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I am Irish with a profound interest in the Palestinian /Israeli conflict.

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  • Charlottesville is moment of truth for empowered U.S. Zionists (who name their children after Israeli generals)
    • "Should people watching the Nazi march in Charlottesville conclude that all Americans are Nazi White Supremacists?" jacko

      jacko , do you ever think before you post this nonsense.

      As whites represent just 60 %of the Population how could anyone conclude that all Americans are "White Supremacists".

    • Who said he wasn,t sherlock.

      I was referring to the CNN hypocrites who only see war crimes they want to.

      As to the little idf criminal , Azaria , being arrested , that only happened because he was caught on video.He was sentenced to 18 months for his war crime and all and sundry in Israel are calling for their little hero to be pardoned.

      Go back to sleep Jacko.

    • As CNN is the only MSM I have access to here in Ireland , I have watched many hours in the last week.

      During Anderson Cooper,s show , the subject of Trump,s "Pershing.s " diatribe came up. Cooper suggested that if indeed Pershing had shot 49 "Muslims" in cold blood , that would in fact be a war crime.

      Nobody brought up the subject of the Idf medic . Azaria" who shot a wounded Palestinian to death .No war crime there. I guess Zionist logic takes a nap when it suits.


  • On Charlottesville and Jewish memory
    • Jon S , as they say in the construction business !!.

      "It,s all about the finish".

      You remind me of the folks at Fox News.

      Their slogan is , "Fair and Balanced". Clearly that is a nice bit of propaganda to whitewash their one sided view of everything.

      Btw , I asked you to name the people who wrecked BG,S eutopian plans and all you respond with is more apologetics for zionism and it,s decades old crimes.

    • "It wouldn’t be difficult to provide numerous quotes by Zionist leaders expressing the desire to live in peace with the Palestinian Arab population." Jon S

      So Jon, for the purposes of discussion , we will allow that BG was this saintly peace loving zionist who was willing to live in perfect harmony with the Palestinians.

      So , what went wrong.Who steered Israel away from this wonderful humanistic and inclusive Godly plan.

      It shouldn,t be too difficult to point out those who ignored the great defender of equality and rights for all .

      We,ll wait Jon S.

      Oh , and don,t forget to include those who stole the land you squat on and sold it to you.In my country as with most real democracies --receiving (or buying stolen goods is a crime.

    • "It wouldn’t be difficult to provide numerous quotes by Zionist leaders expressing the desire to live in peace with the Palestinian Arab population." jon s

      Don,t let us get in your way Jon.

  • The 'vertical apartheid' of the Israeli occupation
    • "UNINHABITED ISLAND, not inhabited..

      That was not a place to make a mistake!!! " Kaisa

      On the contrary , an uninhabited Island is the best place to make a mistake of such magnitude.

      Greetings from Ireland.

    • "Please explain." jacko

      The rest of us get it and there would be no point explaining it to you jacko.

      Think of it as an effort to prevent you from further making a Chimp , sorry , Chump of yourself.

    • "Are you opposed to womens’ shelters because they admit only women?"jacko

      Are you in favour of imprisoning minors with adults.

      "Are you opposed to animal shelters that admit dogs & cats, but not guinea pigs or chimps?"


      Would you support "Goys only Communities" --anywhere.

    • "As Clinton later wrote in his memoir:" jacko

      Your moving along hastily jacko.Let me see --that screed is on page 32 of the hasbara manual.Just another few pages to go and then you will have to start repeating yourself.

      Try reading Schlomo ben Ami ,s "Scars of War, Wounds of Peace" .He was right there and tells the truth about who wanted those so called peace talks to fail.

      Find another career jacko.

  • Racial supremacy and the Zionist exception
    • Annie , if you check out Anderson cooper and his gang of zio apologists , they are running that video.I do not have a link.

      I only get CNN so am restricted to that for US news.It is very frustrating watching Blitzer/Gloria Borger and the other Israel apologists waffling on about white supremacists (I carry no brief for them) shouting antisemitic slurs , when they support the same actions carried out by Jewish supremacists in Israel and Palestine.

      It is notable that not once do these hypocrites refer to Islamophobia .

    • Check out MSM --Trump loses it outside trump tower,

      Says there were good people among the alt right mob and that the "alt left " (his words) attacked the good folks who were just protesting the taking down of the Robert E Lee statue.

      Unbelievable stuff.

  • Bay Area stands with Reem's Bakery in face of pro-Israel attacks
    • Thanks for this Carol.I had forgotten about Fruitvale during 16 years I have been back in Ireland.

      Sure wish I was there to stand in support of Reems and give a suitable welcome to the usual zionist trouble makers trying to spread the usual hasbara and lies.Will they ever learn.

  • Video: Under protection from Israeli forces, settlers take over Palestinian home in Hebron's Old City
    • Get your barf bag out before reading this.

      "Israel to High Court: Law Seizing Palestinian Land Is Humane Response to 'Distress' of Thousands of Settlers
      read more:

      "The state on Monday asked the High Court of Justice to reject legal challenges to a controversial law that would allow for the retroactive expropriation of land owned by Palestinians in West Bank settlements. It called the law “a humane, proportional and reasonable response to the genuine distress of Israeli residents.”

      In seeking to persuade the court to reject the legal challenges – filed by Palestinian and Israeli human rights organizations – the state argued that the “practical alternative” to the law is the maintenance of the existing situation, which the state said is disruptive to the lives of “hundreds of families” in settlements, including families who built homes based on representations by government authorities that it was permissible."

      Defendant to Judge in robbery case !!!.

      But your honour , I spent all the money I robbed but why would you cause me distress by forcing me to return it. .It,s all gone .That would be inhumane treatment .

      Judge to defendant !!!.

      So what about the distress you caused your victim.

      Defendant !!!.

      But , your honour , I am simply asking for a humane, proportional and reasonable response to my genuine distress .

    • Speaking of illegal squatters receiving assistance from the so called most moral army !!!.

      It turns out that the rogue nation has so far spent 180 million shekels relocating 40 families of illegal squatters from one illegal squat to another , each time on occupied Palestinian lands and now plans to spend an additional 70 million (total 1/4 billion , circa 60 million dollars = 1,5 million per family.) creating another illegal "Jewish Community" on occupied Palestinian land.

      All paid for by the Israeli populace and the American taxpayer.

      From Amona to Amichai.

  • Chomsky still believes in the old Israel. I did too, once upon a time
    • "And when you get here, “Jon s”, stay out of the casinos."Mooser

      Jon S probably already knows there is a Beersheba in the US --Tennessee. It too has lots of White supremacists but I am not sure if they have a soccer team.

