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Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani

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  • The family of 7 stood 20 meters back as the soldiers ripped bags of lentils and rice and destroyed their house
    • thank you cg. i'm grateful to amira hass, dorit hershkowitz and dafna banai and all the people on the ground over there (including shir hever ..i linked to his report) documenting the horrid conditions palestinians have to endure in this hideous occupation/ethnic cleansing, blight on humanity. there are way to many to mention, like ICAHD. link to

      i keep thinking if we keep exposing it there will be a breakthru sometime, somewhere. we just have to keep at it. there are so many instances that do not ever get reported. one would have to be reading all day long every moment of every day and still you wouldn't be able to keep up. so, i guess after i read about it, especially after reading about what happened last weekend in that same place (from morgan on her bike ride)..and we are so far away..and it's people just like the sawaftah's family the bike riders were calling attention to. collectively we do know..but individually it really brings it home. for me, seeing the little girl doing her homework in a tent, and the chicken.....all that sumud is just amazing isn't it?

    • eljay, i know, it makes my blood boil sometimes if i think about it too long.

      @weareallmadeofstars, dunno what to too.

  • Mads Gilbert, eyewitness to 'Cast Lead', says Gaza remains besieged and 'shattered'
    • i'm glad he's talking about the sewage problem. it's so horrible and most people have no idea about it. they won't let in the equipment and when the power goes off there's no pumping it. it's horrendous, the disease.

  • 'Grass shattered the narrative' -- Refaat Alareer
    • journalists at the Springer papers (the Hamburg/national paper Die Welt and the large circulation tabloid Bild and others) have to sign a statement of solidarity with Israel


    • We no longer have only ordinary people supporting us

      i absolutely love this. it's extraordinary. the idea that we are the ordinary people and not the exception! yes yes yes we are!

      i also love the way he doesn't shy away from saying it wasn't really poetry, and i agree. the value wasn't in the form.

      and here's where refaat clenches it, and note the surprised expression:

      "The poem implicitly says that the silence regarding what is happening in Palestine is like the silence occurring during the Holocaust. This is a crazy idea actually! He compared the greatest sin in Germany's history to attacking Iran. This drove Israel crazy. It is a counter narrative to what Israel tries to profess that it is to be the sole democracy in the Middle East, having the most moral army, and fighting the evil of Palestinians, Iranians and the terrorists in the Middle East," Alareer noted.

      thank you Yousef, and thank you Refaat Alareer!

  • Sequestering young people in religious/ethnic schools breeds alienation and hatred (Magid takes on Beinart)
    • most inter-married Jewish children are completely isolated and unaware of their Jewishness.


    • most inter-married Jewish children are completely isolated and unaware of their Jewishness


    • so it’s ok to accuse Jews of being “segregationist” for choosing to observe kashrut laws, but if I refer to Christendom’s choice not to observe those laws as a “lower standard”, people get politically correct.

      hops, please don't pan this off on 'politically correct'. it's not the same as segregationalism which can be viewed as a choice. "the lower standard" is a very clear value judgement. but who am i to know. christians think you can't get to god without christ so they probably think worshiping god sans christ is a lower form of worship too. but if someone said judaism was a lower standard of worship they would probably be accused of anti semitism. it wouldn't be panned off as simply politically incorrect. it would be considered an insult.

      and i understand you meant nothing by it. apology accepted.

    • it’s not totally inaccurate to say that Christians separated themselves from their Jewish brethren by choosing the lower standard, not the other way around.

      do you believe christians chose a lower standard?

    • I agree that what happens at home is very important, but it is much harder when a child cannot do things with his peers.

      what does 'cannot do things with his peers' have to do with never having a non jew step inside the house? there are 365 days in a year. 16 years is over over 5000 days. i think you are evading my point, take the last word.

    • oh, and it's not a nasty question. if it's not applicable to you then why are you addressing it. my original comment was even not made to you, and when you responded you reduced it to the school, skipping the glaring part, and then chastise when i asked if it was applicable to you ("has one ever entered your house"). so this is not even applicable to you because, according to you, you have had many non-jews in your home.

      so answer me this, what is wrong with me thinking it is strange for someone to not have a person of another ethnicity in their house? if you read something that said, there were never any jews in a persons house for 16 years, and someone said strange..would you jump down their throat?
      what a drama queen.

