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I am Irish with a profound interest in the Palestinian /Israeli conflict.

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  • Jewish and Palestinian women are segregated in Israeli maternity wards -- Chomsky
    • Give it a rest dabaker.Segregation is rife in Israel --even against felloe Jewish Israelis.Not surprising at all that the same racist ideology is applied against Arab Israelis.

      "When the children of south Tel Aviv head back to school on Tuesday, kindergarteners will attend facilities that are segregated by race. The children of asylum seekers from sub-Saharan Africa will go to their kindergartens and all the other kids will go to their own. As of this year, the municipality of Israel's most liberal city decided that separate-but-equal for three-to-six year olds was the way to go—in 2013.

      According to a report published by Ynet (Hebrew edition), the city built the new preschools for black children after Jewish-Israeli residents of the inner city area threatened to keep their children at home rather than allow them to learn how to count, fingerpaint and play on the swings alongside their peers from Eritrea and Sudan." The daily beast.

      link to

      Accept the truth dabaker.Your pet project Israel is an apartheid racist supremacist ugly stain on humanity.

  • Just like the Nazis, Iran 'plans to exterminate six million Jews' -- Netanyahu
    • Catan,s arguments remind me of frozen tomatoes.They collapse when you defrost them.Much better to can them.

    • "Perhaps a walk might have helped. Boots, start walkin’!" Mooser.

      Excuse me , I took walk from the garden to the house.Just about managed that.

    • "At the same time, the extremist regime in Iran is oppressing its people; it is rushing forward and submerging the Middle East in blood and suffering ".nietanyahu.

      I was out in the garden until a few minutes ago and quite relaxed and then I had to go and spoil it all by reading something stupid like this interminable nonsense from nuttyahoo. The man is unquestionably insane and should be locked up for our security.

      By the way, if Iran is going to obliterate the Jewish State , why does he (nietanyahu) keep telling all Jews to move to said Israeli state.Is he not playing into Iran,s hands by in-gathering all Jews into to one place.

  • No Palestinians need apply to program on 'Palestinian issue' at Center for American 'Progress'
    • "Call Yousef Munayyer! " just

      Why do that and confuse the center for American progress with facts.

      Heaven forbid.

    • "The Palestinian Issue".

      The British referred to one of their problems as , "The Irish Question".They also did not make a habit of inviting bog dwellers to give their input such as reminding their oppressors what it is like to be oppressed.

      I don,t suppose the Nazis had a list of Jewish participants.In any event , Niet-andyahu has stated there will be no Palestine so what,s to talk about.The Nazis figured there would be no Jews left so why talk to them.

      This is what is called , American Progress".

  • HRW: Palestinian children pass out, vomit, from farming with illegal pesticides on Israeli settlements
    • Excuse me but Israel has to keep it,s economy strong.This is probably part of what jeffy boy had in mind when he claimed successful societies are built on the backs of poor people.Rich folks invest their hard earned moollah in pesticides and give jobs to poor people who would otherwise die of starvation.How very very generous of these titans of humanity.

      Right catalan/Ivri/Mayhem/Yonah/jeffy boy et al.

  • Washington gets a glimpse of Gaza
    • People queuing for the bus will have lots of time to digest the contents of these images.SEAMAC should place them on early morning /late afternoon buses when lots of commuters get aboard.Plenty time to share views while traveling to/from work..Expect ridership to drop and motorway traffic to increase, ??.

  • After torching Palestinian cafe and painting 'Revenge' on its door, 4 Israeli teens get community service
  • Obama's long & passionate Monday with Saban, Foxman, Hoenlein and other Jewish leaders demonstrates power of Israel lobby
    • Jews who trace their ancestry to Europe or Russia and whose families have been in America for one, two, three, four, or five generations have a “Right of Return” to Israel. "Giles

      American citizens of Irish descent can acquire Irish citizenship if their grandparents emigrated to America.BTW , religion has no role to play.Anyone who does not meet those requirements is s--t out of luck.But they are still welcome as the flowers in may and we will not put ID tags on their luggage or check their computers/Mobile phones or strip search them.

      But --no right of return to somewhere they have never been.

    • "They view Netanyahu as someone who stands up and protects his country unlike our current president."SG

      You must have met the only two unionists in Chicago or someone was pulling your leg. Either way your story is full of blarney.Nietanyahu is hated in Ireland and by most Irish people for obvious reasons.

      Hell, lie-berman says the Irish are a problem for Israel and surely you don,t doubt him , do you.

