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I am Irish with a profound interest in the Palestinian /Israeli conflict.

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  • A burning Zionist and non-Zionist debate the settlements
    • "Because it can…OK, let me put it like this: It must be the world’s smallest and most insignificant war crime, when one takes the rest of the Middle East [into consideration]. Let’s just look at the Middle East, all the atrocities that occur, that it should then be so important whether there are some Jews living 2-3 KM from Jerusalem. I’m sorry, I don’t get it."Sousa.

      An insignificant WAR CRIME.

      Jews living just 2-3 KM from Jerusalem ???.

      What is this guy smoking.There are 700,000 0f them of which more than half are living deep into Palestinian territory.

      Sorry , but I had to stop reading at that point.

  • Ehud Barak says a Palestinian state would be 'non-viable'
    • It is important to remember , when reading this guy,s advice that he is a major War Criminal.I suspect the beard is to make it easier to move around outside the Apartheid and rogue nation and avoid arrest and trial for his many many crimes.

      Isn,t this the guy who went further than any , blah blah blah.

      In case you are reading this Herr General , Israel is already a fascist Apartheid state.

  • Haim Saban pushes Democrats to support bill that would slash funding to Palestinian Authority
    • It,s seems to me that If the PA is destroyed ( I will suffer no remorse ) they will hand the keys to Israel and let them get on with funding the Occupation and administering the occupied territories .No more paid quislings and co conspirators .

      Keep up the good work Saban.

  • New Israeli 'ethics code' for academia seeks to combat BDS
    • “Political Demonstrations The member faculty of an institution of higher learning may participate in a political demonstration within a campus as he pleases "

      Are there no Female educators in the only democracy in the ME and light unto the nations.

    • We are often informed by catalan /jackdaw and the other usual suspects that BDS is having very minimal effect which begs the question ??. Why all the effort to fight it.One Israeli minister bragged recently , that BDS had been defeated.

      I believe most people know the real truth.

  • Mondoweiss is necessary—so Israel can’t silence me and other Palestinian journalists
    • Tova , I went back and tried again.This time it was successful.Donation made .

      Thanks for all your unsung efforts behind the scenes.This wheel would not roll without folks like you.

    • Tova , I am trying to donate through Network for good but am getting a message that states "Mondoweiss is still creating a site with NFG ".

      Had no problems with prior donations albeit from Ireland.

      Help me to help Mondoweiss.I believe you have my e,mail address on file.


  • Canada Park, a popular picnicking spot for Israelis, created upon the rubble of Palestinian homes
    • "Stop living in the past. Move on already! Park Canada will remain a public park "emet



      "The San Remo Conference gave Jews the sole right to settle in all the area west of the Jordan River, including the West Bank and all of Jerusalem. Both houses of congress voted to support this. A few months after San Remo, Churchill chose to ignore the decision made at San Remo and effectively stole 80% of the land away from the Jewish people. - See more at:"

      What was that about living in the past.

      Are you home alone Emet.

    • “All Zionists are not Jews…” amigo

      "This is simply not true. Lots of Zionists are Jews, "RoHa

      Ok , have it your way.

      Not all Zionists are Jews.

    • "Smokinjehosarafat"
      "That’s about as likely as Jew-hate comments masquerading as anti-Zionism, being moderated here."

      All Zionists are not Jews --so how can I be a Jew hater for condemning all Zionists.

      Btw , just in case you forgot , all Jews are not Zionists .Good thing , Yahweh got that part right.

  • 'Please remember the Montgomery bus boycott'-- letter to Westchester County board before BDS vote tonight
    • Jon 66 , why do you treat stupidity as if it is a virtue.Is it intentional and is it a zionist trait.There is certainly sufficient evidence of such in the comments you and the other zio contributors post here.

      When Israel recognises the State of Palestine , you can squawk and moan about who recognises so called Israel , not that it matters . It,s existence is temporary and the sooner it disappears , the better this world will be even, if we have to grow our own cherry tom,s.

    • Jon 66.

      Likud charter.


    • "Which Palestinians?
      “Hamas says it accepts ’67 borders, but doesn’t recognize Israel”.Jon 66

      Care to show us a map of this so called Israel.

      Care to show us where Israel accepts the State of Palestine.

      "a. “The Jordan river will be the permanent eastern border of the State of Israel.”

      b. “Jerusalem is the eternal, united capital of the State of Israel and only of Israel. The government will flatly reject Palestinian proposals to divide Jerusalem”

      c. “The Government of Israel flatly rejects the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state west of the Jordan river.”

      d. “The Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza are the realization of Zionist values. Settlement of the land is a clear expression of the unassailable right of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel and constitutes an important asset in the defense of the vital interests of the State of Israel. The Likud will continue to strengthen and develop these communities and will prevent their uprooting.”

      So while Netanyahu wants no pre-conditions from the Palestinians going into “negotiations” his party charter and ideology says otherwise.

      Likud Party Charter"

      Note , that Cherter has not changed.

