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I am Irish with a profound interest in the Palestinian /Israeli conflict.

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  • Censorship in Brooklyn: Food Coop bars 'any events related to BDS or Israel' from meeting room
    • But everyone is welcome , (encouraged ) to talk about Syria/Iran/Iraq and any other hell hole.

      But not Israel.

    • "How many pro-Palestinian speakers have been yelled over, heckled and silenced "mis31286

      You could start here,

      link to

    • BDS is mired in hypocrisy up to its eyeballs" Zach S.

      From your link.

      "Given the orchestra’s strong association with the Israeli state and other Zionist organizations involved in “brand-Israel” activities [8], we call upon all Palestine solidarity activists in the United Kingdom to organize activities to protest and boycott the orchestra’s concerts. As long as it continues to partner with the state in whitewashing war crimes and international law violations, the Israeli cultural establishment cannot expect to be exempted from the growing boycott movement".

      Where is the hypocracy ???.

  • BDS or emigration: pick one
    • OT.

      It looks as if the German Gov is tiring of Israel,s bs.

      "Merkel: I Understand Why Abbas Turns to UN Security Council

      Der Spiegel article reveals that senior German officials are no longer willing to unconditionally support Israel on every matter, as they were ready to do in the past.
      read more

      The remark is unusual on Merkel's part, who has in recent years made several public statements that any solution to the conflict must be achieved through direct negotiations between the two sides. However, Germany voted for a draft resolution against the settlements in February 2011 in the UN Security Council. The resolution was not accepted because it was vetoed by the United States. Germany is not currently a member of the Security Council, but is considered Israel's closest ally in Europe. Merkel's stance is liable to have influence on other countries on the continent and in the world.
      read more."

      See more at !.
      link to

      No paywall if you use the web cache link ,above.

      A crack , however small, in the heretofore solid friendship between Germany and the rogue state.

  • Palestinian astrophysicist arrested and jailed for second time in 15 months
    • Israel says it is intended on defeating BDS . They sure go a strange way about it.This will simply ensure that any international academics straddling the fence on BDS will come down on the Palestinian side .

      Israel has a propensity for shooting itself in the foot.No wonder they no longer have a leg to stand on.

  • 'The IDF and security forces are not murderers'
    • "The way MaxNarr tells it, “justice”-by-execution requires an assailant who is:
      – seriously wounded;
      – incapacitated; and
      – non-Jewish. " eljay

      You forgot!!

      _ any gender_any age.

      Just think , this Maxnurd is roaming around free in someones neighbourhood , pretending he is human. Is it in the USA.

    • Disarming a knife wielding assailant without shooting him/her ?.

      QED .

      Can,t have the Israeli court system clogged up trying Palestinians , (better to have on the spot trials and punishment as it cut,s down on cost ), when there are so many of Israel,s Jewish assailants on trial for their crimes.

  • 'NYT' manages to make childhood detention story work for Israel
    • "Speaking of muddying the water do you know if there is any truth in the rumour that JSIL has developed miniaturized domestic “skunk water ” cannon kits for free distribution to the OT “settlers” , ".Ossinev

      Those are actually miniature bottles of golan (occupied Syrian Heights) wine , way past it,s sell by date , that leaves a sour taste in the consumers mouth that lasts for a long time.I think they call it gut rot .When BDS is done with the so called Golan Heights wine producers , there will be lot,s of this to send to those Hebron squatters who will be all the easier to "sniff " out.

    • Ossinev , my apologies , I am hooked on antisemite media outlets and have been amiss in visiting bastions of truth such as CAMERA and y,net news and all the other readily available sources.Look, I have made up my mind and do not want to know the facts that would muddy the water.

    • They will be taught how to lower their eyes when in the company of their betters.They will be beaten until they learn to love Israel,s Ubermenschen.

      All thoughts of ever gaining freedom will be erased , (beaten ) from their minds and their will to seek justice will be snuffed out ---zio supremacist style .

      That,s Israel for you.The light unto the rest of us .

      Btw , I wonder how many of the illegal squatter,s children , ( thugs) are in prison for throwing rocks at and dumping garbage on Palestinians in Hebron.

      "Mommy, I am going out to have some fun.Is the garbage bin full.Ok Yossi , just remember to wear your gloves and make sure there are no cameras around and call me if there are.I will ask the IDF to arrest whoever it is , so you can have your fun.Bye my little darling."

      link to

  • As right-wing incitement spreads through Israeli society, Netanyahu looks to extinguish fire he has stoked for years
    • That french citizen, who shot the wounded palestinian, should be arrested and jailed for murder as soon as he returns to France. - Theo

      No , no ,no. It was a crime of Passion.The French Jew hates Palestinians --passionately , ergo he is not guilty.

      Btw, didn,t your spell check place a red line under "palestinian" prompting you to correct it ?.

  • Donna Edwards's campaign unsettles the Israel lobby inside the Democratic Party
    • Hi ckg , my mistake. Barbara Boxer,s name popped right out so I made what used to be a reasonable assumption.Has Boxer changed her stripes.Is this a slap on the wrist for Nuttyahoo for his insults against Obama by addressing the congress .

    • ckg, thanks .

      Well , if it ain,t good old Bern right in here making up for his recent errors in calling for Israel to treat Palestinians with dignity. I see what he means.

  • The end of apartheid in Israel will not destroy the country, it can only improve it
    • "Some would say we are out to “destroy Israel,” but you and I know better. "Nada Elia.

      You and I know that the only people destroying Israel , are the Zionists .The very ones claiming that others are out to destroy it, wherever it,s borders are .

      Classic pathological narcissism and projection.The eventual destruction of Israel is in good hands.Outside help is not necessary.

  • Thousands of Israelis fill Tel Aviv's Rabin Square in support for soldier who executed Palestinian
    • So maz narr, you will have no problem when an illegal squatter gets his head blown off when he is caught trying to burn a Palestinians home and murder those inside.

      No problem at all , eh max.

      Btw , International Law, (I know you don,t think that applies to Israel,s Jews ) allows oppressed people to attack or kill their oppressors.Go look it up max , instead of making a fool of yourself here and embarrassing peaceful , law abiding Jewish people.

      You do understand that by your own logic ,the British had every right to shoot a member of the Irgun terrorist gang caught shooting their soldiers -even if he was wounded and posed no threat .You also realise that you place your own soldiers in danger when they are captured.Careful what you wish for and don,t come whining when one of your most moral thugs gets his head blown all over some side walk.

