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Annie Robbins

Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani

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  • 'Does he believe in a God'? -- DNC leaders wanted to undermine Sanders
    • like i said earlier, sticking "the fact" in front of your opinion does not make it more worthy.

    • it’s no “ignorance” to believe that “Jewish Atheism is inherently contradictory when in fact at least half of American Jews are also atheists or persistent agnostics” but a totally correct assumption. The “various senses of being Jewish” are totally self-invented by tribal nationalists who well know that there isn’t anything outside religion to allow those various senses in non-tribal language.

      hmm, not so sure about that echi. a person becomes jewish by birth or religious conversion. so if you're born to a jewish mother you're automatically jewish (by ethnicity) and if you're raised in that culture you're ethnically jewish. and if you don't believe in god so be it. people frequently engage/participate in cultural ritual without believing in a religion. like weddings and burials and things like that.

      and every person or culture can choose to self identify however they choose (whether you like it or not). and if one religion says - if you don't believe in god you can't call yourself one of us (like christians). while another religion says if you're born into our tribe you're one of us unless you convert to another. but one thing that's sort of consistent is that people tend to assign their own concepts of ethnic identity onto others groups. so while fundamental Southern Baptists think you have to believe in god/christ to be a baptist or a christian they would also believe that a jewish person would have to believe in god to be jewish -- it's also could be a standard for jewish people to think if you're born into a christian family you are always going to be christian (the state of israel does not accept a statement of no religion/atheist as valid because they regard religious designation as ethnic identification to the pt if you don't believe in the religion the ethnicity stays with the person).

      The “various senses of being Jewish” are totally self-invented

      the various senses of being anything or self identifying in itself is an invention of humans.

      by tribal nationalists who well know that there isn’t anything outside religion to allow those various senses in non-tribal language.

      not necessarily. just because you think there's nothing outside religion "to allow those various senses in non-tribal language" doesn't mean a jewish atheist is a nationalist. it could be you're imposing your own beliefs/standards on what it means to be jewish based on your own beliefs -- which is sort of human nature i suppose.

      Try saying that atheist Irishmen are Italians –because they were (and arguably still are) ruled by Catholic theocracy.

      that would require merging the 2 different definitions of nationalisms -- which is what zionist do when they claim jews are a nation. whereas it's not inherently jewish to be israeli. i think you're merging zionism with judaism which is something tribal nationalists do -- not all jewish people. it's not inherently jewish (but i could be wrong -- a tribal nationalist would probably think so).

  • Israeli flag is wielded as weapon against Berlin protesters of apartheid
    • The group of counter demonstrators violently hit us and stabbed our placards with the poles of their Israeli flags.

      i recall stand w/us using this tactic before in LA, someone captured it on video.

  • In yet another sign of fascism, Lieberman likens Mahmoud Darwish to . . . Hitler
  • My family's Nakba story
  • 'Power is what matters': Alt Right leader Richard Spencer explains his admiration for Trump and Israel
    • then criticizes only his dislike of the Israeli lobby, which she defends by saying that it is essential to Israel’s existence.

      i agree w/mhughes that klm was "arguing that it is illogical to have respect, as Spencer claims to have, for something based essentially on unjust means" also, i don't think klm (who of course can speak for his/her self but not sure they are around or aware of this conversation) was "defending" the israel lobby (see here: link to making the point israel probably wouldn't exist without the lobby points out the juxtaposition and contradiction of spencers views. i also do not see where, as glorie claims, klm "share Spencer’s belief in ethnostates" or supports "a Jewish ethnostate in Israel".

      if one checks klm's archive (click on name for commenter proflie), one can observe a tendency to use sarcasm to make a point. and definitely not a supporter of zionism (ethnic nationalism).

      and this btw, is sarcasm:

      Mr Know-all, where would Israel be without the Lobby? Back in Germany, which inflicted the great genocide? Or in Poland or Russia, well known for their pogroms? Or maybe in Brooklyn?