    • "Do you want me to go on." Emet.

      A superfluous question .

    • "What reaction are you hoping for when you comment here ." Mooser

      Emet is on a one man mission to change world opinion re Zionism . His problem is he had no idea the world was so full of antizionists (antisemites) .

      But you got to give him credit for his tenacity if not for the reliability of his claims.

      As they say in Blighty , "Some muvvers do ave em."

  • Packed room on Capitol Hill hears Palestinian student say he thought three IDs and a separation wall was normal for children everywhere
    • "If you’re going to be a regular fixture here on Mondoweiss, you’d better polish up your mass debating skills before we all die laughing at you." John O

      You realise , you just signed all of our death warrants John O.

  • The Israelis
    • "Phil’s moral narcissism is boundless." jackduh

      Just like Israel,s borders.

    • For Jon S. You will be thrilled to learn that your national airline has just been voted by Heathrow Airport as the "Dirtiest and noisiest" airline landing there.Israel was voted worst of 50 tested.

      Btw , Irelands national airline , Aer Lingus , came in second behind British Airways .

      Israel also regularily tops the list of most hated and least trusted nations on the planet.

      Keep up the good work Jon S and don,t worry , be happy.

    • "Sure, “Jonny” kicking a wrong-colored stranger to death is actually a form of Jewish hospitality, revived once again in Beersheba. No fear involved, they do it because they like to, right? "

      Which is a very considerable factor in Israelis (minus non Jewish versions) being among the happiest people on the planet.

      Hell , if I could kick the crap out of any "non Irish" person --whatever that is , I too would be elated and just think , hangovers would be much easier to bear.

  • Israeli soldiers shoot from towers across fence into Gaza protest, killing Palestinian
    • lonely rico, Chickenshit is a very useful fertiliser .It brings life to my garden.

      Equating them with chickenshit is overly generous.

  • No anti-Zionists allowed on Hadassah panel exploring 'tension' between feminism and Zionism
    • Yonah, you are being repetitious, you know you are being repetitious. You are pretending you are not being repetitious.

  • Making the crossover from Elie Wiesel to Marc Ellis
    • "It’s not a company, it’s the government – they treat people more humanely, you know. " catalan

      So , doing a fair days work for a fair days pay is inhumane.We get you catalan.

      Btw, Trump thinks the US Gov is his company and you work for him.

      Now get back to work or "Your,e Fired".

    • "Some people like him, some do not. " catalan

      What would we do without our resident master of pointing out the obvious.

      Go back to sleep catalan or better still , join your fellow American workers , (who you think are uneducated and stupid) and earn your pay instead of using the companies time to spout irrelevant twaddle.

  • New website sets Zionist myths vs. the historical record
  • 'To live or to perish' -- Norman Finkelstein on the Six-Day-War and its mythology
    • Jackduh, maybe a link to C.A.M.E.R.A or JPost or Alagemeiner to back up your "Fair and balanced " Y,NET screed would convince us.Who can argue that your sources are "Papers of Record ".

      You are truly Amoosing .

  • Mother Palestine takes on her most diabolical enemy yet -- Apartheid!
    • Hi Annie , I think he has passed his use by date around here.His insulting and heartless comments are really troublesome and he should be denied the platform to market them.I have no problem giving space to someone who offers up a counter argument , no matter how ridiculous it might be but we should draw a line with the kind of remarks he has so often posted here.

      I rarely respond to him and perhaps we should all ignore him.The attention is his oxygen.Let,s cut it off and see how long he lasts .

    • "Why do you think so? I am an excellent listener and fun to hang with. - See more at:" catalan.

      catalan - Sure you are .

      you are an obnoxious heartless little coward.I wonder just how courageous you would be out from behind that PC ,on a one to one basis.

    • "Why do you think so? I am an excellent listener and fun to hang with. - See more at:" catalan.

      catalan - Sure you are .

      you are an obnoxious heartless little coward.I wonder just how courageous you would be out from behind that PC ,on a one to one basis.

  • If Trump is serious we may be seeing the most significant step in 20 years of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations
    • At the first sign of matters getting out of the hands of the zionists , there will always be the option of "False Flag ops" .An increase in nightime raids, a ramping up of beatings and arrests and razing of the homes of alleged terrorists ,(anyone notice we have not heard about that for sometime) and all the other time tested methods which Israel uses to stir up the natives to elicit the desired response.

      You see, Donald . we told you these Palestinian Terroreeests do not want peace.They want to throw all Jews into the sea, those they haven,t stabbed to death or mowed down with cars, that is.But go ahead and waste your time trying to get them to make peace.So do us a favour and stop trying to delay the inevitable implementation of God,s plans for his chosen people.

  • The US and Israel: 'An integrated political system'
    • Off topiic.

      I was in Dublin yesterday and made a point of going along to the offices of the Dublin city Council to view the Palestinian flag flying gloriously at full mast atop that landmark Building.

