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I am Irish with a profound interest in the Palestinian /Israeli conflict.

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  • Zionism's tailspin: Stark minority of young California Jews are 'comfortable with idea of Jewish state'
    • "Roha, is the casual inclusion of the questionable line “clutching to the cringing Jew” supposed to impress people with the mere accidental reference or would other inferences be more appropriate?" yonah

      Desperately seeking antisemites again Yonah.

      I believe they are next door chowing down on White Bread and Mayo.

      " imagine, sitting and eating white bread and mayonnaise with your neighbors, but then going home and chowing down on some pastrami on rye, mit a pickle and chicken soup, when the shades are down and nobody knows" Yonah Fredman

      Go look in the mirror Yonah and you will see the racist you are so desperately seeking.

    • "The Ireland/Northern Ireland border has been there since 1921, long before the EU existed. Some sort of deal can be reached." RoHa.

      Post Brexit !!.
      The Border between The Republic of Ireland (an EU member state )a nd Northern Ireland (part of the UK ) no longer part of the EU will be the border between the EU and the UK.Therefore it is the EU who will determine what form the Border will take , ie, Hard or soft.The 1921 border agreement is of little or no consequence .That was long before Ireland joined the EU.

      The UK insists that technology will provide the answer but they have yet to come up with a viable answer.

      At this point , it looks as if it will be a hard Border , which the republic is vehemently opposed to but the Bosses in Brussels have the final say.They will most likely insist that goods travelling between the UK and the EU , (Rep Of Ireland )will be controlled just as they will be , ie , between the UK and France /Belgium or Holland.

      In any event , at this point , a second referendum is a distinct possibility , now that the British Public are beginning to realise they were hoodwinked.

    • "so here we are 5 years later and indeed, the numbers they represent, here in the bay area, are embarrassingly small." Annie Robbins.

      From a zionist perspective they should be embarassing but zionists by nature will adopt their usual , denial , denial stance and bury their collective heads in the dead sea.

      From my perspective , these numbers are tantalisingly small.May they continue to decline , exponentially.

      Thanks for the report.

  • Israel’s Justice Minister endorses apartheid -- the Jewish state 'at the expense of equality'
    • "amigo this discussion is his birthright" gamal.

      Some birthright.

      Yonah is a bit slow.I have some 6000 coments going back 8 plus years and now he chooses to tell me to butt out.

      Thanks for the link.I used to sing that diddy in my younger days when the craic was ninety on the Isle of man.

    • "amigo – I was born to this discussion. How did you come to it?" Yonah Fredman

      We are all born into the discussion involving the right of our fellow man to his /her right to freedom and equality.

      There is no right of passage, at least not in the world I move in.

    • Thanks for that Misterioso.

      I hd to read it three times to convince myself I was not in a trance.

      There is however something fishy going on.Ali Abu Nimah , Gideon Levy , Noura Erekat all at the same time.

      What do you make of this.

      Edited version.

      I just read the subjects to be discussed and now understand how fake this is.

      There is no discussion of Israel,s crimes or disregard for international Law.

    • "yet you defend a murderer too afraid to face to his punishment?" catalan.

      Dont be so tedious.If Yoni Fallic had never seen the light , you would be supporting him .

      In any event , I would say that Yoni Fallic has demonstrated much courage in refusing to continue doing zionist dirty work for them and who the f--k are you to decide , as you have never took up a gun to defend what you believe in.You are the coward catalan.

    • "ritzl- nonorthodox Judaism in America is on a steep downhill decline demographically and I was offering vibrant Jewish identity as an opposite to this decline." Yonah Fredman.

      Gee , Yonah , any examples of vibrant Jewish identity to offer as an opposite to Miss Shaked,s decline in her view (probably shared by most Israeli Jews)of equality for Non Jews.

      I understand your reluctanceYonah.Tough subject eh,Better ignore it.

  • In propaganda coup for Israel, NYT frontpager ascribes Gaza's misery to Palestinian infighting
    • "Gazan Hamas rulers should use 130,000 trucks of concrete mix been sent there to re-build houses and sewage system. Instead, they build attack tunnels that go into the sovereign territory of Israel. " dumaduck

      Hey , it,s a sly Arab Plan to excavate the foundations of the Sovereign Israeli territory and then sit back and watch the Historic Homeland collapse in on itself.

    • " Instead, they build attack tunnels that go into the sovereign territory of Israel".dumaduck

      Which is easier duma ---telling who is a Jew or recognising Israeli Sovereignty.

