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Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani

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  • BDS victory: South Africa strips Ahava’s ‘made in Israel’ label
    • this is awesome news harry! make sure you update us (find addresses at the about page) because i think this would be great front page material and we want it!

    • Coalition of Women for Peace and Codepink protest at an Ahava store in a Hilton Hotel, Tel Aviv, 2009.

      hey! i was there that day..that was the very first boycott ahava action ever. there are videos somewhere too.

    • OT, it just occurred to me german lefty, since you are new here...if you're curious about someones posting habits you can click on their names and read their archives.

  • In photos: San Francisco commemorates Nakba
    • East Bay is so much more comfortable.

      not at 8 o'clock at night

    • wonderful photos! thank you so much ;)

      i was there. there were as many people crowded around on the sidewalk attending the vigil as there were up on the steps. it was one of those occasions to see so many faces familiar to me in the local activist community as well as meet with friends from across the bay and people i've met and gotten to know from mondoweiss.

      thanks to all the sponsors of the event. i love SF, loved the welcoming spirit of everyone who walked by and approached. no negativity at all. amazingly the local zionist community let us be.

  • Killing Without Consequence: New campaign challenges Israeli impunity
    • i just saw this comment. my heart goes out to the entire Jilani family. of course i signed the petition. may 21st is this monday. you are all in my prayers.

    • oleg, what do i think of it? i think you are threadjacking and i think you are desperate. i don't agree w/the conclusions of the authorities in the link you provided and i can understand why you are diverting. i also did not see an officer walk up to her and shoot a bullet into her brain, execution style.

      you are doing what you always do, voraciously posting excuse after excuse, clogging thread after thread.

      wouldn't hurt another
      human being without due provocation but that's beside the point
      most people consider themselves to be moral and decent.

      bla bla bla, how can you even talk about moral and decent when the article describes a man who wrote this:

      Favorite food: Arabs

      i waste my time every time i read your comments or respond to you. waste of my time. moral? how dare you even mention moral in the context of this murder.

    • including the compensation of defense expenditures and promotion


    • can't rule out that he wouldn't walk up to a man on the ground, shot in the back, and pump bullets directly into his brain.

    • the original post has been updated to include information exposed in the video about the racist nature of the killer. i recommend reviewing the updates and watching the video.

      initially i assumed the video would just be a review of information we've covered before, that is not the case.

  • Neverending Nakba: Israel breaks lull, attacks Gazan farmers
    • killer video citizen. what a grotesque pompous little man he is.

    • They have to have some evidence that terrorists might target the area.


    • watch this video from the 15th

      link to

      see how they gang up on him and start beating him. note how his head wasn't all bashed in earlier in the video? see how young he is? do you think all those soldiers, probably buddies, do you think they get off on bashing in the head of a kid?

      for what?

      video from kate's list today. sadism.

      you still absorbed wondering about the timestamp on the camera?

      can you tell i'm just a little bit pissed?

      i am not
      trying to downplay these guys suffering or anything

      yeah we so get that, all of us..really.

    • that hit us a last week

      us? did the alleged rocket even hit one of you?

    • one of the first lessons i learned about life is don't lie. you know why? people won't trust you. people who lie will do it time and again. once you've lost someones trust it is hard to gain it back. the iof lie w/impunity, all the time. this is the world the young are learning from . israel lies.

      there, all better now that i didn't ignore you? i'm taking reuters word for it. besides, maybe they meant israel's lull on massacring palestinians. palestinian rockets very rarely injure or kill so they do not cause as much concern. obviously.

    • They include me btw.

      if the shoe fits wear it oleg. you might want to check out what Maxim Vinogradov wrote on his facebook page before you say that tho. if you're denying israeli soldiers have never killed for sport i'd wager you're delusional.

      as for your other allegations..i don't recall hearing about it. and the iof are famous for false flags and lying so it's questionablwe the source of the allege rocket anyway, if there was one.

    • And IDF also did not report any incident on that evening only that 2 militants
      were fired upon in the morning of the 17′s and that no hits were observed.

      yeah, the first report out (RT) contacted the idf who said at that time they had no record of any attack. this was likely the result of some trigger happy (tank happy) fanatic in a uniform wanting to send palestinians a nakba message. they kill indiscriminately sometimes, some of them kill for the thrill of it. like Maxim Vinogradov.

      these farmers, they go to the field every morning, same place, same this morning they were live fodder.

    • oleg, the Palestinian information Centre is in london, when it's 10:27 PM in london it's thursday morning in palestine. or maybe the camera was set on the timeframe of where the photographer came from. maybe the photos were processed in london or the US...are you questioning whether these are the people targeted by israel this morning? refaat was live tweeting before these photos started streaming in.

