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I am Irish with a profound interest in the Palestinian /Israeli conflict.

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  • Trump's dim view of Palestine-Israel
  • 'Settlers are free to take what they want': Palestinian landowners fear for the worst as land-grab law is passed
    • Israel (sans frontiere) is not the only place that Israel,s Jew,s are allowed to do as they please. Here is an example of three of the chosen ones behaving like thugs and abusing a flight attendant on Israir and making racist comment

      "You work for me," shouted the first woman. "I paid for the flight and I want chocolate. Another passenger, reportedly her sister, chimed in with "sell her the chocolate, you piece of rubbish. What, is she an Arab?"
      read more:"

      As one Facebook user wrote in response to the video, "flight attendants from foreign airlines call the flight to Tel Aviv – Hell Aviv. I wonder why?"

      Meanwhile back on planet zion , the IOF sprayed herbicide near the border fence (which is on Gaza land)and destroyed 1 million dollars worth of crops which had to be dumped by the owners.

      Put that with the Israeli Gov claiming the $162,000 insurance award to a Palestinian woman whose Husband was killed in a truck accident , as being State Property.

      "A court awarded Raba’a Ali Satal $162,000 in compensation after her Israeli Arab husband was killed in a road accident. The Finance Ministry claims the state is the rightful owner.
      read more:

      Ah yes , the light unto the nations and only democracy in the ME , run by thieves and murderers .

  • Poll: Canada's politicians drastically out of touch with public on Israel
    • "Does the hand of a war criminal feel different from a normal person’s hand? " Rosebud

      I place more importance in eye contact than a handshake.Some people , before meeting someone , place their hand in their pocket to warm it up but look elsewhere when shaking hands.

      As to shaking hands with a known war criminal , I have no idea if there is a difference , nor do I intend to put it to the test.

      However , it is a good question.

  • The day the two greatest salesmen in the world met at the White House
  • Trump says he's 'happy' with one-state outcome, ringing in a new era
    • “The Department of Education shall terminate on December 31, 2018” - See more at:"

      This is Trumps plan to prevent the children of his supporters from ever being smart enough to think for themselves.All those white supremacist are still shilling for trump and will continue to do so no matter how much he screws them over.I watched many of them blaming Obama for the leaks coming out of the WH .A vast conspiracy organised by BO from Branson,s island in the sun.Not a word about the antics of the idiot they so naively made the custodian of their welfare.

    • We now know why the Trump WH is in chaos and posts are not being filled and everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

      Trump and his senior advisors have been locked in a room since day one developing this "Mother of all deals" while the roof has been falling in around their heads.

      Au contraire--My take is, it was just more of the standard shoot from the hip policy that Trump is renowned for.

      On the positive side , we can look forward to not reading about the 2ss . All that is left now is to place the blame on the Palestinians .

  • Israel interferes in our politics all the time, and it's never a scandal
  • Israeli govt and its supporters admit the fight to defeat BDS has failed
  • 'The way they arrested him was savage': Israeli forces violently detain 14-year-old disabled Palestinian boy
  • 'We go to heaven, you go to hell': Israeli settlers caught on video threatening to kill Palestinians in Hebron
    • "To be entirely accurate:" Misterioso

      Mea culpa , Mea Culpa. It,s the result of the copious amount of Guinness I consumed in celebration of Trump,s defeat at the hands of those so called Judges at the liberal infested court in SF.

      Having said that , Israel has not declared it,s borders , because they are waiting for Yahweh to e,mail the finished map but the computer is down and to add to that , God is up to his/her armpits in events in Syria/Yemen/ Crime in Chicago, Ukraine ,Iraq ,(no mention of Gaza) and all the other trouble spots on His/Her planet .

      When questioned ,Yahweh thundered , "LEAVE ISRAEL ALONE".

      Heaven,s above ,What a mess.

    • "why isn’t he charged with incitement?" J, ONeill

      What , and spoil the fun for those so called members of the most moral army strutting around doing sfa to stop these scumbags..This is an example of the idf defending the right of free speech for the Ubermensch .

      Imagine if Palestinians did this to Jews.The idf would spring into action and ensure their illegal squatter friends get to live in peace and serenity and not be troubled by Palestinian terrorists.

      What a country , what a people.What a mess.

  • New Israel Fund response to Ben Gurion harassment reinforces very system it claims to oppose
    • "A credit to my uniform ? What uniform?" Jon S

      Whatever you happen to be wearing on any given day when you are teaching Israeli History , unless you are going to claim you tell your students that Israel,s founding Fathers and Mother were terrorists and you hate them.

