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I am Irish with a profound interest in the Palestinian /Israeli conflict.

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  • Family of Mohammed Abu Khdeir continues to wait for justice as Israeli court again postpones trial for his killers
    • Anyone notice a resemblance to Charlie Manson.Look at the evil in that killers eyes.

      He is not insane.He is just pure evil.May he never see the outside of a cell again.

    • As European countries are taking votes on whether there should be a Palestinian state, Israel does not want the details of this heinous crime leaking into the media .Might make the so called light unto the nations and eternal victim claims seem a bit thin.

      By the way, did anyone bulldoze their families homes yet.That,s the law there, right.

  • B'Tselem video: Israeli soldiers blindfold and detain 11 year old disabled child
    • "I wonder if the Beach boys read about this ???>" Amigo.

      I was referring to this article about the arrest of the 11 year old by the IDF.

    • I wonder if the Beach boys read about this ???>

      "The American rock band The Beach Boys have canceled their planned Tel Aviv concert, which was scheduled to take place on November 29 in the Nokia Stadium.

      Pre-purchased tickets will be refunded.

      The show would have been the band's first in Israel, and would have capped off a tour stopping at France, Denmark, Norway and Hungary. The tour lineup consists of two bandmembers from the 1960s - Mike Love and Bruce Johnston - and five other musicians.

      As of Tuesday, no reason for the cancelation was provided on the band's website. " Haaretz

      link to

    • "Stopping the children throwing stones would leave the IDF with no excuse at all for arresting children, and the hasbarists with no basis for their claim that Palestinians are teaching their children to hate. " walktallhangloose.

      The IDF don,t need an excuse.They will claim that the children threw stones whether or not they did.

      It is the zionist way of ensuring that they can claim to be the eternal victim and then get on with their brutal behaviour.This is what they do.No illegal settler kids are arrested or harmed in any way.Often the IDF stand idly by and do absolutely nothing until they are ready to arrest the Palestinians who were the targets in the first place.

    • "amigo- I wonder if it would be really so difficult to write without the taunt "Yonah F. See more at: link to

      I would have no problem writing without the taunt when you quit trying to appear like a humanist who cares about Palestinians.


      " finding the means to allow gaza to thrive without giving gazans the means to lob rockets at the Israelis, is a tricky business. although those of you who favor handing the airports and the harbors over to Hamas do not find anything complicated in the situation, I am satisfied to have the IDF controlling the airports and the harbors and thus it is more complicated than the “leave the middle east” prescription of you antizionists. YF

      Gazans!!!(Palestinians), lob rockets at Israel because Israel has been murdering fishermen and farmers and whosoever they choose for years.That is why Israel gets rockets lobbed in their general direction.It is the IDF you wish to leave in charge that creates these problems.

      Stop scratching the surface Yonah and maybe you will realise just who is at fault and drop the Liberal zionist facade.

      As to taunting , how anout this???.

      "yonah fredman October 18, 2014 at 5:24 pm

      just- are you so stupid that all you can do is parrot a moose?
      - See more at: link to

    • Hail to the most moral army.The brave patriots and defenders of the only democracy in the middle East and light unto the nations of the world and the chosen ones.

      These f----s do not understand the concept of proportionality.It is my view that they are under orders to create as may Palestinian enemies as possible and I believe that comes right from the very top.

      I so look forward to the day when even one of these sickos ends up in chains at the Hague.We can make sure a cheering party is there to greet him / her at all times.

    • Gee, I wonder if "Yonah, (Israel deserves to defend it,s 67 borders), Fredman" will defend this garbage.

      Maybe you will tell us this is the kind of world you live in so it,s not your fault.You don,t control Israeli history , past or present, so better to just go along with it and this type of inhuman barbarity.Screw the future eh Yonah.

      Now where did we hear that s--t before.

  • NYT takes on Europe's recognition of a Palestinian state
    • From the ICJ advisory opinion 2004 by Justice Khasawneh.

      link to

      10. There is no doubt that the Green Line was initially no more than
      an armistice line in an agreement that expressly stipulated that its provisions
      would not be "interpreted as prejudicing, in any sense, an ultimate
      political settlement between the Parties" and that "the Armistice Demarcation
      Lines defined in articles V and VI of [the] Agreement [were] agreed
      upon by the Parties without prejudice to future territorial settlements or
      boundary lines or to claims of either Party relating thereto" (Advisory
      Opinion, para. 72).
      11. It is not without irony that prominent Israeli jurists were arguing
      before the 1967 war that the General Armistice agreements were sui
      generis, were in fact more than mere armistice agreements, could not be
      changed except with the acceptance of the Security Council. Whatever
      the true significance of that line today, two facts are indisputable:
      (1) The Green line, to quote Sir Arthur Watts, "is the starting line from
      which is measured the extent of Israel's occupation of non-Israeli
      territory" (CR200413, p. 64, para. 35). There is no implication that
      the Green Line is to be a permanent frontier.
      (2) Attempts at denigrating the significance of the Green Line would in
      the nature of things work both ways. Israel cannot shed doubts upon
      the title of others without expecting its own title and the territorial
      expanse of that title beyond the partition resolution not to be called
      into question. Ultimately it is through stabilizing its legal relationship
      with the Palestinians and not through constructing walls that its
      security would be assured."Justice Khasawneh

      Israel has no legitimate claim beyond it,s self declared Borders.As the ICJ,s decision shows , Israel , prior to 67 , was arguing in favour of their self declared orders and demanding that any change to those borders be approved by the UNSC.The Palestinians should be negotiating based on the 48 Borders , then the conversation can be about just how much land Israel has already stolen .

      You legal eagles feel free to correct me if I am wrong,

  • 'I know how the brainwashing works'
    • "You just need a piece land, 1 machine, 2-3 buckets, 1-2 Arabs….”

      Let,s edit that slightly!!.

      "You just need a piece of land, 1 machine, 2-3 buckets , 1-2 Jews..."

      Imagine saying that in a Western country.

      Jaysus, uncle abe would have a heart attack.Presses would roll.Paperboys would be shouting , read all about it.Europeans caught referring to Jews as labourers.
      My , what has the world come to.

      Dont expect any condemnation of this display of racist bigotry from ivri and co.They probably practice this form of hatred.

  • The Connecticut Conference of the United Church of Christ passes divestment resolution
    • "meh … meh … antisemitism, antisemitsm … meh … meh … the sheep will go nuts." Talkback

      Try these loonies ???.

      "A group of Dutch Christians vowed to boycott Utrecht’s Domkerk Church for the duration of an exhibition on jailed Palestinian children, which they said encourages anti-Semitism.

      Many people cannot differentiate between Israel and Jews,” Kohlbrugge told the Trouw daily newspaper. “People wearing kippot are being harassed over Israel’s actions. Thus criticism of Israel becomes anti-Semitism.” Kohlbrugge also said that the church’s history of anti-Semitism makes it an unsuitable venue for criticizing Israel. “Before you point fingers, better look at the ones pointing in your direction,” he added. "haaretz

      link to

      Do you folks get it!! . Torturing Palestinian children does not create anti semitism but reporting it does.

      Is it any wonder zionism is on it,s way out.Could someone please speed up the process.

  • Identities of minors who admitted to killing Mohammed Abu Khdeir to be revealed Monday
    • "Technically all Zionists can plead insanity." Talkback

      Yeah , and his defence will be that living with the occupation whereby Palestinian terrorists can at anytime attack him or blow him up , blah blah and this is mentally distressing causing him to commit, "uncharacteristic acts.When he first moved in to his new home , he was an ordinary nice friendly guy.

      And all Palestinians are Terroreeests and it does not matter what their plea is.They are guilty by birth .

  • Anti-semitism charge is increasingly being leveled against Israel's mainstream critics
    • From Haaretz--an example of twisted zionist logic.

      "A group of Dutch Christians vowed to boycott Utrecht’s Domkerk Church for the duration of an exhibition on jailed Palestinian children, which they said encourages anti-Semitism.