    • Terez Sliman link to

    • ahh gamal thank you for posting my favorite fairuz (if there can be such a thing).

      the audience of 200 maybe 30 arabs the rest irish went crazy

      wish i was there! with phil mansour? ahhh!

      link to

      A major tour of Palestinian and Arab artists, with some local support, is to take place in Ireland between the 17th and 20th May, featuring cultural concerts in Cork, Dublin, Belfast and Derry. Billed as “Commemorating Al Nakba; Celebrating Palestine”, the tour will feature two renowned Palestinians, poet Rafeef Ziadah and singer Terez Sliman. Also joining them will be acclaimed Lebanese-Australian singer-songwriter Phil Mansour.

      link to

    • sadistic psychopaths

      i have had that word sadism on my mind all morning.refaat just wrote this...

      This is the old man that israel hit.

      This is the old man that israel hit.

      This is the leg that belonged to the old man that Israel hit.

      This is the shell that cut off the leg that belonged to the old man that Israel hit.

      This is the tank that fired the shell that cut of the leg that belonged to the old man that Israel hit.

      This is the Israeli-Russian blondie with broken Hebrew that pulled the trigger of that tank that fired the shell that cut off the leg that belonged to the old man that Israel hit.

      This is the Israeli soldier shaven and shorn that made fun of the accent of the Israeli-Russian blondie with broken Hebrew that pulled the trigger of that tank that fired the shell that cut off the leg that belonged to the old man that Israel hit.

      This is the officer tattered and torn that had a bet with that Israeli soldier shaven and shorn that made fun of the accent of the Israeli-Russian blondie with broken Hebrew that pulled the trigger of that tank that fired the shell that cut off the leg that belonged to the old man that Israel hit.

      These are the sons and daughters and relatives and grandchildren and relatives who almost lost a loved old man that Israel hit by a tank shell fired by an Israeli-Russian blondie with broken Hebrew who pulled the trigger because she got teased by the Israeli soldier who made fun of her accent because he had a bet with the officer whether when angered she pulls the trigger or not.

      link to

    • maybe israel just couldn't stand that gaza was honoring the nakba anniversary .

  • In '92, AIPAC president raised $1 million for Bill Clinton -- and he supported the settlements
    • absolutely!

    • that's what i figured. thanks for all your efforts mj

    • i would love to see that 60 minute make wallace segment. i suppose if it was available mj would have linked to it, but harm in asking.

      the steiner interview has been around for awhile tho i recall looking for it once and it was not coming up on google, they made it real hard at the time to find it. i caught sh*t over at dkos for publishing it.

      it's important to keep this info fresh during election season, more and more people need to realize what's driving the engine of american politics and how dangerous it is for our country.

      thanks mj..phil..and a shout out to irmep ... for all the work you do.

  • International attention must be paid to the Palestinian nonviolent movement
    • in the 1930′s..perhaps the zionists, but 'the jews'? i'm really asking.

    • And yet it’s the Jews that had no access whatsoever to Jewish Holy
      sites until 1967.

      exactly, and had someone argued that would only change as a matter of arab or palestinian 'trust' they would have been wrong wouldn't they?

      oh look , from kate's list today..the israelis are getting ready for another racist hatefest unification like they had last year on jerusalem day:

      A group of illegal Jewish settlers, accompanied by an Israeli government minister and a number of members of the Knesset (Israeli parliament), broke into the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque on Thursday morning, 17 May, amid a state of alert and while being heavily guarded by Israeli occupation forces. Mahmoud Abu Atta, a spokesman for the Al-Aqsa for Endowment and Heritage Foundation, told Quds Press that a state of tension is prevailing in occupied Jerusalem after the incident. The 24 settlers, the minister and MKs, as well as journalists, made suspicious circuits of the mosque courtyards during the incursion. Mr. Abu Atta pointed out that during the next days and weeks Israeli Jews will be celebrating the forty-fifth anniversary of the occupation of Jerusalem, what they call "the unification" of the city. At this time, he said, there will be many such incursions and attacks against Al-Aqsa and other holy sites.

      shall someone link to last years video of screaming crowds shouting death to arabs or can you use your imagination?

    • The Palestinians must pay a price

      oh please!

      the current situation on the ground can be made a lot, lot worse than it is today. The status-quo is the best possible option

      lol, who are you? bill kristol?

      don't put words in my mouth, ever. i blockquoted an article, the 'implication' was very clear, that there were alternatives presented and the palestine papers demonstrated quite clearly they were all roundly rejected by israel who offered no other options besides submission which seems to be your 'implication' too. i am not responsible for every choice of phrasing for everything i have blockquoted. don't be a dolt.

