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Annie Robbins

Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani

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  • Israeli leaders read Trump's words as a permission slip
  • Israel interferes in our politics all the time, and it's never a scandal
  • Israel's efforts to erase Palestinian history reflect 'incremental genocide,' Ehrenreich says
    • Except that Jews had always lived in Eretz Yisroel.

      not the vast majority of them throughout history, no they did not.

      Jews had repeatedly tried to return to Eretz Yisroel over the course of a millenium.

      not the vast majority of them throughout history, no they did not.

  • To oppose Trump, Jews must join the fight against fascism and Zionism
    • Jews have the major claim to being the indigenous inhabitants

      no, they do not.

    • mayhem, interesting the author of your article complains he got "heap of name-calling and essentially no sincere analysis" when he offers virtually no evidence of his claims and his "analysis" is grounded logic such as 'the left has more "influence" on campus therefore they remain the biggest threat and therefore they are more anti semitic'. this is not a evidence of "left's anti semitism being more pronounced".

      in fact, he says himself, "Alt-right anti-Semitism, like right-wing anti-Semitism... is overt and stupid (meaning literally vulgar) and, therefore, is much easier to be tracked and combatted". so how could "left's anti semitism" be more pronounced? he further claims the left AS "masquerades" as anti zionism -- as if anti zionism has no validity.

      he says " I certainly don’t see why I can’t .. say that most of the “criticism” of Israel is anti-Semitic."

      well, him "certainly" not seeing why he can't make a claim is evidence of nothing. it's just a claim. he doubles down and says he "believes" and "concludes" the left is worse. he references "two forms of anti-Semitism " without ever establishing that anti zionism and criticism of israel is anti semitic.

      of course criticism of israel is and will continue to be more prevalent on campuses than anti semitism, which he "readily admit that the anti-Semitism wasn’t overwhelming" and even growing up "I can count the number of times I faced anti-Semitism on one hand", iow, not much.

      making inflammatory statements, as he did, like "if the crematoria come to these shores, left-liberals will also be to blame" does not an argument make.

      last night someone sent me the david projects 2012 "A burning campus rethinking israel advocacy on campus". the gist of it is that opinion of israel has shifted on campuses ( "dramatic increase in negativity" which curiously they do not ever connect to israel's actions -- gaza massacres etc) and since campuses are at the foreground of influence in america they need to combat this, "or craft an overarching strategy for how to deal with it.... A conceptual framework for understanding the situation for Israel on American campuses and a strategy for improving it is thus necessary."

      the situation has only gotten worse as awareness grows of israel's policy and oppression, so look at the tactic they are using:

      The central problem is that pervasive negativity toward Israel on key leading American university and college campuses is likely to erode long-term bipartisan support for the Jewish state. Campus has a heightened importance for Israel’s standing in the United States, as it is able to greatly impact the long-term worldview of a significant percentage of the population, as well as its opinion and political elite. It is further the mainstream venue where anti-Israelism finds the greatest acceptance.

      9. Campus also serves as the most important venue for disseminating anti-Israelism in American society. Anti-Israelists make effective use of the more widespread acceptance of anti-Israelism to promote their views both on campus itself and in general society.

      10. Throughout the report we use the term “anti-Israelism” to denote a specific form of bigotry targeted against the modern state of Israel. The key belief of anti-Israelism is that Israel is an illegitimate state with no moral claim to past, present, or continued existence under its own definition as a Jewish state. Anti-Israelism is usually, but not always, combined with longstanding anti-Jewish claims that the Jews are not a people, and therefore do not have the same rights (i.e. self-determination) as other peoples do. An “anti-Israelist” is a believer in anti-Israelism.

      what i am hearing here in 2012, is the david project is steering completely away from the central argument of palestinian activism -- that of the quest for equality and to end the occupation and end expanded settlements (colonization) . this argument, that jews are not a people, is not a widespread concern on the left. plus, it's rather irrelevant. instead of dealing with facts on the ground and policies of the state (continued expansion) this is couched in a language of 'we have a "moral claim" to the land and if you deny that you're denying our history and therefore an anti semite'.

      it's a bunch of bs to stop criticism of israel and it's not going to work. accusing ones adversaries of bigorty, as a central theme of countering criticism of israel, is merely an ad hominem attack and will continue to be viewed as such.

