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  • Netanyahu's cheap theatrics fall flat, but alas, he has an audience of one -- Trump
    • I also thought this was a rather bizarre example of denial and projection. But then I read this, also from today:

      I guess the Saudis need their shrinking wealth to buy more weapons made in the USA (jobs! profits!), build Trump towers and gulf courses, devastate Yemen, and send more terrorists to Syria and Iran - all for the good of humanity. I have no idea what alleged evidence their is for Iran supporting AQ - past or present. Someone enlighten me .

      As we are told everyday, the US is still the greatest country, its constitution and justice system is still working,, despite the whole Trump mess. Is it? And for whom? How many family members of 9/11 victims will refuse cash taken from the wrongly convicted?

  • In order to receive hurricane relief, Texas town requires residents to reject Israel boycott
    • "Merica does not apply the Constitution anymore."

      Please enlighten me: when was the Golden Age when America applied the constitution? Because I don't see it

    • "This will prove to be a really dumb move by the Zionists. Americans are waking up."

      Sure, that's why they voted for Trump and Pence, , and Kushner and Ivanka, and Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel.

  • A new spirit in Gaza
    • " I was reminded by the highly weaponized border that the hopes for reconciliation and unity among Palestinians cannot succeed until the Israeli military occupation ends."

      One might just as well argue the opposite, i.e. that Palestinian unity depends on the occupation. Punch line from a ten year old article on blood feuds tearing apart Gaza:

      "What are they fighting about?" said the dead man's sister-in-law, Iman Nofal, 37. "When there are Israeli incursions the Palestinian factions are united. When there are none, they fight each other. They are trying to divide the families against themselves."

      It's the same in Israel, of course, where unity depends on terrorist attacks.

  • Trump's speech on Iran deal is an orgy for Israel and its US friends
    • "The key power Bibi and his Congress has to get to make the EU change it’s stance is the EU’s economic powerhouse Germany. "

      So tired of this misrepresentation of Germany as the powerhouse of Europe who calls the shots.

      Germany is the "powerhouse" of Europe primarily because it has the largest population of all European countries. Hence it gets more votes in the European parliament than less populous countries. That's perfectly normal in any democratic system. Germany gets no more vote than any other member state in the European Commission (1 rep/vote) where foreign policy issues are decided by simple majority or unanimity, depending on the case.

      The voting structure is not influenced by economic clout. Germany did not want the Euro in the first place, but it was the price extracted by the French for agreeing to German reunification. Le Figaro called it "Versailles without the war", and, contrary to popular belief, Germany has no influence on the EZB regarding the exchange rate.

      As the biggest economy, Germany also is the biggest net payer to the EU, a fact much resented by German voters who feel their financial contributions do not match their political influence /voting power. From their perspective, Germany carries far too little, rather than too much power. One reason for the recent electoral triumph of the AfD which started as an anti-EU party morphed into an anti-immigration party.

      The entire Fourth Reich hysteria is nothing but a manipulative guilt trip to coerce Germans to bail out dysfunctional polities and economies, tax evaders and xenophobes, like Greece or Poland.

      Immigration is generally seen as the answer to Germany's low birth rates. However, they are just as low in Poland, the most ethnically homogenous country in Europe, and with a considerably lower population density than the Netherlands, Germany, or Britain. Poland's biggest export is people, yet they are completely opposed to immigration, trying to fix the resulting economic problems by asking reparations from Germany for WW II. The Greeks already tried that one, and the Polish demand is even more outrageous.

      You are correct that Netanyahu has no chance with winning over the EU, much less Germany, for his anti-Iran plotting. And yes, associating with Trump is not going to help at all. Basically, the EU/US alliance is over. Most people don't seem to realize that the basic idea of the EU was not, or not only, to ensure peace and prosperity in Europe. It was to counter US (or Anglo-American) influence over Europe. And we are getting there.

      As for German, and French, domination of Europe (due to population and economic output): It could only be terminated by making the largest country in Europe part of the EU. That would be Russia. And it should and probably would have been if the Americans, flanked by their vassal Kohl, had not betrayed and destroyed Gorbachev with their NATO expansion.

    • one more thing: as usual, the focus is on Israel as dog-wagging tail, ignoring the other long-time ally of the US next door, an ally who gets away with running a medieval dictatorship, being the major sponsor of terrorism in the ME, both threatening and launching genocidal attacks on Shiites etc etc, all with full US military and diplomatic support. The Saudis want Damascus, the Israelis the Golan Heights, that's one main reason why Assad is the dictator and butcher who has to go. Ditto for Iran

    • If nothing comes of it, as is likely, I still don't see a "silver lining" anywhere. This is bad, really bad, and not just for Iran. Trump, at the UNGA, of all places, has openly threatened to completely destroy NK even though they do have nuclear weapons already. The old argument for nuclear weapons as a means of self-defence against a US attack/regime change operation is thus no longer valid. The US is now apparently ready to attack nuclear powers, and thus for WW3/Armageddon if her interests are threatened. Now what?

      The plan is, clearly, to coerce both Iran and North Korea to give up their nuclear weapons program altogether: submit or die. And, apparently, increase the US nuclear arsenal 10fold. If the latter did indeed inspire Tillerson's "f... moron' remark, Trump, no doubt, sees this as a stroke of genius. Which is it?

      If Trump wins this deal, without war, he will get the Nobel peace price (he had already been nominated for this year along the lines 'peace through strength') You know who actually won.

      If there is war, it will be the end of the US as a global superpower. As in Israel's Samson option, they will take a big part of the rest of the world, maybe all of us, down with them.America First!

      My guess is that Putin will once again play the role of saving the world from the idiocy of US foreign policy (as in Syria). Or maybe not. Read the letter in which Stalin explains how and why he did not interfere with the US/UN war against North Korea in 1950

  • The low-rent bullying of the Zionist ideologue
    • @JeffB

      "There is no movement that pushes for depopulating Italy and replacing it with say Chinese people."

      No, at least not in Italy. They are not worried about the Chinese. For that you may want to look at, say, Vancouver, or Toronto.

      Many Italians, however, do worry about migrants, immigrants and refugees doing just that. And not just in Italy. The projected winner of today's election in Austria belongs to the far right camp, and their greatest worry is that Austrians will be replaced and displaced by foreigners in their own country.

      Austria is also a small and diverse nation. A once mighty and ethnically diverse European state and empire that was reduced to little more than Greater Vienna after WW I, blown up by inter-ethnic strife. Can you blame them that they are a bit paranoid wrt more diversity?

  • Miko Peled on free speech and Zionism
    • "Zionists are criminals against humanity and they have wrought enough damage. Why should we listen to them, ever? Current law cannot oblige anyone to hear the sh|ts out. “Holocaust”(TM) deniers, trivializers, shorteners etc., on the other hand, are just people talking and they are far from enjoying government support with murderous armies."

      How does that not also apply to Americans? And yet you would immediately be branded as a virulent and unhinged anti-American if you made that point, even though it is perfectly valid. It's the same with Anti-Zionism=Anti=Semitism

  • Ten days of awe: standing with whom?
    • And you are the only one whose comments are filtered out, of course. Never happens to anyone else here. Not.

    • Boris, you really want me to name one nation whose claim to Palestine is older or better than that of the Jews? There are several, of coursebut , ok. What about the Canaanits?

      "There is no Israel without the conquest of Canaan and the expulsion or inferior status of Canaanites—then as now." Edward Said .

      To return to your American analogy: the Puritans embarked on the very same path, also with the alleged blessing of God to violate their moral laws, also God given, including commandments against theft, murder, coveting neighbours' possessions, wives etc, without any claim to being indigenous in any way. Worked just as well. Eventually, their descendants called themselves native Americans, and their country the best and greatest and most moral nation the world has ever seen.

    • Apples and oranges, Boris. If Jews are indigenous to Palestine, so are plenty of non-Jews. Iran, for instance, recognizes pre-Islamic religions like Zoroasterism, Judaism and Christianity as protected minorities, in an Islamic Republic.

      You are therefore only partially correct. It is true that Arab/Muslims view the Middle East as their territory (although they disagree, of course, on the correct version of Islam - but so did and still do Jews and Christians wrt their own religion) where they and they alone call the shots, and shooting each other more than they shoot Jews. A Jewish state, especially one under the protective wings of the Imperial US, is a provocation for many. No different in the US, btw, where, no matter how large the country was or became, no room, or very little room, could ever be found for a Native American state. The idea that the US is a Christian country, a view that defies both history and the US constitution, has long been dominant and continues to cause domestic and international strife.

      Only in that sense does your analogy work, at least to some extent

  • Bill making it a federal crime to support BDS sends shockwaves through progressive community
  • 'Irreplaceable bedrock' of U.S. backing for Israel is threatened by -- intermarriage
    • Wdr

      you are correct, of course. Israel is in very good shape these days. Ironically, the only support in decline is Jewish support, esp American Jewish support, and this will make not much difference. The other opposition comes from the EU. The arguments pushed by Netanyahu at the Visegrad meeting mic incident are what he has been openly peddling before US lawmakers years ago: Israel is leading edge in R&D, not just in weapons and surveillance but also in alternative energy, water technology and other areas that will become increasingly important and lucrative for the region and the world. The Palestinians have nothing to offer but bending the arch of history towards justice. One may see that as a superior moral goal but most of the world aparently does not. Hence Netanyahu's diagnosis that the EU is a crazy and suicidal group of countries that subordinates interests of trade and technological transfer to moral standards and the rule of international law, whereas everyone else is guided by legitimate self-interest and survival. The Visegrad countries love to hear this, and they will , and already have, invoke the Holocaust to camouflage their immorality as a great virtue and historical responsibility. See Orban's revolting statement , in response to Netanyahu, according to which betraying the Jews for an alliance with Germany will not happen again under his watch.

