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I am Irish with a profound interest in the Palestinian /Israeli conflict.

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  • Nabi Saleh march highlights Palestinian children, including 14-year-old girl in Israeli custody for a month
    • "the prosecution of those who did that dastardly act last July, I assume, is proceeding apace. " Yonah.

      Proceeding apace.Don,t make me laugh.

      "and, no, I don’t care to enlighten you, turkey." yonah

      So why did you respond .

      What,s with the name calling Yonah. Clean your screen.It,s got spittle all over it.

    • While on the subject of accountability ziostyle , has anyone heard how the prosecution of the terrorists who burned the Palestinian child to death is proceeding.

      How long has it been now. 6 months.Any of their homes been demolished as of yet.Where is that swift arm of Justice that is applied to Palestinian suspects.

      Yonah /Jon s, care to enlighten us???.

  • Zero (0) Palestinians quoted in 'NYT' piece on rift between US and Israel
    • "that this is all about enhancing netanyahu’s image at home where insulting the US president looks good where it matters>the israeli electorate." Annie.

      Translated means that if Nietanyahu is elected , then the majority of Jewish Israelis agree with his view that Americans are dumb s---s and are there to serve Israel,s needs at the expense of their own.Sure , Dick and Jane , keep sending Yossi and Jodi your hard earned dollars and keep up the diplomatic cover at the UN while our beloved Bibi insults your leader and gives him a swift kick in his family Jewels when he gets out of line.

      Pathetic behaviour by the most powerful nation on this planet.

  • Netanyahu speech could allow Obama to 'take on the Jewish lobby' as he took on Cuba lobby -- Indyk
  • 'NYT' perpetuates myth Israel was 'fighting for its very survival' during 1967 war
    • "Amigo, sure, why bother getting your facts straight? Why not just hate ‘em all? -"jons

      It only took one google search to come up with the goods on this racist bigotted so and so.

      The Israeli minister for tourism Rehavam Zeevi, who has been assassinated aged 75, was so rightwing that he barely remained within the outer perimeter of political acceptability. He advocated the "transfer by agreement" of 3.3m Palestinians from the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza to the 21 Arab nations of the region. This policy, he argued, would "cure a demographic ailment". Somewhat slyly, last February he reminded liberal detractors that it was the Labour party that had invented and carried out the first "transfer" of Arabs, in 1948.

      There were moments, however, when Zeevi's rationalist mask slipped, as when he condemned Arabs working illegally in Israel this year as "lice" and "cancer". On various occasions he called George Bush senior an "anti-Semite and a liar"; Yasser Arafat a "viper" and "war criminal"; while former Labour prime minister Ehud Barak was plainly "insane".

      Hours before being sworn in as tourism minister last March, he vowed to quell the Palestinians' second intifada by finding their "weak spots and pressing them until they come to us on all fours begging for a ceasefire". In April, Zeevi called on the military to destroy Arafat's house.

      link to

      I always get my facts straight jons .Unlike you who sought to defend this criminal racist bigot.

    • In the photo , the General on the right -with sunglasses- is Rehavam Ze’evi, not Uzi Narkis. - jon s

      So what , you,ve seen one war criminal , you,ve seen em all.

  • Shit dead rabbis say about gentiles
    • And this rabbi is revered like a saint in Israel and the US alike. " oyvey

      Well revered enough to plaster his bigotry all over buses in the so called land of equality for all--if you are Jewish that is.

    • He is not alone in this racist bigotry.

      "Rabbi Ovadia Yosef: Gentiles exist only to serve Jews "

      link to

      And they ask , why do they hate us so.

  • Independent investigation details Israel's deliberate targeting of civilians in Gaza
    • "I have very little interest in what this “independent” investigation “uncovered.” DS

      Of course it is independent.Israel always refuses to co operate or take part.You think the world should stop turning because Israel wants to get off.Clearly an " independent ", "Israeli " , "investigation" would "uncover "the "facts" eh DS.And I am sure Israel could conclude such an investigation in say ---two hours, unlike those time wasting Jew hating antisemites from the UN.

      You zionists are such a hoot.It is so much fun watching you twist and turn and tie yourself into ever increasing knots.

    • I am unable to view the percentages clearly.Must be my Laptop.

      In any case , the pie chart shows the true story.

      2 % were carrying weapons. So 98% were either ,

      1, Evacuating 7%.
      2, Out in the street 27%
      3, Hospital 1%
      4, UN shelter 2%
      5, At Home 49%
      6, At the home of a neighbour or relative 13%
      7, Hazardous site 1%.

      So a total of 65% were injured while inside.So much for pin point ops.This was clearly an intent to kill as many as possible through a policy of widespread bombardment that was achieved from the air and the use of artillery and tank shells fired indiscriminately.Notable also is the 27% figure for people out in the street.So the most moral army must have bombed or shot at random to harm that number of people.Apparently it did not matter if they were women old people or children.

