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I am Irish with a profound interest in the Palestinian /Israeli conflict.

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  • 'Atlantic' editor says that Israel's 1948 expulsion of Palestinians was not 'a tragedy'
    • Not much but an empty space behind those steely eyes.

      For Goldberg , the only tragedies are those that happen to Jews. A typical vaccuous being.

  • Roger Cohen's epiphany
  • The dark side of Jewish consciousness: manufactured anti-Semitism
    • duhbaker,,, been hitting the ziocaine again.

      BTW , what exactly does all that nonsense written by some dude 250 years ago have to do with the evil zionists of today.I just wonder what Adams would say about being left down by those who so impressed him.

    • "The harm done to the Palestinians has been intensive and wishing and acting to undo the harm and redress it, is a good impulse of kindness" yonah f.

      Zionism has no impulse of kindness.Never did.Judaism does .that is why the speaker does you a favour by pointing out the difference between the two.You and your fellow zionist apologists took part in the hi jacking of Judaism or stood idly by and did nothing to stop it.

      How can you put "good heart " and netanyahu in the same sentence.The man is a heartless vile murderous criminal and you stoop so low as to attempt to show him as human.

      Lay off the ziocaine , you know the damage it can wreak on the mind and the soul.

  • American Express disowns Pink Floyd singer Roger Waters because of pro-Palestinian views (Updated)
  • Draft of Clinton letter called BDS 'odious,' 'unconscionable' attack on 'legitimacy of Zionism'
    • Now this is odious!!.

      "Top Five Clinton Donors Are Jewish, Campaign Tally Shows

      Haim Saban, George Soros and others stand at the head of a list of wealthy donors who contributed mainly via super PACs.

      A tally of the fundraising for the campaign to elect Hillary Clinton president shows that the top five donors are Jewish.

      The Washington Post analysis, posted October 24, named the top donors, who are contributing $1 of every $17 of the over $1 billion amassed for the Democratic nominee’s presidential run.

      They are Donald Sussman, a hedge fund manager; J.B. Pritzker, a venture capitalist, and his wife, M.K.; Haim Saban, the Israeli-American entertainment mogul, and his wife, Cheryl; George Soros, another hedge funder and a major backer of liberal causes, and Daniel Abraham, a backer of liberal pro-Israel causes and the founder of SlimFast. "

      read more:

      No Paywall.

  • New campaign uses racist posters to target Palestinian campus activists by name
    • It,s time to educate Dick and Jane .It is time to introduce them to , "Jewish Terrorism.Time to start putting up images of the Leaders of Irgun/Hagannah and the other Jewish Terrorists that roamed the streets of so called Israel prior to it,s UDI .Time to include copies of statements made by these terrorists after they became leaders , in which they stated clearly , there would be no state but a Jewish one.See Ben Gurion and M , Begin , to name just two.Time to report the many bombing attacks carried out by zionists on Arab markets and buses etc where hundreds of civilians were slaughtered.Time to show Americans they are being used .

  • Calling someone a 'Zionist' is anti-Semitic and abusive, say British lawmakers
    • It seems that certain of the zionist fraternity object to being referred to as zios. Personally , my favorite is "Zionistas " .Well whoopsie doo , Do they object to the abundant use of the term "Pals or Palis" or do only Zionists deserve respect .

      And they wonder why they are not loved and fawned upon. Will someone rid us of this scourge.

    • Hi btbLondon, thks for the response. One might be forgiven for wondering why so much effort is given to this witch hunt at a time when the pound is spiraling south and the "Kingdom" is falling apart --see Scotland/Wales and NI meeting with TM jn the last few days and the possibility of a hard border reappearing and Merry olde England returning to it,s less "glorious" past.

      Looks as if the realm is riddled with more than it,s share of meddling Israel firsters.

      Thanks also for the link.I will follow it in the future.

    • The Zionist tentacles reach far into British Democracy.What amazes me is that certain British pols are so bent on destroying Israel by supporting zionism .Seems to me they , just like all the other bought and zionist paid pols around the globe form a greater threat to the survival of Israel , (not that I give a rodents posterior about that.) than the combined efforts of every BDS,er/Pro Palestinian of whatever religion or persuasion or real anti semites on this planet.

      Sorry , am I being AntiZiometic or should that be , "AntiZionismism".

  • Jeffrey Goldberg should come with a warning label
  • Israeli Defense Minister says next Gaza war will be the last 'because we will completely destroy them'
  • Israel supporter refuses to share Bard stage with Dima Khalidi and cites stereotypes about Jews smelling bad
  • Clinton to drop Israel from 'public' speeches, put it back in 'with donors' -- email
    • "You’re interested in seeing Jews die."Hopknee.

      You mentioned Jews , hoppy. No one else did.

      So we are clear , from my perspective , if zionist land thieving illegal squatters get neutralised in the commission of their crimes then so be it.Each one culled will represent one less obstacle on the road to the end of Zionism and the creation of a state that exists for the benefit of all it,s citizens and not just for a select few of a certain religion.It,s time to mow the zionist lawn , so to speak.

  • Israel's bogus history lesson
    • "No, Jonathan. The Jews of Sepphoris didn’t worship the sun. Their synagogue mosaic depicts the immutable cycle of nature. " jackduh.

      Jackduh , if you cared so much about your fellow Jews , you wouldn,t spend so much of your time and effort embarrassing them.