      Absent that , you are an integral part of the ongoing terrorism of the goi and our claims to hate all terrorism ring hollow.

    • The letter never once mentions the Palestinians or their daily harassment.

  • Celebrating Tu B’shvat, the 'new year for trees,' as ethnic cleansing continues
    • “When you besiege a city for many days to wage war against it to capture it, you shall not destroy its trees by wielding an ax against them, - See more at:"Jon S

      Too bad you were not around when zionist criminals waged war against Palestinian cities and demolished circa 400 Palestinian villages (how many trees).

      Perhaps they could have avoided the necessity of planting thousands of trees to cover up their crime of trying to blot out the existance of a people and their culture.

      Your adoration of trees would be admirable were it not so ironically perverse.

  • Rand Paul warns neocons will 'scurry in' with Abrams, and Kristol says that's anti-Semitic
    • The British PM , Theresa May is claiming that she managed to get Trump to support NATO 100%. Be that as it may , (no pun intended) and not withstanding Trumps promise to force all NATO members to pay their share , The PM,S bragging rights might be short lived if the Neocons get into power in the WH and they convince Trump to turn NATO into a global force to carry out their eternal war games.

      "What,s the point of having military force if you don,t use it." That from the Woman who quipped , when asked if the death of 500,000 was worth the outcome , "We think it was". Madeline Albright.

      These people are like worms -- you cut them in half and they wiggle around for a while and then go right back to their normal activities.They need to be stamped out so they can never re constitute themselves.

  • Israeli soldier who 'mistakenly' killed Palestinian teen will not face manslaughter charges
    • "I dread, the era of fake comma’s and apostrophes." eljay

      I have no problem with commas or apostrophes , I just don,t know where to put them.Worse than that, my spell check button is worn thin.

  • Legalizing the theft of Palestinian land has been Israeli policy since Day 1
  • Land Grab: Israeli Knesset passes law legalizing expropriation of privately-owned Palestinian land
    • "I am just trying to understand the way you think." Kasia

      Catalan is a thread jacker.

      He should be ignored and that applies to us all here.Let him wait for his fellow zionisst apologists to pat him on the back.

      BDS him.

    • raises the question, what would Judea and Samaria look like if the free market was allowed to flouris - See more at:" Jokedaw

      1, Where and what exactly is Judea and Samaria.

      2, Free market , indeed it is flourishing in "The West Bank. Jews see a plot of Palestinian land and decide to set up shop without involving the legitimate owner in the deal. I see what you mean by free market.

      Listen Jokedaw , if the illegal squatter thieves break camp and head back to wherever they crawled out of , the Palestinians would have no reason to have laws to deal with Palestinians who aid and abet the enemy.

      You are so full of it.I am surprised that zionists are still subjected to the laws of gravity.

    • Thks Eljay and Jon 66. I wasn,t expecting Jokedaw to find it.In any case as eljay points out , it still does not excuse Israels ongoing land theft .Btw , it would not surprise me if those who did sell land were not forced through blackmail by Jokedaw,s beloved zionist entity.

      One might be given to believe that Jokedaw cares about those Palestinians who sell land to Israelis .

    • "And the sentence for selling land to an Israeli (Jew and Arab?), is death. - See more at:" Jokedaw

      Funny , I could find no evidence of that report being published by Maan news.

      Jokedaw , please provide link to the Maan news publication.

    • "The PA and Israel regularly cooperate in matters of security, water, electricity, taxes, etc. - See more at: " Jokedaw.

      Security---yup but only on Israels security.

      Water---yup but Israel takes most of the water to fill the swimming pools of the illegal squatters.

      Electricity , same as water.

      Taxes---yup, Israel regularly withholds the Taxes it (illegally) gathers for Palestinians ,

      Can,t we all just cooperate.

    • ".. and the same message goes to Amigo too!! " Kaisa


      Your grasp, of English is quite good so soldier on and very soon you will be able to understand "Hasbarish" , which is necessary to deal with those on the opposite bench.At a wild guess , Hasbarish has some 500 words , ie , antisemite, Jew hater, Pogrom, blood libel , delegimisation,drive the Jews into the sea,only democracy in the ME,Light unto the nations, Israel does not kill civilians,Jewish homeland, and so on .

      The folks here are applying MW,s version of "advise and consent". You will be fine and your confirmation is guaranteed .

