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I am Irish with a profound interest in the Palestinian /Israeli conflict.

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  • 'I love Obama' 'You're infatuated' (The argument on the left)
    • I think it would be more apt to dissect Obama,s Presidency after the Iran vote and more importantly at the end of his presidency.The landscape may just look entirely different . I refer only to the I/P issue as that is what this site is all about.

  • Flying off to Israel, Dem Congressman laments lack of voting rights in U.S.
    • It beggars belief how such people can be so dense.

      Perhaps wanna be congress critters and senators should have to pass a test of basic level of intellect before setting them loose on the electorate.

  • Israel orders new demolitions for Bedouin community located in strategic Jerusalem corridor
    • We act in God,s name. You will not defy God,s wishes.We do not care where you go.Jordan is that way .Try there.We will be back in 2 hours ---be gone.This is Israel and is for Jews only.Palestinians have no business living amongst God,s chosen people.

      This an interesting move by Israel when the world is already getting it,s full of zionist wailing and whining and screaming about pogroms and antisemitism and existential threats and security..Do these people really believe they are invincible against most of the rest of the world.

      Mass delusion on a grand scale.Unprecedented I would say.

      Does anyone else get the impression that Israel knows the gig is up and is "running to the hills and taking what they can, so to speak , before the curtain comes down on the so called Greater Israel " project.

  • Netanyahu will lobby American Jews on deal, calling on alleged loyalty to Jewish state
    • "I.e., it doesn’t matter if you support the deal, you have to give voice to Israel’s fears - See more at: link to"

      It would be like a defence attorney asking the jury to consider a pedophile,s fears about going to prison because he might be harmed or raped.

      Israel,s fears have long since lost credibility , given Nietanyahu,s propensity for claiming that Iran will have a bomb in 6 months.

      We are the ones who should fear the possibility that Israel will attack Iran and leave the ensuing mess for the rest of us to clean up.

  • AIPAC taking all but 3 freshmen Congresspeople to Israel in effort to sabotage Iran deal
    • "Maybe we aren’t hearing from the P4+1 simply because our main media is not reporting on it? - See more at: link to" Citizen.

      I wouldn,t expect the US media to report it but I have not noticed any comments from leaders here in Europe , considering all the effort invested .

    • Why are we not hearing from the leaders of the other nations who put this deal together.Are they afraid to be accused of interfering with the internal affairs of a sovereign nation.It is not just the US,s business when someone like Nietanyahu is going out of his way to undo all the investment of time and money put in by the "P4 + 1. I am aware that the UN has passed the resolution but it might be helpful to have those leaders shout it out loud and clear that the US is on it,s own if the deal is undone by the congress.It is time for the P4 to demand equal time in Congress to make their case.

      It is time to fight fire with fire.

  • The two-state pipedream: Israel will move 100s of 1000s of settlers
    • Every new illegal settlement built across the Green line was built to achieve this very outcome.Every successive Israeli Gov has contributed to Ben Gurion,s plan to take over the whole of the so called "Greater Israel".,

      If there is to be a bloodbath , then so be it.No one but those perpetrating and supporting this 60 year crime of ethnic cleansing is to blame.One thing is sure , the status quo cannot continue and as BDS bites harder and Israel becomes more and more isolated , nothing can stop the inevitable mayhem that will ensue.Maybe all those 2SSer,s/ Israel apologists in the US with dual citizenship will don their olive uniform and go and put their bodies where their mouths have been.

      It is not as if they have not been warned.

      My thoughts would be with those Jews who had the courage to act and speak out against this criminal enterprise.

  • Israel vs the Violin
    • "Please provide all social media and password information. - See more at: link to" CG

      That was required before receiving the app.

    • IDF application form.

      Note to applicants--you must tell the truth when applying for acceptance in "The most moral Army" on Earth.Remember , we do not lie.

      Q1. Are you a committed Zionist

      Q2. Are you or have you ever been married to an Arab.(Male or Female).

      Q3.Are any of your close relatives married to an Arab.(Male or Female).

      If the answer to Q2 /Q3 is yes , then please discontinue the application.

      Q4. Do you have friends who have Arab friends ,(Male or Female).

      Q5. Have you ever slept with an Arab, (male or Female).

      Q6. Do you have Arab friends , (Male or Female).

      Q7.Have you ever gone to the aid of an Arab or helped them in any way that might be construed as you viewing them as humans.

      Q8. Do you shop in Arab stores or any type of Arab business.

      Q9. Are you willing to shoot an Arab , keeping in mind the Golden IDF rule of "Shoot first and ask questions later.

      Q10. Would you use kid gloves when arresting an Arab minor.

      Q11. Would you show respect for an elderly Arab.

      Q12. Would you swerve to avoid knocking down an Arab knowing you might endanger or cause damage to military property.

      Q13. Would you be willing to arrest our setter comrades or in anyway interfere when they are attacking Palestinian Farmers or cutting down Olive trees.

      Q14. Would you be willing to mete out on the spot punishment to Arabs who talk back to IDF personnel or in anyway disrespect their betters.

      Q15. Are you squeamish about seeing Palestinian blood .

      Q16. Have you ever killed an Arab and if so , describe your feelings in less than three words.