  • Sentenced to 65 years for helping Palestinians: Read an excerpt from Miko Peled's 'Injustice: The Story of the Holy Land Foundation Five'
    • "Kaisa. Have you ever visited the region? Lived here?" jacduh

      So mister Trial Lawyer in the Region , you seriously expect anyone to believe you.You are a zionist and by default a purveyor of lies and propaganda.It,s not your fault that you are reduced to defending the indefensible.

      Get out while you can jackduh.The days of zionism are coming to an end .Better get your spare passport updated and ready at hand for your reverse aliyah.Please stay away from Europe .We are already overloaded with Yentas.

    • "As a practicing trial lawyer, I admit, that with the gift of hindsight, the verdict, and sentencing, seems unfair. But I can also tell you from experience, that the facts of the case must be closely scrutinised before rushing to judgment." jacduh.

      You just contradicted yourself , councillor.

    • "@moo

      Why don’t you change the pace and contribute substantially to the discussion."jacduh

      So councillor , what would in your estimation be a "substantial contribution " to the discussion.

      A cursory perusal of your comment section , which is a long series of zionist untruths and propaganda certainly qualifies as substantial but hardly a contribution.

      Btw , I was not sure how good the Moose,s response was until I read your s.

  • Israeli diplomat calls on American students 'to restore the honor' of vilified word-- Zionism
    • There are many words that do not equate with Zionism.Honour is right at the top of the list.

      Here are some others.


      Alternatively , here are some words that describe Zionism .

      Fascist .
      Rogue Entity.

      IOW , Zionism is one screwed up project that needs to be put to the sword of justice and dispatched to the bin of history never again to be allowed to see the light of day.

  • Upcoming Likud bill is Israel's latest attempt to annex the settlements
    • Can,t find any reference to EU comment on this.

      No surprise there.The EU leaders will not interefere until they get sufficient flak from inside the EU before they pay the usual lipservice in opposing Israel,s , "Unhelpful acts" .

  • 'Killing civilians is unheard of' -- Israeli propaganda gets red carpet reception in US press
    • "More like a ” Flaccid Democracy” methinks."0ssinev

      Yeah , but it is the "Only Flaccid Democracy" in the ME.

      Invented by Jews , for Jews.Can,t have the chosen people living under the same rules as Untermenschen.That would be an act of Jew hatred.

    • "Israel is not a “flawed democracy”, It is the only true travesty of democracy in the Middle East.Paranam Kid.

      Coundn,t agree more.I was not offering my own opinion but that of the International Democracy org.

      I am just opening the door to the usual suspects to chime in and describe to us how Israel has Arab participation, (when they are not being manhandled out of the Knesset ) in the only democracy in the ME.

    • This won,t get red carpet treatment in the US.It will not see the light of day.

      The so called only democracy in the ME is a "Flawed Democracy " once again in 2017.Israel ranked similar in 2016.

      In the Civil Liberties column Israel get 6.18 out of a possible 10.00.Normal "Full Democracies" like Ireland score 10.00 out of 10.00 in the same column.

      As usual Israel is in some really fine company.

  • 'Death to Ahed Tamimi': Israeli settlers vandalize Nabi Saleh
    • mondonut, there are no such people as Settlers in Occupied Palestine.

      Just Illegal squatters---ie Citizens of Israel who are there in contravention of the 4th GC.Article 49.

      Try to get your facts right and then we can discuss other issues.

    • "And how is it known that they were settlers?" mondonut..

      And how is it known they were not settlers (Illegal Squatters).

  • Pro-Israel Democrats concede 'human rights' issue is killing the brand
    • Jack , there you go again.

      Please come up with some new fake news.That copy & paste spiel you just posted for the umpteenth time is getting , even your supporters bored.

      BTW when are you going to acknowledge the Nakba.

  • 'We are proud of her': Palestinian teenagers on the importance of Ahed Tamimi
    • "Desperate Africans risk murder, kidnap and rape (by Bedouin Arabs) to come to Israel, and now they don’t want to leave." jackduh

      Correction .

      Desperate Africans risk death by drowning to come to Israel and now they don,t want to leave but Nietanyahu and co are busy rounding them up to expel them.Those that refuse to take the Kong,s shilling will be arrested and imprisoned.

      There you go.Fixed it for you.

  • Naked justice
    • Is she an which case she is a co conspirator in a war crime.

      These people are irresponsible parents who have chosen to place their children in jepardy . not to mention teaching them that theft is acceptable.

