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I am Irish with a profound interest in the Palestinian /Israeli conflict.

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  • Latest Netanyahu cartoon says west is allowing ISIS to build 'atomic bombs' aimed at US and Christianity
    • "Out of a fragile democracy, the State of Israel is being redesigned as an area with blurred borders " Just

      Well , that,s an improvement.Up to now, they had no borders.

      Didn,t Yaweh outline borders for his chosen people ???.Just asking.Maybe ivri/mayhem/Jon,s (the teacher) might enlighten us.Or how about Catalan , what with all those graduate degrees and all.

    • "Remind me again why they are considered a valued ally…" Just


      Oh , I see, you mean . A valued ally to Dick and Jane.It would appear that Dick and Jane are quite happy having two cars , (one a truck with tow bar ), and a boat or Motor home and enough to finance the odd trip to nirvana adelson and 150 tv channels.

      Why rock the boat , eh.

    • I asked this question a week ago but got no reply.


      Wasn,t nietanyahu promised finacial/military largess if he kept his mouth shut about the Iran Deal until it was signed or fell through.

      Why is Obama not responding to this interference by nietanyahu.This story was all over the media at the time.

      nietanyahu is like the jerk at a company meeting who just won,t stop asking dumb questions so the rest can get back to work and solve the issues discussed.

      I see what Obama meant when he told Sarkozy that he had to deal with nietandyahu every day.

      I feel the zionists pain , what with BDS starting to hurt Israel and Iran possibly making a deal and The WH not answering the phone anymore and keeping Israel out in the cold.

      Ain,t it "Luverly , luverly".

  • United Church of Christ votes to boycott & divest from companies profiting from Israel's occupation
    • This result took 10 years but future attempts will take far less.

      Another nail in the zionist coffin that is bound to rankle the usual suspects who true to typical self imposed myopia will claim it is much ado about nothing.Where did we hear that response before.

      Big thank you to all those who have laboured for so long to achieve this goal.You have shown others it can be done.

  • Netanyahu issues 'welcome letter' as Gaza flotilla is seized by Israeli navy
    • I presume they are being served milk from "Jewish " cows and lashings of that famous "Israeli " hospitality,(Keep your goy noses out of our business and if you come back again --thump , thump , I think you get the message.),

      I vaguely recall that this is not the first time such a letter was given to Flotilla Peace Activists .Only difference is that Syria and ISIS did not feature in the last one.If anyone knows otherwise , please feel free to correct me.My parents failed but try anyway.

  • In effort to thwart BDS, some Israel supporters urge partial settlement freeze
    • Theer are two items that stand out in the map legend!!.

      1, Barrier no longer needing approval and barrier needing approval.

      WTF. Whose approval.

    • "Lapid said that if Israel convened a regional peace summit in Cairo, with Israelis, Palestinians, Saudis, Jordan, the UAE, and the Palestinian Authority, the photographs that would go out to the world would undermine the BCS movement".

      I presume you meant "BDS " movement.

      In any event , what needs to happen is to put a full freeze on fake peace talks.The Palestinians should flip their finger at any attempt to resurrect the same old time wasting talks about talks about talks.

      Israel will continue killing and stealing and the usual crimes they commit as they know no other way.The illegal squatters will be out in force if any Israeli leader gives up one dunam of the so called "greater Israel".Lapid has reached the outer limits of his imagination and is close to falling into a black hole.

      The 2SS is dead and buried.Let it lie in peace.On with full bore BDS as obviously the zionists are getting very worried about the damage Israel can suffer at the hands of BDS.

      As the saying goes, if you see your enemy drowning , throw him an anvil.

  • My journey from Zionism to Palestine solidarity
    • "Or do you have some mystical measurement of peace which includes doing those things? Would you like to tell us by what measurable and quantifiable doing those things can be measured as peace - " Mooser

      Mooser , Catalan is vying for a Nobel Peace Prize to add to his cache of accolades.He wants to be the first Romanian,American, Arizonian Accountant to earn the prize .

      Don,t spoil his dreams.

    • “Grober”: Why are you living in your parents’ garage in the north Chicago suburbs instead of in Israel? " James North

      Steve is the "Apple" of their eye.

    • Adam , thank you for sharing your journey to MW.

      I am heading into my 7th decade in the near future and having first realised some 25 years ago , where the real problem lay in Israel/Palestine , and watched with horror the brutal treatment of Palestinians , I deeply hope for a resolution to this conflict in my lifetime.I have doubts about that but what I do not doubt , is that the resolution will come as long as people like you and Phil and Scott and Kate and Allison and Alex and Annie and all the others who so tirelessly work on behalf of the Palestinian people as well as your own people , who hopefully will eventually see it that way .I also do not doubt the resilience and bravery of the Palestinian people to rid themselves of the yoke of Zionism with the co operation of like minded Jews.

      I will make a contribution , which is a small price to pay if it enhances, even in a small way, the efforts you and all those who make MW possible.

      Thank you again for enlightening us here in Ireland.

  • In Gaza, the ultimate humiliation
    • Meanwhile at a Jewish "Anti Gay" protest in New York !!.

      "gay pride

      New York City gay pride parade of 2015. (photo credit:JEWEL SAMAD / AFP)

      An extremist Jewish group paid non-Jewish Mexican laborers to protest on their behalf at the New York gay pride parade Sunday and hold up anti-gay signs, the New York Times reported.

      The report showed a picture of the paid protestors wearing Tzitzit, black hats and even fake peyot [sidelocks] in the style worn by hardline ultra-orthodox sects of Judaism as they stood behind a police barricade at the parade.

      When asked by if they were Jewish, one of the protestors openly replied in the negative and stated that they were Mexican laborers paid to be there.

      The signs they held all bore the logo of the Jewish Political Action Committee and had slogans such as "Judaism prohibits homosexuality" and "G-d created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve."

      The paid laborers took the brunt of peoples' rage as parade-goers hurled open water bottles at them and kissed.

      JPAC member Heshie Freed confirmed that the protestors were paid to be there, and added that it was done to prevent yeshiva students, who normally protest at events, from being exposed to the homosexuality on display.

      “The rabbis said that the yeshiva boys shouldn’t come out for this because of what they would see at the parade," he said.

      link to

      gotta keep those yesha boys from the real world.

      Honestly , you could not make this stuff up.

  • Israeli forces shoot 14-year-old Palestinian with live ammo during West Bank march
  • 'Jewish cow' is udderly superior to all other cows in the world, Netanyahu says
    • "For those interested watch live United Church of Christ (UCC) 2015 General Synod in Cleveland, " Kay 24

      Thnks , will try tomorrow. Download is super slow.

    • "What would the human race do if we didn’t have Netanyahu and Israel to help us drink water ? Kate Miranda

      Drink milk from Jewish cows.

      It,s the very best.

    • Well , whaddya know, Now we have Biblical sheep trying to make aliyah after 3000 years in the diaspora.But these are going to the Syrian Heights.

      "A Jewish Canadian couple is on a mission to shepherd a hefty flock of biblical sheep across the world and return them to their native home in the Land of Israel.

