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Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani

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  • In groundbreaking resolution, California Democratic Party decries US support for Israeli occupation
    • Karma is sadistic not me.

      karma doesn't "enjoy" animosity. "karma" doesn't think it's kinda fun when others rage and suffocate.

      Keep on hating – it makes it all the better....Hatred destroys the soul.

      this is you catalan, your caustic inflammatory rhetoric. take the last word, i think everyone here can see where you're coming from.

    • I have to admit I kind of enjoy this animosity towards Jews.

      my memory is a little rusty, but there's some zionist leaders who thrive on anti semitism as a sort of glue that binds jews together. i can't recall if it was ben gurion or jabotinsky who said it, and i'm sure there are others around here who know the quote i am thinking about, but it's not altogether unusual for pro israel actors to cultivate animosity towards Jews.

      Living in America and observing our enemies suffocate in helpless anger, righteous rage and anxious insecurity is kind of fun.

      spoken like a true sadist.

    • thank you so much David Mandel, Murad Surama, Karen Bernal, and the many organizing supporters for all your diligence and persistence, this is excellent news. about the flyer:

      A two-page flier, dripping with sarcasm and hasbara mythology, was aimed at persuading the Resolutions Committee to dump the proposal

      anyway we could read it?

  • Triumphalist light show in Jerusalem weaponizes the city walls to celebrate 50th anniversary of Jewish conquest
    • the eruption of war-like light show after the 67 -- i mean wow. incredible video. i don't even know what to say about it. after 50 years, proud conquerers. nary a smidgen and remorse in evidence for what they have done.

  • From 'Avalon' to Madoff: What 'The Wizard of Lies' reveals about contemporary American Jewish identity
    • Guy from a totally unrelated ethnicity jumps in

      touchy tonight.

    • which uses the old canard of a Jewish community obsessed with money.

      a canard is an unfounded rumor or story. the author doesn't state the jewish community is/was "obsessed" with money. he discusses materialism and makes the argument:

      The Jewish community today is all about getting the upper hand and stomping out the little guy. Our leadership presents a smug superiority which revels in its economic success and assumes that wealth engenders honorific status and socio-political control.

      if you think that's an unfair canard, if you don't think the leadership of the jewish community "presents a smug superiority which revels in its economic success and assumes that wealth engenders honorific status and socio-political control", by all means make the argument against it.

      keep in mind, the author didn't make the argument that "getting the upper hand and stomping out the little guy" or "leadership present[ing] -- smug superiority which revels in its economic success and assumes that wealth engenders honorific status and socio-political control" is jewish per se. in fact he mentions trump and other elitists. however, he doesn't seem as concerned with their malfeasance, understandably because it's not the topic.

    • Just what is specifically Jewish about all this corruption?

      according to shasha, there was a 'strong Jewish component in the social process':

      The Wizard of Lies is an implicit indictment not only of the American economic system, which has since the 1980s become an out-of-control train careening from one crisis to another, but also a critical examination of the debased mores of the 1% with a strong Jewish component in the social process.

      there's no suggestion here either "the American economic system", and/or "the debased mores of the 1%", are specifically jewish. but i would argue there was a "strong Jewish component in the social process", likely as a result of a sort of trust in the assumption he was mensch or something, within the community of investors. the fact that all of these people (the lion's share of investors were jewish) didn't question how his results went (often) wildly against what the market was doing, should have led to further scrutiny. had there not been that "jewish component in the social process" how likely do you think it would have been that this charade could have gone on unchecked for so long?

    • What one may wonder about is what on earth has the humble immigration story of Ashkenazi Jewish people got to do with a modern-day American embezzler of and in the ruling class

      hmm, i thought that was rather obvious. for one thing, the stories were told by the same man, barry levison. albeit he didn't write the madoff story as he did avalon, but he directed and produced both of them. so as an artist, like most artists, there will be similarities in the way stories (or the process) unfold. shasha noted the contrast here:

      The physical contrast between the humble Baltimore row houses in Avalon with the often obscene wealth of Madoffworld could not be more telling as we process the dramatic changes in the American Jewish community over the course of time.

      Avalon sought to question the base materialism of the new generation by juxtaposing it to the thrift and humility of the immigrants.

      The Wizard of Lies shows us the process completed in a way that removes the moral values of the Old Country and replaces them with degenerate greed and smug elitism; a process that manifests a revolutionary shift in values.

      shasha further expands here:

      As we saw in Avalon, there was a dark side to the rampant assimilation and its attendant materialism: The abandonment of traditional values as understood within the framework of Religious Humanism produced an internal corruption that has led to the rot of The Wizard of Lies and a system that lionizes degenerates like Bernie Madoff and Donald Trump. -

      and why a Sefardí center leader should feel the need to declare that all that is “Jewish” and involve himself and a lot of unrelated people in this story. This is another textbook example of the huge damage done by Zionism.

      not really understanding the "to declare that all that is “Jewish” ". and if you open the embeds following the text/conversation about Brooks and Soloveitchik as it relates to Religious Humanism, it may explain why the author involved himself. not sure what you mean by "textbook example of the huge damage done by Zionism".

      Connecting it, collectively!, to people who culturally, biologically or in any other respect, have absolutely nothing to do either with... Eskenazi... or to the ruling class is absurd.

      and shasha did that when?

