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I was born in 1956. I'm single, without dependents. In the 80s I started to read about the world. The book that really started things rolling for me was Noam Chomsky's "Deterring Democracy." I highly recommend it. In fact, I'd say it's among a handful of books that I would recommend that together would tell you just about all you need to know about the world. I am progressive, but there are some positions the Left takes that I don't agree with. I don't agree with abortion except for medical reasons. I do agree with family planning (contraceptives for example). I worship Jehovah, but I'm not a Jehovah's Witness. I certainly don't join with the world, Right and Left, in using God. I worship him. Therefore I respect him. There's a Left and a far Left. All politics is moving to the Right, just as bullies (like Israel) over time gain more supporters than opponents (within Israel, where it's safe). It's easier to support the bully than it is to support his victims, which could make you one. Anyway, I'm against imperialism, colonialism and very against settler colonialism (in which the colonizers actually move into your territory and expel/exterminate you). I'm against neoliberal, or ripe, capitalism, whose central feature is inequality. And I'm against fake Leftists like Obama, like Canada's NDP and even like Bernie Sanders, who won't oppose imperial armies and the military/intelligence industrial complex profitting from slaughter and destruction. I'm a coffee geek. I live in Toronto. Activists and writers, on the Left, who want to contact me for coffee in town should do so. I know my town and it's my playground. I'm not sure how you'd do that, easily.


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  • New York TV stations smear Roger Waters-- who praises BDS as 'one of most admirable pieces of resistance world has seen'
    • eljay: So right. But the Right knows how to use even human rights these days.

      JeffB: I'm just going to avoid you. You're hysterical, like Netanyahu. And radioactive, like Chernobyl. We are going to have to agree to disagree on whether to support evil or embrace it.

    • I was unceremoniously dumped halfway through my comment. Any way, I was going to say that Waters has NO PROBLEM with human rights. To each their own, as it should be. I hate all organized religion. And so does God. So what? In the meantime, I think you should be free to believe as you wish, as long as it doesn't lead you to do terrible things to others in the name of your god or religion. Also, I can hate your religion without hating you. A lot of people probably hate their own religion, but don't see it as worth their time dwelling on it. A lot of Americans hate the US government and that's actually because they 'care' about Americans and those who are affected by racist, violent US government foreign policy.

      The issue is whether you're a terrorist or not.

    • He may or not have a problem with Jews. I don't know and it's beside the point. He has NO PROBLEM with human rights. Which means that he would never consent to those who might want to silence Jews or any group, whether he agrees with their religious and/or political views or not. 'That' is the issue.

  • Critics of U.S. 'Israel Anti-Boycott Act' say even requests for information could expose citizens to penalties
    • Re US anti-boycott laws (50 USC §4607): conclusion: Support the global dictatorship of the United States. Or else.

    • "Others may refrain from Israeli-related business based on political beliefs, but choose not to public ly announce their reasoning. Still others do no business with companies in Israel for purely pragmatic reasons. Under the bill, however, only a person whose lack of business ties to Israel is politically motivated would be subject to fines and imprisonment– even though there are many others who engage in the very same behavior. In short, the bill would punish businesses and individuals based solely on their point of view. Such a penalty is in direct violation of the First Amendment."

      This objection would be more meaningful if laws themselves meant something to the US. But, as Howard Zinn explained in his dynamite "A People's History Of The United States," seven years after the First Amendment they turned around a passed the Sedition Act, in effect violating the First Amendment. If they don't take their own rules seriously - which is to say they they take them seriously but they don't believe in a rule of law on principle - then why should we? Then again, I believe in honesty. Almost no one does.

  • National movement to silence BDS disguises itself in MA legislature as 'No Hate in Bay State' act
    • "Immediately thereafter, another of its filers, Rep. Steven Howitt, exposed the true intent of the bill: to penalize supporters of the Boycott, Discrimination and Sanctions (BDS) movement by declaring BDS as a form of “national origin discrimination.”"

      I'd correct that typo if I were Mondoweiss.

  • Ontario caves to Israel on falsely-labeled wines-- for now, anyway
    • I forgot to get my bottle of wine from the Wine Cellar and ended up getting one from a farmer's market (whose bottle is too long for my small fridge). So, Scratch The Wine Cellar too. Oh well.

    • Thanks to David for this information. When I learned about LCBO's participation in nazi Israel's transgressions a week or so ago, I determined to quit LCBO, hoping like heck that I would not then discover that the local independent wine stores here in Toronto also carried evil wine.

      This makes me furious.