      "Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman has told his Irish counterpart Charlie Flanagan that Irish public opinion presents “difficulties” for the Jewish state.".

      link to

    • Once a year , Ireland,s leaders get top billing at the WH.

      Some 35 million Americans claim Irish heritage which is 7 times greater than those claiming Jewish heritage.Compare the level of access and you can see the imbalance and consequently the clout the Lobby has .Nothing antisemitic about stating this fact.

      The level of access available to Jewish orgs is bordering on the obscene .Why is Foxman there.The ADL ,(Anti Defamation League) is not a Jewish Org.

      Why are these people given the opportunity to attempt to screw up the efforts and wishes of France/Britain/China/Russia/ USA and Germany--a total of circa 2.2 billion people.I haven,t even added the rest of the EU and all the other nations who agree with the plan.Who cares what a pip squeak s--tstirring nation of 7 million think.

      Enough of this pandering to these war mongers and land thieves.

  • Baptism of Kardashian/West daughter moves celebrity press to place Jerusalem to Israel
    • Unfortunately many of my friends here in Ireland ,who are reasonably well educated think Jerusalem is in Israel.Worse still , they think it is the capital.This misunderstanding finds it,s roots in their religious education in catholicism .They are more than surprised when I tell them that Jerusalem is occupied territory and is illegally annexed by Israel.I quote the relevant UNSCR and invite them to look it up.The same applies to Syrian Heights (Golan) where Irish soldiers are serving with UNDOF (United Nations Disengagement Observer Force)--should be , "UN protecting Israel,s illegal occupation force.

      We just have to keep putting the facts out there at every opportunity.

  • Marco Rubio and AIPAC allied in effort to insert poison pill into Iran deal
    • Any nation seeking recognition of it,s right to exist should be required to produce a map of it,s borders.It should also be in compliance with all UNSCR,S relating to it.Failure to do this will result in denial of such recognition.This process should be controlled by the UN.That ought to put a spanner in Israel,s idiotic demands.

      What will they demand next.That the international community get off the planet and leave it to God,s chosen people.


  • There is no better way than boycott
    • Thank you Robert Cohen for laying out some of the facts for Mr Wineman.Unfortunately , I suspect Mr Wineman will file this under , "More antisemitic rant from a self hating Jew" and carry on supporting the criminal project we know as "The greater Israel ".

      I will bookmark your article for future use in counteracting the eternal claims of Zionist apologists that Israel seeks peace.We all know that is one of the great fallacies of modern times.

  • 'United States of Israel' has compromised U.S. 'sovereignty' on Iran policy -- Gideon Levy in D.C.
    • " Instead I suggest an internationally sponsored ongoing National Dialogue that brings Palestinians and Israelis together until enough understand each other and each others humanity to act together to change the political reality and bring about Two State and Peace. " Shalom

      As evidenced by the far right racist anti peace , anti Palestinian state,Arab hating Israeli leaders, Israeli voters just put in power.

      Pull the other leg Shalom and change your moniker.

    • DS if you will make such comments on this site , what are you willing to say in the company of your fellow zionist thugs.I shudder to think.

      Personally , I think you should be banned for this incitement to violence .There is no place in civilised society for people like you.

  • Video: Pressure mounts on Robbie Williams to choose between Tel Aviv and UNICEF
    • "And, most importantly, why does this ‘strong economy’ get $3 billion – and counting — of US taxpayers’ money, every single year?.MDM

      See WRMEA.

      "Similarly, aid to Israel—and thus the regional total—also is understated, since much is outside of the foreign aid appropriation process or implicit in other programs. Support for Israel comes to $1.8 trillion, including special trade advantages, preferential contracts, or aid buried in other accounts. In addition to the financial outlay, U.S. aid to Israel costs some 275,000 American jobs each year.

      More detail in the report.

      link to

  • 'Passover siege' in Hebron: Palestinians endure military lockdown so Israelis can enjoy holiday in occupied West Bank
    • Wouldn,t expect God,s chosen ones to have to be near untermenschen on their holliers , eh.

      Lock them in their hovels when their betters are out for a stroll .

      Thoroughly sickening. Surely these people cannot believe their god wants them to behave in such a manner.

  • Iran is 'congenital cheating' 'Islamic power bent on world domination' -- Netanyahu tells US media
    • We need one of those yearly BBC polls on which is the most hated nation on earth.

