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Annie Robbins

Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani

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  • Netanyahu's holy war, and the coming Jewish schism
    • what a great article Yakov. as i see it the fundamental problem with this "Manichean ideological fanaticism" brainwashing is it relies on the rest of the people (non jews) buying into this insanity. and the constant mantra of historical jewish victimhood, hauled out whenever israel is in the hotseat, loses it's luster after awhile. especially when it's used as a foundation in which to launch into any and all analysis of current events. so, in the case of the UN abstention or assessing punishment for the murder of Azaria, if one doesn't accept the underlying premise of a constant threat of jewish annihilation -- (like carter, obama/kerry or whomever) one is dismissed as an anti semite (hence rendering ones opinions as dismissible, unworthy, damning, evil or worse).

      it beggars the imagination how the majority of people would be able to buy into this mindframe over the long haul. maybe for awhile, but it gets so old. ultimately it's unsustainable because it lacks common sense.

    • diversionary nonsense about corruption and the Zionist entity is nothing but propaganda

      LOL! our official site arbitrator of what is or is not propaganda is in the house!

      shut up about billions stolen and (possibly) stashed in israeli shadow companies under the watchful eye of the prime minister and his crony criminal cohorts!

    • here's another from french google translate, it just gets bigger and bigger (see bold)

      This condemnation, which concerns 283 million euros evaporated at the nose of the Treasury, is only part of the diversion of VAT on the quota markets of CO2. According to the Court of Auditors, this "swindle of the century" amounts to 1.6 billion euros of taxes that the defendants have never paid to the State. Europol, which coordinates policies in Europe, figure the same shortfall to 5 billion euros in the European market ...

      The financiers bought non-taxed carbon allowances in foreign countries. They resold these quotas in France, at a price including VAT (19.6%), without ever returning the tax to the State. The pocketed amount was reinvested in a new transaction, and so on.

      Four killings related to the case

      A file that quickly took dramatic proportions. Arnaud Mimran had passed 8 million to Samy Souied to begin the scam. The one who was nicknamed" Kingpin of hippodromme " killed twelve pistol bullets Porte Maillot in Paris (XVI) in 2010 , is one of the victims linked to cases concerning the carbon tax. As Claude Dray, a wealthy entrepreneur, whose daughter was married to Arnaud Mimran, died shot in 2011 in his mansion of Neuilly-sur-Seine (Hauts-de-Seine). These two crimes remain unsolved. In all, four vicious murders are related to the case .

      Only six of the 12 defendants appeared at the trial held in May in the 32nd chamber of the Paris Criminal Court. Most have sought refuge in Israel. Arnaud Mimran had also had to explain his links with Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister Iisraélien, which he paid large sums to finance an election campaign .

      Voir l'image sur Twitter
      Voir l'image sur Twitter
      Suivre ✔ @haaretzcom
      French tycoon and suspected fraudster Arnaud Mimran: I gave #Netanyahu 170,000 euros
      22:15 - 6 Juin 2016
      31 31 Retweets 13 13 j'aime

      One of the cases of "carbon tax" already judged, closely linked to this one, resulted in the condemnation of a man of about fifty years, Michel Keslassy, ​​to five years of prison and 65 million d ' Euros of damages. But he is on the run, prosecutor Patrice Amar said.

      Among the files still under investigation, the most important of all concerns concerns not less than 385 million euros.

      In May, during the trial, the emission of France 2 Cash Investigation had broadcast a documentary revealing the generous quotas enjoyed by companies allowing them to release hundreds of millions of euros to their resale on the carbon market. with AFP
      On the same subject
      > Carbon tax scam: the "case of the century" process
      > Carbon tax trial: Arnaud Mimran, the CO2 scrambler

      "The scam has been dubbed the "heist of the century." Twelve people are judged on Monday at the Paris Criminal Court, in the most important part of the scam to the carbon tax which will lose 1.6 billion euros in France and 5 billion in Europe ."

    • kay, this is the tip of the iceberg, the more you know the slimier it gets. you can start here:

      French Tycoon Linked to Netanyahu Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison

      lots more where that comes from.

      France Likely to Probe French Tycoon's Transfer of Funds to Destinations in Israel
      read more:

      bottom line, 1.6 billion euros were stolen from the french gov. they estimate 80% of it landed in israel. this one guy was convicted of stealing 283 mil, the other (5, i think) french (jewish) culprits are now in israel who is not deporting them back to france. plus, there's murder involved.

      it's a big story in france for a long time -- you can find out more by googling "l’affaire Mimran" and reading the stories on google translate! nothing in the US of course.

      google translate:

      Mafia of the CO2: the new connections of Arnaud Mimran with the clan Netanyahou

      9 JUNE 2016 | BY FABRICE ARFI
      Official documents show that the sulphurous millionaire Arnaud Mimran created in Israel a company with the French deputy Meyer Habib, long-time trusted man of Benyamin Netanyahu. The company was legally constituted and domiciled by the lawyer's office and confidant of the Israeli prime minister.
      It is no longer a relationship, it is a system. Documents obtained by Mediapart and Haaretz highlight new connections between Arnaud Mimran clan and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, mired for weeks in the scandal of its financial and friendly ties with the French millionaire.
      Mimran is suspected by the French justice of being one of the organizers of the "breakage of the century", fraud to the quotas carbon, which concerns 283 million euros concerning him with his presumed accomplices - the total amount of the " scam amounted to EUR 1.7 billion (at least) diverted in less than eight months to the nose and the state's beard.
      Arnaud Mimran, against whom the prosecutor requested late May ten-year prison farm at the trial of CO2 - judgment July 7 - is also indicted in Paris in a criminal case of abduction, false imprisonment and extortion Of organized band funds; And his name is also cited in several cases of murder directly or indirectly related to CO2, without any legal challenge to date.
      Since the first revelations Mediapart and Haaretz in March on the links between Mimran and Netanyahu, head of the Israeli government changed three times version, showing extreme excitement on the subject. So, after first denying that he knew the deceased crook (despite the publication of photos revealing their proximity on vacation in Monaco), then after denying the slightest relationship of money between them, Netanyahou eventually acknowledged having perceived 40 In the early 2000s.
      Mimran, who also varied in his statements over time, first spoke of a payment of one million euros and then, following Netanyahu's denied denials, referred to the sum of 170,000 euros And the payment of travel and holidays in France, up to an additional 150,000 euros.
      One thing, however, is certain: Mimran appeared under his first name, in 2002, in the secret notebook of the major international donors of Netanyahu, drafted by the current Prime Minister himself.
      But the links between Mimran and the Netanyahu galaxy do not stop there: Arnaud Mimran created in 2006, in Israel, a company christened Track Performance Ltd, of which he is the only leader. But documents from the Israeli Registrar of Companies on Track Performance unveil new and disturbing ramifications for the Prime Minister of Israel, which confirm and amplify raw information provided by the Israel Globes business daily.
      To the capital of this company is indeed the French MEP Meyer Habib (25% of the shares), both friend of Arnaud Mimran and intimate of the head of the Israeli government of which he is, in France, the personal representative.
      The company Performance Track Ltd, whose purpose is very fuzzy ( "act in any legal activity") was also up legally by the office of lawyer David Shimron, board and confidant longtime Netanyahu. The company is domiciled at his office in Tel Aviv. When questioned, the lawyer said, without further clarification, that "it is possible that a former partner of the firm has provided legal services Mimran." "But this has nothing to do with Mr. Netanyahu," he says.
      Among the shareholders of this mysterious company is also a certain Pierre Denain (10% of the shares), another friend of Arnaud Mimran, whose name was also quoted in the monumental CO2 scam. According to the bank details discovered by the French judicial Customs, Denain had paid from his HSBC account in the United States, on January 9, 2009, $ 350,000 to Mimran, into an account opened at Safra Bank.
      This amount was then invested directly by Mimran in the CO2 fraud, according to several judicial documents. Denain, who escaped prosecution, had assured investigators have lent money to Mimran for "help," "friendship" without warranty or contract. Solicited several times, he did not return our calls.
      Netanyahu denounces "political persecution"

