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  • Bay Area gets radio ads about Gaza
  • Despite ravages of war, Gaza supports armed resistance to lift the siege
    • Hello Just,

      I just tried to respond to your comment to me in the "With ceasefire set to expire, Palestinians aim to lift the siege while Israel wants to turn ‘Gaza into Ramallah’ " thread but it appears to be closed (after 2 or 3 days?).

      Anyway, your comment was: "imho, Andre and Kay24– you need to believe that this will change, and continue to work for it. If the Palestinians can be as resilient and strong as they are, we need to honor them by not giving up or in.

      I don’t mean to tell anyone what to do, but that is what I am doing and will do until the Palestinian people are free in their own land!"

      Moderators, please forgive me for taking the liberty to post it here now:

      Hello Just,

      I will also never give up either until the Palestinian people are free from Israeli occupation and oppression and the perpetrators of these war crimes and crimes against humanity are brought to justice.

      As a son of parents who suffered unspeakable horrors during WWII (my father was a wellknown Dutch resistance fighter who was severly tortured and sentenced to death by the Nazis after he got caught and my maternal grandmother was murdered by a SS scumbag in front of my then teenage mother), my solidarity with the Palestinian people goes back for decades and the amount of time and energy I have spend on countering hasbara lies over the many years online and in real life is enormous.

      However, I sometimes feel depressed by the mind-blowing dishonesty I encounter from the Israel apologists and their distortions of the facts, their half-truths and most often blatant lies over and over and over again.

      But trust me, I will keep on fighting for justice for the Palestinian people until my last breath in any way I can even after having received death threats in the past for doing so.

      I would like to express my sincere gratitude to this great website and its compassionate and very well educated contributors to also help me keeping motivated to continue what I'm doing.

  • With ceasefire set to expire, Palestinians aim to lift the siege while Israel wants to turn 'Gaza into Ramallah'
    • It is way, way overdue that Israel should be held accountable for their ongoing war crimes and crimes against humanity (including those who actively supported them in committing these atrocities) but I'm afraid that this isn't going to happen, Kay.

  • Witnessing Gaza
  • We must target our politicians' 'cowardice' in the face of war crimes --Trevor Hogan's impassioned speech in Dublin
  • As we sat down to break the fast, everything in the house started smashing and flying
    • My heart cries for you and the people in Gaza, Walaa. I'm doing everything I can to raise awareness about the decades long and ongoing Palestinian people's plight and suffering. Big hug from The Netherlands!

  • Why did Obama greenlight the offensive?
  • As the discourse shifts, 'NYT' stays rooted in the past (the 1800s to be exact)
  • Israel's explanation for killing two journalists in Gaza? Palestinians aren't journalists, they're 'targets'
  • Free Gaza's Col. Ann Wright disinvited from Swedish Boat to Gaza
  • J Street sells its soul, completes evolution to AIPAC lite
    • @ marc.b : I could not agree more with you. It was indeed painfully obvious from the start that J Street was AIPAC lite at best.

  • 'Jewish political community' supported Iraq war, but now divides between neocon funders and liberals -- Alterman
    • @ Yonah Fredman: I'm not sure what you mean by an "iffy thing". If I wasn't interested in communicating with a supporter of Israel, (something I've done on an almost daily basis for the past few decades) I wouldn't have posted a perfectly legitimate question regarding your change of mind about Cast Lead in the first place. Have a nice day, too.

    • I was just wondering why my question to Yonah Fredman about Cast Lead is still "awaiting moderation"?

    • Yonah Fredman said: "Rejecting Cast Lead, as I did over time, is not an easy step for most Jews committed to Israel’s existence/survival/ right of self defense."

      I assume you supported this Israeli genocidal act of war crimes and crimes against humanity. May I ask you what made you change your mind about this particularly barbaric, vicious atrocity against 1,5 million defenseless people, including some 800,000 children?

  • Anti-Muslim bigotry is being funded by the Israel-right-or-wrong crowd
  • Israeli soldiers drive tractor over worker's legs to stop Palestinians from building a house on their (occupied) lands
    • Citizen, I can't even begin to imagine what went through her mind in her dying moment. What a fantastic human being. She will never be forgotten.