      If Jon feels the need to have a flutter , he can always go Beloxi.

    • Jon S

      "emory riddle,
      That’s a falsified quote. Actually Ben Gurion wrote the opposite: We do not want to and do not need to expel…"

      So what did he mean when he said the following ????.

      "A partial Jewish State is not the end, but only the beginning. … I am certain that we well not be prevented from settling in the other parts of the country, either by mutual agreements with our Arab neighbors or by some other means. . . [If the Arabs refuse] we shall have to speak to them in another language. But we shall only have another language if we have a state."

      As quoted in Chomsky, Noam, Fateful Triangle: The United States, Israel, and the Palestinians (Updated Edition) (South End Press Classics Series)."

      Give it up Jon S.

      Save your money to pay for your inevitable aliyah to the US.

    • jacko "Why does Israel have any responsibility for Gaza since the occupation was the result of Gaza’s aggression against Israel?"

      Amigo in response!.

      "So , for future ref , Israel is occupying Gaza –right jacko."

      To which the uncomprehending jacko responds with.

      "Why do you say that Israel is occupying Gaza, but Egypt is not occupying Gaza even though Egypt also blocks Gaza at its border with Egypt? "

      Jacko ,

      Egypt does not control Palestinian Airspace/Population registry/Palestinian territorial Waters etc etc.

      But just to please you we will accept that Egypt occupies Gaza with Israel.

      There , feel better now that Israel is in the company of a dictatorship --ie Egypt.

      BTW , I am still waiting for an answer to my three questions????.

      1, Are You Jewish.

      2 Are you a zionist .

      3, Do you believe in God and if so , prove he /she /it exists.IE , dna /fingerprints/blood type/colour of hair/colour of skin/home address/occupation/next of kin/criminal record/hobbies , (exclude dabbling in real estate) / name of spouse /name of children / Marital status/religion and any additional information you can provide to aid us in resolving this ancient mystery.

      I will wait.

    • "Is Egypt also an occupier of Gaza since it blocks Gaza at its border with Egypt?" jacko

      The US gives some 1.5 billion to the dictators in Egypt to be nice to the zionist entity and aid and abet them in their crimes against the Palestinian People , so while they may not be occupying the place , they are co conspirators in Israel,s crimes , as is the US.

      "Is the UK an occupier of Gaza since it “it retains the ability to reassert direct control at will?”.jacko

      Where do you come up with this nonsense.The Mandate ended decades ago.

      Provide link please to this claim OR STFU.

      "Why does Israel have any responsibility for Gaza since the occupation was the result of Gaza’s aggression against Israel?" jacko

      So , for future ref , Israel is occupying Gaza --right jacko.

      Remember , your posts are there for all to read in your archive.

    • Misterioso.

      Thank for that addition.

      It should keep our consummate scholar , Jon S busy for a while coming up with a response.Let me guess--Benny Morris is a self hating Jew who told lies to sell his book.

    • "“Jon s” take my advice, don’t become a gambler. You come up snake-eyes every time. You didn’t know that one was a sure loser? " Mooser

      One would have thought a professional pedagogue schooled in the history of Israel would have encountered that gospel truth somewhere in his past.

      Hell , if a Paddy , ( Me ) with pigs in his parlor , who reads Benny Morris by candle light, is aware of this part of Israeli history , one might expect our jon s to be up to scratch .

    • "Rob roy,
      Where and when did Ben Gurion say “expel them”?" Jon S.

      "The Israelis wanted the region cleared of its large Arab population and hoped that the inhabitants of the two towns would flee as a result of the fighting. When this did not happen, Israeli commanders confronted the question of what to do with them. Their fate was sealed at a meeting attended by Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion and top IDF commanders on July 12. “According to the best account of that meeting,” Israeli historian Benny Morris tells us, “someone, possibly [Operation Dani commander Yigal] Allon, proposed expelling the inhabitants of the two towns. Ben-Gurion said nothing, and no decision was taken. Then Ben-Gurion, Allon and [Allon’s deputy Yitzhak] Rabin left the room. Allon asked: ‘What shall we do with the Arabs?’ Ben-Gurion made a dismissive gesture with his hand and said, ‘Expel them’ (garesh otam).” [1]

      Over the next several days, tens of thousands of Palestinian men, women and children were forced out of Lydda and Ramla with the few possessions they could carry, most of them walking miles to the Arab Legion’s lines without food or water under a hot summer sun. Many had their money and valuables stolen as they passed through IDF checkpoints; some died along the way. The towns they left behind were thoroughly looted by Israeli soldiers and civilians."

  • Israelis erect new military observation tower in Area A in occupied West Bank
    • Mayhem , why do you keep trying to prove you are a dim wit.We already know it.

      "Britain has had no reason to invade the Republic of Ireland – that’s not where the troubles were."Mayhem.

      Listen me boyo,

      During the so called Troubles IRA operatives /resistance fighters used to pop over the border into , Occupied Northern Ireland. ( This was pre good Friday agreement and the changes made to our Constitution regarding our claim to Northern Ireland ) and carry out acts of resistance --ie kill some British soldiers (agents of the Occupation )and then hightail it back to the Republic.Others , we shall call Terrorists carried out terrorist acts --Ie planted bombs in civilian areas in the North and similarly went back to the South.

      Conversely , Unionist Terrorists on several occasions came across the border and planted bombs in the republic and High tailed it back to Occupied Northern Ireland , where very few , if any were ever charged with their crimes.Now why does that sound familiar ??.

      So you see mayhem me boyo , by your logic , both the authorities in N,I, and the Republic had a right to breach each others territories in ensuring the safety of their respective citizens.

      But of course , saner minds prevailed , unlike in Israel --sans frontiere--which is ruled by madmen and women.

      Crawl back into your zionist lair Mayhem.You are full of s--t and are talking above your pay grade.

  • Israel would use nuclear weapons to keep refugees from returning -- Noam Chomsky
    • "If you’re also motivated by hatred -well,what can I say, that’s unfortunate" Jon S to Amigo

      Followed by !!,

      "As to why I keep returning to Yonifalic, you may have a point. Maybe I shouldn’t bother."

      Maybe you are motivated by hatred.

      Oh and just to clarify--my hatred is for those who perpetrate crimes against the Palestinians and the state that enables them.

      Namely , zionists and the state of Israel.

      As to your invitation , no thanks.Besides , I am a fervent supporter of BDS here in Ireland and don,t wish to waste my time taking a vacation just to be stopped at the border and refused entry.