      About the Hazardous Sites figure, it seems to me that all of Gaza during Protective slaughter was a hazardous site

      The evidence increases in spite of Israel,s attempts to keep the world out of their "internal affairs".

  • Netanyahu speech scandal blows up, and 'soiled' Dermer looks like the fall guy
    • I say let Nietanyahu make his speech.Let Americans hear what he has to say.

      Then pounce on him and the traitorous Israel firsters .It is time Dick and Jane who provide the 3.5 billion dollars each year to this pip squeak tin pot nation who considers them as morons to be used in the pursuit of a racist, oppressive and ethnocentric criminal nation that sticks it,,s fingers at democratic principles, get to know the facts.They should know these traitors work hand in glove with Israel,s leaders to spill American blood to protect those who could care less about American interests.

      It is time to remove this blood sucking parasite from Americas neck and consign zionism to the bin of history.

      If and that is a big if , there are Israeli pols genuinely willing to end the occupation and get out of Palestine and live in peace with all their neighbours , then and only then , should America engage with Israel.Absent that, the USA should end all support for Israel, both monetary and diplomatic.We will then see how long the State of Israel survives.

  • Surprise-- 'NYT' publishes straightforward report on Israeli human rights violations in Gaza
    • "I don’t need to resort to hasbara. A report that does not even discuss the use of human shields by Hamas "Mayhem

      Just like every Israeli report that includes references to the IDF beating children or the theft of money and equipment from private family homes or pissing on their beds or scribbling anti Muslim insults on their walls.

      Take a hike Mayhem.You are full of hasbara.

  • Report accuses Israel of targeting Gaza's water facilities
    • Ireland,s TV Station is reporting " Hizbollah attack kills 2 Israeli soldiers.Israel responds to this attack.Those poor Israeli soldiers , minding their own business are attacked by those Hizbollah terroreeeests trying to drive the, (sorry--all )Jews into the sea.

      As usual , it is reported in such a manner as to make it look like this attack came in a vacuum.No mention of the attack by Israel 10 days ago.No mention of the IDF being outside it,s borders digging holes in someone else's sovereign territory.Looks as if it is too sensitive at this time of remembering the Holocaust.

      The report seems as if it was written by the Israeli embassy in Dublin.

  • PA arrests Palestinian student for 'insulting a public official' on Facebook
    • "but why at 2:30 am?"Annie.

      You don,t expect the IOF would pass up a chance to disrupt Palestinians lives in the wee hours.That,s standard policy

      It,s tough watching illegal squatters at their prayer not to mention the boredom. A member of the most moral army has to have his/her diversion.There might even be a few bob in it as well as the need to defecate somewhere. Perk of the job , I guess.

    • Looks as if someone spiked Abass,s drink with a helping of ziocaine.

      I wonder what would happen if he insulted an "Israeli " official.

      House demolition, expulsion, administrative detention.

      For starters.

      Question for the PA !!. Why hand Israel a gift like this on a silver platter.

  • French Jews, surrender to terror in the baguette capital and move to the land of legal terror!
    • "Bibi and Sara [Netanyahu] will give you a cake…"LW

      No , they will put a pizza on their side of the table and then set up fake negotiations while they devour it all.

      Don,t bother with the grace before meals.

    • "Statistics show that 9 out of 10 nonJews who use the phrase “chosen people” in reference to the Jews are in fact people who hate Jews."Yonah.


      "In Judaism, "chosenness" is the belief that the Jews, via descent from the ancient Israelites, are the chosen people, chosen to be in a covenant with God.

      The idea of the Israelites being chosen by God is found most directly in the Book of Deuteronomy[1] as the verb bahar (בָּחַ֣ר (Hebrew)), and is alluded to elsewhere in the Hebrew Bible using other terms such as "holy people".[2] Much is written about these topics in rabbinic literature. The three largest Jewish denominations— Orthodox Judaism, Conservative Judaism and Reform Judaism—maintain the belief that the Jews have been chosen by God for a purpose. Sometimes this choice is seen as charging the Jewish people with a specific mission — to be a light unto the nations, and to exemplify the covenant with God as described in the Torah."

      link to

      Well , gollie, it looks as if most Jews are Jew haters.Better take your issue up with the folks who penned the Torah , Yonah.

    • "Nicely done, amigo." Just


    • "Let me know when you’ve spent some time living as a member of the French Jewish community," hoppy

      How can I .I would have to change my religion.

      You , otoh are free to live in France and gain citizenship while remaining a Jew.

      Mind that bump on your forehead hoppy.

    • Message from Israel to the terrorised and down trodden Jewish French Citizens .

      "Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she
      With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,
      Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
      The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
      Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
      I lift my lamp beside the golden , "Dome".

      Come help us build a Juden Staat that is free of Arabs.
      Help us expel these illegal squatters from God,s holy land
      Come claim your patch of Yisrael , given to you as one of the chosen people.