      Gil and Jenna Lewinsky, the proprietors of 80 "Jacob Sheep," are trying to bring the animals from their Vancouver home to their place of origin some 3,000 years ago. The Lewinskys and their supporters have launched the Friends of Jacob Sheep organization, through which they intend to establish a heritage park for the sheep in the Golan Heights. "JP

      Apparently the Golan is in Israel.

      link to

      Probably produce the best wool in the world.

    • "I kissed a cow once. I’ll never forget it, she raised her lips to mine and stood on tip-toe, raising one shapely calf behind her." Mooser.

      Thou shalt not covet your neighbours cow , especially with her daughter looking on.

    • "Wander in whenever they feel like it and are milked by robots "CG

      "All jokes aside, robotic milking is easing the workload of Irish dairy farmers

      A cow wanders into a stall, is scanned by a laser and milked without any farmer present. It may read like the start of a joke, but in fact is reality for many Irish dairy farmers, thanks to robotic milking systems.

      The robotic milking system can milk cows at any time without the need for a farmer to be present. Farmers are free to do accounts, work the fields or even run another business.

      Cows choose when to be milked and the data is recorded by the robot which can be accessed remotely by computer or mobile device. Farmers can thus check the health and performance of their herd ." Irish Times.

      link to

    • Anatpick, here in Ireland , some of our farmers are engaging in "Zero Grazing " methods but this is only implemented for 5 months of the year, Oct to Feb , during which time the grass is cut and brought to the cows who are housed in covered buildings.The rest of the year they are free to graze out in the fields and are brought home to be milked.In some cases , they are able to go , at will directly to the milking parlour and be milked by robots.This is supposed to reduce the stress on the cows versus being milked at set times.They pop in , get milked and head back out to graze some more.It should be said , that this is only possible where the farmer has sufficient grazing areas adjacent to his /her milking facilities.More and more farmers are trying to achieve this by implementing "Land swaps".

      There are rogue farmers in every society but I like to think that most Irish farmers do care about the welfare of their stock.

      The zero grazing program was introduced in Ireland in 2007 under EU rules which seek to reduce seepage of harmful chemicals into the nations water table.

      This is a far cry from what goes on in Israel , where as you say the animals are closed in all year and force fed unnatural food stuff.

    • “He’s the King and Chief purveyor of Hasbara! " Just

      A sort of "Trickle down Hasbara".

    • Page: 36
    • "Every time I consider that “Jon s” teaches children, I shudder. Why, I bet “Jon s” tells Israeli children: " Mooser.

      "Where oh where has my precious Tribal Unity gone? It must be herd! " Mooser

      Are you saying Jon S is teaching Arabs and Jews. That might explain where all your TU went.The Arab students are stealing it and intend to share it with Abbas and Hamas to strengthen PTU.

      About all that orthodox stuff , I quit reading it when I got to the part about going to jail for refusing to give the wife a gett.Too funny.Most guys give it all away just to gett the hell as far away as possible.

    • "The Torah portion of the week, read last shabbat, includes the topic of the red heifer.(Numbers, chap.19)" .Jon s

      Can you recommend something in the "non fiction" area.

    • We now know who this little diddy was written about.

      link to

    • My close neighbour is a Farmer and is Catholic.All his cows are baptised and are consequently "Catholic Cows".

      Ireland,s Catholic cows are the happiest in the world and produce heavenly milk which is the best in the world.

  • When will justice's 'thunderbolt' come for Palestine?
    • "Seems like antiwhateverism is ".michelle.

      Priceless --thanks.

    • Beautiful piece Phil.Thank you.

      I am proud that Ireland was the first nation to vote for LGBT rights in approving Marriage equality through a referendum.

      If only Israel would follow our lead in making peace through hard choices and difficult sacrifices. They need to wake up and see the folly of their ways.If they love their Israel so much , how come they work so hard to destroy it.

      There will never be a second chance at having a nation called Israel if they blow this one.

  • In op-eds, church leaders say BDS is moral response to Netanyahu's rejection of Palestinian statehood
    • What we are looking at is the beginnings of a Pyramid scheme but this is a legal version.One person brings in 5 others who in turn bring in five each and so on .

      The trick is to have a product to sell them and surely Peace , Equality and Justice are marketable products. The Churches are in a unique position to achieve this in great numbers.

      Justice will always win in the end.

  • BDS will keep Israeli tanks from moving and F15 from flying, Oren says
    • "Beautiful Photo!
      Thanks for posting it!"S Grover

      I agree, as long as they stay on the ground.

      A better photo would have been one of these murder , sorry , slaughter machines with it,s nose stuck deep in the ground , much like Israel,s leaders and apologists like you.

    • "BDS is not about the territories, not about settlements. You can take out all the settlements, you’d still have BDS. BDS is not about the outcome of the ’67 war, it’s about the outcome of the ’48 war. But BDS uses settlements and our policies toward Palestinians as a tool " Oren.

      Then this !!.

      "He spoke at the 92nd Street Y. Moderator Jonathan Rosen commented, So you do think that Israeli settlement policies are affecting BDS. Oren responded:

      Sometimes– sometimes they make BDS’s work easier for them." Oren.

      No , Israel makes them work easier for BDS.

      It,s the settlements stupid.And the security around them and the Jews only roads and the military law for Palestinians v civil law for illegal squatters and the attacks by said illegal squatters and the night time raids by Israel,s so called defence forces and the daily arrest of Palestinian children and so on and so on.

  • 'We are doing you people a favor by allowing you to be seated here,' Netanyahu deputy tells Palestinians in Knesset
    • This is just a foreunner of what is yet to come from a nation that is heading to self destruction at an ever increasing speed.

      The way these morons bandy about words like Democracy while claiming they are doing their fellow Israeli citizens elected to the Knesset a favour allowing them to be there.This of course also disenfranchises those Israeli citizens who voted for them.

      Gee , I wonder if Miz Rudoren will have a say on this.Anyone in a betting mood.

  • Foreign direct investment in Israel dropped by 50% in 2014 and expert says it's due to the Gaza war and BDS (Updated)
    • I have to wonder if Adelson and co got an advance warning of this just last week and put together that rushed meeting to fight BDS.

      It is great to know that something is getting their gander up.A 50% drop in direct FI is very significant but watch for the usual suspects making like it,s no big deal.

      The number 1 disease amongst Zionists must be self delusion and denial.

  • Leading NY writer likens Edward Said to monster in a horror movie
  • Neocons never fade away, they just get political cover in 'The New York Times'
    • Some of those named would have been part of the "Six Jews in the room"on many occasions.Part of the reason why the so called peace talks never went anywhere.If you want to control a fire , you have to get to the source.

  • Exclusive: Palestine seeks to charge Israel with 'apartheid' and war crimes at The Hague
    • These responses by Israel,s leaders are evidence of desperation.They know that if the ICC starts an investigation , it will be covered in the global MSM and will continue for years.Israel has to be the easiest nation to give rope to and the most enjoyable, to sit back and watch as they swallow it whole and then ask for more.

