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I am Irish with a profound interest in the Palestinian /Israeli conflict.

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  • The list of foreign policy experts Bernie Sanders should be consulting
  • Obama to sign AIPAC-promoted trade bill that legitimizes Israeli occupation and fights BDS
    • Not sure what declawed means, but I’ll be sure to ask around at this year’s AIPAC Policy Conference. One of the 16,000 attendees must know!"

      Do you really think it is a good idea to put so many of "your people " in one place , given all that threat of slaughter and how could the so called Jewish state protect you .But what a gathering , 16,000 traitors and 5th columners. Perverse at best.

      "We would all be slaughtered without the protection of the Jewish state! "peterpeters link to

    • "Downfall of Israel? That’s a horrible thing to say!" peterspeters

      Take your whinging to the zionist criminals running (ruining ) the Apartheid rogue entity.They are the people who are engineering Israel,s downfall.

      "Where would my people go?"

      They can follow the 700,000 Palestinians your criminal terrorist leaders ethnically cleansed from their land.

      "Not to mention the Christian Arabs, the Bedouin"

      Ask the 40,000 Bedouin that Israel is trying to kick out of their homes to make room for "your people".As to Christain Arabs--wtf do you care .Pull the other leg zio supremacist racist bigot.

      link to

    • On the one hand , the US says it does not approve of settlement activity and in same breath legitimizes it with the stroke of a pen.

      Unbelievable hypocracy.

    • Why would any entity have to state why they are divesting from Israel.Is there a law that requires companies/Universities/Unions etc to invest part of "their" money in Israel or anywhere else.

      Btw , I thought AIPAC had been declawed.This excerise is simply kicking the can down the road and putting off the inevitable outcome of the downfall of Israel , and consequently , in the interim ,costing more and more innocent lives---mostly Palestinian.

      Is that the legacy Obama wants to leave behind him. Gutless so and so.

  • Cartoon: Netanyahu plans fortress Israel to protect against 'wild beasts'
  • In yet another effort to revive dream of Jewish sovereignty, 'NYT' cites Thai restaurants in Tel Aviv
    • Nicely put Sibiriak.

    • Speaking of efforts to sanitize Israel.

      "Knesset Panel Summons Foreign Media Over 'Biased' Coverage

      Angry journalists, who initially boycotted the session, describe subcommittee's claims to be part of a 'witch hunt,' and slam Israel's 'authoritarian' efforts to clamp down on the media.
      read more: link to".

      IOW, If you foreign Journalists refuse to stick to the script provided , you will be barred from the most moral sovereign and democratic Jewish state ,

      Yup , another nail in the zionist paranoid sovereign state.

    • "Additionally, anti- isn’t a movement, It’s simply opposition to another idea" hopknee

      Then this !!.

      "Anti-Zionism isn’t a Jewish movement. It’s a movement where the vast majority are not Jewish, and in many cases, openly hostile to Jews."hopknee

      Confused , hoppy.

  • Three Joint List MKs suspended from Knesset over visit to Palestinian attacker's homes
  • To my fellow Israelis: We can stop this
    • "On another siteI have appropriated and plagiarised your priceless ‘Niet-and-ya-hoo’ , without your permission. For that I beg your pardon !"bintbiba

      No pardon needed .Actually , your revised version is better.Do you mind if I use it.

      "I thank you for all your great comments/humour and for your eloquent support of the Palestinian people !"bintbiba.

      I consider it an honour and a duty to speak out for the Palestinian People .

    • "I would be curious to know how you think demonizing Israel and at the same time completely ignoring Arab complicity helps bring reconciliation and reasonable accommodation over disputed lands?" Scott Alexander.

      Disputed Lands --gee , Mr Van Winkle , there,s a blast from the past.The only folks still using that are the ones who haven,t read a newspaper or watched tv for at least a decade or more.

      The UN/US/EU/IHCJ/ICJ and most of the rest of the international community think they are , "Held under Belligerent Occupation".

  • BDS movement faces attack in six state legislatures
    • "I suppose it will be American Dollars that will pay for that?" upsondundas

      You can bet your sterling on it.It may well be why nietandyahu is refusing to sign the latest handout he received from POTUS to stfu about the Iran deal , which he did for a day or two. He will demand that his subjects in the USA pay for Israel,s defence.

      "U.S. to Netanyahu: Sign Military Aid Package, No Better Deal With Next President

      After Netanyahu says he would wait for a new U.S. president to reach a better military deal for Israel, American officials fire back.
      read more: link to"

      Caution , the article is behind a paywall but the headline says it all.

    • "Aggressor-victimhood sure is a tough gig. :-(" eljay.

      Zionists invented the concept.They should be better at it.

      Btw, will they put fences along their shoreline and prevent all those Tel Avivians from having their dips.Or will they place Yonah,,s beloved IDF on the beach to shoot any non Jewish Israelis who dare to take a dip in the same water as their betters.

      What a country.

    • It occurred to me after posting the above , that Israel is going to build their "defence " fence-s around the bantusans they intend to leave the Palestinians.That,s a whole lot of fences but wont that leave nietanyahu,s "Israel " looking like Swiss cheese.Oh the irony.

      Does it also mean that the illegal squatter terrorists will have to climb over fences to burn Palestinian families or destroy olive trees.Hell , they wont like yahoo,s plans.

    • This from J post on the same story.

      "“We are preparing a multi-year project to encircle Israel with a security fence, to defend ourselves in the Middle East as it is now, and as it is expected to be,” he said. In addition, he said. A plan is also being drawn up to fill in the gaps in the security fence in Judea and Samaria"

      So what does he mean by , "as it is now and as it is expected to be. Doesn,t putting a fence along the Jordanian border mean that they intend to annex the West Bank , (incorrectly referred to as Judea /Samaria by zionist beasts and spin quacks.)

      read more at !!.

      link to

    • "absolumentissimo, amigo ! See Jonathan Ofir’s magnificent testimony / truth-telling at its best on today’s MW edition."bintbiba

      Yes I read it.Great article but pity it cannot make it to the front pages of the MSM.Maybe some day.

    • Looks as if Israel is preparing to declare it,s borders---again.

      "Netanyahu: We'll Surround Israel With Fences 'To Defend Ourselves Against Wild Beasts'

      The government is preparing a multi-year plan to surround Israel with security barriers, prime minister says.' In the area that we live in, we must defend ourselves.' "

      Note the line, " In the area that we live in, we must defend ourselves.'. Do I foresee another land grab

      How does surrounding yourself with fences solve the attacks that have been carried out by Palestinians who live in East Jerusalem.

      So it,s back to the stockade for the chosen people.You have come a long way Israel.Not much further to go , on your way to self destruction.

      Paywall but here is the link for anyone who knows their way through the "Wall".

      link to

    • BDS is global and growing hence these desperate efforts to shut it down.Companies can decide to not do business with the rogue entity just as ordinary Joes can exercise their boycott at the the store.The more these zionist morons push back with these actions , the more BDS will gain support.

