you update it.

  • Moe Diab debates SWU operative Philippe Assouline
    • "TODITME is NOT a Jewish state by the way but an amazingly diverse state where elves, orcs, goblins, fairies " piotr

      You forgot to mention Leprechauns.

      Tut tut.

    • "I agree. Can you imagine him facing off against Blumenthal? He would have been in tears within the first minute".

      Quite so, Max would be raising facts Assouline never even heard of .

      Role playing at hasbara central just does not prepare these wannabees for the real world.

    • Correction!

      One word belongs in his name , the other does not.

      First time I have really needed the edit function.

    • Assouline.

      Let play anagrams.

      One word belongs in his name , the other does.

      Clue, One describes him , the other describes what he is missing.

    • Personally , I thought he is a rank amateur .I wonder when he graduated from Hasbara central.

      Anyone who has been the object of standard hasbara 101 could have put him to shame in minutes.

      Imagine what Ali Abu Nimah or some, more seasoned Palestinian spokespersons would do with this neophyte, given equal time.

      Must be indicative of just how difficult putting a positive face has become for Israel.

      Can,t get good help these days.

    • " oh wait! i don’t recall assouline mentioning the term jewish state. " Annie

      No but he did state the following when asking Moe Diab the following question .

      "Do you agree the Jewish People have a right to defend themselves".

      Clearly he meant the Jewish State.

    • For a peek into religious affairs in Israel , check the following article.

      link to

      Here,s an interesting comment from Feiglin that mirrors the thinking of most Jewish Israelis.

      "Deputy Knesset Chairman MK Moshe Feiglin also spoke at the conference, saying "I'm not asking for equality at the Temple Mount; there is no equality - it's ours and ours alone."

      Here,s a comment from a former MK .

      "The importance of the Temple Mount was stressed by former MK Prof. Aryeh Eldad, who commented "it isn't that we define the Temple Mount as the holiest place to us, it defines us. The definition of the nation of Israel is the Temple Mount."

      link to

      The Jewish religion is the Engine that Drives the Zionist State.

    • They really tore that Canadian "stand with us" , hasbarist and not a very good one, a new nether region.

      Enjoyed it immensely.

      thanks Annie for finding this gem.

    • In Ireland (Republic) in the late 60, s early 70.s.IRA spokespersons were banned from doing a full appearance on TV.The journalist could film them (face hidden and voice stand in)at a remote location and then give the film to the network for airing.This policy of not allowing the minority of NI to have a voice while allowing their oppressors full access to the media, went on for 10 years before someone finally figured out that policy was not going anywhere.This same approach has been going on in the US for decades, albeit not Government policy , it has still prevented the Palestinians from speaking and consequently denied Dick and Jane from knowing the truth.

      Any indication that the truth will out is a very welcome event and we will know when Israel,s apologists like Assouline lose their cool when shown up as the liar they are.

  • On the use of provocative analogies (Nazism, fascism)
    • "If you don’t take into account scale, then according to the definition you choose to invoke, killing or causing serious harms to, say, 15 members of a group would constitute “genocide.” -" Jerome Slater.

      A dead Palestinian here, a dead Palestinian there.Before you know it , you are talking genocide. As long as the intent is the same.

      Who says they all have to be killed in a few efforts.

      Creeping genocide is none the less , genocide.

  • Israel surveils and blackmails gay Palestinians to make them informants
    • "How is Israel obligated to give their sworn enemy the top medical attention?
      Yes, it sounds rough but the alternative is rougher. - " mayhem.

      You don,t get it, do you.

      If you don,t seek them out then you wont have to worry about the "Hippocratic Oath " and taking care of those you occupy and appearing like the inhumane parasitic deviants you are .

      Your Nation state is about as vile as it gets.One more despicable policy follows another.

      And Israel claims it is a haven for Homosexuals.

      Have you people no shame.What do you use in the place of hearts.Some Israeli invented hi tech plastic blood pump.

      Where do all the broken hearts go??. Dumped on Private Palestinian land I suppose, preferably in their already limited water supply.

    • it doesn’t become validated as news until it’s announced by a bunch of Jewish ex-service men and women. This is not right. " Walker.

      Agreed Walker, but Israel commits so many crimes and vile acts , it is hard to remember them all.

      This one is particularly notable as zionists have been active pointing to the recent execution by Hamas of collaborators .I wonder how many of those were created by Israel who then has the audacity to point to the crime they were a part and parcel of.

    • "Great! All Belarus citizens are welcome in Israel. More money to Israel, and great moments of joy for them. " palikari

      How long will it take to do 9 million conversions???.

      Or did you have in mind another group of sub humans to do the bidding of Jewish Israeli supremacists.