  • Halper vows to rebuild Palestinian home destroyed five times by Israeli soldiers
  • Welcome Annie Robbins as Writer at Large
    • That is great news, indeed. Congratulations, Annie! Always love to read your contributions. This world needs more Annies!

  • Barak orders strike on Gaza during 'Charlie Rose'-- and checks what looks like a Rolex
    • "and bombing a police inauguration is murder. they weren’t part of a military brigade".

      The cold-blooded massacre of those police officers was an obvious war crime.
      May those who perpetrated that atrocity be held accountable for this cowardly act and the many other heinous war crimes and crimes against humanity Israel has committed during their genocidal military operation a.k.a. Cast Lead.

  • Harvard students: 'The decision to criminalize the Irvine 11 for their courageous action is an attack on all people who seek peace and justice in Israel/Palestine.'
    • I've said it before and I'll say it again, the amount of information that Hostage is willing to share with us here is nothing short of stunning, imo. His knowledge and research just boggles my mind.

      There are many fine folks here that I have learned a lot from over the past years and I totally appreciate their excellent and educational contributions but his posts completely blow me away everytime.

  • Tea Party congressman's one-state solution
    • I was just about to post this in another thread;

      U.S. Republicans submit resolution supporting Israel's right to annex West Bank
      Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) introduces House resolution that supports annexation if the Palestinian Authority continues to push for UN vote.

      U.S. Representative Joe Walsh (R-IL), introduced on Monday a resolution (with 30 co-sponsors) to support Israel’s right to annex the West Bank in the event that the Palestinian Authority continues to push for vote at the United Nations.

      “We’ve got what I consider to be a potential slap in the face coming up with the vote in the UN, which is absolutely outrageous,” Walsh told Politico website last July.

      He was quoted as saying that "it’s clear that the United States needs to make a very strong statement. I would argue that the president should make this statement, but he’s not capable of making it. So, the House needs to make this statement, if the [Palestinian Authority] continues down this road of trying to get recognition of statehood, the U.S. will not stand for it. And we will respect Israel’s right to annex Judea and Samaria.”

      Meanwhile on Sunday, Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) delivered the keynote address at the Jewish National Fund’s 2011 National Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. Boehner said that it is the U.S.'s duty to stand by Israel "not just as a broker or observer – but as a strong partner and reliable ally.”

      Referring to the Palestinian statehood bid at the UN, Boehner said that “Israel has demonstrated time and again it seeks nothing more than peace … a peace agreed to by the two states and only the two states. Like every prime minister before him, Prime Minister Netanyahu knows peace will require compromise – and he accepts that. He welcomes that."

      link to

      Do these folks really have no shame?

  • 'If Popeye and Olive Oyl were Islamists, would they be fair game as well?' --Blumenthal on Gaza strikes
    • "if i could clone him i’d keep one for myself!"

      Hehe ;)

      Let me take this opportunity to also thank you for your passionate commitment to the Palestinian plight and your educational posts and comments. Although I don't post here myself as often as I would like (I'm having a bit of trouble with the format of the comment section on this blog), I read it just about everyday and have done so for a long time. Please keep up the good work!

    • Thank you, Annie, for posting these excellent clips. Just finished watching them. This world needs more Max Blumenthals!

  • Independent: How Israel takes its revenge on boys who throw stones
  • 'Housing crisis?' Israel will build 930 more units in occupied East Jerusalem
    • Kathleen wote:"Call your Reps often. Keep contacting them".

      As much as I appreciate your comments here, Kathleen, contacting your Reps just isn't going to work, I'm afraid.

  • The case against circumcision
    • Hmm, I'm pretty sure I posted a comment on this subject but for some reason it doesn't show up. Perhaps I did something wrong...Anyway, I think that anyone who mutilates an infant should spend some serious time in prison.

  • A representation of Israeli soldiers
  • 'Tears of Gaza' – lest our tears dry up
    • I finally found the time to watch this powerful documentary. I have seen countless films about the unspeakable suffering that Israel has inflicted upon the Palestinian people (and especially, their children) for so long. Watching it actually left me speechless and brought tears to my eyes.

