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I am Irish with a profound interest in the Palestinian /Israeli conflict.

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  • Democratic Party consultant asked about Palestinian rights: 'Not my problem'
    • Inbound 39

      Depending on which report you choose --it ranges from 100 to 130 billion in " direct aid " 1949 -- 2013 .Add another 10 billion for the period 2014 --2016 .Try this link which also includes figures on all the other costs to the US taxpayer --such as loan guarantees on which no interest is paid .WMREA places the overall cost of being Israel,s social welfare provider at 3 trillion.

      link to

  • Jerusalem municipality 'taking advantage' of US elections to expand settlements
    • Once upon a time , zionists lied about the illegal settlements they constructed.Now they just go ahead and break International Law out in the open.

      Haaretz has a good article on the lies and deceipt practiced by the zionist invaders in the 70,s.

      "Secret 1970 Document Confirms First West Bank Settlements Built on a Lie

      In minutes of meeting in then-defense minister Moshe Dayan’s office, top Israeli officials discussed how to violate international law in building settlement of Kiryat Arba, next to Hebron.

      It has long been an open secret that the settlement enterprise was launched under false pretenses, involving the expropriation of Palestinian land for ostensibly military purposes when the true intent was to build civilian settlements, which is a violation of international law.

      Now a secret document from 1970 has surfaced confirming this long-held assumption. The document, a copy of which has been obtained by Haaretz, details a meeting in the office of then-defense minister Moshe Dayan at which government and military leaders spoke explicitly about how to carry out this deception in the building of Kiryat Arba, next to Hebron."

      read more: (no pay wall with the cache link).

      link to

    • " i don’t think you hate being picky because you’ve made these comments/complaints many many times before " Annie.

      Annie , "many many times before " . -- You must be confusing me with someone else.I rarely, if ever complain about your ,s or any other of the contributors articles. I save my disagreements for those who deserve it and that is most definitely not you .

      As to reading the article , I read part of it and reacted the same as one does when trying to read Kate,s thread , which is overload on Israeli crimes and hypocracy. I went back and read the whole article and thanks for sharing.It is important even if not a surprise.

      Be well.

    • Annie , you will find that interview at the link provided . I am not sure if it is shown on USA CNN.

      link to

    • Annie , I hate to be picky but shouldn,t the headline have the word , "illegal " in there, somewhere.

      Btw , Israeli apologist , Christiane Amanpour has an interview with war criminal Barak on CNN.I am not sure if this is only on CNN Europe or is also on CNN USA.

      Barak is quite scathing of Israel,s policies and says Israel is heading to a 1SS . Towards the end of the interview , Amanpour does her pro Israel part and slips in the 2000 negotiations and Barak picks up the ball and blames Arafat for the failure of the negotiations .Who can forget operation , "Went further than any bla bla bla".

  • No blue sky between Republicans and Democrats on Israel
    • It is clear that the zionist entity is behind the "DemoRepub " party decision to omit any reference to "Occupied Palestine "in "it,s " platform .These people should ask said entity , what is the status of this "unoccupied Territory.Is it part of Israel and if so , when will all the citizens be given equal rights.

      I guess , I ask too much .Wouldn,t want Sheldon Adelson to get p----d off and withdraw his moolah from the American political process.

  • Netanyahu accidentally calls Arabs 'goats' in video intended to promote 'equality and dignity for all'
    • "So that’s what a ‘drover’ does. I always wondered, and now, thanks to you, I know." Mooser.

      In Ireland our rovers are wild and don,t walk.They stagger.

      Btw , this is Ireland,s version of the "three no,s not withstanding Ian Paisley,s version ----"Never , never , never ".

  • The sensitive Zionist -- a review of Natalie Portman's new film
    • "And I’m not “squatting on Palestinian land” . I live in a home which I purchased legally with my own money (and a mortgage from the bank…). I’m living in my homeland, which is also the Palestinian homeland." jon s.

      Israel declared it,s borders in 1947 . Beersheba was illegally stolen in 1948.You are squatting on stolen land.

      Is your next door neighbour an Arab .How close is your nearest Arab neighbour.I bet you live in a gated community that only Jewish citizens of Beersheba have the code to get in.

      Btw , in my country , it is against the law to purchase "stolen " goods and whose money you used to pay for it is of no significance. You go to jail.

  • NLRB upholds union's right to support Israel boycott
    • Message from Nut and yahoo to NLRB , "Stand down , we have defeated BDS" .

      "Netanyahu said that "we are acting against BDS and this why they are on the defensive," adding that "they are taking hits of many fronts. We have beaten them."
      read more: ".

      link to

      No paywall on this article.

      Truly , the ability of the zionist mind to self delude knows no bounds.

  • Why Trump's revolution succeeded, and Bernie's fizzled
    • "Getting the Harpy Empress jailed for 4 US soldiers or for some incompetent glitch in managing US aggression, instead of for the aggression itself, is already a first step and should be strongly encouraged. - "echinococcus

      Couldn,t agree more. Taking money from war criminals like Saban should be sufficient reason to get her locked away for a lengthy stretch. How about letting her have Dubya as a cell mate.

    • "I wasn’t aware that Trump was running against Bush." jd65

      jd 65 , I stopped reading your post at that point.Didn,t appear to be any point.

    • Yesterday I watched the GOP , should I say , the RNC and what stood out was the massive effort (Giuliani led from the front ) to denigrate Hillary C, (no skin off my nose) by accusing her of sending 4 American soldiers to their death in Libya.Not a peep about the "4" thousand + sent to their death in Iraq ,by Dumbya .No sireee , not a mention.

      They demanded that Clinton should be put in jail for endangering American "security" by sending e,mails but Bush and co get a free pass for causing the death of 4000 +of America,s sons and daughters many of whom must have been the children of those demanding Clinton,s head.She cannot respond with the Iraq issue as she voted for it.

      US elections are becoming more and more entertaining for their very insanity. It,s getting more like Israel every day and we all know how that fiasco is going to end.