    • Happy birthday!

    • Israel is a rogue state supported by another rogue state that happens to be the world's only remaining super powe, and founding member of the UN.. There, I fixed it for you

  • 'Dissidents like me depend on Mondoweiss': an Israeli describes challenging apartheid from within
  • A tale of two cities
    • "White racist genocidal Europeans invaded Palestine to steal the country and to commit genocide on the native population. It’s psychotic to claim otherwise. "

      Subsitute America for Palestine. Now try you dual narrative theory in an American highschool. Which narrative will likely get more attention? How the Founding Fathers and immigrants built the greatest country ever, or how they stole the land from the ethnically cleansed and massacred indigenious population?

      What Festus (first comment above) says about the Zionists is also very true of Americans: the more they realize that the official narrative is a lie, the more they hold on to it. Projection onto supposedly greater villains aids such denials, be they Zionists or Nazis. And btw, the comparison of Jews and Palestinians as victims of the Nazis and the Zionists does not work at all. You would have to substitute Slavs for Jews to bring things in line eith ethnic cleansing and genocide for colonization purposes. Even if the Nazis had pursued from the start and accomplished the goal of killing every single Jew in Europe, it would not have given them anything close to the Lebensraum they sought to conquer. Completely false analogy conveniently missing the prime rationale of the Judeocide during WW II, for which the Western allies bear considerable responsibility

  • The false piety over Spicer's Holocaust mistake
    • According to Postol, both the Obama and Trump admin lied when they announed, in 2013 and 2017, that there was no doubt whatsoever that Assad was behind the sarin attack. Postol never claimed, then or now, to know who was respnsible.Neither do I, of course, but is seems that either admin misrepresented the facts, due to false intelligence or deliberate distortion, and that in either case the media bleated this out ad nauseam. The difference is that Obama did not launch a strike against Assad which is precisely what Trump recommended at the time in various tweets. Now he has completely reversed his former position, allegedly moved by televised pictures of "beatiful babies" brought to his attn by his daughter?

      Enough to turn even former Trump supporter Ann Coulter suicidal

  • Passover has become little more than an act of communal hypocrisy
    • I am amazed to find a very Zionist interpretation of Passover being used to accuse Zionism of hypocrisy. May I recommend an article published a few days ago in a Zionist newspaper (Haaretz) by Ofri Ilany, entitled: "The Forgotten Genocidal Commandment Behind the Story of the Exodus. The dark side of the story of the liberation from Egypt." It's not just the ten devastating plagues had to befall Egypt, ending with the murder of all Egyption first-borns, the calamity "passing over" the blood-marked doors of the Jewish homes. It goes on. Ilany:

      "The Exodus is a terrific story. So national, yet so humanistic. The primary source of all enlightened values. But is the story's depiction by Walzer, Ben Gurion and others compatible with the biblical account? Not really. Because attached to the story of freedom from bondage is a far less humanistic: the commandment to annihilate the peoples of Canaan during the conquest of the land. We should not forget that this is one of the most detailed set of instructions for genocide we have from the ancient world."

      It is not the only one we have from the ancient or modern world. And it is highly questionable whether Exodus has anything to do with history. It is, without question, a powerful myth which has inspired many, certainly not just Jews, or Zionists.

  • Jewless Holocaust. Israel first.
    • @rosross

      "The label Jewish is religious, the labels Polish, Czech, Ukrainian, are nationalities. You cannot compare religions with nationalities"

      Could you please explain this important point to, for instance, the Poles, or at least their ruling "Freedom and Justice" party?You see, they think that to be Polish is identical with being Catholic, and they can actually provide plenty of evidence that this is how "Polish"has been defined for centuries. Caused a lot of trouble for the Poles and others. Still, they won't let it go. The Ukrainians are split on religion which in turn only encourages the Poles in maintaining that your state goes down the drain unless you are united on religion. The Czechs are the least religious people in Europe and have been on a slow learning curve to reach that point since their defenestrations of non-protestant rulers that launched the 30 Year War. One reason why Poles and Czechs have despised each other for more than a century.

      "And yes, the Germans have been demonised because of Zionist propaganda which has milked the Jewish experience of Holocaust and has thus needed to make the Germans more evil than anyone else in human history. "

      Fine, but the Zionists were and are not the only and, imho, not even the worst offenders. Plenty of other countries involved in WW II had much to gain in both presenting this particular genocide as the worst crime in human history, and in exclusively blaming the Germans for its design and execution.

      Hence Churchill, hellbent on saving the coherence and alleged moral superiority of an empire where 'the sun never set, and the blood never dried' pronounced Auschwitz as the worst crime in human history a full year before the liberation of the camp by the Soviets. Context: loud protests in Britain against what was then openly called the 'bombing holocaust' in Britain, even inside the British airforce. Use that term today, as did J Friedrich in his controversial "The Fire", and Holocaust denial charges abound - esp in the UK and US. Context of Friedrich's publication: Iraq War. I would say the Vietnam War , not just the Israeli 1967 war, provides an important context to the rediscovery of the Holocaust as the worst ever crime, and how morally right it was to fight the Nazis (now Soviets) even at the cost of millions of civilian lives and the physical destruction of much of Europe (not just Germany). The Soviets, while not exactly highlighting Jewish suffering, also have plenty of reasons to demonize the Germans. Makes Stalin as liberator more plausible, esp in Eastern Europe, incl Ukraine.

      The list of beneficiaries is long, esp among the collaborators in the Bloodlands (party line: The Nazis were so evil and brutal we could not resist them or save more Jews than we did)

      The Holocaust provides endless justification for destructive and genocidal wars, no matter what noble 'never again' motives are being claimed in Israel or elsewhere

    • "The German eastern front war had as its goal the elimination of tens of millions of Slavs, permitting the resettlement of Russia with ethnic Germans. "

      There were plenty of conflicting plans around in the Nazi leadership wrt to this, but Russia was for the most part not included in German expansionist and resettlement plans. Nor was the East to settled with Germans. Remember that Aryan and German are not identical, and even if they had won the war, killing all Slavs in Eastern Europe/Western SU would have been wholly impractical and illusionary, quite apart from any moral considerations. The main prize was Ukraine, and it was supposed to be resettled with Germans and other Aryan Europeans, eventually forming a homogenous master race. Slavs were not entirely excluded either, depending on their 'racial' qualifications. It is precisely because scientific racism is a bunch of nonsense, no more and no less so than previous or later forms of ethnic purity fantasies, that enabled the Nazis to rather arbitrarily declare whomever they needed to be a polonized or russified German or honorary Aryan, by performing a few skull measurements , or picking blue-eyed children and having them raised by Germans, including Polish, Czech, Ukrainian and Jewish children.

      Hilter, in 1941, reckoned it would take 400 yrs or thereabouts to turn Ukraine into a European California populated by 'Germans' , and one had to be careful with the selection of assimilable candidates from the non-German population. In short, the German conquest of the East would have proceeded pretty much along the lines of Western expansion in the US after the Civil War. Lincoln was one of Hitler's hero's: Unite Europe in a violent conflict, if necessary, then get rid of the lesser races after using them as slave labour. The Slavs were his "Indians" , massacred or worked to death by building the railroads etc

      It is as counterfactual to assume that a Nazi victory over the Soviets would have produced a worse situation for Europe and the world, as it is to assume the opposite. But to project what happened during the war in the Bloodlands and beyond to the future of a Nazi dominated Europe up to the Urals, or less, is as absurd as to conclude from the atrocities of the civil war and its aftermath that the United States is a genocidal warrior state that should never have exited.

      What we do know is that millions of people died before, during, and after WWII, from the interwar period until long after 1945, as a result of war, bombing, famine, blockades, genocide, massive ethnic cleansing .

      Blaming it all on the Germans is political rather than historical. It makes everyone else look better than they were, and it reduces a very complex and far reaching global disaster to arch villains (Germans) and arch victims (Jews). It is interesting that the entire war has been cast in this mould, featuring two ethnic groups long reviled and both suspected of being capable of "world control". British or American, or even Russian/Soviet world control - no problem. But if the Germans or Jews take over, even if it's just a part of Europe or the ME, God help us all. Seriously?

    • "Seems to me the Trump administration’s Jewless statement about all innocent victims makes it easier to apply “Never again!” to all future genocides. "

      Not only future, but also past 'genocides' like the one perpetrated in NYC on 9/11, no doubt. 3 000 innocent civilians killed in an unprovoked attack for no other reason than being American (not all of them Americans, of course). America the victim. Fighting back

  • Thanksgiving in Palestine
  • Why 'give him a chance' is not an option
    • I see the pro-Putin, anti-EU brigade is out in full force again, led by Bandolero.

      Typical argument: The EU (Fourth Reich, led by Germany) and American cabal is supporting Ukrainian Nazis for the purpose to oppose Putin's righteous claims on Ukraine/Crimea. If only it were a coherent argument: nobody has any objections to Putin supporting nationalist right-wing movements across Europe, from Greece (Golden Dawn), to Le Pen and the NF in France, to Jobbik in Hungary, and Pegida/AfD in Germany - all Putin (and Trump) lovers. Yet the US/EU being on the side of Ukrainian nationalists, including those unabashedly displaying Nazi symbols and salutes (like Trump's supporters) is unacceptable?