      Thanks to Susan Abulhawa for posting it and an extra special thanks to Vibeke Lokkeberg and her team for making this very important and moving documentary.

  • Picking apart the New York Times Zionist narrative on the Nakba . . . using the New York Times
    • I would also like to thank Mr. Munayyer for his great article.

      Robert 767 said: "The only possible conclusion is that of wilfull ignorance for to confront the truth DOES call into question the legitimacy of the state of Israel."

      After having had countless discussions over many years with apologists for Israel's past and present criminal behavior, the only conclusion I must draw is that the overwhelming majority of them are deliberately lying through their teeth. IMO, sincere ignorance of the facts played a very minor role in my online and IRL encounters with these intellectually dishonest Hasbarists.

  • Zuckerman rag prints bald-faced lies on upcoming flotilla to Gaza
    • Keith, I feel the same way. The incessant lying by Israel apologists is infuriating. I almost got used to the predictable endless distortions, half-truths, denials and lies by omission but for the past few years, I find the amount of blatant lies that I've encountered, simply mind-boggling.

      Could it be that their Hasbara nonsense has been so often and thoroughly debunked by now by so many, that all they are left with is just making ludicrous stuff up?

  • Vittorio bore his burden to the land of pain
    • Thanks, Mohammed for your beautiful words about Vik. It touched me deeply and I still can't believe we have lost this fine human being to such a hideous crime. Although I am still heart broken about what happened to him, it motivates me more than ever to continue to fight for justice and the Palestinian plight he so passionately believed in.

  • The meaning of Helen Thomas
    • Hello Jeffrey, I am from Europe and you are right about the influence of the pro-Israel Lobby over here. It doesn't have anywhere near the impact it has in the U.S. but, like you said, it still is considerable. A few years ago U.K.'s Channel Four aired a special called "Inside Britain’s Israel Lobby" and a national Dutch TV station (VPRO) did one called "The Israel Lobby" (although the latter was about the U.S.). You can still watch both programs here: link to and here: link to (with English subtitles).

      I sincerely doubt the above programs will be aired during prime time on the U.S. MSM, anytime soon.

      I am a longtime pro-Palestinian human rights activist and have had thousands of online discussions and in real life on the I/P subject. The stunning ignorance I have encountered on this issue over the past decades, especially from many Americans, is simply mind-blowing. I can't count the times anymore when I have been called an "anti-Semite" --and much worse -- for criticizing Israel's brutal occupation and oppressive policies against the Palestinian people in the OPT. The same goes for my criticism of Israel's repeated attacks against Lebanon and its ongoing, institutionalized racist and Apartheid policies against Palestinian Israeli citizens.

      However, this "anti-Semite" charge (a misnomer, imo) has lost just about all meaning since this slur has been thrown around way too often against anyone who dares to disagree with the policies of past and present Israeli governments. It almost seems that, according to most hardcore Zionists/Israel apologists, anyone who doesn't like Gefilte fish these days must therefore be a Jew hater.

      As was pointed out before, one should take a look at the agenda of those who try to use such insults. My experience is that the vast majority of them are very afraid of the truth and use it to try to stifle dissent with Israel's policies. It doesn't work in my case since I won't allow them the power to do so. As a matter of fact, it actually only motivates me more.

      What does worry me though, is that these Zionist tactics could eventually cause a lot of blow back against Jewish people in general since Israel purports to speak and act in their name.

      Tony Judt explained it better than I ever could in his essay "The Country that Wouldn't Grow Up", published in Ha'aretz on 5/5/06:

      "...The charge that criticism of Israel is implicitly anti-Semitic -- is regarded in Israel and the United States as Israel's trump card. If it has been played more insistently and aggressively in recent years, that is because it is now the only card left. The habit of tarring any foreign criticism with the brush of anti-Semitism is deeply ingrained in Israeli political instincts: Ariel Sharon used it with characteristic excess but he was only the latest in a long line of Israeli leaders to exploit the claim. David Ben-Gurion and Golda Meir did no different.

