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I am Irish with a profound interest in the Palestinian /Israeli conflict.

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  • Two Palestinian teenagers killed by Israeli forces in West Bank clashes
    • I wonder if the Israeli Gov checks Kate,s reports to find out what they have been up to.It is not as if they care who knows.

      Thanks Kate for your tireless efforts to keep people aware of the extent of zionist crimes.

  • Jerusalem at a breaking point
    • My point was not directed specifically at you Annie but that conversation did come to mind.

      what,s so frustrating , is that there are so many people out there still buying this crap about a 2SS.They must be blind or brain dead.How much evidence do they need.What is even more enraging is the lack of balance practiced by intl MSM.The Irish Times and Radio/TV Ireland have been reporting the deaths of the 4 Israeli Jews but not one word about the many many Palestinians murdered by Israel and that includes the Palestinian Girl shot in cold blood by those fiends.

      Sometimes it is truly hard to bear.What must it be like for the victims to spend day after day , and to recall your post the other day, "Year after year" enduring what they have to.

      I,m off to bed to try to sleep.

    • "that is the kind of random, unorganised violence that Israel needs to sustain itself and keep alive the cycle of massive retaliations that it believes will ultimately rid it of the Palestinians altogether. - See more at: link to"

      Exactly what I have been saying for more than ten years. Ok , I am slow on the uptake .

  • Hey Jews, listen up, Netanyahu is your leader!
  • Video of 18-year-old Palestinian chased by Jewish mob and killed by police shocks global audience
    • "I suppose we’ll be seeing photos of the knife soon. - See more at: link to"italian pat

      i bet it will be blue and yellow , just like the one planted by the Palestinian girl shot in cold blood last week.

      I am not sure what the IDF part number is but it is most likely a standard part of a soldiers emergency crime scene kit.

    • One thing for sure , if Netnayaoo wants an intifada and I believe he does , then he is going just the right way to get one.He knows that all the fear mongering ,hatred and lies , he and his criminal fellow knesset members have been feeding Israel,s Jews and racist right wing fascists , in addition to intrusions into Muslim holy places will invoke a response and consequently incite a Jewish Israeli response such as we see here.

      Do these people really believe they can continue on this path of criminal actions ad infinitum with impunity.Clearly they have no knowledge of the outcome the SA Apartheid gang experienced.I just bet , that subject is not a topic for discussion in Jewish Israeli schools.

  • In 'NYT' coverage of violence, only Israeli Jewish victims count (Updated)
    • Those of us who have been watching this for years , recognise that this latest outbreak of violence is just another re-run of past events , where Israel relentlessly attacks Palestinians , on the streets, in their homes , at their places of work, in or on their way to school etc etc.This is Israel,s method of creating a so called violent response which then allows Israel to claim that the Palestinians started the whole business.This method works , thanks to the MSM in many countries who only report violence against Jews , who will be portrayed as ordinary folks going about their business and as helpless victims pf Palestinian terrorism.There will be no mention of them being illegal gun toting squatters , many of whom are involved in committing crimes against Palestinians.There will be no mention of the fact that some are off duty idf thugs who have probably murdered their fair share of Palestinians. There will be no mention of the the fact that these people are land thieves living on stolen land in Jews only squats and driving on Jews only roads.

      It is absolutely disgraceful that Israel gets away with these crimes and has been doing so for decades.When the f--k is someone in the intl community going to stand up to these criminals and put an end to zionism before it will be the cause of WW 3 .Zionism is not worth the life of one innocent human .

  • 'Third intifada was launched,' Palestinian law student posted before carrying out fatal attack in Jerusalem
    • "I thought they were the descendants of those who were not massacred in the Holocaust. - See more at: link to" RoHa .

      Sorry, teach.I will try to do better.

      Speaking of massacres , did you have to treat your fellow commonwealth people so harshly in the RWC .Poor mother England , kicked out of their own tournament by one of the colonies.

    • And these people are the descendants of those massacred in the Holocaust.Those who bequeathed the concept of " Never Again".

      Go figure.

  • Bon Jovi's Tel Aviv gig is upstaged by Roger Waters's incantation of Israeli victims, including Dawabshe boy
    • "Homer, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Thackeray, Dickens, Dostoevsky –

      I’ll make a note to check them out, whoever they are.
      - See more at: link to" Jon S

      I am surprised you never heard of Homer.He seems to know you quite well.

      "Hateful to me as the gates of Hades is that man who hides one thing in his heart and speaks another." Homer

    • "Whether or not present-day Jews are biological descendants of the ancient Jews is a fascinating topic… especially if you’re a racist, concerned with “bloodlines” and “racial purity”.
      Seriously, what difference does it make? Are today’s Greeks descended from the ancient Greeks? Are the French descended from the Gauls? Are the British pure-bred Angles and Saxons? Of course not. Throughout history people (including the Jews) have migrated, inter-married, converted…but that doesn’t mean that they don’t take pride in what they consider to be their national history and heritage. What counts is a people’s consciousness , their historical memory. The perception of Israel as the Jew’s ancestral homeland is not something that can be erased by trying to follow “bloodlines” back through history - See more at: link to" Jon S

      The problem with your narrative is that it fails the test of common sense.None of those nations you listed would require a Jew to change their religion in exchange for citizenship and nor should they.You speak of peoples memory being an integral part of their Jewishness.How does that apply to a new convert to Judaism who immediately becomes entitled to Israeli citizenship.How old is that persons memory or connection to their so called "Historical Homeland" .Do I as a Catholic have the right to claim Rome as my historical Homeland. Does a new convert to catholicism have that right.

      Your welcome to come and live in Ireland and eventually be given citizenship while maintaining your religious preference.In fact you will no be asked what your religion is.If you are a third generation American citizen and either one of your parents or grandparents, ( any earlier relationship is nit acceptable) came from Ireland then you can claim citizenship.Call that bloodlines if you wish but it is not racist.What is racist is , that Jews who have zero connection to Israel except their religious one can gain citizenship but Palestinians who were forced at gunpoint out of their homeland are forbidden to return in contravention of all international laws .That is pure racism and no amount of mental gymnastics on your part will make it otherwise.

