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  • Netanyahu speech could turn Israel lobby into a political football
    • anthonybellchambers January 24, 2015 at 3:10 am

      Republican Party machinations reach new low as the current Congress follows the agenda of AIPAC – the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (a pretentious title for a political lobby group). AIPAC, in turn, is controlled and financed by pro-Israel supporters and they take their lead from the Likud policy agenda of Israel's Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu.

      To date, Netanyahu and his predecessors have induced over half a million Israeli citizens to settle illegally in the Occupied Territories, in violation of the Geneva Conventions and international law.

      Is this what PM Cameron, President Obama and and their combined electorates of 370 million really want – to renounce democratic government so as to be dictated to by the prime minister of a state of just eight million that just happens to be a secret nuclear power outside of any inspection by IAEA but with an undeclared second strike capability that makes it militarily superior to any member of the European Union?

      If this is difficult to believe, then watch Binyamin Netanyahu, in March, as he 'struts and frets his hour upon the stage' in an attempt to orchestrate world affairs to suit his own agenda whilst humiliating the elected President of the United States before an AIPAC-controlled Congress to which he (Netanyahu) has been invited to address without prior White House knowledge or approval.
      ____________________________________________ London 23.01.2015

  • Coalition of more than 40 NYC community groups calls on City Council to cancel delegation to Israel
    • Is Political Zionism another form of Ideological Fundamentalism?

      The Political Zionist doctrine of the Netanyahu government that claims the whole of former Palestine as being a 'gift from God' is essentially ideological fundamentalism i.e. a ritualistic reading of scripture and a reliance upon dogma - a position also known as 'extremism'.

      It is this fundamentalist ideology that gives the state of Israel its sole claim to the West Bank and East Jerusalem - which position it relies upon exclusively in its assertion that its policy that has persuaded half a million of its citizens to settle on Palestinian land is legitimate when the entire international community has branded it a violation of international law.

      The paradox in the status quo established by the Likud government to back-up its claim to the occupied Palestinian Territories, is that Israel actually claims to be a secular state. This means that its claim to the West Bank and East Jerusalem is merely a fabricated position used to justify that which is unjustifiable.

      Political or religious extremism is unacceptable to the democratic nations of the world in the 21st century, and the UN Security Council should pass a resolution to that effect. In the event that any UNSC member would use its veto against such a resolution then it will be clear to all as to where the illegality lies; who supports and fuels the conflict and who it is that ensures the continuity of the illegal settlements and the dispossession of the oldest continuous indigenous people of the region, the Palestinian Arabs who have farmed and lived on the land for over a thousand years.

      Fundamentalism either in Paris, London, Jerusalem or Hebron needs to be dealt with in an appropriate manner by democratic governments. We have all seen the damaging violence that such extremist beliefs can bring to the community of free nations.

      Action is needed now to root-out fundamentalism wherever it rears its head - regardless of the attitude of any state or party that overtly, or covertly, supports such violence.

      London 12.01.2015

  • British Parliament votes overwhelmingly to recognize Palestinian state
    • Daniel Taub, the Israeli ambassador to the UK, said there was "a lot of frustration" there had not been more progress in the peace process.But he said settlements had never been the barrier to reaching agreement.

      "We have a population where there is natural growth," he said, adding: "Why is it out of the question that in a future Palestinian state, that Jews should not be able to live there side-by-side with their Palestinian neighbours?"

      Answer: because your so called pricetag terrorists burn down our olive groves, demolish our houses and kill us. Is that answer sufficient, Mr Ambassador?

  • Netanyahu heads to New York to ‘refute all the lies’ and praise ‘the most moral army in the world’
    • anthonybellchambers September 30, 2014 at 4:30 pm

      A major strategic understanding between the West and Iran is actively worth exploring

      A recently retired Senior Staff Officer in the British army, who reported directly to the Secretary for Defence, has this week stated that a major strategic understanding between the West and Iran is actively worth exploring.

      He is reported to have said that the West, including Britain, should seek to do business with the Iranian government for the potential benefits far outweigh any risk. Iran, he says, is a nation of 80 million and it is of extreme irritation for them to be treated as a pariah state by a lobby-controlled U.S. Congress on the direction of the Israelis who are the only state in the world operating a covert nuclear weapons program.

      It must, the Staff Officer has said, be in the long-term interests of Britain and the West to bring IRAN back into the international community of nations. They are a proud, sophisticated people with a great history going back hundreds of years.

  • 'NYT' continues using discredited figures suggesting parity between Israeli and Palestinian attacks -- Updated
    • anthonybellchambers August 28, 2014 at 3:38 am

      Netanyahu proudly claims 'victory' for his butchery of civilians in Gaza

      2,101 killed in Gaza - UN estimates 70% of deaths are civilians
      7 civilians killed in Israel
      64 Israeli soldiers killed
      Figures as of 26 Aug. Sources: PMH, OCHA, IDF

      UN states that more than 17,000 buildings in Gaza have been destroyed or severely damaged, and that there are at least 475,000 internally displaced people (IDPs), more than a quarter of the territory's population.

      When will those responsible be brought before the ICC on charges of war crimes?

  • 'NYT' journey to Israel/Palestine to be led by Israeli 'expert' who called on countrymen to 'kill and kill' Palestinians
    • anthonybellchambers August 25, 2014 at 12:27 pm

      Warning! Mr Netanyu's government propaganda machine is now working overtime thru its Foreign Affairs Ministry in London, New York, Paris and Washington to try to persuade you that Hamas is identical to ISIS, the Islamist State in Syria and other terrorist organisations.

      That is, of course, political propaganda. The reality is that Hamas is the democratically elected government in Gaza that provides the social services and security to its 1.8 million inhabitants against the backdrop of an illegal Israeli blockade of essential services now in its seventh year!

      Security is obviously now impossible as a consequence of the unprecedented state-directed terrorism of the Israeli government as it continues to bomb and slaughter civilians with its US-supplied warplanes, helicopter gunships, missile launchers and cluster bombs against a virtually unarmed population.

      It is a blood-soaked catastrophe openly taking place in front of a world, apparently silenced by its links to the Israel-lobby-controlled, US-congress. It is, in fact, a terrorist campaign not unlike that of ISIS in Syria. That is the true comparison as evidenced by the media and television.

      It is unfortunate that many of us are sadly just too lazy to enquire as to what is factual and that which is fabricated half-truth disseminated by the paid trolls of a foreign government.

      Facts are sacred, whilst propaganda is for those prepared to be associated with the destruction of a city and the summary execution of its residents - families just like yours or mine in London, Manchester, Manhattan, New York, Paris or Lille. But these families are in Gaza, in the bombed-out remnants of a destroyed civilian conurbation in which hospitals and schools have also been bombed and terrorised.

  • Hillary Clinton just lost the White House in Gaza -- same way she lost it in Iraq the last time
    • anthonybellchambers August 24, 2014 at 2:59 am

      Israel's latest atrocity in Gaza

      As an out-of-control, power-mad, US-supplied, Israeli army blows up residential tower blocks in Gaza in an unprecedented exhibition of undisciplined military action against a civilian population that treats international law as laid down in the Geneva a Conventions with utter contempt, the world waits to see what other atrocities the Israeli government will perpetrate with its American warplanes.

      The United Nations General Assembly should now pass a resolution in emergency session suspending Israel's membership and authorising a worldwide trade boycott against the Netanyahu government.

  • We must disrupt the status quo (and that's why I sat in at Sen. Feinstein's office)
    • anthonybellchambers August 20, 2014 at 12:49 pm

      How is it possible that whilst virtually the entire world condemns Israel's shocking killings of civilians in gross violation of the Geneva Conventions on the Rules of War - the correspondence columns of Reuters is chock full of Israeli Foreign Office propaganda as disseminated thru the American-Israel lobby? Surely Reuters is still an independent news agency?

  • Air strikes and rocket fire resume as Gaza negotiations collapse
    • The shocking situation in Gaza and the killing of yet more children by the Israeli army is a direct result of Netanyahu deliberately torpedoing the US- brokered peace talks. The Netanyahu government DOES NOT WANT PEACE, it wants the whole of the West Bank and East Jerusalem and is prepared to carry out any atrocity in order to achieve its aim. Those responsible for war crimes must be brought before the International Criminal Court and all bilateral trade with EU should cease.

  • With ceasefire set to expire, Palestinians aim to lift the siege while Israel wants to turn 'Gaza into Ramallah'
    • The international community calls for the demilitarisation of both Gaza and Israel and the cessation of the shipment of arms to the region particularly from the United States and Iran. These arms are a provocation and an incitement to war by the USA congress among others and must be stopped if there is ever to be a lasting peace.

      Those who supply fascist or racist regimes are in effect warmongers who endanger regional stability.
      World opinion, particularly from the 28 nations of the EU must be brought to bear on both the US and Iran who must stop using Israel as a useful idiot in their quest for regional domination.

  • UPDATED: Bay Area demonstrators succeed for **fourth** day in 'Blocking the Boat for Gaza'
    • No Gaza airport, no Ben Gurion airport. No Gaza seaport, no Haifa seaport. Simple. Seven years of oppression and lockdown of 2 million indigenous people is enough.

  • 'We are all Palestinian'
    • anthonybellchambers August 11, 2014 at 1:13 am

      I wonder if you're right, Walid. My impression is of a very active intention to implement the still current Likud charter - one to which Netanyahu is still committed. And don't forget that Netanyahu is a supporter, as was his father, of fundamentalist Zionism that believes inter alia in inherent superiority over all Goyim. That is possibly the most dangerous element of Likud philosophy and one postulated today by the US Israel lobby as it increasingly and overtly manipulates the will of congress to its own agenda with the consequent dangerous weakening of democratic government.

    • Read the Likud charter. No Palestinian state west of the Jordan. All Arabs to be transferred to adjacent territories. That 's ethnic cleansing! And that refers to both Gaza and WB.

      The Greater Israel project encompasses ALL the land from Eilat in the South to the Golan in the North; then West to the Mediterranean and East to the Jordan and EVERYTHING in between these points.

    • British arms in Gaza: a call for David Cameron to resign

      As both the US-Israel lobby and the British government continue to fund and arm the indiscriminate killing of yet more civilians in Gaza, (mostly women and children), Christians, Muslims and Jews are asking themselves how it is possible to legitimise the slaughter of so many innocent people on the specious grounds of collateral damage.

      It is abundantly clear to most people that this is an odious attempt to fulfil the political agenda of the American-Israel lobby in Washington that requires the ethnic cleansing of both Gaza and the West Bank in order to achieve the aim of Netanyahu's Likud Party's charter for a 'Greater Israel'.

      Its strategy is twofold: to abort the establishment of an independent Palestinian state by the continuation of illegal settlements in the West Bank - and by keeping 1.8 million Gazans at just above subsistence level by an illegal blockade of essential supplies including the prohibition on the movement of people and goods by air, sea and road, now in its seventh year.

      This is in many respects a more violently repressive regime against an indigenous people than was the abhorrent apartheid one in South Africa. Yet, David Cameron appears more influenced by the CFI Israel lobby in Westminster than by principles of democracy, legality, morality or decency.

      The brutality of the IDF against a civilian population in Gaza is anathema to all decent people of whatever ethnic background. The killing of over 1000 totally innocent men, women and children is clearly a war crime and no attempt to avoid responsibility for this act, should be allowed to succeed.

      In the circumstances, the Prime Minister should consider his position as the leader of a democratic nation that fought two World Wars against fascism to retain our democratic freedoms that led to our obligations under the Geneva Conventions negotiated in the aftermath of WWII in 1949.

      Now that this government has apparently colluded in the violation of these conventions, by supplying arms and equipment to the IDF plus its refusal to condemn the killings, David Cameron should now stand aside to make way for a statesman who will uphold Britain's democratic values of justice and its compliance with international law and who will prohibit the sale of arms to a state that deliberately targets civilians in order to achieve its political objectives. ________________________________________
      London - Sunday 10/08/2014

  • Over 400 Middle East scholars and librarians call for the boycott of Israeli academic institutions (Updated)
    • anthonybellchambers August 6, 2014 at 5:42 pm

      Facts that the Israeli government would rather you did not know:

      1. Binyamin Netanyahu (aka Ben Nitai) claims to speak for the majority of world Jewry when he is well aware that he represents only a minority of Jews, specifically being those who live in Israel (and possibly New York), who support his right-wing, Likud Party agenda. To many others, particularly in Europe, he is considered a Zionist rabble-rouser with an extremist political agenda that permanently rejects any Palestinian state but requires the 'transfer' of all indigenous Arabs out of former Palestine.

      2. Israel's actions such as its illegal settlements in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights in order to block the establishment of a Palestinian state; the eight-year blockade of essential supplies into Gaza; the mis-labelling of exported fruit and vegetables to Europe and the horrific killing of women and children in Gaza - all have the effect of exacerbating anti-Semitism around the world. In other words, the brutality of the Israeli government against the indigenous Arab population is the primary driver of anti-Jewish feeling in Europe and around the world.

      3. Netanyahu is well aware of this link and the detrimental effect of his policies on the security of world Jewry and on global public opinion but he also knows very well that the greater the increase in anti-Semitism in Europe, the more French, British and other Jewish nationals will be forced to sell-up their homes and reluctantly leave the land of their birth to seek sanctuary in Israel. This is the not-so-secret agenda of the Netanyahu government.

      4. This agenda is also supported by the millions of Christian Zionists in America, the evangelists, who believe in the literal word of the bible and whose goal is for all 13 million Jews around the world to be relocated to Israel where they can be baptised and brought, en masse, into the Christian church! Israelis smile behind their hands as they accept this support - without which their economy would collapse.

      5. The Israel lobby in America is made up of over a dozen organisations including AIPAC, the primary Zionist pressure group with links into the White House, and which influences, if not controls, US foreign policy around the world.

      But for many peaceful, integrated Jewish communities, Mr Netanyahu's violent, expansionist agenda and alleged war crimes, are very bad news.

      The head of the Unicef office in Gaza said, today, that 392 children had been killed in the conflict between Israel and Hamas, and that about 370,000 children had been traumatised.

      A boycott of all academic and trading links with the state of Israel is now inevitable.

  • UK activists shut down Israeli arms factory
    • anthonybellchambers August 5, 2014 at 10:00 pm

      David Cameron's refusal to condemn Israel's horrific killing of 1000 civilians in Gaza indicates the extent of the influence on government of the Conservative Friends of Israel lobby (CFI) of which the Prime Minister and his Chancellor, George Osborne, are both such staunch members.

      But the British electorate did not vote to be governed by an unelected lobby, particularly one associated with an American-Israel pressure group in Washington.

      As for the resignation of Baroness Warsi from this government and the backlash in the British arts as a rejection of pro-Israel policies in Gaza - they are seen as a wider dissatisfaction among the population as a whole, of the 'Tony Blair poodle syndrome' that demands British government ministers comply with US foreign policy regardless of its political agenda; its contempt for the United Nations, international human rights law and the Geneva Conventions.

      As for Baroness Warsi, she has had the courage to resign from a coalition government that no longer represents the people of Britain - but rather the right-wing, expansionist agenda of the extremist Likud party of Israel.

    • anthonybellchambers August 5, 2014 at 11:55 am

      In the wake of the horrific massacre of children by a heavily-armed IDF, a British cultural boycott of Israel has already started in London as the directors of the venue used for the last eight years to host the Jewish Film Festival of predominately Israeli films has abruptly withdrawn its availability, leaving the festival organisers to try to find alternative premises.

      It is envisaged that there will be an increasing backlash against the alleged war crimes committed in Gaza, throughout not only the UK but also throughout the rest of the European Union. Human and civil rights organisations in Britain, France, Holland, Germany, Poland, Belgium and in the rest of Europe are determined that the Israeli government be held responsible for the 1800 predominately civilian deaths in Gaza.

      As for the upsurge in anti-Semitism as a reaction against alleged IDF war crimes - there is little that can be done other than to insist that the Israeli government stop falsely claiming to act in the name of others.

  • A brief respite in Gaza
    • 100 years ago today there was carnage and slaughter on the Western Front as brave British and allied troops gave their lives for our freedom.

      100 hours ago, heavily-armed Israeli troops were still killing unarmed civilians in Gaza, like shooting fish in a barrel. There were no brave troops here, only hubris and cowardice as women and children were slaughtered by soldiers heavily armed with American bombs, missiles and high explosive tank shells against a civilian population.

      And still David Cameron refuses to condemn the atrocity that has already been labelled a war crime by the UN Secretary General. The British electorate will no doubt note where Mr Cameron's allegiances lie.

  • Israel shells another UN school-- and even the US is 'appalled'
    • anthonybellchambers August 4, 2014 at 12:14 am

      These killings are alleged a war crime under the provisions of the Geneva Conventions and are carried out by the Israeli state using Hermes drones and Merkava battle tanks using British-supplied parts exported under UK government licences. No wonder David Cameron has remained silent during the continuing massacre in Gaza.

      On this highly serious matter, the government should now consider its position as it is clearly complicit in the commission of a prima facie war crime in violation of the international Geneva Conventions to which Britain is a signatory.

      The American-Israel lobby in Washington can control congress to veto a Security Council resolution in the UN but they cannot stop a vote of no confidence in a British government complicit in a humanitarian catastrophe that is a deliberate bloody massacre of innocents including hundreds of women and children.