      I would guess that the folks at the ICC do not take kindly to being treated like unimportant players and will be all the more determined to bring Israel,s leaders to task.A trial in absentia would suffice and result in many of Israel,s leaders being confined to their beloved Jewish state , wherever tha begins or ends , that is.

      Will Israel do another Lawn mowing as a means of sticking their finger at the International community and strengthen resolve against it. Who knows--madmen are prone to do anything when trapped.

  • Tel Aviv University academics debate BDS for the first time
  • In letter to John Kerry, 19 reps stand up for Palestinian children behind bars
    • AIPAC /Adelson and co will have to form another Co -Mitty to fight anti semite congress critters.This s--t has to be nipped in the bud before it spreads and nullifys Israel,s life sustaining hold on Congress.

      Life is getting very tough for these guys. Adelson will have to reduce the odds in his gambling empire and AIPAC will have to up the subscription for members.

      The King of the Jews will have to start collecting more taxes from his subjects if his kingdom is to survive.Send in the royalists and off with the heads of those who do not bow to the king,s demands.

  • Irish activists hit hard against 1st Irish dance competition in Israel
    • "As a young girl, my mother used regularly to walk from her home in the village of Lisdargan near Dingle in Kerry several miles eastward to the town of Annascaul, dance all night at a dancing session in the fields, and walk back home the next morning. Never heard about any priests being in attendance. "Lysias

      Maybe the good people of "the Kingdom" (Kerry) gave the right message to those tyrants and they stayed away.Certainly they were present at parish dances in my youth in the late fifties and early sixties.

      Fortunately their power and influence are greatly diminished.I do not consider all of them bad.I have known some very fine and decent priests.

    • "And frequently not so innocent after the “consultation”. RoHa.

      But the perpetrator is always innocent. A lot like Israel really.

    • Your welcome to Ritzl and ABC.

    • ABC and Ritzl.

      There are quite a few types of Irish Dancing.Step dancing refers to the type demonstrated in River Dance.This can be carried out by one male or female dancer.There are also multiple groups of either gender or mixed. This dancing is very advanced and requires years of practice and dedication.
      My Father was a reasonably good step dancer (on a parochial level) was a purist , that is to say , he would be appalled to see people flailing their arms about in the manner we see today.

      The reason arms and upper body were not used was to keep the focus on "The Feet".That is where the action is.This made the dancing much more difficult but all the more special.

      I am not so sure about hiding from british troops as part of the dance can involve kicking ones feet as high in the air as possible and this would certainly be head high .Sounds like an old wives tale to me.(apologies to old wives).

      There is however some truth in Irish dancing being kept from the clergy.However this mostly referred to the local gatherings in parochial settings , usually on a "Platform" in the open .These were closely watched by the local clergy who usually had very little else to do but police their parishioners and maybe check out the talent , as some of our holy men were known to do.Many an innocent young girl ended up in the Magdalene Laundry as a result of a "consultation" with one of our holy men.

      Hope that throws some light on the subject for you.

      So , put your feet together and get ready .See how many times you can tap your feet in a second.Flatley,s record is 35.Check him out on U tube and you will see what I meant about focusing on the feet.

    • Funny how your post never mentions "Extreme Jews ".

      Mike , you really ought to do a little research before posting ill informed gobshite.

      Ulster is made up of nine counties --three of which are now part of the Republic of Ireland.

      In the Good Friday Agreement , the people of the Republic of Ireland voted to end their right to regain "The Six Counties " by force and to use strictly peaceful diplomatic means to get back their ancient homeland.

      You and the rogue regime you refer to as "The Jewish Heartland " would do well to follow our lead .You might end up with some of your Jewish Heartland.If not --well you just might lose it all.Correct me if I am wrong but there was no Israel until 1948.

      Whether or not our support for the Palestinians meets your approval is of little concern.Suffice it to say , we certainly will never see our history in any way similar to Israel,s.

      Ask yourself why we regularly feature in the top three most liked nations on Earth and Israel is in the top three least liked.

      You must be doing something wrong .

    • "Which is why these people will doubtless be running the same campaign against CLRG’s program in Australia, where the British colonial empire wiped out the indigenous population. Bueller? Bueller? " hopknee

      So , it,s ok for zionists to show they are no better than British /French/Belgian et al oppressive colonialist supremacist murderous regimes.

      Is that your point hopknee.

    • Lysias , in Ireland we always use the word "Nee" when referring to the maiden name of a woman before marriage. It is mostly seen in RIP,S , ie.

      "The death took place on Saturday of , Mrs Grainne Murphy , (Nee Shea)."

      I found it difficult to come up with an exact definition .The Nee is an English version of Ní , I suspect.

    • "there’s almost 2 months before aug 15th, plenty of time to get the word out."Annie.

      The object of the exercise should be to convince the zionists that , the "Jig " is up. Besides , zionists would make lousy Irish dancers .To much foot dragging.

      The plan should be to hold a Feis named "Dance for Palestine".I will pass that along to the folks at "IPAC" , ( I like that ) when I find a link.

    • I agree entirely.The thought of using an activity that is deeply rooted in Irish culture to entertain Israeli Jews who in their droves voted for Israel,s most right wing government to date, is to put it mildly , an insult to us as a nation.

      Will their be a "1st Palestinian Feis". I suggest the organisers of this ill-considered event apply to the GOI for permission to present a similar event in the Occupied territories and watch for the reply.

      Let,s hope saner and more enlightened heads will overcome the naivety of these folks and they will cancel this Feis and send a much needed message to Israel.We do not entertain "Apartheid".

  • When a police officer is actually a soldier
    • "On what basis should I continue to communicate with you, when you make false accusations against me. I am not paid for the “service” I provide. " Yonah

      Truth is Yonah.The service you provide is a disservice to Israel.You certainly should not be paid.

      But Hey, don,t let me stop you..

  • Obfuscating the truth: The UN report on war crimes in 'Operation Protective Edge'
    • "I keep on asking: Is any solution, one-state or two, predicated on an amnesty for Israel and Zionists? I wish people would think about that." Mooser

      They, the leaders and perpetrators of so many crimes for 65 years wont get the death penalty.That,s sufficient amnesty for me.These smug self serving parasites deserve no sympathy or consideration.Lock em up and throw away the keys.

    • "The Jewish killers and torturers and their direct commanders act as they do with official permission. The Palestinian dead and tortured that they have left behind over the past 67 years also have grieving nieces and families for whom bereavement is a constant presence. In university hallways, shopping malls, buses, gas stations and government ministries, Palestinians don’t know which of the people they encounter have killed, or which and how many members of their families and their people they have killed.

      But what’s certain is that their killers and torturers are walking around free. As heroes. " Amira Haas

      What will be needed is a Palestinian Weisanthal to hunt down Zionazis and bring them to justice.Marwan Barghouti would be perfect for the task as he is a long term victim of these vile terrorists and killers and would have the will to stay on their tail.

      Some pleasant (hypothetical" thoughts!!.

      "Today , the former Israeli PM was found stealing coke bottles from a garbage bin in the International City of Jerusalem.He was said to be disheveled and had not washed in two months.He is wanted for War crimes committed against the Palestinian People in Operation Protective edge in which 2200 Palestinians were slaughtered by indiscriminate IDF/IAF, fire , among them some 500 children.

