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Annie Robbins

Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani

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  • 'I'm targeted by the Israeli army,' Razan al-Najjar said before she was killed
  • Israeli army frames slain medic Razan al-Najjar as 'Hamas human shield'
  • 'Israel has no choice' -- 'NY Times' columnists largely line up behind Gaza massacre
    • dickerson, perfect, i had to borrow that handmaid's tale for a tweet. hope that's ok!

    • kay, you missed it. citing alterman:

      No doubt the most prominent member of the “Israel is always right” brigade is the Times’ Bret Stephens, formerly of the Journal, where he was known to complain of the “disease of the Arab mind.” In his latest column on Gaza, Stephens can’t even write the word “occupation” without derisive quotation marks. He whines, Trumplike, “Why is nothing expected of Palestinians, and everything forgiven, while everything is expected of Israelis, and nothing forgiven?”

    • speaking of the friedman and bari weiss's "hamas" bs, our very own rawan yaghi chewed them a new you know what in a recent video bernie sanders but on his FB page here:

      and here's the youtube video, especially after the 4:30 mark:

  • Israeli police arrest Ramadan wakers in Jerusalem
  • Democratic leaders grow fearful that Israel will divide the party
    • hophmi, the arab legion maintained they arrived at Kfar Etzion after men from neighboring villages sought revenge for the massacres of palestinian civilians from villages, like dir yassen, that had already taken place. i was wondering, what are the chances that some of the hundreds of thousands of palestinians people who had already been expelled or were in the process of fleeing, and had already witnessed all this blood and gore (maybe even the murder of their own mothers, brothers, wives and children), were in the area that day and took part in a massacre of (they say 15 total) surrendering haganah soldiers and jewish civilians? i wonder if any of those haganah soldiers had themselves taken part in the slaughter of palestinians, or those mens relatives?

      either way, yes, massacring surrendering civilians and soldiers is a human rights crime, even in revenge. but it sort of pales in comparison to the thousands slaughtered and expelled from their homes and villages for no justifiable reason, at all. this was going on for months and months before may 13th 1948.

      and your first point, didn't israel agree to the 1949 armistice agreement and then promptly break that agreement? and those flying kites, not so sure it violates any human rights i am aware of, certainly not like slaughtering young medics. oh wait, those were accidents right?

    • the founding of israel was a human rights crime... called the nakba. the australian group were cowards, they didn't want 'controversy' imploding their peace conference!

      no difference than the genocide of native americans and the slavery of african americans accompanying the founding of the US were human rights crimes. how this is even controversial is mind boggling.

    • john, yes. try googling "trump strident" and lots of articles pop up. here's one from 9 hours ago

      "He has been more strident than usual lately about “record setting economic numbers” and the strong job market. "

      here's another referencing john brennan:

      Former CIA Director John Brennan defended his strident criticism of President Trump

      and putin is frequently strident too ;)

      Russian President Vladimir Putin's strident defense of a Syrian regime

  • Open Letter to Wajahat Ali: Don't undermine the Palestinian struggle
    • true, in the form of an open letter. i'm sure she'd be thrilled to have it published in the atlantic or the new york times.

    • Dabakr, you briefly mentioned the amulet. i thought it was interesting and tracked down an article about it. no argument there.

      none of this is disputing your comment about how many people’s inhabited the city and surroundings.

      what comment might you be referencing? no idea what you mean. you come into an old thread and start inserting all this stuff. what gives? is this thread of particular relevance to something?

      you are right about it being too overwhelming to bring in the Syrian, Yemeni, Libyan and other ME conflicts where far more civilians are being killed daily

      words in my mouth by way of "you are right about"? regarding something i never stated? it's not too overwhelming in the least to bring up ME conflicts. and, depending on the context it's often (generally) whataboutery when you do it in the service of hasbara (see hasbara handbook chapter on point scoring, false equivalency).

      my point was just because someone doesn't discuss it here doesn't mean it's not of interest. ie: i've posted 1000's of tweets about syria and probably 100's about yemen and on many other issues too. using atrocities in Syria, Yemen, Libya as a bashing mechanism, claims of whining etc, are simple common ad hominem rhetorical devices and will be perceived as such. that's all.

    • are you crazy? just because we don't write many articles on syria and yemen here doesn't mean people don't care about them.

      and what to do about libya? it's mind numbing!!! literally mind numbing!!! please do not make assumptions about what everyone thinks about based solely on the comment section of mondoweiss.


      Unique 1,000-year-old Islamic Amulet Found in Jerusalem

      ....The devotional writing appears on two lines and has been translated as reading: “Kareem trusts in Allah – Lord of the Worlds is Allah.”

      The Abbasids, said to have descended from the Prophet Mohammed’s uncle Al-Abbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib (566–653 C.E.), were the third caliphate after Mohammed’s time, and ruled from Baghdad over a vast empire, from the 8th century to the 13th.

      The amulet was found in the excavation of a site formerly known as the Givati parking lot, located just south of the Temple Mount and part of the area thought to have been the first inhabited nucleus of the city.