    • ps, the zionists should never have set up camp in the holy land if they were set on dominating the religious sites of others. it just does not all belong to you. getting that thru your head sooner than later would be beneficial moving forward.

    • this is a ploy to get one leg through the door

      a ploy israel has used time and again.

      they have shown the world how they treat Jews

      and should the world judge jews by the way they israel has treated palestinians these last few decades? certainly this cannot be the standard by which you propose we view the future. you can't sustain a state of permanence based on the worst of times, obviously. look at germany present day.

      There is no rational reason that you can presented that can convince a Jew to trust an “international committee”.

      all your excuses mean nothing gilad. you simply cannot comprehend the world doesn't revolve around 'jewish trust'. there are other factors involved. it's simply not all up to the jews. someday you will understand that. unless you think the world should just capitulate now to all jewish demands between now and the end of time. i mean why bother even having an opinion at all if when all it said and done the final result is determined by 'jewish trust'. you have to learn to share gilad, and if you don't learn the others will be interceding. i do not know when but i know they will. the status quo is simply unsustainable. other people matter too, shocking as it may seem to someone with such a myopic view as yourself.


    • You cannot then come back at me and state that the issue has been resolved

      gilad, i never came back at you and said the issue had been resolved. let me remind you what you said:

      They believe all the maneuvering around the lie of apartheid and ethnic cleansing is going to get the world to crush Israel and leave the path open for them to ride in and take control of the Temple Mount. So Israel is willing to work towards a practical, sharing type of arrangement around the Temple Mount. This should be enough for the Palestinians. Do not ask the Jews to walk away from the Temple Mount.

      now who is asking the the jews to "walk away" from Haram al-Sharif? not me, this is your hasbara. you said "Israel is willing to work towards a practical, sharing type of arrangement"...well what is a proposal for "oversight of an international committee" if not "a practical, sharing type of arrangement"? did you even open the link?

      Erekat was willing to concede control over the Haram al-Sharif, or Temple Mount, to the oversight of an international committee.

      "oversight of an international committee" IS ""a practical, sharing type of arrangement" and it is much more than israel has ever suggested.

      so i never said it had been resolved, i said an alternate had been proposed. and, it was rejected by israel, outright. but you are talking in circles gilad..because out of one side of your mouth you are saying "Israel is willing to work towards a practical, sharing type of arrangement " and from the other side of your mouth you are saying "All that a Jewish State can offer the Palestinians, regarding the Temple Mount, is religious access" AS IF, the Haram Ash-Sharif is israel's to offer. it is not owned by israel nor recognized under international law as owned by israel, so it is simply not in israel's power (power that is recognized) to say with any authority "All that a Jewish State can offer " anymore than Palestinians saying the same thing to you. this is the road block, or haven't you noticed?

      so do not lie to us about "a practical, sharing type of arrangement " in the same breath as blathering "religious access", because there is already ample evidence of what israel means when they say "religious access", because that is exactly what oren claims israel provides now! what a joke! we all are quite familiar with the kind of "religious access" israel provides for the holyland, and it's a gruesome ugly portrait.

      this is a sad historical time over the holyland and it is temporary, very temporary. israel needs to learn some lessons about the meaning of "religious access" or they will be the losers.

    • So Israel is willing to work towards a practical, sharing type of arrangement around the Temple Mount.

      you can't rewrite history gilad. the palestine papers happened. the palestinians already offered that, israel thumbed their nose.

      link to

      Erekat's solution for the Haram
      The PA's chief negotiator suggested unprecedented compromises on the division of Jerusalem and its holy sites.

      "There are creative ways"

      In a meeting on October 21, 2009 with George Mitchell, the US Middle East envoy, David Hale, Mitchell’s deputy, and Jonathan Schwartz, the then-US State Department legal adviser, Erekat told the Americans that they would need a “creative” solution for the division of the Old City.

      Erekat: “It’s solved. You have the Clinton Parameters formula. For the Old City sovereignty for Palestine, except the Jewish quarter and part of the Armenian quarter … the Haram can be left to be discussed - there are creative ways, having a body or a committee, having undertakings for example not to dig [excavations under the Al Aqsa mosque]. The only thing I cannot do is convert to Zionism.”

      Schwartz: To confirm to Sen. Mitchell, [this is] your private idea …

      Erekat: This conversation is in my private capacity.

      Schwartz: We’ve heard the idea from others. So you’re not the first to raise it.

      Erekat: Others are not the chief negotiator of the PLO.

      This was a surprising statement from Erekat: The status of the Haram al-Sharif has rarely been discussed during negotiations.