    • "I must say that by now I find this whole topic , discussing Yonifalic, what he means and why he’s tolerated on Mondoweiss, extremely distasteful."Jon S

      I imagine you do but why do you keep raising the subject if you find it so distasteful.

      See post at 6,08 am .

    • "Thanks . As I said it’s good to know that the Jewish community is thriving. Do you have anything more up-to-date than a link from 2007? and are those who so wish free to leave?"Jon S

      Would 2016 be recent enough for you Jon S.Now you can pass the latest news about Iranian Jews on to your students and correct any zionist yarns you may have infused in their young minds.

      "Morsadegh, a 50-year-old hospital surgeon, is one of the candidates who benefited in the liberal swing to get re-elected. He is the only Jew in the Iranian parliament, the Majlis, winning the seat reserved for the Jewish community against two other candidates. "The fact is, Iran is a place where Jews feel secure and we are happy to be here," he says. "We are proud to be Iranian. I know this doesn't follow the Zionist script, but this is the reality."

      But are his expressions of patriotism and castigation of Israel intended to ensure self-preservation in the Islamic Republic? "No one forces the Jews to stay here," says Morsadegh, a large figure, full of energy, at his office in the Sapir Medical Centre in Tehran. "The Israelis offer money to Jewish people to emigrate to Israel, but we choose to stay. My view is that the actions of Netanyahu and his government, the way they behave towards the Palestinians, cause problems for Jews everywhere. I am not the only one holding these views. Am I not allowed to say it because I am a Jew? " He waves his arms amid a haze of smoke from his constant chain of Winston cigarettes."

      "As to the Iranian regime’s attitude towards Israel, it seems to me that the slogan “Death to Israel” is pretty clear." Jon S

      Can,t say i blame the Iranians , given the endless threats the Israeli regime sends their way.

      You get what you ask for.

    • . It’s good to know that the Jewish community in Iran is “thriving”. One question: are they free to leave?" Jon S

      " Iran's Jews reject cash offer to move to Israel
      · Expats offer families £30,000 to emigrate
      · Our identity is not for sale, say community leaders"

      BTW , Jon S , I thought you might find this enlightening--don,t forget to pass it along to your students.

      "The following correction was printed in the Guardian's Corrections and clarifications column, Saturday July 28 2007

      In the article below we reported that last year President Ahmadinejad said (quoting the late Ayatollah Khomeini) that Israel should be "wiped off the map". A more literal translation of the statement he made in 2005, at The World without Zionism conference in Tehran, is "the regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time".

      Note ! it is to be found at the same link provided above.

    • "I don’t have to “claim” that Yonifalic is a Jew-hater, he’s said so himself numerous times. Search his archive for “hate”." jon s

      I took your advice and searched for "hate" in Yoni,s archives.
      I came up with numerous use of the term hate but never did he write that he "Hates Jews".

      He states his hatred for Israel and zionism/zionists --I do too.Does that make me a Jew hater.

      I challenge you to bring forth "proof " he is a Jew hater.In my opinion , he cares more about the welfare of Jews than you do sitting in your illegal squat on stolen Palestinian land making excuses for and defending the Zionist entity.

      I notice you are moving further to the right and are clearly showing the strain of defending the indefensible.Resorting to lies and zionist Hasbara.

      It,s going to get tougher jon s but you get no sympathy from this side of the house.

      BTW , where is your refutation , to our link to BG ( Jewish terrorist ) clearly stating he wanted the Palestinians "expelled".

  • After Israel tries to ban Al Jazeera, critics say the country is 'taking its cues from Arab dictators'
    • In the so called light unto the nations and only democracy in the ME , incitement to violence is telling the truth about Israel.Airing real time video evidence of crimes committed by the brave heroes of the so called "Most moral army" .

      Airing programs where Israel,s contravention of the Laws of war are discussed in detail.

      Incitement to violence is any act that makes Israel look bad.

      Poor little Israel , so hard done by.Such a victim.What has Israel aver done to deserve this , they ask.

      Maybe adopting the actions of those Arab dictators whose behaviour mostly serves as meat for zionist whataboutery when convenient.

  • 'Pummeled' at town hall, Sen. Wyden says Israel Anti Boycott law is needed because 'movement has grown'
  • Zionism is apartheid, and worse
    • “catalan” and make sure to send in some “happy” comments from Israel."Mooser.

      Look on the bright side , catalan,s arrival will cause Israel to tumble to the bottom of the "Happiness " ranking and conversely move the US position to heights it has never reached before.

    • Happy to report that Israel ( again)ranked in the top three least liked or trusted nations on earth. Great company you are keeping catalan.Must be the company Israel keeps that makes yossi and family so happy.Or maybe , the more they are hated , the happier they are.

      What a country. What a people .What a mess.





      Apologies for ommitting several years but even you are smart enough to get the message.

    • " Can you imagine if the Knesset passed a law banning Arabs from working even in one profession? The law of Israel does not distinguish between a Jew and an Arab. " jacko

      You must try to get out more often jacko.
      Israel already made a fool of you.Do they pay you so handsomely that you suspend your self respect for thirty shillings Sad fellow.

      Here are just three of the 50 discriminatory laws passed by the "KNESSET".

      " 1950 law about confiscation of Absentee Landlord Property. This law defines persons who were expelled, fled, or who left the country after November 29, 1947 as “absentee.” Property belonging to “absentees” was placed under the control of the State of Israel with the Custodian for Absentees’ Property. The Absentee Property Law was the main legal instrument used by Israel to take possession of the land belonging to the internal and external Palestinian refugees, and Muslim Waqf properties across the state. This law continues to be used to this day by quasi-governmental agencies in Israel to take over Palestinian properties in East Jerusalem, for example.

      1950 Law of Return. This allows every Jewish person to immigrate to Israel and this extends to the children and grandchildren of Jews, as well as their spouses, and the spouses of their children and grandchildren. The flip side of this is that the rights of Palestinians and others to enter the state and become citizens, even if they were born in the area that is now the State of Israel, are extremely restrictive. This discrimination against the non-Jewish minority has been periodically reinforced. For example, the ban on family unification law of 2003 prohibits citizens of Israel from reuniting with Palestinian spouses living in the West Bank or Gaza.

      In 1952 the state authorized the World Zionist Organization, the Jewish Agency, and other Zionist bodies founded at the turn of the 20th century to function in Israel as quasi-governmental entities in order to further advance the goals of the Zionist movement, to the detriment of minorities.

      The Land Acquisition Law of 1953 transferred the land of 349 Arab towns and villages—approximately 1.2 million dunams in all (~468 square miles)—to the state to be used preferentially for the Jewish majority.

