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  • For CNN and NYT, Jewish lives matter more than Palestinian ones
    • Since CNN must be unbiased, I can imagine a CNN headline after Baruch Goldman massacre: "Jewish man lynched by Arab mob after alleged 'shooting' in a mosque"!

  • Achieving a hudna and ten years of calm in Israel/Palestine
  • 'Lesson: The Jews will defend themselves even if it means killing children'
    • @Hostage, if indeed you have combat experience, and you believe that Israel is targeting civilians or is reckless, then you have to explain how thee are so few civilian casualties per strike. I don't think that one (especially on this site) can say that Israel didn't make thousands of strikes wit high-explosive projectiles. As an airforce person, can you explain how it is that only about a thousand civilians have died in Gaza? What was the proportion in Falujja? In Syria?

      And again, as a military man that you claim to be, can you determine what were the factors of an Israeli commander under fire in a dense urban environment and deduct that there was a war crime? Or you only speculate out of hatred to anything Israeli?

    • @Mooser - are you trying to imply that my posts will be blocked on this site? Is it because they undermine your narrative, and they do it in a level-headed, logical way, just like Yaacov Lozovic's response?

    • @Shingo, my point is whether Hostage is a military expert so that he can back his allegation of using 120mm mortar. What is your point in trying to insult me?

    • Hostage, regarding your argument on 120mm mortars - how many years have you served in infantry? Oh, I forgot, you were a hostage!

    • eljay, do you have any better arguments than "Zio-spremacist" etc?

    • Bet you have many of those on Youtube!

  • The experts’ verdict: Every Israeli missile strike is a war crime
    • "“By this standard, only rich countries, or countries rich enough to purchase high-tech weapons, have a right to defend themselves against high-tech aerial assaults. It is a curious law that would negate the raison d’être of law: the substitution of might by right.”

      How does shooting a 20kg of high explosive aimed specifically at an Israeli city "defends against high-tech aerial assaults"? Perhaps they are trying to intimidate Israeli civilians? "The use of violence or the threat of violence, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political goals" - definition of terrorism!

  • Israeli strike kills four Palestinian children playing soccer on Gaza beach
    • BBC Newsnight anchor was interviewing the Israeli Ambassador to the UK and didn't miss the opportunity to mention the killing of the boys that "were shooting pigeons" (or something like this, she definitely didn't say that they were "playing football".

      But it doesn't matter, Lysias your point about "plenty of time for someone on board the gunboat to determine..." first, are you sure it was a boat and not an aircraft? What experience in military hardware do you have and what access to Israeli military personnel to determine that it was possible or easy?

      Lysias, you imply that Israel targets children deliberately, but even Judge Goldstone conceded that this isn't true.

    • Well, they were clearly NOT "playing soccer" while they were hit, they were running away from the previous strike. The event is tragic and Israeli officials acknowledged this, but Mondoweiss is trying to "milk" the sad incident.

  • Hamas has agreed to a ceasefire, says senior Palestinian official (Updated)
    • So you all agree that the man bringing food to Israeli soldiers was a legitimate target, even if he is a civilian. So wouldn't you agree that the by launching rockets specifically aimed at Israeli civilians in "sleepy town" are war crimes?

  • 'American Jewish voices are most critical in the world' (to end idea that Jewish lives matter more)
    • Indeed, many American Jews have been blinded by suicidal guilt-of-success syndrome: we the Jews are successful, and therefore, we are doing wrong to those less successful than us. Since we, the American Jews are not going to leave the crock of meat and donate all of our mansions and Lexuses to the staring masses, we can redeem ourselves by being critical of our successful brethren in Israel! Presto!

  • Israel's message to the Palestinians: Submit, leave or die
    • Please can anyone define and explain the following terms used in the article above:

      "Collective torture"?
      "historic Palestine"?

  • Three of six accused Israeli murderers said to confess
  • Israeli army spokesperson responds to Mondo criticism
    • eljay - so the "Zio-supremacism" is THE problem of the Middle East?

    • @DaBakr - indeed, he can call it whatever he likes, but at least, "he" should be sincere, or is sincerity takes back seat to the main cause in this case?

    • To all the responses to my comment, do you agree or disagree? How many "ideas of the Middle East" other than those related to the wished-for demise of Israel as we all know it are being entertained by Mondoweiss?

      Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon are all in the Middle East and all have some kind of "war of ideas" going-on. But Mondoweiss covers only those "ideas" that relate to Israel. I therefore think that Mondoweiss should correct its moto.

      If you disagree with me, please show me examples when Mondoweiss covers these other "wars of ideas".

    • There is something Mondoweiss definitely NOT doing "right".

      It's slogan is "The War of Ideas in the Middle East", is patently incorrect and should be "The Was on Israel in the Middle East". Wouldn't you agree?

  • Video: 'CBS This Morning' runs hard hitting spot on boycott of Israel
    • We don't need no education (from an anti-Semitic symbol-flying performer),
      We don't need no thought-control (from a closed-mind obsessive one-issue campaigner)
      No dark sarcasm of half-truths, lies and innuendoes
      Roger leave our (the only free in thee Middle East) state alone.
      Hey Roger, leave Israel alone,
      All and all you're justa, misguided and obsessive fool.
      All and all you're justa, misguided and obsessive fool.

  • Interview with Haidar Eid: Resisting 66 years of Israeli Apartheid
  • Palestinian journalists accused of incitement against their Israeli colleagues
  • Israel's unending settlements 'mortally wound idea of a Jewish state' -- Indyk
    • If "settlements ‘mortally wound idea of a Jewish state’", then whoever supports Israel as a Jewish state should resist and oppose "settlements".

      Wait, so, whoever opposes Israel as a Jewish state "settlements"?

  • Palestinian youth say the talks with Israel are futile
    • If the ICC is objective, then Israel has nothing to worry - its statutes are clear that ICC will only intervene when the relevant party doesn't have the ability or doesn't want to prosecute crimes by its own judiciary. Since Israel's judicial system is well respected (eg British supreme court, or whatever they call it now has acknowledged it), then unless the ICC is a sham like the UNHRC (controlled by human rights luminaries such as Saudi, Syria and Lybia) then Israel will not be prosecuted. What do you think, Hostage?

    • @Woody, who is a hypocrite? Someone who from a position of force (1993) gives control of territory, arms militias of an organisation whose charter calls for the giver's destruction, pays moneys and signs an agreement to resolve everything by mutual understanding (these are facts about Israel), or someone who takes all the above in exchange of breaking the signed agreements and whining that "talks are futile"?

      May I suggest then a mental exercise? You, Israel's harsh critics (this is of course an understatement, you wud slit our throats (or cheer those who wud do it, vast majority of you re liberal sissies) at the first opportunity) fervently criticize Israel's conniving unfairness and breaking of promises. Therefore, logically, you shud agree to reverse those "futile" talks, i.e., what happened until today and neutralize Oslo agreements, after all, Israel got everything and the poor Palestinians - nothing ("futile").

      So you agree then that it is better to send PLO back to Tunis, give-up Palestinian own governance in Areas B and C (vast majority of the disputed territories of Judea and Samaria) to military rule of Israel? If you answer is "No", then how does it settle with the mantra of "Palestinians have got nothing ("futile") out of this process"? I await your logic.

    • Is the indignant, modern-looking lady on the main photo pro- or anti-peace? Let's look at the picture on her T-Shirt!

  • In Ramallah, Palestinian Authority cracks down on Salafi anti-negotiation protests
    • "crackdown" on Palestinians by "riot police and undercover security services" conducting "mass arrests", etc. etc. It's obviously Zionists' fault, but how, how?

  • Scarlett Johansson is featured at AIPAC, to applause
    • A seemingly normal Hollywood starlet, blonde - so most likely an airhead, even Jewish - so most likely liberal. And with all that, she has her own opinions, the chutzpah! The nerve not to tow the Tinseltown line!

      Whatever the world is coming to?!

  • Israel lobby group compiles secret dossiers on pro-Palestinian speakers
    • Despite the incessant attempts to murder us and our children, we are indeed "Shiny happy people" - we create value for the world, Intel, irrigation, Waze, help to Haiti, we allow different people (including Arabs) to live their lives without fear - and indeed, according to several survey, Israelis are among the most content people in the world.

