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Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani

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  • Oscar swag bag includes ten-day VIP trip to Israel worth $55,000
    • the Academy Awards seems to be taking a stand in solidarity with the Jewish state.”

      It’s unclear if that was the intention, but it’s possible. The bags were put together by Distinctive Assets, a “a niche marketing company offering celebrity placement, product introduction and branding opportunities within the entertainment industry.” There is nothing on its site that would indicate support for Israel, but that doesn’t mean the gift isn’t intended to counter the BDS movement. For the last several years there has been a concerted effort in the entertainment industry to push back against the growing strength of the BDS movement.

      adam, i think you're possibly not understanding the role of Distinctive Assets. essentially it is not a company that serves the academy awards, it serves it's clients who seek branding. see the opening at about page: link to

      (original bold)

      "Instead of blindly advertising to mass audiences, companies should focus on creating buzz among key, high-profile customers." - Forbes Magazine

      when they say they are a "niche marketing company offering celebrity placement, product introduction and branding opportunities within the entertainment industry." it means their clients are marketing themselves--- the people offering the goods, not the academy awards. the state of israel probably offered those trips. .."Instead of blindly advertising ".

      and yes undoubtedly there are those in hollywood working with the state -- and the academy -- but this is obviously a marketing ploy to counter bds and enhance israel. i just wonder how many of those actors are being watched an on the line. (subtly blackmailed to take this trip for their next big part).

      well, this is what they have to look forward to, see graphic link to

    • . In view of the Jewish-Zionist domination of Hollywood, such behavior could destroy a promising career.

      hmm, i doubt it. i think everyone remembers what happened to scarlett johansson. and the british are not too fond of israel. remember cantor? the thing about congress is they can't piss off their constituents. for hollywood that would be the public. who buys the tickets?

  • Tel Aviv housecleaning service advertises higher rates for European help than Africans
    • Exactly where would a Jewish Ethiopian women fit into that hierarchy?

      or iraqi jew? iranian? moroccans need not apply! (yes i know morocco is on the african continent.)

  • In Photos: Israeli forces close down village of 25,000 following deadly attack by three teen boys
    • Does anyone have the intestinal fortitude to compare israel to any other place than apartheid South Africa

      maybe some science fiction novel, where at any time a whole society can be on lockdown at the whim of a dominant evil power. this is what the life in a banustan amounts to. this is what they have in mind for palestinians -- into perpetuity. it's a model for mankind if we do not stop it.

  • The irreconcilable differences of liberal Zionism
    • this is an excellent article Nada Elia. especially amazing :

      the chair of a program in the School of Psychology is the faculty member who led the attack against our SJP chapter’s events. ...... the psychology program chair claimed that the Jewish students’ safety was endangered by our mock checkpoint. He did not complain about a possible disruption of the learning experience of the general student population, he most definitely did not express any concern for any Palestinian students, but was vehement about the “safety” of the Jewish students.

      When even psychologists cannot distinguish between “safety” and “comfort,”.....

      my hunch is the psychologist can very much distinguish between the two. that just wasn't their priority.

      thank you so much.

    • rugal, if you wanted to make a point, that "Physical violence is a legitimate means to secure justice and fight oppression" and go on about how clear it is "that violence is the much more effective alternative" in an article about campus activism, why did you bother prefacing it w/ copy/pasting that passage from the article which has nothing what so ever to do with physical violence?

      are you suggesting somehow that violent protest, or the faux violence Elia referenced in her article, when she wrote palestinian activists" brace for full assault from Zionist groups who want to shut down their events. The reasons given by these Zionists include claims that the events incite violence against Jews, aggravate anti-Semitism, and make Jewish students and faculty on campus feel unsafe. " -- are you advocating violence on campus?

      what are you saying? and why did you preface it with the passage

      Idiots and bigots do not shut down debate. Many thrive on it. They can debate to no end, because there is no discrepancy in their own minds and arguments. They are buoyed by ignorance, assuaged by a racism unchallenged by critical thought. They demand “dialogue.” - ----

      what do the two have to do with eachother? or were you just choosing some passage from the text to launch off into an inflammatory suggestion?

    • Palestinians are cultured and educated and hungry for knowledge and the word “native” implies otherwise

      hmm, not sure i agree w/that. native means indigenous. it means it wasn't transplanted and fits in with the landscape/environment and is most compatible with its natural surroundings. it doesn't mean it isn't or is less likely to have a developed culture, education or thirst for knowledge.

      native is a beautiful word. like breathe and alive and spring and first born.

  • Video: Sanders's campaign fact-checks Clinton's 'smear' defense with Elizabeth Warren charges
    • overreaction, lol check this out: link to

      we're not into perpetuating habits echin, we just wake up in the morning and write whatever we feel like writing. it's the election season and we write about it, just like we wrote about it in the last election (speaking of habits) -- btw, we even have a whole section on US politics (speaking of habits).

      i just thought since you mentioned you'd had your fill of "this Bernie sales pitch" and insinuating others here felt the same way (triple yawn) i'd remind you know one is forcing you to stay.

      If you guys at Mondoweiss decide that restricting participation on that basis is OK, you may as well announce it.

      oh heavens no. but no one on staff is forced to moderate here. we all do it when we feel so inspired (if at all). it just so happens i have a particular attachment to the comment section so i spend an inordinate amount of my personal time attending to it. my compensation for that is strictly in the conversation -- it's my free time and my choice. and i'm not restricting you. i'm just may choose to scroll past yours and let someone who appreciates reading them in their spare time clear them. and by all means, consider that my announcement -- made personally -- to you.


    • I almost had my fill of this Bernie sales pitch already. I suppose other visitors, too.

      this article is about what happened in the national democratic debate. i would describe it more as a 'gotcha' hillary' article, the way the media covered it and what went on behind the scenes (her getting debunked fast on what she said on national tv).

      if you're filled up with what you perceive as "electoral propaganda", do not open articles with any of the candidates names on the subject line*, or do not visit the site, because it's just as possible that some people are fast becoming filled up with you.

      *for your edification, this is a common procedure many people use: open link >> link to

      as you scroll the headlines (they are in bold), just do not open ones that do not interest you. capisce? there's no inherent need for you to come into threads you think are "propaganda" and express yourself over and over and over again in the same way and on the same topic. (iow, we already know your opinion on sanders)

      you can try that here too and see if you can recognize which articles to avoid. here are our featured articles, in order of publication as they appear at the link:

      link to

      Tel Aviv housecleaning service advertises higher rates for European help than Africans
      Philip Weiss on February 6, 2016
      “Not prepared to have an Arab cleaner for security reasons?” A housecleaning service in affluent Tel Aviv has the solution. No Palestinian workers, and higher rates for white help than black help.


      ‘New York Times’ picks up Bernie Sanders’s ‘socialist’ kibbutz but leaves out the ethnic cleansing
      Philip Weiss on February 5, 2016
      It’s come out that the kibbutz Bernie Sanders spent time on in the 60s was a socialist community in northern Israel. But why isn’t the New York Times telling readers that it was built on ethnically-cleansed lands, the former residence of Palestinians.


      60 Palestinians homeless after Israel razes West Bank village for army training zone
      Allison Deger on February 4, 2016
      Some 60 Palestinians awoke Tuesday morning to the sound of bulldozers razing their West Bank village in the South Hebron Hills as the Israeli army cleared the grounds to expand a live-fire training zone. The military demolished 22 structures in the herding community of Khirbet Jenbah, a ramshackle town with houses made of tin, tarp and stone. Thirty-two children were left homeless.