    • The hasbarists jumped like flies on s--t when Hamas shot the collaborators in Gaza.

      This new information would have been useful to shut them up and put a stop to their fake concern for Palestinians.

      Israel never ceases to amaze me by they new lows they reach .

      It is truly a disgusting and vile nation.

  • Israeli military demolishes West Bank dairy factory benefitting orphans despite court appeal
    • "This ban on copying top class insights in the comments is really annoying. "seafoid

      Are you referring to copy/paste comments into your response???.

      If yes , then I don,t think there is a ban.

      Under the new system you no longer see the blue background when you highlight .It is a very pale pink , so just do the normal procedure and it will work fine.You will find as you progress , you dont even need to see a background colour.

      If your answer is no , then ignore my intervention

  • J Street can't tie Israel's latest 'illegal land grab' to cutting US aid
    • "clear terminology would empower opponents of these settlement decisions within the Israeli Cabinet, including Israeli Finance Minister Yair Lapid and Justice Minister Tzipi Livni - "

      This assumes that those people are any different philosophically from Bennet/Lieberman and Nietanyahu.

      I certainly do not believe they are.Two sides of the same coin.

      A greater Israel , Arab frei.

  • The best U.S. 'strategy' to combat ISIS? Stop supporting religious states
    • "This is very embarrassing. I wish they would get it straight. Are we a persecuted people needing refuge, or are we bored affluent elites, looking for an escape from the “humdrum”? - " Mooser.

      Mooser, Mostly ,the only people persecuting Jews , are the Zionists.I know , I am pointing out the obvious ,(please forward my medal to MW for collection ) but were it not for Zionism , Jews would be in a very comfortable position both in Israel and the diaspora.
      I am not suggesting there would be no antisemitism, but it would exist at a level far lower than that created by Zionist aggression and colonialism.

      When I was young a neighbourhood farmer showed me how to milk a cow .I soon got tired of her cleaning her tail using the back of my head.

      When will the POTUS get tired felating the zionist donkey who keeps kicking him in the head.How does he look his family in the eye.

    • "But yet again a good example of how benign an occupation can be when the occupied people agree to join the society that wins their " Jeff B

      Maybe Israel should take a leaf out of Iran,s book.

      Btw , Israel did not win Palestine, it stole it.

      Just what purpose do you serve here, except to provide fodder for derision.

      Mooser is worth 100 of you.

    • Didn`t I see a zillion times here people writing that this and that is where the game is “surely” over for Israel – only to see it becoming yet stronger. - " ivri

      By stronger do you mean it has destroyed the 2SS and given birth to the BDS campaign not to mention reaching the dizzy heights of being the second least liked nation on the planet.

      It,s never been weaker .

      What are you going to do with the 5 million non Jewish " Citizens " of your all conquering Israel when you have taken all of Palestine.

      Do share.

    • "Do you wake up in the morning thinking that throwing out petty insults that most children would have outgrown when they got past the poopyhead stage are a good use of your time? - "Jeff B

      Now whose acting childish.

      "What do you do that’s so special?" Jeff B

      Well , he got your gander up and ain,t that so special.

    • "Yes. The Arabs of Khuzestan, the Baluchis, the Kurds and the Azerbaijanis are all ethnic minorities in Iran whose lands are controlled by the central government by force. " jeff b you will need to be more explicit!!.

      Do you have a UNSCR on that one Jeff.

      Ah , but wait , Israel could give a rats ass about UN resolutions , hmmm Jeff..

      Since when does Iran claim to be a light unto the nations and a beacon of light and a Liberal Democracy.

    • Phil says: Stop supporting religious states (meaning Israel) , but form an alliance with the mother of all religious states, Iran. " jon s

      Is Iran occupying someone ???.

      Is Iran committing War crimes on a daily basis and destroying the US,s image .

      Is Iran interfering in the policies of a Sovereign Nation .

      Please , jon s.If you must comment , then do so without insulting our intelligence.

    • Stop funding a nation who,s leaders think that US Jews lead a "Humdrum " life , unlike jews in Israel.

      "Israeli government urges young U.S. Jews: Leave humdrum life, study in Israel "

      link to

      There you go Obama, keep funding your bestest friends and most valued ally who believe you are President of a "humdrum " nation.

      Go figure.

  • Giving up on the system: Leading Israeli human rights groups reject army request to file investigations on crimes in Gaza
  • Photo of six shoveling secretaries needs a caption
  • It's 'bomb or bombing' in Iran inside of a year, Israeli leader tells US pol
  • Joan Rivers's Palestinian finale
    • When Edward Said died some ten years ago , his passing rated not one word on Irish TV or Radio.Not a murmur.It did however make the" Prominent Deaths" page of the Irish Times.

