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Annie Robbins

Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani

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  • Mr. President, we don't want a shortcut, we want our freedom
    • A President Romney or Perry would be more pro-Israel than Obama

      yeah, and it might teach dems they can't keep relying on much of their grassroot support while screwing us over.

    • from the 'Erdogan spoke at the UN' link:

      said that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was the main hindrance to world peace.

      Israel, he said, flouts the United Nations' authority. "It has failed to abide by 89 biding UN resolutions and has ignored hundreds of others... This is a blow to the sense of international of justice."

      He urged the international community to "heal the bleeding wound that is the human tragedy suffered by the Palestinian people," and "show Israel that it is not above the law."


    • hey thanks lysias

    • It took the Palestinian cause, stripped it and raped it in full view of the world


    • Abir Kopty speaks for me too.

  • Ismail Khalidi: A tragic lecture, justifiying a vicious occupation, with no awareness that we killed the two-state solution
    • why should anyone negotiate with israel after reading the palestine papers. israel can try negotiating with the world because we're sick of this shit. israel and her defenders just THRASHED OUR FIRST AMENDMENT so watch the backlash about THAT!

    • The Palestinians should let the Israeli public know

      maybe they are tired of jumping thru hoops. why don't you let them know.

    • i'm not in the pits of sorrow eee, i'm actually quite encouraged after listening to hillary mann leverett (great video) and reading erdogan's UN address. the more people who drive home american's craven pandering to israel the faster this mess will resolve itself and it does appear people all over the internet are taking one message away from his address, and it doesn't echo what you are saying at all.

      see ya, take the last word.

    • The incentive is that Israelis do want peace and would prefer less war to more war.

      peace, wars and security are not on israel's front burner, obviously. securing a larger state is. for that, they'd give up peace and opt for war as they have done many times and probably continue to do until borders are forced on them.

    • pragmatism? i said i’m sure you’d love it if we all started blowing fuses and going out of our minds. i didn't say i was going to do it. and as long as you keep shoveling that negotiating seriously bullcrap down our throats while israel keeps expanding settlement any rational person here is just going to consider it an more evidence of your blatant hypocrisy, nothing pragmatic whatsoever.

    • oh please oh please oh please....remind america which alliances matter domestically and which tiny little one offers us...nothing in return..

    • confirmed what you've been saying? eee, we already know the lobby's talking points. all it confirms is obama knows how to take direction. hence, your driving it home. we know already eee, so why repeat it endlessly? hello.

    • what else does he want? i'm sure he'd love it if we all started blowing fuses and going out of our minds at his incessant yapping. i swear sometimes i would like to go off on him in ways that would get my comment deleted... if i hear 'both sides' even one more time. here's hophmi trying to get a rise out of cliff Let’s establish one thing: you’re a hothead as cliff continues to completely decimate hop's lame a** arguments. some days i just have to step back and let the pros handle this crap. one would think we could get a day off from them. just one. it's not to be. they are shoving rock salt in our wounds today from their massive victory of obama on display as israel's tool yesterday stabbing at the heart of palestine.

    • i don't think he's ignorant justice, i think he's trying to get a rise out of us today. he keeps repeating the same thing day in and day out as if it will make it any more believable. nobodies that stupid, not even eee.

    • wash rinse repeat wash rinse repeat

    • i know. thanks justice, i was just experiencing a weak moment.

    • i swear some days i just can't take listening to these hasbarists spew their collective glee all over these threads.

    • i swear seafoid i had such clear visions in my dreams last night i had to do a double take to check if they were really dreams or not. SA jacked up the price of oil in my dreams, sometime around 2 am and then there were repercussions for hrs and hrs intermingled with sleep and awake-ness. we started sinking so fast due to that little bulldog of a state.

    • i think it is more likely in twenty years everyone will be convinced bds does work.

  • Well ain't that America: Obama ignores Palestine in UN speech on freedom, and the world watches the US execute an innocent man
  • Settler violence and 'the threat of Jewish terrorism'
    • yeah, this video shows the idf making road blocks to allow the settlers to enter the palestinian villages where it's reported they attack the people. wtf.

    • from the Hilltop Youth link "spray painted them with the words "Ramat Migron". At least 11 vehicles were damaged.

      sounds like the same graffiti on one of the photos here next to ' Ramat Migron revenge jewish underground'. shin bet wrote of a jewish underground last week.

  • Neoconservative wax museum set to open in D.C. next month
  • Perry embraces violent Jewish extremists, Politico's Ben Smith calls him 'moderate'
    • it doesn't mention how many left tho. any data on that?

      For the third year in a row Jewish immigration from North America was up, reaching 4,070, opposed to 3,720 in 5770.

      how many israelis live in the US? isn't it in the hundreds of thousands?