      Generational sea change within the Democratic party will also include policy towards Israel
      Adam Horowitz on February 3, 2016
      The biggest story to come out of the Democratic caucus in Iowa, beyond Clinton’s razor-thin margin of victory, was the overwhelming generational divide within the party. So far this split has been explained by political differences over health care and income inequality within the Democratic Party, but polling suggests a similar generational divide exists over Israel and could just as much define where the party is headed.


      Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the ghost of U.N. past
      Tom Suarez on February 2, 2016
      “I will always stand up to those who challenge Israel’s right to exist”, Ban Ki-moon assures the world, handing Israel carte blanche to define just what ‘Israel’ is, a definition the world has waited for in vain since 1948. Does it extend to Ma’ale Adumim? The Jordan? The Nile? Will citizens someday be equal? It doesn’t look promising, but whatever it is, we support it!


      Parody New York Times ‘supplement’ criticizing paper’s coverage of Israel/Palestine distributed on streets of NYC
      Adam Horowitz on February 2, 2016
      On February 2, activists spread out across New York City handing out 10,000 copies of an expertly-produced “supplement” to the New York Times announcing a “new editorial policy” towards Israel/Palestine.


      Despite total lack of evidence, Israeli court sentences ‘Hares Boys’ to 15 years in prison
      Annie Robbins on February 1, 2016
      No evidence, no eye witnesses, and no crime preceded the capture, torture and forced confessions of the Hares Boys, 5 Palestinian youths from the West Bank village of Hares. And yet Ali Shamlawi, Mohammed Kleib, Mohammed Suleiman, Ammar Souf, and Tamer Souf were recent sentenced, after almost 3 years of imprisonment and over 100 hearings, by the Israeli occupation military court to 15 years in prison.


      Jewish West Bank settlers are as smug as white South Africans in 1980
      James North on January 29, 2016
      James North writes that as he read through Phil Weiss’s superb reports on Jewish settlers in West Bank Palestine, he experienced an eerie sense of familiarity. From 1978 to 1983 North lived in southern Africa, writing articles and then a book about the struggle against apartheid. The people Weiss described so vividly reminded him of many of the white South Africans he met back then.


      Netanyahu responds to Ban Ki-moon’s criticism of the Israeli occupation (Update)
      Carlos Latuff on January 28, 2016
      Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu didn’t like U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s speech to the Security Council criticizing the Israeli occupation, as Carlos Latuff illustrates.


      Video: Life inside Hebron’s closed military zone
      Sheren Khalel and Abed Al Qaisi on January 27, 2016
      Muhanned Qafesha, a resident of Tel Rumeida in Hebron, takes Mondoweiss through the arduous journey residents of the city have been subjected to since Israel made the town a closed military zone in November. Israeli soldiers detain and harass filmmakers Sheren Khalel and Abed Al Qaisi as they attempt to report Qafesha’s story.


      Among the settlers
      Philip Weiss on January 26, 2016
      Israeli settlers on the West Bank tell Phil Weiss they are continuing the work of redeeming the land for Jews that early Zionists began when they expelled Palestinians in 1948, and that in the last year even the Tel Aviv establishment has come to recognize that there will never be a Palestinian state. Weiss reports from five days he spent undercover in Israeli settlements using the Airbnb service.


      The world the settlers made
      Philip Weiss on January 26, 2016
      Read part two of Phil Weiss’s undercover report from the Israeli settlements. Israeli society broadly has turned its back on the idea of a Palestinian state and supports the colonization of East Jerusalem and the West Bank. There is now one state because that is what Israeli Jews want, but the American media won’t tell us that.


      Adelson newspaper suggests Swedish foreign minister deserves assassination for questioning Israeli policy
      Jonathan Ofir on January 23, 2016
      Because Swedish Foreign Minister Wallstrom has said that Israel is conducting extrajudicial executions of Palestinians, an Israeli columnist in Sheldon Adelson’s newspaper says she has the same anti-semitic DNA as Swedish diplomat Folke Bernadotte, who was murdered by Zionist militias in 1948– and presumably deserves the same fate.


      Video: Children of the Camp
      Sheren Khalel and Abed Al Qaisi on January 22, 2016
      Filmmakers Sheren Khalel and Abed al Qaisi wanted to know exactly how much the children who live in Bethlehem’s Aida and Beit Jibrin refugee camps understood about the military occupation going on around them, and how normal they believed their lives were.


      Palestinian cooking school uses food to resist Israel’s occupation
      Megan Hanna on January 21, 2016
      Megan Hanna reports from Bait al Karama – “the House of Dignity” – a cooking school situated in the heart of the Old City of Nablus. Established in 2008, the school rests on the principle that it is just as effective to fight the Israeli occupation through food as Molotov’s and stones.


      ‘Little Jewboy’ moment highlights coming divorce between US Jews and Israel
      Philip Weiss on January 21, 2016
      Ambassador Daniel Shapiro’s sharp criticism of Israeli policies earned him the insult “little Jewboy” from a former Netanyahu aide. The flap demonstrates an important sociological trend: American Jews, even mainstream ones indoctrinated to love Israel, are breaking more and more publicly with the Jewish state. The Netanyahu government is proving to be embarrassing to American Jews; they do not want to be associated with rightwing apartheid policies.


      The shrinking margin of freedom for Palestinian citizens of Israel
      Nadim Nashif and Raya Naamneh on January 21, 2016
      Israel still portrays itself as a Jewish and democratic state. Yet in practice, as its Palestinian citizens can attest, it functions as a Jewish ethnocracy, leaving small margins of freedom for its Palestinian citizens that have been steadily shrinking in the past few years.


      Israeli restrictions and escalating violence threaten to turn Jerusalem’s Muslim Quarter into a ghost town
      Allison Deger on January 20, 2016
      Green metal panels shutter recently out of business storefronts along al-Wad Street, a narrow stone road inside of Jerusalem’s Old City walls that links Damascus Gate to the holy sites of the Western Wall and the al-Aqsa mosque.


      Human Rights Watch calls for sanctions against Israel over settlements
      Omar Barghouti on January 19, 2016
      Omar Barghouti writes, “Though Human Rights Watch does not endorse BDS or call for a boycott against Israel or companies profiting from its violations of international law, it actually calls for something quite radical: sanctions against Israel.”


      As sanctions end over nuclear program, US socks Iran with new sanctions over missile testing
      Annie Robbins on January 19, 2016
      (Image: Carlos Latuff)
      Over the weekend, in a victory for diplomacy, the U.S. lifted sanctions on Iran in place since 2006 as the two countries also completed a prisoner exchange. But no sooner than the plane carrying released prisoners had left the tarmac in Iran, the U.S. Department of Treasury slapped new sanctions on Iran over its ballistic missile testing last fall, breaking the spirit of the agreement with Iran.


      Groundbreaking Human Rights Watch report shows how settlement businesses contribute to Israeli occupation
      Philip Weiss and Adam Horowitz on January 19, 2016
      Human Rights Watch report cover shows Barkan, an Israeli residential settlement and industrial zone located in the occupied West Bank, that houses around 120 factories that export around 80 percent of their goods abroad. In the background is the Palestinian village of Qarawat Bani Hassan. (Photo: Human Rights Watch)


      Extremists vandalize Jerusalem church with Hebrew threats: ‘Death to heathen Christians’
      Allison Deger on January 18, 2016
      Anti-Christian graffiti sprayed on the Dormition Abbey church in Jerusalem. (Photo: Latin Patriarch)
      For the second time in a year, Israeli vandals targeted a Christian church in Jerusalem Sunday with extremist anti-Christian graffiti. Assailants tagged the religious site with messages in Hebrew: “Death to the heathen Christians, “the enemies of Israel”, “Let his [Jesus’] name and memory be obliterated” and “Christians to Hell.”