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  • How your contributions power Mondoweiss journalism
  • Israelis take on Facebook 'monster' with claims it knowingly incites Palestinian attacks
  • Powerful new game 'Liyla and The Shadows of War' dramatizes 2014 Israeli attack on Gaza
    • " I truly feel sorry for someone so consumed by hatred. " jon s

      Yeah , we know, you oppose the (illegal --my addition--you left that out ) settlements, but continue to post from one .You are like the rapist who condemns rape in public but then goes home for his fix (which he keeps in the cellar)and then sleeps soundly --what with all that energy expended after a long day yelling , "down with rapists." .

      It would be comical , were it not so grotesque.

      In any case judging by your posts above , I think it is all getting to you and you are re-finding your true self.

      Can,t say I feel sorry for you.

  • An Unlikely AMEXIT: Pivoting away from the Middle East
  • Your support today determines: How much truth?
    • "Count me out. " maxnurd.

      Maz nurd has no morals whatsoever .He refuses to fund the site that allows him to spout zionist nonsense such as constantly claiming art 80 is the legal basis the so called "greater Israel".

      Btw , max , we are still awaiting your response to the total dismantling of your Art 80 claim.Another hit and run from the site scrooge.Don,t worry max , the rest of us will make sure the site is always here for you to make a fool of yourself.

  • 'NYT' editors twist themselves into knots not to say the word 'Jewish'
    • Thanks Citizen.It,s pretty paltry compared to the 150 to 200 billion (depending which report you read ) given to Israel since 1949.

      Here is one report.

      link to

    • "Rudoren: Correct. I mean a huge amount of Palestinian-American money yeah, also involved in things."

      No problem getting that point in there.

      Anyone know just how much Palestinian - American Money is " involved in things". What with all those Palestinian elites in the administration and on capitol hill .

  • Israeli army blows up three Palestinian wells in occupied Hebron
    • "Keep it real, MaxNarr. Do people in Israel really go around telling each other that good old “article 80” makes it all all right?" Mooser

      yup , they sure do.My article below from 972 goes a long way to helping us to understand the cause of max,s discord from reality.

    • "– Israel is not an occupier as claimed. Under international law, the entire of Palestine is Jewish land. Please review to the UN Charter article 80 "max nurd

      I checked and not one mention of Jewish eternal rights, blah blah blah.But I did find this .

      "Why settlers lie and claim that an article of the UN charter grants “eternal rights” to Jews in Palestine

      A bunch of senior settlers – Gershon Messica, Boaz Ha’etzni, Benni Katzover, Ariel mayor Ron Nahman, and others – have boldly gone where no nutjob has gone before. They sent a threatening letter to the General Secretary of the UN, Ban Ki Moon (Hebrew), stiffly informing him that if he would not stop his odious custom of noting facts and referring to the West Bank as an occupied territory, they will sue him an international court, and demand damages.

      Whatever for? Well, the NRG article breathlessly informs that Moon’s statements contradict Article 80 of the UN Charter of 1945, known colloquially as the “Eretz Israel article”, which, claim the settlers, lays down the “judicial rights of the Jewish people for Eretz Israel as eternal rights, which cannot be abrogated without the agreement of the Jewish people”.

      This seemed rather strange. I mean, if such an article existed, I’m pretty certain I’d have heard of it by now. Furthermore, it makes the whole drama of the November 29th 1947 rather pointless. If the UN recognized eternal Jewish right to Palestine more than two years earlier, what was all the noise about?

      So I decided to look up this mysterious Article 80 of the UN Charter. Now, it’s rather complicated, even twisted – make up your own minds – but even Rashi, that great fabulist, wouldn’t have managed to find “Eretz Israel”, let alone “eternal rights, which cannot be abrogated without the agreement of the Jewish people”. That is, the NRG piece lies about several critical points. It is not at all an accident of fate that the reporter who wrote it (and did not even bother looking up Article 80, if only for the sake of his own credibility) is Amikhay Ath’eli, NRG’s settler-affairs reporter. There is a myth that the Israeli press is leftist; Ath’eli used false propaganda, hot off the press, and printed it as news. One wonders what happened to the editors of NRG; they used to have some. "

      link to

      "-There is nothing wrong with destroying illegal wells. Illegal wells harm the environment and water table." maxnurd

      I thought you were going to be specific.

      Max , go to bed and sleep off that ziocaine OD and be sure you do not share your drug of choice with children.

    • "The words in these articles are biased and do not reflect reality." max nurd

      Well , that,s it then.Close down the site.Max says we are all liars and antisemites.The whole universe is wrong and Israel is right.

      Max , care to be more specific before the MW wigs shut down the site.Tell us what the real reality is.

  • 'Palestinians ought to be free' -- Cornel West's historic moment
    • "I guess this will be the closest the Palestinians will ever get to have some support from American politicians and party. "Kay 24

      They will be getting less from Downing Street.PM May has given the post of FM to Boris .So now we have two very pro Israel British Pols controlling foreign policy.May is a member of the "Conservative Friends of Israel" --not sure about Johnson but if not , he will be very shortly.I bet one of his first , (if not first ) official trips will be to Israel.

      On the upside , If Britain ---ooops sorry --the UK leaves the EU at least these two shills for Israel will not be using the halls of the EU parliament to twist arms.

  • 'To defend western freedom,' U.S. must preserve Egyptian tyranny
    • Egypt has been holding a young Irish Citizen --Ibrahim Hulawa , for over three years and have postponed his trial 6 or seven times.Reports state that he is tortured and is held in very dire conditions.

      The GOI (Ireland that is ) claims it is doing it,s best to get him released but they continue to do business with this dictatorial regime.

      What is truly amazing is many people here believe that Sisi is a hero who took Egypt back from the Muslim Brotherhood and saved the countries Democracy.

      The power of propaganda overcomes all .

  • Israeli police initiate 'friction activity' on quiet streets in East Jerusalem
    • So we finally get the official term for what Israel has been doing for decades.Riling up the natives .

      Get them to respond to brute force and then shoot them in the name of self defence.

      Min of defense order to his general staff Officers.

      Gentlemen, I am concerned at the present lack of Palestinian "terrorism " in the territories and East Jerusalem . This is not satisfactory and curbs out ability fill the headlines with reports of Israelis being attacked and makes the case of victimization that much harder to prove.