      The area, now called the City of David (though there is no direct archaeological proof of King David’s existence) has remains from the Bronze Age to the Ottoman period, including structures left by the Israelites, Romans, Arabs and a half dozen other civilizations that left their mark on Jerusalem over its millennia of history.

    • what hysterical whining dabkr?

      Of course it’s because israel is jewish. there is no other logical explanation.

      your determined consistency on this crutch belies a stubborn weak dishonesty underlying your words.

      she’s preaching to the choir

      nah, she talking to you too.

    • plus, to suggest that "hardline" settlers "agree" on giving palestinians an equal vote and equal rights, after just interviewing settlers saying they don't believe in that? while i appreciate him bringing up the idea of one state, he's suggesting these hardcore settlers are something they are not... they are the ones who think palestinians should be slaves.

    • he's not even a native yasmine.

    • watching the little video at the atlantic a 2nd time last night, taking notes by the minute. just for myself, as if my original disgust might have been some trumped up memory. so many teeth grinding moments as it seemed like almost an advertisement for settlers. the utter disgust when he asked the father of a martyr if he condemned his own son's actions. mindboggling.

      just had to say that, will go back to reading the article. that this person, and his friends, can't figure out why his little tour was offensive just boggles the imagination... the interview with the settler's 'palestinian associate' who, speaking for palestinians, said they wanted to live under israeli rule!!!!!! AHHHH.

      from my notes last night:

      “most palestinians say they want israel to return and govern over this area” loudly! “i have a few who object to israeli control here!”.. the jews don’t butcher us like our arab brothers!”.. like iraq and syria….oud strumming fades in…

  • 'Disappearing Palestine' maps must spotlight Jaffa
  • Palestinian medic, 21, is killed by Israeli sniper as she tends wounded in Gaza
    • unf'ing real! whoa. that sounds like some grand conspiracy.

    • an excellent book guyn

    • no one will be prosecuted and we all know it. israel acts with impunity and no one does a thing. you could line 1000 palestinian children up a wall and shoot them dead and nikki haley wouldn't bat an eye.

    • Since the confrontations along the border of May 14, the number of participants has fallen dramatically

      how different are the statistics of death and maiming in the weeks prior to may 14? isn't it more accurate to say the executions spiked on that day, perhaps as part of the killers' celebratory events happening on may 14? isn't it more accurate that the killings on that day were calculated and encouraged, or are we to believe there just randomly happened to be a more zealous attitude towards killing the natives while a symbolic ceremony of conquering eastern jerusalem was taking place simultaneously?

  • How an anti-Semitic US law helped bring about Israel's creation
    • yep, 15 years. but unlike south africa, i don't think that means we're half way there. i think we're approaching critical mass.

      oh, and bdkr, jerusalem will not be going anywhere.. the zionist regime? likely wiped away by the winds of time. hope i live long enough to see it. chances are good i will.

  • IARPP clamps down debate on Palestinian mental health at its conference in NY
    • exactly

    • wow, this is intense! and to go to these measures:

      they informed the hotel that they had hired their own private security force and the frightened hotel managers followed their lead and arranged for a NYC Police Department presence to maintain order. The hotel then contacted the USA-PMHN and asked that they go elsewhere.

      do they think people are going to storm a mental health conference and wreck havoc over sessions on the repercussions of generations living under military rule? the israel government has constructed a human laboratory like no other on earth, plus they test weapons on them and an array of other sadistic practices. i would think this would be exactly the sort of situation psychologists would be interested in studying.

      thank you alice rothchild.

  • Genesis Prize threw Natalie Portman under the bus to protect Netanyahu
  • Conflicting dreams and realities: Amos Oz in Rochester
  • Israel deliberately provoked the latest violence in Gaza, but you won't learn that in the 'NY Times'
    • the discourse online supporting israel seems unthinking and just by rote. as if they all have the same attitude and sentiments. it's disgusting, numbing and rife with accusations of anti semitism.

      and speaking of incitement... catalan's baiting.

  • Joyless in Zion
  • Republican Jewish Coalition emerges as Trump's hub for raising money, and making foreign policy
    • sounds like more than 4

      In addition, the website says the Brazilian directors Claudia Priscilla and Kiko Goifman who were behind the film also cancelled their appearances at the festival. The website also claims other artists from France, Brazil and Pakistan have cancelled their trips to Israel for the festival.

      The Pakistani Aks International Minorities Festival, has also decided to withdraw the participation of its representatives at a panel with TLVFest directors and its short film program, said the website. Brazilian director Calí dos Anjos and producer Bia Medeiros also announced the withdrawal of their short animation “Tailor” from TLVFest, claimed the website.

      Da Quebrada wrote in a post on her Facebook page that she made the decision after speaking with many people from all over: “We decided to adhere to the boycott in disagreement with the Israeli government plan and its occupation in the region.”

      “Even knowing that also in Israel there are people who suffer from oppression over their bodies and desires, I decided to cancel my participation, joining the cultural boycott that has happened in the last few months around the world, as a form of protest against Israel and its genocidal policies over Palestinians,” she wrote according to the BDS website.

      considering how much israel has invested in their pink washing scam trying to promote tel aviv as this gay glam haven, i'd imagine this is a blow. i wonder how many artists will be turned off to participating in eurovision next year, given its location.

