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Annie Robbins

Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani

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  • How Rahat became a symbol of Israeli inequality
    • what an incredible article allison. i had heard lots of horrible pieces of this story before but all of it left me very confused. and that video is almost too much to believe, you can see the car swerving at one point intentionally aiming at a person, so what the witness Fadi said about trying to run over people, there's no other explanation.

      it's just - the whole story is amzing and devastating. thank you again Allison, so much for your incredible reporting.

  • That thrilling, anti-elitist Shas campaign video
    • so your personal theory is that some law someday may segue with some lenient local judge that will "ease" conversions for palestinians. i think you're wasting our time jeff.

    • it creates the possibility for a lenient local judge to ease conversions for Palestinians who were interested.

      is this a personal theory of yours or do you have any source links.

    • how does anything in that ad also create "a possible solution for at least some of the Palestinians"?

  • Surprise-- 'NYT' publishes straightforward report on Israeli human rights violations in Gaza
    • and that was kershner's article. here's b'tselem:

      Hamas and other organizations operating in the Gaza Strip do not abide by IHL, nor do they purport to do so. As B’Tselem stated both during and after the fighting, Hamas has breached these provisions, and particularly its duty to distinguish between civilian objects and military targets. Not only did Hamas fire at Israeli civilians and civilian targets, it did so from within the civilian population. Hamas operatives fired from sites located near civilian dwellings, concealed weapons and munitions inside them and dug tunnels under them.

      clearly, mayhem just shot from the hip, easier than fact checking!

    • they (nyt publishers, editors, and journos) all probably wake up everyday and check mondoweiss! ;)

    • mayhem, did you read the nyt article or b'tselem's report?

      According to B’Tselem, Hamas acted “in complete contravention” of international rules, firing from civilian areas at civilian communities in Israel. But B’Tselem said that violations by one side do not give a carte blanche to the other side regarding international obligations.

    • What can I say?

      Maybe it’s the Baquet effect

      no! it's the james north effect!

      When will the Times find a Jewish woman who works for the human rights organization B’Tselem and makes challah, and profile her, and tell us how she got to be a leftist? Or tell us how Haneen Zoabi got to be such a compelling political leader in Israel?

      We expect equal treatment. We’re not saying don’t write about Darshan-Leitner, but humanize the other side, too. Tell us what foods they prepare.

      - See more at:

  • PA arrests Palestinian student for 'insulting a public official' on Facebook
  • State Dep't says Netanyahu speech is not inappropriate, disrespectful, humiliating or embarrassing
    • smart, i agree snowdrift.

    • . I suspect his much more humanitarian approach to the Palestinians will play well in the USA among liberals.

      you must be living in a fantasy land

      Palestinians who “resist the occupation” will be attacking a government who claims to and is interested in their welfare.

      uh huh. maybe you think we're stupid.

      In the protest letter, which was sent to Netanyahu, IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz and the heads of the Intelligence Corps and Unit 8200, the signatories said they would not continue to be an “instrument in deepening military rule in the occupied territories,” and thus would cease doing reserve duty in the unit.

      The reservists maintained that information the unit gathers is being used to harm innocent people, and is “serving political persecution and the creation of division in Palestinian society, by recruiting collaborators and turning portions of Palestinian society against itself.”

      The signatories, the most senior of whom was a major, wrote that their consciences did not allow them “to continue to serve this system, and to do harm to the rights of millions of human beings.”

      we know all about what these "loyalty oaths" are about. any sane person would resist an occupation. no amount of "humanitarian" gestures is going to replace civil rights and equality in the eyes of either palestinians or "american liberals". nothing

    • nope, his parents were from san francisco but he was born in israel.

    • The main person who worked on the report was Perle. The rest just contributed ideas.

      hops, where did you get that information?

    • much as everyone wants to argue that the tail is wagging the dog here, or that this was just an idea cooked up by Ron Dermer, it is very much something that I would expect out of a Congress like this one, and it’s wrong to minimize their role here.

      reminds me of what MJ wrote

      How do u know a member of Congress or pundit is owned by the lobby? He blames Bibi speech disaster on Boehner, not Netanyahu. -

      fyi, tho everyone says it was the "brainchild of Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer" i don't agree, nor do i think congress calls the shots in the relationship with israel. none the less and regardless of whose idea it was, as the israeli ambassador he should have been well aware it was a diplomatic nightmare for this to be announced publicly without going thur regular channels to the WH. and for him to engage in a couple hr meeting with kerry and not mention it, surely you can blame dermer for that can't you? or do you also think congress tells the israeli ambassador how to do his job?

  • French Jews, surrender to terror in the baguette capital and move to the land of legal terror!
    • are you talking to natalie hops? wouldn't it be GRAND if she answered you here?

      I LOVE this video. and she's a fabulous performer. FABULOUS.

    • i was wondering the very same thing myself tea. who and why would someone bother getting a statistic like this and how would they go about determining this? reading social media sites. i so wish yonah would show his sources. the only thing i can determine from this kind of "factoid dropping", true or not, is that yonah doesn't want anyone using the term "chosen". not that i use it, but... isn't the term used mostly in synagogues and things like that?

  • Phila Inquirer publishes a lie: 'Anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are one and the same'
    • i commented without having read enough of her magnum opus: eichmann in jerusalem and was called out on my illiteracy and thus shamed i have been delving into her book and briefly skimmed the book eichmann before jerusalem by stangneth. - See more at:

      i doubt if you were called out on your illiteracy and thus shamed because you had been delving into her book and briefly skimmed the book eichmann before jerusalem by stangneth. you were probably shamed because you made some ridiculous determination/conclusion and tried attributing it to ardent or strangneth, or something. you're frequently making these uninformed conclusions based on, what appears to be, an attempt to blame or inflame.

      i would insist that a level headed view of zionism should have an analysis of the last 140 years of history prepared to deal with the roots of zionism.

      and do you plan on insisting this of yourself too?

      such level headed seriousness is really not found around here and to pretend that it is found around here is silliness.

      is this a self critique? are you admitting something, confessing you've been silly, letting us know why you're planning on taking a hiatus from posting, some sabbatical to gain an analysis of the last 140 years of history to prepared to deal with the roots of zionism?

      do tell.