  • Liberal Jews stage sit-in to block annual 'Jerusalem Day' march into Muslim Quarter
  • Hebron settlers are trying to erase the city's Palestinian identity
  • Trump may want a deal, but Israeli Jews are not interested
    • echi is holding court again, just ignore him. and wasn't he just lecturing Maghlawatan to "use English" the other day?

    • Palestinians in East Jerusalem certainly do have the right to be citizens of Israel and to vote, but that they refuse to exercise those rights

      i read on wiki only about a third who apply for citizenship are accepted. not sure they "certainly" have the right.

  • The US and Israel: 'An integrated political system'
    • agreed, thank you toivo.

    • toivo, i agree (whole heartedly) with your last paragraph. it's absurd to think swaths of america who voted for obama switched to trump because of racist reasons. the party failed those people and trump picked up sanders populist messaging, rudely dismissed by the dnc, and rode to victory on it. now, they are trying to blame (collectively) white people who didn't vote for clinton (in particular sanders supporters, who for the most part didn't vote for trump anyway, but he would have picked up all those working class voters).

      anyway, hunches over failed dem strategizing aside, my point about white nationalism and zionism still stands. philosophically, the "basic fact" (assuming that's correct which i believe it is) that white nationalism has zero chance of achieving its political objective of separating races here in the US, is irrelevant to the argument about these 2 ethnic nationalisms, as it pertains to their inherent structural similarities.

      the sentiment that "all the Zionist have to do is oppose white nationalism and, ipso facto, they belong to the side of progressive leftism" reminds me of an article i wrote last fall called "There’s no room on campus to be progressive and pro-Israel"

      understanding zionism as ethnic nationalism and a colonial project is the way to expose it for what it is. in fighting the smearing of middle class, go after the accusation at it's core. honestly expose why dems failed their constituents. i'm not going to be bullied into voting for a war monger -- they keep browbeating the left as they consistently move towards the right and shovel our money into wars. and then they wonder why we are bailing in droves. they are two separate arguments.

    • “White nationalism” has become a buzz word for the deplorables as Keith pointed out. I am quite agreeable to oppose racism in the US but will not equate that issue with opposition to Zionism. The reason is very simple — all the Zionist have to do is oppose white nationalism and, ipso facto, they belong to the side of progressive leftism.

      i'm not an expert on the way these terms are used in the current political discourse but my understanding of white nationalism is, like zionism, ethnic nationalism. it's the idea white people should have a right to be self determined as white people, for the preservation of race and culture as white. white nationalism inherently, like zionism, implies support for a viable inclusive white-only (or white privileged) space which excludes POC (except perhaps marginally as guests, visitors, or servants or something). i don't perceive white nationalism as american nationalism, i am not anti nationalism per se, but i am not an ethnic nationalist, i am a civic nationalist (the american gov is supposed to function as the gov of a civil nationalist state). white nationalists and zionists are both ethnic nationalists. and yes, zionists, for the most part, support neoliberal globalization. i am not sure if the same can be said for white nationalist, who are isolationists.

      as it pertains to american politics, i am an isolationist, a non interventionist. mostly i identify as a global citizen. but as an american i don't think we should be imposing our beliefs or anything else on others, including democracy or regime change. i believe societies can best govern themselves, or at least do it better than american intervention which i mostly consider invasive and detrimental due to our history.

      that said, i do think fighting white nationalism is the same as fighting zionism in terms of them both being supporters of ethnic nationalist states and the idea of states rights being afforded based on ethnicity is anathema to my beliefs. Zionist saying they oppose white nationalism is hypocritical. while they can claim to oppose white nationalists, in principle they seem one in the same as it pertains to their ethnic nationalism. however, white nationalist are not uniform in their support for neoliberalism -- or as embedded as zionists are in globalization.

      these are just my impressions. but the idea all the Zionist have to do is oppose white nationalism and, ipso facto, they belong to the side of progressive leftism, seems completely absurd. this is the tightwire liberal zionists have to walk in their claim to be viably leftists. but what is zionism if not support for an ethnic national state? it's not some pie in the sky idealist thing it was so last last century, in [only] theory . it has a track record, it has never existed sans its suppression of another people and imposition on those outside their ethnic status who live in the same space. in today's world, i am not clear how zionism or white nationalism could thrive if not on the backs of others. if a zionist merely claims to oppose `white nationalism, ask them how their form of nationalism (ethnic vs civil) is any different. what can they say? "i am not a neoliberal?" seems like a weak argument. and i do equate opposing racism in the US with opposition to Zionism. because there's no viable zionism in existence that does not require the suppression of palestinians. as long as zionism intrinsically requires palestinian land sans palestinian equality, i can't understand how it does not exists as a racist entity. ideologically i can understand (they do not want to be racist), but practically speaking, it's a colonial enterprise requiring the dispossession of another people and has never existed otherwise. it requires oppression and surrender of another people to exist.

    • I am not sure what was corrected in the original article (as annie mentioned)

      toivo, keith quoted roland: "As a result the U.S. and American political systems are on the same page " and then keith commented "Assuming you meant to say the U.S. and Israeli political systems" to which roland responded "Thank you for noticing the typo. This should be fixed." .. now the main text reads:

      Important industries, like high tech and defense, are integrated in the U.S. and in Israel at the highest levels. As a result the U.S. and Israeli political systems are on the same page, to the point that it is more accurate to think of them as one integrated political system than in terms of allies, says Khalidi.

      hope that clears it up (and hope that was what keith referenced that roland affirmed was a typo).

