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Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani

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  • Boteach likens Jews pushing for Palestinian state to Jews who helped Nazis
    • yoni, when i first heard about the holodomor there were a lot of ukranian sites and references about the specific perpetrators (jewish authorities/criminals), i think they even had a trial in absentia. but just a few years later i googled it and the online information was severely curtailed and altered/white-washed. as for the claim for the holocaust being blowback for the holodomor, i have never read that but the thought crossed my mind especially considering the closeness in time between the 2 genocides.

  • Avishai's prophetic 'Tragedy of Zionism' was denied by Jewish community 32 years ago
    • thanks eva!

      yoni, yes i encountered that article in my search for nathan's high falutin allegations. however it doesn't pack as much punch claiming the founder of the muslim brotherhood, who died in 1948, made the statement -- rather than claiming it was an "important detail" surrounding the '67 war -- "indeed declared" by nassar no less! generally i ignore the hasbrats but i couldn't resist the hypocrisy.

      Who cares?

      i guess you care enough to comment on it echi -- why not just ignore it if it (history of the 67 war) has no meaning to you. silly as it may be, some people think context matters.

    • you should at least mention that Nasser indeed declared that it is his intention to go to war and to “throw the Jews into the sea”

      I’d like to read that quote in its original language in order to see for myself that your English translation is accurate. However, it seems more likely that you have read some book that quotes this source. Which book was it?

  • Israeli paper investigates 50-year-ago attack on 'USS Liberty,' while US papers leave it in the letters column
    • Again, we’re not endorsing the conspiratorial view

      it's baffling anyone who has ever read up on the USS liberty and listened to the testimonies of those present could fathom the attack was not intentional. seriously guys, get a grip.

  • Thousands in Jerusalem protest abduction of Yemenite babies following disclosure some were experimented on
    • tom, i was sort of taken aback by how little information was in this article. i recalled reading (and tweeting) about it just a few weeks ago...

      "80% died while in their custody"! Shocking Photos Show Medical Experiments Conducted on Missing Yemenite Children

      MK Amir Ohana said that hospitals reported that 80 percent of the Yemenite children died while in their custody. “That’s not a medical error or disease, that’s murder,” ....the missing Yemenite children – an exact number has never been determined, but previous investigations have uncovered at least 1060 cases, with as many as 3,430 files said to exist – the children were either farmed out to Ashkenazi families who could not have their own children, experimented on at hospitals, or even shipped to the United States for use as subjects in tests that measured the effects of radiation.

      iow, they experimented on the children.

      horrid photo alert:

      doctors carried out an experimental treatment on four undernourished babies in which they injected dry protein into the babies' veins, a treatment that killed them.

      The protocol records attorney Drora Nahmani-Roth attempting to jog the memory of Dr. George Mendel, the former head of the children's hospital at Rosh Haayin in central Israel.

      When pressed, Mendel said, "I remember one or two cases in which Dr. Matot gave instructions to give an injection of dry protein that we would separate. Serum, dry plasma … and the results were not good."

      The protocol includes a letter from Dr. Kalman Jacob Mann, deputy medical director of the hospital, to Mendel, dated Nov. 21, 1949, saying: "I visited our hospital in Rosh Haayin, and found that that morning four babies who had received active treatment had died. These babies were in more or less balanced condition according to their physio-pathological condition, but after they were injected with various solutions, the balance was upset and they died."

  • Start 'Birthright' earlier and hire conservative professors-- to stem 'national security issue' of Jewish kids abandoning Israel
    • If they could get Congress to make illegal the exercise of free speech,

      that's probably going to far, just make an israel exception clause. free speech except for those advocating for a free palestine, or free speech except those criticizing the state of israel which would amount to hate speech.

    • she's right about one thing, it's not an effective strategy focusing on the core supporters or the unreachable, it's those in the middle who should be targeted. this is something i've written about before, the american middle. this is the target of bds.

      did anyone watch the maccabee on campus guy who came on at 28 minutes? very agressive, this is the guy funded by adelson to target college campuses (and stay in the background). he claims pro palestine supporters are "bullies" but he's like a bulldog himself. it's a don't miss speech. following his advice is probably the worse way to influence "at risk" students, so i hope they keep him on. talk about a zero-charisma rah rah camp-councilor/cheerleader. who wouldn't want to just repel him -- like off a cliff!

  • Dangerous, but essential work: my experience as a field reporter in Palestine
    • that video of Shalash getting skunk sprayed! it's as if the the truck came along as a prop and performed right on cue for the camera! and how anyone could remain calmly reporting with that looming threat coming from behind -- and then obviously she was targeted directly even after she rushed away! i would not have the stamina or guts to do this -- for sure!

  • Dutch citizen files suit against Israeli commanders for attack on family home during 2014 Gaza war
    • that would be fantastic if the dutch civil judge accepted the case. crossing my fingers.
      thanks for the article!

  • Israel's P.R. campaign is failing: the more Americans know, the less favorable they are
  • Attacks on Israeli police in East Jerusalem are not terrorism
    • i saw your comments the other day eva. my suggestion would be to write phil and adam. it's out of my hands. if i had my druthers mondoweiss would not allow trolls/spammers. especially (seemingly professional) ones that appear to reemerge after being banned by a different name and comment incessantly.

    • Rima, can we expect a comment from you on Arafatbastard’s mention of...

      so the bastard makes a preposterous inflammatory claim and emet, his helpful sidekick, doubles down in starting another subthread requesting the author herself address the preposterousness. emet's piggybacked 'support spamming' of the bastards inflammatory lying claims -- is all to transparent.

      simultaneously on another thread ('s claiming another of our esteemed authors, Nora Lester Murad, is a hypocrite for referencing Al-Quds. i can't stand this denigrating filth in our comment sections.

  • New Israeli 'ethics code' for academia seeks to combat BDS
    • i know, this is fantastic news misterioso! i tweeted about it this morning linking to palestine solidarity committee website but had not read this awesome link. i am going to tweet it out too. it's really fabulous news. i wish something like that would happen here regarding all the dastardly unconstitutional legislation cropping up all over the country. i am convinced that will face a challenge in the courts and i can't wait!

    • 27%. good news but still way too much. once it's 0-7% i'll feel some relief perhaps.