    • Zionism in 2015 implies satisfaction or at least acceptance of the Nakba of 1948.

      what's your definition of "acceptance"? i don't know what you mean. zionism is a political construct therefore it doesn't experience "satisfaction" or "accept" ideas. as a system it imposes, it informs, it occupies. do you mean "zionists"? zionism doesn't "imply".

      surely you don't mean if a person believes joan peter's version of history they are therefore not a zionist. do you mean nakba deniers are not zionists, because we all know that's not true.

    • First, hatred of Israel can no longer be separated from loathing of Jews

      i'm always amused by the way israel propagandists get off on attributing emotions like "hatred" and "loathing" to their adversaries, yet rarely ever (that i can recall) attribute it to themselves.

      i swear, if they could get away with stating the opposition was frothing at the mouth it would probably give them a hard on excite them.

    • Roha, the statement at the top not under any sub-heading and framed with an implied caveat ["could be" etc], is likely an accurate assessment of how they define anti semitism:

      "Anti-Semitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of anti-Semitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities."

      i agree with that.

    • hi john, note that in providing "EXAMPLES of the ways in which anti-Semitism manifests itself with regard to the state of Israel, taking into account the overall context could include" the state department doesn't ever reference "homeland". not once.

      also note nowhere on the state department page that provides "Contemporary Examples of Anti-Semitism" is the word "homeland" ever mentioned.

      note the definition at the top of the page, PRIOR to listing other "Contemporary Examples of Anti-Semitism"

      also note at the base of the page "However, criticism of Israel similar to that leveled against any other country cannot be regarded as anti-Semitic."

  • Menendez bags on Iran sanctions, and congressman says AIPAC demands deference to Israel over US
    • Neither congressional Jews nor the American Israel Public Affairs Committee were notified of the speech, much less consulted.

      oh please. it's very likely certain congressional jews were informed or in on it, while 'consulted' may be accurate, who knows. but the chances aipac wasn't in on this from the get go is far fetched. aipac says anything. recall when they claimed they were not in on pressuring the US to invade syria? ha! just because we don't hear about it doesn't mean they don't bloom like a nightflower, in the dark.

    • keith, practically speaking ... now that the republicans are in the majority they could introduce legislation that would trigger a war, easily. this recent campaign of code pinks (and they have many all the time) is timelu and accurate imho.

      If Code Pink really was serious about a nuclear weapons free Middle East, then logically they would be organizing an email campaign to pressure Obama to pursue a nuclear weapons free Middle East.

      they already have and it's ongoing. i support you organizing a campaign to pursue a nuclear weapons free Middle East. but right now i also support ALL senators not signing aipac's legislation designed to push the US to war if these negotiations don't meet with israel's demands. it's very current and dangerous binding legislation.

    • support for Israel is NOT part of this nation’s political DNA, if it were there would be no need for an israel lobby. our country and our elections would be thousands times better without lobby funds being pumped into the election process. elections are now a billion dollar industry which is sick. it rips apart our democracy and hammers americans with months and months of advertisements every other year.

    • he used to be a republican, he's a dem now.

    • do you mean nuclear free or nuclear weapons free? because code pink does support a nuclear weapons free middle east. you sound like you do not think code pink can multi task.

      btw, pressuring dem senators is not the same as 'urge support for dems. ' i am sure there are a lot of dems they do not support.

  • 'The New York Times' throws another sop to lovers of Israel
    • pubs matter!

    • oh look, speak of the devil

      January 25, 2015 by Alex Safian, PhD

      Israel Law Center and Nitsana Darshan-Leitner Attacked by the New York Times

    • nah, the right is all over the nyt claiming it is a left liberal biased paper. they have professional goons that hound the news sites. they get them to change the wording and then write articles bragging about it. try googling "CAMERA and new york times" to read all about it.

      here's wiki

      The New York Times '​ coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict[edit]
      In a 2012 monograph of its study of The New York Times, CAMERA asserts that the newspaper shows a clear preference for the Palestinian narrative. It further says that The New York Times treats Israel with a harsher standard and omits context.[45] The study called "Indicting Israel - New York Times Coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict - A July 1 – December 31, 2011 Study" is part of the Monograph Series. In the executive summary senior CAMERA research analysts Ricki Hollander and Gilead Ini, say that the dominant finding of the study was a disproportionate, continuous, embedded indictment of Israel that dominated both news and commentary sections. It further states that "Israeli views are downplayed while Palestinian perspectives, especially criticism of Israel, are amplified and even promoted."[46] According to Rick Richman, writing in Commentary Magazine, the CAMERA study examines all news and editorial sections in the print version of the newspaper directly relating to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict (july 1 - december 31, 2011).[47]

      i kid you not. and like pam gellar's group these guys (probably) threaten lawsuits and such. they are really rude, pushy, threatening and well funded.