  • Ringleader in Abu Khdeir murder case convicted in Jerusalem court
    • Gag order placed on investigation of alleged terrorist suicide bus bombing in Jerusalem .

      This story seems to have gone into hibernation.One would have thought that a suicide bombing in Israel --being the first one for over ten years would be front page news for weeks.Instead it has , curiously faded into the background.

      Very strange.

      link to

  • In Brooklyn, Sanders stand on Israel attracts support despite controversy
    • Sander,s gets the majority of Irish American voters in NY according to this letter to the editor of the Irish Times.

      "Sir, – While recognising the mutually affectionate relationship between the Clintons and Ireland, media coverage of the New York Democratic primary build-up perpetuated the ongoing misrepresentation of the Irish community in the Big Apple.

      It is true that Hillary Clinton enjoys almost universal approval among what might be termed the “official” Irish-American network, which revolves around lower Manhattan and a string of back-slapping non-profit organisations. However, any analysis that holds this to be representative of broader Irish-American sentiment is incorrect.

      A district-by-district analysis of the Democratic primary is clear. Every single area of modern-day Irish demographic dominance across the five boroughs of New York city returned a majority for Bernie Sanders. Woodlawn, Sunnyside, Woodside, Breezy Point and Staten Island are among areas where blue-collar and white-collar Irish-Americans, who live surrounded by the majority of contemporary Irish migrants and retain active links with the country, voted in favour of Mr Sanders."

      link to

      The citizens of Ireland have long had a camelot style reverence for the Clintons.They can do no wrong.However some Irish Americans are not so easily fooled.

  • 'Anti-Zionism = anti-semitism' is a formal logical fallacy
    • "I just want to second amigo’s remarks", MHughes976

      Thanks .

    • silamcuz---Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.(Oscar Wilde)

    • Page: 46
    • "I suppose this is why need to ensure our criticism of Israel is based on objective political analysis, not ideology or morality." silamcuz

      How the hell does one critise Israel without being moral.

      You sure your not a zio apologist.

    • The moral of the story is, !!!.

      We so called anti semites are encouraged vociferously by zionists to condemn Syria/Iraq / Iran/North Korea etc etc but to condemn Israel is anti semitic.

      They are telling us , that we must "Leave Israel alone" becuse they are the Jewish State. Wouldn,t it be anti Semitic to ignore Israel,s war crimes , because some Jews are involved.Should we avoid condemning an African American who committed a crime because he /she is Black. Surely that would be racism.

  • Segregation of Palestinians and Jews in maternity wards becomes an issue in Israel
    • "The way I read it, your name is there because he’s addressing you, not because he considers you to be a “Jew hater”. " eljay

      You may be right. I had a very bad English teacher or maybe he had a very bad student.We will see if Yonah concurs with your interpretation.

    • "amigo- echinoccus and keith." Yonah Fredman

      But Freddy, isn,t anyone who condemns the policies of the so called Jewish state a Jew hater.
      All you can come up with is 3 Jew haters out of some 100 or so regular commenter s. That is hardly fit,s your description of "abounding".

      Btw , thanks for lumping me with such illustrious company.

      The other two are quite capable of speaking for themselves but would you care to back up your accusation and show me where I, in any way displayed hatred of Jews. However , hatred of zionists---yeah guilty and proudly so.

    • "Dickerson- the topic of Jewish racial features typified by the phrase “are you jewish, you don’t look jewish,” is an interesting topic, but this is hardly the place with wise guys and jew haters abounding for me to discuss this issue with equanimity." Yonah fredman

      Come on Yonah , don,t keep us guessing. Name some names It,s only fair to those who you believe they are not Jew haters.

      Let me guess your response??.

      "Those who are , know who they are."

    • "It appears that many of you are arguing against my comment from a place of privilege, and missing the nuance of the issue at hand by conflating a personal decision with systematic discrimination in the health sector." silmacuz

      First it is the health sector.Then it will be the public transport sector.Then it will be the public roads system.Then it will be Public baths and then it will be sports facilities and then it will be parking lots and then it will be housing "communities" and so on and so on.

      Please note that Israel applies these discriminatory practices in all the above cases.

      We have been through all this nonsense with you before --under your prior "aka,s".

      Try something different.This s--t is long since fossilized.

    • "If they requested respectfully and without infringing upon the rights of others, I see no problem in it." silmacuz

      Try this!!.

      Hospital registration clerk to incoming patient.

      "Are there any special requirements you have before we take you to your "Ward".


      "I am not a racist , "but" , I do not want to be treated by a Jewish nurse/doctor and I most definitely do not want to be in a ward with any patient who is Jewish.Their presence makes me uncomfortable , especially when I am vulnerable.How can I recover under such distressing conditions."

      See any problem there ???.

    • "Marnie,
      Here are the dictionary definitions (Webster):

      Universal =done or experienced by everyone : existing or available for everyone

      Mandatory= required by a law or rule

      So neither “universal” nor “mandatory” mean “free”." jon s

      Too bad teach , you can not be quite so precise about the sequence of priority of the terms , "Justice and accountability " when you are lecturing your students.

      Accountability comes first.Justice follows .Without the threat of accountability, there will be no justice and criminals will continue to commit their crimes ---eg , Israel.

      You have to be one of the most hollow individuals I have ever had the displeasure of knowing .How do you sleep at night , knowing you are poisoning young minds day after day.God help you to see the error in your ways so you can rescue your offspring before they end up just like you.

  • Sanders slams Clinton for ignoring Palestinian needs and thinking Netanyahu is 'right all the time'
    • I wonder how large the TV audience would have been.It would have to have been in the millions , even if it was mainly dem,s watching.

      Lot,s of ears hearing what they have never before heard.

      I wonder if nutandyahoo gave Shillary a signed copy of the hasbara manual.

  • Note to Progressive Jews: The right of return is not the 'i'm-doing-you-a-favor' of return
    • "The difference is, I can go back to Ireland as a visitor, or even to buy a house and live, at any time." John O

      John , is,t far better than that.If your Grandparents , (either) are/were Irish citizens , you are entitled to Irish citizenship.Same applies if your parents are / were Irish citizens .

      Unlike zionists , we draw the line at Grandparents . Unlike in Israel , if you can prove you have a Jewish lineage back to Neanderthal s ---your in.

  • Democratic debate: Is Netanyahu welcome at White House on Day 1 or an arrogant, deceptive asshole?
    • Again the zionists don,t know when to shut their mouths.Always whinging and griping and accusing people who tell the truth about Israel and it,s actions of antisemitism.