    • catalan, i'm curious what you think of this new ministry and their 35 million to fight against bds? doesn't that seem excessive for something you continually treat with such distain and triviality? is there something you know that they don't? and that doesn't count for the millions adelson&co seem determined to throw money at. what gives catalan? why the snark and flippancy towards something everyone but you seems to think is a kinda big deal? incitement catalan, your speciality.

  • Israeli navy stops boats of wounded Palestinians trying to break siege on Gaza
  • Tom Friedman has advice for Palestinians: Embrace Zionism
    • mag, this is particular:

      In your own private life you can see the phenomenon when you tell your son that you think that he doesn’t take his school work seriously. You could repeat your son’s grievances that “his teacher is unfair” or that “school is a waste of time” – but in so doing you are working against his best interests (and in essence you don’t really care about his future). His best interest is being told that his performance is poor, and that he should shape up.

      note the inherent racism in "father son scenario". he being the father of course, who one presumes cares most about his flock of children -- the palestinians! because only israel knows what's best for them. and when the zionists beat and kill and imprison and torture palestinians, he knows it is in palestinians best interest, to improve their "poor performance"!

      and why does he do it? in essence, he really cares about the future for palestinians!

    • (BTW, they know that the motivation of their “friends” in the west is really about hostility to Israel)

      ah yes, jew hatred being the great motivator. these hasbrat arguments propped up by ad hominems, logical fallacies, know no bounds. because deep in his heart he knows we know what he knows, that palestinians are not flesh and blood, not people worthy of love, liberty, justice, equality or anything else normal people strive for and generally take for granted. because deep in his heart he knows we know what he knows, that palestinians are lessor beings (than jews of course!), terrorists, deeply flawed and dangerous beings. and thus, there's just no way anyone in their right mind could possibly defend the, oh no, everyone is motivated by hatred of your people?? is that your contention nathan? poor you, everyone just hates you for who you are. my heart weeps at the thought of your eternal victimhood.

    • originates? i don't think anyone would give a hoot if they weren't asserting themselves all over somebody else, diaspora or otherwise. and to assert that's where it originates, w/the diaspora, is so blind it buggers the imagination. the animosity originates w/the people being maimed, killed and displaced, obviously. nobody (as in NOBODY) would give a hoot if palestinians said, "please, take my home! take my land! bury my past, present and future in your so called self determination!" but quite predictably .. they didn't.

  • Israeli ambassador lodges anti-Semitism complaint against Dutch song mocking Israel's human right record
    • i tried making the point the accusation of anti semitism was privileged on twitter yesterday to disastrous effect. i have to admit i was pissed when i posted and probably didn't articulate my point very well, but i am still getting slammed for it in my notifications. publicly criticizing all things jewish or israeli or israel can be like walking into a landmine. and the funny thing is, the trigger of even mentioning money (because it's a "trope") as tho money isn't the most common currency in the world and the topic is off limits. it's not! it's just off limits if the person connected to it is jewish or one mentions they are jewish. whereas, we can scream to the rooftops about money and access to it and citizens united and lobbies etc etc, as long as we're not talking about the israel lobby -- and access via money. that's off limits.

  • Video: Who are the Palestinians traveling through Rafah crossing?
    • don't get too far out ahead of yourself catalan. while the trajectory of zionism is barreling downhill at a fast pace it's not at the end yet. but your other statements are right on. keep the faith and try not to feel that desperation you speak of. the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.

    • i think that point came and went a long long time ago mag.

    • the wounded boy at 3:10 "i can't even urinate or use the bathroom properly". so many people targeted in their groin. sick. "i pray to god to bring back my legs, that's all i want" it's so hard to watch this video and not be repulsed. the inhumanity is deafening.

  • 'What did you do when Gaza was dying?' A visit with the freedom flotilla in Copenhagen
  • Haifa activists vow to continue protests following 'brutal' police crackdown
    • only after i read the article, was impressed with it, tweeted it out with one of the excellent quotes*, and thought to myself "we are so lucky to have reporters on the ground getting these quotes because it makes so much difference than covering these protests from afar", did i come back to read the comments. really. and then to see that first comment, i'm like wft?


      "We are not just supporting #Gaza, we are a part of them and we share the same destiny."

  • Gaza killings are rending the Jewish community
    • "Rolling Stone gathers no Mossad"?

      jeez louise Mooser, to be a fly on the wall of your mind for just 1 day, i'd die laughing -- probably wouldn't even last 6 hours.

    • donald ;)

      broadside, i don't hear "my people" as a hug anymore than i might feel i'm hugging america if i express my rage or sorrow 'my country' is bombing the middle east. iow, it depends on the context. if you resent that phil identifies as being part of the jewish collective, or don't like it or what.ever, then just own it. i think the idea "Zionist behavior and Jewish behavior being kissin’ cousins " is a bigoted concept because it erases, or usurps, the agency of jewish people who reject zionism and the actions done in the name of a state. and as for your assertion you respect phil, that sounds like a throw away line and frankly, i don't believe you.