  • Palestinians have a better chance of getting a state on Craigslist than from Barack Obama
    • exactly. let's see how much americans love israel when they grasp what our alliance is costing us. i'm so over being part of a superpower nation. we should be made to grovel in front those we have oppressed for so long.

    • He is block or defeat a PA request at the Security Council WITHOUT having to use the US veto. The US’s fear, of course, is for the obvious destructive effect such a veto will have on US standing all across the Middle East.

      i don't think it really matters at this point if the US vetoes or lobbies others to do it so we won't have to. the dye has been cast and we'll be held responsible as would be fair. it's about time we started paying a price for propping up the criminal state/apartheid.

  • Ashrawi and Tibi say Obama made it sound like Palestinians are occupying Israel
  • Obama consulted no Palestinians for his rendition of history
    • and please show us the french laws that distinguish between citizenship and nationals? you can't hold israeli nationality unless you're jewish. we've been over this before eee. france makes no distinction of it's citizens based on ethnicity. it is not an ethnic national state. you can't pretend this is the same thing.

    • to become a Jew you have to learn our customs.

      don't you mean to become an israeli? you're slipping eee. this is exactly the reason israel is not like france.

    • this is too much! what founding myths are you claiming should be sacrosanct eee?

      Heading off in pursuit of Italy, David Gilmour finds instead a land and people defined enduringly by campanilismo (literally, the municipal bell tower) – a communal loyalty – and with little interest in nationalism except when "forced or cajoled". From the outset, Gilmour wonders if the Risorgimento, the national unification of Italy under Garibaldi, Camillo Cavour and King Victor Emmanuel III, was successful, or even necessary. As the country's current woes deepen, Gilmour longs for a land divided into small states, with regions such as Venice emulating relatively new European states like the Netherlands (although not, presumably, the former Yugoslavia).

      are you claiming if someone asserted and many jews had little interest in nationalism except when "forced or cajoled" that would be outside your prescribed definition of anti semitism. what are you defending here. there's an entire hasbara industry designed around the idea anti zionism equals anti semitism. sheesh.

  • 'Forward's ad director says he's chosen not to visit Israel because it's gone 'so far afield'
    • bruce, by all means please let us know when you've completely your sign up process at kickstart.

      an amazing film..thanks for all your efforts.

  • Zygmunt Bauman: Palestinian persecution echoes the Shoah, which began with discrimination, ghettoes and pogroms
    • They chose to go there and since Israel has decided that they should have the right to do so then they are protected.

      and this supports what argument?

      And how does a wall annex land anyway?

      wow, i will have to think about that long and hard. tough question/snark.

  • Douglas begat Trumbo, and Trumbo begat Exodus
    • Kirk Douglas always played an “A-hole” but I’ve never heard anyone claim he was one

      it's unimportant to me whether people thought he was a nice guy or not. if the quote about him is true, it speaks to his personality and awareness, very negatively. the idea he would admit this in public or speak this way is also weird for a public person. i feel very sorry any child, including yourself, would grow up this brainwashed. and as an adult it is not excusable. if i told you i assume every jew is a bigot until they prove otherwise .. well, there's a word for that.

  • Mearsheimer on dual loyalty and William Safire
    • And you? Don’t you identify with the plight of the Kurds?

      well, i don't support imperial powers chopping off the oil rich region of syria sustaining 23+ million syrians to a 9% minority (2mil aprox) w/numerous US bases plopped down in the middle of the ME. if that's what you're asking.

      maybe if their plight didn't include Deir ez-Zor (majority syrian arab, non kurdish), Syria's primary petroleum extraction industry, i might be more sympathetic. but color me unimpressed, it looks like a resource grab. robbing peter to pay paul, kinda. so what are those remaining 20+ million syrians going to do sans their resources extracted and handed over to the 9% kurds? there's something unfair here. or maybe you just don't notice that.


      The majority of Deiries (from Deir ez-Zor) are Arab Muslims, with few Kurdish, Armenian and Assyrian/Syriac families.

      seems like more than aspirations for kurdish self determination going on here.

      try harder nathan. under the circumstances, your cigar theory isn't compelling.

    • the israeli love for self determination will only get you so far in this argument nathan. because common sense informs us they love their own above all others and don't give a rat's a** for palestinian self determination. so spare us please.

      Oded Yinon's article was published in the World Zionist Organization journal. Yinon, a former attached to Israel's Foreign Ministry, wrote an explicit, detailed document , an "unambiguous statement to date of the Zionist strategy in the Middle East."

      yinon opening statement read

      The existence, prosperity and steadfastness of the Jewish state will depend upon its ability to adopt a new framework for its domestic and foreign affairs.

      and unsurprisingly, there's no mention of anyone's self determination, kurdish or otherwise. but there is this:

      Lebanon's total dissolution into five provinces serves as a precendent for the entire Arab world including Egypt, Syria, Iraq and the Arabian peninsula .... The dissolution of Syria and Iraq later .. into ethnically or religiously unqiue areas such as in Lebanon, is Israel's primary target... Syria will fall apart, in accordance with its ethnic and religious structure, into several states such as in present day Lebanon....This state of affairs will be the guarantee for peace and security in the area in the long run, and that aim is already within our reach today....