    • So you share Spencer’s belief in ethnostates, just disagree with his criticism of the Israeli lobby?

      hmm, quoting someone doesn't mean one shares that sentiment. and i am not sure how you would have come up w/this conclusion based on what klm wrote. please explain your remark.

      You can’t support a Jewish ethnostate in Israel and at the same time condemn those who want the same for France or Germany or Poland etc as racist xenophobes – well, you can, but not without being a total hypocrite.

      maybe you were just building this strawman argument.

  • Hillary Clinton gains backing of neocon megadonor who funds Islamophobic groups
    • oh spirituality and reincarnation clinton bad deeds and taylor yada deeds yada -- pilpul at it's finest.

    • so if hillary transgressed as bad as taylor swift you "can’t even imagine how her downfall would look like"?


    • the Democratic base that ultimately sustains her political career is fast moving to the left

      ultimately, the democratic establishment sustains her political career -- and no they are not moving left, at all.

      thanks to the rise of many diverse groups within the Democratic establishment.

      what diverse groups are on the rise within the Democratic establishment?

      This is after all a war of good and evil, and every single one of us must choose which side of history we will stand on.

      so i guess that means, between trump and clinton, you won't be choosing between the lessor or 2 evils eh?

      Were donations made in order to influence Hillary in pursuing specific Islamophobic policies or are the motives assumed based on the donor profile?

      one can assume donations were made to influence Hillary based on the donor profile.

      basically, even if Hillary was a secret hateful bigot pretending to be a progressive, it won’t play into her favour to exercise her predispositions while representing the Democratic Party.

      not during the election season -- clearly. but there are lots of ways to slaughter arabs and muslims besides being islamophobic. you can bring them democracy via invasion. you can fund "moderate rebels" called al nusra, you can cheer gaddafi getting skewered and having libya turned over to isis or put a no fly zone over syria in the name of "freedom". you can arrange more "birthpangs" for the ME all in the name of good intentions. i'm so sure islamophobes would just love that kind of medicine for the ME, and clinton is just the one to bring it on wrapped in a progressive neocon package.

      Islamophobia along with other form of institutionalized hatred is being actively rejected through the tireless of efforts of minority groups in rising awareness of its harm to not only themselves, but to society at whole

      just because something is being actively rejected through tireless efforts doesn't mean team islamophobia is not actively pursuing their objectives through tireless efforts also -- and spending lots of cash on it too.

      Firstly, she isn’t that powerful,

      triple yawn.

    • ditto, i 2nd that

  • Why Trump's revolution succeeded, and Bernie's fizzled
    • If what the Zionists did to the Palestinian…... English did to the Aborigines…”

      more whataboutery

    • thank you roha. yes i am aware there are a lot of available links i was wondering what theory that was out there he was aligning himself with because there's a history of bigots being natural law advocates ie:
      link to

      david, thanks for an excellent comment. i noticed you wrote "right to emigrate" . that would be to leave a place -- not quite the same as immigrate although they tend to go hand in hand.

      Rather than proclaim “white America is dying,” an inherently racist view, I see a more diverse America continuing to strive to perfect itself.

      me too. because diversity includes everybody as society becomes increasingly assimilated (a good thing) the focus should be on inclusion not killing off all remnants of a particular ethnicity. the idea human characteristics are inherent to particular ethnicities is in itself a racist concept.

    • RoHa, i can relate to the idea as being attractive (very). but i think if one is going to insert an idea into a conversation as a matter of fact to build an argument on one should be prepared to argue the (pre)establishment of that idea -- not just assume it is taken for granted. and i think there is a difference between a right to pursue something vs a claim of already having it by virtue of being human. either way it is clear our (US) laws don't recognize immigration as a natural law -- as far as i know. albeit, the constitution does recognize natural laws by it's own definitions.

    • iow, this is your theory but as far as you know there's no supporting online documentation of this alleged right. my mistake for assuming when you spoke of seceding rights you meant some recognizable right not a personal theory of natural rights. why not just preface w/ "imho" or something of that nature? instead of flipping some "right of immigration" lingo on us. not even one friggin link. pff

      i'm not perplexed. you're the one making unsupported allegations and unable or unwilling to back it up on anything but your word.