      This is a atrocity that is being condemned worldwide - with the exception only of the two governments that have supplied the arms and munitions, planes and missiles to enable its terrifying implementation against a civilian population.

  • Who broke the ceasefire? Obama blames Hamas against the evidence
    • anthonybellchambers August 2, 2014 at 9:40 pm

      So, after a huge and obscene song and dance about a heavily-armed, 2nd lieutenant allegedly abducted by Hamas, the Israelis now find that he was killed in action unlike the 1000 unarmed men, women and children they have liquidated in an orgy of atrocity against a civilian population, in Gaza. Nothing highlights the out-of-control conduct of Israel's army and prime minister so accurately as this report that says more about this asymmetrical, obscene conflict than any official UN report.

  • The Brits are way hipper about Palestine than Yanks
    • anthonybellchambers August 2, 2014 at 1:27 am


      In this case it is not an army but a lobby that has to be taken apart - if only for the retention of democracy and to validate the huge loss of American and allied lives in the terrible wars of the last hundred years.
      Next week I go again to visit the Normandy beaches and the American military cemetery in France. I cannot imagine what those lying there would have thought about an America, in 2014, in which the presidency is run by an unelected lobby. They would find it unbelievable that that is the democracy and freedom for which they died.

    • Blitzer lauding Peres as a man of peace! You ARE joshing? Shimon Peres is the former minister who not only instigated the illegal settlement program in the Occupied Territories but also offered nuclear weapons to the hated apartheid regime in South Africa to be used to subjugate Nelson Mandela's ANC. Peres was also instrumental in deceiving JFK as to Israel's real intention regarding the Dimona nuclear weapons facility. Man of peace!!! Grrrr

  • Bombed homes, shelling and cars charred by missiles: Fidaa Zaanin on how Israel destroyed Beit Hanoun
    • anthonybellchambers August 1, 2014 at 9:24 am

      On a scale of 1 to 10, how brave does an Israeli Merkava tank commander have to be to fire a 120mm high explosive shell into a school compound holding 45 children with six residential houses and families?

      Or on the same scale: how brave does an unmanned-drone operator have to be to press the button on his computer console, in BatYam on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, that will fire a missile into a group of teenagers playing on a Palestinian beach?

      Or that brave pilot in his brand-new, US-made F16 fighter plane as he targets his unarmed civilian victims from 2000 feet?

      One wonders how these brave commanders, pilots and drone operators actually feel as their missiles tear into human flesh as they themselves turn lazily around to return home to their own families, children, wives and mothers .. what kind of warped mentality do these young soldiers possess to believe their own propaganda to an extent that they are convinced it's acceptable under international law to kill women and children?

      Do they realise that no other army from any democratic country in the world ever deliberately targets non-combatants, in particular women and children? It is a war crime.

  • Blitzer and Rudoren pump Israeli tunnel fears (and AIPAC cashes in)
    • anthonybellchambers July 31, 2014 at 12:00 pm

      International outrage at destruction of schools and killing of civilians: the penalties Israel must now pay:

      1. Costs of reconstruction of homes, schools, hospitals, power and water installations destroyed by the IDF in violation of the Geneva Conventions – failing which, the EU should cut all links with the Israeli state and cancel all research and other European privileges

      2. Compensation to be paid to the families of all civilian non-combatants killed in violation of the internationally accepted Rules of War

      3. Immediate withdrawal of the EU-Association Agreement that currently gives the Israeli state access to bilateral trade with Europe

      4. The ratification of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and the submission of Israel’s nuclear WMD to IAEA inspection

      *It should be noted that Israel is conspicuous as the only undeclared nuclear weapons state anywhere in the world

      5. Ratification of the international Chemical & Biological Weapons Conventions (CWC & BWC) and the destruction of illegal weapons

      6. Withdrawal of Israel's hidden, nuclear-armed, submarine fleet patrolling the Mediterranean and the Gulf that now poses a serious nuclear threat to both mainland Europe and the Middle East

      7. The recognition by the Israeli government of the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague to investigate alleged war crimes by the IDF in Gaza

      8. A declaration required of the names of all Israel lobbyists active in the Parliaments of the 28 European Union member states

      Until the above conditions are satisfied, Israel needs to be categorised by the international community as an outlaw state with which bilateral trade is to be actively discouraged by way of economic sanctions.

  • Statement: Legal experts and human rights defenders demand international community end Israel's collective punishment of Gaza
    • anthonybellchambers July 29, 2014 at 2:02 am

      Is Zionist Premier, Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel measurably different from Ba'ath Party President Bashar al-Assad of Syria in that their armed forces both kill children and other civilians under the excuse of 'collateral damage' - although often no reason is offered to brutally take the lives of young children, their mothers and fathers in their own homes.

      The 'fog of war' is another justification given notwithstanding that targeting children and other civilian non-combatants is branded 'terrorism' under the Geneva Conventions.

      The question being: is it ever justifiable to deliberately bomb schools and playgrounds as has been perpetrated these last days by Israeli tanks and drones in Gaza that have killed over 1000 mostly civilians?

      Or are they just war crime atrocities, by another name? If so, both leaders should eventually face justice before an international court regardless of any US veto in the UNSC.

  • 'The unity is stronger than ever': Report from historic march on Qalandia checkpoint in solidarity with Gaza
    • anthonybellchambers July 26, 2014 at 1:05 am

      The state of Israel was imposed upon the Muslim Middle East by a newly formed United Nations that represented only a fraction of the global community in 1947. Even then, the resolution that was framed by a post-war lobby in America - that had persuaded a reluctant President Truman it would be politically expedient - was only passed in the face of vociferous opposition from all the Arab States that would be directly affected and who threatened a defensive war if the non-binding resolution was implemented. However, the state of Israel was established, in 1948; the Arabs did wage a defensive war - but lost, thereby establishing a cuckoo in the Muslim nest.

      That cuckoo, has since transmogrified itself into a nuclear-armed bird of prey that, unlike everything in nature, kills not for food but for power. This is now a creature that has outgrown its foreign habitat and needs to be caught, overpowered and returned to breed in its native America where it will have a sufficiency of land and food to sustain itself and procreate. Then Palestine can be returned to the indigenous people of the region, the Muslim Arabs, and there can be peace, west of the River Jordan, for the first time in nearly three quarters of a century.

  • In photos: Over 1,000 New Yorkers protest Israel's attack on Gaza
    • anthonybellchambers July 26, 2014 at 6:29 am

      The state of Israel was imposed upon the Muslim Middle East by a then newly formed United Nations that represented only a fraction of the global community in 1947. Even then, the resolution that was framed by a post-war lobby in America - that had persuaded a reluctant President Truman it would be politically expedient - was only passed in the face of vociferous opposition from all the Arab States that would be directly affected and who threatened a defensive war if the non-binding resolution was implemented. However, the state of Israel was established, in 1948; the Arabs did wage a defensive war - but lost, thereby establishing a cuckoo in the Muslim nest.

      That cuckoo, has since transmogrified itself into a nuclear-armed bird of prey that, unlike everything in nature, kills not for food but for power. This is now a creature that has outgrown its foreign habitat and needs to be caught, overpowered and returned to breed in its native America where it will have a sufficiency of land and food to sustain itself and procreate. Then Palestine can be returned to the indigenous people of the region, the Muslim Arabs, and there can be peace, west of the River Jordan, for the first time in nearly three quarters of a century.

      Tony Bellchambers, London

  • 10,000 march on Qalandia in solidarity with Gaza
    • anthonybellchambers July 25, 2014 at 3:34 am

      International Criminal Court and the Israeli government
      The International Criminal Court is a permanent international tribunal to prosecute individuals for genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and the crime of aggression. The United Nations Security Council can refer cases to the Court.

      It is to be hoped that human rights lawyers in every EU member state will press their governments to demand that the UNSC issue indictments against any Israeli government minister travelling in future to or through any EU state and that any such individual be apprehended and brought before the Court to answer charges of procuring a war crime in Gaza.

  • You are not Alone: To Palestinians on July 20, 2014
    • In view of the latest international media news of PRIMA FACIE war crimes by Israel in Gaza, the Israeli prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu must be indicted and brought before the ICC.

      Schools and hospitals have been destroyed and their students and patients killed. There is also evidence of banned armaments having been used. It is a horrific atrocity carried out for political gain and is now time for the UN and the EU to act decisively to enact an embargo on all bilateral trade with the Netanyahu government.

  • Arab reporters come under attack from Israelis
    • The UN has today intimated that Israel has committed war crimes in its attack on Gaza whilst in response Israel maintains it is unconcerned about international opinion or allegations of war crimes.

      That being the position the EU must now take action and suspend the association agreement that gives the Israeli state free access to the European single market and the substantial bilateral trade it enjoys as a result.

  • Finally, Israel is alienating the US mainstream media
    • 'Did you do anything nice today, Daddy?' (other than to kill children and those patients in intensive care)

      As heavily-armed, conscript Israeli soldiers brutally ended the lives of 74 defenceless civilians in their own homes, (and today the sick in hospital), in Gaza - it was reminiscent of other massacres in the Middle East although rarely, if ever, have others targeted unarmed mothers, wives, children and the sick. The UN Secretary General yesterday branded the massacre as 'atrocious'.

      Killing women and children in their own home must take great bravery and courage when you have to go back to your own home and confront your own wife and children who will ask you 'Did you do anything nice today, Daddy?"

      It is a war crime under Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions in relation to civilians and non-combatants that expressly prohibits "acts of violence to life and person, in particular murder of all kinds, mutilation, cruel treatment and torture".

  • Israeli military destroyed el-Wafa hospital even though it knew there were no weapons inside
    • anthonybellchambers July 20, 2014 at 2:17 am

      Rage against Israel. An open letter to Mr B

      It's taken you well over 1000 words to construct a tirade of invective for what you could have said in one sentence - that with Israel the world has a double standard. And you would be, and are, spectacularly ignorant or possibly blind, and we wonder, why?

      Your friend, Israel, is the only state in the world that has inflicted upon an indigenous people an occupation that has lasted nearly 50 years. That has kept 1.6 million men women and children under a blockade for six years. That induced half a million of its citizens to leave their homes in Israel to settle in the Occupied Territories in violation of the Geneva Conventions. Tell us Mr B, which other state does that?

      And as for the wholesale killing of entire families of innocent civilians, that is deliberate Mr B, not accidental. When other states go to war, collateral damage IS really collateral damage! The half a century of humiliation that has been heaped upon the indigenous people of Palestine is a war crime, as you must know well when you pause in your weekly political column to write a puerile piece of nonsense calculated to propagate propaganda in your quest to be recognised as a writer.

      Arrogance my friend is the watchword! The arrogance of the European and American Zionists who, not content with controlling the US congress actually are intent on extending the influence of the lobby throughout the world.

      And as for the Likud government: read and absorb their agenda!

      "The Government of Israel flatly rejects the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state west of the Jordan river. The Palestinians can run their lives freely in the framework of self-rule, but not as an independent and sovereign state. Thus, for example, in matters of foreign affairs, security, immigration and ecology, their activity shall be limited in accordance with imperatives of Israel’s existence, security and national needs."

    • There is already prima facie evidence of war crimes and atrocities having been committed by the IDF in Gaza over the past ten days whereby unarmed civilians including whole families with children have been executed by Israeli forces under authority of the prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

      These are alleged crimes against humanity that violate the Geneva Conventions, and indictments should be issued against the perpetrators, to be heard before the International Criminal Court.

      The fact that Israel is a client state of America should not be allowed to affect the prosecution of those alleged guilty of criminal conduct or the judicial process.

  • 'Jews Against Genocide' hold memorials for killed Palestinian children in front of Israeli govt buildings around the world
    • anthonybellchambers July 19, 2014 at 3:04 am

      The apparent acceptance of Israel's deliberate killing of women, children, the disabled and the sick has signalled a paradigm shift in the conduct of war and armed conflict.

      The Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols of 1949-2005 are at the core of international humanitarian law, the body of international law that regulates the conduct of armed conflict and seeks to limit its effects. They specifically protect people who are not taking part in the hostilities (civilians, health workers and aid workers) and those who are no longer participating in the hostilities, such as wounded, sick and shipwrecked soldiers and prisoners of war.

      It is clear that no longer are civilians in any country now protected by the international body of humanitarian law that has been agreed and adhered to by the vast majority of democratic nation states for over half a century.

      Now the state of Israel has established the frightening precedent that allows the killing of civilian non-combatants whether man, woman or child. That change has taken the civilised world back to the middle of the last century and has removed the essential protection of civilians from torture, imprisonment and death.

      For this dramatic reversal of human rights we have to thank the Israeli government that uses its influence in European and world capitals. This last week has been the worst for human rights abuse in the lifetime of most of us. A terrible regression to former times of civilian slaughter.

  • Israeli strike kills four Palestinian children playing soccer on Gaza beach
    • anthonybellchambers July 17, 2014 at 4:20 am

      GOOD NEWS for mothers and children in Gaza!
      We give you 5 hours today to stock up on food and supplies before we kill you later today. But we will telephone you first!

      Commander, Israeli Missile & Bomb Directorate

  • Hamas has agreed to a ceasefire, says senior Palestinian official (Updated)
    • anthonybellchambers July 16, 2014 at 6:43 am

      There is only one imperative.That is to stop Israel's state terrorism from targeting innocent civilians by using the activity of a minority of dissidents, who are still under occupation after 47 years, as a deliberate excuse to terrorise and kill unarmed women and children in order to extend further its illegal settlements in the Occupied Territories so as to frustrate the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

      The UN General Assembly in emergency session should CONDEMN this terrorist action of the Israeli government and demand a complete withdrawal of all illegal settlers in the West Bank failing which there should be a complete embargo on bilateral trade with the Israeli state, worldwide.

      No one should be allowed to benefit from atrocities carried out by Israel's new style death squads using killer drones, missiles, helicopter gunships and F16 bombers against a primarily unarmed civilian population.

      It is a war crime under the provisions of the Geneva Conventions to which the whole of Europe and the United States is a party. When will those responsible be indicted and brought before the ICC?

  • How many people have died from Gaza rockets into Israel?
    • anthonybellchambers July 15, 2014 at 5:35 am

      That depends if Hammond is a paid up member of the Friends of Israel, AIPAC cell, in the parliamentary Conservative party.

    • Killing civilians is suddenly acceptable, judging by the deafening silence from the European Union.

      If you're an occupying power (for more than 40 years) you can now kill unarmed civilians - including men, women and children in addition to those sick, disabled or elderly. The international agreed Geneva Conventions on Human Rights and the rules on the Conduct of War are now only applicable to certain states leaving others able to kill at will any civilian - whether young or old, male or female, fit or disabled. The West has never before sunk so low as to allow the wanton, criminal killing of civilians.

      Suddenly, our world has changed overnight. It has become a frighteningly brutal place in which to live, procreate and die. Democracy, if not dead, is tragically, now extremely sick.

  • Florida Congresswoman sides with Israeli police over her own brutalized teenage constituent
    • To a European, in London, this total control of your elected congress by an unelected Israel lobby group is completely astonishing! What happened to democracy, the government of the people, by the people and for the people - instead of government for a foreign state?

      You Americans are a strange bunch! Your grandfathers gave their lives in their thousands during WW2 for freedom and democracy and you just throw it away like trash!

  • Video: While the world watches Gaza, protests rage across the West Bank
    • anthonybellchambers July 13, 2014 at 11:57 pm

      Killing over 120 civilians is a WAR CRIME. Both Britain and the EU must press for an indictment against Israel's PM Binyamin Netanyahu otherwise there will confirm the accusation of collusion by the UK in violating the Geneva Conventions.

      The killing of one hundred and twenty unarmed innocent men, women and children including disabled and the elderly is an atrocity perpetrated openly before the world. Is the UK really prepared to collude in this? If so, an extraordinary precedent will have been set that takes us back over a hundred years and dramatically increases the chance not only of a third intifada but of a Third World War.

  • Gaza under attack again
    • This is NOT a war about Palestinian rockets - this is a war about illegal settlements, stolen land and 500,000 Israeli settlers

      * The BBC has just reported 123 Palestinians killed by the IDF of which more than 75% were civilians. Plus the killing of two patients unable to walk and the serious injuring of four others in a home for the disabled. (12/07 -1321hrs)

      The only way now to stop Netanyahu's horrific killing of innocent men, women and children in Gaza is to stop Israel's preferential trade with Europe. The EU Parliament should take immediate steps to abrogate the Israel Association Agreement the provisions of which Israel is in gross contempt.

      Stop its bilateral trade with the EU and Israel's territorial expansion plans will be stopped. By removing its preferential rights to trade with Europe, its government will no longer have the money to wage an offensive program of forced land grabs - even with continued military assistance from a lobby-controlled, US congress.

      Stop bilateral trade with Europe and Netanyahu becomes impotent overnight and the bully of the Middle East will revert to being just another politician of a small state with F16 bombers (albeit with a secret nuclear weapons arsenal that it cannot use because it would irradiate its own cities).

      Then the horrific killing of innocents, by a US-congress-backed IDF, will be an atrocity unlikely to be repeated.