  • Hillel campaign to ‘thwart’ divestment exposed at University of South Florida
    • The Zionist goal is to thwart peace at very opportunity.

      Case in point !!.

      Dermer , Boehner and bibi and their efforts to destroy any chance of a peaceful outcome to the Iranian negotiations.

  • Phila Inquirer publishes a lie: 'Anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are one and the same'
    • When I was young during the "troubles " ,(modern version of "The Irish Question",) I hated England for all the crimes it committed against my fellow Irishmen and women.I did not hate all English people.I loathed Thatcher and Heath and all the other "Brutish" leaders who managed Britains cruel policies against my people.

      Are these stupid zioinsts suggesting they are different.They sound like very desperate folks who know the screw is tightening around the neck of zionism and is slowly squeezing the life out of it.

      Good riddance and if that makes me an antisemite , then I wear that badge proudly.

  • Former Obama aide's thinktank calls for 1/4 of French Jews to move to Israel
    • "120,000 French Jews for Israel? Piece of cake;" Walid

      Yep , getting Jews there goes much faster than getting rid of those damn squatter Palestinians who still insist they have more rights to Judea /Samaria than our chosen brothers and sisters in exile in anti semitic and Jew hating France where danger lurks down every Boo lavard.

      I don,t think the leaders of any country are going to be happy watching zionists poach some of their best citizens on a false and insulting premise.

      Zionists are leaving a stench behind them wherever they have stopped off to use other people until it is time desert the countries who have educated and nurtured them.Bloody ingrates.,

  • End the silence -- Support Palestinian refugees in Yarmouk
    • Palestinian refugees have been spread to so many locations it is very difficult to explain this to the ordinary ill informed European.They tend only to think of Gaza and secondly the West Bank.

      The plight of the Palestinian refugees in Yarmouk works well as a response to zionists who rattle on about the 200,000 dead Syrians.They usually have no idea what I am talking about.Must have something to do with self denial and disowning any zionist responsibility for this tragedy.

  • Tell your congressperson: Don't attend Netanyahu's speech
    • Beware the Ides of March Mr Nietanyahu.

      The American people , who keep your tin pot border less nation in business in spite of your insults and self serving actions are wearying of you.

      Beware the sleeping bear because once they go against you , there will be no turning back.Proceed at your peril.

  • 'NYT' and Matthews warn that Netanyahu speech to Congress could lead US to war
    • It seems to me that the best way to counter this move by the republicans is to invite Rouhani to address the joint Congress.Let the American people make up their minds about where/why their sons and daughters should give their lives .

      Equal opportunity in the grand old spirit of the USA.

    • "Then Speaker Nancy Pelosi (over the objections of the Bush administration) violated protocol and led a congressional delegation to Damascus to reignite peace talks between Syria and Israe -"Apollo rants

      I love watching zio apologists tying their own noose.

      Pelosi (for who I have no respect) at least was seeking to foment Peace.Your shower of war mongers are attempting to foment war.

      See the difference .

      Btw, I thought that Apollo was the Greek God of Healing.Better get a new screen name.Your present one just don,t pass the smell test.

  • Obama won't meet Netanyahu during 'bizarre,' 'historic,' 'unprecedented' visit (Updated)
    • "Hey…isn’t he on Epstein’s passenger manifest with The Hersh and Bubba…and those other under-age con -i-sewers? " CG

      Not sure about that but he has had a run in with a minor before.

      link to

    • "This is really bad news and I’m furious. So is everyone else who is hoping and working for a change, for bringing Netanyahu down."

      Now , now jon s, you are talking treason.Seeking the overthrow of King Bibi who is in a long line of Jewish kings who have ruled the Jewish Nation since time immemorial .Beware , lest you lose your head or worse , be cast out of the tribe and sent amongst the infidels in far off Europe never to make aliyah again.

    • Here,s a laugh from boehner!.

      "House Speaker John Boehner today called NSA leaker Edward Snowden a “traitor” who put Americans at risk by releasing classified information to the media."

      link to

      By way of balance , here is boehner commending his commander in chief, (for a change.)

      "Boehner endorsed President Obama’s characterization of two programs, which allow the NSA to gather information about phone calls made in the U.S. as well as information on foreign suspects collected from major internet companies, as critical to the government’s ability to fight terrorism".

      Same link.

    • "Surely you didn’t expect Israel nnot to be paid (handsomely) for it to test US weapons against Palestinians "Les

      Which raises the question??.

      How much will the Israelis expect to be paid for all that political effort to talk the US into going to war to save Israel.I mean , Israel,s leaders have spent vast hours on this project which could have been spent on Israel,s home front .American intransigence is very costly to Israel.

    • Gee, I wonder if future headlines might look like this !!.

      "Dershowitz , Boehner and Prince Andrew linked in scandal.

      One can dream.