      First, displaying the same symbols, such as the swastika, does not mean those various groups are in any way identical with each other, in either their goals or motivations, or, for that matter, with the original Nazis.

      As for the Ukrainian situation: Anyone familiar with the long history of Ukraine will realize that Ukrainian nationhood is a very, very complicated issue. Like many if not most nations, Ukraine does not have some single tribal or ethnic/linguistic root, and like other European countries, ethnicity and language do not coincide, as is the case in the very country, Belgium, whose capital, Brussels, is the centre of the EU. Just like Dutch speakers in Flanders do not consider themselves to be Dutch, French speakers in Walloon do not consider themselves to be French, and German speakers in Eupen-Malmedy do not consider themselves to be German. Their independence movement considers to become either an autonomous region within the EU, or join Luxembourg, or Germany. It's complicated, historically and politically. Unkraine is presently divided into Ukrainian speakers in the west, Russian speakers in the East, and a population in the middle who speak a mixture of Russian and Ukrainian. According to Putin, Ukraine is not a nation, and this has been the Russian view for, literally, centuries, and it has been the Soviet view as well. It is not the view shared by Ukrainian nationalists, esp. not the Nazi variety, but let's keep in mind that with the exception of the brief Nazi/German occupation, after Hitler attacked his former ally Stalin, Ukraine has been subject to relentless Russification (as well as Polonization) for at least 3 centuries. Read, at least, Raphael Lemkin's take on genocide of the Ukrainian people in both Czarist and Soviet Russia:

      Studies of Imperialism and colonialism have only recently discovered the issue of 'inner colonialism' which pertains to Imperial and Soviet Russia as much as it does to the US and Imperial and NAzi Germany.

      Interesting that Lemking compares homo sovieticus with homo americanus at the end of his essay on genocide. Hitler's criticism of homo sovieticus was also that the best and brightest were eliminated. His criticism of the Anglo-Americans were that capitalism, despite ruling over vast areas of land, was still incapable of creating just societies, thus starving people along class lines

      A lot of questions Hitler asked are surprisingly rational, and modern. And they are back, with a vengeancce. One of them, also asked by Zionist pioneer Jabotinsky, is: why should some people have all the land?

      Russia is already and has long been the largest country on earth, with a small population of 150 million today. If Putin needs more people, there is no shortage of people seeking refuge or opportunity to build a better life around the globe. Why does he need the Crimea or Ukraine? And you will admit that, Western propaganda or not, the Ukrainians, on the whole, prefer independence from Russia, and EU membership. Your Farangist attempt to sell the EU as some tyrannical dictatorship that starves people into submission until they pay the greedy German bankers is absurd, and every half-sane observer will look through it. What Russia, as well as the UK and us have indeed never managed, despite creating vast empires, is to create just societies that combine individual freedom and prosperity for more than a minority of the people

      Oligarchy is the historical fall back position not only in the Uk and US but also in Russia. Russia today is a kleptocracy, with a distribution of wealth that is even more obscene than it is in the West. Rather than expand Russia, it may be a better idea for Putin to fix it first. But military might , macho allure and brilliant rhetoric and pluster is all Putin has on offer to make Russia great again.

      Sure, if the West wasn't so messed up and hypocritical, Putin would not have been so successful, now being widely revered as the new saviour in the disenchanted and cynical western democracies. However, as with his fellow billionaires Trump or Farage, not all that glitters is gold. They are all nationalists who believe that being great naturally includes putting down others. As in : Russia is a great nation and superpower, Ukraine is not even a nation. Can't believe you anti-Zionists are falling for that with glowing admiration while kicking Israel for the same kind of chauvinism

  • After years of careless accusation, Dershowitz says anti-Semitism charges must be 'very careful'
    • "Mr Bannon is Julius Streicher 2.0 in maybe 1938"

      Not a bad analogy in view of the fact that Streicher became a pariah in 1938 after starting to attack his long-term critics in the Nazi leadership with charges that were just as unhinged as his invectives against Jews.

      But that was not the end of Streicher who was merely stripped of any public office, and who more or less retired to private life in Bavaria until he was sentenced to death at Nuremberg for incitement as a crime against humanity. From the judgement on Streicher at Nuremberg, adapted to Dersh:

      "In his speeches and articles, week after week, month after month, he infected the German (American) mind with the virus of (anti-) anti-Semitism, and incited the German (American) people to active persecution."

      I find it all pretty coherent, actually. Streicher did not just aim at Jews, but also 'self-hating Germans' (those who did not hate Jews, but hated Streicher).

      The next logical step would be that the ADL specializes on persecuting false charges of anti-semitism. As an expert in that line of work, the Dersh may have plenty of job opportunities coming his way


  • Before Trump's revolution, there was Sanders'
  • 'A revolt against the future': Quick reflections on the November 2016 Election
    • hey, ranting RoHa, you forgot the heroic and blameless history of Anzac interventionism from the Gallipolli to the Iraq disaster. So what are you learning from the Australian Aboriginals? How to fight of refugees and criminals arriving on boats, endangering the good people who already live there?

  • Day One in Trump's America
    • Violations of the constitution are a dime a dozen in US history. What makes you think that all of a sudden things will change? I would say it is a violation of the First to arrest journalists for reporting on the Dakota pipeline protests. Well?

      Or for a presidential candidate to call for more torture, as Trump has done. How does that differ from "torturer-in-chief" Bush? Consequences for Bush? None. Has Obama ("Torture is not who we are") closed Gitmo, or interfered in any way, other than denial, with the practise of torture? No, and no consequences for Obama either. The Revolutionary Founding Fathers outlawed torture because it had gone out of fashion in Enlightenment Europe anyway, and because they had every reason to fear that they would nevertheless be subjected to it by the British, for the high crime of treason. But what was to protect them was not to protect their slaves, who were literally tortured in George Washington's basement. Torture is what you are. And the eternal rogue state that does not even follow its own laws

    • Get of your high moose and open you eyes: There are thousands of sore losers out in the streets right now, screaming not my president, fuck Trump, fight Trump, shoot Trump, insulting his not too attractive looks (is he less physically attractive than, say, Michael Moore?) and calling everyone who voted for him a racist, sexist asshole, and, insult of insults, un-American. The Left can be, and historically has been, as lunatic, violent , and undemocratic as the Right.

      Plenty of women, Muslims, and Hispanics voted for Trump. Are they all self-hating? Or not real women?

      I have to say that the dumbest mistake HRC and the DNC made was to go for shattering the "glass ceiling" when it was apparent that a large number of traditional and potential Dem supporters were willing to crawl over broken glass to vote for Sanders.

      HRC , not to mention the completely out of touch Albright or even Steinem, are simply too stuck in outdated feminism to not have a clue how such gems as "special place in hell for women who don't vote for HRC" drove away plenty of women who don't vote with their "vaginas" (Sanders supporter Sarandon), and that female solidarity is as fictional as male solidarity (for proof on the latter see discussion on what men really talk about in locker rooms, whatever) .

      Besides, women as leaders have absolutely nothing to prove. We've had Cleopatra, Katherine the Great (greatly revered by both Putin and Merkel, but presumably for different reasons) , Virgin Queens and Bloody Marys, Golda Meir and Margaret Thatcher, and countless others.

      Why anyone would think Hillary could sail to victory because she is a woman, when she was already hated as First Lady, is strictly beyond me.

    • It is just as foolish to shame third party voters for having aided Trump's victory. How do even know whether votes for Stein or Johnson would have automatically or completely gone to Clinton? I don't see it.

      The polarizing and dysfunctional two party system in the US, as well as the insane, repulsive and expensive campaign circus, have been dealt a major blow even without a high-scoring or winning 3rd party candidate. Both the DNC and RNC have screwed up massively, and both parties have fallen on their own swords, catering to identity politics, or the tea party, ignoring major issues such as climate change (did not even come up in the inane debates)

      It is perfectly understandable, and possibly laudable, that many Americans rejected voting for the lesser evil, or did not vote at all, which is still a legitimate choice, regardless of the reasons for voting or not voting.

      Watching this election, or the Brexit campaign, really makes you wonder whether it's time for sortition, rather than letting "idiots" (in the Greek sense), vote or not vote.

    • Sure looks like Brexit 2.0.

      But what are Americans exiting? Empire? Leader of the free world? With Merkel being declared "Leader of the Free World" by Time magazine (Trump was another contender for the title, and is sure to win next year), should the Statue of Liberty with the invitation to the huddled masses be moved to Berlin and the "Fourth Reich"? Do people in the UK and US (or in Germany and the rest of Europe, for that matter) even know where and what the 1000 year First Reich was, and how much the EU resembles it?

      JFK at the Berlin Wall:

      Two thousand years ago, the proudest boast was civis romanus sum ["I am a Roman citizen"]. Today, in the world of freedom, the proudest boast is "Ich bin ein Berliner!"

      As a matter of fact, the Romans also build a wall (Limes) to protect themselves and their area of conquest after a shocking defeat in the year 9 AD, the battle in the Teutoberg forest, where a militarily and technologically vastly inferior bunch of Barbarians/Teutons/Germani dealt a wholly unexpected surprise defeat to the mighty Romans. Like 9/11, it changed the world and the future of Western and Central Europe, dividing the continent into a Germanic and Romance sphere, a rift yet to be overcome entirely. But that's another story.

      More immediate concerns would be whether the US will suffer a similar constitutional crisis as does post-Brexit Britain. I mean the High Court ruling that the current PM May has no mandate to invoke article 50 (thus initiating termination of UK's EU membership) without parliament's approval. This ruling has provoked outrage in the UK, namely the tabloids, complaining about subterfuge of the will of the people who, however narrowly and following a campaign of misinformation and false promises, voted for Brexit.