    • "In his private life his religion is not mine to judge, but when representing our country, he is using it wrong. " Kasia

      We seem to be at odds here.In your original post you referred to some Christians having their Bibles in their bags on flights to and from Israel You never asserted that your Foreign Minister was one of them so I took the stance I took.If he was waving his Bible around then you are right .If not then I am .

      The USA is riddled with fundamentalist Christian zionists who support Israel and are sometimes more committed to the greater Israel goal than the most rabid zionist Jews but at the same time, they follow the "End Times " doctrine. Zionists bed down with their enemies .They both deserve each other.

      Good night from Ireland.

    • ." When numbers become large, I don’t understand them anymore.."Kaisa

      It,s about 3.2 billion annually , soon to be increased to 3,8 billion , thanks to Obama and who would dare to guess what Trump will raise it to , given the zionist cabal he is surrounded by in the White House.

      Try this link to get an idea of just how much money Israel has received since 1949 and they show their gratitude to their donors by attacking their ship (USS Liberty) and insulting their President and claiming they have the USA by the short and curlies (Nietandyahu) , or was that Sharon.

      Btw , I have no problems with large numbers , except there are not enough zeros in my bank acct.

    • "That’s funny, “amigo”. I keep on posting comments predicated on the existence of 2 billion Jews ( almost all of whom, oh, let’s not quibble, ‘most of whom’ support Zionism) and no Zionist ever corrects me, or brings forward the correct facts."Moosers 2 billionth post

      It may be a lack of courage to face the facts you keep reminding them of. As they say , there is strength in numbers.

    • "but you shouldn’t mix your religion with your politics, "Kaisa of Finland

      But you mixed his religion with his politics.

      Had he told off Nietandyahu , would you have said ---"Our dear Catholic Foreign Minister "?. Of course not. You might have written --"Our Foreign Minister " and defender of Human Rights etc". On the other hand you may not have commented at all.

      See my point. I know you did not mean any insult to Catholics .

      Kaisa , if you had used Jewish in that sentence you would have been attacked and vilified immediately by the usual suspects here.

      BTW , Welcome to MW .

    • "And what do you intend to do about all the Jewish hostages held by non-Israeli countries? "Mooser.

      You had better not get your hopes up. Jokedaw is not coming to free you .I guess you will have to get used to being an ordinary hostage with equal rights.


    • Israel recieves annually about 32 billion euros support for their army from the U.S. Kaisa of Finland

      You might want to take a second look at that figure before catalan comes back to prove what a mathematical titan he is. I admire your passionate defence of Palestinians but a word of caution around here.Check your facts before posting because if you make one error you will spend the rest of your time here having to defend against that error , long after you have corrected it.

    • "Conflating the two is antisemitism except when a criminal zionist thinks he can sneak a lie passed people to justify his immoral crminal behaviour. " OG

      OG , zionistas are basically thick skulled but jokedaw,s stupidity is sans frontier. He has had this issue pointed out to him hundreds of times but still persists in pushing this myth.

      Defending the indefensible is a tough road to hoe.

    • "Is ’eminent domain’ rape? Yes or no?" jackduh

      Eminent domain is practiced by democratic nations and is restricted to within their own borders.

      It requires that the relevant authorities approach the owners of properties and offer them a fair price for their property before taking it .

      Perhaps that is far too confusing for your zioncaine infected brain to understand.

      "And what do you call it when the Palestine Authority forbids Arab citizens from selling their privately owned land to Jews?
      That’s called…what? -" jackduh

      A myth .

      Palestinian authorities if I recall correctly , prevented Palestinians in "their" country , from selling property to "Israelis". That included ALL Israelis.

      Nothing to do with racism towards Jews , unless you think ALL Israelis are Jews.

    • Kasia of Finland. "amigo: Yes, it seems to have, we are a “secular nation” here, where the religions should not be envolved in our politics".

      So what you are saying is !!.

      Only non religious politicians , (atheists ) are eligible to hold political office.

      Think again about what you are saying.It mirrors the mindset of what you might find in Israel.

    • "And I must add: Last summer our dear Catholic forgein minister Timo Soini returned from his official visit to Israel with a happy and smiling face: " Kaisa of Finland.

      Just curious , does his religion have some significance .

    • "The ‘theft’ requires the landowners be compensated. "Jackduh

      The goi does not obey it,s own laws . This land theft is proof.

      When time comes to pay , you and your fellow apologists for war crimes will be coming up with reasons why it should not be paid.