      In 1953, the Knesset bestowed governmental authorities on the Jewish National Fund (JNF or Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael) to purchase land for exclusively Jewish use. The state granted financial advantages, including tax relief to facilitate such purchases.

      In 1960, the state passed a law which stipulates that the ownership of “Israel lands”—namely the 93% of land under the control of the state, the Jewish National Fund, and the Development Authority—cannot be transferred in any manner."

    • So Jacko , it,s all the fault of the Lebanese who refuse to give citizenship to the Refugees , (which they don,t want) and relieve Israel of it,s responsibility under International Law (know what that is jacko) and allow those people to return to their homes on which illegal squatter thieves are now living.

      How inconvenient for the little rogue pip squeak entity that all those Arab nations will not cooperate with the light unto the nations in it,s endeavour to rid so called Israel of every non Jew so you can have it all to yourself.

      Damn antisemites ---eh jacko.

      Btw , I asked you before --twice---do you believe in God?????.

      I asked also if you are Jewish and or a zionist.Did you run out of ink .

  • McMaster solidifies power at NSC -- and supports Iran deal, sees Israel as occupier
    • "He allows anti-Israel, pro-Muslim Brotherhood, pro-Iran Obama people like Robert Malley to walk around the NSC and tell people what to do and think."Glick.

      Can,t have anyone who does not show complete fealty to Israel ,(even at the expense of the welfare of the US )roaming the halls of US power and leaking secrets about the real Israel.

      Why can,t people understand that The US exists to protect Israel.

      For jacko---it says so in the Torah.

  • As Israeli soldiers crushed Gaza, world Jewry united, and sent Ben & Jerry's ice cream to the front
    • "2. There are no Jewish-only roads in Israel." jon s

      Can you provide a map of this so called Israel.Your fellow zioapollos seem to think it includes all of the WB and Gaza and the stolen Syrian Heights and the illegally annexed city of Jerusalem.

      BTW , The Settlements are "Illegal". Do you believe otherwise.

  • Uncritical Jewish identification with oppressive Israeli policies fuels anti-Semitism -- Klug
    • festus. If some Jews support ending the occupation because they will face retribution down the road .then that.s fine.

      The gravy would be if they do it because it is wrong but let.s not muddy the wadis.

  • Jew and Israeli: Solomon Schechter and Shlomo Sand
    • " imagine, sitting and eating white bread and mayonnaise with your neighbors, but then going home and chowing down on some pastrami on rye, mit a pickle and chicken soup," YF

      What a racist jerk you are Yonah.

      Some of us gentile folk don,t spend our lives chowing down on White bread and mayonnaise.

      Who would want to have you assimilate "mit " them.

  • Debunking the 2 claims: anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism, and BDS unfairly singles out Israel
    • "Who cares about polls, i.e. questions asked by agenda-driven observers to those that are crazy enough to answer strangers on the phone? "catonahottinroof.

      Sure f--k the polls when we have your opinion.

      I bet if a poll came out espousing the virtues of so called Israel , those strangers on the phone would not be crazy.

      Thanks for the daily giggles catalan.You are a gem.

    • "But answer this, so you think it is a complete coincidence that since the founding of Israel, Jews went from a detested and despised minority to the most liked and admired group in the West?"catalan

      To answer Mooser, question , you are stupid.


      "BBC Poll: Israel Among World's Least Popular Nations

      The annual BBC World Service poll finds Germany most popular; only countries less popular than Israel are North Korea, Pakistan and Iran.
      read more:


      "Germany is the most positively viewed nation in the world in this year's annual Country Ratings Poll for the BBC World Service.

      Israel, North Korea, Pakistan and Iran came out worst in terms of how they are viewed globally"

    • Israel can blame itself for what they view as being unfairly singled out.

      The constant claim of being the only democracy (it is anything but democratic) in the Middle East.It,s tiresome claims to have the most moral army on earth and the constant bragging that the rest of us would all be dead were it not for Israel,s generosity in sharing their technical superiority (they are not ) with the world.

      Israel is the squeaky wheel that has to be attended to until the ear splitting and irritating noise departs the stage.

      You don,t like the blow back--then modify your behaviour--you all know how and you will be treated just like any nation that obeys international law and treats others with common decency and respects their right to self determination and the right to have their property returned on which they can move freely around without let or hindrance , not to mention threat of being shot for no other reason than not being of the right religion.

    • Israel could care less if we pick on other criminal states, they just want us to leave them to their crimes.Jews have a right to do as they please and anyone who complains is an antisemite. Ordinary logic would suggest that ignoring the crimes of the so called "Jewish " state , because it is Jewish would be classic antisemitism but zionists make a science out of turning standard logic on it,s head.

      By way of easing the suffering of those Zionists who believe I am an antisemite , I faithfully promise to become an anti Egyptimite /Turkeyite/Saudi Arabiaite and all the other criminal entities that Israel,s apologists are continually pointing out.

      As soon as Israel get,s the hell out of Occupied Palestine , I will get right on the job and kick some Egyptian Ass.

      For you Israel haters ---suck on this.

  • 'Transferring' Palestinian citizens of Israel to a Palestinian state goes from outrage to Netanyahu policy
    • Mooser.

      "And the Christian says: “Oh yeah, well I should get the land because my ancestors were the Roman soldiers who dragged them off, loser!”

      Mooser , your,e not listening .Jack green has already told you , that it is the oldest claim that counts.

      As long as the claimant is Jewish and is armed with a copy of the Torah.

    • "I told you what settlers believe.
      I did not say that they are entitled to take land by force."jacko

      So why the f--k are you espousing the legal virtues of the torah.

      Jacko , a few more questions.

      1, Are You Jewish.

      2, Are you a zionist.

      3,Do you believe , that those Jews who believe that this so called yaweh chap gave them the right to take any land they believe he gave them.

      4,Do you believe that had the nazis believed their god told them to wipe out the Jews , they would have had a right.

      Be careful jacko , these are trick questions.Contact some adults for help before you track all that horse manure around your pad.

    • There goes another Jewish myth.

      End times cancelled due to the death the Master of ceremonies.

    • jacko.

      "Yusuf Diya al-Khalidi, the Arab mayor of Jerusalem, in 1899 in a letter to Zadok Kahn, the chief rabbi of France about the rights of Jews to self-determination in the land of the Jews."

      Codswollop jacko.