      Iraq, rich in oil on the one hand and internally torn on the other, is guaranteed as a candidate for Israel's targets. Its dissolution is even more important for us than that of Syria. Iraq is stronger than Syria. In the short run it is Iraqi power which constitutes the greatest threat to Israel. An Iraqi-Iranian war will tear Iraq apart and cause its downfall at home even before it is able to organize a struggle on a wide front against us. Every kind of inter-Arab confrontation will assist us in the short run and will shorten the way to the more important aim of breaking up Iraq into denominations as in Syria and in Lebanon. In Iraq, a division into provinces along ethnic/religious lines as in Syria during Ottoman times is possible. So, three (or more) states will exist around the three major cities: Basra, Baghdad and Mosul, and Shi'ite areas in the south will separate from the Sunni and Kurdish north. It is possible that the present Iranian-Iraqi confrontation will deepen this polarization.

      so i am just curious, would you call this "some kind of Israeli plot" or a "conspiracy"? take your pick because we are all ears.

    • I would guess ..... because he believed that the Kurdish desire for an independent state was legitimate (it’s called “the right of self-determination”).

      because neocons really care about kurds and kurdish self determination (and are driven by that probably a lot more than their worries about iran). whereas, breaking up Syria, Iraq and Iran is not something they would care that much about, relatively speaking.

      sure nathan. whatever.

      the writers here at Mondoweiss are certainly motivated by their very extreme opposition to Israel

      nathan, this article was written 2 months after the syrian "revolution" started and 7 years later we are deeply embedded in that war in which thousands have died. we now have many many bases over there and are currently in a very dangerous stand off with russia (that could start ww3) over an area that contains the most valuable oil region is syria that certainly threatens to break up of the state. israel has already said they will not allow an iranian presence near their border and the people driving this war from the US/IS angle are trying to carve out a region that would split a corridor down the middle of the state that would essential do what Mearsheimer predicted:

      Forming a Kurdish state would involve breaking up Syria, Iraq and Iran, “Israel’s three principal adversaries.”

      because of israel's concern for kurdish self determination? do you think we're all idiots? “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”. hey, can you just stop with the lies already. it takes more than cigars to start world wars.

  • She died with her babe that December night but lives in my heart every day
  • Princeton Jews may divide over campus org's new policy
    • john, i don't really follow threads that are 6 months old which means if i don't happen to see your post at the time you post it i don't happen to see it at all.

      Either you have a bible search program or a friend to find this stuff or…! Have you seen a bit of Torah?

      no, just a regular computer. i googled the phrase you put in quotes “I came not to bring peace….” and then it led me to mathew 10:34 and i read the context.just common sense. i have not seen any torah.

      john, i am not that interested in learning the glyphs or deeper religious meanings of this stuff beyond what my instincts inform me. it really is not my thing. i'm satisfied applying my own common sense wrt most symbolism but if the urge strikes me to consult a rabbi for religious instruction someday..i will. don't go holding your breath tho. be well.

  • Palestinian queer activists challenge the 'pinkwashing' of the Israeli occupation
    • oh maggie i just saw this response from you. please email me at [email protected] soon so we can streamline our communication. i'm sure there will be more events in the bay area and i would love to attend. thank you.

  • Gaza Two Years Later: A little girl
  • Annie's awakenings
    • just for old times sake, sure wish i could read the "53 comments" that presumably used to be on this thread.

      seems like so long ago...

  • I have a friend who calls Uncle Sam Uncle Sucker
  • The trap
  • Tutu: Issue is the same in Palestine as it was in South Africa, 'equality'
    • Defense of BDS is censored. Discussing the hate of illegal settlers who viciously attack Israeli activists is labelled hate speech and is censored.

      sherri, i would start posting elsewherw.

  • Comments Policy
    • mayhem, i didn't know how to do that 6 months ago. i can't recall when we started being able to post youtube videos in comments but it wasn't that long ago. plus, i didn't see your question until you just pointed it out.

    • not that i know if ckg, at least i have never seen a photo in a comment except in a tweet.

    • i have no idea, but my hunch is maybe because it was about as inane as this one you just wrote. that link makes no sense. if you have a comment that doesn't pass moderation try rewriting it.

    • ckg, wrt your question about having your videos show up. where you post the link is important. just take the url from the youtube video you want to play. then place it the comment below your sentence, not adjacent to it. for example

      at least this far away from the base of the last sentence.

      then don't place anything around it, if you're going to comment below it leave more space.

      notice how this won't work:

      either way, if your video won't work i can edit it to work if i run into it, and i do it for people's videos all the time.

