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I am Irish with a profound interest in the Palestinian /Israeli conflict.

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  • Video analysis contradicts Israeli police explanation of alleged 'terror attack' in Umm al-Hiran
    • If I was being fired at by those trigger happy thugs , I too would change direction and "Take down" as many as possible.

      They were legitimate targets the second they started shooting .

  • Fear that Israel is becoming 'South Africa on the Mediterranean' is expressed in Park Avenue synagogue
    • "MW management hasn’t told me to stop. As soon as they do, I will. " eljay

      Thank the good lord , I was beginning to think that Elizabeth creature had gotten to you.

    • "Seriously? I suppose she also thinks the courthouse is not the place to deal with issues like the rapist’s on-going crimes and the victim’s right to freedom and justice." eljay

      There you go again.

  • Fordham bans Students for Justice in Palestine
    • I will try to contact someone on the org committee and get back to you thurs or fri.

      Thanks for the offer to write about it.That would be a big benefit in gaining fundingI believe this conference has been chased out of a few countries and it sure would be nice to have it succeed in Ireland , in the rebel county (Cork).

      I had not heard of gofundme option.I will pass that along to appropriate folks at UCC.

    • Hi Annie, , is there anywhere on the planet these zionist b-------s dont have their tentacles poking around.It is really incredible the ends they can and do go to , to prevent any and all from discussing the zionist entity , unless it is to praise them.

      On the issue of security around such an event , the only concern is whether some paid for thugs from the nearest Friends of Israel group shows up to do a bit of shoving and pushing and then file a complaint accusing those they pushed of violence and or antisemitism.We saw this tactic used in the AJ series.

      I am particularly looking forward to attending this .I had planned to go to Southampton last summer but as you see , that was cancelled.

      I too will write to UCC management and also give a hefty donation to the organisers of this event.Damned if I won,t do my part to stop these B------s from stepping on my/our right to free speech.

      As an after thought , the organisers should hold the event at the Abbey Theater and no such concerns , interference by the Israeli embassy will arise.That was where Gideon levy spoke last year.No problems whatsoever.Not a peep out of the IZL (Irish Zionist Lobby).

    • Dublin , Ireland. Israeli embassy attempts to close down event at University Colledge Cork , (UCC). They claim it is designed to de legitimize Israel and legitimize antisemitism.

      Btw , this is the same conference that was cancelled by Southampton University, (UK) , in 2015 , citing security concerns.

      I wonder how long it will be before we learn which Irish politicians are on a "take down" list and whether our FM is an idiot or not.

  • 'Constructed crisis for political ends': anti-Semitism claims are prime weapon for UK Israel lobby, Al Jazeera shows
    • The only way to counteract these traitorous Israel firsters is to descend on them in numbers at these stalls and arrive with 3 or 4 lists of different questions.Then you assign 3 or four people to each of these propagandists and get them separated from each other and grill them incessantly about the occupation and illegal settlements and their so called support for the so called 2ss.Best also to covertly tape the event.Who cares if they are uncomfortable, that,s the whole idea.These scum who dabble in espionage in an attempt to "take down " democratically elected " representatives of a sovereign nation in the service of a foreign nation should be outed and dealt with..They demand to be comfortable.They should be arrested and tried for treason and jailed for life.The icing on the cake is that the State of Israel who used these fools will throw them under the bus and leave them to rot in Jail.

      This whole business is not yet over as the word is getting around .The ordinary man in the street often does not vote and turns a blind eye to some of what goes on in politics but when some foreign nation interferes with their democracy then that,s a step too far.The British citizens who are part of this should have their faces posted all over Britain so they can be challenged wherever they go. They think they have been made uncomfortable.Joan Ryan should be thrown out of the parliament and also charged with espionage.

      Mark (let me be clear ) Regev should be charged with espionage and that IDF major enabler and spy should be dealt with in the regular way.Not sure if the UK still executes spy's but that is up to them.That,s one execution I will not protest over.

      Can you imagine anyone getting away with this in the Light unto the nations.

      Let,s hope this zionist inteference will end in a full open and impartial investigation and expose the dirty tricks of the uk zionist lobby .Let,s hope also that it acts as a warning to other nations that are or might be targets.

  • Antisemitism and its useful idiots
    • Annie /Roha , in Ireland we have to register one time only as a person entitled to vote , age/citizenship etc. Voting cards are sent out to each voter informing them of date and location of each election/referendum , and when you show up to vote with your card ,your name is checked against an official list in the possession of the officials at the voting station.They may ask for id but they will usually know most of the voters so only strangers will be asked.

      Joining a political party is optional and the truth is the majority of people are not members , at least in Ireland.


    • When I am accused of being an antisemite , I strengthen my resolve to put these liars and bigots out of business.I take insult , when false accusations are hurled at me ans especially by apologists for war crimes and Human rights abuses .

      I used to question my actions and statements --just in case.Not anymore.

  • Statement: Palestinian students in UK demand resignation of National Union of Students VP following Al Jazeera investigation
    • "yonah, i have not had a chance to listen to the video yet. is there any particular information in his presentation you think is problematic? " Annie.

      I just watched the full video and Yonah did exactly what DR Martin referred to, his detractors seeking to discredit him .Yonah t made the point for him.