    • No problem, I didn’t say it. Annie looks silly extrapolating from what one person says and concluding that people who goes to day school are strangers from other communities.

      no i didn't. i have no problem with people going to religious private schools whether they are catholic, jewish or whatever. often times it's the best education available. i copy pasted the entire sentence because it was the culmination and what seemed surprising to me was no non jew ever even being in the house (except the help) and when hophmi responded about the day school my response was directed exclusively toward the house comment. school is 5/6 hrs a day, the house is all the time including weekends. it almost seems one would have to have a willful policy to not ever have a non jewish person in ones house, ever...for it to have spanned 16 years. i have not read the rest of hophmi's comment. but instead of addressing what i wrote, he is addressing what he's extrapolated.

      besides, it seems like people are picking a scab over what i said, "people are strange when you’re a stranger." is not really that controversial. often people do seem strange when they are strangers, as many people who have traveled to a foreign country for the first time for a little while til they catch their bearings.

      next, i said it seems sheltered but i suppose it is not that uncommon, and not just for this one ethnicity. there are probably other families that only associate with ‘their kind’.

      again, the reference to "families that only associate". meaning the home. so i extrapolated nothing about kids going to private schools.

    • not sure what to make of it marc. it seems sheltered but i suppose it is not that uncommon, and not just for this one ethnicity. there are probably other families that only associate with 'their kind'. i think it is sad tho.

    • assuming what? that people are strange when one is a stranger?

      I went to day school too, and I interacted with plenty of Gentiles

      has one ever entered your house.

    • link to

      According to recent surveys, 83 percent of Americans identify with a religious denomination.....The majority of Americans (60% to 76%) identify themselves as Christians,

      fyi the 76% figure comes from a Trinity College survey, the 60% (59.9 actually) figure comes from The Association of Religion Data Archives (ARDA) link to

      it's only a difference of about a 50 million people anyway. no biggie.

    • whoa, from magid's review of beinart's book

      An academic colleague, who grew up in a non-religious but traditional home and went to a progressive Jewish school in a major North American city, believes he was 16 before any non-Jew ever entered his house (apart from “the help”).

      people are strange
      when you're a stranger.

    • elliot, some people just won't take no for an answer. when i entered israel they asked me what my religion was, i said can't get into israel without a religion. this is probably where that 80% christian idea comes from. silly. how many of those 80% even believe in original sin?

  • Dana on Beinart: 'undeterred by unavoidable realities'
    • Dana's is one of the best critiques of the book i've read thus far.

      The Israeli government, which is democratically elected, is responsible for all of the actions of the settlers and the creation of the settlements. Israeli settlements are a by-product of Israeli democracy and not a negation of it. Recent poll data demonstrates that a majority of Israelis support the construction of new settlements and the growing power of the right in the Israeli parliament confirms that. The left-leaning, liberal Israeli, which appears like a Herzlian figure for Beinart, most likely has a son patrolling the streets of Hebron or conducting night raids in Ramallah as part of his military service.

      These unavoidable realities do not deter Beinart. His solution for the manufactured impasse between undemocratic and democratic Israel is a targeted boycott of Israeli settlements. Not only is this impossible in practice, but it conceals a more sinister objective.


      Perhaps the actual crisis of Zionism is the fact that liberal Zionist writers, who deeply care for Israel, are unable or unwilling to accept that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is increasingly being defined as a battle over rights and equality between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea. Palestinians are coalescing around nonviolent boycotts targeting Israel’s system of inequality while Israel is destroying its own democratic foundations in an attempt to protect its ideology of exclusion. Rigorous critique of Zionism, not Israeli settlements, is the first step towards safeguarding Israel as a haven for Jews while preventing the country from sliding deeper into moral bankruptcy.

  • Media Matters report documents inflation of threat from Iran on news networks
  • Three thoughts For Holocaust Day
    • there were undoubtedly some zionists who cared. the organization/not so much. but undoubtedly some zionists cared.

    • thanks for this leehee.

      moving video/song. i tried to but the lyrics thru google translate but was not successful.

