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I am Irish with a profound interest in the Palestinian /Israeli conflict.

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  • Feel-good Gaza poster in NY window draws feel-bad response from neighbor
  • Malak Mattar dreamed of studying art abroad, now she is stuck in Gaza
    • "Guess you don’t want questions answered anymore or “thorny topics associated with the Palestinian/Israeli conflict can be debated by people in a civil manner" jeffyboy

      You have to earn civility first jeffyboy.I do not afford civility to apologists for land theft, colonisation and the myriad of crimes committed by the rogue nation---so called Israel.

      Go pay a visit to a taxidermist.

  • My congressman, Ted Lieu, supports human rights everywhere but Palestine
    • Some more facts about Israel that the congressman should know!!.

      "Since 2009, at least 53 churches and mosques have been vandalized in present-day Israel and the occupied West Bank.

      The vast majority of those cases – 45 – have been closed without any charges against perpetrators.

      In all, there have been just nine indictments and seven convictions, according to Israeli government data reported by the newspaper Haaretz. Only eight of the cases remain under investigation.

      They were usually dismissed on the grounds of unknown perpetrators.

      A lawmaker raised the matter in Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, at the request of Tag Meir, an organization that monitors racially motivated crimes.

      According to Haaretz, public security minister Gilad Erdan wrote to the lawmaker that the attacks “were perpetrated from various motives, ranging from negligence through mental illness and, in extreme cases, incidents of arson that appear deliberate.”

      The newspaper noted that Erdan’s assertion “seems to contradict the fact that most of the cases were closed on the grounds of ‘perpetrator unknown.’”

      Moreover, according to Haaretz, all the cases involved arson.

      The name of the organization Tag Meir is a play on the Hebrew words tag mehir – or price tag – the term Israeli settlers and extremists have adopted to describe their sometimes lethal attacks on non-Jews and their property, especially Palestinians."

      This the rogue entity that jeffyboy idolises , but not enough to move there .I guess life is far better in Penn Valley flogging hamburgers , in between posting reams of crap on MW and any other site that will tolerate his BS.

    • "That is USA law. Presidents have been breaking it which has created confusion on this issue."jeff B (Northridge)

      That,s odd --if you check your link , you will find that it was introduced early this year but has not made it to the Senate or the Congress so how could it be Law and how could the any POTUS be breaking it.

      You seem to treat stupidity as a virtue---is it intentional.

    • Ted Lieu should see this .

      Video: Everyday Israelis express support for genocide.

      "“I don’t think there’s any answer to it, there’s only one way, I would carpet bomb them,” a young man offers as a solution for Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians.

      “The Jews should have the right to hate [Arabs],” the man adds. “I think we have the right to hate them.”

      He’s one of a number of everyday Israelis in the streets of Jerusalem interviewed in the video above by Abby Martin, for TeleSUR’s The Empire Files.

      Many of them are immigrants, or the children of immigrants, from the United States.

      “I think that we need to … kick out the Arabs,” says a young woman who, struggling to express her genocidal thoughts in English, turns to a friend for help.

      “We need to kill Arabs,” she manages to say in English, as she and her friend giggle.

      “Islam is a very bad disease, not just for Israel, all around the world,” says one man, who later boasts about Israel’s “gentle” treatment of Palestinians and its respect for human rights.
      No mixed marriages

      Martin interviews a youth from Lehava, an extremist religious organization whose members act as vigilantes against miscegenation, and rampage through Jerusalem harassing Palestinians.

      Lehava’s leader has called for the burning of churches and mosques.

      The youth explains why the group is opposed to mixed marriages: “Jews is a special nation and we don’t want Jews to get mixed up with a different nation.”

      This is Jeff B,s beautiful haven of peace and love and tolerance.

      Why don,t you get on a plane and grace the Land of Israel with your presence Jeffy Boy.You might have some credibility , if you proved your adoration for Israel by planting your butt there , permanently.

    • "Boycotting is a regulated activity in the United States." Jeff B (Northridge)

      Sure it is but you have your zio-rant-aloons in a twist as usual.

      "Israel’s New Boycott Law and U.S. Law: Like Apples and Orangutans"Huff Post

      "U.S. law (found in the Export Administration Act — EAA; the official reference is: 48 C.F.R. 652.225-71) “prohibits compliance by U.S. persons with any boycott fostered by a foreign country against a country which is friendly to the United States and which is not itself the object of any form of boycott pursuant to United States law or regulation,” and imposes criminal penalties on those who do comply with such boycotts.

      U.S. law (found in the Tax Reform Act — TRA), penalizes those who participate in such boycotts (as defined under the EAA) by denying them certain tax benefits.

      The key words in all of this are “by a foreign country.” The objective behind these laws is clearly spelled out on this webpage (which is helpfully being circulated by the defenders of the new boycott law, but apparently not being read). That objective is: “preventing U.S. firms from being used to implement foreign policies of other nations which run counter to U.S. policy...” The key words here, again, are: “other nations.”

      There’s nothing ambiguous here. U.S. law doesn’t bar U.S. citizens from organizing boycotts of anything or any country, or participating in boycotts of anything or any country, that are organized by domestic or foreign individuals or organizations. What U.S. law bars is participation in unsanctioned boycotts and embargoes imposed by other countries that conflict with U.S. policies — including but not limited to the (effectively moribund) Arab League boycott of Israel.