    • another thing, i am confused with this part:

      As far as I’m concerned, if you’re here, you’re here, so let’s just get on with life.

      and earlier you wrote White America has "no right to demand other groups to cede their right to immigrate, or impact the immigration into the country so that it can feel better."

      (not quite sure how 'so it can feel better' fits in here because generally most legislation or actions people take, one assumes, they do it to [eventually at least] feel better about the world or something) -- so lets cut to the chase.... if white people are here they are here so let’s just get on with life but white people should not impact immigration. so what do you propose, having some committee devoid of white people to determine immigration? what about people like richard falk or naomi klien or joe sacco or chris hedges or whatever. no white people in on impacting immigration. interesting. do you think they should be able to vote?

    • are you sure you do not mean emigrate? to leave? if there is a fundamental human right to immigrate that cannot be revoked by the US or any other country then there must be some documentation online verification upheld by laws or something somewhere. no? please -- link. i am very curious because i've never even heard of this before vs a right to free speech or a right to bear arms or a right of return.

    • iow, you're not aware of a “right to immigrate”, would that be correct?

      and by all means, please do not construe i ever said or implied people from this continent were immigrants in america. thanks. but interesting that was your first thought. half my immediate family is hispanic (via mexico/latin america) so spare me the lecture.

      the US doesn’t have to grant the right for it to be legitimate and lawful. Israeli law states that Palestinians are not the lawful owners of the land, and if we settled for the same logic you are suggesting now, then we have no business in supporting Palestinians who technically are subverting the rule of law and order of a nation.

      nnnnot really. we're not under israeli law here, which, happens to be in contradiction to international law. and there is no correlation between a sudanese or a russion or someone from china or north korea or whomever to immigrate here vs a native american. and palestinian have a right of return, and returning to a place you legally own and your parents have the deed to is not considered immigration -- as far as i know. Palestinians are not foreigners in Palestine, that's absurd.

    • no right to demand other groups to cede their right to immigrate

      i had not heard of this "right to immigrate". does the US bestow rights on foreigners before they enter the US? can you explain please. or do you mean americans born outside our borders? because there are so many refugees who i am sure would love to know about this right -- if it indeed exists.

    • hi frankie, i think here in california bernie did quite well w/black voters in urban areas. i know he won most of the northern counties. it was a scam the way it was reported. but this just in: link to

      5 weeks later, California's primary results officially official

      In the end, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton defeated Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders with a much smaller margin than seen in early results. She won by 7 percentage points, or 53 to 46 percent, respectively. Republican Donald Trump received 75 percent of the vote in his primary race.

      there was a lot of stuff fishy about calif. like why she was up by over 13 pts the night of the primary when she announced her win and the results kept narrowing consistently as the votes came in during the weeks after the election. doesn't make sense that the mail in ballots shifted the vote that much.

      numerous counties ended up flipping for sanders, like sonoma county: link to

      The results — with 52 percent of the local vote for Sanders compared to 47 percent for Clinton — handed Sanders a late and largely symbolic local win, erasing the 54 percent to 45 percent advantage Clinton had on election night, when she claimed a historic victory

      3 weeks after the election her lead shrunk to 9 and it just kept dropping every week. so why is that? link to

    • i think the primary reason trump won the nomination was because, unlike the dnc clinton juggernaut, the anti trump segment of gop couldn't consolidate behind one candidate. the dems had the full force of the party behind clinton. and while that juggernaut did not represent the diversity of the party it won the day for her as a nominee. but i don't think she's anymore popular w/dem and dem leaning independent voters than trump is with gop voters (and gop leaning independent voters).