      “Many people cannot differentiate between Israel and Jews,” Kohlbrugge told the Trouw daily newspaper. “People wearing kippot are being harassed over Israel’s actions. Thus criticism of Israel becomes anti-Semitism.” Kohlbrugge also said that the church’s history of anti-Semitism makes it an unsuitable venue for criticizing Israel. “Before you point fingers, better look at the ones pointing in your direction,” he added. "

      link to

      I finally got it, torturing Palestinian Children does not increase antisemitism but reporting it does.Not one of these so called Christians condemned Israel,s behaviour.

      God help zionists and those who follow like sheep, they are all loonies.

    • ‘When you criticize Israel, you are probably criticizing Jews, there’s no getting around it" Mooser.

      I did not know that.And all this time I thought I was only critising Israel,s cruel treatment of the Palestinian People.

      But what do I know.I am from a country who has never made war on it,s neighbours so I lack the understanding of a supremacist overlord.They obviously have a built in defence mechanism to deal with interfering left wing radical liberals like meself. I used to hate England and it,s policies towards Ireland but not all English people. Did that make me a antiprostestantite.

  • Does 'the thief of Jerusalem' deserve US aid? (Update)
    • "hops, i’d urge you (and everyone) to open the survey link and check out the results for the different demographics. i’ve spent a long time on that link and it’s very interesting. the implications are stunning " Annie.

      Don,t you understand , that only polls that support Israel are credible.Anything else is just made up or fixed or non scientific.Only Zionist polls ask the right questions .This is typical zionist self delusion.If for instance , the BBC publishes an article that condemns Israeli behaviour then BBC is anti zionist and clearly run by Jew haters.If they write an article that is supportive of the Israeli position ,(does not happen very often --Israel provides very little basis for that.) then the BBC becomes "aware" and understands the facts.

      You have got to feel sorry for these folks.Brainwashing is a terrible crime of which they are the victims.

    • I wonder if it would be possible to produce a graph depicting condemnations of Israel,s policies by prominent Media both in the USA and Europe, say over the last 24 months.One thing is for sure, those condemnations are increasing exponentially since "Pinpoint " op , protective slaughter and are likely to increase in the coming months as more and more people lose their fear of being called Jew haters and antisemites.

      The jig is up for project Zion.As Aminadinnerjacket forecast, it is heading for the bin of history.

  • Europe wearies of Netanyahu's diversions
    • "Well, when it comes to the moment of truth Germany does not have too much of a choice – they know that it is not only Israel`s physical security at stake here but also theirs, even if mainly (but not only) in the psychological sense of it " ivri

      Do please elaborate.

      And ,if you are so concerned about Israel,s physical security , then start demanding that Israel end it,s colonialist shenanigans and civilises itself.

      You sound just like a bully happy to beat up those weaker but then whining when someone decks you and puts you in your place.

      Flat on your butt on the ground.

    • "Both are in need of a tune-up." Walid.

      I was responding to Yonah and all the other zio apologists who claim Israel is a democracy and ergo should not be subjected to complaints from other democracies.

      Israel does not need a tune up .It needs a new engine ,new brakes and a new driver.I do agree some Western democracies could use an oil change .

      Nice to see you back .

    • 2.
      a system or ordered way of doing things.
      "detention centres with a very tough physical regime"
      synonyms: system, arrangement, scheme, code;
      apparatus, mechanism;
      order, pattern, method, procedure, routine, policy, practice, course, plan, programme;
      diet, regimen
      "a favourable tax regime"
      a coordinated programme for the promotion or restoration of health; a regimen.
      "a low-calorie, low-fat regime"
      the conditions under which a scientific or industrial process occurs.

      At least two apply to Israel!!.

      Detention centres ( West Bank ) and diet as it applies to 1.8 million Gazans and of course Gaza is one big detention centre compliments of the Regime in Tel Aviv.

      Yup , definitely time for a Regime change and if the Zionists will not or can not then the International Community must step up to the plate and do it for them.But not through violence but BDS and any other peaceful resistance available to them.

    • The question is, Is Israel a true Democracy.Not according to former leader of Shin Beth and others.

      link to

      "I find it extraordinary how naïve or blind some Jewish Israelis are, and the author of this Ha’aretz editorial is no exception. Many, if not most Israeli Jews still believe, incredibly, that their country is a democracy like any other Western democracy, with real freedom of opinion and expression. "Avigail Abarbanel

      link to

      "Israel arose as a secular, social democratic country inspired by Western European democracies. With time, however, its core values have become entirely different. Israel today is a religious, capitalist state. Its religiosity is defined by the most extreme Orthodox interpretations. Its capitalism has erased much of the social solidarity of the past, with the exception of a few remaining vestiges of a welfare state. Israel defines itself as a “Jewish and democratic state.” However, because Israel has never created a system of checks and balances between these two sources of authority, they are closer than ever to a terrible clash. " Avraham Burg

      link to

    • Israel’s democracy is not up to the US standard of 2014 in many ways.)YF

      Israel is not a democracy. One would have to be quite stupid or brainwashed , (same disease really) to believe it is.

      BTW , just seems intelligent enough to recognise lies and hasbara when it raises it,s ugly head.

      Whats your excuse Yonah.

  • As Kerry scrambles to prevent Palestinian action at UN, Israeli govt makes clear it will never accept Palestinian state
    • This would be a perfect time for Hamas to renounce the part of their Charter that allegedly says they will drive Israel into the sea and kill all Jews.Make it public and then we can quit having to listen to zionist propaganda and turn attention to Israel Likud Charter.We should demand that Israel recognize a Palestinian State based on 67 borders with land swaps.

      Absent of a willingness to do that will be proof that Israel has never, will never be serious about allowing a State for the Palestinian People.

      Back the zionists against a wall as Palestinians go to the UN for recognition.

      I read today that Spain is next on the list to vote on a Palestinian State.One by one , the dominoes are falling.

  • Palestinian boy, 13, killed by Israeli forces raiding West Bank village
    • Reply to Annie upthread.

      "oh i don’t believe that. especially in the WB they target children." Annie.

      Annie , you must have misinterpreted what I said.I meant that Israel doesn,t give a damn what age a Palestinian is.They shoot them because they,(Palestinians) are there and because they (Israelis) get away with it.

    • "the claim of stone throwing is continually used as a pretext to raid villages and detain, torture and arrest children. "Annie Robbins

      Aaaand, get a violent reaction and hope Israel will return to being seen as the eternal victim of the Arab Monsters.

      "it would be unusual to mistake a 13 year old child for an adult.
      the implications are grotesque." Annie Robbins

      Israel could care less what age a Palestinian is.

      "On Monday (July 7) Shaked quoted this on her Facebook page:

      "Behind every terrorist stand dozens of men and women, without whom he could not engage in terrorism. They are all enemy combatants, and their blood shall be on all their heads. Now this also includes the mothers of the martyrs, who send them to hell with flowers and kisses. They should follow their sons, nothing would be more just. They should go, as should the physical homes in which they raised the snakes. Otherwise, more little snakes will be raised there."

      link to

      The beacon to the world and light unto the nations, eh.

    • This story was reported in the Irish times today.There has been a notable shift in the Irish times reporting of the Palestinian/Israeli turkey shoot.For years we were treated to one sided pro Israel crap as reported by Mark Weiss who it is thought is an illegal settler.However since Protective Slaughter , the other side of the story is now getting through.Haven,t heard from Mark Weiss for quite some time.Fingers crossed.This is progress.

      Now wait for the Israeli Embassy to whimper and whine about unbalanced reporting by the IT.This after years of pro Israel propaganda dished up by Zionists.

  • 'Progressive' rabbi ascribes Roger Waters's concern with 500 Palestinian child victims to rocker's alleged drug use
    • "Last year, he booked a trip with a woman who’s not his wife, which is prohibited under Orthodox law"just

      Maybe these particular Rabbi,s should engage the services of Roger,s travel "agent".His trips seem to result in far clearer thinking.

    • "Interesting that the ‘progressive, egalitarian’ Rabbi thinks that one has to be ‘on drugs’ to care about the deliberate murder of hundreds of children and others. " just

      I think you misjudge the Rabbi .