    • One might be forgiven for thinking that It was Israel who had given the USA circa 149 billion dollars since 1949 and bought their unfettered loyalty to the so called light unto the nations.

      link to

    • Let nietanyahu take a bus to the congress.If he wishes to bypass the usual protocols then treat him as he deserves to be treated.He looks as if he needs some excercise.

      link to

  • Living in Israel isn't the solution to antisemitism
    • "Today, Manuel Valls announced his intention of undoing the ghettos of France by relocating certain sectors of the poplulation to avoid having the underprivileged all concentrated in same schools or same ghettos."Walid.

      Amazing what a little push from the right people can achieve.

      "Maariv today published an astonishing story. Anyone reading this blog is used to the brutishness of the Shin Bet. But usually it’s reserved for Palestinians, Arab journalists, and air travelers with Arab “racial” profiles. We would never expect it to be meted out to the elected leader of a country that is an Israeli ally.

      On the day of the memorial service for those slain in the kosher supermarket attack, Prime Minister Manuel Valls sought to take his seat in the synagogue with the President, Francois Hollande and Israel’s leader, Bibi Netanyahu. As he approached his seat, his path was blocked by a Shin Bet agent who refused to allow him to pass until Netanyahu had taken his own seat. According to Valls, the agent grabbed his arm and forced him to wait until the Israeli had seated himself.

      Valls shouted at him in French and English:

      You don’t make the rules here. You provide security for the prime minister of Israel, that is all." Valls.

      link to

      I guess Valls showed who makes the rules in France, eh.

  • Congress invites Netanyahu to rebut Obama on Iran, and White House slams 'breach of protocol'
    • This is a reply to C & A and American.

      Thanks for clearing up the issue of Campaign limits.

      There ain,t any. Surprise , surprise.(Gomer Pyle)

    • American, I thought there was a limit on campaign contributions in the USA.How do people like Addled-son get away with giving millions to Romney,s campaign.

  • Gaza war blowback? Palestinian stabs 13 on Tel Aviv bus.
    • Mooser,
      Whoa, that was my comment:" jon s

      To which mooser replied!!.

      "Exactly, “Jon s”, that is indeed the punchline. You can’t go out and kill people and then hide behind being a Jew. That’s the joke. Glad you got it"

      jon s , you would have done better to have kept that to yourself.

    • "You see? It’s really not hard to justify attacks on civilians. You just need to think like an Israeli. " MDM

      I was trying to find a post from some years back which described Jewish terrorists as victims of Palestinian terror so not responsible for their actions.Jewish terrorists go insane from their suffering.Palestinians are terrorists no matter what pain they are served .

      I came across the following gem from Johnathan S Tobin at the commentary.It is short but worth reading albeit slightly OT.Read the three comments.

      link to

  • The ‘hasbara’ tweeps who brought down Jim Clancy, and their ties to Israel and the Israel lobby
    • "again…never missing a point to miss the point and continue ranting about Israel anyway."dabakr

      Never missing an opportunity to increase M W,S ratings.See mooser post above.

      Keep up the good work dabakr and hopefully those visiting the site will read your posts .That will be a win for Mondo and the Palestinian cause.

      You really are very special buddy.

    • "Clancy started calling them ‘hasbarists’, which has nothing to do with Charley Hebdo’s cartoons." jack-duh.

      What,s the problem, they are hasbarists , ergo propagandists.

      Anyway , now he is free to speak his mind and thanks to whoever fired him , his gander is up.

      Poor old zios , never take an opportunity to keep their mouths shut.

  • Virulent, violent verbal tactics reveal Dershowitz as a bully, says fellow Israel advocate
    • "I know that Bibi’s administration sat down with the Pals ."jackdaw

      They are Palestinians jerkjaw.

      When you gain a little respect for them, we might give you some.Meantime you are just an ill mannered racist bigot lacking in social skills and basic common decency. IOW a typical zionist of little or no value to the civilised world.

    • We should put the dershbag in a ring with anyone he bullies.We would soon see what this alleged pedophile is made of .I suspect he is a rank coward with out a pair of orbs.

      Despicable man.And hearing it from a fellow zionist makes it all the sweeter.

  • Pro-Israel parliamentary group in Europe says Israelis suffered 'worst' of Gaza conflict
    • ivri, if the EU is so anti Israel , then why do you not call for Israel to end it,s exports to us.It only represents circa 25% of your total exports so no big deal.Also as an additional punitive measure , quit importing EU products and really deliver the double whammy.

      Yep ivri, show those EU antisemitic Jew haters who is da boss.

    • “Whilst thousands of rockets rained down on the country during the latest conflict, Israelis have – between running to bomb shelters – been creating technologies and devising strategies to make the world a better place.” .

      A question.

      1, Which Israelis are they referring to .

      "Israel's Arabs are extremely concerned by the mounting tensions between Israel and Iran and claim that the lack of shelters in their cities will leave them exposed in case a war erupts.

      According to data obtained by Ynet, nearly half of Israel's Arabs do not own gas masks, and most of them would have nowhere to hide in case Israel is attacked.