  • My Name is Saleh: Notes on Palestinian childhood
    • according to >>> link to


      A month after the film was made, Saleh was assaulted by a group of adult male settlers as he played in the snow with his friends. He was struck on the arm with a spiked metal object and required hospital treatment. On his release, he was arrested on a charge of throwing a snowball at a soldier. He was held for two hours without an accompanying adult. He was then released.

      and interestingly -- the UK’s National Union of Teachers (NUT) also has the video on their youtube station, only 66 views >> link to -- (which i embedded in the article above) but oddly a simple search at youtube didn't show NUT's download at all, look and tell me if you can see it: link to

      very odd. thank you for the report juliana!

    • i recommend everyone watch My Name is Saleh:

  • Money talks as Trump does u-turn on Israel
    • Americans, wether they know little, some or a lot don’t give a sht about aipac

      and you'd like to keep it like that huh? nightflower and all that? pity.

  • Outside RNC, Cornel West has inspiring words for the Palestinian people
    • no it's not the same. it may be the same idea but it's not identical phrasing other than "your word is your bond" which is a common phrase: link to

    • Today the Trump campaign had a woman associated with Melania’s speech take the fall for the plagiarism that they still refuse to call by its name but I’m just not buying the story about how the blunder came about. This appears to be yet another lie to cover up the humungous lies they’ve been telling that the passages that quote Michelle Obama weren’t taken from the latter’s speech.

      this turned into quite the fiasco. yesterday #mylittlepony was trending on twitter! you know wat i think, i think ms trump was telling the truth when she said she 'wrote' her own speech w/just a little help. i think it was ms trump herself who plagiarized michelle obama. ha!

  • 'Monuments to Racism': Anti-Trump activists and RNC attendees debate separation walls in the US and Israel
    • according to the US holocaust museum a crematorium "Barrack X" at dachau had a gas chamber. howerever, "There is no credible evidence that the gas chamber in Barrack X was used to murder human beings. " link to

  • Israel’s opposition parties plan to filibuster bill to expel Hanin Zoabi
    • grate two sea yew bintbiba!

    • mooser, you can't figure it out? always go back to the source >>> the numero uno weapon of illegal colonialist supporters online is (drums beating in anticipation) the ad hominem attack. they lurch around inciting us (w/ "serious" incredulousness) until someone burst a brain cell, springs a leak or goes ballistic so they can then comment on how sorry they are we are so full of hatred! their intent is to provide evidence of how rotten we are so they can provide proof of the narrative they invented that the bds movement and anti zionism is if fueled by hatred of jews. go read the legislation they got US congress critters falling over themselves to sign on to (instead of focusing on domestic things like education, health care, police violence -- or whatever). they are here to try to catch us at our worst moments and then play gotcha by tattling to the media or writing blog posts how hideous we are and degrading the site. it's happened over and over and they are still at it. they are our guard dogs.

    • speak for yourself mooser! i would like nothing more than banning the whole slew of them at a moments notice -- yesterday! including our new so called 'direct descendent of king david'. for heavens sakes it's like a hasbara playground of zionist incitement here lately.

    • know, eye sware its loose knot lose!

  • Explaining Israel's separate and unequal education system
  • Video: 'Gaza in Context' says root of conflict is quest for Palestinian land, without Palestinians
    • echi, quit picking scabs. no ones deflecting or bs'ing you. the framing of your original question implies they think the invasion - nakba - wasn't criminal to which eljay responded he understood the criminality but his focus was resolution and justice. and you're dissatisfaction with the response doesn't mean he deflected, it just means you want some admission or wording from him you didn't get.

      and prefacing your opinion with "the fact" doesn't give it more appeal or strength. your claim they only acknowledge illegitimacy of Zionist presence in Palestine when challenged is just stupid. it's like you want them to use your words or else they are merely paying "lipservice".

      you get this bee in your bonnet every once in awhile and go on a little insulting rampage -- always on the same topic. it's like the purity patrol or something. why not give it a rest (again).

  • Video: Palestinian swimmer overcomes Israeli restrictions to prepare for Rio Olympics
    • i second that! and it's good to have you back just, i missed you around here.

    • wonderful report and video. i read about mary before but the coverage didn't include her views as much which i found really hopeful and beautiful. and such a great video -- really.

