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Annie Robbins

Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani

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  • Shmully and guilt
    • thanks tree, of course. brain not fully engaged @3 am my time.

    • nit change it into whatbyou need it to be for you two d cutout.

      come again? do you mean 'not change it into what you need it to be for you to duck out?'

    • There are no social events at Eliezer that don’t include Jews of all backgrounds and non Jews who are included among founders, members, speakers and guests.

      tokyobk, just for clarification..(and i am serious) in the context in which you are referring, are sabbath dinners classified as 'social events'?

    • yeah, smart shmuel ~ tokyo BK

    • keith, he said he met him a year ago. the evening took place in january.

    • RIFF: (Spoken) Against the Sharks we need every man we got.

      ACTION: (Spoken) Tony don't belong any more.

      RIFF: Cut it, Action boy. I and Tony started the Jets.

      ACTION: Well, he acts like he don't wanna belong.

      BABY JOHN: Who wouldn't wanna belong to the Jets!

      ACTION: Tony ain't been with us for over a month.

      SNOWBOY: What about the day we clobbered the Emeralds?

      A-RAB: Which we couldn't have done without Tony.

      BABY JOHN: He saved my ever-lovin' neck!

      RIFF: Right! He's always come through for us and he will now.

      the football field symbolizes the arena of life. the goal line represents ones goals and limitations (probably moral limits..crossing the line) as well as the green line ('scoring a touchdown by stretching out over the goalgreen-line'). phil is automatically assigned on a team (jews, for life) and 'don't belong any more' is part of a theme.

      When you're a Jet,
      You're a Jet all the way
      From your first cigarette
      To your last dyin' day.

      When you're a Jet,
      If the spit hits the fan,
      You got brothers around,
      You're a family man!

      You're never alone,
      You're never disconnected!
      You're home with your own:
      When company's expected,
      You're well protected!

      Then you are set
      With a capital J,
      Which you'll never forget
      Till they cart you away.
      When you're a Jet,
      You stay a Jet!

      and he saw one of his team mates cheating. in his mind it was cheating even tho one could argue being clever made it ok. but the cheating was done thru the use of the religious aspect (phylacteries) of jewishness. mixing clever and religion.

      the goal or 'winning' the game symbolizes israel (that being the topic/theme of the evening so he was dreaming about it) and the jets are cheating ('stretching out over the goalgreen-line') and using their religion to do it, cleverly.

      the dream was about racism because phil is the one who owns the dream (you gotta go with those first instincts).

      the musical was important culturally. it represented a turning pt. there's a role reversal (in the dream)wrt jets because in the original script the jets were supposed to play the anti semites pitted against the jews. link to

      We're drawin' the line,
      So keep your noses hidden!
      We're hangin' a sign,
      Says "Visitors forbidden"
      And we ain't kiddin'!

      Here come the Jets,
      Yeah! And we're gonna beat
      Ev'ry last buggin' gang
      On the whole buggin' street!
      On the whole!

      more lyrics link to

      you probably think i am crazy making so much of the musical instead of the sports team but i think it's about loyalty to the tribe as much as a sports game, hence the musical and that's where the 'jets' in the dream came from.

      and phil is tony of course.

    • Their arguments seem ludicrous in print, but at the time, I would have found it difficult to swat each of them down comfortably.

      yeah, that is the whole point. another thing is the complete insular ethnic thing. i wonder if goys are ever allowed to these affairs. i suppose the psychological 'logic' doesn't work on them so well.

      when i was younger i was associated with a chanting group. there was a leader and he had a holier than tho way about him. everyone deferred to him. i couldn't. i'm just not attracted to manipulative control freaks.

    • this is another of your bests phil. it gives me a very creepy feeling reading it. it requires layers of lies and denials to believe some of the stuff they are saying, like the jews bought all the land. of course they didn't. even israel's supreme court understands this. the idea jews bought the land around nablus back in the day and therefore still own it now is simply fabulous, tho not in a good way. but it does inform how just this week netanyahu can throw together a 'special ministerial committee' and presto, declare palestinian land theirs. just like that. i mean, it's crazy.

      the entire setting tho sounds so very intoxicating and intimate but psychologically devastating, manipulating and almost cult like. breathe.

  • Israeli police barricade and arrest activists attempting to commemorate the Nakba
  • Widely-imitated, Beinart is giving Jews permission to be, unh, liberal Zionists
    • Imagine if you spent almost every day of your life obsessing over or at least thinking about your ” identity”.

      the washington post is hosting a video that seems customed tailored for jon. much cheaper than a therapist.

      link to

    • just heartbreaking isn't it inanna. does anyone have any hankies?

    • Thinking about identity is a condition of living in the diaspora in a predominantly Gentile world. Jews are outsiders and our cultural differences do set us apart. Being marginalized; being on the outside looking in; that painful tension between assimilation and cultural distinctiveness

      i recommend therapy for your condition.

    • I think if we are going to criticize Zionism, then we should also criticize all other forms of nationalism as well

      to what end? ethnic nationalism and civic nationalism are in two completely different ballparks.