      " His last known, practically prophetic, political act was a letter to the French head rabbi, Zadok Kahn, a friend of Herzl, written in the spring of 1899. In it Yusuf al-Khalidi expressed his fear that the Zionist movement would jeopardize the friendly association
      of Muslims, Christians and Jews in Palestine, and out of a “holy duty of conscience” and “in the name of God” appealed to the Zionists to leave Palestine in peace.

      The letter was passed on to Herzl, who answered it on 19 March 1899 from Vienna. In his reply, he emphasized the great benefit that the Ottoman empire in general and “la population non juive en Palestine” in particular would derive from Jewish immigration to Palestine. He hoped that the sultan understood this. To this he added threateningly, “S’il n’acceptera pas nous chercherons et croyes moi nous touverons ailleurs ce qu’il nous faut.” [“If he will not accept it, we will search and, believe me, we will find elsewhere what we need.”

      Read the article Gamal linked to and even you might understand why your quote is at best the product of a propagandist.

    • "It was Mooser who claimed that the Torah was worthless as a deed, so it’s up to Mooser, not me, to come up with proof."jacko

      Given that it took 800 years to register or record the deed , I would have to agree that it is worthless.It seems Jews thought so for 800 years.

      Tell you what , you come along and steal my home and we,ll see how long you will squat in my pad using your worthless torah as evidence of ownership.I will make you eat the damn thing---metaphorically speaking , of course , given that you have already swallowed it, at least once.

      Your clearly unbalanced jacko.

    • "By initiating violence against Israelis, the PA has violated a cornerstone of the agreement." jacko g

      but jacko you just finished telling us there was no agreement.

      See up thread ;

      "Israel didn’t break an agreement or violate a treaty because
      there was no agreement or treaty." jacko g

      It,s very easy to remember the truth jacko.Keeping all the lies straight
      is a tough road to hoe.

    • Jack, a few questions re this god of yours.

      1 , Do you have a Photo you can share.

      2, Does he/she/it have an address, phone number/e,mail/twitter or face book .

      3, Is he /she/it in the Who,s who publication.

      4, Age , ethnicity,religion, professional accomplishments , hobbies --other than dabbling in real estate--.

      5, Family History--spouses name--children , Brothers, Sisters.Pets,

      6, Is Yaweh his/her/it,s Christian name. If so, what is the surname.

      You can help by helping us to know him/her/it better.

    • "Why is that Torah worthless as a land deed?” j,g.

      "Has a plaintiff/defendant ever introduced the Torah as a legal document / deed in a property dispute."amigo

      Green Jack replies!.

      "Evidence that any judge has refused to accept the Torah as a deed?"

      Hey jacko , I asked for evidence of a case where some wacko religious zionist freak was able to hold unto property using the "Torah " as proof of ownership.

      Don,t try to be too smart---your not.

      BTW , I am awaiting proof of your claim that Palestinians violated the Oslo accords and that Israel did not.

      I will wait --as usual.

    • "People acquire property rights with money." green jack

      Who then goes on to say !!.

      "However, the law goes by the oldest document.
      There are other deeds to that property which are older than your deed."

      You treat stupidity as if it is a virtue.Is it intentional.

    • "Why is that Torah worthless as a land deed?" j,g.

      Has a plaintiff/defendant ever introduced the Torah as a legal document / deed in a property dispute.

      Links to cases please that support your claim. I,ll wait.

      You do know how to do your own research outside of the camera /hasbara central link ????.

    • Jack , the framers of the Oslo accords , in their wisdom understood that some violence would occur during the long months of negotiations and nowhere in the text does it state that "individual"acts of violence would constitute the end of the accords.

      For example !!!.

      Within months of the signing of the Oslo agreement, the cycle of violence had restarted. In February of the following year, an Israeli settler had shot dead 29 Muslim worshippers in a mosque in the ancient West Bank city of Hebron.

      You should stay away from C.A.M.E.R.A .They tend to be tribal and not harbingers of the truth , the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    • "You don’t have to believe in God, but this ancient document lists the names of the owners of the land (the 12 sons of Jacob [aka Israel]) & the boundaries of the land. In other words, it’s a deed to the land naming the children of Israel as the owners"Cracker Jack.

      Not to be a spoil sport, but these Biblical characters survived in story form through a minimum of 800 years of oral transmission before their stories were ever written down.

      Too bad the Israelities didn,t have a James Comey around to create a some contemporaneous notes.

      Care to tell us why they waited 800 years.

    • "Israel didn’t break an agreement or violate a treaty because
      there was no agreement or treaty." Jack ,(who is very)Green.


  • State Dep't is 'bigoted, anti-Semitic, Israel-hating' for saying Palestinian statelessness fosters violence
    • "He was chasing the skirts before the hems were dry from the Flood!"Mooser.

      And all this time , I thought our generation invented all that free love in the 60,s .

  • Israel is losing the battle for public opinion thanks to honest journalists, and platforms like Mondoweiss
    • "Amigo – As sad as it might be for you, in Oslo it was agreed that Israel and the PLO will negotiate an end of conflict." Nathan.

      Not sad at all .The Oslo accords were a sham, so much so that Netanyahu set about negating them.He even bragged about it.

      Your problem is one of overuse of the tactic of selective application of Laws/agreements/accords.Israel has broken almost, if not every commitment it made "IN OSLO" .So cut the bs about Oslo , unless you are prepared to honour all of it.

      Now back to my previous request!.

      Where is the map.

      Btw , do you suffer from "linkaphobia".You should seek help.I am sure the folks at Hasbara Central can be of assistance given the disease is not surprisingly , to be found in copious amounts in the zionosphere and given Israel,s uncontested supremacy in all areas of medical technology , a cure should be only a phone call away.

    • "Hi, Nathan. I’d like to discuss the subject of Israel’s borders." eljay.

      I am off to wet my whistle and will leave the subject matter in your capable hands.

      Btw, expect Echi to intercede. Wanna bet a pint on it.We can discuss payment method later.Paypal is not an option.I believe you are aware of their policies regarding Palestinians.

    • "A state exists when there is a government in effective control of a particular territory with a permanent population". Nathan

      Except for the 5 million Palestinians non permanent populace which your so called Jewish and democratic state has spent decades trying to expel.What shall we call them!!!. "Illegitimate" citizens or would "non Jews " suffice.

      "Now, perhaps we could discuss some other subject on Mondoweiss. " nathan

      How about discussing the map of Israel (sans frontiere ) with us.Do you have a map ??.

      Or maybe you would rather talk about how Israel the creator of cherry toms and invented the Cell phone and is leading , (saving ) the world through it,s life saving medical technology and reaching it,s hand over the oceans and turning sea water into drinkable H2o.

