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Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani

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  • Trump 'promise' to move US embassy to Jerusalem stirs international furor
    • oh, and when did the US " 'promise' " to move the embassy? do you mean trump?

    • only the irritated , hate filled , bilious zionist haters here thrive on making bogus intellectual arguments on why jerusalem is not or should not be the israeli capital.

      what a strange allegation dabker. by the sound of it you think only a relatively few mondoweiss commenters object to this move. that's sort of wild.

      it's my understanding the reason no countries in the whole wide world have their embassy in jerusalem is because the governments of all of those countries recognize jerusalem was unilaterally and illegally annexed to israel, and therefore is not recognized internationally as being legally inside of israeli territory.

      most palestinians ... don’t give a rats ass if the embassy is moved to ...jerusalem.

      wow, interesting. do you have any sources to back this up. or is it just your hunch.

    • i didn't say you couldn't comment, go ahead and comment. all top comments, by their very nature, preempt every other comment on a thread. by preempt i meant making claims such as "your “evidence” that Trump is a serial promise breaker or flip flopper" when -- i don't recall eljay (or anyone else on the thread - yet) making the argument trump was a "serial promise breaker" or "flip flopper". maybe you're shadowboxing imaginary cupcakes?

      i noticed 3 minutes after i wrote "i'm done here" (meaning our exchange), you wrote you were done arguing w/idiots (downthread). anyway, i meant it. take the last word. bye.

    • I wait and see

      really? because it seems to me like you preempted every other commenter on here with your top comment on the thread making claims about people soiling their pants and such. no waiting around at all. maybe you're the cupcake who dodges and runs away when queried about sources for your (racist) declarations.

      anyway, congrats on your top comment, but if the threads anything like the last time you got your a** handed to you on a platter here, we're not exactly shaking in our boots. i'm done here.

    • i think he already said it wasn't going to be built across the entire border.

    • just, it's for the wiesenthal center's museum of intolerance built on top palestinian graves. part of what cupcake scott finds so hilarious.

      speaking of cupcakes, remember when scott got totally creamed in this thread claiming "Muslims commit terrorist acts far, far out of proportion to their % of the population"? and then he couldn't provide any back up, no link or supporting evidence other than ineffective comebacks like 'trump won, there's my evidence'

      talk about hilarious:

    • Whatever happened to “America First?”

      it means america is first in line to kiss israel's a**.

    • Jeremy Saltan, Israeli analyst, suggests that most Israelis do not take Trump at his word on Jerusalem

      oops, scott's cupcakes.

  • Video analysis contradicts Israeli police explanation of alleged 'terror attack' in Umm al-Hiran
  • Obama's failure, and achievement, in Palestine
    • thanks bandolero, i don't think i ever actually read the proposed legislation before. and what a flop that was for the lobby!

      i knew about it being israeli intel, not US - (no "slam dunk", being clapper's understatement).

      sibiriak, "an Israeli involvement in the CW plot, deliberately designed to mislead the US and make the US bomb Syria" doesn't rule out "U.S. neocons and liberal interventionists, the CIA et al" being in on the scheme, at all.

      i don't think military establishment were leading the whole process of military escalation in syria, or production of intel to support it. i don't think the military particularly wants to go to war in syria, or russia for that matter, which is why they backed trump.

      the cia, the clintonites, that's another story.

    • addressing an achievement of obama's, which he may not be remembered for very much, is how he flushed out the lobby in an almost covert way on a few occasions which really exposed the nightflower in ways i don't think they can retreat from going forward.

      so, while you addressed syria, and i don't think obama did enough to pull back the US in syria i recall how he was getting massive pressure from the lobby to bomb syria (after the "red line", incident that was never proved definitively). it was the way he tasked the lobby (who were both denying they were pressuring and pressuring at the same time) with getting congressional support to bomb syria knowing damn well they couldn't get it. and the lobby ended up looking like war mongering fools. he also appointed hagel, who he knew the lobby didn't like and then the congressional approval of hagel was such a side show even SNL made a joke of it, and this really flushed out the lobby too.