      "Mr or Dr. Martin," Yonah.

      While DR Martin did make ref to "High Holidays" as noted by Yonah, I don,t recall Yonah ever commenting on Jewish Israelis - especially their leaders referring to Arabs as monkeys and animals.

      Also I didn,t see Yonah coming back to rebut DR Martin,s statements that Jews were involved in Slave trading.I would have thought that would be far more troubling to Yonah,s ear than a reference to high holidays.

      Maybe Yonah did not watch the tape???.

  • It turns out Jews are as stupid as everyone else
    • Irish excellence in America in road construction and house cleaning has decreased markedly as the generations have gotten further away from the immigrant experience.They moved up the social scale by becoming Policeman and firefighters.

      African American excellence in America in cotton picking has decreased markedly as the generations have moved away from the "immigrant " experience .They have moved to minimum wage jobs , ie flipping hamburgers and detailing cars .

      What have Jews moved to, to get away from their horrible immigrant experience.

    • Just watched Marwan Bishara on AJ.

      He reminds the audience that when France first floated this peace conference idea , they promised that in the event of it,s failure , France would support a un resolution recognising a Palestinian State.Not going to happen.

      Bishara also stated that the only reason Kerry went to Paris was to ensure the 70 countries present did not go to the UNSC.

      Move along , nothing happening here.Let,s visit the Louvre.There is more humanity there.

    • catalan , you are very confused individual , or is could it be that you think all Americans are thick.

      “Never has there been a more spoiled, whining and childish people” Amigo paraphrasing catalan

      "Yeah and they are!!, “Americans are awful at math, chemistry, history and pretty much every other subject. They do have the largest waistlines though and are best at whining. ” catalan.
      - See more at:

      You seem to have changed your opinion of Americans!!!!

      " I like to play around in Math and Physics theory as a hobby, and honestly, it seems to me that the US is very far ahead of everyone else -catalan. See more at:

      Remember the archives.

    • Catalan, lees than 1/4 were born in Israel.Many of the others were educated in the West.

      The only remarkable thing Jewish Israelis do in large numbers is get the rest of the world to hate and distrust them.You would do better to focus on that side of Israel,s remarkable work.

    • I wonder if prospective Jewish members who oppose the illegal settlements are denied membership.

      Why should Jews who support the illegal settlements be forced to socialise with self hating Jews.Perhaps that would make them feel uncomfortable. Can,t have that---eh.

      Anyone asked the Non Jewish members what they think??.

  • Video: Support for one democratic state grows as Palestinians lose hope in two-state solution
    • Judging by the pushback from Jon S , he is scared of the possibility of a bi national state that guarantees equal rights for all.

      What,s a zionist to do when Arabs can live wherever they please including moving into an exclusive Jewish community.They will send their children to Jewish schools and demand the end of the special status of Jews in Israel .Worse still , this new Israel (if so called) will have borders . Non Jews will be able to make noise and drive in their cars whenever they please.

      Ye Gods , the world is coming to an end.Where is Yahweh when we need Him or is that Her.

    • Jon S , I have accused you of squatting on someone elses land and so you are.The land you live on was stolen by BG and his thugs and given to squatters like you.Just because the UN or whoever has allowed Israel to get away with additional land theft above and beyond that granted in 48 , does not negate the fact that Israel stole that land.Ergo , you are a squatter.No ad hominem.Just facts.

      "In 1947, the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP) proposed that Beersheba be included within the Jewish state in their partition plan for Palestine.[32] However, when the UN's Ad Hoc Committee revised the plan, they moved Beersheva to the Arab state on account of it being primarily Arab.[32]

      During the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, when military intelligence intercepted a telegram from Egyptian officers about plans to redeploy along the Beersheba-Gaza line, Yigal Allon proposed the conquest of Beersheba,[33] which was approved by Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. According to Israeli historian Benny Morris, he ordered the "conquest of Beersheba, occupation of outposts around it, [and] demolition of most of the town."[34] The objective was to break the Egyptian blockade of Israeli convoys to the Negev. The Egyptian army did not expect an offensive and fled en masse.[33] At 4:00 am on October 21, the 8th Brigade's 89th battalion and the Negev Brigade's 7th and 9th battalions moved in, some troops advancing from Mishmar HaNegev junction, 20 kilometres (12 mi) north of Beersheba, others from the Turkish train station and Hatzerim. By 9:45, Beersheba was in Israeli hands. Around 120 Egyptian soldiers were taken prisoner. The remaining Arab civilians, 200 men and 150 women and children, were taken to the police fort. On October 25, the women, children, disabled and elderly were driven by truck to the Gaza border."

      You see Jon S , you are living on land that once belonged to those awful people in Gaza that your most moral army drops in every once an a while to mow their lawns on your behalf.

    • "You quote Ali Abunimah using the term “one country”. The point I’m trying to make is that “one state ” is not necessarily a bi-national state, and the two terms should not be used as synonyms " Jon S ,

      Read the damn book before you make conclusions about it . What was that you said about addressing the issue.

      "This is a serious issue in my opinion, an essential issue, because it relates to the essence of what we want to achieve. It’s not splitting hairs." Jon S.

      If it so serious , then read the book and argue from an informed position.Otherwise save your intellectual laziness for your students , Poor buggars..