      Arnaud Mimran's ex-wife Anna Dray, whose billionaire father Claude was mysteriously murdered in October 2011 in his ultra-secure villa in Neuilly-sur-Seine, also appears in the shareholders' pact of Track Performance Ltd , Up to 10%.
      Contacted, she said she had no connection with the company. " This is very serious ! I never signed anything. I know nothing of this business, "if she suffocates the discovery of documents. Anna Dray says she is considering possible prosecutions in Israel to understand how her name could land in Track Performance's statutes. Surprising detail: According to the elements deposited in the Israeli trade register, Anna Dray would be domiciled in ... Chile. "It's simple: I never set foot," she swears.
      Also questioned about Performance Track, French MP Meyer Habib says Arnaud Mimran "wished [the] be included in that company because [he] knew Israel." "But, to my knowledge, this company has never had the least activity, never made the least turnover, never had a bank account and, certainly, never reported a penny, "he added. No activity, no corporate purpose, no bank account, no turnover and even less dividends: it is to wonder why Track Performance, which has no longer filed any activity report Since 2009 and has not paid its annual fee, was created ...
      "Arnaud Mimran, who as you know was a friend, comes from a very respectable family whose father was decorated in 2006 by the budget minister in person at Bercy [Jean-François Copé - ed]," adds Still the deputy UDI. The Franco-Israeli parliamentarian forgets only to point out that the father in question, Jacques Mimran, formerly number 3 of the Vinci group, was the main condemned in 2002 of a corruption case concerning the construction of the TGV Nord and that he was , Fallen in 2009 from the order of the Legion of Honor, received in fact from the hands of Jean-François Copé three years earlier under the gold of the Republic.
      Near Mimran, whom he had worked closely for years, Meyer Habib has for many years separated from Binyamin Netanyahu (see below video of support for the second legislative campaign in 2013 the first). He is, for France, his double, his personal ambassador. And also one of its generous financiers. In the secret notebook of its donors, revealed as of 2011 by the Israeli journalist Raviv Drucker, Netanyahou had also included alongside the name of Arnaud Mimran that of Meyer Habib, jeweler by profession. According to this document and invoices found by the Israeli press, the company of the deputy, the Vendôme group, had even taken charge in the early 2000s of expensive travels and stays of Benyamin Netanyhaou and his family in France. What Habib denies.
      He does not deny being an important point of contact between Mimran and Netanyahu. According to statements made by Arnaud Mimran himself during the CO2 trial in Paris and then on Israeli television, the supposed organizer of the "casse of the century" had thus celebrated in 2009, in a hotel, with Meyer Habib and Benyamin Netanyahu The accession to the head of the State of the latter. Neither of them have so far reversed this information.
      According to testimonies gathered these days by Mediapart, Mimran and Netanyahu would have met again in 2010 in Jerusalem on the occasion of the bar-mitzvah of a son of Meyer Habib. Questioned on this point, the French deputy did not wish to reply.
      The Mimran affair has become in Israel a poison for the head of government, already politically weakened. It makes the opening of the newspapers and the radios, it is at the head of all the press. Under pressure from opposition MPs, the Attorney General of Israel also decided to examine the file to see whether a criminal investigation should be opened.
      During a trip to Russia on June 7, Benyamin Netanyahu was questioned about the case, under the almost amused glance of Vladimir Putin. Israeli Prime Minister described the revelations of the press, first Mediapart and Haaretz, "systematic political persecution." "The mountain gave birth to a mouse", wanted to convince Netanyahu, surrounded by business, is looking more and more at an Israeli Berlusconi or Sarkozy.

  • Join us in gearing up for 2017's battles -- and check out the top stories of 2016
    • i just rewatched the video of children talking about their life in refugee camps. heartbreakingly beautiful Palestinian kids. i hope all their dreams come true.

      2016 was a tough year for Palestine -- again. really hope 2017 offers some justice and peace for Palestine!

      and go BDS! go Pal Legal! go to all the inspiring student activists all over the world! and for all the other (non student) activists too. here's for success and unity in our movement, and a special prayer the war in syria ends.

      peace be with you all. continued sumud -- hang in there everyone, especially Palestinians.

  • UN resolution on settlements is a step back for Palestinians
  • The NY Times attempts to isolate Kerry from Obama
    • hey Mhughes -- just saw this. back atcha ;)

    • i adore him. merry/happy new year just ;) onward!

    • boteach is going to be there? oh for heaven's sakes. these parents, from what i've read, are not even into their son's "activism" (a polite way of addressing his white nationalist nazi thing). it's a shame the parents have been dragged into this -- the town for that matter. but i think this attention towards the town is making it worse. first by whoever's hairbrained idea it was to pressure the parents to sell the house lest they get protested, and next by the son to advertise that pressure. what a nightmare. thank my lucky stars my son isn't like that, what's a parent to do?

    • Kerry is taking a gamble. He may be heading into the oblivion of Jimmy Carter

      jimmy carter is not in oblivion, he's a highly cherished, beloved and respected ex president who remains relevant today -- to the people. yes he's been slandered by the usual suspects and all the little peons who bow to those cretins, but the people still love him. kerry could do much worse than being remembered as a jimmy carter. carter will go down in history, kerry -- probably not so much.

  • The power of BDS -- and the importance of Mondoweiss for growing the movement
    • thank you so much Nada Elia, i really appreciate your valuable articles for mondoweiss. you're part of what makes this site so special for me.

  • Why Obama waited 8 years to take on Netanyahu
    • how did the UN resolution explode in the face of the obama admin? and your article claimed "it was a grand set-up against Russia", not really sure how it set up russia, or 'threw russia [who voted for the resolution]under a bus', by abstaining? also from your article:

      Washington has spent whatever political capital it has left in its democratic coffers to implode diplomacy, wreck the Middle Eastern narrative and throw fuel on the Palestine dossier, all in an effort to wreck Trump's presidency

      do you think the resolution 'imploded' diplomacy, wrecked the ME narrative and threw fuel on the palestine's dossier? my understanding is it was a palestinian initiative. why not blame palestine?

    • israel occasionally opened the golan border to help nusra.