  • The growing ties between #BlackLivesMatter and Palestine
  • Tell your congressperson: Don't attend Netanyahu's speech
    • rico, he's quoting phil, the original post:

      That is the moral challenge here. Do you think it’s shocking and inappropriate and outrageous that the Israeli premier is coming here to speak in defiance of the White House? You think this is a plot hatched by neoconservatives behind the president’s back in the last two weeks? You think that politics is supposed to stop at the water’s edge when a possible war hangs in the balance? Fine. Vote with your feet. Don’t go to the House chambers for this historic atrocity.

      fyi, after over 10 years on the computer i finally learned if i clicked "command F" (on an apple, not sure on the other kinds of computers) the browser page offers a search box. place the quote in the search box and it will show you where it is on the page.

    • lol! i go away for a few hours and it gets better and better!

    • I consider what Boehner and Ron D, did as Treason.

      just for the record fpm, i think dermer had to relinquish his US citizenship to become israel's ambassador. therefore, technically, he could not be charged with treason at this time. however, there's a strong likelihood he will seek to get it back in the future. perhaps we could rethink the treason charges at that time!

    • sure mooser, by all means. whatcha got?

    • Well, there’s a great little piece of nut-job agitprop right there. Backward insult at Phil by mentioning the “real Journalist” North

      tree, that is what i meant upthread when i said i couldn't recall a time when yonah complimented phil "unless perhaps once you tried to couch an insult." not sure if "couch" is the right word, perhaps cushion is better. it's a set up.

      mooser, i found that video googling meshuga (crazy) but it seemed to fit the context. crazy assimilated jews! ;) ahhhh lol

    • except that atrocious is the adjective and atrocity is a noun.

      wow, she's a beauty

      yonah: no she's not, don't be cheap! she's beautiful, they are really quite different!

      edit: hmm, maybe i should reverse those in case yonah doesn't know the difference between a noun and an adjective.

      wow, she's beautiful

      yonah: no she's not, don't be cheap! she's a beauty, they are really quite different!

    • Hearing what he has to say? hasn't he been making speeches about iran since the early 90's? we already know what he has to say. and besides, he's speaking at aipac and all of the congress people will be there anyway. don't pretend this is business as usual.

      Netanyahu is merely a pawn in the internal politics of today`..


    • a strong swimmer getting pointers from someone who’s barely mastered the dog paddle

      that's an excellent analogy too tree. and of course, that war with iran.. but also the act itself, to announce directly after the state of the union address (which traditionally is followed by a response by an AMERICAN opposition speaker from the other party) to announce that a foreign leader with a view opposing the president will be addressing a joint session of congress - that's really lowball gutter politics. and then for the president to find out from the press at the same time as the american public? and that it's israel? the country that already has congress eating out of it's hand? can you even imagine if that became routine. to have the PM of israel, the dog's tail, address congress after the SOU every year? i would die. our forefathers would be rolling in their graves.

      but you're right , the historic atrocity is a foreign leader pushing us to war. and like iraq, the israelis won't be dying. they'll be advising, expanding their illegal colonies, taking our money and planning our next 'intervention' on their behalf.

    • oh thank you tree, coming from you that is quite a compliment. ;)

    • of course they support him. i mean, even if they overtly don't prefer netanyahu they support the relationship with congress and have invested so much in it they will downplay anything that puts that at risk. yesterday ivri tried to pass this off as "usual political theatre" -or claimed that's what obama thought. plllllease

      ok, let's place bets. how many standing ovations will he get? will they top the 29 from last time? do they dare?

    • Jews who’s genes are all mixed up

      LOL! omg ~ you're hysterical! that's not what it means!!!

      meshuggah ;) lol

    • why don’t you put it on Twitter: “Phil Weiss says “atrocity”!”

      but mooser, it was "historic atrocity" !!!! ahhhh !!!!

    • omg just, this video is perfect! can't stop laughing.

    • your 4000 plus comments is a testament to your critiques, they are routinely un-complementary towards the opinions here, that's not surprise to you is it? you are a critic here, a zionist at a non zionists site, that's your role here - a mouthpiece for the opposition. what you advocate, according to comments and your profile, makes your position clear. this is not an insult, it is an accurate description.

      under those circumstances (and feel free to point out a handful of complementary posts directed at the site that contradict my assessment if you think i am wrong) "wouldn’t it thereby make the comment more appealing to his supporters, not less." ? it's a fair question.

      and i think it is atrocious yes. and obviously it is historic. it's just not done. that's not "cheap" it's the way he sees it and the way many see it whether you agree or not. calling someones assessment "cheap" is an insult, it's not a challenge. it's meant to incite and degrade.

      "have no interest in finding anything appealing about phil’s ideas or writing"

      i really can't recall a time when you complimented phil's ideas unless perhaps once you tried to couch an insult.

      clarity is precisely what Phil obscures here with his Zionism obsession. - See more at:


      Last week Phil told us that he is an American and a former Jew. (I know i will take hits for my inexactitude.) This week he dons the mantle of Jew once more. Why? In order to utter the only phrase of Yiddish that he apparently knows: Mea culpa. And by mea, he doesn't mean him. He means the other meshugene Jews who refuse to assimilate like him.


      Last week Phil flushed "Jew" down the drain- why shed any tears over one more disappearing language? But this week Phil has salvaged "Jew" from the ash heap of his story, so that he can attack Zionism from the inside, as one of the tribe.