      My guess would be Israel will sail into first place unseating North Korea, Pakistan --aaaaand--Iran who will slip down to 10th position.

      We all know Israel is better than any other nation so why not be the most hated as well.Israel has worked hard for decades to achieve this illustrious position.Why not give them recognition for their efforts.

    • "I mean, seriously? Could you imagine if Time magazine published an article caricaturing Israelis as tight fisted money lenders with hook noses? We’d never hear the end of how ‘antisemitic’ it was, and this time they might even be right. But of course it’s fine when it’s Iranians, or Muslims or Arabs, being nastily stereotyped. And this man is a ‘diplomat’?" MDM

      He is a Zionist diplomat.It,s part of his job description to be a racist bigot.Why he is allowed to get away with it, is all down to zionist control of the media .

    • "Or has the De’il dragged the whole Isle doon intae a pit of moral corruption? -"RoHa .

      Och, dinna ask me jumma, I dinna ken what yer on aboot.

  • Finkelstein on God and Dershowitz
    • "chuck carlos".

      No problem carlos.When do you wish to be chucked.

    • My hope is that if he is guilty , that he be found so before he dies.We do not want a Jimmy Saville outcome who never answered for his crimes while still alive.

      I want dershowitz to suffer his well deserved fall from grace and gain the disgust he has truly earned.That should put an end to the good Professor,s doubt.

  • 'Walls divide and segregate' -- New Marine video might apply to Israel
    • " I can’t deny that those who are focused on Israel would naturally think of the security barrier " dabaker.

      Would that the security barrier that is only partly built and much of the portion that is built is on occupied Palestinian territory.

      Only zionists would steal land from someone else and then demand security from their victims.

  • 'NYT' addresses pro-Israel donors' influence over Congress
    • Israel taking one hit after another.

      " A nuclear framework agreement reached between world powers and Iran does not threaten the survival of Israel, U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein said on Sunday.

      Feinstein, a leading Democratic voice on foreign affairs as vice chairman of the Senate select committee on intelligence, was responding to comments by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticizing the deal. Netanyahu has rejected the framework agreement reached on Thursday, saying it risks Israel's security and would make it easier for Iran to obtain an atomic bomb.

      “This can back backfire on him,” Feinstein said. “I wish that he would contain himself, because he has put out no real alternative. In his speech to the Congress — no real alternative. Since then — no real alternative.”

      link to

      and this from BDS efforts.

      " SodaStream changes labeling to 'Made in the West Bank'
      The manufacturer of home carbonation systems, which has been the target of anti-Israel boycotts, was accused of misrepresentation in the U.S. state of Oregon."Haaretz

      link to

      And this from NBC.

      " But the network called out the prime minister on his contention that "not one centrifuge is destroyed" in the framework agreement.

      "According to the parameters for the deal released by the U.S. State Department," NBC wrote on its website, "Iran has agreed to reduce installed centrifuges by two-thirds and place the excess in internationally monitored storage."

      link to

      No paywall on these reports.

  • Now Obama needs to 'compensate' Netanyahu -- NYT pipes Israeli propaganda (Update)
  • The epic season of spinning Iran deal begins!
    • "Israel demands that any final clear and ambiguous Israel’s right to exist."sycamores.

      Heard recently from Zionist Hq.

      All non Jews wishing to visit Israel must sign a document recognising Israel,s right to exist.There will be a nominal admin fee of 1OO shekels .This policy is to ensure Israel,s security and it,s survival.It is hoped to expand this program later to include any non Jew wishing to purchase Israeli products.The admin cost yet to be decided.

  • Calling out Pamela Geller's hate speech in Philadelphia
    • Thanks for jogging my sometimes working memory.Yes it was Seattle and it was on the grounds of security.Where have we heard that excuse before.You have to ask , why hate ads against Moslems /Palestinians are not banned on the basis of security .

      You are right in saying this contradiction in application of law could make it,s way to the federal courts.That is good as it will put the issue of Israeli aggression right out front.

      Thanks to Just also.

    • Maybe someone can help me here.Did not another municipality take the opposite stance against the Pro Palestinian ads just last week??. I cannot recall where but I am sure I read it on MW. Boston , maybe?.

  • How Obama won on Iran
    • "The dogs bark, the caravans pass." Ramzi

      Dogs chase their own tails until they get dizzy and lie down.

      I just bet this deal has nietanyahu,s head spinning.He needs to lie down and take a very long rest.