    • oh please, israel did more that "call for the fall" and you know it. even michael oren said he'd prefer AQ in charge of syria. don't pan off support for the head choppers as standing up for "human rights".

    • bwahhhh. this one's for you hops. happy new year:

      CIA Interrogator Reveals Saddam Hussein Predicted Rise of ISIS & U.S. Failure in Iraq

      When people ask me, you know, "Was it worth taking him out of power?" I say, "You know, look around you. Show me something that is positive that happened." Iraq, right now, is a country that has 2 million displaced people. Parts of its territory are held by ISIS. You have a dysfunctional government that is probably more corrupt than Saddam’s government was. And if ask the average Iraqi—Sunni, Shia or Kurd—you know, "Were things better back then? Were services better? Did the government do more for you?" I think they would say yes. I can’t find one thing. And if you said, "Well, maybe, what about the Kurds? They’re almost independent now," that was happening already. I can’t find one thing positive that came out of his removal from power.

      given the alternative hops, i'd opt to be ruled by assad rather than the headchoppers. but it's not up to me what syrians want. i think their preferred choice, under the circumstances, makes sense. the foreign jihad extremists the US/SA/qatar (and you presumably) support? not so much.

    • happy new year amigo! and thank you for your hard work and continued activism! it's always an honor for me being any part of mondoweiss and you're part of this place for me -- my pleasure.

    • amigo, someone would have to live in a bubble to believe that. there will always be politicians licking israeli a**, to pretend this represents "world opinion" is a joke.

      speaking of licking A**, aipac is up to their usual demands. remember when they assembled 100's of congresspeople demanding they sign a letter to obama not to mess w/the US veto at the UN a month or 2 back (or else their coffers wouldn't get filled) well they are at it again. they've now composed another letter or resolution or something condemning kerry's speech or the UN abstention or something. sorry, too lazy to find the article. anyway, it's worthless of course because congress doesn't get to decide what obama does at the UN and there's no taking back that vote (or non vote as the case may be). it's just another exercise in lobby loyalty. someday all that a** licking is going to come back and bite those congresscritters, because voters are getting sick of this shit.

    • great wrap up phil.

  • The formal end of the two-state solution
    • thanks just, i'm going to send this interview to a friend i was talking to last night trying to bring himself up to speed on palestine/israel after the kerry speech. in my state of mind (flu) i could hardly figure out where to begin. he said he was reading some 6 part series from vox. i was like, err, not sure if they're the most reliable source. and he said "they are just presenting all the facts", and i told him lots of people have their own facts and i went to vox's site "Everything you need to know about Israel-Palestine" and the first thing i read in the introduction was:

      Israel is the world's only Jewish state, located just east of the Mediterranean Sea. Palestinians, the Arab population that hails from the land Israel now controls, refer to the territory as Palestine, and want to establish a state by that name on all or part of the same land. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is over who gets what land and how it's controlled.

      so i explained to him that "palestine" was not merely how palestinians referred to the land and in fact, it was how jews/zionist referred to the land when they set out to establish a state in palestine. anyway, frustrating. they say things like "The 1967 war... left Israel in control of the West Bank and Gaza Strip" as if someone threw a deck of cards up in the air and when they landed israel just happened to be left in charge.

    • I accept, but those who are all gung ho on one state, how is that going to evolve. How is the un going to undo Israel’s membership? What armed forces will control the lod airport?

      thus far you've referenced peoples "dream" of disbanding the "zionist army" as well as a "jewish army".

      so here's a little thought experiment for you yonah. notice how the US didn't have to "disband" the US military to include women and gay people? and since the idf is not formally called the zionist army or the jewish army they might not even have to change their name. or they could call themselves the regional defense forces. but if your idea pans out, the annexation and full citizenship, they're be about 1/2&1/2 population. the military could reflect that. conceptually, it's not as complicated as you make it out to be -- except for the conceptually challenged.

    • Try not to look at it that way. Think of it as taking a loaded gun away from a person intent on murder-suicide.

      oh heavens no, yonah sets up strawmen and beats them back with vigor. catch a little snag of yarn and start pulling the argument apart and he snaps "I knew the “[fill in blank]” would attract comment. I knew you would object." eljay says it best:

      The 2SS may not be dead yet, but thanks to your fellow Zionists it’s lying on the ground bleeding out and waiting to be summarily executed

      meanwhile caroline glick, whom he claims is 'not his favorite', advocates an annexation plan just like his! that would accommodate his time plan: "investigating each prospective new citizen for terrorist roots and requiring an oath of loyalty, although I’m not sure of her details. A timely fashion could be six months or a year"

      he's such an accommodating liberal zionist. 2ss or annexation and maybe some token citizenships thrown in for good measure -- whatever! he's such a reasonable ethnic cleanser! genocide is such a messy word.

    • A timely fashion could be six months or a year. I am hedging, allowing myself a little wiggle room when the actual negotiations take place.

      so, you're hedging and allowing wiggle room for full citizenship but not for annexation? if it's only 6 months to a year why not just wait to annex until full citizenship is granted? what logical reason would there be to put the cart before the horse -- unless they have plans to annex and then kick out even more people and then offer some figleaf of full citizenship to only a few. israel is not to be trusted. give us your land now and then maybe in 6months to a year we will grant some people citizenship, sounds very fishy to me yonah.

      I favor annexing the west bank

      how predictable of you.

    • why in a timely fashion? what about giving them full citizenship automatically as a condition of annexation?

  • Israeli hysteria over UN vote is solidifying country's new status, as a rogue state
    • exactly irish, it sucks up all the energy.

    • ha! exactly, like what difference does it make how they planned it? it's not a surprise this is what the US has been advocating, or it shouldn't be anyway. they act like it's some radical new idea. the israelis have had endless opportunities to put a plan forward and they have not. so what if they get some pressure. expose them for being no partner for any kind of a deal and let's hope there's some consequence put forward in the next resolution after jan 15 paris plan.

    • roha, here's another article on the same topic

      i find the focus of the article strange, it is like a who-done-it. the big catch/reveal -- that the US may have talked to palestine or who was behind the resolution!

      it would seem like a normal thing to do for the countries to have talked about it together. it would seem like a normal thing to do, in the face of talk of moving the embassy to jerusalem, having this settler ambassador, and these extreme zionist advisors of trumps, for the outgoing administration to council palestinians on how to handle it or for them to make efforts to impact the situation after obama left office. but instead of looking at the implications of the resolution, the whole focus is on who said what when. it's kind of astonishing. am i the only one who reads it that way? did anyone else notice (aside from echi who will no doubt inform us it's all totally irrelevant anyway).

    • Interesting story from (dare I link to him?) Gilad Atzmon.

      i expected something new there roha, but there's nothing. he just reiterated what haaretz already reported (which seemed like a lot of israeli speculation). and i didn't see where atzmon mentioned "A Cunning Plan to get her out of having to talk to Netanyahu?"

  • Scenes from a neoconservative meltdown
    • Totally irrelevant

      frankly, i don't give a crap if my opinion is irrelevant to you, consider it mutual.