      Zionist values . Eh.

  • Israel, are you a real state?
  • 'We’re going to have nothing to do with (peace process) any longer' -- Trump threatens Palestinians
    • Trump has by default taken the 2ss off the table.

      I am curious as to what his plan is for the 5 plus million non jewish citizens that will be inside the borders of the so called greater israel.I take it his nrxt move will be to take the WB and gaza off the table.

      The great deal maker creating the greatest deal ever.He is completely insane or the rogue entity has something on him.Another porn star donald . your on candid camera.

  • There are two narratives, but one reality: Palestinian dispossession
    • "Yours is more like – “I am a good Jew, don’t beat me! Those are the bad Jews – beat them!”boris

      Boris as an onlooker I would advise you to put thye shovel down.There are other Jews watching and worse still there are Goys taking note and learning how create Tribal warfare amongst the chosen People.

      You wouldn,t want that on your conscience , now would you ---if you can find it , that is.

    • "I don’t hate myself. I proudly accept my destiny of being part of Jewish nation." boris

      What Jewish nation are you on about.

      Show us the map.

  • Israeli Defense Minister urges ban against poet for calling Ahed Tamimi a hero
    • "Polish lawmakers approved a bill on Friday that makes it a crime, punishable by up to three years in prison, to use statements suggesting Poland bears responsibility for crimes against humanity committed by Nazi Germany." j post.

      The Polish gov objects to the use of the term , "Polish Death Camps".

      And in typical zionist fashion , Israel,s leaders rush to condemn the Polish Gov which They accuse of trying to whitewash the crimes of Polish citizens against Jews.

      More Zionist chutzpah from the nation where a majority of it,s citizens have been involved in crimes against Palestinians.

      I was unable to find this story on more mainstream Media so wer,e stuck with J,Post until a more honest source becomes available.

  • Fearing breakup of Israel lobby, liberal Zionists stress the power of Jewish unity
    • Zionism = Dead man walking.The only question is , how long it will be on death row and how many more reprieves it will get.Can,t be too many left.

  • Netanyahu has taken a wrecking ball to Israel's favorability ratings among Democrats
    • This significant fall in support for the Apartheid Regime makes it much easier for Dick and Jane to openly condemn Israel without fear of accusationns of Antisemitism.

      No more will those who support equality and the right of self determination for Palestinians be cowed into silence by zioniist control of the media and the political whores .

      No siree , and boy will they be p----d off when they realise they have been hoodwinked for decades and have coughed up in excess of 200 billion dollars of their tax money to sustain this Apartheid entity.

      Would not want to be a zionist in that environment.

      One other thing, I would not want to be Jewish either , given that the Apartheid Regime has spent decades telling folks that Zioniist = Jewish and Jewish =Zionist.

      Of course , I would hope that those real Jews who have opposed the Apartheid Regimes actions for decades would not fall victim to any vengeful acts.

      We will witness , Israel,s staunchest allies and propagandists (MW is littered with same) turn tail and claim they never supported the Apartheid Regime.

      You just cannot trust a zionist.

  • Israel’s expulsion of African refugees - betrayal with a kiss
    • "Jonathan Ofeer, Never have I seen a more perfect example of someone proud to be tone deaf."Yonah Fredman.

      Maybe he is up to his ears in white bread and Mayonaise.

      "imagine, sitting and eating white bread and mayonnaise with your neighbors, but then going home and chowing down on some pastrami on rye, mit a pickle and chicken soup,"Yonah Fredman

      Yonah , people in glass houses etc etc.

    • Interesting article on J Post .

      "After this year’s Supreme Court’s ruling, the government launched a relentless campaign based on incitement and intimidation to remove all African asylum seekers from the country. The incitement has taken many forms: labeling asylum seekers ‘’illegal infiltrators” and “occupiers” and promising south Tel Aviv residents that the government would “take back” their neighborhoods as though they were “occupied” by armed and conquering aliens."J Post

      Beautiful , kind and Generous Israel , so willing and humanitarian .

      One could almost refer to it as , "The Light unto the Nations."

      Democracy in full bloom in Israel where the Highest Court in the "NATION" is regularily ignored and Israel,s leaders toil laboriously to neutralise it.

  • Palestinian legislators are 'dragged out' of Knesset as Pence promises embassy will move in 2019
    • "“If both sides agree, the United States will support a two state solution,” Pence said. Netanyahu did not applaud this statement, though he continually applauded other statements by the vice president."

      netanyahu applauding the creation of a 1SS and with it , the end of the presently constituted ," Jewish State ", ie Supremacist Colonialist Apartheid undemocratic entity.