      But Jews outside of Israel pay a high price for this tactic. Not only does it inhibit their own criticisms of Israel for fear of appearing to associate with bad company, but it encourages others to look upon Jews everywhere as de facto collaborators in Israel's misbehavior.

      When Israel breaks international law in the occupied territories, when Israel publicly humiliates the subject populations whose land it has seized -- but then responds to its critics with loud cries of "anti-Semitism" -- it is in effect saying that these acts are not Israeli acts, they are Jewish acts: The occupation is not an Israeli occupation, it is a Jewish occupation, and if you don't like these things it is because you don't like Jews.

      In many parts of the world this is in danger of becoming a self-fulfilling assertion: Israel's reckless behavior and insistent identification of all criticism with anti-Semitism is now the leading source of anti-Jewish sentiment in Western Europe and much of Asia..."

      P.S. Sorry for the long post. Also, please keep in mind that English isn't my native language.

  • Arrigoni: I came here because my grandfathers fought fascist occupation in Italy
    • hophmi wrote: "Utterly misguided as he was"

      Gosh, I never thought I would say this to anyone here but one has to be a complete psychopath to call Vittorio Arrigoni "utterly misguided".

    • Annie, I'm at a loss for words myself to express how I feel about losing, yet again, another courageous human being like Vittorio Arrigoni. I can barely read the computer screen through my tears at the moment.

      But I will say this, we will bring the scum who murdered him and so many others like him, who gave their lives while standing up against brutal occupation, oppression and human rights abuse, to justice. One way or another. And that's a promise.

  • Activist Vittorio Arrigoni's body said to be found in Gaza
    • LarryDerfner, could you please share with us what makes you believe that the murders of Arrigoni, Mer-Khamis and the family in Itamar are "almost certainly committed by Palestinians"?

    • My heart cries for what happened to Vittorio. RIP, brother. May your family and friends find the strength to deal with your loss.

      As others here have already hinted at: who benefits from these horrific crimes? I'm sorry I have to say this but this brutal murder has Israeli false flag operation written all over it.

  • Jilani, Chinkin and Travers: 'calls to reconsider or even retract the report . . . disregard the right of victims, Palestinian and Israeli, to truth and justice'
    • I read it earlier today. I think it is very good that the other three experts finally made a clear joint statement. It is very obvious they strongly disagree with Goldstone's recent Op-Ed in the WaPo. I wonder if the latter will publish their statement. Mentioning the "extraordinary pressure placed on members of the fact-finding mission" is quite revealing, as well.

  • Ratner & Horowitz talk Goldstone on Democracy Now
    • Sonja wrote: "You can boo the US press, but the situation in Europe seems to be ten times worse."

      I'm sorry but I have to strongly disagree with you. When it comes to covering the I/P conflict, the US MSM is at least ten times worse than over here in Europe, imo. To claim that there's no real intellectual and informative discussion possible in e.g. the Dutch media is, with all due respect, pure nonsense.

      For example, even though there is a substantial and influential pro-Israel Lobby in Europe (but not yet as powerful as its counterpart in the U.S., I believe) debate over the subject is not as much a taboo here as it is in the US media. Although it appears to be getting better over there more recently.

      Four years ago, a Dutch TV station (VPRO) broad casted a special about the Israel Lobby at prime time on National TV. Something I think would be unheard of in the US, back then. You can watch the program at YouTube (with English subtitles):

      link to

      The documentary sheds light on both parties involved in the discussion: those who wish to maintain the strong tie between the US and Israel, and those who were critical of it and not infrequently became 'victims' of the lobby. The question arises to what extend the pro-Israel lobby ultimately determines the military and political importance of Israel itself. Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson (Colin Powell's former chief-of-staff) explains how the lobby's influence affects the decision-making structure in the White House.

      With political scientist John Mearsheimer, neocon Richard Perle, lobby organization AIPAC, televangelist John Hagee, historian Tony Judt, Human Rights Watch director Kenneth Roth, colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, Democrat Earl Hilliard, Israeli peace negotiator Daniel Levy and investigative journalist Michael Massing.