    • Longing for the good olde days when hasbara like , "A Land without people for a people without land " worked a treat but then all those super smart zionists went and invented pc,s and smart phones and and WWW and now it ain,t so easy to get past the finish with the usual bs.

      In the not too distant future when the so called greater israel is not so great anymore and zionism has been dispatched to the bin of history people will view videos like this one and wonder at just how insane the whole concept of zionism was and ask themselves how civilised people could have allowed such barbarism to exist in the 21st century.

  • New ad campaign in college papers calls out Israeli leaders' bigotry against Palestinians
    • Too bad the UK panel discussing (for the last 12 months ) alleged antisemitism in the Labour party has not seen fit to carry out an investigation of the Islamophobia and Arab hatred , not to mention incitement to violence carried out by nietanyahu and his thugs that run the zio enterprise.No siree , it would be antisemitic to tell the truth about zios.Don.t blame me , I am just quoting a Jewish acquaintance

      UK government agrees that Jews should be the ones to decide what is antisemitic and not "Goysplainers".Haaretz.

      "The report states what should be obvious but sadly is not – that the starting point for any discussion on anti-Semitism should be what the Jewish community and Jews themselves feel is anti-Semitic. This is important because unlike other forms of racism and bias against ethnic minorities, gay people and women, the subjective opinion of the targeted group has not been taken into consideration.

      Instead, with Jews there is all too often a tendency toward “goysplaining,” where non-Jews condescendingly explain to Jews why they are wrong at being offended. No other minority is treated in such a fashion, and this report, which categorically states that Jews should also be allowed to flag what constitutes anti-Jewish speech in their eyes, is a landmark document.
      read more:

      Btw , is the term Goy an insult to all non Jews. Instead of me goyspplaining , why not let one of our Jewish contributors give us the ruling on that.

  • 'State of Terror,' by Thomas Suárez
    • "Oh yes, in the world of @talknic, all Israeli “settlers” are ripe for execution" maxnurd

      Max, are you responding to the wrong site.talknic never made such an insinuation.

      " and Israel has no right to exist on any borders." maxnurd

      Israel refuses to declare it,s borders so has decided it does no t exist.

      From where I sit , Israel in it,s present format should be torn down and every stone that has the stench of the zionist project should be crushed and scattered far and wide and replaced with a democratic nation that respects the rights of all it,s citizens.That is what peace loving people wish for and then there are pro war/land theft/extra judicial executions/lawn mowings and child beatings and imprisonment ,(just to mention a few ), apologists and bigots like you .

  • The battle over Obama's legacy, featuring Netanyahu, Zogby, liberal Zionists, and 88 senators
    • Given the turmoil in the US election , Obama might well have an extended stay in the white house beyond the actual handover to whoever.If Trump stands down , I know that,s not likely but if he does then his running mate Pence will most likely be put forward.That presents more problems as many Americans will have cast their votes early and a constitutional crisis may well ensue.The US Supreme court may have to sort that out.Possibly even a reelection.Obama may well get more time to work on a UN res on the Palestinian/Israel issue.Not saying I believe he will but might he see it as an opportune time to avail of the political upheaval that will follow a less than smooth election.

      Just a thought from an outsider.

  • The Jewish confession on a future Yom Kippur
    • "You and I have political differences".jon s

      No we don,t , we have moral and ethical differences.

      I do not view your support for the zionist entity and it,s crimes --one of which you are part of by living on land stolen from others as a matter of politics.You insult the victims of these crimes , which you so effortlessly refer to as "politics".

      That is why I raised the issue of the Holocaust . Maybe you can make the connection , even if you are an ardent zionist.But never mind , you can always send holiday greetings to your Muslim friends and show them what a caring zionist you are.

      All you need to know about me is that I support the right of all people to human rights and freedom and oppose any and all who oppose that either through deeds or tacid support..

    • "And I never stole anything in my life. I live in my own home, in my own homeland."jon s.

      It is a crime in any real democracy to receive "Stolen goods " , that includes paying for such.The area you call your homeland also comes under the heading of "Stolen goods" so your batting 0 for 2 at the moment.Of course we have pointed all this out to you before but you are far too busy dishing out season,s greetings to face facts with a modicum of intellectual honesty.

    • "When you write “happy new year” or “merry christmas” , you expect to receive a similar message in return, not insults" jon s.

      I avoid sending seasons greetings to people I have no respect for.It,s a tad hypocritical for my liking.

      " Such interactions can occur despite political differences." jon s.

      Would you respect the view that the Holocaust was just a matter of "Political difference".

    • "That’s the way normal, decent, people interact." jon s.

      Normal decent people live on their own land .Normal decent people do not squat on someone elses land after the previous owners were kicked out of their homes .

      "But who am I to teach you decency?" .jon s .

      Yes indeed , who are you to preach decency.Instead of worrying about our new year you should address that acute case of self righteousness that allows you to presume to lecture others about decency.

  • 'NYT' says Bush I's opposition to Israeli settlements cost him his job
    • It certainly is gratifying to watch the truth coming out one headline after another.Who would have thunk the NYT would be the conduit for admitting it is Jewish money that thwarts any and all attempts to bring peace.

      Tut ,Tut, the NYT has been infiltrated by antisemites and Israel haters who want to throw all Jews into the sea.

  • Israeli diplomat Oren says France and Britain are 'unsure whether their nations are worth fighting for'
  • 'Perpetual occupation' -- White House slams Israel over new settlement
    • Somewhat related .