      "I won’t be able to remain here if a war breaks out. I've informed relatives in Nablus that in case anything happens our family will be staying with them because there are no secure areas in our city," said Ahmed Masarwa, a father of three from Baqa al-Gharbiya.

      "We won't be able to stay here if a war erupts. I don’t want to be a victim of a failed war initiated by a prime minister who cares only for his own interests," Ahmed told Ynet this week. "

      link to

      Another question.Why are these smart highly intelligent and creative Israelis unable to devise a strategy to make peace.Now that would make the world a better place.

      Off to your bunkers folks and don,t come out until you have the answer to ending the occupation and living in peace and security next to your neighbours , allbeit on their ;land

    • Don,t mention ze 50 year occupation or the slaughter of 2200 Palestinians .Oh no, lets just focus on the discomfort and inconvenience for those poor occupiers and the squatters who make it possible.

      Cry me a river.

    • Ireland's FM Charlie Flanagan is a member of the Oireachtas ,(Irish parliament) friends of Israel.His closeness to this propaganda group informs his pro Israel actions , such as convincing Ireland,s PM to vote against the resolution accepting Palestine as a State.On the bright side , he will not hold this position in 2017 as his party is going to suffer a meltdown in the next election.This jerk Flanagan wines and dines with the two zionist criminals who publish propaganda from our the embassy they occupy in Dublin.

      One might laugh at these vile propagandists but they are dangerous as is expected from people who will do anything for money.

  • Story of the living teen
  • To counter radical Islam, we must confront our own hypocrisy
    • Annie forgive steven home alone 1.

      He is new around here and needs breaking in.The ziocaine shot has not worn off yet.

    • Looking at that child cuffed and crying one can only hate Israel more and more .Are those two brave heroes willing to stand up and say we are proud Jews .Are they willing to say, when asked by their parents ,what they were doing that day " We were about our Fathers business".

      "Jesus said to them, "Why were you looking for me? Didn't you realize ... it that ye sought me? Knew ye not that it behooves me to be about my Father's business?".

      Some Father. Some business.Some belief system.Some nation.

  • Netanyahu and Europe’s far right find common ground after the Paris attacks
    • Correct seafoid .In my defence, it has been decades since I had the Gaelic beaten in to me by the same Christian Brother who introduced me to "Lap Dancing".

      Slain leat is usually said to the one leaving and slain agut is said to the one staying behind.Well , that,s the way I remember it.

    • Just , I should point out to you , that slainte means , "Good Health".

      Try , " Slan agut " (pronounced -slawn agut) means good bye.I prefer !! GTF outta here, zionist.


      Btw the way , how did you get that stroke over the a ??.

      oh, I just noticed the slainte was directed at me.

    • France/EU should pass a law freezing the assets of groups deserting the country of their birth to emigrate to a nation that is involved in the oppression of more than 20 % of it,s citizens.If it is ok to prevent Muslims from going to Syria to fight an oppressive leader (Assad) then it is ok to prevent , or at least punish those going to aid and abet in the oppression of Palestinians.

    • "This ambassador and his minions need to be asked to leave Ireland as Trevor Hogan said. "just.

      Well ok , ask them first but I think that would be an exercise in futility, so lets just skip the niceties and kick them out.How about doing it the zionist way and give them 20 minutes to leave.

    • "In this regard, Netanyahu and the far-right share much common ground. He wants a Europe free of Jews – as well as Muslims who undermine Europe’s support for Israel – because he thinks that is in Jewish interests "

      So when he has made France "Juden Frei" , who is next.Australia , Britain, Germany etc , etc.Imagine if any non Jew suggested such a scenario, the screams of antisemitism would be deafening in everyone of those capitals.Where is abe foxman when he is needed to speak out against this .

      As to cleansing France of Muslims , Netanyahu needs to be dragged before the Hague for inciting ethnic cleansing. Who the hell does this miscreant think he is.

      Btw , I am not sure if king bibi realises it but putting all your eggs in one basket is not the best idea.Anyone with one or two med sized nukes could rid the world of Jews quite easily.Who would have thought Jews themselves would realise Hitler,s vile dream for him.

      Go figure.

  • US calls ICC decision to investigate Gaza 'tragic irony'
    • O Canada!
      Land of our forefathers,
      Thy brow is wreathed with a glorious garland of flowers.
      As is thy arm ready to wield the sword,
      So also is it ready to carry the cross.
      Thy history is an epic
      Of the most brilliant exploits.
      Thy valour steeped in faith
      Will protect our homes and our rights.
      Will protect our homes and our rights.

      They protect their homes and rights but deny the Palestinian their right to protect theirs.

      Baird is a hypocrite and hopefully does not represent all Canadians.

    • They know nothing will come of this but they will squeal loudly anyway. "Blownaway

      I agree but if this curtails the travel plans for these criminals, it isn,t much but at least we wont have to listen to them preaching to the rest of us from our own capitals.In addition , a decision against them puts them on record as war criminals and should slow their expansionist activities somewhat and hopefully put their lawn mowing sprees on hold.