  • Celebrating Tu B’shvat, the 'new year for trees,' as ethnic cleansing continues
  • Despite fawning praise in press, Batsheva receives a cold welcome in Brooklyn for complicity in occupation
    • began their careers on scholarships from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation, a $100 million enterprise committed to supporting “artistic life in Israel by awarding grants.”

      that's a staggering amount of money. talk about privilege. especially considering how many people in israel live without running water, electricity, or public transportation.

  • Land Grab: Israeli Knesset passes law legalizing expropriation of privately-owned Palestinian land
    • Playing stupid is so cute

      catalan the slippery snake pretends we can't see the dodges and diversions, evading every single question/confrontation.

      So do you think that it is totally ok to steel from others, because your neighbours are stealing too??.....So take resposibility of your own thoughts and actions, stop hiding behind some massacres there happened somewhere else already ages ago.

      catalan playing dumb: what responsibility you want me to take and for what...Thank you for the reminder what a thought police would feel like!

      we're not thought police catalan, we're holding you accountable for your blatant diversions and support for a genocidal state. your playing stupid, twisting in the wind diversions, whatabouteries, and silly ad hominems.

    • That IS the era when International Law was codified prohibiting the acquisition of territory by coercive measures incl war.

      talknic, have you ever heard of inconvenient facts? because they are 10 times WORSE than alternative facts. just saying. how dare you!?!

    • You are choosing to focus on…. you might choose….according to…your whims…you are choosing to focus on…something you call “settler colonialist”…there are unique characteristics to Israel…expelling of civilian citizens in order to expand a state…I don’t think it matters that much …the case of the Israeli-Palestinian situation is unique …let’s not pretend…Israel is unique. Morally, I am on the fence.

      Talkback, shorter catalan: 'just one, but i'm not going to admit it, i'm going to pretend settler colonialism doesn't really exist and is no big deal'

  • Obama fostered spread of nuclear weapons because of his naivete, says head of Council on Foreign Relations
    • I am not aware of evidence for any other alleged attack either. Are you?

      there's a war going on so yes, i do think the syrian army has engaged in attacks. but a poisonous gas attack by the SAA? no, i am not aware of one.

    • Haass’s comments are noteworthy as an expression of an establishment Clintonite liberal interventionist critique of Obama that was surely murmured among Hillary Clinton and others in her circle in the last few years

      "surely murmured" is a tad of an understatement imho, considering the hammering meme throughout jeffrey goldberg's extensive "the obama doctrine" published at the atlantic.


      The United States warned repeatedly that if Bashar al Assad used chemical weapons, that would constitute the crossing of a red line, and there would be serious consequences.

      initially obama was pushed and pressured into the CW red line statement. it came first as an answer to a journalist's question. probably spoon fed to that journalist straight from the lobby. then, once he made the statement israeli intel provided the smoking gun, not something confirmed by our own intel re clapper's "no smoking gun".

      so this meme is going to continued to be hammered home, it's now the official battering ram from the war party and serves as a warning to future presidents their legacy is at risk when/if they don't cater to the lobby/war agenda.

  • Jewless Holocaust. Israel first.
    • i think there was likely some toxic brew to cause the explosion, maybe aside from merely tension, jealousy, anger over anothers superiority, exclusivity, and pride. and we have many cities in the US, currently other than NYC, like L.A., chicago, miami, san francisco, philly etc, and the media too -- speaking of the incredible visibility of the jewish community. and we have not had a similar reaction at all. perhaps there was something else particular to the time. like for example, if people were hungry and couldn't eat and they somehow felt that jews were responsible for this. that might cause an explosive reaction. because i just don't think people become genocidal because they think other people act superior.

      it takes a while to instill hatred in others. for example, the continued racist messaging that's been going on since 9/11 against the muslim community in the US (thanks to all our rabid zios like david horowitz and so many many more of his ilk in sheep's clothing). that didn't exists that i recall when i was a child (although russians slept under my mattress, of course). so after decades of this kind of instilled conditioning of hatred, it seems more like some form of human (or animal) instinct how a society could accept or participate in genociding people.

  • The legislation that will be used to intimidate and imprison members of the Muslim community has been introduced
  • Jewish groups slamming Trump on refugees are hardhearted when it comes to Palestinian refugees
    • you are pushing your reader

      echi, just speak for yourself why not? if you feel some outside pressure to declare talknic is a robot or a parrot and you also have concluded this pressure ("pushing") is coming for talknic himself (which in itself seems weird because a robot would be programed to convince others he was real and therefore the act or pushing or pressure would not be part of the programing one might assume) then just say you feel talknic is pushing you or pressuring you. but you can't really speak for "your reader" on a public forum unless at least a few people have expressed such.