    • Annie, this is typical zionist mo.Ask for A and when you get it , switch to B.

      Jon s asked for statements by Palestinian thinkers , 2 of which I provided .Ali Abunimah whose dedication to a bi national state is unquestioned by anyone in control of their own cranial area.On Edward Said he insists that I did not quote quote him directly , ergo that doesn,t count.Any honest person would know that Edward Said favoured a Bi National state which is why he received death threats from the PLO and others on the Palestinian side.

      Jon S is about as dishonest as one can get but then I guess that is what is required to continue to live without shame on someone else,s property and convince yourself it is yours.

      Pathethic and very very sad.

    • "Make sure to wear a sign saying “I am not an Eritrean!” Mooser.

      Hmmm , would , "I am an "Erintrean" .work?.

    • Jon S, you are splitting hairs.They don,t have to refer to it as a Bi national state each time .They already clarified it as Bi National in the first instance and a Bi National state is a single. state.

      I notice you ignored my response to your request for the opinions of Palestinian thinkers, ???.Didn,t have an argument , eh.

    • They also reaffirmed the 67 lines .

      Will you be leaving your squat in beersheba in the event of land swaps.

      Which soccer team will you support when you make aliyah to the USA.

    • "Do you have a direct quote from Palestinian thinkers advocating a bi-national state?" jon s

      Ali Abunimah-----"One Country".

      Edward Said -----"In the meantime, a wise Palestinian-American theorist and intellectual is rolling in his grave. Edward Said said it long ago and it can’t be more accurate today: “The question, I believe, is not how to devise means for persisting in trying to separate them, but to see whether it is possible for them to live together as fairly and peacefully as possible.”

  • To be successful the French Peace Initiative must be based on international law and human rights
    • Citizen. Thanks for the link.

      The UK,S decision to send a low level representative to Paris is proof that , they had no intention of p----g off the US by abstaining from any possible resolution put forward at the UNSC.They would have vetoed same.

      The UK through Brexit has cut itself off from the EU and now needs the USA to replace some of the exports they have squandered through Brexit.The UK might well find itself backing US sanctions against Russia while simultaneously seeking trade deals with Putin.Best of luck with that Mrs May.

      In a year or two , Brexit will seem like a nightmare .

    • apologies for posting this on two threads.I forgot this thread .

      " Just watched Marwan Bishara on AJ.

      He reminds the audience that when France first floated this peace conference idea , they promised that in the event of it,s failure , France would support a un resolution recognising a Palestinian State.Not going to happen.

      Bishara also stated that the only reason Kerry went to Paris was to ensure the 70 countries present did not go to the UNSC.

      Move along , nothing happening here.Let,s visit the Louvre.There is more life there.

    • Annie , not sure if you had seen this from Times of Israel , (ergo take it with a grain of salt ) but it might be legit.The devil is in the details !!!, "The us says it will veto any res that is critical of Israel", so that does not leave much scope.

      We can live in hope.

  • The truck attack that killed four Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem was not 'terrorism'
    • "The consequences of the attack in jerusalem has been already felt and like a skipping stone will continue to be as the end game approaches." cohen

      Would that be the Historic homeland of the Jews---Arab frei , Judenstaat.

    • " Time for Americans to grow up and see beyond their lunch pails our foreign policy in action " citizen

      That,s because the "Lobby " is hugely successful in convincing Dick and Jane that the P/I conflict is complicated and has a long and protracted history.Better to just take the side of the blue eyed white European holocaust victims who everyone is out to get and throw them into the sea .Much easier than trying to understand those Arabs.

      It is said that the beginning of intellect is the ability to hold 2 opposing points of view at the same time.Looks as if the Lobby does a good job in preventing intellect from enlightening Dick and Jane.

    • “We in Jerusalem have just experienced an unprovoked terrorist attack, a murderous attack that claimed the lives of four young Israelis " nietanyahu

      Yahoo , if you don,t want your four young Israelis , (idf thugs armed to the teeth) harmed then get the hell out of occupied Palestine and your babies will be safe.

    • "In any event, there is no right to dress in plainclothes and use a civilian vehicle to kill people under international law." hopknee

      Indeed , so what punishment would you apply to these IDF soldiers dressed in civillian clothing and killing civilians,

      "Soldiers in civilian clothing shot at Palestinians who, thinking they were being robbed, sought to defend their property; one Palestinian killed"

      Question hopknee, Do you agree that international law allows oppressed people to resist in any way available to them , up to and including the killing of members of the forces who are occupying/oppressing them --not to mention stealing their land and destroying their homes and imprisoning them without trial.If your answer is in the negative then you are saying the French resistance had no legal right to attack /kill Nazis and were by your logic "Terrorists".

      Is that your position.

  • There is no such thing as 'Progressive Except Palestine'
    • Brent , Israel needs Palestinian resistance. It is the oxygen that keeps the Occupation ticking.If there is a lull in the so called violence then Israel sends in it,s goons at two or three in the morning and manufactures some "resistance". You see, the Palestinians have tried non violent resistance but that just made them easier targets for the so called most moral army.Their land was still being stolen at a greater speed then ever before.