    • This should be fixed

      Roland, fixed it. thanks for picking that up keith..

  • Internet 'redresses' Miri Regev's 'capture of Jerusalem' themed gown at Cannes
    • touchy? mwah. this is my personality.. it's not all of a sudden, it's who i am. you double down when i use your own language (copy pasted btw) right back at you, or didn't you recognize it? ha!

      Give me a common-sense explanation... just make it plausible and logical, please.

      who plays teacher? you dish it out but you can't take it, amusing. maybe it ruffled some feathers.

      as you well know, i said nothing whatsoever about you commenting out of turn. you comment whenever you feel like it just like everyone else -- including me. no one stops you. but i don't have to answer to you either. (btw, if you think i'm berating you, breathe deep and try rereading it.)

    • Echi, there's only one "teacher" on this little subthread and it's not me (maybe if you re-read some of the relevant commentary, instead of bypassing it w/ not so subtle snarky tone deaf commentary such as "another one hard of hearing", and actually listen you could learn something). as for censoring, i am not censoring anyone. i bypass comments i think are too hot to handle and leave those decisions to others. someone else does the bulk of moderation around here -- for months now. you say whatever and not wait to be spoken to all the time but i don't have to answer questions construing i insinuated something i never stated either.

      there's a lot of other things i could say about your logic/commentary ("leaving it to its own devices without any support from the superpower"??) but i'll leave it at this:

      On every point on which all Zionists are not agreed, sure, there will be contradictory politics. "

      as if when they agree, there are no contradictory politics? it appears to me you think everyone in this country who is not a zionist is totally insignificant. i just do not happen to share those views. as Maghlawatan mentioned earlier, along with many other salient points, Zionists are heavily exposed to neoliberalism which is dying. ... The next demagogue after Trump could decide to target rich Zionists in the name of the red states. That would leave Zionism as a parasite without a host.

      engaging in points others are making rather than dismissing them off the cuff as "Pollyanna stuff" can occasionally add value to the discourse. you might even learn something.

    • echi, you don't hold court around here and i wasn't even talking to you. try coughing up a common-sense explanation as to how you beat your wife? Just make it plausible and logical, please.

      and why, if, according to you, israel/zionism holds the US "firmly by the balls", our embassy is still not in jerusalem? Just make it plausible and logical, please.

      and why, if, according to you, israel/zionism holds the US "firmly by the balls", we have not bombed iran back to the stone ages, yet? Just make it plausible and logical, please.

    • Zionism is an updated version of Tammany Hall.

      Maghlawatan, i'm afraid you're waisting your breath on deaf ears. echi has too much faith in zionism/israel to think it could implode on its own.

      Orthodox/Haredi/settler combo will break the Israeli economy. Productivity is already stagnant. There are too many freeloaders.

      deaf ears. don't even bother. i agree with you about the increasing (exploding) demographic weight of the Orthodox and ultraorthodox. i don't know how this exploding segment of society will sustain itself especially when seculars continue to decrease or leave. as it has been progressively getting more extreme and worse off so it will continue in that direction and the split between US/IS jews will likely turn into a crevasse. i predicted (a few years ago) by 2020 we'd really start seeing the effects of this (and other factors, like a crescendo). i still believe that. not because i am an optimist but because i have common sense.

    • I am not sure when the boycotts of Israeli hummus and Feta will help them.

      and all this fretting over bds, and the hundreds of millions invested in countering it, what do you think of that? seems like a waste of money if it (bds) offers no threat. are you unsure about bds in general? just a hummus and feta thing? is the gov of israel wrong? are all the zionist think tanks wrong? what about all the legislation getting shoved thru congress in state after state? worthless? a waste of money? it just seems, if you're hunch is correct, there lots of money and effort being flushed down the toilet.

      I worry about and feel sorry for the people of Gaza.

      yes you keep repeating this. we get it, you really want to communicate to us how much you worry and feel sorry for and fear for the people of gaza. as if repeating it will result in someone (anyone) believing you. maybe yonah, hops or boris will believe you -- your fear. you likely tremble over it and toss and turn at night. so, for the record, we've been informed.

      so back to the hummus and feta, the whole anti bds thing, is it just a waste of time, money effort? do tell.

  • US diplomats say Western Wall is in West Bank, and Nikki Haley backpedals
  • Collective post-traumatic stress disorder – Jews, apartheid and oppression
    • All else is a distraction

      this reminds me of something sandra tamari wrote

      I understand that there are enormous issues facing American Jews who support Palestinian liberation. Creating spaces within Jewish communities and families, reclaiming Judaism from Zionism, and discovering one’s identity within Judaism are vital endeavors. However, it is important to remember that these individual and communal struggles are not necessarily Palestine liberation work.

      - See more at:

    • gamal, what a wonderful fun video. it took me a little while to get into it as a non arabic speaker, but as it went on it got better and better! and what attractive people! does their whole family look like this? so so cute.