      Netanyahu , claimed that the world is full of anti semites and is out to get him because he is Jewish.He also claimed that Israel was only defending itself , said a spokesperson for the Palestinian centre for the capture of zionist war criminals.

      On a side note , the hunt for Naftali Bennet and the former Israeli FM , Lieberman continues with a new focus on Night club districts in Moldovia , where lieberman started out his career as a night club bouncer. Bennet is wanted for murdering innocent Palestinian civilians and is known for openly bragging about his exploits.

      There are hundreds of zionist killers on the run and Barghouti promised to do whatever is necessary to bring them to trial and answer for their crimes .Last year , Tipzi Livni was found guilty of war crimes and crimes against Humanity , for her part in Operation Cast Lead which lead to the death of 1462 Palestinians , many of them Children. Livni stated she was just doing what she had been ordered to by Ehud Olmert who is still in prison for taking bribes.He will be arrested by Jerusalem City forces on his release and handed over to the Hagus for prosecution for his part in Op , Cast Lead.He is not expected to live long enough to serve out any sentence he will be given."

      The above report was filed by "The Palestinian center for Justice for the victims of Zionist Crimes".

  • Patriots' owner brings 20 NFL veterans to Netanyahu who calls on them to block Obama's Iran deal
    • I thought nietanyahu was being handsomely rewarded by Obama to keep his mouth shut about the "Iran deal".

      Maybe he has the money(or F- 35,s ) already and is reneging on his promise to POTUS.

      You just cannot trust a zionist, ever.

  • Oren pushed Random House to hurry his book so American Jews will 'intercede' to stop Iran deal and save millions of Jews
    • "The goals that Oren has in mind: stopping the Iranian bomb and stopping the French UN Security Council Resolution are not irrational. "YF

      What Iranian bomb.

      As to stopping the French SCR --whats new. Israel has been trying to stop UN Sec Council Resolutions for decades and will continue to do so as long as they interfere with project Greater Israel.Anyone who thinks Israel is interested in any other plan is --well , not thinking.

  • 'NYT' article on UN's Gaza report strains to demonstrate equivalence in suffering
    • This ought to get the zionist,s gander up.

      " UN commission finds evidence of war crimes by Israel, Hamas during 2014 Gaza war
      Commission chair urges international community to act on conclusions of the report - primarily by supporting an investigation by the International Criminal Court in The Hague in to the status of the occupied Palestinian territories."

      An independent United Nations commission of inquiry on Monday released its report on Operation Protective Edge, finding evidence that both Israel and Hamas committed war crimes during the war in the Gaza Strip last summer and calling the devastation caused in the Palestinian territory "unprecedented."

      The members of the commission, which was appointed by the UN Human Rights Council, hinted in their report that the upper levels of the Israeli political echelon were responsible for the policies that led to some of these war crimes.

      “The extent of the devastation and human suffering in Gaza was unprecedented and will impact generations to come” said the commission’s American chairwoman, Justice Mary McGowan Davis. “There is also on-going fear in Israel among communities who come under regular threat.”

      The chairwoman of the commission urged the international community to act on the conclusions of the report - primarily by supporting an investigation by the International Criminal Court in The Hague in to the status of the occupied Palestinian territories. " Haaretz

      link to

      No pay wall.

      Oddly enough , the Haaretz article states the following!!.

      "The commission determined that 1,462 Palestinian civilians were killed by IDF fire during the hostilities, a third of who were children. In contrast, Hamas fired more than 4,800 rockets and over 1,700 mortar shells, which killed 6 civilians and injured 1,600 others."

      I thought the figure was nearer to 2200 Palestinians killed and 72 on the other side of which 65 were IDF.Haaretz must have used the wrong number.1462 was the number killed in Cast Lead.

    • It is too bad the NYT does not get the same severe drubbing for it,s biased reporting on the I/P issue ,it received from Irish people who read it,s outlandish article which attempted to place the blame for the Berkeley accident on the students by focusing on a few instances where some students on previous J1 trips went a bit crazy.

      The NYT is hardly the flavour of the month in political or social circles in Ireland.What is notable is two of the top honchos at the NYT are Irish (by name at least) namely , Margeret Sullivan--public editor and Eileen Murphy--Corporate communications V,P. Interesting they were sent out to calm the waters on the Irish sea.

      It is easy to understand why the NYT always prints lop sided articles that favour Israel.

      The three top people a t the times are Jewish , two of them Ashkenazi Jews.Arthur Salzberger , (Chairman) , Micheal Golden ( Vice Chairman ) and Andrew Rosenthal , (Editorial page Editor).

      I know , I am counting Jews but it is hard to discount the facts in the case of the NYT when trying to understand their bias in favour of Israel.

      I could be wrong and these three folks are of no relevance but I am not ready to make that leap, quite yet.

  • 'Obama coffee' is black and weak -- racist tweet from wife of Israel's vice premier
    • "Good thinking. I don’t feel safe after 6 pm in Downtown Albuquerque and I am a white guy with some martial arts training and in excellent shape. "catalan

      Why would you not feel safe .What with 4 graduate degrees and six languages and martial arts training, ( anything you forgot to tell us) you should be able to handle those dumb Americans who are bad at maths and science and pretty much every subject and are overweight and seem to spend most of their time whining (according to you).Nope , I see no reason for you to be the least bit concerned about those spoiled bourgeois yanks.

      "There are fewer taboos there, but I have a suspicicion that because racism in America is so suppressed, it tends to explode in mass killings. I think we all need to grow a thicker skin. Let’s yell it out instead of killing each other. Its human to be prejudiced, we don’t need to pretend we are saints." catalan

      So , if I have this correct , you would be in favour of disbanding the whole ADL project and firing old Abe F and the shut down the NAACP and all that anti racism baloney.

      The more we get inside your head , the more we understand why you "left " Bulgaria.

    • Can you imagine what racist anti American /Goyim bigoted comments are made in private by these ungrateful self centered presumptuous incorrigibles.
      The same can be assumed of our resident apologists who walk a fine line on this site , thanks to the MW moderation policy.

      Thanks Hopknee/catalan/Ivri , et al for giving the readers a glimpse into the zionist soul.

  • Israeli diplomats 'are not allowed to speak' on US campuses, but North Korean diplomats are, Israeli official says
    • "He talks like he’s in Israel, speaking to that state’s citizens, or at least its Jewish citizens. " Citizen

      You know there is no daylight between the USA and Israel.They are one and the same in the minds of outside interferer's like Tor.

      Btw, I found no links to support his claim that Iranian or N,Korean officials were invited to Campuses to give lectures.I wonder how many Palestinian voices are present at lectures at Yeshuvas or at the EGM at Adelson,s casino or in Synagogues where pro Israel speakers abound .No sireeee. they ever stop whining.

    • At the link at top of page, the following statement is made!!.

      "The Worlds largest democracy and the only Jewish one are finding common ground."

      Correct me if I am wrong but isn,t India the only Indian democracy as Ireland is the only Irish democracy as is Spain and Holland and Germany and Norway etc etc.