      Ie, The Palestinians refused to take Israel,s generous offer (of 1% of the real value) , ergo they gave up their right to be paid.

      Try another zinger jackduh or go croak somewhere else.You are way out of tune.

  • Israeli supermarket chain glorifies army killer on grocery bag
    • Well there it is , on a shopping bag for all to see.the image that embodies the mindset of the chosen citizens of the light unto the nations .We honour our heroes even if they are murderers and executioners.

      Hopefully , these bags are not recyclable and are destined for a dump just like project Zionism eventually is.

      Hazmat Warning , "Toxic material dumped here" .Zionism is hazardous to your health and can be life threatening.Steer clear.

  • Israeli Knesset set to vote on 'unconstitutional' Palestinian land appropriation bill
    • "At least the cosa nostra are prosecute in accordamce with the law. " OG

      That,s because some in Italy have the courage to prosecute criminal elements in their midst .Unfortunately no one in the international community has the will or courage .

    • The Knesset just passed their land grab/theft legislation.

      Also , in Palermo , Italy , the Cosa Nostra in a closed session approved legislation making the sale of all drugs legal.Included in this same bill was a clause legalizing the carrying of weapons by members of the Italian Mob.They claim it is a matter of security and the survival of the only , "nation state of the Cosa Nostra People" in the world.

    • "Finally a plan to build decent housing for those that cannot afford a home due to the high price of property in Israel,especially the Bedouin. " mcohen

      Are you claiming Israel has changed it,s policy of building only "Jewish communities" , to communities where all can live in peace and harmony as equals, ???.

      Remember mcohen , MW has archives.

  • The legislation that will be used to intimidate and imprison members of the Muslim community has been introduced
    • "Are you now or have you ever been a Muslim ?"0ssinev

      And when all the Muslims have been expelled or imprisoned under the new US,S " Administrative Detention " laws the next group will be asked ,

      Are you now or have you ever aided and abetted a Muslim.

  • Under Trump we cannot expect 'the system' to protect us, but we can protect ourselves
    • Salon has an interesting article on what drives Trump.


      "Trump brings more to the presidency than just a total lack of experience in international relations, failure to understand world history and an openly bigoted worldview: Mental health experts are warning that he displays signs consistent with those of a “malignant narcissist.”

      "Trump has also shown no ability to understand why the United States invests in its allies. His constant calls to have allies “pay their fair share” fails to recognize the benefits of strong multilateral alliances. According to Chatham House, these actions “will leave . . . America’s partners . . . uncertain about US reliability.”

      Chatham House also argued that Trump is best understood as a nationalist rather than an isolationist: “He is not proposing US withdrawal from the world per se, but he has a narrower interpretation of vital American interests than his predecessors did and will likely assess international engagements in more transactional terms.”

      This means that the United States will only invest in international organizations, alliances and partnerships if Trump can see a direct benefit. Such a move threatens the very nature of a system of allies, since the parties support one another to protect the relationship and not only out of self-interest. This is a concept Trump apparently can’t grasp.

      The third core takeaway of Chatham House was that Trump’s foreign policy favors economic benefits over security, human rights and other longstanding issues at the core of our diplomacy. Under Trump the United States may be even more willing than ever to overlook human rights abuses or invasions into sovereign territory if there is economic advantage for America (or perhaps even for Trump himself).

      Chatham House argued that the move from security to “a mercantilist agenda with little appreciation for longer-term geopolitical dynamics or the continuity of the US’s relationships with key partners would mark a pivotal change, with potentially profound negative implications for international stability.”

      And lastly, even before Trump had taken to Twitter to insult Australia, Mexico and Iran, Chatham House keyed into his mercurial personality: “Trump’s personality and style — brash, unpredictable, contradictory and thin-skinned — promises to have a meaningful impact on his engagement in foreign affairs.”

      Thus the transactional nature of foreign policy under Trump can’t be solely described by the fact that we have a businessman in the White House and another one, Rex Tillerson, soon to be running the State Department. While a businessman might not be able to fully grasp the benefits of cultivating international alliances and forging a balance of power, he or she does understand that completely upending the world system is bad for business." Salon

  • Dennis Ross's advice to Trump is 'bullshit, delusional or lying,' to gut two-state concept -- Peace Now
    • No appropriate place to put this but it is big news as it is a shot across the bough of "HMS Theresa May" .

      John Bercow --speaker of the Parliament opposes allowing Trump to speak to the house of commons and the house of Lords.