      Truth always comes out on top.

  • Maya Angelou stood with Palestinians, but Israeli military uses her for Black History Month hasbara
    • "To most people here the IDF stands for the occupying army, but to me the IDF also stands for Jews taking a stand in the history of the world and saying, “no more powerlessness." yonah

      Hey yonah , nothing wrong at all with jettisoning powerlessness and embracing your new found power as long as you use it for the betterment of those around you.Israel failed miserably on that score.

      "Thus relating to the need for the IDF and its lack in the years immediately prior to the birth of the IDF." yonah

      Would that be the idf whose ranks were filled with Jewish terrorists and thugs , ala Irgun/Lehi and such likes.The name may have changed but the crimes are still the same albeit on a greater scale.

      You can paint that pig all you want but it is still a pig .

  • Oscar swag bag includes ten-day VIP trip to Israel worth $55,000 (Updated)
    • Annie , I would have thought the people at Distinctive assets would be aware that Israel is number four on the list of least liked nations.That was the 2015 BBC poll .Were that poll carried out at this time , Israel might well be higher on that list than Iran.Those people who dislike Israel and there are very many of them, are not likely to be visiting the place .They might well prefer a somewhat more safe and friendly venue.

    • "Or if it could be cashed; cash it in and donate the cash to BDS or a Gaza charity organization" Kalithea

      Or , give the tickets to some of the Palestinians who are not allowed to go back to their homes.Their being refused entry at BG airport just might make an interesting headline in the MSM. What would the "Chosen "thespians have to say about that.

    • It will be interesting to see how many , if any of the recipients refuse the trip to Israel portion of the prize.Has to be a moral person somewhere in la la land.Just one refusal would garner major publicity.

      Why a trip to Israel.There are far more interesting places on this planet to visit than the rogue nation.

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  • Video: Sanders's campaign fact-checks Clinton's 'smear' defense with Elizabeth Warren charges
    • Annie ,here is the link to the Gideon Levy speech at the Abbey theater last month.Sorry for delay , it just went up on their website recently.I promised this to Just also but do not notice her around much lately.Can you pass it along .

  • 'New York Times' picks up Bernie Sanders's 'socialist' kibbutz but leaves out the ethnic cleansing
    • yonah , give it a rest.You can polish the turd that is zionism all you like but it will still stink to high heaven as do those who labour to justify ethnic cleansing and outright murder.

      Your survival does not give you the right to deny others their survival , at least not until you have worked to try to survive together.But the zionist criminals you keep trying to apologise for ad infinitum and ad nausea um had no interest in working together with anyone.I am beginning to think you are just another zionist criminal trying to look like a normal human being.

  • Israeli military reportedly seeks to censor private Facebook pages commenting on national security
    • We are constantly reminded by hopknee/maxnard et , that Jews will never again be led to the slaughter.

      Seems to me that process is on it,s way in Israel.The slaughter of free speech for starters.What,s next.Ban jokes about the IDF.It,s not as if there is not enough material.

      Poor Israel.Going down the proverbial toilet bowl.

  • Define 'establishment candidate': Rubio and Clinton both love Netanyahu
  • Israeli designer eroticizes the Palestinian keffiyeh
    • "he only people who have appropriated it are the Palestinians, who have attempted to politicize it and make it into a symbol of their national movement." hopknee.

      So what , your zionist forefathers/mothers appropiated the Star of David --a symbol of the Jewish religion and put it on a national flag which they used as a symbol to oppress and murder tens of thousands of Palestinians in the name of a rogue supremacist criminal nation.

      Do give over with the hypocracy hopknee.It makes you look idiotic.

    • Wouldn,t someone wearing these be likely to be shot on sight by one of Israel,s most moral soldiers.

  • Parody New York Times 'supplement' criticizing paper's coverage of Israel/Palestine distributed on streets of NYC
    • "Stealing intellectual property is so fun!" hopknee.

      In it,s original NYT form it was anything but intellectual.The edited version is decidedly intellectual and as it was edited , it cannot be stolen,

      Eg, "Stealing property is not intellectual but might be fun ."

    • Brilliant way to get noo yoirkers thinking.

      Will Schumer and Clinton et al be hiring the dersh to deny that they have changed their stance on Human rights and to sue the purveyors of this vile pro Palestinian propaganda aimed at the only Jewish and Democratic state in the universe . Will they all offer to fell ate any number of donkeys on SNL to once and for all put to rest any suggestion they are not totally committed to Israel and it,s need for security and peace in the face of 1.3 billion Mooslums in a sea of terrorism .

  • Despite total lack of evidence, Israeli court sentences 'Hares Boys' to 15 years in prison
    • "i wanted to write about this story because the whole of israel extremism and the turn the gov has taken towards the religious nationalists is very much about this event. they are the ones who have been pushing for the re definition of rock throwing. anyway, there’s a bunch of stuff in this report not in others. so i’m sorry you didn’t read it." Annie.

      Apologies Annie.I do respect all your articles and I went right back and read it all .And no your text is not just filler.I initially reacted based on my disgust for everything these settler scum stand for and in doing so missed the overall message.

      Mea culpa .

    • Annie, I got very upset reading it and stopped halfway.My point about someone going to jail was simply to point out that the settlers could care less if an innocent Palestinian goes to jail , just as long as someone does.They don,t care if the guilty person is still roaming around free.They just want any Palestinian jailed because in their twisted minds , all Palestinians are terrorists.

      I don,t buy , this is all a plan control the population as it flies in the face of the real goal which is to push Palestinians so far they react with violence and Israel can play victim again.The last thing Israel wants is a very large population of completely subdued "citizens " ---ooops , sorry ,wrong term --lets call them inmates who do not resist for extended periods , or worse still , not at all ,which would put a spanner in the Israeli , mowing the lawn works given the absence of so called terrorist acts.The international community just might catch on if there are no rockets being lobbed in Israel,s direction or stabbings /car ramming s. Why , Netanyhu and co would be robbed of all their first line of defence.

      I will agree that Israel wants to control the level of violence it has to endure but it could not continue to steal and grow without the myth (cover) of victim hood fed daily to the international community.That requires that Palestinians mount resistance on an ongoing basis .Of course , it is all self defeating in the long run.

      Maybe it is just my perception but it seems the level of condemnations of Israel,s policies/actions are at an all time high .Ban Ki Moon, Wallstrom , France , Kerry, EU etc etc.

    • Annie, there is no justice in the rogue entity.Being Palestinian is all the evidence necessary to convict.Normal people require that the truly guilty be punished.Settler scum are satisfied as long as someone goes to jail , even those who are innocent. That is why these vermin need to be chased out of occupied Palestine to wherever they are accepted and if not , let them roam around aimlessly looking for refuge .They deserve no quarter.