      Whatever do they mean.

      Of course those of us who know better can hardly refer to Israel as a democracy in the real sense of the term.

    • Senior university administrative leadership… all disagree with BDS, they don’t like it, it kills their donor base, they know it’s wrong. But they’re not showing moral courage. And therefore we have to do more to bring them together, to bring them to Israel, to convene them in the Catskills, I don’t know where, but to get them to stand up and be counted and call it what it is, a kind of a new McCarthyism. " tor

      So he is demanding a democratic approach to the BDS debates.Funny guy. He is a member of nation whose Knesset,s Jewish members spend much of their time trying to silence any pro Palestinian voices .Take the vile accusations and actions carried out against MK Zoabi as one example.


  • Cycles of violence only begin when Palestinians kill Israelis
    • A very interesting article from Haaretz --no pay wall.

      Israeli top brass plays Gaza war crimes blame game
      The Israel Defense Forces, the Shin Bet security service and the upper echelons of the government are all trying to ensure they’re not the ones being called to international justice for potential war crimes.
      By Amir Oren | Jun. 20, 2015 | 8:52 AM | 2"

      link to

    • “illegal squatter living on stolen land , not that that makes his killing – amigo" .catalan

      If you must quote me then include the whole quote.

      Here is what I said.

      "It might have something to do with his being an illegal squatter living on stolen land , not that that makes his killing OK -"

      why did you omit the word , "OK ", ???.

      "Now, if we can all get born in New York and Paris, vs. Calcutta or Mogadishu, there wouldn’t even be any need to “squat” catalan.

      What a perfectly idiotic remark.Go back to work counting your beans , catalan.Your paymaster . the American taxpayer deserves at least a full days work from you.

      Btw , it is good to know you agree , that they are illegal squatters.

    • "Israeli leaders condemned the attack. “We will not accept a situation in which a young hiker has his life taken from him in the land of Israel because he is Jewish,”

      No . it is not in the land of Israel .Or is it because he is Jewish.It might have something to do with his being an illegal squatter living on stolen land , not that that makes his killing ok but if you play with fire , you just might get burned.

      War criminal bennett had no problems killing Palestinians because they are Palestinians living in their own land.This particular zionist should be in irons at the Hague and receive a long sentence so he can no longer harm Palestinians because they are not Jewish.

  • 'Fresh Air' turns a critique of the occupation into an Oedipal issue
    • I think NPR should change the program name to "Stale Air".

      Fresh thinking or ideas are hardly part of NPR,s mantra when dealing with the subject of I/P.

      Thanks for the report Phil.It is good to see the vents at NPR being slightly opened and it may be a small start to getting that stuffy place aired out properly.

  • Does Israel have a toxic personality? Ask Michael Oren
    • "Every guest writer either bemoans the current state of Israel, fears for its future, wrings their hands at the ‘injustice of it all’ or compares it to its most vile of historical regimes." dabaker

      So what,s the problem with that.Israel compares itself with every despotic regime.

  • On anniversary of Gaza massacre UK activists plan to shut down Israeli drone factory
    • Bravo Ben and to all involved .

      Agreed Bornajoo. I would try to make it myself but have visitors about that time.

      Maybe next time .It,s pretty easy to fly to the UK these days.In my younger days , I traveled by cattle boat to Liverpool.

      Yeah ,really. We got to see the cattle get off first , then they drove us off.

      Have a good weekend.

  • 'NYT's public editor slams anti-Irish bigotry in news story on Berkeley balcony deaths
    • "great way to turn an insulting NYT article about Irish students who died from a rotten balcony into your personal diatribe against wealthy Jews, Jewish power, Jewish “elites” and whatever else your twisted intellect comes up with when you read about Irish kids"dabaker.

      He quoted two wealthy Jews making racist remarks and stereo typing Irish people.Go bitch to Adelson and Bloomberg.

      "and -as somebody who has built many structures over time and used wood-I took one look at those rotted joists and shook my head and wondered where inspectors were. That rot didn’t just happen over a year. It takes a long time "dabaker.

      The buildings were constructed in 2006.Is that long enough .

    • Your no seafoid jon S.

    • "My father was from Cavan and was no rebel. He supported Redmond’s Parliamentary Party. My mother from Kerry and her family, however, were fierce supporters of Sinn Fein and the IRA. " Lysias.

      Thank your lucky stars yonah and co that both his parents were not rebels.

      My father was a Kilkenny man and certainly a rebel having fought in the war of independence and later on against the Free staters in the civil war.

      You had best clarify which IRA your mother supported or some of the usual suspects will be calling you a terrorist supporter.Some of them think Sinn Fein/IRA was started by Gerry A and Martin Mc G.

    • Susie, I could see clearly from the close up images on the net that those timber beams were damp/wet.Dry timber always breaks leaving somewhat more longer shards than wet timber.Hard timber v soft timber also looks different when broken but I think the damp factor is universal regardless of timber type.What,s interesting is that timber in California is so widely used and often lasts decades without problems.

      We will see what comes of this.In any event they will find some low level engineer/building inspector to blame.

      Thanks to James and Phil.

    • "Thanks, amigo: great James and Phil did All. And Thanks for what you wrote to the IT: hope it’s published " Susie.

      I won,t hold my breath on the possibility of it being published. Their foreign affairs dept is a tough nut to crack.

    • Thanks Lysias , I will try to get a copy of that at the library. As that was such a prominent event , I am sure my library will have one on the shelf.

      If you don,t mind me asking , what part of Ireland was your father from.A rebel from Cork or perhaps a Galway tribesman.

    • "It’s horribly reminiscent of the Sun’s notorious coverage of the Hillsborough tragedy thirty years ago. " jOHN o.

      Hi John, I was still in the USA during that disaster but learned about it when I returned to Ireland.A typical case of blaming the victim.So very zionist of them but I believe that the cops finally admitted that they were largely responsible for what happened.Justice delayed etc etc.

    • I was wondering if and in what context this story would appear on MW. Thanks James and Susie for framing it exactly as it should be. I sent a letter to the editor of the Irish Times in which I provided links to cases where Jewish American kids were captured drunk and shouting abuse at Israeli Arabs.These stories in historical NYT fashion never made it past Jodie Rudoren or her ilk at the NYT.

      This rush to judgment by the NYT is proof of just how morally bankrupt and bigoted that so called paper of record is.These kids were not even in their graves before this diatribe hit the net.

      What chance does a Palestinian have to expect fair and balanced treatment when The Irish who represent a very large portion of the US population are maligned and ridiculed in this manner.

      The NYT made no friends amongst the Irish population or the diaspora in the US.

      Last I read , the story has still not been removed from the NYT site.

  • Israeli lawmaker wants to force foreign-funded NGO officials to wear stigmatizing i.d.'s
    • "can’t we just have a yellow star, maybe with ‘jude’ inside?" TG


      "Hey jude , don,t be afraid".

      The minute you let us into your heart , then you can start to make it better.

    • Zionists see these NGO,s as "No good outsiders".