      Please inform your subordinates of the importance of aggressive application of the policy of ,"Friction activity". Given the absence of suicide bombings , we need a substitute form of terror to feed the international Media.Please also inform them , that very few of the acts your subordinates carry out are reported in the international news and any soldier who is caught on camera will have our full support. Inform them , that HQ will not look favourably on any member of the force who misses an opportunity to reduce the demographic threat and may find themselves facing charges of disloyalty or cowardice .

      Propaganda is our life,s blood.

  • Israeli rabbi who advocated rape of 'comely gentile women' during war becomes chief army rabbi
    • zaid , to make matters worse , the UK now has another pro Israel PM. Check today,s Haaretz.

      Madam May is a member in great standing of the Conservative Friends of Israel.I believe the article is by Mike Freer.

      link to

    • "Rabbi Qarim’s moral attitude can be witnessed in his long service in the military in various command posts, in combat and as well as rabbinical functions, where he has demonstrated total loyalty to the values of the IDF and the spirit of the IDF, "

      Nuff said.

  • BDS is a war Israel can't win
  • Israeli scholar refuses to shut up despite university punishment for saying settlers exhibit 'psychosis'
    • "To gain land for 200 million Jews, some risks must be taken. " Mooser.

      There is a back up plan if all else fails !!.

      Israel is to offer to convert all Goyim who are willing.Those who refuse will be "neutralised.

      This plan will end in the creation of the one and only "Jewish Planet " in the universe.The downside is there will be no one to recognise it .

  • US media fail to report video of soldiers shooting desperate Palestinian girl holding knife overhead
    • Mooser , mind if I add a line??.

      Avi , "Wait a minute , let,s both shoot her and we will both be promoted ,Hell , we might even get a " Lehi Ribbon of honour".

    • "Kay24,
      In your country, what would most likely happen to a young Muslim woman , wielding a knife and approaching police officers or soldiers? Please answer honestly." Jon S

      How would the police officer or soldier know she was a Muslim and is that a crime in "your " country.

      That question Jon S removes any doubt in my mind about your mindset.Thanks for your honesty.

    • "As I pointed out, it looks more like an attempted suicide than a real attack." Jon S

      She knew she could rely on the IDF thugs to grant her wish..They would probably get in more trouble for attempting to disarm her than shooting her. An insight into the mindset of the Apartheid and rogue regime

    • oldgeezer , in normal democratic societies the goal is avoid killing whenever possible.In Israel the goal is to kill whenever possible.

      Israel has banned tasers or any such weapon that might leave a Palestinian alive.Makes the job of slow genocide that much more difficult not to mention expensive.Yonah would not make any such comments if that was a Jewish Israeli being shot .He would have launched into a ten para long post describing all the ways the Jewish subject could have been taken down alive.No justification killing a Jewish person whose life is worth more than a Palestinian.

      Zionist hypocracy at it,s finest.

    • p.s. The llittle militant “girl” looks like she’s taller then both boy soldiers - "duh baker

      Possible explanation is that the two soldier boys are cowering in fear and she is standing tall .

      Truth is your two boy soldiers are crouching .Save the image and then zoom in and you will see the front boy soldier has his front right knee bent.

      BTW , isn,t it against the laws of war to place boys in uniform and send them to war.Not in Israel I guess.Why do zionists care so little about their children.

    • It beggars belief how two men armed to the teeth can do what these two murderers did without considering their options.This is the mindset of killers .Shoot first and deny any guilt later.After all , our bosses have shown they will support us.Hey , our parents may get a personal visit by our PM while we are waiting to be found innocent.

      What self serving genocidal maniac would not join the most moral army , given the extra privileges available .

      Sick b-----ds.

  • As Dems vote against Palestine, Cornel West warns it is the 'Vietnam War' of our time
    • Hello MHughes, Not being a UK resident , I skipped over all the parochial politics and tried to find their respective views on the P/I subject.

      Found this on Theresa May.Didn,t check Leadsom--doesn,t look like she will win.
      You might use this link to get an insight.She starts with thanking the " Conservative friends of Israel " who she refers to as "fellow conservative FOI " and moves on to talk about Israel,s right to security and a quick reference to the Palestinian "desire" for self representation.No right offered there. Musn,t upset the hosts with such nonsense.

      If you haven,t read it , here is the link. 2 minute read.

      link to

      Btw , is there a "UKIP AC" ?.

    • "The best thing that can happen actually is for the US to be booted out of the “peace process” business." Blownaway.

      Hear , Hear.

    • Anyone care to tell me what exactly is the difference between the Dem,s and the GOP on the issue of Palestine.

      Even the highest court in Israel has ruled that Israel holds the Palestinians "Under Belligerent Occupation".

      What we have here are a bunch of paid off political whores who some day will be vilified for their failure to support human rights for all and selling their dignity for a few shekels.

      The Democrats should change their party name to " DFS"

  • Life as Israel's hostage (or when will Palestinian dispossession be reckoned in the Diaspora?)
    • 0ssinev , I have to wonder if any of these folks have hobbies or engage in normal activities.They are the very essence of ubiquitous .

      I watched the "Zionist manufactured inquisition " of Jeremy Corbyn before the Home Affairs "select " Committee headed by (I believe )Keith Vaz who was relentless in his efforts to put words in Corbyn,s mouth. We both know who put the words in Vaz,s mouth.Dont have a link.

      An interesting exercise is to google Antisemitism and Islamophobia separately and the former comes up @9,090,000 results--the latter at 4,750,000. This imbalance , given the difference in populations , imho is due to the army of zionists busy as bees manufacturing fictitious accounts of A/S and feeding them to whoever will listen.Truly disgusting but further supports my contention that the zionist project has been reduced to cabal of liars and devious individuals who are desperate.

      The upside is it will all be in vain and when they lose it all no one but no one will listen to their whining.

    • Yup , Zionist "rent a crowd".

    • If you zoom in on the list , you will find many of these country,s show only one Mayor listed.The UK has only 4 and France only 8.This is a very low percentage of the relevant total in each case.Ireland has one name , that of "Criona Ni Dhalaig who happens to be the mayor of Dublin and also a member of the Sinn Fein Party. which supports BDS. She probably agreed to avoid being accused of supporting antisemitism , as is the case with many of the others named here. The GOI does not support BDS but does support the right of BDS to free speech and do not view condemnation of Israeli policies as antisemitic.