      "The UN Security Council is to hold a special meeting next week on Israeli settlement building in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

      The Arria Formula meeting will not involve a vote and is expected to be open to the media. Foreign Ministry officials fear it will turn into an international demonstration of condemnation of the government’s policy in the territories and set the stage for an anti-settlement resolution in the Security Council after the U.S. elections. " haaretz

      Read more at (no paywall)

    • This interesting from the NYT.(editorial)

      "At the Boiling Point With Israel"

      "If the aim of the Israeli government is to prevent a peace deal with the Palestinians, now or in the future, it’s close to realizing that goal. Last week, it approved the construction of a new Jewish settlement in the West Bank, another step in the steady march under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to build on land needed to create a Palestinian state.

      The Obama administration, with every justification, strongly condemned the action as a betrayal of the idea of a two-state solution in the Middle East. But Mr. Netanyahu obviously doesn’t care what Washington thinks, so it will be up to President Obama to find another way to preserve that option before he leaves office.

      The best idea under discussion now would be to have the United Nations Security Council, in an official resolution, lay down guidelines for a peace agreement covering such issues as Israel’s security, the future of Jerusalem, the fate of Palestinian refugees and borders for both states. The United Nations previously laid down principles for a peace deal in Resolution 242 (1967) and Resolution 338 (1973); a new one would be more specific and take into account current realities. Another, though weaker, option is for Mr. Obama to act unilaterally and articulate this framework for the two parties."nyt

      Read more at !!.

  • Fighting BDS, one Upper West Side synagogue at a time
    • Last week , the Bank of Ireland closed the accounts of IPSC ( Ireland -Palestine silidarity Campaign ) because in the bank,s opinion the IPSC did not meet their "appetite for risk".Ipsc has been a customer since 2001 and there has never been an issue before.It appears that this is the result of zionist interference into the affairs of a sovereign nation and an attack on the free speech of Irish citizens.

      IPSC is funded by donations and many of these are in the form of monthly standing orders.Clearly the closure of IPSC bank accounts will slow the income into their account .They have opened a new account with , AIB (Allied Irish Bank) but it will take time to contact all those who donate and get them to re establish the standing orders to the new bank.

      This is the level which Israel,s leaders are willing to stoop to stop people from telling the truth about it,s (Israel) crimes and refusal to adhere to international Law.

      My response was to immediately set up a monthly standing order through the new bank (also mine ) and hopefully many others will do likewise with the aim of showing those who would attempt to shut us up , that they are shooting themselves in the foot.

      To read more about it use this link.

  • Ramsey Orta, videographer who captured Eric Garner's killing, speaks out on Palestine
    • Israel and it,s agents have their talons deep into the American seat of power.Mayors who get their campaigns paid for take their orders from Tel Aviv.Zionist influence in world capitals needs to be eradicated once and for all so the world can survive a little longer.Zionists need to taken to task for their traitorous actions often placing the interests of their own nation second to that of a foreign entity.

      Time to move them along .

  • Adelson: My 'most important' project ups Jewish inmarriage from 42 to 76 percent
    • That worked for me on just two of many efforts and the annoying part was that on one of those two occasions my posts ( i posted a trial version and when that showed up I followed with a regular post and both of those were deleted some 20 hours later..I just posted on the BDS thread , using your method and it showed up so lets see if it survives moderation.

      It,s difficult enough to keep trying to comment but to have the rare successful post deleted is truly disheartening.

  • Clinton and Trump lack a plan for Iraq other than more war
  • 'Night Raid' exhibit coming to DC shares striking images of life under occupation
  • Shimon Peres, dead at 93
    • "Another Zio-Supremacist who was addicted to Ziocaine and lived an exemplary life until 93 years of age." grover.

      I guess he went a little dovish in the end.Must have been the ziocaine.Of course bombing civillians in Qana and stealing Palestinian land to build "Jews only " illegal squats is leading an exemplary life in your ziocaine soaked brain .

  • No responsibility. No morality. No comment. No boycott.
    • Thanks for this refresher course in Zionist Jewish values.There is such a litany of unspeakable crimes committed by zionists that some get lost in the introduction of new and ever more "creative " acts of barbarism .

  • With Governor Brown's signature, California joins the attack on BDS
    • Kay 24 , thanks for posting that link.Unfortunately it is short notice and I have a prior engagement.Would very, very much like to have attended.

    • One has to assume Jerry Brown is a religious man as he once considered the priesthood and in fact completed three years of training.I have to believe he subscribes to the concept of a life after and judgement day. Wouldn,t want to be him trying to explain to the powers that be why he stood with a colonialist oppressive Apartheid and murderous regime.

  • Netanyahu and US neocons describe Israel as a miracle God helped to create
  • Shmuley Boteach seeks to blackmail Obama over his legacy
    • MHughes976 , Thanks for the response .

      "The Labour Friends of Israel is a distinct organisation to the Jewish Labour Movement, the affiliated socialist society and successor to the UK's Poale Zion.

      It has been described as "less unquestioning in its support of the Israeli government than the Conservative Friends of Israel". Between 2001 and 2009 the Labour Friends of Israel paid for more than 60 MPs to visit Israel, more than any other group.[9]"wiki

      Looks as if BICOM ( the Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre, --yup , much better than that BIPAC ) is alive and well and steering British FP in ME affairs.

      Wouldn,t Israel save so much money agreeing to and even funding a Palestinian state instead of wasting billions interfering in the affairs of so many sovereign nations through it,s proxies , ie AIPAC , BICOM et al. It beggars belief that Israel,s past and present leaders believe this can succeed Ad Infinitum.