      This new Israel government is moving faster down the road to total fascism then I thought they would .It,s almost as if nietandyahu agreed to all these new fascist laws when he picked his cabinet.

  • Israeli leader turns on US Jewish journalists Friedman, Wieseltier, Remnick and Silvers for disloyalty and anti-semitism!
    • "I was not talking about the election of Netanyahu this year or even in 2013 or 2009, but rather his rise in the Likud party during the 90’s." YF

      I did not misunderstand you Yonah , rather you seem to misunderstand the political process.

      Netanyahu made it to the top because he made the right statements/commitments from the very beginning to the the power brokers and with their blessing/money he was bound to get elected and then had to keep his promises to his handlers, which promises, to no surprise pleased the majority of Israel,s Jews for the reasons I mentioned .No Palestinian state , mow the lawn when needed and keep the Palestinians in their place while the greater Israel is created.Oren will make the same vile commitments if he decides he wants to run the apartheid regime. It,s the way the zionist political system works.

      No anomaly involved and no negativity towards you , just your support for and apologies for an apartheid regime that commits war crimes on a daily basis.

      Nothing personal , just business as they say.

    • " I find the ability of an outsider like Bibi to take over Likud so completely to be amazing and an anomaly " yf

      Why would you find it an anomaly for someone who tells 95% of the Israeli (Jewish ) electorate what they want to hear.

      link to

      Or someone who puts out the call to arms because "The Arabs are voting in droves".

      link to

      Or someone who tells them , there will be no Palestinian state on his watch.

      link to

      Give it a rest Yonah.We have read all your hasbara tripe too many times.Find a new tune.This one has been off the charts for a long time.

  • Obama violated US-Israeli understanding by not clearing Cairo speech and Iran talks with Netanyahu --Oren
    • “A police spokesperson said Thursday afternoon that 16 minors were taken in for investigation for potential involvement in the arson. They were later released with no charges. " ABC

      Well , that,s it then, case closed.They do not have an "unsolved crimes " file.They always find a suspect when Israeli Jews are harmed but when it involves crimes against non Jews the trail runs cold and the case is put in the closed file.

    • OT .Some humour from the king of the Jews.

      "Hatred and intolerance has no place in Israeli society.”

      "In a meeting with Shin Bet chief Yoram Cohen Thursday, Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the early morning arson attack on the Church of Loaves and Fishes located in the Galilee, vowing to capture and punish the perpetrators while pronouncing that intolerance has no place in Israeli society.

      "The shocking arson attack on the church is an attack on all of us. Freedom of worship in Israel is a cornerstone of Israeli society and is fully protected by the law," Netanyahu said, adding "We will bring to justice those responsible for this heinous crime. Hatred and intolerance has no place in Israeli society."

      link to

      The chances of these scum bags being sought after or caught are slim to zero and if by some miracle , they are caught , (perhaps they are seen on ccctv ) the chances of them being punished are less than zero.A pat on the back is more likely.

      Btw , have the Jewish criminal terrorists who burned a Palestinian child to death been brought to court yet.

    • Oren is complaining about Obama making policy changes without telling Nietanyahu.No mention of the announcements of illegal settlement expansion reserved for visiting US pols such as that which Biden was offered as a welcoming gift.Take that Biden and did you bring the transcripts of Obama,s FP, meetings for the last week that we demanded.Shape up Joe or we will be forced to find your replacement.Who do you think runs Washington.

    • The USA is far to difficult to deal with and is not a partner in Israel,s quest to create the so called Greater Israel.My advice to Netanyahu is to end this difficult relationship and find another benefactor who will share everything with Israel and expect nothing in return.

      As for Oren , he is a traitor to the USA and should be shunned in American polite society.He should be called out on American MSM which according to Oren , would be no problem as it is over staffed with self hating Jewish journalists.

  • Obscure Netanyahu minister emerges as unsung international hero in latest 'NYT' report
  • Israel's race to economic (and moral) bankruptcy
    • "Because, as an Israeli living in Israel, I don’t think what’s going on in Israel can be honestly described as segregation. - See more at: link to" benedict

      Say ,benedict can you help me to understand this Israel you refer to.

      What are it,s borders.Where does it begin and where does it end.A link to said borders would be very useful.

      I will wait.

    • "Because, as an Israeli living in Israel, I don’t think what’s going on in Israel can be honestly described as segregation." benedict

      I agree , segregation is too tame a word.Apartheid is closer to the truth.

      "More than 50 of Israel's leading rabbis have issued a religious decree forbidding Jews from renting or selling homes or land to non-Jews – namely, Arabs, migrant workers and African refugees. The letter was signed by rabbis across the country (many of whom are employed by the state as municipal religious leaders) and urged Jews to first warn and then "ostracise" fellow Jews who disobey the edict.

      It's just the latest wave in a rising tide of religious fascism.

      In Safed, less than two months ago, more than a dozen rabbis urged Jewish landlords to refrain from renting to Arab college students. This summer, a group of Tel Aviv rabbis signed a letter instructing Jews not to rent to "infiltrators" – the state's word for African refugees, most of whom have escaped genocide in Sudan or a brutal dictatorship in Eritrea. Ten estate agents answered the call.

      And, in November, the municipality of Bnei Brak, an ultra-Orthodox suburb of Tel Aviv, launched a campaign to rid the area of migrant workers and African refugees. By the end of the month, officials – government employees – were going door to door telling foreigners they had to leave."

      link to

      Myopia can be fatal.Get help benedict.

  • African leaders want indictments of Bush, Blair and Netanyahu -- NPR
    • Read “What is the What?”, it’s a terrific book on the subject of South Sudan. Fiction, you know. - " catalan.

      You refused to read a two para summary I posted for you and you want me to read a whole book.

      As to fiction --read , "Israel is a democracy with the most moral Army which goes out of it,s way t to avoid killing civillians at the risk of it,s own soldiers who are at the forefront of Israel,s enduring efforts to make peace."

      Go back to work catalan before one of your dumb brainless American fellow workers sees you .

      "“Americans are awful at math, chemistry, history and pretty much every other subject. They do have the largest waistlines though and are best at whining -“catalan

      link to

      Poor catalan , just cannot make his mind up.
      - See more at: link to

    • Al Jazeera is reporting that he flew back home to Sudan today , Monday.

      I don,t know if he is guilty but as he is not a white suspect , he is screwed.The ICC needs to earn it,s keep and show us all it is a worth while institution.

      Blair , Bush and co will never see the inside of the Hague.Justice in the ICC does not work that way,

  • Jewish community must 'welcome' anti-Zionist, pro-BDS Jews, Beinart says-- but Shavit says, Excommunicate them
    • "He called it a “Martin Luther King Zionism”: because Martin Luther King fought for his people and for universal values too -" Shavit.

      This attempt to equate zionist with the Black struggle in the US is just about as insulting as it is feeble.Zionists are not sold to slave owners or beaten if they do not work hard enough to please their masters.Au contraire , it is zionists who approach this level of inhumanity in their daily treatment of Palestinians.

      Claiming to be victims is just not cutting the mustard .People are not blind.