  • Guilford College Hillel becomes fourth to declare itself Open
  • Double standard in US political culture: BDS is fine for Indiana, not Israel
    • "You know the old expression, ‘it’s not over until….” .Mooser

      Or nothing is agreed until you agree with everything hopknee says.

    • "Israel faces a threat from terrorism in the Middle East. People understand the difference, even if you studiously do not."hopknee

      Israel was born in terrorism.Israel practices State Terrorism and sowed and continues to sow the seeds of terrorism.Go back to your own country and stop your terrorism then you will be free of acts of resistance.

      Btw , one does not have to be studious to see right from wrong.It is you who needs to do some study coupled with a healthy dose of soul searching.That,s if you love Israel as much as you claim and want it to survive.

    • "The legislation would impose penalties on countries that support boycott measures against Israel."

      More shoot from the hip edicts by bought and paid for political whores.The more you bully someone ,(especially people not under occupation , the more they will fight back.I can,t speak for other EU countries , (I am speaking of the citizens and not our cowardly pols) but your average Irish citizen will not take kindly to being told whom they can or cannot boycott or being blackmailed into keeping quiet about oppression and war crimes.

      Such actions will backfire as they almost always do.It is obvious though that desperation is setting in in the zionist camp.


      BDS and more BDS.

  • DEAL!
    • Just , this minor event was reported in the Irish Times yesterday.I am awaiting an update that includes how the Palestinians had their homes force ably entered and the usual ransacking by the IOF.

      I will not hold my breath.Jewish lives are clearly more valuable than Palestinian lives.Israeli Jews carry out a prank and cause distress for Palestinians but that is not news.

    • "Can we call this the “Holy Thursday Deal”." Lysias.

      We could call it a " Hail Mary , full of peace" or maybe that would offend Nietanyahu.

      Obama, apparently took the thirty pieces of plutonium and sold Israel out.

  • NFL and AIPAC to team up to polish their brands together
    • "The entire Mondo issue is great today. It’s about time you guys buckled down and brought us some serious news. " Mooser.

      So Fritz is sleeping peacefully .Every dog is entitled to his day.

  • Netanyahu partners with Jimmy Carter to bring 'Habitat for Humanity' to the West Bank
  • Netanyahu to stage hunger strike against world peace
    • netandyahu is only doing this because he knows shin bet will strap him down and force feed him.

      It,s not like they do not have practice.

    • "During his strike Netanyahu will only be eating fresh fruit. "

      Most probably grown on occupied Palestinian land.

      " His wife Sara will join him, choosing a completely liquid diet".

      Is ice cream considered liquid.

      "Netanyahu's household accounts show that in 2012 he budgeted 10,000 shekels (about £1,750) for ice-cream bought by his staff from a Jerusalem parlour, according to a report in the financial daily Calcalist. This budget affords the leader and his family 14kg of ice-cream a month.".

      link to

  • 2200 Palestinian homes approved in East Jerusalem-- even as others are bulldozed
    • Here is the real story!!.

      "However, he emphasized that the plan approved on Monday was more of an outline, and will not result in the immediate issuance of building permits; a process that he said will likely take several more years … Tatarsky added that it took several years just to get to this point due to fierce right-wing opposition, led by right-wing councilman Arieh King (United Jerusalem). "

      Not a cup of water will ever be filled or a light switched on in these phantom homes.Nor will a Palestinian dream of equality or justice.This is just zionist propaganda in an effort to fool the world.

  • Trevor Noah, next 'Daily Show' host, is no fan of Israeli attacks on Gaza
    • This is slightly OT but couldn,t find anywhere most appropriate to put it.

      link to

      Some of the lies in this article !!.


      " Legal considerations aside, the PA reportedly will delay pushing forward with the ICC as part of an informal deal with Israel to receive its custom tax revenue which Israel was withholding and general diplomatic pressure may prevent the Palestinians or the ICC from moving any real cases forward. " .

      Did n,t the Palestinians deny this two days ago.I believe Annie dealt with this.


      "Baker argued that the issue of complimentarity, that the ICC cannot get involved on an issue unless the national courts are unable or unwilling to investigate the issue, could be raised."

      Since when did Israel carry out a credible investigation that follows the normal legal process.


      "He stated that Israel as a general matter holds to the settlements legality and does not build on private Palestinian land." Baker

      We all know that Israel has built settlements on mostly Private Palestinian land.Somebody wrote a report on that some years back.Cannot recall her name.In any event , the net is replete with reports on these crimes.