      Bercow, whose role is non-political, said he could not block a state visit by the US president but would use his role as one of the three “key-holders” of Westminster Hall to prevent the Republican from addressing MPs and peers.

      He said he had been particularly persuaded by what he termed Trump’s “migrant ban”, the executive order signed during the president’s first fortnight that prevented any nationals from seven Muslim countries from entering the US, including refugees.

  • Jewish groups slamming Trump on refugees are hardhearted when it comes to Palestinian refugees
    • "Why should I interrupt the stupidity with a comment? " Grover

      Then why did you.

    • "You chose to frame the issue in terms of illegal immigration. That allows you to discard the rights of both Israelis who participate on violence and those who don’t. I just said that the so called illegal immigration is not some crime." catalan

      He frames it as it is , "ILLEGAL Immigration.It is illegal under the 4th GC article 49, which states that an occupying power , (in this case Israel) is forbidden from transferring it,s citizens to the territory it occupies , (Occupied Palestine )in this case.These actions are War Crimes.Illegal squatters and land thieves lose their rights when they become an integral part of the commission of war crimes.They are all guilty of violence as land theft is a violent act.

      Your attempts to apologize and defend them says all we need to know about you.

      "We have to make the future better." catalan.

      Who for Jews only ???.

      "I was also illegally immigrated for a while. Now I am legal, indeed a citizen, although I sometimes wish I had immigrated to Italy or Greece."catalan

      Italy,s and Greece,s gain.New Mexico,s loss.

  • Netanyahu's tweet for Trump suggests two leaders have cut a deal on Jerusalem or Iran, says former ambassador
  • Protesters join immigrant protectors at LAX
    • This is not "Tea Party 2" .It is a full blown "barbecue " with Trump,s policies on the spit.

      This has also given those who support human rights the opportunity of a lifetime to openly discuss Israeli oppression and the US bombing of Civilians in Yemen. Tens of thousands of activists interacting with air travelers in most of the Largest airports in the USA.

      Well done Kushner and co.Israel must be very proud of you.

  • Rallies at White House and airports across the US as outrage builds over Muslim ban
    • I find it sad that so few of these people ever thought about protesting Obama when he was destabilizing Libya and Syria, thus causing the refugee crisis. " Atlanta---

      You already said that 3 minutes ago.

    • "Ah, no wonder the American Courts are issuing injunctions against Trumps orders. It’s the Jerusalem Protests!"Mooser

      In most normal countries , protesters gather in their nation,s Capital.

    • "Great Global Britain is back after a long absence" amigo

      Correction --"Global Great Britain."

      Apologies to Theresa appeaser.

    • Theo --it is no longer Great Britain.Add a G.

      Great Global Britain is back after a long absence.

      " he must eat only british food".Theo.

      That ought to teach him to never return.

    • 0ssinev, there is a debate going on at the moment on BBC Parliament.

      Ed Miliband proposed the debate and succeeded in getting it approved. 3 hours were allowed and it has been going for circa 30 mins.

    • Sibiariak , thanks for the link.Interesting points from Glenn Greenwald.

      Btw, this link provides a list of the terrorist acts against US citizens and the nations involved.

    • "The first would be the tonnage of western supplied bombs dropped on those countries. The second would be the casualty count inflicted on them by western forces or weapons. The third would be the count of those we callously refer to as collateral damage." OG

      Not sure I am going to live long enough to gather that much data.

    • diasp0ra , My intention was to highlight Trump,s hypocracy and get a conversation going on his conflicts of interest.Hence my reference to his business ties to SA /UAE and Egypt.

      I take your point about a complete ban but my wish beyond a total reversal of the ban would be to see Trump forced to resign or impeached .I see no reason why these two discussions cannot run concurrently.

      Thanks for your other kind words and welcome back .

    • Interesting stats from the CATO Institute on numbers of Americans killed by terrorists from the seven countries on Trump,s ban.

      Iran --O





      Libya-- 0


      The three countries not on the list.

      Saudi Arabia --2639



      It also turns out that none of the 7 countries have trump hotels or other type of businesses.Also , some of those not covered by the ban do.

      Coincidence---perhaps ??.

    • CNN is reporting that the ACLU raised $19.2 million over the weekend.

      Also , the UK petition has reached 877, 934 and climbing.

    • Ah , yes ,O , Flanagoon is a right Charlie but it is good to see him bucking the zionist line , for a change.No more lunches at the Israeli Embassy in Dublin for Charlie.I wonder if he has been expelled from the Oireacthas (Irish Gov) Friends of Israel since he voted for res 2334 .