  • How your contributions power Mondoweiss journalism
    • it's no sacrifice at all tova, it's definitely worth my sanity. the missing archives have caused me so much stress, more than i can possibly describe. and being on staff i didn't really feel right about expressing how devastating it makes me feel publically. so it is with great great relief to find out we can really turn this around if we pull together.

    • i just donated the equivalence of my monthly paycheck (minus taxes) for the restoration of our archives.

      thanks for all your efforts tova.

  • Jordan slams door on Gazans
    • beginning in August 2015, individuals, lawyers and human rights organizations began to document consistent refusals or non-responsiveness to requests for no-objection letters. Prior to that time, the Israel-based Legal Center for Freedom of Movement (Gisha), reports that its clients received Jordanian transit permission relatively easily. There were almost no recorded cases of rejections, says spokesperson Shadi Butthish.

      this is horrid, despicable. if they have a new policy they should be transparent about it and explain it and be willing to take the heat for it.

      this is a really important article. thank you Enas and We Are Not Numbers.

  • 'Ex-Neocon' -- Scott McConnell looks back on 20 years of ideological tumult
    • fantastic interview. just ordered the book, can't wait to read it!

    • structural racism is the framework imposed on society to implement the central evil of American capitalism — but it’s not the central evil itself. greed, power, control -- those are the central evils. and not just of american capitalism either. you can find them in other ideological and economic structures.

  • Arab American University in Jenin to host first Palestinian Advanced Physics School
  • Iran deal is still imperilled by deep state-- hardliners, Israel lobby, Hillary Clinton
  • Palestinian youth was shot 9 times 'accidentally,' Israeli army says
    • this is a really depressing list and i only got a 1/3 way through it. these raids one after another after another. more friction initiatives and arrests, and for what? it's an endless cycle.

  • Democrats and GOP are in a race to the bottom on Israel
    • If you claim a potential leader of this system to be highly competent in war mongering, genocide and being a maniac, that is more a fault of the system that demands and nurture such skillsets than the person themselves.....Your reasoning is therefore flawed, IMO.

      i'd still choose an incompetent fool over a competent war mongering genocidal maniac any day.

    • the worst kind of evil person is an incompetent fool placed in a powerful position

      i'd choose an incompetent fool over a competent war mongering genocidal maniac any day.

    • i'm voting for jill stein too. among other things she's going to pardon snowden and appoint him to her cabinet.

  • Powerful new game 'Liyla and The Shadows of War' dramatizes 2014 Israeli attack on Gaza
    • German politician Martin Schulz .... Members of knesset ‘stormed’ out in anger.

      marnie, not sure if you read my MW coverage of that incident where i cited the german press which disclosed more than what was covered by israel (US press completely ignored it as i recall):

      It appears some Israeli MKs are unaware of the gross discrepancies between water allocations in the areas under their purview.  Haaretz reports EU President Schulz was accused of "blatant" and "lying propaganda", "selective hearing" as well as incitement "against Jews" during a session in the Knesset today when he repeated a question from a Palestinian youth alluding water usage in Israel was several times that of occupied Palestine and questioned if it was true:

      "A Palestinian youth asked me why an Israeli can use 70 cubic liters of water and a Palestinian just 17," he said. "I haven't checked the data. I'm asking you if this is correct."

      This claim came as a surprise and shock to some members of the Knesset! Indignant, Habayit Hayehudi [Jewish Home] party leader Naftali Bennet demanded an apology and walked out with his party's MKs in tow.

      MK Moti Yogev (Habayit Hayehudi) called to Schulz: "Shame on you, you support someone who is inciting against Jews."

      "The comments made in the Knesset are very serious," said party chairman Naftali Bennett. "Habayit Hayehudi demands an apology from the president of the European Parliament, who said two lies in his speech, which Palestinians fed him. Silence in the face of lying propaganda grants legitimacy to activities against Israeli citizens."