      And a few years ago, UK's Channel Four program "Dispatch" also aired a special on the same subject called: "Inside Britain’s Israel Lobby" which you can watch here: link to

      There are many more examples from other European countries' MSM, where freedom of the press -- especially when it comes to discussing the I/P conflict in general-- is much more open and liberal than in the US.

  • Goldstone: ‘retractions’ vs facts
    • RW wrote: "It is a moral dilemma."

      Ethnic cleansing and acts of Genocide only pose a dilemma to those who are suffering from a dysfunctional conscience.

      "I do observe that whenever the tone of dissent shifts to vitriol, to condemnation (rather than productive criticism), that the Israeli electorate shifts right."

      How does one "productively criticize" a fascist occupier and Apartheid regime?

      And thank you Ben White, for your excellent post. Well done!

  • The documented record still stands: Israel intentionally targets civilians and civilian infrastructure
    • Hello Hostage,

      I've read many of your replies and just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate them. Your obvious knowledge on this subject and the fact that you source your posts so thoroughly and in great detail, is simply stunning and I've learned a great deal from them. Do you happen to have your own website/blog and if so, would you care to share the link?

      I've been reading this website for many years on an almost daily basis and there are countless others here who also often make their points extremely well but I find all of your replies in particular, exceptionally well researched. Thanks again for all the time and energy you, and many others here, have put into sharing your knowledge with us. Cheers.

  • Siege mentality: Knesset member calls for hearings about J Street for not loving Israel
    • "Actually, Phil, what we need is a book from one of these politicians, or at the least an expose in a major US media outlet, detailing exactly how this collapse takes place, how the pressure is applied – first the bribes, then the threats."

      We could certainly use more books like former congressman Paul Findley's "The dare to speak out".

  • Deconstructing the news from the West Bank
  • Here we come to save the day
    • Are you suprised that so many people around the world are getting tired of listening to this constant Israeli whining? Don't blame people who have become very suspicious or lost complete faith in anything Israel says or does. It's Israeli governments and its unconditional amen corner who deserve to be criticized for creating this situation of lacking credibility in the first place.

    • "Weiss must have posted these stories back then."

      Was it this one? :

      link to

    • jon s, stop playing your worn out victim card. No one objects to sincere and selfless humanitarian help from anyone, including Israelis. It's the very real possibility of exploitation of such human tragedies again by Hasbarats, that people find repulsive.

    • I wonder how many Hasbara teams and camera crews they will bring this time around in an attempt to exploit this horrific disaster...

  • Abdeen Jabara to lead Goldstone discussion in NY tom'w night
    • I also wanted to post the same question, yesterday. Since about 2 days ago, my firewall got hammered with Java warnings as soon as I visited this website. Never had that happen before. When I clicked "deny" many times, the page failed to load completely and I couldn't close it anymore. I remember seeing an IP address from Denmark.

      Not sure if the following is related to the above but this afternoon when I started up my computer, AVG found a malware (rootkit-gen) called FMAMAR.exe which it removed to quarantine and now this website loads fine again.

  • Report: Israeli company recruits mercenaries to support Gadhafi
  • 'CSM' writer would push Gaza into Egypt
    • Fuster wrote: "screw Likud".

      I couldn't agree more! :thumbsup:

    • Fuster wrote: "and, BTW, Andre, your link does NOT say that the quotation comes from the Likud Charter".

      Huh? Got reading comprehension problems, Fuster? The excerpts I posted came straight from the 'Peace & Security' chapter of the Likud Party platform which can be found here: link to , just like the article I linked to said and directly quoted from:

      In the "Peace and Security" chapter of the Likud Party platform, a recent document (1999) it says initially that:

      Charters aside, I try to look at what happens today and it is pretty clear that the Likud is still implementing its policy of "flatly rejecting" a sovereign Palestinian state and continues to build illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories in clear violation of IHL.

      What will you come up with next? "A land without a people for a people without a land" or "B..b..b..but the Mufti!" or something ;)

    • Fuster wrote: "The EU, Japan, US and everyone else"...

