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  • Support a Palestinian family fighting to stay together under Israel's citizenship law
  • 'International week against the Apartheid Wall' seeks to rally the 'global 99%'
    • Strong piece. It is crucial that people are becoming aware that dissent is brutally suppressed by the state-whether it's "violent" or not, whether it's here in Oakland or in Palestine. One small correction-Bassem was fired on and killed one MONTH after Tristan, not one year as stated here. The op ed (below) was published yesterday on Al Jazeera and reposted on this site and provides a lot of context and background to Tristan's story as well as that of so many Palestinians who have suffered horrific (and even by their own stated rules, as well as by laws that govern the actions of an occupying power, illegal) violence at the hands of the IOF at non-violent demos in the West Bank. Tristan Anderson is bringing a case against Israel which will be heard in Jerusalem this month. Not holding my breath, but it will be interesting to follow.

  • DAM is touring the US - and needs your help to finish their 2nd album
    • They're not good they're awesome!! Heard them in person twice-the last time in Silwan when IOF-sponsored tear gas accompanied the event. Note: the little soldier-boy thugs' attacks injured a youth and delayed the DAM show/poetry reading in the Silwan tent-and set us all running and my faint heart pounding- but did NOT shut it down. Viva resistance.

  • Struggling for water in Gaza
    • Okay patient people. My copy and paste technique seems to be jinxed. Look up MECA online, go to their projects and check out The Maia Project.

    • Staggering piece. The water crisis in Gaza is horrifying. The only lasting solution to this-and every other injustice Palestinians suffer-is a just, political one but right now I urge readers to read about and donate what you can to MECA, an organization that has worked on the ground in Palestine for over 23 years.

      MECA is addressing the water crisis in Gaza by partnering with Palestinians to create water purification and desalination units for schools (clean water was voted the number one need by the children themselves.) Many readers of this site are probably aware of MECA if only because it was at the center of the recent storm created by its exhibit of children's art from Gaza (drawings made in the immediate aftermath of the 08-09 assault) which was censored by the museum that had originally agreed to host it. That story was covered eloquently and inspiringly by Henry Norr for this site. (Don't worry, the powerful and very poignant exhibit is up and running in a private gallery in Oakland, CA and if you're in the area you should come see it. I'll be staffing it today.)

      Read more about the organization's Maia (means water in Arabic) Project here.

      I have helped out at this small and wonderful organization for five years and can assure readers their donations go directly to implement truly vital projects in the West Bank and Gaza.

  • Breaking: 'Irvine 11' found guilty on two charges for protesting Michael Oren
    • As I stand in solidarity with the brave people who received this outrageously unjust blow and recover from my initial grief on hearing the verdict (while still reeling from the ravings of the loutish Netanyahu), I am inspired and comforted by the fact that the whole attack on them is an indication of how powerful the movement for the Palestinian cause has become. History is a good friend in times like these.

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