    • ritzl, it's not determined by cost. i think the way it works is that if you go to gravatar which we are not affiliated with, and register (it's free) with the same email you use to register here, then every time you post under your name the avatar automatically pops up here and on any site you comment on with that email address, or something like that.

      so we don't actually have anything on our site that facilitates avatar photos (even i had to register for gravatar to get my photo here). a good person to asked would be dickerson. he has avatars that he is frequently changing.

      edit, i just realized you meant post a pic in the comment like if one posts a link from youtube the video appears. ha! yeah, i don't know about that.

    • because it is personal, there's only a handful of us here.

      I was actually about to give some funds to Mondoweiss in the beginning of August but aslong as my comments always lag behind I cannot do that.

      from now on i'll do all i can to see that you get your money's worth ;)

    • no worries oldgeezer, you can be on my team anytime. and you don't need to apologize. xxa

    • jpb, i related your concern to phil and told him what you said and here was his response:

      tell him that i cleared those comments cause i was interested in what folks were saying about what i said!
      i dont trak these guys

      so, if you're on one of phil's threads in the morning when he's around after he posts, you're likely to get cleared faster. lucky you!

    • thanks eljay. yes they get held up! sorry. like tonight i read 2 submissions and had a long emil conversation w/phil and watched 2 videos, one incredible we will probably show tomorrow. plus, people from all over the world send me photos to upload on the worldwide protest post which i update several times a day. (have you seen it lately? it's aweome)

      so basically, i was clearing comments and then i got interrupted by life and emails. but i came back here before i resumed clearing comments to report in what phil said when i told him what justpassingby said. so, i better post that and then i'm off to the endless job that's never done. and all the comments i cleared earlier..there's even more now! every time i take a break everyone here is faster than me.

      gotta go. and thank you!

      edit: and one more thing. tomorrow i have a dentist appt. an emergency actually, vvery pppainful. so comments will probably get backed way up for a long time. and then when i get back, i can hear certain people moan and grown about how it's all somebody's fault.


    • yeah, yours and about 20 other comments. i just cleared the thread fron the front. oddly tho, no one else is complaining. wonder why that is?

    • maybe it's because phil cleared the comments on only his threads today. but i'll tell you, he wasn't the one who spent the afternoon clearing way over 100 comments. there are 125 of them backed up now. frankly, i am a little tired of your nagging.

      maybe you should write phil and bitch him out for clearing all the comments on just his thread. see how far that will get you. because i wasn't clearing comments this morning. i was drafting this:

      updating this:

      and writing this:

      and then i come on the back pages to clear some comments and run into your nagging. seriously, we're not your slaves. we owe you nothing.

    • i just took time from my moderating to search for this

      btw, i am on page 3 of 7 pages of backed up comments. because i do this on my own time (my my moderating work is all volunteer, that's one reason we even have a comment section) i am not required, regardless of all your hounding, to do this in order. i can clear whatever page i am on) in order for me to see the other uncleared comments on this page you are reading, i would have to link to it. i am on a back page where comments stack up top to bottom, so old comments get buried. good bye, i am busy. and in the future woud you read this entire thread to the base and then click on "← Older Comments" at the base and read them all. i've answered this question before.

    • there are 149 comments waiting in moderation. no, you have not violated anything. we're overwhelmed since the lastest massacre began. sorry we're not fast enough for you.

    • ha! no worries.

    • actually there is marnie. someone around here, (staff) decided to wake up and cover the news today instead of clearing comments. i woke up to almost 150 of them. actually, last night i nodded out. that's why there's a whole bundle today. we've been sort of overwhelmed since the beginning of the recent massacre these last couple weeks. so, that's why things are delayed.

      anyway, check out the home page. all those listings under todays date? we could have delayed publishing them so we could clear your comments (well, at least 50 of them are citizens! )

      anyway, in the time it takes me to write this another 20 have rolled in. it's a full time job for people who have more important things to do, like get the news up. sorry the service around here is so slow. especially during this escalation.

    • open the 'about' page feature at the top of every mondoweiss page.

    • jon, i think if you register w/gravatar there's a way you can get a photo or icon to appear next to your name. but as far as being able to add photos to the comments that's out of my league. you would have to write phil or adam. plus, there are some other features i would really like the site to get back, and don't see that as i priority. but you never know.

    • hmm, i missed it. write adam and phil w/examples.