      On the other side, the people who this website and most commenters support, the people who do not accept us, who want to uproot us at the least, and people who wud not at all balk at slaughtering us (after all, majority of Arabs do not object to suicide bombing of ISraeli civilians) - these people are backward, poor, their societies are misogynist, condone "honour killings", persecute homosexuals, practice widely female genital mutilation, have no tolerance to other religions, condone violence against civilians.

      You guys back the wrong side.

  • By 2035, Jewish population in Israel/Palestine is projected at 46 percent
    • @Sumud, allow me to Fisk your comment:

      “Tedious asherpat...In the final analysis it is academic.” – For you it is “academic” – for me, it is life and death of my loved ones, even if you don’t agree with my right to this land.
      “All of the following Israeli behaviour will continue to be illegal and immoral, and will continue to outrage decent people around the world:
      - acquisition of territory by war [AP: this is by no means automatically “illegal” nor it is “immoral” – for example, the acquisition of territory by Israel isn't in itself illegal – you can't argue this, you may argue that holding it is illegal, but this is another issue]
      - ethnic cleansing [AP: how can you make this claim in straight face, LOL! How can you claim “ethnic cleansing” when the article itself claims that the Arab population is rising?!!? This must be the most inept and incompetent “ethnic cleansing” ever!]
      - apartheid [AP: this smear is wearing tired, you all know it – and it even isn't logically supported – apartheid is about race, since Arabs are of the same race as Jews, the definition doesn’t hold. You may claim discrimination on basis of citizenship (justified due to real security concerns) but not apartheid – but you chose propaganda attempts over serious debate.]
      - transfer of population into occupied territory [AP: this is a non-sequitur, because you are trying to insinuate Geneva convention but the territories are not occupied from a qualifying side, and so, don’t fall under this definition.]
      - stealing natural and other resources from occupied territory. [AP: DITTO, and you conveniently forget that whatever water Israel takes is in accordance with an agreement with the P.A.

      “And nothing is ever going to transform a bible into a property deed.” [AP: There is no need for that, the UN (or the League of Nations) have reconfirmed the ownership of Jewish nation over the biblical land of Israel.]

      Happy unfisking!

    • @Talkback - "since mandate times it belonged to the citizens of Palestine". Since you mention, the "mandate" - actually, the "Mandate" mandated that the land is used for Jewish homeland. San Remo, all subsequent decisions and facts on the ground were to make the "Mandate" land for Jewish people. In fact, the existence of "Palestinian" people as a nation is, as any reasonable observer agree, highly debatable BEFORE 1960s, the evidence is scant (I mean the evidence that Arabs residing in the Mandate viewed themselves as a separate nation) and in many places there are documented quotations that they saw themselves as a part of Syria (for example (a late one) link to

      And finally, EVEN if one agrees to follow your desperate logic that Jews and Arabs in the Mandate were indeed some concoction-nation called "Palestinians" (so Jews in Israel are also "Palestinians" now?, only descendents of those who were here in 1919? 1850?) - you still don't disprove my original claim that "one thing Palestine never was – “Palestinian”. - because it was under the Mandate, so neither Jewish nor Arab and not "Palestinian". I am waiting for your logical disproval, devoid of straw-man arguments please.

    • @Talkback - "Palestine was never British". Well said. So whose has it ever been?

      We can go back in history for approximately 3000 years and one thing Palestine never was - "Palestinian".

  • Thomas Friedman occupies BDS
    • Friedman is obsessed with Israel, is reflexively anti-Zionist and anti-Israel even if he thinks otherwise, because underneath it all, he is a misguided buffoon that made ridiculous judgement errors many times.

  • 'Haaretz' analyst says surging BDS movement may be contributing to falling shekel
    • 0.7% falling shekel, gewald, oy vey, this is the end of Zionism!

      Now seriously - Ha'aretz (Proudly the only Arab daily published in Hebrew) is practicing what is called "wishful analysis" - meaning - they wish for an outcome (in this case, long term - end of Israel as a Zionist enterprise, short term - bullying Netanyahu to accept a non-peace agreement to hasten the long term goal) and they try to find support in data whether there is causality or it is just coincidence.

      For example, Apple analysts that are usually not more than Apple fanboys tend to conclude that every market development is "good for Apple" for this or that reason, however feeble. So is Haaretz. Remember its Rihanna "All I see is Palestine/DollarSigns" fiasco? Haaretz correspondent WANTED to hear that Rihanna sang "Palestine" instead of the song lyrics "Dollar Signs" and didn't bother to ask Rihanna herself.