  • Iftar on the rubble
  • Support Mondoweiss to keep brave journalists reporting news
  • Canada Park, a popular picnicking spot for Israelis, created upon the rubble of Palestinian homes
    • jon, aside from the issue of her background, is there something in particular about her opinion you do not agree with. if so, what?

      but with the author’s name presented as ‘ Beatty, Ilene’, which seems very strange, more like a student register than a normal book cover.

      Mhughes: on amazon printed at the base of the "cover art" it states "Note: This is not the actual book cover". perhaps whoever created this image and placed it on amazon did so to discredit the book. the cover looks like this:

      and this

    • I did not ignore your points

      lol, yeah, you totally did. each and every one of them.

      Not that i disagree with you with regards to the Israel lobby

      classic divert silamuz. you allegedly agree we "give guns and money to a group you know is going to use them for ethnic cleansing and perpertuate apartheid" because of the lobby you "just dont feel its a worthwhile endeavor to focus" on it. ask why they do it, ignore and evade discussion of it, while simultaneously claiming you 'wish more activists participated in this type of conversation'.

      take the last word, quit wasting our time.

    • i already address this issue (above) at June 20, 2017, 11:57 am (see "so let’s talk about the israel lobby by all means!!!"), you ignored it.

      This is the type of conversation I wish more activists participate in.

      yeah right.

    • Of course, having set up the state Israel resisted local Arab opposition to its existence , violence, terrorism, ethnic cleansing ....Zionism meant different things as it progressed through history.

      consistently, zionism only ever acted in one way. hence, it's an irrelevant diversion what "different things" it may have meant to different people.

    • Good catch, Sibiriak

    • lol, that's hysterical eljay. it's like pre planning your spam and snagging complicitous responses intended to set up your ideological opponents. O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!

    • But this relationship is far from clandestine nor does it project any form of hypocrisy.....but those Islamic countries that help Israel dont do it because its part of their faith or due to popular demand of their peoples

      i seriously doubt the US, canada, or australia support israel because it's part of their faith or popular demand either. as a matter of fact, did you know according to a recent Google Consumer Surveys, June 15-18, to a representative sample of 1,030 American adult Internet users, "A majority of American adults – 70.3 percent – do not consider themselves Zionists when defined as "A Zionist is a person who believes in the development and protection of a Jewish nation in what is now Israel."? Only 24.9 percent say, "I consider myself a Zionist". so it's certainly not "popular demand" that imposes the 2016 Democratic party platform to references Israel 9 times or the gop party platform 19! so i'd beg to differ there's nothing clandestine going on nor that it doesn't project any form of hypocrisy.

      By basing his opposition of Israel to a loose set of principles labelled as supremacism, and associating it with other countries like Japan and Islamic states, it serves to distract our focus from discreet illegal actions by Israel done through direct cooperation with aforementioned countries.

      ok, i am all for not being distracted from focusing on discreet illegal actions by israel done through direct cooperation with the US, canada and australia. speaking of which, did you know:

      Americans are strongly opposed to massive, disproportionate, unconditional US foreign aid to Israel. They want Congress to consider Israel’s status as the region’s sole nuclear power. They would renegotiate or cancel the lopsided 1985 trade deal. They oppose relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem, as well as the policy of "no-daylight" US coordination with Israel.

      Yet most members of Congress strongly support these initiatives, including recent formal condemnations of the United Nations as inherently "anti-Israel" and ongoing attempts to outlaw grassroots boycotts of Israel over its endemic human rights abuses.

      What maintains the immense void between the views of most Americans and their elected representatives? The Israel lobby.

      so let's talk about the israel lobby by all means!!!

    • he hold the belief that Israel is grouped with Islamic states and weirdly enough, Japan

      i'm sure eljay is well aware or canada's relationship with israel as well as every american here is aware of the US relationship w/israel. do you think israel's relationship with SA is merely a "belief". please explain?

  • I was born ideologically, politically, and spiritually in June 1967 -- settler/ambassador Dani Dayan
    • minority of voters elected the president is significant in regards to the feelings of Democratic voters in large states that their votes don’t count as much as Republican voters in sparsely populated states. The electoral college undercuts America’s claim to democracy.

      important point yonah. here's another; not sure if you've been following the news about recent state's dem conventions (calif, florida and mass come to mind), but there's a deep crevasse in the dem party right now. lots of democrats are blaming the dem party, they don't think their votes count unless they are supporting the establishment candidate. in fact, there is a class action lawsuit against the dem party going on right now in florida and last i checked the news the defendants' attorney just told the court the dem party had the right to choose their candidates behind closed doors if they wanted to. just thought i'd mention.

  • 'Please remember the Montgomery bus boycott'-- letter to Westchester County board before BDS vote tonight
    • But what concessions does Emet want?

      he wants to blather on about palestinians not existing ("Arab people you call Palestinians"...."Palestinians have zero historical claims" etc) while jon keeps hammering away about the occupied not recognizing the colonizer (and they should why? the first time palestinians coughed up recognition israel changed the demand and wanted recognition of israel as "jewish". which is a sadistic demand of the thieves/occupiers. seriously, if hamas said we recognize israel they'd just come back with

      'not enough! now recognize how jewish your palestinian land is!!' --- or some such ridiculous garbage.

    • jj, the dutch?? lol, you must have heard the excellent news that broke today: Largest Israeli Public Transportation Company Loses Netherlands Contract Worth 190 Million Euros Following Campaign by BDS Activists for Palestinian Rights!!

      ouch! i know this will cheer you up! try looking on the bright side!

      Last month, Egged Bus Systems (EBS), a subsidiary of Egged Israel Transport Cooperative Society, Israel’s largest public transportation operator, lost a bid for a decade-long contract to run public transportation in the North-Holland region of the Netherlands, which includes the country’s capital, Amsterdam. This contract was valued at 19.1 million euros a year, with a total worth of 190.1 million euros.

      Egged Bus Systems lost this lucrative bid after Dutch BDS activists launched a campaign charging its Israeli parent company with facilitating grave violations of Palestinian human rights and international humanitarian law.

    • Palestinians will never gain any kind of power until they gain economic power.

      which is exactly why israel strictly controls and rips off palestinian resources, profits off the the oppression and subjugation of the palestinian people and prevents them from gaining any kind of economic power!