      Of course our zio troll , nathan does not have the foresight to see this which is why he spends most of his time here accusing others of calling for the end of Israel or as he likes to refer to it , The Jewish State.

      better take it up with your leaders Nathan , they are the ones ushering in the end of your beloved , one and only Jewish State.

  • Abbas's crime was saying that Zionism is a colonial project
    • "Those of us who were in Britain at the time know all the people whose names he mangled, as well."RoHa.

      Good old Denis Healy and Willie Whitelaw et al.

      RB was brlliant and a one of a kind.Not to diminish his partner RC.

      At the end of a trying day , an hour of The two Ronnies is the perfect pick me up. U, tube has it,s positive side.

    • "Or “Dabakr” has decided to be the barker." Mooser

      Here is anotherBarker who also talks gibberish , but at least he made a living from it.

      For you duhbakr------He refers to "Printed Mutter " about half way through , in describing his "mutterers".

      He, like duhbakr made people laugh.

  • Braying donkeys
    • "John, did you ever invite Palestinians into your home to break bread? Ever, John?" jackduh

      Actually , many Palestinians have been invited to break bread with me but they always had an invitation and arrived at the agreed time.

      Not once did they arrive at 2 am armed to the teeth and ready to break everything in my House not to mention crapping all over my bedroom , slapping my wife and children around, (some of whom they hauled off to prison ) and generally acting like hooligans.

      Now ask me if I have ever invited a zionist to my home to break bread with me.

    • "Read the Haaretz article, moron."jack duh.

      Not necessary but here is wheer the Haaretz article came from.

      Read it yourself.I wont call you a moron.I don,t wish to insult morons.

      "Ben Gurion advocated for maintaining martial law against the Palestinian minority up to the last second. In 1962, he derided those like Sharett who lobbied for its repeal. He called them “naïve” and argued that they didn’t “understand” Arabs. He warned of what might happen in outrageously racist terms:

      There are those living under the illusion that we are a nation like all other nations, that the Arabs are loyal to Israel and what happened in Algiers cannot happen here.

      We look at them [Palestinians] like donkeys. They gratefully take what we give them. It doesn’t matter to them.

      You and those like you [who support the end of martial law] will be responsible for the destruction of Israel."BG

    • "Did you oppress any Palestinians lately? Or did you get slapped by one of their teenage girls?"Talkback

      "Stay on topic, you pathetic hack." jackduh to Talkback.

      Hell hath no fury like an IDF hero bitch slapped by a defenless girl.

      Is it still stinging jackduh.

    • "Disprove what I just said about BG and the donkey quote, or shut your hole."duhbakr

      No , you made the claim that he didn,t , so you prove it.

      Gee , your very pensive this evening duhbakr.did some assh--e upset you.

    • jackduh , I doubt that bg meant beasties.

      You betcha jackduh.

      " 1.
      Chiefly Literary. a small animal, especially one toward which affection is felt."

      Ni siree , no affection lost there.

      Your problem jackduh is , just like every zio , the only facts are zio facts.Everyone else is lying.

      You are a whirling derwish out of control.Beware , you will end up disappearing up your own beastie oraface.

      But don,t let us stop you.

  • After 30 days in jail, Ahed Tamimi's detention is extended indefinitely
    • An appropriate time to repost this .Perhaps this time dubakr can chime in and complain about his beloved illegal squatters doing their best to make the IDF look as bad as they can.

      "What Happened When a Jewish Settler Slapped an Israeli Soldier
      Both Ahed Tamimi and Yifat Alkobi were questioned for slapping a soldier in the West Bank, but little else about their cases are similar — simply because one is Jewish, the other Palestinian".haaretz

      "This slap didnt lead the nightly news. This slap, which landed on the cheek of a Nahal soldier in Hebron, did not lead to an indictment. The assailant, who slapped a soldier who was trying to stop her from throwing stones, was taken in for questioning but released on bail the same day and allowed to return home.

      Prior to this incident, she had been convicted five times — for throwing rocks, for assaulting a police officer and for disorderly conduct, but was not jailed even once.

      In one instance, she was sentenced to probation, and in the rest to a month of community service and practically a token fine, as compensation to the injured parties. The accused systematically failed to heed summonses for questioning or for legal proceedings, but soldiers did not come to drag her out of bed in the middle of the night, nor were any of her relatives arrested. Aside from a brief report by Chaim Levinson about the incident, on July 2, 2010, there were hardly any repercussions to the slap and scratches inflicted by Yifat Alkobi on the face of a soldier who caught her hurling rocks a Palestinians.