      unfortunately i think the "successful internationalization of resistance to occupation and to Zionism" that has occurred during his presidency is not primarily to his credit, i think it's primarily to the credit of israeli slaughters in gaza. as far as americans are concerned, yes, his presidency made a difference. but the internationalization of resistance to israel is not the same as an internationalization of resistance to the lobby. i think we're seeing that. obama's snubbing of the lobby over multiple things (the iran deal, that too). i while i can't say he improved anything on the ground in i/p, it's definitely worse, the awareness of israel /the zionists and who they are, he helped expose them in a big way.

  • For Chelsea Manning -- Freedom!
  • Before there was 'fake news' there was Judith Miller
  • Palestinians demand Israeli authorities release the remains of slain loved ones
    • you'd have to ask them jon, i have no idea.

    • don’t you think the morally consistent position is for the protesters to demand the same from Hamas

      because protestors, to morally protest, should be required to be morally consistent and required to protest for both sides?

      and to answer your question (again), i doubt any of protestors in gaza do not have friends and relatives rotting away in israeli jails. given that, unlike israelis, they use bodies to free their relatives, it's not a consistent moral requirement. maybe if israel released all the 100's of prisoners they agreed, under a deal, to release and then re-imprisoned in june 2014, it would begin to approach some sort of moral equanimity. but i doubt it. under the circumstances no, i don't believe to be morally consistent protesters in gaza should be required to demand anything of hamas.

    • All parties should immediately return the bodies of ALL

      let me guess, you're going to make an exception for the live bodies israel holds tho, aren't you jon. alive is way more valuable than dead.

      Israel is differentiating between Hamas and Fatah because Hamas refuses to release the bodies

      hamas making deals with israel is stupid because israel break their agreements. like w/the shalit deal, they came, invaded and kidnapped all of those hamas people back again. lying the whole time pretending they were looking for teens they already knew were dead. besides, israel gives back dead bodies and just executes more and more all over again.

      you should be ashamed to represent such a state, deal breakers.

    • brutally dragged him while possibly alive

      he was alive, you could ell by his body's movements when they first started dragging him. he kicked, dead bodies don't kick.

  • Fear that Israel is becoming 'South Africa on the Mediterranean' is expressed in Park Avenue synagogue
    • just, too much pressure too soon on Netanyahu

      bwahhhh poor lil bibi

    • my pleasure phil, love ya.

    • The flaw in Cohen’s argument is that he cannot say how powerful the lobby is that produced such cowardice in Obama

      the flaw in cohen's argument is that he himself is a coward. a primary talking point on the right is that settlements are not the problem. so what does he say, before explaining how and why settlements are very much the problem:

      let’s be clear on the settlements. They may or may not constitute a primary cause of the conflict

      yeah, they are definitely a primary cause of the conflict. israel continuing to expand and take over all the land, is a primary cause of the conflict and requires and occupation of palestine to facilitate/secure. if they were not expanding, they wouldn't need to occupy the rest of palestine, they could end the occupation.

      but i agree with you, he should have mentioned the lobby of course. (slight caveat, i have not read the article because i only get 10 free nyt articles a month. cohen just doesn't rank as a top priority for me).

  • Fordham bans Students for Justice in Palestine
    • ok. you're probably right.

    • the abbey theatre capacity is 628. that might be enough. my hunch tho, is cork college either has funds available of professors and professionals can get their expenses paid if it's hosted by the university and maybe not otherwise. i don't know. either way, if you can get in touch with any organizer and suggest the fo fund me idea, we could write about the conference and link to it.

      the only concern is whether some paid for thugs from the nearest Friends of Israel group shows up to do a bit of shoving and pushing and then file a complaint accusing those they pushed of violence and or antisemitism.

      yeah of course. this is what the "$ecurity" is about. of course they'll show up, and they are violent too.