    • One time he and another kid who lived next door peed on my sister….

      you have the best stories henry!

      thanks for explaining the IHT to me.

    • i liked the Stephen Robert article. i thought IHT stood for international herald tribune, instead the link goes to the NYT. what's up w/that?

      i agree it's the beinart effect. people seem to be just more comfortable talking about it. but heck, nothing is changing on the ground. it's getting worse. we need action.

  • Netanyahu goes looney tunes on Israeli Independence Day
  • '60 Minutes' report boosts divestment proponents at Methodist church convention
  • Krugman jumps into debate over Beinart with both pinkies
    • i kinda doubt he's not interested. krugman was so engaged in the early stages of the iraq war you could tell he was (very) into politics.

    • mjrosenberg just weighed in on krugman's column:

      link to

    • the narrow-minded policies of the current government are basically a gradual, long-run form of national suicide...... to say .. that ... is to bring yourself under intense attack from organized groups that try to make any criticism of Israeli policies tantamount to anti-Semitism.

      so, he said it. and when he wrote it he knew he would bring himself under intense attack from organized groups that do make any criticism of Israeli policies tantamount to anti-Semitism.

      one can come under a deluge of attack for a long article or a book. for krugman, offered himself to the frontline of attack in 3 paragraphs totaling all of 6 sentences. call it what you will but this is not a 'gradual, long-run form of suicide', it's more like seppuku.

      or death by koan. or...brief, with a dull blade.

    • he is afraid to go near the issue, one of the most important issues we face today, and when he does go near it he offers platitudes. Is it true that the end of Israel would be bad for Jews everywhere? Explain.

      hmmm, not sure i read this the way you did phil but i have not opened the link and read his whole article yet either.

      It seems obvious from here that the narrow-minded policies of the current government are basically a gradual, long-run form of national suicide — and that’s bad for Jews everywhere, not to mention the world.

      i tend to agree with him "a gradual, long-run form of national suicide" is bad for jews and the world. i did not hear him say "the end of Israel would be bad for Jews everywhere". and i am not sure if i would consider that blockquote a platitude, especially since he prefaced it with 'It seems obvious'. one of the characteristics of platitudes is "uttered as if it were fresh or profound". there's nothing fresh about this nor is he alluding that it is. he offers it as if it's old, too old and worn out, very everybody already knows.

      i wish he were more into it tho, he was one of the first journalists that really took the neocons to task for iraq (as i recall).

      i bet if he were feeling fresh he could give it a run for the money, but the prospect sounds like it exhausts him just thinking about it. the whole tone is very apropo in a certain way, very expressive of his mood. now that i have read his brief commentary i like it even more.

  • Jerusalem's 'center of life' policy imprisons Palestinians
    • pushed some 25,000 Palestinians into the exile

      ethnic cleansing. n. The systematic elimination of an ethnic group or groups from a region or society

      excellent article allison

  • Fighting Jews-- then and now
    • lysias, this isn't my specialty. maybe i went overboard. i think it passed btw. here is more link to

      So, if the reports are accurate, then what Lieberman and Graham seek to do is block the president from pursuing a goal that knowledgeable American and European officials say is the "most attainable outcome."

      In other words, what Lieberman and Graham seek to do is block any kind of meaningful U.S. diplomatic engagement with Iran over the nuclear issue.

      here is the text: link to

      (6) rejects any United States policy that would rely on efforts to contain a nuclear weapons-capable Iran; and

      (7) urges the President to reaffirm the unacceptability of an Iran with nuclear-weapons capability and opposition to any policy that would rely on containment as an option in response to the Iranian nuclear threat.

      iow, even if they have no nuclear weapons program if they have the capability it's off to war. it's a no containment (containment is diplomacy) policy wrt capability.

    • this was the biggest legislation pushed leading up to the aipac conference. the cherry on top.

      link to

      Unfortunately, despite 25 different peace groups imploring Senator Klobuchar not to sign the Graham-Lieberman-Casey "Anti-Containment" Senate Resolution (S.R. 380) that basically curtails diplomatic efforts and makes war the only option, Klobuchar went ahead and signed the pro-war resolution in the first week of April. Despite the continual actions of John McCain, Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham (nicknamed the "three war-crazed amigos") attempting to undercut Obama's foreign policy and institute their own, she signed onto their pro-war resolution. 70 senators have signed S.R. 380 thus far and as Kate Gould of the Friends Committee on National Legislation explains in her excellent analysis below, the Senate was poised to even further undercut the recent promising talks with Iran (under last section "Will Congress Kill Talks?").

      if this passes it won't matter what iran's war. strips the executive branch of power and diplomatic options.

    • They’re no different from any other lobby; if you don’t support their agenda, they will not give you money.

      is this a joke? hophmi, i'm done engaging with you on this thread. see ya.

    • this entire discussion is fraught with your misconceptions and accusations. i don't expect from the Jewish community something i don’t require of any other community in America, so take your beef up with someone else.