      A different but similar crisis could ensue in the US wrt the electoral college which had been specifically designed as a check against direct democracy and the possibility of installing an unqualified president in the WH. Ironically, Trump himself , among many others, has called for the abolition of this outdated check on democracy . But with Clinton winning the popular and losing the electoral vote, and with Trump's qualifications for the office being widely questioned, what are the chances that the EC will play a more prominent role than it ever has in US history? Trumps lawyers have called for his Trump University lawsuit to be postponed to January, allegedly because he is to busy before taking office to deal with this distraction. Presently, the court date is Nov 28, well before the EC vote.

      If Trump turns out (and who would be surprised) to be no lesser liar and crook than HRC, we will hear plenty of Americans scream "Lock him up!" etc, and the choice will be between installing one or another criminal as POTUS, with or without a majority of votes from either voters or electors. This is truly unbelievable, playing on the national and global stage.

      The only remaining superpower incapable of producing anything but chaos, internationally and domestically.

      US exceptionalism is finished, and survives only as "exceptionally nuts"

      So yes, there is definitely a need to 'make America great again', and the Clinton-Obama mantra about 'America is great and has always been great' rings hollow across the States and the entire globe.

      It's going to be a wild ride, and I wish both the US, Europe, and the rest of the world all the best to get through this.

  • 'The era of the Palestinian state is over' -- Israeli right celebrates Trump win
    • "Trump was almost destroyed by one item which must be in the blackmail files of many interested parties, his locker room remarks. Then the effect was matched by those of the Comey bombshell. "

      I have to disagree with you, because you are comparing apples and oranges..

      The locker room talk was about sex, and Trump could not be destroyed by this, at least not by Clinton. Sanders could have done it, but the prospect of having a former groper in chief become "First Gentleman" was equally unappealing. Trump as groper in chief at least had the asset of indeed breaking a glass ceiling by bringing in the very first First Lady who is foreign-born, speaks five languages, and English with a prominent Eastern European accent. The only other foreign-born First Lady, some 200 yrs ago, was born in England. Her conversation with Cooper on the locker room talk was brilliant and dignified, much more so than, say, Hillary's history of defending child rapists as a young lawyer, or her husband on various occasions.

      The Comey revelations were about HRC breaking federal law with her emails, and should have been countered with Trumps illegal past and present, be it tax fraud, Trump University, or employing and shafting foreign workers. Why the media entirely focussed on Clinton's emails, and practically ignoring Trumps illegal dealings and lawsuits, is a bit of a mystery. This, indeed could have destroyed him, and it may still do just that.

    • It would be more historically accurate to say, from the perspective of 1947 (official declaration by the Allied counsel that the state of Prussia no longer exists, thus confirming facts on the ground): "The era of the Prussian state is over" - Victorious Allies celebrate Hitler's defeat.

      Not that Hitler was Prussian. But his country of birth, the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, had already been dismembered and abolished by the Versailles treaty, thus allowing for the re-establisment of a Polish state (among others), even though the lion share of 18th "Poland", a multi-ethnic and multi-religious European state, and not a nation state, had been part of Russia) . And Prussia was already the focus of the Anglo-American-French-Russian war on Imperial Germany in WW I. WW II was just a continunation and variation )Italy and Japan switching sides, Turkey and Ireland staying out of it) of that older conflict.

      In 1945, Prussia was divided between the Soviet Union, Poland, Belgium, East Germany (Soviet occupation zone), and Berlin (occupied until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 by France, GB, US, USSR). Former Prussian territory annexed by the SU and Poland were ethnically cleansed of pretty much the entire German population, considered then and now as a massive crime against humanity in obvious violations to the principles pronounced at the Nuremberg tribunal

      Or you could say, from the perspective of Sept/Oct 1939: "The era of the Polish state is over" - Hitler and Stalin celebrate their victory over the 'hideous offspring of Versailles' (Molotov)

      There is still a German Right, rising in popularity. Abolishing Poland is not on their agenda, and actually never has been. In fact, there are plenty of Poles and Russians today (as German or EU citizens) who are active members or enthusiastic supporters of the AFD whose xenophobia is very focussed on Muslim immigration from MENA.

      Unlike earlier incarnations of "Poland", post-war Poland is the most homogenous nation state in Europe, and the most xenophobic. Religion (Catholicism) is at least as relevant for Polish identity as is the case in Israel (where jewish or secular liberalism and various forms of religious orthodoxy as well as bigotry coexist to an extent Poland seems incapable of managing) Also presently ruled by an extremely right wing party. Compared to Poland, Israel, with a non-Jewish minority of some 30% within the Green Line, is a rather shining example of tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

      Your comment perpetuates the old false narrative of an innocent Polish victim annihilated by German right-wing aggression. That's only half of the truth given that inter-war Poland was an expansionist, aggressive and eliminationist (against neighobring states and domestic minorities) state run by a military dictatoship, and that plans to eliminate Poland, or render her impotent, span from Napoleon to FDR, and include both Stalin and Hitler. FDR was quite happy to subject the Poles to Stalin's iron rule, and privately complained about them as a "difficult people, at home (in the US) and abroad (In Europe)". Churchill told them at Yalta to put up and shut up.

      It would not surprise me at all if a OSS , giving Palestinians in the OT full citizenship, and Israel full licence to deal with domestic terrorism , Palestinian or Jewish, as they see fit, should find widespread consensus in the US and Europe

  • Israeli soldier shoots Palestinian taxi driver in head by mistake, then Israel seizes his car and entry permit
  • Meet the Palestinian volunteers on the frontline of Europe's refugee crisis
    • "And why is no one the least bit surprised that Israel isn’t taking in any refugees? Disgusted, but not surprised. "

      How welcome are refugees in countries who illegally invaded Iraq and bear major responsibility for the refugee crisis?

      The US. GB. Australia. Poland.

      Disgusted, but not surprised.

  • Thank you, Chief Rabbi. Now I know: Judaism is to blame for the Nakba
    • I would agree that all Abrahamic religions (and plenty of others, too) are "bloodthirsty". It is therefore both pointless and misleading to posit some unbridgeable gulf between Judaism and Zionism, or even between Christianity/Islam and colonialism, imperialism, or fascism.

      It all depends on how one reads religious texts that are, in essence, completely contradictory, thus leading to the paradoxical view of any of these religions as religions of peace, and/or of war and genocide.

      From a recent article published in Haaretz on the topic:

      Calls for genocide. Instructions for how to manage sex slaves captured in battle. Death penalty for homosexuals. When you read these words, what comes to mind? ISIS?  Boko Haram? Al Shabaab?
      Keep thinking. Every year, Jews across the world gather weekly to read consecutive portions of the Torah, Judaism’s holiest text, which features the morally repugnant list above as well as many other offensive passages (genocide: Deuteronomy 20:16-17; sex slavery: Deuteronomy 21:10-13; death penalty for homosexuals: Leviticus 20:13). The completion of this annual reading cycle is celebrated on a holiday called Simhat Torah, which begins next week.
      Is there any justification for Jews continuing to celebrate the completion of a book that reads in part like an instruction manual on how to be a terrible person?
      The answer depends on how we approach the text. The Talmud states that the Torah can be a “deadly poison” or an “elixir of life” depending on the mindset of the person who studies it (Ta’anit 7a). For those who approach the Torah unquestioningly as a guidebook, these passages can, quite literally, be "deadly." One need not look further than the past few months: The ultra-Orthodox murderer at this year’s Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem and the fundamentalist Jews who burned a Palestinian family alive are chilling examples of what happens when people blindly follow the words of a book that advocates homophobia and genocide.
      There is, however, another way to read the Torah -- one that turns it into an “elixir of life.” Under this approach, the Torah is not an instruction manual. Instead, it is a mirror that forces us to grapple with all of the beautiful, complicated and ugly parts of our humanity.
      In addition to genocide, sex slavery and homophobia, the Torah contains deeply moral messages about pursuing justice (Deuteronomy 16:20), giving charity generously (Deuteronomy 15:7-8), and caring for the most vulnerable in society, like the stranger, the orphan and the widow (Exodus 22:20-22). By revisiting these drastically contrasting passages within the same holy book every year, we are forced to continually ask ourselves what our position is on these issues, to answer the very first question in the Torah: Where are you? (Genesis 3:9).

      read more:

  • Human Rights group: Gaza power crisis has led to death of 29 Palestinians, mostly children, since 2010
    • Are you serious? Your response is more of the usual nonsense, and you obviously don't understand that a society (Israel) whose view of itself and the rest of the world is based on a specific memory of the Holocaust can not be expected to react rationally, or even humanely, to any threat, be it real or imagined.

    • "The Holocaust was one of the terrible events in history, but it was over 70 years ago....The Palestinians have been suffering for over 60 years "

      This is an opinion many people share, and find rational. But it is incompatible with the Holocaust as a religion, rather than a historical fact.

      I first realized that the Holocaust was not merely a historical event/fact but also a religion when I read the following definition on the Auschwitz Memorial website, on the issue of various forms of Holocaust denial:

      "In essence, this [the Holocaust] was not only the most tragic of human experiences, but also the most significant—not only in terms of the past, but also of the present and the future. "

      According to this definition, it simply does not matter whether the Palestinians suffer for 60 years, 6000 years, or 6 million years. Their suffering will by definition remain insignificant compared to the Holocaust.

      Questioning this constitutes Holocaust denial and an affront to Jewish victims and their descendants.