      Spare us, white American Phil Weiss

      - See more at:


      let me put it in inciteful terms. phil has to wait until omar barghouti tells him what to write. has to get it lined up with the party line first. - See more at:


      It's the front story around the world, but Phil gives it a pass. - See more at:


      The headline is quite positive that the 2016 elections will threaten Israel's isolation, but in the text of the article, Phil treats the thought with mockery - See more at:


      When did Phil Weiss stop being a journalist and sign up as full fledged out to lunch propagandist? - See more at:

      and today he reads like "a street corner nut agit prop idiot"! you're outdoing even yourself!

      after years of your ad hominems it's me that's "true to form" -- to point this out? surely you jest. earth to yonah, i didn't have to search high and low for those insults of yours, i merely placed "phil" in a search of your comments and took them in order one by one from the ones at the top of the page. there are 359 to choose from, maybe you should go digging and find a compliment: ~ happy hunting!

      so, i repeat my question, coming from you wouldn’t it thereby make the comment more appealing to his supporters, not less? who's the miserly pinchbeck yonah? another fair question. your insults just get worse and worse. and then you whine when it's thrown back at you. and you lecture us on what's appealing? we might as well take lessons on appeal from ebenezer scrooge!

    • cheapening of the language cheapened your appeal.

      that's funny coming from someone who hangs out here to "cheapen the appeal."

      that's the purpose of all your comments directed at phil. so coming from you wouldn't it thereby make the comment more appealing to his supporters, not less. the only people who are going to agree with you are those like yourself, who have no interest in finding anything appealing about phil's ideas or writing, or any of the other writing on this site for that matter.

  • On the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz
    • People here have already painted Israel as the closest thing the Nazi Germany and Apartheid South Africa on the planet

      institutionally, and aside from current conflicts that have arisen this century, what governments do you think best represents the closest thing to nazi germany and/or apartheid south africa on the planet today?

      The Zionist regime is Israel.

      no it's not. and iraq wasn't sadam's regime. don't confuse a regime with the country and people it represents.

    • me too. i wish he wasn't so down on the bds movement. i think he views it an monolithic but it isn't. oh well, i forgive norm for not being perfect or everything, but wow, he's an amazing person and scholar. i have his book method and madness on my bedside table right now. he's..norm!!!

  • Occupier’s justice: heads and tails you lose
    • p.s. i thought this might be of interest to folks. when looking for a good graphic for this article i googled Mr Abdul Karim Al Jaabari's name and sure enough was able to locate this photo from 2011. i embedded the link in the photo description above. there's some extra background text there with another photo of Jaabari.

      Over the years his two wells have been destroyed, olive trees cut, windows smashed, children beaten and he is prevented from walking on his own land. The purpose of this violence is to force the family to leave, as the land has a strategic value. If taken by the settlers it would provide a route between the two settlements and create another bloc of land within Palestinian territory, further restricting Palestinian access and movement. The settlers, protected by the army, erected a tent on this land and established it as a synagogue.

      The Israeli Supreme Court found the land to be legitimately owned by Abdul Karim, and the synagogue tent to be illegal. Yet despite this, the Israeli Army still prevent Abdul Karim from accessing his land and although the tent was once removed by police, it was erected by the settlers the following day.

      more at the link (highlighted in photo description)

    • bornajoo, i wish i had invented that phrase but alas, it's not original ;)

  • Like the Wind, We Will Be Free: How being detained at Ben Gurion airport during a family trip to Palestine reaffirmed my identity
  • 'NYT' and Matthews warn that Netanyahu speech to Congress could lead US to war
    • LOL rabbi botox.

    • RoHa, where did you find this website? you are a freak!

    • lol! just you crack me up.

    • now you're playing partisan politics considering Reps. Frank Wolf, Joe Pitts and Robert Aderholt met with Assad in Damascus the day before she arrived and like them, there was nothing she said there that was against stated american policy goals.

      unlike this latest deplorable and unprecedented "invitation" there's nothing unprecedented (or highly unusual) about high ranking officials (and sometimes not so high ranking) including congresspeople making trips to visit foreign leaders outside the purview of the white house. (as i mentioned they go to israel all the time, often sans seeking "authorization" from the WH). example

      your pelosi argument here is a diversion anyway, because the analogy you're making doesn't pertain to netanyahu's action (which happens to be the topic -and it's highly likely this "idea" came from team netanyahu, either dermer or the PM himself), but house speaker boehner. your analogy involves what is or isn't considered normal protocol for congressional diplomacy. whereas netanyahu is a foreign leader w/a policy pitted against the prez. pelosi didn't invite assad to address to congress against the will of bush. so there's your apples and oranges. the criticisms all over the talk shows today are not about boehner. he did what's now expected of lobby pushovers, it's netanyahu's chutza that's in being criticized.

    • an unofficial diplomatic capacity (without authorization from the White House)

      so that's your standard of unofficial diplomatic capacity? LOL. good to know. You need to work on your comprehension skills so you don’t embarrass yourself like this again..

    • she was the speaker of the house. this is the equivalent of John Boehner or Eric Cantor leading a delegation to israel without asking the president's permission. happens all the time. in fact aipac arranges these trips regularly. romney went there without asking Obama's permission too. it doesn't violate protocol for members of congress to visit other countries without asking permission of the israel lobby.

      nice try, no cigar.

    • i agree. and it's never occurred to me iran would use a nuclear weapon. it's strikes me as completely illogical given their history.

  • When discussing Islam, which Islam and whose rationality? 
    • But that does not mean that all religious schools avoid the tendencies I described. And since non-religious schools can do just as good a job, it seems wiser to avoid religious schools altogether.

      i lived in a region with good public schools because i could afford to. i moved from a town once my son approached adolescence because the options were all crappy. i never claimed "all religious schools avoid the tendencies" you described and i stated "each situation should be judged independently" as well as "if i lived in an area with an exemplary muslim school nearby, as opposed to having to bus my child to a far off western school (especially if i lived in some region of malaysia or something) i may very well want my child to attend. - See more at:"

      just because non-religious schools could do just as good a job, doesn't mean they all do. a lot has to do with the community. it only seems wiser to avoid religious schools altogether if good or better public schools in your area are available. i support public schools and always sent my son to one, but as i stated earlier, i also could afford moving to a better community because the one i lived in had a crappy junior school and high school. they could not manage the kids. it was a cultural nightmare as far as i was concerned. and a town where the vast majority of smart and creative kids left town as soon as they became emancipated. had there been a good school there, even if it was religious i would not have left town. but i left because we could afford to. sad. there are regions all across this country with crappy schools. my preference is to empower public schools, always. i am not into the voucher thing or private schools per se. but when your kid is growing up, in that window of becomes immediate. you can't always wait for the system to catch up with where you want it to be.

      this is a big world and negating all religious schools simply because they have religious components is not smart. you should know that having taught at one yourself.