      I sat on a bench across from the building and and remained there for the guts of an hour marveling at the sight before my eyes.I have seen Dublin on some of it,s best days.This was right up there with the best.

  • Courageous Israeli newspaper is indicted as 'childish' 'contrarian' and 'antagonistic' by the yellowbellied New York Times
    • I get the impression that this is payback time for the NYT publishing the Marwan Barghouti article recently.

      The Zionists are milking the NYT for all they can get.

  • Here we go again! Netanyahu disputes Trump administration, urges him to 'shatter Palestinian fantasy' about Jerusalem
    • Further to above post !!.

      "“No Israeli leaders will join President Trump to the Western Wall,” National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster told reporters at a press briefing, where he outlined Trump’s schedule for his upcoming visit to the Middle East and Europe. Trump will hold talks and a private dinner with Netanyahu.

      In addition to Trump’s stop at the Western Wall — where McMaster said he would “say a prayer” — the president will visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, also in the Old City of Jerusalem. Trump will also go to Bethlehem, in the West Bank, where he will meet for the second time this month with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

      When asked, McMaster would not clarify on Tuesday whether the administration considers the Western Wall to be part of Israel. He said that question “sounds like a policy decision.”

    • "Yesterday Germany’s stock market hit an all time high. " catalan

      Unlike your stock which took a nose dive after a half dozen posts here and is barely hanging in here by the seat of your pants.

      Sell , sell , sell , before your stock is completely worthless.

    • Trump pisses off the King of the Jews by not inviting him to share a prayer at the Wall --no , not the Apartheid Wall , the other separation Wall.

      This follows a remark by one of the of the Trump officials in which he told some Israeli officials to mind their own business , and that the Prayer Wall is not in Israel.

      This will make for an interesting visit when Trump prays at the wall without the King of the Jews being present.We all know Trump loves to live on the edge but who guessed he is suicidal.

      Don,t have a link yet.This subject matter arose at the MC Master Press briefing today .

    • Nietandyahoo needs a feel good moment.

      Better talk to Paul Ryan and demand a speech before the full house.Bring maps, copies of the Talmud.Show E mails and texts from God proving he /she/it gave all of Jerusalem to the Jews.

      Bring Adelson along and Haim Saban , oh and the Dersh for a relevant legal opinion.Show this upstart Trump who is really running USA Inc.Don,t let these Jew haters get in the way of the Greater Israel plan.

    • "Palestinian Fantasy about Jerusalem.".

      Ye Gods , the rest of the world is on the same side as the Palestinians and it is the Israelis that are not fantasizing.

      Self Delusion San Frontieres.

  • Dershowitz defames Gertrude Stein, Daniel Berrigan and Omar Barghouti
    • "Lewin comes on at the end. An absolute joy .The very essence of Israel/Zionism – loud ,lying
      ugly ,arrogant,dismissive,insulting and with all that absolutely hilarious. "0ssinev

      I saw this video about a year ago.Priceless.Thanks for resurfacing it.

      The highlight for me , was the guy in the white shirt sitting behind Norman Finkelstein who spent his time shaking his head and looking completely devastated that anyone should be given a podium to berate his beloved Israel.I enjoyed every minute of his discomfort.

  • Israeli sniper kills unarmed Palestinian protester during demonstration in occupied village of Nabi Saleh
    • "I don’t patronize them – i.e. don’t give them any money. " Boris.

      No one in their wildest imagination would have thought you donate money to MW.However , your patronage comes in the number of "hits" MW gets from your posts.So you see you are a committed and dedicated patron who in the face of obstructionist moderators , still soldiers on like a patron that never stops giving.

      We salute you Boris.The Palestinian People are grateful for your selfless and tireless dedication to their right to freedom and justice.

    • "They – Mondo – are very selective.

      My best arguments are not going through."

      Get a petition going Boris.I am sure that all the other mondoweissers here will sign on the grounds that they are being deprived of the brilliance of your best arguments while having to settle for the 89 bad arguments that reside in your archive.

      Just not good enough Boris.Have you considered denying MW your patronage.You give em hell Boris.Show them , you are mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore.

    • Boris , your archive shows you have 89 posts published.

      You should never underestimate the value of your participation here Boris.

    • "if the guy was shot in the stomach and he is wearing white, how come there is not even a small visible red spot anywhere on his upper body. " stopthelie

      Go look at the centre left of the last image above.Note the outline of bleeding.This time look when not on ziocaine .It can affect your eyesight and lead you to make silly claims which makes you appear to be either stupid or brainwashed.

      Btw, this site is for adults , children not allowed.You might find the J, Post more to your taste.The other kids there don,t hit back.

    • "they have removed themselves form a volatile situation in which they would have had to shoot someone to get away from being hurt. instead of killing someone, in an effort to save lives, they moved away to a safer spot so demonstrators are not shot and hurt…. get it?!" stopthelie.

      So you are claiming these members of the worlds most moral (ever in history ) army were making a tactical retreat so they would not have to shoot any of their enemy.Interesting approach , (pun intended).