      So, Canada is now "everyone else"?

      "and has a charter that is clear"...

      Speaking of clear Charters, guess who wrote this in their Charter:

      "The Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza are the realization of Zionist values. Settlement of the land is a clear expression of the unassailable right of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel and constitutes an important asset in the defense of the vital interests of the State of Israel. The Likud will continue to strengthen and develop these communities and will prevent their uprooting."

      "The Government of Israel flatly rejects the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state west of the Jordan river. The Palestinians can run their lives freely in the framework of self-rule, but not as an independent and sovereign state. Thus, for example, in matters of foreign affairs, security, immigration and ecology, their activity shall be limited in accordance with imperatives of Israel’s existence, security and national needs."

      "Jerusalem is the eternal, united capital of the State of Israel and only of Israel. The government will flatly reject Palestinian proposals to divide Jerusalem, including the plan to divide the city presented to the Knesset by the Arab factions and supported by many members of Labor and Meretz."

      Likud Charter Does Not Recognize Palestine : link to

    • Fuster, no need for me to paddle at all here since I didn't deny that other countries classify Hamas as a terrorist organization in the first place. On the contrary, I am well aware of it. You may want to read my previous reply again. I don't need the hypocritical opinion of certain governments to decide who I should classify as a terrorist. I'm quite capable of making up my own mind based on facts. Cheers.

      BTW, going by their own definition of terrorism, the US government could easily be classified as a terrorist organization, as well. Come to think of it, my father was considered a terrorist by Nazi Germany and was sentenced to death for his resistance against their brutal occupation. I still have his farewell letter he wrote from prison.

      I condemn any violence against innocent people but let's not forget that e.g. many Zionists had (and have) the blood of countless innocents on their hands because of past and present acts by their own terrorist organizations. Quite a few of those terrorist became Israeli leaders, as I'm sure you are well aware of.

    • It doesn't surprise me that you would refer to an obvious pro-Israel biased and morally bankrupt newspaper like the NYT to make your point. And I'm sure that most people with even a basic understanding of this conflict understand the agenda behind the U.S. and the E.U to classify Hamas as a "terrorist organization".

      Hamas is a political party that was elected in a free and fair, democratic Palestinian election. Hamas also has an affiliated military wing which in the past has committed acts of terrorism but that doesn't make the organization as a whole "terrorists". By this 'logic' we could designate most of those countries who classify Hamas as such, "terrorist organizations", as well.

      To state that Hamas is "the Islamic group opposed to the peace talks” is pure propaganda nonsense and reveals, yet again, an Israel apologist agenda that reeks of Islamophobia. Hamas has on numerous occasions offered a truce (and often stuck to it until Israel broke it) and repeatedly claimed to accept an Israeli state within the '67 borders:

      link to

      link to

      link to

      link to

      link to

      As to your comment that Gaza is controlled by Hamas: I invite you to come on a fishing trip with me off the coast of Gaza, board a ship together (let's call it "Mavi Marmara II") to bring humanitarian goods to the Gaza people still under brutal Israeli occupation or try to land a plane on the airport (what's left of it) there and find out up close and personal, who is actually in control of the Gaza strip.

    • Potsherd2, you took the words right out of my mouth. I was just typing a reply to Mr. Shapiro saying the exact same thing. Gaza is currently still under Israeli occupation. Also, his statement in the CSM article that "...Gaza is controlled by Hamas, a radical Islamic movement opposed to peace with Israel,..." is ludicrous and confirms again that he lacks any credibility on the subject. It's pretty obvious where he's coming from.

  • IDF spokesman says he used assumed name in UK to avoid arrest
    • Interesting, Philip. I've posted just two days ago about these Israeli cowards who know they are guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity and try to avoid being held to account for it but forgot to mention Avi Benayahu: link to

  • Israeli inquiry: One-ton bomb dropped on Shehadeh house, killing 13 civilians, was 'legitimate'
    • Dropping a one-ton bomb on an apartment building in a densely populated area is a clear violation of IHL and those responsible for it should be prosecuted for war crimes. It is no wonder that cowardly psychopaths like e.g. Avi Dichter, Moshe Ya'alon, Doron Almog et al canceled trips abroad or are too scared to get off planes there for fear of getting arrested on war crimes charges because they know they're guilty.