    • If its all right with you Shmuel, we want the reconciliation to start now.

      giladg, who are you referencing when you say "we"? can you provide any indication the goi has initiated any action or movement towards "reconciliation"? certainly the action of continued theft of palestinian land, retroactive legalization of outlawed outposts and settlements, the recent state petition to appeal the high court decision to dismantel illegal settlement of ulpana, all of these things run counter to the notion of reconciliation.

      simply requesting palestinians negotiate while israel is busy stealing their land is not an indication of an attempt to reconcile. negotiate does not mean reconcile, especially when israels expectation is for palestinians to negotiate over their own submission...which all indications point in this direction.

      so, if you advocate reconciliation what do you propose israel offer? just for starters perhaps you could make a suggestion. because, contrary to palestine, israel refused to even write down any proposals as requested by the quartet last fall. they came empty handed to Amman and not only offered nothing, they couldn't even bring themselves to write a proposal of their intent.

      so who's we?

    • thank you Mustafa Barghouthi! all your efforts will not be in vain. the world is waking up and people are listening and working hard for the palestinian struggle for freedom for it is all our struggle, humanities struggle.

      bless you for all you do.

  • On Nakba Day: 'World must pay its historic debt to Palestinians'
    • from Linah Alsaafin's article..

      One of the villages in the Ramallah governate, Ni’lin, tasted a small victory before being suppressed by the Israeli army. Protesters went to the village early in the morning and managed to cross through the checkpoint to the other side where the town of Ramleh, ethnically cleansed in 1948, lies. Ramleh, which used to be home to thousands of Palestinians, now has a Jewish majority and is part of Israel. Israeli occupation forces dispersed the protesters with tear gas and arrested Naji Tamimi from Nabi Saleh, who has only just been released after a year in Israeli jail on March 1st.

    • those are awesome photos on the first link kate. thank you for all the work you do.

      "Thousands gathered in Ramallah’s Clock Square today, 15 March 2012, to commemorate the 64th anniversary of the Nakba. "

      a must see!

  • Dershowitz attacked from right for supporting two-state solution
  • Walzer says Jews were on the left because the left supported Jews
    • i know exactly what you mean. especially when i'm not in the mood. sometimes i just grab the subject and place it in the archive search of posters who've creamed the subject in the past.

      i actually have hundreds of comments saved with subject lines including posters names. someday i will organize them, or write a book "countering hasbara".

      some of the people here are so smart, i've already accepted i can never ever catch up. i have my moments, my days..but some people are on permanent brain power. blows me away.

    • yeah, he took the words right out of my mouth.

    • we are against those who are against us

      pearls of fredsdom

  • Nakba consciousness-raising... in our nation's capital
  • American's cartoon on Israeli site shows Netanyahu cannibalizing Obama and compelling him to service him sexually
    • i looove this cartoon. but i have to ask...if this was drawn by an unknown nonjew and posted originally on mondoweiss instead of the jewish daily forward the push back would be enormous, in a helen thomas sort of way.

      it's a great cartoon tho. love the republican's caricatures.

    • can't stop laughing..omg

  • Rep. Pitts in damage control mode following call for Arafat-Sharon negotiations
    • thanks linda..

      The House committee report noted that the United States will have put $900 million into the Iron Dome system if the full $680 million is used on the program “yet the United States has no rights to the technology involved.”

      It added that Missile Defense Agency Director Lt. Gen. Patrick J. O’Reilly should explore opportunities to enter into a joint production arrangement with Israel for future Iron Dome batteries “in light of the significant investment in this system.”

      So here is the United States, having added to its own deficit by spending funds that it must borrow, helping to procure a missile defense system for Israel, which faces the threat but supposedly can’t pay for it alone.

      To add insult to injury, Pentagon officials must ask the Israeli government-owned company that is profiting from the weapons sales — including Iron Dome — if the United States can have a piece of the action.

  • More 'magnet than a mallet': RAND Corporation warns against striking Iran
    • which link are you referencing lobewyper? i just checked the rand link and the first one in the main post. i didn't want to check haaretz because someone reported this week they are only now allowing 10 visits per month and i didn't want to use mine up.

      do you mean a link from a comment? if so which one..

    • i think so too lobewyper, and i think it impacted this amendment last week:

      link to

    • i'll tag along..we can party down.

    • Your markava is laying dead on its side in a markava cemetry in south Lebanon

      link to

      Outside is a round sunken arena featuring wrecked Israeli tanks and artillery. A Merkava tank's gun has been artfully knotted. Large Hebrew letters spell out "The Abyss" and "The Swamp" in stone at the centre of the circle – taunts meant to be seen and photographed by Israeli spy planes, drones and satellites.