      Or we could talk about Israel sending it,s medical personnel to remote parts of the world to aid the victims of earthquakes or any number of natural disasters.We dare not mention the fact that they use these disasters to burnish Israel,s image .God knows they need to.

      Do you have any suggestions as to how to reach a peaceful end of the conflict?.Nathan.

      Thanks for saving the easiest question for last.

      Answer ! , Get the hell out of Palestine and take your illegal squatters with you and try finding somewhere else to set up your "Jewish supremacist and Apartheid , illegitimate state .Best of luck with that .

      Tick, Tick ,Tick.

  • 'Lack of hope' drives Palestinians to carry out terrorist attacks, State Department says
    • "Ok let’s go with the higher estimate. So the choice would be to lose 4.7 Billion a year on the one hand due to boycotts ($500 per citizen); and on the other hand, give up the strategic West Bank, allow 7 million hostile aliens, evacuate hundreds of thousands of settlers; and begin living in a Muslim majority country. I think it’s a no-brainer."catalan

      You can stick with the status quo (3rd option ) and the cost will be far greater than 4.7 billion.

      Zionists (with wealth )will be lined up at BG airport trampling over each other to get the hell out of "Israhell" .

      Zionists will be treated with the disgust they so richly deserve wherever they try to go.Israel will be a pariah nation that the civilised world will refuse to do business with.

      Add up those numbers me bucko .


      "Do you wonder why Benjamin Netanyahu is declaring war on BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions), and Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban are holding a secret Las Vegas conference to fight it, and Yair Lapid is saying that the people behind BDS plotted 9/11, and Ari Shavit is calling the movement “evil and sophisticated”?

      Well, here’s why. The Financial Times has published a big, and somewhat balanced, article on the rapid rise of BDS that includes two stunning financial numbers showing how powerful the nonviolent movement for justice in Israel/Palestine is becoming.

      The most important information is deep inside the FT article:

      However, there are signs that Israel’s disquiet over BDS is genuine. This week an Israeli financial newspaper covered a leaked government report estimating that BDS could cost Israel’s economy $1.4bn a year. The estimate included lower exports from the settlements in keeping with the EU’s plans to begin labelling goods made there — not part of the BDS movement, although many Israelis lump the two things together. The Rand Corporation, the US think-tank, says the costs could be more than three times higher: $47bn over 10 years"

    • Speaking of joshing.

      "when Netanyahu unilaterally froze settlements for a year" duhbaker

      For any unsuspecting victims of debakrs lies and hasbara !! , read the following article on nietandyahu,s so called settlement freeze.I believe , it thawed out over night.Something to do with zionist hot air.

      "Raz also tells Al-Monitor that the current complaints of the settlers are "connected to what's going on with [President Barack] Obama. It's part of the whining syndrome vis-a-vis the United States. Netanyahu supposedly tells Obama, 'I'm freezing construction and that is causing me political problems, you are pushing us into a corner.' As far as the settlers are concerned, they know that if they would say, 'What a wonderful government, we are building on every hilltop' — that would raise the ire of the press, the human rights organizations and the Americans. Their technique in the 48 years of occupation is to say, 'They are all against us.' This is their strategy, and it is very shrewd."

      Corroboration of Raz's theory can be found in the words of Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan in an interview with the Israeli army radio station the morning of July 14. Erdan was questioned regarding the clash between the prime minister and the settlers and the purported construction-freeze decision. Erdan answered that he really hopes that it isn't true, adding, "I also heard from the prime minister's people that no such statement was made. ... Beit El is an important settlement with Jewish history, we have thousands of years of rights [to that site] and we have every reason to fulfill our commitment. I hope that we'll build hundreds of housing units there, as we've committed ourselves to do."

      When the interviewer stuck to his guns and asked bluntly if there was indeed no construction in Judea-Samaria despite a right-wing government including the HaBayit HaYehudi Party, Erdan said, "I'm not sure if that's true. I think that there is construction. Since, unfortunately, Israel has all kinds of organizations such as Peace Now that deal with denouncing us and heating up the territory, I have no intention of starting to count [land] tenders. As far as I'm concerned, construction is necessary."

      Thus perhaps, the real answer lies in these words. Construction is going on but the Right is playing a cat-and-mouse game and acting as if there's a new settlement construction freeze, to serve everyone's interests: Netanyahu vis-a-vis the United States and the Zionist Camp Party; the settlers, who disseminate a false reality of a right-wing government plotting against them; and the Likud ministers, who demonstrate their determination and resolve to their right-wing electorate."

    • " Israel has better things to do with ours time then go after two bit reports on what the traditionally long-time arabist and not particularly supportive of Israeli policy."duh baker.

    • "I wonder how long it will take for nietanyahu and co to get this report buried ." amigo

      Well , that didn,t take too long. Haaretz has a report that the ZOA (Moron Klein) has already responded and demanded that Trump fire Rex Tillerson for telling lies about Israel.

      "ZOA Calls on Trump to Fire Tillerson Over 'anti-Israel' Global Terrorism Report

      Although State Department's latest report uses similar wording on Israel-Palestine conflict to previous year's report, ZOA President Mort Klein says he didn't expect anti-Israel reports from new administration

      read more:

      If nothing else , zionits are predictable.

    • "But it also said that Israel was, in part, spurring these attacks through actions that create a “lack of hope” for Palestinians and motivates them to carry out acts of terror. “Continued drivers of violence included a lack of hope in achieving Palestinian statehood, Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank, settler violence against Palestinians in the West Bank, the perception that the Israeli government was changing the status quo on the Haram Al Sharif/Temple Mount, and IDF tactics that the Palestinians considered overly aggressive,” the report said ".

      Eric Cortellessa can kiss goodbye to his career.

      No one and I mean no one spreads fake news about Israel and maintains bright career prospects.

      I wonder how long it will take for nietanyahu and co to get this report buried .

  • Sorry, American Jews, you don't have a birthright
    • "And who is that deed registered with? A deed you made up yourself on the Brownsville Schools mimeo machine doesn’t mean squat." Mooser.

      Last time I looked , it meant 700,000 "squat" (ers).

      Correction----Illegal ---squatters.

  • Israeli minister says Palestinians are bringing a 'third Nakba' upon themselves
    • I wonder how long a Palestinian leader would be breathing air outside a prison ,if he/she was to threaten the expulsion or genocide of Jews.

      Of course, the zionists will refer to any such act of Genocide or expulsion as "fake News " or claim that the Palestinians all ran away.

      QED.It worked before .Why not again.

      As for this Israeli likudkahanik , he should be jailed forthwith and be charged with the crime of "incitement to Genocide
      " and throw away the key".