      ‘If it doesn’t have risk it is not worth doing’: Rachel Corrie’s family remembers Alan Rickman
      Craig Corrie on January 18, 2016
      Craig Corrie writes about the actor Alan Rickman, who died last week at the age of 69 and had edited his daughter Rachel’s writing into the play ‘My Name is Rachel Corrie.’ Corrie writes, “The care Alan took for our family, his courage to take on this particular project, and most of all, the respect he showed for Rachel and her writing, impress me still as truly extraordinary.”


      Are Palestinian citizens of Israel banned from New York Times headlines?
      Patrick Connors on January 15, 2016
      US media outlets, including the powerful New York Times, refuse to report basic elements of Palestinians’ experiences, including the perspectives of Palestinians living in Israel. Reporter Diaa Hadid’s January 3 article in The New York Times on Palestinian citizens of Israel living in Haifa provides a recent case in point.


      African asylum seekers fear for safety with racism on the rise in Israeli society
      Matthew Vickery on January 15, 2016
      The brutal killing of Habtom Zarhum in October has sowed seeds of fear in the African asylum seeker and refugee community in Israel. With the recent escalation in violence in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories individuals now fear, more than ever, that they will become the target of an increasingly angry and militarized Israeli society.

      we're not going to start putting trigger warnings on them for you echin, sometimes you might hit a snag like the faux/parody nyt article where one opens it and low and behold there are articles about politicians, you have to use your noggin for that. and by all means DO NOT even look at the column on the front page that reads "US Politics" because we are already in the election season.

      and if worse comes to worse and it gets really bad for you, don't worry because i can help in this regard by simply scrolling right on past your comments when i moderate.

      good luck.

    • thank you amigo! we'll see her around no doubt and i will try to remember to tell her.

    • hi beq! nice to see you around. ;)

    • thank you rocky!

    • There has never before been a POTUS candidate who put that issue at the top of his agenda.

      wouldn't that be amazing. next up, corporate personhood.

    • pabelmont, the millennials were practically born into debt from foreign wars. w/60% of our budget going to FP (i think), they are not a hawk generation. this obsession w/isis, islamophobia, fear fear fear -- it's bs, they are clearly more focused on wall street. so i definitely think sanders would be better than hillary for the reason he stated last night. she may have the experience but he's got better judgement. .. maybe keep us out of wars. but he evaded the question ask of him on afghanistan several times. he probably doesn't want to go all dovey during the campaign, but maybe he doesn't have to. he should stump what he's good at and what he believes in and what he seems obsessed with. and hopefully FP will follow byway of i/p but i am not banking on it.

  • 'New York Times' picks up Bernie Sanders's 'socialist' kibbutz but leaves out the ethnic cleansing
    • kalithia, i didn't engage with you earlier in an effort to dissuade anyone the impact of israel on our engagement on the ME has not been immense. i just don't think it's wise to make statements implying the U.S. would not have made huge effort to exerted influence in the ME if not for israel. because that is a fools game.

      oil as a finite energy resource and a reality of our time on this planet, to our detriment no doubt. a huge reality. israel not existing would not erase that. dominating global resources is something every power seeks to accomplish. therefore it's not an issue of whether we would be engaged in the ME if not for israel, but how we would be engaged or how we might be engaged differently or less/more violently.

      And now that U.S. oil production is on the rise again; the reason there has been such a sharp decline in the price of oil on the market.....

      you'll have to excuse me for not accepting your analysis on why the price of oil has gone down. i think it was greatly anticipated as well as heavily documented and watched around the world the week the iran sanctions were lifted. either way, i know it may be somewhat difficult for some to concieve, but there are other actors involved on the world stage.

      until such time as the oil runs out or an alternate energy dominates our geostrategic priorities, will be in the ME, with or without israel.


    • Page: 299
    • Because the U.S. was never as obsessed with the Middle East historically until Zionists started to exert influence moving U.S. interests and foreign policy in that direction.

      oil wasn't discovered until 1908. my hunch is US would have exerted influence moving U.S. interests and foreign policy in that direction had israel existed or not. how is another story, but they definitely would have done it and were doing it before israel came along.

    • I am convinced he abhors the occupation and will eventually speak his truth.

      that's what i think too.

  • Double standard seen as Israel sentences minors involved in Abu Khdeir murder to prison but no punitive measures
    • ok, agree to disagree. and for an adolescent teen, threatening to rape your little sister or your mother is a form of sexual abuse. not that it's limited to that, because it isn't (they make them strip, frequently and more) but just saying. if you saw no sexual abuse in the threat alone -- reconsider.

    • link to

      The interrogation mixes intimidation, threats and physical violence, with the
      clear purpose of forcing the child to confess. Children are restrained during the
      interrogation, in some cases to the chair they are sitting on. This sometimes
      continues for extended periods of time, resulting in pain to their hands, back
      and legs. Children have been threatened with death, physical violence, solitary
      confinement and sexual assault, against themselves or a family member.

    • Israel practices the same policies toward the remains of its fallen enemies as do its neighbors.

      but israel is not in the same category as it's neighbors wrt this issue because israel is an occupier. palestinians are not israel's "neighbors", it is the governing power. to make an equivalence you'd have yo find another country who kept the remains of people under their own rule as a means of collective punishment and a way to control their population.

    • None of the exchanges I listed were POW exchanges.

      i am not going to play semantics with you. hezhollah exchanged dead bodies for live prisoners. call them pow call them what you will. my point stands. israel already has thousands of palestinian prisoners so there is no moral incentive to keep palestinian deceased from their families.

    • t’s legit for the warring parties to hold bodies as currency for future exchange

      ha! you do not want to answer my question. these were pow exchanges, common after wars. how many lebanese being held in israel prisons did they trade those bodies for? but israel is occupying palestine and holding thousands of them prisoners -- therefore, they have no need to hold these bodies. this has been going on for decades so please do not compare it with hezbollah 08, jordan '68 or egypt '75. you insult our intelligence.

      your excuse is "warring parties to hold bodies as currency"? this is a military OCCUPATION. big dif, and everyone knows it too. israel has no legitimacy doing this and everyone knows it. they use these bodies for blackmail and to hurt individual and families. the PA has no means, no "currency" here and everyone knows it.

      and besides, israel will just make a deal and turn around and take it back 6 months later like they did last time. they are sadistic and can produce dead bodies at the drop of a hat by killing more and more people. it's gross.

    • October 2000 Hezbollah trades the bodies of three IDF soldiers

      October 2007 Hezbollah trades the remains of an Israeli citizen who washed up on Lebanese shores after drowning.

      June 2008 Hezbollah trades up to 20 bodies of IDF soldiers

      July 2008 Hezbollah trades the bodies of two IDF soldiers

      oh wow, any idea what they traded them for jon.

  • Pro-Israel group wants to send army colonel to your campus to explain battle for west's 'way of life'
    • no idea marnie.