    • here it the video link to

      Israel’s true fear re Iran is… balance of power..Danielle Pletka Vice President, Foreign and Defense Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute

      The biggest problem for the United States is not Iran getting a nuclear weapon and testing it, it's Iran getting a nuclear weapon and not using it. Because the second that they have one and they don't do anything bad, all of the naysayers are going to come back and say, "See, we told you Iran is a responsible power. We told you that Iran wasn't getting nuclear weapons in order to use them immediately..." And they will eventually define Iran with nuclear weapons as not a problem.

      they do not want iran to rise in power...but if the biggest fear is iran having a weapon and not using it..well then, get over it.

      Later, he cites Thomas Donnelly in the Weekly Standard noting the "real prize" for Tehran is "the balance of power in the Persian Gulf and the greater Middle East."

    • Your and Haaretz’s quotes actually did the original a disservice.

      sorry, fair use prevented me from posting more than three paragraphs. i actually had chosen other blockquotes originally but felt the ones i did choose communicated, overall, the most salient parts of the article. as a heads up, when i write in the first paragraph "a comprehensive report" that's a fairly good indication there's a lot of information in it.

      i disagree that a military option should be officially downplayed or taken completely off the table.

      you may have noticed i parted ways w/haaretz wrt my interpretation of the article wrt come to terms with the certainty of a nuclear-armed Iran and i didn't think they took a military option completely off the table. the focus of the article was how to diffuse the threat. the authors didn't think there was enough of a threat level at this time (or that a nuclear armed iran necessarily would create that threat level) and stated they thought Western policy must be to dissuade Iran from testing and deploying nuclear weapons...seeking first to halt the Iranian nuclear program short of weaponization .

      under israel security they said:

      "Increase understanding about how deterrence between Israel and Iran could evolve. War games now taking place at nongovernmental institutions in the United States and Israel explore conflict scenarios involving Israel and Iran. Such games clarify how an Israeli-Iranian deterrence relationship might evolve and what military or political steps could heighten or diminish conflict."

      i agree that is iran did aquire a nuclear weapon they are no more likely to use it than other countries, like india. in fact..not sure if you were around back when we published that article from the neocon think tank stating the threat of iran having a nuclear bomb wasn't that they would use it (they didn't think they would) it was that they would have it and not use it, and the impact that would have on the region. i will go find the article.

      and, if you had only three paragraphs from the rand report and haaretz, which would you have chosen?

    • i wouldn't characterize it as misgivings, your 11:39 comment indicated to me you had not read the article, i was just checking. it's actually interesting, might give you some ideas.

    • thanks lysias, i should have scrolled before checking google translate. i had no idea what that was about even after the translation.

    • oleg, did you read the rand report or are you just shooting from the hip?

    • thought i would do a google search to see if any US msm (or any msm other than haaretz) had picked this up yet. nada. had it been a report that screamed bomb bomb bomb iran it probably would have been front page news for the big league.

      did notice james fallows over at the atlantic responded to rand review.

      link to

      As a reminder of the main point: a nuclear-armed Iran would be a very bad thing. A military strike on Iran in the name of averting that possibility would similarly be a very bad thing in itself, and in all likelihood would make the original problem even harder to solve. The reason the Iran situation is genuinely so difficult is that both these unpleasant realities apply. Serious proposals for dealing with Iran's ambitions, as opposed to the threats and bluster we have heard from many Israeli and American politicians (and very few military officials in either country), proceed from awareness of both truths.

    • he got one thing right: "incorrect historical comparisons"

    • censoring writers? you're posting here a lot oleg. maybe it's not your ideas getting censored so much as your OT-ness or links to unsavory locations.

      thanks so much for staying on topic in this thread, since were on countdown for the P5+1 negotiations next week i'd really like to have a related discussion in this thread. if there are topics you'd like to discuss not being covered on MW try writing phil and adam with your ideas or links. thnx!

    • something tells me our congress is wrapped in the zio bubble, not sure if they're listening to anyone else. the pentagon is another ballgame tho.

  • Green Party candidate for President calls for end to Israeli apartheid
  • Al Jazeera exposes 2nd anti-Islam class taught to US military officers
  • Over the Wall
  • Peter Beinart's cognitive dissonance on 'threats to Israel's demographics'
    • Jewish need to extract a pound of flesh

      jeez evets, were you just dying to write that or what? btw, that rejoinder could have been tacked onto any response to your question, or was that the point? a hasbara fishing expedition to lay the groundwork?

  • The left lacks an analysis of the neocon rise
    • dan, you are making no distinction between the neocons and “the jews”. why? and where do you come up with kick jews out of the US ? there were a handful of very powerful neocons with undue influence. how does this translate into 'the jews'?