      Israeli leaders /apologists have their feet permanently ensconced in their mouths while having a gun pointed at their feet.They unknowingly do their utmost to facilitate open discussion.Americans will not be dancing with joy when they find out their Democracy has been "annexed " by the so called only democracy in the ME.

      You gotta love them for that.

  • Tell Us What You Think: The 2016 Mondoweiss Reader Survey
  • Goldman Sachs is funding Hebron settlers
    • I posted this on another thread before I saw this one.The link I provided is also to a Haaretz article which has a paywall.Hence the web cache link.

      “Yes, Goldman Sachs Funds Hebron’s Settlers. And Charles Schwab Is Funding BDS"

      link to

      So giving illegal squatters aid to commit war crimes is equal to Charles J Schwab giving aid to JVP who work to end Israel,s war crimes and oppression.

      Zionist logic at it,s finest.

      You can,t dream this stuff up.

  • Against Balance: Thoughts on teaching Israel/Palestine
    • “amigo” this is amazing." Mooser

      You have to give Jon s , full marks for tenacity .

    • "amigo, What I meant is that the student should make his point based on the historic facts and his or her interpretation of those facts." Jon s

      You just used different words to repeat yourself.

      Now let me repeat myself.

      What historic facts.It is a pretty simple question.Why are you struggling to come up with an answer.

    • " I’ve found that it’s best to be honest with the students whenever I see fit to express my personal opinion. I’ll usually say that in this point I’m expressing my opinion, and it’s ok to disagree, if you do so respectfully and base your argument on the historic record."Jon s

      Whose historic record.

  • Imitating a candidate, Ryan goes to Israel and calls BDS an anti-Semitic 'shenanigan'
    • Just to let MW staff know , my book order arrived in Ireland today.No extra potage /freight costs so it looks as if your charges are good .

      On topic, , I thought Israel viewed BDS as background noise.That,s if you buy the Hoppy and chorus, line.Seems to me they are all hands on deck to meet the threat.It sure is bringing out all the 5th column Israel firsters.

  • Trump supporters in New York take on ISIS
    • "She’s not a humanitarian, she’s an idiot." eljay

      Any zionist will tell you that all humanitarians are idiots.Unless , of course they are zionist humanitarians , an obvious contradiction in terms.

  • After wins abroad, BDS conference in West Bank sees local traction
    • "I’ve been reading Mondo for years, and there’s one constant among the Ziobots: They never, ever, talk to each other. Ever notice that?" Mooser

      Darn it Mooser. Now the Ziobots will discover the Archives but you may have inadvertently given us a troll free period while they try to prove you wrong.

    • "Yes, Goldman Sachs Funds Hebron's Settlers. And Charles Schwab Is Funding BDS
      read more: link to

      So giving illegal squatters aid to commit war crimes is equal to Charles J Schawb giving aid to JVP who work to end Israel,s war crimes and oppression.

      Zionist logiic at it,s finest.

      You can,t dream this stuff up.

  • Advice to North Carolina
    • "Predictable. A great parody of Iran’s approach to international relations"hhoppy

      Predictable ---more of hoppy,s whataboutery. (lookoverthere ).

      Actually , hoppy, it,s a bad analogy.Iran just made a deal with the US/Russia/EU and others and gave up their Nuclear weapons capability.

      Israel refuses to sit down with anyone and make a deal and any they have made , they reneged on by refusing to honour their commitments.One could hardly refer to that as a constructive approach , (unless you mean building more illegal squats ) to international relations as evidenced by Israel,s ever increasing isolation around the world.

    • My advice to North Carolina ----a 1SS.

      In the event of a civil war , I am sure Israel will supply both sides with all the High Tech war machines necessary to prolong the conflict.If The Congress/ Senate complains , then The KOTJ can drop by and bring them into line.Can,t have congress or the senate interfering with the affairs of a "Sovereign " nation.

      No sirrreee.

    • Instruct your medics to refuse to treat a Gay person ---oh hell , why not just shoot them.You can always claim the LGBT terrorist had a suicide vest full of books extolling the virtues of "anti heterosexualism" and was reaching in to take one out and start reading it out loud.

  • BDS has arrived
    • "however most sensible lgbtqc folks know exactly what it feels like to be in a nation that makes them feel safe and embraces diversity" dabakr

      What are you on about.Even Israeli Jews , Heterosexual or Gay , cannot get a civil marriage in Israel.In this sense ,LGBT citizens are treated equal. Whoopie, ---what a great life non Jewish Israelis live in the so called only democracy in the middle east.

      Why is there no civil marriage in Israel?
      A bill to introduce non-religious unions, including same-sex, interfaith and others, fails in the Knesset"

      link to

      Most sensible people know that Israel is not a democracy.

  • Israeli journalist Derfner succinctly analyzes the anti-Semitism vs. anti-Zionism debate
    • "B. Seems like you’re perfectly OK with whataboutery when it serves your purposes." hopknee

      Whataboutery is your stock in trade hoppy. Without it , you ---well , wouldn,t be hoppy.

      Btw , did you have any comments on the subject matter at hand ??. Another member of the tribe has flown the coop and joined BDS.


  • The Jewish-Israeli navel-gazers
    • “for the “crime” of living in the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people.”

      A ravenous Kestrel soars over the ancestral home.

      "It climbs on thermals high
      Hovers in air effortlessly bound
      Looks down with ever watchful eye
      At tiny specks on the ground
      Moving shadow its only give away
      Then down it swoops on its prey .

      David Harris

      Maxi--get your gun.

    • Those who go out with knives and guns to murder men, women, and children" maxnurd

      Maxi , in Irish folklore , it is said that the concept of a fair fight was sacrosanct.So much so that if the " away Team" arrived early for the fight and the home team was not ready , the visitors waited until their foe was fully prepared. Ie , knives fully sharpened and guns loaded.

      Israel should adopt this philosophy and instead of issuing knives and guns to the Palestinians , they should arm them with the most up to date high tech weapons.The Palestinians could then carry on a fair fight and practice some "Lawn mowing " and then you can stop whining about knives and guns.After all , Zionists , (note , I did not say , "Jews " )are such fair minded people .Right max.

      I asked you for a link to back up your claim that the Jordanian occupation was illegal.