      As for the Canadian government. Don't expect honesty. Don't even expect them to be honorable in any way. These are people who have been hard at work trying to rehabilitate nazism for gosh sake! Chrystia Freeland may be lying about her family's nazi background (and it's the lying more than anything that should concern us), but given Mr Sunny Ways's material and moral support for nazi Ukraine (having his photo taken with a group of Ukrainian politicos, including straight up neo-nazi Andriy Parubiy) and his cabinet's love affair with mass murders like Henry Kissinger and Colin Powell (Navdeep Bains's and Melanie Jolie's selfies with them), Don't expect much.

      Jeff Halper's remarkable (but flawed; He gets the Rwandan genocide completely wrong and backwards) book "War Against The People," I think, goes a long way toward explaining how Israel gets away with it. In this godless, dark world, Israel is the darkest sort of state and therefore, in a perverse way, the star and idol of the rest of the wild beast of corporatocracy. The wild beast of corporatocracy is devouring all, including those who feed and worship it. But the thing is, the majority don't have the power (resources, namely money) to run from the beast. The global community, 'including' those who profess, or have, until recently, professed, support for abused Palestinians actually look to Israel for leadership in the people pacification program underway everywhere. It began with terrorist JFK. He targetted the 'internal enemy' and was, as others note, totally down with all of the corporatocracy's anti-people systems (economic, social). The people, everywhere, are being targetted by their lawless, monstrous leadership.

      How does 'that' come about? Easy. You first self-modify into being a believer in inequality, deceit and violence. Then you strategically break agreements (rules, laws, written and unwritten), which places you ahead of and on top of law-abiding suckers (normal, un-self-modified people). From positions of dominance, you can then guarantee outcomes - economic and political.

  • Pro-Israel 'gatekeepers' at California university shut down search for Edward Said scholar, a candidate says
    • "The tactic succeeds because accusations of anti-Semitism evoke a shameful association with the Holocaust, and therefore a potential association with anti-Jewish racism." Jeff Halper explains, in great deal, why this isn't all there is to it. He looks at the incredible phenomenon of states who are pro Palestinian (in word, if not deed) having diplomatic relations with Israel and buying weapons and other securocratic services from Israel, which is accepted or at least related to by those in the region and afar as the Middle East hegemon. Jeff's book (and no doubt articles by him that I haven't read) is titled "War Against The People."

  • Land Grab: Israeli Knesset passes law legalizing expropriation of privately-owned Palestinian land
  • Alan Dershowitz has threatened to leave the Democratic Party if Keith Ellison becomes chair
    • Look over here!

      Upton Sinclair nailed it long ago when he referred to the two main parties in America as two wings of the same bird of prey. Never mind Dershowitz. I look forward to the departure of that bird, whose beak is dripping with our blood. And, if they are not stopped, that drip could get much worse, as Nick Turse explains. US leaders are building forward bases everywhere while they're building deep fallout shelters at home for themselves, because they are actually planning for nuclear war with Russia (or China; It's confusing) and expect some of their opponent's missiles to get through, ergo... Do we pay for them to play or what?

  • Resolution for 2017: Stop substituting 'the occupation' for 'Zionism'
    • Indeed, Facts are always 'not facts' to the unprincipled who feel that those facts say something about them that they would rather not have aired.

      I think one can disagree with Atlantaiconoclast without attacking him (or...). I have no problem with what he said. I have no deep thoughts about it, but I did not find it offensive.

      There are those who will take any and every opportunity to discourage us (the people as opposed to special interests and their gatekeepers). Those of us who are here for learning and the friendly exchange of ideas would do well, I think, to remember that.

    • Commanding others to think and behave a certain way is authoritarian. 'Occupation', I'm willing to bet, says more to more people than 'Zionism'. The author's point is taken, but I think her cause would be better served by encouraging people to educate themselves on this subject, and to that end, hooking completely uninformed people will not go so well if the word 'occupation' is abandoned. We who are informed might be able to use the two terms 'more appropriately', but even so. 'Occupation', I think, is going to grab someone's attention long before 'Zionism' is.

      The author is absolutely right about language being important. Stories are therefore important and for the very reasons she elucidates. I too bemoan the failures that those who would wake people up, rather than exploit them, make in the area of communication. My biggest buggaboo right now is this business of calling all 'anti' behavior 'phobic'. Anti Islamic, for example, is not the same as Islamophobia. You can't argue with fear. Fear, where it actually exists, is honest. But 'anti' is entirely different. Somewhat similar to 'prejudice' as opposed to 'discrimination', which the law has caught up with, as far as I am aware (here in North America).