  • If you give a Palestinian the right to bike in the Jordan Valley….
    • this is a really important post, it went up late last night. i hope everyone has a chance to read it for it provides a lot of context wrt the explosion that took place over the weekend.

      it gives me a sense of how interconnected everything is in the jordan valley, that morgan, whom phil interviewed on one of his trips there (we have the video, she's awesome), just happened to go on this trip and offers her story as a cool is that?

    • thank you morgan. wonderful text. i love the sleepy eyed meeting with the busy tailed and all those details. the thought processes .. i love the way you write and please write for us more often.

  • Auden wrote 'by far' the best book in 1945, but was denied the Pulitzer for alleged Communism and aloofness from WW II
    • i didn't know you were writing a book about places Shapiro served in the war. intriguing. i agree with krauss, i like these kinds of posts.

      "Those to whom evil is done/Do evil in return"

      are about the Versailles arrangements and their consequences

      that is what i assumed when i first read it.

  • British gov't's failed effort to deport Palestinian sheikh ends with focus on 'barrage of racist policies' in only ME democracy
    • plus, note how there's no link. that text doesn't appear in the two links i referenced so we have no idea what i allegedly left it out of. it's just not worth it sometimes trying to keep up with all their contortions. and just like the earlier comment he completely mischaracterizes the judges rulings. so i am not motivated to go chasing around to figure out where it is he's quoting from. waste of time.

    • fred, did you try reading the links i provided from the guardian's Comment editor Becky Gardiner in the comments at the first link? because if you had you would have found this:

      The judge did not accept Salah's explanation, saying he found it “wholly unpersuasive”. He said the speech “would offend and distress” Jews. However, he also noted that the sermon as a whole “was against the actions of the state of Israel” rather than Jews as such.

      link to

      response to Sprindew continued ...

      To conclude, the judge said that:

      “...there is no reliable evidence of [Salah] using words carrying a reference to the blood libel save in the single passage in a sermon delivered five years ago. ... The absence of other evidence is striking ... [Salah] is a prominent public figure and a prolific speaker. ... his speeches are of interest to the authorties in Israel. ... We think it can be fairly said that the evidence before us is not a sample, or 'the tip of the iceberg': it is simply all the evidence there is.”

      And later:

      “the matters raised by the Secretary of State are not a fair portrayal of [Salah's] views or words as a whole; they are in essence confined to words on one day, that are not shown to have caused any difficulty at the time or since. There is no evidence that the danger percieved by [Theresa May] is perceived by any of the other countries where [Salah] has been, nor, save for the very tardy indictment, is there any evidence that even Israel sees the danger [she] sees.”

      link to

    • at the base of the guardian link is a small paragraph with three links to specific comments that provide context including segments of the judgement. they are worth reading.

  • Steve Rothman spins Danish cyclist attack as propaganda coup
  • Assange's first guest on RT world premier: Nasrallah says US & Israel seek civil war in Syria
    • Very confused

      probably because it's all so complicated!

    • this is old news noland. i even think someone already posted this link on this thread. but here it is again in case you missed it. from February.
      link to
      Al-Qaeda infiltrating Syrian opposition, U.S. officials say

    • down with dialogue!

    • Would you grant legitimacy to a despot who has murdered thousands of his own people?

      didn't abraham lincoln do that?


      just joking!

      sorry sorry, my sick soh is running away with me. i will stop now.

    • izz: The world cannot be explained with kindergarten reductionism.


    • this totally cracks me up. i can't stop laughing reading some of this back n forth. izzie and mayhem are such lil tag teamers trying to catch themselves a big fish! why do you support sharia and pot pol? then walid says, he doesn't support sharia (walid, you can't fall for these traps) and mayhem shushes him up quiet! stay out of it, i am trying to engage the coterie! and then eljay reminds us it been reported for months AQ has been mixed with the opposition (more on that updated here, like everybody knows already): link to and then asks @Mayhem: Why do you support Al-Qaeda and Hamas?

      and what does he say?!!!!!

      @eljay: The world cannot be explained with kindergarten reductionism.


      i have to remember that line the next time izzie asked me why i support big binny, oh no he's dead he doesn't count. it's kim i love!!