  • Ban Ki-moon keeps woofing at Israel over occupation -- but not a word about sanctions
    • To lysias .

      Yup, the UN is littered with anti semites and Jew haters all living to destroy the only Jewish State.

    • "Tom Cotton’s New Law Would Allow A Product Made In Gaza To Be Labeled ‘Made in Israel’ - See more at: link to" kay 24

      Shhh, Israel is declaring it,s borders.

    • Robert Fisk,s take on Nietanyahu,s response to Bank Ki Moon.

      "Has Benjamin Netanyahu gone bananas? I don’t mean this as an aberration, like a politician who loses his marbles during a particular crisis. No, it was when I read the Israeli Prime Minister’s response to Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary-General, that I realised he just might be a bit insane. "

      The article ends with this interesting observation,

      "But in “Palestine” now (alas, the inverted commas are ever more necessary these days), there are an unfree people. And we know what happens under occupation. The people either resist, however murderously, or they leave. Netanyahu would probably be happy if they left because then he could colonise their land at an ever faster pace. But what if they decided to make the trek to Europe from the West Bank? We’ve already seen how Arabs and Muslims walked all the way to Austria and Germany. What if little boats set out from the midden of Gaza to join the armadas arriving off Greece or Italy?

      There are dangers out in the Middle East which Europeans should be more aware of.

      Do they, in fact, realise the truth but just don’t want to say so? And, for that matter, doesn’t the Israeli Prime Minister know the truth? Or has he gone bonkers?"

      Read more at !!.

      link to

    • "Another boringly predictable theme in the comments is the ongoing canard of ” how can we negotiate if they refuse to recognise Israel” ,Ossinev

      I read the first 2 pages of zionist hasbara that included the usual claim that the UN is anti Israel and ignores all the other conflicts going on around the world.If the UN is so anti Israel , how come they can stick their fingers at UN officials and refuse to co operate with UN investigations and continue to break international laws on a scale rarely matched by any other nation in the last 60 plus years.Damn, these miscreants are tedious and irritating , at best.

  • 'We are all Jews' -- the Holocaust as imperial export
    • Mayhem , scraping the bottom of the barrel , eh ?.

    • Mayhem , a cursory scan of your archives demonstrates just how far from being a real Jew you have traveled. You are on the far right of zionism and you do not know how to go back..Your future is not potted.It does not exist.

    • "If Israeli Jews learned one important lesson from the Holocaust it was “never again”- they would never again go meekly as sheep to the slaughter."mayhem.

      I don,t think they have learned that lesson at all.Expecting Palestinians to go meekly to the slaughter under the Zionist Jackboot that seeks to steal their land and ethnically cleanse and in many cases , exterminate them is hardly proof Jews have learned anything from their own history.

      The weaponry Israel has is not to defend themselves from marauding invaders.Au contraire , it is used to slaughter people who are defending themselves against zionist marauding land thieve and murderers.

      But worry not mayhem , the day is coming when Jews /Zionists like you will learn a lesson but it will be far too late.You had your chance to have a state but you f----d it up and got greedy.There won,t be a second chance and this time , your welcome back into the diaspora will not be as welcoming as the last time.Oh well , no skin off my nose.

  • Park Slope Food Coop puts up firewall against boycott of Israeli goods
    • "Talknic’s fantasy about the “IDF goon” is a vile attempt to dishonor and disrespect the murdered soldier. Shameful" Jon s

      Well , unless that IDF goon was a member of Breaking the silence he could not be disrespected or dishonoured.He was a member of a criminal army involved in the persecution of Human beings and their ethnic cleansing.The shame lays with him and those who apologise for his actions.

    • "amigo, yes, they were terrorists."jon s

      I just bet you teach that to your students in your eternal efforts to be fair , truthful and balanced.

      Your career would come to a sudden stop after one of your brain washed charges rushed home to tell their brainwashed parents that teach called Israel,s heroic and revered leaders---"terrorists.

      Pull the other leg Jon s.

    • @Old geezer
      " Perhaps this would of greater benefit than the recent conference they held designed to reduce the current GC protections for civilians".

      Yes and claim that bombing police graduates in Gaza during cast lead was legal.

    • Jon s , there is a flaw in your whole argument.You seem to claiming that the only time a resistance fighter can kill his enemy is when said enemy is shooting at him.That is pure nonsense.A soldier is like a cop and is always on duty even when playing at tourist in the territory he is helping to occupty.His/her eyes are always open and gathering information.He /She is essentially a spy in civilian clothing behind enemy lines and like any spy is subject to being shot.

      Otherwise , why not just occupy a nation then throw all your uniforms away and just stroll around and claim to be off duty..No one can shoot you, according to your rules. I dont think so.I am not going to allow a known member of the occupying force to sit among us and then go back to barracks and carry on as normal the next day and thereafter.

      Nice work if you can get it.

    • "What would the world do without Israel ?"Ossinev.

      In Israel,s present form , the world would be a far better place and I grow my own cherry tomatoes so no loss there.

    • " I offered to start a blog, call it “Palestine” and they could come take it from me.
      But I never followed through. So blame me."Mooser

      Look , maybe Jaybee is a young student and cannot afford to start a blog , so why don,t I make a donation and you do the grunt work and Jaybee can be on his way to having his own blog with his own comments policy and total control of content.

      It,s a win / lose plan.He wins a blog and we lose him.

    • ""And let’s not forget that the terrorist also opened fire, spraying indiscriminately, causing several injuries to both civilians and military personnel"Jon S

      Collateral damage is the term I believe the modern axis of evil , (US/Israel) uses.

      In any event , by your own logic , those Jews who shot British soldiers who were not engaged in combat were terrorists and murderers.As were those who threw bombs into civilian markets and onto buses and sent letter bombs to British diplomats in the UK.At least two of your former PM,s were part of these crimes.Do you agree , they too were terrorists??.

      I can supply you with a link to the hundreds of such attacks , if you care to look them up.

    • "And if anything, less people support BDS at the Coop, at least per capita which affects any perce tage of vote tallies. For all their efforts to derail Coop unity, pro BDS candidates draw fewer votes each time when they run for office or submit proposals that are relatedto BDS." Just Jessetr.

      Well BDS can,t win them all.See my comment below @8,10 am and wonder how long the coop will be "occupied " by zionist infiltrators.

    • "BTW, doesn’t the IDF teach their soldiers to, you know, hold on to their weapons"Mooser

      He was holding on to his weapon.

    • "It seems I was right, this blog is run by cowards and whom are incapable of debating the issues on its own merits."JayB

      Calling people cowards , hmmm.

      "We are all adults and should act as such." Jay B

    • "But a “comment” as understood by many, is one’s expression of what they believe to be the truth." Jay B

      My comment is , I believe you have been warned .There are many here who understand that.

