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  • Gaza youth breaks out with a 'manifesto for change'
    • ONU is French for UN, not NATO, so there is no big difference between translations there. And it's no surprise that there are some differences and 'quirky' language anyway, as the translations are all probably done by volunteers recruited over Facebook/email. GYBO's request for support no.3 is "Translating the manifesto to your language and sending it to us"

    • And by the way, the website does not belong to the authors of the Manifesto. Sharek is a internationally funded youth organisation in Gaza. The Manifesto authors refer to the alleged Hamas crackdown on Sharek as the 'last straw' in their frustration, but they are writing independently of Sharek, and they don't have any 'slick' website apart from their Facebook page.

      The conspiracy theorists should take ten deep breaths and read the manifesto again.

  • My heart wanted to ask her: What will it take for Jews to say, Enough!
    • A courageous, honest and beautifully personal political article. I believe there is an important difference, though, between the author and those she confronted at the rally: She became aware of her intolerance and expressed her wish to overcome it, the others apparently remain trapped in it. But who knows, maybe in their hidden and unspoken complexities they desperately wish to know the way out too?

  • Livni cancels UK appearance fearing arrest warrant for war crimes
    • Great, I can rescue a moment of pride at being British, then I remember... Iraq... Tony Blair... complicity in torture of "terror suspects"... :(

      Perhaps Israel can retaliate by issuing an arrest warrant for Blair, that'd stop him jaunting around in his perverse joke job as Quartet Middle East Peace Envoy?

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