      Israeli resistance to peace is as much to blame as the Palestinian leadership.

      lol! how generous of you! like wall street is as least as much to blame for real estate crash in 2008 as as the scores of minorities who lost their homes through crooked loans. j u s t s t o p

  • The indictment of journalist Aaron Cantú portends grim future for First Amendment
    • I am wondering whether the institution of citizen’s arrest might be used to expose the provocateurs.

      i think we might be all over the map on our opinions here. keith said "The “black block” is usually government assets who initiate petty violence in order to provide the police a pretext to crack down hard on peaceful protesters", which for the most part i agree with (certainly the WTO in montreal when they were busted by a photographer and all the time in palestine to justify shooting protestors).

      because the author referenced "widespread media attention in America since 1999, beginning with the Battle of Seattle at the World Trade Organization summit", and i participated in that protest i shared my personal opinion, that the black box there, while likely infiltrated, included genuine anarchists who were smashing windows downtown. and as a bystander to that action i thought the destructive actions of the black box anarchists were warranted and served a worthwhile purpose. the summit was shut down and it did garner worldwide attention which i don't believe would have happened without the dramatic climax of the vandalism. i would draw the line at violence towards people but do i think vandalism to corporate buildings should necessarily be off limits? not under all circumstances, no.

      The “black block” broke windows with impunity while the police gassed the peaceful protesters. After the union marchers departed, it turned into a police riot with bystanders being gassed and arrested

      this is true. the police used the actions of the vandalizers to justify starting a riot with the crowd and making sweeping arrests. the police are militarized thugs at these events. but my point is i believe there are anarchists who vandalize who are not gov assets. in certain circumstances i support them. for example if trump tried to sell off chunks of our federal lands, ie threaten california's giant sequoia national monument, i would regard eco vandalists as brave national heroes, like the fictional monkey wrench gang. i don't know if i would have the courage to take that sort of action but i would support it.

      i think the ptb have every intention of placing more and more restrictions on the general public/society and use these eco actions as a pretense to crack down on the public and use actors/assets especially in circumstances when an actual threat is not present. but i think sometimes violence is necessary, especially during a revolution. i don't believe in all circumstances government forces are the only actors who can morally justify using violence. ie, i would not make a citizen's arrest of someone vandalizing hewlett packard -- i'd more likely donate to their organization.

    • in seattle the anarchists were there. it was a prepared intentionally planned (anarchist) event. albeit people came from all over the world, tribes of indigenous peoples from many continents and the vast majority of the 40k+ crowd was non violent. i was there. when we reached downtown i saw what was going on. the general crowd didn't join the black bloc (although some did) but they didn't outright reject them either. they were probably infiltrated (no doubt) but it was intentional to bring world attention and prevent the members of the wto from entering the event. i was with my son who was early teens and i had pulled him out of school to attend the event. first we gathered at an arena at seattle center and heard speeches from people around the world and then participated in forming the blockade. it resulted in 100's of arrests and 7 years later .. "On January 30, 2007, a federal jury found that the city had violated protesters' Fourth Amendment constitutional rights by arresting them without probable cause or evidence."

      the protest was viewed as a success, and worth it

    • i went to new york city for a big protest during the gop national convention in 2004. at least a million people, no doubt. there's a lot i could write about the "security" aside from the city hiring/importing 10k extra police. the "kettling" was everywhere. the night before the protest we were walking along the street and we came across a large blocked out area completely surrounded by a 10 ft tall chained link fence. we heard it was for the upcoming arrests. reportedly they arrested 1800 people (a moderate estimate lik everything else that day). but the scene -- lining the streets on either side were riot police with not a foot between them. it was surreal. the entire protest was "kettled" into a revolving circle coming from side streets and emptying out in the direction of central park so that at no time could the entire crowd be in one place (they would not permit the demonstration to be in the open in a large area). there were photos taken from above but they were not allowed to march in one long line, probably because it would have gone on for miles and miles.

      very strange. it was the first time i understood the US does not want large gatherings, nor to have them exposed. but seeing that block area in chained linked fence the night before.... a human cage, very weird.

  • Outnumbering the racists
  • UN last hurdle before Israel can rid itself of the Palestinians
    • I get the the impression from her nonstop complaints about UN bias against Israel, that Haley believes she can dig her spurs in real deep and possibly ride her present position right on in to the White House (initially as VP).

      yeah, you and me both. what a horrendously frightening thought. god help us if that ever comes to pass.

    • this is off topic. i can't stand nikki haley's face. her expressions just irk me to no end. it's like this insane visceral reaction i have to photos and videos of her. why her of all people? i have no idea. but i really really hope she's not thrust into the american political landscape in such a high profile role ever again. hopefully working for the trump administration will make her unelectable in the future.

  • 'I am not your goy' -- chaos at a liberal Zionist conference
    • I think he makes a relatively limited point at first, and then the perspective broadens as he goes on. It’s a fairly common thing in human discourse.

      this is your answer as to what you think Darawshe meant by “You need to outgrow your Judaism when you deal with Israel– to focus on the Israeli nature of the state of Israel”. another comment by you "at the expense of understanding what Darawshe is saying".


    • I said he was irked by the citation of a teaching that was meant as very egalitarian and lofty, but still pictured him as non-native.

      i think you're missing the point. when Darawshe said "You need to outgrow your Judaism when you deal with Israel– to focus on the Israeli nature of the state of Israel" what does he mean? does he mean we need a discussion of ger vs goy? i don't think so, quite the opposite.

      first of all, very clearly the israeli state does not love the stranger, they do not love the non jew. they do not love palestinians as they love themselves. this is the meaning of "It’s not the Torah that’s the reference point for our relationship." you can just throw all that stuff right out the window.

      your insistence on discussing ger and the meaning of this phrase, is at the expense of understanding what Darawshe is saying. clearly, "not your goy" means not your servant. not your foreigner, "It is also MY COUNTRY. " he says.

      and when he says It is NOT the Jewish nature of the state that is supposed to manage our relationship that is exactly what he means. and what do you do? you give us a tutorial on the nature or meaning of ger. you understand he was "irked by the citation of a teaching" so what do you do? double down on the discussion of the citation. try "outgrowing" your judaism to focus on the Israeli nature of the state, not the "jewish nature".