    • check out this pr hack on their youtube station. this guy has obviously studied public speaking. considering the content of what he's saying it's unreal:

    • hey steve, i opened the link to the legal tour.. and it says

      Looking to the long term, and building upon our unprecedented legal tour, Our Soldiers Speak convened legal lectures by Major Nadav Minkovsky, Office of the Legal Adviser to Judea and Samaria, IDF M.A.G* Corps

      oh fun, an occupation legal specialist to come lecture our students!

      how to justify committing war crimes daily!

      here's his bio -- oh he looks just like you:

      link to

  • Bernie Sanders' spirituality is resonating with young religious 'None's
    • this eerily reminds me of RoHa trying to explain love to rugal, who claimed it was a hollywood invention. lol. like seriously, it's really so real unless you've like never experienced it!

    • exactly mooser. and the thing is, if we are hnest with ourselves. most people do have self identities whether we think about it or wish to or not. for example, how often do i consciously self identify as a female. frankly, i hardly think about it. but if someone else identified me as a man, i would certainly notice. in fact, i am VERY attached to my self identity as a woman. i have always been extremely -- woman. sure, i definitely have, what some people think of as masculine attributes, but i have never thought of myself as a man or wanted to be one. now ask a transgender person, say caitlyn jenner, if she needs to identify as a woman. i'd imagine she does since she went to so much trouble to do it. but i can't speak for her. people are actually very attached to their self identities whether they are aware of it or not. and most of the time one really can't help it. they just are what they are. but take it away from them, and then you'll see their need for it.

    • of course i can friggin suggest why someone would need to identify themselves.

    • you'd have to ask them. different strokes for different folks.

    • Could it be, has it come to this, that by simply identifying with the word “Jewish” I am hurting the Palestinians or signalling consent to the Zionist process?

      that is a question you can only answer for yourself. but to claim every other person who says they are jewish is signaling their consent to hurt palestinians -- i don't think you can speak for them. ie: 'she says she's jewish, she is signaling her consent to hurt palestinians even tho she advocates bds.' really? words and actions do not matter for jews? they must renounce their ethnicity because what others have done in their name? i think it's fine if someone no longer identifies a jewish because of whatever reason they choose. because of israel, because of religion because of anything. but to place your standards on every other person who shares that identity i don't agree with. just because everyone else does it. what's next? calling people out who do not do it? renounce your jewishness or else you're a racist and an ethnic cleanser?

    • You are right: people without religion who use the designation “Jewish” instead of any real ethnic characterization (or absence of ethnic marker) are making a political statement

      correction/wrong, you mean i am right by assessing you are claiming people without religion who use the designation “Jewish” instead of ethnic characterization or absence of ethnic marker (as if jewish is not an ethnic marker in itself) are making a political statement. because i certainly do not agree.

      there is absolutely no need to call ourselves Jewish

      maybe not by you, but you are not in a position to speak to the "needs" of anyone else in terms of how they want to identify themselves. i could just as easily claim no one needs to identify themselves period. what you think regarding your identification only tells us about you and people who agree w/you.

      if someone -- say gideon levy -- says "i'm jewish" you can claim that's a political statement but it doesn't make it one to the listener or possibly even to himself. ethnic identity and political identity are not synonymous. anyway, i have no more to say about this although it is glaringly obvious obsession to a lot of people into denigrating the identity of 'jewish' to conflate it w/zionist.


    • it sounds to me like you are describing zionists echin

    • I’d really, really like to understand what this hullaballoo is about.

      If “None” means “no religion”, how the hell can “spirituality” “resonate with the Nones”?

      maybe you should have just posed your answer and waited for a response instead of going on another anti bernie diatribe based on a conclusion as if you knew the answer.

      fyi, no, none doesn't mean no religion.

      link to

      Nones is a term sometimes used to refer to those who are unaffiliated with any organized religion. This use derives from surveys of religious affiliation, in which "None" (or "None of the above") is typically the last choice. Since this status refers to lack of organizational affiliation rather than lack of personal belief, it is a more specific concept than irreligion. Polls show that in the United States, "nones" are the only "religious" group that is growing as a percentage of the population.[1]

    • I don’t understand why yoni cares if someone identifies as Jewish. all these obsessions over jewish identities seem stupid. people should be able to identify however they are comfortable unless they are lying. "jewish", not being a political statement, is not anybody else's business. it doesn't mean we shouldn't necessarily celebrate when people change their self identities because it's a good thing when people recognize their own transformations in life by new self identities. but it's not something we should nag or guilt trip people to doing.

    • whoops! i stand corrected! luckily i have special edit powers and correct it.

    • True i do not have a prescription for our human condition, but this advocacy of “none” seems to me to be myopic in the extreme.

      but what's normal is people advocating what they believe. and as you mentioned "mankind is a haphazard zig zag unpredictable process of starts and stops " so it is normal for trends to develop and to see growth in one belief vs another.

      this prescription of amnesia is possibly a way of signing over our future to the corporations and the consumer materialism that is the source of much of our sad state of affairs.

      while i completely agree corporations and the consumer materialism is the source of much of our sad state of affairs, religion is too. tradition doesn't stay stagnant and i think what's happening in israel palestine right now is a sign of that. i also think the last decade and so much of what's happened in domestic politics, like gay marriage as an example, has not always been comfortable in in religious communities. so when you see fluctuation and/or upheaval of social norms it's natural to see shifts in faith and social identities. i'm not surprised the "norms" are the fastest growing segment of american the american demographic. people who just don't buy into traditional religion anymore. think about the thousand effected by the vile pedophilia catholic church scandal, or the genocidal hideousness of coming out of zionism. in both of those groups you're likely going to see young people distancing themselves or older people who maybe were not as devoted find the space to just drop out -- and still remain spiritual.

      so, back to what i was mentioning before is normal for people to advocate what they believe. i have never been a fan of organized religions and think they run the risk of operating like cults. but i like a lot of people of faith. i don't want them to disappear. but i wouldn't mind if more people identified as nones.

  • Define 'establishment candidate': Rubio and Clinton both love Netanyahu
  • Generational sea change within the Democratic party will also include policy towards Israel
    • yea, he has been very supportive. i didn't mean to imply otherwise. mostly i was addressing "Was there any other area in which you think Obama “challenged” bi-partisan support for Israel?", because, wrt "bi-partisan support", it was during his term that israel became more of a right or gop issue. the polls back this up. it got flushed out or something.

    • he nominated chuck hagel and openly pitted congress against the lobby. he also crossed his red line and instead of bombing syria he threw it back at congress who had to make a choice; kowtow to the lobby or piss off their constituents. hagel was a long drawn out fight and the syria deal.. he actually asked the lobby to come out of the closet on syria (they had been claiming they were neutral) and make a grandstand about it, and it was very unpopular. chances are he never wanted to bomb syria anyway -- and knew the CW attack wasn't assad. but he didn't have to say that. it exposed the lobby, and both of those incidents were before the iran deal. who could forget snl fellate the donkey? he helped exposed them. look at the difference between the discourse when he first took office, then and now. he was part of that.

    • so that would be a yes, we going to be listening to this all the way up to the election if he wins the primary. whoopie.

    • we all get you're completely anti bernie echni, are we going to be listening to this all the way up to the election if he wins the primary? because this is at least your hundreth comment trashing him. i can't even keep up.

    • carol, from berkeley?

    • I read that. And I said I don’t see a shadow of a shred of any evidence, presented or implied, ....

      i read that, many times already actually.

      But how is it common sense to expect an old fox to try new tricks diametrically opposed to his lifelong policy

      adam didn't say he expects it.