  • Colonialism and violence
    • Sigh, I have no experience using HTML tags :( so here are the links again:

      link to (PDF)


      link to

      Hope this works (vBulletin FTW ;) )

    • Hophmi, I know very well what it means, I helped bringing down the Apartheid regime in South Africa and hopefully I can say the same wrt Israeli Apartheid (which in many aspects I consider to be even worse) in the near future.

      It appears that you have no idea what institutionalized racism and Apartheid (a crime against humanity, btw) means but perhaps the following links may be educational:


      Or read the reports from the Adalah (link to , ACRI, etc websites. Here's another link you may find interesting:

      Institutional racial discrimination in apartheid South Africa and Israel

    • "To state that Israel is a democracy for only its majority is a falsehood. Minorities vote, they have freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of enterprise, equal due process before the law (with exceptions that demand reform, constantly)".

      Discrimination and racism against minorities is institutionalized in the Apartheid state of Israel. One has to be tragically out of touch with the daily realities over there to even try to downplay this fact.

  • What is the left's answer to military intervention in Libya?
    • "They got their excuse in Afghanistan and today after 10 years of war we cannot withdraw — why? "

      Because withdrawing was never intended in the initial plan. The U.S. is there to stay and this was policy from the get go, imo. Same goes for the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

  • Netanyahu seems as delusional as Qadhafi
    • I've seen many pathetic attempts at Hasbara from Israel apologists over the past decades that made me shake my head in disbelief but this one by jjs actually made me burst into tears from laughter.

  • Busting the siege, American style
  • Israel lobby group FLAME says black Ethiopian Jews are 'backward'
  • The 'one state' conversation continues
    • "i loved berlin. vibrant culture. after visiting there i considered spending a season or two for the sake of my art."

      :) I've traveled all over Germany for many decades and must have seen just about every inch of it. I also lived in Berlin for almost 4 months and had a great time there. Fantastic city!

    • I believe the Jewish population in Germany is around 200000. In recent years, Jewish immigrant numbers in Germany are higher than Israel's. I also read that Germany's Jewish population is the fastest-growing in the world.

  • Third war is urged on Obama
    • Max, apparently you don't understand that posting a link to a silly Hasbara website on this blog with so many highly informed people on the subject, makes you lose any credibilty you may have had. Please stop insulting people's intelligence.

  • Henochowicz, unbowed: I stumbled onto this injustice because I am Jewish and American
    • I have more respect for Emily Henochowicz than I can express in words. I have been in similar situations and shot at by the same scum who fired at her but I got away very lucky compared to her injury. Time will prove that you were on the right side of history.

  • From birthright to boycott
    • I hope this is not inappropriate in this thread and I sure don't want to derail it but speaking of boycotts: I just clicked on Max Blumenthal's website and got the following message: "This Account Has Been Suspended"

      ?? I sure hope that this is not the case here.

  • Israel called him a 'terrorist'; but hear his family's story
    • I feel very sad after reading this. I wish you, your family members and everyone else who loved this man all the strength to deal with this tragic and needless loss of life. My heart goes out to all of you. May the scumbag that murdered him soon get what he deserves.

  • Internet killed the hasbara star
    • You're welcome! The Palestine: Information with Provenance website is my daily first "go to page" the get an update of new articles on the web regarding this subject. It often links to Mondoweiss, too :)

      Like I said, their data base is just incredible and it boggles my mind how much time and effort must have gone just into building and maintaining that alone. I reallly believe that they deserve to be listed on this blog with a permanent link to their page.

    • Hi all,

      I don't post here very often but I have been reading this excellent blog for many years on an almost daily basis. I just wanted to say I am very grateful for all the information I found here posted by Phil, Adam et al. I also learned a lot from the many well informed contributors in the comment section.