      You cant think of Israel on archaeological or archaic terms or just through your personal ethnic religious identity -- got it? and this is what i mean by saying it's irrelevant whether he says non jew or stranger because they have the same meaning! unless you care to posit there are jews who are considered (by other jews) strangers in israel then it means non jew. listen to his words, the entirety of what he is saying. it's not all about you and wherever it is you want to take the discussion opposite of what he is saying (like a discussion of people in the conversion process). you're pulling a pilpul on us and we all know it.

      p.s. is there a reason you are not using the available reply functions in relation to the comment you are referencing? you've already started got 6 or so subthreads on this one article.

    • The point of using the word ger, I guess, is ...

      never mind. i totally get it you're going to keep discussing "ger" and evade any discussion or understanding of what he said or meant. ciao.

    • ok, i see your point yitz. but could you answer my question? what is the difference between a stranger and a non jew (goy)?

    • sadly we will never know what the fuck he is on about, because you musn’t cross the streams.

      i think i know what he is on about -- t'would be this:

      “Goy” turns the sentence into nonsense.

      whereas, it's not nonsensical in the least! it's perfectly clear what he meant unless one completely ignores what the common usage of goy means and somehow insists he is saying 'I am not your nation. I’m not willing to play the role of the foreigner' -- which would be a rather ridiculous statement to make in the context of the point Darawshe is making!

      whereas goy in the context of yoni's “different diachronic strata....the Jewish idealized relationship between the Jew and his hulking non-Jewish servant" makes perfect sense.

    • So Darawshe is saying he always “bridles” when someone quotes the verse about loving a stranger, a ger. He says “I’m not a stranger–it’s my country.” Clear?

      although i could be mistaken my hunch is that this exchange was recorded so this (whether phil was "confused" or misinterpreted darawshe) could all be a moot point. that said, unlike goy, ger is not a commonly known term in the english lexicon, so it's unlikely, when speaking english to an american audience, darawshe used the term ger. that is just my opinion.

      now, to my point, my earlier question. regardless if "goy" means nation, it also has another common (arguably more common) usage:

      Long before Roman times it had also acquired the meaning of someone who is not Jewish.[6] It is also used to refer to individuals from non-Jewish religious or ethnic groups; when used in this way in English, it occasionally has pejorative connotations

      in my question, “what difference does it make?”, i meant isn't the common understanding of stranger -- non jew? or goy? or are there any non jews recognized as non strangers in the "land of israel" in the torah?

      i think he meant, i am not your servant, your lessor being, your stranger, "your goy", or anything like that..... You cant think of Israel on archaeological or archaic terms or just through your personal ethnic religious identity.

      what is the difference between ger(stranger) and non jew (goy) in israel? nothing! any difference? are there any jewish "strangers" in israel, according to the torah?

    • “Goy” turns the sentence into nonsense.

      please explain. how would it be nonsense if the meaning was foreigner instead of goy? what is the difference? do you mean jews might be foreigners in israel? ger/goy what difference does it make?

    • did anyone else notice the t-shirt uses the same font as the newyorker magazine? i don't think this was a coincidence, i think it was a (smart) branding choice.

    • ok, it seems like you've now thrown a lot of other stuff into the mix yonah.

      mw comments section .. has a much higher percentage of animus than the general pro palestine population, I presume

      just saying, we know you hold these views as you continually inform us about it. but what i'm pointing out is that just plopping it the middle of an otherwise possibly constructive thought progression adds to the confusion. like say, Progressive Zionist viewing the occupation as temporary but 50 years is hardly temporary... plus the contradiction of believing in democracy but having millions deprived a right to vote -- places these zionists aligned with those who have an animus towards Jews, which makes them uncomfortable. well yes it likely does as a matter of fact. but one would imagine there are so many more allies on the left to join forces with. it's not all about the mondoweiss comment section -- unless you make it so. this is a systemic problem facing the american zionist community and it doesn't come from anti semites or the comment section. it comes from a supposedly temporary occupation pushing into it's first century and the realization by practically everyone w/common sense you can't have a democracy when 1/2 the people are not represented. so a focus/alarm on anti semitism might be better served as to how this (israel's occupation/lack of democracy) fuels anti semitism and how israel is the cause of that.

    • A far better headline for this piece: “I Am Not Your Ni**er”!

      only if you want to tell a palestinian how to think and speak, because the headline was a quote. in the context of the rest of the quote (see 2nd to last blockquote above re: torah and "not willing to play the role of the foreigner in your country") i believe goy was the best choice of words for the headline. but for 'best clickbait', you'd be right!

    • American Zionism.... finding themselves aligned with those who have an animus towards Jews.

      yonah, this idea seems sort of plopped down in a paragraph between 2 other ideas it is unconnected with. or if there is a connection you didn't make it. is there a reason it's there aside from just reminding us all an animus towards jews exists in the (expanding) segment of the american public who have a problem with israel/settlements? those you reference with an animus towards jews, are a small relative minority, a minor fraction. by continually referencing and highlighting them out of context it seems as though you are placing them in the center, the center in which everything revolves. why? is it to repel "american zionism" away from taking a clear look at the crimes of the occupation? what does anti semitism have to do with coming to terms with what's going on over there in 2017?

      Believing in democracy yields: how can we criticize those elected in democratic elections and also: how can we support the deprivation of the right to vote of millions?

      do you mean how can we simultaneously hold 2 contradictory thoughts, the 2nd of which exposes the lie of the first?

      if democrats can learn to support themselves without depending on big contributors that would make a difference.

      they can support themselves with millions of small donors, that is not the issue. but it won't stop the mega donors running their preferred candidates. what it takes is voters rejecting those candidates like they did with clinton. and it may take loss after loss (to the winning gop) for those donors and the establishment dems who are slaves to israel and the lobbies, to realize the voters are not with them.

      ultimately i don't believe it's about progressives raising more money, because the big donors can raise those stakes every time as it appears they have unlimited funds. it means rejecting (in the vote) pro israel candidates across the board regardless of how "progressive" they are on other issues. it means putting anti war/pro palestine at the heart of the democratic party. it means making the party go left or abandoning the party altogether until they (establishment dems) realize they cannot win another election without the left. it means accepting and putting up with the extreme right, white supremacists and trump as rulers instead of accepting dem politicians who support subjugating, oppressing, imprisoning and killing palestinians -- full stop.

      But til today, the Sanders’ campaign has been the exception rather than the rule.

      obama won and he did it with the support of the majority of the left flank of the party -- who (i think) believed he would be pro palestine and anti war, anti killing muslims. i think the internet has changed the landscape of fundraising.