    • That’s how I would view it if I were Israeli. Why give anything when they want everything?

      catalan, your spiel is an excellent example of the oppressor seeking to be viewed as the oppressed. as your "jewish state" plows through what's left of palestine, the very last remnants, you want sympathy, understanding or comradery? i don't care how you view it.

      They think of simple survival.


    • not branding everyone who is legitimately concerned about Islamist culture as an Islamophobe. With all of the attention given to terror in the news, is it any wonder so many Americans are terrified of Muslims?

      "is it any wonder... Americans are terrified of Muslims" doesn't lesson the islamophobic nature of fearing all muslims. just because the media pounds this into our homes doesn't make being terrified of muslims "legitimate".

      reminds me of “fear of Muslims is rational”

      no, it isn't.

  • Abstention at the UN, or the Owl of Minerva of American Diplomacy
    • xanadou, here's my favorite part

      He’s particularly spooked by a meeting of foreign ministers scheduled for January 15 in Paris where, according to a senior official in Jerusalem, the United States and France may advance some other diplomatic move as part of the French peace initiative.

      here's what it doesn't say

      meeting scheduled for January 15 in Paris as part of the French peace initiative, a series of decisions on the peace process will be made. These will immediately be brought to the UN Security Council for a vote and will be adopted there before January 20.

      exciting. over 70 countries are invited. 5 days before obama leaves office, which means the US could abstain another tougher resolution. obama's parting shot.

    • i don't think they can dismantled it. they would need at least nine yeahs on a counter resolution, not going to happen.

  • Obama stands up to Trump (and Israel)
  • 'NY Times' trivializes UN abstention, reducing it to 'tense and tetchy' relationship between Obama and Netanyahu
  • Breaking: UN Security Council passes historic resolution against settlements as two-state solution 'slips away'
    • and the hits just keep on comin'!

      Israel summons US ambassador as Netanyahu lashes out at Obama
      By Michael Schwartz, Oren Liebermann and James Masters, CNN
      Updated 1828 GMT (0228 HKT) December 25, 2016

      Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu summoned the US ambassador and launched a scathing attack Sunday .....

      The United States abstained on the resolution, allowing it to pass, rather than vetoing it -- as it usually does with resolutions it sees as overly critical of Israel, leading to US Ambassador Daniel Shapiro being summoned, an Israeli official told CNN Sunday.

      The move comes hours after 10 other ambassadors from countries that supported the resolution were also called in and followed Netanyahu's strong criticism of the Obama administration in his weekly cabinet meeting.

      this is the talk of christmas/hanukkah dinner tables all across the country, which was the intent i am sure. buries the story?? i don't think so. netanyahu's bleeding it for all it's worth -- and then some.

    • BTW 2 p.m. xmas eve buries the story.

      no, i don't think so. WSJ has a new story up and then there's this:

      and this:

      story definitely not going away. plus i heard cruz claimed he was making sure congress would cut off aid to UN unless they reverse the resolution! it's the talk of the town this holiday season.

    • If those two maybe’s are the basis of your euphoria

      as i said, i think it's wonderful and a big deal -- however, your interpretation, of my so called "euphoria", is noted. i won't defend it because i am not euphoric, perfect strawman set up tho. your wet rag - 'it's such a non issue bla bla bla stance' is sort of contradicted by your efforts to convince us it's nothing.

      bye -- have the last word.

    • jack, technically, he didn't "admit" that. or if he did, they didn't quote the admission. this is as close as he came to the so called admission (which, if one accepts, one also must accept there is no truth he "finally" admitted that which he's argued before):

      "Over the last decade I have argued that we cannot have a bias against Israel at the UN,"

      either way, saying one argued UN members cannot have bias is not the same as arguing they do have bias. then, according to ynet, he goes on to say:

      "Decades of political maneuvering have created a disproportionate number of resolutions, reports and committees against Israel. In many cases, instead of helping the Palestinian issue, this reality has foiled the ability of the UN to fulfill its role effectively."

      so, rather than an admission of anti israel bias, his statement explains why there are a disproportionate number, which one could, if one were so inclined, to interpret as a reasonable explanation for the disproportion, vs evidence of bias.


    • so yonah, let's try this another way... do you think obama should have vetoed this resolution?

      and if so, why?

    • i wouldn't hold my breath kay, the chance yonah will answer any of my questions is precisely zilch. he's already answered below and not a word!

      do you think the US should have vetoed it?

      no, he didn't answer that.

      if it’s so minor why are so many israel politicians and supporters seemingly going bonkers?

      no, he didn't answer that.

      are you out there on social media telling them all [the israel politicians and supporters] to relax and get over themselves — that this is really no biggie?

      no, he didn't answer that. and we all know he's here instead, telling us.

      why do you think israel reached out to trump to reach out to sisi and trump even mentioned it if it’s all so feeble?

      no, he didn't answer that.

      please explain. why the reaction over such a non issue?

      not a peep:

    • russia has replaced the USA as the only power who really cares about the middle east enough to get down and dirty.

      tell us more about how the US ever really cared about the middle east. how did we show our love and care? remind us how we're so, like, humanitarian!

    • got it, feeble and minor. do you think the US should have vetoed it? if it's so minor why are so many israel politicians and supporters seemingly going bonkers? are you out there on social media telling them all to relax and get over themselves -- that this is really no biggie?

      why do you think israel reached out to trump to reach out to sisi and trump even mentioned it if it's all so feeble? hmm. something doesn't quite add up here. is it me? please explain. why the reaction over such a non issue?

    • You are forgetting that ..

      huh? what he does on jan 20 may be irrelevant, but what he did on dec 23 won't be, even on jan 20. and nobody forgot obama was leaving office.

    • no you o please. the reference to a "putsh" (i've removed your double quotemarks since no one wrote "jewish putsch") was march 2015 iran deal, and we know what happened there. speaking of "Israel lobby "Lobby putsch attempt (- what some have called ‘Bibi’s Putsch’)" what do you think of this:

      Noting the "personal attack" directed towards him by Netanyahu - who accused Lapid and Livni of leading a "putsch" from within the coalition - Lapid insisted on issuing a response of his own.

      "Yesterday you stood in front of the entire nation and announced that you were dragged the State of Israel into unnecessary elections that no one but you wanted, because you are detached. You live in your own aquarium," Lapid fired.

      anti semitic? here's more

      or isn't it anti semitic when netanyahu says it?

    • we made some updates and will continue to do so as quotes come in, so check back.

      this is so wonderful. i know there are people (like my present company!) who don't think this is a big deal, but i think it's a very big deal.

  • Desperate Netanyahu lectures Obama about US responsibility to veto UN resolution
    • as long as i've been at this stuff (decades less than other people) i still get SO EXCITED by ideas like this vote passing. we are only a few hours away (3 hrs and 23 minutes!) and i am quite sure every member of the security council is being squeezed right now, the possibilities are endless! egypt cannot veto of course, only permanent members can (will teresa may veto??) and it needs 9 members it vote yes. but if it passed it would be HISTORIC.