    • fear can be reinstated in traumatized collectives using several methods: focusing on an act of violence or resistance; reminding the public of some atrocity in the past (memorial days); shifting attention to perceived threats and; physically segregating communities in conflict (apartheid), which renders re-exposure and reconciliation (i.e. extinction of fear) virtually impossible.

      fear can also be reinstated in traumatized collectives by using snipers to kill off members of the youth. directly targeting the smartest, most aggressive, creative and most talented. currently, none of the most effective forms of instilling fear in a society is being systematically directed towards jewish people. in that sense, their anxiety is the anxiety of the aggressor. it's still very real, it's still interesting/fascinating. it's just not headline grabbing. maybe because people instinctively don't tend to empathize (even to the point of repulsion) with the anxieties of the oppressors.

    • Any good defense lawyer will try to find mitigating factors even if a client is guilty

      without reviewing the article, my impression is that, unlike citizen's and your assumption or suggestion, the focus is not on blame, fault , guilt, trial or relief of blame or guilt. it's more about a diagnosis of how something comes into being.

      my worry tho, is that information like this can be used to harm people. palestine being the laboratory that it is under the control of people with access to all means of research can use palestinian peoples vulnerabilities purposely to justify killing or further suppressing them.

      personally, i am not as interested in jewish fear, possibly because we've been directed to think about it so much. i am more interested in the fear of people currently under threat of genocide. and how that (palestinian) fear could/can be manipulated to get them to act out in ways that add to their subjugation.

      relatively, it is a luxury (not afforded to palestinians) to focus on "healing from a pathological cycle of fear" when palestinians cannot even afford to "heal" as they are still being hunted, some like wild animals.

      while i think it is imperative the situation has to change, i think trying to heal the collective of the oppressor is not the most effective way to break the cycle of oppression.

      i think defending, empowering and healing the oppressed class (vs the oppressors) would be a more effective course of change.

    • the basketball coach? that makes sense, i didn't make the connection at first.

    • thanks gamal

  • Courageous Israeli newspaper is indicted as 'childish' 'contrarian' and 'antagonistic' by the yellowbellied New York Times
    • NYT is publishing this for them. That is part of its core mission these days.

      sometimes i think there's some quid pro quo going on. it can't just be a coincidence they keep publishing this radically zionist crap by rightwing extremists like shmuel rosner. they impose these freak views on the american public. why? does someone important at the times have a mother-in-law who is rosner's auntie or something? or maybe someone got drunk at a wedding and promised someone a job. i don't know. but this is total crap.

  • Prisoner hunger strike takes center stage on Nakba day
    • Throughout the marches, many held signs which featured the quote “Our chains will be broken before we are,” attributed to Marwan Barghouti

      that graphic by saba'aneh is iconic, juxtaposed with [part of]the #JeSuisGaza cartoon by Noa Olchowski about 13 journalists murdered by israel in gaza during the '14 summer slaughter. powerful image.

  • Here we go again! Netanyahu disputes Trump administration, urges him to 'shatter Palestinian fantasy' about Jerusalem
    • thanks, but i don't need luck to make money.

      speaking of stocks, has anyone been following brazil's ongoing scandal? it's really radical. they temporarily shut down the plunging stock market today. it follows a leaked tape with the president re hush money to cover up a scandal (160k a week!), the same president who forces a coup on the democratically elected president Dilma Rousseff.

    • What is your explanation for markets being 20 percent up since his election?

      Stocks plunge as investors fret about Trump; Dow dives 373 points

      POSTED: 05/17/17, 4:10 PM EDT UPDATED: 2 HRS AGO

      The brewing political crisis in Washington rattled Wall Street Wednesday, knocking the Dow Jones industrial average down more than 370 points and giving the stock market its biggest single-day slump in eight months.


      Financial stocks, which had soared in the months since the election, declined the most as bond yields fell sharply. Bonds, utilities and gold rose as traders shunned riskier assets. The dollar fell.

      “When you are at these valuations, the market has to reassess whether or not the agenda is actually going to be implemented,” said Quincy Krosby, market strategist at Prudential Financial. “What you’re seeing is a classic run toward safety.”

      just google stocks plunge. there's a lot more where that came from

    • he has been good to investors all over the world. Yesterday Germany’s stock market hit an all time high.

      as a result of trump? how fabulous!

      I can’t visualize flying by the seat of my pants (like if a bird holds my pants in the air?) or the relevance of Trump’s flying skills.

      the term is an idiom, best understood not by visualization, but by understanding the origin and meaning of the phrase.

    • eljay, that's about my assessment too.

    • I understand that Mr. Spicer has announced that ‘wall in WB’ is ‘not the President’s position’.

      so has anyone ever heard of "TheWrap"?

      “That is not the position of this Administration,” Spicer told TheWrap in an email.....

      The prime minister’s office told TheWrap in a statement that “the comment that the Western Wall is part of the West Bank was received with astonishment” and that “Israel is certain that the comment contradicts President Trump’s policy as expressed in his fierce opposition to the latest UN Security Council resolution” — a reference to United Nation Security Council’s Resolution 2334, which rejected Israel’s rights in Jerusalem and which Trump has opposed.

      “Israel has asked the US to clarify this,” the official in the prime ministers’ office added.

      TheWrap got the scoop! i predict this will not be covered by the western press at all until such time as the entire episode has been walked back in a big way.. 'clarified'.

    • i wish gingershot! however i think it's much more likely this is just some rollercoaster set up. who knows! trump, or his administration, seem to just fly by the seats of their pants. did you hear that today the state department accused syria (or assad or both) of building a crematorium at a prison and hanging 50 people a day and burning their bodies? i mean please! but the last time they bombed syria it went so swimmingly with the talking heads and no one even mentioned russia for at least a week so why not try going after syria again? no evidence to speak of -- of course. anyway...