  • The Jewish Defense League stalwart smearing Linda Sarsour
  • The Israelis
  • Israeli ambassador says he admires and envies Palestinians for keeping refugee issue alive
    • thanks for the excellent comment rashers

    • * Perhaps I’ve missed something, but I don ever recall seeing a comment by smeone using a name like “GoldaMeirFatC**t”, or “NaziNetanyahu”, or “JewPigLieberman”.

      good point dickerson.

    • Hamas, right or wrong, was elected by the Gazans who had probably despaired of the ineffectual, corrupt Fatah.

      actually they were elected by the palestinians, they won in the west bank too.,_2006

      Elections for the second Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), the legislature of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), were held on 25 January 2006. The result was a victory for Hamas, who won with 74 seats of the 132 seats, whilst the ruling Fatah won just 45. In terms of votes received, Hamas took 44.45% of the vote, whilst Fatah received 41.43%[1] and of the Electoral Districts, Hamas party candidates received 41.73% and Fatah party candidates received 36.96%.

  • Dispatch from 'the most ****ed up place on Earth,' Hebron's H2 quarter
    • i'm not forgiving of anyone who treats women and/or children badly. where do you come up with this stuff? do you just pull crap out of a hat? you who feign concern for abusing women and say nothing about them living in squalor w/no electricity in gaza or getting shot up at some checkpoint. spare us your faux concern. and yet again, you seemingly find it impossible to respond to anything i've written without some reference to my gender. why do you think that is?

      You have little to offer the single Jewish State....You obviously and “proudly” do not count yourself among the supporters of Israel and you probably never have. And so you hang around like minded negativity.

      You have little to offer Palestinians. You obviously and “proudly” do not count yourself among their supporters and you probably never have. And so you hang around like minded negativity.

      see how easy that was? and why should i have concern for this so called "single" jewish state when right here in california we have our very own "capitol knesset" doing israel's bidding ? and we've got 50 states (or something i can't keep track) wasting our legislators time all over this country shoving invasive pro israel resolutions down our collective throats. so i've had it with this lame "single" notion. the lobby is all pervasive -- it's a gruesome predicament.

    • I was thinking that diamonds are a girls best friend .....

      the 2nd time in this brief exchange emit has referenced my gender as a diversion tactic. interesting.

    • It has been returned to Jews. Now live with this

      have you looked at a photo of jerusalem lately? see that prominent golden dome in the middle of the scenery? it's not jewish, live with that.

      No Annie, you are an “equal opportunity discrediter” only when it comes to Jews, and only Jews who are pro-Israel.

      that is a lie. when i state i am "an equal opportunity discrediter when it comes to relying on biblical texts as accurate historical documents" this applies to all biblical texts and you will not find anything to refute that in my archives.

      you behave as if the Palestinians are an island in the Islamic world as if Palestinian national aspirations draw no inspiration from Islamic sources.

      i behave as if? i understand your disappointment at not being able to provide a rebuttal, to answer my questions or refute my points requires you to devolve into ad hominems and discussion of my so called 'behavior' including wild allegations providing no quotes, no source, nothing. so be it, color me unimpressed.

    • How many times have you discredited the Hebrew Bible in your posts and here you promote the same? Women’s prerogative?

      i'm sort of an equal opportunity discrediter when it comes to relying on biblical texts as accurate historical documents. my point, was even a book who’s author used the Hebrew Bible as it’s main source, stated:

      "it is now widely agreed that the so called "patriarchal/ ancestral period" is a later literary construct, not a period in the actual history in the ancient world. The same is the case for "exodus" and the "wilderness period" and more and more widely for the "period of the judges" "

      you can read more about "the general construct of movements within biblical stories" from the same source here:

      this has nothing to do with me being a woman or having a "woman's prerogative". as a person who believes most religions can serve the good of mankind and most religious people are not fanatical or fundamentalist but use their faith in positive ways to serve mankind and live moral, fruitful lives, i myself am not religious (albeit i do have spiritual beliefs -- and faith in them). i believe one can (and should) respect people of faith without believing in another's religion.

      The more you dig into available resources and sources, the more the Jewish claims are solidified in the minds of the doubters.

      i think that's a fantasy. i could just as easily say "The more you dig into available resources and sources, the more the atheist claims are solidified in the minds of the doubters."

      those on this propaganda pumping website will have you believe that there was a people called Palestinian Arabs way back then, when reality shows otherwise.

      clearly, your reality and my reality are quite different. but either way, the iron age is long gone. if you choose to take literally, literary constructs scholars widely agree were constructed much later, as a means to guide real estate deals in the modern world, regarding who owns what land according to your belief in god, so be it. but calling it "reality" doesn't make it real for anyone outside your cult.


      Video: Israeli settler lecturing Palestinian farmers — ‘You’ll all be our slaves, if you’re worthy, if you behave well - See more at:

      click "cc" for the english translation

    • Hebron was once an all Jewish city before the Muslim invaders came along . The three forefathers of Jewish people are buried in Hebron. That’s Abraham, Issac and Jacob. Muslims also claim connection to the same three, however Islam came into this world 700 years after the Jewish Temple was destroyed

      when you say "Muslims also claim connection to the same three" are you suggesting Ishmael perhaps wasn't Abraham's son? yikes! either way:

      The Abraham story cannot be definitively related to any specific time, and it is widely agreed that the patriarchal age, along with the exodus and the period of the judges, is a late literary construct that does not relate to any period in actual history.[4] A common hypothesis among scholars is that it was composed in the early Persian period (late 6th century BCE) as a result of tensions between Jewish landowners who had stayed in Judah during the Babylonian captivity and traced their right to the land through their "father Abraham", and the returning exiles who based their counter-claim on Moses and the Exodus tradition.[5]

      more here:

  • Westchester legislature prepares bill saying BDS 'maligns the Jewish people,' and opponents organize
    • o ... kay! i am freaking out!

      we loudly and forcefully reject a movement that seeks to undermine Israel and malign the Jewish people.

      but but why shouldn't we undermine the apartheid state of israel aaaand bds does not malign "the Jewish people", because israel doesn't represent "the Jewish people". frrrrreakout.

    • i had no idea israel was ever on a virtuous path.

    • jerry, could you provide your source link. i recall the interview you're referencing but i'd like to read the whole thing. thanks.