    • hi just! always a joy having you near. ;)

    • no dictionary?

  • Falsely accusing Palestinians of anti-Semitism is malicious
  • Documenting Palestinian invisibility for 40 years -- an interview with James Zogby
    • Palestinians: The Invisible Victims was first published in 1975 as a paper for the Association of Arab-American University Graduates, and then published as a book in 1981.

      “Invisible Victims” is terminology that challenges the very foundation of abstract thinking. The whole world is focused on the plight of the Palestinians.

      I went to Amnesty International, and they said, we don’t take these cases here in America. If we do, we’re afraid of losing support and there will be pressure on us.

      I went to other folks and I couldn’t get them to do it either. So a group of us decided we would do it on our own. I was in the Association of Arab American University Graduates at the time. They authorized me to start a human rights campaign. We started adopting Palestinian house demolitions, prisoners, victims of torture. By ‘76 we actually branched out on our own and started the Palestine Human Rights Campaign as an independent organization. That’s how I came into it.

      nathan, and is it also your contention the whole world was focused on the plight of the Palestinians in 1975 when "Palestinians: The Invisible Victims" was first published in 1975?

    • the issue at hand is war and defeat...Their plight is a result of their defeat

      palestinians have yet to be defeated. or haven't you noticed.

  • 'NYT' columnist says killing Palestinian civilians is... good for Palestinians
  • 'Likudism' invades the academy: continued Zionist attacks on activism and scholarship at SFSU
    • great article! the lawfare project should be sued for these frivolous lawsuits wasting the court's time intended to break the bank on palestine activism. it won't work. just because they have endless funds from billionaire patrons and the israeli government doesn't mean they should be allowed to carry on like this. disgusting! huge shout out to Prof. Rabab Abdulhadi, all the awesome student activists at SFSU, and finally Mark Kleiman and Behnam Gharagozli for keeping us up to date on this ongoing saga of the lawfare project vs free speech on campus.

  • UN head says Gazans 'caged in a toxic slum from birth to death' as human rights council votes to investigate Israel
    • wow. thank inbound, i had not heard of this.

    • mag, i agree. with rare (and sometimes awesome) exception, the entirety of israeli media is a settler outfit.

    • too generous of you cigargod, and so sweet. my little heart[i have one - really!]melts.

    • cigargod, you are anything but stupid. but here's a few tips. a primary understanding of propaganda, one i read about first in the hasbara handbook, is news people read first and loudest is news they tend to believe and remember vs news that follows. or, the news that follows will be filtered through the 1st news. so when i read something that strikes me as questionable (for the reasons i mentioned up thread) the 1st thing i do is google the topic and see if anyone else has covered this news and at that time none had. iow, the ynet article was likely getting in front of the news and disseminating a falsehood. iow, a perfect petri dish for planting false allegations. not only that, commonly propagandists will work with online activists to saturate the innertubes with the fake news (and it's always helpful to have some truth to circle the wagons with) before it breaks otherwise. and today there are several stories about it, although none but ynets mentions any allegation of him being angry with hamas. so what was the propaganda part of the story? bingo. and who is the propganda tool/affiliate and spreader of fake news, our very own useful idiot? bingo. plus, it just so happens that the "journalist" of the ynet article is none other than Elior Levy, "Palestinian affairs correspondent & analyst" for ynet. and look what's revealed here:(google translate "Erekat refuses to speak to me". so he's a Palestinian affairs correspondent who is shunned by palestinians! iow, probably a known tool (of the israeli gov) not to be trusted.

    • and speaking of useful idiots:

      Young Gazan father immolates himself in protest agains HAMAS!...Gutless UN toadies should investigate the real misery purveyors in Gaza, Hamas....Curse Hamas...

      very same useful idiot: Mr. Harb worked for the PA and hadn’t received his salary in a long time.

      now let's put on our thinking caps and ask ourselves, the father worked for the P.A., the very same P.A. sanctioning Gaza right now and refusing to pay him his salary. the very article the useful idiot links to also links to another explaining Hamas had called on the P.A. to end Gaza sanctions. and it links to yet another article that says this:

      The Palestinian Authority has paid salaries to its West Bank employees this month but not those in Gaza, officials said on Monday, amid an ongoing split with the strip's Islamist rulers Hamas.

      It was not immediately clear why the salaries had not been paid and if the delay was temporary, but it comes as relations between the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority and Hamas are at rock bottom.

      Employees in Gaza waited in vain for salaries at banks, an AFP photographer said.

      "Salaries were paid into banks in the West Bank and not in Gaza," Arif Abu Jarad, head of the union representing PA employees in the Gaza Strip, told AFP.

      "There is a state of anger among staff in the strip," he added, saying they were having emergency meetings against this "terrible crime".

      now what "government" might the man have been angry with? the one he worked for that refused to pay his salary? or the one calling on that very same government to stop the sanctions? hmm. tough question!!!!

    • you know it's forbidden but i am still free? maybe settle on one claim or the other and then i'll respond.