      MK Itzik Shmuli of Labor has filed a complaint to the Knesset's ethics committee, saying the walkout was "in contempt of the Knesset." Meretz leader Zahava Gal-On said she objected to the damage done to the Knesset as an institution.

      Culture and Sports Minister Limor Livnat, of Likud, supported the walkout.

      "Give him all due respect, but the president of the [European] Parliament stands here and says a blatant lie as though Israelis have the right to use 70 cubic liters of water and the Palestinians 17 cubic liters," she said.

      Netanyahu accused the EU President of "selective hearing". German press website DW reported Bennett immediately took to his Facebook page:

       "I will not tolerate duplicitous propaganda against Israel in the Knesset … and especially not in German.”

      And Likud MK Moshe Feiglin also took to facebook expressing his refusal to attend the speech altogether stating it was  "inappropriate" to give a speech in German at the Knesset because:

      "the language used when our parents were thrust into the railway wagons and in the crematoria."

      More from DW:

      In his speech, Schulz also said “the Palestinians have the right to self-determination and equality," and that they want to "live in peace and have unlimited freedom of movement," which he said they are denied in Gaza.

      Shortly before his Knesset speech, Schulz had complained of sensitivity in Israel against criticism from Europe. "Mutual criticism is quite normal in a democracy," he told Israeli journalists. "The EU stands by its special relationship with Israel, but that does not mean that it has to agree with every decision of the Israeli government," stressed Schulz.

      - See more at: link to

    • she RESPONDED to your genocidal incitement. your BS claims hamas intentionally tried to have innocent palestinian killed. i mean please!!! the ol "he's killing his own people' meme. you don't think we can play that game? hasbrats go ballistic when we mention little settler children being used as human shields for israel colonialist agenda. that little 13 year old girl? she was plopped down right in the middle of the longest running festering grotesque human rights wound on the planet, and by whom i might ask? by a bunch of brainwashed nutcases trying to take over land in the name of god -- in the name of their so called "ancestral homeland" they've been brainwashed into caring about. you know why i know? because when i was thirteen years old i wouldn't have know j-sh*t what my so called "ancestral homeland" even was, much less care abut it. so why don't you think about our dog wagging press -- humping little innocent Daniel Tragerman (right along with yourself) over and over and over played like the strings on a violin to serve your colonialist goals. he's not my victim, i'm not using him repeatedly like a worn out wh*re to serve my agenda, if he's anybody's victim he's yours and the israeli governments. go look in the mirror, you killed him. zionism killed him. don't lay that on marnie. you use the kid like a red flag to dangle in front of our faces and chastize us? give us a break.

    • “claiming a palestinian intent” -that’s not what I wrote, I wrote about Hamas.

      don't play games with me. it's the same empire drizzle of 'killing their own people' used to brainwash americans to convince them to invade other countries all the time.

      you do know hamas won the last election both in gaza and the WB? how is that not "a" palestinian intent -- what next, claiming your favorite "terrorists" are not palestinian? they are palestinians for sure!

    • and speaking of cheap incitement jon what is this, the way you entered this thread:

      or the Hamas strategy of using hospitals, mosques, schools and civilian residences as launching sites, arms depots , etc., with the deliberate intention of increasing civilian casualties among their own people.

      jon, this is blatant gross incitement. is there no place, no shelter from your insensitivity? is there no place to grieve the death of palestinian children without your incessant hasbara?

      shows preparations to fire from a civilian area, with children playing nearby.

      gaza is one of the most densely populated places on earth and the entire place is a blockaded civilian area. a big israeli prison set up to shoot fish in a barrel. claiming a palestinian intent to purposely kill their own people as well as continually denying israeli intent to purposely kill palestinian civilians (with overwhelming evidence to the contrary) are both blatantly cheap incitful propaganda ploys. why are you engaging in the BS? why mouth either of these platitudes of rtwg nationalist genocidal hasbara under the cloak of "liberal zionism"?

      you sound like pam geller or someone of her ilk. seriously, leave it alone. go to another thread and quit spamming this one.