      I also asked you if you would support a Palestinian Father carrying a weapon to defend the lives of his Family from marauding thieving squatter scum who burn people out of their homes and kill whole families.But no reply --as usual.Just accusations of antisemitism.

      Do those who you defend know you are on their side.Poor b------s.

    • "The Jordanian occupation was illegal and their renaming means nothing under international law." MAXNARD

      Source maxi .

    • "If you say that any father or mother that carries a handgun to protect their family is a valid military target for murder I swear I will never respond to a comment of your again. "maxnarr

      If that Father and Mother cared about protecting their children's lives they would not have brought them to a war zone and set up house in illegal squats.If a bank robber gets killed in the act of robbing a bank---a crime---then I could care less if he /she get "Killed". One less criminal to keep in jail for years.

      Would you condemn a illegal settler for shooting a Palestinian Father or Mother for carrying a gun to protect their children from the marauding scum bag squatters you spend your time defending.

      Does this mean you will never respond to my comments again.
      Just in case you are dithering on that decision , allow me to help you.

      If that Father and Mother cared about protecting their children's lives they would not have brought them to a war zone and set up house in illegal squats.If a bank robber gets killed in the act of robbing a bank---a crime---then I could care less if he /she get "Killed". One less criminal to keep in jail for years.

      Would you condemn a illegal settler for shooting a Palestinian Father or Mother for carrying a gun to protect their children from the marauding scum bag squatters you spend your time defending.

      Btw , max ---where the hell is judea /samaria. Surely you mean , the "OCCUPIED WEST BANK".

  • Leahy challenge to Netanyahu over killing of Hadeel Hashlamoun, 18, shows change in Israel's image
    • In all conflicts , there are seminal events that tip the scales .In Northern Ireland it was the Omagh Bombings. (link to ). In South Africa it was the Sharpsville massacres of 1960 when 69 Black protesters were murdered, shot in the back as they sought to escape. (link to

      Most people paying close attention to the Palestinian /Israel conflict , thought that point may have arrived during Cast Lead .That did not happen and many said , incorrectly that Israel would never dare to repeat such a massacre.But true to the Zionist character , we were treated to an even greater level of Israeli violence in the form of Protective edge.This too , while inviting international condemnation and scorn did not produce the seminal moment.

      I believe public opinion will be swayed by what would be ordinarily seen as a run of the mill event, such as we read on Kate,s reports on a daily basis.(Thanks for your tireless efforts Kate.)but will be the crack that breaks the dam.At that point , there will be no going back for Israel.Israel can send an army of hasbarists and propagandists out to quell the blow back but to little avail.There will be large scale reverse aliyah as former fanatical supporters of the zionist enterprise grab their US /UK/GERMAN/--passports and get the hell out of Dodge.The same people will curse Zionism and claim they always worked for peace while in Israel.Jon S comes to mind.

      That is how Israel will meet it,s well deserved end. A victim , (as always) of it,s own hand.

      There is a delicious irony there somewhere.

  • Advocate for 'white British people' bridles when Rula Jebreal mentions race
    • "On the other hand, Murray expressed his deep personal feelings when he was sad about the future in which his people will be a minority in a country they once saw as their own country. Should not just a Palestinian person be able to empathize with this feeling??"Stogumber.

      You joke --right.

      Murray is a privileged White Brit who lives in a society that gained much of it,s wealth through the theft of the resources of non white people .The Palestinians have no such history.

      Comparing the Palestinian experience to that of a white privileged racist bigot like Murray is at best disingenuous.The price of centuries of colonialism has come back to bite the ,"seat " of the former empire.You reap what you sow.

  • Another Palestinian boy is shot in head with rubber-coated bullet in occupied Jerusalem
    • Zionist logic !!!.

      We will create "The Greater Israel ". We will expel all non Jews .The world will recognise the " Jewish State " and all those Arabs , just on the other side of the border will acquiesce and lay down their arms and forgive and accept us as the peace loving people we are.

      Then everything will be honky dory.

  • 'Haaretz' exposes 'The New York Times'
    • Some weeks ago , The Irish times featured an article by their reporter in Israel , Mark Weiss ( allegedly a resident of the illegal settlements) about the return ,??? , (They had never been there ) of "17" Yemeni Jews to Israel.This in the same week when 5 or 6 Palestinians were shot dead by the IOF , a story that never saw ink..Apparently the Irish times believes it,s readers are more interested in this momentous and happy occasion and do not wish to be troubled with the assassination of young Palestinians who are , (alledgedly )driven to acts of violence due to decades of oppression and colonialism.

      Would,t want people getting the wrong idea about the so called Light unto the Nations and most moral army, Hmmm.

  • Palestinian reflections on Israel's hysterical attack on BDS
    • We are told endlessly that BDS is led and controlled by "foreign " Jew haters and the Palestinian People are just dupes.If the zionist leaders believe this then they must also believe they can convince the authorities of dozens of countries to institute laws that call for the imprisonment of BDS activists.Most countries are short on accommodation for real criminals , ie drug dealers /rapists/murderers / thieves .Those assaulting elderly people and breaking into homes , to mention just a few crimes.I doubt the citizenry of any normal country would approve of releasing criminals to make way for those using non violent resistance to the crimes of the Israeli government.I doubt they would have difficulty making a choice between a rapist and a BDS activist being locked up.

      The upside of the zionist approach is that it will put this whole issue out front in most major media outlets and consequently into peoples homes /work places and social gatherings.That can only be positive for the Palestinian cause and negative for Israel.

      Israel never learns .It responds to only way it knows how .With threats of violence.The duvet on a zionist,s bed is always just a tad short.

  • Introducing Mondoweiss In Print: 'The World the Settlers Made'
    • Annie, Can I suggest you look into the freight cost to Europe as I think MW may be under charging.I recently had a package , (sent from Nevada to Ireland) --it weighed only 5lbs and was 18 inches x 12 x 3 and cost almost 70 dollars.It was shipped by the US Postal service , maybe that,s the problem but $7,50 for the book seems low by comparison.

      MW may be working through an agent so it,s their problem.Just thought I,d mention it.

    • "I imagine H.C. would enjoy distributing a free copy of the book to each of its Zio-bots and filming him/her doing all sorts of nasty, Captain Israel-inspired things to his/her copy."Eljay

      Sometimes I overlook the depths zionists will stoop to.Thanks for getting me back on track.

    • "I feel cheap at 6.60. " OG

      I had the same thought until I saw the freight cost was more than the book.

      I suspect Phil and Adam and co want to get as many copies out there as possible , hence the lower price.