      Q17. Do you subscribe to the idea of a 2SS and if not are you committed to the goal of "The Greater Israel".

      Q18. How do you feel about International Law .

      Q19. How do you feel about BDS and those who are involved.

      Q20. Are there any limits to what you are willing to do to ensure anti semites do not win.

  • Did the BBC cover up the anti-Semitism of Gaza's children?
    • Isnt,t part of this problem caused by Israel,s insistence that no deal will be made with the Palestinians, (there won,t be in any event) until , they , the Palestinians recognise the "Jewish State.Hell these kids are doing just that .

    • "Haven’t we made identification with the State of Israel so central to modern Jewish identity that the Gazan children are only reflecting what we have been saying of ourselves for decades? We are at one with Israel. - See more at: link to" RC

      But when Israel,s apologists claim Israel is surrounded by a sea of Arabs or run to the pols, the Arabs are going in droves or Arab terrorism or Arab intransigence or Arab hatred blah , blah, blah , thats no issue. Apparently Israeli Jewish children refer to Jordanians or Palestinians or Lebanese , etc etc.I should darn well think ,the children of Gaza hate the people who imprison them and bomb their homes and schools and hospitals and spray them with skunk juice and beat them up .Why would it be such an unusual thing for them to hate "The Jewish State".Hell , I hate "The Jewish State because of it,s policies and actions.So if I say I hate Israel all will be forgiven.This is just sem-antics by people who are scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to divert attention from their evil deeds.


  • The normal horrors
    • "Involved in it are decent people who appear completely normal, and act completely normally. Don’t be fooled by them, they have a characteristic: in their sweetest dream about a life of peace, fraternity and friendship, they see Gaza stripped of its weapons, the Palestinian Authority stripped of its weapons, and the State of Israel as a Jewish state sitting on its reservoirs of weapons, in which Arabs have civil rights. Here, in this standard place, which is so far today from the margins of fantasy, sits the source of the madness that we are witness to now. - See more at: link to"

      This refers to the "Normal " Settlers that Yonah excuses.

      Every person involved in any way in the occupation , from the street cleaner to the bus driver to the admin clerk at the ministry of social welfare to the owner of a construction company building illegal squats to the PM and leaders of Israel are aiding and abetting war crimes on a grand scale.Those who make excuses for these people , such as Yonah , are no less complicit.

      Their hands are just as covered in blood as is the soldier who shoots a Palestinian kid in the back , when he is running in the opposite direction.

      I ask these people, How do you sleep or look in the mirror and worse still , come here and defend these criminals.

  • The extremism of the center in Israel
    • "President Rivlin is a “mensch”. Jon S

      The hell ,you say ?.

      "Rivlin is known to be strongly opposed to the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and has voiced support for a version of a one-state solution. He is described as a staunch supporter of Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank.[27] On 29 April 2010, he said that he "would rather accept Palestinians as Israeli citizens than divide Israel and the West Bank in a future two-state peace solution".[28] This position, reflecting an idea of both the radical left and radical right in Israel, is considered controversial, but has also been praised as recognising current realities in Israel and the Palestinian Territories.[29] After taking over as the President, he said Israel is not fighting the Palestinian people or Islam but is fighting murderous terrorism.[30]"

      link to

    • "So stabbing the generous British, who opened Palestine to Jewish immigration in the back is somehow better than attacking Palestinians? Okay. " Mooser

      Don,t be too harsh.Collins stabbed the generous British in the back , who opened up the northern part of Ireland to Scottish immigration.

    • @Amigo“Incidentally, Yitzhak Shamir adopted the nom-de-guerre “Michael “, in honor of Irish leader Michael Collins. ” Yonah

      Apologies to Yonah.That post should have been addressed to Jon S.

    • "Incidentally, Yitzhak Shamir adopted the nom-de-guerre “Michael “, in honor of Irish leader Michael Collins. " Yonah

      Incidentally , Michael Collins did not throw bombs into civilian markets.He and his men shot British soldiers and spies and the odd traitor .I doubt he would have been honoured by Shamir,s self agrandisement.

      It is also worth noting (as can be seen by the link that I provided) that Lehi was considered a "Terrorist group " by Israel,s leaders .Takes one to know one , I guess.

      Lehi was involved in the Deir Yassin massacre in which 240 civilians were murdered and I bet there are lots more killings of civilians on record.

      I really do not get your point.Israel was founded in terrorism and continues that path to this day.

    • Check this one out.

      "One of Bennett’s allies in parliament suggested that an Israeli combat bulldozer knock down the Supreme Court." WAPO.

      The report did not name him/her.I have to say, it might be a good idea since it has become a rubber stamp for right wing policies.

      link to

    • "I don’t know the history of the Irgun fighters that you named " Yonah

      Here is a link to educate you on Lehi Members who committed dozens of terrorist acts when they were not busy siding up to the Nazis and offering to fight with them against the British because they saw the Nazis as lesser enemies.

      link to

      Israel gave an amnesty to these thugs and even instituted a Ribbon in their honour named the "Lehi Ribbon of Honour" .

      Yep , Israel honours it,s terrorists and makes PM,s of them.Shamir was the leader of the Lehi gang.

      Yonah , you really ought to broaden you knowledge of this subject matter.It will help to heal you and save you embarrassment.