    • amigo, i see that cork college has an announcement on it's website after a bunch of yada yada saying they couldn't do it on that date it reads:

      The Management Team concluded that it is prepared to permit the conference to proceed on the fulfilment of the conditions which include the following:

      1. a revised date for the conference needs to be agreed with the University which is out of term and not clashing with University examinations.

      2. the submission of an Event Management Plan [“EMP”] by the organisers for the agreement of the University which covers all aspects of the conference organisation. No date for the conference can be agreed until the EMP has been finalised;

      3. based on the Event Management Plan, the provision of a budget by the organisers to cover any additional costs to the University, particularly additional security costs.

      The University’s approval is contingent on agreement on and fulfilment of its conditions.

      security concerns, like preparing for a protest. it could cost thousands. someone should start a go fund me campaign to raise money for the security. i bet people from all over the world would contribute.

    • amigo, i see this is getting a lot of press. i just read a stand with us call to action w/a prepared text to email the admins at cork college. it appears Professor George Bisharat, University of California, Hastings College of the Law is one of the organizers i attended what i think was the first conference of this kind at hasting college a few years ago, organized by Bisharat, it was absolutely fascinating. a lot of pressure was put on hastings to cancel the event. the list of speakers was phenomenal. it lasted for 3 days, i will never forget. and there were so many international law specialists there (luminaries). some of the information was over my head, especially during the question and answer sessions after the lectures because there were professionals questioning professionals and they got into discussions referencing cases (so-and-so vs so-and-so) that everyone in the profession and students of law knew about, and i knew nothing about. but for the most part the lectures were cutting edge and i could follow. incredibly smart and interesting. i hope the conference is not shut down. that would be a shame. if that is the case organizers should find another place in the vicinity of cork college and go through with it. i am going to write cork college -- to counter the stand w/us initiative.

    • his diction is sneering and insulting.

      john, i am well aware. he's some sort of fixture here. you'd have to ask adam or phil, it's out of my hands. needless to say he'd be long gone if...

    • cultural and religious group like Hillel

      hillel is a zionist organization (political). as long as there's a zionist limitus test, it's political.

  • 'Constructed crisis for political ends': anti-Semitism claims are prime weapon for UK Israel lobby, Al Jazeera shows
    • yes i know about prevent. the system set up to get teachers to report on children who may be potential terrorists. totally racist infringement.

      gamal, scroll up and watch the video w/interview at my henryjacksonsociety link. and read that comment. it's so disgusting.

    • oh that hashtag is #reallyimpressive hops. how's your law office in new york doing. or do you work out of your basement?

    • harry, interesting as i just finished watching over an hour of that meeting taking notes along the way. ella rose makes an appearance and a statement later on and the president, jonathan akush, said "jerry i’m not sure if your remarks were helpful, let me say that social media videos that caught the disturbances at UCL showed that they were violent and intimidating with out any excuse whatsoever."

      a woman on the board said the AJ investigation was a load of rubbish. (around 1:19:10), which is after jerry speaks but right before ella.

      anyway, jerry didn't actually "admit" they were caused by Jewish extremists paid for by the Israeli government putting Jewish students at risk. he said "my thesis is this" and said "i was told when i was in israel, they’re doing these things so they can justify funding they get from israel, to try and make a point. "

      but i was checking out that website, where elliot miller, the one caught in the violent action who's screaming up above, he's the national organizer. well the director of this same org has a video or an interview with him and another woman on the website (not on youtube tho) but you can see it here:

      it appears he's trying to intervene on campuses and make it a requirement for students to report their concerns directly to the police. he's a troublemaker, and bills himself as a terrorism specialist. i wonder who pays the salaries of the henry jackson society in london? who are these people attending these campus events and stirring up trouble? it sure looks like it from the video.

      at the beginning of the board of deputies video, there was a fair amount of discussion regarding this group called yachad, evidently they had their very own response to the UN resolution and it sent the PM (or some british gov official) and this was REALLY frowned upon because everyone should take their complaint to akush and he can speak for them instead because the board of deputies is the only democratically elected representatives of the jewish people in the UK (according to him), and yachad did not even consult with him! or something like that. it was interesting. around 51:20 in the tape, at least from my notes.