      Just graduated from "Hasbara University", per chance.

      Seek help pal and quickly. Ziocaine can be life threatening.

    • Abu Yusef , you are knocking on a closed door that has no hinges, no keyhole , no doorbell and only one side.

      On the bright side , one day Boris,s brave heroes will have to fight a real battle with real heroes and will run away as fast as their jackbooted legs can carry them.

  • Pro-Israel group bullies Church of Scotland over its 'sensitive' commemoration of Balfour centenary
    • "The period 1890 to.1922 in Ireland was fascinating. In 1910 most Irish were happy with the status quo "Maghlawatan.

      To quote the oft cited zionist response, "It is "complicated.".

      Most Irish people were not happy but more resigned to their fate.They lived in abject poverty , a condition forced on them by their oppressors.This is the main reason Britain was able to fill the ranks of it,s military with tens of thousands of Irish men who needed the money to improve the lives of their families.

      It is true , that when the leaders of the 1916 had been defeated and were being led away, they were vilified and spat upon by those who relied upon the "British Shilling" to survive.However , when the British authorities in their zeal to seek revenge , had 14 of the leaders executed over a period of 10 days , the reaction was swift and the true feelings of the majority of the Irish people emerged.

      That was when the "cause" was lost and the ushered in the end of British domination of Ireland.

      Israel , is it,s own executioner .I just wish they would get on with it .

  • Norway’s largest trade union federation endorses full boycott of Israel to advance Palestinian human rights 
    • To add to the story from Dublin.Read this report from the Irish Times which includes comments from Ireland,s leading Zionist and former Minister of Justice and Defence (both portfolios held concurrently) .He was ousted in the last elections but not before he had time to place an order for military equipment from his beloved Israel , like the good 5th columner , he is.

      From the article .

      "“The flying of the Palestinian flag by Dublin City Council will do profound damage to the reputation of our capital city and our country. Should further atrocities be perpetrated on Israelis in the coming days and weeks, there is considerable risk that Dublin City Council will be internationally perceived to be supportive of terrorist acts,” he wrote."Alan Shetter.

    • Kudos to those wonderful people in Norway.

      Here is some great news from Dublin , Ireland.

      "In an incredible display of solidarity with the Palestinian people's struggle for justice, equality and freedom from Israeli apartheid and colonialism, Dublin City Council voted by a huge majority to fly the Palestinian flag over Dublin City Hall this month. A lot of pressure was put on Councillors to reject the motion - but thanks to all of you who emailed them in support of the action solidarity prevailed! Sligo and Donegal County Councils also voted to hoist the flag - and the gestures have reverberated around the world, including in Palestine."

      This was achieved in spite of huge efforts by the Israeli Embassy and their mouth pieces to prevent it.I just hope these zionist apologists have to pass by the flag on their way to work every day and suck it up.

  • Charges against 'Israel Victory Caucus' protest show dissent is being criminalized under Trump
    • "Instead it will get more freeloaders. 25 years is generous."Maglawatan

      What can I say. I am just a generous sort.Having said that , if the zionists are working their posteriors off to prove me wrong , I will be more than comfortable to admit my error.

    • MHughes976 , thanks for your comment.

      Zionists are so wound up in themselves and their reason for being , they can see clearly to (and beyond)the 1000 year empire but they conveniently ignore the 930 years in between.

      As you say , it is pure insanity . It is self delusion on a grand scale.I will give them another 25 years , at best.

    • "This will allow Israel to flourish and the Palestinians to become a ‘normal people.’"

      Normal like who ??. Certainly not normal like a "superior Jew" ala dershowitz.

      No siree, Palestinians wont even be normal like non Jews (goys) in normal democracies where they enjoy equal rights and all the usual trimmings ,afforded to all citizens --Goy or Jew.

      Nope , they will be second class citizens who will learn who their betters are and keep their eyes cast downwards , lest they make their betters uncomfortable.They will learn to speak the language of their superiors and speak when spoken to .They will cross the street when their superiors are approaching and spare them having to inhale that Arab stench.

      Yes , they will be normal in the true zionist sense.

  • Jews made America great so 'we deserve our influence' on Israel policy, Dershowitz tells Scarsdale synagogue
    • Froggy , thanks for the link.I am 1/3 way through.

      Very educational and interesting.

    • “Celtrael” listen leftist it’s Isgael". Gamal

      Listen Yossi , my mother is Celtraeli and that makes me a Celtraeli. Your rules.

    • "Hello fellow Celt ! (If you ever figure out what a Celt actually is, do let me know. No one, it seems, has a clue. I certainly don’t.) " Froggy

      Let me help you with that.

      A Celt is a member of the Celtic tribe , a people without land and God,s chosen People and the true indigenous people of Europe who in 1200 BC were forced from "Celtrael " their Historic Homeland during the great Exodus.Ever since then , every Celt in the disapora has yearned to return to his/her God given land to claim the long awaited right to self determination in what will be the one and only Celtic State on earth.Our 3000 yr connection to Celtrael ,has never been broken .