      Knowledge is power.Truth is even more powerful.

    • One only has to look at his eyes to see the hatred oozing out.

      Vile man.I can only see hell in his future.If they will allow him in.

  • Why is Wasserman Schultz, Obama's surrogate, holding out on Iran deal?
    • "On Monday, almost every freshman member of the US Congress will jet off on an all-expenses paid trip to Israel for a week of briefings and lobbying intended to ensure they vote against the Iran nuclear deal agreed on 14 July. - See more at: link to" Just

      Indeed and maybe a few "Private" photo shoots that might turn up as an embarrassment for the "Celebs". Every one of their "needs " will be seen to.Hell, they may even get to meet the Prince and the Dersh in an intimate setting.

    • (anyone see Walid lately? seafoid?) Just.

      Or Pabelmont ?.

  • Palestinian toddler killed in settler price-tag attack
    • "The settlers are fully supported politically and militarily and many settlers serve in the military and government and are now fully embedded in every area of the Israeli establishment - See more at: link to" Bornajoo.

      And financially!!.

      "Loans of almost half a billion shekels ($132 million) owed to the World Zionist Organization by communities in the Golan Heights and Jewish settlements in the West Bank have reportedly been largely forgiven by the government in recent years.

      The amount owed on the long-term loans — handed out by the organization’s Settlement Division — has been steadily shrinking thanks to a government debt forgiveness program, Israeli daily Haaretz said Thursday. The Settlement Division itself is funded by the government". Times of Israel.

      link to

  • Leading American writer Abulhawa is denied entry to Palestine
    • "I’d better not comment, it won’t pass moderation. In the wrong mood " Bornajoo.

      Yes , I know, you are not going to dignify his diatribe with your anger and quite rightly so.

      So sit back and relax for ten minutes and contemplate the direction grover,s and Israel,s future is heading.Then have at him.

      Is this a bank holiday on your side of the pond.If so enjoy.

    • "Arrived in Israel yesterday. Spending the day at the beach in Netanya! It’s gonna be a beautiful day - " grover

      "Palestinian Infant Burned to Death in West Bank Arson; IDF Blame Jewish Terror'

      Settlers reportedly started fire after throwing firebombs into West Bank house; Hebrew graffiti was found at the scene, reading 'revenge' and 'long live the Messiah.'
      read more: link to"

      Don,t forget to pop along and give a high five to those heroes mentioned above who get their enjoyment burning babies.Unless you would care to redeem yourself somewhat by condemning these terroist b-----ds.

      We will await your crocodile tears.

    • Grover the rover, When Israel goes down and it will , you will be the first one that comes to mind.Your triumphalism will be turned into screams of Jew hatred and you will die a sorry sad miserable person , knowing that every post you made here was all in vain.And there will be no Dead sea visits for you or frolicking on the beach in what used to be "the zionist entity".Enjoy your moment in the sun fella.Dark clouds are rolling in for you and your fellow zios.You will be part of a pariah group that will find no welcome anywhere.

    • "You wish you had the same roots as I do, I screamed.”

      I find this statement inappropriate and nonsensical. It’s very ethnic nationalism."GL

      She was simply telling this johnny come lately and a tool of the occupying force , who is denying her entry to "her " homeland ,that her roots in "Palestine" only go back to 1948 or later , whereas Susan,s roots are most likely centuries old .No ethnic nationalism involved under the circumstances and to describe it as nonsensical is --well , nonsense.

      Put yourself in Susan,s shoes and see if you would be the very soul of diplomacy.

    • "The State of Israel, just like any state in the world, has right to allow or deny entry to whoever it wants. " palikari

      1, State of Israel----borders please.

      2, When Israel is finished p-----g off the rest of the planet all Israeli Jews (unfortunately innocent Jews will suffer) will be denied entry almost everywhere , on the basis that they will be seen as thieves and supporters of colonisation and oppression .

      Remember your statement above when you and your fellow zionistas start whining and spouting claims of antisemitism.

      Payback is a b---h.

  • Pelosi says Iran deal has the votes, and Podhoretz urges Israel to attack Iran
    • "And so my counsel to proponents of the new consensus is to consider the unspeakable horrors that would then be visited not just on Israel and Iran but on the entire region and beyond. The destruction would be far worse than any imaginable consequences of an Israeli conventional strike today when there is still a chance to put at least a temporary halt, and conceivably even a permanent one, to the relentless Iranian quest for the bomb -" Podhoretz.

      The deal on the table ensures a temporary halt without any one dying but war mongers like Podhoretz can,t live with that.They want blood--Iranian blood to preserve Israeli hegemony in the region he claims to be so concerned about.Most experts state that if Iran is attacked by Israel then Iran "Will" develope the bomb and will have every right to do so.

      Will someone save us from slime like Podhoretz.How many of his grandchildren will be donning uniforms to go and defend Israel.

  • John Kerry, please don't act like Israel's foreign minister
    • Sounds as if the dirty laundry is about to be aired in public.The anti deal people are desperate and will resort to a no holds barred campaign.Up until now , tribal differences have been well sequestered but those days are over and "All options are on the table".TU be damned as the Addled-son brigade go for broke.

      The folks at lobby central and Hasbara HQ must be really burning the candles.Orders have been issued to remove all fans from the room.