    • "As we have said repeatedly, we do not believe that Palestine is a state and therefore we do not believe that it is eligible to join the ICC." US

      Who gives a rats posterior what you believe Usrael.More than 130 (and growing ) countries think Palestine is a State and I bet most Americans in their hearts think so but do not voice their opinion openly due to fear of being accused of being antisemites and Jew haters.

      Let Israel,s criminal leaders squawk all they want.They have had their day and now slowly that is coming to an end.I for one look forward to seeing nietanyahu and bennet and Barak and lieberman and the rest of a long list of the worst criminals of this century standing behind a glass partition answering for their crimes.It is time for justice to be done.

      I wonder if netanyahu will push his way to the front of the queue in prison.I sure hope he does.Some of those chappies do not like being pushed around and king bibi,s security guards will be nowhere to be seen.

  • ICC opens war crimes inquiry into Israel over Gaza war as Palestinians prepare another UN resolution
    • Talknic , what do you think?.Is this Sgt Jeffy Northridge of Haaretz fame.The Arab hater and "Gook" killer who bragged about his exploits in Nam in a very Bennett like manner.

      His posts are much the same as the racist supremacist bile posted on Haaretz and Y,Net news by northridge.

  • On CNN, Boteach lectures two prominent Muslims about freedom they 'enjoy' in US and Israel
    • "well, Israel’s claim is that it did not legally annex the Golan, and every Israeli PM has said they would return it after peace breaks out. "Whizdom

      And every Israeli PM was /is a liar.The whole zionist project is based on a lie.Think " The greater Israel goal that has been the policy of every Israeli Pm since day one.Any other claims are purely semantics and not worth discussing

      Who cares whether or not Israel announces it annexed any given territory.Annexation can only be legal if those being annexed agree to it.Hawaii is a case in point.

    • "Israel passed a law extending civil jurisdiction over the Golan, but didn’t annex it. " Whizdom

      Not so Whizdom. See resolution 497.

      "Israel's annexation of East Jerusalem in 1980 (see Jerusalem Law) and the Golan Heights in 1981 (see Golan Heights Law) has not been recognised by any other country.[11] United Nations Security Council Resolution 478 declared the annexation of Jerusalem "null and void" and required that it be rescinded. United Nations Security Council Resolution 497 also declared the annexation of the Golan "null and void".

      link to

    • Would it be acceptable to publish images of Yaweh atop a D9 bulldozer demolishing Palestinian homes or perhaps dressed as a traffic cop directing vehicles on a Jews only road.And just to pepper the image up a bit , why not show him/her naked from the waist down.

      Would Jewish sensitives be hurt.Would millions take to the streets defending the publishers right to offend.Would a few of the crazies calling for the death of Abass, such as those who posted such threats just a few days ago , do so again but this time against the publisher. Could that publisher walk freely amongst those crazies mentioned above. I think not.

      Would boteach and abe foxman support that publisher.Hell no , they would be up in arms whining and screaming accusations of antisemitism and blood libels and pogroms etc , etc.

      Freedom of speech, right.

    • Someone ought to ask how Israeli citizens can avail themselves of a civil marriage in his so called Western style only democracy in the middle East or how non Jews can get to live in Jews only housing or drive on the Jews only Roads.

      The man is worse than POS .He ls a liar and a bigoted racist

  • Netanyahu's Parisian follies
  • Sadness and anger as 4 Jewish victims of Paris attack are buried in Jerusalem
    • "Funny, isn’t it, amigo? I would think that considering what happened just in the last hundred years no Jew would ever, ever, not understand that States can be terrorist. "mooser

      As you are the resident expert on Ziocaine and without giving the complete recipe away , can you confirm my suspicion that one of the ingredients causes myopia when administered to a willing patient.

    • "Huh. So you are saying the conflict in NI is like the conflict in ME? Essentially fueled by competing nationalist aspirations,, between parties with profound power imbalances, with the weaker using terror tactics and both sides mobilizing sectarian, religious arguments to mobilize support and defend their cause?" Whizdom.

      Firstly, both sides in both conflicts use/d terror tactics.Google UDA/ UVF terrorism.Israel,s actions against Palestinians , ie, "Mowing the lawn" are nothing short of terrorism.

      Secondly , I thought I was clear that the Nationalist (Catholic) side was not trying to create a Catholic State for a Catholic People.The Protestants were the ones who introduced that Religious element, just as are the zionist Jews in the ME.

      You seem to make the same mistake that many do in assuming that the IRA were the only side committing terrorism and that States can do as they please.Ie, GOI against Palestinians and the British Gov against the Nationalists in NI.

      One thing for sure, the British Gov actions in NI look tame in comparison to Israel,s in occupied Palestine.

    • "Would the peace process come sooner if we cracked down on Radical Catholicism?" Whizdom

      Who is , "we" ?? and what has radical catholicism have to do with the conflict in Northern Ireland.