    • i think we're on the same page dan. and i really agree with bruce here:

      It was to criticize American Jewish organizations for actively lobbying and pressuring for military action with Iran, while at the same time avoiding any effort to raise badly-needed recruits from their constituencies. For me it is a moral question. One should not be calling for war, if you are not prepared to see your loved ones fight in it.

    • ahh, hophmi..i think sean might have a point when he says "His pattern is to try to say something — anything — about as many points as possible without making any effort to check his statements for factual grounding or logic."

      so, wrt I intimidated somebody? ..try reading for context instead air boxing. dan said I think I somewhat agree with TerryScott and Hophmi here – as much as it kills me to say it. my response did not indicate you were intimidating him. it meant, explain why you agree with them and let's see where we can understand eachother.

      why don't you try reading the entire exchange and then ask your questions instead of making a bunch of assumptions and shooting from the hip. about that well-organized pressure group..i don't believe they have wide support in america , i don't even believe they represent most american jews. i think they are bullies and that's why they have so much influence and people are afraid to stand up to them for fear of loosing their careers and other kinds of intimidation.

      i also think they lie a lot, and don't really believe lots of the stuff they say because if they did believe it, they would be sending their own kids off to war in greater numbers. but you would already know that if you had bothered following the thread.

    • thanks dan. i mentioned yesterday the thread just went up today ts, it’s not as tho people have been giving this a lot of thought, but if we had and if people on these threads mentioned the lack of representation among the enlisted anytime a jewish person cheerleads for war then i would agree with you it would be distasteful.

      also, i agree with you about the religious affiliation and i think that's something people should be allowed to hold private. but neither bruce or myself was addressing the religious affiliation, instead the ethnic designation.

      i agree with you about the military class system. but here is what i find extraordinary and where a particular nuance wrt understanding ethnicities coupled with what we hear vs what's real comes into play. your statement ("if Jews were to be fully represented in the enlisted ranks, that would mean that Jews are in the position to “better” their lives by signing up, the fact that American Jews on the whole are not in this position") if i am hearing you correctly, because they are not,in general, in a position to better their lives proportionately as the average american their numbers are reduced accordingly, which would be normal.

      however, an exception to this might be if what we keep hearing from that group of american jews who have what i consider a very disproportionate representation within the US jewish community, who speak for (or try to speak for) all the jews, were true. that being the whole second holocaust meme re the threat of iran. if (big if, and as i mentioned earlier i do not believe american jews really think iran is the threat they pump it up to be any more than the rest of us believe it) american jews really believed this, wouldn't they serve in bigger numbers regardless of any need, or lack thereof, to 'better' their lives?

      that's what i find odd, if they really did think israel was needed for their own survival and the survival of jews and they really believed israel was threatened wouldn't it be instinctual to sign up for their defense in higher numbers?

      so what i take away from this is the 'destruction of israel' hasbara, the 'wipe off the map' hasbara, is not really believed by the majority of the american jewish community. and that's why we're seeing such low numbers, because only the military class system you reference is in full effect which would explain the low percentage. unless there were thousands of american jewish youth signing up for the idf instead, enough to make up the difference, not sure if that's happening.

    • dan, you shouldn't be intimidated from expressing yourself if you agree with ts and hops. if you think we have a 'jewish problem', please elaborate. here's what i said about that:

      i think it is likely most american jews are not even interested in invading iran. but clearly we’ve got the hung ho contingency, the ones who are joined at the hip w/congress. i will speculate they are a minority within the jewish community, but heck….are they sending their sons and daughters to go fight israels wars? and if they are such a minority why is it they have so much pull with both congress and within the media?

      if you disagree i'd like to hear why, i would appreciate hearing your views.

    • my point?

      "The same is true for white people in general, and wealthier whites in particular."

      maybe it isn’t quite so glaringly obvious “wealthier whites” are not represented in congress by a lobby representing a foreign country pushing us into war with iran.

      try reading the thread and keeping up instead of diverting.

    • fred, do you really want to go there w/congress? both house and senate? by ethnicity? do you think this argument will work in your favor?

    • Why is this question important to you? Are you asserting that Jews owe a quota to the armed forces that others don’t?

      from my perspective it has to do with bruce's question if "Ahmadinejad = Hitler", "Iran = Nazi Germany" and "Iran's Nuclear Program = The Holocaust," where are today's Jewish GIs?

      but since i don't think iran is a threat to israel it would make sense lots of american jews don't really believe it either.

    • Most estimates seem to suggest that the real number is one or two times that.

      why? where?

    • The same is true for white people in general, and wealthier whites in particular.

      maybe it isn't quite so glaringly obvious "wealthier whites" are not represented in congress by a lobby representing a foreign country pushing us into war with iran.

    • i was asking fred. he said I’m criticizing the comparison of Jewish presence in the military during WWII and now. The whole basis of his complaint.

      that would, in effect, mean fred would equally be critical of netanyahu's comparison. and by implication if "american jews genuinely believe that Iran is a major threat", like netanyahu does, the chances are a certain percentage of them would enlist? well, a certain portion do enlist but less that the average american. does this indicate more americna jews think like fred than not?