      If as you claim you are in favour of solving the Palestinian problem , why don,t you scoot on over to J post or Ynet news and address some of the racist bigots there and convince them they are wrong.Best of luck with that but you already know that , don,t you.

      Quite honestly , reading your anemic excuses/ self serving constructs is tiresome and tedious and makes you look rather pathetic.

    • "Talknic, there are thousands of maps; here is one" catalan.

      H,mmm, I checked your link and zoomed to 1000% which was it,s limit and the only place name was Israel.It does not even mention Jerusalem.

      Are you being deliberately dishonest or putting in question those four degrees you claim to have.

  • 'NYT' reporters parrot Israeli claims re cherry tomato
    • "You Irishers won the BIG one. One of your guys bagged a Nobel Prize. - See more at: link to" Froggy

      Jeez , don,t broadcast that too loud or the Israelis will be calling in the Irish Amb to Israel for a good dress down , for stealing their " Nobels". We Irish are only allowed to win Nobel Peace prizes as Israel has no interest in such time wasting nonsense.However , if there was a Nobel for conducting "Peace Processes" than Israel would top the list.

      In the spirit of good sportsmanship , best of luck this weekend.Normally , I would say , may the best team win but not in this case.

    • "(Have I mentioned that we live on a working farm and a cidrerie? Of course, our major crop is apples, though my teenage sons have added additional fruit trees in anticipation of diversifying the cidre. - See more at: link to". froggy.

      Better save some of that " scrumpy " for next weekend .I will be uncorking bottles of Guinness , (and no , the Israelis did not invent that , no matter what they claim) as we celebrate , (hopefully ) a win over the the French.Nothing personal , just business.I know most brits are in shock at the moment and we send our condolences and regrets.That is to say , we would have welcomed the opportunity to do what the "Wallabies " did. Viva la Irlande.

      Thanks for the run down on the Olive tree and yes , zionist,s uprooting olive trees to replace them with pine trees is indeed obscene not to mention an insult to mother earth.

    • "That said, I never found cherry tomatoes ‘delicious’. I prefer large, meaty tomatoes, preferably heirloom varieties. - See more at: link to" Froggy.

      As a long time avid gardener I grow several types of tomatoes in a 25 x 12 foot tunnel . These range from beefsteak to cherry tomatoes.My favorite is known as , black Russian aka chocolate cherry.These are the sweetest toms I have ever grown and when picked at the peak of ripeness are in my opinion unrivaled .

      I also grow a variey of beefsteak , known as marmande (a spanish variety) which are also unrivaled for taste and meatiness.Needless to say , home grown tomatoes are without question far far better than those tasteless anemic looking toms found on supermarket shelves.

      While tomatoes have minimal food value , any salad looks incomplete without a tomato included.

      Americans say tomay-to , we say tomato.

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  • To condemn, or not to condemn
    • Zionist mentality --"Any violent act against us is terrorism and any violent act we use against you is in the cause of our security."

      That we steal your land is not the point.That you refuse to sit down and talk is the problem.

  • Netanyahu's 44 seconds of silence at UN are being widely mocked -- 'pathetic,' 'creepy'
    • I believe there are 1000 troops in a battalion so add that to those murderous killers all ready roaming around the West Bank and Israel will commit a lot of crimes in the next few days,They will find the so called shooter but it may not be the one who did it.Some poor Palestinian kid will be executed and then named the killer.Hundreds will be arrested and dozens of home will be assaulted and their occupants terrorized .Their rooms will be used as toilets for the most moral army to leave it,s vile excrement behind as a message..Money and equipment will be stolen etc etc.

      This the Israel that netanyahu claims everyone lies about and wants to delegitimise .Your damn right netanyahu.We want to put "your" Israel out of business.

    • Meanwhile two Jews have been shot in the west bank and the IDF is out in force looking for the perpetrators.They are still however stil looking for the killers who burned a families home and killed the parents and a baby boy.No four battallions out looking for those perpetrators.

      "The IDF ordered four battalions to join existing military forces in the West Bank in the wake of a terror attack in which an Israeli couple was shot and killed. The decision was made following a security evaluation held by IDF General Staff on Thursday night." j post

      link to

    • It seems as if nietanyahu is applying the old adage , "If someone thinks you are dumb , then don,t confirm their suspicions by opening your mouth.

      Too bad he could only hold out for 44 secs.

    • This somewhat of a stretch but I almost feel sorry for the fool.Poor Hoppy and mayhem et al , having a madman for a leader.

      He is truly insane.

  • As Palestine's flag is raised at U.N., Abbas dumps Oslo security obligations
    • "Bibi is on tv now, speaking to the UN."Citizen

      Now you hear him, now you don,t.

      link to

    • While it may not be such a big deal and is symbolic , I just bet the zionists are pretty well p----d off.

      I wonder if Golda is looking down or should that be up , wondering why a people who do not exist have a flag flying at the UN .Suck it up Golda.As someone here said , "shit happens".

    • If I,m not wrong , then correct me but didn,t nietanyahu dump the Oslo Accords a long time ago , just after he "killed " them.

      " It's now clear: the Oslo peace accords were wrecked by Netanyahu's bad faith
      Avi Shlaim".

      link to

      "Netanyahu admits on video he deceived US to destroy Oslo accord"

      link to

      Why didn,t Abbas put up this video for the UN general assy so they know who the f--k is kidding who.

      He should also have walked over to Proser and hand him the keys to the West bank/Gaza /East Jerusalem and told him in a loud and clear voice to tell his boss , he is now responsible for maintaining and paying for the Occupation.