    • here's the article gingershot, similar to the TOI article allison linked to:

      U.S. Diplomats Snub Israeli Offers to Help With Trump's Western Wall Visit: It's in West Bank, You Have No Authority
      read more:

      Netanyahu ordered Israel's ambassador in D.C. to demand an explanation from the White House after the embarrassing diplomatic incident

      Barak Ravid May 15, 2017 10:06 PM

      Diplomats stationed at the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem refused to hold talks with Israeli officials about arrangements for U.S. President Donald Trump’s planned visit to the Western Wall during his trip to Israel next week, claiming that the site is in the West Bank, and therefore the Israeli government has no authority over it.
      The embarrassing diplomatic incident was first reported by Channel 2 television.
      For the past few days, an American delegation has been in Israel to prepare for Trump’s arrival. It has mainly dealt with security arrangements, logistical preparations and media coverage for the visit. The delegation - headed by the White House’s deputy chief of staff for operations, Joe Hagin - has held meetings with personnel from the Foreign Ministry and the Prime Minister’s Office and toured the sites Trump is expected to visit.

      On Monday, the Americans toured the Western Wall. Trump’s planned visit to the Wall has been defined as private, and he will not be accompanied by any Israeli government representatives. But two employees of the PMO’s public relations department accompanied the preparatory tour to see if the Americans needed any help with arranging media coverage, such as preparing places for journalists and photographers or arranging for live broadcasts of Trump’s visit to the holy site.
      A senior Israeli official who was involved in the incident, but asked to remain anonymous, said that when the PMO employees asked the Americans what help they needed, diplomats from the American consulate in Jerusalem, which is responsible for relations with the Palestinian Authority, told the U.S. delegation that it couldn’t discuss this issue with Israeli government officials.

      The consular diplomats asserted that the Western Wall is part of the West Bank, implying that Israel has no sovereignty over the site. The PMO employees responded furiously, terming the diplomats’ statements unacceptable, the senior Israeli official said. The PMO staffers then announced that they will no longer have anything to do with this part of Trump’s visit.
      “We said we don’t intend to give any assistance with regard to media and logistics for Trump’s visit to the Western Wall,” the senior Israeli official said. “We made it clear that their position is unacceptable to us, but the head of the American delegation just stood there and didn’t intervene.”
      The PMO employees quickly reported the incident to their superiors. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was briefed on the matter and ordered Israel’s ambassador in Washington, Ron Dermer, to demand an explanation from the White House.
      “For American diplomats to say that the Western Wall is part of the West Bank astonished us,” a senior official in the Prime Minister’s Bureau said. “We’re convinced that this statement contradicts President Trump’s policy, as expressed in his forceful opposition to the recent UN Security Council resolution.”

      oh my goodness!

  • Sleazy spat revives Paul Berman's role as 'liberal intellectual who whored for Bush’s war'
    • it's such a weird story. and this:

      Alterman said. “They arose from a deeply personal matter between us. Paul omits all the relevant details because they reflect so poorly on his character.”

      Alterman and Berman have known each other for decades, and shared similar politics until the early 2000s.

      it's a gossip story. but they don't mention what the split was. too much information i suppose. i am not that interested in the spat or the story but if i am going to read it, like all good gossip, then of course I am interested in the "salacious details". it's seems like such a bizarre incident to begin with, for alterman to approach him at a public event, and then even moreso for berman to write about it! and then i saw blumenthal's tweet (he called it a "sad blackmail drama") and RT of dan cohen's 2014 tweet about alterman following "nude celebrity" twitter accounts. it's like, what the hell happened between these two? so far, i have not encountered the public value in either of them, nor these 92d Street Y panels that seemingly elevates certain characters. but if everyone's dirt is going to be on display then just spit it out already. it's like 2 grown men acting like 2nd graders. it reminds me of my son and his friends farting phase. ridiculous. and so many people supported that hideous war, so what's special about berman's support for it? just another neoliberal.

      and i'd never even heard of berman until now. they are both sleaze bags and should kiss and make up.

    • thanks.

    • Berman made public this week when he wrote that an unnamed intellectual, since identified as Alterman

      since identified by whom? how? where? when? very curious.

  • Senator on Intelligence Committee says Jews in Diaspora are spies for Israel
  • Jews made America great so 'we deserve our influence' on Israel policy, Dershowitz tells Scarsdale synagogue
  • Why are Israeli children brainwashed to hate?
  • Former prisoner's book tour includes call to world to 'stand with' 1600 Palestinians on hunger strike
    • i just spent the day with mohammad saba'aneh and i am over the moon. no words can describe meeting this amazing person.
      charisma, beauty and soul multiplied to the max. ;)
      100% palestinian, that's for sure.

  • New charter, old politics
    • Please provide a link to where you (the editors) explicitly support a two-state solution

      i'm just speaking for myself here:

      i'd be supportive of any resolution palestinians accepted that resulted in their equal rights and representation. as an activist, it's not for me to approve or disapprove their decisions concerning a 2 state solution. but as a logical common sense person, i don't think 2 states is an option and as a result i don't spend much energy on it, or any for that matter.

    • i have not been made aware this site has an "only supports a one-state solution" policy. i think you're mistaken jj.

