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Annie Robbins

Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani

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  • Our Year-End Campaign: What Mondoweiss Means To Me
    • thanks chinese box, write adam. i'm sending him a note now. this happened to me last week when i was trying to donate to the bds campaign fundraiser. it drove me nuts. but i persisted. the firth time it took my money.

  • Palestinian minister dies after Israeli army assault during olive tree planting ceremony in West Bank village
    • exactly seafoid.

    • asherpat, there's more video now completely refuting your hypothesis.

      and i suggest you read allison's new report.

      i really can't be bothered by anymore of your diversion/hasbara. too bs and old school crap.

    • Systematic killings and systematic lying about the killings. Abu Khdeir was murdered by his family because he was gay. 500 kids killed but the schools they died in were used to launch rockets. Minister had a heart attack.

      so many more, remember the nakba day killings, oren said they faked it and there were no bodies. remember Autopsy reveals Arafat Jaradat died of extreme torture in Israeli custody - See more at:
      but israel said it was a heart attack.

      At a news conference in Ramallah, Issa Qaraqe said an autopsy conducted in Israel in the presence of Palestinian officials revealed that 30-year-old Jaradat had six broken bones in his neck, spine, arms and legs.

      “The information we have received so far is shocking and painful. The evidence corroborates our suspicion that Mr. Jaradat died as a result of torture, especially since the autopsy clearly proved that the victim’s heart was healthy, which disproves the initial alleged account presented by occupation authorities that he died of a heart attack,” Qaraqe said……

      The minister said Jaradat had sustained injuries and severe bruising in the upper right back area and severe bruises of sharp circular shape in the right chest area….. evidence of severe torture and on the muscle of the upper left shoulder, parallel to the spine in the lower neck area, and evidence of severe torture under the skin and inside the muscle of the right side of the chest. His second and third ribs in the right side of the chest were broken, Qaraqe said, and he also had injuries in the middle of the muscle in the right hand…Palestinian Prisoners Society president Qaddura Fares added that the autopsy revealed seven injuries to the inside of Jaradat’s lower lip, bruises on his face and blood on his nose…… heart was in good condition and there were no signs of bruising or stroke, the minister added.


      “Jaradat died due to torture and not a stroke or heart attack,” he said, adding that those responsible must be sued either through Interpol or the International Criminal Court.

      they lie with impunity.

    • thank you gamal. there is so much i do not know.

    • well jack, sounds like your source is either a liar or very unobservant/unreliable witness.

      They weren’t overly violent that I could see.... he was on the front line getting pushed back. Suddenly he was sitting on a rock, holding his chest.”

    • omg 14 years old. it just never ends!!!

    • i have no idea why they are dragging their heels on the ICC/signing the rome statute. probably threats from all sides. they are cowards. amnesty international advised them today to do it, now.

      abbas would be dead if he had the kind of courage a leader has. this is why he's been chosen, because he's amiable. he keeps dragging this thing out, god knows why.

      re the autopsies and oslo. israel keeps all birth and death records, PA can design postage stamps maybe, but nothing significant. israel gets to decide everything in this military occupation.

    • they admitted it themselves, the aim of the protest was to plant trees as close as possible to a Jewish settlement

      admit it? it's their land the settlers stole. it doesn't matter if they plant on their border for heavens sakes. and where did they say they wanted to get " as close as possible to a Jewish settlement" the illegal colony is adjoining their land. so who was it who got " as close as possible" to their private land? you sound delusional. and as i explained before "an approach" by the occupation soldiers was not on foot by all the soldiers as evidenced by the presence of the jeep. the soldiers probably drove up to intercept them, got out of the jeep and stood there ad the walking soldiers followed in tow. you can't say what "clearly happened" because you have no idea. first you say you can't imagine how it could have happened and when it's explained to you , you insist (w/no evidence) it couldn't have happened. "the scene is clear" in your friggin imagination as you fabricate a scenario that fits your agenda.

      " the Jeep must have travelled sideways. " there's this little thing called a steering wheel and it turns the car, not unlike how police set up road blocks with their vehicles and then stand on the side of them; car at a perpendicular angle to the road. seriously do you think we are conceptually challenged?????

    • Why the hell was an Israeli doctor permitted to do an autopsy? ....It’s as though the PA are saying that they are not trustworthy

      hmm, not really. i don't think the PA has a choice in the matter of determining to do their own autopsies. i think the state of israel is in control of all those decisions. the PA probably has to petition to be able to attend an autopsy. or something like that.

    • thanks just. i was wondering about the allegations of @RoySharon10

    • what was this guy with his health issues and age and status doing out there wrestling with border guards half his age

      it was a peaceful march mcohen. they got permission from the court to plant on their own land. it was not a riot. i'm sure he had no intention to "wrestle" with anyone. and why do you call them "border guards"? because borders are every 100 feet in palestine?

    • they torture for info and confessions. don't they have a 99% conviction rate w/the kids? a fool would take their judgements seriously.

    • that little old man w/his flag pole was awesome!

    • awesome ;)

    • that's something allison would have to answer. she said earlier in the article

      According to a witness, Abu Ein’s death occurred after the march to Turmusaya’s agricultural land was underway. As the Israeli and Palestinian observers of the rights day holiday walked into the orchards, about 50 soldiers some 300 meters away began firing tear gas and sound grenades, said Yesh Din’s spokesperson Reut Mor, who saw Abu Ein collapse.

      later, although allison characterized what mor saw differently (as being on the ground) she quoted Mor:

      After initial round of dispersants were fired by the army, soldiers approached Abu Ein and a group of Palestinians. At that point a soldier struck Abu Ein in the chest with the back end of his weapon, according to statements Yesh Din collected, Mor related. She did not see Abu Ein until he was lying on the ground. “What I saw is him collapsing.”

    • , I cant see how the statement above makes sense.

      some people are conceptually challenged asherpat. no worries. i can explain one plausible explanation for you. it's possible for some of the occupation forces to make an "approach" by transporting themselves in the vehicle and getting out of the vehicle to block the path of the marchers.

      also, i thought i would note that none of the occupation forces in the photo have their "backs... pushed to the vehicle." nor is there evidence in the photo a palestinian can be seen "pushing" an occupation soldier. what the photo does show is a soldier lunging forward clenching the throat of a man.