    • You seem to be coupling two things that do not show any evidence of being linked: a change in the general perception of the Zionist entity ...on one side and Sanders’ program regarding US Palestine policy on the other side

      for your review:

      It means the issues that Bernie Sanders has used to energize his young base should also include a fundamental rethinking of the U.S.-Israel relationship.

      So far Sanders has stayed away from foreign policy beyond his opposition to the Iraq War. But challenging Hillary Clinton’s growing embrace of Benjamin Netanyahu offers him another opportunity to draw a progressive distinction between him and his opponent

      he doesn't show them being linked, he advised given the statistics, sanders should include a fundamental rethinking of the U.S.-Israel relationship into his campaign and that it would be an opportunity to draw a distinction betweem him and hillary, if he did.

      and there is a distinction between clinton and sanders wrt netanyahu. sanders was (as i recall) the first senator to announce he wouldn't attend the iran deal speech.

      it's not tea leaves, coffee grounds, or some hope he's basing this suggestion on, he's basing it on the evidence he presented. and it's common sense.

    • this reminds me of the 2014 Google Consumer Survey sponsors by IRmep. in the 25-34 year-olds bracket over 65% said we were giving either "too much" or "much too much" to israel. figures being much the same for the 18-24 yr old bracket. and almost 60% for 35- 44.

      link to

      another thing, recently i was checking out a poll, and i can't recall which but i think it was gallop. their results for the overall relationship were different but not too much. funny thing tho, when i checked up their demographics they were questing a fairly equal amount of people in the 2 brackets above and below 50 years. but there are so many more young people, i realized it slanted the outcome of the results. it may be because more older people vote, but to get a fair idea of american sentiment it would require asking more people under 50 than above.

  • Jewish Voice for Peace and Jews Say No! take credit for faux 'NYT' highlighting biased coverage on Israel/Palestine
    • struggling to maintain relevancy

      source or hunch? last i heard her books were flying off the shelves. and i know she's still touring around giving speeches.

    • O my emory. get ready cuz here they come.

    • Alison must be doing something right for you to go after her right out of the blue

      not uncommon here. they do it to start fights and highjack the topic.

    • ossi - this article has an amazing video/story in it. hard to believe link to

    • GREAT work! thank you so much New York chapter Jewish Voice for Peace and Jews Say No!

      i still have my pages open to the articles from yesterday because i knew they would have to be removed. i copied all the articles and took screenshots of everything including close ups of the fantastic ads, i so loved it. they are still on my computer. i don't want to close the pages knowing i can't open them again.

      salon covered this > link to

      and added a wayback machine archived embed > link to

      they also mentioned phil and mondoweiss:

      Critics point to one symbol in particular that they say encapsulates the Times’ pro-Israel bias. The newspaper reportedly owns an apartment in Jerusalem that is built on the ruins of a home that used to belong to Hasan Karmi, a Palestinian journalist who worked for the BBC.

      Karmi and his family were forced to flee during the Nakba, the 1948 ethnic cleansing in which Zionist militias violently expelled approximately 800,000 Palestinians, almost three-quarters of the indigenous population.

      New York Times Jerusalem bureau chiefs have lived in this apartment. Ghada Karmi, the famous Palestinian journalist’s daughter, told journalist Philip Weiss, a co-editor of progressive Jewish publication Mondoweiss, that former Times Jerusalem Bureau Chief Steven Erlanger once invited her to visit the apartment, which she confirmed had been built over her family’s home.

  • Israeli designer eroticizes the Palestinian keffiyeh
    • i love that second shadia mansour video gamal and don't recall ever seeing it before. of course i know who she is for years now -- i always associate her w/the london scene and lowkey. i see that video is posted by the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office. what an excellent interesting video. maybe i did see it before and forgot. i'd watched about everything i could find on her online at one point -- but i guess i just missed this or my mind is going.

      and thanks for the's been way too long.

    • do you think the occupation army (recognized by many as the new nazi) -- in that case guess it might be a form of cultural appropriations.

    • you're threadjacking jon. i think it's more offensive too just like i think mobs screaming death to arabs is more offensive too. thanks for sharing. can we get back on topic?

  • Biggest loser in Iowa was foreign policy
  • Parody New York Times 'supplement' criticizing paper's coverage of Israel/Palestine distributed on streets of NYC
    • Zap! It’s gone because it VIOLATED COPYRIGHT.

      it's not gone > link to

      fully functional too. it's here to stay. and it got headlines internationally.

      ;)))) yes!

    • your welcome jwalters. i didn't even make to the end of the article! i opened the links in the tweets. ;)

      plus there's a link in the “new editorial policy” here:

      The centerpiece of the supplement is an editorial announcing a "new editorial policy" on Israel-Palestine. It reads:

    • I hope there is an online version of this in the works.

      did you read the article or just look at the photos?

      and i recommend checking it out fast because it might not be online very long. great advertisements btw.

    • party pooper!

  • Despite total lack of evidence, Israeli court sentences 'Hares Boys' to 15 years in prison
    • max, you're right regarding the double quotes. it's more helpful if people (including eljay) do not use them unless they are actually quoting someone because otherwise one goes on a search looking for the original source. single quotes are better in this regard and get the job done.

      Then you have this word that you made up “Zio-supreme” which itself is confusing. Why not simply call things for what they are? Like I don’t go “Pali-terrorist” and “Islamo-fascist”

      there's a difference between your first and last examples and “Pali-terrorist”. pali is a slur. it's like saying 'jewie-supremacist' -- which we would not publish if used in a serious way. whereas islamo fascism has it's own wiki page link to and zio supremacist should have their own too -- because it has meaning and doesn't slur jews, it slurs zionism which is a political ideology and as such is subject to the same treatment (critical analysis or insults) as any other political ideology one should be allowed to critique.

    • flower of palestinian youth. i know marnie. i look at their young faces and they are all so beautiful. i imagine if it was my sone how crushed i would be having him stolen from me and imagining his whole youth gone in a flash -- just waisting away for nothing. i pray this nightmare ends for all the youth locked away. so cruel. so very cruel. life happens. people have car accidents. must everything be turned into an opportunity for revenge and more sadism.

    • *no earnest long responses please, this is satirical*

      shorter Yehudi Ben Israel: everyone who doesn't agree w/me is a bigot.

      re your claim of satire. anyone can click on your name and check out your archive y'know.

    • thanks amigo. i was really surprised to run into the information the child's grandmother worked in netanyahu's office. the whole thing reeks of power, revenge and cronyism. the mother, it was probably just too much to bear that she had killed her own child.

      and roha, i just realized i forgot to say that in the article. i so hope they get out before this 15 years. it totally crushes me their youth is ripped away like this. the occupation can't last 15 more years. i give it 5 more before it snaps.

    • Annie, I got very upset reading it and stopped halfway.

      you know, as i tried to convey in my opening, it can be challenging reporting a story everyone already thinks they know inside and out. my text isn't just filler for carlos's excellent cartoon. in fact we conversed and i ask his if he could do another hares boys cartoon now that they had been sentenced because i had something to say about it.

      i wanted to write about this story because the whole of israel extremism and the turn the gov has taken towards the religious nationalists is very much about this event. they are the ones who have been pushing for the re definition of rock throwing. anyway, there's a bunch of stuff in this report not in others. so i'm sorry you didn't read it.

      that said, i initially responded to what you said about the settlers, and when you reduce the situation down to "They just want any Palestinian jailed .... all Palestinians are terrorists" i think you are missing a fundamental piece of the puzzle in understanding where these people - the extremists religious nutjobs - are coming from.