    • thanks david, i added the link as an embed to the opening sentence.

  • After mob attacks alternative Memorial Day ceremonies, Israeli education minister criticizes ceremonies not mob
    • thanks for the links jon. i couldn't find the event covered on either of their sites and neither appear to have been updated since before the event.

    • just picking up where i left off re your opinion "Of course “Judaism”, as such, does not condone any wrongdoing"

      May 16, 2017

      At a gathering of religious Zionist public figures two weeks ago, Deputy Knesset Speaker Betzalel Smotrich talked about his diplomatic plan, which he dubbed “The subjugation plan.” The purpose of the plan, he said, was “to erase all Palestinian national hope.”

      Under the plan, the Palestinians will be given three choices – to leave the country; to live in Israel with the status of “resident alien,” because, as Smotrich made sure to note, “according to Jewish law there must always be some inferiority,” or to resist, “and then the Israel Defense Forces will know what to do.” When the deputy Knesset speaker was asked if he intended to wipe out whole families, including women and children, Smotrich replied, “In war, as in war.”

      Smotrich presented the Book of Joshua as the source for his remarks. According to the Midrash, Joshua sent the residents of the land of Canaan three letters in which he set out the three aforementioned conditions. Maimonides explains that if the non-Jews do not flee, they must have limitations imposed on them “so they should be despised and lowly, and not raise their heads in Israel.” If they resist, he says, “not a soul must be left among them” – in other words, kill them all.

      How many of those who sat and listened to these horrible things – learned men and women, Torah scholars and community leaders – agreed with him? It’s impossible to know.

      still think “Judaism”, as such, does not condone any wrongdoing"???

      that would depend on who's interpreting.

    • Of course “Judaism”, as such, does not condone any wrongdoing

      the operative words here being "as such"? because, like all religions, judaism is practiced is it not? therefore isn't it the practitioner's interpretation of judaism, or perhaps more importantly the practitioners interpretation of "wrongdoing" that is the determining factor?

      ie, that king torah book that went un-condemned by scores of reputable rabbis justified killing non jewish babies on the grounds they might grow up to be terrorists. and, if i am not mistaken, they claimed this was based on the torah, or judaism i presume. so, if one doesn't think killing non jewish babies is "wrongdoing", then of course one's judaism can both simultaneously condone killing babies and not condone wrongdoing. this is a severe example, but an example that might be applied to extreme interpretations of practitioners of most religions (or something similar one presumes). so that's why i think it's the "as such" that's the stickler here.

      religions would cease to exists without practitioners, so i am not sure if there is or can be any religion "as such" (in the exact sense of the word) sans interpretation.

    • Instead of focussing on the ugliness of the hecklers and disruptors, why not focus on the event itself?

      jon, did you open the "combatants for hate" haaretz editorial jonathan linked to? the one with the awful video in the middle of the article? and the graphic on top of the bullseye on the dove's heart? i'm curious if you're curious why haaretz focused on the ugliness of the hecklers and the governments refusal to admit the hundreds of palestinians who normally attend the event?

      why do you think haaretz didn't just focus on the "event itself" (assuming you mean the "event itself" doesn't include the adjacent police cordoned off riot w/protestors screaming accusations “Nazis,” “worthless cowards,” “seed of Amalek,” “go back to Auschwitz,” “get out of our country” at the bereaved families)?

      why do you think haaretz even mentioned bennett's tweet? i mean why not just focus on the "event itself" without all that fuzzy uncomfortable information about palestinians not being able to attend? does it sort of irk you haaretz would write all that stuff? do you think it was anti semitic of them to include the not so nice news, do you think focusing on it was irresponsible in light of the fact they didn't even quote the speakers of the "event itself"?

      Could you provide a link to any of the speeches by these peace loving zionist leaders where they actually do that?

      jon, do you know if any publication covered the "event itself" (especially sans mention of that ugly stuff and the gov banning), any speeches or quotes? if so, could you please link to them (or it). any videos on youtube of the speeches or photos from this years alternate memorial day "event itself"?

      and about your curiosity about elian kteily's non-reply -- just thought i'd mention kteily has only commented 8 times since he registered at mondoweiss in 2014. it's very likely that, like many of our commenters (including me), he doesn't get email notifications about responses to his comments. it's possible he didn't revisit the article once he'd read it and left a comment. i'm sure there are many times people have responded to my comments over the years and i've just missed them. iow, it could simply be he didn't reply because he didn't read your question.

  • Remembering Jean Stein
    • just wow. i don't know what to say phil ... thank you for writing this. she sounds like quite an extraordinary person.

      i remember one time a few years ago, you sent me an email ( it was a whisper -- 'shh guess what') -- and forwarded a compliment from jean stein -- she had liked one of my articles. i asked who's that? and you told me (briefly) and i got the feeling from you it was the very best person in the whole world i could have ever gotten a compliment from. now i know why. i wish i had that email now, i wish i knew what article that was, that jean stein had complimented.

      i'm going to order some of her books. reading her interview of faulkner now.