    • and of course it would be referred to as a terrorist attack.

    • plus, what does he mean by i was next to him? when i envision "next to him" my mind (or the reader) may think one of 2 people, one on the right or one on the left. but being truthful (or not intentionally being deceptive) one could make that claim they were "next to him" along with a surrounding group of twenty other people. so i'm not even really certain where this person was. but if he was in fact right next to him then he too would have been in the process of being shoved back. and is his (alleged) witness supposed to mean no soldiers had there weapon in hand as they were shoving back the crowd? a person claiming they did not see someone else get shoved in the chest under these circumstances could easily mean they just didn't see it. as opposed to having that person specifically observing this one person in particular during the entire course of events. because there could have been a time lapse between the victim being hit or shoved and his collapsed. it also could have been a combined reaction to being shoved in the chest and inhaling the tear gas.

      if the demonstration was peaceful, which it appears to have been, and the people had a right to be there (an accompanying court order to enter and work on their own land) then why was tear gas used? why were they being pushed back at all or by any means? why weren't the occupation forces there to protect the right of the people to be on their land and protect them from potentially violent settlers? if it was a heart attack the question we should be asking is would he have had a heart attack had he not been there. that we can never know, but it seems like a long short not to assume the events of the day and the actions by the occupation forces to suppress the peaceful demonstration lead to his death.

      regardless it seems predestined and obvious the military will not find the military culpable so an investigation is worthless. the outcome of these investigations is predetermined.

      clearly he could have been run over by a bulldozer in front of many witnesses and still the military would not be held responsible. sure, there have been a few aberrations of the norm these last several decades, but so what? generally any form of punishment is so insignificant as to be considered moot.

    • Abu Ein was there among them, he was on the front line getting pushed back...The Israeli journalist also tweeted: “If I’m not blind, then there was no rifle-butt strike, certainly not a significant or intentional one. I was standing next to him.”

      so the journalist was standing next to abu ein on the front lines getting pushed back by the soldiers too? he was part of the marchers getting the tear gas and stuff.

    • jack do you have the link or source of the reporter saying he was standing next to him and he was not struck? i'd like to read it. your tweet doesn't go to a link and it's not from the reporter himself. thanks.

    • Unite Ireland

      is that a new movement or something? i thought ireland became formally (divided after much ado!) and it was considered an achievement.

      The Assembly and power-sharing Executive were suspended several times but were restored again in 2007. In that year the British government officially ended its military support of the police in Northern Ireland (Operation Banner) and began withdrawing troops. On 27 June 2012, Northern Ireland's deputy first minister and former IRA commander, Martin McGuinness, shook hands with Queen Elizabeth II in Belfast, symbolising reconciliation between the two sides.

      Main article: Politics of Ireland

      Politically, the island is divided between Ireland (a sovereign state also called the Republic of Ireland) and Northern Ireland (a constituent country of the United Kingdom). They share an open border and both are part of the Common Travel Area.
      Both Ireland and the United Kingdom are members of the European Union, and as a consequence there is free movement of people, goods, services and capital across the border.

      iow recognizing palestine would be consistent with ireland's current political formation and not recognizing it might seem to some as a hypocritical stance.

    • thanks for the update amigo. dec 9th is also the anniversary of the 1st intidafa

  • As US media awake to a 'nightmare' Israel, NYT brings Blumenthal in from the cold
    • thanks dickerson. these guys have gone mainstream now. it's irrelevant that they represent a minority in israel if they represent a majority in the knesset. and they are getting there fast. freaks.

  • Promoting regime change in Iraq paved the way to regime change at the New Republic
    • i hope so mooser, about it being a big year. i just hope our biggest stories are not about another slaughter like last summer. as phil mentioned to me (paraphrasing), it's not so cool getting way more traffic/exposure because of people dying, or something like that. i'd like it to be covering other kinds of stories, like retributions/the hague/justice and of course freedom freedom freedom.

    • yes i've definitely heard of him and i have followed him on twitter for awhile i just have not been reading twitter much lately. thanks again gamal.

    • gamal, this is the first i had heard of the Nafeez Ahmed scandal. of course i know who he is but wasn't aware his blog had been dumped by the guardian. thanks. wow, what a drag. here's an initiative he's started

    • the devious TNR strategy highjacked liberals and corralled them into endorsing Neoconservative thought. The TNR was a Trojan Horse designed to distort liberal thought and neutralize criticism of Israel. If I had written this last year I would have been dismissed as a crackpot antisemite.

      that's interesting. i may be the only person around here (of my age group) who was not that familiar w/TNR. i wasn't aware of it at all until i got on the internet around 2003. but i never thought of it as liberal. it don't occur to me. the only times i happened to link to it .. which i can hardly recall, i assumed it was a neocon rag. i can't recall any times anyone on our threads linking to it. the neocons always claimed to be liberal (the way dershowitz is liberal).where i come from that's not liberal. war mongers are not liberal. i can't believe anyone would fall for that. so if you had written that here last year i wouldn't have thought you were an anti semite.

      i'm dancing on the grave for sure. and i like the name new republic. it had potential. i hope hughes does something significant with it and he's lucky he didn't have to clean the slate of the hanger ons, they did it for him.

  • Salaita firing has 'crippled' U of Illinois's ability to hire excellent scholars
    • In other words, there is a time-lag between how good you are and your reputation. And some places “coast”‘ on their past accomplishments.

      i think you are missing the point. “it takes ten years to gain a reputation, and twenty years to lose one” means if you're really good (think mel gibson or brad pit) it takes ten years in the business to get your name in the headlights. but if you f*ck up (being drunk and screaming about jews or beat your wife/lover) people won't forget that for twenty years, if ever.

      that said IU could get rid of this in a flash by rescinding and offering salaita his job back. and another university could really amp their creds by hiring him. he's hot hot hot. what a move that would be.

    • Of course, they can always hire SOMEBODY (someone who needs a job), but they would prefer to make a national search, make an offer to the best candidate, and win a recruiting war with other institutions.

      that would be pretty tough right now, because why would any "best candidate" (who one would naturally assume has many options), accept a job at a university so tainted? how could IU ever win a recruiting war at a time like this? practically unfathomable given the fact so many of the echelon of academia have risen up in support of salaita.