    • Ossinev, yes i heard this morning about corbyn requesting an investigation, after writing this article which i finished last night. i'm not sure how to gauge corbyn's response to all this. he seems to be trying to accommodate the charges against him and members of his party. i suppose he's calculated many times since his leadership began the best way to approach the accusations, and has not made his decisions lightly.

      so much of this depends on the state of mind of the british people. as walker said in one of AJ's interview clips with her, that being accused of anti semitism is akin to being called a pedophile or a murderer. so we've got a society in fear, even if corbyn isn't (afraid of the accusation personally). his calculations are to give the right flank of his party the upperhand and accommodate holding this investigations which, as one could easily predict, were then slammed as a whitewash. so basically any direction he turns are not going to be good for him. he's options being to either say they didn't find strong evidence of this and get slammed, or completely capitulate and "admit" to rampant anti semitism (where no rampant anti semitism exists) and thereby set the country up for even more BS.

      i think it's too much to expect that corbyn could undo years of programing. it's people minds you have to change, to not be afraid, to realize the accusation is being used to place the society in such a position as to fear a real conversation about israel. and while this is going on, the hasbarists are throwing a wide wide net, to eliminate the term zionist and zionism from the lexicon except in a positive way, to conflate support for bds as anti semitic (which casts a very large net on supporters of palestine) and to conflate anti zionism (except under the most scrutinized conditions) as anti semitic. so i think corbyn has thought about all this and taken the road he thinks is the safest. it's not the most courageous position, but i can't evaluate the risk factor better than him. it might cause an explosion in british society and implode the labour party altogether if this reveal came earlier, i do think the gov should hold an investigation of course. but this has to come from pressure from the people.

      the press, is of course, on the side of the accusers -- because it makes for radical headlines and only serves the "stabilization of the political institutions of power and the political order".

      but i do think eventually this will be a story of the boy who cried wolf or the emperor with no clothes. i think people will get sick of it. the labour party is getting played but i have every confidence corbyn's supporters will stand by him and he will stay the leader of the party and this will backfire against the accusers. let's hope so anyway.

    • i think it's a contrived crisis, as walker stated,‘Constructed crisis for political ends’, which is what reminded me of the strategy of tension. although this differs in the sense that the cold war tactic involved false flag violent acts, the objective was the same, getting a society to except certain kinds of norms (by covert means) through crisis. — false flags. fake accusations of anti semitism by using fake quotes are false flag attacks. she said banking! and there was no way to prove she didn't say it without the video — it was a miracle it existed. ryan created the anti semitism and tried to lay it on fitzpatrick. another definition of strategy of tension is 'stabilization of the political institutions of power and the political order by a repressive intervention that would be welcomed by the public', the way accusation of anti semitism appear to be embraced by LFI and the Jewish Labor Movement, as a means to an end.

  • Antisemitism and its useful idiots
    • Because of the existence of zionism and the facts of certain Israeli excesses, it is really impossible to gauge antisemitism.

      attaching anti semitism to the bandwagon of criticism of what a state does and how it acts (yeah, certain war crimes and genocidal type "excesses", kinda get in the way), although designed to enhance the specter of anti semitism, for many people (myself included) just waters down the accusation. it's not impossible to gauge hatred of jewish people (which is grotesque but certainly no worse than the now rampant hatred of muslims now infesting our society, thanks in large part to fanatical rabid zionist operatives like david horowitz and his ilk) or hatred of any other group.

      what's impossible to gauge is how protest against decades of oppression and advocating for human rights is deemed racist. 9/10 of what is claimed to be anti semitism, at least, is just cowardly denial used to defend a criminal state -- and that's a generous percentage. and given the circumstance that the vast majority of those making the false cowardly accusations are jewish themselves, unfortunately it actually raises the possibility/likelihood of antisemitism growing -- like a virus.

      worrying about oppression and discrimination against one of the most, if not the most, privileged ethnic groups in our society is not on the top of my list of concerns.

      we need to be vigilant and call out racism when we see it. criticizing a racist state is not racism. nor is 'singling' it out, given palestinians are the longest running refugee population in the world, eradicating this "conflict" should be a top priority for the international community.