      The Celtic people have been forced for millennia to flee from one nation to another , never finding a welcome and suffering at the hands of Celt haters.

      Never again.

    • Froggy , greetings from Ireland --that small EU outpost on the Western shore of Europe. We are still here and fully committed members of the EU.Glad to see France will be staying with the family for at least another 5 years.We may even have to erect "hard borders" to protect the other 26 Member states from the Saxon hordes and their fearless leader "Madam (get the best deal for the UK ) May.

      About the Dersh , he is such a nasty piece of work who is totally dissociated from anything not Jewish.Can you begin to imagine just how insulting he could be towards goys in a private setting where only members of the tribe are present.

      The man disgusts me .

    • BB , Try this , it just might warm your little zionist heart.

      You see , BB , You are not alone.

    • Give me a break Dershowits.Jews represent less than 2% of the US population.How about we treat you to some equality and give you influence based on your demographic standing. I forget , equality is anathema to the zionist psyche.

      As far as making America great , who the hell spent their blood and sweat on building the place.The Irish , the Mexicans , the Polish , the Chinese and many others . The descendants of Black Slaves represent 14 % of the population.

      Jerks like dershowits , who never have enough ,get decent Jews a bad name.He never fails to disgust.

  • Why are Israeli children brainwashed to hate?
    • "I don’t know where the video of the haredi students comes from, but I’ll bet you a thousand dollars that the woman is not their teacher. "YF

      Seems to me she is very involved in their education.A sort of "hit and run brainwasher" .

  • 'Pizza Hut' and Israeli army radio join in grotesque attacks on Marwan Barghouti
    • Well , that put,s Pizza Hut off my junk food list.

      I thought the British were pretty evil ,given the ugliness of some of their jokes about Bobby Sands and the other strikers , but this is streets ahead in depravity.

      Why is it that zionists demand so much respect and yet show none to anyone else.

      Won,t this be a far more improved world when it has been cleansed of the scourge of zionism and it,s practitioners have been suitably neutralised.

  • Netanyahu gov't advances bill to remove Arabic as an 'official language' of Israel
    • First , get rid of the Language and then get rid of those using it.

      Why should the chosen people be forced to listen to non Jews speaking in a language they do not understand and worse still , in their very own "Jewish Homeland" .

      The demands put upon the chosen people are sometimes just too hard to bear.

  • 100 senators throw their bodies down to end UN 'bias' against Israel
    • " But you have no compassion for Israelis." BB

      Could you please clarify if you mean all Israelis or just Jewish Israelis.

      If you are so concerned about "Israelis" being stabbed or rammed with cars , then you should take your concerns to the GOI and convince them to end the occupation and the theft of Palestinian land and the shooting of peaceful protesters and the arrest and torture of children and the dumping of skunk juice on Palestinian homes , etc etc etc etc etc .

      Expecting compassion for the majority of Israel,s voters who put in power an ever right leaning gov is naive at best .

      But your a zionist so for you , there is only one victim .Poor downtrodden and put upon little Israel.

      My heart bleeds for you.

  • After mob attacks alternative Memorial Day ceremonies, Israeli education minister criticizes ceremonies not mob
    • Speaking of still awaiting a reply ???.

      Amigo to Jon S some 6-8 weeks ago .

      "Also for Jon S who likes to post links to polls that describe Israel as 11th on the “happiness ” scale.

      If you are real teacher , share this with your students and show them just what a screwed up fascist and racist society their elders are bequeathing them.

      There is even video footage of your fellow Beershebans beating to death an Eritrean.It includes video footage of Israeli Jews handing out condoms to Black people on the streets of Israel,s cities and much , much more.
      - See more at:"

      Still awaiting reply with your thoughts on the events raised by the author David Sheen.I asked if as a teacher dedicated to sharing the truth with your students you would provide them with details of Sheen,s work.

      Still awaiting reply.

      Glass houses and stones Jon S.

  • 'The Trump opportunity' -- some Palestinians are optimistic about Abbas visit to White House (!)
    • The effort to characterize Abbas as a non partner in peace and a terrorist and Holocaust denier will , (if not already) get under way.That is what happens to any Palestinian leader who might get inside the WH (Netnadyahu,s private domain) and tell the Palestinian side to POTUS.

      Nietandyahu is already stating that Abbas lied to Trump.

      Also , Trump deletes tweet that said it was an honor to host Abbas.

      Looks as if Israel is deciding who Trump should be honored to meet.

  • Abbas fears the prisoners’ hunger strike
    • Abbas has been in power since 2004 (march) and has spent those 12 years doing Israel,s dirty work for them.Settlements have grown faster than ever before.Abbas has spent that time lying to and pulling the wool over his people, eyes , with the explicit intention of staying in power.