      The world cannot be explained with kindergarten reductionism

      okay, i am going to go try it upthread.

      edit: how'd i do? link to

    • kathleen, it's going to be MIA link to

    • and i've never even heard of Kim er Sung.

    • rockets to murder civilians

      squack squack..and what about drill props?

      link to

    • The main term that Nasrallah repeated throughout the war in his speeches was “sumud,” Arabic for “standing firm” or “steadfastness.” Ronen says that Nasrallah’s rhetoric was aimed at supporting and strengthening the “steadfastness” in terms of social unity and solidarity among the Lebanese;

      i don't have any recollection of the msm here covering any of nasrallah's speeches. i remember that highly anticipated speech he was going to make involving the israeli spy ring they busted implicating israel in the death of hariri and then israel did some tree triming on the border the morning of the speech and all hell broke loose. the speech was delayed. but it think i watched part of it, although there may have been subtitles there was no translator.

    • mayhem is excited about another libya.

      Xinhua reports from Damascus, Syria: Head of UN observers denies coming under fire in Damascus' suburb

      Head of the UN advance observer team to Syria denied that his team came under fire in one of the hotspot suburbs of Syria's capital Damascus on Wednesday.

      Speaking to reporters after finishing a tour in the Damascus suburb of Arbeen, Moroccan Col. Ahmed Himmiche said that his team didn't come under fire there, ...

      link to

      more from Xinhua (photos: "U.N. observers leave the Sheraton Hotel in Damascus, Syria, on April 18, 2012. The seven-
      man team, according to International envoy Kofi Annan's spokesman, arrived in Damascus late
      Sunday to monitor Syria's 4-day-old cease-fire.(Xinhua/Hazim)

      "We are going to do our best to accomplish our mission and our task," he said, adding that "in order to establish this liaison, we need time and trust... we need to build confidence with all the parties in order to achieve our task."

      On Tuesday, the UN team visited Syria's southern province of Daraa, which is the birthplace of the domestic unrest in Syria.

      Earlier in the day, Himmiche said the number of observers is now seven and would reach 30 within a couple of days. He said that his mission is "technical," and that their work is moving on " normally so far."

      The advance team of UN observers arrived in Damascus on Sunday night to monitor the implementation of a cease-fire which was brokered by the UN-Arab League joint special envoy Kofi Annan and went into effect last Thursday.

      Their arrival came a day after the UN Security Council unanimously approved the observer mission. The advance team will be followed by other batches of observers and the total number of monitors may eventually reach 250.

    • long track record. i'm with walid on this oleg, you sure you want to go there. we can talk about the lawsuit, the israeli insurance company who got caught paying for all those illegal transplants down in south africa..where the israelis would fly down there to get operations memory is a little rusty but it was in all the major news outlets, the ones in africa anyway. the body parts came from poor people, alive poor people.

      you guys must be really desperate to drag body part dealers into this conversation.

    • i'm sure the empire has concluded just that actually, if they count as 'anyone'.

    • sorry eljay, i wasn't sure your meaning before, off my radar. i didn't pick up on the reference to abrahamic as being unusual, but then i don't follow what normal religious references are. i did notice assange used the term monotheism when asking the question.

    • do you think he knew assange was going to ask him that? don't religious people all believe their religion is the way to god?

      encouraging Muslims to abandon Islam and embrace Judaism

      do any religious people do that? encourage people of their own religion to abandon it and embrace another religion? i have never really heard of that. do christians do that? jews?

    • she goes from moscow and rome bureau chief, to ‘television critic’?

      who knows, maybe they grabbed her to write this hit piece and wanted to stash it under 'television'. it was pathetic.

    • yeah, that's where i first saw it yesterday and saw the nyt link in the comments too. i actually drafted most of this last night.

      i owe a lot to b, he's taught me a different way of viewing the media and a whole slew of other things. too many to mention. he's a wonderful person. i'm fortunate to have spent some quality time with him offline as well.

      i can honestly say i don't think there is any posting b's ever written on that site i have ever missed, not one. moa is a mainstay for me and has been since the day it began.