    • it was not a german documentary. the youtube page was an org called 'israel productions' or something like that.i googled the name and it leads to a propaganda org that produces pro israel videos. try inserting it again without trying to pass it off as 'german'. yes it did run on german tv, but unless there's some evidence 'israel productions' is a german production company it is misrepresented and not a 'german' documentary. it's like trying to post a memri clip and claiming it's a palestinian video.

      ps, i didn't bother watching the film for this reason. if you post it again i might decide to check it for content. we're not required to publish propaganda films, videos purposely produced to spread lies. just saying.

    • hmm, i will send a note to adam and phil

    • it's probably just buried back there somewhere. why not put a note under it that will land on top of the pile. i wouldn't even know what thread it's on by that description. if you think someone is willfully skipping your comment, you're head tripping.

    • comments are not listed on the threads in chronological order nor are they generally moderated on the threads, they roll in on a back page top to bottom, the new ones landing on the top. which is why yours was the first one i saw when i opened the page. and if there are 60 plus comments stacked up and i can clear ten in the time it takes me to clear one long one, i might skip over the long one. it's just not an orderly thing. and if we want order they should hire someone to work systematically, which is obviously not a priority.

    • justpassingby, i sort of answered that question earlier in this thread, you might find it informative

    • mayhem, this is not a democracy here. if you don't like it you are free to leave. also, for your and everyone's edification, a while ago after much ado, sometime around august or september, phil and adam 'fixed' the stacked up comment problem. probably because lots of people started writing in! (thank you tree for trying to organize that and everyone who wrote in!!! and especially phil and adam who finally made it a priority!) and around that time i find most of the comments are cleared by other people. or lots and lots of them.

      and as a result of that, even tho there have always been multiple moderators, now most of the moderation is not done by me. therefore my "explanation" as to how those comments passed moderation is whatever whim or decision whomever was moderating at the time decided.

      and sometimes life is just not fair.

      I tried to explain why the first para of my post at
      link to
      does not make sense. It is because of this ad hoc policy of
      MW that we are now finding out about from our commandant.

      actually, see "#2" in this comment:

      prefacing a comment by stating you are republishing a comment previously deleted will likely get it automatically deleted by a different moderator. it’s like placing a red flag on your own comment.

      and i explained right under your comment:

      we often either delete or edit posts dealing with comment rules or questions about moderation policy. we do however have a thread for that where you can air your grievances

      iow, if you want to complain about why your past comment got deleted, why a moderator made a decision etc, your post will likely either be deleted altogether or published with that section of the comment removed. that way the threads do not turn into long discussions about comment rules. which, as anyone who's hung out at dailykos knows, is a huge distracting diverting waste of time.

      however, we will check out (usually) the complaint.

      You aren’t entitled to resort to bullying and manipulatory tactics at whim, if you want to retain an ounce of credibility.

      to be honest with you mayhem, i don't care what you think of my credibility. it's sort of irrelevant to me at this point. we're on opposite sides of the ideological fence here. would you lose sleep over me telling you've lost credibility with me?

      i hope that addresses your concerns, i've answered to the best of my abilities. in the future i will try to be more accommodating regarding your posts and simply delete ones discussing mod decisions instead. then you can be the one to remove any OT references to comment/moderation policy (except in this thread).

    • it's an inflammatory threadjacking diverting lie, that's why.

    • ludwig, if i had a dollar for everytime i edited "you are a troll" out of otherwise very succinct comments i could buy a round trip ticket to palestine. if you don't believe me ask cliff.

      also, considering the massive efforts hasbrats have put into misquoting people, cherry picking text to thwart the meaning, i'd be rich if i could profit off busting it. so if what you mean is "i tried to make a point by misquoting you and it was edited to include the whole/or correct quote", then yes, i have been guilty of changing someone's meaning. don't do that here. but, i can't specifically recall ever editing one of your comments.

      also, at least 3/4 of your deleted posts sitting in trash right now (on the first 2 pages, i didn't check back very far) were not because of me. so take it up w/management. or maybe not...they might opt to just get rid of you. that's what i'd advise if they ask me anyway, but so far no one has asked me. i'd stay off their radar if i was you. there's simply no compelling reason to keep you around (imo).

      also, look on the bright side, it's not as if anyone of us can abduct you or your children from your home at night, steal you away, torture you, under administrative detention..unlike the state you support. what's it feel like to be treated so unfairly? not be in control? silenced? it's not like we can arrest you:

    • fn, it might behoove you to try using the reply function in the future. wrt your questions, i wasn't addressing most of those allegations. and note what it says at the top of that section about israel:

      EXAMPLES of the ways in which anti-Semitism manifests itself with regard to the state of Israel, taking into account the overall context could include:

      iow, it doesn't say "does include", it says could. and the state department facilitating the listings of contemporary definitions is just that. there's nothing definitive/clear cut on the page.