      This is an exercise in futility produced by people who are getting more and more desperate.

  • How Israel accidentally validated my activism
    • "Listen and learn something smartass" duh baker

      Don,t You mean "Smart Ass" , Alexander ?.

    • "Real Jewish people don’t support BDS.”sgrover

      Are you seriously claiming zionists are real Jews.

      Real Jews do not support land theft and extra judicial killings.Real Jews do not support the arrest and torture of children or their slaughter.Real Jews do not spray skunk juice on their fellow human beings.Real Jews do use the Holocaust as an excuse to commit war crimes .Real Jews do not call for the ethnic cleansing of another people .

      Real Jews have a future---zionists do not.

    • I suspect if one wrote human right,s opponent in the "political activism" box , these morons would not see past "human rights" and proceed in the normal fashion.

      Any mention of human rights sends them scurrying into their rat holes to plan how to further trespass on someones human rights or freedom of movement.

      Light unto ,what exactly.

  • Marching to Cuomo's house (Updated)
    • I just bet if these folks were boycotting Iran and trying to punish them economically , this Cuomo apologist would be honouring their efforts.

      You can easily see that these Israel apologists are afraid of what BDS has and will continue to do to Israel .Hence the monumental efforts to stifle any attempt to call Israel to task.

  • 'Arabs' saved us, says settler boy whose father was slain
    • He is lucky that Israel,s finest didn,t happen along just as the accident happened and some trigger happy (aren,t they all) idffer might have shot him and planted the standard issue evidence in the appropriate spot and the idf would then demolish his home.

      There are some people you just do not go out of your way to help. One does not grab a python by the tail.

      Having said that , I greatly admire his humanity in the face of evil.

  • Separation and conquest: Israel's ideological barrier
    • “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” Mooser


      Sorry for the delay in replying.I had to do a Jack in the beanstalk to find a reply button.

    • "I endorse people to be true to themselves, and never forgo your allegiance to anyone but God, regardless of your skin colour or station in life." slmlacuz

      Houston !!, We have a problem.

      POC want a Black God. PONC , (that,s me ) and I demand a God created in my image and others desire a "Deity of many colours.

      Sounds as if we need a God who is a chameleon ---a God who can easily change his/her/it,s colours .

      What gender/colour is your God, silmacuz. Are you created in his/her/it,s image.

    • "Stay ignorant if you must. Most of us prefer sunlight. Cheerio." Just

      Just , you do know that anyone who tells the truth about Israel is a liar.This is the way zionits like max nurd get through the day. See no evil , hear no evil but speak evil.

      Max nurd has been very pensive lately.Must be the pressure is getting to him. His posts are ever more outlandish and brim full of self delusional hogwash.He is in for a very big let down some time in the not too distant future.

    • "i don’t hate anyone, hate corrodes the soul. your presence here grosses me out." Annie.

      Old Irish saying !!.

      Ignore him .Second thoughts ---dont even ignore him.

    • "I think all armies are composed of people of that country " max nurd

      "That country " ????, Borders please.

      "while some may be cowards and some may be brave, on the whole, I believe the IDF has fought valiantly and courageously" max nurd

      1, link to

      2, link to

      Which video are you in Max ,,, both.

    • "and please believe us, we will continue to massively settle the entire of Palestine, from the river to the sea." max nurd

      So you are pro 1SS.

      That,s a good start but will your 1SS include equal rights (that includes one man , one vote ) for ALL of it,s citizens .

      Didn,t think so.

    • "we will continue to massively settle the entire of Palestine, from the river to the sea - " max nurd

      So you are in favour of a 1SS.

      Will your 1SS be extending equal rights to ALL it,s citizens or did you have some other "plan " in mind.

      Keep committing war crimes and human rights abuses and your day will come buster and not in the way you fantasize.

  • In latest pander to Israel lobby, Clinton smears Max Blumenthal's criticism of Wiesel as 'hateful'
    • "Did it ever occur to you that Max Blumenthal is an antisemite annd his comments are hateful and wrong?"Max Nurd

      No .

  • Israeli officers permitted to open fire on boys with slingshots
    • "I just wonder how long a “boy” would live if he had thrown a rock – let alone petrol bomb – at a New York police officer -" booris

      So booris , you will have no problem if a Palestinian security officer shoots one of the illegal squatters who throw stones at Palestinians ---all the f-----g time while the IDF looks on.Go back to sleep booris.You are making a fool of yourself.

    • "Most probably these “tough” guys do not wear the pants at home, and are henpecked by their wives " kay 24

      Enter, Mooser .

    • "or those who appear likely to be about to commit such an offence. ".

      There,s the kicker.

      It used to be that a police officer could arrest and charge a driver if he /she said the defendant "appeared likely " to be drunk.Fortunately for many innocent drivers , this injustice was resolved and the police now have to show proof of intoxication.

      No such legal recourse will be available to Palestinians who assert through action their legal right to resist the occupation and theft of their land not to mention the daily murder and brutal oppression by the so called most moral army.This is tantamount to handing a carte blanche "licence to kill (murder) "any" Palestinian in sight.

      Rumour has it that the IDF procurement division has began placing orders for "slingshots" .Rumour also has it that a new company has been formed that will manufacture both knives and slingshots for the IDF .Their task is to make the products light and small , capable of being hidden under an idf uniform .The ability to access the knife /slingshot quickly is also a requirement. One suggestion is the knife could be stored in the soldiers trouser leg, (one each side) and could be released by means of a mechanism situated in the soldiers pocket.This method is most likely to ensure that the "evidence could be more easily planted " when necessary without discovery.

  • Israel's political crisis wouldn't be happening if not for violent Palestinian resistance
    • Sit back and watch the inevitable accusations of " terrorist lover " and inciting terror against Jews and supporter of genocide against the people of Israel " etc etc etc.

      Phil will catch hell for this display of tribal treachery.

      Weiss has really gone off the rails on this one.

      With a bit of luck some of the zios might get mad enough to never again post on MW. What have you done Phil.