    • here if you want to vote you have to register first, you can't just show up with your ID and ask for a ballot. at the time you register, you have a choice to register with a party, or not with a party. every state has it's own rules about who gets to vote in their primaries but the general election is open to everyone. i've never heard of someone not getting to choose a party, if it is there wish to do so, or a party rejecting someones membership, unless the state party has a deadline to register to be able to vote in a primary. the only advantage to being in a political party is being about to vote in the primaries or vote in the party's election process, for their officials -- which is different for each state. but the elections for the dem party coming up, for a leader like keith ellison, not everyone gets to vote in that party election, only dem party officials or dem delegates from each state.

      and it's free, you don't have to pay money to register with a party.

    • I found myself caught in a net, and joined “rif-raf, anarchists, marxists, fundamentalists and anti-semites” who didn’t get permission to join Labour Party.

      The reason were my tweets during attacks on Gaza

      eva, can you apply for membership again? i don't understand how this works where you're not allowed to register for a political party in the UK. i can understand putting a time limit on it directly prior to an election, but after an election you can't try again? what reason could they give to deny registration permanently to a UK citizen, and based on what? tweets? is this for real? do you still get to vote in the national election without being registered to a party?

  • The immaculate conception of Louis Brandeis
    • so that would be a "no" eh? you have no reference to a chapter she didn't cook.

    • in a few chapters? what chapter didn't she cook? because it's my understanding she cooked all of them. i have a copy here if you can think of an honest chapter. i have not opened it yet but i'll make an exception just for you.

    • wow, i'm always learning new phrases. ;)

  • Statement: Palestinian students in UK demand resignation of National Union of Students VP following Al Jazeera investigation
    • yonah, i have not had a chance to listen to the video yet. is there any particular information in his presentation you think is problematic?

  • Mock campaign supporting two-state solution reveals liberal Israeli racism
  • It turns out Jews are as stupid as everyone else
    • The solution to the Israeli Palestinian mess is in talking, engaging and working together.

      hmm, one would assume pro israel activists think otherwise, since their primary tactic is accusations of anti semitism, twisting others words, and smearing their opponents. talking, engaging and working together may eventually lead to peace after the occupation is over. but it won't end the occupation, only pressure on israel will end the occupation, something pro israel activists won't do, or don't appear to ever be doing it anyway. they take funds and advisement from the israeli government. they talk, engage and work with the israeli government. this won't end the occupation.

      You think it is in BDS.

      BDS is a non violent way to pressure israel. after decades of brutal occupation, it's an alternative that might work, which is more than one can say for talk and engagement, which only got palestinians more entrenched. if talking could end the occupation, palestine would be free right now.

      the primary "talk" israel does with palestinians is threaten them and interrogate them during torture/imprisonment, while palestinians get to answer, beg for permits and other humiliating interactions. it's a conversation between a prisoner and his warden. pff.

    • Israelis do some pretty outstanding work in the high level fields. The list of brilliant Israeli mathematicians and physicists is breathtaking. -

      and? are you building an argument that jews and/or israelis are smarter than other people? is that the take away implication from your comment? just spit it out catalan.