      I don,t buy , this is all a plan control the population

      i highly recommend a review of "Video: Israeli settler lecturing Palestinian farmers — ‘You’ll all be our slaves, if you’re worthy, if you behave well’ " - See more at: link to

      this was filmed 4 months before the car accident. it is also in the Salfit region of the west bank. i am not claiming they do not want palestinians out, but i am claiming they advocate policies that severely restrict them -- because they want total control and their religious texts allows palestinians to live there in a servile, docile animal like fashion.

      also, something i didn't a chance to sqeeze into the post was that the 'landmark' NYT article link to by Ben Ehrenreich who wrote about the tamimi's of nabi saleh was published the day after the accident. bassam tamimi said "We see our stones as our message". for palestinians, stones are the resistance. now -- i don't know. but it was a settler goal to criminalize the stones, before that it was generally a three year maximum sentence. it's more than just imprisoning people, it's deligitimizing their resistance as terrorism, legally. that's one reason i picked up salaita's quote about ethnic cleansing at the top and the base.

      the case sets a precedence.

    • Settler scum are satisfied as long as someone goes to jail, even those who are innocent.

      no, just going to jail wouldn't have satisfied them amigo. did you read the article? the settlers demanded rock throwing be classified as attempted murder and a terrorist act. while routine, draconian settler violence runs rampant, and occupation soldiers provoke and incite violence and attack protestors, they want palestinian rock throwing criminalized as murder.

      the haaretz article published the day of the accident cites Gershon Masika. he wields a lot of power, or he did at that time he is no longer the head of the settlers council, rued the lack of a policy "defining stone-throwing as terrorism". they pushed that and they got their wish. did you read the whole article? it's not just the sentence of the Hares Boys, it’s importance lies in its psychological power over palestinian society. that's their goal.

      the quote from Addameer's Wahbe:

      using this case as an example to other children to control the population and to control communities, that they could face charges like this if they step out of line in any way

  • 'An Arab is an Arab'
    • From what I can see this identity was created in late 60’s in order to undermine the legitimacy of the only Jewish state.

      so how would you account for all the passports for everyone who live in palestine pre israeli state? do you also think the british invented the term palestine?

    • hershel, i found that 1977 quote here link to it gives the source as "James Dorsey, "Wij zijn alleen Palestijn om politieke reden", Trouw, 31 March 1977." but offers no link.

      however, we're in luck because this wiki page does source the original dutch from that very same source above, which i was able to translate in google english. link to

      the last sentence:

      De Palestijnse staat zou het recht hebben om op te treden namens alle Palestijnen in de Arabische wereld en elders. Als wij eenmaal al onze rechten in geheel Palestina hebben verworven, moeten wij de hereniging van Jordanië en Palestina geen moment uitstellen."

      translates on google as:

      The Palestinian state would have the right to perform., on behalf of all Palestinians in the Arab world and elsewhere If we have once acquired our rights in all of Palestine, we have to postpone the reunification of Jordan and Palestine for a moment. "

      there are other differences too, like the author James Dorsey, speaking at the beginning vs quoting Mohsen. but more significantly was this

      Mohsen trained as a teacher but lost his job in 1957 after being arrested for "subversive activity". He subsequently spent time in Qatar, from where he was eventually deported as a result of his political activity, before making his way to Damascus where he helped form as-Sa'iqa.[3]

      Mohsen rose to the position of heading as-Sa'iqa thanks to his close links to Assad, who after taking power in Syria purged the movement of its leftist elements (bringing it ideologically closer to Fatah) and appointed Mohsen as its General Secretary.[4]
      Political views[edit]

      Mohsen essentially followed the line of as-Sa'iqa's Syrian Ba'athist ideology (Mohsen himself being al-Saiqa's leader under the control of the Ba'athist government of Syria under Syrian leader Hafez al-Assad), which interpreted the Palestinian question through a perspective of pan-Arab nationalism - despite the fact that in some respects this contravened the PLO charter, which affirms the existence of a Palestinian people with national rights, corresponding with this it is noted that hostility existed between the main Fatah faction of the PLO under Yasser Arafat and the Syrian Ba'ath party of Hafez al-Assad (which in turn supported Palestinians like Zuheir Mohsen and the Ba'athist al-Saiqa faction of the PLO) on this issue.

      also, it doesn't mention he was on the PLO executive committee, it says he was a member of the National Command of the Syrian Ba'ath Party.[1] and a Palestinian leader of the pro-Syria as-Sa'iqa faction of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) between 1971 and 1979. where do you read he was on the executive committee? besides daniel pipes?


      The journalist Robert Fisk was to claim that al-Saiqa, under Mohsen, was to employ its energies "almost exclusively against their brother Palestinians",[6] stating that in June 1976 he saw "the PLO in open combat within West Beirut against al-Saiqa, who had attacked Arafat's forces on orders from Damascus."[7] Mohsen's militia has also been accused of being amongst the main perpetrators of the January 1976 Damour massacre, while some Lebanese Christian sources have suggested Mohsen led the attack on the town.

  • 'We are all Jews' -- the Holocaust as imperial export
    • ;) my pleasure!

    • ross,

      type this:


      then type:


      then type:


      do not place any gaps between them. then write the text you'd like italiced.

      then type:








      try it and see if it works. for bold replace the "i" with a "b".

    • i wasn't touting anything mayhem. it certainly doesn't demean the notion hitler targeted the jews to point out he also holocausted millions of other people does it? what's the point of all this 'majority' anyway. i am not going to bicker w/you about precise numericals. why would you claim it is 'meaningless' to me?

      i am really not understanding what you are so miffed about. it was a world war, hence there was lots of death, cruelty and suffering. but frankly, i am not more upset about a millions of poles or millions of jews or gays or gypsies or whatever. and i don't worship the holocaust as i don't worship - in 2016 - the deaths of russians during the holodomor. it happened before my birth. my mother who was horribly effected is dead. her brother who died is dead. i am not wired to mourn humanities losses from 70 years ago when there are tragedies occurring in 2016. this is what strains my emotional barriers. thing like this: link to

      there are tragedies taking place right now. but it doesn't mean it is meaningless to me what happened last century. i just do not place it on an alter or a shrine and keep a fire burning. when i went to the shrine / museum on the mall in dc -- of course it was horrific. but the lessons i learned from it were not about jews, it was about mans capabilities to be cruel to mankind. of course to honor the dead.

      i understand his intent was to kill all the jews. but i can't honor those who didn't die as if he had. i can only honor those he killed, which includes lots of other people. it does appear, you put more weight on what his intent was, rather than honoring the ones who died. so for all the jews he wanted to kill, vs the non jews he did kill -- i think it's clear one means more to me over the other. when it comes down to the living or the dead, i will mourn more for those who died-- rather thn the ones he intended to kill and didn't.

    • I guess it is meaningless to you that it was perpetrated against the Jews and the Jews were the victims.

      link to

      The Holocaust was a genocide perpetrated by the Nazis, that killed around 11 million people, the majority of whom were Jews.

      i think it's reasonable to assume 1/2 were jewish, and not the majority.

  • Park Slope Food Coop puts up firewall against boycott of Israeli goods
    • no problem pointing out terrorist acts ... led by Begin and Shamir

      anything more current?