    • i agree with philemon. each situation should be judged independently. my neighbor who was running too wild in high school got sent off to a private quaker school in grass valley for the remaining years. she loved it and it changed her whole outlook on life. and her parents were not even quakers. sometime religious people put more emphasis on personal relations, cooperation, respect, manners, compassion and how to get along. it really depends on who's in charge. i would think nothing of sending my kid to a decent religious school if it came highly recommended, was nearby, the local public school was crap and full of drugs and violence, and i am not religious. all religious schools are not strict and awful and imposing just like all religious people are not that way either. i would also go to a christian, muslim, or jewish college. if i spoke arabic and lived in gaza i would definitely sign up for classes at IUG. plus, they have awesome literature classes there. history too i imagine.

    • i don't really understand that logic either. if i lived in an area with an exemplary muslim school nearby, as opposed to having to bus my child to a far off western school (especially if i lived in some region of malaysia or something) i may very well want my child to attend. and what would be the problem of a muslim child studying a musical instrument or biology from a secular person? i wouldn't understand why every teacher in a muslim school would be required to be muslim. what if there was a computer expert in the neighborhood? when my son was in school, junior high, i volunteered to teach art because the school was lacking in funds. i was assigned to kids who had recently immigrated many lacking in english - some no english, many from africa and the middle east. but in the topic (we created ceramic mosaic murals, the students designed them and they were beautiful) what difference would it make? i think it's important for kids to be exposed to people who are different than themselves. if a school had 500 children and some were of a different background, so what?

  • Jim Crow's polite sons
    • the operative words being "As I see it".

      Unconditional solidarity means that you don’t question the counter-measures of the victims.

      obviously we have different concepts of the meaning of "unconditional" and "solidarity".

      sometimes unconditionally supporting someone is telling them a truth they do not want to hear. every mother knows supporting (or being in solidarity with) their child unconditionally doesn't mean giving them all the candy they want. supporting victims of rape unconditionally doesn't mean facilitating a person committing suicide by getting them sharp razors either. it means doing everything, unconditionally, in your power, to facilitate a healing process or turning a right into a wrong. it doesn't mean writing a blank check and turning over your moral compass to another entity. that's not solidarity anymore than giving heroin to an addict is. while it might feel like support or solidarity to the addict if you know in your heart you are harming them, it may not fit your definition of solidarity. your judgement might be right, their judgement might be right, but no one is forcing you to have a lobotomy.

      "regardless of the conditions i will be in solidarity with you" means you will not abandon someone no matter how bad it gets, it doesn't mean assist them in harming themselves or others or taking action that run counter to their well being or your moral compass.

      and potentially, everything in life is dangerous. if you look at the sky a bird could crap in your eye.

      you can have the last word.

    • no but you wrote that unconditional solidarity was always dangerous and proceeded to use an example of solidarity with one ethnic group. while your example might be applicable had you written that unconditional solidarity was sometimes dangerous, it did not provide evidence it always was.

      however, perhaps it is always dangerous, or could be. but that doesn't mean it isn't still noble or worth dying for. maybe you should think of an example of how unconditional solidarity for "all struggles for the dignity that every precious woman, man and child deserve" is dangerous. because if you did then you could not conclude that it would lead "directly .. to unconditional solidarity with the Jewish state of Israel " which demanded ethnic cleansing.

      there were a lot of people who supported and were in solidarity with victims of the holocaust (unconditionally and otherwise) who did not support the state of israel btw.

    • this is a brilliant much needed essay. thank you Ned Rosch, for your essay and your contribution to society and human rights.

    • you should try to catch the big fish.

      all politics is local. and no, policemen are not at the bottom of the hierarchy of state employees. not when they're decked out in military gear and protected by other state and local authorities by grand juries whose prosecutors (also state employees) protect their kind. they are neither meter maids or postal workers who do not carry firearms or have the authority to kill people. hierarchy is not just about salaries, it's about control.

      The system is rotten from top to bottom, not from bottom to top.

      but to catch the big fish you need to mobilize the masses. there's power on the street when there's unity.

  • Exhibit of iconic 1948 photos -- 'The Long Journey' -- opens today in NYC
    • it was really amazing how he went back and met those people years later. in so many cases he remembered who he photographed and where he was. when he went back to khan the hill and replicated the boys running as they had then, it made me cry. it was so beautiful.

    • i just added a video at the base that i highly recommend.