  • Resistance to mainstream media: How Mondoweiss pushes back against distortion
  • With US reportedly poised to abstain on U.N. resolution slamming Israel, Egyptians withdraw it under pressure
    • i agree, thank you just. neutered it.

    • i saw that cnn clip kalithea -- dersh thoroughly disgusting. and you'd think cnn would find it relevant to include a palestinian voice in the discussion -- but no.

    • hot update!

      Four U.N. council members issue Egypt ultimatum on settlements

      UNITED NATIONS, Dec 22 (Reuters) - New Zealand, Venezuela, Malaysia and Senegal told Egypt on Thursday that if it did not clarify by midnight whether it planned to call a vote on a draft U.N. Security Council resolution demanding an end to Israeli settlements, then they reserved the right to move ahead with the text, diplomats said.

      "In the event that Egypt decides that it cannot proceed to call for vote on 23 December or does not provide a response by the deadline, those delegations reserve the right to table the draft ... and proceed to put it to vote ASAP," the four council members said in a note to Egypt, seen by Reuters.

      The Palestinians were also a party to the note, which said "there was a strong sense of disappointment" that the 15-member Security Council had not voted on the text as planned on Thursday. (Reporting by Michelle Nichols; Editing by Sandra Maler)

  • 'P is for Palestine': Illustrated children's book showcases beauty and strength of Palestinian culture
  • Faith
    • took her long enough ;)

    • i love this poem! love rawan's voice, her talent is pure genius.

      btw, this amazing photo (and description) was sent to me by her brother Ahmed just a few days ago. it's very much a coincidence how the two came together in this draft. i had seen the photo last summer and fell in love with it and after months it finally arrived in my inbox. i thought of it within reading rawan's poem, and voila!

      so much talent in one family.

  • Hell just froze over: the New York Times runs an article saying Zionism is racist
    • i'm not well versed in this jon. is having an official religion the same as an islamic state? i know iran is 'the islamic state of'.

    • the Palestinian state as Islamic, or any other definition the Palestinians decide on.

      jon, why would you say this knowing palestine is the birthplace of christianity? have palestinians put forward this idea, of palestine being an islamic state? or does this normalize the idea of israel being an ethnic nationalist state vs a state of all its citizens?

      and when you say you support israel as a state with equal rights for all citizens, does that mean you would end jewish privilege in the nationality law?

    • catalan, speaking of hatred, tell us about your own. what, whom do you hate?

  • Israel threatens to toss Antony Loewenstein after he asked Lapid question about apartheid
    • An Annie? You bow to this crowd like a real Uncle Tom.

      hmm, sorry, not really following this conversation. i'm traveling, heading up to london now (late!) and maybe i'll remember to check back later . but a slight glimpse -- this is my first comment on the thread and no time to review. you may need to copy paste an example of me uncle tomin' it for me to understand your inflammatory reference.

  • Historical evidence does not support Zionist claims re the Western Wall
    • what concerns me is this constant attempt by israels enemies to deny judaisms link to jerusalem

      i can't recall ever hearing this argument denying a jewish "link" to jerusalem, much less constantly so. not mentioning a link to something -- anything -- is not, in and of itself, evidence of said denial. the response to unesco was somewhat of a strawman as i read it, because it was criticized on the basis of something that didn't happen -- per se, although i can see how it could have been inferred by a snubbed listener. the hasbarists (including hasbrat chief netayahu) should have stuck to what was stated, vs what was not.

  • Reporting Spreads Resistance: Review the year's highlights and donate today
  • Friedman pick will force good liberal Zionists to admit the peace process has failed
    • Palestinians who have witnessed to these facts for years will gain prestige; Chuck Todd and Jake Tapper will have them at the big table. -

      hmm, not so sure about that. hopefully.

  • Adelson and Saban were kingmakers, now they're beggars
  • On memory, politics and being Palestinian in Chile
    • thank you! what an interesting interview. i just became aware of the significant palestinian diaspora community in chile in the last few years. first through the futbol palestino and later when mohammed assaf visited. but nothing prepared me for the size of the protest in santiago during the 2014 gaza slaughter. that is when i realized how important palestine was in chile and the influence of palestinian diaspora there. i'd like to visit chile someday and when i do i will visit Patronato neighborhood in santiago!

      (the 8th photo from the top):

  • Stephen Cohen calls out liberal media for demonizing Russia, slurring Tillerson and stigmatizing all dissent
    • don't believe all the fake news you read in the msm.

      China's Flyover Message to Trump Wasn't Quite What It Seemed
      Contrary to reports, bombers flown over the South China Sea can't actually launch nuclear weapons, and that matters.

      The H-6K bomber is China's copy of the Soviet Tupolev Tu-16 "Badger" nuclear bomber. The Badger, as NATO nicknamed it, first appeared in the 1950s and was designed to fly to distant targets—including the continental United States and NATO countries—and drop nuclear free-fall bombs. It was later modified to target U.S. Navy aircraft carriers with anti-ship cruise missiles.

      China started cranking out copies of the Badger in the late 1950s, but for the most part it relied on them as conventional bombers. According to arms control and Chinese nuclear weapons scholar Jeffrey Lewis, the People's Liberation Army converted exactly one H-6 to carry nuclear weapons for atmospheric nuclear tests. Furthermore, there are currently no nuclear aerial bombs in the China's nuclear stockpile. Slow and lumbering, the H-6K is equipped to carry out standoff attacks with DF-10 cruise missiles armed with high explosive warheads.

      more at the link. plus there's this from a few days ago:

      A few recent headlines of #fakenews:

      China flew nuclear-capable bombers around Taiwan before Trump call with Taiwanese president - Fox News, December 05, 2016
      China Flew Nuclear-Capable Bombers Near Taiwan Before Trump Call - NBCNews, December 6 2016
      China flies nuclear-capable bomber in South China Sea after Trump Taiwan call, US officials say - Fox News, December 09, 2016
      China flies nuclear bomber over South China Sea to 'send message' to Donald Trump - Independent, December 11, 2016
      China reportedly responds to Trump’s Taiwan call by flying nuclear-capable bomber - Stars & Stripes, December 12, 2016
      China Flies Nuclear Bomber Above South China Sea In Response To "Ignorant Child" Trump - Zero Hedge, December 12, 2016

      The above is #fakenews because China does not currently deploy any airlaunched nuclear weapons. It is not known or thought to have nuclear bombs. All its estimated 260 nuclear warheads (the U.S. and Russia each have more than 7,000) are presumably for its land and sea based missiles.

      China is believed to work on a short- to medium-range, airlaunched cruise missiles that potentially could be nuclear armed. So far the U.S. Air Force does not believe that any of these are deployed and does not list them as part of a potential enemy force.

      The relevant regular paper for such facts is Chinese nuclear forces, 2016 (pdf) by Hans M. Kristensen and Robert S. Norris published by the Bulletin of Nuclear Scientists:

      [T]he 2016 Pentagon report includes for the first time a discussion of a potential nuclear role for China’s bombers. It says the PLA air force was assigned a “strategic deterrence” mission in 2012, although that could also reflect the introduction of conventional land-attack cruise missiles on the modified H-6K bomber. But the Pentagon report states that Chinese media reports and writings "suggest China might eventually develop a nuclear bomber capability. [...]” (US Defense Department 2016, 38).
      We do not believe that China's bombers currently have an active nuclear mission.

      for supporting embeds go to

    • wow sibiriak

    • The Soros color revolution for America is supposed to be purple.

      really? i am clearly out of the loop on this one.