      The conflict in NI was about freedom and equality.If there was any religious radicalism it was the Unionists, who referred to Ulster as a Protestant Country for a Protestant people,even though 1/3 of the population were not Protestant .The Nationalist side happened to be Catholics but their fight was to rid themselves of their oppressors whose religion was irrelevant.

    • Thanks for that seafoid not that yonah and co will take any lessons from it.

      They would worship Mr 3 no,s as in "Never, never never" delivered with copious amounts of virulent spit.

      Had to surrender eventually , even though he caused many many needless deaths , on both sides before he came to his senses.

  • Israel campaigns to block UN human rights findings on Gaza onslaught
    • "Part of the campaign against the UN commission is to discredit its head, Canadian lawyer William Schabas, who has accused Israel of war crimes, crimes against humanity and aggression against Palestinians ."

      Yeah , that,s the ticket, never mind the message, kill the messenger.

      Using Isaeli logic, Marwan Bartghouti should be released immediately and every Palestinian who was found guilty by Israel,s Jewish prosecutors who , if we are to believe Israel,s spokespeople , only started proceedings because they were impartial.Israel should be asked to settle for a defence team that does not believe in Israel,s innocence.Goose-- gander.

      Zionist logic has no competition in the realm of mindless thinking.They seek to turn age old legal procedure on it,s head.Imagine a defendant in a criminal case demanding that his/her prosecutor be impartial and have no preconceived views on his /her guilt or innocence .

      It is mind boggling that they proffer this lunacy but it is evidence of their desperation.

  • Jews around the world know 'deep in their hearts they have only one country, Israel' -- Netanyahu
    • "Clinically speaking….both comments reflect reich ideology…that undesireables must be eliminated. " CigarGod

      CigarGod, perhaps I should have been more explicit.I am referring to flushing Zionist ideology down the drain, which seeks to eliminate Palestinians.Surely you do not oppose the elimination of that particular reich.
      And surely you are not suggesting support for equality and rights for all is the product of a reptilian brain.

    • The latest from those who claim they support a Palestinian State living side by side in blah , blah ,blah .

      "Israel’s minister of housing Uri Ariel wants new Jewish immigrants from France, who are expected to arrive in Israel in record numbers this year, to live in West Bank settlements.

      Mr Ariel, a member of the far-right Jewish Home party, sent a letter to the Yesha Council, the umbrella organisation for West Bank settler communities, instructing them to prepare for the expected influx.

      “French Jews immigrating to Israel undoubtedly sympathise with the Zionist settlement enterprise in Judea and Samaria [the biblical term for the West Bank]. Surely, they would want to settle in one of Judea and Samaria’s communities.”

      link to

    • "with it’s unabashed ill treatment of all ‘others’
      Israel is like the dirtiest of the worlds toilets"michelle.

      Yeah and all we need to do is to find a way to flush it down and start all over again.Too bad it cannot be recycled but it is far too toxic .

    • Worry not, they would still have the Christian Zios to lobby for them.Your problem would arise when those CZ,S are ready to carry out the foretold end times.

    • All your eggs in one basket.Not a good idea when all those crazies are just waiting out there to kill all Jews.

      Why not leave an adam and eve in each country as a means of recreating the Jewish nation --somewhere, in the event of a Jewish Nakba.

    • Netanyahu should find a career in Human resources---poaching employees from companies he has had business relations with.It would however turn out to be a very short career.The man could care less about French Jews and is only interested in using them as fodder for his criminal aspirations.I bet most French Jews know this.

      If French Jews are so unsafe because France does not do enough to protect them , then he should cut off all relations with France and stop all exports to them.

  • Debate over trip to Israel reveals fissures in Muslim American community
    • "Last time I toured a refugee camp it was in an Armoured Personnel Carrier. " jon s

      The trials and tribulations of being a member of the occupying forces .Did you have a lawn mower on board.

      All zionists are elite. At least they think they are.

    • Howdy, Jeff, "B".

      Table for two please.

  • Israeli education minister calls refuseniks 'radical element of reality,' but they're in the 'NYT'
    • If Israel put an an end to it,s war crimes and colonialist project it would not need conscription.

      It,s citizens could turn their efforts to building a different Israel.One where equal rights and justice are given to all.

  • Congress says possible Palestinian unity gov't must recognize Israel as a Jewish state in order to receive aid
    • You have to wonder how serious the US claim is that they do not want the Palestinians to hand back the keys to Israel and let them foot the bill for their occupation.

      They make demands that are impossible for Palestinians to accept and threaten to withhold funding if they are rejected.

  • Settler opens fire at Palestinian market in East Jerusalem; Israeli soldiers arrive to protect settler, arrest Palestinian
    • "A “public security officer” was arrested on suspicion of shooting Ibrahim Issa Suleiman al-Tubasi, 15, while he was working his family’s land south of Hebron " Kate.