      Israel is like the gambler who is down to his last bet and it happens to be the next mortgage payment. He close his eyes , makes the bet and loses it all.

  • Video: Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs ridicules foreign press in cartoon defending Gaza attack
    • "i started to read it yesterday and thought.. argh — why bother? " Annie.

      So right Annie. No need to read beyond ! , "The IDF will launch it,,s own investigation".

  • Netanyahu likens BDS to Nazi Germany
    • The zionists probably admire the Vogons.Professional courtesy--both involved in the demolition business.

      Nope --it is still Nazi Germany followed by I-ran.

    • The good news is we can,t get any worse.Is there anyone or thing worse than Nazi Germany.

      Btw, is the Polish FM laughing at that statement by nietanyahu.

  • Palestinian youth dies after being left 3 hours under Israeli jeep that hit him
    • "a suspended 28-day prison sentence? what’s the point?" Annie.

      Why , Annie , Israel has to show the most moral army how harshly it punishes it,s wayward soldiers who fail to kill a Palestinian when they had a chance.The program of Ethnic cleansing would take far too long if every soldier missed an opportunity like this one.

    • Another case of Israeli disregard for Palestinian life and any concept of law.

      " An infiltration thwarted, a Palestinian youth left to die
      After the semester's final exam, Samir Awad and his friends from Budrus went down to the separation fence, where teenagers often provoke soldiers to see how they respond. It ended with live bullets in his back. ".Gideon Levy .

      There is a pay wall but maybe some of you can get around it.

      link to

    • Here is the Reuters report on this event.

      "An Israeli army jeep struck and killed a Palestinian in the occupied West Bank on Sunday, with the military and locals giving conflicting accounts of the circumstances.

      A military spokeswoman said the jeep, which was in the village of Qafr Malik as part of an operation to arrest suspected militants, accidentally hit the Palestinian after he threw a petrol bomb at it.

      "The driver was startled and swerved, hitting the man," she said, adding that a military investigation would be launched.

      Local resident Nail Abdul Latah el Hajj denied the Palestinian had attacked the jeep, saying the man was walking to work at a chicken farm when he was run down and then crushed as the vehicle crashed into a wall and overturned.

      Speaking to Reuters, el Hajj said the man's death sparked confrontations between stone-throwing Palestinian youths and Israeli troops. The military spokeswoman said the disturbances were already under way when the collision happened." reuters.

      link to

      Then this on another IDF crime.

      "In a separate incident, soldiers who were filmed beating an unarmed Palestinian during a protest in a West Bank refugee camp on Friday were disciplined for actions which the Israeli Defense Forces said were "inconsistent with the expected conduct of IDF soldiers".

      A video posted on social media showed the Palestinian being hit with a rifle butt and wrestled to the ground, where he was punched further and a soldier's knee was pressed against his head. He was then handcuffed and taken away.

      A statement from the Israeli army said that during the protest, the man attempted to grasp a soldier's weapon, which led to an altercation.

      "Following the incident the (senior commanding officer responsible) concluded that, while the arrest was justified, the means were inappropriate," the statement said.

      It said that of the four soldiers involved, two received a suspended 28-day prison sentence and two others were confined to base for 30 days. Their company commander received an official reprimand.

      Israeli forces regularly mount raids in the West Bank in search of suspected militants, often touching off clashes with local residents. On Wednesday, Israeli soldiers shot dead a member of the Islamist militant group Hamas in the town of Jenin in one such operation.

      (Reporting by Ali Sawafta; Writing by Dan Williams; Editing by Digby Lidstone)

      Same link.

      Sickening substitute for journalism.

    • Is that an "Idf-fer standing by watching his handy work.

    • If this was a Jewish Israeli knocked down by a Palestinian , I would not have to log onto MW .

      The story would have been on the Irish Times, the NYT, Huffington post, haaretz,J post, the Guardian, NPR, W,Post, S,F Chronicle, Oakland trib, BBC, ITV,and every other so called harbinger of balanced reporting.

      Thanks Kate.I have to admit , I waited and waited to read this because I am afraid I will blow a fuse one of these days reading what this Pariah so called state gets up to.Imagine how his family and friends must be feeling.

    • "The part that really hits home isn’t that supremacist Israeli terrorists struck and injured the guy, it’s that they left him there to die," eljay.

      Go easy on them.They had to leave in a hurry to help the people of Nepal or Haitii. Much better opportunity to enhance Israel,s international image as a caring society.

  • After a hard week in the news, Israeli gets valentines all weekend from NPR
    • "When did I justify the use of wp?" jon s

      I will let talknic deal with that issue but you seem be ok with preventing civilians from leaving a war zone.You failed to condemn the most important point I outlined for you above.

      Question is , how many less civilians would Hamas have been able to (allegedly ) use as human shields or hide behind if Israel did not prevent them from leaving.Besides , Israel has used Palestinians as human shields on many occasions. Google , "Israeli soldiers caught using Palestinians as human shields".If you have the moral courage, that is.

      .As to whataboutery--well that is the staple diet at hasbara central.You know, what about SA and NK and Pakistan and Al Q and ISIS and Sudan and Syria and , and , and so on and so on.

    • jon ,s , preventing civilians from leaving a war zone is a "War Crime".

      Dropping white Phosphorous on civilian is a war crime.

      Collective punishment of the civilian population is a War crime.

      Transferring citizens of the Occupying power to occupied territory is a war crime.

      Shall I continue jon s .

    • "So I suggested to him a game called “Pastrami Sandwich,” in which my wife lies on the ground and he lies on her and I lie on him and together we form this pastrami sandwich and he kind of liked it because it was warm and cozy."

      Israel plays the "Pastrami sandwich game " all the time , only they use Palestinians as the meat , sandwiched between illegal settlements.Hardly a condition that conjures up feelings of being warm and cozy.

      Then the " pièce de résistance:" !!.

      "And after the missile attack, he asked me if I can promise him that there would be more missile attacks so we can play the game again."

      To which the answer should have been,

      "Sure son, the IDF will make sure you get to play this game for the foreseeable future.

      Not surprising , this zionist comes up with this analogy. Fits nicely in with , "Summer Rains , Cast Lead and Protective edge and let,s not forget , "Mowing the lawn" .

      Sick b------s.

      As for NPR ,they must be getting lots of calls from unhappy zionist contributors who think Israel gets unfair treatment in the MSM.

      NPR should change it,s name to , INPR , (Israeli National Public Radio---US division) .

  • The Adalah database of 50 discriminatory laws in Israel
    • Thanks for this report Roland.

      I often provide a link to the Adalah database and throw in a couple of examples .Your examples are much better as you pick out the most egregious laws and present them in a shorter version.

      This is a keeper and goes straight into my files under " Israel,s claims to be a democracy where all are equal".

  • BDS could cost Israel $4.7 billion a year
    • "Perhaps you and James should short the tel aviv 25 index and then do all kinds of good with the money you made -" catalan.

      Do you have to frame every response in monetary terms , you poor sad sod.