    • Fathi's family and associates emphasized that he does not suffer from mental illness, but noting he was distraught over his brother's injury in one of the "March of Return" demonstrations at the border with Israel, which are organized and promoted by Hamas.

      i find it a tad strange they are not quoting the individual, family (or associates), or witnesses, in the article other than "Eye witnesses saw the man dousing himself in flammable liquid shouting "damn the government"". for example, claiming the great march of return was "organized and promoted by Hamas". everything in the article is 'israel said' or 'lieberman said' alluding to the idea the man agreed with the israeli government. all we know is he set himself on fire and, according to his family he was distraught his brother was hurt and you can hear the yelling in the video. if he's shouting "damn the government" maybe he means the government who shot his brother .. israel. try harder jack.

  • Protesting is not enough
    • Finkelstein but what is happening now to Israel is not in the data he has studied so carefully. Israel is in a state of national psychosis.

      norm's fairly articulate with his wording, at least that's my impression. he's not a careless speaker. when he (rather famously) called israel a lunatic state, what do you think he meant?

      Psychotic is a synonym of lunatic.
      As adjectives the difference between psychotic and lunatic is that psychotic is of, related to, or suffering from psychosis while lunatic is crazed, mad, insane, demented.
      As nouns the difference between psychotic and lunatic is that psychotic is a person affected by psychosis while lunatic is an insane person.

      or maybe i should ask what else do you think he meant?

  • On Gaza: The end will continue
  • Donald Trump is a hero to Jewish Israelis
    • i believe their services are no longer available (reports of the website shut down)as of today after the nyt and wsj reported mueller was investigating the collaboration with the israeli company and the trump administration. i didn't share it because i thought phil needed it, i shared it because what you said reminded me of it. the cat and the string etc. you can see whatever you want in either of them.

    • a string is what you make it -- nothing more nothing less. your reality is nothing more than your perception (see the lion of judah? from the israeli company being investigated by mueller?)

  • Debunking 18 claims justifying this week's Gaza massacre
    • the very act of giving birth in gaza puts children in harm's way way jon. and a religious fanatic raising their child on stolen palestinian land? how does that not put a child in harm's way? and what of european refugees raising their child in a home build by the great grandfather of the palestinian owners very own hands, killed or ethnically cleansed from his village? drinking out of the cup made by the hands of the owners mother? how does that not endanger the life of the colonizer's child for generations? maybe both sides should stop having sex, if you're so concerned with parents endangering the lives of their offspring. how does any palestinian secure the safety of their child when their people are hunted down and murdered by invading forces? where genocide lingers, the hunter judges the intent and moral judgment of their prey.

    • certainly no more bogus then your entire diversion and hypothesis surrounding the teen suicides during the intifada jon. i think we deserve an answer. we all know what that answer is. you miss them don't you? the only plausible response to israel's savage brutality shooting unarmed civilians is "hamas hamas hamas" and there's something comforting about blaming parents for the death of their children now isn't there? more personal than just the boring hamas accusation. so that's why you took a stab at #5. you can't let go of golda's hasbara. it makes your job easier somehow. you opened the door to this line of argument and you can't shut it down just because you want to. let's talk about about those suicide bombings some more. we know it's what you want. better, better is the answer. they make your job easier -- you miss them.

    • What evidence do you have that the families of these suicide bombers encouraged their children to do it!

      or even knew about it in advance? likely nada! it's just a 'developing theme'. like a police department studying cold cases while a serial killer is out on the loose, jon just can't leave this alone. this is why i think he inserts it into conversations, because he misses them (they don't do gandhi well).

    • so, you think the parents of 17-year-old Ayat al-Akhras. 17-year-old Issa Abedrabbu Ibrahim Badir, 16-year-old Sabih Abu al-Saoud, 17-year-old Islam Qteishat, 17-year-old Safwat Abdel Rahman, 17-year-old Hamza Aref Samudi 17-year-old Iyad al-Masri and 17-year-old Khamis Gerwan sacrificed their children whereas, throughout the ages parents who sent their children off to war were not sacrificing their children for what they believed to be a greater good because they had no certainty they would not return?

      of course, i don't know if the parents of these particular kids even knew what their kids were up to, but i suppose that's beside the point. is your point directed at the militias directly implicated in the bombings? is that your point, that they are fundamentally less moral than state sponsored terrorists? or do you think there's some extraordinary difference between palestinians vs another people who have been systematically oppressed, murdered, assassinated, executed, imprisoned for generations by an occupying power who has been meticulously tracking each and everyone of these children since their infancy? please elaborate on your spamming theories regarding these 17 yr old suicide bombers and their parents or the militias that occurred during the 2nd initfada. we're all ears. but please, do respond to my queries:

      if palestinian teens started blowing themselves up again, would that make your job, as a propagandist for israel, better or worse? how valuable were those bombings back at the turn of the century to you, to israel? was it worth it? do you miss them? does a little part of you wish they would resume? just curious. and what if the kids were 5 or 6 instead of 17, would that be better for you to make your point, or worse?

      do you miss them jon? the suicide bombings? would it serve the regime you represent if they took up the practice again?

      and do you find the implications of these 10 incidences evidence of less moral character than the literally thousands of children killed purposely targeted by the zionist regime? do tell. what about the crosshair photo of jewish sniper targeting a little kid? more moral than those palestinian parents? i wonder how many little children have been viewed by jewish soldiers thru those crosshairs, and how many pulled the trigger just. for. fun.. or is that a bloodlibel? not allowed when discussing jewish kids? but of course nothing you're implying is racist. no blood libel there.