      B Jay-sus , I suggest you find a site that caters to your needs . Try Y Net or the JPost.You can make any comment you desire there as long as you do not tell the truth about Israel.

    • "he perpetrator has been identified as Mohind al-Okbi (21), from Hura. He followed a soldier, 19 year-old Omri Levy, into the men’s room, mudered him there,"jon s

      No , he did not murder him.He took out a member of the occupying force who was crapping on Palestinian land.

      Moral of the story is, "if you must occupy / steal other peoples land and slaughter them in the thousands , expect to pay a price.No terrorism on the part of the brave "resistance " hero.Condolences to hi family and friends.

    • For those Israel apologists who think BDS is no threat !!.

      "Dozens of cables sent to the Foreign Ministry each month from Israel's embassies in Europe and the US paint a picture of an escalation by the international BDS movement. "

      Here is a very telling para from the article.

      "Those responsible for concentrating efforts to fight boycotts against Israel admitted this week that they don't know which direction the next boycott will pop out from. "In the past, the boycott movement would only act in the political arena - protests in front of embassies and against members of parliament who support Israel," a senior Foreign Ministry source said. "Ever since [Fatah official] Jibril Rajoub appeared at the FIFA conference and pulled out a symbolic "red card" for Israel, we see that the movement has moved in a more civilian direction. Probably because they noted that it garnered more attention and was more effective."

      Not at threat , eh.

      link to

  • 'I cannot support Israel as long as Netanyahu is in office'-- many American Jews are saying
    • "I just found this way to access haaretz articles for free; I haven’t tried it yet: - See more at: link to" Kris

      thanks for the link Kris.I tried it but as your average libzio might say, "It is complicated."

      Open that link and there is a discussion that includes comments from people who have successfully used it and others who experienced problems.I still was unable to succeed but I am pretty low tech when it comes to cutting and pasting javascript and such.You might better understand.

      Thanks for your help in any event.

    • Kris Hi, OT but I have been having problems with the cache link to Haaretz It was working fine for a few months..Their subscribe option is now appearing on the cached view.Maybe Haaretz got smart .You are probably more familiar with such matters than I. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Israeli govt accelerates settlement construction, 'opposition leader' Isaac Herzog calls for electrified fence between Israel and West Bank
    • Another land grab by Israel,s so called left.

      why would people who claim everyone is out to kill each and everyone of them , enclose themselves into single area and make the task all the more easy for their enemies.

      Zionists must be the most idiotic fools on earth.

  • Jewish organizations look to co-opt 'intersectionality' in the fight against BDS
    • Dershowits is doing a lot of bragging about , "Jewish money ".Isn,t that what attracts accusations of antisemitism , when a non Jew raises the subject.

      "“Using our financial power in this way is how we can fight back. Jews have lived the American dream and we have earned the right to use all our resources.” dershowits

      Gee , Netandyahu says Jews are under an existential threat in the USA.

      Mr dershowits should understand that he does not have the right to use his Jewish money and power gained through said money to shut the rest of us up and to support the crimes of the rogue nation.So let him spend all his money.Maybe another OJ will come along to replenish his ill gotten gains.

      The man is a puke inducing moron.

  • Updated: Former French Justice Minister should face questions in NY about law barring BDS speech
    • Hi Froggy , what confuses me about the French Gov , (not the citizenry) are their latest efforts on the so called peace process and their promise to recognise the State of Palestine if the proposed talks fail.How do they square this with these anti democratic policies against BDS and consequently , free speech.

    • "what are you going to do when you find out how many israeli components are used in volvo’s."duhbaker

      I am going to transfer the boycott sticker to my new vehicle and hope the substandard components from the rogue entity do not let me down.Given that Israel cannot manage a average run of the mill democracy it would be hard to expect them to efficiently run a hi tech manufacturing industry.

      Israel cannot even manage to declare it,s borders.

    • I have had a "Boycott Israeli goods " sticker prominently placed on my rear windshield since the last Lawn Mowing exercise in Gaza.I do so proudly but does this mean if I drive to France, I could be arrested by any , "Jean-De-armed " who happens to be an apologist for Israel,s war crimes.

      The irony is , I drive a Renault car but if France continues with this anti BDS policy , I will have to boycott France and buy a Swedish car next time around.

      Sorry Froggy, nothing personal.

  • Among the settlers
    • "You americans are so hypocritical" ybi

      Hey, we are not all Americans here.I am Irish and we never ethnically cleansed a people like Israelis have done.So, will you accept criticism from a citizen of a nation that has never colonized or stolen from or ethnically cleansed anyone.Also, you might want to prove your dislike for American colonisers by calling on them to quit giving Israel 3,5 billion dollars each and every year and diplomatic coverage at the UN , thereby enabling Israel,s crimes .

      You claim to be a committed zionist. That,s good , as all zionists should be committed.In fact I think all zionists should be "asylum " seekers.

      My advice for you yahoody, is to go back to the J POST , you will be among friends who will not challenge you .

  • The world the settlers made
    • "I hope with this expose the readers of this website can see that settlers are essentially good people, with good intentions, and rational thinkers."maxnurd

      You obviously meant to post on another site.That response could not in ones wildest imagination be related to the article we read.

      Are you drunk.

  • Israeli mayors initiate boycott of Sweden over foreign minister's criticism
    • That’s just not normal. RoHa

      Yates was trying to confuse the Brits with their own language .

    • just , I attended the Gideon Levy event in Dublin and had the honour of shaking his hand but only managed a few words with him..He was as usual brilliant and fearless but for a change , he was among friends .No rude zionist rabble rousers and free speech tramplers."NOT ONE".

      The event was video taped so of I can get access I will post a link.

    • Why the double standards.Why are they isolating Sweden.Ireland was at the forefront (with Sweden) on the latest EU clampdown on Israeli contraband making it to consumers shelves in EU stores.

      Why isn,t Ireland being boycotted.Do the zionists have something against we Irish.We allowed Gideon Levy the stage at the Abbey Theater last Friday where he spent 45 minutes telling the facts about Israel.He was never once interrupted and given a two minute standing ovation by circa 150 Irish anti semites. Doesn,t that rate a boycott.Do we have to increase our efforts to ensure we get equal treatment.

  • Adelson newspaper suggests Swedish foreign minister deserves assassination for questioning Israeli policy
    • "however her hostile behavior and incendiary commends are reserved only for fringe extremists" maxnurd.

      Well , she certainly is not directing her comments to you .You are way past being a "fringe " extremist.

      "and she is sowing further murder of Jewish settlers by her words." maxnurd

      But there are no "non " Jewish settlers (illegal squatters) , are there ??. Why would you care about those you send out as "Human Shields " to create a buffer zone and enhance your security.

      Pull the other leg maximusminimus.