      This is NOT a war about Palestinian rockets - this is a war about illegal settlements, stolen land, 500,000 Israeli settlers and the wholesale killing of innocent men, women and children - families just like yours and mine. Palestinians are human beings and bleed just like Christians.

      In the face of this continuing atrocity, the world and the UN must act.

  • After brutal police beating, Palestinian-American Tarek Abu Khdeir, 15, sentenced to home arrest without charge
    • anthonybellchambers July 6, 2014 at 3:26 pm

      The whirlwind sown by Peres, Sharon, Olmert and Netanyahu and the seeds so assiduously sown by their policy of state-sponsored terrorism in the Occupied Territories and the illegal settlements that violate international law, is now being reaped by a new generation of Israelis and Palestinians.

      Of the four politicians, one is already dead, one is a convicted criminal in prison, one is reliably reported to have offered atomic weapons to the South African apartheid regime to be used against the late, lamented Nelson Mandela, and the last one currently instructs the Israel lobby in Washington how to 'handle' President Obama - the democratically elected head of 308 million Americans.

      The world now sees the result of this anti-democratic process that has affected the entire Middle East and much of Europe and America. And it still continues today until such time as the European Union makes a stand and abrogates the EU agreement that facilitates the bilateral trade that enables the Israeli government hold the world to ransom.

  • Murdered teen laid to rest, as tensions flare in Shufat
    • There is but one imperative, and one only! That is to stop Netanyahu from his sickening strategy of using these horrific murders as an excuse to extend his illegal settlements in the Occupied Territories.

      The UN General Assembly in emergency session should CONDEMN this action of the Israeli government and DEMAND A COMPLETE WITHDRAWAL of all illegal settlers in the West Bank failing which there should be a complete embargo on bilateral trade with Israel, worldwide. No one should be allowed to benefit from these atrocities.

  • Missing Israeli teens found dead near Hebron; Netanyahu: 'Hamas is responsible and Hamas will pay'
    • anthonybellchambers June 30, 2014 at 11:57 pm

      An Open Letter to Israeli Settlers in the Occupied Territories of the West Bank

      1. If you were an American citizen, born, bred and educated in New York, or Los Angeles, with a good house and family – would you be behaving responsibly and with due regard for their safety if you were to voluntarily leave your home to emigrate to Israel and to settle illegally in the occupied Palestinian West Bank in order to satisfy a personal, religious conviction?

      2. If you were well aware that the West Bank has been more or less continuously populated by Muslim Arabs for at least 1000 years, would it be safe and sensible to put your family in harm’s way by deciding under your own volition to live in an Israeli settlement that has been condemned as illegal under international law by the UN, the EU and the US, i.e. by the whole international community?

      3. If, notwithstanding the obvious dangers of living illegally on someone else’s land, by that decision you endangered the lives of your family, would you feel responsible when, had you not decided to leave the country of your birth, you and your family would have remained safe?

      4. Are you aware that both World War 1 and World War 2 were triggered by a single event of violence that eventually resulted in the deaths of tens of millions around the world?

      5. Did you ever consider that your decision to emigrate from the US to live in the Occupied Territories of Palestine might one day lead to another such act of violence that could escalate into a regional then global conflict that could once again alter the course of history and cause massive suffering?

      6. Did you just believe that your personal convictions took precedence over the lives of millions of others?

    • Page: 1
  • Israel maintains gag order in missing teens' case, leading to charge of media 'manipulation'
    • anthonybellchambers June 23, 2014 at 11:31 pm

      It is clear that the Netanyahu government supported by an AIPAC-controlled US congress is intent on setting fire to the Middle East by inciting a 3rd intifada that will involve huge loss of life and escalate into the deployment by Israel of its weapons of mass destruction.

      This catastrophe being the inevitable consequence of its continued occupation of Palestinian land and its illegal settlements that have been condemned worldwide. Apart from the human cost of this state/sponsored terrorism there will be an impact on global oil supplies that could rock world stock markets and destabilise global economies.

      All this because the White House is unable to combat the influence of the Israel lobby in Washington. It is a global international tragedy that will affect all of us throughout Europe and the Middle East.

  • Think back to 2003. . . the year the U.S. didn't invade Iraq
    • Israel left looking isolated, weak and inconsequential

      As the rapprochement between the United States and Iran deepens in their mutual support for the the Iraqi government, Israel is left looking isolated, weak and inconsequential.

      At a stroke, Netanyahu's influence in Washington has all but disappeared as he becomes a virtual irrelevance in a conflict that is vastly more important to the international community than his illegal settlements. As are also his threats to attack Iran, the most stable state in the Middle East.

      The real question, now, is what influence, if any, did the Israeli government have in persuading discredited former US President, George W Bush, to attack Saddam Hussein's Iraq, in 2003 - a move that has now given birth to the dangerous current instability that threatens the entire region - not to mention global oil supplies?

      And the second question is: for how much longer will the US congress continue to vote billions of American tax-dollars to a state that is alleged to have been complicit in the Bush-Blair tragic fiasco that is alleged to have cost over 100,000 Iraqi, American and British lives when the so-called coalition of 'shock and awe' went to war without a mandate?

  • Palestinian unity deal pits Netanyahu & Congress against White House
    • anthonybellchambers June 3, 2014 at 3:43 pm

      'My parents gave me an African name, Barack, or blessed, believing that in a tolerant America your name is no barrier to success ... That we can participate in the political process without fear of retribution, and that our votes will be counted.' BARACK OBAMA

      How idealistic and uplifting was the message from the dynamic, young, black, American senator from Chicago. And how mistaken was he in the years to come as his presidency, upon which so many millions had placed their hopes, crumbled into dust as the votes of ordinary Americans were rendered worthless by the powerful unelected lobbyists who have such influence upon the peoples' representatives in Congress.

      Tragically, the electorate was effectively disenfranchised and as for the new President, within his first week he was left in doubt who called the shots - it was an unelected lobby. By the end of his first term in office, Barack Obama had become an isolated figure, bound, gagged and rendered virtually impotent by a Congress that danced not to the tune of the electorate, nor the White House nor the President - but to the tune of non-American interests clothed in the transparent disguise of a (PAC) Public Affairs Committee - a misleadingly high-sounding, pseudo official lobbying group often acting for a foreign government.

      The now not so young president had no chance! He had learned the hard way that democracy, 'US Congressional style' is not as simple as 'one man one vote'. It is more about how many millions of dollars does it take to 'manage' US legislation, foreign aid and foreign policy? None of which is apparently within the direct remit of the President. He does what he is told by Congress, and the House of Representatives and the Senate do exactly as they are instructed by their unelected paymasters. Be it a veto in the UN Security Council or $3 billion in so-called 'aid' to a foreign state for unspecified use - with no accountability.

      This we are told is democracy, 'US Congressional style' and the President has had to learn and accept who operates the actual levers of power in the not so United States of America, for he is well aware it is not himself.

  • In Brussels whodunnit, Netanyahu irresponsibly claims anti-Zionist, anti-Semitic motive
    • In the wake of the horrific killings in Brussels the question is again asked, 'Do Israel's illegal settlements drive global anti-Semitism?'

      The president of the Belgian League against AntiSemitism is this week quoted as stating that, "There is a poisonous atmosphere for Jews. After Operation Cast Lead you saw the climax in Jew-hate .."

      The above statement would appear to confirm the long-held suspicion that anti-Semitism, particularly in Europe, is driven by the Israeli government's aggression against the Palestinian Arab that encourages the expropriation of land, demolition of property and the continued killing of Arab militants, men, women and children.

      Operation Cast Lead was a reprisal attack by the IDF in December 2008 against a predominately civilian population in Gaza. It resulted in 1417 Palestinian deaths, of which 926 were civilians many of them children under the age of 16, by Israeli strikes against the densely populated cities of Gaza, Khan Yunis and Rafah. Another 5303 Palestinians were wounded and 50,800 Gaza residents displaced. Over 4,000 homes were destroyed and around $2bn worth of damage caused by heavily-armed Israeli troops. A UNHRC Report of 2009 alleged that war crimes had been committed.

      Since then, the Israeli government has continued to demolish Arab houses in the West Bank and East Jerusalem whilst authorising yet more illegal settlements in violation of international law and in contempt of the will of the EU, the US and the United Nations.

      This comment from Brussels is an apparent confirmation of the alleged role of the Israeli government in driving the frightening rise in anti-Semitism in Europe and around the world and, if substantiated, is a damaging indictment of Israeli government policies in the Occupied Territories and their appalling consequences.

  • A cruel fantasy: 'NYT' sets hopes on US principles for a peace deal
    • anthonybellchambers May 6, 2014 at 9:16 pm

      Given the anti-democratic, political headlock that the US Congress is in from the powerful Israel lobby / AIPAC, the only definitive way to obtain a paradigm shift is for the EU parliament to abrogate the EU-Israel Association Agreement (the Human Rights provisions of which Israel has been in serious breach for some years). Only when Israel's primary market is closed for bilateral trade will the international community be able to bring that coalition government to heel.

      Without the massive trading profits from its non-member, discretionary access to the EU single market, vital economic considerations would force the recalcitrant, expansionist occupier to conform to international law and the Geneva Conventions. This would appear to be the only real option that is both valid and possible and it would be helpful if the NYT afforded some input into this solution. Then it would be on the right side of history.

  • Kerry's Last Ditch Effort
    • anthonybellchambers May 3, 2014 at 3:06 am

      If Israel should try to implement its threatened annexation of the Palestinian West Bank then the EU should immediately withdraw all access to bilateral trade with the 28 Member States of the European single market.

      The state of Israel is already in long-term serious breach of the existing provisions of the EU-Israel Association Agreement.

      In March 1939, Nazi Germany annexed the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia in a land-grab that presaged the start of World War II in which over 60 million lives were lost - a figure that equates to the entire population of the whole United Kingdom.

      Should Israel try to implement its threat to annex the West Bank there is every likelihood of a disastrous war in the Middle East that would inevitably involve weapons of mass destruction and provide the spark that could start World War III.

      A nuclear war in the Middle East would have grave, global, economic and political consequences and the only way to avoid that never happens is to insist on Israel’s immediate compliance with international law, plus an IAEA inspection of its undeclared nuclear arsenal – failing which there should be a total embargo on any future bilateral trade with Europe.

  • J Street woos the lobby as Israel considers annexing the West Bank
    • anthonybellchambers May 1, 2014 at 4:30 am

      'Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters in Jerusalem on Tuesday that it was time to shift attention away from the failed peace talks and toward what he called a more urgent priority — the threat posed by Iran.' WP

      Of course! The forecast next step in the Israeli strategy to torpedo the US brokered peace talks and to proceed in its grand plan to dismember Iran, having already neutralised Iraq, and to take effective control of the Middle East backed by its massive nuclear arsenal. And the world watches apparently paralysed.

      FAIR USE NOTICE: This email may contain copyright material the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We make such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law and within the legislation of other jurisdictions.

  • Kerry's cowardly apology on 'apartheid' is giant blunder for Israel's propagandists
    • anthonybellchambers April 30, 2014 at 4:49 am

      'There is a tide in the affairs of men.
      Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
      Omitted, all the voyage of their life
      Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
      On such a full sea are we now afloat,
      And we must take the current when it serves,
      Or lose our ventures.'

      Julius Caesar Act 4, scene 3, 218–224

      Never was a quotation more apt! The old Zionist guard of Binyamin Netanyahu and the pricetag terrorists destroying olive groves and razing Palestinian homes on the West Bank have now lost the final opportunity to stop the state of Israel becoming a dark place of inhumanity where the victim has transmogrified into the perpetrator.

      The UN, the EU, the ICJ and the US have all condemned the illegal settlements in the Occupied Territories and have implored Israel to sue for peace. But the killings and the blockades continue apparently ad infinitum. But the world has changed. Public opinion is increasingly outraged at the contempt shown by Netanyahu for international law and the Geneva Conventions. The time is drawing close when Israel will be economically and politically isolated within the community of nations unless it alters course very quickly. Time is running out. Colonisation and occupation are no longer acceptable. Nor are blockades, imprisonment and the infliction of human suffering in order to achieve a political objective that is anathema to most thinking people.

  • Kerry says that Israel could wind up being 'an apartheid state'
    • anthonybellchambers April 29, 2014 at 9:57 am

      US Secretary Kerry, compares Israel’s military occupation of Palestinian land to the former S.Africa apartheid regime

      Having known both countries for very many years, there is little question that there are many similarities between the former ruling National Party in South Africa during apartheid and the current right-wing, Likud Party of Israel, the leader of which is the hard-line, Zionist premier, Binyamin Netanyahu.

      In both cases, there was, or is, an attitude of superiority that daily demeans those in the Occupied Territories. A palpable arrogance that proclaims those under occupation as inferior and unworthy of respect.

      Of course, there is, in reality, no difference whatsoever in the DNA/gene pool between an Israeli and an Arab; the inequality in performance being due to the education readily available to all Israeli children but usually denied to the Arab family, along with essential living supplies.

      Israel has maintained a blockade of essential medical, building, food and other supplies to 1.6 million Palestinians in Gaza for now over six years in an unsuccessful attempt to effect an illegal regime change. In the West Bank, so-called ‘pricetag’ terrorists today burn-down olive groves and raze houses in scenes reminiscent of the dreaded SA Police who destroyed the multi-ethnic, District Six in Cape Town in, 1966, forcing its 55,000 inhabitants into ‘Bantustans’ as their district was declared a ‘White Only Area’ by the National Party government.

      The word ‘apartheid’ means the state of being apart and was a violent system of racial segregation in South Africa from 1948 to 1994 when global pressure forced a non-violent political change to majority rule.

      A near identical position of racial segregation applies throughout Israel today with the occasional Arab and/or Muslim being appointed to office as a token of ‘equality’ when that is patently absent. Virtually every month, the Netanyahu administration authorises yet more illegal housing permits in the Occupied Territories in gross violation of international law, the Geneva Conventions and the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

      20 years ago, world opinion was instrumental in bringing about political change in South Africa to democratic rule by the largest indigenous people of the region, the Muslim Arabs. It is clear that it is a matter of time before similar pressure forces an identical outcome in former Palestine.

  • As Israel 'staggers toward the abyss,' criticizing it is now 'the most fashionable cause' on the left
    • The disturbing increase in global antisemitism is directly proportional to the number of illegal building permits issued by Mr Netanyahu in the West Bank. And he is very well aware of that integral part of his strategy to wreck any talk of peace.

      'If the BARCODE starts with 729
      Return the goods and politely DECLINE!'

  • Obama and Kerry are spurred by 'vainglory' in pursuing talks -- Finkelstein
  • Tensions rise on Temple Mount as rightwing Jews seek to hold Passover rituals there
    • anthonybellchambers April 20, 2014 at 2:54 am

      It was of course UNGA 194 that required Jerusalem to be designated an international city. It has as much force as UNGA 181 that required the partition of Palestine against the votes of all the states affected that ESTABLISHED THE STATE IF ISRAEL IN 1948 so why does the international community including the EU and Britain fail to take the requisite action?

  • 6 DC heavyweights tell Kerry, Netanyahu in West Bank is like Putin in Crimea

      Why is Israel so frightened by Palestinian accession to international conventions and treaties to which every state in Europe and America is a signatory?

      Is it because the Israeli state has refused to sign and ratify the Nuclear non- proliferation treaty (NPT) to which every state in Europe and America is a party?

      Is it because the Israeli state has refused to sign and ratify the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) to which every state in Europe and America is a party?

      Is it because the Israeli state has refused to sign and ratify the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) to which every state in Europe and the US is a party?

      Or is because the Israeli state is very afraid that if the Palestinians become members of the UN's International Court then it will have to face charges of war crimes alleged by the UNHRC to have been committed in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead in 2008/9 by heavily armed Israeli troops against a predominately civilian population in which over 300 children under the age of sixteen were murdered?

      Welcome to the United Nations. It's your world.
      UN Search
      Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

      NOTES TO CORRESPONDENTS in response to questions asked concerning Palestinian letters for accession to international conventions and treaties
      New York, 2 April 2014

      We can confirm that Robert Serry, the Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process and Personal Representative of the Secretary-General to the PLO and the PA has received 13 letters for accession to international conventions and treaties.

      The treaties and conventions are:

      The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations
      The Vienna Convention on Consular Relations
      The Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the Involvement of Children in armed conflict
      The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women
      The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
      The Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties
      The International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination
      The Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment
      The United Nations Convention against Corruption
      The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide
      The International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid
      The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
      The International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
      Accession letters for the following conventions were submitted to the Swiss and Dutch Representatives to the PA, respectively:

      The Four Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949 and the First Additional Protocol
      The Hague Convention (IV) respecting the Laws and Customs of War on Land and its annex: Regulations Concerning the Laws and Customs of War on Land.

    • Given the sentiments of Israel's extreme right and its threats of annexation of Palestinian land, the most appropriate response from the democratic community of free nations is for the EU to immediately abrogate the Association Agreement that allows Israel free trading access with the European single market.

      Israel has been in breach of this agreement for some years but now the Israeli state is threatening criminal action by further violation of the Geneva Conventions . It must be stopped. Further appeasement has shades of Munich in 1939.