  • True independence on Nakba Day: accountability and healing as an Israeli aggressor
    • echi, i think we agree "understanding" ones adversaries is not a necessary condition to achieve justice.

      the only reason to sympathize with a Zionist is if he is no longer one and actively works to defeat his side.... there are more important things than kissing and shmoozing with a hugely overwhelming enemy...try to present themselves as “sympathetic” to the weaker side are the enemy.

      i missed the "sympathy" aspect you're referencing. the only reference to sympathy litvin mentioned was in response to claire, and the references in the article to empathy, was reference to whether the aggressor was capable of it. i find the topic itself fascinating and in fact i have previously given a lot of thought to this very issue and posited (here on these pages somewhere in the archives, one time i recall in an alice rothchild article, by or about her, and another or other times) that the scale of the social trauma during and proceeding the holocaust coupled with the radical level of zionist propaganda directly targeting the jewish community accompanying the founding of the state made the targeted community more vulnerable to indoctrination (mass brainwashing). i recall positing that the generation who lived through the holocaust and their direct descendants might be permanently impacted by such a trauma, and for this reason it might not be until after that first generation dies -- i will see if i can find it. i wasn't thinking of it in terms of sympathy per se, i am genuinely interested in the effects of collective generational traumas. needless to say the nakba is a multi generational ongoing trauma. but how one society response to it can be radically different than another. and i think there's relief from this sort of trauma in today's american jewish youth. i think the further distance from trauma, the more potential deviations subside. it interests me that's all.

      and i don't perceive the author to be my enemy, ideologically so or otherwise.

      edit, here's one conversation we had on generational trauma w/seafoid, elliot, tree, bornajew, mooser and others.

      just checking trauma in the archives.

    • thanks yoav, i actually believe that the nature of mankind is good, and trauma is the deviating factor resulting in other outcomes.

    • the only deserter who is of any appreciable use, the world over, is the one who turns his gun on his bosses.

      literally? because whistleblowers can come in very handy, amongst others. but i agree with you about palestinians achieving justice. it doesn't have to come byway of israelis being understood. i think we get it the world over they fear. whether we choose to have empathy for that fear, or understand that fear, or use it against them, or whatever, is a personal choice. because at this point, i think the colonial project would be escalating at the same rate whether israelis have fear or not. it pretty obvious that fear is being nurtured and used as a tool for further expansion at the expense of palestinians.

      understanding may be the only way to peace, but not to justice.

    • i thought it was an excellent read. i especially liked the emphasis you put on research and "quest for historical truth". i think reinforcement of collective fear for personal, professional, political or nationalistic gain is a cruel form of societal abuse and brainwashing and in turn it breeds cruelty ("Thus, fear enables a level of aggression and oppression"), even sadism in subjects. . in the forward to mohammad saba'aneh's new book "white and black" he wrote the occupier is also occupied. it's true. i don't know when this will be alleviated as i am not sure the motivation is there to research and seek out the truth given the environment (other than a small minority of the population). more likely just a perpetuation of the same activities. would the rodents have opted to become more educated about their circumstance? relatively, there seems to be so little self awareness/individual accountability in israeli society which may be because of the level of toxic indoctrination.

    • great article. soo.. i checked out litvin's site. highly recommend Commute #1954

      just wow.

  • 'I'd rather die than live as a servile slave,' Omar Barghouti told his daughter
    • It’s the people of Gaza I feel sorry for. You encourage them towards big demands and armed resistance, together with others, when you have nothing to lose.

      those "big demands" (and i highly recommend fathi's new article on the new charter:, your framing here suggests it is our "encouragement" that perpetuates these demands, and as such you feel sorry for the people of gaza, because if not for this encouragement they would be on their way to better life or something. please explain to us ("in simple human terms (no empire, no neoconservatism), just like, person to person") what it is they are demanding that you think is too big and that they might amend if us westerners were not encouraging them? the whole equal rights thing, just a whim based on our "encouragement"?

      when you have nothing to lose. It’s truly tragic.

      your framing suggests it is not israel's bombings, blockade, mowing the lawn, death of scores of civilians including children that you find truly tragic, but the fact of our encouragement with nothing to lose.

      tsk tsk.

      I am truly privileged of course

      yes, we know. you keep reminding us you're a millionaire with good genetics. zzzzzzz

  • Yet another young American Jew has had it with Israel
    • to the best of my knowledge the only things he HAS said make him at best a liberal Zionist.

      ok, so according to you someone who thinks israel embodies colonialism, military occupation and institutionalized racism is at best a zionist. i guess that's your default position unless proven otherwise.

      Your opinion that he is an anti-Zionist seems to be based on things he hasn’t said.

      you might have a point had i expressed that opinion, but since i didn't -- you're wrong. and unlike you, i didn't quote some yesha overlord and then claim he "sounds" like he believed in a “kinder, gentler” religion-supremacist “Jewish State” and determine he was a zionist.

      i guess i don't have any particular bone to pick with him based on what he said and have no need to make conjectures he supports an oppressive Jewish supremacist system. i liked what i saw in the movie and am glad he's out there doing his thing.

      you can take the last word.

    • only thing Mr. Axelman appears to object to.....from what I have been able to gather

      by "appears" and "gather", do you mean, primarily by what he has not stated, or based on:

      His only statement that you find objectionable is that after the devastating war, the few remaining battered and bruised European Jews had no choice but to move to Palestine.

      so, would david be correct in assuming: From this you conjure support for an oppressive Jewish supremacist system ?

      or was there something (anything) else he said, specifically? or again, is your opinion primarily based by what he has not stated.