      (have you ever opened the daily palestinian link on the left lower side of the homepage? moa is where i first learned about the nakba and put palestine on my radar)

    • hey! i had a very similar response. it totally made sense to me how popular he is. did you notice how he started smiling when asked about his childhood (about 20 minutes in), when he answered, about palestinians? and then he kept it up almost thru to the end. i think this person loves life.

    • yes thank you lysias, i had not read greenwald til now, still reading actually, just got to the nyt part and realized we chose the same blockquote. the nyt really chewed him up and so did many others. i thought of providing all the links. they all called it a 'talk show' insted of a news program for one thing. i don't really know the definition of a talk show but there was something in the way they stuck together. so snide. anyway..back to greenwald.

      edit, one more thing. it's against the rules to link to RT at dkos. lol. funny. at least it used to be.

  • Bono in Jerusalem: 'Hope Is Like A Faithful Dog'
  • Freedom Funnies: 'The Angel of Dialogue, the Gift of Censorship, and the Power of Boycott'
    • okay i had to come back once i finished. thank you thank you thank you ethan! just excellent. i'm falling in love with this medium.

      and i learned about another artist today, oreet ashery.

    • i highly recommend people open the link: "Swiss museum cancels competition after prize-sponsor Lacoste rejects Palestinian artist": link to

      this is startling art. Larissa Sansour is a mindblowing artist. you have to see it to believe it. ...ok, back to the comic! love this!

    • a mutually extended olive branch is about as sexy as it gets

      !!!! love the graphic on that one. ok, working my way down, i just had to say that.

  • Define Orientalism (Palestinians make heroes of people who kill civilians)
    • I did not forced Phil to post on that topic today.

      phil didn't post on that topic dim, you brought it up.

      She didn’t say anything about all Danes and their kin

      lest we forget

      After the fifth time I say: “show me again. Can I see it again?”
      Now, I want to say things precisely. People are talking about - I really want to be very precise.
      First of all, there’s a certain something in the image, of the Jew wearing his yarmulke [religious hat], who looks, you know, like one of the householders in [Jewish] town, and standing against him is the golden-haired Dane, with the Hitler-Jugend look to him.

      so it's only golden-haired danes, with their Hitler-Jugend looks, who might be offended. thanks for clearing that up.

    • point taken dim. just wondering if you'll find a little space in your remembering to appreciate these people:

      link to

      one of the largest actions of collective resistance to repression in the countries occupied by Nazi Germany. As a result of the rescue and Danish intercession on behalf of the 5% of Danish Jews who were deported to Theresienstadt transit camp in Bohemia, over 99% of Denmark’s Jewish population survived the Holocaust.

      meanwhile, on the eve of the Remembrance Day in Israel, the army radio is hosting a bigot comparing Danes to nazis.

      do you plan on chastising them as well? or just phil. because there is a thread at the link ready and waiting for your condemnation..

    • Good one- on the eve of the Remembrance Day in Israel.

      shwang. it's still early here, will you be slinging that accusation around, milking it all day?

  • Israeli celebrity says she enjoyed video of IDF attacking Danish activist because he looked like a Nazi
    • You want Israel gone or changed to such a degree that it won’t be a state of Israel in the sense that most Israelis want it to be.

      poor oleg, didn't get the answer he wants so he answers for me. anyone can play that game, boring.

      Nope annie still diverting but that’s ok.

      endgame link to

      2. The final stage of an extended process or course of events: the diplomatic endgame that led to the treaty.

      bds strategy is simple. boycott divestment and sanctions til israel agrees to equality/human rights. that's all there is to it. their strategy is not complicated. there's nothing hidden and there's no diversion. you just don't like it. reminds me of when some iof person said 'we don't do gandhi very well'. your ilk are just more comfortable with violent opponents and evil intent, so predictable link to

      We want to caution from falling into the trap of a good atmosphere...

    • what’s the political endgame?

      you just told me you were not interested in hearing the political endgame.

      btw, i already read mr hasbara's (Eran Shayshon Director of National Security & Global Affairs at the Reut Institute) refreshed talking pts today oleg so spare us your observations about who is or is not diverting on this 200 comment thread. pleeeeease.

      i know very well how this works. any really popular thread that makes israel look bad gets trolled for days and filled up with a bunch of crap.