  • Elie Wiesel is Dead
    • Agreed hopknee.How can that which never existed be dead.

    • Yonah here is some of that realism and it does not show your heroes improved ability live by the sword.

      Watch them run and run and run. 1 minute 29 seconds of pure unfettered pleasure .This is the future for your heroes .

    • "And two: We must build a better world. It was much easier to buy guns, and build a Jewish army, than it is to build a better world. - See more at: link to"yonah

      Best description of Zionism I have heard in a long time and so uniquely honest .Even admits the army was to be manned strictly by Jews.

      Do you really believe you built a better world for Jews or anyone else .I suppose you could , if you are comfortable with commission war crimes and land theft and your name.

  • Israel-splaining
    • “Jews who spoke with Yiddish accents had the aura of authenticity about them” -yonah

      So are these folks who speak with a yiddish accent "Yidlanders". Where exactly is that .Does it have borders and a constitution and is Yiddish the official laungage.Do any non yids live there and are they citizens.Are there Yiddish communities.Is the "YDF " the second most moral in the world .

  • Evening march to Cuomo's suburban house is latest action against his blacklist on boycott
  • Palestinian teen is killed after allegedly killing 13-year-old Jewish girl in settlement
    • How " inhumanly " cruel do you have to be !!!.

      Women commit crimes also.Even Zombi women.

    • "Of course everyone will blame the occupation. Excuses and blames aplenty … but I’m going to guess that this 17 year old (or the other ones that are egged on to commit these crimes) " Olive 52

      It,s impolite to talk about your elders like that.

      "knows nothing about occupation of which land or which border belongs to whom or who lived where and when." Olive 52

      Of course he doesn,t.Israel will not tell anyone where they are.

      "They do know that others from their villages with nothing to do, nothing to look forward to, no education and an antiquated tribal mentality and no money will egg them on and convince them in every way that violence is the right thing to d o.".Olive 52.

      I can assure you that this kid knows all about violence as dished out by the occupation forces.There is hardly a dozen young Palestinians in Occupied Palestine who has not been abused by , or watched a friend /relative beaten , shot , skunk juiced, tortured or any other of a long list of ill treatment by your so called most moral army.

      Your post must qualify as the most deserving of " dumb post " of the decade.

    • Boris , why don,t you write your version of what the headline should say.Then we will get back to you.

      "How,s this , ??.

      "A Jewish girl going about her business in a legal Jewish community in Judea , her historical homeland , just like any kid in any city anywhere."

      There , is that what you had in mind.

      Notice , I left out the part about that community being a "Jews only community on land stolen from the indigenous owners, by force.. Wouldn,t want to be accused of antisemitism by stepping on your sensitivities.Too bad though , her parents brought her to a war zone.She would still be alive , as would the "YOUNG INDIGENOUS PALESTINIAN BOY"..

  • Video: All hell breaks loose in Knesset as Zoabi demands apology following Israel-Turkey agreement
    • "Arabs have held seats in the Israeli Knesset for over 66 years, and have nearly equal rights under the law. "jackduh

      Nearly equal rights----why not full equal rights.

      "A vibrant democracy in action!

      God bless MK Zoabi. There should be more like her, Jew and Arab. She proves that Israel can tolerate robust criticism" jackduh.

      Say what ??.

      "But the significance of the attack on Zoabi is much more serious. Her targeting shows the true intention of Netanyahu and the right, which some of the opposition on the center-left has joined to their shame. For them, Zoabi is just a milestone on the road to a broader goal, which is to overrun the authentic representation of Israel’s Arabs and remove her from the Knesset. Zoabi is only the first victim on that road.

      The prime minister and spokespeople for the right should be reminded that this is a test for democracy: the ability to act tolerantly toward the opinions of the minority, extreme and harsh though they may be. Zoabi represents a public mood, even if that public is a small minority, and it has a place in public discourse. Israel must accept Zoabi because if it does not, it is not a democracy.
      read more: link to

      No one but a complete fool could watch that video and claim the Knesset is populated by tolerant people.Obviously you did not watch it.

    • "Oh, my stars. A typo. Will the horror never end?" Mr , T

      You have to forgive Jon S , he is an Israel History teacher and is far more capable of pointing out spelling mistakes than he is at pointing out the errors of zionism. On the bright side , his students will be able to tell the lies he teaches them with perfect spelling.

    • Those God will destroy , he first makes insane."

      A glimpse into the downfall and eventual disappearance of Zionism from this universe.

      This Knesset belongs to Jews only and any non Jew needs to stfu or get out.A winning strategy---not.

      Given the display of some of these zionist freaks , I would worry about the safety of this very brave woman.

  • Clinton marshals African-American surrogates against BDS to stop pro-Palestinian influence 'in the public narrative'
    • "Nothing easier a than being a black wash for the lobby too easy " BA.

      "Should be flagged as racist but won’t , naturally".Duhbaker


  • Harvard scholar calls for US-Israel treaty to 'lock in' special relationship before young Democrats end the romance
    • Meant to write --"have his citizenship rescinded " I must have IS on the brain.Can,t explain it.I don,t do ziocaine.

    • "It would help if Israel defined its borders, so folks could know what they’re supposed to defend in the event of a treaty ."John O

      Ask Yahweh.He /She brokered the deal.There must be a map on file somewhere.

    • I wonder how many of Danin,s children will shed their "American " blood if the US guarantees Israel,s security , (no ,matter what it does to invite resistance to it,s crimes ) and sends it,s son and daughters to die on the field of battle .No sir , it will be the children of Dick and Jane who will come home in casks --hidden from the US public by TV blackouts , until the numbers reach intolerable levels as happened in the Iraq war.

      Danin is a traitor and should have his IS citizenship rescinded and shunt him off to Israel and let him demonstrate his Heroics in the land he so loves.

      In any normal democracy , people like Danin would be clapped in irons and tried for treason.

  • Unlawful and brutal attack on Turkish boat improves with age in the New York Times
    • "Oh Jeezus….read the UN Palmer report. I’m sure its all there in black and white ." duhbaker

      Try not to use the name of the Son of God in such a irreverent manner , if you don,t mind.

      As to the report ---you made the claim , now get off your posterior and produce a link.