  • 'Poof' -- Kerry blames Israel for breakdown of talks (Updated)
    • anthonybellchambers April 9, 2014 at 1:06 pm

      Prime Minister, Binyam Netanyahu, seems determined to increase Israel's isolation within the global community of democratic nations as it continues to treat international law and the United Nations, the US government and the European Union, with complete contempt.

      As he authorises yet still more illegal housing in the Palestinian West Bank in defiance of the Geneva Conventions and in a deliberate provocation designed to torpedo the peace talks, this maverick politician is creating a toxic legacy that will inevitably lead to eventual war in the Middle East as he leads his country into the political and economic wilderness as Europe loses patience with Israeli intransigence.

  • 'The struggle for Palestinian liberation has become a mainstream global civil rights movement of our time': CUNY panel discusses the BDS movement
    • anthonybellchambers April 8, 2014 at 4:07 pm

      This Israeli government is ABSOLUTELY DETERMINED to undermine the UN and the international pressure for the establishment of a Palestinian state for the 5 million true indigenous people of the region. That is why the BDS movement is so vital.

      And in this context, When will the international community and, in particular, the EU, take action to abrogate the EU-Israel trade agreement that allows Mr Netanyahu free access to the European single market that enables him to take such atrocious liberties with international law, justice, freedom and the rights of man?

  • Ultra-Zionists push back as Jewish establishment tacks toward center
    • A compliant US congress calculates that Netanyahu is now beyond any military, political or financial control and can continue unrestrained with his illegal settlement building until the entire West Bank is ethnically cleansed.

      This is the consequence not only of the compliance of this congress but of the covert collusion of successive American administrations with the Israel lobby.

      Compounding this congressional collusion is the team of presidential advisors in the White House who support the aims and ambitions of the Political Zionism movement that seeks to avoid the will of the UN Assembly and to allow the continued ethnic-cleansing of the West Bank and East Jerusalem where Palestinian Arabs have lived for well over a thousand years, by rubber-stamping the massive funding and arming of the Netanyahu government.

      That this is a complete failure of democracy is patently obvious but it is also a political and military disaster given that Israel has been allowed to become the world's only undeclared nuclear weapon state with a secret arsenal estimated to contain up to 400 warheads and a fleet of cruise missile submarines with a second strike capability that is more powerful than any of the 28 member states of the European Union.

      Why have three hundred million Americans allowed their elected representatives in Congress to irretrievably change the balance of global power that is so detrimental to their own safety and security?

      That is the question that urgently requires an answer as nuclear control is removed from the IAEA and the UN Security Council to a state that was created by the UN itself in 1948 ostensibly to fulfil a humanitarian need but which has, unbelievably, been allowed to transmogrify into the nuclear tail that wags the global dog.

  • My heart bleeds cold borscht over the downfall of liberal hero Olmert
    • It is a matter of extreme regret that corruption is so rife in Israel however it pales into insignificance compared to the way the vetting of every member of the US congress by the Israel lobby has corrupted the process of democracy, the American Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.

  • Israeli bulldozers destroy mosque and medical center in East Jerusalem
    • The Highly Disturbing Facts of the US-Backed Israeli Occupation of Palestine

      No of Palestinian political prisoners held in Israeli jails = 4228
      No of Israeli political prisoners held in Gaza and West Bank = nil

      US military/civil aid, loan guarantees given to Israel annually = $6billion
      US military and civil aid, loans given to Palestine = nil

      No of Palestinians killed by Israel in last 12 months = 72
      No of Israelis killed by Palestinians = 6

      Amount of water consumed by each Israeli circa = 183 litres/ day
      Amount of water consumed by each Palestinian = 80 litres/day

      No of Israeli nuclear weapons mass destruction = 200-400
      No of Palestinian WMD = nil

      No of Israeli nuclear-armed, cruise missile submarines = 5
      No of Palestinian submarines = nil

      No of US-supplied, Israeli fighter/bomber strike aircraft = 550
      No of Palestinian aircraft = nil

      No of months Israel has blockaded 1.7m people in Gaza = 78
      No of illegal settlers in Israeli Occupied Territories. = 500,000

      No of years Israel in existence = 66
      No of years that Arabs the majority people of Palestine = 1000

      No of years Marwan Barghouti wrongly imprisoned by Israel = 11

      Note: The above data is collated from reliable published sources during March 2014 and is accurate as far as is known.

  • Kerry tries to get out of Jewish-state trap set by Netanyahu and the lobby

      "a blatant pretense or deception, especially something so full of pretense as to be a travesty"

      When will Kerry finally realise that he had been duped by Netanyahu? There has never been the slightest intention on the part of Israel to agree to a Palestinian state -ever! Has he never read the Likud charter? a blatant pretense or deception, especially something so full of pretense as to be a travesty"

  • Palestinian teen in critical condition after being shot by Israeli soldiers during West Bank protest
    • anthonybellchambers March 15, 2014 at 5:29 pm

      With one foot in the US Congress in Washington and the other in London and Brussels, Israel shows Obama who's the (nuclear) boss in the Middle East.

      The Israeli army this week not only killed a number of Palestinian civilians in Gaza but also a Palestinian judge in Jordan** as a prelude to torpedoing the Middle East peace talks brokered by US Secretary John Kerry, in advance of President Obama's April deadline.

      Netanyahu is determined to continue with his dangerous escalation of settlement activity in pursuit of his 'Greater Israel project' that is illegal under international law and must be termed state-sponsored, criminal behaviour. And that means ditching the peace talks and showing the White House and Obama who's the (nuclear) boss in the Middle East.

      He is also determined to hold on to Jerusalem as an exclusive Israeli asset in violation of the UN's declaration that the Holy City must remain an international city with free access to all faiths and religions. (UNGAR 181)

      The fact is that the current Israeli government is the greatest single threat to world peace today. Not Russia, not Crimea, not Syria nor even North Korea but Israel, with one foot in the US Congress in Washington and the other in London and Brussels, plus up to 400 undeclared nuclear warheads in underground silos in the Negev desert.

      Both the US and UK governments are acting like blind sheep outside an abattoir.

      **According to the Washington Post website, here's what Ha'aretz says:

      "She said she saw the (Jordanian) judge smoking a cigarette. According to her a soldier asked him to get back on the bus saying they were running late, but he insisted on finishing his cigarette. The soldier asked him again and he refused again. An argument broke out when the soldier pushed him to get on the bus. He then pushed the soldier, and the soldier pushed him back. Another soldier at the position pulled out his weapon and pointed it at the judge, and a fight broke out between the two of them. Then one of the soldiers pushed him to the ground and shot three bullets at him, two of which hit him, she said."

  • Gaza heats up: Israel bombards coastal enclave under siege with multiple airstrikes
    • anthonybellchambers March 13, 2014 at 5:38 pm

      Of course the entire scenario of the IDF killing Palestinians every day last week was intended to provoke Arab retaliation, which it did, and has had the desired effect of giving Netanyahu an excuse to abort the peace talks.

      It’s so bloody obvious that even a pre bar-mitzvah boy would recognise the simplistic tactic. Likud policy is unchanged from its charter for a Greater Israel with all Muslims and Christians ‘transferred’ to adjoining states. Ask Netanyahu, Likud's leader - he will confirm the fact!

  • J Street cheerleading for Kerry features Congressman warning Palestinians will demand the vote if two states fails
    • anthonybellchambers March 12, 2014 at 4:22 am

      Bogus 'peace talks' exposed by congressional vote HR938

      Now that the US House of Representatives has acquiesced to the AIPAC's demand to effectively appoint Israel as the '51st State of the Union' (HR 938) - where does that leave America as the claimed independent arbiter and conciliator of the so-called 'peace talks' chaired by Secretary of State, John Kerry, who is instructed by President Barack Obama; Obama is instructed by Congress, and Congress is instructed, of course, by the Israel lobby!

      What we can now see is a strategy, if not a stratagem, by the Israel negotiating team to convince the international community of the integrity of its position when, in fact, the expected outcome of failure was apparently already planned prior to commencement.

      And that includes making the Palestinians the scapegoat for the inevitable failure of the talks and the continuance of Israel's forced expansion into the Occupied Territories. Settlement is an illegal policy that accords with the charter of the Likud party of which Binyamin Netanyahu is the head. A policy in direct defiance to the will of the UN and the EU.

      This is a dangerous confidence trick that will shape not only the future of the Middle East for the next decade, but also the world.

  • NYC Community Board member calls BDS 'the face of anti-Semitism'
    • anthonybellchambers March 6, 2014 at 6:26 pm

      The BDS Movement is the legitimate face of human and civil rights. It is as valid as was the anti-apartheid movement of 20 years ago that by its commitment and motivation succeeded in ending the hateful regime of the SA National Party.

      BDS is a democratic strategy that seeks to end the anti-democratic actions of the Likud government that continues with its illegal settlements in the Occupied Territories in complete contempt of international law, the United Nations and the will of the EU.

      Screaming "anti-Semitism" no longer has any force. Its former validity having been squandered by overuse as a defence for the killing and imprisonment of civilians by the Israeli security forces.

  • Netanyahu mentions 'BDS' 18 times in denouncing movement and its 'gullible fellow travelers'
    • anthonybellchambers March 4, 2014 at 6:17 pm

      UK economic links with Israeli Settlements in Occupied Palestinian territory

      A research paper prepared for Sir Joseph Hotung, SOAS, University of London

      Profundo economic research

      extract :

      'The purpose of this report is to document economic links between UK companies and those based in settlements. The research has identified 68 British companies which have direct or indirect relationships with Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory; 49 of which have their head office in the United Kingdom and 19 of which are British subsidiaries of companies based in Israel or other countries.'


      FAIR USE NOTICE: This email may contain copyright material the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We make such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law and within the legislation of other jurisdictions.

  • Poll: If two-states collapse, Americans overwhelmingly favor 'democracy'
    • Given that US foreign policy is determined by AIPAC, an Israel lobby that is a de facto agency acting for a foreign power, in Washington, and that this organisation operates in concert with the Israeli government to influence Congress - is it not now beyond time that the president of the United States commenced acting in that capacity and not merely like an intern with speaking skills?

      Barack Obama is without doubt a huge disappointment for all those who mistakenly believed in him, around the world. As for Binyamin Netanyahu and his continuing policy of illegal settlements - he should be brought before the International Court on charges of inducing Israeli citizens to break the law in their thousands in contempt of the ruling of the United Nations and the ICJ.

      Either America and its client state of Israel conform to international agreements and conventions or they must be judged guilty of criminal conduct on an international level. The status quo cannot last much longer. It supports global instability and ignores human rights on a grand scale. A paradigm shift is required, hopefully before the next US election. If not, then there is considerable danger for the West.

  • Anti-BDS activism and the appeal to authority
    • Would an orthodox rabbi from Tel Aviv embrace an American evangelistic priest who supports and funds illegal settlement?

      Christian Zionists, AKA Christian fundamentalists or evangelicals, of which there perhaps 50-70 million in the Bible Belt of the US, believe that all Jews (from NY, LA, London, Paris, Manchester, Antwerp, Johannesburg and everywhere in between) must all emigrate to Israel in order to fulfil a Christian biblical prophecy. Once all safely ensconced in Israel, they must then be converted to Christianity in order to facilitate the Coming of the Messiah.

      To this end they give millions of dollars to help fund illegal settlement in the West Bank and East Jerusalem notwithstanding that such action is contrary to US government policy and violates international law. And logic.

      Israeli settlers most of whom are well aware of the biblical beliefs of the Christian Zionists, just take the money and laugh.

      As for the Christian Zionists themselves, many believe that the law of God transcends the laws of the United States government and the US State Department. They believe in the fulfilment of biblical prophecy and that all gentiles must assist in the return of every Jewish person to Israel.

      The fact that the ultimate aim of Christian Zionism is vehemently rejected by Jewish Zionists, is conveniently ignored by both factions - presumably because both know it's just religious dogma! Meanwhile Zionist settlement continues apace in clear contempt of the will of the UN, the EU and the US.

      And that validates the mission statement of the BDS movement.

  • Time for world leaders to stop inflating Israel’s bubble of denial
    • Merkel's Momentous Middle-East Mistake

      German Chancellor, Angela Merkel's ill-timed visit to Israel is made notwithstanding that German-Israeli relations are at their lowest ebb as a result of Israel's illegal settlement activity that continues to cause anger throughout the EU as it negates the US brokered, Mideast peace agreement negotiations.

      Merkel has a difficult relationship with Israel's Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu. However, this did not prevent her inexplicable decision to increase to six the supply of Dolphin Class, nuclear-powered, diesel-electric, AIP submarines developed and constructed by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft AG., for the Israeli Navy.

      Israel has modified those war vessels already delivered, each now being armed with long-range, (SLCM) cruise missiles equipped with nuclear warheads, plus a maximum of 16 torpedoes: a naval task-force capable of destroying most of the Middle East. It also gives the Israeli state an offshore, second strike, nuclear capability.

      Germany itself has no such offensive nuclear armament, neither has either France or Britain, of such size and power, for Israel is estimated to also possess up to 400 nuclear warheads. All of which means that Merkel has effectively made Israel into the most powerful nuclear weapons state outside of the US and Russia!

      The rationale for Merkel's strategic error in altering the balance of power not only in the Middle East but also in Europe with consequences yet to be determined, is unknown.

      In the meantime, the German Chancellor would have been well-advised to follow the example set last week by the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, and to have cancelled her visit to the Middle East.

      It is too late, of course, to reverse her inexplicable decision to deliver a fleet of (now) SLCM-armed, nuclear-equipped, undersea, war machines to the most contentious piece of land on earth.

  • Settler leader's vision for peace: millions of American Jews must move to Israel and Palestine
    • Final status agreement, from the Israeli side, means retaining the majority of the illegal 'facts on the ground' that they have so assiduously constructed in violation of the Geneva Conventions and in clear breach of international law.

      The illegal settlements on the West Bank have been constructed specifically to retain the primary underground aquifer that supplies the main West Bank water supply and is intended to retain effective control of the occupied territory.

      Any real peace agreement would need to stipulate the complete vacation of all illegal settlements. Tragically, this will not now happen and there will be a 3rd intifada as a result which will inevitably lead to Israel using its nuclear WMD.

  • Political Zionism is destroying a culture and a people, and intentionally so
    • anthonybellchambers February 25, 2014 at 8:21 am

      It is tragically beyond question that the movement to equate Political Zionism with the religion of Judaism is a pernicious and dangerous attempt to brainwash gullible Jews in diaspora communities around the world, but particularly so in the US.

      The reality of the US Congress being manipulated by the Zionist lobby is an attack on democracy that is certainly not endorsed by World Jewry many of whom are angry that a political lobby can falsely claim to act in their name.

      Political Zionism which the Likud party espouses should be banned and its lobby in America should be declared a de facto foreign agent. Mr Netanyahu does not and never has represented world Jewry. He represents less than 50% of the Israeli electorate which itself is a minority of world Jewry. His claims are not only absurd but dangerous.

  • A month later, de Blasio's AIPAC declaration continues to roil New York
    • anthonybellchambers February 22, 2014 at 7:27 am

      If America is the global superpower that exerts a financial and political controlling interest within world capitals, and the US Congress is the elected body that controls the White House, the presidency and legislature: but the AIPAC lobby in Washington ,'a de facto agent for a foreign government', has a stranglehold on Congress - then who effectively exerts global control?

      Is it the UN, the US or a non-elected, privately financed, political pressure group acting for a small state on the eastern Mediterranean that also happens to possess an undeclared arsenal of up to 400 nuclear warheads and a covert fleet of cruise-missile-armed submarines?

      Answers please, on a postcard, to the UN Security Council with a copy to the EU Parliament, the NY Times, WSJ and the Washington Post. Oh! And to Pravda, Le Monde, Der Spiegel, London Times, Pravda, Gulf News and the South China Morning Post.

      (1st prize - one box of 1000 potassium iodate tablets)


  • 'NY Times' and 'LA Times' run op-eds by an AIPAC board member without telling readers
    • anthonybellchambers February 17, 2014 at 5:47 pm

      Government by lobbyists, specifically US foreign policy dictated by a powerful, pro-Zionist lobby, is anathema to democratic government and an insult to all those who fought, and died, in two world wars for the freedom of the individual, free speech and for human and civil rights.

      At some point, the average American will reject the propaganda and accept that government by a powerful, unelected, privately financed lobby, is no way to run any country never mind the world's superpower. Let us hope and trust that the inevitable realization that the American electorate has been conned, will be sooner rather than later.

  • At Sochi Olympics, Israel is in... Europe!
    • The determination of Israel not to identify with other Semitic races but to emulate those in Europe reminds me of Michael Jackson's sad rejection of his proud heritage by attempting to appear white.

      Israel is slap-bang in the centre of the Muslim Middle East, which is where it wanted to be regardless of the human suffering it caused by taking by force the land of the indigenous people of Palestine.

      Those Sabras, Israeli born, are not European whatever they may want to appear. They are Asians. Why they should want to appear that which they are not, is an indication of immaturity.

  • EU Prez Martin Schulz wreaks havoc during speech at Knesset
    • An Israeli daily consumes 4 times more water than a Palestinian

      EU President, Martin Schultz, spoke to the Israeli Knesset on Wednesday. He asked his audience, "how can it be that an Israeli is allowed to use 70 litres of water per day, but a Palestinian only 17?"