    • political change on the ground of reality. The BDS avoids talking about that reality

      huh? like this:

      link to

      or this:

      link to

      more where that came from:

      link to

    • Ruppin’s work predated Nazism by about 30 years.

      eugenitic was all the rage in the scientific community in the decades after darwin's On the Origin of Species was published in 1859. it wasn't limited to nazis and zionists. everybody else just moved on. most everybody.

    • don't go slagging the one percenters fred. they pack a punch when they ban together. at least in this country they do.

    • bang bang!

    • this event should emphasize to you or anyone else, how rare those instances are

      oh please! first of all they've documented hella lot but seriohsly how many of them do you think there are? do you think they sleep in every house every night to record all the home invasions? did you open the link to the australian? it's actually AP

      link to

      "Any reasonable viewer who sees the clip asks himself how many such incidents take place where there is no documentation, and how the army responds when there is no conclusive and public proof of unjustified violence," wrote Ofer Shelah, a military columnist for the Yediot Ahronot daily.

      get that? and notice how i didn't include it in the blockquote from the article. it just goes to show how fair use holds is back when publishing and should be a reminded to everyone to open the links.

      bottom line, people re not stupid. where there's a military rule over millions of people OF COURSE the most flagrant of violations never get recorded. why do you think b'tselem started passing out cameras. this has been going on for decades!

      it wasn't til the internet came on the scene these images started traveling fast and furiously. and israel still doesn't change, they just try to keep it from being documented.

    • mass acupuncture in the eyeball ...jesus taxi!

    • If there is any country that looks less like Israel, I can’t think of one that is more effective than Denmark just doing and building what it does naturally.

      Table: The World's Happiest Countries

      link to


    • Israel has started celebrating its six-week cycle of historical reenactment.
      dena, noam gur mentioned that in our interview you helped set up.
      link to

      The Israeli society still worship the dead far more the the living. I'm not sure if I mentioned that but the refuse date is pretty bad - it's the month of the Holocaust Remembrance Day, Memorial Day for IDF soldiers and the Israeli independence day. April is always a month when you can see how much Israel invests in the dead.

    • stupid and a bad decision? is that the extent of your critique?

    • i hope everyone has a chance to open the Righteous Among the Nations link provided in the article.

      The rescue of the Danish Jews occurred during Nazi Germany's occupation of Denmark during World War II. On October 1st 1943 Nazi leader Adolf Hitler ordered Danish Jews to be arrested and deported. Despite great personal risk, the Danish resistance movement with the assistance of many ordinary Danish citizens took part in a collective effort to evacuate about 8,000 Jews of Denmark by sea to nearby neutral Sweden.

      The rescue allowed the vast majority of Denmark's Jewish population to avoid capture by the Nazis and is considered to be one of the largest actions of collective resistance to repression in the countries occupied by Nazi Germany. As a result of the rescue and Danish intercession on behalf of the 5% of Danish Jews who were deported to Theresienstadt transit camp in Bohemia, over 99% of Denmark's Jewish population survived the Holocaust.


      The Danish resistance movement as a collective effort, rather than as individuals, has been honoured at Yad Vashem in Israel as being part of the "righteous among the nations".[15][16] Also honoured are a handful of Danes who were not members of the official resistance movement, and Georg Ferdinand Duckwitz.[17]

    • hey thanks for showing up dena, this is an amazing find. thank your friend in Israel for us please.

    • How is that outrageous?

      i dunno dim, this was on israel's army radio. you don't find that even a tad outlandish? is there anything 'pro israel' you won't defend?

    • oh i have a feeling this will definitely reach denmark.

    • outrageous: First of all, there’s a certain something in the image, of the Jew wearing his yarmulke.. who looks, you know, like one of the householders in [Jewish] town, and standing against him is the golden-haired Dane, with the Hitler-Jugend look to him.
      The role reversal - I really-really liked it.

  • Rifle-bashing lieutenant-colonel solves Jewish problem created by Freud and my mother, says author of 'Indecent Proposal'
  • A European says, You can stick a fork in Israel
    • I’m sure I’ve got a soft, Jewy center.

      no nuts?