  • Praying for justice won't end the occupation
    • If religious leaders , Christian, Moslem,Jewish or otherwise were serious about solving the Palestine /Israel conflict ,(term used loosely given the unbalanced level of power )they should be speaking loudly from their pulpits , calling on their congregants to act against the oppression of Israel or any entity that oppresses others. I fail to see why religious leaders are afraid to speak truth to power.Jews don,t give money to Christian or Moslem Orgs so no loss there.Most Christians don,t give money to Synagogues , except maybe your everyday racist bigoted fundamentalist Christian, Israel apologist and they are a small percentage of all Christians.

      What,s the point of preaching the importance of the 10 commandments if religious leaders are unwilling to call on their congregants to both, put them into practice and call on others to do the same.

      Actions speak louder than prayers.

  • Bill making it a federal crime to support BDS sends shockwaves through progressive community
    • I had better warn the Irish President , Michael D Higgins .He welcomed Omar Barghouti in Ireland this week.Even shook his hand and congratulated him for his commitment to peaceful resistance to Israel,s policies. Most Irish leaders support BDS and view it as free speech.

      I guess Ireland,s leaders will be persona non grata at St Patrick,s day celebrations in Noo Yoirk next year .

      Even worse than that is , I shall have to postpone my trip to the US .I don,t have 250 K to throw around or 20 years left to spend in an American Gulag.

  • The children of Nabi Saleh in Israeli prisons: a conversation with Bassem Tamimi
    • Good for Michael D.

      I wonder what Alan Shatter has to say.Remember him.He held 2 ministerial portfolios concurrently, (in Antisemitic Jew hating Ireland )---Defence and Justice .One of his first acts as Minister of Defence was to place a sizable order for weapons with the Pariah State, being the good little Zionist that he is.

      Good that he no longer has the ear of Ireland,s Minsters to spread his hasbara in Leinster House.

    • Misterioso.

      Any bets on jackduh returning after contacting hasbara central on how to deal with antisemitic pro Palestinian activists (terror supporters ) who have links to actual photos of Israeli children being brainwashed.

      My bet is we are about to be introduced to the practice of "Photo Shopping" compliments of Pallywood.

      Defending the rogue entity is a tough road to hoe.

    • "Bassam Tamimi, the guy who poisons the minds of a captive audience of NY State 3rd grader"jackduh

      Compare this !!

      "The following statements are some of the most egregious examples from the presentation:

      At the beginning of the session, the speakers showed a brief video of a young Palestinian girl who references Israelis killing Palestinians;

      There was an indication by the speakers that Israel has broken many United Nations’ laws and that Israel controls all of the resources of the geographic area;
      In a closing statement of how students could help, a speaker spoke of solidarity and being freedom fighters for Palestine; to bring peace and protect the future of their children.

      Such statements are not developmentally appropriate for third graders, nor aligned with the New York State standards. The statements were politically skewed, inflammatory, and not endorsed by the Ithaca City School District."Ithaca--whoever the f--k they are.

      To This!!.

      Btw , Jackduh , would this ithaca group be a sub division of C.A.M.E,R.A.

      Nuff said.

  • 'Irreplaceable bedrock' of U.S. backing for Israel is threatened by -- intermarriage
    • Hello Kaisa of Finland.

      "This is not the only issue where our thoughts differ a lot from these East European conservatives."

      I do not know how the ordinary citizens of east European countries think about Israel,s actions in occupied Palestine but I doubt Nietanyahu cares as long as he has their leaders in his pocket. Much the same as Theresa May --(Honorary member Conservative friends of Israel) now Macron and all the other West European leaders with a few exceptions--ie Norway .

      But time will change that as Israel continues to wave it,s finger at the rest of us.

      It won,t last .

    • Happy Birthday MHughes976.

      And many more.

    • "Israel has diplomatic relations with 6 or 7 Arab states, and a de facto alliance with Egypt and Saudi Arabia, which everyone knows about."wdr

      Show me the company you keep and I will show you who you are.

      Wait a minute , aren,t those Arab States part of the 1.3 billion Muslims
      out to kill all the Jews and destroy Israel.

    • "There is zero evidence that any Western state has weakened in its support for Israel." wdr

      Really !

      "BUDAPEST – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu launched a blistering attack against the European Union during a closed-session meeting Wednesday morning in the Hungarian capital of Budapest, telling the premiers of Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia that the EU's behavior toward Israel is crazy.
      read more:"

      The zionist mind , like Israel ,has no boundaries in it,s willingness to self delude .

  • In move to recognize Palestine, South Australia has overwhelming majority of Aussies behind it
  • 'We need to cut their heads off,' Bush said of anti-western demonstrators in Syria in '06 -- Tzipi Livni
    • Dubya hugging a fellow warmonger.

      Disgusting at best.

    • Israel has always , dishonestly claimed it is the original and ongoing victim of "terrorism".

      There is no mention of the Terrorism perpetrated for decades by Irgun/Lehi and later the IDF and ongoing to this day, against unarmed Palestinians .The conversation always begins with reference to the last act of terrorism (as determined by Zionists) and so Israelis hold onto the myth that they and they alone are the victims.

      This same approach worked in Northern Ireland where apparently the only people carrying out acts of terrorism were the IRA.The UVF /UDA,(Ulster Volunteer Force , Ulster Defence Association ) both terrorist gangs are conveniently assigned to a historical black hole , ergo the Unionists are the only victims.

      How long more will this victim hood scam serve the Zionist cause.For sure it will be a lot less than one thousand years.I give it 50 more at best.How long did it serve the Unionists and where is their "Protestant State for a Protestant People" .

  • 'You are thieves of history!' Hotovely tells Palestinians, waving books at them
  • Four Palestinians, two Israelis killed, and Israeli forces blockade Al Aqsa mosque
  • Israel is upping the costs for ’terror’
    • When the zionists finally lose ,and they will , they can expect to be hounded wherever they go .The Palestinians will need "A zio Hunter " and a squadron of Lawyers to hunt down and take every last shekel/dollar/franc/euro etc from them.I mean this to apply to any zio who in any way contributed to the crimes of the zionist entity , whether it be through physical acts or through propagandising for the rogue regime. That would include the paid or unpaid hasbarista that spew their bile on here.Show them the same mercy they gave to the Palestinian people.

      As for their leaders, well , that,s a different barrel of fish.Their families should be denied an income to make up for the crimes of their spouses/mothers, fathers,sisters,brothers,sons ,daughters et al.It,s all in there in the law of the Land of Israel so it must be legal and moral.