  • Netanyahu speech could turn Israel lobby into a political football
    • I think the times for a national characterization of a website has passed.

      sorry, we're still living in a world where haaretz is israeli and politico and wapo are US. my point is that if you scroll up to the top of the page, there are links to over 5 US mainstream media sources, phil's other post [ "‘NYT’ and Matthews warn that Netanyahu speech to Congress could lead US to war" - See more at: ] cites many more (including israeli sites citing US sources, updated with fox news video "Chris Wallace on Fox calls the deal “wicked,” done behind John Kerry’s back -" See more at:

      iow, we've made available here (for your convenience and the convenience of the rest of our readers) an across the board variety of US mainstream news - expressing how unusual this is. disagreeing with it is one thing, but stating - against all evidence - 'There is little question the prez (or anyone else besides a cadre of neocons for that matter) views this "invitation" (likely cooked up by netanyahu himself, originally as a counter offensive to obama's SOU address) as part of "usual political theatre in the US"' defies logic. the vast majority of our readers are americans as are we. try saying that in norway, sri lanka or tanzania for all i care, but here? forget it.

      wait and see how it develops in practice and then we shall be wiser – it is just a matter of weeks.

      in your dreams! in your dreams it will become "usual political theatre in the US" for the israeli prime minister to deliver a counter SOU address to the american people from the same podium as POTUS in opposition to american FP and the prez! but i'll tell you one thing for sure, if that happens, this will never be accomplished in "just a matter of weeks". sure, netanyahu may come, he may say, again, what he's been saying for years as if everyone doesn't already know his position, but it's a fantasy that between now and then it will appear as "usual political theatre".

      the republican party breaking with the prez to back a foreign power, that is something that will not go down well with an american patriot, a wide swath of the american public. think of how many references there were in the press to those 29 standing ovations? and that was years ago. the US and Israel have NOT become that close. don't confuse talking pts with reality, we're a long way from that. congress, not so much with their bending over backwards for the lobby. but don't forget the infamous SNL "fellating the donkey" skit.

      it is a fantasy to imagine because congress votes 100-0 for israel that means the american public are 100% on board. the day this becomes "usual" will likely never come, and if it does it will mark a very very sad day for our country. what you are hearing now are the screams of discontent from all quarters of the media, even fox news.

      i predict netanyahu will, eventually, rue the day he used US joint session of congress as a platform for his "much needed self-aggrandizing" election shenanigans. now that's something we can "wait and see how it develops ... – it is just a matter of weeks." but there's no way it will be regarded as "usual political theatre" within a matter weeks.

    • AMAZING taxi!

    • my son is going crazy over the seahawks. he's a diehard fan having grown up in seattle. he's in LA now, but man, especially his social media over the last year or so, just going nuts over seahawks. and i know nothing about football but apparently what happened last weekend just blew everything out of the water. fun. it's fun to see him so happy!

    • There is little question that Obama views all that as part of the usual political theatre in the US

      you've really not been paying attention ivri. get out of your israeli bubble. what's the point of posting on a US website if you completely, blatantly ignore the information coming at you. find one, just one article in the msm stating this "invitation" from some speaker of the house or whatever he is, is considered, by obama (or anyone else for that matter) , as "part of the usual political theatre in the US". there's nothing usual about it in the least. at least if you're going to comment on the matter you could take actual news reports into consideration and not completely fabricate a reality that doesn't exist.

    • That`s how close the US and Israel has become and Netanyahu, in particular, is viewed as a “local” politician.

      no, he is not. in your dreams perhaps.

    • great article phil, why mondoweiss is the best place to get the news. thanks.

  • In Iraq and Syria the US sanctions its allies while its friends back its enemies (got that?)
    • american, this is a bunch of hype. hezbollah already knows the US collaborated w/israel to kill Mughniyeh. that's old news, according to nasrallah:

      and Yossi Melman is engaged in propaganda by stating the US was sending a 'hidden message' to israel about how important the cia is to them

      my instinct is the opposite, it was mossad who sounded like the key party. this was a propaganda hit intended for US audiences so we won't forget how "vital" israel is to the US. that's the reason it was released now, because everyone is pissed at israel. and if we didn't get the message then we've got Yossi to remind us (the author of the jpost article) and also the co writer of several books about how awesome mossad is.

  • How a culture remembers its crimes is important: A review of 'American Sniper'
  • Letter from a Texas Maximum Security Prison: A personal reflection on Martin Luther King Day
    • they are not terrorists nor were they even charged with being terrorists. you should read up on what you're commenting on, see the embeds in the article. and keep your poisonous thoughts out of this thread or i'll do it for you.

    • thanks gamal. this is an excellent article. phil sent it to me last week and it's in the plan to cover it.

    • Keep the hope for something better.

      a presidential pardon, oh please please please.

    • thanks gamal. i will asked his daughter to send him a message. but i wouldn't change his words myself because i believe these are crucial historical words. words that someday may be as scrutinized as martin's. it is part of our nations history, and therefore until i hear from the family i am neither qualified or authorized to alter the text beyond clearly typographical errors.

      it could mean a mutiny from morals.

    • i know what you mean bintbiba. when i first read this last night my whole heart just soared/went crazy. it's just....indescribably .. my ideas about these powerful words and the idea this hero of mine is in jail, denied his family, and the world denied his service to humanity, along with those of his comrades. such injustice is ... incomprehensible.

      we are so honored having his words here. so very honored.

    • gamal, do you mean you don't think the word is correct? unfortunately he is not available to ask although i can contact his daughter.

  • Obama won't meet Netanyahu during 'bizarre,' 'historic,' 'unprecedented' visit (Updated)
    • General Douglas MacArthur was American five-star general and chief of staff of the U.S. army. i guess i am not clear how he compares to a foreign leader or how his address could be referenced as a 'farce'.

      on April 19, 1951, MacArthur made his last official appearance in a farewell address to the U.S. Congress presenting and defending his side of his disagreement with Truman over the conduct of the Korean War. During his speech, he was interrupted by fifty ovations.[292] MacArthur ended the address saying:

      I am closing my 52 years of military service. When I joined the Army, even before the turn of the century, it was the fulfillment of all of my boyish hopes and dreams. The world has turned over many times since I took the oath on the plain at West Point, and the hopes and dreams have long since vanished, but I still remember the refrain of one of the most popular barrack ballads of that day which proclaimed most proudly that "old soldiers never die; they just fade away."