      "A “public security officer” .

      A euphemism for "A Jewish hero protecting the rights of Jews returned to their historical , god given homeland" =not guilty and promoted to next highest rank.

    • It is all clear to me now.

      Israel arms a crazy illegal squatter and sends him to shoot up a Palestinian market (not a terrorist act) so they can then kidnap the main victim , clearly for his safety and proceed to arrest, harass and generally abuse dozens of Palestinians who are not even near the place.

      And this is proof that Israel is not an Apartheid nation and does not carry out collective punishment.

      Thanks for the report Kate.I don,t expect to read about this in the MSM.

  • Netanyahu crashes Paris unity march, French gov't fumes
    • "I don’t know, there’s something about “JeffyB”s wide-eyed ingenuousness, his absolute honesty, which makes him quite unique."mooser

      It looks as if he is the same Jeff.He used to post as Jeff Northridge --Penn Valley.There is a Northridge Restaurant in Penn Valley and the contact is none other than , "JEFF B," .

      Coincidence , I think not. Penn Valley has a population of less than 1700 people.Figure the odds.


      "tle: Partial Reason
      Name: Jeff Northridge
      City: Penn Valley State: California
      `…he [Amir Kasab] and his men were sent specifically to kill Israelis to avenge the “atrocities” against the Palestinians…`"haaretz

    • Israeli embassy in Dublin at it again.

      "“We told you so, France.”.

      That appears to be the message implied in a provocative tweet courtesy of the Israeli embassy in Ireland, which posted a photograph on its Twitter account on Wednesday featuring Mona Lisa decked out in Islamic garb while holding what appears to be a rocket.

      The post seems to be a common sentiment among Israelis who are angry over what they perceive as the international community’s inability to empathize with its precarious security situation.

      link to

      One might think they knew it was going to happen.

    • Jeff B , are you by any chance the Jeff Northridge who used to post similar garbage on Haaretz.

      He too was a racist bigoted Islamaphobe and all round Arab Hater .

    • However, as someone who lives in this real-life paradox, I can vouch for the fact that I feel greater security here as an openly practicing Jew than I would in France "robert in the zionist entity

      Have you lived in france???.

      Jews practice openly all over Europe and they will continue to long after zionism is dead you self serving zionist liar.

      " Israel suffers from national insecurity, "

      It certainly does and no surprise what with all those hordes of blood curdling Palestinian 10 yr old jihadis attacking your poor brave unarmed idf heroes and shoving them into the sea against their will and taking over their homes and kicking their families out into the street.
      Of course no mention of the land theft and the ethnic cleansing and oppression of Palestinians.Nah , that has nothing to do with your insecurity.I know that is not the type of national security you had in mind but I am Glad you brought it up , if unintentional.

      You got it bad fella.I am surprised you even have the courage to turn on your pc/laptop ?? in case a hamasoperative might pop up and delete you..

    • "Ireland the Irish-supremicist state every time they are mentioned " jeff b

      What are you rattling on about jeff.Ireland is not a supremacist state unlike Israel , the racist supremacist apartheid most criminal nation in the universe.Oh and the second most disliked and least trusted.

      Surely the whole world cannot be wrong and they are on eljay,s side.Don,t you ever tire of making an ass of yourself and those who you support, not that they need any help.

    • " The prime minister of Israel looks nervous," ABC

      He is basically a coward and it shows in these images.One reasonably loud booh delivered to his ear would cause him to deficate himself and show the French what zionism smells like.

    • "Netaynhau is sailing to easy reelection. So no." jeff b

      Yeah , and he is sailing right into the history books as the PM who did most to destroy Zionism.

      A truly great legacy.

    • "And yet somehow meeting after meeting he is there" jeff b.

      He gate crashed .Did you not read the article.

      He has been persona non grata at the Iran negotiations and his welcome is worn out in Washington evidenced by the notable reduction is his presence at the White house.

      He is a pariah jeff. You should be able to understand that

    • "France has just screwed Israel with its ill-considered vote in the UN Security Council " mayhem.

      I agree, they should have voted for a Palestinian state long ago and talked all the others into following suit.Then they should put forward a motion to have every Israeli leader arrested and tried for war crimes.

      That would be doing Israel a favour .You are right, they have left Israel down by allowing it to carry out it,s criminal acts for so long.

      As to Moslem population of Europe, do not worry we will be fine and happy to know that as a result of all those terrorist Moslem's , Israel will not be seeking to join the EU or ship anymore zionist products to the Jew hating shores of Europe.

    • "The Israeli press is making a big deal about a video circulating showing Netanyahu “wriggling” to move from second row to front row."Whizdom

      Imagine this childish maniac has his fingers on 3 to 4 hundred nukes.

      God help us all.

    • "Before he could step down from the bimah, one of the Jewish leaders grabbed a microphone and launched into a spontaneous rendition of the French national anthem " Lysias

      excuse my French but that is f---ing brilliant.Thanks.

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