    • kris, yonah is trying to have a private conversation with mooser in a public forum. and he's upset that mooser challenged him over the discussion that happened upthread. and yesterday (or the day before or the day before that i can't recall) he even told mooser -- i can't recall --- something about really telling him off or he was going to do something to him or he'd like to do something (hostile no doubt) but if it weren't for the moderator...

      he should book a room if he wants privacy -- just ignore him. you know he goes through these phases sometimes. mooser's too quick and smart and slippery for him and he's frustrated. something like that.

    • ouch - the sh*ts about to fly!

      game on

    • That could be true in a combat situation

      what do you mean by "combat situation". it seems to me the scene, as described, became a combat situation.

      and if we were in combat with iraq, and iraqi operatives came to the US and started shooting army personal --- blowing up markets etc ---- the way we turned civilian areas into combat situations in iraq killing scores of civilians, then i assume the streets of this country would seem like combat situations fairly quickly.

      Certainly if an American serviceman on leave, passing through Penn Station would be killed by a terrorist, it would be defined as murder.

      not so sure about that. for example -- they didn't call the san bernadino killers murderers. they called it a terrorist attack. however, they referenced sandy hook as mass murder.

      link to

      The attack was the second-deadliest mass shooting in California after the 1984 San Ysidro McDonald's massacre, and the deadliest in the U.S. since the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, a domestic mass murder.[8][9] It was the worst terrorist attack to occur in the U.S. since the September 11 attacks.[10]

      the situation is changed by the fact of the occupation. it's sort of odd how israelis have an army that treats a civilian population however they want, turning their towns and villages into combat situations whever they want, at the whims of settlers or whomever (like this: link to or of course in gaza ) and then thinks israel bus stations or where ever are not fair game or appropriate locations for combat situations? think of the way they enter into refugee camps shooting up the place whenever they want. but they wear uniforms therefore ...what? they have commanders and therefore if the commander calls their community a combat situation it's different?

      i'm not calling for violence, but i think it's sketchy defining one population one way and the other another just because the colonial power doesn't allow them to be armed or protect themselves. there's as much validity or legitimacy to go into a residential neighborhood in tel aviv and start shooting up the place as there is going into aida refugee camp and doing the same thing. and i don't see you calling that murder. and how many times has it happened in jenin refugee camp?

      what if a palestinian girl was killed in a car accident and her grandmother happened to work on Ismail Haniyeh's personal staff and had all these colleagues in the upper eschelon of hamas. and hamas invaded 2 jewish neighborhoods and kidnapped 19 jewish children eventually settling on 5 after torturing them all and getting confessions from them claiming they killed the little palestinian girl. then they locked these teens away for 15 years.

      do you think israeli society would be supportive of bombing gaza over that? or what about just infiltrating and killing a bunch of people?

      who's the terrorist jon? who gets to choose or define a combat situation? whose the hero for getting retribution?

    • Resistance members in order to be considered combatants must be led by an individual responsible for subordinates actions, be subject to an internal disciplinary system for violations of the law...Otherwise they are just criminals

      you might find this helpful: link to

      On the lawfulness of armed resistance movements in international law, there has been a dispute between states since at least 1899, when the first major codification of the laws of war in the form of a series of international treaties took place. In the Preamble to the 1899 Hague Convention II on Land War, the Martens Clause was introduced as a compromise wording for the dispute between the Great Powers who considered francs-tireurs to be unlawful combatants subject to execution on capture and smaller states who maintained that they should be considered lawful combatants.[2][3] More recently the 1977 Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, and relating to the Protection of Victims of International Armed Conflicts, referred in Article 1. Paragraph 4 to armed conflicts "... in which peoples are fighting against colonial domination and alien occupation and against racist regimes..." This phraseology contains many ambiguities that cloud the issue of who is or is not a legitimate combatant.[4] Hence depending on the perspective of a state's government, a resistance movement may or may not be labelled a terrorist group based on whether the members of a resistance movement are considered lawful or unlawful combatants and whether they are recognised as having a right to resist occupation.[5] Ultimately, the distinction is a political judgment.

      there's a lot more at the link but nothing confirming what you wrote. do you have a source?

      and "internal disciplinary system for violations of the law" sounds a tad sketchy because the nature of resistance is it doesn't conform to the law imposed by a colonial authority because it resists it.

    • Those are the facts.

      except by definition a soldier -- is not a civilian therefore it's not technically murder.

    • what? when have i talked terribly about holocaust memorials? i already had this conversation w/jon link to

    • The nakba and even the holocaust are equally debatable.

      not on mondweiss. if you'd like to debate the nakba by claiming all the palestinians who did not leave their homes were allowed to stay you will have to find another website to do that. we don't debate that here regardless of it being "the expression of what you believe to be the truth". capisce? take it elsewhere. bye.

      p.s. if you want restrictions lifted on the comment policy write phil and adam - see the about page for contact info.

    • jay, i made every effort to inform you to adhere to the comment policy. nakba denial is not allowed. that's not something we debate -- we've moved past it. just like we don't debate whether the holocaust took place under the guise of free speech or "incapable of debating the issues on its own merits."

      we also do not host debates on the merits of our moderation policies in the comment section. if you choose to try engaging in speech contrary to our comment policy your comments will continue to be trashed and eventually you will be banned.

      p.s. i tried a slight edit "[..]"to make one of your earlier comments publishable and you came back and bi*ched about it -- so i trashed it. i won't bother next time.

  • Saying 'armed resistance is only way to liberate Palestine,' Hamas mourns 7 fighters killed in tunnel
    • sounds like blatant political posturing to me mayhem. why skip the last paragraph?

      Fatah's accusations against Hamas come shortly before reconciliation talks between the parties are set to begin in Doha next week. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is expected to meet the head of Hamas' political bureau, Khaled Mashaal.

      btw, please do not post verbatim from news articles without using quotemarks, blockquotes, or something indicating you're copying verbatim. in this case i added the blockquote for you. but quotemarks will do. thanks.

  • 'I cannot support Israel as long as Netanyahu is in office'-- many American Jews are saying
    • “identifying as Jewish” is logically synonymous, if not co-extensive, with being tribal.

      while that might be true, it doesn't contradict my point. i wrote "“breaking tribal loyalty” as you put it, doesn’t (in the least) necessarily (at all) imply not “identifying as Jewish”."

      there are lots of ways to "break tribal loyalty" and self identify as jewish. ei: while some jews might consider marrying a non jew as “breaking tribal loyalty” lots of self identified jews do it. and while not supporting israel might be considered “breaking tribal loyalty” lots of self identified jews do it. “breaking tribal loyalty” is subjective anyway. for many being an anti zionist is “breaking tribal loyalty”, but there are lots of self identifying jewish anti zionists.

      you made an either or statement that was patently false by associating "young people still identifying as Jewish" with tribal loyalty, non free thinkers, and "well-oiled, well-financed Zionist indoctrination" and "dictatorship over public school teaching, Jewish-only schools, community thought-police" etc. and i just don't see that as the case at all. there are a lot of jewish people self identifying as such who are definitely creative free independent thinkers and non zionist. and not subject to some tribal jewish group think where they stick together.

    • Now either the extremely well-oiled, well-financed Zionist indoctrination machine, with its dictatorship over public school teaching, Jewish-only schools, community thought-police, Saturday schools, summer camps has an effect and we have to lower our expectation of free thinkers, or it is largely ineffective

      this either/or scenario you've come up with is not realistic. while "the extremely well-oiled, well-financed Zionist indoctrination machine, with its dictatorship over public school teaching, Jewish-only schools, community thought-police, Saturday schools, summer camps has an effect" on some people, for others, it is largely ineffective.

      but either way, "breaking tribal loyalty" as you put it, doesn't (in the least) necessarily (at all) imply not "identifying as Jewish".