    • Note the section below that passengers were shot several times and from close range as well as in the back.Note also the statements that no satisfactory explanation has been received from the rogue entity regarding these excessive actions.

      From your link.

      "Israel’s decision to board the vessels w
      ith such substantial force at a great
      distance from the blockade zone and w
      ith no final warning immediately prior
      to the boarding was excessive and unreasonable:
      Non-violent options should have b
      een used in the first instance. In
      particular, clear prior warning that th
      e vessels were to be boarded and a
      demonstration of dissuading force s
      hould have been given to avoid the
      type of confrontation that occurred;
      The operation should have reassessed
      its options when the resistance to
      the initial boarding attempt became apparent.
      Israeli Defense Forces personnel face
      d significant, organized and violent
      resistance from a group of passengers when they boarded the
      Mavi Marmara
      requiring them to use force for their
      own protection. Three soldiers were
      captured, mistreated, and placed at risk
      by those passengers. Several others
      were wounded.
      The loss of life and injuries resulting
      from the use of force by Israeli forces
      during the take-over of the
      Mavi Marmara
      was unacceptable
      passengers were killed and many others
      seriously wounded by Israeli forces.
      No satisfactory explanation has been pr
      ovided to the Panel by Israel for any
      of the nine deaths. Forensic evidence
      showing that most of the deceased were
      shot multiple times, including in the back, or at close range has not been
      adequately accounted for in the material presented by Israel"

  • Clinton to Palestine: Drop dead
    • "Oh the anger. The anger at finding out that you’re not the mainstreamers that you think you are." hopknee

      Oh the hypocracy, oh the rancor ---since 2010 you have posted 1864 times , ( no idea how many of your posts have gone astray ) -Sounds like MW is pretty mainstream in your life.

  • Despite Turkish posturing, detente with Israel won't change the Gaza blockade
    • Eu to Turkey---make nice with Israel if you want to join the EU.We happen to have a vacant space at the moment so get your resume updated and we will go to work on the naysayers.

  • Israel should be deeply disturbed by the Brexit vote
    • "Brexit will assuredly enable Britain to reclaim her colonies again. Nobody doubts that " Mooser

      Once upon a time---The sun never set on the "Brempire" , now it rarely shines.i hear hundreds of thousands of british neo crusaders have headed east to sunnier climes ---this time they have been invited.

    • 0ssinev , seriously , I didn,t know whether to laugh or cry.The headline is enough to move to the next order of business.

      I had seen it previously .That time I checked to see if I had mistakenly picked up a copy of Punch or Charlie Hebdo.

    • ritzl,

      Amazing how these people think we are all complete idiots or they really believe what they are putting out there.

      How can someone who is as intelligent as this guy obviously is , be so morally bankrupt.Beggars belief.

    • An interesting article on Haaretz demonstrating the absolute hypocracy of Bernard -Henri Levy , Israel,s unabashed apologist.Here is one of his statements.He is referring to the brexit vote.

      "It is a victory for those who, in imitation of the unbelievable Donald braying “We will make America great again!” as his yellow pompadour snaps like a lasso, dream of building a wall between “the Muslims” and themselves."

      No mention of the walls his beloved Israel builds to separate themselves from Muslims.

      and this !!

      "Either we emerge – through strong words matched by decisive action – from a crisis that is without precedent in the past 70 years, or, across the broad spectrum of modern pre-totalitarian languages, where grimaces vie with belches as forms of expression, incompetence with vulgarity, and love of the abyss with hate for the other, the worst of humanity will come surging back."

      Hate for the other he says.this toad who shills for Israel .Too funny.

      Read more at !!,

      link to

    • YF , just to add a point.

      Keep tuned when the EU gets busy with the next part of the labeling of goods from the illegal squats and watch the level of anti EU sentiment coming from Israeli Jews. This out in the open.
      Just imagine what is said behind closed doors.

    • "There is a difference between many and most. If you wish to write factual sentences, I bet you can. If you wish to write sentences that have zero basis in facts, I bet you will. "YF

      I wrote what I meant to write. 51 out of 100 equals most.


      greatest in amount or degree.

      link to

    • "The next time Pew or Gallup or whatever pollster comes along and thinks of spending money to figure out what Israelis or their supporters are thinking, they oughta save their money and just read the comments on line. " YF

      Yonah , who said a word about polling Israelis.

      You claimed there was no overwhelming support for the break up of the EU in Israel .I pointed you to several sites where this sentiment is rife and especially ubiquitous at this time..That you choose to respond with pollsters such as Pew /Gallop is perhaps evidence that you lack the courage to visit the sites I mentioned .You might just be amazed at the hatred and fascist mindset that you will find there among those you lend your undying support to.

    • "If the EU starts to unravel, and US neoliberal hegemony weakens, Israel will be in trouble" .

      to which jackduh replies !!.

      "The Jews have always been in trouble, "

      Why do you equate Jews with Israel.It is not the state of the Jews .It is the state of the Israeli people.

      Btw , ever asked yourself why some Jews are always in trouble.Cause and effect , perhaps.You don,t like being in trouble , then demand that your leaders stop the actions that place you in trouble.You deserve to be treated better by your chosen leaders and have a right to insist they not place you in constant danger by their actions.

    • Exactly, Amigo. For all supporters of Palestinian resistance, the English are an American fifth column in Europe and its executioner; also for the policy of support to Zionism -"echinococcus

      I wouldn,t blame all English people , and I am sure you did not intend to.It,s their Gov , (as a member of the EU ) that lacks the courage to put pressure on Israel ---ie --demand a cessation of the trade agreements until Israel ends the blockade of Gaza and ends the occupation.

      I just bet the zionits are enjoying all this mayhem in the EU. It offers a welcome diversion from their crimes.

    • Latest twist in the "Brexitgate " affair.

      I just finished watching "Sunday Politics " on BBC . One of the panel members pointed out , that the referendum was "non binding "and could be overturned by the Government.To further confuse the situation , the Scottish leader (sturgeon ) is claiming that the Scottish Gov can block the "exit".The same claim is coming from Stormont (Northern Ireland.

      This turn of events is truly a Walter Scott moment.

      "“Oh, what a tangled web we weave...when first we practice to deceive.”