    • "Ah, casinos – the cash cow that Trump was too incompetent to milk. " John O

      Trump has his own casinos and operates on the basis of ripping off his suppliers as well as his customers.His house always has the odds stacked in his favour.

    • Petition just went over 800,000 and continues to increase at circa 200 every 10 secs.

      Trump cannot stand the though of anyone disliking---correction---not loving him and now he at least 800 k who hate his guts.Poor Donald ---no chance to do a little grabbing in the Palace.

      As an Irishman , this is the only time in my life I regret not being a brit. Would dearly love to sign this petition.

      Accident of birth , I guess.

    • Mooser , Trump made a deal with the Military. He will not intervene in their Dangerous interventions and they will not intervene in his Dangerous lliasons.

    • "Anti -Trump protests, in Tel Aviv:" Jon S

      Don,t be overly concerned Jon S , someone with a chair will be along soon to shut them up for good.Can,t have these liberal crazies insulting the man who is going to Move the Embassy to Jerusalem and keeps his mouth shut about 2500 new illegal squats.

      Btw , did you open the link.There were 39 of them.

    • The petition just broke 600,000. 7.45 pm GMT ergo 100,000 in some 8o minutes.

    • Hello Annie, I have been following this on CNN and AJ , (my only choices) most of the weekend and one fairly credible contributor on CNN , (I know--CNN and credible are contradictions in terms.) suggested that the courts in the US always give large scope to the President when it comes to "National Security " issues.What is so rediculous about this ban is it will harm US security and interests. If Trump,s goal is to cut the US off , he is making all the right moves.

    • Thanks Bumblebye.I did not know it was a month old.However , it is likely to hit the million mark as the real impetus for this just started in the last 24 hours , as you pointed out.


      Watching those numbers go up , reminded me of the one armed bandits in Vegas .

    • Bumblebye, it is about to go over 500,000.

    • Some feedback from the UK.Includes the petition just started to prevent Trump receiving a full blown gun salute and a meeting with the queen,

      Even Boris (proud member of CFI--Conservative friends of Israel) Johnson , is butting heads with trump.Snow White v Goldi Locks.

      Can you imagine just how p----d off Trump must be.Look for him to put a gag order on the courts.

      Trump to his legal advisers, "Can I sign an executive order placing a gag on the supreme Court or should we just ignore them like our friend in Israel does.

  • Trump administration has no comment on Israeli settlement boom
  • Leading Clintonite worries that Trump will sell out Israel in forging deal with Russia
    • Theresa May,s audience in Philly , saved their loudest applause (by far) for her stated commitment to Israel and it,s security.

      Theresa is a proud member of the CFI , (Conservative friends of Israel) so she probably received instructions from her friends at the Israeli embassy to ensure that she mentioned the Jewish state having to survive in a "tough " neighbourhood.

    • "Mondoweiss readers should club together and buy a bus. We could throw Israel under it. " Maghlawatan

      I prefer a caterpillar DC 9. It can be used to bury what,s left of Israel after it has been thrown under it.

      Think of the symbolism.

  • The dismal cartography of Trump's pre-fascist state (and opportunities for progressive populism)
    • “Your Majesty” for kings and queens."RoHa.

      Thanks for the correction RoHa . Thankfully , we in Ireland haven,t had much contact with royals for almost a century. When they visit these days , they are invited.

    • "shall we start calling him king trump?" Annie

      I believe the term in monarchies is "Your Highness". Mind your P,s and q,s Annie , I hope you are an accomplished multi tasker as you will have to learn how to curtsy and bow your head at the same time.

      DR. (donald reigns).

    • State Dept --new rules on in citizen dissent.

      An unnamed source in the WH claimed that Pres Trump has directed the justice dept to come up with a law that would make arguing with the POTUS an act of treason.

      He went on to say that any citizen suspected of harbouring traitors would be water boarded until they disclosed the whereabouts of these traitors .Trump is said to have stated that firing people for disagreeing with him is not sufficient punishment and he wants to send a message to all his subjects that he will not tolerate dissension or disloyalty.He also stated , he cannot "reign" without the total obedience of his subjects .

      So let it be written , so let it be done , Trump added.

  • Israeli gov't doesn't really want US to move embassy to Jerusalem -- Foxman
  • Muslims in the US brace for Trump immigration ban
    • An after thought on my post above.