  • Cultural Zionism good, political Zionism bad
    • LOL! i am not the only one clearing comments here yonah. you should try it anyway, you never know.

    • you can read all about the buy in from Jabotinsky

      I do not mean to assert that no agreement whatever is possible with the Arabs of the Land of Israel. But a voluntary agreement is just not possible. As long as the Arabs preserve a gleam of hope that they will succeed in getting rid of us, nothing in the world can cause them to relinquish this hope, precisely because they are not a rabble but a living people. And a living people will be ready to yield on such fateful issues only when they have given up all hope of getting rid of the alien settlers. Only then will extremist groups with their slogans "No, never" lose their influence, and only then will their influence be transferred to more moderate groups. And only then will the moderates offer suggestions for compromise. Then only will they begin bargaining with us on practical matters, such as guarantees against pushing them out, and equality of civil and national rights.


      It is my hope and belief that we will then offer them guarantees that will satisfy them and that both peoples will live in peace as good neighbors. But the sole way to such an agreement is through the iron wall, that is to say, the establishment in Palestine of a force that will in no way be influenced by Arab pressure. In other words, the only way to achieve a settlement in the future is total avoidance of all attempts to arrive at a settlement in the present.

      link to

      "total avoidance of all attempts to arrive at a settlement in the present"

      sound familiar?

      "moderates offer suggestions for compromise" and "moderates offer suggestions for compromise" and "moderates offer suggestions for compromise" and "moderates offer suggestions for compromise" and at every turn there's total avoidance of all attempts to arrive at a reasonable settlement in the present. and that's how they've been doing now for so many years. and the one time they got close, they killed rabin. and even then it was a compromise that radically favored israel. we saw how far the palestinians bent when the palestine papers were released. it was outrageous. and livni just said no. it's all BS.

      the revisionists own israel. the extremists own israel. it is so far away from any conception of an idealized cultural zionism it's not even worth discussing. sorry, that's just the reality. we're nearing a tipping pt, it will crash. then the so called moderates -- the cultural zionists, let them offer suggestions for compromise and see if palestinians accept their offer. the very idea of palestinians offering suggestions for compromise at this juncture is pathetic. how much can you squeeze a people till they realize there's no partner in peace? israel is no partner in peace and never was.

      "total avoidance of all attempts to arrive at a settlement in the present"

      it was always a shell game

  • After 'tepid' welcome at Israeli Embassy, Obama's pro-Israel speech brought down the house
    • hope you're not right kathleen, tho of course i fear you are.

    • thanks genesto.

    • Call me the eternal optimist

      a man after my own heart. me too -- fingers crossed. i know it may be naive but i can't help it.

    • sorry, echi -- i told you why i thought he did it, and i'll stand by that. obama can be pretty dern slick. remember when he took a trip to israel in march 2013 and was all chummy and at the same time > "Israel kept out of the loop as secret US/Iran meetings took place in Oman" - See more at: link to meanwhile our highest ranked foreign service officer in United States history started negotiating w/iran behind israel's back the same month? story broke in nov 2013:

      The AP was tipped to the first U.S.-Iranian meeting in March shortly after it occurred

      here's more, israel was fuming link to

      and this was happening and on the schedule (probably set months before also) timed when he was making the historic trip.

      israel didn't find out til ---- later.

      i think the speech was made for historical purposes -- legacy and all that. that's just my hunch. and who knows what's going on behind the scenes right now.

      i don't think he was kissing up, i think he is playing his cards the way he wants to.

    • me neither kay ___ on second thought, i think i am beginning to understand. scratching the surface. it's not important how much we understand tho, what's important is to recognize it and break the chain.

    • i'm still holding out for the UN vote vs the veto.

    • now he goes to the Israeli embassy to kiss up to those zionists

      i guess i don't really see it like that. i can relate to the saying, in relation to the holocaust, we are all jews, in the same way i relate to the saying 'we are all palestinians' as it relates to the genocide occurring today. so since the event was to honor these individuals, and the one who spoke those words in that event that happened in ww2, i thought it was good speech -- although there were parts of it i don't agree with. but i think he was sincere -- i don't think he did it to kiss up.

      also, i am sure obama will never forget the crap they put him thru, ever. but he's presidential and there's no sense infecting a holocaust memorial type event with this iran deal crap. that's just stupid because it paints a moral equivalence between the 2 when there is none. he shows he is bigger than that, unlike the jerks at the embassy.

      and although he was at the embassy, the speech is historical and won't be remembered in the context of the iran deal. it will be some legacy of his presidency -- because you just know they are going to try to jimmy carter him going into history. so he was setting the record straight, and he has been nothing but supportive of israel, to the detriment of palestine.

      i hope someday some US president recognizes we are all palestinians. we think that day will never come but i think it will. just like during the civil rights movement nobody thought there would be a black president in 40 years.

  • Can there be poetry after Netanyahu?
    • elizabeth, it's not a silly question. the answer is no, the reason being the legislation targets only the left, right wing ngos are not impacted because the gov is right wing:

      link to

      Culture Minister Miri Regev proposed cutting funding to artists and cultural institutions that are “not loyal” to the State of Israel, quasi-fascist organization Im Tirzu launched a campaign to name and shame artists who support human rights and anti-occupation groups.


      Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked’s proposed law targeting foreign funding of human rights and anti-occupation groups.

      here's more link to

    • rash, as an aside,when i moderate i don't clear comments w/that nazi reference. i leave them and let someone else decide. it's not to my liking.

    • echi, i definitely question this:

      It is obvious that the Israeli right is emulating above all Putin’s Russia of the 2010s. Putin, too, considers the Liberal opposition to his “vertical of power” treacherous, and its representatives—the agents of the West, bent on destabilizing the country by undermining its social cohesion, of which he, presumably, is the only guarantor.

      what's obvious is putin is no fool and intercepted victoria nuland's little orange revolution creating a civil war in the ukraine. as far as i know the US state department is not shoveling 100's of millions into the destabilization of israel via "liberal" groups there. whenever people reference neoliberal w/a left or free speech connotation -- i grow concerned and i find it alarming. i recognize russia has a terrible reputation w/repression but this reads to me more of an anti russian rant. i don't know why netanyahu's photo is on top, it should be putin's.

  • In his war on Sanders supporters, Krugman forgets about Iraq
    • I am getting typist’s cramps from repeating the same discussion with each one of the Bernie-Sistersandbrothers, multiple times for each, without any response

      this reminds me of the last election season. there were long long threads about ron paul, generally making the same arguments in each one. certain posters, they could go on forever.

      for me, i gave my opinion (the same one) a few times over and then just stopped engaging because it became redundant repeating myself. and then if i had a new opinion i would post that. but i very much hope (for the sake of moderations) we don't have endless reiterations of the same argument all the way thru the primary season. and then if he wins the primary, on thru november. just saying -- in case those typist cramps get to you... i think everyone here understands your point.

  • The Israeli government is as responsible for Duma murders as those who threw the firebomb
    • Arabs like George Clooney also can be white

      george is not arab although his wife is. according to wiki "Clooney has Irish, German, and English ancestry"

    • i've tried multiple times and it hasn't been done. can you write phil or adam please. as far as i know they bundle tech complaints and deliver them in batches to the tech person once and awhile when they build up. so bug them to make sure this gets on the list.

    • thanks for this dickerson

    • not to be confused with a white rabbit

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