      Judaism is an ancient and beautiful religion. But Zionism in a modern-day, neo-colonial political movement that has dispossessed millions of indigenous people and is, by its continuing illegal settlement and water policies, likely to precipitate a new intifada and ultimately a nuclear war in the Middle East.

      The political Zionist movement should be designated a proscribed organisation by the United Nations. In the event that AIPAC, the American Zionist lobby in Washington, forces the US government to block such a vote in the UN Security Council then a resolution should be put before the UN General Assembly. If and when passed by a three-quarters majority then that resolution would be binding and incorporated into the body of international law.

      The state of Israel would then be required to amend its constitution so as confirm it as a multi-ethnic state with freedom of worship and movement for all its citizens and to outlaw Zionism as a political entity.

      Maybe then all citizens will be allowed 70 litres of water a day.

  • Gaining the 'valuable hatred of their enemies,' boycott movement is educating others
    • anthonybellchambers February 9, 2014 at 5:35 pm

      Ignoring anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. Let us, for a minute, forget about anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Zionism, Jihadists and radical extremists.

      Let us just consider the factual position of a single state in the Middle East in the context of the international community of free, democratic nations of Europe.

      Israel is an undeclared nuclear weapons power with an estimated arsenal, outside the jurisdiction of the IAEA, of up to 400 warheads - a number greater than any European power including France and Britain (and even China, India, Pakistan or N Korea).

      Israel is one of the very few nation states that refuses to ratify either the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) or the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) to which the whole of Europe is committed. Nor, of course, are they a party to the nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty.

      Israel has now also a fleet of German-supplied, Dolphin Class, nuclear-armed submarines that is far more powerful than any such nuclear deterrent in the whole of Europe. It also gives the Israeli government a unique second strike capability.

      Notwithstanding these extremely worrying facts, Israel still has the privilege of being allowed, as a non EU member, to have free access to the whole European market. Furthermore, the EU has recently voted to allow Israel access to billions of Euros in research funds. Contemporaneously, the US Congress has voted US$3 billion this fiscal year in aid and grants and a further $3 billion in loan guarantees to the Netanyahu government.

      The US Congress is populated with members, all of whom have been vetted by AIPAC - the American Israel lobby - and to which unelected pressure group and its political agenda the majority have been coerced into supporting.

      Whilst bearing in mind the subject disclaimer in the opening paragraph, we are left with a huge Middle Eastern elephant sitting in a European trade area that comprises over 500,000,000 people within 28 member states. That elephant which was apprised as a possible technological and military partner a decade ago, is now seen as a military and political threat that is an increasing and worrying liability to European and world leaders who now require either a satisfactory two-state solution or a cessation of bilateral trade with Israel until it complies with international law. Furthermore, the entire Mideast including Israel, Iran and Syria must be designated a Nuclear, Chemical & Biological Weapons Free Zone.

      European funds are now withdrawing investments from Israel and it is anticipated that the EU itself will soon follow suit. There would appear to be little alternative given the intransigence of the current Netanyahu government in regard to the will of the United Nations and the ruling of the International Court of Justice.

  • Congress is next battleground over boycott of Israel
    • anthonybellchambers February 8, 2014 at 4:18 pm

      Is the lobby that represents just 0.03% of Americans responsible for the virtual collapse of the Obama presidency?

      America is the world’s only superpower: a federation of states that is administered by a democratic president through an elected Congress.

      However, an unelected lobby with a claimed membership of just 100,000 out of a population of over 300 million is said to have gained an undue influence within Congress, and the power of democratic government is alleged to have been usurped as a result.

      The president now appears an irrelevant and impotent figure, barred from carrying out the duties for which he was popularly elected by majority vote. This has led to a travesty of democracy which is already giving rise to major political and economic repercussions around the world.

      1. AIPAC, the American Israel lobby, is reported to be the most powerful foreign policy pressure group in the United States. It is unelected, privately funded and its agenda is to gain legislative advantage from Congress to benefit its foreign agenda.

      2. AIPAC has a vetting program that investigates the voting record as well as the personal life of every applicant for the House of Representatives and the Senate, in addition to that of every sitting member of Congress. Any candidate or any incumbent who does not explicitly adopt the AIPAC agenda, is unlikely to win, or retain, a nominated seat.

      3. AIPAC is alleged to have an unwarranted influence over the legislature, the White House and the Presidency, which negates the fundamental principles of democracy by using lobbying as a means of government that distorts the will of the majority.

      4. AIPAC has succeeded in securing $3.1 billion in American aid for Israel in the fiscal year, paid for by US tax dollars. Plus an estimated $3 billion in loan guarantees. That equates to $20 p.a. from every American in order to give a notional individual benefit of $1000 a year to six million Israeli citizens.

      5. AIPAC has been instrumental in framing the public debate over Iran’s nuclear POWER program so as to meet the political demands of its client state that holds the world’s only undeclared nuclear WEAPONS arsenal estimated to conceal up to 400 warheads, all outside the remit of the IAEA.

  • 58 angry, selfish, foolish Jews don't understand: AIPAC speaks for Israel
    • anthonybellchambers February 5, 2014 at 6:57 pm

      An unelected lobby that represents just 0.03% of the population but determines U S foreign policy. Fact or fiction?

      1. AIPAC, the American Israel lobby, is reported to be the most powerful foreign policy pressure group in the United States: it acts primarily in the interests of a foreign power: is unelected and privately funded.

      2. AIPAC has gained numerous legislative victories in the U S Congress that have been for the exclusive benefit of its foreign government client.

      3. AIPAC has a program of vetting that investigates the voting record as well as the personal life of every applicant for the U S House of Representatives and the Senate, in addition to that of every sitting member of Congress.

      4. Any candidate for Congress or any incumbent who does not explicitly adopt the AIPAC agenda, would be unlikely to win, or retain, a nominated seat.

      5. AIPAC is alleged to have an unwarranted influence over the legislature, the White House and the Presidency, which negates the principles of democracy.

      6. AIPAC has succeeded in securing $3.1 billion in American aid for Israel in the fiscal year, paid for by public tax dollars. Plus an estimated $3 billion in loan guarantees. That equals $20 p.a. from every man, woman and child in the U S and gives a notional benefit of $1000 a year to each of 6m Israelis.

      7. AIPAC has been instrumental in framing the public debate over Iran’s nuclear POWER program so as to meet the political demands of the Israeli state that has the world’s only undeclared nuclear WEAPONS arsenal estimated to conceal up to 400 warheads, all outside the remit of the IAEA.

      8. AIPAC’s desperate attempt to increase sanctions against Iran, allies it closely with Mr Netanyahu against the democratically-elected, President of the United States, Barack Obama, to a point whereby it appears to treat the administration, together with 300 million Americans, as its own constituency.

      9. AIPAC’s apparent hijacking of the US democratic system of government is seen as damaging both to world peace and the authority of the United Nations.

      If the United States of America is the world’s only superpower, a federation that is administered and controlled by a democratically-elected congress, but that congress is heavily influenced by an unelected lobby with a claimed membership of just 100,000 out of a population of over 300 million, then it could be assumed that that lobby representing just 0.03% of the population is effectively the superpower - and not the state.

      If so, that would fatally damage democratic government and turn the elected president into an impotent figurehead prevented from carrying out the duties and responsibilities for which he was elected by a majority vote of the people of America. And that would be a huge setback for democracy and the world.
      London February 2014

  • 'How many New Yorkers know they just elected a new mayor of Israel?'
    • anthonybellchambers February 2, 2014 at 6:58 pm

      This American style democracy whereby the elected US Congress represents a foreign state instead of its own electorate, is a travesty of democratic rule.

      The rest of the world, particularly in Europe, looks on in virtual amazement at the democracy that was so hard fought for in two world wars, and took so many hundreds of thousands of allied lives, has been so easily sold out to a powerful unelected lobby acting for a foreign government. What a complete tragedy!

  • Kerry’s billions: US economic plans for Palestine place investment over freedom
    • anthonybellchambers February 2, 2014 at 3:59 am

      Breaking News:

      Israel could lose 33% of exports as EU contemplates economic boycott

      After many years of offering financial inducements to its citizens to move into illegal settlements in the Occupied Territories of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights – the Israeli government has been hit with the realisation that its continued violation of international law and its contempt for human and civil rights have finally alienated it from the member states of the European Union.

      It now faces the reality of a boycott of its bilateral trade with the EU and the loss of its main export market which represents one third of its overseas business which will drastically reduce its GDP and cause an economic downturn.

      There is now growing pressure, from within the 28, EU member states, for the current Israel Association Agreement to be revoked on the grounds of the continuing breach of its specific provisions on human and civil rights.

      Unless the Netanyahu government can now reach a peace agreement with the Palestinians, that includes the repatriation of all illegal settlers in the Occupied Territories, then trade with the EU could be lost. In such event, ‘Israel’s economy will retreat’ warned Yair Lapid, the coalition’s finance minister, and every Israeli worker would be hit ‘straight in the pocket’ with ten thousand ‘immediately’ losing their jobs.

      It is now a battle between ideology and economics and given the right-wing intransigence both in the Knesset and ‘on the street’, it seems likely that the ideologues will prevail; trade with Europe will virtually cease and the Israeli state will urgently need to find new markets for its machine guns, pharmaceuticals, information technology, soda-water and Sharon fruit.

      Dateline LONDON February 1, 2014

  • New York Senate passes bill punishing ASA over Israel boycott
    • anthonybellchambers January 30, 2014 at 3:12 pm

      Once the EU passes a resolution to abrogate the EU-Israel Association Agreement that gives this Mideast state free access to Europe's huge market block although it is not and never can be a member, then the antics of the NY Senate in supporting the AIPAC lobby group, will be completely meaningless. Watch this space..

  • Netanyahu: Israel is 'by itself,' 'not bound by this agreement'
    • 50 years ago, this week, the world made not so much a historic mistake but a colossal blunder, the ramifications of which threaten every one of us to this day.

      Prior to his tragic assassination in 1963, President John F Kennedy had been trying ineffectively to obtain conclusive evidence from Israel's Prime Minister, Levi Eshkol, that the secretive Dimona facility in the Negev was entirely for peaceful purposes and not for the production of nuclear warheads.

      He failed to obtain this assurance due to the duplicity of the Israelis who concealed their real activities by sealing the entrance to the nuclear weapons facility from the US inspectors. The rest is now history.

      The state of Israel is now estimated by scientists to have covertly built up to 400 nuclear warheads with delivery systems by air, ground and sea, supplied by America. If correct, this would place Israel, a state of just 8 million people, in a military position to destroy the whole of Europe with its 500 million inhabitants.

      There is no European state that has a comparable nuclear arsenal or, indeed, any comparable nuclear-armed submarine fleet with cruise missiles now presumed patrolling the Mediterranean and the Gulf. In any event, all EU member states are members of the nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty and of both the Chemical and Biological Weapons Conventions. (NPT, CWC, BWC). Israel has ratified none of these vital treaties and is, therefore, not subject to inspection by the IAEA of the UN.

      Yet, the peace deal just signed between Iran and the major powers is ridiculed by the one state that could start a catastrophic nuclear war tomorrow, and has threatened that it may well yet still do so.

    • anthonybellchambers November 25, 2013 at 6:13 am

      This decision by the world's major powers is a victory for common sense and a defeat for those Middle Eastern nations that are intent on furthering their own narrow national and ethnic interests at the expense of world peace.

      The urgent imperative now is for the EU and the rest of the world to ensure that the UN resolves to make the entire Middle East a NUCLEAR WEAPONS FREE ZONE to ensure that there will be no nuclear war that will engulf not only the Middle East but also Europe.

      To this end, the gloves must come off. Israel must be forced to dismantle all its nuclear arsenal of up to 400 warheads and decommission its fleet of German built Dolphin nuclear-armed submarines now assumed patrolling the Mediterranean with cruise missiles.

      This is Munich 2014. Either continue with appeasement and trade under threat, or make the world a safer place for all our children. We have a choice.

  • State Dept: No US aid to Israel until budget deal is reached
    • anthonybellchambers October 6, 2013 at 5:00 am

      America's infantile politics are due in no small measure to how the Americans interpret the meaning of democracy. The accepted definition of democracy has been generally understood to be government by the people, of the people and for the people.
      However, because the American electorate are, in the main, wholly apathetic in its defence of democratic principles, it has allowed its government to be hijacked by powerful, privately-financed lobby groups who pay members of congress to adhere to self-interested political, military and financial agendas.
      It does not require a doctorate in political philosophy to realise that this is government by lobbyists for their paymasters and not government by the people for the people. When lobbies such as AIPAC openly admit to vetting members of congress to ensure that they comply with the foreign agenda of AIPAC to succeed in their election or re-election, then it is clear that the system has become corrupt.
      The principle of democracy is the genuine representation of the interests, welfare and security of ordinary people in the government of their country and not the representation of the interests of a foreign state. Like a cuckoo in a nest, lobbyists in the United States take advantages for their masters, often overseas, that rightly belong to the ordinary people of America.
      That makes a travesty of the concept of democracy and freedom for which so many millions - including Americans - died during WW2 and subsequently.
      Mature politics need mature statesmen, not puppets who readily appear before meetings of lobbyists to do their bidding at the drop of a hat whenever so instructed.

    • Israel now beyond US control although still receiving $6 billion in aid and loan guarantees

      The state of Israel is now estimated to have built a covert nuclear arsenal containing between 300-400 nuclear warheads - larger than anything in Europe - all completely outside the inspection of the IAEA, because Israel is one of the only states in the world that refuses to be a party to the nuclear (NPT) Non Proliferation Treaty.

      It also refuses to be a party to the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) which prohibit the use of these WMD.

      Furthermore, Israel is now assumed to be patrolling the waters of both southern Europe and the Gulf with a covert fleet of German supplied submarines armed with cruise missiles.

      Let the world be aware. Nuclear armed Israel, outside of the IAEA, is the greatest single threat to world peace in this 21st century. It is also now outside the control of the US notwithstanding its continued receipt of military and civil 'aid'.

  • As US government shuts down over budget crisis, group debuts DC ads calling to cut aid to Israel
    • anthonybellchambers October 1, 2013 at 5:53 pm

      The American nation's contempt for its congress is palpable as government offices and services shut down. This is a congress already contaminated by the influence of unelected lobbyists who effectively determine policy, in virtually every department, and this debacle is a huge humiliation for the world's superpower and its president.

      The core problem is a representative system that acts too often for vested, often foreign, interests instead of for the ordinary American people who elected it. It is the very antithesis of democracy in a country that claims to be the largest democracy in the world and makes a mockery of government of the people and for the people.

      The United States should enact laws to rectify the way that this flawed and suspect legislature operates, but that would need the support of the very congress that itself requires major change. Only a nationwide referendum could bring about such far-reaching changes that would need to include the automatic registration of lobbies acting for overseas powers, as 'Foreign Agents' under the provisions of existing legislation.

  • 'Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your fears': More predictions before Netanyahu's big day at the UN
    • anthonybellchambers October 1, 2013 at 12:19 am

      If Netanyahu succeeds in procuring President Barack Obama to risk the lives of American servicemen by attacking a non- nuclear Iran for the convenience of the Israeli nuclear state, will future American electorates ever again put a black Democrat in the White House, at least for the next hundred years, if this president subsumes the national interest of the Union and bows to the military and political will of an expansionist Mediterranean state?

  • Obama and Netanyahu discuss the colonial question of questions on Iran
    • anthonybellchambers September 30, 2013 at 6:13 pm

      If Netanyahu succeeds in procuring US Democratic President Barack Obama to risk the lives of American servicemen by attacking a non- nuclear Iran for the convenience of the Israeli nuclear state, will future American electorates ever again put a black Democrat in the White House, at least for the next hundred years, if this president continues to bow and scrape before the prime minister of a tiny Mediterranean state?

    • The World to President Obama. Get a grip on Binyamin Netanyahu before he succeeds in inciting a nuclear war and in the process trashes your presidency and consigns your term(s) in office to a historical footnote.

  • Daniel Levy on 'boxing in Bibi'
    • anthonybellchambers September 30, 2013 at 1:22 am

      Netanyahu is a latter-day Senator McCarthy, ranting and raving about Iran's non-existing nuclear weapons whilst concealing 300 WMD in his back pocket. A nuclear-armed Israel is a dangerous threat to world peace that needs urgent defensive action by Europe.

      Let the EU start with suspension of trade until Israel agrees to a Nuclear Weapons Free Middle East within 12 months, failing which, the EU-Israel Association Agreement that gives Israel free access to European markets, needs to be torn-up and economic co-operation, aid and trade, discontinued.

  • Netanyahu returns to the U.N. -- now guess the drawing!
    • You're mistaken in so far that you believe that Netanyahu can still cut a credible figure at the UN. He is already yesterday's man and now looks like a McCarthy cutout ranting and raving about some imaginary threat.

      The difference, of course, is that we are still left with a maverick nuclear state on the Eastern Mediterranean whose own nuclear capacity has to be neutralised. That can only be achieved by economic sanctions in the form of withdrawal of trading rights until such time as Netanyahu or his successor agrees to a Nuclear Weapons Free Middle East. That must and will happen - sooner or later. The international community cannot be held to ransom for much longer by the stratagem of 'nuclear ambiguity' that has so contaminated the political scene for the past fifty years since JFK's untimely passing. The paradigm shift has been a long time coming but the contempt that Netanyahu now elicits is proof of a sea change in international opinion.