    • Excellent suggestion OG but MW should hold of on that idea until Hopknee and co have had a chance to buy at 6,60.Fat chance they would give 40 dollars to read the truth.Second thoughts , I am not sure hasbara central would approve even if it was cost free.

    • I am really looking forward to reading this. Hope you sell millions of them but one for every illegal settler would be a good start.

      Hopefully mine makes it to the republic of Ireland before we get the North back.

  • Shocker: 'NYT' forum on anti-Zionism tilts toward equating Zionism with racism
    • "Can you direct me to a website which exclusively focuses on opposition to Bahrain’s policy of oppression of Shia Muslims?" Boris

      boris , press on the left side of your mouse (he won,t squeak) , then use the cursor to select the content of your post.Next press the right hand side of your mouse and right click on "search Google" .Bon voyage.

    • Whether or not the authors are pro Israel or anti Israeli policies is not the point.The point is , the discussion is out in the open and rightly so.That it appears on such a historically pro Israel rag is a bonus.

      Did anyone notice the "hasbara" talking points , populating the comments sections.That book must qualify for the best seller list.

  • 'Zionism is nationalism, not Judaism,' a former Hebrew school teacher explains
    • Hoppy , here,s a good read for a truth seeking Israel firster in the fifth column whose patriotism to a foreign nation is unquestionable.

      "10 Places AIPAC Would Never Show Members of Congress on Their Upcoming Propaganda Trip
      A tour of the "real Israel" would show members of Congress the ugly truth behind Israel's propaganda."alternet

      link to

    • "Guess what, Amigo? No one is required to go on an AICE trip" hopknee

      Last time it was the "AEIF".

      Are there two groups of , 5th column Israel firsters buying off congress critters.

    • "Guess what, Amigo? No one is required to go on an AICE trip " hopknee

      Guess what hoppy , the last time this subject came up you got a well deserved pasting.You never learn , do ya --sucker. Poor Israel.

      link to

    • "That’s why you obsess over how much money Jews have, how many are billionaires, " Hopknee

      Who cares how many Jews are billionaires .Best of luck to them.What we care about is those billionaires , (Saban and Adelson , for instance ) ,who use their wealth to ,

      A, Interfere in the affairs of sovereign nations , by attempting to bribe their leaders ( often in opposition to the wishes of their citizens ) to support the crimes of Israel .

      B, To pay for birthright trips for neophyte Congress ?Senate critters with the goal of brainwashing them and ensuring they start their careers as servants of Israel instead of those who elected them.

      C, Support the construction of illegal squats on land stolen from Palestinians.

      There,s lots more , but you get the idea which is not the point of this post.It is offered as food for thought for those readers who might be fooled by your attempts to raise the specter of antisemitism where none exists.

  • 'Morbid symptoms' in Palestine
    • 0ssinev, you might want to take a look the following article to see how the effects of the famine could have been greatly reduced had Great Britain not been run by whigs and the middle class who did not care about Irish people starving.

      It,s a 10 minute read .The beginning appears to excuse Britain,s role but keep reading.

      link to

  • Tom Friedman to work as Cairo taxi driver 'because those guys know everything'
    • "Somebody wandering by accident into Mondoweiss territory might get the impression that every day is April Fools’ Day." mayhem

      With the exception of the days you are not "present and incorrect".

      Have you become an expert at shooting yourself in the foot while it is firmly ensconced in your mouth.

  • Netanyahu and Sen. Leahy tangle over Israel's killing of Hadeel Hashlamoun, 18
    • The Second Coming

      Turning and turning in the widening gyre
      The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
      Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
      Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
      The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
      The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
      The best lack all conviction, while the worst
      Are full of passionate intensity.

      WB Yeats had no idea he was describing Israel, all those decades ago.

    • The repatriation of this killer is under way.

      "Charges Against IDF Soldier Who Shot Subdued Palestinian Downgraded to Manslaughter

      What,s odd about this Haaretz article is that the headline is followed by an argument by the prosecutor that the soldier committed a cold blooded killing.So how come the charges were downgraded.Doesn,t the Prosecutor decide the charges ??. Very confusing article.

      link to

    • Israel has finally made it into that select group of hellholes . "The coalition of the killing".

      It,s not as if they haven,t worked their zionist butt,s off to gain entry.Yahweh love,s a trier and helps those , "who help themselves". The zionists misinterpret this to mean coveting as much of your neighbours property as you can get away with.

  • 'We don’t want to find ourselves in a position like apartheid South Africa': A report from Israel's first national conference against BDS
    • "Yes, and I guess you’ll have fun watching Jews die as a result of your action" hopknee.

      Who said anything about Jews dying , except you.

      I had a fate far more painful in mind.To quote Mooser, "we will all be relegated to being just ordinary people.(or words to that effect ).

      "Mr President , there is an AIPAC delegation seeking a meeting".

      Tell them to f--k o--. Remember what happened the last time we let them into the WH.

    • " BDS still has no support outside of the hard left." Hopknee

      Watch out for those "hard lefts" hoppy ,Your ziomobile could end up as a write off.

    • It is going to be so much fun watching all these a------s eat crow at the end of the day.All that money wasted.All those new enemies created by f-----g with peoples free speech and interference in the affairs of sovereign nations.

      There is going to be one very large bill to pay when Israel falls and it will.They think that BDS effort was bad.

  • 'Road to South Africa has never been shorter' -- as U of Chicago launches divestment campaign
    • "You’re a liar, Phil. Caught red-handed." justjester

      You go jester.You have been deceived.Demand all your contributions back.

      BTW , I don,t think it is a good idea to call the owner of the site on which you are a guest , a liar .Especially coming from a zionist apologist troll who lives to lie and lies to live.Not smart at all.

    • Don,t tell Steve Grover .It might knock the wind out of his beloved Chicago.

  • Video: Meet the brave shoemaker who filmed Israeli soldier executing a Palestinian
    • "Read it again my friend."Ossinev

      Got it .

    • "Remember that IDF medics are not required to take a Hippocratic oath. They are however required to take a Hypocritic oath." Ossinev

      Shouldn,t that be , an oath of hypocracy. A Hypocritic Oath is a contradiction in terms , ???.

      In any event , any oath taken by a zionist is pure hypocracy .

    • This man is worth any 10,000 zionists . Is counting zionists allowed??.

      Jon s might like to chime in.