      The Israel Defense Forces Spokespersons Unit said at the time that the army takes a grave view of any incidence of violence toward security forces, and yet the assailant goes on living peacefully at home. The education minister didnt demand that she sit in prison, social media have not exploded with calls for her to be raped or murdered, and columnist Ben Caspit didnt recommend that she punished to the full extent of the law in a dark place, without cameras.

      Like Ahed Tamimi, Alkobi has been known for years to the military and police forces that surround her place of residence, and both are considered a nuisance and even a danger. The main difference between them is that Tamimi assaulted a soldier who was sent by a hostile government that does not recognize her existence, steals her land and kills and wounds her relatives, while Alkobi, a serial criminal, assaulted a soldier from her own people and her religion, who was sent by her nation to protect her, a nation in which she is a citizen with special privileges.

      Jewish violence against soldiers in the territories has been a matter of routine for years. But even when it seems like theres no point asking that soldiers in the territories protect Palestinians from physical harassment and vandalism of their property by settlers, its hard to understand why the authorities continue to turn a blind eye, to cover up and close cases or not even open them, when the violators are Jews. There is plenty of evidence, some of it recorded on camera. And yet the offenders still sleep at home in their beds, emboldened by divine command and amply funded by organizations that receive state support."

      No paywall with this link.

      Comments welcome from Duhbakr.

  • What's wrong with colonialism?
    • "The Palestinians were certainly victims of an injustice from their point of view, " Jon S

      And from your point of view ????.

      "Over the years I’ve devoted considerable time and effort to trying to understand and empathize with the Palestinian narrative,"Jon S

      Do you even know the name of the Palestinian Family that used to live where you now squat.What would you tell them if they showed up with the legal document proving they were illegally evicted from their home.

      How would you show your empathy for their plight .How would you convince them their dispossesion was not the result of colonialism.

    • "So, your a disgruntled former Israeli " duhbakr

      Surely you mean a disgruntled former Jewish Israeli which is in itself an oxymoron.Most former Israeli Jews I have met are pleased as punch to be out of the area referred to as , "RAR", (Rogue Apartheid Regime ).

      There are in fact , tens of thousands of disgruntled former Palestinian , "Israelis" and have every right to be so.

      Of course you only include Jews when referring to Israelis , right dubakr.

    • "Are you suggesting that the colonists be sent back to wherever they came from?" nathan

      I agree , that sounds somewhat harsh but with sound planning , the blow could be softened.

      The first problem for these bigoted supremacists will be having to be treated as equals .No more special privileges such as Jews only roads to drive on or Jews only apartments or communities.No sireee, they will have to get used to having goys living not just in their Jewish communities but G-d forbid , right next door.Oh the shock.

      Might I suggest , they try behaving the way citizens of a real democracy are required to . Ie , start treating their fellow Israeli "Arab " citizens , (Palestinians) as human beings .Get used to the normality of everyday life in a real democracy before jumping in head first and suffering the realization of no longer being privileged.

      Might I also suggest a day trip to the occupied territory to witness for themselves ,what is being done in their name.Make sure they stay over night so they can witness the nightly raids and arrest of minors by the so called "Most moral army.Awareness of the actions of the criminal Apartheid so called democracy will ease the pain of returning to whence they came.

      As to the legitimacy of Israel , I don,t believe it is possible for a state to be both legitimate and an Apartheid.

      Don,t bother to respond nathan.You are an apologist for the zionist regime and as such are lower than a snakes under carriage and every bit as slimey.

    • "Criticism" is about making suggestions that are meant to help out in improving or correcting some shortcomings. For example, you might tell someone that he should improve his driving by taking some lessons. "nathan

      Here we go again with the driving lesson analogy and Israel,s "Shortcommings".This is the same mindless zio bs you responded to on Tony Greenstein,s Thread 2 or 3 days ago.Come up with something new.

      Give it a rest nathan.It is not our job to tell you lot what is right or wrong.You should know it.

      However , all Israel has to do is obey international Law and get their lawless asses out of the territory they are occupying and end the theft of Palestinian lands .

      Oh and take the illegal squatters with them on their way back to the so called state of Israel.

      How,s that for constructive criticism .

      Also if you want to know what the agenda is , click on the "About " button at the top of the page.Mooser pointed that out to you on the Tony Greenstein thread.

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