    • i definitely have a neocon problem.

    • It’s like you guys have been operating from a rubric of anti-Jewish stereotypes. So yes, people who self identify as Jews are represented in proportionate numbers among the officer classes and disproportionatly small numbers among the enlisted.

      "have been operating"? the thread just went up today ts, it's not as tho people have been giving this a lot of thought. i didn't even know about west pt til fred made that point. framing fail.

      i do not have any East Bay pottery friends and i already stated i would not enlist or recommend it for others. i am not a fan of killing arabs or muslims not do i think our ventures in the ME should be classified as 'defensive' in nature.

      frankly, i think it is likely most american jews are not even interested in invading iran. but clearly we've got the hung ho contingency, the ones who are joined at the hip w/congress. i will speculate they are a minority within the jewish community, but heck....are they sending their sons and daughters to go fight israels wars? and if they are such a minority why is it they have so much pull with both congress and within the media?

    • iow you think agree all this demonizing of iran from netanyahu and the emergency committee for israel and their ilk is just distracting bluster? most american jews do not consider iran a threat? the lobby either?

      so what do you think about netanyahu's statements (elie wiesel too) about iran on holocaust remembrance day? just cheapening the memory of those who perished for political points?

    • thanks marc

    • west point is the elite, that doesn't address participation in the entirety of armed forces. but thanks for pointing out the west pt percentages.

    • fred, the lobby is actively pushing the US to war with iran and using their influence to advocate this foreign policy and bombard the US media with fear iran narrative.

      and i agree with your caveat of "like we were with the Nazis" but i suggest if you have a bone to pick about that you should nag on president obama and weisel wrt their addresses to holocaust remembrance day addresses because they were both channeling iran, as was netanyahu all day long.

      so which specific analogy of bruce's were you criticizing?

    • it is to me. the idea one could attract more american jews to a conference than serve in the US military, especially considering the attention demanded of our foreign policy, hence our armed forces, directed toward protecting the interests of a state so many allegedly consider their homeland, not to mention the obvious reason most americans join the military (caveat: i would not consider it), it just seems odd. it makes me wonder what percentage of american jews are serving in the idf. i wonder if they might fill the conference room.

    • bruce, i love this photo of your dad. thanks for sharing something so personal.

      speaking of the holocaust commemoration i read this article yesterday and was struck by how off topic it seemed. mindbogglingly so. titled "Obama seeks to stop Syria, Iran tech assault on activists" covered obama's address at the memorial.

      link to

      President Barack Obama imposed U.S. sanctions on Monday on those who help Syria and Iran track dissidents through cell phones and computers, serving notice on technology providers that they could be held responsible for those governments' human rights abuses.

      Obama's announcement underscored how democracy activists have used social media tools in protest movements across the Middle East, but also the extent to which authoritarian governments have used cutting-edge technologies to crack down on dissent.

      "These technologies should be in place to empower citizens, not to repress them," Obama said in a somber speech at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington.

      Obama rolled out new asset freezes and visa restrictions against Syrian and Iranian security agencies, telecommunications companies and individuals accused of helping security forces conduct surveillance to target the opposition for attack.


    • more Jews attended the last AIPAC convention than serve in the US armed forces.

      wow, that is just staggering.

  • Obama's selective view of the struggle for human dignity
    • hi Nima!

      (handsome too)


    • i've met Nima citizen, most definitely a he.

    • thanks for the link lysias, will check it out.


      Obama patted himself on the back for "sign[ing] an executive order that authorizes new sanctions against the Syrian government and Iran and those that abet them for using technologies to monitor and track and target citizens for violence."

      yeah, it seems very weird to be announcing this here. just commented on it over at bruce's excellent article.

      link to

      i definitely sense a theme at work here. heading over to marcy's.

  • A letter to the Methodists in support of divestment
    • thanks citizen!

    • excellent letter phil, i hope someone reads it for attendees at the conference.

      for anyone who did not see the 'extra' short posted on the 60 minutes website, a part that was cut from the interview, where palestinian christians called for bds i recommend the very short 1 minute video:

      Pushing for a boycott of Israel
      April 22, 2012 4:00 PM
      Nora Kort discusses the Kairos Palestine Document, a political treatise she co-authored, and explains why she and other Christian Palestinians are calling for a boycott of Israel and Israeli goods.

      link to

      funny, i just went to the link and there doesn't seem to be a way to play the video anymore. odd.

      edit, here it is on youtube: link to

  • Netanyahu involved in '60 Minutes' pushback; Official compares CBS story to a 'strategic terror attack' on Israeli diplomacy
    • would that “communique” be a CBS source who contacted the embassy or an intercepted electronic communication about the content of the program?

      they don't have to rely on intercepting communications with an occupation in place. a 60 minute crew is not a secret event. all they have to do is detain a few of the people interviewed and question them to find out what was said. i wonder how many of those christians interviewed had someone knock on their door for a little 1 on 1.