  • Palestinian solidarity movement will 'grow and grow and... be impossible to stop' -- Slaughter to Clinton in 2011
    • "Follow the money. Most of these MP’s must have connections with zionists who support their campaigns. - See more at: link to" kay 24

      I didn,t notice a complete list but tomorrow I will check out the ones mentioned.No doubt they are paid zionist tools.

    • Oh, oh , look out , the pro Israel anti BDS campaign is going global.

      "MPs from 18 countries call on governments to divest from companies that boycott Israel .Resolution states that boycotts and related tactics are a form of economic and political warfare meant to threaten Israel’s sovereignty and security, and are the antithesis of peace, dialogue.

      Israel Allies Foundation Executive Director Willem Griffioen said that legislators at every level have reached out to work against BDS with the NGO, which partners with parliamentarians around the world to mobilize support for Israel based on Judeo-Christian values." j post

      Judeo -Christian values, pull the other leg.

      link to

  • UK activists target radio station's 'Win a trip to Israel' contest
    • Annie , thanks for the instruction.I promise to make mastering twitter my no 1 job this weekend.

      BTW , a "Hash-tag to me is the label customs officers use .

    • Thanks for the link Annie but I am still struggling with these new fandangled social media apps.

      Looks like I will have to consult the younger generation for assistance.

    • The zionist tentacles are everywhere.Congratulations to these people for outing thiis radio station that supports ethnic cleansing and oppression.

      And thanks to you Annie for sharing this with us.Is there a link to leave a comment to the station.

  • Facing Reality: Jewish terrorism is no longer limited to just a few bad seeds
    • "In the same way that Irish influences allowed Irish Americans to fund the bombing of the British in appalling acts of terrorism, - See more at: link to" rosross

      The IRA were not the only ones carrying out terrible acts of terrorism.The Unionists carried out terrible acts (bombings) on the mainland of the Republic of Ireland , no doubt funded by their supporters in the USA.Balance is important , otherwise people might assume there was only one trouble maker in the NI conflict much the same as "Hamas " is seen as the only trouble maker in the I/P conflict and Israel gets a pass .

      Google UVF/UDR bombings.

      Thanks for your response, by the way.

    • To understand correctly , the depth of racism/bigotry and support for zionist terrorism , one only has to check the comments section on J Post or Y net, news .

      It is right there everyday in it,s raw indifference to the laws that keep decent folks safe and the chance at a normal life .

      Zionism has bred this Jewish terrorism and it continues to grow like a cancer.Zionism has to be defeated , that is to say , destroyed completely and it,s remains buried in lime .It can never be allowed to re emerge .No headstone or plaque.

      But are there enough brave members of the tribe to take up the challenge and risk their lives fighting Jewish terrorists.

  • For the 'New York Times,' #PalestinianLivesDoNotMatter
    • The NYT is a tool of zionism and zionism is the scourge of this planet.Some day and it is not a matter of if but when, zionism is seen for what it really is , then all those who aided and abetted it,s crimes will have to answer for their actions .The Jodi rudorens of this world will be justifiably shunned and booted from the fraternity of decent journalism.They can then write books accusing those who defended human rights of destroying the one and only Jewish state.They will never admit guilt but they will know, we know , that they helped to put an end forever, to the so called "Jewish state".

      You wont see me shedding any tears.I might just send a few thank you cards to Rudoren and co .

  • Israel's UN amb. called for annexing West Bank, tries to delete evidence
    • The EU imports circa 17 billion annually from Israel , (2014 figures ) and exports circa 14 billion to them.

      link to

      EU imports represents some 28 % of Israel,s total exports. The EU Exports to Israel is a minuscule % of it,s total exports , not even worth looking for a figure.

      So who would be he biggest loser.Not rocket science.

  • 'NYT' piece on stonethrowing leaves out 'occupation'
    • Kershner gets her articles direct from the nearest Israeli embassy.She just puts her name to it and checks her bank account for the electronic deposit .

      Nice work if you can get it but harbour no guilty feelings about being dishonest or a spinmeistress.

      Disgusting people.

  • Israel approves sniper fire and 4 year mandatory prison sentences against stone throwers
  • What's behind Netanyahu's war on stone throwers
    • ABC. You forgot a one way ticket out of your own country.

    • "What’s behind Netanyahu’s war on stone throwers".

      Eternal victim hood --at least until the "Greater Israel " project has been accomplished.It is much easier to oppress , rob, murder and ethnically cleanse a people , if you can do it under cover of the myth of being a victim.

      This is just another phase in Israel,s plan of an "Arab Frei" Jews only racist so called democratic nation.

  • Settlers gawk as Palestinian woman lies dying at checkpoint (Update)
    • I see , you want us to use nice names to describe murdering zionist idfers and their war criminal leaders.What would you suggest??.Or how should we describe fanatical illegal squatters burning babies to death.Or what nice term would you use to describe the theft of Palestinian land.

      Nice try Catalan.Best of luck with your attempts to purify Israel,s crimes.

    • Did you imply by ‘MS Hughes’ that I am one of the honourable women here? In fact I am of the other gender – Martin - See more at: link to"Martin.

      Apologies to the honourable Martin Hughes.A typo. .

    • I think I would be far more likely to believe th Palestinian version than that of soldiers.
      His story sounds a lot more credible and in keeping with standard iof MO.Shoot first and then check the manual for best excuse.

    • "But then they would have been afraid that she also had a bomb. That would also have been why they had to leave her to bleed - See more at: link to" MS Hughes.

      If they were concerned about a bomb they would have first cleared the area and called in bomb disposal experts.They decided instead to drag her and unveil her as shown in the updated video above.

    • Agree eljay . after blowing up both images , I can see what appears to be a second barrel that is difficult to see as it is obscured by the victim.

      However , that raises a question.She would have fallen backwards from the force of the bullet , which she did and the knife seems to be quite a distance forward from where she was standing.If she voluntarily dropped the knife why was she shot.