      Your post seems to suggest that this conflict is somehow between two even parties.Israel only condemns so called Palestinian violence and their violence is always forced on them as they are defending themselves. What,s fellow to do when he can no longer set up a state in his historic homeland without the locals getting their gander up.You have to hit back when your victim gets difficult.

    • "Okay then, give me a simple definition of “progressive” in politics, and I’ll know where I stand. -"Mooser

      If you are running for political office I suggest you leave simple definitions at home .

    • One is either progressive or not. .There is no such condition as "Half Pregnant."

  • Israeli settlers attack Palestinian videographer of Hebron shooting in attempt to 'silence documentation and resistance'
    • "israel can’t change the way Brits see Israel."Mag

      They can and they will but not in the way they hope to.

      Never have so few tried to fool so many for so long.

    • Hi Just,

      “Disrespect invites disrespect, violence invites violence. When the powerful use their position to bully others we all lose.” Streep.

      That,s a bit rich coming from miz streep who is not exactly shy when it comes to supporting Israel.

  • Israeli diplomat schemed to 'take down' UK's Deputy Foreign Secretary because he slammed settlements
    • ( too many cans of Fosters Lager over the festive season perhaps ? ) 0ssinev

      Yup , Mark (let me be clear ) Regev apparently has problems assimilating and sticks to Fosters instead of a chunk of cheese and a few pickled onions and bread , washed down with a mug of ale.I guess he doesn,t have the intestinal fortitude for such fare.Odd, for a guy who laps up the sight of slaughtered Palestinians. Contemptible little swine that he is.

    • 0ssinev, Happy New Year to you also and thanks for the reply.

      Below is the link to the article and note you should read past the first 3/4 paras to get to the meat of Pfeffer,s article..

      EI also has some in depth coverage with link to an article by Jonathan Cook .

    • 0sssinev , speaking of critising the AJ articles , check Haaretz---Anshell Pheppher (sp) he has a screed ripping the article apart .He isn,t waiting to see what it says.

    • Is this indicative of all out desperation by Israel or just plain arrogance. Given Israel,s endless calls for other nations not to stick their noses in Israel,s internal affairs this sure smacks of hypocracy.

      Hopefully Harry and Harriet will get wind of the methods Israel is willing to use to usurp British sovereignty and how many traitorous British pols are acting in Israel,s interests at the expense the interests of their own nation.Maybe the discussion can rightly be directed from the fake claims of antisemitism in the Labour party to the treachery that is rife in the Conservative establishment.

      This will not go away as easily as some might wish.It sells papers.

  • Netanyahu has isolated Israel and is driving the US 'off a cliff into chaos' -- Lloyd Doggett
    • Maybe a petition would get up the necessary numbers ( 500,000 is it) to force a debate in the commons.

      in line with this , that greasy little zionist spy should be arrested and held for questioning so a few names can be extracted from him ---Israeli style.It is time to teach Israel that interfering in the affairs of a sovereign nation has it,s consequences.

  • Getting away with murder: the Elor Azarya 'manslaughter' case
    • Must be easy to reach the rank of Sergeant in the IDF. In most armies , the rank of sergeant takes on average ten plus years to reach.This puts the average age to gain this rank at 28/30.This "Child "which is what he is referred to by his supporters made that rank at 19.

      Go figure.

    • Azarya is guilty of the crime of indiscretion by shooting the Palestinian in the presence of a Camera.This is the basis on which he will do jail time.Nothing to do with morals or obeisance to the law.

      Watch for Israeli pols to put forward legislation banning the possession or use of cameras by Palestinians or those seeking to get the truth about Israel into the mainstream media.

  • In 'breathtaking' UN vote, Obama changed his policy on Israeli settlements, making them a war crime -- Finkelstein
  • Democratic politicians want no part of Obama's courage at the U.N.
  • Terrorism: How the Israeli state was won
    • " The location chosen for that self rule was wrong, from the perspective of the Palestinians."YF.

      What,s your perspective Yonah. Was the expelling of 700,000 Palestinians (at the point of a gun ) from their historic homeland and destruction of circa 400 of their villages and the decades long illegal occupation and theft of their land wrong from your perspective or is that prospective , just a prerogative of "the victims".

      The Olympic Committee should introduce a new sport in the form of "Mental Gymnastics". You Zionists will walk away with the gold every time.

    • Before Israel had "the most moral army " they had "the "the most moral terrorists ".Israel was forced into this most moral terrorism.They never wanted to morally terrorise anyone , but their mortal enemies just refused to lie down and die, or leave and left them no choice but to bomb markets .Note they never bombed a market with more than 100 people present unlike their Arab enemies who cared less how many Jews are present.That is the difference between Jewish terrorism and Arab " Terrrroreeeests".

  • Alan Dershowitz has threatened to leave the Democratic Party if Keith Ellison becomes chair
    • Hmmm , First Brexit and now Dexit .Given Nietandyahu,s political and legal problems we could be looking at a Nexit in the not too distant future.

  • Resolution for 2017: Stop substituting 'the occupation' for 'Zionism'
    • Germany was Occupied after WW2 but Germans did not have to wait for hours at checkpoints or have their produce go rotten while they waited to get to market.Germans did not have their homes broken into at 2/3 in the morning and be thrown out onto the Strasse while British squaddies ransacked their homes and peed on their carpets and shat on their beds.Germans did not have their children hauled off to prison and suffer beating on the way.Germans did not have their homes demolished without due process or were they denied planning permission.Germans did not have their homes sprayed with skunk juice by thier occupiers.