      Obviously, this is irrational. The argument also follows quite closely the traditional Christian/Catholic view of the suffering of Christ as the greatest suffering in all history - past, present, and future. No human suffering could match, even dare to compare itself to Christ's suffering. This would constitute a major blasphemy and heresy (or, in this case, Holocaust denial)

      It is perhaps unsurprising to find such views expressed on a Polish website: the comparison of Poland/Poles with the suffering of Christ is a regular blasphemy in Polish political culture since the 19th century.

      Either view is an insult to human reason and universal values

  • Anti-Semitism is considered a serious moral failing. But no one calls out anti-Palestinian bigotry
    • MHughes, re: the "nasty things" - the British obsession with the Germans is interesting, I think, given the fact that extreme anti-German sentiment predates both WW II and I. But since I am travelling around Europe right now, I have to get back to you on this rather complicated issue.

      As for assigning the German Nakba to the memory hole: I am not sure this is even the case. Granted, many people have no knowledge of it but it has never been a secret either. Worse, I think, than denial, is toleration, if not outright support for what in either case/Nakba must be considered a major crime against humanity.

    • "nobody cares about anti-Palestinian bigotry."

      "No other human rights movement I can think of is automatically accused of being racist."

      I can think of at least one, but nobody cares about anti-German bigotry either.

      Here is a typical take on the issue, from a pro-Israel perspective. And lets remember that the Palestinian/German (Sudeten German) comparison goes way back to the 1930s, popularized by none other than Hitler. Which helps neither the Germans nor the Palestinians

  • Another interview on Israeli TV
    • @ Stepehn Shenfield:

      Here is what I found on Wikipedia:

      "Metapedia is an electronic encyclopedia which states that it focuses on European culture, art, science, philosophy and politics. It contains far-right, white nationalist, white supremacist, white separatist, antisemitic, and neo-Nazi[2] points of view.[3][4][5] It was officially launched on 26 October 2006 with the Swedish-language edition.[6][7] The English section was launched on 28 April 2007.[6][8] The Hungarian version has the most articles: 144,189 as of 27 September 2013."

      That the Hungarians are particularly prolific on this site can hardly surprise anyone familiar with the European right-wing, xenophobic scene. And yes, anti-EU, anti-immigration, "Poland for the Poles", Ukip, FN and the German AfD are definitely on the rise since the financial crisis brought down Greece, and the recent wave of refugees from the ME, Syria, and Africa followed in its wake.

      It's not the whole story , though. Certainly not in Germany.

  • 'NYT' exposes Clinton as most hawkish candidate when it's too late for readers to choose
    • "I’m glad we’re hearing more of you again, Antidote."

      Love you, too, Martin, seriously, without sarcasm, always. Not that I always agree with you but I respect and appreciate your contributions. They frequently go much deeper than what I can counter in a brief, straightforward reply, and that's the only reason why you don't always get a reply from me. Remember that.

      Regarding your reply to the ongoing FBI investigation as a sham, I am not sure what you mean. . Consider the past role of the FBI as a kingmaker.

      Anyway, I have some 30 people coming for dinner in half an hour, and just burned the gravy.

    • citizen,

      fine, re msm, nothing new here. But why on earth is there no recognition of the problem among Clinton supporters throughout the primary process, or some kind of mass protest against this absurdity? Not even the Sanders campaign has made an issue of it, despite the ability to rouse a mass movement.

      I guess she can pardon herself, if indicted, once she is elected. Or Obama could pardon her during his lame duck period. No less absurd.

    • True enough. Even worse: The FBI just announced it is in no hurry to finish its investigation of Clinton, which may well go on beyond the DNC date.

      WTF does that mean?

      Would it not be of the utmost urgency to know once and for all whether a presidential frontrunner is actually a legitimate candidate, rather than a possible felon about to go to jail?

      Is she just a tool to run Sanders into the ground up to and/or beyond the DNC, then indict her, and give the Dems full liberty to run whoever they want as candidate in November?

      Or, let's say HRC is indicted AFTER she is elected POTUS in November. Will her VP then be president? What if Bernie is her running mate? Will it be the speaker of the house? Or will Congress decide on the next POTUS? Will Netanyahu give another big speech to Congress before they vote on Obama's successor? Or will the FBI indict as soon as President HRC does sth they or whoever does not like?

      This is insane.

      I don't understand why there is not enormous pressure on the FBI to publish the results of their investigation asap

  • Clinton will hold fundraiser in Tel Aviv
    • Voting for Clinton to avoid Trump is a YUUGE mistake. This kind of strategic lesser evil voting practise MUST stop. It sinks the great majority of the US population into apathy, and the feeling that their concerns don't matter, and that there is no hope for change

      It's not that I disagree on whatever fair or unfair criticism one may have on Trump. Essentially, he is a wild card, and definitely not a status quo promoter. He will not seek any more wars. Hillary will. She said as much when she revealed, during the Brooklyn debate, that she will not abandon NATO even if everyone else does, and, literally, seek military missions Nato partners will support.

      In other words: no military missions are not an option at all but let's stick to the ones supported by our allies.

      The status quo is not sustainable. Hence, voting for Stein, or crossing out Clinton and write in Sanders is the only way to go.

    • so what citizen? Two things happening at the same time automatically mean one is the cause of the other?

    • “Foxman caused Sanders to have to fire Simone Zimmerman as Jewish outreach director.”

      A bit of a stretch. Sanders had to fire SZ because she unfortunately phrased her criticism of Netanyahu (with which Sanders most likely agrees) in foul language wholly unsuitable to Sanders' promise not to run a negative campaign but to stay on the issues. "Asshole" is not an argument. Sanders had no choice. Foxman had nothing to do with it other than seize an opportunity to pretend he is still taken seriously, and has some influence.

  • The end of apartheid in Israel will not destroy the country, it can only improve it
    • @qnnie

      "the problem with your logic is ..."

      if logic was a sufficient approach to human affair, I would be glad to accept your argument

      "what does matter is if the apartheid meets the definition of the crime of apartheid as it’s defined by the 2002 Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court"

      As Israel apologists have pointed out repeatedly, that definition also fits Saudi Arabia, and on the whole, even better.

      of course there have been plenty of calls, from Medea Benjamin to Rand Paul, from Christians, Muslims, Jews or Hindus, for boycotting KSA, also using SA as a model.

      Has it made any difference over the past decades, and if not, why not?

      "if someone commits a crime, do we say Does it make sense to charge that person based on whether the charge will have any resonance for the criminal? do we say or concern ourself with whether the charge will be accepted by the criminal? no. if the crime meets the definition as it applies to the law — the person will be charged and tried based on the evidence available."

      That is perfectly reasonable. But I also can't help noticing that this is not common practice.

      "Why isn't Wall Street in Jail?"read a headline in Rolling Stone Magazine in 2011, and the open question is still a major focus of the current presidential election campaign.

      "Nobody goes to jail. This is the mantra of the financial-crisis era, one that saw virtually every major bank and financial company on Wall Street embroiled in obscene criminal scandals that impoverished millions and collectively destroyed hundreds of billions, in fact, trillions of dollars of the world's wealth — and nobody went to jail. Nobody, that is, except Bernie Madoff, a flamboyant and pathological celebrity con artist, whose victims happened to be other rich and famous people."

      It's a long article, still worth reading. Yet Rolling Stone has just endorsed Clinton for president.

      "Article 7
      Crimes against humanity
      For the purpose of this Statute, ‘crime against humanity’ means any of the following acts when committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population, with knowledge of the attack:

      the criteria is not what ‘most originally intend to do’ or whether the oppressors are indigenous or not or whether their self-concept is that they are ‘simply returning to their ancestral homeland’. the criteria is whether there is “widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population, with knowledge of the attack“. so even if someone didn’t intend to commit a crime, once they have knowledge of the crime and perpetuate the crime, they are complicit."

      Yes, I know. So what? Do you think the expulsion of 14 million Germans in the mid-1940s was not a crime against humanity? Do you think they were not committed under the same international laws as the Nakba? Has anyone gone to jail for either? Have the "Big Three" at Potsdam and Nuremberg been universally condemned? Do we not constantly trip over hagiographic tributes to FDR and Churchill in the West, and to Stalin in Russia? I see no moral difference between Churchill and FDR, Stalin and Hitler, unless you think it is more moral to kill as few as possible of your own people/citizens, and as many as possible of those of your enemies AND your allies.
      If it had been up to Churchill, WW III would have started immediately after the German capitulation, with Allied and defeated armies going to war against the SU. The man felt lonely without a war, by his own admission. Google "Operation Unthinkable". By that time FDR was dead, and Truman still needed the Soviets to defeat Japan.

      Has there been a global, or even national (German, Finnish, Japanese) movement to force Poland, the Czech Republic, or Russia to return land annexed by no other right but the law of conquest, occupied, ethnically cleansed and resettled with their own ethnic group?

      No post-war German government has ever accepted this as "just". But it has been accepted in the peace treaty that followed German reunification, some half century after the event, as "irreversible".

      Unless you think Palestinians are more deserving of justice than, say, Sudeten Germans, or Polish or Hungarian Germans etc, you would have to agree that it's time the Palestinians and their supporters do the same.

      If you do, you are not applying the law consistently, but selectively and, presumably, viewed through your ideological prism, however required.