      So what does this mean in practice? It means that a group of angry Americans can organize a boycott of France and French products to protest France’s perceived non-support of the US in the Iraq war, notwithstanding the fact that France is a country that is “friendly to the United States.” And Americans are free to organize a boycott against Canada, a close friend of the U.S., to protest seal hunting or to organize a boycott against Mexico, simply because they don’t like it. And any American can organize a boycott of Arizona to protest its outrageous racial profiling policy. And a food co-op in Olympia, Oregon can legally boycott Israeli products.

      And in practice, even if opponents of a boycott of settlement products could somehow make the case that such a boycott was being fostered by a foreign government, U.S. anti-boycott law would not apply. Israel has never annexed the West Bank, and settlements are not legally part of Israel, even under Israeli law. So such a boycott could not fairly be characterized as targeting “a country which is friendly to the United States.” Moreover, U.S. anti-boycott law stipulates that compliance with foreign boycotts is prohibited if they reflect “foreign policies of other nations which run counter to U.S. policy” — but U.S. policy has long opposed settlements.

      Welcome to democracy, under which citizens can peacefully protest whatever they want, foreign or domestic, including through boycotts. "

  • Do not turn the Balfour Declaration into a holy Jewish text
    • Jeffyboy , an update on your 1995 Jerusalem act.Seems as if that wish list , you call US Law cant get past the Foreign Affairs Committee who prefer to leave the decision to the POTUS.Best of luck getting BDS supporters behind bars what with the ADL standing firmly behind the right to free speech which includes boycotts.

      "In March 2011 a new bill, the Jerusalem Embassy and Recognition Act of 2011 (H.R. 1006), was introduced. Cosponsored by fourteen Members of Congress, including House Europe Subcommittee Chairman Dan Burton (R), House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R) and House Middle East Subcommittee Chairman Steve Chabot (R), the bill would discontinue the Presidential waiver authority included in the 1995 Act, relocate the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and affirm the city as the undivided capital of Israel.[38] This bill died at the end of 2011, having failed to clear the House Foreign Affairs Committee."

    • Jeffyboy, you now give us a different link.Can,t you tell the difference between one link and another.

      As to the 2nd link , it points to a senate bill that is a wish list--ie ,

      The US believes Jerusalem ,"Should be " recognised as the capital of Blah blah blah.

      Secondly , the bill allows the President to ignore the bill if he /she views it as in the Interest of the Security of the United States.Every President since this wish list was penned by the State of Israel (1995) and passed by the bought and paid for congress critters , has ignored it.That is why every few years some congress critter (heller in the case of the latest attempt to get a new Law passed---check the first link you gave ) will open an envelope with the latest attempt ,sent by the zionist entity and present it to congress , for his fellow Israel firsters to rubber stamp it. Some democracy you live in.

      So , the president is not breaking the law and if you believe he is , then you had better go to work and have him impeached.

      As Mooser says , jeffy boy, Grow up and then come back .I wont hold my breath.

      How,s the hamburger joint in Penn Valley doing??.

    • "Where do you guys get this stuff? That’s just make up negative facts and assert them.

      Now in real life." jeffy boy

      Let,s try a more civilised society.

      Rapes in Israel are 60% higher than Ireland.

      Assaults in Israel are 8 times higher .

      Murders in Israel are 3 times higher.

      Now go and check Israel against Denmark and weep.

      I agree with Mag --Let,s face it , Israel is f----d and that,s without including the hundreds of War crimes committed by the rogue entity, on a daily basis.

    • "So while you enjoy playing the hypocrisy card in this case you are just bald faced lying." Jeffy boy to eljay.

      That,s a bit rich coming from the zio who bald faced claims the existence of a "US Law" that has only been introduced and has not moved any further.

      "That is USA law. Presidents have been breaking it which has created confusion on this issue." jeffy boy

  • A plea to Israel: Don't start the third Lebanon War
    • Jeff B (Northridge) dabbles in Holocaust Denial.

      If the Laws that made it possible to bring the Nazi criminals to justice were Willy Nilly , are you saying those individuals were unjustly convicted and punished???.

      Or are you just cherry picking international Laws in an effort to give a pass to Zionist war criminals.

      Either way , you are one sick puppy , second thoughts---canine.

  • Zohra Drif's memoir of Algeria's fight for freedom is stunning
    • "But it sounds like you’re suggesting that while he didn’t murder he would be OK with stealing, occupying, colonizing, oppressing, torturing and killing. Interersting." eljay.

      Not interesting at all.Zionists claim they are simply carrying out the wishes of God as described in the Bible.He/She/It allows them to continue to act in His/Her/It,s name so the blame lies with this , all powerful God.

  • UN takes first concrete step to hold Israel accountable for violating Palestinian human rights
  • Seeing 'tranquillity' on West Bank, 'New York Times' whitewashes the occupation
    • Reading the following article by Ehud (War Criminal )Barak , one would think there are no Palestinians or even an occupation in any part of "The Land of Israel".

      In this article , the term "occupation " or Palestinians is never mentioned .

      How tranquil is that.

      "The ceremony in the Gush Etzion settlement bloc marking the 50th anniversary of our return to every part of the Land of Israel, the cradle of our birth as a nation and as the bearer of a universal mission, is anything but a national ceremony. It’s a cheap, crude political attempt by the right to appropriate the achievements of the Six-Day War and love of the land – and to hell with the truth and the facts."

      read more:

      No paywall using this link.