  • 'Little Jewboy' moment highlights coming divorce between US Jews and Israel
    • I am traveling to Dublin on Friday 22nd to see Gideon Levy give a lecture at the Abbey Theater.I will try to pass on this article to him--somehow.It should help to raise his spirits.It certainly did raise mine.

  • Israel arrests human rights campaigner Ezra Nawi and puts gag order on case as part of growing 'witch hunt' against activists
    • "You are thinking of “jon s,” An Israeli history teacher,long-time activist on the Israeli to".Kris

      Aren,t they all on the Israeli Left.

      Thanks Kris.

    • "Of course, in the US, buying private land as a foreigner does not guarantee you the right to live in your new home." Jon 66

      News to me.Do you have a source.I know,knew many foreigners who owned property in the US and lived in their homes.Many entertainers and business people do so .A friend of mine owns a pub in Washington DC which he bought some three years ago.Clearly these people have to return to their own countries periodically to satisfy US visa /immigration laws.If you meant to say , buying property does not gain you citizenship , who would possibly think it would.

      As to the business of Palestinians selling land to Jews, based on statements by successive Zionist leaders to take all the Land back --Ie The so called greater Israel, one can hardly blame them for keeping that bunch of land thieves and murderers as far away as possible.That they are Jews , is a matter for your shame but the same rule would apply if they were martians.Nothing racist here at all.

    • "don’t play daft jon." Annie

      Forgive him , he spends most of his life in the company of children.

      Those poor wretches , even if they are the children of illegal squatter zionist thieves.

      Speaking of racism and not selling property to "Jews".

      link to

    • Ezra Nawi was partner to David Norris who is a member of the Irish senate and a fierce opponent of Israel,s policies.This action is probably directed at Norris for his outspoken opposition to Israel,s actions.

      See him in action here. Btw, forgive his statements about early Israel being socialist and left leaning in the beginning.He like many of us were unaware of all the facts.

    • eljay , this might have some connection!!.

      "Under Bennettian Darwinism, voicing opposition to the occupation and taking action to end it is not a valid, if undesirable, political position. It is corrupted at the DNA level, blighted and putrescent, which assumedly justifies the use of a scalpel or whatever other measures Bennett and his ubermenschen are contemplating. When it comes to genetic diseases, one doesn’t mess around.

      It’s worth noting that Bennett was not talking about Arabs, who he and his ilk have long regarded as a splinter in the ass and a lot worse. We have become inured to anti-Arab racism in Israel and it no longer makes headlines. His latest targets were members of the Foreign Ministry diplomatic corps – almost entirely Jewish and predominantly Ashkenazi. In other words, people exactly like Bennett – who, it turns out, is not only a superb educator, but a practitioner of eugenics with an unerring eye for spotting the genetic markers that separate bad, self-hating DNA from the healthy, Zionist, pro-settlement variety." Haaretz

      It,s a paywall so I gave you the Web cache link.

      link to

  • As sanctions end over nuclear program, US socks Iran with new sanctions over missile testing
    • "Must you love EVERY enemy of Israel?"maxnurd

      Must you make it so easy for us.

    • Annie , thanks for jogging my somewhat malfunctioning memory.Has it really been 6 months since the deal was agreed.

      As you say , Israel and it,s minions in the Congress are busy trying to undo it.I wonder how many more dirty tricks they have up their sleeves.

    • Here we go again.Handing fodder to the right wing in Iran.

      Maybe the Iranians want to launch a Sputnik into space , so they can forecast their own weather or is even that too much hi tech to allow the Iranians.

      Besides , the missile was launched before the deal was signed.

  • Sanders calls for moving 'aggressively as we can to normalize relations with Iran'
    • "And we have to be sure that they are truly going to implement the agreement and then, we have to go after them on a lot of their other bad behavior in the region, which is causing enormous problems in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and elsewhere.” Clinton

      I guess anyone who makes life difficult for Clinton ,s buddies in SA would be an enormous problem. Is Clinton aware that her Saudi friends are arming ISIS in Syria?,The same ISIS that is such an enormous problem in Iraq.The woman is one very confused person who has sold what is left of her soul to the zionists.

  • Groundbreaking Human Rights Watch report shows how settlement businesses contribute to Israeli occupation
    • "Zionism survived earthquakes, deadly vipers and scorpions,"jackduh.

      Communism survived Mc Carthy, Regan, Nixon, Churchill , et al and where is it now.

      Ooooh, it,s going to be fun watching zionism go down and taking all it,s vipers and scorpzions with it.

  • Extremists vandalize Jerusalem church with Hebrew threats: 'Death to heathen Christians'
    • It might be a good idea for some "Christian extremists "to spray paint translations on these doors.Perhaps a few Christian tourists might stop and read the welcoming messages left by their hosts.It would also make for some interesting images to show back home.Greeting ,s from the holy land and all that.

  • Are Palestinian citizens of Israel banned from New York Times headlines?
    • MHughes 976

      You may be right but half good news is an improvement on what we have seen to date.I think EU pols are tiring of Israel.I read somewhere yesterday , that the EU intends to sue Israel for destroying infrastructure in the Wets bank ,paid for by the EU taxpayer.As I said on another thread , even Charlie Flanagan , (Ireland,s FM )who was a member of the ,"Ireland friends of Israel " has done a complete u turn .Ireland along with Sweden and to some degree ,France are the three member states pushing these additional sanctions.

      We will see Monday , just how serious they are.

    • Ossinev , my apologies , I had not seen your post before I posted that report on another thread.

      Good news .I think most European pols are tired of the accusations of antisemitism and insults from ziosville.The Swedish Fm is probably getting her pound of flesh on this one , to teach nuttyahoo not to keep up his insults.Personally, I wish he would and even increase them .

  • African asylum seekers fear for safety with racism on the rise in Israeli society
    • "I mean, what label do you apply to the African-American belief in eternal and irrational white racism? Do you characterize it that way? I’d say it’s firmly based in historical experience." hopknee

      So your advice to African Americans is to go find themselves a country , (someone else,s ) and steal their land, murder, ethnically cleanse and generally oppress them and that will change their historical experience.

      What label does one place on that logic .Come on hoppy --entertain us.

  • Methodist divestment highlights Israel's place in the world
    • The Guardian,s report is more precise.

      "EU foreign affairs council agrees common position on Israel and occupied Palestinian territories after Greece drops its opposition".

      "The strongest paragraph of the communique underlined the illegality of Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.

      It said: “Recalling that settlements are illegal under international law, constitute an obstacle to peace and threaten to make a two-state solution impossible, the EU reiterates its strong opposition to Israel’s settlement policy and actions taken in this context, such as building the separation barrier beyond the 1967 line, demolitions and confiscation – including of EU-funded projects – evictions, forced transfers including of Bedouins, illegal outposts and restrictions of movement and access.

      “It urges Israel to end all settlement activity and to dismantle the outposts erected since March 2001, in line with prior obligations. Settlement activity in East Jerusalem seriously jeopardises the possibility of Jerusalem serving as the future capital of both states.”