      A selective and arbitrary application of either criminal or international law can never lead to anything but a travesty of justice, and the absurd and dangerous world we live in

    • good point , sib, no objections except that I don't see that or how either Israel or Palestine, or a unified post-apartheid state ever did or in the future would escape the very same impositions of a neoliberal economic regime. Remember Stalin refusing the Marshall Plan, and forcing all Soviet satellites and occupied zones to do the same. How did that work out? Cold war, proxy wars, arms and space race, collapse of the Soviet Union, American triumphalism

      "Once I'm dead", he predicted, "the capitalists will drown you like kittens"

      And no, this is NOT an endorsement of Stalin.

      Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdoch, Jacob Rothchild got a 3 year contract to assess the oil situation in the Golan Heights. Let's say Assad prevails both in Syria and against Israel, and the latter would somehow be forced to adhere to international law and return the Golan, in whole or in part. Let's say Assad, or a democratically elected government with or without him, would then nationalize the oil industry. Would we see another liberation movement, coup or assassination a la Mossadegh, Lulumba etc etc?

    • I find this article rather shallow. It would no doubt be rejected in Israel, and not just in Israel, as a typical example of the utopian solutions offered by the 'lunatic and suicidal left' bent on inflicting another round of genocide on the Jews. This concern can not simply be shouted down as racist, supremacist, and what not. The question is:

      Does it make sense to advocate post Apartheid SA as a positive model for Israel, and hope for any resonance among the majority of Israelis, be they on the left or the right?

      The first problem with this is that the "Rainbow Nation" has not yet materialized. The debate whether SA was better off during or after Apartheid is ongoing. Bishop Tutu, the moral voice of SA and hardly an apartheid or Israel apologist, laments the fact that the painful disillusionment came so quickly, while finding comfort in the fact that Mandela did not live to experience the wreckage. Not every black South African is a Mandela. Not every Palestinian an Abuelaish.

      The second problem is that the analogy Israel-SA is problematic and obviously not widely accepted in Israel. Apartheid does not equally apply to the situation of Palestinians in Israel, Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem. More important, Zionists, or most of them, do not see themselves as colonists but as a long-suffering people who finally came home. The white colonists and settlers in SA had suffered plenty of violent and occasionally genocidal religious persecution in Europe as well but they never considered themselves to be the indigenous people of Africa. One would have to go back very, very far in history to make that claim, and nobody would have come up with any such notion at the time of colonization. The same applies to the settler folk in the New World. The people who came with the Mayflower were, after all, illegal immigrants and religious fanatics not wanted in their country of origin. Nobody is going to ask them or their descendants go go back to where they came from. One should also note demographics which are pretty much opposite wrt SA and USA.a post-apartheid Israel would be much more like SA than the US.



      Adam and Moodley note that Jewish historical suffering has imbued Zionism with a subjective sense of moral validity that the whites ruling South Africa never had: "Afrikaner moral standing was constantly undermined by exclusion and domination of blacks, even subconsciously in the minds of its beneficiaries. In contrast, the similar Israeli dispossession of Palestinians is perceived as self-defense and therefore not immoral."[56] They also suggest that academic comparisons between Israel and apartheid South Africa that see both dominant groups as "settler societies" leave unanswered the question of "when and how settlers become indigenous", as well as failing to take into account that Israeli's Jewish immigrants view themselves as returning home.[57] "In their self-concept, Zionists are simply returning to their ancestral homeland from which they were dispersed two millennia ago. Originally most did not intend to exploit native labor and resources, as colonizers do." Adam and Moodley stress, "because people give meaning to their lives and interpret their worlds through these diverse ideological prisms, the perceptions are real and have to be taken seriously."[


      I am neither for nor against BDS. I just don't think it will work in this case. May instead prolong the conflict

  • American Voices: Who are you voting for and why?
  • Thousands of Israelis fill Tel Aviv's Rabin Square in support for soldier who executed Palestinian
    • "The people were less constrained than at the Nuremberg rallies. They were there following their own free will, in fact, as free will is defined in Western democracies."

      The Nuremberg rallies were the annual convention of the NSDAP, or Nazi party. They started in 1923, moved from Munich to Weimar, then Nuremberg, where they were, in the later 1920s, either cancelled by the party for lack of funds, or by the city of Nuremberg because of violent clashes between Nazis and Communists. They were regularly held at Nuremberg, for about a week in September, after Hitler came to power, from 1933-1938. The last rally, in 1939, was announced as the 'Rally for Peace', but cancelled on short notice. The invasion of Poland was on Sept. 1st, 1939.

      So, to correct your absurd comparison: the early nazi rallies did indeed occur in a perfectly liberal democracy that was way ahead of, say, contemporary Jim Crow America: One person, one vote (including women), across the country. Nobody HAD to go there, and most Germans did not. During the actual Nazi period, maximum attendance was 500 000 people, and they did not HAVE to go there either. So that's less than 1% of the German population, or about the number of registered Jews in Germany at the time. A lot of people, no doubt, but not some big majority.

      And the great majority of Israelis did not attend the rally above either, nor did they have too.

      "The people that have so spoken with impressive unanimity have deserved whatever is coming to them. The few deluded decent Meistervolk citizens who are still there are doing no good anymore. They better move out now."

      You are not only a moron, but also advocating a crime against humanity: collective punishment and ethnic cleansing.



      What strikes me is just how different German soldiers look from other soldiers, you know with the two horns on their foreheads, and real tanks and machine guns. They actually killed people - unarmed soldiers of tiny enemy armies, with airplanes dropping leaflets with peace offers, also unarmed resistance fighters, and scores of civilians. No army before or ever since has done any such thing. I will never understand why they did not just go back home when they realized they couldn't win the war, like the Americans do, regularly, pulling out their troops from places like Vietnam to Iraq, returning to business as usual. It's routine by now for a country that has been at war every single year of its existence, save bout 20-25. How many of those can be called defensive wars, or aggressive wars that turn into a desperate struggle to save the homeland from being entirely destroyed, occupied, abolished as a state, and divided among the victors?

      I do hope it never gets to this in the US. Samson option would be likely. The exceptional country won't just implode and concede failure, as did the USSR

  • 'Say Hello to Zenobia': A report from Palmyra rising from the ashes
    • Ok… I will not take up comedy but it was too apparent.

      - See more at:

      good decision, geezer, keep your day job. Canadian humour pains me, I know it all too well.


      edit NATO?

      NATO diet?

      NATO tied?

    • "big boy"

      girl, actually ;)

    • thsnks, gamal, very interesting. Unfortunately, I don't read Arabic. Yet:)

    • From the horse's mouth:

      Try to disagree with the "butcher" without sounding like a hypocrite

    • Not that difficult. Google: Israel Syria Golan Heights. Also the alliance trying to destabilize Syria in the late 70s/early 80s. A familiar line-up including Israel. Do some research on the history of Syria, and the Six-Day War.

      Attention here and elsewhere tends to be on the Palestinians. Why? The Golan Heights Syrians were also subjected to massive expulsions in 1967, with 2/3 of the Golan subjected to Israeli occupation and Jewish colonization, and, in 1981, actual annexation. The difference: The remaining Syrian minority - Alawites and Druze - were offered Israeli citizenship, and, like Palestinians in Israel, posed no 'demographic problem'.

      The annexation, however, was only recognized by Micronesia, not the US or anyone else. The violation of international law, however, is exactly the same as in the West Bank or East Jerusalem.

      Difference: the expelled were not stateless but fled, like Palestinians and many others since, to Syria, were they were, unlike Palestinian refugees in Syria, Jordan, Egypt, or Lebanon, still Syrian citizens. The Israelis then made the usual land for peace offer to Syria etc etc

      The collapse of Syria means: to which state should Israel eve return the Golan Heights? Syria? Islamic State? The "International Community" is obviously in a pickle here: If Assad falls - as has long been the objective of the US, the Saudis, and Israel, it would be insane to return the Golan Heights to a failed state torn up in civil war. Hence, Netanyahu just announced, over the protests of the US and Germany, that the Golan Heights will be part of Israel forever.

      And the Golan Heights are prime territory for Israel, from all perspectives, including climate change and rising sea levels: way above sea level, with fertile agricultural l land suitable for crops, cattle and vineyards, plenty of fresh water, oil, and a booming tourist industry. 100 000 new houses for Jewish settlers are in the works.

      For Syria, the loss of the Golan heights, for the same reasons, are pretty much a death sentence. The Alawites, a heretical sect from the point of Muslims (not unlike Jews from the point of view of Christianity) are concentrated on the coast and pretty much marked for genocide if Assad falls, or pushed into the sea when sea levels rise

      Now what?

  • Segregation of Palestinians and Jews in maternity wards becomes an issue in Israel
    • "Actually, this can be argued to be perfectly reasonable and not racism at all."

      Actually, no. More accurately, to let people get away with such requests is a sure way to perpetuate and entrench racism, and simultaneously enable them to deny that it exists. It is Orwellian and pathological. People who make such requests should be respectfully asked to go give birth at home, or wherever they feel safe.

      Let's try a few other scenarios:

      Do you think it would be reasonable for a straight patient to request not to share a room with a gay or lesbian? Or be treated by one? Or vice versa?

      Or a Muslim man refusing to be treated by a female doctor or nurse, or take any orders from them? A German, French or Belgian citizen refusing to share a room with a fellow Muslim citizen, or Syrian refugee because he or she may be a terrorist, or carrier of disease?

      Now find a coherent, reasonable response to all of those requests.

      And do have a look at this page published by an institute chaired by neocon Bolton. Read the comments, too. Then apply to the original Israeli scenario while remembering that you were talking about citizens of the same state, with allegedly equal rights

  • Sanders slams Clinton for ignoring Palestinian needs and thinking Netanyahu is 'right all the time'
    • theo

      sanders warren?