    • couldn’t find any indication that Mr. Axelman:
      – objects to the religion-supremacist “Jewish State” construct;

      ok, and any indication he supports a "religion-supremacist “Jewish State” construct;"?

      or is absence of something the only indiction required to be labeled a zionist? any indication he doesn't favour reforming Israel into a secular and democratic Israeli state of and for all of its citizens, immigrants, expats and refugees, equally? or again, is absence of reference the only indiction required to label him a zionist?

      any indication he doesn't wish to see Israel honour its obligations under international law (incl. RoR) and be held accountable for its past and on-going (war) crimes?

    • to be fair eljay, you're not quoting axelman directly. ie, did he say "i agree" with your point? or is that how the journalist framed it? did the journalist even reference Oded Ravivi, the chief foreign envoy for the YESHA Council and mayor of Efrat, or his quote in the jerusalem post article "Mr. President: The Israeli settlements are legal" in his discussion w/Axelman? what is ravivi's quote doing in an article about axelman and his movie?

      Over half a million Israelis currently live in Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem. This is an irreversible fact.

      No Israeli government could feasibly ethnically cleanse hundreds of thousands of men, women and children from their homes, schools and businesses.

      These are not makeshift forts as the word “settlement” indicates, rather they are established towns and cities with shopping malls, high-rise buildings, factories and a large university.

      clearly, the Israeli government could feasibly ethnically cleanse hundreds of thousands of men, women and children from their homes, schools and businesses.... as they have already done that! so why is this article even brought into the discussion?

      based on that segment of the discussion, the only quote of axelman's was " “unbelievable oppression” ".

    • i wish we didn't have to wait until 2018 to watch it. hats off to Eric Axelman.

  • Once I was lit by moonbeams
    • liz rose, you knocked it out of the ballpark with this essay. thank you so much.

      This is the brilliance of Israel, of course, that upper middle-class spoiled suburban American teenagers can participate in the displacing of indigenous Palestinians, support an ongoing occupation, plant trees on Palestinian villages masked as parks, mystify the whole experience as love, and feel deeply in their souls that they’re being selfless, working for a vision bigger than themselves.

      ah, jewish self-determination -- the gift that keeps on giving.

      the penultimate paragraph was so hard to read, painful really. hang in there (and he doesn't hate you).

      it's so sad. taking these young people at such an emotionally influential time in their lives and filling their heads with stuff it will take years to unwind. the let down, the awakening, the recurring dreams...

  • Map map on the wall, who's most existing of them all?
    • existence is a privilege extended by jews to non jews in palestine? who knew?

      this whole zionist "right to exist" framing has taken on a whole new meaning -- i think we're on to the next level! ‘You’ll all be our slaves, if you’re worthy, if you behave well’ and you'll love it, it will be a privilege! -

      (don't forget to click cc for captions)

  • Mohammad Saba'aneh had no choice but to become a political artist
    • i'm very excited to meet him when he comes to the bay area.. his book is incredible btw.

  • New York rabbi links Jewish Voice for Peace to Osama bin Laden and Assad
    • the gut reaction of pretty much all American Jews ... never heard of JVP ... aren’t interested in anything they have to say.

      uh huh, jvp is like the fastest growing jewish org in the US. but don't let that stop you steve, let it all hang out.

  • Students sue Fordham over justice for Palestine club rejection
    • Fordham is a private school, then it can probably do very much as it pleases.....

      pabelmont, check out the coverage in:

      Now, this isn’t a pure First Amendment case, because Fordham is a private university — Awad and his friends are suing based on the claim that Fordham violated its own free-speech and student-organization policies, not that the U.S. Constitution was violated. But this case is a very useful reminder of what happens when speech claims are adjudicated — or, in this case, given the lawsuit, are attempted to be adjudicated — on the basis of subjective terms that mean different things to different people. Take Eldredge’s note: Who decides what is and isn’t “polarizing”? Who decides which countries can and can’t be criticized, and why? Who decides which views are and aren’t a “barrier to open dialogue”?

  • The agony of J Street
  • Barghouti: BDS is growing as Israel becomes associated with far-right movements around the world
  • Why I'm keeping my child home from school in Israel on Holocaust Day
    • it is discussed but they are not tested on it

      i find this hard to believe. the TOI source link in the article above says

      The program[preschool], which is set to be implemented next year, will mark the first time Holocaust studies will be formally integrated into the national curriculum beyond the high school history matriculation exam.

      this indicates HS students are tested on the holocaust.

  • When it comes to Syria, our press is full of moralizing and propaganda, and short on analysis
  • Anti-settlements resolution could be 'last straw' for many Massachusetts Dems, warns party boss in AIPAC's pocket
    • “I think passage of the Coakley resolution would be deeply divisive at a time when Democrats should be working on common shared principles and values, and I think it would harm the Democratic Party,” warned Steve Grossman, a former state Democratic Party chairman and a lifetime member of the Democratic State Committee who previously led the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a national pro-Israel lobby.

      increasingly, support for israel is "deeply divisive", already it harms the democratic party. there will be no unity over "common shared principles and values" as long as party leaders continue pandering to rich zionist funders whose values and principles include supporting apartheid, occupation and settlements.

      denying apartheid exists or is an obstacle to peace, effectively, supports apartheid. no different for occupation or settlements. these are not values a moral person can stand behind.

      if party leaders think they can win elections by ignoring the anti-war/left flank of the party they are wrong. and no amount of finger pointers is going to fix that.

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