    • jon, ok, i think understand. in the context of your concern over 10's of thousands people attending the protests, in a contained prison of 2 million people half of whom are children where 97% of the water is undrinkable and human rights organizations say people are being slowly poisoned, you'd like to frame this concern of yours, about why parents are bringing their children (or allowing them to attend), in the context of the 10 ("at least" aprox) suicide bombings that took place, according to your link, between 2002 and 2004. your link:

      Human Rights Watch said that the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade has been implicated in at least four suicide bombings by children. These include bombings by 17-year-old Ayat al-Akhras in Jerusalem in March 2002; 17-year-old Issa Abedrabbu Ibrahim Badir in Rishon Lezion in May 2002; 16-year-old Sabih Abu al-Saoud in March 2003 and 17-year-old Islam Qteishat in Rosh Ha’ayin in August 2003.

      Islamic Jihad has been linked to at least three suicide bombings by children, including attacks by 17-year-old Safwat Abdel Rahman in Tel-Aviv in January 2002, 17-year-old Hamza Aref Samudi near Mejiddo junction in June 2002; and 17-year-old Iyad al-Masri in January 2004. Hamas has also been implicated in attacks carried out by children. In August 2003, 17-year-old Khamis Gerwan carried out a suicide bombing near Ariel, an illegal West Bank settlement.

      i can't help but think jon, given your claim "my point is not that Palestinians don’t love or care their children", coupled with the fact you are far from the only hasbrat introducing the topic of suicide bombings from the 2nd intifada into discussions surrounding palestine, that there's something about the suicide bombings from the 2nd intifada that you want to talk about, besides parents / children at the protests.

      and considering how often the occupying regime appears to specifically target children (young ones playing soccer, exploding children on the beach, etc etc, way younger that the 17 yr olds in the blockquote, one 16 actually) i think we should just linger here for awhile and see what else you have to say about this now 15 year old phenomena. let's ask ourselves, if palestinian teens started blowing themselves up again, would that make your job, as a propagandist for israel, better or worse? how valuable were those bombings back at the turn of the century to you, to israel? was it worth it? do you miss them? does a little part of you wish they would resume? just curious. and what if the kids were 5 or 6 instead of 17, would that be better for you to make your point, or worse?

      and what about all those israeli high school kids entering into the occupation forces learning how to murder at such a young age? do israeli parents think about the implications of that? do they even love their children?

    • all christians are the same as it pertains to belief in christ, albeit they don't all worship the same. and all zionists are the same as it pertains to believing in a jewish state at the expense of palestinians, albeit some think part of the land should be a palestinian state.

    • jon, the wiki source for that quote was a 2004 article that doesn't have the quote or any mention of "Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group". their source was this guardian article

      Husam's televised saga now joins the infamous death of Mohammed al-Dura, whose last moment during a gun battle between Palestinians and Israelis in Gaza was filmed on 30 September, 2000, day three of the Palestinian uprising, and the equally widely televised lynching of two Israeli soldiers in Ramallah a few weeks later, as one of the most replayed moments of conflict.

      But whereas the killing of Mohammed and the lynching of the soldiers had a tragic logic which reflected the white heat of rage of the early days of the uprising, Husam's story was merely tragicomic, its absurdity a reflection of the horrific hall of mirrors that life has become for Palestinians and Israelis.

      Husam, the Israeli army claimed, was 12, not 14. In the end he turned out to have been born on 5 December, 1987. He is 16 but is small. In fact, his extended family is badly affected by dwarfism. Neighbours gathered around their flat on a hillside in Nablus were doing their best to be polite, but 'some members of the family are not, er, shall we say, not very good at learning', as one friend put it.

      Husam's brother Hosni, 20, tall and good-looking, was blunt. 'Husam's got problems at school, he's a bit backward and very disobedient. His head was bashed in a car accident when he was six and that has affected him.'

      So much so that the muscular Husam attacked his headmaster a couple of weeks ago and was locked up in a police station to cool off. When he emerged, he was withdrawn for several days. 'He didn't spend much time in his father's shop any more. He seemed a bit depressed and went into himself. For two days we saw very little of him, he came and went mysteriously,' said Moyad Arysha, 23, who lived near by.

      Husam and his family had been the butt of jokes about dwarves. At school he was teased and called the village idiot. Under an Israeli occupation in which dignity for any Palestinian is hard to come by, Husam had none. He was easy prey for whoever persuaded him to become a suicide bomber with a belt allegedly packed with 8kg of explosive and nails. He was not devout. He was not the relative of a 'martyr' slain by the Israelis. Husam had not been recruited because of his conviction. He was a bit of a loser, a messed-up adolescent in search of respect and fame among his peers.