    • i was going to try getting a little note up to the professor before anyone commented and then my email started pinging.

      to help facilitate clarity on fn's link i went ahead and blockquoted directly from the page, so there was no confusion where the professors comments ended and the st dept began. since there originally were no quote marks in his post.

      anyway i thought i would point out, there is nowhere on the st dept site that claims this is "US Department of State definition of Anti-Semitism". just a minor little glitch in fn's logic. however at the very top it does say "Defining Anti-Semitism" and then gives "examples of contemporary" usage, and at the very bottom it also says: However, criticism of Israel similar to that leveled against any other country cannot be regarded as anti-Semitic.

      iow, all those criticisms also leveled at SA apartheid...well, there you have it.

    • fn, please scroll up and read the comment policy. specifically #2. we've moved past nakba denial, iow, we don't debate whether it happened. just like we do not debate whether the holocaust took place. if you'd like to 'prove' otherwise, you're at the wrong site.

      for example, let's take an tiny excerpt from the last long comment of yours that didn't make the grade. (accompanied by a slew of irrelevant photos)

      Look how the country was in those years. It was deserted

      the country was not deserted. and showing a photo of some guys standing on sand dunes and essentially insinuating jaffa didn't exist in 1910 and this is your 'proof' is just not worthy of posting. anyone can simply google jaffa 1910 for photos of people on the streets. ie:

      so no, we're not hosting your fantasy. i can stand out on the sand dunes in california and claim the state is deserted too, but it will not be true.

      as for the european definition of anti semitism, this is the US. we're not bound by that definition. and did you know there's now a new definition of holocaust denial that includes "anyone who includes the 1939-1945 holocaust among other great tragedies in human history."

      here's the thing, we make the rules here. not you, not gideon bachar, the head of israeli foreign ministry department for the fight against anti semitism', not abe foxman and not the european forum on anti semitism. if you want to get your posts passed moderation, you need to work within our policy, not continually defy them. if you'd like to challenge the policy rules write phil and adam.

      and, fyi i just went back 3 pages in trash to read the other comment of yours that got dumped this month. it was just a rant accusing phil of anti semitism and lashing out ad hominems like: I feel like vomiting that our nation produces such genetic deviations as you.

      you do not really think we're obligated to publish your tirades do you? (ps, scroll up and read #4)

      [edit] fyi, my personal pet peeve is accusing ones adversaries of hatred. something you, and many many zionist bloggers are very good at. if i had my druthers this would be against the rules everywhere!

      you: the trend and flow of very brutal expressions of animal hatred towards Zionists Jews

      from a person that doesn't blink an eye at brutal demolition of a family's home or butchering of olive trees, events that goes on all the time by the state/system you protect. the hypocrisy is simply stunning. and btw, i don't hate you. actions speak much louder than words. zionism's actions scream destruction.

    • was it completely off topic in the thread? where did this happen? did it include some nakba denial stuck in somewhere?

      as an aside, the israel governments hasbara campaign to offset the ethnic cleansing of palestine byway of a 'balancing act' has been routinely hauled out time and again in these threads, often times used as a distraction to spam threads having absolutely no relation to the subject at hand.

      so believe me we have no lack for the state of israel's narrative of this phenomena. in fact your sidekick miriam inundated the threads with information of this sort this just weeks ago. " compilation ... of what happened to Arab Jews in Arab counytries" are a dime a dozen around here. also note, we do not use or highjack the term nakba wrt the experience w/arab jews just like we do not clear comments referencing the ethnic cleansoing of palestine as 'the holocaust'. i noticed once before you tried this tactic.

      so review whatever it is you said, where and when you said it, and how you said it. then try revising and commenting again in an on topic thread, and you might get your comment cleared.

      i do not recall trashing a recent comment about arab jews so possibly it was phil or adam. or possibly it just has not been posted yet. but something tells me it's redundant.

      oh, and just an aside (in case you're wondering why a recent comment got trashed). this is a comment policy thread. it's not a thread to rant how someone is your 'enemy' and insert lots of insulting political allegations that doesn't make it thru moderation on another thread.

    • there's no numerous clauses here. we do however limit the amount of BS, untruths or inflammatory allegations people get to make. like for example this

      I am not allowed to post a single fact without giving links to “neutral” sources.

      which anyone can look at your archives and see this is completely bogus. you're frequently referencing facts or allegations of 'fact' without supporting links.

      your comment are similarly obsessed with yourself and others posting habits.

      The fact is - I am seeing your site freely as well as many vicious anti -Israeli sites and FB pages. You cant continue blocking me

      Joel Kovel's Palesreal
      fnlevit August 18, 2013 at 6:29 pm with 1 replies
      Browsing through articles and comments on this site with their anti Israeli and anti Zionist hatred and venom

      Media sensation Sam Horowitz loves Israel
      fnlevit August 16, 2013 at 3:22 pm with 1 replies
      Browsing through articles and comments on this site with their anti Israeli and anti Zionist hatred and venom

      I will probably not be able to diffuse all the hatred you have towards my country and most probablyI am wasting time.