    • checked out keith olbermann lately? wow, what a disaster he's turned out to be.

    • keep, not sure you can lump all liberals into one category. for the most part i do think you can lump all liberals in the msm in one basket. and the dnc for sure. but there are a likely a lot of people who consider themselves liberal and generally vote for the dem party who are not taking part in this clinton denial revenge -- who don't fall in line with this kind of thinking.

      an as i recall lots of people who voted for obama were disappointed in his cabinet picks. from samantha power to rahm emanual and clinton for sec of state and nuland and not supporting the ukraine intervention. not to mention the treasury sec and the bailout.

      plus, many dems either didn't vote for hillary or voted for her begrudgingly. and many of those probably consider themselves liberals and don't hate russia. don't believe everything you read or hear.

  • Theresa May adopts a definition of anti-Semitism that demonizes Israel's critics
    • But for the Palestinian to hate all Jews or the woman to hate all men would display a narrow mindedness and lack of understanding.

      jon, i am beginning to think you are willfully not getting my point. so let me be blatantly clear. and please bear with me. if a girl child was raped twice a day by multiple male relatives beginning at the age of 2 extending til she was 13, and she hated all men would you say she displayed narrow mindedness and lack of understanding?

      frankly, i think your radar is off here. but let's presume she did display narrow mindedness and lack of understanding. who would you blame for that? who would you blame for her irrationality? and wouldn't the crimes of her abusers be your priority? why pick on the girl? why not fix the root of the problem? or don't you think the systematic structural violence of zionist is the root cause of the issue. or maybe you don't recognize the daily abuse. looked at kate's list lately? frankly, i think anti semitism is the least of our problems right now, considering the circumstances.

      it just seems like a big fat divert away from the criminals, who will continue to abuse because that is what they are conditioned to do, by the state. the system of zionism/occupation as it currently exists and has existed since the founding of the state of israel (as opposed to some non racist hypothetical ideologically pure cultural zionism that has, thus far, never materialized) is the core problem.

    • He contrasted traditional anti-semitism with current hatred of Jews. He said the older hatred had no foundation.

      first off, i can't speak for mag, i can only speak for how i interpreted what he said. he contrasted traditional anti semitism with anti semitism as a response to zionism. i'm sure there's still traditional anti semitism currently hanging out. in fact, many die hard zionists could easily be anti semites (lots of neonazis love zionism and israel -- yuk). he didn't say anything about "older" or "current". he said traditional.

      He put forth Zionism as a current reason to hate Jews.

      he put forth zionism gives people a reason to hate Jews. the hatred of all Jews for any reason is irrational, unfair, and anti semitism. but it doesn't erase the situation that Zionism gives people a reason to hate Jews jon. it's a main driver of anti semitism. but it doesn't mean there are not valid reasons (easily justifiable) to resist and be abhorred by zionism and/or zionists. and if one or one's family has been hurt, murdered, robbed, imprisoned, persecuted, and/or oppressed by zionists then it is not irrational to hate them. plus, if the only jewish people you've ever met are zionists or zionist supporters or zionist soldiers (the case for some people growing up in palestine) then it is also not irrational to presume that's who all jews are, and fear them.

      there's a big leap between 'i hate him because he's smelly' and 'i hate him because he kills my people'.

      better to condemn the hate.

      i don't think hate is a healthy emotion for anyone, for any reason. but i am not going to condemn the hatred of someone for their torturer or their killer or their oppressor. that is not my place. i regularly speak out against people ascribing hatred to their adversaries, for i don't think one can tell what is in another persons heart. it's frequently used as a smear by zionists defending israel -- 'you're hateful' etc. but if someone speaks from their own heart and tells you what and who they hate, then i would try to listen and understand. and if they told me they hated jewish people i would tell them why i thought they were wrong and misguided. but i wouldn't tell a palestinian grandmother who still had the keys to her stolen house and whose son was murdered by zionists she shouldn't hate zionism or zionists. that's not my place. just like i wouldn't tell an abused wife not to hate her husband. while i might not agree with it, sometimes hate is rational. zionism gives people a reason to hate. it's not the same as not showering. you can't fix it merely by claiming that unlike traditional anti semitism, modernized (new) anti semitism is anti zionism.

      condemning hate doesn't stop wars or occupation, especially when the people with the bombs claim they are moral and you're forcing them to bomb you. you can condemn away but it won't have any meaning.

      clearly from your presence here you think your time is more valuable than trying to stop the occupation or end zionist crimes. the hatred of zionism will end when zionism stops being a cruel racist sadistic endeavor.

      that's about all i have to say on the topic.

    • The Jews of Europe had no land. So the Zionists had to sequester some.

      they didn't have to, and lots of them didn't want to. The Jews of Europe had no land. So the Zionists sequestered some.

      Unfortunately it belonged to people. So they had to be dispossessed.

      they didn't have to be dispossessed. while religion may be at the rotten heart of it, it began as a colonial project, and it remains a colonial project. religion and the religious serve that project. at least that's my take on it.

    • while i don't think it's fair jon, i can't agree with you that one can't hate jews because of the actions of the israeli government. for one thing, if you're a child growing up in the west bank and the only jews you ever come in contact with are the ones running the occupation one could very much hate all jews. maybe this is a matter of semantics. don't you think there are children in israel who hate palestinians because the only exposure they have to them is what they see on the news and what they hear from their parents. what other explanation might you have for so many israeli jewish teenagers not thinking palestinian israelis should have a right to vote.

      the word "can't", to me, has a particular meaning. ie, people can't fly (independent of a flying vehicle). but i don't think you can say people can't hate jews because of zionism, because, unfortunately, many do.

      it might give you a sense of righteousness or relief to imagine there's some inherent racist seed inside most anti semites that makes them irrationally hate jews. but i would posit often that is simply not the case. because what may seem irrational to you, an irrational person might see as rational. and while i would posit most people who don't like zionism do not hate all jews i think others, in their anger and frustration or revenge or whatever, will blame jews, all of them. so i just don't buy it that one can't hate jews for the action of the israeli government.

      i think there are also examples of young girls who may have gotten raped repeatedly by their step fathers growing up who, by the time they are teens, hate all men. it just happens. even tho most men are not rapists. if that child has no male father figure in her life to counter her abuser, what would be the reason for her day after day and year after year, rationalizing that all men are not like that?

      especially when you separate people physically so that they do not come in contact with eachother, separate neighborhoods, schools, hospital rooms, etc, it is much more likely those people will not have positive role models to counter negative stereotypes they learn about from their media and their elders. racism is learned. it's not something people are born with. so yeah, you can learn to be racist. one of the ways you can learn racism is to abuse people based on their race or ethnicity. like for example the occupation, something like that would almost guarantee a degree of fear and/or prejudice. zionism breeds racism. there's nothing irrational about that. psychologically, you can almost count on it to impact a segment of society.

      think about it like learning fire. if your hand gets close to the flame it hurts so you learn not to touch it. so if someone kills your father and that someones brother kills or imprisons your mother, and another related being bulldozes your house how many times does it take to learn those people are dangerous and want to hurt you? saying zionism doesn't cause hatred is like.. nutty. and once you have hatred in your heart things like logic and rationality become more challenging. the situation of occupation breeds contempt. and that contempt will not always be limited to the system, sometimes it will spill over onto the people responsible. and lots of people hold (all) jews responsible for the occupation. it's not fair, but it can happen.

      i think you are in denial jon.