  • Samuel Freedman extols Jewish 'love affair' with Jewish state-- while decrying 'dogma of white supremacy'
    • Apologies for my gross omission.I should have included the total control of the Congress , without which, the State of Israel would have vanished into the pages of History a long time ago.

    • The folks who fund or manage the "Lobby" are aware that Dick and Jane , could care less about Zionist Supremacy ,(most don,t even know what a zionist is) and are unlikely to make the intellectual investment to educate themselves on the subject.Too busy trying to make ends meet.

      This and the tens of millions of dollars in funding ,is what makes the Lobby so impervious to outside scrutiny and allows hypocrites like Freedman to publish what can only be described as rank hypocracy.

      Throw in the almost total control of the MSM and bingo , you can get away with War Crimes and Ethnic cleansing , not to mention all the other crimes committed by the rogue entity , on a daily basis.

  • After article was rejected and publishers yawned, Walt and Mearsheimer dropped 'The Israel Lobby' in 2005
    • Jon 66 , here is a much more difficult question.

      Now you know what dozens of Palestinian academics experience on a regular basis.Think Steven Salatia or Norman Finkelstein.

      BTW , Miz Landa was engaged in efforts on behalf of an anti BDS group who are hell bent on silencing any and all criticism m of the rogue entity.

      My heart bleeds for her.In any case the report is based on her input.Don,t know about you , but I take the word of a Zionist or apologist for Israel with a grain of salt.

  • Ten days of awe: standing with whom?
  • Jews have religious commandment to support Israel and fight BDS -- American Jewish Committee
    • "I believe Ireland has the right of return.".Boris.

      Wrong again Boris.

      A right of return refers to those who are citizens of the Irish Republic , that is to say they left Ireland for Foreign shores for whatever reason and can return at anytime they choose.Their children and Grandchildren have the right to receive on application an Irish Passport.They , having never been in Ireland are not exercising a "right of return.They are exercising a right to go to Ireland and live there as does any other Irish citizen.

      Ireland , as a normal functioning democracy which affords equal rights to all it,s citizens does not need to bring in fake Irish people to combat a demographic problem , such as the rogue entity does.

      So I will thank you not to put us in the same bracket as your tin pot racist , so called democracy.

  • Israeli rightist Smotrich lays out the vision for apartheid
    • Shorter Yonah.

      We got our state and don.t care who we robbed.oppressed.colonised.abused.ethnically cleanised .etc.etc.

      We are Jews so it.s all acceptable.

      Grow up Yonah.

    • "There is something refreshing in his lack of pathos, his casual manner, his patently unemotional succinctness. And his atheism. The interviewer asked whether, like the prophets, Ben-Gurion also asked God to strengthen him. The founder of the state was amused: the idea of speaking to God made him laugh. “Does God live in some place where you can contact him?” he asked. “Did the prophets go to see God? They wrote down his address and went to see him?”

      We have a ben guruion at MW .One jack green who does not believe in God but claims that Zionists are entitled to all of the land --includes the Occupied West Bank /Gaza and occupied Syrian Heights , because this non existent God gave it to them.

      Btw , jacko , do you recall me asking you for details on this real estate guru in the sky, ie , his Dna, address,e.mail, hobbies --excluding dabbling in real estate , favorite movies , etc , etc. Sounds as if BG thinks you are an idiot .

      read more:

    • Haaretz----Opinion Ben-Gurion Invented the Israeli Right

      It’s becoming ever clearer that the founder of the state laid down a very dangerous foundation through his desire to return Israeli Jews to former glories

      "Anyone who watched “Ben-Gurion, Epilogue” on Channel 10 this week, featuring a previously unseen interview with former Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion from April 1968, heard the man who founded the state repeatedly tell them they are meant, in his view, to be a model nation – and even though they aren’t one yet, he believes in their ability to become one and demonstrate “moral superiority” to the world. This was arrant nonsense when it was first uttered, and even more so nowadays when it completely contradicts our lived experience.

      In general, from a historical perspective – and Ben-Gurion was a diligent student of history – it’s becoming ever clearer that he laid down a very dangerous foundation, and sowed the seeds of calamity, through his desire to return Israeli Jews to their former greatness and glory: That of the biblical era when God appointed them a Chosen People.

      This burning yearning for past glories was also common to Mussolini’s Italy, which felt a strong desire to seize a place of honor among the nations, which would restore its ancient glories and recreate the days of the Roman Empire.

      This is a path that leads with absolute certainty to extreme nationalism, by creating a kind of refusal to make do with non-imperial normalcy, to be a nation like all others. Pretensions to greatness, to the heights of “moral superiority,” drive a nation to grant itself excess privileges."

      read more:

  • Ayelet Shaked and the fascist ideology
    • "You didn’t really make an argument that Zionism was fascist just that like most societies it reserves the right to demand of its members sacrifices even at the cost of life for that society" JeffB (Northridge)

      Unless they happen to be "Religious Jews".

      "The Movement for Quality Government said it hoped that after a battle for 17 years for equality in military service, the draft law would now be applied equally to all Israeli citizens, without discrimination. The movement called on the Knesset to enact a new law with equality for all.

      read more:

      In Finland and Ireland and the UK , and all real democracies , all citizens are required to serve in times of national need . Only in Israel do cowardly religious freaks get a pass on risking their lives for their society.Must be something to do with their grip on the powers that be.

      Israel,s greatest threat comes from within .Hopefully , this fissure will lead to a wider chasm and cause the fascist entity to crumble and disappear from the pages of time.