    • in case i was not completely clear

      strategic ideas that have come out of Israel’s experience dealing with the Arabs and the world community, having to do with threat perception

      there's the perception of threat against arabs/muslims.. AND there's the perception of ones self as being bad or wrong or anti semitic for blaming any jew, anything jewish or israel. they work hand in hand..but what is more powerful psychologically? always fear of ones self. it is more powerful than the threat of the other, it's the idea of oneself as being the threat. and that is how the fear of being an anti semite is used as a powerful tool. that is partly why the rise of the neocons was allowed to grow, because of people's reluctance to call them out for promoting or protecting israel... for fear of being perceived as racist.

    • Over 25 years they elaborated a powerful idea about the way the world worked, with Zionist pedigree, and when the U.S. had a crisis, our leaders reached for those (misguided) ideas. As Francis Fukuyama has said about the neoconservatives' ideological persuasion: "there was a very coherent set of strategic ideas that have come out of Israel's experience dealing with the Arabs and the world community, having to do with threat perception, preemption, the relative balance of carrots and sticks to be used in dealing with the Arabs, the United Nations, and the like..."

      there's something glaringly missing from this analysis, and missing from the mcConnell blockquote too.

      an important aspect of the strategy of turning american minds, something coupled with the promotion of islamophobia, is creating a personal fear in the minds of americans, an actual threat..of criticizing anything jewish. there is a psychological component embedded thru pr. remember that the rise of psychoanalysis and public relations and the state of israel was all on the rise last century. (watch the movie 'the century of the self' about Edward L. Bernays).

      the use of the accusation of anti semitism is probably the number one tool of the lobby. to create an inner fear within the individual of speaking out, of making them believe it is their own mind that is corrupt and not the vision they are seeing. whats white is black and whats black is white. it's public relations. it's the psychology at work behind the scenes. the think tanks always include the psychology of the masses.

  • Peter Berg: Israel attacking Iran is a more important issue than my board game-inspired film 'Battleship'
  • Hardline Israel backers gave cash to Rep. Joe Walsh, author of Op-Ed calling for Israeli apartheid
    • duckworth is a formidable candidate. i heard her give a speech once. very impressive.

      2,500 is small change, especially compared to adelson. probably was just a perk for the article.

  • Report: Palestinian prisoners reach deal to end historic hunger strike
  • Emotions on graduation day for a daughter of the Holy Land Five
    • just remeber he's thinking of you as much as you're thinking of him, so he is with you even when it seems like he is not. he really is. you know he wants the best for you and for you to be happy so you have to find joy in these moments. visulaize him there, because you know in your heart he is. he's so there with you on those special days and even the not so special days. he's always there for you.

      thank you so much for writing. the injustice done to your father is such a stain on this country. it reminds me of the japanese internment. completely unfair and unjust. someday they will be free and this country will apologize for what we have done. big shame for us.

      congrats for finishing school. hold your head up always, shine.

  • At Ohio State, a week of events on the Nakba and apartheid
  • 'Orgy in the desert' fails to wed young Jewish woman to Zionism
    • I don’t think I’ve got one. I don’t remember having one, but if I ever did have one, I don’t know where it is now.

      funny, weren't you just saying something about "un-Australian ideas, such as “food should have taste”"

      link to

      maybe, being australian and just do not recognize yourself as an ethnic being. but you do seem to recognize what's NOT australian. you've got one, you better believe you've got one. your so full up on the media's idea of what's jewish (barbara/bagels) you've failed to identify what it means to you outside of that. think harder.

    • come on you old fart, you gotta admit she is sexier than a bagel

      link to

    • link to

      yeah, but in reality, like the rest of us, she did have an ethnicity. so when you say 'bagels' i have to say..i have to the hours of my cryin' days...

    • another is irrelevant i had no idea she was jewish. it never even crossed my mind. which reminds me of another conversation we are having on another thread. so sorry to go OT on this one but it is fair to ask where her influence came from..ethnically she's american italian and jewish. yet to me she was just laura, my huge influence as a young girl. i suppose my point is that one doesn't always recognize the ethnic influence or is one even able to identify where ones attributes comes from because of the merging. to me she's american but primarily ethnically a new yorker. but her influence on my life is immeasurable.

    • you've been deprived. my entire teen years i was engrossed in the melody/lyrics of laura nyro. my awakening.

      link to

    • RoHa, you sound like an old fart. there are definitely some sexy jews out there. trust me on that.


    • don't you find it a tad odd to bring jewish kids on a birthright trip for the purpose of embedding them in hebrew culture but when it comes time to hook them up they drop the hebrew/jewish thing and immerse them in an arab setting?

      it just seems odd to me. i mean where's the sexy jewish setting? or are they adopting the bedouin tents as they adopted hummus and the arab sunrise and arab night sky? and the land...

      oh never mind. you wouldn't understand. too primordial.