      Can anyone Imagine Trump having to listen to Democrats , or worse , fellow Republicans , questioning his decisions or motives and on TV for all to see.

      scroll to minute 12.00

    • Chemi Shalev has an interesting article on Trump,s behaviour/ego.

      "There is no reasonable or rational explanation for Trump’s insistence on casting doubt on elections that everyone agrees he’d won, except to assuage his vulnerable ego and what seems like a latent inferiority complex. His aides admit Trump is obsessed by a sense that his rivals, including the media, view his election as illegitimate, the claim made by Congressman John Lewis, with whom Trump also picked a superfluous quarrel. If Trump was connected more to reality and less to his victimhood complex, he would know that challenges to the legitimacy of his victory would have quickly given way to a focus on his actual actions and statements as president. By his rash reactions, Trump is extending the very debate that he seeks to eliminate. He is damaging his own credibility, eliciting new doubts among Republicans who had assumed that once in office, he would calm and settle down. Some American commentators go so far as to maintain that the damage Trump is inflicting now on his presidency is so severe that it may never truly recover."Chemi Shaliv
      read more:

      it is easy to see why Trump and zionists get along so well.Birds of a feather.

    • During the press conference today , announcing the signing of an executive order to build a wall between the US and Mexico, Trump said the following!!!.

      "A nation without borders is not a nation" .

      Need I say more.

  • Palestinians: Israeli government 'exploiting' new US administration with new 2,500 settlement units
    • "Mansour suggested the move was backlash against a UN resolution passed last month, which demanded Israel halt its settlement expansion in the occupied Palestinian territory. "

      This would be the same as a bank robber out on bail awaiting trial who decides to rob another bank just to teach the authorities a lesson.

      The only difference in Israel,s case is that they are committing War Crimes.Pile it on Nietandyhu , a cell awaits you in the Hague.

      Go figure.

  • Maryland legislature, which supported boycotts of grapes and South Africa, targets BDS
    • + 10.

      Thanks for that.

    • Sibiriak/Annie , While the US is not a full blown zionist entity , it sure is a hostage to zionism.

    • Had the South Afrikaner regime of the time had a an equivalent version of AIPAC , perhaps named "ASAPAC" financed by a PW Saban or FW de Adelson , we might still be struggling with that obnoxious entity.

      Unfortunately , the Zionist entity has America by the short and curlies with a very firm grip and it will take the political equivalent of a bunker busting bomb to dislodge them.On the bright side , Israel is built on a shallow foundation and they skimped on the material , so the task may not be too difficult.

  • More and more people see 'one state only' but Remnick fears it will be like Bosnia
    • "Libor is responsible for the settlements now? Lol." Hopknee

      Hoppy , anyone who has supported in any way or never has or does not oppose the "Illegal " settlements is responsible for their existence. Then we have every leader of the zionist movement.BG/GM/YS/YR/AS/EO/BY , et al , who have orchestrated the continuation of these war crimes.

      Welcome to the real world hoppy .

      1S , 1P, 1V.

  • Trump's vow to move embassy to Jerusalem is now a 'decision-making process'
    • " Donald will probably change all that – hell he may even give up the charade altogether and offer to finance the new settlements himself providing he is given the opportunity to build a golf course/hotel complex in each one " 0ssinev

      Don,t share this with the illegal settlers , they deserve all they get.

    • "Trump will do it, if Trump gets something out of it… Trump could be saving it for later – for the Netanyahu visit in February, for the AIPAC Policy Conference in March, for Israel’s 50th Jerusalem Day in May. From a PR standpoint, saving Jerusalem for later is wise. "

      Wtf , is Israel going to give in return . This has to be the most hypothetical suggestions of the century.Israel doesn,t give --it only takes and who the hell does Trump think he is , trying to negotiate with the chosen people.God will smite him.

      Second thoughts---maybe Trump will demand that Israel will guarantee him a second term.

    • On CNN today!!.

      Spicer was asked if the trump administration opposes or supports the decision by Israel to build another 2500 Settlements ( the word Illegal is verboten in the press room ) and he refused to answer the question directly.He chose instead to refer to the upcoming meeting between Trump and nutandyahoo ---oh and that the US and Israel are allies.

      Obviously no condemnation.No claims of being "deeply troubled " or "unhelpful moves " blah blah blah.In a perverse way , it is almost a relief from having to listen to the previous admin.