      The death of Joan Rivers was given full attention on Radio and TV and even included an interview (from late 90,s she had with Pat Kenny ( prominent talk show host).
      Over two full minutes dedicated to her memory and repeated every hour.

      Sickening , given this hateful racist deviant,s pure poisonous diatribe against Palestinians.

      I penned a letter to the Irish Times and included her recent remarks about Palestinians being responsible for their own deaths.

      Not holding my breath.

  • Defending Apartheid: Then in South Africa, now in Palestine
    • Reading some of the hapless claims that Israel is not an Apartheid nation is reminiscent of Ted Bundy,s attempts to prove himself innocent.

      It really is quite astounding to watch and happily Zionism will meet the same end Bundy did after several narrow escapes.

      Court decision---The defendant,(Zionism) will be taken from this place , (Palestine) to a place of execution and sentence will be carried out in accordance with the laws of humanity and justice.

      May your soul and the souls of the !---wait a minute--Zionism has no soul.

  • 'I’m 100% certain we won’t receive justice in this racist court': Abu Khdeir family awaits justice that will likely never come
    • Journalists were whisked out of the courtroom by security and barred from entering the courtroom on the grounds of protection the minor suspects’ identities. -

      So they can "all" sit down , relax and discuss how these slime can be found innocent.

  • Hamas is ISIS for dummies
    • "A really tiny piece of land"

      "During the later appearance by the Israeli ambassador to Ireland, Boaz Modai, the committee chairman, Fine Gael’s Pat Breen, asked him about what he described as the “confiscation” of almost 1,000 acres of West Bank land.

      Senator David Norris noted that Israeli finance minister Yair Lapid had “condemned the expropriation of land”, adding that the cabinet minister had said it “harmed the state of Israel”. “Why was it so urgent to create another crisis by acting so blatantly illegally?” Mr Norris asked.

      However, Mr Modai defended the move which he said involved a “really tiny” piece of land in Gush Etzion. He said the land had had a Jewish presence for “thousands of years” before the war of independence, and the area was of “emotional importance for all " Irish Times-Pamela Duncan reporting from the Irish Senate.

      link to

  • Tzipi Livni's vacation nightmare
    • "Turn from your sins with your heart,"W Jones.

      Excuse me, I am "The most moral person alive".

    • I have to admit , I am not overly religious but if there is a judgment day I hope I am not in line behind livni.I will never get into Heaven.

      On the bright side , it will be very satisfying hearing the list of crimes read out to her and watching her rattle on about Khamas and terroorrreests and antisemitism etc .

    • I just returned from a shopping trip at a garden centre where they sell "Keter" garden products.
      I informed the manager I needed a plastic Garden shed but as they had no alternative to contraband from the Occupied Territories , I could not in good conscience buy such products.He was unaware and claimed that "Keter" is an English Company with HQ Birmingham.

      I Googled the companies name and up came the ugly truth.He claimed he would pass it on.

      I am not naive but did get my moment of satisfaction.

      One small step for BDS.

    • She is checking the sign to see if there is a bomb in or near it.Or maybe she will find out who the antisemites are who put it there to spoil her holidays.

      Poor tipsy.The world is out to get Israel just because it mows the lawn from time to time.

      Isn,t she the daughter /niece of a terrorists.

      " In 2011 Livni was named one of "150 Women Who Shake the World" by Newsweek and The Daily Beast.[10]" wiki

      Yes , she shakes the world of 1.8 million Palestinians whom she keeps locked up for 8 years.

      No holidays for them.

      Shameless blight on woman/man kind.

      The perfect candidate for the ICC.

  • 'Provocative political symbol' -- UEFA fines clubs when fans fly Palestinian flags
    • Modai is a crap ambassador. He is way out of his depth. - seafoid

      I used to read his zionist offerings to the letters section of the IT, just to see if he might veer off the script .I gave up on that.

      I refer to him as "Boa Modai".

      Apologies to all snakes.

    • “Official Habib” could of course have turned the TV off, but that didn’t seem to occur to him." from your link.

      Talkback, typical zionist hypocracy..When they wave their flags we are supposed to turn the tv off.

      When supporters of Palestine do the same, they are supposed to get rid of them so the zionuts can watch and enjoy the game.Exclusivity at it,s finest.

    • I posted this on the ISIS /Hamas thread but not much traffic there so here it is again.

      “A really tiny piece of land”

      “During the later appearance by the Israeli ambassador to Ireland, Boaz Modai, the committee chairman, Fine Gael’s Pat Breen, asked him about what he described as the “confiscation” of almost 1,000 acres of West Bank land.