  • 'Our Liberation Will Not Be Complete Until Everyone’s Is': A report from the American Anthropological Association boycott debate
    • doublestandard , glad you liked the jpost article, i liked it too.

      the pro Israel crowd doesn’t want this whole thing. If academics choose to use their positions inappropriately, they can’t complain if we play dirty back.

      yes we know the pro israel crowd would prefer this all just be swept under the rug but that's not going to happen. we're used to the dirty tricks, that's part of what's precipitated this whole mess (as opposed to your 'reaction' framing). backstage backstabbing and under the table shenanigans, phone calls threatening to pull funding of public institutions is all par for the course.

      the point of our little back n forth here was not to complain, it was a minor disagreement/distinction (you seemed to agree "we really aren’t arguing that much for a change") over whether support for salaita implied support for the boycott. i think it does, you don't.

      but i appreciate your framing here because it acknowledges you know your 'team' is playing dirty. and the longer you play dirty the dirtier you appear to the public. and this serves us. flushing it all out. and as you say, for your side it has "become necessary" because the cards are stacked in our favor. in numbers we can win. in numbers bds can win. just like this vote, it's easy to assess the cards are way stacked against israeli apartheid. it's game on, you guys play filthy and bds will just keep marching along exposing you for what you are. so let those lawsuits fly. it's all just grist for the mill. unlike hops, at least you can see it for what it is.

      and no, the academics are not using their positions inappropriately, they are taking a moral stand and are on the right side of history too. time will tell.

    • hops there was just a case this year we covered.

      There is no evidence that Salaita’s non-hiring was because of donors

      you're out of your mind. i suppose you know there is a lawsuit right now because the admin is refusing to hand over docs and records. i'm not really into rehashing this today. you're full of crap tho.

    • they already have jobs. every person knows they place their reputations and future job prospects at risk by joining or promoting the boycott. right now that fascist law firm is going after the presbyterian church due to their choice to divest. there are lots of nutcases with time on their hands to target individuals like this

      i think you know this hops.

    • since there are many outspoken pro-Palestinian profs who manage not to be antisemitic and not to get non-hired

      what is "not to get non-hired"? you mean who do not get fired? last i heard firing tenured professors was not that easy. on the other hand, outspoken pro-Palestinian profs have a more difficult time finding employment, hence it's a safe bet some are less outspoken unless they already have tenure.

    • Institutions are comprised of people. It’s a distinction without a difference.

      right, and those people acting independently outside the institution are not being boycotted.

      let me give you an example. if i, as a person representing myself, go to a conference and make a speech or an endorsement or give a lecture/participate in research that is me acting as a person. if a state or a state institution or an org funded by the state pays my way, i am representing that state.

      You can’t artificially separate institutions and people

      i agree. but you can separate a person from an institution. institutions do it all the time when they fire people.

      there's nothing artificial about the boycott.

    • hops, what something means and what it implies are two different things. what you initially addressed ("NOT the same thing as") was a point i had already made. what something implies is judged subjectively. in that we disagree. telling me you have "spoken with a couple of these folks"/not convincing at all. i know some folks too doncha know.

    • It’s like the Nazis saying that they’re just boycotting Jewish stores, not Jewish people.

      It’s like the Jews saying that they’re just boycotting German business, not German people.

    • i agree hops. i thought i made that clear when i stated it doesn’t mean they would necessarily support academic boycotts of Israel

      there's a difference between supporting something and what that support implies regarding positions one may take on other related issues.

    • 3/35 isn’t so bad

      hmm, i am not sure that is an accurate assessment. if there are 35 science chairs then it would be 3/35. of the multiple science departments chairs at Urbana-Champaign , 3 of them, chemistry, math, and statistics is significant.

      There are 7 listed here, assuming these are the main ones. so 3/7 chairs of the science depts at the university is impressive.

      School of Integrative Biology
      Address: 286 Morrill Hall, Urbana, IL 61801
      #30 in Biological Sciences

      Department of Chemistry
      Address: 308 Noyes Lab, Box 57-1, Urbana, IL 61801
      #6 in Chemistry

      Thomas M. Siebel Center for Computer Science
      Address: 201 N. Goodwin Avenue, Urbana, IL 61801
      #5 in Computer Science

      Department of Geology
      Address: 1301 W. Green Street, Urbana, IL 61801-2999
      #34 in Earth Sciences

      Department of Mathematics
      Address: 1409 W. Green Street, Urbana, IL 61801
      #17 in Math

      Department of Physics
      Address: 1110 W. Green Street, Urbana, IL 61801-3080
      #9 in Physics

      Department of Statistics
      Address: 725 S. Wright Street , Champaign, IL 61820

    • here:

      That 34 heads of departments and units are now signed on in opposition to the university’s handling of the case is also a big development. Back in the summer, it seemed as if we were hovering at about 15 or so departments. Clearly, far from diminishing, the controversy on campus has only expanded.

      What’s even more amazing is where it has expanded: three of the signatories are chairs of the departments of chemistry, math, and statistics. The opposition has spilled beyond the walls of the humanities and social sciences

      doesn't really fit your profile of "professors of phoney subjects".

      doesn’t logically imply that they support academic boycotts of Israel.

      it doesn't mean they would necessarily support academic boycotts of Israel. but it does "logically imply" they very well may.

    • DS, speaking of science, recently several dozen faculty heads signed onto a letter to the admins at UI regarding Steven Salaita's firing, a number of them were from the sciences (including physics or math or something). we published it here. i think you'd be misinformed to think this is not spreading. sorry, no time right now to do a search.

  • The Israel of your dreams has turned into a nightmare: A letter to Jewish students
    • As a junior in high school I was selected to be part of a youth delegation to England, sponsored by the Jewish Agency. We gave presentations in high schools and stayed with host Jewish families. Half-way through the trip, in March 1978, Israel launched a massive invasion into Southern Lebanon, known as “Operation Litani”, after the terror attack on a civilian bus, traveling from Haifa to Tel Aviv. As pictures of dead and displaced Palestinian civilians from the refugee camps in Southern Lebaon appeared in the British papers and on the TV screens, we had to defend Israel’s actions.

      omg. these israeli kids born into all this. and that the author didn't even know about the refugees until serving in the military. it's like another world and so sad, such an abnormal childhood built on fear and programming.