      He means Roger must be on drugs or is suffering the after effects if he cares about 500 "Arab " Children.Clearly that does not apply to his tribes babies.Not sure how he feels about non Jews in general but would be willing to go out on a limb on guessing the answer.

      Imagine having Religious teachers full of hatred and evil , laying the foundation for your life,s road.Poor, Jewish children don,t get much of a chance in life being subjected to that form of hatred and poisonous diatribe. They will turn out as clones of the Rabbi , God help them.

    • The Rabbi is an extremist who supports the theft of someone else's property.

      A thief in religious garb.

      Who gives a fiddlers fart what this zionist wacko thinks.

  • Israeli settlers set West Bank mosque aflame in 'price tag' arson attack
    • It is just exactly this endless violence that is sowing the seeds of the end of Zionism and just maybe Israel as I think there will have to be a civil war before Israel,s Jews will sort it out between themselves.Of course I am hoping BDS and Isolation will do the magic trick first. It will save a lot of blood .

      Ireland takes another step in the right direction.Irish times recommends recognition of a Palestinian State.

      "Ireland, although among the EU states most supportive of the Palestinians, has traditionally been conservative about wielding the recognition card, whether to bestow or withdraw. In response to Dáil questions this week Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan echoed Fabius in linking recognition to assisting talks.

      But perhaps the time has come to go further. The most recent US-mediated talks collapsed in April and Israel, whose diplomats are frantically lobbying against recognition, needs to be told that it can not hold the issue hostage while continuing to prevaricate on engaging in meaningful dialogue. Recognition would not do anything to copperfasten Palestinian sovereignty, but it would send an important message to Israel that there will be a diplomatic price to pay. Ireland should join Sweden in doing so. " Irish times editorial.

      link to

  • The Center for Jewish Life is stifling free speech at Princeton University
  • Hamas is Nazi Germany and Israel is valiant and desperate England -- explains Canadian Jewish leader
    • How easily they accuse the other side of what they themselves are guilty of." Kay 24

      Zionists are masters of projection.

    • "Seventy years after the Holocaust, anti-Semitism is once again being expressed publicly and violently. Classic anti-Semitic tropes are freely expressed; signs reading “Jews to the gas” and “Hitler should have finished the job,”

      I attended the recent protests (all 5 ) in Dublin and not once did I see such signs on display.If anyone had turned up with such signs they would have been told to get rid of them or leave the protests.Some fringe elements were burning flags and were told to stop as ours was a peaceful protest.

      Israel and it,s apologists are the ones who are desperate and they are getting worse.

  • British Parliament sends a message to Obama: the people see Israel as a 'bully'
    • Clearly , the editorial board of the Irish Times have been "sniffing " around Roger,s stash.

      How else does one explain this antisemitic ranting.Those damn Irish , all Jew haters and drunks. Didn,t De valera sign Hitler,s condolence book.Blah , blah blah.

    • The Irish times editorial supports Ireland recognition of Palestine.

      "Ireland, although among the EU states most supportive of the Palestinians, has traditionally been conservative about wielding the recognition card, whether to bestow or withdraw. In response to Dáil questions this week Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan echoed Fabius in linking recognition to assisting talks.

      But perhaps the time has come to go further. The most recent US-mediated talks collapsed in April and Israel, whose diplomats are frantically lobbying against recognition, needs to be told that it can not hold the issue hostage while continuing to prevaricate on engaging in meaningful dialogue. Recognition would not do anything to copperfasten Palestinian sovereignty, but it would send an important message to Israel that there will be a diplomatic price to pay. Ireland should join Sweden in doing so. "IT

      link to

    • "Great post. I’m reminded of that gay Irish Parliamentarian who spoke with such moral indignation some weeks back".. David Doppler

      That would be David Norris who ran for President against Michael D Higgins a very worthy opponent and a proponent of Palestinian rights,

    • ", and it is also mainstream public opinion that the public were horrified by what they saw—the sights and the killing—in Gaza over the summer, and I think the British public will be very disappointed if we do not have a decisive vote on these matters today…"Diane Abbott.

      I wonder if she or any of them imagined such a comprehensive victory.

      I was amused by the reaction of many of the MP,s to the Hasbara messenger boys and Girls.Much head shaking and grinning and invitations to "sit down".It was very enjoyable to watch Israel,s spin doctors getting a swift kick in the posterior for a change.

  • British Parliament votes overwhelmingly to recognize Palestinian state
    • "I’m not celebrating. I’m have a shot and going to bed." ckg -

      I would not be too cynical.There was a lot of honest and passionate speeches and those MP,s will be tapping other MP,s on the shoulder in the hallways between parliamentary sessions and cajoling and creating new conscripts.The next election will see this issue at the forefront.These people have got what the man in the street sees.

      Jack straw did not program these people and they did not appear to me as sheep.Even Jack Straw seemed to have a new found aversion to Israel,s behaviour.Remember , he was a major player with tony poodle blair in the war in Iraq.Maybe he sees this as a way to atone for his past sins and get back in power in 2015.

    • The candles are burning late tonight in "TEL AVIV" and Hasbara central has issued an "All hands on deck call".

      First response is to condemn the 274 antisemitic MP,s for trying to destroy Israel and supporting terrorists.

      The second is to glorify the twelve just MP,s who voted for the only democracy in the middle east and vanguard against ISIL.

      Should be fun reading the comments from the hasbara brigade.

  • In the last days of 'Operation Protective Edge' Israel focused on its final goal -- the destruction of Gaza's professional class
    • "Someone explain to me again why after 65 years of pleading with the psychopath Zios and Israel we shouldnt call every resident in Israel and tell them to get out in 2 hours because we are about to reduce Israel to rubble." American.

      Don,t forget to drop leaflets first but two hours is a tad generous .Do it the Zio way.

      TEN minutes!!.

      "Israeli air strikes level 12-floor apartment block in Gaza after giving residents just ten minutes' warning to get out".

      link to

    • We are God,s chosen people and we will bomb you back into the Dark Ages.Our God demands this of us.

      Just obeying orders from above ---eh.Yours is not to reason why.Yours is just to do or---what ??.

      Wakey wakey --up there, they are getting you a seriously bad name and killing your children en masse.

      Don,t you care??.

  • Has the 'NYT' editorial board finally decided to tell the truth about the conflict? (No)
    • The debate takes place in the UK tomorrow but "Two Sates" is still the central goal.

      When will they ever learn.

      "“Labour’s consistent support for the principle of recognising Palestinian statehood, as part of continuing steps to achieve a comprehensive negotiated two-state solution, is why we will be voting to support the principle of Palestinian statehood when the House of Commons debates the issue on Monday,"Douglas Alexander,

      link to

      Would someone tell these people THE 2SS is dead.I agree however , it should be approved but only to give the Palestinians more clout in their response to Israel and give legitimacy to BDS.The time for talking is long past and action is the way forward.

  • British Parliament to vote on recognition of Palestinian state on Monday
    • I wonder how many of the yes votes were Conservatives / Liberals.

      They will now work on their fellow conservatives , / Liberals buttressed by this astounding outcome.You will see this issue right out front on the next elections , 2015.

      All parties trying to "Out " Palestine each other.

      Remind you of Republicans and Democrats.Except the reason is exactly the opposite.Oh the irony.


      The good guys have it.

      It,s not the official gov policy as these are mostly backbenchers (oppostion) but it is a very very strong message.

      Pay attention Israel , you are on notice.

    • "The MP speaking right now" is the Right dis-honourable Offord.I would suggest from the body language of those around him , that he has gone a long way to convincing those sitting on the fence to vote for the resolution.

      We should thank him.

    • Just , Thanks for that.Did not think of checking the Parliament,s site.

    • "You don’t need lectures from me about how to get there.‬ " bryan.

      Then you go ahead and do it anyway.You should be lecturing your leaders.They do not want a Two Sate solution.

      Read the Likud Charter.

      link to

    • I am watching the Parliamentary debate on BBC which seems to be mostly about the Ebola situation at the moment.I would not be surprised if this will be a way to put the Palestine debate on the back burner until it runs out of gas--pun intended.