    • jon, over 500 children were killed in israel's 2014 summer slaughter, and yet the death of this one child has garnered dozens upon dozens of news articles about him -- plus, with specific mentions (by name) in many many more. why might that be?

      I truly feel sorry for someone so consumed by hatred.

      and yet wasn't that your whole point, to incite? to use the death of this one child to incite anger? why this particular child when others names go unnoticed and unmentioned? why not this 70 year old woman listed link to as one of the "5 israeli civilians" who died as a result of the war? here is the news article referencing to her death: link to

      this woman, her name is not even mentioned -- just "A woman in her seventies collapsed and died on Friday of heart failure while running to a shelter in Wadi Nisnas" -- no name, why is that?

      or what about the death of 32-year-old Ouda Lafi al-Waj, from an unrecognized Bedouin village -- a vulnerable community the israeli government does not provide bomb shelters for. why not him? he too was on that brief list of israeli civilian casualties.

      what makes tragerman's death so special that people keep repeating his name and his death over and over? do you have any idea?

      jon, among other things, i'm noting your overused hasbara tactic of assigning hatred to your ideological adversary, it is a really cheap form of argument and i don't believe you feel sorry about it for one minute. i believe this is your intent, to incite. and i believe you are using the name and death of this particular child as a tool of incitement. cheap jon.

    • thanks wilson dizard. i'd never heard of this game before. i see it was recently mentioned in the NYT "Standouts in Mobile Gaming" link to

      NUMEROUS video game titles were showcased at the E3 industry show last week, and many exhibitors emphasized mobile gaming. I recently looked through some app stores to find games that are innovative, beautiful and meaningful.

      One that fits that bill is Liyla and the Shadows of War, which is free on iOS and Android. At first glance, this looks like a traditional two-dimensional platforms-and-ladders game, albeit with dark and moody graphics and a bleak soundtrack. But it is far from typical.

      Based on true events in Gaza, Liyla and the Shadows of War places you in control of a family trying to traverse a war-torn urban landscape and survive. You leap from level to level, beat obstacles and avoid threats. By giving the silhouetted family a personality, adding threats like sniper fire, drones and missiles, and adding burning cars to the landscape and desperate cries and frantic breathing to the soundtrack, the developer Rasheed Abueideh has created an app that is more of an educational experience than a game.

      The mood captures some of the horror of conflict in the region and may emotionally affect players or observers. My 7-year-old son, an accomplished gamer, watched me play for a while and said the game was different because it felt “very sad.”

  • Bible justifies rape in times of war, despite rabbis' efforts to spin or hide the teaching
    • I find it quite bizarre really.

      hmm, there's here and then there's there and they are distinctly different. here means "at this location". when one says here in the bay area or here in the US it doesn't mean over there in israel, which is across the world. >>> link to

    • echi, notice no comment on

      here in Israel

      ;) lol, busterd! cracks me up.

      transparent attempt in minimising the root of the problem

      funny how he simultaneously claims the white race was invented in recent centuries while claiming the root of the problem in these passages from the torah are -- white supremacy. triple yawn.

    • echi, he knows you didn't imply "rabid hatred of Islam and Arabs that is central to Zionism is rooted in all Jews" , he's setting up a strawman to highjack the conversation to incite via his white supremacy obsession/accusation.

      you know what i found interesting and revealing in his comment tho:

      Same thing here in Israel

      here in israel eh? is that where you're located sila? i'm so shocked.

    • sadists, torturers and other human rights violators will always seek legal means to carry out their plans -- if they can get away with it. sometimes (often) laws are designed for just that very purpose.

    • also. why the homosexual analogy? note how he didn't say:

      "Just as sexual inclination compels someone to seek relationship[s], evil inclination compels people to satisfy their lusts?”

  • Eric Alterman wastes ten days in Israel
    • From my experience the Zionists accusation of hate and antisemitism is just to distract from their own blatant racism.

      no brainer!!!

  • Your support today determines: How much truth?
    • tova, as i mentioned below adam's comment in the other thread:

      it’s so like you to try resolving this during a fundraising campaign and not even once mention this enormous expense in any of our fundraising appeals.

      btw, check my recent (top) comment in your new article.