  • Rouhani has 'American blood on his hands,' Emergency Committee for Israel says
    • anthonybellchambers September 24, 2013 at 3:58 pm

      Israel is in an invidious position vis a vis its funder and arms supplier, the US. President Obama has refused to use American troops to further Mr Netanyahu’s political agenda which has left the Likud coalition fuming and impotent.

      But there is also concern at the increasing level of criticism worldwide at Israel’s refusal to be a party to the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) that bans the use of these WMD. It also refuses to be a party to the nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty -unlike the rest of the free world. Questions are now being asked in world capitals why Israel is not bound by any of the conventions relating to war and to the protection of human and civil rights.

  • How to get from Kigali to Syria via the Holocaust
    • anthonybellchambers September 18, 2013 at 4:42 am

      Why Syria has 1000 tonnes of chemical WMD

      The elephant in the room, that determined Syria's adoption of a chemical weapons program in the 1980s as a deterrent against an Israeli nuclear attack, is a uniquely American animal.

      Ever since the assassination of John F Kennedy, successive US Presidents under pressure from the American Israel lobby, in Washington, have colluded in an extraordinary trick known as 'nuclear ambiguity' that has enabled Israel to covertly build the only undeclared nuclear weapons arsenal in the world.

      Estimates as to the size of this secret arsenal vary between 200 and 400 nuclear warheads and it is reported that Israel now has the capability to deliver its WMD by intermediate-range ballistic missile, ICBM, strike aircraft and also by cruise missiles from a fleet of nuclear-armed submarines. An offensive capability for a second strike that is unmatched by any European state, all of whom are signatories to both the NPT and the CWC.

      Israel is the only nuclear weapons state in the entire Middle East, Europe, Africa, Australasia, the United States and South America that has refused to be bound by these Agreements.

      Nuclear WMD are many times more lethal than chemical weapons as they can spread their deadly radiation over thousands of square miles and cross both national and international borders.

      This particular elephant, in the Syrian room, is an aggressive creature that Europe is increasingly unwilling to either feed or house.

  • Obama punts on Syria
    • 'In an opinion article in the New York Times, Russian President Vladimir Putin warns that a US military strike against Syria could unleash a new wave of terrorism. He says millions of people see the US not as a model of democracy but as relying on brute force.'

      "A strike would increase violence and unleash a new wave of terrorism," he said. "It could throw the entire system of international law and order out of balance."

      This appears to be a very dangerous situation for the West, and in particular the EU, who see a hobbled US president apparently being driven against his will by the agenda of the Israel lobby to crush both Syria and Iran in order to further its imperative for power in the Middle East.

      Whilst there is no doubt that chemical weapons have been used in Syria, that is not an excuse for the US, or Israel, both of whom have a chemical weapons program of their own, to take unilateral action of war without the authority of the United Nations of which they are both members.

  • 'Slippery slope to an unnecessary war' -- liberal groups muster popular opposition on Syria
    • anthonybellchambers September 8, 2013 at 1:50 am

      Why was the US a silent spectator to slaughter when IDF killed over 300 children under the age of sixteen, in Gaza, during the three blood-soaked weeks of Operation CastLead in December 2008?

      Why did congress remain silent when white phosphorus was used as a chemical weapon against a Palestinian school? Were these children of less value than Syrian children? Were they not human also? Do they not bleed?

      Or is it simply that the unelected and unregulated lobby, AIPAC, virtually controls congress, the White House and US foreign policy?

  • Anti-war groups press their case to halt impending Syria attack
    • Now Obama knows what political and moral impotency feels like to know that America's UNSC resolutions will be vetoed by another Security Council member. Successive American administrations acting under the orders of AIPAC have been routinely so acting to veto any UNSC resolution critical of nuclear Israel, for decades. The blatant irresponsibility in subserviently subverting the wishes of the international community in order to service the demands of a lobby acting for a foreign state devalues the standing of any American president.

  • AIPAC on an island: 'Politico' report says Israel lobby alone in pushing for war in Syria
    • anthonybellchambers September 6, 2013 at 11:53 am

      Listening to the impassioned pleas at the G20 conference today of both President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron against the use of chemical weapons, it is inexplicable why they were both so silent when the Israeli army used white phosphorus AS A CHEMICAL WEAPON in Gaza, in 2008/9, when according to the UNHRC over 300 children under the age of 16 were killed by the IDF.

      No legal or other action has been taken to date against Israel for what was clearly a war crime that violated the Geneva Conventions. Yet, it is now that very state, and its American lobby, AIPAC, that is driving the clamour for a cruise missile strike against Syria.

      Let the world see both Syria and Israel brought before the International Criminal Court for war crimes against civilian populations.

  • Rosh Hashanah and the Primal Prophetic
    • anthonybellchambers September 4, 2013 at 8:26 pm

      Both French and American presidents are prepared to start a possible world war because the line that Assad has apparently crossed by using chemical weapons instead of the more usual bombs, missiles, guns, shells and bayonets to kill, maim, liquidate and vaporise civilians - is horrific. That is, more horrific than decapitating a child with an explosive shell or grenade or blowing both legs off a woman by a tank or being burned to death by a drone delivered missile.

      The difference is difficult to ascertain although Messrs Obama and Netanyahu are apparently adamant that there is a correct way to take life and that is by using a methodology whereby the victim's fatal suffering and agony is not too apparent to the one who presses the trigger, releases the incendiary bomb or fires a missile into the school playground.

      Meanwhile, it would be interesting to know how many chemical and biological weapons do France, America and Israel secretly hold, and for what purpose?”

      Rosh Hashanah is essentially about peace and goodwill to all men, even towards Muslims, Christians and those of no faith. But that requires integrity and a commitment to the sanctity of life.

  • AIPAC comes out for strike on Syria-- and mentions Iran more often than Syria
    • anthonybellchambers September 3, 2013 at 6:13 pm

      The Israel lobby is determined to increase Iran's isolation and the economic stranglehold of the US congress over millions of Iranian families in order to maintain Israel's hegenomic power in the region and the increasing power of Its secret nuclear weapons arsenal.

      It is a strategy for war, regional conflagration and eventually nuclear disaster.

  • No one knows what Obama stands for
    • There is one answer and one answer only.

      There must be

      Period. Everything else is either commentary or propaganda by vested interests.

      There is only one (claimed) democratic state in the 21st century that treats international conventions on the use of WMD with contempt:

      1. It refuses to ratify the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) that prohibits the use of chemicals, such as sarin gas and white phosphorus, as weapons against civilians and is not a member of the OPCW, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

      2. It refuses to sign the nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty, the NPT, that restricts the spread of nuclear weapons

      3. It refuses to be subject to inspection from the IAEA, the International Atomic Energy Agency of the United Nations that watches and reports on nuclear projects in Iran and elsewhere but instead operates a covert stratagem known as 'nuclear ambiguity' that has allowed it to build a secret nuclear arsenal estimated to be more powerful than any defence armoury in Europe. Furthermore, it now operates a secret fleet of five nuclear-armed submarines that are presumed to patrol unseen under the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Iranian Gulf

      4. It refuses to respect the Geneva Conventions on Human Rights

      Meanwhile, the United States, the United Kingdom and all European Union states are bound by each and every one of the above international agreements and conventions designed to ensure global peace.

      Only one (democratic) nation state refuses to be bound by these and that is the Middle East state of Israel.

  • Critics of Obama's narrow action cite Martin Dempsey's caution -- 'act of war'
    • Obama's speech on chemical weapons, deconstructed.

      1. There is a 'global prohibition on the use of chemicals weapons'.
      '98-99% of humanity says that chemical weapons should not be used
      even in war.
      FACT: Israel is one of just a handful of states in the world that have
      refused to ratify the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC).

      2. 'We cannot allow any state to build nuclear weapons'
      FACT: The US under successive administrations has colluded with Israel
      in a complex trick known as 'nuclear ambiguity' that has allowed Israel to
      become the only secret nuclear weapons state in the world with an
      arsenal estimated to hold over 300 nuclear warheads, all of which are
      undeclared and outside the inspection of the IAEA.

      3. 'America is the world's oldest constitutional democracy'
      FACT: A true democracy is 'government by the people, of the people and
      for the people'. However, in the US the elected congress controls a
      a government by the people, of the people but for an unelected lobby that
      exists solely to support the state of Israel and is able to manipulate US
      foreign policy accordingly. Unfortunately, such US style democracy is
      not democracy as understood elsewhere in the world.

  • Obama lost his English poodle, but it looks like he'll get a French one
    • John Kerry claims 1429 Syrians were killed last week by chemical weapons in Damascus.

      In Operation Cast Lead from 27 December 2008 to 18 January 2009, the Israeli military carried out an attack on the Gaza Strip.
      'The magnitude of the harm to the local population was unprecedented: 1,389 Palestinians were +killed-, 759 of whom did not take part in the hostilities.'

      The IDF used white phosphorus as a chemical weapon against civilians, which was a war crime. No one as yet been brought before the international court.

      In both the above cases, chemical weapons were used against civilians but in Gaza, notwithstanding a damning report by the UNHRC, no action was taken against Israel. No cruise missiles were trained on Tel Aviv in punishment and America remained virtually silent.

  • Rising swell of voices warns against Syrian attack, citing Iraq and Iran concerns
    • Syria, Israel and banned chemical weapons

      It was reported by the UNHRC that Israeli troops used white phosphorus as a banned chemical weapon against Palestinian civilians during its attack against Gaza in December 2008 and that more than 300 children under the age of sixteen were killed by the IDF during that military operation. (See UN Report on Operation Cast Lead).

      No international action was ever taken against the Israeli commanders who ordered the use of this banned substance as a weapon against a civilian population.

      With this in mind, it seems an extraordinary decision for the US and the UK to predicate their intention to use cruise missiles against Syria upon 'intelligence' offered by Israeli sources when such proposed action could cause a conflagration that might engulf the entire Middle East.

  • Israel lobby wields influence on US use of force because it is connected across aisles -- Politico
    • anthonybellchambers August 29, 2013 at 12:37 am

      "President Barack Obama is weighing a limited response that focuses on punishing the Syrian government for violating international agreements that bar the use of chemical weapons"

      Similar to the response that punished Israel for using banned white phosphorus against a civilian population in Gaza in 2008 in which over 300 children were killed?

  • Moral obscenities in Syria
    • anthonybellchambers August 27, 2013 at 8:43 pm

      There is a grave flaw in the US/UK decision to attack Syria - and that is that according to the BBC, the intelligence upon which the decision has been predicated, has been offered to the American and British governments by the intelligence department of Binyamin Netanyahu.

      If I were the president or prime minister of either of these two great democracies, I would be hesitant in the extreme before accepting "intelligence" from the only undeclared nuclear weapons state in the world that has refused to ratify the international agreements on nuclear proliferation and chemical weapons (NPT) (CWC) of which both the US, UK (and all EU states) are signatories.

  • The new anti-Semitism, and the campaign to silence American critics of Israel
    • The role of Political Zionism in the disintegration of the Middle East

      What defines modern-day, Political Zionism? It is a worldwide, essentially secular, political and social movement comprising a group of people with a common ideology whose goals are the development of the state of Israel and the enhancement of its position in both regional and world affairs. The majority of its supporters are Jewish, but not exclusively so.

      But that definition omits any mention of the fulcrum upon which the state of Israeli precariously balances. That is the United States of America – or rather, the United States Congress that is affiliated to the government of Israel in so far as all its members are vetted by AIPAC, the American Zionist lobby, to ensure that, as far as possible, they are all committed to its political agenda.

      As a lobbying group, AIPAC acts solely in the interests of a minority political faction within the United States that actively supports the state of Israel and is, therefore, not representative of the American electorate as a whole although it would be fair to say that it has, in general terms, a sympathetic audience on both the East and West coasts and in the Bible Belt of Middle America. But this latter is a religious Zionism that has little, if any, commonality with Zionism of the political stripe.

      However, it is arguable fact that Americans tend to easily absorb the political propaganda that portrays Israel as a beleaguered nation that ‘doeth only good and sinneth not’: which is somehow essential to the security of the United States on the other side of the world and which is allegedly threatened with total extinction by its Muslim Arab neighbours.

      The truth is more prosaic but infinitely more disturbing. The state of Israel is the only secret nuclear weapons state in the world with an arsenal estimated to contain more nuclear war heads than either France or Britain notwithstanding that it is less than one tenth the size of either country. Furthermore, it is reported to now have a fleet of submarines, inexplicably supplied by the German government, and now reportedly converted to being nuclear-armed and secretly patrolling the Mediterranean and the Gulf.

      Israel, of course, is a non-signatory to the nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty and is completely outside the inspection of the IAEA, thanks to the US concocted trick of ‘nuclear ambiguity’. Nor has Israel ever ratified the Chemical Weapons Convention to which the US and the EU are signatories.

      But what has this to do with the Middle East, in general, and the current dangerous instability, in particular? The answer is complex but the clues are to be found in the facts above.

      As a consequence of the influence of AIPAC upon American politics and specifically upon US foreign policy in the Middle East and elsewhere, it is clear that the Israeli government works through its lobby in Washington to achieve its political agenda. That agenda requires Israel to be the only regional, nuclear power and to ensure that none of its neighbours are ever allowed to challenge its military supremacy. The job of AIPAC is to ensure complete compliance with this agenda even if this entails sending American troops to attack Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Pakistan or Libya or any state in the Middle East notwithstanding that there is no direct threat to US security.

      However, any perceived threat to the American economy is an entirely different matter. In 1953, the CIA implemented a coup to overthrow the popular, democratically elected Iranian government headed by Prime Minister Dr Mosaddeq and to replace him with its own nominee, Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran. The far-reaching consequences of that illegal and illegitimate act of political violence, are now history - a history that is integral to the current instability in the Middle East. Now the US and Israel act in concert for their mutual advantage that is too often to the detriment of the Middle East and the world. And this has become more and more obvious as each year passes and each political situation that is influenced by billions of American dollars paid either overtly in ‘aid’ or covertly from slush funds. Hosni Mubarak, the deposed Egyptian dictator was paid billions of dollars each year to stay in bed with Binyamin Netanyahu in order to maintain a pseudo peace with Israel and a blockade of essential supplies to 1.6 million in Gaza, for over five years, that still exists today courtesy of American ‘aid’.

      The foregoing is but a snapshot of America’s complex and covert involvement, often in collusion with Israel, in the politics and conflicts of the Middle East - conflicts that are likely to determine the course of the 21st century and the world in which we all live. The current chemical weapon atrocity in Syria is but another alarming indication of events to come.

  • Mubarak is released while the Obama administration second guesses its second guess
    • anthonybellchambers August 20, 2013 at 5:10 am

      In 1953, the CIA engineered a coup in Iran to overthrow the democratically elected Mohammad Mossedeq and to replace him with the discredited Shah Reza Pahlavi who had been rejected by the electorate.

      This gross interference in Iran's internal affairs to suit the political ambitions of the West is mirrored today, exactly 60 years later, by the continued manipulation of Middle East politics by the United States acting under the demands of AIPAC, a powerful, unelected lobbying group for Israel, in Washington.

      For 30 years, the US kept former president, Hosni Mubarak, in power by the use of massive amounts of American tax monies totalling billions of dollars to ensure that the Egyptian president stayed in bed with Binyamin Netanyahu and his predecessors in Israel's Knesset.

      And today, notwithstanding that such use of US tax dollars is illegal to support a military coup, President Obama unashamedly still bows to the demands of the lobby and is supporting the military regime in Egypt.

      When the US,the most powerful state in the world, conspicuously acts in this illegal manner to control another state for the benefit of a third party with vested interests in the political outcome, then the international community loses the last vestige of respect for so-called American democracy.

      The world is no better off than 60 years ago, but arguably a lot worse and dangerously so.

  • Israelis assured Egyptian military there'd be no cutoff in US aid, NYT says (and Israel denies)
    • anthonybellchambers August 18, 2013 at 11:09 pm

      There is a compelling case for cancelling both EU and US aid/funding to Egypt and Israel until both comply with international law and the Geneva Convention on Human Rights, and both renounce violence against ethnic minorities.

      These two states respectively receive $1.3 billion and $6 billion every year from the US in grants, aid, gifts and loan guarantees. Astonishingly there is apparently no requirement that either government account for the use of these massive sums.

  • Why the coup determination is now irrelevant to the question of US aid to Egypt
    • America must suspend the $1.3 billion (£830 million) it gives Egypt in military aid in the wake of yesterday's massacre of non-violent protesters against the military junta that has seized power in Cairo. Not least because this slush fund is now contrary to America's own legislation.

      However, central to the violence and instability in Egypt is the state of Israel.

      The United States has effectively bribed the Egyptian government, as it bribed former president, Hosni Mubarak, for so many years in order that Egypt would subscribe to the agenda of the Israeli lobby in Washington to continue the siege of Gaza that has prevented the movement of essential supplies and still ensures that 1.6 million civilians in Gaza live on the edge of poverty and that Israel can continue its aggression against the Palestinian people by its illegal settlement in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

      There is no doubt that the US congress is complicit in this violation of human rights against the largest indigenous people of the region, the Muslim Arabs of Palestine, by its annual payment of $1.3 billion to the Egyptian government and $6 billion to the Israeli government in aid, gifts, grants and loan guarantees.