  • The new landscape: big media cover former Palestinian P.M.'s obit for two-state solution
    • thanks ahhiyawa, and for the link too.

    • Where are the other examples of the mainstream media about the death of the 2 state solution?

      joseph, the point i was trying to make is this particular AP article was picked up and ran all over the place in less than 24 hrs, it's gone viral. why? he's someone i had not even heard of before (granted i wasn't following i/p back during his tenure). i explained upthread how i read it on the daily star i thought perhaps because it was reported in beruit this was a bigger deal in lebanon. then i googled the story and jeez louise, more legs than a centipede. i linked upthread to the coverage here:

      link to

      but since then there are many more, here.

      there are over 7 google pages with over 30 listings on each one.

      i observe the news. when i read an article i will google the content and see who else is reporting it, out of curiosity. i watch how stories travel, what gets picked up, how fast it gets picked up, what gets ignored etc etc.

      why would a story like this go viral? it's not like there's anything too special about it? so why is it being reported on TV programs from Lexington to Chatanooga? and where's Steubenville? this article has saturated the US msm. literally saturated. i have watched many many more important stories fall completely flat.

      don't you think that is a tad odd for an ex palestinian authority PM 99.9% of americans have never heard of?

      i just thought it was strange. we've been hearing 'the window on the 2SS is closing' for a long long time. i think this could signal an indication the msn is now ready to communicate it's closed. for whatever reason i am not sure.

      i will tell you one thing, this is not the fogel family murder, so why was it covered like this?

    • actually joseph, i can't take credit for the very last sentence, that was an editorial choice, but i do agree with it. can't say i am particularly 'worked up' about the interview myself either. i tried to make the point in the opening and again after the blockquote that the traction this story was getting from the msm is the story. the shifting paradigm is the repetitiousness in the msm about the death of the 2SS, inevitability of one state, and that being israel's fault.

      the same author, dan perry AP jerusalem bureau chief, wrote another the next day now charting the same course ( Israeli opposition chief fears binational state) only this time it's promoting kadima's new leader Shaul Mofaz. i posted it upthread on fox and here it is again today on salon. link to

      “Our government doesn’t want an agreement and won’t reach an agreement,” he said.

    • Like . . . huh?

      i meant he didn't specifically say it was dead (in fact he said "If it dies ... there are other choices."). but he did say :

      "If the two-state solution will not succeed ... what you can do?" Qureia asked. "You can go back to other choices. I am not calling to kill the two-state solution. I am saying that who killed the two-state solution is Israel."

      fair use prevented me from publishing more of the article. he actually said a lot more. perhaps we're getting mixed messages but when one says something is killed it sends a message it is dead.

      Israel captured the territories in the 1967 war

      thanks for bringing this particular quote to my attention right now. i wasn't sure if it was directly in the text and being lazy i decided to google it(by news) figuring it would pull up the article (rather than rereading it). i came upon this fresh (2 hrs old) AP article from jerusalem (author not cited) on fox news with a similar theme as the other AP ex PM interview.

      link to

      Israeli opposition chief fears binational state

      JERUSALEM – Israel's new parliamentary opposition leader said Tuesday that the Jewish state faces the danger of being replaced by a binational Jewish-Arab entity if it fails to separate itself from the Palestinians.

      Former military chief Shaul Mofaz won leadership of the centrist Kadima Party last month.

      "The threat of us losing the Jewish majority and Israel becoming a binational state is the biggest threat to Israel, and time is working against us," he told Israel Radio. "The threat of a binational state that we are bequeathing to our children really keeps me awake at night."

      The Iranian-born Mofaz, in one of his first interviews since winning the Kadima primary last month, said Israel must resume negotiations with the Palestinians.

      Talks are stalled after the failure of repeated efforts over the past two decades to reach a deal on carving out a Palestinian state in the West Bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem, territories Israel captured in the 1967 Mideast war.

      Mofaz's comments came a day after former Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia struck a similar theme from the other side of the Mideast equation, saying the Palestinians might abandon the "two-state solution" strategy and aim for a single state consisting of Israel plus the West Bank and Gaza -- in which all ethnic and religious groups had equal status.

    • zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      the ol israel only reacts hasbara. freshen up yer talking pts fred.

    • because you have a crystal ball and know the future!

    • lysias, i was just reading about perry here: link to

      just wondering how an interview like this spreads so far and so fast. thanks for the link, that is a rather extraordinary link about administrative detention, extraordinary for the fact it's in wapo with not a lot of counter narrative.

      Critics say that if military prosecutors are confident enough in their evidence to imprison a suspect, they should prove their case in an open court. Sahar Francis, director of the Palestinian prisoner advocacy organization Addameer, said that although limited use of administrative detention is legal under international law, Israel uses it too liberally.

      “They use it in every case where they don’t find evidence against the person, and they use it as a kind of punishment,” Francis said.