  • No anti-Zionists allowed on Hadassah panel exploring 'tension' between feminism and Zionism
    • plus, if you find the terms so offensive and you want to discourage people from using them try starting with all the people who, unlike you, don't find the terms "toxic" and use them to self identify. you could start here:

      Jewish American Society for Historic Preservation
      Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services
      Jewish Book Council
      Jewish Farm School
      Jewish Impact Films
      Jewish Publication Society
      Jewish Veg
      Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America
      Jewish Women Artists' Circle
      Jewish Women's Archive
      Jewish Music Festival
      San Francisco Jewish Film Festival
      Jewish Film Institute
      East Bay International Jewish Film Festival

      but if your point is that just because you don't like the terms you think we shouldn't like them or use them, i really don't know what to say to you. they are common terms and identities, and with the exception of usage by bigoted people, neither terms are derogatory (or toxic) in and of themselves.

    • you know you are being obnoxious. you are pretending that you are not being obnoxious.

      try chilling yonah. i meant what i said. i didn't know "others" came up with the word "jew" and "jewish", and i think neither words are "toxic". i think a LOT of very beautiful people are jewish and i meant every word i said. you can hear whatever you want to hear but what you can't do is tell me what i know!

      i hate when people call me sue, you’d go to her and say, c’mon, sue, it’s a great name. you should love it.

      a. you didn't say you hated it when people referenced you as a jew or jewish.
      b. i didn't tell you the terms "jew" and "jewish" were "great" or that you should love them.

      i spoke for myself, from my own experience. and if someone told me they hated the name sue and thought it was toxic, i'd probably say -- wow, i never thought of that name as toxic, i think it's a nice name and i know some very beautiful people named sue (which i do as a matter of fact, including susie(s) and susan(s)!).

      try not looking for the worst is everyone, it might brighten your day!

    • by using the word yehudim, i am saying, “so called jew”.

      ah, thanks for the explanation yonah. for the record, i don't think the words jew or jewish are toxic (in the least) and though the words have a rough past they represent so much more than that including lots of beautiful ideas, things and (most importantly) people. so don't throw the baby out with the bathwater would be my sentiment. and, i really don't think these historical hebrew terms are going to be catching on (wrt common usage), at least not in the western world.

      but i learned something -- i had no idea the terms "jew" and "jewish" were ones "others have come up with to call us [you]". whoda thunk? while you're at it, dumping terms others have come up with, how about dumping the term "anti semitism" -- since its current usage doesn't include most of the semites in the world anyway -- and it really has a toxic history. just a thought.

    • hatred of yehudim[x2]...yehudi holidays, customs, languages and texts... zionism is certainly the primary current issue for yehudim or jews or world jewry.... the seedbed of the garden of american yehudis

      is there a reason you're using this (biblical) term? is it a phase? is it exotic? doesn't it just mean jewish? please explain.

      this raises the question of : meat in the game or tuchus on tish (ass on table),

      have you taken a creative writing course?

  • Orientalism, intersectionality, and the 'New York Times'
    • I’m trying to understand how the BLM independent use of language counts as intersectionality. -

      it doesn't have to do with their "independent use of language". let's go back:

      As I understand it, intersectionality is the idea that social injustices cannot be addressed singly without considering issues of class, race, gender, and identity.

      one at a time; separately or individually.

      read their platform.

      note how blm did not address social injustices without considering issues of class, race, gender, and identity? they addressed many issues, inclusive of the viewpoint dan pointed out "that one recognizes in a distant struggle components of one’s own struggle"

      Lenkinski's complaint, and use of the phrase "their pro israel allies" implies blm are allies in the same struggle with Lenkinski or zionist groups, they are not. although individually they may have allies who consider themselves pro israel, or pro israel people who support the blm movement, but their intersectional allies are other oppressed people, the opposite of those who oppress or support the apartheid supporting oppressor. israeli jews, for the most part, are not oppressed. they are blatantly not oppressed in the same system as palestinians. american jews are not oppressed in our society nor in israel, they are, for the most part, part of the white middle to upper classes, they enjoy and have the advantage of systematic white privilege. therefore, Lenkinski 'concern' that blm did not 'check' the language with supporters of the oppressors, doesn't contradict blm's intersectionality.

      [dan]“By “singly” did you mean “independently” i.e., that they did not consult with anyone before issuing their statement? ”

      [RoHa]Yes, and that therefore they did not consider “issues of class, race, gender, and identity” that the alleged allies would want them to consider.

      in consideration of "class, race, gender, and identity" blm did not consider the issues of the oppressors or their supporters. again, zionists are not part of the oppressed class. tho they very much want to be in the 'in group' they are unhappy they are not included.

      does this make sense? and to get back to this singly vs independently issue. what it means is you cannot address a social issue, like for example feminism, independent of a consideration for supporters of systems or regimes of oppression that kill and oppress women. it's hypocritical. 'i am a feminist zionist' is a contradiction as long as zionism is the cause of oppression. it has nothing to do with speaking independently per say.

      and people who say 'my definition of zionism is as a liberation movement for jewish self determination' -- it doesn't matter. because one cannot consider zionism "independently" of “issues of class, race, gender, and identity”. as long as it operates as an apartheid system, which it does, one can't build ones own liberation on the backs of others suffering.

    • Thanks, I hadn’t noticed until you told me today.

      got it, i think i'll just skip the rest of this exchange. ciao.

    • dan , when responding, i would urge you to try using the reply feature closest (above) to the comment you are responding to instead of starting a new subthread with every comment.

    • that said, the ol 'check with me before you speak' is a supremist notion. it's a lot different than 'check with me before you speak for me'. blm was not speaking for zionists, they were speaking for themselves which they have every right to do. but this tactic of controling the discourse has a long history in US/israel relations and reminds me of israel's 'we should work these things out in private behind closed doors' diplomacy.

    • sibiriak, i think the exchange got off to a rocky start because roha mistakingly attributed dan's citing of Lenkinski's reference to "pro israel allies" as being initiated by dan, which it was not. that said, i am not sensing condescension or truculence in dan's responses, as opposed to just seeking clarity. unlike regular posters here dan might not be familiar with roha's routine penchant to play on words. i think it's a fair question (to ask "Am I wrong about that?").

      it does seem to me roha was making willful attempts not to grasp dan's meaning but instead use his own words (or someone else's quote, i can't keep track) against his argument.