      I like Corbyn because of his stance on Israel but my opinion is moot as an outsider.I agree he treated Naz Shah badly bu will have to research his connection to Paul Eisen.

      Not sure if you caught Trumps promise to netanyahu on Sunday to recognise Jerusalem as the "Undivded Capital of Israel ".I wonder if Hillary can go one better than that and go against her former bosses and all previous US administrations policy on the issue.

      Don,t have a link but it is on Haaretz and Reuters.

    • more good news --another British Israel firster quit,s the Labour party over alleged anti semitism.

      "Jewish Member of U.K. House of Lords Quits Labour Party Over 'anti-Semitism'
      read more:

    • "Go Corbyn!" ritzl

      Indeed , a bright spot during the weekend and this in spite of a british Israel firster zionist money bags efforts to "oust " him.

      "Michael Foster is leading the drive to unseat the U.K. Labour Party leader, calling his supporters ‘Nazi storm troopers.’ But while every anti-Semitic utterance in Britain has caused a furor recently, why was the ex-showbiz agent’s comment allowed to slip through? " Haaretz

      No paywall on this link.

    • I have just endured circa 30 mins of pure hypocracy from Samantha (give me ) Power at the UN emergency meeting relaying stories from Aleppo .She spoke of Hospitals being bombed and the consequent deaths of many civilians .She quoted survivors as saying , "we have nowhere to go". She spoke of "Syrian Government /Russian --War crimes and maybe these accusations have credibility but any mention of Israeli War crimes is met with unfettered anger.

      This is the same contemptible criminal who from the same building some 2 years ago told us " Israel has a right to defend itself " but made no mention of Palestinians having nowhere to go as Israel,s bombs fell on their hospitals and schools and UN shelters while trapped inside the prison that is Gaza.

      Will no one rid us of these trouble makers . They are a threat to all of us.

  • Report: Recent rise in deportations result of Israeli strategy to stifle solidarity with Palestinians
    • "amigo, you’re too kind." Marnie

      The hell I am.Ask my ex.

      Thanks for filling in the blanks for me.It,s late in Jew hating , antisemitic Ireland and even we need a rest from picking on Israel.

      Good night.

    • A nation that has nothing to hide has no need to keep others out.Clearly Israel has so much to hide it refuses to cooperate with anyone who will not openly declare their unfettered adoration for Israel.

      Israel is the very definition of narcissism .If you cannot say something nice about us , please go away.We only welcome people who we can feed our egos on and maintain our "false self".

  • In a world of conflict, peace is celebrated only one day out of the year
  • Trump praises Israeli policy of ethnic profiling following bombing in Manhattan
  • NYU pro-Israel group blocks public from IDF terrorism talk at last minute
    • "Thanks Steve for showing folk that idiotic supporters of the ongoing Zionist colonization of Palestine will say anything, no matter how bizarre or inaccurate. "talknic.

      As they say, "show me who you hang around with and I will show you who you are ".

      Hopknee,s only mistake is the choice of company he keeps. If he employed a more selective choice of company he just might be a perfectly normal person.Sadly , I suspect it is a tad late.

  • US aid deal gives green light to Israel's erasure of Palestine
    • "How is Palestine being erased?" silmascuz

      Try looking here !!

      You posted on that thread.Do you need specs??.

  • More insultingly stupid propaganda for Israel in the 'New York Times'
  • Hillary Clinton should lean on her friend Pfizer to drop high cost of pneumonia vaccine
    • here is a link to David Seaman,s ,(who was fired from the Huff Post) "Hillary,s Horror show ) . Check the last 4 minutes ( 8.18 )for evidence of collusion between Clinton , (while she was still SOS )and several l top media big wigs to fix an election .

  • Netanyahu's ghost on 'ethnic cleansing' video is rightwing pollster Luntz
    • "“If we are to have real peace, then Israelis and Palestinians will have to live side by side. The idea that anywhere that you have Palestinians there can’t be any Jews, that some areas have to be Jew-free, is a racist idea. "

      Hmmm, remind me how many Israeli Arabs , (Palestinians ) are living side by side with Jews in the illegal settlements.

  • Settler driver kills six-year-old Palestinian, and her family says there will be no accountability
    • "He also confirmed that the driver turned himself in and that police were investigating the incident -"

      He dropped by for coffee and as he was leaving , mentioned that he had accidentally run over a Palestinian child and when asked where he responded, "Not sure really but it was near efrat ."Thanks for letting us know yossi , we will see you get credit for your efforts to resolve the demographic threat.Don,t forget to claim your mileage and time lost at work.

  • 'Peace Now' chief slams AIPAC for misrepresenting Jews -- but Peace Now is on AIPAC exec committee
    • "Amigo, Echinococcus, Kay24, to name just a few here have compared Zionism to cancer." Jon 66

      I have never made that comparison but it is not a bad analogy.Cancer will one day be eradicated and that is the only cure as with zionism.the only question that arises is which one gets eliminated first.

  • Israeli government projects 'ethnic cleansing' on Palestinians
  • Netanyahu's 'ethnic cleansing' video earns strong rebuke from State Department
    • Meanwhile here is a report on what nietanyahu,s most moral army is up to .