    • sounds like a box of chocolates mooser. ;)

    • i find some elements of the Israeli left to be just as dangerous

      do tell. last i heard they didn't have much representation in the knesset. what/where/who compared to the kind of traction the national religious movement has at this time? (btw, i didn't reference them as monolithic, that's a far cry from the miniscule influence of the dangerous left)

    • i get it, really no different than a radical anti zionist leftie saying what she said. thanks for the clarification, your humor flew over my head.

    • an impersonation of her and her neoconnish think tank cohorts?

      nice divert for a top comment.

    • oleg, what did you think of "works for a faintly neoconnish think tank"?

      granted, she lives in the UK. don't you think it's normal or rational even neocons would be concerned with the national religious influence lately. you don't find them a tad wacky? or invasive? or do you think this might be a temporary phase that will roll over sometime in the relatively near future?

    • love the one of my ex-stepmothers.

  • Video: Palestinian prisoners and their families
    • you assume wrong. while not positive i do not believe there was ever any evidence presented against her.

  • New Migron bill could lead to massive Israeli land grab in the West Bank
    • thank you. i always appreciate being able to ask you questions y'know.

    • That’s nothing new. Primacy of parliamentary legislation has always been a key feature of the Israeli High Court’s rulings on the occupied territories.

      hostage, would it be new for israel within israel..or do you mean the precedence has been set previously wrt the occupied territories? your blockquote referencing "domestic legislative provisions ", means inside israel? if this is so why are so many making a big deal of this now? here's another recent link: Mounting criticism of bill to limit Supreme Court powers.

      link to

    • there are two posters. one says Harvard Israel Conference 2012, you can find info about that here:

      link to

      and commentary w/other links here: link to

      it looks like the other poster, the 'the greater israel conference harvard small country big occupation' is a mockup/commentary overlay. what copycats. i just had lunch with someone today who attended the one at harvard, she said it was really professional and impressive.

    • great article allison

    • here: link to

      Monday, April 09, 2012
      Israel bill would allow Parliament to overturn Supreme Court decisions
      Andrea Bottorff at 11:07 AM ET

      [JURIST] The Israeli justice minister has proposed a bill that would allow the Israeli Knesset to reinstate laws that have been struck down by the Israeli Supreme Court [official websites]. Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman [official profile] last week proposed the bill, which would give parliament authority to overturn Supreme Court decisions [Haaretz report] that find laws unconstitutional. If a majority of 65 members vote in favor of the disputed law, then the law would be revived and valid for five years, after which parliament could vote to renew it for additional five-year periods. The proposed law has sparked debate. For example, Knesset legal adviser Eyal Yinon opposes the bill, saying that 65 votes does not represent a sufficient majority and that the law would give parliament too much power [Times of Israel report]. However, Knesset member Reuven Rivlin [official profile] said the proposal would reduce conflict [Jerusalem Post report] between parliament and judiciary and said that he would pursue a vote on the bill during the summer session.

      Israel's parliament and judiciary have experienced increasing tension. The Knesset passed a new law in January that changed the rules [JURIST report] governing the selection of Supreme Court justices. The contentious law had been criticized for undermining the independence of the judiciary in an effort to further a conservative judge favored by the government. Many fear the new laws will influence judicial decisions, impede upon the rights of the press and be used to harass liberal groups. Parliament also restricted the power of the Israel Supreme Court [JURIST report] in 2008 when it passed a bill granting the Knesset authority to revise laws overturned by the court and renewing those laws' validity. In those cases, the Knesset could overturn a Supreme Court ruling with an ordinary one-round of voting rather than the 61-vote majority in the 120-member body in three rounds of voting currently required to overturn the Supreme Court.

      plus i was reading yesterday 65 was exactly the amount of right wing MK's they have now.

    • david, we covered that recent supreme court ruling here in Sfard on Israeli Supreme Court ruling on Migron outpost: ‘It’s Our Brown v. Board’:

      link to

      have you heard about the slew of new bill's coming up that the buzz of israel right now one of which affords the knesset to over rule supreme court rulings? iow, if the supreme court rules a law is not constitutional (or whatever tey call it in a land with no constitution) the knesset can overrule them. i think this is coming down BEFORE august. very shortly actually, in conjunction with the new migron bill.