      I agree , it is not the occupation .It,s the inhumanity that the occupation affords and the fiendish behaviour of the zionist occupiers that is the problem.

  • UN resolution on settlements is a step back for Palestinians
    • Thanks for the clarification Talknic.

      It can get so confusing.

    • Looks as if Australia is not doing Israel,s bidding !!,

      Didn,t dubakr tell us just a day or two ago that the world was accruing in Israel,s favour and used a statement by former Australian leader Tony Abbott who called for moving embassy to Jerusalem.

      Poor duhbakr , all Israel,s saviours are no longer in a position to kiss Israel,s a--.

    • I stand corrected Annie but still hope the res is put forward by the "others ", just for the record .

    • Obama,s spokesman (Rhodes ) has stated that the US will not allow a UN resolution that is one sided.He was referring to a possible RES resulting from the meeting of world FM,S in Paris on the 15th Jan.

      That leaves open the possibilty of a UNSCR recognising the State of Palestine.This would not be considered as one sided , (except of course by Israel) ,as the Israeli State has already been recognised , albeit with borders beyond those declared by Israel in 1948. UNSCR 2334 recognises Israel based on the 67 borders so the US would only be reconfirming it,s agreement with that part of 2334.

      Such a resolution can be short and refer only to Recognition of The state of Palestine.No need for references to incitement or terrorism or illegal settlement expansion or far right Israeli leaders.

    • c) your admission that israel will not fall in your lifetime but certainty it will fall is right up there with, “one day the sun will implode”.duhbakr

      Actually the sun will not implode, it will just fade away and stop being a "light unto the planets".

      That is to say , it will run out of gas.Just like that other "light unto the nations" already has.When are you going to run out of gas .

  • A bi-national, democratic state is the only option Israel and Kerry has left us with
  • Why Obama waited 8 years to take on Netanyahu
    • "World opinion is accruing on Israel’s side, not the other way around. " hopknee

      Ahem , the hell you say!!!.

      "Yet, Obama is not Israel’s biggest problem. Surprisingly, Israel’s worst, and only true problem is Israel itself. The unanimous decision at the UNSC indicates that the entire world, almost every single one of the 193 member states of the UN, has a negative view of Israel. No other country, not even Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, or any other despot-governed country has managed such a “remarkable feat”—to unite the entire world against it. Had the vote on the establishment of the Jewish state been made today, Israel would never have come into existence."
      read more:

    • Hopknee , better go talk to Nuttyahu ???.

      The day before res 2334 was passed by 14 to 0 the UN was voting on another plan to look into possible war crimes being committed in Syria.netandyahu refused to send anyone.The very next day he berated the UN for wasting it,s time on the P/I issue when so many Syrians are being slaughtered in Syria.

      See anything wrong with that hopppy boy.

    • Annie , belated happy twismas and a great new year.May it be peppered with more UNSCR,s and a plethora of Sanctions against the worlds newest , (oldest ) regognised pariah entity.

      In Hopknees mind , Benjamini Nietnadyahoo has already defeated BDS .Well he claimed he did so that,s good enough for our resident smoke stack. I hear the donald is promising to have the whole universe on Israel,s side in his first 100 days (daze--more likely).

      Thanks for all your hard work and commitment to those who are oppressed and under the heel of heartless money hungry tyrants.

    • "World opinion is accruing on Israel’s side, not the other way around. " hopknee

      Let,s see , 14 out of 15 members of the security council just gave Israel the thumbs down and your biggest bestest buddy abstained and you call that , world opinion accruing on Israel,s side.I agree , world opinion is accruing but it is anything but on Israel,s side. Your chimney stack is damaging the ozone layer .

      " Both the UK and Australia criticized the Kerry speech " hopknee.

      The UK voted in favour of 2334 as would have Australia had they been on the SC.

      I have read that screed about , "UK Government Spokesperson" , (unidentified) condemns Kerry,s speech.Even if the friend of the , British Friends of Israel " had condemned Kerry,s speech , it would only be to appease the zionist Israel,s firsters in the UK to ensure the lolly keeps flowing into her coiffures.

      You are the most gullible individual I have ever come across. Do Zionists have the franchise on gullibility.

    • "obama has much bigger things on his horizon then the low down politics of illinoi " Duh baker

      He may well be invited to become a member of the "Elders" which would give a platform to really get under nietandyahu,s thin skin.

      "The fact remains that while many on the far right and fringe left " Duh baker

      What about those on the right of far right---don,t you count.

  • The formal end of the two-state solution
    • "Sibiriak, you are a firm supporter of the 2 state solution, so your objections I accept, but those who are all gung ho on one state, how is that going to evolve. " YF

      The people who are gung ho on one state are the majority of Zionist Jews who are being led like lambs to the slaughter by their leaders.That is how the 1ss is coming about.We are not gung ho but are simply pointing out facts which you seem to be impervious to.Did you even read one line of Kerry,s speech, ???.

      As to the IDF controlling Lod airport , i believe the most moral army in the world will be dismantled and replaced by a somewhat more answerable to the government , ( which is answerable to all the citizens ) of the day, military force .