      US 'aid' is, in effect, an anti-democratic tactic that enforces an American foreign policy strategy in the Middle East that is determined not by the American people but by an unelected lobby.

  • Palestinians welcome home prisoners to the West Bank in late night celebration
    • anthonybellchambers August 15, 2013 at 3:21 am

      As Egypt burns and Israel expands its illegal settlements, the threat of a catastrophic war in the Middle East edges ever closer to reality.

      Once the so-called 'peace talks' have been deliberately aborted by yet further land grabs in the occupied West Bank, and there are more mass killings in Cairo, the scene will be set for a regional conflict that will likely see the entire Middle East in flames with the addition of devastating fallout from Israel's nuclear weapons.

      But there will be no winners, just a blackened radiated landscape extending from Libya in the west to Pakistan in the east, covering Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Iran.

      And the US and AIPAC will express surprise and bewilderment as the delayed radioactive contamination slowly moves across continents to fall, in rain, on crops and land in Europe, Africa and worldwide.

      And our world will never be the same again. That is the terrifying reality of today's WMD and their lobbyists.

  • Shimon Gapso and the racism of Israeli life
    • anthonybellchambers August 13, 2013 at 2:10 pm

      Israel, the ODME ('Only Democracy in the Middle East') aka
      Obscenely Determined Megalomaniacal Entity.

      megalomania. — noun
      'a symptom of mental illness marked by delusions of greatness, wealth, etc. allied to an obsession of self-importance and superiority'

      Sounds to me like a reasonably correct description. No genuine democracy treats human rights, civil rights and individual rights with such continuous contempt.

  • In order to criticize settlements, liberal Zionists hit Netanyahu for releasing Palestinian prisoners
    • anthonybellchambers August 12, 2013 at 2:10 am

      It is instructive that these Palestinian political prisoners jailed for attempting to regain stolen lands are termed criminals whilst the Irgun terrorists who massacred the entire Arab village at Deir Yassin are termed freedom fighters as are the terrorists who blew up the King David hotel in Jerusalem killing 91 innocent people.

      And of course the IDF soldiers who killed 307 children under the age of sixteen in Gaza in 2008 are heroes.

  • A solution to the conflict won't come from the Israeli Jewish public
    • anthonybellchambers August 9, 2013 at 6:08 pm

      The state of Israel was imposed upon the Muslim Middle East, in 1948, by a then newly established United Nations that represented just a fraction of the international community. In other words it was a deeply undemocratic decision made for the sake of political expediency in order to satisfy the demands of the then emerging AIPAC lobby that was at that time known as the American Zionists, which name was subsequently changed presumably in order to avoid being designated and registered as a 'foreign agent' and being subject to political restriction.

      Since that time, successive American governments have all buckled to the political, economic and military demands of the lobby whose declared interest is not America, but the state of Israel. Meanwhile, the Israeli electorate, a majority of whom are right wing, Likud supporters, are unwilling to comply with international demands for a repatriation of all illegal settlers back to Israel. Their government is in gross breach of international law and the Geneva Conventions on Human Rights but, led by the US, the international community, sits on its hands and instead of breaking off trade and diplomatic relations with the offending state, carries on with bilateral trade.

      This is the crux of the matter. Why is Israel, uniquely among the free nations of the world, allowed to treat the United Nations with such clear contempt?

  • Do Israelis want a real Palestinian state? The polls say no
    • Is the State of Israel a Liberal Democracy that wants peace?

      Does the current, ruling, right-wing, Likud coalition headed by Binyamin Netanyahu, with its agenda for a `Greater Israel` to include the Arab West Bank and Arab East Jerusalem, seek to control the thoughts and actions of its citizens in accordance with the Revisionist Zionist ideology of Vladimir Jabotinsky, the founder of the IZL terrorist organisation that bombed the King David Hotel in Jerusalem? Netanyahu is the acknowledged 21st century`s torch-bearer for Revisionist Zionism and its territorial maximalism.

      Does the Israeli state use mass media, exploit its diplomatic missions abroad and its powerful lobby in America to indoctrinate its audience worldwide with endless propaganda e.g. "There is no such thing as a Palestinian`, notwithstanding that the Muslim Arab has been the largest, continuous indigenous people of the land between the Mediterranean and the Jordan river i.e. Palestine, for well over a thousand years?

      Are Israeli schools and universities involved in implanting propaganda in the minds of their student populations that the indigenous Arab is somehow inferior to an Israeli?

      If Israel is a liberal democracy, as claimed, then:

      · Why is one fifth of its entire population, the Israeli Arab, denied full civil rights?

      · Why does the Israeli state openly violate international law?

      · Why does it expropriate Arab land for illegal settlement?

      · Why does it reject the Geneva Convention on Human Rights?

      · Why does it keep its secret nuclear weapons arsenal hidden from the UN`s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)?

      · Why is it not a member of the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT)?

      · How does its political lobby succeed in influencing the foreign policies of overseas governments to supply it with nuclear submarines, helicopter gunships, F15/16 fighter bombers, strike aircraft, chemical weapons and cluster bombs, and to have the US tax-payer service its military and fund its arms expenditure to the tune of billions of dollars, annually? How? Why?

  • Librarians group calls for boycott to stop 'erasure of Palestinian culture and history'
    • anthonybellchambers August 6, 2013 at 5:51 am

      You're correct! My sentence should have read, 'NOT primarily responsible ...'

    • Let's be clear - the state of Israel is NOT responsible for any unrest between Syrians, Lebanese, Egyptians, Jordanians, Iranians, Iraqis, Shi'ites, Sunnis, Christians, Kurds, Alawites or ethnic minorities.

      The sole exception being the indigenous Palestinian people whose land was stolen, whose towns and villages were destroyed and whose families were either killed, terrorised or dispossessed in 1948, upon the questionable authority of a then newly established United Nations that represented but a fraction of today's international community and which employed political expediency to re-settle hundreds of thousands of refugees from war-torn Europe.

      However, the resettlement was not in Europe or America but in the Muslim Middle East where Arabs have lived for well over a thousand years and who were, and are, the majority indigenous people of the region. Even Israel's first president, Ben Gurion, acknowledged that truth.

      The plain fact is that whilst the Netanyahu family, originally from Warsaw, Poland, can trace its family roots back to probably no earlier than 1800, the majority of Muslim Arabs can trace their ancestry back a millennium to just a few hundred years after the birth of Islam in the 7th .Century, in Medina by the Red Sea, just 930kms from Jerusalem.

      (The distance from Warsaw to Jerusalem is 2562kms.)

  • Iranian president's description of occupation as a 'wound' echoes Obama's description of conflict
    • To downgrade the Palestinian conflict with Israel, would be to commit a serious error of political judgement. For as long as there remains a massive, secret, underground arsenal of nuclear weapons that is completely outside the inspection of the IAEA, there is the probability that these will at some point in the future be deployed against one or more of Israel's neighbouring states with catastrophic consequences for not only the Middle East but for the entire world.

      To ignore the potential danger of these estimated 300+ nuclear warheads some currently estimated to be already fitted to Israeli submarines patrolling the Mediterranean and the Gulf, would be gross political and military madness.

      Clearly the threat to peace in the M E is not from Iran.

  • Talks will keep Palestinians from seeking redress against occupation, news reports say-- and Chris Matthews puts himself in Israel's shoes
    • An Israel government that has no intention of co- operating in the establishment of a Palestinian state - ever!

      The concept of a Jewish homeland, although not new, was encapsulated in the seminal work of Austro-Hungarian journalist, Theodor Herzl, entitled Der Judenstaat, (The State of the Jews), written in Paris in 1896. It was sub-titled, ‘Proposal of a modern solution for the Jewish question’.

      The book was used by Zionists to encourage Jews from across Europe, and America, to purchase land in Palestine, although in his book, Herzl was opposed to this and indicated his preference for a future Jewish state to be in Argentina. Subsequently, the British government proposed that it be located in British East Africa - a proposal that was rejected by Zionists in favour of Palestine. However, Palestine was not ‘a land without people for a people without land’ which was the widely-cited, but widely-misleading, Zionist political slogan of the time.

      In Der Judenstaat, Herzl envisaged an agrarian Jewish society that would offer a political, religious and social haven free from the endemic anti-Semitism that was then to be encountered in all levels of European society. The eventual result of the Political Zionism movement, would be the creation, in 1948, of a state of Israel, in Palestine, by virtue of Resolution 181 of the then newly established United Nations by a vote of the General Assembly in 1947 that was passed by just 33 votes to 13, with 10 abstentions including that of the United Kingdom. Those who voted against included all those Muslim states that would be directly affected i.e. Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen and, to a lesser extent, Turkey.

      The creation of a non-Muslim state in the centre of the Middle East, ostensibly to accommodate the millions of Jewish refugees from war-torn Europe and the Nazi Holocaust (in which six million Jews and, at least, five million non-Jews were murdered), was arguably one of the most divisive and controversial decisions ever taken by a United Nations that was at the time unrepresentative of global, international opinion. Today, there are 193 member states of the UN General Assembly – as compared to just 57 in 1947.

      Fast-forward to 2013, with the Middle East in turmoil and a conference in Washington between Israel and the Palestinians on talks about talks. The agenda being: whether Israel’s government, under Binyamin Netanyahu, is prepared to listen to the demands of the UN, the EU and the US to stop the illegal settlement building on occupied Arab land, which is a deliberate attempt to abort the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. And to repatriate all illegal settlers back to Israel.

      It is accepted that this conference is merely a façade on behalf of an Israeli government that has no intention whatsoever of co-operating in the formation of a Palestinian state or in the evacuation of its citizens from the Occupied Territories.

      But the State of Israel possesses a massive, undeclared arsenal of nuclear weapons that is estimated to be the most powerful in the world after the United States and Russia. It now also has a second-strike capability by virtue of a large, nuclear-powered, and nuclear-armed, Dolphin class, submarine fleet inexplicably supplied and subsidised by Germany. This nuclear-armed fleet is many times larger and infinitely more dangerous than any in France, Germany, Britain or the EU. Its submarines have reportedly been secretly armed with Popeye Turbo SLCM cruise missiles with a range of 1500kms, each capable of carrying a nuclear warhead of up to 200kgs.

      But the most disturbing aspect is that Israel has never ratified the nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty; is outside the regulation of the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency, and that its secret underground arsenal of nuclear weapons, now estimated to contain between 300- 400 warheads, whilst undeclared to the IAEA is powerful enough to destroy both the entire Middle East and most of Europe.

      Which means that Israel, under a political trick known as ‘nuclear ambiguity’, is the only undeclared nuclear-weapons state in the world, today, and probably the greatest threat to global peace.

  • John Kerry's peace process: Dead on arrival
    • anthonybellchambers July 29, 2013 at 12:19 pm

      Of course, there is no hope. This is a staged play act in which Israel who has occupied the West Bank and illegally colonised it since 1967, is determined never to allow the establishment of a Palestinian state anywhere west of the River Jordan.

      Netanyahu and he Likud party of which he is leader has an agenda to transfer all Palestinian Arabs, i.e. the largest indigenous people of the region, out of the West Bank in order to illegally incorporate it into Israel.

      To achieve this, there will eventually be war. And Israel will then use her undeclared nuclear weapons to reinforce her illegal expansion notwithstanding that it violates the will of he UN, the EU and even her mentor, the US.

  • Brace yourselves for-- 'Kerry's generous offer'
    • anthonybellchambers July 24, 2013 at 4:21 am

      Gaza International Airport and proposed security agreements within a two-state solution:

      1) The absence of any kind of Israeli army or security force beyond that which is needed for internal policing and security. The formation of an army with "planes, tanks, and other conventional heavy armour and weaponry" would be prohibited. Only weapons whose purpose is for internal security would be permitted.

      2) The Israeli state would be prohibited from forming military alliances with other nations or conducting joint military exercises. It would not be allowed to maintain any military forces or build any military structures outside its borders.

      3) Any sort of military infrastructure would be banned and the manufacture of dual-use components (though perhaps not intended for military use) would be prohibited.

      4) The Israeli police and security forces would have to engage in activities to prevent terrorism and smuggling of arms.

      5) The Israeli government would have to work to build a "culture of peace" and prevent interference in the state by radical extremists and opponents of peace.

      6) Effective control, supervision, and inspection along the borders of the Israeli state would be established.

      7) The Palestinian-Israeli airspace would be unified and controlled by the UN.

      8) The UN would control the electromagnetic spectrum to prevent disruption and jamming of military and civil communications.

      9) Palestine would retain the right to locate strategic sites and early-warning stations in the West Bank.

      10) Palestine would have the capability to deploy its troops against military and irregular forces infiltrating the Palestinian state.

      11) The Palestinian navy would have control of the seas and would have the ability to detain boats to prevent hostile activity and smuggling.

      12) The UN would maintain control of strategic high-ground areas overlooking the new Gaza International and Ben Gurion Airports.

      13) The UN would maintain the capability of stopping foreign armies and weaponry from crossing the Jordan River into the Palestinian state.

      14) The Israeli state would be allowed to possess only explicitly permitted weapons and capabilities, rather than not possessing weapons that were specifically prohibited.

      15) Palestinian and Israeli forces would have to share intelligence to prevent terrorism in either state.

      16) An effective supervision and verification system would be created to ensure that the Israeli state remains demilitarized and, in particular, that all its nuclear weapons are declared to the IAEA to be neutralised and handed over to the UN within six months of the two-state solution being implemented and the election of the independent sovereign state of Palestine to full membership of the United Nations.

  • Talking -- about talking
    • anthonybellchambers July 21, 2013 at 2:44 am

      Netanyahu is obliged to participate in this play-acting otherwise he could lose the $6billion in aid and loan guarantees from the American tax payer every 12 months.

      The plain fact is that the Likud party of which Netanyahu is leader is committed to its charter which demands a 'Greater Israel' with all Muslim Arabs and others in the occupied West Bank and in East Jerusalem ethnically cleansed from the former land of Palestine.

      These talks about talks will stumble on for a few weeks until Israel again refuses to stop the illegal settlement program and everyone goes back home including a naive John Kerry who didn't even bother to read the Likud Charter.

  • Oh, the joys of high office: going drinking with Shmuley Boteach
    • anthonybellchambers July 20, 2013 at 9:23 am

      I suggest you ask Rav Bo Teach to share with us what prompted him to leave London with so little notice all those years ago?

  • Hamas and Iran have vowed 'to wipe out the Jews' just as Nazis did, AIPAC says
    • The real story is that this is merely another stalling tactic by AIPAC and Likud’s extreme right wing leader, Binyam Netanyahu. HE HAS NOT THE SLIGHTEST INTENTION OF MAKING PEACE OR AGREEING TO A PALESTINIAN STATE.

      John Kerry needs to cease acting like a Putz and to start reading the Likud charter. In it he will find that Netanahyu and his political cohorts are in business in order to establish a Greater Israel incorporating ALL OF THE WEST BANK AND THE TRANSFER OF ALL ARABS TO NEIGHBORING STATES.

  • Israel is Samantha Power's first priority in opening statement to Congress
    • anthonybellchambers July 18, 2013 at 1:45 am

      Netanyahu is typical of the neo-Zionists who acquired power in Israel through the manipulation of a misinformed electorate. He was elected to form a Likud coalition by democratic election – but such elections do not always bring in a regime that holds democratic values or has the welfare of the people at heart. The National Socialists were elected in Germany in 1933, and there are many other examples.

      The original leaders of Israel were at least sincere. David ben Gurion whilst not averse to bending either the truth or the rules in order to gain a national advantage, was not in politics for personal gain. Today’s politicians in Israel are a different breed altogther. They do not bend rules, they break them. And they break them not for the benefit of the people. Politics in Israel is as bent as a $3 bill. Corruption is deep rooted and widely spread. It is the very antithesis of a democratic society. Which is why they are always screaming that they are the only democracy in the Middle East! Of course, it’s complete nonsense. Each week the politicians and their families become richer as the poor become ever more numerous.

      Furthermore, the Likud party encourages right wing extremism and contempt for the UN. Which is why youngsters take government money and head for Palestinian land where they build illegal settlements in accordance with the Likud agenda to prevent a Palestinian state at all costs. Of course, there will be a Palestinian state but not before Israel has been involved a bloody battle for survival as the indigenous people claim back their land. Many thousands will inevitably be killed but not the politicians who will by then be safely ensconced in a Manhattan apartment drinking Martinis.

  • In 'earthquake' diplomatic move, EU calls on Israel to 'recognize in writing that the West Bank settlements are not part of Israel'
    • At last, the EU has woken up!

      How long will it take John Kerry to realise what a fool they are making of him?

      Can he not read? It’s there in black and white! Netanyahu will never agree to peace. NEVER!

  • Israeli activists hit signs that segregate and promote fear of Palestinians

      The TEN Israeli Likud propaganda items that Hasbara trolls are required to blog :

      1. That the 3/4 million Arabs forced to flee in 1948 after the massacre in the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin by Menacham Begin's Irgun terrorists, all left their assets, houses, farms and olive groves, 'voluntarily'.