    • You are right.Look at the bottle of water in the second image .It is no longer sitting atop the barrel .Also in the second image there is a stanchion just two feet from the barrel , whereas in the first image that is not to be seen.Only the soldier and he is three feet to the right of the barrel and there is no object between him and the barrel.

      Something very strange.I wonder if one of the squatters is minus a knife.

    • "just try posting again. sorry!" Annie.

      Wasn,t really complaining Annie.I just wanted to get that jibe at the Hasbara brigade.

    • Someone ought to post that idfer,s face all over the net.It might make him think twice about showing up in civilised societies .

    • eljay , thanks for reply.

      My post and two others disappeared. Have the hasbarists hacked MW.

  • Teenager's killing brings toll of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces this year to 25
    • Jackdaw , can you post a link to a credible source.

      I mean , Ynetnews.They use a special paper that is impervious to the truth.You zios will believe any story that suits your agenda.Hell , you probably believe you are one of the chosen ones.

    • "Haaretz 22 Sept — SodaStream International, the Israeli home beverage machine maker that has a factory near the Negev Bedouin town of Rahat, has announced a joint effort to provide “immediate asylum to refugees from Syria, - See more at: link to"

      Soda stream needs slaves to replace the Palestinian ones.Just imagine how cheaply these Syrians will work for. Never doubt a zionists willingness to profit from someone elses misery.This is particularly egregious as Israel is lending aid to ISIS fighters by giving them medical aid and sending them right back into Syria to carry on their atrocious acts.They should be arrested and handed over to the appropiate authorities , post necessary medical attention , which every person is entitled to .Oh unless they happen to be a Palestinian girl shot by idf criminals who allow her to lie there for far too long.

  • Ad targeting Sen. Bennet says Iran wants to nuke the world's children
    • "i am not sure that being good at chemistry and math has anything to do wisdom; and whether wisdom has anything to do with happiness.
      I said what I did in jest. - See more at: link to" catalan.

      It is not wise to insult people as you did , even if only in jest.In any event , your archives , (forgot about them , did you) are replete with insults of the people who took you in , so I do not believe one word you say catalan.You are a zionist and have had your concept of honesty plucked from your being .

      As to me being cool , cut the BS .I don,t like or respect dishonest patronising blatherers.Go back to work , your lunch break is over.

      How,s that for a venomous streak.

    • "Sounds like a great life. If true, they are very wise. - See more at: link to" Catalan.

      I could have sworn you accused all Americans of being dumb.Except you of course.

      "Americans are awful at math, chemistry, history and pretty much every other subject. - See more at: link to" catalan.

    • The trick is to ensure Dick and Jane have their American dream . A home with white picket fence with a late model auto and a pickup truck and a motorhome parked outside and enough money to take the odd trip to a national park and once in a lifetime trip to Hawaii and bingo , all intellectual curiosity is negated . Don,t worry , be happy .Your leaders will do the right thing

      I,m not so sure this is only an American trait. Sad , isn,t it.

  • Everyone's kicking AIPAC now that it's down
    • A.I.P.A.C. = Apartheid Israel Political Aid Committee.

      They should be put down and kept down.

    • "for that was the gist of pro Israel policy for most of the time and the American bureaucracy of this organization reflected the dominant Israeli political stance, rather than the temporary changes of a Rabin or a Barak." YF

      Are you seriously suggesting that Rabin or Barak were different from the rest of Israel,s leaders.They were both just as much facilitators of the zionist oppression and land theft and illegal settlement expansion as those you refer to as hardliners.No light between them.

      " Also: Gaza. Gaza has weakened Israel, meaning the withdrawal ."Yonah fredman

      What withdrawal are you referring to.

  • Israeli forces fracture teen's skull as Jerusalem demonstrations continue
    • Israel is using the Syrian Refugee crisis to accelerate their goal of goading the Palestinians into violent resistance.Every act of repression and criminal behaviour is on the table.

      Do what you have to do to get a reaction.Just get one , so we can get on with expropriating more land on which to realise the dream of "The greater Israel", under the guise of victimhood. That is job one . Don,t worry , we will protect you , our heroes from the antisemitic Jew Haters out there who dare to call you , ( "the most moral army " ) war criminals.

  • Rev. Graylan Hagler disinvited to speak on Palestine, sent death threats
    • I forgot to ask in my post above ?.

      Carson states that a Muslim cannot be the POTUS .Does this bigot not understand the separation of Church from State."

      First amendment states , "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof …”.

      Here is Carsons view on the constitution.

      "In publicity material issued by Penguin Random House, Carson is quoted as saying: “I believe that making a difference starts with understanding our amazing founding document, the US Constitution. "

      He also said the constitution is not rocket science.Seems as if this brain surgeon has been fooling a lot of people for a long time and understands sweet nothing about the constitution.

      I would say that anyone who does not understand the ,meaning of the first amendment to the constitution should not be President.

      How does the GOP keep coming up with these doozies.

    • Above post should read,

      unchristian/unjudaic behaviour.

    • Invite this guy ben carson instead.He will go down a treat.

      link to

      Btw, Christians are not united for Israel.Real Christians oppose Israel for it,s unchristian/Judaic behaviour.

  • Netanyahu 'declares war' on stone throwers
    • "The youth can go through the motion, reducing the chance of harm to themselves or their target, and sending a more sophisticated, potentially winning, message, to the world." David Doppler.

      Only problem is the IDF will label it as "Literary " terrorism.Besides they will claim they thought it was stones or rocks so they shot to save their lives that were in extreme danger.As I have said here before, this wanton killing is part of Israel,s plan to keep the Palestinians resisting so they can continue claiming the myth of victim hood.

    • Of course , illegal squatters are not covered by this law.They can just continue as usual doing as they please.Hell , even members of the most moral army are targets but their behaviour is passed off as actions that are the result of the difficult life they live in Occupied Palestine.We get it , being the Human shields for the greater Israel project is mentally draining and can drive one temporarily mad.Palestinians are given no such consideration even though they have endured decades of zionist oppression and abuse.Those poor Israeli Jews , just aren,t made like they used to be.