      "Moreover, in those cases where Israel does build on private Palestinian land, the Attorney-General and the High Court of Justice review cases and return the land to the Palestinians if they prove their case. "baker

      Sure they do , but try proving your case if you are a Palestinian arguing it in a zionist kangaroo court.

      There is lots more of this propaganda in the article.No pay wall so read it and cringe or preferably , just laugh.

  • The Jewish establishment has banned these four valiant Jews. Why?
    • "The gangster who runs Hillel" .

      Why not indeed.Anyone who supports ethnic cleansing, land theft and war crimes fits the description of gangster. A co conspirator , iow.

      " worse or better or the same as the atrocity of netanyahu speaking before congress".Yonah.

      I agree Yonah. Atrocious is a much better word.

      Btw, the atrocity is in the making and will be along soon.

    • "What word do you want me to use to capture the opprobrium of the speaking ban, Yonah? - PhillipWeiss.

      Yonah only asks questions he never has an answer for.

  • Video: Max Blumenthal on the ways Zionism exploits anti-Semitism
    • "You really are unbelievable. What island? What uninhabited place? " hopknee.

      Remember , "A land without people for a people without land".

  • Day before deadline, Iran negotiations coming 'down to the wire' and Netanyahu still hopes to play spoiler
    • It seems to me that nothing short of "Wiping Iran of the map" would suit Nietanyahu and for someone else to do it for him. Israel wants to hold on to it,s hegemony in the ME so it can continue attacking at will any Arab country it decides is against it,s policies in Palestine and the ME in general.

      This rogue criminal entity needs to be held to account once and for all time .It should be told the only way to for Iran to allow inspections of it,s nuclear programs is for Israel to open up it,s illegal nuclear facilities and give up it,s 100 plus Nukes .

      The international MSM should mention Israel,s nuclear arsenal every time reference is made to Iran,s alleged Nuclear weapons program.It,s all about putting things in perspective.

  • Clinton and Cruz both betrayed Obama's foreign policy yesterday
    • The lion and the Chihuahua .

      Funny ain,t it.We have the most powerful animal on earth taking orders from the smallest animal who constantly snaps at his /her feet.Snarling and sometimes taking a nip and then yelping and screaming victim when the lion strips his / her teeth.

      Would that the lion would just once take a chunk out of this petulant nuisance and put us all (especially the Palestinians ) out of misery.

      Perhaps "fritz" , with Mooser,s kind permission , could earn his keep and put "Pooky " in it,s place.Failing success with that , then send in Leo.

    • Question for our more knowledgeable contributors??.

      Hypothetically speaking--If Obama abstained on a UN resolution recognising Palestine as a full member State or even supported such a UNSCR, could the Republicans , assuming they won the next election , (heaven forbid) put forward a resolution negating said UNSCR.I understand Russia, China , France or Britain could veto it.Just thinking out loud.

      Meantime Israel would keep building illegal squats and push forward with their decades long goal of a greater Israel thereby leaving zero to negotiate about and proving they are not a partner in peace.Seems to me , Israel is screwed either way as there will still be 4 to 5 million Palestinians to deal with.They are not going anywhere.

    • " An aide to Obama called Malcolm Hoenlein, the executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish American Organizations, and asked him to call Hillary Clinton to see if she would be “agreeable” to being named secretary of state. "

      Wtf , who is running the USA.

      Major Jewish orgs or the officials elected by , "AMERICANS.

  • Netanyahu says US is part of new 'axis'!
    • Meantime , Shurat doing their bit for the zionist entity.

      "Shurat Hadin on Monday filed a war crimes complaint with the US Department of Justice against a range of Hamas commanders for indiscriminate rocket fire against Ben Gurion Airport during the summer Gaza war.

      The complaints by 26 Americans on flights which were redirected or cancelled or were present at the airport on July 22 when most American and international airlines cancelled their flights due to rocket fire which struck close by, were filed with the DOJ ".

      link to

      Why are these lawsuits not being filed in Israel.Can I sue Israel for crimes committed against Palestinians in the USA.

      Not to worry though , Shu-rat Had-in, have a lousy track record so far.

    • Nietanyahu is the best friend the Palestinians have had so far.He is indeed a partner in peace , albeit , unintentional.

      Just imagine the audacity of accusing the nation that has given you 150 billion dollars, (by some estimates), since 1949 of being some part of an evil axis.Wake up America.You are being had.

      link to

  • 12 pretty good signs you're vacationing in an apartheid country
    • "pre-state terrorism like that employed by the Irish -" Leahj.