    • hey dan, somehow i missed your heads up and frankly felt a little late to the party. i first encountered this on lebanon's daily star last night. i wasn't active in i/p back in his days and the name Ahmed Qureia was not familiar to me. so i thought perhaps because it was reported in beruit this was a bigger deal in lebanon. so i wondered if it was covered elsewhere and googled a quote of his. They are killing the opportunity of two-state solution. If it dies ... there are other choices. and i was surprised! it's everywhere!

      edit, that link doesn't work, try this

      link to

      anyway, thanks for keeping an eye out and letting us know. one way or another it found it's way here. ;)

  • 67 Palestinians were evicted from East Jerusalem in the last week
    • Israel forcibly displaced 67 Palestinian refugees in East Jerusalem over the last week

      nakba/ethnic cleansing!

  • Knesset members celebrate latest E. Jerusalem settlement by posing on evicted Palestinian family's sofa
    • agreed, a big poster..zios celebrating nakba, everyday is reenactment day..

    • i'm on permanent keyboard alert whenever i read taxi, stay away from the liquids.

    • i think it needs some catchy slogan w/'re-enactment' somewhere in it. instead of a remembrance day something catchy about '48 ethnic cleansing grinning fat cats lounging on jerusalemite nakba victims funiture. everyday is reenactment day in israel or something like that.

    • oleg, allison wrote To mark the occasion they posted a picture of themselves lounging on the Natcheh's sofa on Facebook.

      therefore , i assumed the facebook page was a page belonging to one of the two MK's. perhaps i assumed wrong. anyway, the original description by whomever posted it, according to the translation, used the word 'redeemed' wrt the couch, hence the responses in the comments. this is my recollection, i am not planning on retranslating the text or the comments.

      anyway, i happen to think it is important and my guess is this photo will go viral. if it is untrue that this couch belongs to the evicted palestinians one would imagine there will be a denial forthcoming in the media.

    • We need to make this go viral somehow

      yeah, massive hasbara fail.

    • hey welcome first time commenter rizla!


    • oleg, if you go to the facebook page allison linked to and copy paste/translate the original it say they were sitting on the 'redeemed' couch. then in the comments many referenced the couch. like this:

      (google translate from hebrew)

      Sunday at 5:44 am · 1
      Ziv Chatav what it's like Gaddafi sofa ...
      Sunday at 5:50 am · 1
      Amateur chest .. That's the beauty of the sofa was the Arab family who lived there and it's a victory even more sweet :)

    • i love your goofiness taxi, don't ever change.

    • someone said the other day on one of the threads something about the sadistic quality of what was going on and i thought about the settlers who took over the Natcheh family home. it was the arrogance in the stroll of the other photo, with idf protection. i didn't say anything at the time although i did go back and look at the picture.

      but this, there's a streak of sadism in this photograph.

  • Joe Lieberman, and liberal hero Elizabeth Warren, peddle propaganda on Iran
    • wiped out a village of sheepherders, levelled a school

      please tell us this is a morbid joke

    • I don't have confidence at this point that they are really able to make a copy of it. It's a very sophisticated piece of machinery and has served our national security well, including I would guess being used to look all over Iran

      also, remember when iran first announced they had the drone the US denied they thought it was true, so these latest denials by lieberman and ilk are just the same kind of false reassuring rhetoric.

    • here's the report from iran

      link to

      Iran Decodes US Drone Intel

      TEHRAN (FNA)- Senior Iranian military officials announced that the country's experts have decoded the intelligence gathering system and memory hard discs of the United States' highly advanced RQ-170 Sentinel stealth aircraft that was downed by Iran in December after violating the country's airspace.

      Speaking to FNA, Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Forces Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh revealed some data taken from the aircraft's intelligence system to discourage his counterparts in Pentagon who had alleged that Iranians would not succeed in decoding the spy drone's memory and intelligence devices.

      "This plane is seen as a national capital for us and our words should not disclose all the information that we have very easily."

      "Yet, I provide four cues in here to let the Americans know how deep we could penetrate into (the intelligence systems and devices of) this drone," he added.

      Hajizadeh stated that the drone parts had been transferred to California for technical works in October 2010, adding that the drone was later transferred to Kandahar, Afghanistan in November 2010 and had a flight in there.

      The commander said that the drone had experienced some technical flaws in its Kandahar flight in November, but the US experts failed resolve the problems at the time.

      Hajizadeh added that the RQ-170 was then sent back to an airfield near Los Angeles in December 2010 for tests on its censors and parts, adding that the drone had a number of test flights in there.

      As a forth cue to prove Iran's access to the drone's hidden memory, the commander mentioned that the spy drone's memory device has revealed that it had flown over Al-Qaeda Leader Osama bin Laden's hideout in Pakistan two weeks before his death.

      "Had we not accessed the plane's soft wares and hard discs, we wouldn't have been able to achieve these facts," Hajizadeh said, reiterating that Iran's military experts are in full command of the drone intel and hold a good knowledge of the drone parts and programs.

      The unmanned surveillance plane lost by the United States in Iran was a stealth aircraft being used for secret missions by the CIA.

      The aircraft is among the highly sensitive surveillance platform in the CIA's fleet that was shaped and designed to evade enemy defenses.

      The drone is the first such loss by the US.