  • The Palestine Philharmonie -- an orchestra is born in Bethlehem
    • how is it a counterpoint dabakr? i don't understand. and did you read amira hass's article he linked to?

      And then came news that the state prosecutor had reached a plea deal with the lawyer of Border Policeman Ben Deri, who killed Palestinian teenager Nadeem Nawara in May 2014. We all saw the video footage: The soldiers and policemen faced no threat to life. And we all heard the IDF deny that there had been any use of live fire, but then had to admit Nawara was killed by a live bullet. His friend Mahmoud Salameh was also killed, and two others injured. All from live fire. Except the prosecution made do with only one indictment, against a single policeman, over one murdered youth – as if the others were shot by the devil. And even this the state wants to lessen to causing death through negligence. Okay, I told myself, I’ll give up on the master class; I’ll get to the concert at 6:30 P.M.
      The article was almost uploaded to the website when I received new information: There’s to be no plea deal. Deri’s lawyer, Zion Amir, doesn’t agree with the section that says the policemen and soldiers were not in mortal danger. I have to track him down and verify the information.
      I have to rewrite the news article and must give up the concert.

      read more:

    • Really wonderful Tom, thank you so much. words don't suffice..

  • Danwatch: Major EU pension funds invest billions in businesses linked to Israeli settlements
    • netanyahu just announced they approved 3000 more illegal settlement units, not including the announcement of 2500 last week.

      Liberman and Netanyahu announce the construction of more than 3,000 new housing units in Judea and Samaria.

      Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday evening announced the construction of more than 3,000 new housing units in Judea and Samaria.

      Of the new units, 2,000 will be marketed immediately, according to an announcement from the Defense Ministry.

      “The decision comes as part of the return to normal life in Judea and Samaria and in order to provide a real answer to living and housing needs,” the statement said, adding that Tuesday’s announcement is in addition to the 2,500 units announced last week.

  • What would Anne Frank do?
    • the value is in the story and that it happened to her and that her diary survived and we can hear her voice, her age. it's an important documentation of her experience, which is important, vital given the era in which she lived and her tragic circumstance. but was she a literary genius as some claim? did she write a masterpiece? might be a stretch. was she wise beyond her years or does she represent and accurately reflect the awareness of many teens and children who've suffered through and died in wars.

      think of rawan at 16, or many other young gazan writers we've come to know. they are arguably more or as perceptive and talented as frank.

      think about it:

    • part of my father's library (two volumes as i recall, not the whole thing). may have them stashed but i think my brother has them. famous diary.

    • ah. hmm. i don't consider myself qualified to judge what is or what is not classical english literature, i leave that up to the experts.

      but as an adolescent, i couldn't get through her diary. i didn't like to read much as a child. but one book i was really impressed with and never forgot was escape from warsaw. i think it was the first page turner i can ever recall (other than eloise which doesn't really count as it's a kids book). for a young adult, i highly recommend escape from warsaw. whereas, i've read segments of frank's diary but never the whole thing -- although i started it several times. but what do i know about literature? not a heck of a lot. i like page turners.

    • she probably drew it a couple days before as a tribute to holocaust remembrance day too.

    • If you think a discussion of Anne Frank helps the cause of the Palestinians

      yonah, a lot of people discuss and critique holocaust literature. since there's been so much written about it it's become a genre. googling marc b's quote, i ran into this

      Out of Atrocity, Art
      by Ruth Franklin

      In 1995, fifty years after the end of the war, a new Holocaust memoir was published to great acclaim. Its author was compared to Jean Améry, Paul Celan, and Primo Levi. It was championed virtually unanimously by critics, one of whom called it “so morally important, and so free from literary artifice of any kind at all, that I wonder if I even have the right to try to offer praise.”