  • Cruz says Iran could set off Electro Magnetic Pulse over east coast, killing 10s of millions
    • "The single greatest threat if Iran acquired even a single nuclear weapon would be that they would place that weapon on a rocket on a ship anywhere up and down the Atlantic and they would fire that rocket straight into the air into the atmosphere and if it got high enough and they could detonate a nuclear war head, - See more at: link to"

      Sounds like teddy just invented the "Cruz" missile.

  • Sheldon Adelson bankrolls NBA player trip to Israel to fight BDS
    • Well, now that Blatter is out of a job , maybe the zionists will avail of his obedience to Israel , as evidenced by his refusal to kick their national football team out of FIFA.

      If Israel is determined to quell BDS , they had better be prepared to stump up mega billions to fight it on a global level. So many dedicated BDS,ers and growing.

  • Israeli forces kill third Palestinian in less than a week
    • "Just imagine right now if a one year old Jewish baby was killed in the same way? Look how much worldwide condemnation there would be. The story would be in every single bit of the msm all over the world. And Israel would go out on the rampage looking for blood in revenge. - See more at: link to" Bornajoo

      This story is getting legs .BBC is covering it and giving all the sordid details .That was good until they insisted on repeating Nietanyahu,s faux condemnation of this terrorist act.Then to make it even more painful we had to suffer that lying toad , Mark Regev ,( The apologist for war crimes with the SA accent , or is that Australian )telling us how Israel will "Hunt down " these terrrroreeests" and bring them to justice.

      Didn,t notice him or Nietanyahu promising to demolish their homes.No sirreee.Israel,s attempts to catch Jewish terrorists is like watching a soap opera.Check back in 6 months or longer to catch up.These murdering swine will not be found, unless they were caught on video and even then they will be given token sentences to be served in some 5 star open prison reserved for Israel,s brave heroes .

      The whole thing is more than sickening.It is vile beyond imagination.

    • Oldgeezer, "The openly racist government encourages and supports this behaviour, if not directly then through their public statements. "

      And actions.Nietanyahu,s response to the "authorities " leveling two illegal squats,(by Israeli law) was to announce the approval of 300 more of the same.I don,t have the link but it was reported in Haaretz or J post.So he has now taken to punishing Palestinians for acts carried out by his own Gov officials.Those damn Supreme courts are the curse of any democracy , eh.

      Apologies , I just noted Just gave the link at top of thread.

  • Amnesty: Israel committed war crimes in retaliation for capture of Israeli soldier
    • It is very very hard to watch this knowing the murdering zionist regime laughs at the world and gives us the finger and will probably do it again.

      And all these murderous acts carried out in the name of the victims of the Holocaust.

      What would they say???.

  • Morgan Freeman, Valerie Plame and Queen Noor say Iran deal will prevent nuclear war that will melt Jack Black's frisbee
    • Lysias, thanks for that. Now duck before Ivri , or is that Hopknee (or both ) start accusing us of Jew counting.But I guess she is now a self hating part -Jew.

      I know a few self hating Irish people.I advised them to lay off the sauce and then they would have less reason to hate themselves.

    • Wasn,t Valarie Plame outed by one of the chicken hawk neoscons in the Bush Junior WMD fiasco. Payback is the s---s.

      An interesting dichotomy would be if pro deal mega dollars roll in to finance MSM ads like thees and the tv execs have to choose between Israel and profits.They either show the ads or expose themselves.The house of cards is collapsing one card at a time.

      Neitanyahu has spent 20 + years trying to destroy Iran and in the process has almost certainly destroyed the Lobby and surely Israel won,t be around a whole lot longer without it,s mouth piece in the USA.

  • 'This is our Israel, this is for the Jews. No Palestinian should come to Israel': A Palestinian-American's story of being detained at Ben Gurion airport
    • "No Israeli talks like this. This story has BS written all over it. " DS-

      Really ??. They spit at foreigners, they force women to sit at the back of the bus ,they refuse to sit next to women on intl flights, they rob and steal other peoples land.They run around shouting "death to Arabs.I could go on but suffice it to say, your story is full of BS.

      Nothing new there hasbarat. I pity you DS , spending your life defending a lost cause.Can,t you find a more rewarding career choice.

    • A suggestion for Father Khoury.

      Contact "Trip advisor" and place an advisory on visiting Israel . Eg, "Avoid , avoid ".Natives unfriendly , rude and are prone to theft.They also spit at visitors and tried to force women to sit at the back of a bus.

      link to

      link to

    • "could someone please tell me exactly where in the airport one can see the terrifying facade shown in the picture?"RoHa

      There is a "Y" junction before you get to that. Jews to the right and goyim to the left. Welcomes are only reserved for Jews making aliyah or on Birthright trips or returning from holidays/business trips .

      Yahweh help you, if you choose the wrong direction.

    • Just , thanks for the above updates.

      Given the present level of displeasure with Israel,s abuse of POTUS and attempts to interfere with US FP , I will not be surprised if it get,s even more opposition than before.It is certainly deserved.

    • Thanks to whomever corrected my error in above post.

    • "Welcome to Israel".

      Well , that is one sign I would not spend one shekel to see.