      This is a strong message to Israel.Get your act together or else??.

      " such as building the separation barrier beyond the 1967 line, demolitions and confiscation – including of EU-funded projects – evictions, forced transfers including of Bedouins, illegal outposts and restrictions of movement and access".

      Could it be clearer.Not one sq mm outside the 67 borders is in Israel.Personally , I think that is a big giveaway to Israel but we are where we are. Of course Israel will squawk and scream anti semitism and accuse the EU of mirroring the actions of the Nazis while it keeps stealing land and erecting illegal squats , not too mention , murdering, beating Palestinians and demolishing their homes. The EU is doing this for the record , so that in time they can say they gave Israel more than enough time to end their actions and the eventual outcome will be on their own heads.

      Israel will respond with the usual self defeating policies of insults and more crimes which will further entrench those who oppose them.Go figure.These zionists never learn.

      link to

    • "Bibi must be in a bad mood these days. Heh." Kay24

      Sure is , what with American soldiers and four other captives being released by Iran and the possibility of Iran getting some of their own money back and these EU sanctions , etc etc.He will be heading straight to the freezer to binge on ice cream .

      Expect false flag ops such as IOF criminals being " kidnapped " followed by the inevitable , planned lawn mowing and then nietanyahu will tell the EU this what happens when they support the terrorists.

      Given the EU,s usual weak responses , I have learned to view their promises with justifiable cynicism but I now believe they are intent on teaching Israel that the EU does not need them or their endless interference in EU policy or their whining and insults or Israel destroying projects paid for with EU money. Even Charlie Flanagan (Ireland,s FM) has done a U-turn .He was largely responsible for the Irish Gov decision not to recognise Palestine as a state.

      Let Bibi grind his teeth and bang the table.He should be serving a life sentence after trial at the Hague. Accountability is long overdue.Let,s wait and see how Obama chimes in on this.

    • Israel,s place in the EU is about to get more isolated.

      "New EU Draft Resolution Draws Stark Distinction Between Israel, West Bank Settlements

      Israel working frantically to block pending resolution, expected to be published on Monday, that top officials says could lead to additional sanctions against Israeli settlements.

      Israel's Foreign Ministry is making last-ditch efforts this weekend to block a pending European Union resolution that emphasizes the distinction between Israel-proper and the territories it captured during the 1967 Six Day War.

      "EU agreements with the State of Israel are only applicable to the State of Israel [and not to the settlements, B.R.]. The EU and its member states are united in their commitment to ensure full implementation of existing EU legislation and agreements applicable to settlement products. The EU reaffirms its decision [to label settlement products, B.R.] and doesn’t consider it a boycott of Israel, which the EU opposes."

      The draft says the EU will consider taking steps to save the two-state solution. "The EU will continue to closely monitor developments on the ground and their broader implications," says the draft. "The EU will consider further action to protect the viability of the two-state solution, which is constantly eroded by new facts on the ground."

      A senior official in Jerusalem said that Israeli ambassadors in all the European countries as well as those in the EU institutions in Brussels had worked throughout Thursday and Friday in an effort to soften the draft resolution being promoted by Sweden, Ireland and, to an extent, France.

      As of now, that effort has not met with success. "

      read more: link to

      Well done Ireland for being at the forefront of this long past due policy of putting manners on the rogue state .

    • "ireland is so wonderful. i will be back someday. "Annie.

      Sure it hasn,t been the same since you left.We have been through a Celtic boom and then a Celtic bust and now it appears we are heading towards another boom , (highest growth rate in the EU) again. We never learn but we seem to enjoy roller coaster rides.

      Make sure you let me know if , or rather , when you decide so I can show you a real , "Cead Mile Failte".

    • "Maybe they are planning to nuke Wales." Froggy

      You french Rugby fans will do anything to neutralize the opposition.Just think , as Ireland is only 50 miles away from Wales and with a good strong westward wind , France would greatly improve it,s chances in the next world Cup.

    • Thanks Annie.No devious intention on my part.Just a human error.Never could tell the difference between a zero and a capital O. I am Irish , so it,s all Greek to me.

      Hey, I am off to Dublin next Friday. Gideon Levy is part of a symposium at the Abbey Theater. Booked my ticket today.A once in a life time opportunity for us in Ireland.Jeff Halper is also here to launch a new book ! , "War Against The People – Israel, the Palestinians and Global ‘Pacification’".

    • "How do you know that it was against the will of most of their members?" diasp0ra to hoppy.

      He has his standard hasbara handbook.That one is on page one, ltem 3.

      3, Always claim the opposition is led by a few "Jew haters and anti semites".

    • "Yes, against the will of most of their members, the Methodist Church was pushed into doing this by their anti-Israel faction."hopknee

      Ha ha ha ha .

      Btw , do you have a list naming the "anti Israel faction .Maxnurd will want to carry out "severe consequences " against them.

      Thanks for the continuous entertainment hoppy.

    • Annie , thanks for that link.Very informative.

      Poor maxi, so desperate , he will grab on to any passing piece of flotsam and jetsam in a desperate attempt to stay afloat.Wait until his Methodist friends push his head under water during end times.Too funny.

    • Your link is mispelt. It should read, "methodist-friend-of Israel.

      That site got it,s mission statement straight from the GOI .By the way , why did they wait until 2010 to show their support.

    • "Lol @ BDS tsunami." maximusminimus

      Keep your head in the sand maxi .Ignore that huge wave coming at your behind.

    • "Please keep in mind that every entity that attempts boycott or BDS on the Jewish state will face severe consequences." maxnarr

      Oooooh, shiver me timbers. Do please elaborate maximusminimus. Hopefully , your project ,BDS push back , will keep you and your tinpot nation very very busy as new names are added to the list on a daily basis .Israel is going to feel the wrath of the BDS Tsunami speeding ever forward, destroying every zionist crime ridden dream in it,s relentless path.

    • Done .

      Now let,s sit back and wait for the usual , "debunking" and insults directed towards all Methodists , from the usual suspects who suffer from self imposed myopia.

      Meanwhile the isolation continues slowly but surely.

      link to

      Does the term "exponential" come to mind.

  • 'Netanyahu at War' on PBS was dreadful but not without interest
    • lysias , sad news but I was not aware of his connection to the Palestinian cause.Wish I had known sooner.

      We have two celebs coming to Dublin next week.Jeff Halper and Gideon Levy They will be at the Abbey theater on fri 22nd Jan.

      What an honour and a thrill it will be to be in the same room as Gideon ---if I can get a ticket.Of course Halper is impressive ,also.

  • United Methodist Church pension fund rules 5 top Israeli banks off-limits for investment
    • Good news from Ireland on the BDS front!!.