      On the topic of the flag raising , I wonder if there is a list of those invited .I would like to see if Ireland is sending a rep.

  • Which nation spends more on its military: Iran or Israel?
  • 'New Yorker' says anti-Zionism is 'firmly rooted' in British left, and it's anti-Semitic
    • "Ah, Rashers2…. Amigo is Irish. He knows that despite my being French, I really like the Brits. I even married one. Amigo is just winding me up. ;) - See more at: link to" Froggy.

      Quite so Froggy.I have a certain suspicion for tabloids . 65 % pictures , 30 % ads and the balance mostly gossip or small talk. Proof of their value can be found strewn on the seats of public transport left by those who hurriedly scanned the headlines (you know the ones that almost always end with , ????? , as in, did so and so do such and such , which makes it a question rather than an accusation and keeps the Solicitors at bay ,) and donate the remnants, minus page 3 , to the next commuter .

      You would do well in Ireland given your penchant for self deprecation (calling yourself Froggy or is that your spouses pet name for you), as we Irish always fend off criticism by beating others to the punch.

    • "I couldn’t agree more! That’s why I would like my son to be a doctor, so that all groups get to be fairly represented in the media. Better yet is to marry up. - See more at: link to" cata[an

      Then this .

      "Teacher may work too. But let’s not rush into anything. We would not want Jews to be over represented among teachers, or Popes. - See more at: link to
      " catalan

      Pope is out , he is not married.Not sure a doctor is advisable either.The son of a zionist running free with a needle full of ziocaine is a step too far.

    • It,s amazing how the British left has always been antisemitic.Harold Wilson was a leftie as was Barbara Castle---------- but ?.

      "What is now forgotten is Wilson's staunch Zionism - an unfashionable trait today among the Labour left from whose ranks he originally hailed. And Wilson's commitment to Israel was intimately connected to his socialism. As his political secretary, Baroness Falkender, later explained: "Wilson admired Israel's determined development as a socialist state."Alongside his hero, Aneurin Bevan, and perhaps his two closest political allies, Richard Crossman and Barbara Castle, the future prime minister formed close relationships during the 1950s with a number of young Israelis who were later to become leading politicians: Yigal Allon, Chaim Herzog, and Teddy Kollek. For Wilson, these young men were "social democrats who made the desert flower".

      link to

    • Thanks for that Froggy.

      The Daily mail is the British Paper of record .Right.

    • "I couldn’t agree more! That’s why I would like my son to be a doctor, - See more at: link to"catalan

      But why not a teacher so he can cure all those stoopid Americans who have the privilege of having a genius like you as a fellow worker .

      "Americans are awful at math, chemistry, history and pretty much every other subject. They do have the largest waistlines though and are best at whining. It should be a consolation for Giles. - See more at: link to"catalan


    • Would someone please inform that zioniist rag sheet that anti zionism is not anti antisemitism.

      It is zioniists who planned and carried out the Nakba and continue to steal Palestinians land and murder them in the thousands , to mention just two of their crimes . So it is perfectly normal to condemn zionist israel actions.To not condemn them would be abnormal. Well at least for normal humans who possess the ability to discern the difference between right and wrong.

      Wouldn,t it be antisemitic to turn a blind eye because Jews are involved.Hey , just asking.

  • Campus is seen as next battleground against Iran Deal -- by 'rightwing fanatics'
    • You have to wonder if zioniists get any of their private work accomplished.What with EDM,s (Extraordinary Daily meetings ) and regular calls to battle the ever increasing anti semitic BDS,ers and contain Palestinian controlled US Campuses and derail the Jew hating EU Parliaments efforts to stop Jews from building on their own lands and supply fresh oranges to a citrus starved world and invent medicines to save all those ungrateful goys , not to mention , dragging them into a new technological era with computers and mobile phones , which they then use to destroy the Jewish (only one ) State and only democracy in the middle east.

      Why , it,s enough to make any zionist break down and cry.

  • Israeli soldiers raid Al Aqsa courtyard, attack worshipers
    • "You are confused. My whole post was protesting any decisions and treaties not based on a pan-Palestinian referendum. And you are defending just exactly those non-validated decisions and treaties! Signed, needless to repeat, by hostages or puppets of the US and Zionists with no mandate. - See more at: link to" Ech

      If you have a problem with people defending those non validated decisions and treaties , then you had best direct your concerns to Talknic.

      Personally , I have no problem telling zionists to f--k back to their self declared borders but so we are clear , it would seem you view Israel as an illegitimate state based on any borders .

    • "If you believe that any “plan” makes any difference to the Zionists, who have never compromised over anything and are continually progressing towards conquest of “Greater Israel” and the genocide of its owners, " ech

      I don,t believe it for one second but you seem to and the best of luck with your plan.

      "The plan is to keep fighting, avoiding senseless giving away of Palestinian rights, working and waiting for conditions more propitious to the resistance ." ech

      You are suggesting the Palestinians copy the zionist MO of never compromising .Putting aside the views of the US and it,s puppet zionist entity , just how does that strategy strengthen the perception of the Palestinians willingness to compromise in the view of the International community . And what about the senseless giving away of Palestinian lives.Your,e ok with that , eh.Did you consult with all Palestinians , diaspora included.

      You sound just like some of the zionists posters here.You want to cherry pick UNSCR,s and refuse to compromise.The problems in Northern Ireland would never have been resolved and I am not suggesting it is a haven of peace there , had it been up to people like you.Don,t get me wrong , I hate Israel and all it stands for but the problem will only be resolved by non voilent resistance , such as BDS and denying the zionists the ability to claim victimhood.

      Maybe some of the Palestinian posters would like to give us their opinion .