      The book was Fragments, by Binjamin Wilkomirski. You know the rest of the story. The author was quickly revealed as an imposter. His unmasking made critics and academics alike wring their hands. How, they wondered, could this have been allowed to happen? But the real wonder is that it did not happen sooner. For Wilkomirski’s fraud was the inevitable consequence of the way Holocaust literature has been read and understood in the decades since the war—the focus of my book, A Thousand Darknesses: Lies and Truth in Holocaust Fiction.

      my point, is that scholars will always be debating what makes literature great and there will always be a variety of standards by which people judge literature. i don't know anything about Wilkomirski's book other than what i read here, but if it's great literature, as some believed before they found out he was a fraud, wouldn't that still be the case had he not tried to represent his story as being his own experience?

      i found this particularly interesting and can't recall having ever read about it before, but the way my memory is faulting me lately, i suppose i could have:

      To make her diary even more creative, she changed certain names in her second draft. For example, instead of calling her family Frank, she changed it to Robin; she became Anne Robin. And she attached other fictional names to people who were hiding from the Germans.

      After her father returned from Auschwitz, he decided to publish the diary. He included some of the events that she had recorded in her ''Tales.'' He restored the Frank family name that Anne had fictionalized, retained the fictional names that she had devised for other people, pared some of the criticism by Anne of her mother (who had also died in a concentration camp), and deleted some of the entries about her awakening sexual interest. Deletions by Her Father

      i guess she would have liked my name. i'm honored she chose one so similar to my own.

    • instead you post a 38 word hesitation

  • 'We have nowhere else to go': Bedouins say they will continue to rebuild as Israel carries out home demolitions at a record pace
    • the alleged bedouin waiter who allegedly has 38 siblings who allegedly spoke with your alleged wife? uh huh, why heavens no. even tho this is the internet, anonymous people (like you) can make up anything and claim it's true, because it's unverifiable. but again, by all means heavens no. in fact i would stake my own life on your truthieness jackdaw, a man of upstanding character and integrity -- i'm sure all would agree.

    • a Bedouin waiter told my wife

      oh please

  • The Quebec mosque shooting and the Zionist connection
    • traintosiberia, thanks for the link.

    • can you explain this anomaly?

      i doubt it. jon likes this source link. i asked him earlier

      do you think the wars we started there might be impacting that figure, as opposed to the ethnicity of the people.

      - See more at:

      and he answered

      the regional conflicts are worsening the situation. Ethnicity, culture, I don’t know enough about the Arab region to have that sort of insight

      among other things (sourced), i ask him:

      do you think the US using takfiri salafists (AKA “rebels”) to carry out their proxy wars might be a contributing factor to the growth of extremism within those regional conflicts?

      and he didn't respond. but he likes that link. just not the context.

    • given that it was Muslim terrorism and therefore probably not of interest.

      did you mean given that it was not muslim terrorism?

  • Netanyahu's tweet for Trump suggests two leaders have cut a deal on Jerusalem or Iran, says former ambassador
  • Why the Personal Has Always Been Political: an Iranian-American reflects on the Trump executive order on refugees
    • thank you so much Noushin Framke. i'm a news junkie too, i know what you mean about family. congrats on passing your passion on to your daughters. and i love your photos.

  • Rallies at White House and airports across the US as outrage builds over Muslim ban
  • Trump's anti-interventionism helped him win, says Obama's former Middle East adviser
    • that does not mean that right-wingers are not interested in human rights. They just prefer (usually) to put the emphasis on liberty rights

      so be it. tho there are quite a lot of rightwingers who could give a damn about liberty for palestinians.

    • RoHa, please link to a source defining "classical" rights (as i did), then maybe i can understand what you're referencing, since obviously you ignored my source.

      if you don’t know what i mean by “human rights”, google it.

    • No need to get into a debate about how useful Israel is

      how convenient for you! since they are not useful to us at all!

      That’s why putting numbers without context is manipulative.

      ok, here's some context. U.S. total military assistance to foreign countries is $10.57 billion. almost 1/2 of that goes to israel! and for what? oh, you don't go there. lol. no need to get into a debate about how useful Israel isn't. Israel is costly to the US, it's a one way street. they should be paying us instead and 60% of dems want them sanctioned over their settlement expansion according to the latest brooking poll.

    • effective American military outpost? in what way? and it's not "3 billion or so", it's more like 4 billion or so.

      we give them 10 million dollars every single day. outrageous. and how many days, in the last 69 years, has there been a detachment of american troops stationed there? effectively, there has not ever been an american military outpost in israel.

      what our money is "effectively" doing, is colonizing the rest of palestine, expanding the israeli state. how is that in our interests?

      our national debt is over 18 trillion, what does israel give us other than false intel designed to get the US to fight wars in israel's interests, not ours?