      The Jewish students and community members we met with were critical of Israel’s aggression, insisting that you cannot fight violence with greater violence. We were unprepared for their reactions. Though some of us were uncomfortable with the images of innocent civilians caught in the fire, we defended Israel’s attack as an act of self-defense and repeated a common argument of Israel propaganda

      too young to understand after years of indoctrination. it's so sad. other generations of youth robbed, and going on right now. and the suffering those kids inflict on others at such a young age, in many cases, scars them for life. and it certainly scars their victims.

  • Saban confronts Bennett: 'Are you willing to cut commercial ties with Europe?'
    • which are amazing considering how poor the population was 60 years ago,

      not really when you consider they stole the land, the resources to build on the land, the water allocated to the palestinian state thru riparian laws, and get billions in hand outs every single year AND they have a captive market from the population they imprisoned.

      plus every time they slaughter and bomb gaza they make a fortune from the global community

      International donors have pledged $5.4 billion to rebuild Gaza after Israel’s 50-day assault last summer that killed 2,254 Palestinians, including 538 children, and caused widespread destruction.

      About 45% of the aid pledged by international donors will benefit the Israeli economy. Some studies calculate this figure to be as high as 71%. Israeli companies see Israel’s siege of Gaza a profit making opportunity, exploiting Gaza’s captive market.

      The companies that are set to rake in profits providing materials for the reconstruction of Gaza are corporate criminals. They pillage Palestinian natural resources and participate in the construction of illegal settlements:

      Nesher, an Israeli cement monopoly, supplies cement to the apartheid wall, checkpoints and settlements.
      ReadyMix runs plants in various settlements, including the Ariel and Mishor Edomim industrial zones.
      Hanson Israel, which manufactures ready-made cement and asphalt, operates four plants in West Bank settlements and is involved in illegal quarrying.
      - See more at:

    • As long as we’re back to the bombing of schools and hospitals

      back? what does that even mean? it's been barely a few months. we've got the holocaust in our schools, libraries, museums on our tv and movie screens --- for decades and you reference the recent gaza slaughter like it's past tense? what do you you think, it's so over and were now moving on to years and years of references to the synagogue massacre?

      do not even go there jon, the bodies are not even fully decomposed, the neighborhood are still gone, the hospitals and schools have not been replaced or rebuilt. so we never left, at least wait until there's something to "go back to" before treating gaza like it's past tense. it is NOT past tense. it's now. people who survived are suffering right now in the bitter winter cold. thousands still homeless. thousands orphaned

    • they are both beautiful and can stand alone. no need for one to outshine the other. i have to go there and see them both. thanks walid.

    • wow that sooo cool walid, blowing my mind.

    • Men with four wives, apostasy punishable by death, homosexuality punished by death, kissing in public illegal, racist treatment of migrant workers that has been compared to “modern-day slavery”

      regardless, a massive improvement over israel's military occupation and blockade, any day. when was the last time they slaughtered thousands of people under their rule. do they mow grass like israel does. you're so blind hops. 1/2 the people under israeli rule have no rights. and you defend them?

    • Gee, I can’t fathom why people accuse the BDS movement of hatemongering

      well, the bdsmovement didn't make the claim. just thought i'd point that out.

      and trading in old antisemitic stereotypes.

      trrriple yawn. since practically everything has now been classified as an old antisemitic stereotypes by now that hardly packs much of a punch anymore hops.

    • robert, re the topic, i recommend the continuing coverage of this site (and open all the embeds in the 3rd paragraph)

    • happy to anytime kris. and i will erase the trail soon.

    • I really want him to win the election. Really, really, really.

      lol, him or feiglin. ;)

    • kris, i did my best to fix it. let me know if this works for you.

  • From Hillel to Sabeel: The path to unlearning Zionism
    • larry, the story is about the transition of a young person who is, for the most part, purely zionist, into a pro palestinian and this, which is reflected in the title "from hillel to sabeel: unlearning zionism", is not a story that tells 'both sides' but neither does it portray israeli people as "purely" ugly either.

      she explains how she ended up visiting east jerusalem and that her jewish israeli friends had told her it was dangerous and violent. i doubt if that is an unusual thought for israelis or if she was speaking hyperbole, i doubt it. it's just background and it doesn't imply all israelis felt like that. it was her crowd tho. she talks about how it was a "surprise to hear so much Arabic." it is a subtle way and sensitive way of describing how she began experiencing palestinians in their normal environment in a bar/restaurant. she talks about the difference of being there when "siren for Yom HaShoah rang" and although she didn't say it you get the feeling she didn't expect palestinians going about their business. and in this way she relates, in a very human way how she started to understand their perspective without denigrating israelis. more smoking, drinking coffee, and playing music in east jerusalem and then she says this:

      I’d return to my apartment in West Jerusalem, unable, really, to explain to my roommates–or myself–where I had been and why I was starting to prefer East to West. I had come to Israel to live in West Jerusalem as a grad student, but was beginning to feel more comfortable spending time in East Jerusalem, getting to know the people who lived there, in the place I was taught was scary and dangerous.

      there's nothing here even resembling the idea israelis are "purely ugly". the story is about her own transition. when she says

      Zionism has given people permission to act as experts on a foreign land. On the most hopeful of days, the whole thing makes me sick.

      she's describing something many many people have experienced. it's probably the most "pure" thing in the essay, because it rings true (to her feelings).

      i think by being there and getting used to (apartheid) it one might overcome what otherwise is a natural reaction ("whole thing makes me sick") to what's going on there. but i don't think anywhere in the essay does it imply this purity of which you speak.

      i think larry you have projected your own fears into this analysis of the article and for that reason your assessment is harsher than reality permits.

    • larry, i am really curious what you mean by "Israeli people... as something purely ugly". i didn't read that into it at all. could you give some examples?

    • thank you liz. beautifully written and very interesting.

  • A point by point response to Alan Dershowitz’s 'Ten Reasons Why The BDS Movement Is Immoral'
    • by agreeing to a demilitarized state and by making other concessions

      maybe dersh has not read the palestine papers or abbas's proposal to the quartet. he already offered that and israel turned him down.

    • did someone just use porn and dersh in the same sentence? gross!