    • "What the f*&^% is “legal” about borders “declared” without the consent of the invaded owners of the land? - See more at: link to"echinococcus

      Whoa up there.The Palestinians have accepted 67 borders . Who am to decide for them. Agreed , it was all by force but if we can point to UN decisions condemning Israel then we must accept that bodies acceptance of Israel based on the 48 borders.I wish it were otherwise but we are where we are.You have a plan to get the zionists to leave all of it.

      BTW , I resent your accusation of peddling zionist myths.Check my archives.

    • "Not a word about the police officer who was lightly injured when rioters pelted him with stones in a second day of rioting at the Temple Mount.
      Nothing about several Palestinians arrested for throwing rocks and iron bars toward officers at the Temple Mount compound near the al-Aksa mosque".

      Mayhem , your "Officers " are tools of the illegal occupation and as such are subject to the legal resistance by those they occupy .If you don,t like the stone throwing then give the Palestinians tanks and drones and fighter jets to resist with.Or would that too be "Terrrrorreeesm".

      You don,t like it, then get your murdering criminals out of "Occupied Palestine" and f--k off back behind the Legal Israeli Borders as declared in 1948.

    • "As for the Aqsa article, I realize that the Irish Times was just using Reuters, but it always particularly upsets me when the Irish media or government take the Israeli side, considering Ireland’s long history of conquest and occupation by the English "Kate

      Israel found themselves a willing Irishman to absolve the attacks on the Gaza flotilla.Never mind that he was a member of the Northern Ireland "friends of Israel" or had been involved in the oppression of the minority in NI.

      "Israel has asked David Trimble to oversee an investigation into its commando raid on an aid flotilla to Gaza two weeks ago.".BBC.

      link to

    • "@ Kate
      I agree. Full disclosure: I’m 62% Irish." Citizen

      Citizen , in the vernacular , you would be almost "Two turds Irish" and in the spirit of full disclosure , I am tree turds Irish.

      The Irish times does occasionally publish an article that offers the Palestinian side , but they are few and far between.

      "So, the Irish mainstream media is like in the USA, England , Canada, Australia? Depressing, if so. " Citizen

      You would never think so if you read this article by CAMERA condemning the IT for lack of balance.

      "Unlike the American school of journalism, the Irish Times considers advocacy journalism perfectly legitimate and acceptable. Indeed, a Web site message authored by the newspaper's editor-in-chief, Geraldine Kennedy, explains that the newspaper aims "to lead and shape public opinion" and "to champion specific causes."

      The Irish Times has apparently chosen to champion the Palestinian cause and to promote that side's narrative of the Arab-Israeli conflict. However, this advocacy is not limited to Irish Times editorial and opinion pages — where columns condemning Israel outnumber supportive columns by a ratio of 3:1. It extends to the news pages as well, with articles that serve as a platform for unchallenged, anti-Israel allegations. This directly contravenes Chief Editor Kennedy's own stated guideline to "eliminate any trace of partisanship" from news reporting. " camera.

      Read more at ,

      link to

    • More evidence of zionist control over foreign media.Check the link and see how the Palestinians are the culprits and Israel is the victim.

      "Israeli driver killed after suspected stone throwing".Reuters

      link to

      Sickening .

    • This event was all over the Irish media on Sunday but there was no reference to Palestinians being attacked.Au contraire , the story was portrayed as Palestinians throwing stones at Israeli security forces.Micky Rosenfeld got to deliver the zionist version of what occurred.

      So frustrating to listen to one side of a story and totally devoid of all the facts and context.Not once was Occupation or concussion grenades mentioned . Just Israel protecting itself.


      Thanks again Kate for your tireless efforts on behalf of the downtrodden and oppressed.You have my eternal admiration and respect.

  • 80% unemployment for young women, $1000 GDP per capita -- inside the UN's 'Gaza uninhabitable' report
    • "Using occupied “territories” is like talking about someone in the third person while they are standing right next to you. " Ritzl

      Ritzl , I agree.We should be referring at all times to the Occupied State of Palestine.We should also refer to Israel as the State sans frontiere.

      On the upside , at least the obnoxious term "Disputed Territories" is pretty much defunct .But think how long it took to get that term out of everyone,s lexicon. I guess Jeff Halper and other folks who have backed Palestine for years consider gaining recognition of the term occupied is a big step forward.In fairness to Jeff Halper , he is a true friend of the Palestinian people.

  • Iranian president issues New Year greetings to Jews
    • From your link catalan

      "In country after country, Christians are driven out, Jews are pushed into Israel, " npr

      BTW , Can you provide borders for these Jewish Bantu " sans" , or does the "sans " element give us the answer.

      You sound tired catalan. Have you been busy on the companies tax avoidance season.

      Say , didn,t the Jewish bantusan offer money to the Iranian Jews to leave Iran and they told them to take a hike.

  • Iran Deal's liberation: Judaism is not Zionism
    • The upside of Corbyns election as Labour Leader , is that even if he does not get the top slot , as Opposition leader he will be quizzing Cameron during Prime minister,s question time.This will afford an opportunity to up the ante , v what pip squeak Milliband offered.

      Slowly but surely the screw is turning on the zionist project.Slowly but surely , those who think Israel ( great or small ) will last forever , will see the fantasy of their claim.

    • "You propose to take a knife and cut out a big piece of that flag , " Jon S.

      If your stuck for a replacement , you can go to the nearest airfield and snag it from one of the fighter Jets that attack and murder innocent Palestinian men , women and children.If all the jets are busy mowing someones lawn , then head to your nearest tank regiment.Your bound to see David splashed all over the tanks that have recently returned from destroying tens of thousands of Gazan homes and murdering or injuring thousands of Palestinians.

      Yup , you zionists certainly revere your Star of David.It is soaked in blood. And so are those who rally to the zionist cause.

    • Response to Cigar God and Kris.

      You could use Grover,s words and say the Irish Hotelier reserved right of admission to "His tent".

    • " They will continue be viewed as fools who are persona non grata -" S grover.