      It is time for the Palestinians to give this quisling his walking papers .He should be put on a boat with minimal survival equipment and supplies and pushed out to sea.Maybe his zionist comrades will take him in and reward him for his unstinting collaboration with the enemies of the Palestinian people.I wonder how much Palestinian blood this traitor has on his hands.

    • "Trump is promising to increase foreign aid to Palestinians (even as he slashes everyone else’s)." ADM

      Slight correction there fella.

      Everyone else doe not include Israel.

      Why , indeed.

  • New York rabbi links Jewish Voice for Peace to Osama bin Laden and Assad
    • " Powerlessness leads to more abuse, not less. It leads to the strong savaging the weak,

      There you go again Rabbi, describing zionism to a T .

    • "In Jericho we were joined by a Palestinian journalist who works with the New York Times ".

      Don,t suppose you would have that Palestinian journalists name , Rabbi.If he is your friend and compatriot in the battle against antisemites and Israel hater,s , I am sure he would not oppose you naming him.

      Nice piece of fiction , Hirsch.

  • Invoking Bobby Sands and Mandela, 95 Israelis endorse Palestinian prisoners' hunger strike
    • Maybe I missed it , but I did not notice our Israeli Left rep,s name on the list. What,s up Jon S , don,t you reach out to Hunger strikers.

      Look on the bright side Jon S , the Eritreans in your neighbourhood might adopt hunger strikes as a form of resistance and you can be rid of them from your Jews only , god given nirvana .

  • Mass Dems move to kill anti-settlement resolution, amid fears of BDS and 'exodus from party'
    • So , the Illegal settlements are justified because of Palestinian violence , (resistance to land theft ).

      Only the twisted mind of a zionist could come up with this nonsense.

      "Your Honour , I kept taking over more of my neighbours property because he kept trying to evict me from it and continually harassed me.He refuses to allow me to live in peace and security and it is because I am Jewish.I was raised to fight antisemitism , wherever I found it.".

      Your Honour , I am the victim here. There is no reason why my annexation of his property should be an obstacle to reaching peace between us.

  • Trump and Pence had a Jewish connection before a political one -- and it's steeped in the Holocaust
    • "Does Phil Weiss refer to hamas or fatah as terrorists or are only irgun and lehi fitting for this appelation? " Yonah , (vini , vidi , vici) Fredman.

      Yonah , what would you call an Hamas/Fatah operative who shoots an IDF invader who is part of the occupying forces who are preventing him and his family from living in freedom and equality in his own country.

      Secondly , what would you call an Irgun/ Lehi operative who shot Palestinians while invading "their" country.

      Lastly , would you agree with instituting a ribbon of Honour for the Terrorist gang "Lehi" and rewarding members of the most moral army who terrorise Palestinians every hour of every day and have done so for the last 70 plus years.

      Yonah , you should learn not to point fingers and drop the whataboutery mantra.

  • 'Why do I not cry out for the right of return?' -- an exchange between Uri Avnery and Salman Abu Sitta
    • "Alas , the story is much more complicated."Uri Avnery.

      Avnery is just another liberal zionist posing as a man of peace seeking a just solution .

      Kudos to Salman for outing this fraud.

  • Hasbara-steria: Netanyahu ministers charge NYT with 'journalistic terror attack,' hunger striker with 'suicide terror attack'
    • Choosing to die by hunger strike requires the ultimate degree of courage , such courage that the most moral army heroes can only dream of .Compare these men to the cowardly Azaria who so callously murdered a helpless Palestinian, just recently.

      The hunger strikers in Northern Ireland not only suffered the pain of slow starvation but were continuously tortured by their jailers , who would place cooked meals in their cells.
      When this did not weaken their resolve , the authorities would force feed them.This is a particularly cruel process and led to a huge increase in support for their plight not to mention a rise in membership of the IRA and mass riots on the streets of Northern Ireland.The Iron Lady ( M,Thatcher) finally gave in but not before 10 men had died and the strike had been called off , notably ,without a promise not to restart it.

      Israel must be aware of the history in Northern Ireland but given the far greater level of cruelty and lawlessness of the rogue nation , it would be naive to imagine they could care less if all 1000 died of hunger.After all , in the zionist mind , these people are all terrorists and more importantly , they are Non Jews.

      This is the evil nature of the beast known as the so called "Jewish State.".

    • What,s going on at the NYT.

      Publishing articles about Israel without approval from Tel Aviv.

      Someone is losing their grip.Hasbara central is overworked and spread far too thinly on the ground and it,s going to get worse, much worse.

  • The bulldozers of Shavuot, 1967
    • "God grant me the courage to change the things I can " Yonah (veni , vidi , vici.) Fredman.

      "God grant me an enemy that is weak and unarmed and preferably under age and I will change the things I don,t like and who needs courage.."

      God grant me the support of some wealthy and powerful benefactor who will cover my crimes in the right places and I will march ever forward towards my goal with unfettered serenity. "

      Yonah , you talk some line of BS.