    • you don't think those tents are cool just say so.

    • does not appeal in the slightest

      i swear taxi, it's even worse after you read it!

      After a couple hours of sleep I woke up to the most violent sounds I’d ever heard. We were being bombed! Fucking Middle East! I bolted upright expecting to see my friends limbless, covered in blood. But no, everyone was fine, sleeping soundly. It took me a couple of seconds to realise the piercing noise was actually 45 adults snoring with reckless abandon. I was officially in hell. In addition to the irregular chortles of slumber there were also a handful of interspersed moans. The only people who weren’t snoring were having orgasms. It was like a David Lynch nightmare soundscape. On top of the aural assault, Matt was inching towards my sleeping bag trying to force a cuddle. I was exhausted, cranky and I couldn’t take it anymore. I GIVE UP! In life, you can struggle against the tide or you can just make out with Matt in the tent. We smooched for a while and I decided to give him a handy. I mean, I was at Jew camp, what else was I gonna do? It seemed perfectly innocent until he started to unleash a beast within. Even with all the snoring and sighing, Matt’s orgasm grunts were in another league. I was like, “Dude it’s just a hand job, this can’t even feel that good.” It sounded like a bear was eating a wolf. Everyone around us started waking up and the counselor actually screamed, “Shut the hell up!”

      can't stop laughing. can anyone even imagine a palestinian girl writing this???


    • that photo rose's link is unreal! birthright to israel wallows in arab culture, that tent is amazing. wtf is it about jewish youth getting hot in a bedouin tent? jeez louise. because arab is hot hot sexy turnon.

      i'm surprised you didn't grab that photo for the post phil, says it all.

  • I Want My NPT: A weekend review of Iran nuclear program propaganda
    • yeah, very same image right here:

      link to

      it's back to the nonodiamonds tank..that has already been debunked.

      i was just reading about the revival of the tank theory the other day here:

      link to

      Since then, the IAEA says it has new information about a large explosives containment chamber installed in 2000. Experiments designed to simulate the first stages of a nuclear explosion, as suspected at Parchin, the IAEA stated last November, are “strong indicators of possible weapons development.”

      triple yawn

  • Activists block entrance to Ma’ale Adumim settlement in solidarity with Palestinian hunger strike
    • i know me too!!! clapping with my tears. i love them love them. this video is amazing. look at these gorgeous people, these are my people.

    • israel: we don't do gandhi very well!

      i love these actions i love them love them love them and all the activists!!!

    • i love seeing those flag rippling in the wind. i love it! they are so beautiful, they make my heart sing.

  • On the sidewalk in Hamburg-- 'Hier wohnte'
    • So, please stop twisting my words.

      are you talking to mooser? apparently you didn't get my message earlier, or it didn't sink in.

      link to

    • because that’s what I want to be

      go mooser! i like you just the way you are.

    • The prevailing opinion in the USA seems to be that the killing and/or torturing of foreigners is a great act of patriotism

      it may appear that way from afar from the news reports and the reality of our foreign policy..but frankly i don't think most americans pay attention to our wars, it so never ending. that doesn't mean the prevailing opinion of americans supports killing and/or torturing of foreigners or we think it's patriotic. also, sometimes soldiers grow up and change their minds..sometimes the experience of being in wars changes people. not every person who, as a young person joins the military, remains a supporter of our military adventures.

      most american have no idea what's happening in our wars. they really don't. it's not like israel where most people serve.

    • i understand it can be confusing getting a foothold on the personalities of the different posters german lefty. i thought it was clear marc was mocking/chastising him and defending your ptv when he followed up with the *ho hum* justified incineration of german children who didn’t prove their ‘innocence’ sufficiently by taking up arms against the nazis, etc. etc.

      oleg is a hard core zionist. marc of us.

  • In power shortages, cuts should go to 'Gaza first,' says Israeli minister
    • exactly what is your point oleg? we all know the WB borders Jordan which is well situated to
      become a regional transit centre for energy
      , what difference does it make is israel controls the borders and won't allow independence? notice how it says "is well situated to become"...meaning potentially. it could have happened decades ago. the EU has been investing in independent energy infrastructure in area C, israel is now threatening to demolish it all. try keeping up with reality, not some fantasy of palestinian inability divorced from the noose israel's got around palestine. it's occupied! israel won't allow independence.