    • "I read a fair amount of pro Zionist writers and this is the first that I’ve heard about this overwhelming support for breaking up the EU."YF

      You might want to broaden your media choices.Try reading the comments section at the . J Post , TOI, Y net, Israel hayom,Haaretz where the people who put Israel,s most right gov in power , air their views on "antisemitic " EU and state with glee that it (EU ) is falling apart.

      " What percentage of brit voters are white and what was the racial breakdown of the vote ". YF

      Suggest you do your own research.You can start here !!,

      link to

    • On the positive side of the Brexit outcome is the zionist (british friends of Israel) lobby will have one less advocate for Israel , twisting the arms of smaller EU member states and given the recent report that 28 member states supported unanimously the French proposal , future moves against the rogue state should experience less resistance.

      If more nations follow the UK,s decision , then Israel is truly in trouble. What is truly ironic , is that most Israeli Jews and their slavish supporters around the globe have openly stated their desire for the breakup of the EU .I guess zionits have never heard the axiom , "be careful what you ask for".

  • Brexit vote leaves progressives suspended between nativists and neoliberals
    • Bumblebye , thanks for that link to evolution.

      When you remove the first 2 layers you begin to see just how undemocratic the EU is ---not.The industrialists are driving the process from the bottom of the very murky waters.I am going to have a very different conversation with my next MEP wannabe.

      Thanks for opening my eyes.

  • BDS campaign hopes to take Israeli goods off Palestinian dinner tables during Ramadan
    • "Abbas’ accusation does not absolve Zio-supremacists or their oppressive, colonialist and religion-supremacist “Jewish State” of their past and on-going (war) crimes. "eljay.

      Eljay , Denying zionists the right to post on the basis of "whataboutery " would severely reduce MW ,s hits.

    • Yonah , if you want a sample of the zionist desire for the downfall of the EU , just check cohen,s post , up thread. You got to love these morons who are wishing away --20% of Israel,s exports.

      I never thought I would admit that I really do have a soft spot for some zionists.

  • Bloomberg runs Soviet-style report on Israeli crisis, saying Netanyahu is best man for the job
    • In Israel , king nut and yahu feeds his obedient and adoring subjects what they want to hear , so he is not really telling lies. . In the USA , pro Israel pols feed their subjects lies and more lies and most folks don,t care as long as they have two vehicles , one , a truck to tow the trailer home on their annual vacation to Yosemite or Atlantic city .US citizens buy the zionist apologist,s claim that the situation in Occupied Palestine is "complicated " so they steer clear and leave it to their elected leaders to resolve.Besides , those A-rabs are not like we white Americans , (-see silmacuz for description) or White Israelis .No need to miss a base ball game trying to understand complicated foreign affairs.

      No siree , pass me another beer honey.Go Yankees.

  • Democratic establishment wants to make Palestinians go poof in platform
    • "Make no mistake: Inserting unnecessarily contentious changes to the platform would serve only to hurt our nominee in November and undermine the prospect of a two-state solution during the next administration.”Waxman

      Does this man have wax in his ears ---what 2SS is he referring to.Is he also surrounded by pro Israel Jews who feed him the myth of a "peace process " and two states living side by side in peace and security.

      Have these people ever had a tad of decency or empathy for the oppressed or have they traded that for the financial largess that paves their road to power. What a terrible blot on humanity these morons are.

  • Democrats 'no-fly, no-buy' sit-in bolsters racist, ineffective and arbitrary surveillance of Muslims
    • Jeez , I wonder if some 3000 plus anti Israeli gov policy against Palestinians, posts on MW would earn me a place on this list.

      Btw , should,t these democrats who are "boycotting/ sanctioning " the Senate be placed on Cuomo,s list.

  • Question for the Israeli left: Why do you discount the possibility of a second Nakba?
    • "And everybody knows your style, “Jon s”; you lead with your left, but punch with your right" Mooser.

      "Just, I choose to live on land that is part of my people's historic homeland, and, as you know, I acknowledge that it's also the Palestinian homeland. That's the situation, that's what needs to be settled."Jon S

      Jon s certainly knows how to "settle " a territorial dispute.Must have been there when Sharon made his famous statement !! .

      "Take all you can get .What,s left belongs to the Arabs." .

      Or words to that effect.

  • Facebook hires longtime Netanyahu adviser
    • " I hope it will be regulated for good.

      So Facebook will have to focus on all the wonderful achievements the rogue entity has given the world .Don,t forget the cherry tomatoes .

      "If not – they will face legislation, and not only in Israel…anyone who harms the State of Israel must understand that there will be consequences.”

      Good.It will;l be fun watching the whole goi leadership facing consequences.

      What amazes me about zios , is they think they can silence most of the rest of this planet.7 or 8 million nutcases are going to shut up 6+ billion "others".

      Collective insanity.

  • 'Politico' dares to publish Ehrenreich saying occupation fosters terrorism, and 'Camera' goes haywire
    • Speaking of dirty tricks , (camera)

      "Israel Setting Up 'Dirty Tricks' Unit To Find, Spread Dirt on BDS Groups ." haaretz Amir Oren.

      "An old Chinese proverb, invented by Benjamin Netanyahu and Gilad Erdan, says that when someone sets out to blacken your reputation, beat him to it. Don’t worry if you’ve missed the boat, the main thing is to get hold of large amounts of black stuff and spread it lavishly on the goyim. Which goyim, exactly? Perhaps Americans in colleges, in explicit violation of David Ben-Gurion’s prohibition against spying in America against U.S. citizens. Will goyim be the only targets? And who will guard the tarnishers? All that remains to be seen.

      The demon confronted by the Netanyahu government is the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement. While the Israel Air Force has precision-guided munitions, the war against BDS calls for new tools. Not, heaven forbid, for changing the policies which so upset many people across the world, who make a distinction between Israel proper and the settlements. "

      read more: link to

    • Letter sent to their editorial dept feedback.

      Hopefully , it is not moderated by a CAMERA plant , tasked with filtering out the antisemitic letters coming from the Israel haters.

      Thanks for reporting this.Another tiny chink in the rogue state,s armour.