      Senator David Norris noted that Israeli finance minister Yair Lapid had “condemned the expropriation of land”, adding that the cabinet minister had said it “harmed the state of Israel”. “Why was it so urgent to create another crisis by acting so blatantly illegally?” Mr Norris asked.

      However, Mr Modai defended the move which he said involved a “really tiny” piece of land in Gush Etzion. He said the land had had a Jewish presence for “thousands of years” before the war of independence, and the area was of “emotional importance for all ” Irish Times-Pamela Duncan reporting from the Irish Senate.

      link to

      I wonder if the Israeli ambassador would consider 1000 acres of land stolen from him to be a really tiny piece of land .That ,I bet would be of huge emotional importance to him.

      Palestinians are unemotional beings it appears.Except for hating Jews , eh.

    • "Celtic F.C. supporters have traditionally been associated with support for Irish republicanism, and the flying of Irish flags at matches is common.[51] Some groups of Celtic supporters also sing or chant Irish folk and rebel songs" wiki

      link to

      There were fines levied on Celtic FC, but it would appear those were not for flying the Irish Flag .

      Hallo UEFA.

    • Annie , thanks for bringing this and thanks for everything.

    • I trust clubs whose fans flying Israeli flags will feel the hand of equality from UEFA.

      This whole charade is beyond insanity.

      What next??.

      Will they issue fines if fans shout for their team in Arabic or eat Hummus during the game.

  • Jewish letter to U. of Illinois leadership: Just as we work to oppose Israeli ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in our name, we will ensure the silencing of Professor Salaita does not take place in our name either
  • Settler group demands segregated bus lines out of fear for security
    • "Samaria we have become prisoners in our city due to the security risk to existing public transport where every day hundreds of illegal Palestinians take the bus, "-

      Illegal Palestinians????????????.

    • I can steal your land, demolish your home, torture your sons/daughters / bomb you until you stop hating me etc etc --and demand to be secure .

      Hey guys, one can only absorb so much zionist caca in one day.

  • Rabbi Brant Rosen steps down from Jewish Reconstructionist Synagogue saying his activism on Israel/Palestine has been 'lightning rod for division'
    • Reply to Mooser upthread.

      "6. About 1.6 million children under the age of five die from untreated drinking water in developing nations every year. An Israeli company has developed a water purification system that delivers safe drinking water from almost any source, including contaminated water, seawater and even urine."

      they must have gotten their research material from Gaza.

      from the list of 65 ways Israel is helping the world.

  • Did LA pro-Israel group conceal right-wing identity from Hollywood celebs and media?
    • Speaking of celebs , Joan rivers is dead.

      I wonder if she will meet any of the 500 children slaughtered in Gaza when she gets through the Pearly gates.She can ask them how kiddie terrorists got into heaven.

      Sorry , cannot feign sadness on this one.

  • 'It's 120 years that the world has opposed our construction, and we'll continue to do it': Naftali Bennett defends Israeli settlement expansion
  • Gaza benefit at Yale was moved off-campus due to backlash against priest's letter to NYT
    • Collecting money for the Gazans might upset the sensitivities of those who supported the slaughter.

      The signs depicting destroyed homes might not sit comfortably in the eyes of those who supported this wholesale destruction .

      Move them away--we can,t handle the truth.Make them go away, they infringe on my study time.They make me uneasy.

  • Israel seizes 1000 acres from 5 Palestinian villages to build new settlement in response to teens' abduction
  • Alvin Rosenfeld's Holocaust complaint
    • "For example I don’t see the resolutions from Indonesia and Greece from the same time period as 181 being thrown in their face now over and over and over like a broken record. What happened in those countries happened, everyone deals and moves on. -" Jeff B

      Maybe we are all tried of Israel flipping it,s finger at those UN resolutions and continuing to steal more land under the guise of security .

      Maybe we get tired of listening to the endless zionist propensity for claiming Israel is as pure as the driven snow.

      Maybe it,s the hypocracy that gets Israel all the special attention a chosen people should get.

      You still did not answer my question. You just did the usual victim rant .

    • Never have so few been hated by so many.

      I would really appreciate it if Rosenfeld or his fellow complainers would write a book laying out just exactly what we Jew Haters have to do to avoid being called that.

      What is it we must accept or tolerate .How far do we have to go short of outright glorifying Zionism and all it,s crimes.

      Tiresome but dangerous individuals.

  • Richard Cohen says he married Israel and has been faithful during ups and downs
    • "if my spouse was homicidal I would divorce him." Jenin Y.

      My spouse , like Israel , was suicidal.She saved me the bother of a divorce.

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