      I am very active on other forums every day trying to explain and raise awareness for the plight of the Palestinian people and have done that for the past 15 years or so. The amount of Hasbara (and predictable insults) by Israel apologists I have encountered over time is simply stunning. But thanks to sites like this, those in the blog roll side bar and many others, debunking the myths, half truths and lies has become so much more easier in the last years.

      I would also like to give a special mention, if I may, to a web site that I don't recall having seen mentioned here before, which is an excellent source for information and has a great data base:

      link to

      Thanks everyone again and please keep up the fantastic job you are doing.

      P.S. English isn't my native language.

  • Mother of nine dies after being run over by settler
  • Does anyone over there really wants the 2SS?
  • Canadian students launch campaign to divest from the occupation
  • Why Haiti Is Poor (I)
    • Thanks Citizen, for your response. Let me first say that I am highly skeptical of any 'info' coming from the American Enterprise Institute. Secondly, my reply was in reference to Foreign aid assistance and not to private domestic donations to e.g. houses of worship and charitable organizations inside the U.S..

      With all due respect but you yourself, stated that "the USA private donations to help the world far exceeds any other country’s help, even proportionately." So far, I could not find any proof in the article you posted, that corroborates your claim.

    • Wow, VR. That was an extremely well written response. I agree with everything you've said in such a better way than I ever could. Much respect!

    • Oops, forgot the link to the second quote: link to

    • "The USA private donations to help the world far exceeds any other country’s help, even proportionately."

      Citizen, are you sure about that? Here's an interesting link to a long (and I believe well researched) article, that addresses U.S. and foreign aid assistance:

      link to

      Here's a quote (sorry, don't know how to do quotes using tags on this forum software):

      "Adelman, further above noted that the US is “clearly the most generous on earth in public—but especially in private—giving”, yet the CGD suggests otherwise, saying that the US does not close the gap with most other rich countries; “The US gives 13c/day/person in government aid….American’s private giving—another 5c/day—is high by international standards but does not close the gap with most other rich countries. Norway gives $1.02/day in public aid and 24c/day in private aid” per person. (These numbers will change of course, year by year, but the point here is that Adelman’s assertion—one that many seem to have—is not quite right.)"

      Also, here's another link (2005) regarding aid called "Are we stingy? How well does foreign aid add up?"

      A short quote:

      "U.S. aid in terms of percentage of U.S. GDP is already the lowest of any industrialized nation in the world, though paradoxically in the last three years, its dollar amount has been the highest. And while U.S. aid has increased dramatically in recent years, much of the new disbursements have been related to the war on terror and reconstruction efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Israel and Egypt continue to make their annual claims to the lion's share of U.S. overseas aid."

  • Normal Life in Port-au-Prince
  • Henry Siegman: Israel is 'the only apartheid regime in the Western world'
    • Thanks for posting that link again, Brewer. I have read it at the time but somehow lost the link. It's a well written article, indeed.

  • The China-Darfur distraction
    • Cheers, David. I wish I could say the things I really want to say in my native tongue but my English is slowly getting better thanks to reading websites such as this one.

    • Hello all,

      I just wanted to thank David Samel for his well written article. I am a long time lurker on this blog (have been reading it for years on an almost daily basis and occasionally posted a comment in the past) and a very vocal supporter on many forums and in real life of the Palestinian people suffering under Israeli occupation. The points brought up by Mr. Samel are very true and I am often confronted with these diversion tactics by scores of unconditional Israel apologists.

      I also want to take this opportunity to thank Philip Weiss, Adam Horowitz and many others who post interesting articles on this subject and for providing this platform. I also very much appreciate the comments from many other readers who are obviously well informed on this issue. Please continue to share your awareness and knowledge with the world and be a voice for those many victims of the ongoing occupation and oppression whose voices are hardly ever heard in the morally bankrupt MSM. Hopefully, we can eventually contribute to a change that will benefit both those Palestinians and Israelis who are genuinely looking for peace and help bring about a just solution to this tragedy.

      P.S. the only reason I hardly ever post here is that a find the comment software a bit hard to follow and English isn't my native language.

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