      Is Israel an apartheid state?
      link to
      These simple facts must be allowed to be posted on this site.

      Moderators - if you ban this, you will be doing a job similar to what was done by KGB in a former USSR who was AFRAID that people will hear the thruth. Are you afraid of my posts? Israel


      Hatred on these pages blinds your eyes. Even about well known facts.

      tightening the leash is associated w/quality control, limiting repetition, spewing/unleashing inflammatory lecturing etc.

      but as any cursory glance at your archives reveals, you still get an awful lot of crap posted. try not whining/lecturing so much if you want to get more posts thru.

    • fn, lots of people say things unsourced on the threads, including you. i see your comment here:

      try placing a remark directly under the comment in question using the 'reply' feature and ask w.jones for a source link. like this:

      w.jones, i am not familiar w/ your allegation "the Israeli army funds Syria’s foreign “rebel” under the cover of the spring", could you source that please

      and then not only w.jones but other commenters might offer links.

    • I send three times a comment in which I wrote that Arab countries responsible for the Naqba...... The comment is very important to me and to the sequence of the debate. I think, although many disagree with my comment, that it is a legitimate comment.


      1. do not send mods personal messages thru the comment threads, we have email addresses for that, see 'about page'.

      2. i am not the only person moderating here. once a comment has been trashed by a moderator all succeeding replicates will also be deleted. so prefacing a comment by stating you are republishing a comment previously deleted will likely get it automatically deleted by a different moderator. it's like placing a red flag on your own comment. but it does save us decision time, so thanks for that.

      3. scroll up and read #2 . no nakba or holocaust denial. we've moved on. you want to debate the truth of the nakba, go to another site because it's not happening here. if you have another point to make and wish to engage you need to learn to reframe and rethink because your ideas including nakba denial, while perhaps 'important to you', are not allowed here.

    • triple yawn, and you wonder why your comments don't clear. mark my words mr slate you can thank someone else for clearing your comments in the future, cuz it definitely will not be me.

    • i wasn't being nasty, i was snarking. my point being the chances you'll get adam and phil to resolve this anytime soon is not great, and in the meantime maybe just rejoice in whatever system it is that gets anything moderated. this is, after all, my sunday. i could be doing other things.

    • hi jon, i'm going to take a break in moderation to answer your question. and while i am doing it about 20 more comments will stack up. you're right, it's clearly not 'oldest first'. i would imagine everyone who moderates here has their own system. my 'system' , which mirrors my system for any work that might be monotonous is mix it up so i don't get bored (you might save that little factoid because it's a clue as to the kind of person i am).

      so let me give you a little example of how i bounce around. i generally choose to start on the comment moderation page in back and start at the very top (because it is easiest and i like to see and publish what's fresh, just coming in) and i work my way down the page (newest to older) often skipping really long posts because they are time consuming and i want to get at least 10/20 comments cleared (and then maybe my email pings and i get distracted and don't get back for awhile, maybe not). if i see a batch together by one poster i skip over them all, iow, i don't publish ten comments by one poster on a page, it's not practical/fair use of my time. and then i might come upon a post that i feel perhaps i should read the context in which it was written, ie this morning

      cha cha..hmmm, interesting! so i click on it and read the context, clear it and notice right below it is another uncleared comment so i start working my way down the thread from that link up there (iow the newly cleared comments working my way down the thread will get cleared having NO bearing on when they were written/timestamped), i may skip over comments using inflammatory language, leaving them for another moderator to decide upon. then once i have worked my way to the bottom of the page, i scroll up to the top of the thread and catch all the comments on the top of the thread working my way down to the cha cha comments. then, i refresh the page and catch all the comments that have been posted on that thread since i started (all new). often i find whole threads that never got moderated the day before.

      then, i go back to the back pages and start clearing more comments.

      also today and yesterday i probably trashed at least 20 comments by pro israel posters insulting us for not writing about syria. because they are for the most part off topic on the thread and because when i see hasbara comment themes/memes like this (oh my what a radical coincidence every single pro israel poster is hassling us about syria today!)...and then i try to be consistent and trash them all, just because.

      now, once in a blue moon when i am feeling particularly orderly (rarely) i might decide to go on a hunting expedition and search for the oldest uncleared comment. i go back 15 pages, yep 2 unmoderated comments! then i go back 23 pages , oh my, it's trapped, then i go back 30 pages, wow,another. then i decide that's a waste of my time and i go back to page one. then i decide to take a break and answer a question like yours, and whoops, while i am doing it 20 comments stack up.

      iow totally random. oh, and i generally trash comments that rag on me for being unfair. and off topic comments and sometimes if a comment is bolded for whole huge blockquotes so they stand out on the page, i might just skip over it because it's so glaring.

      if you want the moderation more streamlined write phil and adam. i hope that answers your question.