    • "He will be 75 by the inauguration, not an age when a human being can take on the stress of what is needed to govern this huge country and all parts of the empire we built for us over the years. "

      Well, at least his hair can't turn any whiter, so the stress won't show as much. And Clinton is not that much younger, nor Trump.

      Sanders could pick a great VP who'd take over if he collapses. As long as it is not Clinton.

    • "it would have been the cherry on top, if Sanders had asked her WHY she thought Hamas was sending those rockets, and doesn’t an occupation lasting more than 60 years and land thefts warrant some kind of human reaction, even violence (quoting Ban Ki-Moon’s statement saying it is a human reaction). "

      It is, of course, a perfectly human reaction, and everybody knows that NOT sending rockets has never really had any positive impact on the Palestinian situation either. They are damned if they do, and damned if they don't. The entire Israel / Zionist project , pretty much like the American project, has been based on the premise that the Palestinians (Native Americans) in particular, and the Arabs/Muslims (British/Spanish) in general cede land to an independent Jewish (American) state they never wanted. Any resistance to this has been requited with the seizure, occupation and Jewish settlement of more land, and more or less sanctioned by Israel's various friends abroad, also called "the international community" (US and allies).

      100% supporters of Israel (and the latter group quite clearly includes Clinton, Sanders, all other presidential candidates, and Obama) will forever insist that Israel, just like the US, or their allied countries in Europe, have a right to defend themselves against terrorist attacks, whether their actions have provoked such terrorism or not.

      This is not new, and the new Pearl Harbour essentially no different from the old one, in that respect. It was perfectly clear to Americans such as, for instance, Herbert Hoover, that FDR's policies against Japan would sooner or later produce such an attack, wherever. Still, the attack was loudly pronounced as the ultimate "day of infamy", just like 9/11. The provocations are spelled out clearly in Osama BL's open letter to America, and include the unforgivable crime against the Palestinians, among other horrors launched by the US against Muslims in the ME. You can read the letter online.

      One cannot deny that OBL, or more recently ISIS, make some valid points. Terrorism in the US and Europe is blowback, not just some wholly unwarranted aggression launched by religious fanatics against innocent countries and their populations.

      However, with the possible exception of Germany, there is no country in the world that will turn the other cheek and say: "We (via our leaders/politicians/armies etc that we supported or at least tolerated at the time) did horrible things to them, and it is only natural and just that they, or some of them, strike back at us, and kill innocent people, including women and children, as we have killed theirs."

      Do you think that's a normal human reaction?

      Do you think Sanders would win votes in NYC or elsewhere in the US by offering this cherry?

      He can criticize the Iraq war (including Bush and Clinton), and Netanyahu, of course.

      Because there is widespread agreement that the Iraq war was a YUGE mistake a view shared by Sanders, who voted against it, but not so much by Clinton who voted for it and has to defend her judgment in order to appear as a qualified CiC. She has done so by stating that her priority was to help NYC. If voting for the war was the prerequisite for obtaining support from the federal government to do so, I don't think she would be losing any sleep over that. I think she is perfectly genuine in defending her yes vote, and she has done the same wrt Libya: the decision was not wrong, but the lack of support from the Libyans and the Europeans turned the whole thing into the mess it has become. Besides, it was ultimately Obama's decision. It's called passing the buck, but along lines that are pretty mainstream and uncontroversial

      But neither Sanders, nor Clinton, or Americans in general will concede that the Iraq war was a monstrous crime along the lines of Nuremberg - "conspiracy to wage war" - that will oblige Americans to take responsibility for and suffer all consequences of that war. Likewise, Israelis are not inclined to suffer for the policies and actions of Netanyahu, or any previous PM, much less the IDF.

      I think it's all pretty normal human behaviour, and yes, I do find it a bit bigoted, to expect other countries to act more nobly than one's own.

      That does not mean one should just accept things as they are. I'm just saying that if you want change, and if you think it's absolutely necessary, it would be a good idea to start with yourself/the US.

      Because if the US does not make some very major changes in how it conducts its domestic and foreign affairs, we are all doomed.

      It is not just banks and corporations that are too big to fail, and therefore perhaps too big to exist, as Sanders, among others, put it.

      Size matters.

  • Israeli forces have killed over 5,500 Palestinians in the last 15 years and not one soldier has been prosecuted for murder
    • "Are the US politicians like Hillary ignorant of these facts, or is it far more convenient for them (and their need for shekels) to pretend they don’t? "

      It's either shekels or shackles. They are certainly not ignorant of the facts.

      eljay replied to one of my comments a week ago, noting:

      "I wasn't aware that one of the requirements of being American is supporting (war) criminal states. Interesting."

      - See more at:

      As an American citizen, entitled to freedom of speech, you are indeed free to condemn or glorify war crimes committed by anyone, and including the US. But different rules apply to US government.

      It is indeed US law to protect all members of the US military and US officials from prosecution at the ICC in de Hague. And this law extends to all allies, including Israel.

      If you don't understand this, you will forever get yourself trapped in nonsense arguments and false notions re the power of AIPAC over the US. So read this, the whole thing:

  • Bernie Sanders and the Brooklyn dream
    • I tried to reply to you, mooser and eljay.

      looks like I got censored despite not posting any ad hominems

    • @ gamal, mooser & MW censors

      Comments policy:

      "4. No personal attacks. We encourage spirited, passionate debate, but if you have to resort to vicious personal attack, you’re not advancing the discussion. Stay on the issues. "

      Thank you, censors, for letting gamal's comment pass, even though it obviously violates the rules. It gives me the opportunity to respond to it.

      Gamal has called me, in that order:

      an idiot

      a fool

      illiterate ("can you not read")



      I can't tell whether Mooser's comment refers to me or someone else:

      Mooser April 14, 2016, 3:35 pm
      "Thanks, “gamal”. I knew I heard a “squelch” (the sound of somebody stepping in a big steaming pile) when he said it, and started to smell the usual fecal odor, but I didn’t know why. Now I do."

      If Mooser's comment did indeed refer to me, I can assure you that I am neither an idiot etc, nor male. Just a bitch who obviously stepped into a steaming pile of shit

      The shit pile revolves about the typical sandbox argument about "who started it"?

      I could not care less, whether we talk about the violent clashes of Islamic and Christian world views, or the I/P conflict. I am much more interested in how to stop either one of these conflicts, and sandbox arguments are no help whatsoever.

      I was NOT being sarcastic when I wrote I was "shocked". I simply repeated what you, gamal, stated and quoted in your post. I do not view either Islam or Christianity as an inherently violent or supremacist religion. But nobody can deny that their history IS violent and tribalist, supremacist.

      And I think that is also true for Judaism.

      Monotheism, however fragmented and diverse, just does not lend itself to tolerance and peaceful coexistence with infidels and heretics within or outside either one of the Abrahamic religions.

      So yes, I know the text "continues". I have read it, and in better trls than yours.

      I am intrigued by the numbers you quote:

      "learn to read moron. its surat al imran 109-11"


      Yes, I realize it neither refers to biblical times, nor to the 21st c

      Still, numbers and dates matter, nowhere more so than in religion.

      And yes, 9/11 does not only, in 2001, imply Muslim revenge against the Christian/American enemy.

      It also, quite clearly, relates to another epochal battle, neither biblical, nor post-modern: the late 17th c defeat of the Ottoman/Muslim attempt to erect a mosque in the Vatican. Yes, yes, I know: revenge for the unprovoked attack of the crusades. Sandbox alert.

      If you are too lazy to read up on it, you can watch the movie

    • "the concept “chosen people” is non-existent in the Islamic versions of the Biblical narrative, so I am impressed that some “scholars” have found it there, its been quite a shock to many of us."

      That's why I was quite shocked when I found it in the Hamas Charter, at the very top: "Ye are the best nation that hath been raised up unto mankind: ye command that which is just, and ye forbid that which is unjust, and ye believe in Allah."

    • "Israel is an oppressive, colonialist, expansionist and religion-supremacist state that has been committing (war) crimes with impunity for almost 70 years. Why would Sanders or anyone else “strongly defend” such an unjust and immoral state?"

      Because he's American? And, as such, not exactly entitled to cast any stones? 70 yrs is peanuts, as is the damage done by Israel to the indigenous population, or the greater Middle East, compared with the damage done by illegal Mayflower immigrants and religious fanatics , and their descendants, to the Native American people, the entire continent, and the entire world. Colonialism? Expansionism? War Crimes? Please, bigots, get a grip

  • In NY, Sanders says settlements are illegal and Israel slaughtered 'innocents' in Gaza
    • "Bernie also considers Hamas and Hezbollah to be terrorist organizations. Must be because they defend their respective homelands from frequent Zionist aggression"

      I am sure that as soon as, by whatever means, thePalestinian population in Greater Israel is down to 1%, like the native American population was around the turn of the 20th century, or even 10%, they will be in much better shape as well. With generous offers of Israeli citizenship and all kinds of conciliatory gestures and land rights. Until then they will be considered terrorists, just like the Native Americans. The connection is made perfectly clear in such code names as "Operation Geronimo"

    • "but doesn’t support Palestinians going to the ICC. ROFL, the usual Zionist doublethink. "

      Don't see the US lining up for punishment at the ICC for the ultimate crime (wars of aggression) either. Sanders is a US citizen and senator and as such pretty much obliged to doublethink, Zionist or not.

    • "like going ballistic when the Russian government went after Khodorkovsky. I couldn’t see why that case should interest Americans. "

      Psychologists call it denial and projection. Like the West doesn't have political prisoners?