      The RQ-170 has special coatings and a batwing shape designed to help it penetrate other nations' air defenses undetected. The existence of the aircraft, which is made by Lockheed Martin, has been known since 2009, when a model was photographed at the main US airfield in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

      The revelation came after Russia and China asked Tehran to provide them with information on the capture US drone.

      Ahmad Karimpour, an adviser to Iran's defense minister, said on Friday that Tehran has received requests from many countries for information on the RQ-170 Sentinel, but Moscow and Beijing have been most aggressive in their pursuit of details on the drone.

  • '60 Minutes' profiles Palestinian Christians, Michael Oren falls on his face
    • I hope I remember this the next time the claim comes up.

      i just bookmarked the link.

    • hophmi,

      Let’s see a list of your key authorities and experts on Mideast politics.

      shorter hophmi: 'la la la la la la la i can't hear you!'

    • is there a particular arab media source you're referencing mayhem? like say, lebanon's daily star? do you think they all march in lockstep?

      acceptance of different views and opinions so sites like Mondoweiss can open forum for discussion and consideration of opposing viewpoints

      wrt their blogs, do you speak arabic? i don't have access to their social media but i doubt there are "no open forum for discussion and consideration of opposing viewpoints".

    • hophmi, 'jew counting' is a slur often used in rhetorical arguments when people do not want to address the strong ethnic leanings of the majority of people who cover israel in the msm. sullivan asked if there were any non zionist journalists employed in the msm. perhaps an arab once in awhile but the names you nameed are not writing for the msm re israel currently, or lately. hedges got booted off the ME beat because of his non zio leanings. there's a whole list of very influential neocons who write regularly for the msm. if you have examples of non jewish reporters covering israel for any of the main news sources name some. it's a legitimate observation. you can't just scream jew counting everytime people notice the field is heavily monitored. this 60 minute episode being a prime example. and even if someone is being critical of israel in the msm they are still generally jewish or arab/persian. it's just uncommon otherwise although chris hayes seems to have used his show to open up the discourse lately.

    • who's being dishonest now hops, this sub-thread started right here directly to adam's main article. phil has not been a part of it and you jumped in way upthread and were the first to respond to it.

      link to

      I wish Simon had had the courage to tell his audience that Oren’s call to Fager, the head of CBS, was a call to a fellow Jew, if only to illustrate the kind of tribal pressures that can be brought to bear on coverage of the Middle East. But then that could have opened a whole can of worms. Before you know it Americans might be told that the Chairman of ABC is Jewish too. And the Chairman of NBC. And the Chairman of CNN.

      And we all know that mentioning that amazing coincidence is “antisemitic.”

      and it's not hard to notice when you get stuck you just evade people's arguments and ignore them when you're in a corner.

      link to

    • here is a report from today, this sounds really sad

      link to

      Mosaic wall dating back to 563 AD shattered to pieces by anonymous assailants. Initial investigation suggests extremist haredi elements behind act

      The mosaic, which dates back to 563 AD, was discovered during excavations in 1986. It has an inscription written by a head of a monastery that was active during the inception of Christianity.

      According to an initial investigation, anonymous assailants arrived at the site and shattered the mosaic, scattering the pieces around the site.

      The culprits also sprayed a slogan on the wall nearby, reading: "The magnitude of destruction equals the magnitude of desecration."

      Tomer Zacks, a tour guide who witnessed the destruction, told Ynet: "This is not the first time I witness the vandalism of antiquities by extremist haredi sects around this area. Six months ago I saw a similar act in Hirbat Madres. I think the two incidents may be connected."

      Zacks added that he just saw the mosaic on Sunday, and when he came back for the second time this week he was shocked to discover that nothing was left of it. "Antiquities Authority supervisors had just finished collecting 23 bags full of the shattered pieces and told me that there is no budget to reconstruct it," he said.

    • You can also do things like quote Meir Kahane. It means nothing. Kahane is one rabbi, not a mainstream Jewish theologian.

      iow you are saying you represent the mainstream and concede there may be other rabbis who interpret things differently. kahane has hundreds of thousands of followers, upwards of 500,000. i am not saying he is mainstream, but that is not one isolated fruitcake. or do you still think it 'means nothing' regardless of how many believe something as long as the rabbis are not mainstream?

    • which book are you talking about. if any of those attacks are not true or not verified elsewhere that would be one thing. but i just googled one of the attacks, Convent of St. John (Greek Orthodox), and it's confirmed in this book, called Jerusalem 1948. is that the book you mean? War in the Old City: The Diaries of Constantine Mavrides?

    • hop, who does Neil MacFarquar cover the ME for? chris hedges hasn't worked for the nyt in years, i'm talking this century. i didn't say that the religion of the reporters influenced their reporting. hence, it is not part of my argument.