  • Video: Support for one democratic state grows as Palestinians lose hope in two-state solution
    • we get your point jon. try reading abunimah's book before chomping at the title, then you can find out what he means.

      from your first comment on this post, even when you sited "the ‘One Democratic State’ movement", and cherrypicked the part in quotes vs the unquoted text, your further references were to one state. please note no where in the article does it even reference one state. it always references one democratic state. now you've morphed from “one democratic state ” is not necessarily a bi-national state to one state or one country is not necessarily binational.

      we get it, you're implying abunimah, said, and jarai are possibly referencing a future state that doesn't include two peoples or is not binational and you want proof. ad nauseum. sounds like spamming to me. again, we get your point (scoring).

      why not just write adunimah or tweet him and ask if he means binational if you're too lazy to read the book.

    • amigo, Jon S is about trolling a well written and thought out article about opportunities and ideas for an eventual peace and thrashing palestinians.

    • i meant back up in the conversation. you have the website, if you'd like to make a point about this being for an islamic state that's for you to prove. why should anyone try to prove anything to you when this:

      The question, I believe, is not how to devise means for persisting in trying to separate them, but to see whether it is possible for them to live together as fairly and peacefully as possible

      becomes this:

      Edward Said is not directly quoted as supporting the binational concept, but he did come pretty close.

      why don't you type out the exact phrasing dr jarai would have to use for your approval. Edward said is dead, so i guess that's out the window.

    • and you are splitting hairs jon. it's fine if you want to advocate for 2 states, people have been doing it for decades. and there's nothing wrong with examining the alternatives just in case this window that's been 'about to close' for a long long time, and many believe have already closed, is roundly understood as being closed. (that's what futurists do by the way) and what if, with trumps support, israel does annex the west bank. will it then be ok with you for people like jarai and edward said to talk about the people all being equal within that state, or are you going to keep hammering on their lack of the linguistic "binational"? you're splitting hairs john.

    • jon, so now you're moving the goalposts from jarai and his organization to "in general palestinians"? can we back up? did you read anything in jarai's website indicating he was not advocating a "binational concept"? that seemed to be your original concern.

      or are you just conceding no ground here? plugging away with your original claims?

      At present they’re committed to establishing an Islamic state

      as if israelis are not, at present committed to establishing an Jewish state? the idea of bi national is co existence. what about that don't you get?

      edit, it just occurred to me maybe you think judaism is somehow more secular than islam. think again jon. your religious fanatics are just as, if not more, fanatical as the next guys. i suppose you know there are lots of settler judaic freaks right? and their fantasies require a LOT of violence to achieve. fanatical judaism is thriving in israel and palestine, a lot more than fanatical islam. go examine your own fanatical nationalists why don't you.

    • jon, try checking out Jarai’s Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research.

      here's a recent "final report", (pdf)

      there's nothing here indicating (at all) one state means one state without jews. but try poking around a bit and familiarize yourself with what they do.

    • excellent video, thank you.

    • As far as hamas and fatah, on paper they are the “owners” of the west bank and gaza"

      who are you quoting? is this your ("be specific") speculation?

      any one man one vote proposition ... cannot imagine either of them endorsing at this time.

      let's skip what you can or cannot imagine, do you have anything "on paper" you can use as a source for this speculation of yours? or are you merely creating an (another) opportunity to trash palestinians?

    • Be specific

      iow: speculate

  • On eve of Paris talks PA support for two-state solution not shared among Palestinians
    • gamal, the book has all 5 star reviews:

      here, from the editor of the book:

      Its title derived from a piece of Palestinian black humour circulating in the Middle East at the time, it being said that God had agreed to answer one question each from Ronald Reagan, Leonid Brezhnev and Yasser Arafat. The American president asked his question first, wanting to know when an American would become leader of the whole world. ‘In fifty years,’ said God. And Reagan cried. When God asked him why he cried, he said, ‘Because it won’t happen in my lifetime.’ Next it was the turn of Brezhnev, who wished to know from God when the whole world would be communist. ‘In a hundred years,’ said God. And Brezhnev cried for the same reason as Reagan. And when it came to Arafat, he asked God, ‘When will my people have a homeland of their own?’ And God cried.