    • all that aside mooser, you asked "where's the intersecting interest?", and i answered.

      ie, i bet david horowitz and pam gellar are loving this muslim ban. netanyahu too.

    • It seems to me that the right is very interested in the classical rights of the individual, in personal liberty ...... I think you are mistaken in regarding human rights as being low on the priorities of right-wingers.

      i'm just not so sure i'd categorize "classical" rights as compatible with human rights

      These beliefs were complemented by a belief that labourers could be best motivated by financial incentive. This led classical liberal politicians at the time to pass the Poor Law Amendment Act 1834, which limited the provision of social assistance, because classical liberals believed in markets as the mechanism that would most efficiently lead to wealth. Adopting Thomas Malthus's population theory, they saw poor urban conditions as inevitable; they believed population growth would outstrip food production, and they regarded that consequence desirable, because starvation would help limit population growth. They opposed any income or wealth redistribution, which they believed would be dissipated by the lowest orders.[14]

      Drawing on selected ideas of Adam Smith, classical liberals believed that it is in the common interest that all individuals must be able to secure their own economic self-interest, without government direction.[15] They were critical of the welfare state[16] as interfering in a free market. They criticised labour's group rights being pursued at the expense of individual rights,[17] while they accepted corporations' rights being pursued at the expense of inequality of bargaining power noted by Adam Smith:[18]

      either way, as i've repeated, i don't think it's necessarily a left or right issue. there are many reasons why the right would be interested in israel/palestine. for one thing, spending billions a year on a country that offers us very little in return. as far as the US/israel relationship, they are a welfare state.

    • i don't think human rights is a big priority for the right. but in my response i tried to communicate i think the Palestinian cause has elements that interest both the Left and Right.

    • rabid islamophobia?

    • I think the term racist, when thrown around so easily, is Leftwing jargon.

      i called the muslim ban racist because it is. even Giuliani, in describing it, said it was set up as a "muslim ban", and how to make it legal i don't throw it around easily, it's a racist policy and when we discussed it the other day i explained why it was, so i'm not going into it again today.

      Why make this Palestinian cause Left or Right wing?

      hm, i think of it as left oriented because i'm left and i come at it from a human rights perspective. but i think there's lots of reasons the right would also, naturally, be interested in it. fiscally among other reasons, like bending over for a little bossy country. i don't think of it as left or right exclusively. i think of it as an american issue that should concern all of us.

      When I say Trump hater, I am referring specifically to those who didn’t seem to mind the awful neocon and neoliberal policies of Obama and HRC, but see such evil in Trump

      sorry, maybe i misunderstood you. anyway, there are many people who do not like hillary clinton and neoliberal policies who have a problem with trump. speaking personally, it doesn't mean i oppose everything about him, ie, i think a rapprochement with russia would be a very good thing.

      I think phil is right about the press playing down anti-interventionism. i think it's a big deal and the primary reason clinton lost among a large segment of the left (the anti war coalition). and i encounter this a lot on twitter (i am not on FB) this insistence it was all bernie's fault and if it weren't for bernie bros etc etc. but i felt all along i had to make a choice between supporting the slaughter of millions of muslims overseas or having all hell break lose domestically. and i felt Americans should suffer this time, not foreigners. that we should pay a price for the horror we've inflicted, instead of more foreigners. i didn't vote for trump, but i wouldn't replace him for hillary right now. i think we need to purge the neocons from influencing our foreign policy -- hopefully once and for all. i think lots of americans feel that way. that's not only about my feelings towards palestine and israel, it's because of the havoc we've raised in so many countries in the middle east. i'm a non interventionist.

    • Most of his haters don’t seem to have a clue that their failed candidate, HRC, was the warmonger.

      what? do you think every sanders supporter who didn't vote for hillary voted for trump? believe me, we didn't. a lot of people who do not like trump are well aware clinton is a warmonger. and she was not "my" failed candidate either. of course, i don't categorize myself or everyother person protesting trump and his racist muslim ban as a "hater". it's really rightwing (and zionist) jargon.