      Does anyone know if there was a specific time /period set aside for a debate .The house sits from 3,30 pm to 10 pm. Wouldn,t be surprised either if it is set for 9 pm when most of the members are gone home or are sipping Pimm,s in the bar compliments of the British version of AIPAC ,(BIPAC).Presently there are less than 50 members sitting.There are some 650 members in the house.

    • "I think George Galloway is wrong here, can he name one state or other institution at the UN who supports “a one state solution?”Harry Law.

      That would be Israel as it does not support a 2ss .

      I do agree though , he should vote yes.Netanyahu will react in his usual way and steal more land and approve more illegal housing , thereby isolating Israel even further.

    • Page: 25
  • Wiesel lauds settlers for 'strengthening the Jewish presence in Jerusalem' -- and expelling Palestinians
    • "wiesel was not a nazi hunter and to read his name misspelled like the name of a lowly animal makes me wince (hate?) and does not help if the aim is communication." yf

      He supports the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.He does not deserve respect anymore than those like you who apologise for this monster.

      No one is dehumanising him.He needs no help there.

    • "don`t understand how deeply it affects those that went through it (and their descendants) an dhow deeply it affects their thinking and attitudes. " ivri

      So they thought oppressing /killing/stealing from and generally committing slow genocide on others would cure their pain.

      Ivri , you talk pure apologist tripe.Two wrongs never make a right.Never, not even for Jews who suffered because of the Holocaust.Who cares about the feelings of land thieves and colonialist oppressors.They ceded their right to concern.

    • "Her opinion was that this was a practice “from time immemorial ". Pabelmont.

      Maybe Joan Peters could give us her spin on the subject .The opposite to her input would be the truth.

    • Unfortunately , it is not possible to revoke a Nobel prize .If it were we could start with Obama and the Weasel.

      I wonder how many innocent people died as a result of weasel,s hunt for Nazis.He is now supporting ethnic cleansing and State Terrorism.

      If people like him make public statements like this, just what is he saying behind closed , "Zionist "doors.

      When will old Abe Foxman chime in on someone praising the expelling of Palestinians.
      Are all hypocrites zionists or are all zionists hypocrites.

  • Israel and the g-word
    • "Amigo, if your intentions were honorable"mooser.

      They were and thanks for your response.That little meeting bothered me for a long time.However , given my more in depth understanding of the Jewish experience , I would handle that same situation somewhat differently today.Hell , she and I might even have become friends.

    • “One day doubtless, a historian will coin a word to describe Israel’s unique strategy of incrementally destroying the Palestinian people. ”

      “Failed”. It already exists" seafoid

      Yes and the kicker is , that historian may write how they destroyed "The Jewish State " instead.

    • reply to Citizen up thread.

      "How did they phrase their initial question to you?" citizen

      I guess it was along the lines of , "are you from Ireland". My accent , while not bog Irish , for want of a better term , would still have given that away quite readily to most reasonably well traveled people .

      I gathered from her accent she was an American , and was merely trying to find out which part .If she had said Los Angeles and added she was Jewish, that would have been more than I needed to know but I would have left it at that. I cannot imagine myself telling someone I am an Irish Catholic, or a Catholic from Ireland.If you see my point.

    • That should have read!!

      Some Jews, "and all Zionists" throw around.

    • Some Jews throw around with wild abandon the words , Pogrom/Jew Hatred/Anti Semitism and a plethora of other accusations in response to the slightest hint of condemnation of Israeli actions.

      I am convinced that the term "Genocide " dovetails with Israel,s actions far more closely than the loose blather that Hasbara central circulates in international media on a daily basis.

    • To Mooser upthread.

      "In fact, I can’t ever remember people asking me if I am Jewish, all I can remember is people telling me I’m Jewish." Mooser

      Some years ago , on St Patrick,s day , (yes , in a pub )in the Bay Area , I was engaged in conversation with two strangers who asked me if I am Irish .I answered in the positive. We discussed Ireland for a while and then I asked them where they were from .The female responded by telling me she is Jewish to which I responded , I did not ask what her religion is.I never did find out who the other person was as the female gave me a dirty look and whisked him away for "Greener" pastures .

      Did I do something wrong???.(serious question)

  • NY rabbi implores those in her congregation who are joining Israel's enemies to love the country
    • Seems to me , she is putting herself out front by spouting hasbara and displaying her Israel first agenda.

    • She approves of slavery .

      But only for goyim who are apparently put here to serve Jews.

      link to

      Not much of a leap from supporting your Nation that allows slavery as she admitted , to viewing all non Jews as slaves.

      What a vile deviant she is.

    • "Only in Israel does the Declaration of Independence aspire to build a world as envisioned by the prophets of Israel, promising “complete equality of… rights to all its inhabitants.” buchdahl

      If you happen to be a Jewish inhabitant , that is.Otherwise you don,t feature in this so called "right to equality ".

      "Only in Israel do we land on the runway and people on the plane cheer, cry, and kiss the ground—the ground our people has longed for and prayed about for over two thousand years." buchdahl

      There goes that exclusivity again.Jews love their country more than non Jews love theirs.

      "Only in Israel do all schoolchildren learn the Hebrew Bible in its original language, and then take field trips to the sites of King David or Samuel, and walk in kings’ and prophets’ footsteps. buchdahl

      So non Jews are taught Judaism , unless the good rabbi is of the view there are only Jews in Israel.

      "I wish it were easier. I wish Israel didn’t live in such a bad neighborhood. buchdahl

      So do I madam rabbi.So do I.

      She is one very brainwashed nutcase.

  • Following shocking sermon, Atlanta JVP calls on area rabbis to challenge racism in Jewish community
    • He is not much different from the so called "Rev" Ian Paisley (rip) who called for the murder of Catholics in his early days and opposed any equality for Catholics in Northern Ireland.

      These people should be ostracised and shunned.They serve mankind no useful purpose.

  • It looks like Obama is checking out on Israel
    • "[P]eace begins — not just in the plans of leaders, but in the hearts of people. Not just in some carefully designed process, but in the daily connections — that sense of empathy that takes place among those who live together in this land and in this sacred city of Jerusalem. " Obama

      I read this the last time it emerged but one point escaped me and that is that Obama seems to be telling Jewish Israelis that they do not have exclusive franchise in Jerusalem.

      Arabs are not likely to be the recipients of empathy from Israeli Jews.We all know the stories about Rabbis demanding their followers to not rent to Arabs and the number of Arabs beaten by rabid racist thugs in the streets of the Holy City.

      Simply put, if there is to be peace , then Zionism must be defeated.Totally .Nothing must be left of this vile scourge.

  • U.S. life insurance company underwrites Israeli colonel's talk on his army's 'moral high ground' in Gaza
    • "That year, a Haaretz investigation of the directive concluded that “from the point of view of the army, a dead soldier is better than a captive soldier who himself suffers and forces the state to release thousands of captives in order to obtain his release.”New Yorker.

      What,s the problem if they release him/her when they re arrest the 1000 Palestinians .Those they do not shoot, that is.

      Zionists , as well as being the most hated are also the most illogical.But defending the indefensible is not easy when you have to lie and then lie about the lies.

  • The Titanic of the occupation -- SodaStream (Update)
    • "The beacon of democracy restricting what non Jewish people can eat because of Jewish religious laws "oldgeezer

      Yeah , and doing so in "their " own country while occupying them.

      Too bad Zionism is not fiction.

    • "sodastream would be completely el stupido to pour more advertising money into our coffers, every penny they spend on her benefits us."Annie

      Soda stream needs a John Scully to sell their "Sugar Water" for them.Nothing short of a marketing guru will save them and such people don,t come cheap.

      You and I will both get our wish and see the end of this supporter of the Apartheid/war mongering rogue entity hit bottom.

      Thanks for staying on top of this story.It,s one of the few bright spots in a very dark period.

    • I wonder if Scarlett is going to receive her full salary.Maybe they signed a "no get out " contract , as I am sure the Soda Stream execs were more than confident the moola would flow in.

      Soda Stream proposes and BDS disposes.

      Now , now Annie , stop your giggling .