      Actually you described perfectly what every Israeli will be in 10 years or less.

      Unwanted, unwelcome , disrespected and untrusted.

      Some ten years ago , two Israeli visitors were refused a room in a rural hotel in Ireland.They had been bragging about Israel.The local hotelier told them they were persona non grata.They called the local police who told them the hotelier , like all hotels had the right to reserve admission.They threatened to sue but were told they were wasting their time and it would be better to get on a plane and go home and sort Israel out.Then come back.

      This is the future for most Israelis . Maybe they will get the message , eventually.

    • "They have what they want. Can anything change that? " Boomer.

      They will continue for another 10 years , taking what they want but they will never ever realise the greater Israel without the Palestinians.The world , while it moves slowly to intervene is getting fed up with this spoiled brat and when the push back comes it will not be stopped.Israel will drown in it,s sea of isolation and Jews of influence will leave for greener pastures.What is left will be a divided country and civil war.No sweat off my brow.They refused to listen so let them lie in the bed they made.

      No one should admit defeat to these criminals.EVER.

    • The irony is that Netanyahu and co have used the excuse that Iran wants to destroy Israel.Wipe it it of the map as it were.Of course those of us who have the benefit of an honest intellect know he was referring to "The Zionist regime" and now he can sit back and watch said regime commit Hari Kari while Iran moves on and repairs it,s image with the rest of the world.

      For me , it is a wonderful source of enjoyment and sublime pleasure.Thank you nietty.You are the greatest ally the Palestinians ever had.Thanks also to hophead and ivri and Yonah and Jon S and catalan and mayhem and let,s not overlook Jeff, B,s periodic contributions to the demise of Zionism. Super job and keep pounding your keyboards , the Palestinians need your undivided attention.

  • Israeli defense minister says government knows who was behind Duma attack, but won't prosecute
    • The zionist goal is and has always been to create the so called greater Israel.This is not conjecture.Until very recently , such claims were restricted to what were perceived as, far right radical zioniist wackos.That has changed since Israel,s Jews have moved ever closer the outer fringes of the right and their leaders in ever larger numbers are expressing openly their commitment to achieving this goal. We read their statements everyday on a variety of media.

      The illegal squatter community are the vanguard , ( imo human shields) in this goal and will be protected at any cost.They take their cues from Hq in TA and in return for operational success, they are given military protection and financial support .Whoever did this is being protected by Israel,s leaders whose short and curl,y,s are firmly in the grip of the illegal squatters.They both know who is in control.Netandyahu does not want to end up like Rabin so he does what he is told.

      The upside to this , is that it will bring the house down on their collective heads.

  • Tell Kanye West: Don't be 'heartless' — Don't play apartheid Israel!
  • 'NYT' misrepresents Iran's prediction about 'Zionist regime' to mean 'Israel'
    • "Khamenei’s policy is that Palestinian resistance should be supported, and international pressure applied, leading to a return of the refugees and the re-unification of Palestine as a single state. As a result, Israel would disappear as a separate political entity, and there would be no Jewish state. " DGF

      Well , given what that Jewish state has been used for since it,s birth , getting rid of it just might be what is needed.

      I am sure the White regime in SA had concerns about the end of their precious " Caffer" free state.

      Yeah , my heart bleeds when racist bigots lose what they have stolen and murdered thousands to possess.

    • ".edit feature seems to be ‘off’ at present." dabakr

      Why the sudden concern.You never bothered to edit your errors before.

    • "You can have a state called Israel that is not Zionist and treats all its citizens the same. Zionism is the problem, not Jews. "ABC

      Quite so ABC but that basic thinking is a few levels above hopheads pay grade.

    • Boehner said a lawsuit against President Barack Obama over the deal is “an option that is very possible.” Kay 24

      The other members of the P5 +1 must be laughing their rear ends off .They are busy opening embassies in Tehran and negotiating mega deals while the republicans are bent on committing GNP suicide.

      I wonder how long the US multi nationals will sit back and allow their profits to be "crimped " just for Israel,s sake before they make a few phone calls to Boehner and co.And think what this will do for the almighty dollar.I thought Republicans were pro business.

  • Settler group publishes anti-Palestinian children's book titled 'Occupation Shmuccupation'
    • "They have injected the world with ziocaine." Kay 24

      Maybe I lack the appropriate DNA but that s--t doesn,t work for me.Give me one or two pints of Guinness and I could rule the world. Shh , Don,t tell the zionists .

    • "that’s why this is the greatest democracy in the m.e " Cigar God

      But of course it is the greatest. They blew away all their competition.

    • "So…”Holocaust Shmolocaust”?" Eljay

      You took the words right out of my mouth but I resisted posting them , lest I be accused of making fun of the Holocaust.

      "Since there’s no occupation, there aren’t any rocket attacks." Eljay

      Since there are no Palestinians , there is no occupation, no Palestine, no disputed territories and no apartheid.No Jews only roads , no illegal settlers , no Dome on the rock , no administrative detention and no UNSCR,s condemning Israel .

      Easy peasy,. pass the zioncaine.

  • Netanyahu aims his WMD at Obama and the Democrats
    • "Even near hopelessly duped politicians cannot be immune to that level of human tragedy/suffering. Can they? - " Ritzl

      The people who plan these wars do it for money.The politicians who go along , do it to hold onto power,Both elements are corruptive .So yes , they can be immune to suffering .Unless it hits their own backyard.Then watch them emerge from their self induced slumber.

  • A guide to the worst refugee crisis since WWII
    • Ben , this is a very valuable list.I will use it to show people why we in Ireland are legally obliged to take in war refugees and also to use the comparisons to Lebanon and Jordan to demonstrate just what a lousy job our gov is doing.They have been screwing around with numbers anywhere from 600 to 1800 to 5000 , depending on who is dishing out the numbers .Sickening , given that Irish citizens have benefited so greatly from being accepted in so many other countries.