  • Netanyahu's holy war, and the coming Jewish schism
    • "Obama and Kerry want the same thing that Jewish liberal Zionists want. The motivation of the Obama administration and of Kerry’s diplomacy at State is the dream of Israeli and Palestinian democracies living side by side in peace." This statement falls, perversely, into the category of 'Hasbara'.

  • 'Beholden to AIPAC' -- progressive senators Warren, Murphy, Brown sign letter seeking to limit Obama's actions
    • So sad. And infuriating. But that's corporatocracy for you. It's all about corporations (especially those, like the military intelligence industrial complex and the oil industries) that in turn defend the entire money system. Betrayal is de rigueur among the politicians in the gangster corporatocracy, whose godless, lawless states (whose borders, note, are not natural or, even before God's intervention, guaranteed) abuse their citizens in the name of 'national security'. Those who have chosen careers in politics (too often, but not always) are those who are prepared to break rules and laws, written and unwritten. Warren and Sanders, despite their (contradictory) positions on crucial issues, sometimes, are clearly down with the wild beast of corporatocracy's requirement to get it's slave mark of 666 (symbolizing missing the mark, from God's standpoint). We are all cogs within this globe-spanning corporatocracy. So the only real issue is: Do you resist? I don't think that Sanders's Warren's selective pro people, anti imperialist votes qualify as resistance. They could get other jobs, certainly at this point. They don't 'have to' feed the beast. They choose to, because they also worship it.

  • Jordan slams door on Gazans
    • I have no use for Chomsky bashing HRW.

      I don't get why Israel, which would like to see all Palestinians disappear, is not helping them to do just that. Then again, After the brutal occupation and regular slaughters, perhaps it's more like a gang of killers on the watch for any escaping witnesses who might make trouble from afar.

  • Israelis take on Facebook 'monster' with claims it knowingly incites Palestinian attacks
    • Well Shurat HaDin, If other Nazi anti-democrats, like your members, like your mission, then you may succeed. It's looking good.

  • Eric Alterman wastes ten days in Israel
    • This is interesting. I'm not surprised that Eric would validate the obscene wall that Nazi Netanyahu built. I believe it was on Off Guardian that the subject of comprised Left media came up. The Nation was mentioned and I added my view that I lost my affection for The Nation years ago when I realized that it's position that the Democratic Party will save us from the Republicans was awful. And I remember being particularly soured on a few writers there, including Eric. I don't remember exactly what it was. Mother Jones is another alt media org that I sadly no longer trust to be a people's champion, since discovering that it has both disappeared my pro Brexit comments (I'm not rightwing) and blocked me ( The darkness is still spreading and it's deep. Stay human humans.

  • Vice News spins Israeli army propaganda as 'leaked report'
    • We all know, absolutely, that Palestinians live in absolute terror of the perverted, racist IDF. There is no reciprocity here. On the Israeli side, we see constant celebrations - of barbarity that is called by it's opposite label and said to be by God's design and power - by Israeli citizens whose minds have been ruined after years of Israeli 'leadership' to the point where most of that temporary nation supports it's fascist political leadership.

  • And the winner of the Sheldon Adelson primary is... Hillary Clinton
  • Today's a day to grieve for Paris, not score political points
    • "Not a great idea to connect the horrible Paris situation with the Israel/Palestinian conflict.
      They are entirely different situations." That's incorrect.

    • The corporate owned media will take no pause in spinning it's narratives that the 1% of the 99% will have to deal with when we go out and mix with fellow workers, family, friends etc, who have been exposed to them.

      I take Juan Cole's point that we don't know everything yet. For example, That in itself is something which I can use to respond to those influenced by narratives spun by media tools, since it's authoritative. If it's just myself, then there I am saying "I' disagree or "I" don't trust the authorities to respond properly, etc.. I'm nobody special and I'll immediately be dismissed because people are like that. They are negative, especially those who 'know' what major media tell them. I've already experienced that. A workmate last night mentioned the killings. I cautioned that the media will spin and she was totally defensive, responding with "It was in the news. It's fact..." She completely missed my point beause "I" made it.

      A quick look around (Common Dreams .org moves fast) is useful for 'not' aiding and abetting that smugness and false pride that gives false narratives pumped out by the major media a home. Robert Parry's (flawed but good) entry on Common Dreams, in which he pleads with Obama to turn on those who he works with (won't happen), includes a few tidbits that, in fact, are easy to remember and something that will counter the smugness of those who don't care enough to truly know. US intelligence agencies know much that they won't share with the public. That should tell people something. The missing pages to that report about the 9/11 attackers should tell people something.

      For example.

      The authors of this piece are not doing nothing. They wrote it....

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