  • Pogroms rage in Europe? Kidnaped Israeli teens were Freedom Riders? Liberal Zionists' desperate slogans
    • "BTW…where are all those ‘pogroms’ in Europe?" American

      He is referring to any anti Israeli policy protest march where people are calling for the boycott or isolation of Israel.

      This same fella probably accuses Europeans of not doing enough to save Jews in the second world war.

      People are free to protest all they wish to save Jews but not to save the Victim,s of Zionist Jews.

    • "I would turn it to some of my brethren on campus, the young and the not-so-young, who think the only war crimes committed anywhere worth censuring and punishing are those of Israel and the United States; who think the only nation worth boycotting and divestment and sanctions is Israel; who think that the touchstone issue of our time is the urgent need to dismantle the one nation-state that, in a world of theocracies and semi-theocracies, is officially Jewish"Gitlin

      Well , Mr Gitlin, maybe we are weary listening to the so called , "Jewish State,s " endless bragging about being the only Democracy in the ME and having the most moral army and being a light unto the rest of us.

      Maybe we are weary being told our values are somehow diminished unless we are pro war crimes and ethnic cleansing , to name just two of " official" Israel,s Jewish Values.

      Ever heard of the "Squeaky Wheel " theory Mr Gitlin.Israel,s wheels have been squeaking for far too long and the time has come for the Mechanics to come in and give Israel a fine tuning. Maybe even a complete overhaul , if necessary.

      You can no longer drive on the freeway with smoke blowing from your exhaust system while you stick your fingers at the other freeway users.

      Enough already.

  • White House is now in open spat with Netanyahu over his 'American values' lecture
    • The US / Israel partnership is like a marriage where one Spouse , (Israel ) is the dominatrix and the other, (US ) is the willing victim.

      In this partnership , both partners seem comfortable with their respective roles.

  • If you stand up for Palestine in America, 'you're the devil,' Junot Diaz says
    • He is history.No way he will pass the "civility " test.

      Send him to the UI course on " How to be civil " when addressing Zionist crimes.

      One question for him??.Were there no Unionists in his neighbourhood making collections for the UDA/UDF.

  • Netanyahu lectures Americans on open housing and 'ethnic purification'
    • "What they didn’t tell you is that 700 of those units are designated for the Arab residents of Jerusalem. They need housing, the Jewish residents of Jerusalem need housing. Why shouldn’t it be? What is this affront to peace. Why can’t Jews and Arabs live together?" nietanyahu

      Why didn,t Schieffer ask him how may Arabs live in the Jews only illegal Settlements and shut him up.So much for why can,t Jews and Arabs live together.

      It is so painful listening to this lying propagandist and watching Schieffer and co letting him get away with his lies and insults.

    • "Are the Palestinians ready to recognize a nation state for the Jewish people, the way that we are willing to recognize a nation state for the Palestinian people." nietanyahu


      The Likud charter says different.

      a. “The Jordan river will be the permanent eastern border of the State of Israel.”

      b. “Jerusalem is the eternal, united capital of the State of Israel and only of Israel. The government will flatly reject Palestinian proposals to divide Jerusalem”

      c. “The Government of Israel flatly rejects the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state west of the Jordan river.”

      d. “The Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza are the realization of Zionist values. Settlement of the land is a clear expression of the unassailable right of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel and constitutes an important asset in the defense of the vital interests of the State of Israel. The Likud will continue to strengthen and develop these communities and will prevent their uprooting.”.

      Doesn,t Obama have a copy of the Likud Charter to dump in nietanyahu,s lap and then tell him to go home and amend it to demonstrate proof of his claim above.

      To get a look inside the skull of bibi the peace maker read the following.

      "By Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man"

      link to

      "Furthermore, in peace talks Netanyahu has refused to present any map that denotes his hopes and plans for negotiated borders. He has also consistently refused to treat agreements reached in previous rounds of negotiations as points of reference, or starting points, in any peace talks in which his government engages. In other words, according to Netanyahu, there is no land destined for a future Palestinian state — only land earmarked for future annexation by Israel."972mag

  • Jewish New Yorkers to Schumer and Gillibrand: Enact the Leahy Law and stop US military aid to Israel
    • What,s the odds those two bought and paid for Senators got past the first paragraph.

      Probably binned them when they got to , "during the recent Israeli ops in Gaza.

      What vacuous morons they are.

  • Israeli rightists wave ISIS-style flags in protest of African asylum-seekers
    • Talknic, I was being lazy and hoping someone would answer my question.

      You have my admiration for your tenacity.

    • "The Africans jailed there have committed no crime, but their lack of status as protected persons have left them vulnerable to an interpretation of an Israeli law aimed at jailing those who cross the Jewish state’s borders in order to commit violent crimes. "

      There goes that convenient ,"Interpretation " of Israeli law again.

      Did the Jewish State declare it,s borders ????. I must have missed that, somehow.

  • TX congressman who expressed concern about Gaza deaths undergoes 'healing process' and will fly El Al to Israel
    • "But the shrill tone was highly eccentric for a diplomatic mission, "IT-

      So much for "Civility" eh.

    • Seafoid, I read that too .

      The Irish times recently featured 5 or 6 articles(in as many days), by Lara Marlowe which she penned from Gaza .She focused mainly on the devastation the zionists visited on Gaza.That did not go down too well with the usual pro Israel crowd here in Ireland but add those reports to this one by Staunton and it is beginning to look like the folks at the Israeli embassy have lost their clout at the IT.

      None too soon after years of having to swallow Mark Weiss,s and his predecessor --Horowitz,s (his "Christian "name escapes me) propaganda straight from TA.

    • "We had meetings with him prior, to talk to him about the importance of Israel, and the way he voted makes very little sense.”Leon.

      The more one reads stories like this , the more one hates Israeli interference in the affairs of sovereign nations.

      The irony is that , they are serving to destroy Israel in it,s present form.Laughable .

      Israel,s FM lie-berman summoned Sweden,s ambassador for the low chair treatment .I just hope the ambassador leaves even more determined ,(thanks to lieberman,s grasp on diplomacy) and continues his efforts by lobbying the other EU fm,s to follow suit.

  • Salaita says UI appeased 'a few wealthy donors' and destroyed his career
    • "I suppose people who are less conflicted have both barrels of their shotgun ready to shoot at everything about the Zionists, Salaita included. But it’s not a major story to me. "- JF

      Of course it s not major to you.It,s only major if Jews are on the receiving end.

    • "The university maintains that Salaita didn’t yet have tenure because he hadn’t started the job, and the trustees have stood behind the chancellor, saying the school “values civility as much as scholarship.”

      How about a new TV show!!!.

      "University Civility Challenge".

      Bugger the truth and morality.Lets just be civilised liars and apologists for war crimes and land theft.

  • Desperately seeking Jewish settlers, at $136 a day, to colonize Palestinian neighborhood
    • Israel is sinking deeper and faster than ever.Headlong into a place from which there is no return.

      What,s next ??.

      House burnings and then mass expulsions.The mob is on the loose and nothing, certainly not the police or the IDF (staffed by thousands of illegal squatters) will stand up to these beasts on a stampede .

      The blood lust released by "Operation Slaughter" is now gathering pace and mob rule is the order of the day.

  • Bill de Blasio ruins the liberal Zionists' glorious hour
    • "Netty: Hah, another American sucker in our pockets. He can be moved easily like fawning suckers in their congress, who will give me standing O’s even if I burp. " Kay 24

      Do you think the Inauguration ceremony should be moved to Tel Aviv.Oh , silly me , I meant Jerusalem.

      If I was an American I would be too too embarrassed to stray outside my door , lest I run into a foreigner who just might be up to scratch on these issues.

  • Read the genocidal sermon a notable Atlanta rabbi gave this Rosh Hashanah
    • These people are getting desperate.They know the gig is up and theer will be no Greater Israel, 1SS OR 2SS.

      I presume in the dying days of the 3rd Reich , the maniacs at the top did their fare share of ranting and raving and finger pointing.My only regret is that Israel,s leaders will escape the hangman,s noose and may never spend a day in prison paying for their war crimes.

  • AIPAC rabbis stand up for racial justice in Michael Brown case
    • What I do for American human rights , I do because it,s the right thing to do.