    • I don’t believe that pressuring a state of Israel that was built to take in the survivors of the Holocaust and all Jews who need a home will ever give in to a campaign of BDS/delegitimization any more than Palestinian would give up their righteous resistance to the occupation.

      so don't worry your little head about it. go spend your time where you think it will make a difference.

      It is negative, it is hurtful, it is wrong and it will be unsuccessful and worse it will push peace away for a very long time.

      look on the bright side. there is no mass slaughtering of jews going on, unlike the actions perpetrated by the zionist state you support. there is no demolitions of jews homes going on (no matter if the criminal pour gasoline down a jews thought and turns them into a human torch) unlike the actions perpetrated by the zionist state you support. you wanna talk about hurtful dearie? look on the bright side, what you support is far more hurtful than bds, so take your worthless hypocritical complaints and go rant where someone might take you seriously, because it won't be here.

  • Mamdani's 'holistic' challenge: Anti-Zionists must persuade Jews they can only be safe by dismantling the Jewish state
    • There was no singular category of Native American before Columbus etc… right? There were hundreds of nations that often saw themselves as different from each other as from Portuguese or English.

      but they were all natives of turtle island, unlike Portuguese or English. . that was not in dispute. you're not arguing varying native american tribes saw as much difference in themselves as they perceived themselves as different than varying europeans, are you? that would be as absurd.

      i do think it is different today. i think often people align, globally, more along ideological lines. mentally at least i think i am more tribally aligned thru commonalities of ethical considerations that transcends geographical location and ethnic considerations. when i was in lebanon this summer during the nearby slaughter i felt much more at home that i would have felt in my own living room. everyone in my surroundings had their heart where mine was. it's a global feeling that's spreading.i can't explain it. i don't fully understand it. it started for me during the iraq war when i would look at the moon and know they were looking at the same moon. knowing they were being massacred and my heart and prayers were there. it's the space where your heart lies regardless of your physical body.

    • i may have drunk too much

      no worries, even tipsy you have more bite, smarts, common sense and charisma than those others . and i'll always be there to clean up your text. ;)

    • all good to increased immigration to israel

      i don't think you're the first one to make that point. in fact zionist underground in baghdad were known to create false flags to create the semblance of it to "encourage" jews to get the hell out of dodge and immigrate to israel. i'm sure it's been done many times in the past and will continue in the future, all good to increased immigration to israel.

      I might have linked it before but you scrubbed it.

      ha! you mean you might have linked it and i might have scrubbed it? if a comment that included this got trashed it wouldn't have been because of that embed. but i doubt you linked to that (unless it was over a year ago or something) because i would have opened it and seen it. i don't recall ever seeing it.

      btw, to you have any sources regarding your claim "a lot of south African Jews are moving to Israel". i did a quick search and couldn't find anything recent and i am interested in reading about it. all of the articles i intercepted said many were moving north of the city into gated communities.

    • re south africa, here's a recent article

      but most of them moved (northern suburbs) already. nothing about recent immigration.

  • Rep. Israel endorses speech saying Europe failed Jewish people in 40s and is 'failing us again today'
    • The Palestinians haven’t got a lot left to give.

      oh please! think creatively, they have organs. think south america.

      think when you have no morals there's always something more the sadist can demand of his captives.

      maybe israel could demand their first born? or would that suggestion be a blood libel? never mind!!

      what about torturing the children to get zionists rocks off?..whoops, they already do that~ (cue "assad assad much worse isis isis anti semite").

      no no torturing children can't be defined as "giving".

  • 14 Palestinians injured by Israeli army fire in Ramallah clashes
    • you're trying to "unchain" me from "a one-sided perspective" by telling me "in fact" the things i mentioned were part of a policy of restraint! lol.

      Don`t you see what goes on in the entire region around Israel? You seem to be oblivious to the inextricable links to that.

      oh no, i can see israels inextricable links to what's going on in the entire region. i follow israel's extensive support of al-Nusra (and others) israel takes great advantage of the "fog of war" to carrying on it's expansionist policies/colonialist plans.

      After all Hamas and the rest did not come from the moon

      exactly, follow my link.

    • There was in fact a restraint policy in place

      which included drenching elementary schools in east jerusalem neighborhoods with the smell of feces, letting settlers who run over 5 yr old little girls walk free, carrying out extrajudicial executions of alleged criminals with no trials, an approved policy of demolishing the family homes of alleged perps...the list goes on and on and on of events leading right up to the synagogue killing, which does not include the lynching the night before. some might argue it was designed to have segments of the population snap to formalize exactly the policy you're now excusing and authorizing. you do not fool me ivri.

    • The Rabbis massacre opened a new phase.

      or the months of slaughter and incitement that proceeded it. it's disingenuous to choose one event as 'opening a new phase' when there's an abundance of evidence (including new apartheid laws put in place that encourage collective punishment and incitement, months prior to the event) that a movement to bring about the destruction of al aqsa and further ethnic cleansing of jerusalem was already in full swing prior to the rabbi massacre. iow, the massacre is merely the pretext in which you and others will justify further collective punishment, apartheid, murder, summary executions, ethnic cleansing, and the same stuff the gov has been doing all along.

      we can see this, and to declare there has been "restraint" is a farce.

  • Israel has no answer to BDS, Barghouti tells packed hall at Columbia
    • that an american word …..or is it british

      we share the english language. while there are some words and phrases that are distinctly american and not used in the united kingdom the vast majority of words in the english language are also used here in america. "daft" is one of them. unlike israel, here in america we didn't invent most of the words we use today.

      are you an annie robbins version 2 or 3

      that's for me to know and you to find out. ;) and there are many many more versions you've yet to encounter, no doubt. .

      are the moderators sub contracted out these days

      one would have to have a contract to have it subcontracted out. as far as i know mondoweiss doesn't offer contracts for moderation.

      talking heads with nothing to say

      if you think so, i can arrange it for you to say nothing, although you may have something to say.


      one who laughs last laughs....