    • 0ssinev.

      "The essence of the strategy to delegitimise and destroy Israel is the attempt to airbrush the Jewish people out of their own history in the land – a history which gives them and them alone the right to live there. " Melanie (bigot )Phillips

      That extract from her racist screed pretty much sums up Miss Phillips.

      I am sure glad she resides on your side of the pond and share your desire to have her move to her beloved home for Jews only .Apologies to anyone who might have to suffer her presence.

    • "And then the peace process could be rebooted yet again, providing renewed cover for settlements " chinese box.

      I doubt that the Palestinians are going to agree to any resurrection of the so called peace process unless there is a verifiable halt to the illegal settlement expansion.Res 2334 calls for a report every three months on settlement activity but given Israel,s snake like ability to circumvent any promises they make , that will not suffice.Israel will continue to claim expansion is facilitating "natural growth " or it is inside the existing settlements .We have all seen the zionists at work.

    • " Probably regarding israel palestine the trump presidency will be a hiccup, and thus as soon as a democrat returns to office the kerry statement will be the template upon which that future president will (with some stretching and tugging) base his/her policy " YF

      And in the meantime , the illegal squats will continue to be built at an accelerated pace .At a rough guess , there will be another 100,000 to ????? plus squatters to evict.

      That is the template that he or she will have to work with.

      Nice try.

      " I favor annexing the west bank and in a timely fashion giving all its inhabitants full citizenship." YF

      Did you plan on asking the "annexees" if they want to be annexed without their Brothers and sisters in Gaza , or just repeat the earlier zionist versions of illegal annexation.

    • My point is not based on optimism but on the belief that Trump is going to give Israel what it wants.Israel will then keep stealing land and building illegal squats in it,s goal of creating "The Greater Israel).That will lead to a bi national state which will lead to the Palestinians demanding equal rights and that will be far easier when the world has had it,s eyes open to what Israel is really about.

      No optimism needed when forecasting Israel,s actions.Zionist ideology is constant and unchanging.

    • "For the next four years Israel, it appears, will have enthusiastic support from the American administration for its one state reality and occupation."

      Trump will go down in history as the US President who played pied piper and led the zionists to their doom.

      Is Trumps obeisance to zionists demands intentional .Does he not know that aiding and abetting the inevitable outcome of a 1SS will end in the death of the zionist dream.Is that how he intends to solve the P/I conflict.

      Works for me.

  • John Kerry gives the 'separate but not equal' speech to Israel
    • "Right, so according to you, about half the Jews in the world are assholes." hopknee

      My view is that all zionists are assholes and if you think that is antsemitic --well who cares what a zionist thinks.

    • Just had the displeasure of listening to nietanyahu,s response to John Kerry,s speech and unsurprisingly he spent most of his time accusing the US gov (who just gave him 38bn dollars) of planning the resolution and scheming with others.

      So f-----g what.What the hell does the source of the res have to do with the content of said resolution.This is typical zionist diversion.Never ever address the issue at hand .Find someone else to blame.

  • Israeli hysteria over UN vote is solidifying country's new status, as a rogue state
    • Hi Just , he was just on CNN Europe version and spoke in english --same old shit , blaming the Palestinians and playing eternal poor us victims.

      I might have preferred to listen to him in Hebrew.

      CNN had James Woolsey , (former CIA dir) on and he was so uninformed about the P/I issue it was almost sad.Imagine this jerk running the CIA . CIA in his case must mean --Central Idiots Association.

  • Scenes from a neoconservative meltdown
    • "Annual aid to the Palestinians is about 2 billion. So the impact of your money as a percentage of the total is probably very small, not meaningful "catalan.

      Ever heard of crowd funding .

      The impact of your intellectual contribution here is about as meaningful as our individual contributions to the Palestinian cause.

      Btw , are you still of the opinion that "Americans are basically stupid and uneducated ."

    • 0ssinev , thanks for the link to that zionist moron.It should be saved for possible moments when ones commitment to the Palestinian cause might wane .12 minutes of this guy should re invigorate one to a new level of disgust for zionism and it,s adherents.

    • People like Eli Lake should be allowed to continue to rant and rave. Israel needs no enemies (at the gates) with friends like him already inside .

      Well done Eli , the Palestinians send their thanks and ask that you keep up the good work.

  • Rallies in 25 cities say 'No to Islamophobia; No to Racism: Yes to Justice'
    • “Jon s” hasn’t got time for an intafada he’s having a wet dream aboput Israel Israel invading New Zealand! " Mooser

      Give Jon S a break.He is deeply disappointed he can not have the opportunity to serve proudly in the " Israeli Expeditionary Force " to defend Israel,s " untarnished image and teach those goys down under a lesson in how to respect their betters.

  • Israel's political left also condemns the UN's anti-settlement resolution
    • "If one terms this as: un declares jewish presence at wailing wall is war crime "YF

      Only if they decide to use the wall as a foundation to erect illegal squats on and then move in .Otherwise they are welcome to come and wail all they want and then leave .

      Btw , I believe that claim was made by a zionist apologist, ( possibly naftali or one of the cabal of liars in the goi ) and not the UN.