      "Bisected by a Jews-only Road, a Palestinian Neighborhood in Hebron Is Dying

      The heavily-armed elite IDF soldiers tasked with ensuring that Aref Jaber doesn't expand his house bravely leap into action when faced with any security threat, be it a child or a camera crew .
      Here’s the mission of Israel Defense Forces combat soldiers, moral to the bone and fearless – young men from an elite unit who are serving in Hebron: They stand on the road, all day and all night, watching over the house of Aref Jaber. As part of their operational mission, they prevent outsiders from entering the apartment building and block every attempt by anyone, including the tenants and local residents and even children, to go up to the roof.

      Why? The soldiers only know that Jaber has been prohibited to continue building his home, though they have no idea why. They claim that they have a “general’s order” in their pocket, which declares that the two-story building is a “closed military zone,” but that they are not allowed to show it to anyone. The order is secret."

      No paywall using this link.

      read more:

  • Broadway club cancels 'Black Lives Matter' benefit because of movement's stance on Israel
    • "No, “Yonah” believes, (as I’m sure he will be more than glad to confirm) that the world owes the Jews so much for past offenses -" Mooser.

      That line of credit has long since been used up and the over spend charges and non sufficient funds fees will eventually come due. What with all those late charges , and failure to meet commitments , ( promises to end illegal settlement construction , take confidence building measures and a plethora of other broken promises ) Israel will never again be considered a safe risk.Time to send in the repo man.

    • "Opinion Yes, Netanyahu, Let's Talk About Ethnic Cleansing

      Turning Israeli settlers into victims is the prime minister's most staggering act of chutzpah yet. The only mass ethnic cleansing that took place here was in 1948, when some 700,000 Arabs were forced to leave their lands. ". Gideon Levy

      The question of the relationship, of Ethnic cleansing to Genocide has been addressed by the ICC .

      "The establishment of the ICC reinforced the links between ethnic cleansing and other offenses such as genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. In its finalized text on the elements of the crimes in the court’s jurisdiction, the Preparatory Commission for the International Criminal Court made clear that ethnic cleansing could constitute all three offenses within the ICC’s jurisdiction. Genocide, for example, was defined as an act that may include the systematic expulsion of individuals from their homes; the threat of force or coercion to effect the transfer of a targeted group of persons was recognized as an element of crimes against humanity; and the “unlawful deportation and transfer,” as well as the displacement, of civilians were recognized as elements of war crimes."

      There is over whelming evidence of Israel,s decades long program of Ethnic cleansing /Genocide and crimes against Humanity , (war crimes) ,against the Palestinian people , which continues to this day .The destruction and annihilation of some 400 Palestinian villages which included their places of worship followed by a zionist campaign both at home and in the diaspora to entreat Jews to plant a tree that would blot out any evidence of the existence of another people.

      And people like Yonah Fredman have the chutzpah to claim that Israel had no part in such crimes.

    • "The language of genocide is used against Israel in an attempt to make israel a pariah. " yf

      Your a tad late Yonah , Israel is already a pariah state (sans frontiers ) and all accomplished by the said pariah entity.It needs no help from others in achieving this well deserved status.It is no coincidence that Israel is at top of the list of most hated nations on the planet year after year and rubbing shoulders with Iran and Pakistan and a few of the other suspect nations.

  • Banned from leaving Gaza, Palestinian group rocks out at border
    • "As we are talking another 900 trucks full of food, medicine, cloths and building matterials enter Erez border gate today (daily). Gazans have permission to travel out from Gaza to West Bank if the environment is calm and safe. 23,000 Gazans entered Israel since January to get the best medical treat they could in Israeli hospitals for half the price - See more at:"abe bird

      Wouldn,t care to back that up with a link or two ???.Oh , links to zionist controlled orgs are looked upon here with a certain level of --well --suspicion.I had CAMERA and MEMRI in mind.

      We,ll wait.

      " I think the Gazan people are telling the truth with their feet.abe bird

      We await to see what you use to tell the truth.Obviously you are flying too high to see the facts on the ground.

  • It's war between Netanyahu and the generals (and the PM may just have lost the corporal)
    • There is another war heating up in the only democracy in the ME.

      "In response to a report in Haaretz that Interior Minister Arye Dery wants to close businesses that operate on Shabbat in Tel Aviv, the grassroots religious-freedom movement Be Free Israel posted on Facebook: “For every supermarket that closes on Shabbat you’ll get more war against the corrupt world of Torah. For every ‘desecration of the Sabbath’ you try to stop, you’ll get an even bigger desecration, and intentionally.”

      The post was in a response to a report that Dery, who is also chairman of Shas faction, will try to torpedo recommendations of a committee formed to study the Tel Aviv bylaws that allow businesses to stay open on Shabbat.

      In the Be Free Israel post, which received 20,000 likes and 250 shares, its language on the issue reached a significant new level. “We’re taking off our gloves. If you close Tel Aviv, you’ll get war,” the post continued.

      Be Free Israel (Israel Hofsheet) was the organizer of Saturday night’s protests against the stoppage of work on the railway over the weekend (which meant that many had to be closed to continue working after the Sabbath ended).

      A number of Knesset members from Zionist Union and Meretz subsequently joined the protest. The organization describes itself as nonpartisan and says it is working to change the relationship between religion and state in Israel.

      Be Free Israel’s executive director, Mickey Gitzin, said he wrote the post because “secular people are being restricted.”

      read more:

      No paywall.

      Fighting words, hmmmm.

  • Another house demolition in occupied territories, and the U.S. does not lift a finger
    • Segregation has been the zionist plan from day one , ( pick your own point of departure).The following article focuses on the period in 1969 and describes the lies , deceit and attempts to control the media to keep the facts about theft of land under the guise of "military purposes " and later hand it over to civillian groups on which to build illegal settlements .

      here is a line from the article !.