    • not sure how far one could dig into this story. the paragraph before says

      Kushner and Bannon have been heavily involved in the Trump administration's early dealings with some European partners, leading during both phone calls and in-person meetings with diplomats and government officials.

      that "discussion" may have been over the telephone. it also appears the source for the info was likely an anonymous diplomat. and while it may correctly be summed up as “yelling” or a “babyish rants”, it might not. i don't know the nature of his character enough to judge. phil says he's steely. one can angrily denounce without yelling and ranting.

    • Jared Kushner supposedly yelling at the British about the Security Council resolution

      do you have a link?

  • Signs you may be a 'normalizer'
    • he is a fellow at winep, that's an aipac think tank.

      he says things like "normalization is an essential step in the process to end the conflict." normalizing apartheid and occupation is not part of the process to end the occupation. palestinians joined these groups and tried this for decades and the noose kept getting tighter. it didn't work.

      he says things like "These activists demand severing all contact between Palestinians and Israelis" which is not true and contradicts the very definition he himself cited at the beginning of his essay.

    • I suppose he could lecture the US Jewish community on its support for Zionism and Israel’s Occupation and Apartheid system.


      btw, feel free to disagree w/me everyone. i hope you'll know i'm just giving my opinion like everyone else here. i'm not speaking for the site or anything.

    • i wasn't all up in arms about the original WH statement -- not really my neck of the woods. but i think we have come to expect a degree of professionalism in our official protocol wrt WH/presidential statements. so issuing a second statement saying they purposely chose not to mention jews wrt the holocaust seemed particularly harsh. they could have simply stated 'we chose to address all human suffering and had no intent of offending the jewish community who of course suffered greatly' or something like that. but the 'not mentioning Jews out of respect for non-Jews' line just seems utterly jarring in it's lack of diplomacy/sensitivity, definitely not presidential. kind of a jab in the eye intended to aggravate.

      if his intention is to offend the jewish community or put them in their place or something, he shouldn't use the holocaust to do it. there are plenty of other ways.

    • like i said, there's no need to mention jews "less" to acknowledge the other people who died.

      Bannon and Miller are just the guys to handle that transition in a scholarly and respectful fashion.


      edit, and i didn't mean you were harsh mooser, i meant the statement in the article was harsh.

    • wow, that's harsh mooser.

      According to White House spokeswoman Hope Hicks, the statement made no mentions of Jews out of respect for the non-Jews who died in Nazi labor camps and death camps during World War II. Hicks told CNN: "Despite what the media reports, we are an incredibly inclusive group and we took into account all of those who suffered."

      you can respect non jews who died in the holocaust by simply mentioning them too. instead, they were "inclusive" by -- mentioning neither?

      meanwhile, don't forget jackie walker got dragged thru the mud in the UK media for suggesting also honoring others suffering on holocaust day.

    • Where were they during the Arab conquest

      palestinians? they were there, probably a lot of them were arab jews or arab christians who converted to islam.

      simple really. neither elongated nor semantically twisted, just common sense and logical.

    • that's not true, i think we can all multitask. this weekend for example, look at the mobilization over the muslim ban:

      no one has to "tear down Israel" before focusing on the ban.

    • i thought it was an excellent article. in the eyes of the beholder i suppose.

  • Trump administration has no comment on Israeli settlement boom
    • kate, thank you so much for your incredible dedication especially during a time of such personal hardship in your life. your work is so appreciated here, i don't know what we'd do without your lists, they are invaluable, and so are you. thank you -- w/love.

  • Leading Clintonite worries that Trump will sell out Israel in forging deal with Russia
    • it's my understanding Crimea's population was majority russian even before the western backed color revolution. (it's 58% currently)

      Crimeans wanted to rejoin Russia..” ? Really?? Where did you get this fact??

      the election.

      If the Crimeans wanted to rejoin Russia, why did it need a Russian army intervention to do it??

      maybe it didn't interest them that much until the (pro russian) democratically elected president of the ukraine was overthrown in a coup by western backed (heavily funded and supported) color revolutionaries, thanks to people like victoria nuland who's job it was to destabilize the urkraine.

      and when you say "tataars have since then escaped to the area of East Ukrain" -- do you mean recently? were they being held hostage? i didn't hear about that. do you have a link?