      Leahj , just to clarify!!.

      Terrorism in Northern Ireland had two players.Firstly the IRA who were acting to gain freedom and equality from the Unionists , (UVF-UDR et al ) who were acting to prevent that freedom and control the nationalists, (mosly catholics) much in the same way Israel,s zionists are controlling Palestinians through State terrorism.

      Which group is worse ?. I will leave that to the readers to decide.

  • Tipping point?
  • Thousands in Ramallah mourn Ali Mahmoud Safi, 20, killed by Israeli soldiers while protesting
    • Thanks for the response Harry,I watched the Arab Summit today on AJ and Abbas spoke for some 10 minutes.The usual whining , albeit justified , but coming from someone who is a gutless coward who has failed his people miserably.He needs to seek statehood for Palestine , NOW and take advantage of the rift between Obama and Nietanyahu.If Obama vetoes such a resolution , then Abbas should dissolve the PA and hand the keys to Israel and start seeking equal rights for all Palestinians .

    • it’s getting more unbearable to read, especially since things were supposed to change after Netanyahu’s extreme evil was completely unmasked. "Just

      Just, Israel has no intention of stopping the killings.They need to get a violent response from the Palestinians so they can then claim they are the victims.Preferably for them this would happen after Palestine is recognised by the UN .We will then be told , "we told you as soon as they got their "State"they would turn it into an Islamic terror entity. . Rest assured , the zionist dirty tricks dept is working overtime. They have come this far and are not giving up.Look for matters to get worse.We are dealing with megalomaniacs and religious fanatics.

  • CUFI Leader John Hagee confirms Christian Zionism is anti-Semitic
    • “Pat Robertson: ‘Was the co-pilot a Muslim? Why did he want to kill all those people?’" Just

      I must be spending too much time around zionists.That was the first ,(very fleeting ) thought that came to my mind.

      Is someone smoking ziocaine in the room.

    • "Hagee asserted that God sent Hitler as a “hunter,” in order to “hunt them [Jews] from every mountain and from every hill and out of the holes of the rocks … to get them to come back to the land of Israel.”

      Hagee, point of order!!.

      Israel was not created until 1948.Hitler was long dead.I guess Netanyahu has taken over that task.

      BTW, I am a Catholic ( non practicing ) and was taught that we are the chosen people and "anyone " who is not one of us on "the last day", will go (or is that can go) to hell.No last minute conversions .You had your chance to convert but you screwed up .Tough luck.One thing that bothers me is , I will have to be in the company of all of Israel,s leaders .I guess I had better get religion , again.

  • Emails show Missouri museum canceled 'Ferguson to Palestine' event under pressure from Jewish group
    • Sorry, it seems like I touched a raw nerve there. i was just trying to be helpful."catalan.

      Hasbara fail .

    • catalan , it is hard to lend credibility to your posts.Most folks as highly educated as yourself are aware of the function of the reply button.Take a few hours and learn the basics..

      "English is not my first language. Bulgarian is. It's just hard for me to take seriously people discussing law, politics or economics when they don't know third grade grammar of their first language. Grammar itself is not indicative of substance of course. However, it does tend to show the quality of one's education and willingness to learn basics" catalan

      link to

    • "Amigo, I see what happened here. You are offended that I only invited Seafoid to the U.S. You can come as well. We love the Irish here. " catalan.

      Hate to burst your bubble catalan but I spent best part of 30 years in America and I was there legally , unlike you in some places.

      So no need for your invitation.I was probably there before you were a perri winklle in your daddy,s eye.

    • "i’m not even a journalist. i’m a blogger. ;)" Annie.

      Don,t knock it Annie.Much better than being a "bloggerhead".

      Catalan /Hopknee/Yonah / Jeff B , (wasn,t he referred to as blockhead somewhere?? --tosefta come to mind jeffy boy), et al.

    • Zionist are like children who stay out a tad late and then are afraid to go home and face the music .So they stay out all night somehow believing the whole affair will blow over.

      Unbelievable adolescent behaviour and cowardice.Keep digging folks, the trench will eventually cave in on you.