  • Rejected by Brazil, Israeli settler leader Dani Dayan given diplomatic post in US
    • "Let us not forgot Israel is one of the MOST disliked nations in the world." kay 24

      I haven,t checked recently but in the BBC 2014 poll , Israel shared second place with Pakistan and North Korea pipped at the post by Iran.We all know why Iran took first place.Look for a juxtaposition in the top 2 spots in the next poll.Finally Israel will be given it,s just and well earned place at the pinnacle of most hated nations.It,s not as if they haven,t worked their busy little zio butts off to achieve it.

    • "Israel has enough countries in the world with which it can have open and honest diplomatic relations. It would be well advised to give Brazil the finger and let that country stew in its poverty and pollution."mayhem

      Last week , you or one of your fellow apologists was telling the UK to f--k off. Not long before that it was the french who were on the chopping block.The Swedes were the target 4 or 5v weeks prior to that.The whole EU was villain of the month of Jan because they voted to label all goods coming from the illegal squatters.

      You keep this plan of action up , and Israel will be persona non grata in every capital on the planet.

      Correction---except maybe Micronesia.Keep up the good work mayhem.You are doing a "bang up " job.

  • Netanyahu defends Israeli military after soldier caught on tape executing Palestinian: 'Any challenge to the morality of the IDF is outrageous'
    • Some blatant hypocracy from the zionist criminals .

      "Ya'alon also vowed to "look into whether there is a connection between the vitriol on the Internet and all kinds of statements from politicians regarding the soldier who decided to commit an act that is violated the law and our moral values."

      Bennett's office fired back, saying that the minister has called the soldier's family more than once and will continue to do so. "Even if their son erred, it is the family's right to speak and to be heard," it said.
      read more: link to"

      Of course , when a Palestinian member of the knesset visits a Palestinian family , they are dragged out of and suspended from the knesset.Only Jewish families grieve and their houses will not be demolished even when their son commits a war crime.No siree , not in the only democracy and light unto the nations.

  • Hebron settlers file complaint against Palestinian who filmed execution
    • "in their letter to the police, they claim that Abu Shamsiya’s presence during the killing is no coincidence, but was coordinated with the alleged attack in order to capture damning video."

      Yup, pretty sneaky these camera toting antisemites.They just cannot be trusted to keep their lens shut.

  • Israeli soldier filmed killing wounded Palestinian finds support among Israeli politicians
    • Maybe we should be more understanding. Being an occupier can be challenging for a kind hearted , caring and warm member of the most moral army.It cant be easy beating up children every day and slapping women around.It must be heart wrenching for these saintly youths to be forced to stand by as someone,s home is demolished .It must be equally soul destroying to stand idly by when illegal squatters --often your neighbours are destroying the livelihoods of Palestinians , who you are supposed to protect .Nor can it be easy being part of a Skunk juice spray patrol .That stuff stinks and makes getting a girl friend pretty difficult.

      Hell ,it,s enough to make these placid and serene doves flip their lids.

  • Jewish settlers threaten life of Palestinian who shot video of execution
    • All this discussion on the protection of civilians in Occupied territory reminds me of the usual excuse given by the apologists for the King David Hotel bombing.They usually tell us that anyone in the hotel was working for the British occupying forces --ergo , were legitimate targets.

      Defending the indefensible is a tough road to hoe.

    • "Stepping back from the incident, notice how all blame and responsibility for a terrorist action that was perpetrated by the Palestinian attacker is overlooked"mayhem

      Correction---The attempted killing or killing of a member of an occupying force is allowed under International Law.The Palestinian victim of the criminal member of the so called "most moral army " was within his rights to stab , shoot, blow up or sever the head off his oppressor.Too bad he didn,t succeed.That would be one less Zionist criminal to deal with.

      May God be with the Palestinian resistance fighter and his family.

  • Finding 1 'Arab' in Israeli basketball, NY Times espouses Zionist racial theory
    • Here are the rules Israel plays by, on/ off the basket ball court .

      Rule 1: Israelis have the right to play on both sides of the court, but Palestinians can only play on their own side.

      Rule 2: For security reasons Palestinians do not have the right to pass the ball between players, the ball could hit an Israeli player.

      Rule 3: There will be no basket on the Israeli side.

      Rule 4: Israel is allowed to shoot at any time even during

      Rule 5: Palestinians are not allowed to have supporters. Only Israelis should be supported.

      Rule 6: Israel selects the sports press writers and what they report.

      Rule 7: Israel encourages Palestinians to shoot into the Palestinian basket. Players who refuse will be nominated as terrorists and will not be allowed to play.

      Rule 8: Palestinian players are allowed to leave the field, but cannot return. One exception: A Palestinian can be replaced by an Israeli!

      Rule 9: Israel selects and instructs the referees, and tells them when to look away.

      Rule 10: Israel selects the captain of the Palestinian team.

      Rule 11: Israeli faults and Palestinian good plays will not be shown on TV.

      Rule 12: Israel takes the money which sponsors pay to Palestinians clubs.

      Rule 13: Only Israeli players get refreshments.

      Rule 14: Palestinians are required to play, when and where designated by Israel.

      Rule 15: Rules only apply to Palestinians; Israelis may change the rules during the game and are not required to advise the Palestinians of the changes.

      Rule 16 , (my addidtion).

      Any member of the Israeli team can shoot a Palestinian opponent who is moving and looks like a threat.I forgot to mention , all Members of the Israeli team are allowed to carry weapons .

      Note , this is not my work.I don,t wish to be accused of plagiarism.

  • UN Human Rights Council to create 'blacklist' database of settlement businesses
    • “The UN Human Rights Council has become an anti-Israel circus. It attacks the only democracy in the Middle East"

      Whose soldiers murder at will with the explicit support of criminals like Nietandyahu.For a group he hates so much , he sure gives them all the material they need to stay on Israel,s case.

      Try making peace yaahoo and rest assured they will not bother you or your rogue tin pot nation.

  • Young liberal Zionists, it's time to let go and move on
    • Hey grover, get on Israel,s case and tell them to stop shipping 1.8 billion in exports to those effin Brits.You know , those effin brits who largely helped many Jews escape the gas chambers.

      How,s the weather in Chick-cargo.

  • Israeli soldier filmed executing wounded Palestinian man
    • Eu MSM is reporting that before arresting one of the Brussels attackers who was wounded and lying on the ground the Belgian security forces sent in a robot to check for a suicide vest.When it was determined he was not wearing one, the suspect was then placed under arrest.