      I might live long enough to visit "Palisrael" when justice and equality are called for in a constitution that treats ALL citizens the same and as someone else remarked (RoHa ?) , that will be one helluva party.Hopefully most of the original Arabic names of streets and villages will have been restored.

      Out with Zionism and in with democracy. The ironic part is , that most future Jewish "Palisraelis" will thank those who freed them from the prison of Jewish Israeli exceptionalism / elitism and supremacism and curse those who destroyed the Jewish state by never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

    • WTF is this guy smoking!!.

      “Some things are hard just because it’s Israel,” said Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.). - See more at: link to

    • Just , that bill was passed but !!!,

      " Congress passes watered-down bill on U.S.-Israel ties
      Bill doesn't include Israel joining U.S. Visa Waiver Program, something Netanyahu, pro-Israel lawmakers pushed for during almost two years of legislative wrangling. "Haaretz

      link to

      My report was from dec 2014 .Not sure if it changed since.

    • This story should be on every Mainstream tv and radio in the USA /Europe and the rest of the planet.

      Imagine this version of the same event, but it is a Jew at the receiving end of such fascist behaviour.

      Jewish visitor to Ireland,

      Irish Immigration official !!.

      This passport says you are Jewish.What are you doing at this airport?.

      J T,

      Why , what,s the problem.

      "This is Ireland and is only for Catholics.If you wish to visit here , you must go to the UK and travel through Northern Ireland and come in that way. Only Catholics are allowed to enter through this airport.Come with me.We will send you to London and you can fly or take a boat from there."

      JT, But I have a valid Israeli passport.

      You are being rude and ill mannered.

      J T , you are an antisemite.

      No I am not . We have our rules and I just told you you cannot come in to Ireland through this airport.

      Two days later The Jewish traveler found himself getting on a plane to BG, and the next day the story hit the headlines on every media outlet on earth.

  • In wake of January attacks, French Muslims have been demonized in manufactured 'clash of civilizations'
    • DS, "Europe needs a populist uprising like it never has before. "

      We Europeans will decide if and when we need an uprising.Not all Europeans are imbued with hatred towards others.We are flexible unlike zionistas.

      You should be concerned about a populist uprising by the indigenous folks whose land you are squatting on.

      And be concerned that we Europeans will support them as much as is possible.Think BDS and Isolation but of course we will leave the isolation part to folks like you who are doing a dandy job on that already.

      BDS , 1SS and ID ---Iran Deal.

  • The great Highway 17 billboard contest
  • Israeli forces enter Al Aqsa mosque compound with gunfire to allow rightwing Jewish tour
    • Some ziospeak from an illegal squatter.

      "Education Minister and Bayit Yehudi Chairman Naftali Bennett responded to the demolition of houses in Beit El on Wednesday.

      In his statement, he applauded the government for approving construction on 300 housing units in Beit El and hundreds more in Jerusalem.

      "The job of the High Court is to judge, the job of the government is to build. This is the Zionist way. This is how we built our country," he said.

      Still, he urged citizens of Beit El "not to raise their hands towards violence under any circumstances," and stressed that it was important to build up the land of Israel "but only in accordance with the law.". "bennett.

      link to

      Yeah we know, there is International Law and then there is Israeli law.

    • "Maybe he was there to get an organ transplant." ABC

      Nobody has managed to perform a soul transplant yet , have they?, and a heart is pretty hard to find in ziosville.

  • Iran deal is overwhelmingly supported by American voters -- 54 to 38 percent
    • Bandolero, thanks for that.

      I suspect the numbers are higher in the other EU member states.

      Even Greece will be sending trade reps to Iran after they undo their agreements with Israel.

    • Somebody should poll the citizens other members of the P5+1 and show the republicans that their efforts will only harm their own countrymen/women.The numbers in Russia/china/France/Britain/Germany and the balance of the EU will be far greater in favour of the deal.That should make Addled son and Saban think twice before they bet on a losing horse.But I hope they they throw their ill gotten gains down the drain.

  • Israeli general likens attack on Gaza towers to 9/11 attack, as 'symbol'
    • "A Zio-supremacist general (ret.) admits what is already evident to many others: The “Jewish State” of (Greater) Israel wilfully commits acts of terrorism. - See more at: link to" Eljay

      Once upon a time .(not so long ago , Israel would have been claiming it had all been a terrible accident and Israel goes out of it,s way to avoid civilian causalities blah blah blah.Now they just come right out and brag about it and the crowd calls out for more.

      Do you get the feeling that in the not too distant future, Israel,s leaders will be ordering the expelling thousands and claiming it is for Israel,s security.

      These b------s are just getting started.

  • Susiya demolition plans may be halted: 'residents cannot be forced to leave'
    • "A Zio-supremacist general (ret.) admits what is already evident to many others: The “Jewish State” of (Greater) Israel wilfully commits acts of terrorism. - See more at: link to" CG

      The only reason this is not happening is because the US has been clear about their views on the matter.Israeli illegal squats are built on circa 95 % Palestinian land but that never bothered Israel as the US just mouthed the same old ," We think these actions are counterproductive" or some such anemic protestation.It seems as if POTUS has found some cajones at last.It,s not as if nietanyahu has been remiss in giving him reasons to react in such a manner.

      Let,s hope we see more of this.