      If the moderators are swamped and can’t keep up, rerhaps a quota system should be considered

      you mean like count everyone's comments?

      not a bad idea, if you want i can skip over your comments between now and when they hire someone to streamline in a more logical fashion. just let me know.

    • dissed. i strongly urge you to write phil and adam and complain about comments being backed up for days. they need to streamline the moderation. and i would urge everyone to do that.

      go to the reply function on the comment you want deleted and write 'please delete my comment at 3:42 am, or whatever time stamp is on your comment.

      if you have one stuck on some page for days place a comment below it in reply that says "please moderate this comment".

      that might help.

    • danaa, we are not at a loss for ideas or plans. in fact i keep hearing how it's going to be improved shortly.

      i have probably written at least 100 emails regarding streamlining the comment moderation over the last 6 months. how many have you written?

    • i would urge concerned readers to email both adam and phil and let them know you'd appreciate their attention directed towards resolving the timeliness of comment moderation. we were going to be dealing with this soon a few months ago, a couple months ago, a month ago, a few weeks ago, a couple weeks ago, last week and then again this week.

      alas, we get distracted with other urgent issues. i have confidence at the pace we're going things will get more streamlined sometime soon, this year, or next, or within the decade.

    • mayhem, i have no idea why the comments on that thread were turned off and wasn't even aware of it until now. a decision of that gravity only comes from up top, not moderators. write adam and phil, their emails are on the about page.

      i can reveal from past experience threads have been turned off as a result of email complaints about a discussion that call attention to a particular thread. adam and phil are busy guys and often do not have time to follow the thread discussions, unless and until we get complaints. then they check them out and sometimes delete already published stuff. (iow, you may not find the offending comments by reviewing the thread). i'll add the lion's share of email complaints i have been privy to come from pro zionist advocates.

      [edit: all comment threads are discontinued now after 5 days]

    • mcohen, hmm, what can i say. there's a lot code stuff going on about winds and storm or something. not sure if it's end of times talk or what. try not 'going there' or at least explain what you are referencing because we're not interested in comments with stuff inserted moderators can't understand.

    • is there a particular thread you are referencing?

    • your welcome. in the future if you leave a note below them (using the reply function to the unmoderated comment)it becomes easier to find the comment. there's no way to check for unmoderated comments by a poster's name.

    • yeah, comments come in faster than staff moderates. mornings staff work on getting drafts up, so moderation is slow. what thread are they on. i think all the threads have many unmoderated comments.

    • yonah, i just took a little trip to the trash pile on the hunch this might be related to some message close to your heart that didn't make it thru today.

      a little tip for you. the next time you post a comment, for example (hypothetically of course!) 'I want to say a word in defense of Meir Kahane.....not the this Meir Kahane who does yada yada yada or that Meir Kahane who does yada yada yada etc but the Meir Kahane who said this and that,' i would just turn around, look for your thinking cap, put it on and figure how to say whatever it is you want to say, another way.

      and the next time you get that urge to denigrate one of our valued contributors by calling him a demagogue (not once but several times in one comment) go over and post it on stand with us, because we probably won't be publishing it on mondoweiss.

      see ya!

    • yonah, not sure what kind of letters you mean but wrt exclusions that 'do not help the discussion' there's this:

      we are not interested in commenters whose only aim is to disrupt or sabotage the discussion.

    • to the satisfaction of Israel & the West. But what could the Israeli’s and Americans offer?

      it's not about 'israel and the west' or ' Israeli’s and Americans offer'. quit gluing us together. it's israel driving this madness.

      .A promise to pull back the settlements will not appeal to the mullahs.

      that is not for you to decide. you're just taking it out of the equation because it's not what you want, and pretending it has something to do with iran.

      Pick a number 500,000, 700,000 or 1,000,000 returnees in exchange for nuclear non-proliferation.

      1 million to israel 'proper' and the 67 pullback plus palestine's capitol in jerusalem and some people might take you seriously. but either way iran has as much right as anyone to have a nuclear program.

      miko, the intended hope on each party’s part of being some modest advantage going forward.

      not israel. as usual israel is willing and eager to pressure the US into another war so it can get on with their land theft and ethnic cleansing. there's nothing modest about that. it's theatre all right, just not the kind you're envisioning.

    • that was an awesome comment donald.

    • hi anon, one uses html links here just linke most other sites in the internet. if you google html links there are many sites that explain them. here's one.

      but for a really easy way to understand it, the way i learned actually was this site. go to any thread and click on 'comments' at the end and then scroll. there is a very simple instructional presented under "Allowed HTML Tags:".

      i would post them but they transform when you write them. good luck and ask again if you still cannot figure this out. people will help you and thanks for asking. ciao.

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