      What I do for Israel , I do because God spoke to me and told me to protect Israel no matter how wrong Israel is.

      No Mea culpas necessary.

      Rabbinic logic , I guess.

  • Liberal Zionist group Zonszein once worked for paints her as a 'radical' because she likes democracy
    • Does Obama have a laptop or an I-pad and if so does he have his own password.How can he not be aware of these facts about Israel.Does he not read a newspaper--ever.
      Doesn,t Michelle have access to print media or social media.Does he ever discuss this with Michelle.

      Do they live in a bubble and do Obama,s only briefing,s on the I/P issue come from the lobby or Nietanyahu.

      This is surreal .Imagine, the most powerful man on earth playing the part of " The man in the iron mask".

      America held hostage by a pip squeak nation for decades.What a cluster f--k the US is.

  • Netanyahu's 'poison' -- latest settlement will distance Israel's closest allies, State Dep't warns
    • Meanwhile back at Haaretz!!, some heady stuff.

      " Netanyahu's U.S. trip reveals the damage he caused to Israel's standing
      The PM's masks are being torn off, and the world is losing patience in the face of Israel’s policy of deception.

      One after the other, the masks are being torn off. Netanyahu is not (and apparently never was) aiming for a two-state solution; his actions prove it. And the world, including the United States, is losing patience in the face of Israel’s policy of deception and its failure to propose any alternative. " Haaretz editorial.

      link to

      Geez, some of us have been pointing this out for over a decade.

    • Gracie, Thanks for that.It is so apt.
      I don,t suppose the Leaders of this JSIL will be too thrilled with that name.Truth is a bummer.

    • Obama sure does not look too happy.He must be thinking to himself just how to get rid of this obnoxious lying snake oil salesman.

    • If my memory serves me well , circa 1964 during Britain,s less glorious days , Idi(ot) Amin set up a " Help Britain" campaign and gathered some 400,000 sterling .I do not recall if that money ever went in to the British exchequer but I rather doubt it.

      He also was a supporter of Israel for some years.Israel sure does attract some dodgy supporters.Still does.

    • This camel has got one helluva strong back.It,s going to take a ton of bricks to break it.

      Fortunately Israel seems willing to keep loading the bricks until that all important back breaker is put in place .It is just a matter of time.You could say Israel is being destroyed , one brick at a time.

  • 'Ethnic cleansing for a better world' -- Richard Cohen says Palestinians brought the Nakba on themselves
    • Well , at least this opens up the discussion about the so called non existent Nakba and Palestinians.

      Cohen , has brought the Nakba to the fore .Israel has spent decades trying to hide it.

      Thanks Richard.You are a gem.

  • Over 250 anthropologists join the call for a boycott of Israeli academic institutions
    • Update from Haaretz

      "More than 500 anthropologists, including some from top U.S. universities, have publicly joined an academic boycott of Israel, with another 77 joining anonymously. "

      They said they won't "collaborate on projects and events involving Israeli academic institutions," teach at or attend conferences at those institutions, and publish in academic journals based in Israel.

      They called on Israel to "end the siege of Gaza," end its occupation of Arab land taken in the 1967 Six Day War and dismantle the settlements and walls. haaretz

      link to

    • Has MW considered how they will deal with future lists with inevitably far higher numbers of signatories.

      I would also be interested in how Israel will deal with them. Call them all self hating Jews and antisemitic Jew haters, I suspect.
      I suppose netanyahu can go to the UN and expose these meddling academics. He can bring his own supporters. Not many others seem to be swallowing his bs.

  • Israel distributes demolition notices in Bethlehem while settlers take over more homes in East Jerusalem
    • "The US keeps taking this shet like an abused slave, and Israel never fails to dish it out. " Kay 24

      Indeed they do and in ntandem with that Jen Psaki denegrates Abbas for stating the truth!!.

      ""President Abbas' speech today included offensive characterizations that were deeply disappointing and which we reject," State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said. "Such provocative statements are counterproductive and undermine efforts to create a positive atmosphere and restore trust between the parties."psaki

      link to

      How do Obama and the US team Israel look in the mirror every day.It beggars belief how they posit this hypocracy with a straight face.

  • NYT's opening to a 'fringe voice' excites rage from Israeli army, journalism, business leaders
  • ISIS wants us to come in and bomb Arabs (Rouhani and Matthews agree)
    • Today,s reports (AJ English) say ISIS is being pushed by Iraqi forces towards Syria due to fuel shortages caused by American bombing of ISIS temporary fuel depots.They cant go to Iran and wont be allowed through Turkey and there is no going back .So if and when they are trapped in Syria , will they take the road to Beirut or do a left turn into Israel.Lots of nice built up neighbourhood s with the most up to date shelters and plenty of human shields to protect their weapons with.

      Interesting times ahead in ziosville,s future.Short as that future is.

  • 'Tip of the BDS iceberg': Kuwait excludes Veolia from $750m contract
    • "Veolia has been forced to admit that the campaign against it is having a major impact"

      Danaa, perhaps if the HP execs see enough Veolias admitting BDS hurts they may begin to readjust their approach.

      Little acorns and all that.

    • Iceberg indeed and Israel is "Steaming " at full speed right at it.

      And the band plays on.

      Nearer My God to thee.

      Titanic II --Coming soon to a theater near you.

  • Modi and Netanyahu's NY bromance
    • The centre of the Indian flag looks like the Israeli flag done in kaleidescope.

    • "We’re two old peoples, some of the oldest civilizations on earth. But we’re also two democracies… If we work together we can [seize the future]…" nietanyahu.

      Interesting choice of words .I wonder whose future he has in mind.

      "India is the only country where anti-semitism has never been allowed to come up, and where Jews have never suffered, and lived as an integral part of our society. " nietanyahu

      "This week Anti-Defamation League (ADL) released the findings of the most comprehensive survey on global anti-Semitic attitudes ever conducted in the history. The survey polled 53,100 adults in 102 countries. The report confirmes the prevalent anti-Semitic sentiments present throughout the world. The most disturbing aspect of the findings, for me personally, was the level of anti-Semitic attitudes found in Indian and particularly within the Hindu community.
      According to the survey 19% of Hindus hold anti-Semitic beliefs. At least one-fourth of the Hindu respondents were aware of the Holocaust. Amongst those who had heard of the Holocaust, 48% considered the number of Jewish victims to be greatly exaggerated, and 11% considered the Holocaust to be a myth. The overall figure for India was just as damning, with 20% of Indians harboring anti-Semitic sentiments"Times of Israel.

      link to

      Who is nietanyahu,s adviser,????.

  • Lutheran activists fear new church leadership will stifle criticism of Israeli occupation
    • "To preserve their own sense of righteousness, churches in the West don’t want to be seen as beating up on the Jews. "

      It is similar to a defense attorney asking for sympathy for his rapist client because he had a " miserable childhood.

      Israel is still raping and murdering and what happened in the past is no justification for clemency.

  • 'Jews Against Genocide' take the blood bucket challenge at Yad Vashem
    • The first image outside Yad Vashem, which honours the Jews who died a more terrible death than anyone else , (Elie Weasel) is bound to get some vitriolic response from certain quarters.
      But that wont stop the Holocaust gravy train on it,s way to "Victim Central" or the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians done in the name of Holocaust victims.

  • 'Only a suicidal country doesn’t recognize the Bedouin problem': Israeli minister seeks ways to lower Bedouin birthrate
    • "We are more than happy, apparently, to do our own culling." Mooser.

      You are culling the wrong people .Focus on Zionists.They are that existential threat you fear.

      I used the word "culling" as it is the Israeli Minister of Agriculture we are responding to here. He speaks of Arabs as he might of livestock or wildlife.

      Despicable racist bigot.

    • "Tell that to the Chinese. It’s called progress" gs

      Tell it to which Chinese.The Chinese Government or the Chinese people.

      GS, we already know your elevator does not go to the top floor , so why do you keep trying to convince us otherwise.

    • "Haredi women have 7.7 children on average while the average Israeli Jewish women has over 3 children."wiki

      link to

      I wonder what they will do to "cull "the Haredi demographic problem.