  • It's time for American Jews to recognize they have been duped
    • "Instead of reaching an agreement that both sides can accept - See more at: link to" catalan.

      This from you archive.
      "To be honest with you I am not concerned about Israeli politicians. I could care less about them - See more at: link to" catalan

      Got news for you catalan, Palestinians care about Israeli pols.They ahve to deal with them.

      It seems to me that Israel will accept nothing but complete capitulation by the Palestinians.

      "Netanyahu: If I'm elected, there will be no Palestinian state"

      link to

      "It's not too late for Israel to right its wrong and resettle Gaza, northern Samaria".Moshe arens

      link to

      "Israel’s new justice minister considers all Palestinians to be ‘the enemy’ " Ayalet

      Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu forming the most right-wing government in his country's history. Netanyahu's slim majority in the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, was secured after a pact with the Jewish Home party, led by Naftali Bennett, an ultra-nationalist who draws much of his support from Israel's settler population and rejects a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
      After all, Shaked is about to gain a cabinet post in a climate in which an Israeli former foreign minister can call for the "beheading" of disloyal Arabs with no political cost and in which warning of Arabs "voting in droves" helped Netanyahu's Likud party win Israel's general election earlier this year."WP

      link to

      We are dealing with a gov that accepts nothing less than complete capitulation.You dont have to believe me ??.

      "Obama officials tell Haaretz: Netanyahu would reject any Iran deal - except capitulation"haaretz

      link to

    • The proposal to re-enter Gaza is gaining traction.

      In recent weeks there have been several articles from Israeli media supporting the idea of re-colonising Gaza.Here is Moshe Arens writing about " Undoing a wrong" and "re settling " Gaza and Northern Samaria.

      " It's not too late for Israel to right its wrong and resettle Gaza, northern Samaria
      Ten years after the disengagement, after thousands of rockets falling on good part of Israel, it's clear that Ariel Sharon was wrong. But some of that wrong can be fixed." Haaretz/Arens.

      link to

      It,s behind a pay wall , so I could only get the gist of the article.

    • "Positive. Just look at the puzzled expressions on the soldiers’ faces. Would they have been that nonplussed if they were hearing a stirring rendition of “Delilah”? John O

      Or that line from "The Green green green grass ".

      "Where is that old "Olive" tree that I used to play on."

    • "Cohen certainly went to Israel in ’73 and tried to join the IDF, but was asked to entertain the troops instead." John O.

      You sure that,s not Tom Jones.

    • Enough to make a normal human being puke , eh Jon S.But you can use it as an education (propaganda ) tool for your victim,s in class.You can let them wash it down with lashings of koolaid.

  • 'NYT' must think it has no Amish readers
    • "Nobody should make fun of anything at all" catalan

      Then why do you persist in tempting us .

    • "The Amish are a quietist sect who don’t use electricity " Hopknee

      Yeah but they do that on a voluntary basis , unlike the Palestinians who use it when Israel allows them to.One might refer to Israel,s policy as , "The Amisization" of The Palestinian People.

      "They don’t tend to complain." Hopknee.

      Why, are they under occupation and having their land stolen and their people murdered.Those damn Palestinians , never happy , no matter how much you take from or do to them.

  • Hundreds of Israelis join protest to save Bedouin village on brink of demolition
    • ABC , Nothing new in private Palestinian land being used to build illegal squats.Remember the sasson report.

      "The report states:

      The housing ministry supplied 400 mobile homes for outposts on private Palestinian land.
      The defense ministry approved the positioning of trailers to begin new outposts.
      The education ministry paid for nurseries and their teachers.
      The energy ministry connected outposts to the electricity grid.
      Roads to outposts were paid for with taxpayers' money.

      The report mentioned 150 communities in the West Bank with incomplete or nonexistent permits, but Sasson cautions that this list was not exhaustive, due to the lack of cooperation of some ministries and government offices which, according to her, failed to hand over some important documents. She recommended that the Housing Ministry be stripped of authority over construction of settlements in the West Bank, and that this power be transferred to the cabinet. The Housing Minister at the time of the tabling the report, Isaac Herzog (Labour), said following the release of the report that every expense earmarked for the settlements would subsequently need the approval of the Ministry's director-general. Up until then, the heads of each department at the Ministry had been able to sign off on expenses for various construction and infrastructure matters at the settlements.

      The settlement expansion initiative was backed by Sharon when he was Foreign Minister under Binyamin Netanyahu. In 1998 he publicly urged settlers to seize hilltops in order to break up the contiguity of Palestinian areas and prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state [2], saying: "Let everyone get a move on and take some hilltops! Whatever we take, will be ours, and whatever we don't take, will not be ours!" [3] The report did not mention Sharon, however. Nevertheless, the report prompted calls that Sharon and other former and current government officials face legal repercussions for their alleged official involvement in the funding of illegal settlements.[1]" wiki

      link to

  • Greece’s Syriza makes military deal with Israel that only US has made
    • From its angle Israel needs airspace for its modern and large air-force; it does not have too many friends in instinctively anti-Israeli Europe: - See more at: link to" ivri

      Greece as part of the , (anti Israel ---your words) EU is bound by the FP of said EU.So from our angle , we will make it clear to Greece that making military type deals with Israel will not help their cause.