      Zionism is evil and needs to be put to the sword of justice and buried forever.

      If Israel,s Jews and their brainwashed apologists finally figure out how to make peace and live as equals with their neighbours, all the better but I am not holding my breath.

  • Soros and the Illuminati! Netanyahu Jr. spreads anti-Semitic cartoon
    • "He’s not a buffoon. He was just lazy."Emet

      So , when a non Jew writes such anti Semitic tripe , you will accuse them of being just lazy.

      Right Emet.

  • Rightwing campaign against Jewish exec who called for exposing Nakba seems likely to fail
    • "You might want to take off a few days and look over the book. It’s part of being an intelligent person."Nathan.

      F Scott Fitzgerald wrote the following !!.(or words to that effect).

      "Intellect it is said , begins with the ability to hold 2 opposed points of view and still be able to function."

      Clearly reading The Bible has not worked on you or any zionist who see only one point of view.

      " It’s a real classic, the very pillar of western civilization." Nathan.

      Maybe that explains why we are so screwed up in the West.On the positive side, just how much worse it would be if we followed that great pillar of Eastern civilization---The Torah.

  • Israeli support for Myanmar is the natural alliance of regimes based on ethnic supremacy
    • Jacko , evidence you are an adult.

    • "The UK’s internationally acclaimed Jane’s Strategic publications estimated that the US would spend an extra $12 to $15 billion per year to replace what it gets from Israel, if it were even replaceable"jacko

      Evidence please.


      We have found through experience that zios or their paid hasbarists are dishonest .at best.

    • "Evidence that Israel is genocidal?"jacko

      Evidence it is not, if you please.

  • Anonymous anti-BDS group publishes 'blacklist' of boycott supporters in New York
  • Democratic candidate for Illinois gov'r fires his running mate over BDS
    • "You’re damn right I’m biased."


      From JJ,S ARCHIVES.

      "I really don't have a dog in the Zionist or anti-Zionist fight."just jessr.

  • Youtube sensations, the Khaldi twins, explain 'why Eid is special' from Gaza City
    • "Not that. What is it then? I am trying to think but it’s not coming to me."Emet (Jews are the chosen People ).

      As one of the chosen ones , why do you need to think about it.Don,t you already know.

      Check Emet,s archives , it is his personal memorial to the myth that Jews are the chosen people.

  • 'Nazi stuff': The Israeli government takes on African refugees
    • "I don’t see why younger Jews (I was born in the early 1970s) should bear any responsibility for what Israel does or does not do"catalan

      So wtf are you doing spending so much time (company ,no doubt)making excuses for Israel. 679 posts so far You are part of the problem.

      " But American Jews have nothing to do with this "catalan.

      Wouldn,t that be nice if it were so.Israel would have dropped out of sight long ago.Let,s hope your wishes come true.

  • Two Chicago pols break over BDS, as U.S. Jews divide over Israel
    • "and the commitment of the vast majority of the Israeli people to peace and a two state solution, he will reconsider his positions."Schneider

      This guy schneider obviously does not get out much!!.

      "At an event celebrating 50 years of Israeli settlements in Samaria — the biblical name for the northern West Bank — Netanyahu told a crowd of thousands, “We are here to stay forever. There will be no more uprooting of settlements in the land of Israel.”

      The vast majority of Israelis (Jews that is ) keep putting Netanyahu/Bennet/Skaked/Lieberman in office so how can they claim to support a two state solution.

  • No free speech in Palestine: PA arrests journalist, internationally-renowned peace activist for Facebook posts
    • jacko ,still waiting for your response the link I provided that places Israel at number 29 and in the "Flawed Democracy" column with 56 other flawed democracies.Well done , you were only two places below Botswana(27th).

      Don,t like the tough questions eh jacko.

      As for what Hamas does--they do not claim to be the light unto the nations and a beacon for all,as the "rogue entity "keeps claiming to be not mention having the so called "most moral Army"

    • "The Palestinians of Gaza has no freedom of speech either."jacko

      I agree , it is awful when Palestinian leaders apply the same rules as the zionists in OCCUPIED Palestine.

      Why , it,s criminal.

  • Gideon Levy calls out Israel's fundamental, racist religion: Zionism
    • "Israel is rated 29 out of 167 countries according to the Democracy Index." jacko

      Correct but you left out one small detail,

      Israel is in the "Flawed Democracy" column.

      Thanks a bunch for raising this issue.You are an invaluable source.

    • "In the last 40 years, Israel has annexed ZERO land." jacko

      In the last 100 years , Israel has "legally" annexed ZERO land.

      Btw , as requested by you , I gave you proof that the occupation is "Illegal" and you failed to show as usual.

    • "“We are here to stay forever,” Netanyahu reassured. “We will deepen our roots, build, strengthen and settle” "

      Likud Platform.

      "d. “The Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza are the realization of Zionist values. Settlement of the land is a clear expression of the unassailable right of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel and constitutes an important asset in the defense of the vital interests of the State of Israel. The Likud will continue to strengthen and develop these communities and will prevent their uprooting.”

      The man is keeping his promises but forever is an awful long time.

  • Are you an auto-anti-Semite? Take this simple test
    • "Whereas your imputation of bigotry against “ostjuden” to Hannah Arendt, on the basis of no evidence at all, is just fine?" Mooser

      Yonah had no such problem with his own bigotry against Non jews.