  • Check out the new Mondoweiss t-shirts
    • "Let me be your ray – a drop of golden sun – and buy you a MW logo t-shirt."eljay

      It seems , that somewhere in his youth or childhood , Roha must have done something good.

  • The war for 'The New York Times'
    • I don,t suppose the NYT would publish a list of Israel,s Jewish Terrorist leaders.Begin/Shamir and the other members of terrorist gangs ie Irgun , Hagannah and Lehi , all of whom were involved in throwing bombs into Arab Markets and buses , not to mention blowing up King Davids Hotel and the slaughter of 200 +innocent civilians in Deir Yassin.

      Yup , brave heroes . every man jack of them and they provide role models for heroes like Sgt Azaria the medic who shot an unarmed Palestinian who no longer posed a threat , (if he ever did) to the most moral Army.

      I know Jon S /Jackdaw/catalan et al , these guy,s were freedom fighters resisting British Colonialism and oppression.

      Funny how that works --eh.If only Dick and Jane had the real facts , instead of those "alternative" versions supplied by Israel,s shills in the US media.

      But I digress.Israel is forced into all this occupation and house demolition stuff. Their hands are tied , not to mention , it is what their God has demanded.What,s a zionist to do.

  • Bill Kristol celebrates 'normal' foreign policy -- with Russia replacing Iraq in the new 'axis of evil'
  • Soldiers smash stone memorial to Palestinian girl, 17, shot in Hebron after alleged stabbing
    • Kate, the MSM in Ireland are very lax in reporting the deaths of Palestinians but when an Israeli Jew is harmed/killed , it,s big news.

      I use your reports to counter the prevailing perception that only Jews are killed.It isn,t too difficult to gain supporters when they are exposed to the truth , thanks to you.

    • We all owe Kate a special debt of gratitude for her remarkable commitment to providing us with this mirror into the zioniist project.

      It is sad that most if any of these never ending crimes are ever published on MSM.

      Thank you Kate.

  • Academic boycott campaign is growing fast at Trinity College Dublin
    • Most Irish people support the right of Palestinians to equality and Justice.Clearly this a by product of our own history of subjugation and oppression.

      No amount of Israel,s interference in our democracy will subvert our commitment to that goal .

      The leading Zionist Israeli shill , one , Alan Shatter who manged to talk our Taoiseach (PM) , Enda Kenny into giving him the portfolio of Minister in charge of Defence and Justice was given his marching orders in the last election so he is no longer using the halls of power to push the Israeli agenda.

      The Irish Parliament voted recently ,by a large majority to recognise Palestine as a state , in a non binding decision.Shatter no longer has influence and so it is just a matter of time before recognition is approved by the party in power.

      Israel refers to Ireland as a den of antisemitism .If opposing Israel,s crimes against the Palestinians invites this accusation , then so be it but we will wear that accusation with pride and increased dedication to the cause of justice .

  • Trump dines, Arabs die
    • And this is the guy who calls Assad (I have no brief for Assad) an animal.Most probably Trump also stated he was worse than Hitler which his echo Spicer repeated in front of the world without even the slightest application of critical thinking.

      God help us with these fools who have the codes to the Nukes.

  • Sean Spicer needs to go to a Holocaust center
    • "Holocaust centers? So Hitler brought ‘them’ to Holocaust centers? Does Spencer mean concentration camps?"

      Look , the use of the term "Concentration Camps" is peddling "Alternative Facts ". It,s "Holocaust Centers", stupid.

  • Passover has become little more than an act of communal hypocrisy
    • "The Jewish people celebrate Passover as a commemoration of their liberation by God from slavery in Egypt ” .

      I had forgotten about that myth. Must add it to my list right next to the one about , God giving Palestine to the Jews.

    • "Judaism said never mind about endlessly declaring your belief. Instead, here’s a set of laws to live by and deeds to perform. Live according to those laws and you’ll be fine. You’ll find yourself living a good, moral, life, and you’ll belong to a community based on shared laws and traditions. "Jon S.

      Another zinger from Jon S.

      Does Judaism allow you to covet (steal ) someone else,s property and still live good moral life.

      Nobody denies you will belong but , are you happy if that community is restricted to fellow thieves and robbers.

      Jon S is proof positive that the human mind knows no boundaries in it,s ability to self delude.I think you are mixing up the laws of Judaism with the laws of Zionism.

  • 'This miracle, this gift, this jewel' -- Obama's ambassador to Israel declares he's a Zionist
    • "Question: when has Hanan Ashwari EVER spoken without disgust and disdain? " duhbaker.

      So , telling the truth about Israel,s crimes and contraventions of International Law is displaying disgust and disdain.

      The Zionist mind is in full control of each zionist carcass it inhabits .

    • "But I have also grown more keenly aware of Israel’s deep-rooted strengths and its people’s dreams – manifested in the building of a modern state, the flowering of Jewish culture and democracy, the Start-up Nation, and the unrelenting search for peace. "SHAPIRO

      Does, shapiro know that not all Israelis are Jews .Reading his comments it is hard to believe he does .