    • "Welcome to MW Scotch. Well in that case I hope you agree that when the UN voted to give Israel statehood by the two thirds majority back in 1949 it was a terrible mistake? - See more at: link to"Bornajoo.

      + 10 Borajoo.

      The UN is only good when it backs Israel.Everything else is antisemitism invading the halls of the UN.

      Scotch reminds me of the sports fan who only reads articles by pundits that write favourably about his /her team.Those who point out the weaknesses don,t know what they are talking about or have a hate on .

      It,s part of the self duping process that all zionists practice at their peril.

    • "Scotch,
      Welcome to MW." jon s

      Don,t forget to show scotch the donate button.You wouldn,t want MW to go out of business.

    • Sinn Fein , who has been Greece,s strongest supporter in the Dail (Irish parliament) may have to retract it.

      link to

      Sinn Fein which is a staunch supporter of Palestinian rights will not view positively this arrangement by Greece with the GOI . Sinn Fein is the third largest party in the Dail , (14 seats out of 166) and if you add to that the dozen or so Independent members , who are also pro Palestinian , Greece will see it,s support decrease considerably. Sinn Fein is hardly likely to continue it,s support for Greece if it,s leaders are using some of the financial support to visit and make agreements with Israel that would allow IDF war criminals walk free in the EU.

      In any event , all of this is superfluous as Israel is going down the tubes.Self destruction is a hard disease to cure , especially as Zionists are so deeply mired in their support for land theft and belief that they are the chosen people and can do as they please with impunity.

  • Leading European thinktank increases pressure on Israeli banks over occupation
    • Annie , here is the link to that debt settlement I mentioned.

      link to

    • "So now we know how to make Europe twist Israel’s arms: have european banks lend money to settlers, then watch the ECB and European Commission flex their muscle when they start demanding haircuts."Laurent Weppe

      Wouldn,t work.Israel would pay their mortgage and bill it to Dick and Jane.You will have to find a far more creative method to outfox a zionist.In any case , it would be against European law to loan money to the illegal squatters.


    • "bah! can’t see why link won’t work! It does"Bumbebye

      It does and thanks.It,s nice to know the UK gov is keeping tabs on Israel.

    • Annie, they wont do anything until the Israelis piss them of further but it get,s closer every day.Israel,s decision 2 days ago to build another 900 illegal squats and approve more so called (under Israeli law) illegal outposts is just another nail in the zionist coffin.

      It,s their pockets that need to be hit and consequently their ability to finance illegal squats and continue mowing the lawn as well as fund the ongoing global charm offensive and the EU knows this but may be getting threats from the US administration to ease off.

      Last week I posted a link to a story on J Post that stated that the GOI had forgiven loans to squatters to the tune of 135 milllion dollars , some of which had 90%of the original loan still outstanding even those loans were issued in the Seventies.These squatters have been living almost for free since then. More of the same is planned.

  • Curtis Sliwa says opposition to Iran deal needs more 'righteous gentiles'
    • In this video from 2013 , Slywa said "Israel must lead and America will follow.Another American traitor and fifth columner.

      This Iran deal sure has the zionists dragging the bottom of the barrel for supporters.It,s all good.

      link to

  • 'If we don't take out Iran,' it will reenact the Holocaust in US and Israel -- Steven Emerson to Times Square rally
    • "P.S. Great list! Thanks." JLD

      Your welcome.It couldn,t be in better hands.

    • "Not a drop of American blood has ever been spilled on “Israel’s behalf.” American blood spilled in Iraq was spilled because America had a President who thought toppling Saddam would be a nice way to avenge his dad, among other things. The invasion of Iraq, pushed by George Bush and Dick Cheney, who are as Jewish as the Ayatollah Khamanei is, was purely an American project, and people shouldn’t be relieving America of responsibility for it by blaming the Jews, as Phil Weiss does. " hopknee


      "The Prime Minister is no stranger to making pronouncements to Congress. In 2002, in the lead- up to the disastrous U.S. invasion of Iraq, he said this: “If you take out Saddam, Saddam’s regime, I guarantee you that it will have enormous positive reverberations on the region”. Too bad that wasn’t a money-back guarantee; the U.S. would have quite a check due from Mr. Netanyahu if it had been. - See more at: link to

      Does that come under the heading of "Among other things".

      Btw, no one mentioned , "The Jews".

    • "But this time the gullible Americans who send their sons to die may not take as long to figure out who lied to and manipulated them." Kris

      Hope you are right or this song will be popular again.

      link to

    • "The average American doesn’t care–they won’t be drafted".Citizen.

      The Hessian army is largely made up of poor working class kids who find it necessary to join through economic necessity.Not so sure they are mercenaries but you are right, the 1% will decide for them. Welcome to the American dream.

      There wont be any catalan,s in the ranks.

    • Some of the names on the flier.

      The first one is ,"America for a safe Israel.

      2, Americans for peace and tolerance.
      3, Human rights coalition against radical Islam.
      4, International committee for the land of Israel.
      5, Proclaiming Justice to the Nations.
      6,Simon Wiesenthal Center.
      7, Israel Independence fund.
      8, One Family overcoming terrorism together.
      9,Jewish National Fund.
      10, The Jewish political Education Foundation , inc.
      11, Young Jewish concerns.
      12, One Israel Fund.
      13, Jcc Watch .org.
      14, The Investigative Project on Terrorism.
      15,Republican Jewish coalition.