      But it is not all bad.Many Irish citizens have signed up to take in "Syrian " families, ( they are subjects of the media blitz on the Syrian issue ) into their homes or rental apartments (for free).We just need our leaders to get on board,

      Thanks again for the list and article.

  • AIPAC is going out with a whimper not a bang
    • " An institution for the criminally insane may be suitable. - See more at: link to"Old Geezer

      The difference is the normal method is to have someone in control of the institution.In this case the inmates are running the show.Very dangerous people and a threat to all peaceful people.

  • White House uses Cheney to bolster support for Iran Deal
    • Whose next out of the trap.

      George --"Mission accomplished " Bush.

      You just know these fools are at the end of their tether.

      Did you catch the despicable Cheney response to the interviewer pointing out that Americas parents do not think the war was worth it.

      " So" Chaney responded.

      Easy for him to say.He had no horse in the race. They were all safely ensconced in the Chaney bunker protected by someone else,s kids.He is a vile arrogant war criminal who should be on trial at the Hague.

  • Why do Jewish legislators carry more weight on Iran Deal?
    • "Q: Why does Wasserman Schulz not cry as an American mother -"

      Because she eats, sleeps and breathes Israel.The rest is a very distant second in significance.

    • "Hey Marnie! Try to follow the discussion," hopknee.

      That,s funny coming from you.The discussion was about the number of Jews in positions of power in the US in relation to their percentage of the overall population.

      Answer the questions posed to you councilor and stick to the subject at hand.You may take a recess to help you gather your thoughts.Proceedings will resume in 60 minutes.

    • Hopknee , I am still waiting for a response from you to Michael Oren,s inference/claim that there are too many Jews in positions of power.

      Follow the money honey .

      Why dont you just state you don,t have a credible and relevant response instead of posting more diversionary bs. People might get the impression you are an ignoramus , those that are not already of that opinion , that is.

    • "Why do you have a problem with Jews in positions of power? " hopknee

      No , I have no problems with Jews in power.However I do have a problem with Jews who abuse their power by using it to the benefit of a foreign nation to the detriment of the nation they serve and to support oppression and land theft and war crimes.

      By the way , care to respond to my post instead of diverting attention.Clue==Michael Oren counting Jews and coincidences.

      Didn,t think so.

    • "It’s nothing more than a coincidence (and you offer no evidence to suggest otherwise)" hopknee

      So is this Jew counting by Michael Oren (Jewish) a coincidence also.

      ‘Six Jews sitting in the White House discussing the Palestinian state’ - See more at: link to

      " I doubt that the vast majority of American Jews could tell you who the Under Secretary was if you asked them. " hopknee.

      What has that to do with having so many Jews in positions of power.They have that power due to the interference of Jewish mega donors.They put these Israel firsters in power for Israel,s benefit .It is of no importance whether or not American Jews know who is in what position.

      What colour is the sky on your planet.

  • Racism in Arad: Mayor declares southern Israeli town off-limits to Africans
    • It,s not just "Black Infiltrators " that Arad is trying to keep out???.

      "Southern Israel City Darkens Sports Fields to Keep Bedouin and Asylum Seekers Out
      read more: link to"

      "City officials have ended a pilot program that had kept the lights on in Arad’s soccer fields and other sports facilities every evening. One of the reasons for ending the program was a desire to keep Bedouin from nearby villages and asylum seekers from Sudan from using the fields.

      Mayor Nissan Ben Hamo, asked why the lights were turned off despite his promises to the city’s youth to keep them on, replied in a video clip: “We tried a pilot at several fields. To my great regret, it wasn’t our young people who came to the fields, and therefore, we decided we’d turn on the lights only upon request.”

      The young people who did come, locals said, were residents of nearby Bedouin villages and other outsiders. Ben Hamo also said that Arad residents had complained about the lights and the noise. "

      Yup , it,s pretty hard for Israel,s Jews to listen to non Jewish noise in their most democratic nirvana. Apparently non Jewish Israelis are much noisier than their Jewish counterparts.Surely Israel has a law to cover this brand of terrorism.

    • "I guess David Sheen forgot to mention that Ethiopian Jews and Black Jews, ‘Israelites’ have lived in Arad for 30 year" crackedjaw

      What are you trying to say jackdaw.

    • "Israels hospitals have already been saving the lives of thousands of Syrian fighters and civilians who have been injured in their civil war. -" cracked jaw.

      Link please and don,t forget to include the ones that mention the fact that many of the fighters and civilians are ISIS.

    • Thanks for the link froggy.Very informative.

      Guess who I ran into there.None other than Jackdaw.Same ole hasbara and zionist denial and lies.You can,t make a silk purse from a pig,s ear.Apologies to all pigs.

    • "They are already here , They should have been stopped at an earlier stage".Mother whose child is sitting next to her and listening to this racist garbage.

      That child is being groomed for his future as an idf thug who will see "Them " as the problem.That includes Black Jews as well as Palestinian citizens of Israel.

      What a country .What a tribe.

  • Video: Palestinian man's desperate moments as he is attacked by illegal Jewish colonists
    • What,s the world coming to.We beat these Palestinians to a pulp and they still hate us.

      Oy vey , just what do we have to do to get them to luv us.

  • 'Jimmy Carter's cancer is God's punishment,' says leading Israeli newspaper
  • Riham Dawabshe dies, leaving one survivor of arson attack, Ahmad, 4
    • Have the illegal settlements been rousted from their sleep at two in the morning by hundreds of IDF troops seeking the perpetrators.Have their beds been dumped all around the room and their furniture smashed and toilets soiled by the IDF.

      Has anyone been arrested and brought to court and charged .Has anyone,s house been demolished.Have their relatives been arrested and charged with collaboration.

      Oooop,s , sorry we are talking about Jews.They don,t do terrorism , right.

      All the BS spouted by netanyahu and co about bringing the perpetrators to account was /is propaganda and zionist lies.

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