  • Trump appoints ex-Israeli settler to oversee peace process
    • "The big news is that when the Republican debate last night in Houston at last turned to foreign policy after 90 minutes, the top subject was Israel and for five or ten minutes, Israel was the word you heard repeated again and again on the stage. The good part is that we are at last getting a debate about U.S. foreign policy with Israel at the top of the list. The unfortunate part was that the candidates were trying to out-Israel one another, in particular Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio; and Donald Trump was forced to vow over and over again that he is “totally pro-Israel” and “Nobody on this stage has done more for Israel than I have.”

      First he is more pro Israel than anyone else and then he follows with this !!!.

      "It serves no purpose to say that you have a good guy and a bad guy. Now, I may not be successful in doing it, it’s probably the toughest negotiation anywhere in the world of any kind. OK, but it doesn’t help if I start saying– I’m very pro-Israel. Very. More than anybody on the stage. But it doesn’t do any good to start demeaning the neighbors because I would love to do something with regard to negotiating peace peace, finally for Israel, and for their neighbors… As a negotiator, I cannot do that as well if I’m taking big, big sides " trump.

      Crooked Trump , eh.

  • Netanyahu accuses Obama of betraying 'commitment' to Israel and initiating U.N. resolution
    • The rest of the world through the UNSCR correctly refers to "occupied Territories " and CNN is still babbling on about "disputed territories".

      I didn,t get the anchor,s name but he and all three of his guest analysts used the same term in a ten minute coverage of UNSCR vote.I thought that had been assigned to the bin of history with the "Land without people etc )" myth.

      Ron Dermer and Michael Oren were given carte blanche to recycle the same old worn out hasbara , such as "Israel is the only true democracy in the ME ".Both Oren and Dermer are accusing Obama/Kerry of orchestrating the whole affair as if that in some way excuses Israel,s policies over the last 7o +years. And so what if they did.

      When challenged (once only ) by an anchor on how Israel can expect to keep building settlements , thereby destroying the 2ss and the continued existence of a democratic and Jewish state Oren went right into the usual bs about how Arabs can vote for their own leaders and they refuse to sit down with Israel who has been waiting at the table for the last eight years for someone to make peace with.Needless to say , he was not challenged on that claim by even one of the guests..

      CNN , "fair and balanced".

      Damn , they are a tiresome bunch of morons.

  • Netanyahu ignored US warnings and brought Israel's 'international isolation' on itself -- Ben Rhodes
    • "Cherry toms. are the easiest tomatoes to grow. You can grow ’em in a pot on a windowsill, if you have to. Growing good big tomatoes is much harder."Mooser.

      We don,t grow tomaytoes in Ireland .We grow tomahtoes.Completely different species.They only grow where the sun never shines.

    • "This is seen by some observers as the beginning of a massive campaign by him on behalf of the huge powerful Middle Eastern nation to delegitimise the rest of the world " 0ssinev

      Boy , am I glad it was not Ireland,s turn on the UNSC.

      The delegitimizing I can live with but I have to have those cherry toms.They are the same to me as ziocaine is to a zionist.

    • More to come but worse for Israel!!!.

      "Israel Fears American, French Initiative in Paris Conference Before Obama Leaves Office

      Jerusalem concerned that foreign ministers' meeting in Paris, scheduled for January 15, will result in a Security Council vote on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. "

      read more:

  • Abstention at the UN, or the Owl of Minerva of American Diplomacy
    • How,s this for a good laugh.

      "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instructed Israel’s UN delegation last week to skip a General Assembly vote on a proposal to establish an international mechanism for gathering evidence for war crimes during Syria's civil war." Haaretz

      read more:

      This from the same guy who on friday made the following statement , as did his fellow hypocrites.

      "“Think about this absurdity," Netanyahu said on Saturday night. "Half a million human beings are being slaughtered in Syria … The entire Middle East is going up in flames and the Obama administration and the Security Council choose to gang up on the only democracy in the Middle East: the State of Israel. What a disgrace.”

      This has to qualify as the the end of chutzpah.

  • Obama stands up to Trump (and Israel)
    • Trump is going to make America great again but he is going to make israel "greater".

      Screw the un ,screw the eu.screw international law ,they all suck ,everybody sucks ,screw them all.

      Who needs the rest of the world ,when youve got the NYT,WAPO,WALL STREET.CNN,FOX NEWS ,Congress aaand in a few weeks ,the whitehouse

  • 15-year-old Ahed Tamimi denied visa by State Dept for US speaking tour
    • If this was a 15 year old Syrian girl , she would have her first class ticket paid for and hotel bill taken care of with some money to spend in between delivering her speech to the Congress and CNN/NBC/FOX (fair and balanced )NEWS /.She might even break nuttyyahus record number of standing ovations and have the congress critters breathlessly leaping to new heights in orgasmic euphoria while developing blistered fingers from thunderous clapping.

      For the USA , a Palestinian girl spreading "lies " about the most moral army and light unto the nations and de legitimizing same is tantamount to having the enemy at the gates .

      Funny old world , ain,t it.

  • Hell just froze over: the New York Times runs an article saying Zionism is racist
    • "Have you served in your country’s armed forces? " Jon S

      Why would I need to .My Countries armed forces are not and never have been involved in the oppression or colonization of another people.

      You played your part in Israel,s crimes and you brag about it.Shame on you.