      What a cornucopia of zionist hate/deceipt and just look at the names they use, Eg, "Proclaiming Justice to the nations". Who do these a--holes think they are kidding.

    • I hope Dick and Jane show up in tens of thousands and inform these maniacs that no more American blood will be wasted on Israel,s behalf.Let Israel know , they are free to attack Iran , but don,t come squealing like wounded rats looking for someone to save them from themselves.
      Wake up America.Dump Israel and regain whatever dignity you have left before you find yourselves meeting the body bags at the airport, again, only this time it wont be 5000 , it will be far higher.

  • Netanyahu bluffed an attack on Iran, and Jeffrey Goldberg helped out
    • Nietandyahu is still threatening to attack Iran.

      "By JOSEF FEDERMAN, Associated Press

      JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel's prime minister condemned Tuesday's international nuclear agreement with Iran as a "stunning historic mistake" and said his country is not bound by the deal, strongly hinting that military action remains an option."

      link to

  • Poll: 51% of Jewish Israelis support reconstruction of Gaza settlements
    • "I’ve always thought that a pissy thing to do but I see the method in the madness. Imagine being an ex-settler from Gaza and seeing on your TV images of Palestinian families enjoying that nice backyard where you once had your son’s bris. That would have been a slap in the face to Mighty Israel. No, better to see it in rubble."ABC

      If I recall correctly , Israelis (or should I say Jews in this case) were told that Palestinians destroyed the Greenhouses ,the victims of this ethnic cleansing toiled so hard to create. Those damn Palestinians are just so ungrateful. Yup that was the hasbara meme at the time.

    • "You would dash the very nachos from their lips?"Mooser.

      Hell no , I would give them all the nachos (laced with Tabasco) their sweets lips can handle.

    • "The pullout from Gaza was an agonizing experience for most Israelis" hopknee

      Aw gee, the poor Israelis had a horrible experience giving back what they stole from others.

      You are one sick puppy hopknee.

  • Democrats are 'uncomfortable' with Iran deal because Netanyahu is so 'influential in our country' -- Rep. Ellison
    • Maybe Democrats should start heeding Obama,s policies.

      " Obama officials tell Haaretz: Netanyahu would reject any Iran deal - except capitulation
      Congressional override of a presidential veto would make it harder for U.S. to defend Israel, senior administration officials tell Haaretz.

      The officials expressed both dismay and disappointment at the fact that Netanyahu and other Israeli opponents of the Iran deal did not find anything positive in the Vienna agreement – even though many Israeli positions had been incorporated in the final document. The officials noted that the agreement also met the “red lines” that Netanyahu himself had drawn during the past few years – “and then some.”

      Under such circumstances, they added, “It’s hard to have reasoned discussions” with Israel.

      The officials were confident, however, that Congress would ultimately approve the deal or at least be unable to muster the votes to override a presidential veto. They painted a dark scenario, however, if their confidence turns out to be misplaced. A Congressional vote against the deal would most certainly lead to its complete unraveling, allowing Iran to slip away from its own commitments. Tehran would then be free to pursue its nuclear program, as the international sanctions regime inevitably collapses. Washington, in the meantime, would be roundly condemned by its allies and isolated on the international stage.

      “It’s hard to see how that is good for either the United States or Israel,” the officials said. "Haaretz

      link to

      No pay wall.

  • If Americans support Iran deal, 56-37, what gives Israel the power to 'croak' it?
    • "Jews on the whole are not known to choose suicide due to that they do not share the heaven after death concept.
      ziusudra - See more at: link to"

      Greetings Zisudra.

      If i did believe in Heaven or hell , given my luck I would probably be sent to heaven and never see all my best friends again,On the other hand ,if I went south, I would have to share hell with every zionist that ever existed.

      Not much of a choice , is it .But there is always Limbo.

  • Cycling4Gaza heads to the Hague
    • "if you had not written “his” name i would have guessed – annie? ;) but i have no idea. what is his name? ".

      Sorry to hear about wiz , (was he a bleeding heart liberal also) and Kate,s tessie.

      Also sorry to disappoint you but his name is Amigo. So say hello to "My leeetle friend".(Scarface--the movie)

      No , I will not change my moniker.He will live forever in the MW archives.

    • "if i was in europe i’d be very tempted to head over to the hague on the 27th and party with them for sure."Annie.

      Me too Annie but I am presently nursing my Dog (guess his name?) who is sadly terminally ill and I don,t know how long he will last.So no trips for me for a while, (long while, I hope) .

      Palestinian Disapora do not forget who they are and never will .

    • A cause well worth donating to.These people deserve as much financial support as we can give .They do the heavy lifting compared to us just having to hit the "donate" button on our laptop.

      Thanks Annie ,for bringing the opportunity to participate , even if only in a small way.

      Btw, I would love to watch the videos but as I live in the boon docks , my signal is too weak to support video and it gets tiring watching the "Loading " sign for far too long.Ever since the "Celtic Tiger" upped and left we are still waiting for our gov to roll out "high speed internet" country wide.Still, very little to complain about, compared to those in Gaza/West Bank.

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