    • actually i don't remember when god said that pabelmont -- but thanks for the story! yes, my 105 reference was sort of a joke of this nature. i think abbas is perhaps destined to live until they find what they deem to be a suitable replacement. we'll see, and probably (hopefully!) in my lifetime.

    • i'm beginning to wonder if he'll live to be 105. is there no getting rid of him or is he guaranteed to be in office for life?

  • Kal Penn's primetime shoutout to Palestinian refugees is gift that keeps on giving
    • will do gamal

    • i don't think UNRWA has the power to change policy. between now and whenever it is the UN/international community gets it together to DO something about palestine, i don't know what palestinian refugees would do without UNRWA.

      UNRWA teaches 493,500 children in the largest and one of the highest achieving school systems in the region.
      UNRWA operates 137 primary health facilities, with 9.4 million annual patient visits.
      UNRWA feeds more than 1 million refugees through its food aid program.
      UNRWA empowers over 7,000 men and women each year at 8 vocational and technical training centers.
      UNRWA has awarded over $402.5 million in micro-finance loans to Palestine refugees.

      if you care about the well being of palestinian refugees, UNRWA is a supremely worthy charity.

      directing funds to UNRWA without providing the context is just repeating the folly of the UN

      i disagree, and our readers already know enough of the context.

    • he's hot. did you see namesake? great movie, and i really like him on designated survivor -- i like that series. but i'll tell you i'm like laila, i went over the moon when i found out about this, what a guy. over the moon and edge of my seat. just wow. plus, i don't know what it is about watching men cook -- just a fetish of mine. and he definitely looks like he knows his way around a kitchen.

      and thank god for UNRWA!

    • my pleasure bintbiba! can you access the episode (at my link) over in the UK? it's a great episode, i've watched it a bunch of times. he's definitely fun to watch.

  • Almost 1 million Syrian children can't go to school
    • thanks harry

    • wow harry, i didn't know lebanon had absorbed 1.5 million syrian refugees, that's an outrageous amount for such a small country. when i was there, about a year and a half ago, it was at a million which i thought was a lot at the time. there were syrian refugees living on the property where i was staying, they were wonderful people. the village where they were from, and had a farm, had been overrun by jihadist. sad. i have no doubt they will return when all this is over. they had a couple of young kids, one born in lebanon.

  • To be successful the French Peace Initiative must be based on international law and human rights
    • thanks dutch, and everyone who responded. since i wrote that comment there have been reports the french have no intention of formulating a new resolution, see

      France says no plans for UN resolution after peace confab

      Gerard Larcher said he was not aware of any country working on a resolution to put before the Council between the January 15 meeting and the inauguration of Donald Trump as US president on January 20.

      and amigo, yes i am aware "us says it will veto any res that is critical of Israel ". still i think there may be ways around that, for example simply upgrading palestine's status at the UN doesn't require criticizing israel. but it would place palestine in an enhanced position in future dealings with the UN, on their own or in conjunction with the EU or other future mediating countries should palestine (finally) reject US "help" -- and this israel would certainly consider a threat.

      and just because france says they have no plans of working on a resolution, doesn't mean something might not just crop up over the course of the conference that might be addressed the following day at the UN.

    • Why is my gut reaction this a bad joke?

      probably partly because the author doesn't sound very enthusiastic about the conference. but i read last week (pardon me for not doing a search but i know i tweeted it and/or mentioned it in the comments) that there will be another vote at the UN directly after the conference and at the conference there will be some discussion and agreement regarding the wording of resolution. i imagine it won't be the very same resolution (what would be the point?) but sort of an extension of it, possibly with some teeth this time. with some repercussions spelled out in the resolution. let's hope anyway. and this worries israel greatly, that's my understanding.

      and just to be clear, i find it no coincidence whatsoever this is timed just days before obama leaves office. the conference, and the vote afterwards. let's see if he can abstain a second time, or even vote yeah. now that's exciting. a possible double wammy.

      i'm excited about the possibilities.

  • Origins of a golden shower

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