    • true

  • The dismal cartography of Trump's pre-fascist state (and opportunities for progressive populism)
  • A woman's right to choose (her government)
    • citizen, i don't get to choose whether i give israel my money. i don't get to choose to dump millions of dollars into usaid programs in foreign countries constrained by limitations set by christian conservative pro lifers either (we don't stop the family planning aid, we just spend it on what christian conservative pro lifers want). it's the same money going to these programs, it's just structured around what they think is moral. and they take my money just the same. meanwhile, the expenses incurred by society (over long periods) to support some of these unwanted (at conception) children, is an expensive for society, certainly in comparison to the price of terminating a pregnancy. what choice do i have whether i agree to pay for that?

      women who have money can afford their own abortions, they can afford to choose. they can afford to travel to a place offering safe abortions, often at great expense emotionally and otherwise. it's women who can't afford it who get screwed.

      Do pro-choice women get to choose not to pay for ineffective family planning methods that don't have a good track record of lowering birthrates? via government legislation and insurance contracts? no, we don't.

  • Israeli gov't doesn't really want US to move embassy to Jerusalem -- Foxman
    • yep, i mentioned that the other day. i googled kennedy curious if he was the related to the brothers and noticed he chaired the investigation into blackwater. then i recalled an article i read prince and his sister were best buddy w/trump. hmm.

    • the left decided to give the rich a big gift because Hillary was not good enough

      really? i wonder how many of the left "decided" to give the rich a gift? aren't you forgetting clinton's ties to wall street, or is that just a figment of my imagination?

      I live, right in the middle of the country, people seem pretty happy

      you're in new mexico right? albuquerque or something?

    • The media do not reflect accurately normal life with their focus on the unusual.
      Four years of Trump with republican congress will be much better for big investors than four years of Hillary.

      sorry, i missed the connection here. you sort of jumped from media to the economy. 8 years w/obama was a huge boon for the top one percent.

    • yes, it cost her the election that a significant portion of left didn't like her, and the gop despised her and brought out their base. and independents, the largest voting block in the american electorate (the majority of whom generally vote democratic), they didn't like her either. let this be a lesson to the dem party, as they keep moving right (shumer said, for every working class voter we lose we'll gain 2 moderate republicans), you need the left (the anti war coalitions). you lose the left and you lose the presidency and congress and the supreme court.

      this should not surprise anyone, it's well known and it's been known for a long long time. in all the national polls bernie did better in a match up w/trump than clinton (by 12 pts!) did. but, the dem establishment wanted her regardless, and they backed her, and she lost. so, was it the left's fault? or was it the dnc/dem establishment for backing the wrong horse? the dems better learn a lesson here, they can't afford to lose the left. and they should have backed the candidate that had the wind at his back (as obama did when the superdelegates started backing him, as they should have, as his momentum was on the rise, like bernie's was with those 20-30k crowds gathering on the campaign trail) and the support of the independents, the largest voting block in the country. stupid to go after moderate gop.

      they gambled they could scare the left w/trump (as revealed in the clinton emails). and they lost, they have no one to blame but themselves.

    • just, re the wapo article. pat kennedy, undersecretary of management, chaired an investigation into blackwater, so trump's friend prince (also sister to devos, our new education secretary -has she been confirmed yet?) probably wanted him gone.

  • Muslims in the US brace for Trump immigration ban
    • much love gamal

    • i have friends, a married couple, she's vietnamese and he's iranian. they are both americans. every year his family visits him here. is it fair that he can't invite his sister to visit him anymore but his wife can invite her sister to visit, based strictly on their ethnicities, because of his religion?

    • how is ensuring a nation stays 70% white protecting "the demographic balance in a nation" if the nation isn't "balanced" in the first place.

      it's racist to bomb muslim countries, create millions of muslim refugees, and then allow in every demographic of refugee and immigrant except the ones you're bombing.

      if you can't figure out that is a racist policy you've got some marbles gone astray.

  • Maryland legislature, which supported boycotts of grapes and South Africa, targets BDS
    • Why do our politicians keep telling us US & Israel have the same values

      talking pts and slogans like this are well thought out by people like frank luntz and then carefully chosen by think tanks. then they are shoveled, via the lobby, to politicians as part of the dues that must be paid -- obligations that must be fulfilled. those politicians, in turn, force feed them to the american people.

    • yes i agree amigo.

    • we are a civic state, not an ethnic state. our system/structure of government is fundamentally different than zionism, regardless of how much we, or our citizens, support and empower zionism.

      that's my opinion and i'm sticking with it.

    • America itself is a Zionist entity.

      no i don't think it is although there are many zionists here.

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