      "Conceal First Settlements From Public, Document Reveals

      The authorities sought to prevent Haaretz and another newspaper from reporting on first settlements; 'We cause entirely unnecessary damage to ourselves by publicizing things that can basically be done quietly.'

    • I was amused by the pro rogue nation Dutch pol who accused Kuzu of anti semitism because he refused to shake hands with the leader of "The only Jewish state " .

      That netanyahu is a war criminal is apparently of no consequence .He is a Jew and ergo should be treated with respect.

      Sounds as if Holland has it,s version of "The friends of Israel " firmly ensconced in Dutch affairs.

      Thanks for the link Talkback.That is the best 8 seconds I have had all day.

    • The current excuse for this blatant subservience to zionist demands is fear of losing zionist donations , (adelson /saban et al) to the Clinton campaign.

      Sad , isn.t it. A tiny chihuahua threatening to bite a wolfhound if it does not succumb .When are Americans going to take back their nation and give Israel and it,s traitorous Israel firsters a swift boot and send them packing after cancelling their US passports.

  • Why segregation is the single most important issue in Israel, and practical ways to confront it
    • " @amigo, as usual inane remarks devoid of content and full of abuse " mayhem.

      You mean like calling people "thick skulled".

      "For those with thick skulls Netanyahu could have not have expressed it better. and the US wets its pants in response. "- See more at:

      Your posts are full of content --it,s just that the content is the product of a ziocaine addled mind.

    • "Try something else, you’re failing …. constantly" talknic to mayhem.

      And our zio apologist comes right back and drops more ziopoop but forgot to remove his pants.

    • "Oh please. That is not a norm. I’d be willing to bet that there is statistically more segregation between Black and White expectant mothers in the US than there is between Arabs and Jews in Israeli hospitals."

      I,d be willing to bet you would lose your bet unless you can come up with evidence of your claim.Id be willing to bet if a white expectant Mother demanded that a Black expectant Mother be moved to a ward for "Coloureds" there would be hell to pay and rightly so.This scenario is the norm in Israel and not just in a hospital setting but on buses and roads and the renting of apartments etc etc.Bigotry and racism are a part of life in the so called light unto the nations.

      "'Another Terrorist Is Born': The Long-standing Practice of Racism and Segregation in Israeli Maternity Wards

      While no hospital in Israel has a policy of separating Jewish and Arab patients, testimonies show segregation is implemented in wards with doctors and management turning a blind eye.
      Ido Efrati Apr 05, 2016 8:03 PM
      read more:

      I would have bet you 50 dollars , so please send same to MW so you can feel part of those who support the dissemination of the truth , the whole truth and nothing but the truth.In time you will heal and feel much better about yourself.Remember , it is always easier to remember the truth than the myriad of lies you constantly and unsuccessfully peddle here.

      As you are most likely, a first time donater , the donate link is at the top of the page.

  • New call for US investigation into killing of Palestinian-American teen in West Bank
    • "I think the most one can hope for from an American court is a ruling of “unhelpful killing”.eljay

      They ran "deeply troubling " by the local aipac rep and he rejected that as anti Israel and ergo an antisemitic statement.

      The US mustn,t upset the special relationship and create light between them and certainly not because of one dead terrorist supporter , albeit an American citizen .

  • Many leftwing Israelis are leaving the country -- 'Forward' breaks an important story
    • "I’m sure there are plenty of nice (Jewish and non-Jewish) non-Zionist Israeli couples left in Israel to whom little babies are being born every day. They represent a better future for Israel. :-) " ,eljay

      eljay , I doubt jackduh considers non israeli Jews to be nice people and considering that 95% of Israel,s Jews thought the lawn mowing in 2014 was justified and only 4 % thought Israel over reacted that leaves precious few nice Israelis to effect any change.

      Note this poll is reported by the times of Israel--hardly a pro Palestinian "rag".

    • "Little babies are being born everyday to nice Israeli couples. "jackduh

      "Nice Israeli couples "---a contradiction in terms .All the nice Israeli couples have left and taken their babies with them.

      "Israel will survive the Left, anti-Zionism and BDS. " jackduh.

      You might be right but it will not survive the internal forces creating fissures in it,s very core , ie zionism and bigotry and self delusion.

  • New York Times is on the scent of another Russian agent... Julian Assange
    • "C’mon “Raphael” this is getting embarrassing. Like finding a teenager’s diary and looking into it. " mooser

      Not if the teenager leaves the diary lying open on a desk .

  • 'The defiant femininity of Israel's female soldiers' -- you're kidding, right?
    • Check out the video below .Zionists giving advanced training to their children for when they become full blown idf criminals. Must be the zionist way of demonstrating their love for their children.

      Which of these girls in the video below, (taken in 2006) ,is one of those sitting next to her trophy above.

  • Israel's plan to retool occupation includes color-coding 'good' and 'bad' Palestinians
  • Tim Canova calls Debbie Wasserman Shultz 'corporate stooge' after primary loss. But they still agree on Israel.
    • Raphael , what exactly is a "Catholic Jew---or is that a "Jewish Catholic.What,s it like being half chosen.Does your Catholic self hate your Jewish self and are you a self hating half Jew.How does it feel to be a half goy.

      No wonder you are so confused and the hilarious part is this is all self inflicted.