      "Huge BDS victory as CRH pulls out of toxic Israeli assets, ends complicity with Israeli crimes

      A report released today by Ireland’s largest multinational CRH confirmed the global cement giant has divested from its 25% stake in the Israeli cement market. The company has been a focus of a sustained campaign calling for such a divestment from the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) and other groups for over a decade, due to role its Israeli subsidiary Nesher Cement plays in supplying materials for the building of Israel’s illegal separation wall, checkpoints and settlements.

      In the report CRH stated that it had “completed 13 divestments in 2015, the largest of which was the disposal of CRH’s 25% equity stake in its Israeli operation.”

      That 25% stake was held in the Mashav group, the holding company for Nesher Cement, the sole producer of cement in Israel. Nesher is involved in the building of the separation wall in the West Bank which annexes Palestinian land to Israel, and has been declared illegal by the International Court of Justice. Nesher’s actions support and sustain the ongoing Israeli military occupation of Palestinian land. Nesher Cement is also used in the construction of illegal colonial settlements in the occupied territories, checkpoints that impede travel and commerce for Palestinians, and more than 700 kilometres of Israeli-only roads in the West Bank (See the Who Profits? website for details of Nesher’s involvement)."

      link to

  • Facebook censors cartoon critical of Israel
    • "FB has always been biased against Israel" maxnarr

      No s--t sherlock.

      Didn,t your parents tell you. Everybody hates Israel , or should that be , everybody hates Jews.

    • This refers to Israel,s chief foreign hasbarist trying to get Google /Utube to block videos of Israeli violence against Palestinians.

      According to Googles spokesperson and contrary to Israel,s claims , no agreement was reached.

      link to

  • Sick of Zionism’s stranglehold on Jewish culture? There is an alternative.
    • What is the process involved ??.Are candidates vetted.Does one go through the Donkey fellation exercise before being allowed to take part.

      Would it be possible to send a few party poopers along to ask the wrong questions and maybe keep insisting that they be allowed to visit "All " of Israel.They also might , as American taxpayers demand to be shown where their 3.5 billlino dollars a year is spent. This whole birthright propaganda exercise could be demolished if a few non conformists went along each time to put a spanner in the works.

  • Forty Brazilian diplomats issue statement against Dani Dayan appointment
    • "Retired diplomats. And there are hundreds of retired Israeli diplomats who will condemn them" Maximusminimus

      There are no diplomats in Israel .If there were , we would not be discussing this.In any event , who cares if a bunch of retired Israeli war criminals condemn anyone.

      "Did they reject the Iranian or Saudi ambassador?" mm

      Maybe those nations followed normal "diplomatic " protocol.

      "Their national defense will collapse because of their folly. " mm

      LOL, the zionist mind has no limits in it,s capacity to self delude.

      Tell us , maxi , when Israel is isolated from the whole planet , will their defence collapse .

    • "The appointment of an ambassador is decided by the diplomat’s country, not by the host country. Period." palakari.

      Period, really!!.

      link to

      What you mean , is , unless it is Israel who is the host country.More zionist b------t.

      "These guys are doing nothing but needlessly harming Brazil’s foreign relations."palikari

      "A Western diplomat involved in the case said the government in Wellington, which is very pro-Israel, is furious and insulted by Israel’s handling of the matter. “Israel has scored a marvelous own goal,” the diplomat said.
      read more: link to

    • The ability of the zionist mind to self delude , is sans frontiere.

      Here is another illegal squatter, calling for the annexation of Area C .He claims the squatters do not enjoy the same rights as their fellow Jews living in Israel , (wherever the f--k that is , my comment).

      "Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel called on the government to annex Area C of the West Bank during a tour of Judea and Samaria led by the Knesset Land for Israel Caucus."

      "Knesset Land for Israel Caucus". That,s a new one.

      Shouldn,t that say , "Knesset Palestinian Land for Israel Caucus".

      Some choice comments from comedy central.

      "“We should tell the prime minister, the government and the Knesset that the time has come to annex Area C,” Ariel said.

      “If someone asks about Areas A and B, than their time will come. When, we will see. For now, lets agree on Area C. There is more than 60% of the [West Bank] territory, with 50,000 Arabs. They do not pose a problem to the state of Israel,” he said.

      “I am suggesting that we unite around this call,” he said.

      Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria lack the full rights granted Israeli citizens in the rest of the country, said Ariel.

      “This isn’t a normal situation,” he said. “There are too many laws that are not applicable and that discriminate negatively against us,” said the agriculture minister, himself a resident of Area C."

      link to

  • Why are American pro-Palestinian voices silent about the brutal war on Yemen?
    • "As to why pro-Palestine folks don’t complain as much about Yemen, a very good point."Pabelmont

      I can,t speak for others but I am tired of being told by the zionist entity how f-----g perfect they are , ie , the most moral army and a light unto the rest of we lesser beings and that they are the only democracy in the ME and that they try their very best to avoid killing civilians and they are under a never ending existential threat , blah,blah, blah ad infinitum.

      They have tried our patience for 7 decades.

  • Knesset anti-BDS meeting reveals Israeli fear of isolation
    • "Thus recent European requirements are no more stringent than those already in place in Israel?" bryan

      Quite simply bryan , Israel does not want labels on food products with the term "OCCUPIED TERRIRORIES" on shelves in every EU country.That term would become engraved on the memories of too many Europeans and that would be a disaster for the zionist entity.

      The zionists do not accept they are occupying Palestine , because they do not recognise such a nation.

    • The history of the 1984 Dunnes strike by those employees who refused to handle goods from South Africa.They stayed out for 2 and a half years.People power at work.

      "During Easter 1984, the motion was submitted to boycott all South African goods and services, and the Dunnes workers were happy to partake in any motion put in place by their union (IDATU).
      On July 19th, 1984 the Dunnes workers were warned by management that anyone who refused to handle South African goods would be suspended. They lined up all the staff and asked them who was part of the union and who was intending not to handle the South African goods. They then picked all these people to work on the tills for the day and put managers behind the tills to make note of anyone who tried to refuse to handle the fruit.

      Mary Manning was the first person to have a customer come to her till with Outspan Grapefruit. She explained to the woman that as per union policy she could not handle South African fruit. The customer happily sat the fruit aside. Immediately after the woman left the shop, Mary was told to close off her till and report the manager’s office. She was suspended and the other union members closed off their tills and left the shop. A picket was placed on the store that day.

      On July 8th 1985 the strikers flew to South Africa only to be detained in the airport, held under armed guard for 8 hours and then sent back to Ireland on the next flight. This only created more support for the movement."

      Read the whole story at !, link to

    • The GOI is rattled and is at a loss to come up with a credible response.All this BS about improving Israel,s image and convincing the world that Israel is the victim could quite easily be avoided by ending the occupation and the criminal oppression of the Palestinian People.

      Israel wants to eat it,s Bagel and still have it.