  • US Jews must oppose Palestinian boycott, but boycott Israel and bring it to its knees over prayer at western wall
    • " whereas the kotel controversy is a superficial issue that really does not matter on a deep level with most of the israeli public. therefore whereas superficial short term pressure would probably succeed regarding the kotel controversy, the type of pressure that might succeed regarding changing opinions on the settler occupation would have to be quite intense and prolonged, because it is not a superficial issue, but one very near the core of concern for most israelis."yf

      For the honest people reading Yonah,s comments !!. One would not want them to think most Israeli (Jews) lose sleep over the Occupation.

      "Most Israeli Jews think there's no occupation. So what is it?"972

      Depending on who you speak to, the word “occupation” is either the most loaded or the most ignored term in Israel-Palestine. For some, it’s a canard bandied about by traitorous leftists who want nothing more than to destroy the country by smearing it into oblivion; many believe that Israel cannot occupy territory that the bible says was promised by God to Jews; for a dwindling minority, it represents all that is rotten in the State of Israel. And for others, it’s something that happens “over there” which a lot of people seem to make a lot of fuss over, but which has (as far as they’re concerned) little impact on their day-to-day life.

      So it’s perhaps not surprising to read in the latest Peace Index from the Israeli Democracy Institute that 72 percent of Jewish Israelis believe Israel’s control over the Palestinian territories does not constitute occupation — of whom 50 percent are “sure” that Israel is not an occupying power, and 22 percent “think” that it isn’t."

      not sure if you comments are dishonest , but they sure are ill informed.

    • Yoni Falic

      "Are we not allowed to mention JJ Goldberg’s book Jewish Power, which details the organization structure and means that wealthy racist “Jewish” use to subvert and to manipulate the US government as well as other US and international institutions?".

      Like this wealthy Jewish Zionist who brags openly about Jewish power and how, why and when to use it.

      From an article by Phillip Weiss.

      "The best quotes are about outsize Jewish influence and how we’re entitled to it because we made America great. #8 and #11 below. “We have to hit them in the pocketbook. Don’t ever ever be embarrassed about using Jewish power.”PW

      "8. Jews need to use their financial power to punish Israel’s critics.

      “If you divest from Israel, we divest from you,” Jews need to tell schools. So far, no university has ever divested from Israel.

      That has to remain the rule. Anyone that does has to be treated with economic consequences. We have to hit them in the pocketbook. Don’t ever ever be embarrassed about using Jewish power. Jewish power, whether it be intellectual, academic, economic, political– in the interest of justice is the right thing to do.

      Don’t listen to me, listen to God, Dershowitz said. Jews say a prayer that only after the Jewish people have strength will they get peace. And we are “entitled” to the power we have in the U.S.

      People write a book called the Israel lobby and complain that AIPAC is one of the most powerful lobbies in Washington. My response to that is, that’s not good enough. We should be the most powerful lobby in Washington….

      We are entitled to use our power. We have contributed disproportionately to the success of this country. We have done so much for this country. When you think of how much better this country has become since our grandparents and great grandparents took the risk of coming, here, we have not only the right we have the obligation to speak out, and use every piece, every bit of power available in support of Israel.

      Here’s the finale. More Jewish influence.

      Look, we are the most affluent successful generation of Jews anywhere in the world, that’s the good news. This is the best of times. It’s also the most dangerous of times…

      I’m very encouraged about the future of Israel and strength of Israel. I’m very encouraged about the future of the American Jewish community. We are a very influential community. We deserve our influence. I hope all of you will participate in this great period of Jewish American, Jewish Israeli life, you have so much to contribute. Use what you’ve earned, use your influence to support Israel and support Jewish values."dershowits

      And we are accused of antisemitism for pointing out the facts as dershowits does , but he gets a pass.

    • "Interesting. So you are saying implicitly that the Jews’ values are also racism, misogyny, homophobia, worship of money and capital. Bout Eastlake did not even list those values."Panama Kid.

      You might want to read that post again.Those were the exact words used by Bont Eastlake and not Citizen.

      "So, inadvertently, you have shown your real face. You are in fact the big antisemite here, and you don’t even realise it." Panama Kid.

      So, inadvertently you have shown your real face.You are in fact dishonest and think we do not realise it.

    • "Could you mention a few of the names of those running the Jewish Establishment? I don’t have a clue who these corruptive guys are, but I’d like to find out finally. "Nathan

      Easy peasy.

      Haim Saban/Sheldon Adelson/Jarrad Kushner/Michael Oren / Bill Kristol et al.

      "Where is their HQ?"

      The Oval Office.

  • Pro-Israel 'gatekeepers' at California university shut down search for Edward Said scholar, a candidate says
  • Speaking up in times of apartheid, in Berlin
    • Total respect for these brave souls .

      Anytime one of Israel,s criminals attempts to push zionist hasbara down people,s throats , they should be at least made uncomfortable in the effort.

  • Amazon pulls blank 'History of Palestinian People' -- which aims to dehumanize in order to subjugate
    • "I find Jeremiah to be very instructive." Mooser.

      Agreed , but you are not of the zionist ilk who have no time for prophets of doom.I dare say if he was around to day and warned of the destruction of Jerusalem , he would be jailed without trial for uttering anti Israel propaganda and fake news.

    • "Amigo , How about the Bible."

      Emet , I tend to steer away from fiction , unless I know something about the author/s .

      Hell , much as I hate to admit it , Joan Peter,s "Time Immemorial " has more , (barely) credibility than the bible.

    • "With all the history, the evidence, the archaeology and you still show views that totally reject a Jewish State, in any borders." emet

      If and when Israel accepts it,s self declared Borders of 1948 , which never mentioned a "Jewish State" , and engages in running a State , (Israel) for all it,s Citizens versus a Supremacist racist entity , then and only then can we recognise a State in which Jews live and afford equality to non Jewish citizens.

      Until then , your so called Jewish State is a non starter .Consider yourself lucky you get even that much , given the History of how you achieved it.

    • "That’s right, Jerusalem then was all about Jewish life. Nothing in any peace of evidence shows otherwise." emet

      Did you mean to say there is no evidence of "Peace" in Jewish life in Jerusalem.

      emet , you will always hate a "piece" of yourself as long as you deny others "Peace".

      Btw , any links to all that drivel (hasbara) you just posted.

    • "The First and Second Jewish Temples stood as the dominate structures in Jerusalem for nearly 1000 years."emet

      I believe the word you are looking for is "dominant"but after mature reflection , "Dominate " is a far better choice and so apt.

  • A burning Zionist and non-Zionist debate the settlements

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