  • Gaza 2 years on: These children are now gone forever and an empty space remains
    • "How many of this lesser number were killed by Hamas militants misdirecting their fire?
      How many were being used as human shields?" mayhem

      You seem to have all the answers so you give us your numbers or should I say , those of MEMRI /C.A.M.E.R.A. et al zionist propaganda sites.

      Mayhem . it is quiet difficult to spot the difference between your hasbara and that of a raw graduate of the zionist school of hasbara.

      What,s it like to go through life never learning anything new.Must be the result of operating on a 2mb memory capacity.

      Speaking of using Human Shields !!!.

      Israeli High Court: Israeli Soldiers Used Palestinians as Human Shields 1,200 Times
      Posted on August 4, 2014 by WashingtonsBlog
      Israel Has Frequently Used Palestinians as Human Shields

      Israelis frequently accuse Palestinians of using human shields.

      That claim is highly questionable.

      However, in 2005, the Israeli high court found that Israeli soldiers had used Palestinian civilians as human shields 1,200 times in the past 5 years. As Ynet reported at the time:

      Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz on Tuesday demanded that the High Court review a ruling it issued last Thursday in which it declared that the ‘human shield’ procedure employed by the IDF when detaining Palestinian terror suspects is illegal and violates international law.

      Sources at the Ministry of Defense said that Mofaz’ comments are not an attempt to subvert the Court’s decision, adding that the defense minister intends to use democratic means to revoke the ruling.

      According to defense officials, the Israel Defense Forces made use of the ‘human shield’ procedure on 1,200 occasions over the last five years, and only on one occasion did a Palestinian civilian get hurt.

      An 18-year-old Palestinian was killed in 2002 during one such operation.

      Mofaz instructed the IDF to freeze the use of the ‘human shield’ and ‘early warning’ procedures in its arrest operations in the territories until the Court holds a new hearing on the issue.

      In 2009, Wikileaks published an Israeli government memo stating:

      Individual Palestinians also testified to IDF abuses such as looting, beatings, vandalism of property and the use of the local population as human shields. But by far the strongest reverbration in Israel was that created by the Israeli organization “Breaking the Silence”, which collected testimony from 26 unnamed IDF soldiers. All of the soldiers had been involved in Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip, and testified to instances where Gazans were used as human shields, incendiary phosphorous shells were fired over civilian population areas, and other examples of excessive firepower that caused unnecessary fatalities and destruction of property.

      The Nation noted last month:

      Israeli soldiers have systematically used Palestinians as human shields. Since Israel’s incursion into the West Bank in 2002, it has used Palestinians as human shields by tying young Palestinians onto the hoods of their cars or forcing them to go into a home where a potential militant may be hiding.

      And the Guardian pointed out:

      Israel, meanwhile, does not have an unblemished record in the use of human shields. In 2010, two soldiers were convicted in an IDF military court of using an 11-year-old Palestinian boy as a human shield in its 2008-09 operation in Gaza. The pair ordered the child to search bags they suspected of being booby-trapped."


  • Liel Leibovitz wants to excommunicate most American Jews, beginning with Beinart
    • "The problem is American Jews are a tribal people ".Raphael

      Damn right they are.They are of the American Tribe .

      "They would have to give up power; political power ".

      Not sure the Rogue nation would support that suggestion. All that money heading Israel,s way because American Jews use their political power to ensure the cash keeps on coming and coming and coming .

      "In fact, American Jews should embrace the prophetic history of the ancient Israelites"

      Did the ancient Israelites mention the Holocaust or the pending destruction , (self imposed by the tribe) of so called Israel , sans borders.Did they prophesize the arrival of a raving lunatic , Netandyahu who would lead Israel once again , (this time it,s fact )into the desert of isolation and and be shunned by all those other tribes who will never again allow a Jewish state because they used this one to commit crimes against humanity.

      Serious question Raphael, do you really believe all that codswollop that you read in the good book.

      Seek help --soon.

  • #PayPal4Palestine campaign urges PayPal to serve Palestinians, not just Israelis
    • Thanks for the report Wilson.I shall now place Pay Pal lower down on my list of companies to use for financial transactions.

      Btw , does MW use PayPal for it,s fund raisers, ??. Just wondering.

  • Many Clinton Foundation donors oppose BDS-- and so does Clinton
  • 'Why do you have Arabic in this notebook?': 17-year-old American student strip searched and interrogated in Ben Gurion airport
    • “The bra is a security threat”:"

      The average bra has a pair of IED,s stashed in side and it takes a campaign hardened boob disposal expert to disarm them.

  • France's burkini ban is a dangerous, Islamophobic assault on feminist values
  • Israeli military clears Israeli military of war crimes in Gaza
    • How can Israel continue mowing the lawn if they admit their mowing machines ran over and killed members of the public using it.

      Zionists don,t do guilt.That,s for other,s to burden themselves with.Chosen people and all that.Besides , the occupation was forced on them against their will.

  • Israel bans entry for two more US activists
    • Activist asked by Israeli immigration official ,if he /she believed in always telling the truth , replies , of course " , and is summarily denied entry .

      Cannot have the truth leaking out to all those billions of goyim. What happens in Israel , stays in Israel.

  • Scottish football fans raise over 100,000 pounds for Palestine following flag controversy
    • So , Palestinians will be forbidden to fly their own flag in their own country but then the zionists deny there is a Palestine , in which case they should grant citizenship to all of the citizens of the so called "Greater Israel".