      A lesson for the so called light unto the nations about it,s so called "idf values".

    • "The soldier’s lawyer, Benjamin Malka, explained that the Palestinian assailant, who had just stabbed another Israeli soldier, was still “moving underneath his jacket,"

      That is what ordinary people do when they are breathing.That is why this zionist so called medic murdered him.This scumbag was probably assured by his seniors that the IDF would back him up no matter what and pointed to the fact that not one IDeffer has ever been punished in a manner in keeping with their crimes.

      Most moral army my derrier.

    • I always wondered what a "Jews only " ambulance looked like. Now I know.

  • Israeli medics are leaving wounded Palestinians to bleed to death
    • Ritzl, you took the words right out of my fingers.

      A nation so much in decline as Israel is, cannot last.Common humanity is less and less on display in this morally bankrupt society.

  • What if Bernie Sanders had delivered his speech at AIPAC!?
    • "Because you think everyone at AIPAC is a right-winger, and that nobody has ever talked about ending the occupation at AIPAC before" hopknee

      Ok , fess up , who was , He/She and how many words after "Palestinian" did He/She get to speak before being ejected from that illustrious gathering of concerned humanitarians.

      Btw , why was his speech rejected and not read out ---eh hopknee.

      Note to Kate , thanks for this .I will spread it around.

  • Zionism is finally in the news, as officials seek to conflate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism
    • "And to all those celebrating: a happy and fun-filled Purim!
      (as much as possible these days…)" Jon S


      I am sure your so called most moral army will keep the untermenschen suitably imprisoned while you zionist ubermenschen enjoy your holiday without a care in the world for those you oppress and ethnically cleanse.

      Jews celebrating their saving as they murder,oppress,imprison,starve and generally treat Palestinians as sub humans.


    • Ben-a-dic-to-us

      "what works for the USA doesn’t necessarily work for other countries. ".

      It works in democratic nations.You have a problem with Israel becoming a democracy??>

    • "When you add all of that to the selective obsession anti-Zionists have with bashing Israel in a world full of real human rights violators and in a region where hundreds of thousands of people are dying in genocides and civil wars, people sense that there’s more to this than just “criticism of the nation-state.” " Hopknee.

      Maybe when you stop claiming to be the so called "Light unto the Nations " and home of the most Moral Army and only democracy in the ME and saviour of life to the rest of the planet through your selfless inventions in the medical and hi tech field , then maybe , just maybe we might be a little less weary of your self serving bs. Squeaky wheel and all that.

    • The problem with your average (sorry , all ) anti zionists and by default , antisemites is they do not understand that they are forbidden to condemn the home of the chosen people but are free to condemn , indeed are expected to condemn any and all other groups of people who commit crimes against humanity.

      They are expected to give the chosen people a free pass .Of course this would not be antisemitism.Zionist logic at it,s very finest.

  • Trump abandons 'neutral' Israel position, Sanders adopts it
    • “You Europeans” can kiss my backside. "

      Say scott 9766654

      What part of EURPOE did your forefathers plonk their backsides in before they went and invaded the native Americans land and stole it from them before murdering most of them.

      Btw , we Irish did not invade the Middle East as if you give a monkeys nuts about Syrians or anyone else there.

    • “You Europeans” can kiss my backside. "

      No thanks yank.What a load of ill informed blather you posted.Any reasonably intelligent 5 year old kid knows ISIS emerged as a result of the illegal invasion of Iraq.Don,t take my word for it.Read and hear the words of Tony Poodle Blair who was the quasi 2nd in command.

      "Tony Blair is right: without the Iraq war there would be no Islamic State"

      link to

      You should realise that a vote from Dabakr is proof you also are FOS.

      Keep posting that nonsense , I love a little cabaret.

    • "I don’t know where you get your US news, but just for precision, I (or anyone else) didn’t see so many “millions of Ordinary Americans” opposing the Iraq war, once the demonstrations petered out.echinococcus

      So what if the protests petered out and I did not say how many Millions .2 million will qualify.In any event , taking to the streets is not the yardstick for opposition.

    • While America is busy trying to elect the perfect POTUS , ( means who was the top "fellater" at the AIPAC conf ) , we Europeans are the subject of ISIS attacks in our capitals , see latest bombs in Brussels , and have literally millions of refugees landing on our shores --all thanks to HRC /George dumbya Bush and the pro Israel neocons,(with full support from Tony poodle Blair ) who prosecuted the war on Iraq which resulted in the birth of ISIS .

      Anybody know how many Syrian refugees the US Gov is taking in .Maybe Trump can work his magical deal making and declare , "Give me your tired and weary and war torn bodies " .

      Just to clarify , this is in no way meant to condemn those millions of Ordinary Americans who opposed the Iraq war.

  • 'Do we get to win this time?': Trump foreign policy appeal based on revenge for Iraq War failure
    • Trump fellates multiple zionist donkeys.

      Here is some of the twaddle he came out with.

      "Third, at the very least, we must hold Iran accountable by restructuring the terms of the previous deal. Iran has already – since the deal is in place – test-fired ballistic missiles three times. Those ballistic missiles, with a range of 1,250 miles, were designed to intimidate not only Israel, which is only 600 miles away but also intended to frighten Europe, and, someday, the United States.

      Do you want to hear something really shocking? As many of the great people in this room know, painted on those missiles – in both Hebrew and Farsi – were the words “Israel must be wiped off the face of the earth.”

      link to

  • 'NYT' finally mentions 'Goliath' -- in rightwing ad smearing Max Blumenthal
    • Big crowd outside aipac conf and not all are condemning Trump but aipac and Israel!!!

      link to

      Many plaques condemning Israel.

      Here is one poster,s comment on the RT comment section.

      "RT what are you doing!!! You have gotten this totally wrong....there were about 5000 protesters there...I was one. Trump was hardly mentioned. This was an anti AIPAC march, it was about Israels atrocities in the middle east and the leading role AIPAC plays in pushing Israels agenda in the US government..
      I expect something like this from the western media but not RT. As they would say at the protest "shame on you"

      Might not turn out as aipac expected.

    • " If elected I can assure you that I will rightfully put the interests of Israel and the Israeli people before all others including America and the American people"

      Absent this statement , the rest is perfectly believable as coming from her.

    • ” Donald Trump has said time and time again that if elected he will put the interests of America and the American people before all others."

      Isn,t that what an American President should be doing.Maybe Hillarious Hillary could describe for us a situation,s where that would not apply.