      The day after his arrest, Taysir Nasrallah, the Nablus head of Fatah, Yasser Arafat's party, was sitting in his office fielding calls from the Palestinian Authority's intelligence officers. 'We're trying to find out who gave this boy the bomb,' he said. 'When we do, they will be killed. They are collaborators with the Israelis. Only a collaborator would do such a thing. Giving children bombs makes us look like barbarians, it destroys our cause in the outside world. I've been in touch with our brigades [fighting units behind attacks on Israeli troops and suicide bombings of civilians], who say they know nothing about this boy. I think it's the Israelis.'

      It stretches fantasy to believe Husam could have been the victim of an Israeli 'dirty tricks' operation. Israeli agents might have planted a non-bomb on the boy to make the Palestinians look bad, but on the West Bank and in Gaza children have been abused by both sides.

      Israeli soldiers have shown no hesitation in killing demonstrators as young as eight. I have seen children shot in the head, neck and testicles.

      anyway, i found your quote in an article on israelnationalnews (arutz sheva). they linked to a source called "child soldiers international" still, nothing about "Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group". wiki is not the best source. but heck, a 14 year old article. as i mentioned earlier, the hasbarists really miss the good old days of suicide bombers, don't you. it made your job so much easier.

    • He thinks they are animals ready to kill.
      “”I told Mladenov: there is a hungry tiger blockaded for 11 years. Now this tiger is out of its cage. No one knows where that tiger is heading,” Sinwar said.”

      he said nothing "ready to kill".

  • Peace begins with Israel ending the Nakba
    • in the tunnels of course! what would we do without the 'what palestinians need to end their genocide' comments. just get motivated palestine, you can do it!

    • shorter emit: "hey I love theft and thieves the more violent the better"

  • After the Gaza massacre, how can Jews sleep well at night?
    • Like the Oakland reaction to that lady who called the cops on the barbecue thing, YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN THIS WILL BLOW UP.


    • pass the pipe!

    • Pretty arrogant to believe you know what’s ‘deep in every zionists heart’.

      you mean this: Every Zionist knows deep in their hearts, that not only were the Palestinians expelled as an act of ethnic cleansing, but that the denial of their return is a present and active confirmation of that ethnic cleansing,

      it's not arrogant. you can deny it til kingdom come but no one really believes you don't know what happened and what continues to this day. they want the land without the people.

    • jonathan, i'm not sleeping well, at all. not only do i have a very dear friend in gaza whom i worry about, i care about lots of people there. not only that, but i feel complicit because my government and my country and my taxes are complicit in this genocide. and too many of us(americans) are way to cowardly to speak out or do anything. i know i'm not alone, and there are lots of people who are not jewish who are having trouble sleeping over this massacre, and the ones who are sleeping like a baby, how can they sleep after this massacre?

      just thought i'd mention and ask that question in case i am not the only one who felt left out by your jew centric headline, as if the non jews amongst us have absolutely no agency whatsoever.

    • no

  • For we are God's special victims (an ode to the state of Israel)
    • Credible reports that Hamas falsely told demonstrators that the border had been breached, prompting people to rush into the critical zone.

      oh yeah oh yeah! credible reports! like totally! reminds me of amira hass. why listen to palestinians anyway?

      'We Die Anyway, So Let It Be in Front of the Cameras': Conversations With Gazans
      My friends in Gaza are outraged by Israel's claim that Hamas rules everything. 'You people always looked down at us, so it's hard for you to understand that no one demonstrates in anyone else's name'

      Amira Hass May 20, 2018 4:46 PM

      According to Israeli spokespeople, both military and civilian, the respite along the border fence is unequivocal proof that Hamas’ leaders control everything, and everyone is under their authority; they’re the ones who sent the people to their deaths a day earlier, they’re the ones who prevented that scenario the next day. So simple.

      According to those reports, Egypt handed down instructions to stop the process – after receiving an Israeli request – and Hamas obeyed. Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh was humiliated, and it worked. All this is received in Israel as established facts, investigative journalism and another Israeli victory. There’s no need to be in Gaza to know, and it doesn’t matter that the army forbids Israeli journalists to enter the Strip.

      All our bionic powers do the work: balloons for taking photographs, drones, eavesdropping, collaborators, an off-the-record statement by a senior Fatah official in Ramallah. All this appears to provide what we interpret as the gospel truth.

  • West's failure to act will be cause of the next Gaza massacre
  • 'Today is one of the most tragic days in the history of the Jewish people': one American Jew's response to the Gaza massacre
    • Frankie:Let’s finish the sentence:

      “When will we stand up, as human beings, as a committee and as a Temple,…”

      The flavor has changed.

      but you didn't finish the sentence did you?

      When will we stand up, as human beings, as a committee and as a Temple, to condemn the massacre of Palestinians on the Gaza border?

      does "as a committee and as a Temple" change the "flavor"? no it doesn't, not when taken into account who the letter is directed towards. it's not a letter directed towards everyone he knows or everyone in the world. had it been written to or on behalf of WESPAC, it would have been a different kind of letter but the meaning of "human beings" would have been the same.