      "assimilation is viewed as a negative, because it involves loss of true self, as in, conforming to a society and denying your essence. imagine, sitting and eating white bread and mayonnaise with your neighbors, but then going home and chowing down on some pastrami on rye, mit a pickle and chicken soup," YF

    • "I scored 7."jon s

      Better get that US passport ready.The shin beth will be knocking on your door any day now.

      BTW , which three did you get wrong.

  • Conan O'Brien frolics with Netanyahu and the Israeli army
    • "Thank you Conan for many, many years of laughter." jackduh

      Jackduh ,whose taste for talent extends the length of a coin.

    • "He should also evict some Palestinians from their land, bulldoze their homes, terrorize them with United States tax dollars."Joseph A

      Indeed and get the feel of what it is like to be under an eternal existential threat in a bad neighbourhood.The actions Jews in Israel have are forced to resort to , to fend off the Arab hoards, some of whom have the audacity to go in droves to vote.

      What,s a poor victimised zionist to do.

  • Teenage girls in Gaza lament a 'double siege'
    • "Israelis moved to the West Bank of their own accord." jacko.

      Okay , so how come some Settlements are "Legal " according to Israeli Law and some are Illegal.This would suggest to even the most brainless idiot on the planet that Israel decides who goes where in the O/T and the illegal squatters do not decide to go there of their own volition.

      Of course it should be pointed out that they are all Illegal according to the rest of the planet--even the USA (who abstained), from voting on UNSCR 2334 -Which states that all settlements in occupied Palestine are ILLEGAL.

      Why do you spend so much effort making Jews look dumb.

    • "Israel has NOT moved or transferred Israelis to the West Bank.
      Israelis moved to the West Bank of their own accord."jacko.

      hmmm, Nietanyahu seems to think he is behind the project.

      What could he mean Jacko.

      "d. “The Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza are the realization of Zionist values. Settlement of the land is a clear expression of the unassailable right of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel and constitutes an important asset in the defense of the vital interests of the State of Israel. The Likud will continue to strengthen and develop these communities and will prevent their uprooting.”Likud Charter.

      Why, just last week , he bragged that The illegal squatters will never be uprooted.So if as you claim, 700,000 Israelis moved of their own accord and plonked themselves amidst a sea of violent Arab terrorists --risking their lives and those of their children and at a huge cost to the state of Israel , why did Israel not tell these folks they were on their own.

      Jacko , do you really think everyone here is a moron and the people who read MW are fools.

    • "Israel has NOT moved or transferred Israelis to the West Bank."

      I agree , if you are referring to Non Jewish Israelis.

      "Israelis moved to the West Bank of their own accord." jacko

      Evidence please that Israelis (Jewish ) moved to the OCCUPIED WB , of their own accord.

      Btw, no bible references or the usual links to hasbara sites.

    • "The suicide bomber who killed 21 kids in Delpinarium Disco in Tel-Aviv brought his bomb in a drum."boris

      Source please.

      The Jewish terrorists who went to deliver Milk to the King David hotel brought their bombs in milk churns.

    • "Evidence that the occupation is illegal?" jacko.

      "The international community considers the establishment of Israeli settlements in the Israeli-occupied territories illegal under international law, because the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 prohibits countries from moving population into territories occupied in a war.[1][2][3][4][5] Israel maintains that they are consistent with international law[6] because it does not agree that the Fourth Geneva Convention applies to the territories occupied in the 1967 Six-Day War.[7] The United Nations Security Council, the United Nations General Assembly, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the International Court of Justice and the High Contracting Parties to the Convention have all affirmed that the Fourth Geneva Convention does apply.[8][9]

      Numerous UN resolutions have stated that the building and existence of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights are a violation of international law, including UN Security Council resolutions in 1979, 1980,[10][11][12] and 2016.[13][14] UN Security Council Resolution 446 refers to the Fourth Geneva Convention as the applicable international legal instrument, and calls upon Israel to desist from transferring its own population into the territories or changing their demographic makeup. The reconvened Conference of the High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions has declared the settlements illegal[15] as has the primary judicial organ of the UN, the International Court of Justice[16] and the International Committee of the Red Cross." wiki

      Clearly , if the Intl community sided with Israel,s lone position , you would be espousing the virtues of the Intl community.

      Ye olde zionist hypocrite.Wants to eat his cake and still have it.

    • "When will Palestinians realize that Jews are just people"jacko

      The question you should ask , is when will Zionists see all non Jews as just people.

      "Jews are not your dogs. Jews are not descendants of apes & pigs." jacko.

      You need to be more respectful , jacko.PW runs this site and he may not appreciate you putting words in his mouth.

      Btw , last I heard , we are all descended from Apes.

  • American Legion calls on Congress to finally investigate 'USS Liberty' attack, 50 years after
    • "The question is whether the information and analysis in the article is sound" jon s

      This is a report by "Jewish Virtual Library" a source that is not unlike "C.A.M..E.R.A" .

      Nuff said.

    • "migo,
      Are you trying to be funny? Not really working…" Jon S

      No, I see no reason for levity in sending rank amateurs to carry out an operation against a ship with 100,s of innocent civilians on board.

      I see far less reason for levity being told by a zionist apologist that it (like the attack on the USS Liberty) was a miscalculation.

      The responsibility belongs to those Jewish terrorists who were responsible for the death of those people--(mostly your fellow Jews) and the people who sent them. And you attempt to justify their acts.

      Me thinks you are the one trying to be funny.