      Clearly, Israel is getting closer and closer to Nazi ideology in leaps and bounds.Will Israel implement the Chinese method of birth control , (less women)which is wrong but at least is not based on purely racist ideology.

      Would the world look on if someone suggested "culling Jewish birth rates???.I am waiting for old Abe to step up to the plate on this piece of racist , supremacist hatred .

  • Netanyahu heads to New York to ‘refute all the lies’ and praise ‘the most moral army in the world’
    • "Just remind us, oh great god yahoo, how you are representing the citizens of Israel as you claim, when 20% of them are Palestinian. "JWP

      They are there but for the grace of zionism until they too can be disappeared.That will require the Palestinians to accept the "Jewish State". Then the trains will start rolling to Jordan and an Arab frei Juden staat will come into existence .So let it be written, so let it be done.And screw the rest of the Jew hating world because no one will ever attack us again.

      Nice dream --eh bibi.

    • "We were scavengers, buzzards, out to get the news, no matter whose wings got clipped."John Gunther.

      Is this the same JG you refer to above.

      A scavenger and a buzzard.A very suitable candidate for employment at "The Daily News" the forerunner to todays sleaze tabloids .Note the comment , " no matter whose wings got clipped.Gunther--a beacon of truth.Not.

    • To "light 2014".(profile states !!!. " I want to make the world more livable for all".) Should that read , "for Jews only" ??.

      Out of your 21 posts, only one is not cut and paste.By the way , have you googled the following??.

      "Jewish collaboration with fascist Italy and Nazi Germany."

    • More comedy from the myopic dershbag..

      "At UN, Netanyahu outs Abbas’ lies about Israel.

      The contrast between the Israeli and Palestinian leaders’ speeches at the UN couldn’t be clearer: Netanyahu suggested a new pathway to peace, whereas Abbas spewed hateful and unhelpful rhetorical poison."
      By Alan M. Dershowitz " haaretzEditorial

      "It has come to be expected that Mahmoud Abbas uses his speech to the General Assembly to throw red meat at a predatory crowd hungry for Israeli blood. After all, this motley assembly of nations, some so obscure that few people have ever heard of them, would, if it could, reenact its notorious equation of Zionism with racism, were it not worried about being tossed out of New York City. Indeed in 2012, " dersh

      More from Haaretz--.

      " Few buyers for Netanyahu's warmed-over UN shtick
      The PM’s contrived use of Yankees’ demi-god Derek Jeter in an analogy with Iran seemed like the desperate ploy of a worn out copywriter who’s run out of ideas."Chemi Shalev


      Hardly a good day at the office for netanyahoo and his paid coterie of groupies.

    • “Israel is not an Occupier”.just , (quoting Nuttyahoo)

      He added , "In Israel" to that but forgot to show where this Israel,s borders are.

      Poor guy , not nearly as many swooning groupies as last time.The supporters club is in decline.

    • He accused Abbas of being a co contributor to Hamas,s so called terrorism.It would seem he does not want Abbas back for negotiations and is now beginning the usual process of turning a former partner in peace to a terrorist Jew hating Arab war monger who wants all the Jews driven into the sea.

      Dejavu--all over again.

    • – terror
      – Hamas
      – Iran
      – Holocaust
      – Jewish people
      – moral*,

      You missed "ISIS" mentioned circa 10 times and caliphate --15 times and UN Human Rights Terrorist Commission.

      I know it is hard to watch this pathetic liar but it is worth the laugh , seeing him so desperate.He even took the time to let all those onlookers from the many nations on earth that Israel,s army is more moral than any of theirs.

      One could almost feel sorry for him.ALMOST.

  • Schumer is obnoxious
    • "Not until and unless they speak for justice and peace " just

      But they do speak for justice, if you are of the tribe.They also speak of peace and how Israel longs for peace and has "gone further" than any other nation to get peace.

      Now all that is required is some facts ,"off " the ground to prove it.

      One very enjoyable fact about being Irish , no politician ever comes to my door or sends me begging letters for donations based on their support for Israel.Even our pols are smarter than that and have not been bought by "IIPAC".

      Hopefully some day , Dick and Jane can be spared that tiresome and insulting experience .

  • Anti-Zionist train makes stop at Washington Post
    • " It is academic jargon messing with the English language. " yonah

      Yeah , much like "Israel is Jewish and democratic".

      Now , if that aint messing with reality and the English language.

      But what is a desperate zio to do.Can,t give in to reality.

  • Abbas calls on UN Security Council to end the occupation
  • Obama says Muslims bear responsibility to counter radical Islam (so are Jews responsible for Israeli violence?)
    • There is ISIS. There is Boko Haram. There is the Taliban. There are the Wahhabists of Saudi Arabia. There is the Janjaweed in Sudan. And many others. "hopknee

      Yep , all those bad eggs spread out over a large Area.OTOH , Israel keeps most of it,s bad eggs in one small basket.Much easier to change their behavior.Copious helpings of BDS and lashings of isolation and trade embargoes.

      Nope , no self healing for ziosville.They are going to need some outside help.

    • "This summer, Israel fought a war and anti-Semitism surged in Europe" Raphael Magarik

      I am not sure where all this surge in antisemitism in Europe is manifesting itself.

      Ireland is considered by certain individuals , to be rabidly antisemitic but here is what the leader of Ireland,s Jewish community , had to say on the matter.

      " The Republic’s Jewish population has experienced little or no hostility since the latest outbreak of violence in Gaza, the chairman of the Jewish Representative Council of Ireland, Maurice Cohen, has said in an interview with The Irish Times.

      “There have been a few emails and messages but not very many. There have never been any major incidents of anti-Semitism in Ireland. Yes, there were those slogans along the [Dublin] quays and on hoardings last year but those involved just foolish people. Such are isolated incidents.”

      link to

  • Russell Tribunal finds evidence of incitement to genocide, crimes against humanity in Gaza
    • To ivri up thread.

      "I hope I am living up to your stated standards in clarifying some basic FACTS in this regard " ivri

      "In May 2014, it was reported that the Government was covertly carrying out the recommendations of the Report"wiki.

      Why so covertly --dropped your standards again ivri.

      BTW, Jews will be allowed through the normal immigration process to gain citizenship of Palestine , if and when Israel learns how to live with their neighbours and not continue stealing from them and killing them.

      For the moment , it is citizens of the occupier --Israel , (note Israeli Jews or Arab ) who have no legal right to be there.

      Did someone perform a lobotomy on the section of your cranial area that houses the truth.

    • "This tribunal reminds me of a caricature where the Boss, sitting in his huge armchair, points to a blackboard behind him and says to the frail and trembling Statistician in front of him: ivri

      Thanks for raising that ivri.

      This what you had in mind ???

      "The report concludes that Israel's presence in the West Bank is not an occupation,[3] and that the Israeli settlements are legal under international law,[4] It recommends the legalization of unauthorized Jewish settlement outposts by the state,[3] and provides proposals for new guidelines for settlement construction.[1]

      In May 2014, it was reported that the Government was covertly carrying out the recommendations of the Report.[

      link to

      ivri , you are indeed an invaluable contributor.

      Keep up the good work.

    • Adele, dont you know you are not supposed to annoy mayhem with facts.Here is his response to me , when I pointed to the Likud charter as a way to point out his hypocracy , when he made certain references to Hamas,s evil plans for Israel.

      "@amigo, please spare us the same old obfuscations and distractions.
      We are not discussing the charter of one of Israel's political parties but you have to go there - like a moth that is attracted to the light. " mayhem

      Any comment that does less than kiss the zionist posterior is considered a distraction .Mayhem , long ago lost credibility here.Probably on his first post.I am too lazy to go find it in the archives even though it is quite simple to locate.

      The poor fellow is fighting a losing battle and he and his fellow war crimes apologists will end up losing it all.

    • “May this Tribunal prevent the crime of silence“.

      Here is a shortlist of weisel,s hypocracy.

      1, “Only the guilty are guilty. Their children are not.” weisel.

      Tell that to Israel.