    • it was our Zionist Mafia that started the big intersection hoopla, lathering itself up as the prime defender of “gay” rights and women’s rights

      this is incorrect. zionist pinkwashing (the co-joining of pro zionists /gay rights) did not initiate intersectionality and is relatively new -- this century as i recall. whereas, there's a long history of Black-Palestinian solidarity going back decades as evidenced by the posters dan links to below (today at 9:24) and several examples cited in this article:

      arguably it was in response to that solidarity that pro israel groups sought to make inroads into the black community to shore up grass roots support for israel just as they sought to make inroads into the christian community (now the christian zionist cult) as a preventative measure.

      If all that isn’t intersectional, what is?

      recognizing and supporting intersectionality on the left (a left which you don't recognize and mistakingly attribute to the establishment democratic party, or "warmongering Democrat" as you call them) doesn't deny there's intersectional pro zionist alliances on the right and the so-called "progressives".

      terms can be slippery. owning terms and language such as "liberal zionist" or the idea that the term liberal implies progressive when neoliberal is anything but, can be deceptive. hence you have people seeking to identify as left while supporting imperialist goals. but that doesn't negate the fact that there is a left in this country, because there is.

      i'm not sure about the benefit of denying something exists (intersectionality/palestine solidarity happening on campuses across the country) and/or demeaning/mocking it's origin.

    • excellent article phil. i was just having a very similar discussion yesterday in conversation with a friend over nada elia's article.

  • Palestinian filmmaker Hala Gabriel seeks support for documentary on '48 destruction of Tantura
    • stephen, i've been following the kickstarter page closely (it's gone up 2k since yesterday!) plus i get the updates since i donated. it still makes me very nervous... the film is so impressive, and so important. also, i reread your previous interviews last night, thank you so much for everything.

      speaking of reviewing your interviews, i had forgotten about Hala emailing and eventually meeting teddy katz:

      H.G. I knew we were Palestinians. I knew we were refugees. But I didn’t really understand what that meant.

      How then did you eventually come to understand?

      HG: To learn more about my family history I used the internet. My first search yielded nothing, but after 9/11 I tried again and found a news story about the Israeli scholar Teddy Katz, who had written a master’s thesis on what had happened at Tantura. After his findings were summarized in an article in the newspaper Ma’ariv a group of veterans from the Alexandroni Brigade sued him for libel.

      This article mentioned a memoir written in 1950 by a Palestinian from Tantura named Marwan Yahya. That was my father! So I found Teddy’s e-mail address, wrote and introduced myself as Marwan Yahya’s daughter, and asked him for a copy of my father’s memoir. I met Teddy when he visited Los Angeles to speak at local universities. It was Teddy who urged me to go to Syria and interview survivors from Tantura in the Yarmouk refugee camp. A few years later I had the opportunity to do that. It was the beginning of my work on the documentary.

    • hi everybody, i just wanted to reiterate what an exceptional film this is. the animation is really key to the project and totally brings the scenes alive. i'm worried because this is an all or nothing crowd sourcing project and even tho they've already got 15k (yeah! thanks everyone) that leaves 40k to go in only 30 more (or so days), so please tell your friends about it and if you have any inkling to donate please do!!!

      i was in tears by the end of this film and not because of the massacre, but because of the refugee situation so many of these children and grandchildren from tantura are now facing -- having fled from syria -- almost like a 2nd nakba.

      hala and talal have brought this full circle -- into the present -- and palestinian refugees are a dire situation even in comparison to other refugees, and the situation that they already have a home they are not allowed to go back to makes this tragedy all the more frustrating. the film is a real eye opener and hits you in the guts.

    • i had the opportunity to watch excellent film 2 nights ago. it's so close to being finished. knock out film.

      i don't understand the "All or nothing" with kickstarter. i really hope they make their target. i highly recommend this thoroughly relevant moving film. please support it if you can.

      hats off to Hala Gabriel and Talal Jabari.

  • How 1967 changed American Jews
    • Terms like deligitimization, image, etc. are so abstract that there is no point in discussing them.

      ha! tell that to the think tanks who invented the word, tell that to the lobbiests, tell it to the hasbrats! poor catalan, in your perfect world not only do you get to frame the questions, you insist on us framing the answers to suit you. life doesn't work like that.

      you asked "what are the benchmarks that you use to determine that the movement is a “success”" and now it's your turn to listen. the movement is so successful our adversaries are spending 100's of millions of dollars to defeat it. how much do you think they are spending just to pass legislation against it in state after state?

      here's my benchmark, we are no longer successful when our adversaries stop spending millions to defeat us because they consider us insignificant. we are no longer successful when our adversaries don't care whether pro palestine groups organize on campus. we are no longer successful when you are silent.

      bds is winning the war on public opinion where it matters, with the grassroots, with the public, with the youth. the proof of that is all around us. this answer doesn't need to win your acceptance or approval, or qualify as legitimate or anything. it's my benchmark.

  • The failure of Ponzi scheme diplomacy: A review of Nathan Thrall's 'The Only Language They Understand'
  • Making the crossover from Elie Wiesel to Marc Ellis
    • well, gruner is a holocaust survivor jon, not an "obvious" holocaust denier. and claims his friend who he was at auschwitz with him (and took him, as a young lad, under his wing or something) had the very number wiesel claims was his, tattooed onto his arm, and his friends brother had the other number, the one wiesel says was his fathers. and allegedly this was confirmed by an email from the archives of the Auschwitz-Birkenau National Museum. there are many articles about this in french. so while i have not researched it myself (and just heard about it today as far as i know, unless my memory fails me), simply referencing gruner as "Holocaust deniers like to cast doubt", isn't very credible or charitable towards holocaust survivors. especially when one of those 'holocaust survivors casting doubt' is a nobel prize winner himself, Imre Kertész -- who said wiesel was only there a few days.

      plus, there is that odd incident of the photograph which allegedly shows a 15 year old wiesel. except gruner says it's his friend lazar wiesel, and it does show the man had a receding hairline. just because a man is an iconic figure, doesn't mean he always tells the truth.

      my point actually, without knowing all the facts, is that factoids like who had what numbers tattooed into their arms at Auschwitz, are confirmable. and confining discussion of it on holocaust denying sites and keeping all mention of it out of mainstream english press or denying there's a controversy at all on wikipedia english, will not silence investigations of this in the future. his reputation in 20 years may not be what it is today -- which is already tarred by his selective designations of worthy victims vs unworthy victims.