    • Israel is quietly delivering humanitarian aid to Syrians

      lol, please mcohen do you think we are that daft. israel and the US are funding nursa.

      there is a history to this; a long term goal to create chaos in the ME to distract and agitate israel's surroundings so they may continue their theft and ethnic cleansing. for sure israel and the US are engaged in the slaughtering of muslims and perpetuation of this conquering of the ME for their own self interest. so please spare us this mind f*k narrative of "quietly delivering humanitarian aid ". it's not quiet and whatever "humanitarian aid" they may be offering comes at a very steep price in the blood and lives of many others aimed at regime change with a government it was previously pretending to engage in negotiations over the golan heights.

      ps cat's already out of the bag

    • depressingly ordinary? hmm. maybe you traveled in the wrong circles.

    • i'd be concerned if israel didn't have a plan they might just let settlers run loose and with all their determination, weapons and ammo would create a massive bloodbath against an unarmed civilian population. of course i have not read the entire conversation but i think you might be jumping to conclusions about a long term valued commenter here.

    • confirms again that BDS proponents could not care less about the Jews currently living in Israel, and would gladly throw them into the sea -

      hops. how so? susan said ", from what I’ve been told, there’s still plenty of space in Israel; and that’s without displacing the Negev/Naqab Bedouin. "

      nick said 'how about S.America or africa?'

      gamal said 'why not set up a colony in europe'?

      nick referenced after ww2 and said "an unfortunate decision was determined." (meaning one presumes the ethnic cleansing of another population). but no one said anything about forcing jews into the sea. and no one is advocating bombing them to smitherines or mowing the grass or anything as dismal as israeli policy towards palestinians. there's nothing there remotely as disgusting or abusive as advocating the kind of policies the state you support carries out daily.

      i would not advocate it for anyone and certainly not advocate it "gladly".

    • Why is it necessary to prove anything?

      why is it necessary to back up a claim bds is supported by terrorist organizations? because it's inflammatory accusation that's why.

      Surely you’re transparent enough to disclose your donors

      my donors? nobody funds me, i work for free as i imagine many activists working to free palestine work for free. the bds movement has never given me any money but i did donate last friday to the first ever bds fundraiser. if that's what you mean by transparency. i don't even know if bds has or has not disclosed their funding or if they are required to by law. but surely if someone accused you of being funded by a terrorist organization would you ask them to prove it? i'm not sure you'd be obligated to respond in anyway, but you'd probably ask wouldn't you?

      and as an aside, if someone claimed the hillel at UCLA was funded by JDL (US designated a terrorist org) i would ask the same thing, if there was a mainstream source for this claim or any evidence.

    • walid, i am probably one of the least informed people about religions, other than zen because i used to practice it. i have not even read the bible much less the quran. i tend to judge a religion by the people i know who practice it. and since i only hang out (for the most part) w/cool wonderful people i would have to give each of the abrahamic religions the same rating (if i was going to rate them). but clearly i am not qualified to rate a religion since i don't really understand any of them. but to claim a non religious person is in love with, or has a romantic notion of a religion, is very ignorant.

      an aside, my only personal experiences interacting with muslims i don't know has been very positive because they've been so gracious to me personally. one time i called a friend from gaza on eid. she was a new student in the US. she was crying because she was lonely and didn't think there were any mosques in her area. so i got off the phone and called several near her and left messages to make arrangements for someone to find her and pick her up to join them. of course they called me back and were all very helpful. just very normal nice people. and i've traveled to the region 3 times now and never been treated rudely once by a muslim person ever that i can recall. so why should i judge them any more than i would judge christianity when our christian soldiers have massacred iraqis?

      it's all so sorted this kind of racism that seeks to demonize a whole people of faith to justify the ethnic cleansing, ongoing persecution, human rights violations and war crimes against of palestinians.

      ignorant indeed and that's really the least of it - a kind way of putting it actually.

    • I’m too lazy to crawl around to produce more

      so i guess that would be a resounding "NO" since you have provided not one mainstream source doc to back up "follow the money trail" allegations.

      your list of "proof" is a joke. one alleged ISM supported suicide bombings. one tried to paint american muslims for palestine AMP, citing an event w/Mustafa al Barghouthi and AMP founder distinguished scholar Hatem Bazian, a senior lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley, as some kind of hate group claiming they funded hamas.

      one claimed people at a CAIR event with Remi Kenazi and Tariq Abu Khdeir had at one time funded the holy land foundation charity which the feds claimed HL5 supported hamas although after a hung jury the prosecutor's only witness was an anonymous israeli who could not be questioned by the defense for the first time in american history making a travesty of our justice system! HL5 donations all went thru the same charities in gaza as USaid did!

      the other is a recording of a speech by an iman in oakland from a group i have never heard of "As-Sabiqun" controversial as he and his group may be, apparently the federal government doesn't agree with you that he is a terrorist or the group would be shut down.

      there is no money trail. you have no money trail other than claiming people were associated with people who raised money for holy land foundation to feed and cloth children and mothers in gaza! this is your "proof" sjp is funded by terrorists? even with your stupid islamophobic links you can't prove that. and then you use this "proof" to post another 5 paragraph diatribe of hate speech, accusations and lies? (they didn't make the grade). i think you are confusing mondoweiss with camera or swu or something. there's a limit to how much of this crap we will publish. i left your links so people could witness the kind of "proof" you proffer to back up your pathetic inflammatory claims. you have nothing to substantiate your claim spj or palestinian activism on american campuses, or bds (hops claim)is funded by terrorist orgs. you:

      A lot of the funding used for Palestinian activism in the West comes from arab governments or designated terrorist organizations.

      Follow the money trail.

      - See more at:


    • The romance you have with Islam

      i sooo wish! i swear i have tried my best to believe in god (once i even prayed to jesus because someone said if i did i would have some kind of revelation and he would answer me back. he didn't)

      is kind of funny Annie.

      well, how scrumptious i have tickled your funnybone. keep laughing...

      who presumably believes she shouldn’t be treated like a 6 year old.

      you've got it wrong, i would like nothing better than to sit on my daddy's lap again and snuggle in my mama's love. 6 was a wonderful age. my whole childhood, i so wish i could go back there. but nothing here resembles the glory of being 6 again. i do believe i have earned it tho.

      If the people with whom you regularly associate had their way, your throat would be one of the first to be slit.

      lol, that's quite an imagination you've got. pray tell, why haven't they done it? it's not like i'm hiding. ;) you're too funny. triple yawn, but alas boring.