    • "Unfortunately , war is like that. Combat is the realm of errors, miscalculations, malfunctions and screw-ups, caused by stress, fatigue, lack of accurate intelligence and general confusion."Jon S

      Not to worry Jon , the IDF makes up for all that stress and lack of military precision with Morality.

    • "Which combat actions were you involved in “Jon s”?" Mooser

      The 30 year (so far) Eritrean campaign.On one occasion his troops were attacked by one unarmed very pissed off Eritrean .This combat action got up close and personal.Jon was defending his historical Homeland and nation state of the Jewish people and it was his day off.

    • The following should also be mentioned by someone who does nat have a horse in this race.

      "On 2 October 2007, The Chicago Tribune published a special report[7] into the attack, containing numerous previously unreported quotes from former military personnel with first-hand knowledge of the incident. Many of these quotes directly contradict the NSA's position that it never intercepted the communications of the attacking Israeli pilots, saying that not only did transcripts of those communications exist, but also that it showed the Israelis knew they were attacking an American naval vessel.

      Two diplomatic cables written by Avraham Harman, Israel's ambassador in Washington, to Abba Eban Israel's minister of foreign affairs, have been declassified by Israel and obtained from the Israel State Archive. The first cable, sent five days after the attack, informs Eban that a U.S. informant told him (Harman) that there was "clear proof that from a certain stage the pilot discovered the identity of the ship and continued the attack anyway."[14] The second cable, sent three days later, added that the White House is "very angry" because "the Americans probably have findings showing that our pilots indeed knew that the ship was American."[7]

      Lots more at !!!.

  • Netanyahu declares West Bank is Israel 'forever,' as liberal Zionists cry out for 'make-believe peace process'
    • Nathan --clearly ,you haven,t read the 47partition plan or the Arab Peace initiative .If you had ,you would not have made the idiotic statement you just did.

      Go away Nathan or as Mooser advised you to do---"shut up Nathan".I think he meant you are embarrassing the Jewish people.

    • This story has still not made the NYT.

      I thought the NYT is the paper of record and is almost always first to get a scoop.

    • "Yet distortion here is par for the course" .YF

      Sure is Yonah --like accusing all non Jews of subsisting on White bread and mayonaise.

      " Though olmert’s offers did not match Palestinian wishes, Abbas considered them serious."YF

      I don,t think so.Olmert was on his way out the door and his proposals weren,t worth the paper napkin they were scribbled on. Who knows what was written there---Olmert,s Lawyer,s number, perhaps and defence tactics for his upcoming trial.

      Besides , nuttyahoo and made it clear that he would not honour any commitments made by Olmert or any other former Israeli leader and Abbas knew that.

    • "The Arab peace initiative has been on the table 15 years, not 35." YF

      Quite right Yonah and that is how long Israel has been rejecting it.

    • Jon 66 , this represents my response to your assertion that Israel is reluctant to withdraw from Occupied Palestine until they get an agreement acceptable to them.

      Your victors have no intention of negotiating any agreement with anyone.

  • Prominent Israeli rabbi preaches rape in war time
    • "Israel has done this despite being under continual existential threat even before it was reborn."jacko

      The only existential threat Israel is under is zionism.Israel can end this existential threat in the blink of an eye.

      End the Occupation , obey international law and get the hell out of Occupied Palestine.

      Easy, eh jacko

    • "Israel is rated FREE by Freedom House."jacko

      Jacko--let,s drill down to the details .

      Israel has a score of 80 = it is only 80 % free.The20% must represent the Non Jewish Citizens of Israel.

      Ireland has a 96 % score . Germany the UK and Spain sit at 96/95 /95respectively.

      Interestingly but not surprisingly , the Nordic countries sit at 100% ie Norway/Finland/Sweden.

      So jacko--Israel is only 80 % free.Well done Israel.But not to worry, you can always point your finger at those rated unfree , most of which are ruled by dictators, many of which Israel seeks to do business with.

      Great little nation you got there.Why it,s the very essence of Freedom and Democracy and a "Light unto the Nations"---eh what Jacko.

    • "Israel is rated FREE by Freedom House." jacko

      I visited that site and here is their overview !!.

      "Quick Facts
      Press Freedom Status:
      Partly Free

      Given, Freedom House describes Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel ,( not one country on the planet agrees , even the US ,which is why there is not one Foreign Embassy there), I decided not to continue any further..

      Note also that the Press in Israel is "Partly Free".

      Note jacko--we give links to our claims and links to the bible are not considered relevant.

      Btw , I am still waiting for your answers.6th request.

    • "Please explain “supremacist.”" jacko

      Easy---Jack Green.

    • "Israel is a wonderful country that sent firefighters to Macedonia to help fight wild fires."jacko

      Yeah we know how that works,!!.

      They (both of them )fly in for the photo shoot , distribute a few past their use by date , domestic fire extinguishers and are on their way back within minutes.

      Nothing like natural disaster in someone else,s land to offer Israel a shot at some PR.

    • "Israel is a democratic oasis in a desert of monarchies & fascist, misogynist dictatorship"

      The so called "Kingdom of David " was a Monarchy .Easy to see why it only lasted 70 years.All that Jewish fascist misogynistic dictatorship.

      Btw, you had best tell nietandyahu that Saudi Arabia is a monarchy .He is great buddies with the King.

    • Jacko , the following statement appears under everyone of those maps offered by ---guess who---"The Jewish Virtual Library".Nice bit of photo shopping though.

      "The approximate borders of the kingdom based on the biblical narrative."