      And like the old soldier of that ballad, I now close my military career and just fade away, an old soldier who tried to do his duty as God gave him the light to see that duty.

      Good Bye.[293]

    • MRW, notice at Politico :

      Many Republicans and Democrats wary of the U.S.-Iran talks have suggested Congress pass a new round of sanctions. Additional sanctions have bipartisan support, but Obama said in his State of the Union speech Tuesday night that he would veto such measures at this time.

      Many Republicans and Democrats wary of the new U.S. sanctions against Iran and do not want Congress to pass a new round of sanctions. Additional sanctions have bipartisan support in congress, but many americans support what Obama said in his State of the Union speech Tuesday night, that he would veto such measures at this time.

  • Living in Israel isn't the solution to antisemitism
    • well, i'm not charlie so it would be hypocritical of me to do that nor am i advocating anyone do it. i just find it the height of obnoxiousness to be lauding the restraint of jews or others re anti semitism/satire when everyone and their brother knows there's very little out there directed at jews, slim to none unless he can come up with something sardonic (he can't) coming anywhere near the gruesome images i've seen portraying muslims or mohammed. and everyone knows how violent the violent zios can be and the sort of retributions people could expect from their militant or hasbara wing (who are provided cover it seems, legally and otherwise, and the state takes retributions for them).

      recently i was looking at the mainstream comics chastising the catholic church in the middle of their being busted for the pedophilia hayday, heck the stories of pedophilia in the jewish community never even make it out of the local papers much less national headlines or syndicated comics. it's a total double standard and the reason for that is because of all the constant victimhood/anti semitism whining we've all become so accustomed to. there's simply NOTHING we're hearing or seeing attacking judaism or jews that compares with what the islamophobes shovel out day in an day out. sure, others are attacked by racists, but not like this sexualized assault on the muslim community. it should be called out for what it is. and the sadistic sexualized nature of the torture imposed on enemies of zionists (including US zionists) is disgusting.

    • mayhem, you claimed Loewenstein drew "false moral equivalence between anti-semitism and Islamophobia." you claimed "Cartoons of Mohammed don’t directly stir up Islamophobia as they generally tend to be humorous, satirical representations rather than inciteful, hateful portrayals of Jews".

      but we all know by now someone got fired from that magazine for merely drawing a cartoon referencing the son of a politician marrying a rich jewish heiress and eluding it was for profit (or something like that). so while you may be "dismayed when I see anti-semitic depictions" i'm curious what "inciteful, hateful portrayals of Jews" possibly might compare to moses bent over on his knees with his ass pushed up, balls hanging down and a cameraman with a lens stuck up his ass? because i have not seen anything like this at all.

      stating mohammed bashing cartoons "generally tend to be humorous, satirical representations" completely avoids the fact that many are totally sexually degrading inciteful, hateful portrayals of muslims. everyone knows this. the iof soldiers even wear t-shirts about murdering pregnant women for heavens sakes. if these were isis with pregnant jewish women on their t shirts it would be on the front age of newspapers everywhere.

      so please do not pretend there's "false moral equivalence between anti-semitism and Islamophobia" implying that some how it is worse for jews when in fact jews are legally protected against slander in france in a way muslims are not, and socially protected in the US the way muslims are not. there are not laws protecting muslims in france like there are for jews or the holocaust. that is partly because european governments and the US are complicit in the slaughter muslims. they have certainly killed more than isis has.

      so if you care to discuss and compare muslim rage vs jewish rage, where are those degrading inciting comparable sexualized cartoons? what about rabbis bending over screwing jewish children? that would be apropos under the circumstances, no? do you think the jdl would seek retribution for that? do you think there'd be some rage in the msm or would everyone be massing in support of these anti semitic cartoons?

      as greg greewald pointed out western press would print them.

      But there are all kinds of pernicious taboos in the west that result in self-censorship or compelled suppression of political ideas, from prosecution and imprisonment to career destruction: why is violence by Muslims the most menacing one? (I’m not here talking about the question of whether media outlets should publish the cartoons because they’re newsworthy; my focus is on the demand they be published positively, with approval, as “solidarity”).

      When we originally discussed publishing this article to make these points, our intention was to commission two or three cartoonists to create cartoons that mock Judaism and malign sacred figures to Jews the way Charlie Hebdo did to Muslims. But that idea was thwarted by the fact that no mainstream western cartoonist would dare put their name on an anti-Jewish cartoon, even if done for satire purposes, because doing so would instantly and permanently destroy their career, at least. Anti-Islam and anti-Muslim commentary (and cartoons) are a dime a dozen in western media outlets; the taboo that is at least as strong, if not more so, are anti-Jewish images and words. Why aren’t Douthat, Chait, Yglesias and their like-minded free speech crusaders calling for publication of anti-Semitic material in solidarity, or as a means of standing up to this repression?

      the only false moral equivalence going on here is pretending there's any kind of equivalence in the seeming acceptable prejudice against muslims in our society, and its propagated and funded by a mammoth well oiled machine that plays right into the hands of nefarious foreign policy goals of controlling the ME and controlling the resources and assets. it's gross, a war machine.

    • I wasn’t aware of that. Then should Hollywood do a sequel to “The Interview” where Rogen and Franco assassinate Netanyahu?

      your comeback is outdated -- so last year. everybody already thought of that immediately - and not just the blogs either.

    • the most admirable nation in the Middle East

      BBC poll: Israel among world's least popular nations

      The annual BBC World Service poll finds ...only countries less popular than Israel are North Korea, Pakistan and Iran.

      its existence would seem to be a historical necessity. No?