      2. There is no such entity as a 'Palestinian Arab' and Palestine itself was 'a land without people for a people without land'

      3. The US$6 billion given to Israel every year is not a gift from the American tax payer because one half is used to purchase US made fighter planes and munitions which gives work to American factories

      4. All criticisms of Israeli violence and violations of international law are anti-Semitic rants

      5. All those many thousands of Jews around the world who are horrified at the actions of the Israeli state, are 'self-hating'

      6. Without the essential contribution of the Israeli state, civilisation would collapse as there would be no cell phones, Uzi guns, computer software, diamond rings, oranges, electricity or sex

      7. All the land between the river and the sea belongs to Israel by divine right

      8. The Israeli army is the finest in the world although it has never yet engaged with a properly trained and equipped fighting force complete with F16 fighter aircraft, helicopter gunships and chemical weapons

      9. Israelis possess an invisible character trait that makes them innately superior to all other people

      10. The killing of 91 people in the atrocity perpetrated in the King David Hotel, Jerusalem, terrorist attack of 1946, by the Irgun bombers of future prime minister, Menachem Begin, was the work of 'freedom fighters' as was the massacre of Palestinian villagers in Deir Yassin.

  • Their water supply taken by Israeli settlers, Palestinian villagers depend on donkeys
    • anthonybellchambers July 8, 2013 at 7:42 am

      The TEN excuses that all Hasbara trolls and government- inspired pricetag terrorists are required to learn by heart and to spew out at every available opportunity:

      1. The 3/4 million Arabs forced to flee their homes in Palestine in 1948 after the massacre of the village of Deir Yassin by Irgun and Lehi terrorists, left 'voluntarily'.

      2. There is no such person as a Palestinian Arab

      3. Palestine in 1948 was 'a land without people for a people without land'

      4. The US$6 billion given to Israel every year is not really a gift from the American tax payer because one half is used to purchase US made fighter planes and munitions that places work with American factories

      5. All criticism of Israeli violence and violations of international law are merely anti-Semitic rants

      6. All those many thousands of Jews around the world who are horrified at the actions of the Israeli state, are 'self-hating'

      7. Without the essential contribution of the Israeli state, the world would collapse as there would be no cell phones, Uzi machine guns, computer software, medicinal drugs, diamond necklaces, hummous, oranges, water, electricity or sex

      8. All the land between the river and the sea belongs to Israel by divine right

      9. The Israeli army is the finest in the world although it has never yet had to engage a properly trained and equipped fighting force

      10. Israelis possess a character trait that makes them innately superior to all other people

  • Celebrating Morsi's ouster is easy, naive and shortsighted
    • Assad of Syria and Netanyahu of Israel, are both Middle Eastern politicians who will be sitting back and smiling contentedly as they watch Egypt's first democratically elected president being ousted by a military coup.

      Morsi of Egypt was, and is, the head of a peaceful Islamic movement that stands in solidarity with the aspirations of the Palestinian people in Gaza still under economic siege from the Israeli state that has tried to illegally effect regime change in the enclave.

      Now that Netanyahu and Assad have what they wanted, it remains to be seen whether it will actually be to their political advantage or if, in fact, they should have been more careful in that for which they had wished. Time will tell.

  • Meet Catherine Ashton, Tony Blair’s pro-Israel proxy in the EU
    • anthonybellchambers July 1, 2013 at 3:35 pm

      It would appear that Blair and Ashton are both fully paid up members of the US-Israel lobby that has such influence over American foreign policy in the Middle East and in Europe - but the US Israel lobby is a privately funded, unelected political pressure group that is only answerable to its funders.

      Is that democracy? And should Ashton who is appointed by the EU to look after its interests in foreign affairs be apparently working for those who who carry out illegal covert surveillance on us instead of working in the interests of those who pay her salary? Something smells off here!

  • Obama had a liberal Jewish base, and didn't work it
    • anthonybellchambers July 1, 2013 at 5:58 am

      A lobby-controlled US Congress will authorise covert surveillance on anyone or anything that is contrary to its political agenda for political and military hegemony in the Middle East, Europe and around the world. The elected presidency in the US is tragically impotent in the face of such political machinations. America is effectively now as democratic as North Korea. In both cases, actual power is in the hands of an unelected minority.

      It will be of no surprise to anyone who is politically aware.

  • Daily News and Foxman smear Alice Walker: 'infected by anti-Semitism,' all but 'a lunatic shouting anti-Semitic canards'
    • anthonybellchambers June 19, 2013 at 6:12 pm

      Alice Walker is correct not only about Gaza and the horrendous treatment of the indigenous Muslim Arabs but also of the threat to world peace.

      The urgent question to be answered is how did the state of Israel, whilst itself concealing a huge secret nuclear weapons arsenal, plus deploying a fleet of (undeclared) nuclear-powered and armed Type 800 Dolphin Class, German, government-subsidised submarines, manage to get America, the EU and the UN to impose the most draconian economic sanctions, ever seen in history, upon the sovereign state of Iran - a state that possesses not one nuclear weapon?

      Iran has a population of over 75 million mainly young people in one of the oldest civilisations on earth whilst Israel is a new state of just one tenth that size that was established only in 1948 yet has managed to bring about an unprecedented economic collapse upon its political opponent. How did it persuade the world to inflict this terrible blow to crush one of the major nations of the world that has a valuable heritage and important culture going back thousands of years?

      And whilst Israel builds yet more weapons of mass destruction in the desert and constructs yet more illegal settlements in the Arab West Bank and in Arab East Jerusalem in clear violation of international law and the Geneva Conventions, Iran's economy is being deliberately destroyed and the lives of its 75 million drastically damaged by a legal authority somehow obtained by the US from the UN.

      Are these iniquitous trade sanctions the greatest economic and social destruction of an entire nation of 75 million, in the interests of an obscure political movement, ever known in the entire history of the world? And if so, should they not be immediately lifted in the interests of justice, democracy, morality, freedom and the future of Europe and the Middle East?

      Tony Bellchambers, London UK

  • UN nominee Power spoke of Israeli human rights abuses and US 'domestic constituency' with 'tremendous' financial clout
    • anthonybellchambers June 6, 2013 at 10:48 pm

      The appointment of Ms Powers is supremely irrelevant!

      For so long as the United States continues with the ludicrously dangerous stratagem of 'nuclear ambiguity' that allows Israel, at the demand of The Lobby, to hold and increase its estimated massive nuclear arsenal, in secret and outside the inspection of the IAEA, then the START treaty becomes a nonsense and the security and peace of the world becomes increasingly dependent on the extremist right-wing Likud government of Netanyahu.

      It is a supreme irony that all our children's lives, and ours, will in future depend on the politic agenda of a small state on the eastern Mediterranean.

  • Clashes break out across the West Bank as Palestinians mark the Nakba
    • anthonybellchambers May 17, 2013 at 7:24 am

      Warmongering prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, of Israel seems determined to ignite a new conflict in the Middle East as he increasingly provokes international opprobrium by building ever more illegal settlements that increasingly push 5 million indigenous Muslim Arabs into a tiny corner of their original lands in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

      It appears that his agenda is to provoke a war in which he can deploy his secret nuclear weapons of mass destruction to consolidate his theft of occupied territory in gross violation of United Nations resolutions and the Geneva Conventions on Human Rights.

      Possibly the worst aspect of this warmongering is that it is funded and armed by the United States Congress, an administration that is controlled by the privately-funded, unelected American Israel lobby.

  • The power of Stephen Hawking
    • The following, in essence, is the reason for the condemnatory report by the Church of Scotland, this week, and also for the action of world-renowned scientist, Professor Hawkins in deciding against attending an Israeli conference to honour a man who collaborated with the odious apartheid regime in South Africa in the supply of nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

      'Defenders of Zionism say it is a national movement for the repatriation of a dispersed socio-religious group to what they see as an abandoned homeland.

      Critics of Zionism say it is a colonialist or racist ideology. Reasons for opposing Zionism are varied and include the confiscation of land from indigenous Palestinians and their ensuing expulsions, racism and violence against Palestinians, and a refutation of the Zionist claim of a Jewish scriptural entitlement to the Holy Land.'

  • Say 'thanks' to Stephen Hawking
    • anthonybellchambers May 11, 2013 at 1:00 am

      “@Thousands of ultra-Orthodox jeered, spit and threw rocks at the 400 'Women of the Wall' who prayed at the Western Wall today, according to the Jerusalem Post.

      THE (claimed) ONLY DEMOCRACY IN THE MIDDLE EAST is in fact a rabid, misogynist society that treats orthodox Jewish women, together with all Muslim Arabs, male and female, as inferior beings. And yet, the democratic family of western nations still trades with this state! It is a disgrace and an affront to civilised society.

      Professor Hawkins, one of he world's most acclaimed academics has this week made a stand. He is a great exemplar to the rest of the world. We should have learned that to be silent in the face of injustice, and state terrorism, is to be allied to it. To take no action is appeasement.

      Just as the Church of Scotland has this week spoken out, so other organisations must follow suit.”

  • 'The policy of the present Israeli government is likely to lead to disaster': Stephen Hawking pulls out of conference hosted by Shimon Peres, backs academic boycott of Israel (Updated)
    • anthonybellchambers May 8, 2013 at 4:23 pm

      Why is it left to an eminent scientist to draw attention to the violations committed by Israel on a virtually daily basis?

      Why does the British government condemn without reservation the illegal settlements in the occupied Arab territories and yet continues to accept the status quo and trade with he Israeli state?

      Why does the EU continue to trade with Israel notwithstanding the blatant violation of the Geneva Conventions on Human Rights?

      Why does the international community accept the Israeli state-sponsored assassinations in Lebanon, Gaza, Dubai, Iran and in international waters?

      Why does the EU not abrogate the Association Agreement with Israel when that state is in clear breach of its human rights provisions?

      Why does the world accept the trick of 'nuclear ambiguity' that has allowed Israel to covertly become the 4th most powerful nuclear weapons state in the world by refusing to sign the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty and by concealing its WMD from the IAEA of the UN?

      Why is the state of Israel uniquely allowed to consistently violate international law and to treat the United Nations with contempt?


  • Exile and the prophetic: State swap
    • anthonybellchambers May 3, 2013 at 2:47 pm

      Taken as a whole, the Muslim Arabs of the land of Palestine have been and are by far the largest and oldest indigenous population of the region for the last 1000 years. This is a matter of public record that is beyond any neo-Zionist contention. Furthermore, notwithstanding wishful thinking, they will remain the largest indigenous population of the region and that inconvenient fact will not be challenged by illegal settlements, green or red lines or any other such obfuscation.

  • Land swaps in Israel/Palestine (and a bridge for sale in Brooklyn)
    • anthonybellchambers May 4, 2013 at 5:14 am

      Is making Israel into the 4th most powerful, nuclear weapons state in the world, the most misguided military miscalculation in history?

      As the state of Israel refuses to be a party to any of the international nuclear or chemical weapons, non-proliferation treaties, there is consequently no certainty regarding the actual number of weapons of mass destruction it secretly possesses. However, reliable global sources estimate that its number of nuclear warheads to be between 200 and 400.

      What also know that it will soon possess a 5th nuclear- armed, German- built submarine that will give it both first and second strike capability anywhere in the world.

      Israel, that is not subject to IAEA inspection and is the only undeclared nuclear-armed state that stands outside any reporting or international control agreements that exist for the continuance of global peace, is now estimated to possess more weapons of mass destruction than any European state, including both Britain and France who are, of course, both signatories.

      This potential threat to world peace exists because of the powerful, unelected Israel lobby that directs US government foreign policy in the Middle East through its 'contributions' to the US Congress. The payments themselves are a matter of public record as is the legislation that aids, arms and funds the Israeli state at the expense of the taxpayer.

      What is not on public record is the rationale for this most dangerous transfer of military power to the government of a small state in the most unstable region of the globe. An incongruous political entity that has to face the problem of being a hated cuckoo in an ancient Muslim nest.

      The status quo is that America's client state is now beyond the control of its own controller, making us all at risk from the fallout of a nuclear war that could damage our world for ever.

      The only answer now is to apply trade sanctions that will force the state of Israel to renounce its nuclear and chemical weapons programs and agree to a ME Nuclear Weapons Free Zone in the immediate future. The EU should take the initiative and suspend the Association Agreement that affords the Israeli government free access to European markets for bilateral trade. That would immediately force Israel's hand to decommission its weapons of mass destruction and mark the start of a process that would lead to peace.

    • The sentiments expressed by the Church of Scotland are the inevitable reaction to decades of Israeli government deceit and arrogance in offering financial inducements to its citizens to leave their homes in order to settle on Arab land that has been stolen by expropriation.

      Now is the time for the European Union to make a stand and to abrogate the EU-Israel Association Agreement that affords Israel free access to European markets. It is this agreement that gives Israel the economic clout to commit these criminal acts of land theft. The agreement should be cancelled, as a matter of urgency.

    • Netanyahu, Likud, Revisionist Zionism and (no) land swaps

      Revisionist Zionism is a nationalist faction within the Zionist movement. It is the founding ideology of the non-religious right in Israel. Revisionism is the precursor of today's Likud Party. Revisionist groups conducted campaigns of violence against the British authorities in Palestine to drive them out and establish a Jewish state.

      The violence in 1947 was perpetrated by the Irgun Zvai Leumi, a terrorist organisation headed by Menachem Begin, a Polish refugee. The violence manifested itself in Begin's terrorist bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, killing 91 people including many civilians.

      The Likud party, founded by Begin and now headed by Binyamin Netanyahu, is today's political heir to the Irgun, the charter of which demands a Greater Israel by the forced clearance (i.e. ethnic cleansing) of all Arabs from their lands in the Palestinian West Bank and East Jerusalem. There will be no land swaps.

      These are the antecedents and agenda of Netanyahu's Likud party that is the recipient of such massive US aid and arms, demanded from Congress by the Israel lobby at the expense of the American taxpayer.

      Among EU trading partners, the least democratic is the state of Israel that is still allowed to trade with Europe but which has the largest undeclared nuclear weapon capability in the world. It is the profits from EU trade that allow Israel to thumb it's nose at the UN.

      Without this trade with the EU and its funding from the US lobby, Netanyahu's government would be forced to repatriate all the illegal settlers back to their homes in Israel and there would by now have been a viable, working Palestinian state for the five million indigenous Arabs, dispossessed by the establishment of the Israeli state in 1948 and which is the continuing focus of instability throughout the Middle East.

  • Anonymous sources in the Israeli US Embassy don't like what they see on television
    • anthonybellchambers May 1, 2013 at 3:05 pm

      Israel: this anachronistic, latter-day, colonial state.

      The Israeli government believes that the current civil war in neighbouring Syria will serve to hide its own continued oppression of the Arabs, the largest and oldest indigenous people of the region for over a thousand years.

      The toxic taint of racial superiority that is endemic in today’s Israeli society is an ideology that is increasingly repugnant to the international community. Its legal inequalities and discrimination based on ethnicity and its restrictions on employment and residency, are the foundations that support this anachronistic, latter-day, colonial state.

      Just as Nelson Mandela, during apartheid, warned that the spectre of National Socialism was haunting South Africa, so they also haunt modern-day Palestine. Today, Arabs experience similar humiliations and indignities to those that European Jews experienced during the decade leading up to WW2 although not the concentration camps or the industrialised killings.

      However, the similarities between the life today of the Palestinians in the West Bank and in East Jerusalem to those who were obliged to live under the former regimes of apartheid in South Africa and National Socialism in Germany, are all too obvious.

      Israelis are taught to believe that Arabs, in general, are inferior, untrustworthy and fit only to be unskilled labourers, and consequently have been made into a persecuted ethnic minority in their own lands. There are clear ideological links with apartheid: passes, border controls, prohibited areas, controlled access points, imprisonment without trial, and torture. The prejudice is comparable with other forms of racism. These are racial doctrines of superiority and intolerance.

      Israel’s Likud government policies echo the claims of the South African National Party that the system of apartheid was not racist but merely the implementation of a policy of separate development for whites and blacks, only in this case it is for Jews and Arabs across 3m high separation walls that bisect Arab land and divide ancient communities. The failure of Europe, in particular, to respond to the plight of these five million disenfranchised and dispossessed Palestinians is a mirror of the world of European Jewry in the years prior to and during WW2 and the Bantustans of the apartheid regime prior to independence.

      An implied, but bogus, biological deficiency in the Arab mentality has led to discrimination and segregation; the illegal expropriation of their lands and the burning of their olive groves. The abdication of the moral responsibility by the Diaspora to unequivocally oppose such racial discrimination, persecution, imprisonment without trial and state sponsored assassination indicates a shameful position of appeasement. Furthermore, those who by inhumanity or cowardice help to keep in power a political party committed to racial superiority and segregation, are no less guilty.

      The oppression and injustice of Zionist ideology and the doctrine of racial superiority is an alien concept to most Jews outside Israel and a violation of Jewish ethics and the tenets of Judaism.

      Iran’s alleged threat that the state of Israel ‘must vanish from the page of time’ is similar to the Likud manifesto threat to illegally annex the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Neither should ever be allowed to materialise.

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