      There you go again , quoting the Bible and how god gave the so called land of Israel (still Sans Frontiere"), to the Jews.

      That,s odd , because I seem to recall you asking me , why I assumed you believe in god.

      Well, do you.

      Btw , best of luck plonking that title deed in front of any legitimate Court of law.

    • "but also called Israel in the Gospels and Book of Acts."jacko

      Maps please .

      There you go again with the bibleology.It is a book written by Jews for Jews and has no legal validity in any court in any real democracy.

    • "Gah! I think I just suffered a schmaltz-attack! 8-o" eljay

      Apologies , only meant for you to listen to the first line or two.

      You,ll get over it.

    • Eljay--or what colour is the wind.


    • "Name even one country in Israel’s situation of existential threat from the day it was reborn with a better human rights record."jacko

      Israel never existed so cannot be classed as reborn.

    • "Nonsense! It just means that Israel has freedom of speech." jacko

      "Nonsense! It just means that Israel has freedom of speech for it,s Jewish Citizens."

      There I fixed it for you jacko.

      BTW , you still have not answered my questions.

      1 , are You Jewish.

      2, Do you believe in God.

      3, Who is this God chappie.

      4, Is he White/Black/other.

      5, Is it a He/She or just a plain old it.

      6, What ethnicity is he/she/it.

      7, What religion---Christian/Islam/Jewish/Hindu , et al

      8, Pastimes.----exclude dabbling in real estate.

      9 , Professional history.

      10, DNA and general medical history.

      11, Family history---Name of parents --number/name of siblings --cousins etc.

      Be brief but truthful.He/She logs into this site periodically.

    • Looks as if Jon 66 has no comment on this rabbi who is the product of "victorious Israel".

      Some victory.Some society.

      Pretty hollow victory , eh ??.

    • "I’d take Rabbi Shmuel and throw him up against the Wailing Wahl!" Mooser.

      Are you inciting violence against a Jewish Holy man.

    • "After all, in the famed United States it was common, up until some 100 years ago (or so) that a master can have intercourse with his black [also possibly: “nigger”] slaves as often as he wanted. Willingly or forcibly – everything was legal!!"

      This has to stand as the greatest piece of whataboutery I have ever come across.

      "Therefore, take heed before you question the morality of the Torah.".

      That explains why the idf is considered the "Most Moral Army " .It says so right there in that "Most holy of Books".

      How long before Jacko chimes in on this one or any of the usual apologists .

  • 'Auto-anti-Semitism!' Naftali Bennett declares war on Jewish self-hatred in Israel
    • Jon S has just presented the fool proof defence for all Palestinian (alledged )terrorists.

      "Your honour, I am a member of an irregular militia, hardly a professional military force. Therefore an amateurish miscalculation of the explosive was entirely possible, even likely but I promise faithfully to avail myself of some professional training and this will never happen again.My apologies to those who were killed as a result of my lack of professional training. I really only meant to scare those people.

      Judge !!,

      Ok , son , I will forgive you this time but we will monitor your progress and in the event you fail to register and complete the necessary bomb assy course , this court will not be so understanding next time.

      Thanks Justice Jon.

    • From your link Jon S

      "The Haganah claims to have miscalculated the effects of the explosion. The bomb blew the steel frame off one full side of the ship and the ship sank in less than 16 minutes, trapping hundreds in the hold."

      Ever notice when a Jewish terrorist carries out an act of terror , it is either a tragic miscalculation or the perpetrator temporarily lost heir mind due to the stress of living under the threat of Palestinian violence.

      Some miscalculation.I am no explosives expert but blowing a hole in a ship some 487 feet long sufficient to sink it slowly (six in dia ought to do the trick)versus blowing the whole of side off the ship is one helluva miscalculation.

      In any event , why did they use explosives to disable it.

      Just another case of miscalculation like the USS Liberty.

      Zionists will try any lie to excuse their behaviour or make excuses for Jewish acts of terrorism.

  • The United State of Israel and Palestine
    • " Just check the link from Hebron Amigo gave to you. Anyone defending oppression like that, can’t be sane!" Kaisa

      Indeed but i would view such a person as deranged.(jeff,s own word).

    • "The Finnish people aren’t ignorant, they just Amigo at least with his similar threats regard Ireland at least comes from a country which really does have meeting in parliament where the politicians get on record about how much they hate Jews and Israel. They want that symbolism in place before extending trade ties. "jeffb northridge

      Please translate into English and I will respond .Gobbledygook is not one of my languages .

    • "You want to help, you aren’t going to able to until you start seeing that Jews are people. Try and empathize with their situation"jeffb northridge

      Pretty hard to see these scum as people.

    • Jeff B ==aka Jeff Northridge of Penn Valley.

      A long time poster at Haaretz.

      This guy has the audacity to invite Kaisa , (Note the correct spelling jeffy boy) to lend herself to "Peace and shared values".You are a zionist jeffy boy.Your values are anathema to all that is honest and part of human dignity.

      I seem to recall you bragging about killing "gooks " during your stint in nam.The brave infantry sgt who has now found another people to look down on.

      Sure , why not let Israel deal with the WB .Sure , let them continue their war crimes undisturbed by outside interference.

      Get a life Jeffy boy.

    • "Your plan is not going to happen. Israel is not going to commit suicide."wdr.

      That is an alternate fact.

      Here is the actual fact .