  • [1]-[2]-[6]-[20]: A regional strategy for sustainable peace for Israel/Palestine
    • "As to the EU stance on the 67 armistice line, it borders on the ridiculous since the Palestinians themselves have conceded that they are willing to consider land swaps beyond the 67 lines."Walid

      I agree Walid, it,s hard not to be cynical given the plethora of disappointments experienced over the last few decades but I believe that far more open criticism of Israel,s poliocies/actions is coming from all quarters than seen heretofore.The worlds patience is wearing thin and leaders are making clear their position on Israeli intransigence and what might be done to oppose it.Gone are the willy nilly references to "Unhelpful " or Unilateral actions " by Israel and are now being replaced by clear reference to Illegal annexation and actions contrary to international law.This is new .Of course it will take time to see real action but from where I sit , the bubble has burst and zionists cannot put the paste back in the tube.

      In any event if Israel with the EU,s passive objections realises it,s goal of the so called "Greater Israel , then they will have to deal with Palestinians seeking equality and the vote.Either way , Israel is f----d .

    • Speaking of applying force, these proposals from the EU are interesting.EU plans to pressure Israel as diplomat warns of 'collision course'

      "Leaked report outlines 40 suggestions to sway Israeli policy; EU source: more chance of implementation in wake of Netanyahu rejection of Palestinian state.

      Elior Levy
      Latest Update: 03.25.15, 17:31 / Israel News

      "We are on a collision course," said the European diplomat. "It's clear to everyone in Brussels that there must be a response to these statements."

      The diplomat said the EU does not believe Netanyahu's subsequent backtracking on the creation of a Palestinian state. He added that Europe is interested in having a positive relationship with Israel, but considers Israel to be an entity that does not extend beyond the Green Line – the boundaries of Israel from its founding in 1948 until the 1967 Six-Day War.

      "If Israel continues its policy beyond the Green Line, it will affect the relationship between European nations and Israel," he warned.

      The heads of diplomatic missions in Jerusalem and Ramallah recommend several steps in the report, and the majority of the 40 recommendations may be hard for Israel to swallow.

      The European source hinted that the election results and expected formation of a right-wing government in Israel mean the recommendations will be taken especially seriously by the EU. "y net.

      link to

      The 40 suggestions are listed but are very small print and I could not copy and paste.Worth a look though.

  • On Netanyahu's apology to Palestinian citizens of Israel
  • In Israel, the mask is finally off
    • "Don’t be so envious, come to this country instead and you can be “comfortable” as well." catalan.

      Envious of what??.

      A law breaking, war mongering, land stealing oppressive compulsive self serving pariah state sans borders on it,s way out.

      I suggest you seek help catalan.And do it soon.And dare I say , Seafoid is hardly likely to be comfortable in such a poisonous environment and that you are says it all .I would afford you the emotion of pity if you deserved it.Au contraire, you only deserve disdain and disgust.

      As to your remarks about Jews studying for decades , that is pure racism.Jews, (not all ) are destroying houses.Is that what takes decades of learning.

  • Jeb Bush bashes Iran talks as 'foolish' and hails Israeli settlements as 'new apartment buildings in Jerusalem'
    • "Hmm… How realistic is it that one of these republican psychopaths will actually become POTUS? These are very scary people " Bornajoo

      Is it me or are republican wannbe potus candidates getting more and more brainless over the last forty years. If you start with dumbya and work back to say, Jerry Ford , I think you will find their IQ levels have been declining notably.Maybe Bush sen had some brains but he seems to have forgotten to pass it along to dubya and jebby.I guess Smart Presidents are too difficult to steer in the right direction.

    • "That’s right, Jeb. And it’s clear that you don’t have the requisite maturity and strategic sense. "Eljay

      Very true , but he knows how to fellate a donkey.Two at a time if necessary.

      I could understand Irish politicians playing the same game by out US ing each other.Ireland has a population of just over 4 million but to see a nation of 300 million being told their leaders must bow to Israel (7 million) ,makes me embarrassed for Dick and Jane.

      American democracy is one sick puppy and someone should call a vet.

  • The liberal Zionist lament: Joe Klein and Jodi Rudoren try to explain away Israeli racism
    • "This paper is very interesting on the subject of bias ” - See more at: link to" seafoid.

      Euphoric conditions.A national blindspot.Misjudgements embedded in collective psychology .The paper could well be referring to zionist group think.