    • ”We rejected freedom yesterday, we rejected freedom today and we reject your freedom tomorrow,”

      Cartoons of Mohammed don’t directly stir up Islamophobia as they generally tend to be humorous, satirical representations rather than inciteful, hateful portrayals of Jews that can inject more venom into the fangs of anti-semites and consequently lead to more hate crimes.

      ok, thought experiment. if there was a cartoon republished all over the internet (as well as a popular magazine champion free speech) of moses bent over on his knees with his ass pushed up, balls hanging down and a cameraman with a lens stuck up his ass, would you republish it if someone dared you to as a reaffirmation of free speech? 'Cartoons of Moses don’t directly stir up anti semitism as they generally tend to be humorous, satirical representations' or would you call it an example of "inciteful, hateful portrayals of Jews that can inject more venom into the fangs of anti-semites and consequently lead to more hate crimes"

      or what if it was a cartoon or the pedophile George Finklestein subject of the 380 million dollar lawsuit filed by 34 former students against the Yeshiva University High School for Boys alleging that they had been physically and sexually abused by a teacher there during the 1970s... or Rabbi Norman Lamm, who provided cover for him?

      (local news only of course)

      Nineteen former students at Yeshiva University High School have filed a bombshell $380 million lawsuit against the prestigious Jewish institution claiming horrific acts of sexual abuse that went unchecked for two decades at the Manhattan school.

      "Yeshiva University High School held itself out as an exemplary Jewish secondary school when in fact it was allowing known sexual predators to roam the school at will seeking other victims," said attorney Kevin Mulhearn, who filed the suit on behalf of the 19 plaintiffs. "Childhood sexual abuse in the Orthodox Jewish community can no longer be condoned and excused.”

      One victim claims administrators ignored his protests when he told them a Judaic studies teacher sodomized him with a toothbrush. Other victims — the children of Holocaust survivors — say a former principal persuaded them not to tell their parents after he sexually assaulted them because their mothers and fathers had already suffered through so much.

      do you think this trial would have gotten more attention if the sexual predator has been a muslim? how about a comic book about the scandal? would you support it? do you think the JDL would stoop so low as to vandalize the publication, make death threats?

      instead of the holocaust, what if the comparison was poking fun at something as ubiquitous to major jewish orgs ( ), providing cover and protection of child predators? would you laugh? appreciate the humor?

      just curious!

  • Diaspora Jews are not in 'exile,' they are at home
    • This is not something that is deemed controversial for Greek-Australians, Maltese-Australians, or Irish-Australians, many of whom hold dual citizenship with Australian and those countries.

      this is a false equivalent. one cannot replace the sentiments of an immigrant family w/an emotional fabrication/longing for a homeland from thousands of years ago. we might as well all be sentimental about our african homeland since it was the continent of man's origin. or native americans sentimental about asia before crossing the bering strait? this sentiment was manufactured to lure support for a jewish state and required (still requires) decades of propaganda and brainwashing.

  • Palestine, an Islamic issue?
    • the video i saw there was an assault.

    • neil, do you know who sponsored this pew poll on sharia law? also, did you notice in the 2nd paragraph:

      Generally, supporters of sharia are most comfortable with its application in cases of family or property disputes...

    • one would hardly speculate reading the overview of this book on wiki that it was the same book morris is reviewing.,_1917%E2%80%931948

      In this book, Hillel Cohen, a scholar at the Harry S. Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem documents the thousands of Arabs, ranging from wealthy absentee landlords to fellahin smallholders, who sold land to Zionist organizations. He shows that everyone understood that control of land was a necessary precondition to fulfillment of national goals, both Jewish and Arab. Cohen explains the varied motives of sellers: Some wanted money, some sold land or acted as intelligence agents for the Zionists even while publicly denouncing land sales, but there were also non-monetary motivations. Some thought that cooperating with the Zionists would improve the life of their clans and villages. Others thought that it was impossible to defeat the Zionists and, therefore, wiser to cooperate with them. Others were committed nationalists who believed that staying on the land was paramount, and that working for and cooperating with the Zionists was the strategy that would enable them to stay on the land. Others were driven to collaborate with the Zionists or with the British out of their intense hatred for Hajj Amin al-Husayni.[2]

      Cohen sees the Arabs of Mandatory Palestine as split between two positions. There were those who agreed with al-Husayni that all of Palestine must remain Arab and the Zionists must be fought, and there were those who argued that the Zionists were too powerful to be defeated and that, therefore, the path of wisdom lay in some sort of co-existence.[2]

      According to Cohen, the Husayni clan tried to rid itself of opposition beginning in the 1920s. In 1929 Sheikh Musa Hadeib was murdered near the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem. In the 1929 Palestine riots Husayni spread the falsehood that the Jews intended to tear down the Al Aqsa mosque and Dome of the Rock shrine on the Temple Mount. Over the course of the next decade, Husayni had a thousand Arabs murdered, 500 in 1938 alone. In 1939, the Husaynis were paying 100 Palestine pounds to assassins who murdered important "traitors", 25 pounds for petty "traitors", and 10 pounds for murdering a Jew.[2]

      Husyani’s methods drove many Arabs to side with and even to fight alongside the Zionists.[2] Perhaps the most shocking allegation in the book is that al-Husayni often put his own position in Palestinian politics above the interests of the Palestinian nation, most crucially so in 1939. The result was that Husayni rejected the British White Paper of 1939, reneging on the promise of a Jewish homeland made in the Balfour Declaration, and effectively promised the Palestinian Arabs majority rule and independence within a decade. According to Cohen, Husayni rejected the offer because Britain did not guarantee his position as ruler of the Palestinian Arab state it proposed to create.[2]

      however, at the end they do mention morris's review.

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