  • ISIS as a fascist movement
    • unlike the US, Israel did not in any way support the fundamentalist Islamic state of Saudi Arabia. In fact, the last great schism between Israel and the US, prior to the more recent fallout over Iran, involved Israeli opposition to US arms sales toSA.

      and prior to the US, GB and France did everthing they could to lay the foundations of the current mess.

      I am not sure at all there was a grand plan behind is. Stupidity and great power arrogance and racism, more likely.

      has anyone actually read the lyrics of the Marsaillaise ? If this militaristic, racist and revolutionary garbage was sung in a language more people outside France understood people woul be shocked.

      we keep hearing that the recent attacks were the worst since WW Ii.

      not so. twice as many french algerians protesting against the hideous colonial regime were tortured and thrown into the Seine in the early 1960s

      but french algerians do not count . impure blood?

      the worst massacres in french history were the slaughter of protestant huguenots in the early modern period by catholic france

      and more frenchmen, rich and poor, were beheaded and massacred during the great struggle for liberty blah blah

      just as more people were killed by the idiots who launched operation iraqi freedom than by isis or any other terrorist group

  • Israel gets to use violence. Palestinians don't. That's the rule
    • "The Palestinians can move to Europe and live in the places the Ashkenazism left in Poland and Russia. Problem solved. "

      Unfortunately, neither Poland nor Russia wants any Palestinians, unless they are Christians.
      Your solution is actually the spitting image of the ugly original problem which did indeed start no later than the late 19th century, with the widespread pogroms against Jews in Russia which resulted in some 200 000 Jewish deaths within a few decades, and which triggered a massive emigration wave to Europe and North America. The receiving countries reacted with both empathy and resentment (exactly as Europe and North America is reacting today to the massive numbers of refugees from the ME, Africa and the Balkans, and, indeed every major refugee crisis before that, regardless of who those refugees are, and where they come from). By the time the US closed its borders in the 1920s, Russian and Polish Jews (much of what became Poland after WW I had been Russian for the previous century) were not welcome anywhere in Europe or North America, and not in Palestine either. And this situation did not change when Hitler proclaimed to solve the Jewish problem once and for all. And you call this a rational solution? So did Hitler, who found many more supporters for killing Jews in central and Eastern Europe than he was able to find countries outside Europe willing to take them alive.

      You are not offering a solution, but a repeat performance of what is generally presented as the prelude to the greatest crime in history. Jews then, Palestinians now. Making the same mistakes over and over again is hardly "rational"

  • Video: Two prominent Israelis envision replacing Dome of the Rock with Jewish temple
    • "And? Does this justify stabbing Jews for being Jews? "

      No, but it would certainly justify cutting funds to the Israeli government for incitement:

      "The House Foreign Affairs Committee in the US Congress unanimously passed a resolution on Thursday condemning the Palestinians for inciting violence against Israel.

      During a committee hearing titled “Words Have Consequences: Palestinian Authority Incitement to Violence,” the lawmakers also called on the State Department to “monitor and publish information on all official incitement by the Palestinian Authority against Jews and the State of Israel.”

      The bipartisan resolution was written by Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R).

      “The escalation of violence against Israelis is praised, encouraged, and even fueled by Palestinian Authority officials,” committee chairman Ed Royce (R) said upon passage of the resolution. “This resolution rightly condemns this incitement and the outbreak of violence, and expresses support for those who are working to encourage peace and cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians,” committee chairman Ed Royce (R) says upon passage of the resolution. “It is critical that we stand by our ally Israel at this challenging time.”

      Palestinian attacks on Israelis have become a daily occurrence in recent weeks, amid tensions over the Temple Mount, a Jerusalem site holy to Jews and Muslims. Driving the tensions in part have been Palestinian allegations that Israel is planning to alter the regulations at the site, which houses the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, and allow Jews to pray there. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has himself leveled such charges, which Netanyahu vehemently denies."

      It is very difficult to believe that the deputy foreign minister of Israel makes this remark NOW, after the shit storm Netanyahu caused with his Mufti remarks etc. She either lives under a rock, is dumb as a doorpost, or deliberately incites outrage and violence. Your choice.

  • How can a 'New York Times' reader possibly know what is truly happening in Israel/Palestine?
    • I don't think the problem is limited to the I/P conflict, much less the NYT. How can a NYT reader possibly know what is truly happening in Syria? Or, for that matter, in Washington?

  • 'NYT' reporters parrot Israeli claims re cherry tomato
    • "Nazi Germany is credited with inventing tons of stuff; so much so US & USSR competed for German scientists even before Germany surrendered. This should be pointed every time Israel brags about being the innovative nation."

      Nobody brags more about being "the innovative nation" than the US.. Should the Nazi analogy be pointed out to the US as well? Besides, competition regarding the status of most "innovative nation" already played a very prominent role in the decades leading up to WW I. One major reason why Imperial Germany had to be destroyed

  • Netanyahu's 44 seconds of silence at UN are being widely mocked -- 'pathetic,' 'creepy'
    • @froggy

      "are you saying that Rabbie Burns, Scotland’s favourite son and national poet, was actually Rabbi Burns? "

      most people would consider this to be a joke

      But then, you never know. "Burns" could qualify as a Jewish name, I suppose, and Haggis as a "Jewish culinary treat", adapted by Scots.

      Add to this that Robert Burns' day job was that of a tax collector, and some people may take the whole thing seriously.

      I certainly don't.

      "I offer you a bit of Scottish history.

      The Declaration of Arbroath (1320) …. which can be thought of as Scotland’s Declaration of Independence, sets out Scotland’s determination to fight for both her king and her independence. … At a time when, throughout the Christian world, it was thought to be right, just, and even holy, to slaughter Jews, only the Scots were brave enough, and sufficiently far-seeing, to draft a declaration of nationhood which included the rights of Jews to dwell in peace in their country, and then deliver this declaration to the pope, of all people.

      Throughout the centuries the Scots never violated the declaration made in 1320. There is no history of anti-Semitism in Scotland."

      Thanks for the "history lesson". A much more plausible explanation for the lack of medieval pogroms in Scotland is the assumption that were no Jews in Scotland prior to the 17th century. On this see this publication (which also trashes the book I cited above)

      Your complimentary point - Jews were regularly slaughtered in the rest of Europe throughout the Middle Ages -- is also rather controversial. See

      And you may want to google: Antisemitism in Scotland. Plenty of hits. Appears to be an epidemic recently. Not unrelated to Zionism and Israel. But how come Independence minded Scots are supposedly the most anti-semitic?

    • "Is that true? It sounds like a Zionist canard to me."

      It is not true. The only thing that separates Jews and "gypsies" from most other peoples without a homeland/state used to be that neither group sought a homeland/state - but that has long ceased to be the case wrt Jews. Why do Zionists still compare themselves to "gypsies"? Because both were subject to centuries of persecutions, expulsions, and genocidal attacks, especially, but not exclusively, by Nazi Germany. Yet only Zionist Jews continued to claim, especially after the Holocaust, that only a Jewish homeland/state could save them from another Holocaust. Even though, according to Netanyahu, this is now a very real threat BECAUSE there IS a Jewish state targeted for annihilation by Iran (N's speech before "silence").

      As for other peoples without a homeland/state , some are listed here:

      The Scottish case may be of particular interest here. Because according to a recent book,

      "many of the national heroes, villains, rulers, nobles, traders, merchants, bishops, guild members, burgesses, and ministers of Scotland were of Jewish descent, their ancestors originating in France and Spain. Much of the traditional historical account of Scotland, it is proposed, rests on fundamental interpretive errors, perpetuated in order to affirm Scotland's identity as a Celtic, Christian society. A more accurate and profound understanding of Scottish history has thus been buried."

      Maybe the Zionists should all move to Scotland, then? Instant peace in the ME! And the Scots? I'm sure Germany would love to take them (surely the Scots would understand German Sparpolitik,elsewhere inaccurately translated as "austerity"), even more so than taking in the Syrians, not to mention the "gypsies" and other folks from the Balkans

  • 'New Yorker' says anti-Zionism is 'firmly rooted' in British left, and it's anti-Semitic
    • @bandolero:

      "Germany, though, seems to be a very special case in terms of the power of the Zionist lobby. I would take the feeling of guilt for the holocaust in Germany, a large part of the population educated in socialist GDR, the German non-participation in the war on Iraq and traditional good German relations with Russia as points that are also very relevant in Germany."

      Given the indisputable fact that Nazi Germany explicitly endorsed and loudly promoted Zionism ("Jews back to Palestine"), one may caution against over-ascribing any pro-Zionist attitude in Germany to "Holocaust guilt". As one historian put it (book title: Jews in Weimar Germany): no single individual did more for Zionism than Adolf Hitler. It is he who should be displayed in the Knesset, next to fellow Austrian Herzl. Zionism like any other Eastern European (let's remember that 'Austria' connotes East, rather than West) nationalist movement, is a blood and soil - movement. The only difference being that Palestine is outside Europe. Any attempt to establish a Jewish state in Europe - and there were such attempts, supported by Imperial Germany - , preferably where most Jews lived already (Poland in the interwar years) was destroyed by Polish (and Jewish) opposition.

      The GDR was absolutely anti-Zionist. Traditionally good German-Russian relations? When? Hitler-Stalin? Honecker-Gorbachev?

      Frankly, to talk about anything 'German' is bound to fail miserably given the plain fact that 'German' , like 'Jew', 'Arab', or even 'Briton', is a generic term, and 'Germany', as a state, a historically shifting and complicated affair. Give it up already

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