    • Israeli apartheid is a function of religion.

      i'd call it more a function of colonialism. the religion has also being appropriated as a function of colonialism.

      If religion didn’t matter in Shangri La there couldn’t be apartheid.

      i don't agree. i think the powers that be could find a way to justify their colonial intentions and actions without religion if need be. some non religious secular jews still spout the historic homeland justification and the lemmings follow suit.

    • jon, following up on your pedophilia/zionism analogy. given your implication it's not rational to hate the institution of catholic church or catholicism as a consequence of decades of pedophilia, what would you think of legislating anti-pedophilia as a hate crime.

      or what if a kid stuck a catholic school his entire childhood suffering abused by nun's and priests, would you support legislation preventing him from expressing condemnations against the church on the grounds he was singling out the institution? what if he chose to boycott the church? would you support making that illegal?

      what if the parents of 100 boys who had been raped by the priests of a certain parish organized a boycott among parishioners of that church. would you support the town council members condemning that boycott or making it illegal? would you accuse the parents of a hate crime. what if all other catholic all over the world said the parents boycott was hurting their children's feelings. what if they said spreading news of and exposing the pedophilia was making their children uncomfortable at the university. would you take pity on those unraped catholic university students, having their church singled out because of the one parish's pedophiles?

      maybe we should all just shut up about pedophilia, lest we be accused of being racist.

    • jon, i don't think stating a reality is the same as justifying it. undoubtedly zionism has given some people a reason to hate jews, it doesn't mean it's correct or right. and the victims of pedophile priests -- are you suggesting it would not be logical for even one of them to blame the church? that's simply the consequence of f*cking little boys, some will (and have) grow into men who blame the institution which allowed it to happen. whether i think it's justified is beside the point. but does it happen? of course.

      either way, the primary focus should remain on the perpetrator of the crime, not the emotional response of the victim, however rational (justified?) or irrational that response may be.

      If “zionism is not judiasm” as you say, then no one should have a reason to hate Jews because of Zionism.

      what? i'm not following your logic. are you suggesting judaism is the cause (excuse or justification) at the root of anti semitism? again, are you able to make your analogy without juxtaposing zionism, a political construct, with religious fundamentalism (islamic or otherwise)? i find it strange you chose to analogize zionism with religious fundamentalism. do you perceive them to have similar qualities or something?

      edit: maybe you did find another non fundamentalist analogy, pedophilia. i guess that might be analogous to zionism -- i'd have to chew on that thought.

      i'm curious, at a minimum, do you agree w/the beginning of mag's statement Traditional antisemitism had no foundation ?

    • jon, are you able to make your analogy without juxtaposing zionism, a political construct, with religious fundamentalism?

      zionism is not judaism, nor radical judaism. there are lots of secular zionist fanatics. and anti semitism is not solely or primarily directed towards religious jews or the religion of jews.

      judging people by their actions, not their religion or ethnicity.

      zionism is neither a religion or an ethnicity. we can judge zionism by it's actions, that's not anti semitism. as mag pointed out, traditional antisemitism had no foundation. but efforts to conflate anti zionism with anti semitism will backfire -- because unlike anti semitism, there is ample justification for anti zionism.

    • good one broadside

  • New York Times' Peter Baker is already done in Israel/Palestine
  • Jared Kushner's family foundations gave $325,000 to Israeli army support group
    • thanks mooser! when i said 'these' i meant you are not the only person who does it, although it is relatively rare. sometimes i open the edit link to look at what our commenter has posted, because sometimes it is a broken link. but inside those thingies '<>' was an "a" and all that does is highlight w/no embed. that is what yours looked like. maybe that was some automation thing and not what you posted. if that's the case sorry! anyway, thanks for the link. next time i will inquire before assuming it was intentional.

      also, might i suggest testing your own links after they are posted.


    • isn’t going to happen!

      mooser, whenever i encounter these non embed highlights i wonder why people use them. it looks like it's going to open and reference a source and then it doesn't. sometimes i think it's just a faulty application but i checked yours, and it's purposeful. why not just use the bold function if your intention is to merely highlight? just curious. or did you want me to click on it for no reason other than an exercise in futility?

  • Israel lobby resorting to censorship and blacklisting as it loses control of mainstream discourse
  • On '60 Minutes,' Stahl is positive about BDS and suggests Netanyahu is anti-American
  • Israel advocates worry Trump's pick for State has anti-Israel bias
    • ha ha! good joke amigo!

    • i have my (serious) doubts he'll give bolton the job.

    • hi harry, i very much 'mentioned' russia in my 2015 bloomberg link, which also referencing the Order of Friendship and lots lots more. i recommend it. but russia is not on good terms with the US so i did not juxtapose russia w/israel in comparison as i did other countries. (it did not serve my point) whereas we have close working relations with the UK and saudi arabia. china is not an ally of ours either but it's also not and enemy. we are not sanctioning them, unlike russia.

      from the bloomberg link:

      It was a moment of triumph for the chief executive officer of ExxonMobil. Almost a decade into the job, Rex Tillerson learned in September 2014 that the costliest well in the company’s history had struck oil a mile beneath the icy seas off the Siberian coast. It was what the industry likes to call an elephant—as much as a billion barrels, then worth about $97 billion. Exxon’s Russian partner, Rosneft, estimated the ocean floor around the $700 million well could hold more crude than the entire Gulf of Mexico. Tillerson had bet big on Russia, and it looked like he’d finally silence concerns that Exxon’s crude output had plummeted for most of his tenure.

      Yet no sooner had the company made the energy industry’s most promising find in 45 years than Exxon was packing up the drilling rig and going home. The short-lived victory had been snatched away by economic sanctions imposed in response to Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s support of Ukrainian rebels. The setback reignited debate over whether Tillerson, who along with Exxon declined to comment for this story, bet too much of the company’s future on Russia, a country led by a former spy with a bent toward military interventions and economic nationalism.

    • i'm so over having cabinet members vetted by israel. where are the pundits wondering if Tillerson would be good for china or the UK? what does saudi arabia think of the possibility? israel is a foreign country and should be treated as such. the discussion surrounding Tillerson should be if he's good for US diplomacy and US foreign policy.

      the reasons i find his appointment alarming are because of global warming ( ) and his pro fracking stance. there are lots of reasons for concern, but what israel thinks is not on that list and shouldn't be.

      can he be an asset in terms of keeping us out of war? as americans that should be our primary concern.