      Did you even read the summary.Too lazy or scared you might find you know jack s--t about South Africa.Your efforts to convince people who are committed to finding a peaceful outcome to the I/P conflict through BDS are feeble at best but I suppose you have to do what hasbara central orders.Independent thinking not allowed.The dumbing down of the zionist mind is fun to watch.

    • "Well, that’s true for a lot of countries. But support for Israel isn’t going anywhere in the near future, even from the EU where anti-Israel sentiment is most widespread." DS

      Declare your borders .We might find it easier to luv you ,if we could only tie you down.

    • "Do you think that the sanctions contributed to the fall of white rule? I thought that the standard of living for whites in SA was extremely good despite the sanctions." catalan.

      What a silly remark.Are you suggesting those "Whites " just upped and left for no apparent reason .

      You might read the following to get you up to speed on how the Anti Apartheid movement,s sanctions went a long way to putting the National Party out of the business of Apartheid.Shown below are the last two Paragraphs for the summary.

      "De Klerk, in his own book, gives credence to the overall international movement. He notes that never before in history had a country had to deal with the “comprehensive international campaign” against the country (de Klerk 114). Not only were the economic stresses demanding, the restrictions on travel, notably on fly-over and landing rights for South African airlines, and the cold-shoulder many white South Africans received while traveling abroad in the 1980s all contributed to the isolation. He then describes how the sanctions net began to tighten in on the country. Later, he stressed the impact that the loss of financial support was taking on the country as a whole and that it became a “source of social unrest” (de Klerk 183). De Klerk then describes the need for financial stability in order to keep everyone, including the ANC, satisfied with the progress of the negotiations to end apartheid. Perhaps de Klerk cannot see the lines between the causes and effects, but it is most obvious that the reason South Africa is in financial doldrums is because of the anti-apartheid movement coupled with economic sanctions. Thus by his own reasoning, it would be safe to assume that the world-wide movement against the National Party had an undeniable and to some extent a very palpable link between the actual removal of the National Party from power and sanctions that were employed.

      The view championed by Nelson Mandela has a significant amount of empirical and scholarly evidence that would support his view that the international anti-apartheid movement against the National Party-led South African government was successful. Despite the campaign against apartheid not always meeting the requirements discussed earlier for successful sanctions, the political and overall isolation felt by South Africans, which was manufactured by the global anti-apartheid campaign, made up for the lapses in economic sanctions. Eventually the ‘total onslaught’ that the government and white society felt they were under, beginning in the 1960s, encompassed the riots caused by students within the country and the ANC’s fight from exile. The international sanction movement against the South African government was the final push that brought the National Party to near bankruptcy and brought them to the negotiating table with the ANC. While each factor of ‘total onslaught’ played a role, the global anti-apartheid movement was a significant dynamic in causing the turning the tide against the white-minority government and eventually bringing to power a true democracy on the southern tip of the African continent.

      link to

      Oh and please don,t respond with a cut and pasted "Out of context " one liner .That,s why I provided the summary.

    • " So if History is a guide…..".ivri.

      So try doing something different.What you are at ain,t working.

      Perpetual wailing about being the victim does not equate with being the aggressor.It never has and never will.Tell us ivri , when did zionists collective national suicide tendencies first start.

    • "Heh. “Buy our products or you’re an anti-semite!" Ritzl

      Well , as I see it , it will be a reason to be a "Proud anti semite".

    • All products coming out of Israel or the occupied territories should be treated the same way as cigarettes are. Each package should have a warning something like !! , " Use of this product is a danger to health and it should be accompanied by images of Palestinian children being beaten by Israeli soldiers or Palestinian homes being demolished or images of the massive destruction in Gaza.

      A picture is worth etc etc.

  • Video: Israeli soldiers violently attack unarmed Palestinian man
    • "I meant ashamed of being human, not ashamed of being Jewish.catalan.

      Are you saying Jews are not human.Nobody else did.

    • I am really bored , let,s find a Palestinian to have some fun with. Anyone want to join in.

      The most moral army doing what it does best.Act as immoral as it can get away with and it usually does .Just imagine being a citizen of this so called beacon and somehow managing to feel proud of it.

      Go figure.

  • How will Sheldon save Israel?
  • 1266 Palestinian children under 15 were detained in occupied territories last year
    • "Makes me ashamed of my Irish ethnic component." Citizen

      If it is of any comfort , the Irish are considered by Israel as one of the most antisemitic nations on this here planet.That means we must be doing something right.That should make you proud of your Irish component. I wouldn,t call Samantha ( give me ) Power a typical example of an Irish person.

    • “In related news, an Israeli military bulldozer fell into a ditch while bulldozing lands, east of Khuza’a town, east of Khan Younis. The army called for backup to retrieve its bulldozer.”

      Israel is falling into its own self- dug ditch" just

      Gives new meaning to the term , "put the shovel down".

  • Israel can handle any threat in the Middle East, but it will go down without young American Jews -- Shavit
    • "Another story linked to yours… How those wonderful generous racist Israeli’s provide medical services to those in need. I guess they were swamped patching up ISIS terrorists." OG

      Thanks for the link.

      Just more proof that the Zionist plan of "slow ethnic cleansing " is still in place.

      I am concerned that when the judgment day comes , I will have the bad luck to be in line behind all the zionists.

      Hell , I will never get into heaven.On the positive side, my sins will seem minuscule compared to their,s.

    • OT but possibly notable , given all the hits Israel is taking lately.

      link to

      From 28 hours ago.

      You have to scroll down to find the article on EU labeling of illegal settlement goods.

    • "Sad and bizarre. Shavit still thinks that “appearing to look for peace” is a strategy that will continue to fool anyone. Kris

      I had to duck when that jumped right off the screen at me.

      Once a zionist , always a zionist, liberal , radical or otherwise.When a zionist stands up and demands equality and a "Sovereign " viable state for Palestinians , then he /she will no longer be a zionist.

  • Building solidarity between Korea and Palestine
    • amigo: Can we be sure that Toyota doesn’t also deserve the BDS treatment " Pabelmont

      I thought about that briefly but am not in a mood to go car shopping again.So , if you come up with some info , hold it for a week or two.

      You could be right though.Toyota could be buying parts from an Israeli company operating in the occupied territories but I have never seen their name on BDS lists.

      I cannot play a jukebox but I do admire those who can play any instrument. Are you a Yo Yo Ma fan. I believe he was a good friend of the late Edward Said and must have understood the I/P conflict quite well.I did read , ( or at least tried to ) the book by Daniel Barenboim and Edward Said , "Parallels and Paradoxes ". It was mostly beyond my scope to comprehend but I did enjoy the brief discussions about Israel/Palestine and the Middle East i general.If you have not read it, you as a musician might enjoy their thoughts on what they refer to as " Explorations in Music and Society.

      I will stick to listening to Yo Yo in my new Toyota.I just hope I don,t suffer buyer,s remorse.

    • "Does this provide a basis for a BDS attack on some Korean companies?" Pabelmont

      Would you believe , I was car shopping just last week and had tied my choice down to 2 manufacturers . Toyota and Hyundai.

      I thank Zavi for helping to make the right choice.

      I know , I know, ordinary Koreans and Palestinians will suffer.Heard all that hasbara before.

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