    • oh look, i did find reference to gruner in english wiki's "talk" section


      There is so much criticism about Elie Wiesel, some even say he is a fraud (ie. the relation between the tattoo number "A-7713" and Miklos Grüner) so why aren't there a criticism section. Seems many other people have that section, why not here.

      i guess discussion of criticism of wiesel is not allowed on wiki, for it has all been erased.

      here's another:

      The controversy section should maybe contain the fact that his tattoo is missing. A French journalist also reports to have contacted the archives of Auschwitz where they say the number he claims to be his was actually someone else. Even though he may be who he claims to be, he would be appropriate to mention that fact as well.

      but (now) there's no "controversies" on the english wiki page at all. are they all anti semitic?

    • here's the french wiki:

      (google translation under the heading "Autobiographical Veracity" -- my bold)

      Miklos Grüner, Jewish survivor of Auschwitz , accuses Élie Wiesel to have "usurped number registration number A-7713 a certain Lazar Wiesel and [to have] the appropriate account of the latter on his visit to Auschwitz 60 " . This thesis is supported by negationists and the publisher and journalist Jean Robin , who calls himself "anti-antisemite" and who received an email from the archives of the Auschwitz-Birkenau National Museum stating that the deportee registered A-7713 was named Lazar Wiesel and was born in 1913 (when Elias Wiesel was born in 1928). Michaël de Saint-Cheron questions the reliability of these archives


      The 3 July 2016, Claude Lanzmann told France Inter , referring erroneously 64 , 65 to book Fateless of Imre Kertész, Elie Wiesel (contrary to what he said in the Night ) was only four days in Auschwitz. In addition, Claude Lanzmann blames Wiesel for not encouraging him when he announced his plan to make his film Shoah and not to have given praise to this film after the reception "triumphal" (dixit Lanzmann) he received 66 . These remarks are valid for Lanzmann, on the part of Jean-Paul Gavard-Perret in the online magazine Alliance , [ Archive ]

      Imre Kertész was a Holocaust survivor and the recipient of the 2002 Nobel Prize in Literature.

    • jon, do you think Nikolaus Grüner was a fraud or delusional? here is a video of him revealing his tattoo . interestingly, he doesn't have a wiki page and there's not much published about him or his story in english except for these kinds of sites. here's a site in english that appears to be an exception (i merely checked out the homepage briefly)

      what do you think of his allegations? did he just make them up?

    • it's always a fulfilling journey reading your stories liz rose. thank you.

  • The Israeli army enters the inquisition business
  • New website sets Zionist myths vs. the historical record
    • "Recruiting children for the terror militias"

      NewYork Times, July 9, 1938

      On July 8th, a bus filled with Palestinians was blown up by Zionist terrorists.

      Of the four Jews taken into custody for the terror attack, the one identified by eye witnesses as actually having thrown the bomb was a twelve year old girl.

      The Irgun, taking responsibility, boasted that the bombing had caused “great consternation in Arab quarters”.

    • this new site is fantastic Tom, way to set the record straight! thank you!

  • 'To live or to perish' -- Norman Finkelstein on the Six-Day-War and its mythology
    • yes i saw that youtube the other day which is where i got the "certainly" quote. i also saw her amazon page where, with the exception of one book (out if many), every book says "be the first to review" meaning there are no reviews. however, the one exception, Kuwait, 1945-1996: An Anglo-American Perspective has two reviews, one claims

      ByCharlotteon June 1, 2017
      Format: Paperback
      I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good price on an essential tool for cooking great food at home. Would make a great gift too! love it . great, OK. i have bought one before

      the other, gives the book a 5 star by an "Adam Kennedy on January 30, 2004". however, it's interesting to note that is the only review Adam Kennedy has ever made on amazon.

    • miriam joyce said in an interview arabs "certainly" started the war. she doesn't even have a wiki page. is she a serious scholar? who is she and how is it she doesn't recognize israel started the war?

    • bernie sanders made a video addressing israelis today for the 50year occupation since the 6 day war. "this occupation must end":

  • Oren sees 'radical implosion' of US Jewish support for Israel -- then calls Palestinian polygamy 'existential threat'
    • “catalan”, you should really take up snitching and denouncing

      mooser, who knew "The definitive shift against colonialism in international law occurred in 1960" was an "official Russian government line"! it's frequently hard to decipher the relevant bone of contention w/catalan thru all that dreadful oozing ad hominem crutchy vibe.

    • largest Jewish project since Moses.


  • Mother Palestine takes on her most diabolical enemy yet -- Apartheid!
    • amigo, it brings me (immeasurable) sorrow this kind of spam is allowed to be published here, but alas, that is not up to me. the comment section of mondoweiss used to be such a vital place. if this isn't trolling i don't know what is.

    • amigo, that quote you cited, i think it's worth considering "he" is a programed robotic.

  • Israel provoked the Six-Day War in 1967, and it was not fighting for survival
    • The notion that a correct assessment of the balance of forces constitutes “hate for Jews and the Jewish State” is typical Zionist twaddle.

      however, this assessment ("can only be driven by an agenda driven hate") could be a result of a colonialist mental delusion, psychosis, paranoia or personality disorder. if that's the case no amount logic or evidence is likely to make much difference. someone should look into the long term societal repercussions of identifying with too much zionist twaddle (ziocaine alert). coupled with the lack of empathy, greed and sadistic impulses, while it might be "typical" for colonialist, it's still a danger to others.

  • Trump's not moving the embassy, and AIPAC and Netanyahu are disappointed
  • The responsibility of non-Zionist Jews during the 'year of Zionist anniversaries'
    • exactly

    • To a non-nationalist Jew, the heart of the predicament is the efforts to shape reality in Palestine around the idea of a Jewish nation-state.

      regardless if one is a zionist, a non zionist, a jew, a non jew, a nationalist, a non nationalist etc etc -- anyway you look at it -- the heart of the predicament is the efforts to shape reality in Palestine around the idea of a Jewish nation-state.

  • If it weren't for our hubris we could learn so much
    • This was the harsh, inhospitable desert and yet I felt that I had been taken on a wondrous nature trail. “Wow!” I muttered.

      and you took us all along with you. thank you very very much. amazing.

  • Fearless Palestinian village of Nabi Saleh defines popular protest

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