      Best wishes and more success to BDS for 2016 and the years to come ,until Israel has been forced to act in accordance with International Laws and civilised behaviour. Anything less is not acceptable.

  • New Jersey teenager threatened with legal action by high school over pro-Palestine activism (Update)
    • Hopefully, she’ll want to serve happily in the IDF and not turn out as shamefully hateful towards Israel as Yoni Falic." Stephen Grover

      Are lobotomies still legal in Israel.

      It takes a pathetic Zionist wacko to suggest turning a perfectly well adjusted humanistic Jewish girl into a murdering lawless morally vacuous idf criminal.

  • Saudi and Israeli denials of human rights atrocities carry different weight in the 'NYT'
    • Slightly off topic.

      Israeli Knesset member claims Jews should not be accused of terrorism!!!!.

      "'No Such Thing as Jewish Terror' and More From the Poster Boy of Israel’s Far Right

      Lawmaker Bezalel Smotrich wants Israel to annex the West Bank, calls gays ‘abnormal’ and thinks the burning to death of a Palestinian family was not a terror attack because it was done by Jews. "
      read more: link to

      He goes on to say !!.

      " But still, as Smotrich charged in the Channel 2 interview, none of these Jewish murder suspects or wedding dancers should be called terrorists or terror supporters. Rather, he prefers to call them “well-intentioned youngsters” gone astray, unable to “overcome their disappointment” with the realities in Israel.

      “They are on the very fringe,” he stresses, but then adds: “Like many of us, they are disappointed. The difference is that they are impatient and can’t deal with complexities … It takes a lot of patience not to lose one’s mind here.”

      Well , if that isn,t the very essence of chutzpah, I do not know what is.

  • At last, a Palestinian is arrested, not killed, after alleged stabbing attack in Jerusalem
    • Re the last article--last line , above!!. "[long and important article, pity it’s behind a paywall]"

      To access this free try the following link. ( Thks to Kris for providing this )

      link to

      For access to other articles blocked by a paywall use the link below .First open the article desired .Copy that link and paste it into the web cache link (below ) and choose the "Google Web Cache " option. It,s the first of 4 options , (green).

      link to

      This a very important article and a must bookmark.

    • Israel must have been taking flak for killing , sorry , murdering every suspect , when it is clear to those in control of their own thought processes , that there was no reason to shoot them.
      This break from Israel,s normal MO is to allow the usual claim that not all suspects are shot.Much like the claim that Arabs are present in the Knesset and even have government portfolios (all one of them) .

      Israel will return to it,s murderous acts in short time.You cannot teach an old dog new tricks.

  • Palestinian citizens of Israel hold the key -- Zellner
    • Ossinev /Diaspora.they just cannot see themselves as blatant racist bigots.Just imagine what these cretins would say in a private conversation when they believe there are no flies on the wall. Or imagine the conversation after the terrorist Palestinians had been "removed ".

      One day all these scumbags will see their tinpot so called nation , (Zionist entity ) flushed down the toilet into the bin of history to join all the other failed states , whose inevitable outcome , they seem to have learned absolutely jacks--t from. I just hope I live long enough to see that day. It will be " a blessing unto the nations " and usher in the birth of a nation that exists for ALL it,s citizens , which will include those who decide they are ready to drop their old habits and learn to live in peace and security with their fellow citizens.It will take time but it will happen.Zionism is doomed and the sooner the world is rid of this vile scourge , the better for all of us.

  • The candidates debate the U.S./Israeli relationship
    • " However in 08 ‘physical evidence” was found which led to the confession by and then the conviction of the fsmily’s former upstairs tenant, who appeared to have no Muslim connections, He had joined a conspiracy to rob them. His sentence was 300 years and he appealed without success."M Hughes.

      Thanks for the clarification.

    • "There’s a thread on Breitbart where commenter Yadja points to the Frontpagemag article and identifies herself as Captain Edwina Tiger McCall" ckg

      Thanks , I saw that.I wonder if the brave Captain has the courage to return .

    • Yadja AKA Guest/Yadja Mc Call , ---how many other names do you post your Islamic hatred under.You got drummed out of the army for your racist bigotry so suck it up and get over it.Nurse---heal thyself.

      Here are some examples of this tiresome toad posting on Breibart.

      " Guest

      "I welcome anyone who wants to attempt to change my opinions on Islam.

      I am an Army nurse who served in this war and Shield/Storm. I have read the Qur'an and studied the life of Muhammad."

      Another post!!

      "I am very sorry to hear that. Because too many lies have been told to cover-up the truth about Islam. The first Islamic killing here in America was shortly after I returned home from serving as an Army nurse in this war. The man was a Coptic and he and his family were slaughtered for his speaking out on an International net show called PalTalk, about Islam and Muhammad. Now I know because I was attacked by CAIR while on duty this war and when I came home I spoke and was interviewed by PalTalk and Joe Kaufman, he used to speak on FOX now and again to expose CAIR. I was threatened by Muslims when I spoke on Paltalk and threatened with decapitation. I took it seriously and stopped traveling on speaking engagements for a couple of years.

      My story can be found by going to Google and CAIR attacks Army nurse Andrew Whitehead, War from Within. No Talk Show host in this country, not Hannity, Bortz or Savage would touch it, not Limbaugh, nobody. It had to be told on the net. I had help from the generals downrange, Frank Gaffney and Daniel Pipes. If it had not been for 60 minutes my butt would have been fried. I am Captain Edwina Tiger McCall."

      And here is real zinger.!!.

      "I too am a huge fan of Stephen Harper and I have had a bad crush on Netanyahu for years. Netanyahu, in my humble opinion, is everything a man ought to be and so much more than most men could ever hope to be."

      link to

      So you are partial to bald , fat bellied , self indulgent , dishonest war criminals.,Bully for you.

    • " am i to understand you think this is really the same person or just the same mindset? "Annie

      I spent some considerable effort researching her history and am certain she is the same person.

      She , Captain Edwina Mcall , was drummed out of the military where she was a nurse ,( a claim made by this Yadja person , see her profile at MW. link to ) for posting vile Islamophobic comments .CAIR , (Council on America Islamic Relations ) was behind the effort to have her sanctioned and the military was so pissed off with one of their officers acting so carelessly , they decided to dump her.She blames CAIR for her downfall and appears to have spent the last ten years taking revenge against Muslims .

      Btw , on a few sites that I checked , she was posting as "Yadja Mc Call"coincidence ---I think not.

    • Correction to above post.

      Her correct name is , Captain Edwina (tiger ) Mc Call.

      Yadja is obviously the name she is trying to hide behind.

    • JLD , thanks for rounding off perfectly my post and all the other wonderful info/links you provide.

    • "Thanks, amigo." ckg

      It took me all of 5 minutes to come up with the goods on this toxic hate filled piece of work.Not very intelligent for an Officer , is she.On the downside , she is married to someone with an Irish name ,likely no longer the case.

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