      I’ll post links in a bit — stay tuned.

      i will. and good luck finding a moderator to clear any of your allegations between now and then. mainstream please. asap douchebag.

    • trained by whom? do tell! how exciting. presuming you don't mean trained by years of experience. do you think he can afford luntz? this is so intriguing. i just loooove gossip.

      comeon spit it out (SOURCE) you little lion cub of roaring zion. give it your best shot.

    • perhaps you could be so gracious as to lead us down that trail w/some source links. ;)

      and while you're at it, what pray tell is bds funding? some videos? big budgets for sjp groups all over the US (wouldn't that be cool!). paying student advocates to fly to palestine? anything at all like hiring professional pr teams like the many zionist factions? can they afford to call up university admins and threaten cutting of millions on funds. i mean really double standard, why hold back? by all means show us evidence and documentation of this alleged funding by terror orgs. we're all ears. but last i heard the holyland5 were convicted, for the first time in american history and an affront to our constitution, by secret israeli witness who could not be cross examined. so by all means present you evidence of funding by "terrorist organizations".

      msm would be nice. memri&ilk not so much.

    • If one removes Israel versus Palestine from its context, most people see Israel suppressing Palestinians. If one views it in the context: realists will ask: What will this new Palestine look like? Like the MB in Egypt? Like Assad, ISIL, like Iraq? -

      interesting you should mention that yonah. i've read this same sentiment numerous times by commenters on the web lately. and it occurs to me that it's such a great line of argument (along with the tiny israel in the sea of madness edge of the volcano type argument israel has been using for years) that it might not be such a bad idea for israel to invest in all that madness around it. i mean, why not. if isis is beheading people in the neighborhood it makes what israel is doing no big deal. as long as everything else it worse, israel can keep on being a criminal.

      and it reminded me of all those neocons pushing us to war with iraq. so much effort and lies and nigerian yellowcake and wmd and on and on and on....and then remember what they did once we invaded??? that's right, as the world was distracted they placed 100,000's of kahanists types in the west bank.

      so now, not that they are going for the final death knell over the al aqsa, really diving in for jerusalem, wouldn't it make sense for a really bad looming threat to be happening next door? so why not rejoice yonah? i mean what could be better for the zionist agenda than the very terrorists we are supplying with weapons to be chopping off peoples heads.

      anyway, your concern is touching. but as a realist, i want to stop israel's crimes against humanity. there will always be other problems in the world, but none of them have been ongoing for 70 years. this is how israel sustains itself, buy using distractions elsewhere to keep perpetuating their crimes. but it will catch up with them one day. your support for their criminality is touching, but unconvincing.


      Economy - overview:

      The West Bank - has sustained a moderate rate of economic growth since 2008. Inflows of donor aid and government spending have driven most of the gains, however. Private sector development has been weak. After a multiyear downturn following the start of the second intifada in 2000, overall standard-of-living measures have recovered and now exceed levels seen in the late 1990s. Despite the Palestinian Authority's (PA) successful implementation of economic and security reforms and the easing of some movement and access restrictions by the Israeli Government, Israeli closure policies continue to disrupt labor and trade flows, industrial capacity, and basic commerce, eroding the productive capacity of the West Bank economy. The biggest impediments to economic improvements in the West Bank remain Palestinians' inability to access land and resources in Israeli-controlled areas, import and export restrictions, and a high-cost capital structure. The PA for the foreseeable future will continue to rely heavily on donor aid for its budgetary needs, and West Bank economic activity will depend largely on the PA's ability to attract such aid.

    • ldq, herb tried to elaborate the other day but it didn't pass moderation. i can't recall exactly what it said but the logic was not only flawed, it was missing altogether! (spam)

    • what fantastic news horizontal. and lovely cover art. ;)

    • this could be the best photo i have ever seen of omar. i love it. he's a wonderful man.

    • Zionism as slow suicide

      i think it's speeding up considerably. the next few months should be crucial because i think, according to certain numerologists, this year (astrological calendar) is a defining crystalizing moment or something, according to some peoples understanding of the kabbalah. which is one reason we're seeing this dramatic escalation over al aqsa. watch for the crazies to get much crazier and the government making even more moves to push this craziness/fanaticism further thru legislation. i could be wrong but i doubt it. passover this year is supposed to be a real bangup, or so i have heard.

    • i read about that, i love it. pure joy.

  • Efforts by Israel's supporters to silence nonviolent Palestinian advocacy does not promote peace
    • thank you ahmed, it's exciting to hear how packed the audience was. bds is becoming one of the hottest topics on campuses, providing much needed exposure. it makes sense israel supporters want to shut down a conversation they can't win.

      thanks for all your embeds too.

  • In major shift, one third of Americans want US to push for one-state outcome in Israel/Palestine
    • thanks so much RoHa

    • it doesn’t seem to me to be out there floating around very much

      well, it's not reported much for sure. but that doesn't necessarily mean people are not aware of it. i remember the big protests last summer and they hardly ever hit the press. if i had not been collecting photos i wouldn't have known anything was going on. but i think it's way more on people's radars than we know. the churches for one thing. but if you asked people who don't know, one state seems like a logical answer for an american.

      i think a lot of people probably have not internalized the jewish victimhood meme. i didn't really know about it til i started hanging out at mondoweiss, nobody ever told me. i'm not sure the idea of jews "needing a homeland" is fully grasp or shared by the majority of americans because we don't really have those kinds of values. unless you're raised with these ideas (brainwashed), it's just not a very compelling idea.

  • Chris Hughes brings down the curtain on neoconservative New Republic
    • speaking of the San Francisco-based Jewish Community Relations Council, they are afflicted w/continually trying to represent themselves as representing the bay area jewish community, which they do not.

      First, it’s hard to know if the people who wrote this press release actually believe what they wrote. The points they make against the ad are so off the mark, and often offensive, it’s hard to believe anyone could write them sincerely. (I’m deleting the names on the release because I don’t think it’s fair to blame them. I think people at the top should be held accountable for such nonsense.)