      “any jewish person writing about i/p could be considered “based in the jewish world”. ”

      Why? Based on what? And how far do you extend this? PTJ would like to extend it all the way to CEOs of parent companies.

      based on my opinion. phil's opinions are part of the jewish world, or don't you think they qualify? if people are jewish they are part of the jewish world. now if you want to you could argue that israel doesn't really make any more difference or have any more influence or effect on american jews than say...americans who are not jewish..but i don't think that is the case. perhaps for the young but i think most american jews have been indoctrinated with a certain amount of conditioning wrt israel so that, whether they identify with it or not (and many do not) it is thru their identity as a jew, even if they resent it. only to the degree you could argue israel has no influence (not pro or negative but none) on an american jew could one speculate their reportage was not part of the jewish world. the jewish world is not limited to israel.

      imho opinion it is the same for arabs or muslims. when they are reporting on their own community or ethnicity they are reporting on 'their world'.

    • hops, arab media sources like other media sources, do not only or even necessarily primarily (depending on current events) focus on stories from 'their world'. if something happens like a war or a tsumani that gets covered all over the world. and when you say "based in the arab world" or "based in the jewish world" that's a little nebulous. someone could be writing from london and be considered either of those depending on who they are and the topic they are covering. any jewish person writing about i/p could be considered "based in the jewish world". it's glaringly obvious the majority of stories about the conflict in the american msm, certainly in the nyt..are covered by american jews. it's rare for a publication to regularly run features critical of israel via non jewish journalists, unless on occasion by arab journalists. but someone like sully or rick steves are a rarity. as a result, if i/p is primarily being covered by jews it places it in the rhelm of 'the jewish world'. it moves out of that world when broadcasters and reporters are not jewish. same for an arab reporter or arab broadcaster in the US reporting on the arab spring, by definition i would consider this "the arab world".

    • The doctrine of supercessionism is, exactly as I said, a Christian theological concept that generally holds that Christians replaced the Jews as G-d’s chosen. It’s also often referred to replacement theology.

      hophmi, to 'replace' wouldn't one have to first accept the premise jews were originally god's chosen? is that something all christians believe? i really don't know. and since there are different interpretations of what chosen means, how might that impact your statement.

    • this is a must watch video. the fantasy christians are leaving because of muslims!!!

      Bob Simon: And it was a reason to call the president of-- chairman of CBS News?

      Michael Oren: Bob, I'm the ambassador of the State of Israel. I do that very, very infrequently as ambassador.It's just-- that's an extraordinary move for me to complain about something.

      GAME ON! irvine 11 mr ambassador? screwing with our first amendment rights?

  • Why did Washington Post and NYT lend themselves to 'unglued' 'angerfest' directed at Beinart?
    • jones, just making sure you're not confusing the two goldbergs, jj and jeffrey.

    • I believe the New York Times and Washington Post's eager participation in this rightwing frenzy can be explained by two trends:

      i think Mearsheimer was right:

      John Mearsheimer explained this dark primordial spirit to me. "It's called nationalism." And Jewish nationalists are right to think that their vision is now at risk.

      whoever are running the show at those papers are probably Jewish nationalists, or zionist nationalists.

      andrew sullivan wrote about 'The Assault On Peter Beinart' too making the same point as jj goldberg.

      Good God. The utter lack of engagement with the arguments of a book that has yet to be published is revealing - and the deployment of personal matters as a way to smear someone is exactly the same tactic as Jeffrey Goldberg's abuse of private matters

      link to

      a few times actually.

      link to

      bullies link to

  • Nationalist public radio
  • Egypt and Israel, all is not well
  • When discrimination hits home (IHOP fired my dad for being Arab and Muslim)
    • i think so too walid, it's exciting. i have confidence someday we will look back on this segment of america's history and realize what a dark dark path it was and have regret and apologize. it's as if a mcCarthy era is upon us. a dark day brought about by zionism run wild thru our congress and court. well, not all of our courts but enough of them.

      these are righteous people, and if they do not come out on top it signals much more distress. but i have faith in ordinary people. this is the right time, the right setting and the right case. they will prevail and perhaps their names will go down in history and a legacy will be born...or something. this is an awesome opportunity because of the integrity of the people involved and their persistence of the american dream. they did everything right and toiled long hours just to raise their families..and then to be victims of so much prejudice.

      and to think right here on mondoweiss one of our feature contributors is...a daughter. this is amazing. now i have an idea about where this quality comes from that makes her so special, such an amazing voice we cherish here.

      not sure why roqayah's user data is not included in this post, but for some of her other AMAZING articles:

      link to

      context is everything and this story, this story certainly provides context. what an honor it must be to be born into a family with a dad like this, who has struggled like this. my prayers...for this to heal my country.

    • i had never heard of this before. i hope they win this and i hope they win big, big damages. enough to send a warning to any other franchise who tries pulling this again. this video is getting some traction, as it should.

      give your dad a huge shout out of support from me. i am sorry this is so close to home, well..that's an understatement. it must be a very stressful process for your family. so sorry roqayah.

  • Judge rules against Minnesota 'Break the Bonds' campaign
  • 'Strong men wanted to legally evacuate Arab squatters'
    • this is hideous. i recall when you wrote about this last month (recommend first link) and i read about it elsewhere at the time. it's excruciating.

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