      "To date, analyses of Ireland’s property bubble and consequent banking crisis, while isolating many important institutional factors, have mostly fallen back on psychological generalisations to explain this array of consequential misjudgements. Regling and Watson (2010) refer to “euphoric conditions”, a “national blind-spot” and misjudgements that were “embedded in collective psychology”. Honohan (2009, 2010) describes how the banks were caught up in the “mass psychology” of the bubble; a “construction frenzy”; international financial markets were “hysterical”; government policy created “a climate of public opinion which was led to believe that the party could last forever.” Whelan (2010) pins the blame more straightforwardly on “over-optimism”, especially in relation to the likelihood of the continuation of Ireland’s abnormally high economic growth. In addition to hypothesising the existence of herding and groupthink, Nyberg (2011) refers to a national “mania”; Fitz Gerald (2011) calls it “madness”."

  • American Jews are taking back their power from Israel
    • "What I am most struck by is the lack of a significant response to Obama’s recent statements critical of Nethanyahu. Perhaps I missed it but AIPAC seems quiet right now. What are up to? -" .Tovio S

      I bet the zionist false flag dept is working overtime.Israel needs a few suicide bombings or some other method of arranging a mass killing of Israeli Jews to steady the ship.

      The loss of the victim status has to be reversed at any cost.What are a few dozen Jewish lives compared to losing the Greater Israel.

    • "or General Douhet, it was crucial that war be regarded ‘unemotionally, like a science’." marc b.

      Until one of the pilots goes down and is dealt with by the victims .Watch for the unemotional response then.

      I bet you hopknee loved that summary.Right up his zionist alley.Especially the part about killing women and children.

    • "what I would pay to be your shrink." marc b to hopknee

      Yes indeed, there is enough material there for a 4 week conference.

  • I want my country back
    • "Wasn’t Gordon “Greed is Good” Gekko in Wall Street based on Michael Milken"? Lysias.

      Yep , played by everyone is a an antisemite Michael Douglas.

    • OT .

      "Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein told a packed audience at the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s National Tribute Dinner Tuesday night that the way to combat the new wave of anti-Semitism is to “stand up and kick these guys in the ass,” the Los Angeles Times reported.

      “It’s like, here we go again, we’re right back where we were [before the Holocaust],” said the 63-year-old Weinstein after accepting the Wiesenthal Center’s Humanitarian Award. “We just can’t take it anymore [from] these crazy bastards.”

      Better cover your butts guys.Those inglorious bastards are out to get you.

      link to

      More from the same article!.

      "The other bequests include “a gift of $10 million from the world-renowned philanthropist and chairman of the Milken Institute, along with his wife, Michael and Lori Milken ..."

      Philanthropist ??.Didn,t he help himself to some 600 million of other peoples money and managed to live the good life in prison in Pleasanton Ca.Zionism has so many Kings , some pushing junk bonds and others pushing junk peace talks.

      Amazing that these people would accept a gift from a criminal to build a museum in Jerusalem , (occupied territory).It is to be named "The Museum of tolerance" and is to be run by the Simon Wiesanthal centre.Well , I can see why they call it a museum of tolerance.

    • "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on his Facebook page that it was no accident that one of the first calls he had made after the election results were released last week was to Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett." J POST

      link to

      And here is why.

      "On February 2012, Bennett published a plan for managing the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, called "The Israel Stability Initiative."[21][22] The plan is based in part on parts of earlier initiatives: "Peace on Earth" by Adi Mintz and the "Elon Peace Plan" by Binyamin Elon, and relies on the statements of the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Likud party ministers that spoke in favor of unilateral annexation of the West Bank. Bennett opposes the creation of a Palestinian state: "I will do everything in my power to make sure they never get a state."[25]" wiki

      link to

      No comment needed.

    • "I saw the headline on paper too, and someone enriched the NYT by yet another $2.50 it doesn’t deserve."Pablemont.

      True but let,s all add $2,50 to our next contribution to MW so truth gains more than the propaganda being dispelled by the NYT.

    • We have a saying in Ireland and I believe I have also heard it in the UK which goes like, "Your,e twisting things around". This is usually the response one receives after pointing out the facts to someone who has lied or made an incorrect statement/claim or otherwise.The idea is to refuse to accept being wrong and to blame the person pointing out the truth.

      Zionists have played this game for decades.It is always the most recent attack on Israel that started the whole conflict.All of Israel,s 50 plus years of aggression and crimes are conveniently dispatched to the bin of selective memory and anyone who try,s to raise them is twisting things around.

      It is always far easier to remember the truth as it is constant.Lies build on themselves exponentially and eventually form a rope around the perpetrator,s neck and cut off their oxygen.Israel is in this mode and is hanging it self.That the NYT is a party to this is truly astounding but they too will pay a price for their traitorous actions.

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