      Howard and his synagogue in Westchester, New York have been supporting it through their silence for years.

      i just visited the link provided at the top of the article to WESPAC, the foundation he was formerly the president, i find your assumptions and allegations about howard's "silence" hollow and without substance.

      Mag: Forget about Jews. What do you know about who pulls the strings in the US?

      i ask a series of questions and you answer me with several of your own and a homework assignment that would take hours of research. if your goal is to prove broadside correct, why not simply do some homework yourself? answer some of my questions beginning with "does any american except jewish-americans have any agency here[meaning the US] at all?" let us know how jews control bill gates, the koch bros, and answer why there's rent control in LA and not seattle.

      or don't bother, i don't really care anymore. i think i'm done with this (absurd) conversation.

    • sorry to disappoint echi. Middle-school level flippancy is always what i expect from you, and you rarely fail to deliver.

    • does Broadside’s comment contain any factual errors?

      ok, just personally speaking, as a citizen of the U.S. i don't experience jews running my life from top to bottom. i find that thought to be fundamentally extremist and paranoid. major aspects of our foreign policy? definitely. what's your definition of "the show in the United States"? do they run the kock brothers? do they run walmart? kaiser hospital? the local veterinarian? my dentist's office? bill gates? the legacy museum in montgomery? S.F's china town? my local community garden? seriously, what's "the show in the United States"? do they run all the casinos? does any american except jewish-americans have any agency here at all? i understand this is a time of intense emotions. but can we be at least somewhat rational here?

      and if they run "everything" how come there's rent control in LA and not seattle? oh let me guess, because jews don't agree with eachother in those cities? do town councils all across the US have any agency outside of doing what jews want? are you thinking clearly?

    • Learn to stand up as humans

      hmm, i think that was his point when he wrote in the first paragraph (2nd sentence):

      When will we stand up, as human beings

      US Jews writing how it’s a tragedy… for Jews

      i read this part differently:

      The massacre of Palestinians by those who claim to represent the Jewish people is by far the most painful and shameful aspect of today.

      the massacre of palestinians as the most painful, and the fact of "by those who claim to represent the Jewish people" as the most shameful.

  • Dystopia: The Live Feed
    • beautiful writing indeed:

      The ceremony was like a scene from a dystopian science fiction movie, where the wealthy oppressor calmly unveils his latest symbol of cosmic oppression while far away, out of sight and thought, oppressed masses are being executed.

      rawan's writing always floors me.

  • Stars — They’re Just Like Us: Celebs outraged over Gaza are speaking out
  • On Nakba Day, Palestinians in Gaza explain why they joined the 'Great March of Return'
    • what truth? like ordinary israelis masquerading as humans who are actually full fledged iof terrorists who deserved to die? that kind of truth?

  • London stages multiple protests in solidarity with Palestine
    • i agree inbound.

    • maghlawatan, when i read the poll numbers of 18-34 bay area jews, only 40% are even "comfortable with the idea" with a jewish state, i thought about that other 60% and knew the tide had turned. sure, the mocking troll squawks, so what.

  • Mahmoud Abbas seals his intellectually impoverished legacy
    • I’m not a geneticist but it seems that this one is far from a scientific consensus.

      dna profiling is only a few decades old. whatever the current consensus is or is not, one thing is fairly certain, it's not far off -- probably a decade at the most.

  • By wrecking Iran deal, Trump politicized Israel
    • phil, "There’s no doubt whose fingerprints are all over this action: the Israeli government and its lobby."

      hophmi: "Blame the Jews!"

      it's hops who can't see the distinction, an intended consequence of hasbara. little jewish soldiers one and all marching to the steps of the Israeli government and its lobby -- he probably sees himself as one of those little jewish soldiers. addled antisemitic brain can't break loose from the ties that bind he therefore assumes others are unable to free themselves of same group think.

  • The 'fake news' story is fake news
    • ascribing hatred to ones ideological opponents is always a dead give away.

    • The claim that the Russians are behind fake news and they threw the election is just more fiction from a Democratic Party determined to have a new cold war in order to excuse itself from its failures to reach the white Obama voters who voted for Trump. Do people really think that the ads Russians placed on Facebook, or the data that Trump allies had access to through Cambridge Analytica, swayed people to vote for Trump? Is that how you made up your mind? Maybe a few fools changed their vote because of lies; but again that does not go to the real dynamics of the 2016 race. People disliked Clinton for good reasons. People sought a disrupter for good reasons.

      i couldn't agree more. thanks again phil.

  • Kovel's 'Overcoming Zionism' was ahead of its time
    • The review says that Shamir “took part in the operation”.

      so the leader of a terrorist group is not implicated in taking part of a terrorist attack by that same group if they are out of the country at the time of the attack?

      mainstream Zionist leaders and thinkers did indeed express the desire for peaceful co-existence with the Arab population.

      iow, when you say "the leaders of Zionism expressed the desire to live in peace with the Arabs, not drive them out" you mean all the leaders, the primary leaders? btw, "expressing a desire" means nothing if your actions demonstrate the very opposite.

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