  • 'Conquerors of Jerusalem’: March celebrates Israeli occupation with messianic fervor
    • "This march is eerily similar to “traditional” Protestant /Orange/Loyalist marches in Northern Ireland where a bunches of QuasiNazi thugs are allowed to parade past or through Catholic Nationalist areas with heavy police presence simply so that they can “assert” their “traditional” racial superiority and control of their “homeland”. In fact the extreme Loyalists have in recent years taken to “identifying” with Zionists "0ssinev.

      Yes indeed.Remember the venerable (rabbi ) Paisley who claimed Northern Ireland to be a "Protestant country for a Protestant People".It wasn,t quite the "Nation State of the Protestant people" but the mindset mirrored that of his Zionist fellow travellers.His dream is dead as will that of the zios some day.

      There is some interesting reading on the subject at the following link when you have some spare time.

      link to

  • Clintonites oppose 'occupation' mention in platform-- as Cornel West says party is 'beholden to AIPAC'
    • I wonder how long before waxler and his fellow 5th columnists will demand that the following appear in the platform !!! , "God gave Israel ,(sans frontiere) to the Jews and it,s off to jail for anyone who dares to disagree.That will be followed by a demand that we goyim recognise the superiority of Jews over us .

      Where does it end with some of these morons.Should we all hop on a spaceship and leave the whole world to them.

      Tedious tiresome toads.

  • Condemn! Condemn!
    • “Reckless disregard” isn’t far from premeditated. Of course it should be condemned. And investigated, prosecuted, and punished."jon s

      Better get on to your leaders.They are the ones refusing to allow anyone to investigate Israel,s crimes.

      You have not answered my post.You just keep repeating the same old line and claiming you oppose any form of terrorism.

      Incidentally , I used quotation marks because I do not view the acts of desperate people who have suffered all their lives at the hands of Israeli aggression to be pure acts of terrorism. Your continued refusal to see this simply shows you as a bigot who seems to be claiming you would tolerate such treatment for decades and do nothing about it. Do you think Palestinian people are less human than you.

      Btw , you got a lot of guts rattling on about terrorism from your illegal squat in Beersheba living on stolen land .Who are to you question my motives.

    • "Thanks. You’ve shown that I’ve always, consistently , condemned terrorism from whatever side. " jons

      Humour me and elaborate.

      Jon s , nobody can ever prove Israel targets civilians intentionally when it refuses to allow anyone in to collect evidence.

      What is Israel hiding.Why do they go to so much trouble to keep everyone out.Must be hiding something.This is exactly how a guilty person reacts.Innocent people would throw open their doors and welcome in with open arms those who can prove them innocent.

      Btw , I condemn the terrorism that is carried out to deny people their freedom and steal their land and commit war crimes against them for over 50 years more than I condemn the "terrorism " of the victims of this terrorism perpetrated by Israel.

      So don,t play coy with me old bean.You are an unapologetic zionist who defends any crime your vile little rogue state commits.

      Your archives are replete with examples of support for Israeli terrorism.

    • "Every comment in which you use the word “condemn” simply turns into an excuse - "mooser

      Here is one perfect example.Note the use of , "if it can be proved that civilians were deliberately or negligently targeted " .
      No mention of murdering Palestinian kids on beaches or bombing UN buildings or dropping 2 ton bombs on civilian buildings or dropping WP on innocent civilians or ---what ever your,e having yourself.

      "I'll try to answer:
      -I absolutely condemn any killing of innocent civilians. If it can be proved that civilians were deliberately or negligently targetted - those responsible should be prosecuted and punished. - See more at: link to" jon s

      jon s is a graduate of the school of "zionist " history.

    • ” Israel sought to frame Egypt in terror against British and American ”

      Not Israel, but a rogue operation from within Military Intelligence." jackduh

      You mean the same rogue elements Israel honoured.

      "Israel had denied the affair officially for over 50 years. But in 2005, it decided to award the perpetrators with honor: “Although it is still a sensitive situation, we decided now to express our respect for these heroes” said President Moshe Katsav at the ceremony in Jerusalem (Katsav, by the way, has been convicted since as a serial rapist)."

    • I place responsibility for the deaths in Tel Aviv directly on the shoulders of the leaders of Israel and their supporters who have for over fifty years carried out inhumane and murderous act against the Palestinian people.

      Nobody but nobody would tolerate this treatment without a violent response.Cause and effect.

      If Israel wants peace and security for it,s Jewish citizens , which we all know only too well , are the only ones they care about , then they should prove it by ending their occupation and get the hell out of Palestine and take their vile squatters with them .

      Having said all of that , I extend my condolences to the families of the victims and ask them to question their participation and support for Israel,s policies that have led to their loss. I ask them , was it worth oppressing another people.Do you want more Israelis to pay the same price for decades to come or are you going to wake up to reality.

      Are your leaders who use you as human shields, worth the price.

  • 'We are Israel and Israel is us' -- Governor Cuomo ends all the confusion!
    • "Be careful my friend you may be accused of anti – semitic insectment "0ssinev

      I thought of that but too late for the edit button and now it,s in my archives.

    • Somehow , sometime ordinary Americans will get tired of this self serving . 5th column bs.

      When dick and jane figure out that their nation of three hundred million people is being led up the garden path by a minuscule bloodsucking insect , they just might get their gander up enough to reach back and swat the offending irritant into anonymity.

  • Video: Palestinian carrying watermelon is stopped for four hours by Israeli soldiers
    • Mission Goal Edit

      Fend off the Watermelon Elementals attacking the town, and find out where they came from.

      Discover the Cause of the attack.
      Missionary Summary Edit

      The Group was being escorted through the streets of the Elemental town/villiage when Vel'sek and his animated dolls exited one of the buildings. While the guard was questioning him a portal opened up and through it came several Watermelon people, later determined to be Watermelomentals jumped through the portal and started to attack the denizens of the Earthen plane. Vel'sek joined the party temporarily to deal with the new threat by using his powerful magics to halt the Watermelomentals until the guard and paladins arrived.

      link to

      The idf never seems short of a knife when the situation requires one.They could have cut it in half and saved some one hundred hours of manpower.

      The image of the Palestinian sipping from a glass while he watched these fools is satisfying.

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