  • How Benny Morris transformed a patriotic struggle into a 'holy war' for 'sacred Islamic soil'
  • Jodi Rudoren heads for Jerusalem
  • Eisner, new poster boy for occupation, says you can't look good for the camera when you're fighting 'anarchists'
    • yeah, someone should tell him when he's trying to convince the world his hand is damaged not to favor it automatically when opening the car door while he's being being recorded. i hurt my hand in an accident once and hardly used it for 1/2 year. especially not a couple days later. then he slams the car door shut with it too. what's he thinking? he's so full of himself he forgot.

  • Barghouti to U.S. Jews: I know you don't like the word apartheid, but what do you call a system that gives a settler 50 times more water than a Palestinian?
    • thanks sumud, i will check it out.

    • wonderful, LOVE the photo, adore the man and his message rocks. thank you phil.

    • The reality presented at Mondoweiss isn’t totally wrong, only mostly wrong.

      okay, aside from your ad hominem diversions and your alleged so called palestinian acquaintances do you have anything to say about barghouti's speech?

  • 'The War Around Us': New film on the journalists who covered 'Cast Lead'
    • thanks adam, this was completely off my radar. if it's as good as occupation 101..well, that is a fantastic movie.

  • Penny-ante anarchists, pampered eccentrics, masochistic dreamers -- activists are the new existential threat!
    • i meant people outside of israel. it just seems rather odd to me a minister of public diplomacy would think this agenda is diplomatic. their website is rather strange, that video etc. and his quotes are anything but diplomatic.

    • clearly, diplomacy means something different to israelis than it does for the rest of us.

  • Relentless occupation: cutting down olive trees, seizing sheep, destroying wells
    • Abbas say’s Israel wants to keep the status quo, he is wrong again, just to remind Abbas the Israelis have not finished their ethnic cleansing yet

      but isn't the status quo ethnic cleansing? maybe that's what he meant by keeping the status quo. if that's the case he's not wrong.

  • Major Bay Area arts org worked closely with Israeli consul general to counter protests
    • absolutely Matthew and thanks for bringing that up. i purposely prefaced that with "as far as we are concerned", meaning many san franciscans think that way about our city (gay and straight alike of course), the way we self identify. the harvy milk/mayor moscone massacre really solidified the people in a way it is hard to describe. more importantly, people of my generation lost so many loved ones here, it's hard going a day without thinking about...them. we're such a small city it really affected everyone, our losses. your framing of decimate,it was personally decimating. i don't know if we do actually lead in gay rights activism and the movement has grown so much (thank goodness). it's really beautiful in my lifetime how much it's grown. anyway, sorry i probably worded that wrong earlier.

    • this is a really important post for a number of reasons. first off, as far as we are concerned san francisco leads the country in gay activism and always has. it completely embedded in the politics of the city and as a force they are a very strong force in san francisco. like no other i can think of off the top of my head.

      this issue and awareness spreading thru that community could have lasting effects. it's a battleground all right and the government of israel has weaseled their way right into the heart of it.

  • Iran didn't threaten to 'wipe' Israel out -- Israel's deputy prime minister
    • apology accepted. danaa's a native of israeli so she's much more qualified to be making the kinds of cultural distinctions she made. it isn't my area of expertise.

      burston and i do not share the exact opinions. in fact i wrote a critical article here about one of his columns.

      this is what you are to me:

      link to

      anyone can claim anything about themselves, but i judge people not by their alleged self identification, but by the kinds of arguments they make and their general consistency and integrity. i knew very well i didn't make that comment because i don't grab stuff out of nowhere and say anything that serves my argument. go read the hasbara handbook section on point scoring. this is point scoring, based on nothing, just a stupid broad brush ad hominem:

      These people seem to deny the existence of anything they deem unacceptable

      you can tell me you are 'pretty far left' til you're blue in the face, blather about me 'assaulting' your ideological cohort. walks like a duck and talks like a duck. you're a duck as far as i am concerned. we are operating in an info battlefield where the opponent spends millions in online advocacy for agents who do not reveal themselves as agents. so look to team israel if you're unsatisfied we don't buy ridiculous bios that sound fake.

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