    • "And your comment about my not “donning olive-greens’ is a bit unfair, since I’m now past the age of military service. When I was of the right age, I did my service in the IDF. " Jon S.

      There was /is never a right time or age to serve in a brutal oppressive murderous army whose sole purpose to create a Jews only state.That is what your beloved boys in olive green exist for and as you were part of it , in whatever capacity , you carry the same guilt as those on the front line who murdered unarmed Arabs.Trying to divert attention from your part by pointing fingers at Yoni is proof you have no sense of guilt and are too cowardly to stand up and admit your part in this most vile of military endeavours.

      As to your peace activism , have you stood with the protesters in Beilin and faced down your heroes in olive green as they shoot live rounds at unarmed protesters.

      You keep claiming you are against the settlements , since their inception , (you never refer to them as "illegal" ) so why are you living in a settlement.

      You are really so full of it.

    • "Not a word of condemnation for Yonifalic,a despicable murderer of innocent Palestinians. Does he get a pass because he’s at present a despicable Anti-Semite?"Jon S

      First , he does not get a pass but at least he is trying to atone in his own way and prevent others from carrying out the same actions unlike bennett who is still involved in murdering people and you may think he is a moron but you still failed to demand his arrest and trial.

      Secondly , you are the one calling him an anti semite, I fail to see the evidence..That is very revealing given he is trying to save what you claim to be your historic homeland before it goes up in smoke .You of course will not be donning olive greens to defend same but we can rest assured you will be on that settler only road to BG airport with us passport tightly clasped on your aliyah to Connecticut.

      You are living on land which was illegally annexed , (stolen ) from Palestinians , ergo you are an illegal squatter.You can claim there are 25 hours in a day but the rest of the planet will still be working on a 24 hour day.

    • "Yonifalic is therefore a self-confessed war criminal and should be prosecuted. " jon s

      So is Naftali Benett.

      "A minister boasts of killing Arabs, a leader in the ruling party wants to expel them and a mayor is in favor of cleansing his city of them.

      Bennett's bragging arouses basic questions that you have to organize in your mind: First, what did he mean by "lots of Arabs"? If lots means two or three, that's throwing dust in our eyes - fewer than 10 dead is not considered lots. Second, Did Bennett kill those "lots" in one blow? Two? In innumerable cases? And three - don't those dead men have names? After all, a chance meeting is likely to lead to an exchange of addresses and phone numbers, so what about end-of-life meetings? And fourth, let him explain to us the circumstances of the killing, and then we can wonder, with the necessary caution, whether legitimate killing spilled over into deliberate murder? Not only that, it's a source of pride."

      read more:

      Here is one of your heroes bragging about killing Arabs. Yoni took no such approach.I take it you will be advising Bennett to turn himself in and submit to a trial.

      You are aware that as a citizen of Israel , (the occupying power ) squatting on someone elses property you are a committing a war crime.Can we expect to be reading about the Israeli history teacher and well known leftist peace activist from Beersheba who turned himself in to face justice.

    • "Have you discussed “peace” with your neighbors in Beersheba?" Mooser to Jon S.

      Mooser , I assume by neighbours you are referring to non Jewish neighbours.

      I once asked Jon S if he knew where his closest non Jewish neighbour is .He responded in the negative.Surely you don,t think Jon S ,s outreach covers that much ground.

  • David Friedman is out of step with American Jews and dangerous for Palestinian human rights
  • Israel threatens to toss Antony Loewenstein after he asked Lapid question about apartheid
    • "I am hoping for some introspection on your (plural) side here, but in my experience Mondoweiss comment culture is shamefully macho."Elisabeth.

      Evidence please !!! real , not perceived.

      If you are suggesting that Eljay,s analogy , which condemns males for rape , please explain how that is sexism or macho.

      I took a look at your archives and note your first post was in 2010--not quite ten years but ,your posts are pro Palestinian rights.However I am curious as to why you expend so much of your effort mining for macho-ism in the ranks of males who expend their effort fighting for the rights of Palestinians --both male and female.Why not go back to pointing out Israel,s crimes v arguing with decent folks here who support justice and fair treatment for all.

    • "I am getting a bit sick of these repeated women-chained-and-raped-in the-basement comparisons." Elisabeth..

      I agree Elisabeth --let,s drop the analogies and discuss Israel,s decades of atrocities directly.

      Where would you care to start.How about the Nakba or Deir Yassin or perhaps the destruction of 400 Palestinian villages or the murder of 4 boys playing football on a beach in Gaza or the spaying of skunkjuice on Palestinian homes or the burning of a Palestinian home and the death of three of it,s inhabitants or the burning to death of a 16 year old Palestinian kid by pouring petrol down his throat and setting him on fire or the murder of Rachel Corrie by a big brave Idffer with his D9 bulldozer , etc , etc.

      Be honest Elisabeth . it is not eljay,s analogies that bother you, it is any opposition to Israel,s actions , no matter how it is presented , that irks you. Is that not so Elisabeth.if Eljay used a different analogy for each of his posts , you would still be complaining.

      BTW , if you think so little of MW , why contribute to it,s continued existence by increasing it,s "Hits".

    • "A sense of entitlement more likely. "Elisabeth

      Now where have i read that claim before??.

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