      "Honest patriots, as Netanyahu and his colleagues view themselves, would look the public in the eye and tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. That Israel is strong enough to make peace, but they’re not interested. That their policies will inevitably lead to Bantustans, apartheid or a perpetually conflicted binational state. That one day the Palestinian Authority will collapse and be replaced by Hamas, ISIS or Allah knows who. That one day Trump won’t be president and the world will no longer be transfixed by ISIS, but that the bridges to the liberal world, including parts of American Jewry, will remain burned. And that as it has for the past 50 years, the Israeli blood feud over the occupation will continue to divide and polarize Israel, to destroy its democracy and to radicalize its leaders and public opinion.
      read more:

      Tick , Tick, Tick.

    • “A solution of two nations united within a single state, along the lines of the UK/Scotland/England relationship, would enable the two peoples to share the land while retaining their national life and identities.”DGF

      Hello David, the UK is falling apart and the SNP (Scottish Nationalist Party has been gaining considerable support for full independence for several years , notwithstanding a small setback in the last UK General Election.The majority of Scottish people voted against Brexit and when this can of worms is finally recognised for the cluster f--k it is , a second referendum will take place and Scotland will cede from the Union and apply for EU membership.

      My point being , that when two people so closely joined in history and to some extent, culture , cannot remain united on the issue of EU membership , then what possible hope do eternal enemies such as Israel , (who have one goal , to create the so called "Greater Israel"and prevent a Palestinian State) and the Palestinians who have learned not to trust Israel under any circumstances, have of creating any form of nationhood together.

      Noam Chomsky , recently suggested that Israel would use Nukes to prevent anything that would end the so called "Jewish State".

      The only way forward , IMHO , is for the international community to put sufficient pressure on Israel to force it to end the occupation and give the Palestinians their rights, either in a State of their own or in a bi national State as equal citizens.

      Israel has been the problem , is the problem and always will be the problem until the international community backs them up against a wall and forces them to act properly even if they only act in self interest , Israel will continue it,s belligerent colonialist project.

    • Jackduh , your best post to date.

      You say it best , when you say nothing at all.

    • "I do believe that is exactly what they did at the time." Mooser.

      My bad , I had more civilised times in mind .IE since we outlawed the "acquisition of territories gained through war ".

      Not that jon 66 ,s honest zionist negotiators give a fiddlers f--t about such mundane encumbrances to their quest for the so called greater Israel.

    • "Do you have an example where the victor withdraws first and then negotiates the peace treaty?"Jon 66

      Do you have an example of where the victor kept on taking the land of those they were "negotiating with" to arrive at a just peace treaty.

      Go back to sleep Jon 66.

  • The liberal Zionist crisis -- white nationalists are villains, but settlers are 'complex'
    • Good Yonah , now write one of your long dissertations demonstrating your unfettered commitment to a balanced approach to this issue.

      Also , thanks for admitting you have no use for international law and view the theft of other peoples land as Legal.

    • What can one expect from people who live in "Jews only " Complexes.

      Does anyone know if these Rabbis are being brought to meet with the Palestinians , as well as the , (note Yonah ) , "Illegal " Settlers--aka squatters and land thieves , among other crimes perpetrated on a daily basis.

      Sure they are complex.Most criminals are and if the Rabbis are interested in learning about these scum , then ask the people who are their victims.

      Your whining Yonah is as usual based on a biased view. Not much daylight between you and these Rabbis.

  • As many as 1 million Israelis have left for the U.S.
    • " the Israeli lifespan is among the highest in the world- for males, I think it is the highest in the world."wdr

      Wrong again w(fake news )dr

      Israel is 5th on the list for males and 9th for females.It is 8th when the two are combined.

      Btw, are the 780,000 illegal foreign squatters in OCCUPIED PALESTINE /SYRIAN HEIGHTS , included in the dept of statistics figure.They are not living in Israel , and should not be included in the figures.

    • "Monthly, precise figures about the numbers of births and deaths in Israel, by religious and ethnic group, are readily available online- look up Israel-Demography- Dept. of Statistics. They are certainly very accurate- more accurate, probably, than similar figures for the US."wdr

      But obviously not sufficiently accurate to post the link.

      Fail wdr.

    • "i am looking at real estate in israel.negev area and safed.once the peace deal is signed"mcohen..

      Don,t you mean, when all those pesky Bedouins (Israeli citizens) have been ethnically cleansed and the rogue nation builds more "Jewish Communities".

    • "Sun? In Ireland?" RoHa.

      We get a summer forecast every year on the first of May and this year Summer was slated to be on a Tuesday but our Met folks even got that wrong.It came the day before and nobody was prepared.

      However , the grass is always greener here.

    • John O ,(and irishmoses) that is correct.If one of your parents/Grandparents is Irish you can be given citizenship..

      I might also point out that one of the concessions allowed under the Good Friday Agreement was that anyone born on the Island of Ireland --includes the North , can apply for Irish Citizenship.

      EU citizenship is automatic.

    • The question is , how will they manage being treated like everyone else.No exclusivity.Just full and equal rights .

      No Jews only "communities". Men having to sit next to women , (in short skirts and showing them a thong or two.) in the back of the bus or in the front . Worse still , they may even have the odd Arab sharing the same seat .

      No anthem of their own.No walking around the neighbourhood armed to the teeth .No beating up Eritreans after the game.

      I could almost feel sorry for them.

  • On boycotts, Palestine, and resistance: a review of 'Assuming Boycott'
  • 'We came to school and found the school destroyed': Israeli forces demolish West Bank school hours before children's first day

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