      She is obviously spending way too much time in the company of zionists and taking on their belief that Israel always comes first.Clearly this line of thinking applies to Israel and Israel only.

      The woman is a traitor and should not be allowed anywhere near the American reigns of power.She is a clear and present danger to Americans and the rest of us.

      Having said all that , I cannot believe this anything but satire.Even she is not that dumb.

      IS SHE.

  • Garland nomination is moment of humble reflection for US Jews
    • " so that your posts seem to resemble some kind of a robot, and occasionally emulate amigo and mooser in 7th grade puerile scoffing. compared to mooser you lift the discussion level. that’s a low bar you set for yourself."YF

      Says the zionist apologist who refuses to provide links and regularly comments on articles he has not read and insists on offering his "assertions".That,s a pretty low bar you set for yourself.

      Says the guy who whines if someone disagrees with him and accuses them of refusing to engage and advises them to go and have safe sex.

      At least my 7th grade material is the product of a mind that can tell the difference between right and wrong.

      We are not interested in engaging with an intellectually lazy and dishonest apologist for the crimes Israel has been committing for the last 7 decades and as such you deserve only derision and scorn.Your only way to deal with that is to say bye bye.You don,t even display honesty in that as you will be back posting the same nonsense that your archives are over flowing with.It,s a good thing , you are not on the Palestinian side.Israel needs no enemies with friends like you.

  • Portland’s socially responsible investments committee recommends putting Caterpillar on city’s 'do-not-buy' list
    • Wait for the usual suspects claiming Oregon always was a hotbed of antisemitism and Jew hatred and that all products from Oregon should be boycotted because Jews are forced to boycott others and are the unwilling perpetrators of actions of boycott.

      I just bet the phones are busy in the Oregon capital , what with all those pro Israel money men threatening to close the state down unless they see things the zionist way.

  • Zionism's long and rich history of delegitimizing Palestinians
    • " Too often some of you’s all like to get bogged down in the: “Jews are a religion and not an ethnic group” argument, to which I say: save that for the choir. If you really wish to engage, you’ll leave that argument at home or in your pocket or in your brain or in your voicebox"Y F

      Yonah , if you don,t mind , I will decide what is the truth.I repeat , Being Jewish is not being part of an ethnic group.It is being a member of a religious group.If your idea of engaging is to insist on making the rules of engagement that support your agenda then you and your fellow zio apologists are doomed.There was a time when the zionist criminal leaders sought to choose the members of the Palestinian negotiating team .Yeah they wanted to pick who represented the Palestinians.You suffer from the same insufferable zionist arrogance .It,s time you obstructionists understand that you are losing.It may not be in 10 or twenty years but it is inevitable .Zionism will be eradicated and buried in lime never to be a blight unto the planet again and bloody good riddance.Then you will have to sit down and deal with the other sides truths.

  • 'NYT' columnist says Hillary Clinton is not pro-Israel enough!
    • Why doesn,t someone ask these ingrates to make a list that lay,s out exactly what the US needs to do to make them happy and then make that list available to every American through Mass Media , (includes the NYT(, so Dick and Jane will be aware of just how much their leaders in Tel Aviv demand of them.

      I am not an American , but if we had traitors like that in Ireland , they would find themselves on a fast boat to their beloved Israel with a free one way ticket.Are Americans insane or just plain naive.

  • Rubio's defeat means the downfall of neoconservatives
    • "You just did it. Because when a Justice is Christian, he’s just a justice. But when he’s a Jewish justice, he’s a Jew".hophead

      hophead , instead of shooting from the hip with the muzzle pointed at yourself , perhaps you should have opened the link provided and avoid making a clown of yourself.The following statements of Jews counting Jews was available to you.

      "Alan Dershowitz: (The Vanishing American Jew):

      Jews have been active in gay rights, but the recent neo-conservative movement in America has also been dominated by Jews, many of whom had been leaders in the socialist movement of the past.

      JJ Goldberg (Jewish Power):

      Not all the neoconservatives were Jewish… Nonetheless, they became known as a Jewish group for several reasons. For one thing, most of them were Jews…. Most important, the neoconservatives proclaimed their existence throught two magazines edited and published by Jews…"

      Follow the link for the other 5 individuals counting Jews.

      link to

    • "Where’s his criticism of Trump?"hophead

      Hoppy , if you wish to publish your own articles that include criticism of Trump , go start your own blog.Don,t worry , we wont be along to demand you publish material that goes against Israel.Go knock yourself out.

    • "This is a big development night. Their vessel has sunk. Now they’re gong to be struggling in the water."

      Throw them an anvil.

  • BDS Victory: Ahava moving factory out of occupied West Bank
    • Maybe we could arrange a more useful glitch --a civil (bad choice of word in their case) partnership between Hopknee and buglar with the same archive.Imagine , two of our worst eggs in one archive.If it works we can expand later.

    • Annie,

      "oh don’t even bother asking miserioso. i’d say check his archives but alas, he doesn’t have them" .

      Hi Annie , speaking of this rugal b person and his lack of archives.Why not change MW comment rules to include !!.

      "Any poster who through their own action negates MW ability to maintain a record of their comments will be banned.The absence of a posters archives puts the other participants at a disadvantage and as such denies the others the right to play on a level playing field".

      This should not present any major difficulty and will stand as an example to future attempts to circumvent MW rules of engagement.It is only fair.

      Big week in Ireland .We are celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the Easter Rising when 2000 Paddies took on the might of the BE .Who said the Palestinians cannot make zionism disappear from the face of this planet.

    • I used to shop at Nordstoms when I lived in the Bay Area.I rarely missed their twice yearly sales .I recently contacted them re ordering clothes from their web site and cost of shipping to Ireland.I was not aware of their collusion in the Occupation of Palestine.I am sad to say , I will not be wearing my new threads from Nordstrom this spring or next or the one after that until they start adhering to international Laws.

  • Protesting Trump on Shabbat
  • What Bernie Sanders should say at AIPAC (and cause a political revolution)
    • " Most Jewish Americans whose relatives were most recently living in Eastern Europe before immigration identify ethnically as Jewish rather than Polish, Russian, Lithuanian, etc. " Jon66

      Sorry Jon , but what exactly is an "Ethnic " Jew. What ethnic group do they belong to. Does an Irish Jew have the same ethnicity as a Nigerian Jew.Do explain.Does a Argentinian Jew share the same ethnicity as a Jew from New Zealand or outer Mongolia.

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