      2, “No human race is superior; no religious faith is inferior. All collective judgments are wrong. Only racists make them”


      3,“Wherever men and women are persecuted because of their race, religion, or political views, that place must — at that moment — become the center of the universe.”

      I believe the Russel tribunal is taking his advice which he himself ignores.

      link to

    • "Looking at the members of the Russell Tribunal it is obvious that to qualify to be on this panel the only requirement is that you are a confirmed Israel basher. The Russell Tribunal is clearly nothing more than a kangaroo court."mayhem.

      I doubt they could find any Israel lovers willing to be impartial to sit on the panel.

      Israel never ever co-operates with courts/inquiries or investigations of any kind if Israel is the subject of said inquiry.They then come back later and claim they were excluded.

      See Goldstone report for proof.

      link to

    • Add --"be demolished " to the above.

    • "Did you watch the testimony? Were you a participant in the latest massacre of the Palestinian people? Did you try to stop it or did you support it -" Just to mayhem.

      You joke just, he was probably in the thick of it.Up to his zionist butt in war crimes.

    • "Looking at the members of the Russell Tribunal it is obvious that to qualify to be on this panel the only requirement is that you are a confirmed Israel basher. " mayhem

      Much like the open inquiry the zionist entity held to find the two Palestinians they carried out an "Extra Judicial killing "on a few days ago.

      That Kangaroo court was staffed by Palestinian lovers --eh mayhem.

      Just like the open court procedures that decide to demolish the homes of "suspected" Teerrrooooreeests.

      Speaking of which??< when will the homes of the terroreeests who burned the Palestinian boy alive.

      Hmmmm, mayhem.

  • No Surprise Dep't: David Brooks's son is in Israeli army
    • Here,s another jaw dropper from Obama !!.

      "Russia's military support of the rebels in Ukraine creates "a vision of the world in which might makes right – a world in which one nation’s borders can be redrawn by another," the president said.".

      Oh the f-----g arrogance.

      link to

      This ought to get the zionits gander up !!.

      "Regarding Iran, Obama said the U.S. "is pursuing a diplomatic resolution to the Iranian nuclear issue, as part of our commitment to stop the spread of nuclear weapons."Obama.

      Same link.

    • If Brooks thinks his son needs to take risks, why should he (the son) not volunteer for the U.S. military? lysias

      Couldn,t agree more.

    • when a citizen of one nation signs on to fight for another one they make themselves unavailable to defend their own nation if the need arises while they are fighting for another nation.

      To me , this is traitorous and should not be allowed.I am not sure dual citizenship is a good idea either.You can only serve one master.

    • "I think children need to take risks after they leave university, and that they need to do something difficult, that involves going beyond their personal limits. Serving in the IDF embodies all of these elements." brooks

      Give me a break , the only risk being in the IDF is being hated by most people on this planet.He will learn how to commit war crimes and then go back to the USA with his new found talents.

      God bless America.

  • West Bank settlers exporting dates labelled as 'Made in Palestine'
    • "If it is an Israeli company the barcode starts with 729. "talkback

      Thanks Talkback, but it is anything but watertight.

      We have an example here in Ireland in which an Irish fresh herb supplier is purchasing Herbs from illegal settlers in the occupied territories and then packaging them in their own name and selling them in the Irish market.The package has "product of Israel" label in an inconspicuous place but at first glance the herbs appear as Irish products.I wrote to those people pointing out the issue but as expected , no response.Oh , well, onward and upwards.

      I was not aware of the Palestine barcode.That helps .

    • Could someone correct the heading to ,"Illegal" WB settlers.

    • This is not the first time they pulled this stunt.They did this about three years ago and it was noticed and stopped.I was keeping an eye on two local stores and the manager there told me that a load of dates came in marked "Produce of Palestine".They sold out in a few hours before I could get theer to check them.Later I found out they were products from illegal settlements.

      I now have a bar code app on my phone so I can tell quite easily from where they came.

      Does anyone know the bar code or what the company name is .

  • Jodi Rudoren effectively annexes Golan Heights to Israel
    • Could you please reduce the size of her image or place it in a position where I don,t have to see her lying face while I am reading the article.

  • What Max Blumenthal saw in Gaza
    • How in heavens name did that anti semite, self hating Israel delegitimiser get into Gaza and keep his head intact , given all those Hamas (ISIS) folks running the place.

      However , thanks for doing it and giving us this very emotive report.

      Being amongst those wonderful and resolute people must have been so re affirming .

      Makes my efforts , typing away on my laptop feel so minuscule (rightfully so).

  • Israel carries out extrajudicial killing of two Palestinians suspected in Israeli youths kidnapping
  • Russell Tribunal on Palestine: Delegitmisation of Israeli apartheid has to happen in the courtroom too
    • "These laws and regulations are temporary, as you can see. " Kay 24

      Kay, those laws are there to protect Tony poodle Blair and Jack Straw et al who sent British squaddies to Iraq and to protect those who committed crimes in NI such as the "extra judicial killings in Gibraltar and the murder of 13 innocent civilians in Derry.No one has yet been charged or paid a price.

      Criminals protect fellow criminals.The Americans are no different and can now add Obama to the list of war criminals that need to be " protected " from justice.

  • Israeli refuseniks expose Occupation’s dark underbelly
    • Thanks for that Mooser.

      This is one Irish man who has never heard Danny Boy sung in Japanese.It is brilliant.

    • "She told AP news agency that she and her husband were recruited as spies in return for medical treament in Israel for one of their children. Her husband was killed by Hamas as a collaborator in 2012."

      Just one less Palestinian to worry about .The bonus is , his family are also out of the picture.

      Such nice neighbours , these citizens of the light unto the nations.If you like ghouls.

      The evil that is zionism cannot be allowed to continue to poison this planet.Time to invent an anecdote.Time to eradicate this pandemic from our midst before it consumes us all.

      Let,s call it a security risk and deal with it --period.

  • Palestinian babies not included on Israel gov't list of most popular names
    • Anyone ask what is the most popular girls name in the state of Israel, that includes all the citizens.

      I am thinking of asking my gov to put out a list of the most popular babies names in Ireland but to omit all Hebrew names.I might also ask them to delete those names from the telephone book and the who is who of Irish society.

      Dont forget palikari , it,s just a about a few names.Relax.

      Any problems , hopknee.You can always ask for the complete list later.They will be happy to give it to within a few minutes.Relax.

    • What are the top ten Hebrew names in Syria, Egypt, and Lebanon? Do they publish a list? hopknee

      What is the most popular Arab name in the "Jews only " illegal squats.

      No need to publish a list , eh hopknee.

    • Nothing new or recent about this mentality!.

      "After the depopulation, an Israeli member of the MAPAI secretariat remarked in 1949: "The landscape is also more beautiful. I enjoy it, especially when travelling between Haifa and Tel Aviv, and there is not a single Arab to be seen."

      link to

      It survives to this day in the minds of the Ivris and mayhem and gene schaes et al racist land thieves and colonialist supremacists.

    • So , the way I see it, it,s just fine and dandy if goyim use Hebrew names --David --eg , but heavens forbid if an Israeli Jew gives an Arabic name to their child .

      Mohammed Netanyahu has a nice ring to it or how about Khaled Disraeli.Could have a lot of fun with that.

      BTW , does the Israeli mail service deliver mail to anyone called Mohammed.

      link to

      Lets play , pretend there are no Palestinians.We will all feel much more secure .

  • Homegrown jihadis and the limits of the Israel lobby
    • Will we see a spate of "Euroguantanamos" to house "suspects" without trials for 10 years.

      Will we see the re emergence of rendition flights.

      If ISIS set out to screw up Europe and the USA plus a few stragglers like Australia /Canada , they sure must be smiling.

      Their recruiting numbers must be increasing beyond their wildest dreams.

    • "Gimme a break!" palikari

      Take as long as you want .

      While you are on your break , study Jewish terrorism going back to Irgun/stern and lehi.

      And look up the meaning of terrorism!!.

      " 1. systematic use of violence and intimidation to achieve some goal.

      2. the act of terrorizing.

      3. the state of being terrorised.

      Fits Israel perfectly so those 4700 foreigners fighting with Israel are Terrorists.

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