      I am a great believer in the concept of having one,s cake and eating it but I have yet to find a way of being in two places at one time.Are the chosen one,s hiding something from we lesser beings.

    • Zionists must have missed the lesson on kinetic energy or deleted it from their lexicon.The more they act as they do , the more their targets react.Zionists think they can beat Palestinians until they learn to love them.They believe they can go on for eternity accusing those who support human rights and equality of antisemitism and Jew hatred .It won,t work.It will eventually bury zionism and none too soon.

      Remember this ad --!!.

      "You tell two friends and they will tell two friends" and so on .Soon a lot of people will be in the know.

      Keep up the good work zios.

  • A French, a Palestinian, and a black woman all wade into a pool
  • Dershowitz will play Trump in Clinton's debate rehearsal, WNYC reports
    • So the dersh is going to demean and insult Trump and then expect him to give his undying support to the state that dershowitz gives his loyalty to at the expense of the US.Can Trump be that boneheaded.Trump ought to be calling dersowits out in public for his traitorous disloyalty .

  • 'The Forward' fails to find source of anti-semitism hoax that its reporter concocted (Updated)
  • The breathtaking arrogance of Alan Dershowitz's 'advice' to Black Lives Matter
    • "The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function." - F. Scott Fitzgerald .".

      Hoppy , warning --do not try this when you are , home alone.

  • The last Gaza war worried Scotland's Jews-- for all the wrong reasons
    • Celtic v Rangers yarn.

      During a Celtic v Rangers match a Celtic fan found himself in the midst of a crowd of Rangers fans.A few minutes into the game , Celtic scored and when the Celtic fan started jumping up and down , he suddenly felt a large hand on his shoulder.On looking back he saw a giant Ranger,s fan who said , "hey yew , ya little Celtic b-----rd , go and get me a cup of coffee and leave yer shoe here so I ken your coming back.On returning and handing the coffee to the Ranger,s fan the Celtic fan observed a large turd in his shoe but said nothing.Minutes later , Celtic scored again and the the Rangers fan repeated his former demand .On returning and handing over the coffee the little celtic b-----d found his other shoe had a turd in it.

      On the way out of the game the Celtic fan was asked how these battles between Celtic and Rangers do not turn into a full scale battle to which the Celtic fan responded !!.

      Ah, ya ken , as long as they are crapping in our shoes and we are pissing in their coffee , there,s nay a problem.

      Kudos to those who buck the system and fly the Palestinian flag.

    • Holding on to the perception of victim hood is the life blood of all zionists and many Jews.They know , that when this mask is removed the game is up.Any suggestion that this victim hood is no longer in existence is met with accusations of anti semitism /blood libel/ pogrom and the intent to kill all Jews ,etc and this deeply held tenet extends to the State of Israel no matter what crimes it commits in the name of those Jews -- including Scottish Jews .Tribalism at any price. Even the destruction of the tribe.

      Self imposed and administered myopia.

  • Boycott, from within and without
    • "Assuming the goals of BDS will ever materialize it will risk the lives of countless Israeli jews and dash the hope for jewish independence "benedict.

      Why do you equate Jews with Israel.

      "Why should any sane Israeli support such goals?" benedict.

      That,s a stretch --sane Israeli.

      Btw, can you provide the borders of this sane Israel you are referring to. I cannot seem to find a legitimate map of such --anywhere.Do help.

  • Olympian at the checkpoint: why a Palestinian swimmer couldn't train in Jerusalem
    • "Palestinians competing at the Olympics are an embarrassment. - See more at:" Mayhem.

      Says the illegal squatter from the gladiator state of Zioberia which happens to have a grand total of nine Olympic medals ---not one of them Gold.This from a state of 8 million.Ireland has half that population and has nineteen medals , of which nine are gold.From where I sit , zioberia,s participation is a joke.I would have thought that Israel,s most moral army could dominate the track , given the amount of running they do , both chasing down Palestinian children and hightailing it away from serious opponents.

      Go back to sleep mayhem , you are an embarrassment to decent Jewish people.

  • White Jews and uppity blacks
    • This is nonsense --the book , that is.Most Irish people in the US are in blue collar jobs, featuring in fire depts and law enforcement.They feature largely in construction.These are hardly elite positions.

      I thought this conversation was about Jews and uppity Blacks.

    • "Jews and POC need to stand together and abolish the power structure. Then there will be peace, equality and justice. "catalan

      Say Cristobal , have you seen the movie , "Iron man ". Was Iron Man a White dude and was he a supremacist.There is a real good write up about it on "Bright Lights" by some dude called Cristobal Catalan who writes profusely on the subject of "White supremacy" .Coincidence ???.

  • In overwhelming vote, leading Lutheran branch calls on US to cut off aid to Israel
  • Netanyahu's Academy-award performance of dehumanization is why the conflict persists
    • ". In fact I predict it will not be the last time we see this image of the IDF soldier “extending his hand in friendship” and the Palestinian 4 year old boy responding with a “high five.” -

      sure it wont.It will be added to all the other zionist propaganda pieces.

      1, The there no,s .

      2, There are no Palestinians.

      3, We have no partner in peace.

      4, The Arabs want to throw us into the sea.

      6, Israel was attacked by Arab armies .

      7, Jews made the desert Bloom.

      8, Israel has no nukes.

      9, Israel longs for peace.

      Yada , yada ,yada.

      Speaking of teaching children to hate!!!.

      I wonder what this would do to nietandyahu,s core of being.

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