  • Despite international pressure, Finkelstein gives talk on Gaza's 'martyrdom' at German institute
  • Saturday's marches are going to make America great again
    • " I always know what I am talking about! " Theo

      Are you trying to take over Mooser,s position as court Jester.You will need to be more cerebral than that display of adolescent twaddle.
      Btw , all work and no play makes Theo a dull boy.

    • "I did not elect Trump"theo

      Then this ???.

      "I don´t want a nice guy in the WH who plays golf every day and makes nice speeches, like Obama, (by the way I elected him the first time), but a bastard who will work hard to further US interests. No president did it for decades. Nice peoples always finish last! " theo.

      Sounds to me you are contradicting yourself.Wasn,t Trump a bad enough bastard.

  • The Israeli police’s extrajudicial execution of Israeli citizen Yaqoub Abu Al-Qia’an
    • "Not so outrageous when you consider that the mobile intensive care units were busy administering aid to several wounded policemen. " Jackduh

      Do you mean those policemen who shot the driver and caused him to swerve and plough into them. Sounds to me as if they are suicidal and should have been granted their wish by the "medics"..

      Perhaps they were told to let him take the facts to his grave and they being the most moral medics in the most moral army did as they were told v honouring the oath they took before becoming medics.

      Azaria , anyone??.

  • Obama 'betrayed' American Jews and Trump is a 'swineherd' -- Bernard-Henri Levy
    • catalan , I look forward to a world in which educated people understand the use of a reply button.

      Perhaps your children will inhabit such a world.

    • "Well, I take your point, but it does. It requires tremendous amounts of private money from Zionist supporting organizations and individuals to support criminal activities, and lots of US support for the Israeli military. "Mooser

      Mooser , I don,t think Sheldon Adelson/Haim Saban /Kushner/ et al Israel firsters would appreciate being referred to as external forces when it comes to the zionist entity.Not to mention the congress critters who willingly sold their souls and dignity in the service of Israel.

      Besides , Israel is firmly opposed to any and all external interference in their internal affairs.

    • "As long as the Zionist entity is not totally dismantled, instead of “a world without Zionism”, Echie

      A world without Zionism v Zionist entity totally dismantled ----I see no light between those two statements.

    • Israel needs no external force to be a one state.It is by it,s own actions there already.As soon as the usual suspects cut off the life support system from the brain dead 2SS , we can all get on with a UNSCR welcoming the New Bi National State of , "???????? " into the family of nations.

      One thing for sure , when that happens , zionists / hasbarists will still be claiming that God , AKA Donald J Trump gave Israel to them and goys have no right to take it away and the world is inhabited by 7 billion antisemites, out to kill all Jews.

      It,s gonna be fun , for those privileged enough to be around to live in a world without Zionism.

    • So , telling the truth is antisemitic.

      Opposing human rights abuses is antisemitic.

      Opposing Apartheid is antisemitic .

      Opposing land theft is antisemitic.

      Opposing the perpetration of war crimes is antisemitic.

      Opposing ethnic cleansing is antisemitic.

      Ok , Mr Bernard Levy.

      Btw , does this guy live in Israel ??.

  • Trump 'promise' to move US embassy to Jerusalem stirs international furor
    • "it means america is first in line to kiss israel’s a**." Annie.

      When Israel needs financial and political support , America is always First .When Israel wants to embarrass world leaders , America is always first.When Israel wants to illegally annex Palestinian Territory and garner international support , America is always first.

      I am told that Trump has a donkey farm , (Kushner is the zookeeper), deep in the bowels of trump tower , just in case Netanyahu drops by unannounced and demands a demonstration of unquestionable support for the Jewish (oh and democratic )state of "Greater Israel".

  • I have been looking for a home since I came to this world
    • "olmert was joking about showing abbas the map which he had scribbled on a napkin and then he holds his hand up like he’s waving the napkin across the table at abbas, smiling like this was funny and some members of the audience laughed "

      Olmert,s "White Napkin " has not reached the same notoriety as Monica,s "Blue Dress " , YET.

  • Video analysis contradicts Israeli police explanation of alleged 'terror attack' in Umm al-Hiran
    • If I was being fired at by those trigger happy thugs , I too would change direction and "Take down" as many as possible.

      They were legitimate targets the second they started shooting .

  • Fear that Israel is becoming 'South Africa on the Mediterranean' is expressed in Park Avenue synagogue
    • "MW management hasn’t told me to stop. As soon as they do, I will. " eljay

      Thank the good lord , I was beginning to think that Elizabeth creature had gotten to you.

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