  • The iron law of institutions versus Bernie Sanders
    • david, all you are doing here is moving the goalposts. The proposition to which Sibiriak responded was "Hillary Clinton is squarely in the mainstream of the national Democratic party in America."

      and i agree that she is. i also agree w/Sibiriak that the mainstream of the national Democratic party IS in fact “liberal Republican” or ” conservative democratic”. Which is to say NEOLIBERAL.

      not sure how it works over at dkos anymore but here, when people preface their comment with a quote, it is the quote they are challenging (your supporting evidence) not necessarily what your point (no different than Paul Ryan or Marco Rubio or Lindsey Graham) is.*

      speaking of your point, the majority of the electorate in this country identifies neither as dems or republicans but independents. the reason people are dumping their party affiliations is because the party no longer speaks for them. however people still generally vote along party lines and the majority of independents are ex dems and dem voters. no one can win the nomination without the support of independents which is why it is a gamble and irresponsible (of either party) to run a candidate independent voters don't like.

      *regarding the issue most important to me (FP and war) she's no diff than Ryan, Rubio or Graham. she's a war hawk. she's not left, she's a neocon neoliberal war hawk. which is why, after over 4.5 decades, i am joining the electorate majority (independents) and dumping the dem party. i hope it implodes on itself.

  • 'NYT' editors twist themselves into knots not to say the word 'Jewish'
    • I’d like an explanation of that. C’mon, [hops], stop hiding behind your sycophants.

      explain this:

      And also blunt and racist in a way that’s just different from California … It’s blunter in the south, but it is also more rooted in experience. It’s not based on some stereotype. It’s based on, “Every black person I know has acted in this way.” Or, “My cousin was killed by a black thug.” It’s not based on kind of an idea, it’s based on experience.

      and not a peep out of you!

    • Why is it necessary to repeat again and again the religion of the owner of the Times?

      so that would be a "no", you can't be bothered to copy/paste what phil says that you think suggests he means it’s impossible for a Jew to cover the Middle East objectively.

      by these standards the government of israel suggests it’s impossible for a Jew to cover the Middle East objectively because they keep repeating over and over israel is "the jewish state". Why is it necessary to repeat again and again the religion of the state? isn't that anti semitic? it just conflates all jews with israel. it suggests all jews are implicated in israel's actions.

    • Uh,”Hophmi” , is Phil saying Jews can’t, or is he saying that so far, they haven’t?

      mooser, i wouldn't even bite at hop's BS.. this is another of his (strawman) arguments based on what he claims phil "suggests" -- as if there is not plenty of things phil actually writes he could critique. no, he wants to argue his 'hypothetical phil' who says what hops wants to argue against. phil would not say it is "not possible" for a jew to cover the ME objectively. period. when hops says stupid crap to set a trap, just ask him which sentence did phil "suggest" a jew couldn't cover the ME objectively. like phil's gonna pan himself and a whole slew of his colleagues who are jewish -- many of whom are contributors here. pleeeasse!

    • in the comments reader Paula A. Wells writes "It would be great if he could assure balanced reporting from the NYT, which I believe has had consistently pro-Israel and anti-Palestinian."

      to which baker responds:

      Peter Baker Thanks very much for your interest, Paula. I'll do the best I can to provide fair and accurate coverage. And when you think I haven't, please feel free to let me know.

      okie dokie, looking forward to reading baker doing his "best", and we'll let him know what we think for sure.

    • shmuel, i was astounded by her reference:

      Bennet: Americans on both sides.

      Rudoren: Correct. I mean a huge amount of Palestinian-American money yeah, also involved in things.

      she can't say (or even allude to) 'jewish-american' but palestinian-american money is "huge"?

  • Video: Asking Israelis to mark the Nakba on Independence Day
    • I enjoyed watching this video too. i like being reminded there are good people of conscience in israel.

  • Israeli army blows up three Palestinian wells in occupied Hebron

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