  • Trump's Gambit: Sacrificing a fascist for establishment approval and Israeli propaganda
  • The liberal double standard on boycotting North Carolina and boycotting Israel
  • Trump makes war, and everyone swoons
    • "It is an old truth, keep generals away from politics, as they are trained to solve every problem with force!"

      Theo, you left out Generals, Chaney/Wolfobitz/Rumsfeld/Kristol , and the rest of the higher echelon of the "neocon rear guard ", safely ensconced in their bunkers.

      Old truths never die , they just fade away.

  • Trump's new war has neocons, Clintonites, and Israelis applauding, but left and realists dismayed
  • You know your country's in trouble when you're afraid to put on a bumper sticker
    • "I am most interested in what happens with the boarder of North-Ireland and Ireland and what happens with Scotland.. How does the Brexit affect in the Great Britain in that way."Kaisa of Finland .

      Kaisa , GB pols are simply going through the motions of carrying out the wishes of those who voted for Brexit.The remaining 27 countries have already informed GB that no trade negotiations will take place until the terms of the Divorce are settled.The whole process will take 5 + years and by that time , the British People will realise what a bad decision they have made. A 2nd referendum will take place and Brexit will be reversed.The Tories (conservatives ) are aware that the level of fear mongering over the next 5+years will create a reversal of support for Brexit.The Border between the Republic and Northern Ireland and Scotland,s threat to leave the UK coupled with the Gibraltar issue and a plethora of problems yet to emerge , will add to the confusion/concern of the UK citizens.

      INMHO , the whole exercise will prove to have been a total waste of time and money.On the upside , it will negate the possibility of a Frexit/Grexit/Spexit/Chexit/ etc etc.

    • Annie, I have a "Boycott Israel " sticker on the rear window of my car , which I got during one of the 6 protest marches in 2014. I drive an 04 Renault Megane and have been hoping someone will retaliate to a degree that forces me to upgrade but no luck so far. But this is , Israel /Jew hating Ireland so the chances of a hate attack on "Betsy " are far less likely than in the Israel loving US of A.

      I think anyone in the US who places any sticker condemning Israel is courageous as are you and Citizen.

  • Israeli Jews maintain the occupation because it is in their interest -- Noam Sheizaf
    • Jeff B here is the "real deal " !!!..

      Watch this video Jeff and tell me Israel is going to survive.

      Also for Jon S who likes to post links to polls that describe Israel as 11th on the "happiness " scale.

      If you are real teacher , share this with your students and show them just what a screwed up fascist and racist society their elders are bequeathing them.

      There is even video footage of your fellow Beershebans beating to death an Eritrean.It includes video footage of Israeli Jews handing out condoms to Black people on the streets of Israel,s cities and much , much more.

  • Dershowitz gets drunk on water
    • "I believe there is no weapon more powerful in the fight against BDS than for Israel to develop technologies that the world cannot live without. - See more at:"

      Have to disagree dersch , The most powerful weapon (already in Israel,s arsenal" but never tested ") is to end the occupation , end the siege of Gaza and obey and respect International Law.

      This speech by dershowits , shows what an insane zionist he is.He thinks he can blackmail us with a glass of water.Is this Water boarding , without the water.

  • JDL member arrested for attacking Palestinian-American teacher ran anti-Muslim website
  • Palestinian-American teacher brutally attacked by Jewish Defense League outside AIPAC conference
  • Will assassination lead to war?
  • AIPAC speakers say the enemy is BDS, while 'biggest Jewish-led protest' surges outside
    • I watched the whole tape and have to give praise to these young people.

      The JDF obviously hired some thugs to create trouble.Why would anyone who is protesting peacefully feel the need to cover their face.

      The JDF crowd knew they were on the losing side as evidenced by the pint sized female antagonist who claimed she was Palestinian but kept repeating there was no such place as Palestine and referring to Palestinians as donkeys.

  • The dispossessed
    • fab , do you recognise sarcasm when you see it??.

    • Maybe jon s can reach out to this kid and explain to him , that his family home was an obstruction and impediment to the right of the Jewish people to self determination in their historic homeland .

      Maybe jon s can explain to him , that a Jewish person in the US has been longing all his life to make aliyah.This Jewish person has awoken every day of his adult life dreaming of his "return" to the only Jewish and "democratic"state in the world.

      Maybe jon s can implore this kid to be reasonable and make way for the poor victimized Jew
      who is escaping the danger that all Jews face in the USA . Is this so much to ask.

  • Video: Israeli forces force crying 8-year-old boy barefoot through gravel looking for stone-throwers
    • These are the brave heroes that zionists revere and believe will preserve Israel for the next 1000 years --at least.

      The worlds most moral army is staffed by sadistic cowards , but on the bright side they are good runners and they will need to be , because the day is coming when these stalwart sons of Zion will have the opportunity to display their athletic prowess , running for their lives from an enemy that is somewhat older than 8 years.

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