      The release header:

      For Immediate Release: May 9, 2013

      Contact: XX Communications Manager, Jewish Community Relations Council

      XX Regional Director, Anti-Defamation League

      Bay Area Jewish Community Condemns Deceptive Apartheid Ads

      Saying something over and over again doesn’t make it true. The Bay Area JCRC, and local offices of the ADL and the AJC, are not synonymous with the “Bay Area Jewish Community.” In fact, while the Jewish Community Relations Council claims to represent Bay Area Jews, they won’t release the number or names of groups they represent. That certainly makes one wonder if the number is embarrassingly small. And it’s likely shrinking. There is no shortage of Jews around here, from a wide political spectrum, who would be appalled to be associated with an attack on a Muslim group for using a word that Israeli officials use regularly.

      - See more at:

    • there are definitely religious jews on the board. also i'm not sure how you'd determine which jews were or were not religious or secular by their bios. and what difference does it make? regarding not seeing muslim or asian names in the leadership roster haven't you moved the goalposts from your original allegation? is it that you just have a problem with the idea of a group organizing under the auspices of a jewish org? similar to atzmon's claim this is inherently zionist or something. what exactly is your beef again?

      i'm curious because this afternoon there's a meeting to organize another chapter here in north california (yeah) i will be attending and i already know others who are attending and joining who are not jewish. as far as i know there is no designation or requirement to even mention our faith, or lack thereof at the meeting.

    • hey dian, you forgot me! i'm a jvp'r and neither jewish, muslim, christian, black nor asian. ;)

    • ritzl, i can't speak for phil but i'm fairly certain he senses a broader range of diversity than just in the young generation of jews.

      it just so happens he was referencing "a landmark in the era of the Jewish establishment" in this article as it pertains to THR, a bastion of jewish, (zionists, self defined as "left" but... whatever) intellectuals. and the generation phil was talking about is his own, and older, and part of the jewish establishment. and those generations grew up in an era of devotion to israel (and the new republic apparently). in this context, saying the younger generation (of jews) is more diverse reminds me of an article i just read embedded in the harvard bds panel we're featuring right now :

      i think this is the diversity he's referencing as opposed to a sentence from that article:

      During my childhood in the New York suburbs, support for Israel was as fundamental a family tradition as voting Democratic or lighting the Shabbos candles on Friday night.

      iow, there was no (or very little) diversity* within the jewish community on devotion/support for israel.

      *i assume phil was referencing diversity of thought, as opposed to bilal's interpretation of "racially exclusive". diversity has other meanings besides differing ethnicities. as in "a diverse range of opinions or options"

      and bilal, jvp is diverse and not exclusively jewish either.

    • It’s also notable that most of these crying Jewish racial nationalists(just about all of them men) don’t get much support from the rest of the liberal base,

      that's because they are not liberals."Jewish “liberal” neocons ", as you called them, is an oxymoron. because neo means new. they can't be both the "new conservatives" and remain liberal at the same time. it's farcical.

    • The “elite generation” is that of Hughes?

      no i assumed he meant the new generation of jewish kids are much more diverse.

  • Islamophobia reigns in Newsweek comment section-- 'Towel head camel humpers'
    • just, this is similar to the thoughts that ran thru my head (as i just mentioned above in a comment).

    • Comments like those don’t come from people who read The Nation, Mother Jones, and Mondoweiss.

      pip, i have read a lot of comments but i was just astounded when i read these. it's hard to fathom how a person would ever use their real name to post such ugly gruesome comments. i was so floored i was rendered speechless. i spent an hour or so just googling the name, looking at the address, finding it on google map and looking at the street, the neighborhood a person like this lives in. then i looked at photos of the town. and i just cried that there are people like this just living in what looks like, from the outside, a normal american town. i wondered if her neighbors knew they lived next door to such an openly bigoted person. what it would be like standing in the line in back of her at the grocery store. if her children's friends parents knew what she was like and allowed their kids to play at her house. just weird thoughts like this. it was so depressing for me. just so depressing. just so astounding.

  • For the first time Israel's high court wrestles with legality of punitive home demolitions
  • AIPAC seeks to blow up negotiations between Iran and US
    • Which doesn’t explain why they still support Israel with all their might.

      obviously not all support israel "with all their might". but the ones who do, mostly brainwashing and propaganda i suppose.

      if you don’t care what the main goal of Zionism was, what are you even trying to debate here?

      maybe i got carried away but i thought my point was self evident. does it really matter what his main goal is? an alleged "main goal" becomes irrelevant when perpetrating a crime against humanity. just like slaughtering thousands of innocent people in gaza. just like the nakba. i guess i am arguing that i don't care about that alleged goal.

    • but the West has turned so philo-semitic that wealthy and educated Jews rather live in the US or Europe than in the “Jewish” state.

      maybe they'd rather live here than in an apartheid state. ever think of that? maybe they'd rather live here than in a state of all jews. ever think of that? if i had a choice of living in a multicultural society or a society with all my own ethnicity and non-religion, i'd choose multi cultural any day. the west is philo everybody. so it makes sense other philo everybodies would want to be here. it's better this way. ethnic nationalism is the shits.

      Its main goal was to create a Jewish state, so Jews wouldn’t have to live in Gentile nations anymore where they were not welcome.

      right, and hitlers main goal was to create an aryan state. the holocaust was just a mini byproduct of that. but not the main goal, so wtf. no biggie, like the nakba. ..because it was not the "main goal", right? not really. in fact i could sorta care less what hitlers "main goal" was considering the circumstances and outcome. in fact, like zionism, it pales in comparison.

      bottom line, you can't subtly get rid of all those people/not going to work no matter how you frame your "main goal". cat's already out of the bag and it's not going back in. busted.

    • its counterproductive to harp on incidents that have no chance of being upended or turned back and are rooted in a different time in post ww2 history.

      why post ww2? reluctant to eliminate all that harping we're still hearing about the holocaust?

  • Israel's proposed Jewish nationality law is a flop on Broadway
    • it doesn't matter. none of it matters anymore. no matter how bad it gets, regardless of what they do and what laws they pass. america will do nothing against them but ring their collective hands and mouth meaningless condemnations if they choose to bomb a school or a hospital perhaps. but they could line up a thousand palestinian children against the wall shoot them dead and the US government would do nothing , would take no action except to offer them more money and more weapons and protect them from meaningless resolutions. and the UK, france, spain, sweden, what meaningful action would they take and when will they take it? cowards, it's all so cowardly. i am so ashamed.

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