  • Unsettle Zionism, champion humanity
    • because compared to 2 years ago many more people are receptive and curious about the truth of zionism now and UZ is very informative.

      plus, as the author mentions in the 1st paragraph

      Zionism is conflated with Judaism. That criticism of Israel is anti-Semitism follows.

      it's the downside (for supporters of occupation and apartheid) of legislating anti boycott and threatening the 1st amendment all across the country. more people become informed.

    • i suppose I was going by the archaic meaning of vitriol

      you know the meaning of archaic right? "obsolete -no longer in everyday use but sometimes used to impart an old-fashioned flavor." don't play games, anyone familiar w/ archaic meaning also knows the common usage. same goes for the word toxic: and no, they don't mean the same thing although one generally leads to the next.

      let's review what the author wrote:

      Absent animus or vitriol, Zionism Unsettled exposes the toxic alchemy of theology and politics. By examining how the Bible can be used to liberate or oppress, ZU pushes beyond the comfort zone. It illuminates the power of emotions and dogma to shape beliefs, as it underscores the crucial role of information in deconstructing preconceived views.

      this is not "exposed a brew of ‘toxic chemicals’ while expressing what it found out about zionism." i'm familiar with ZU because i read it, recommend it and i also reviewed it on mondoweiss when it first came out:

      maybe you should familiar yourself with ZU, it doesn't take long to read. and then criticize it on it's merits instead of fabrications in your own mind based on archaic interpretations of language (more strawmen).

      either way, take a bow. you have successfully trolled and dominated the comment section with your asinine uninformed 'critique'.

      can we have a round of applause of chief bakr, prince of trolls.

    • the statement you've highlighted is not an oxymoron. ie a great writer, journalist or filmmaker can expose "toxic alchemy" or any number of dangerous things without resorting to vitriolic language.

      iow, your comment doesn't demonstrate "focused hypocrisy", in the least. it's just a (trollish) ineffective distraction near the top of the thread. and an ad hominem one at that.

  • Jewish brawl on CNN signals breakup of the pro-Israel monolith in the Trump era
    • here's one of phil's columns recently linked to and cited by Yair Rosenberg at tablet:

      Rosenberg: This 1999 piece did not appear in some fringe neo-Nazi outlet, or in a pro-Trump alt-right forum, but in the New York Observer. Its author? Phil Weiss.

      rosenberg doesn't like phil's column, and apparently neither did kushner. the reason why? probably it relates to what phil discusses in his column, and here...

      I’m breaking the rules here; it’s never cricket for Jews to talk openly about Jewish power. As proud as Jews are of their success, they don’t like to self-identify. "There is a Congressional black caucus, not a Congressional Jewish caucus," Mr. Silverfarb points out. Jews downplay their influence in part because they don’t take it for granted, indeed they fear that such identification will unleash anti-Semitism and bring their so-far-brief success dream to a violent end. Remember when Alan Dershowitz justly blasted Bob Barr for talking about "real Americans"?

      But Mr. Dershowitz got hysterical, a sign that those fears are overblown. And the refusal to talk about Jewish power is a sign of immaturity, drawing on the nostalgic belief that we are still outsiders. It’s a lot more stirring to be outsiders, but it’s a sociological delusion. Wake up. How many Ivy League presidents are Jewish? Mrs. Broaddrick, fearful of being destroyed as other Clinton women were, forced to lobby NBC to tell her story, slimed by The Times, is actually an American outsider.

      tsk tsk tsk. so maybe somebody thought buying the paper would shut phil up. see how that turned out?

    • bakr keeps making up stories, it's the only way he can get attention.

      jack, phil has told his story numerous times. he had a column, at the newspaper before kushner bought it. as i recall, when he started it wasn't focused on israel, which wasn't on his radar very much at the time. his good friend peter kaplan was the editor whom he wrote about here

      Mondoweiss was his idea; he said I had to write about whatever was on my mind. He thereby granted me freedom to obsess; and before long that became Jewish identity and neoconservatism and Zionism, and six months after the site started Peter sent me out to Israel and Palestine for the first time in my life.

      big gap then:

      This website was gone after a year at the Observer. A rightwing Zionist bought the paper and Peter tried to protect me but he couldn’t. It ended with another of our closed door meetings. “We’re going to have a grown-up conversation,” Peter said. As if all the others were conversations in which he played the paternalist editor.

      i mean, for all we know, kushner could have bought the paper just to get rid of phil's damn column ;)

  • 'Love thy neighbor as thyself' -- Really?
    • jon, do you think there's a way they could grow the tomatoes as little cubes? think about it, they would be so economical for transport. in fact, the whole circle shape for fruits thing (and the pear shape!) is over rated. food gets squished too much. now, i can understand with citrus because it's got a durable surface, as well as some of the other nightshades like potatoes and eggplants which are firmer. but think about it, square tomatoes, why not? if israelis can invent the cherry tomato they could lead the world in square food. square potatoes, think about it. none of that rolling off the counter action trying to escape the frying pan.

      square cantaloupes, square grapes, square corn, the possibilities are endless. it would revolutionize the food industry on a global scale.

    • hmm, it wasn't me. when i remove text i leave a marking [...]. that's supposed to be standard procedure.

    • i agree.

    • i'd just like to amend that by saying that as a non religious person -- i can find really weird stuff in all three of the abrahamic religions, but it doesn't serve me to judge the religions. all religions are better judged by the interpretations and practices of those who worship them. so the 3 religions that have wreaked havoc in the world are also the religions that have created wonderful thoughtful loving people.

      if jews want to fight and debate the value of, or qualities of judaism, that's their business. but i'm not going to change the way i think or deal with religions and religious peoples based on any one of those religions. a philosophy and approach to life, is either applicable or is not. and it doesn't serve me to chip away at my own beliefs about human nature for any one religion -- and that would include judaism.

    • i have to admit to not having read the whole thing mooser (alas, that frequently happens and often i do not read the comments in sequence given i read them on the back moderating pages). but interestingly, i've been reading more of jonathan's link to rabbi Hanan Balk (rabbi emeritus of Congregation Agudas Israel in Cincinnati). some of it is really fascinating. i'm reluctant to comment too much on the topic but currently i am reading some Maimonides he quotes and it's relieving given many other very strange ideas recounted in his paper. i will go catch up on the conversation.

      as an aside, i remain confident most jewish people don't think i have the soul of a cow or worse. it's just not where i'm at and i do think one can cherrypick any religion. so while i agree there are lots of jewish nutjobs, since i have not personally met any of them that i can recall, i'm just going to stick to my personal experience of the (many) jewish people i've known throughout my life. i'd rather judge the religion that way -- via american jews. i think it's clear the israelis, for the most part, have lost their way -- or something.

    • Lior issued a religious edict containing his most well known and often quoted sentence, saying that "a thousand non-jewish life are not worth a jew's fingernail".

      how reassuring!

    • lyn, while chabad is fringe, i think it's still the fastest growing movement in judaism ("largest Hasidic group and Jewish religious organization in the world" - wiki). so while it may seem like fringe thinking - it's not on the outskirts of the religious population or religious thought (which is supposed to define fringe). not sure if i worded that right.

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