    • talknic, the facts simply do not paint a nice picture. it can't all be swept under the rug as 'propaganda' as if it's our twisted perspective that makes israel look bad. israel looks bad because of their choices and actions. not to hard to figure that out.

      thanks for all you do, the wealth of information at the tip of a hat always blows my mind.

    • more concrete than the usual Israel Bad

      constraints imposed by Israeli policies and actions on the ability of the Palestinian Authority (PA) to operate and develop its energy systems. These constraints arises from the following sources: (i) Israeli control over parts of the West Bank (“Areas C”) which can impose a serious challenge to constructing the power network c in these areas in the event that Israeli cooperation and coordination is not forthcoming; (ii) Israeli control of Palestinian territorial borders, particularly in the West Bank, which can effectively deny or limit trade across international borders, including importation of electricity and petroleum products through physical interconnections; and (iii) Israeli destruction of Palestinian power system facilities by military action, such as the June 2006 attack on the Gaza Power Plant that created a serious short-term crisis for power users in Gaza. These actions undermine Palestinian efforts to attract investment to its energy sector.

    • Israel exports roughly 4.5% of electricity it generates to the Palestinian Authority.

      and how much of their resources originate from occupied palestine?

  • Congressman Joe Pitts: 'It is incumbent on Ariel Sharon and Yasir Arafat to restart a peace process'
  • Foxman says Google and Facebook are on his team to combat 'internet hate'
    • triple yawn

    • tokyobk, i noticed it was only after the massacre in norway adl referenced geller and spencer as bigots. just a few months before this was published.

      link to

      note, although they described them as promoting 'conspiratorial anti-Muslim agenda under the guise of fighting radical Islam' as well as "vilifying the Islamic faith and asserting the existence of an Islamic conspiracy to destroy "American" values " they did not actually condemn them.

      Geller and Spencer work closely with David Yerushalmi, an Arizona attorney with a record of anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant and anti-black bigotry. Yerushalmi is one of the driving forces behind Shari'a-related conspiracy theories and growing efforts to ban or restrict the use of Shari'a law in American courts. Geller and Spencer head the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), a non-profit organization that was incorporated by Yerushalmi. AFDI and SIOA organize most of their activities and initiatives together, and AFDI serves as host through which Geller and Robert Spencer publish their blogs.

      note the difference between the way adl references the aryan nation as a "hate group" and "hate movement" twice in the opening paragraph.

      link to

      but i do applaud them for finally referencing geller and spencer as bigots on the blog post. same with ACT! for America

      link to

      ACT! for America is an organization dedicated to combating what it describes as "the threat of radical Islam" to the safety of Americans and to democracy. ACT! promotes the idea that Islam is a backward and seditious political ideology and that Muslim immigration to the U.S. must end.

      Gabriel claims that 20 percent of all Muslims support a radical form of Islam that justifies suicide terrorism and works for the establishment of a global totalitarian Islamic state. She further claims that "tens of thousands of Islamic militants now reside in America operating in sleeper cells, attending our colleges and universities, even infiltrating our government."

      Gabriel's views are in line with a growing field of groups that use community concerns about Islamic extremism to stoke fear toward the Muslim community at large. Among other groups that promote an extreme anti-Muslim agenda are Stop Islamization of America (SIOA) and the Society of Americans for National Existence (SANE).

      ACT!'s advocacy is focused on combating what it perceives as "Islamofascism" or "cultural Jihad," and on countering what it describes as a culture of "festering political correctness." ACT! argues that there is a "rising tide of Islamofascism in our midst" and that it is "political correctness that is aiding its advance."

      note the lack of condemnation? no reference to 'hate group'. there is a difference between identifying a group as promoting "the idea that Islam is a backward and seditious political ideology and that Muslim immigration to the U.S. must end" and identifying that as wrong. note Edelstein's words about 'the deplorable arab nation' as pretty much in line with "backward and seditious political ideology".

      just thought i would point that out.

      also, not to belabor the point, but the adl is convening a working group on cyberhate in conjunction with a task force created by a group whose steering committee includes a known islamophobe (Edelstein) .

      doesn't that seem odd?

    • i recommend everyone read the 'report' link.

      link to

      the chance this crowd will apply the same standards wrt islamophobes? zilch.


      Since this post was first published, Israeli blogger Yossi Gurvitz has covered MK Edelstein’s remarks for +972 (note that the word I put as ‘damaged’, Gurvitz translates as ‘deplorable’, i.e. Edelstein describes Arabs as a “deplorable nation”). Gurvitz sought clarification with the following result:

      I phoned the minister’s office for comment, and asked his spokesman: “Are you aware of the fact there are some 80 million Arabs in the world, from Sudan to Syria?” He replied: “Yes, there are – and the minister meant them all.”

    • kill the messenger, kill the internet

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