      But lets look at the numbers of Shekel v Dollar. You can see it here on Bloomberg - link to

      With such a "decline", who needs a rise, I say!

  • Vote at the Guardian: Should Oxfam sever ties with Scarlett Johansson?
  • Palestine, 1927
    • @Hostage,

      "The Arab agricultural sector was the main source of revenue at that time." - care to show proof to this claim?

  • Leonard Bernstein cared more about Israel than sex
    • @Annie, if a couple wants that their marriage to be recognised by the Rabbinical establishment, then they have to abide by the establishment rules and indeed, there are stupid rules, such as preference of men in case of attempted divorce. But in theory and more important, in practice, there is no legal requirement for the woman to live with a man if she doesn't want to. If she is stupid enough to be so religious that she obeys the rabbys, then it's her CHOICE, never a legal obligation enforcible by law.

    • @Annie,

      Wikipedia is wrong in such case. what it shud have said is that the [Rabbinic] courts' jurisdiction is over matters of religious orthodox nature, ie if a couple wants to be registered as married in accordance with the Jewish orthodox tradition, then the Rabbinic courts have jurisdiction over it. If someone insists on being buried in a Jewish cemetery, Rabbinic courts will decide who is eligible and how. But if you insist on living together or a have civil marriage, then Rabbinic courts have no say in any way and they cant impose anything. Only if you accept them.

    • @thankgod - I think that you forgot to mention something from the linked article that "Rabbinic courts ...decisions are binding for families that agree to take part in them, though...There is no law requiring circumcision in Israel"

      I wonder why you forgot to mention this.

  • Israel is a 'corpse' -- Hedges on Blumenthal's 'Goliath'
    • EUR1069, thank you for believing in us for at least 120 years in total!

    • If Israel is such a "corpse", why does an OpEd in a popular Egyptian paper openly writes:

      "...Tel Aviv is celebrating with technical pioneers all around the world and the opportunity will be made ​​available for the winners of a competition of the founders of start-up companies from around the world to meet with companies and technology experts and founders of start-up companies, designers, artists, scientists, investors and promoters of culture from Israel and abroad...innovators from Britain, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Latvia, India, China, Korea, Mexico and Colombia will be guests in Israel to gain experience of the [start-up] eco-system in Tel Aviv

      ...while the Arabs are mired in the cycle of violence and infighting...the winners of this year's Nobel Prize in chemistry are all Jews and two of them are of Israeli origin, and in physics the Belgian winner was also Jewish! Meaning that four out of five chemistry and physics Nobel winners are Jews, who Muslim clerics every Friday call descendants of apes and pigs!

      [Jews] chose progress and we chose underdevelopment, they chose creativity in chemistry equations and theories of physics, we chose creativity in the fatwas of "jihad marriage."

      See for yourself (though need to translate): link to

  • Even the World Bank understands: Palestine is being disappeared
  • 'Why are you polite when you ask the soldiers not to shoot at the Gaza farmers?'
    • "Gaza, the Palestinian enclave on the Mediterranean coastline, continues to suffer from the ongoing siege by the Israelis"

      If, as Mondoweiss claims, Gaza is "occupied" by Israel, what's the point of laying an "ongoing siege" to it?

  • 'The bra is a security threat': Harassment and interrogation at Ben Gurion airport
    • @Albierno, regarding sexual harassment of a Palestinian woman, don't you know that Israeli soldiers are so racists that they are not raping Palestinian women, cos they don't see them as human!

      link to

      That's not difficult to see, Israel is evil either way!

    • Page: 3
  • 'Elder of Ziyon' fails ICRC reading comprehension test (Updated)
    • @hostage,

      how is the opinion of Israeli MFA relevant to the question in hand? Let me remind you, the question is whether ICRC ignored the opinion of a group of legal experts that it (the ICRC) have assembled to opine on a particular issue. Israeli MFA opinion has nothing to do with it.

    • The good old Elder has touched a raw nerve here, hasn't he.

      If it is so obvious that Gaza is "occupied" (by Israel that is, not for example, by Egypt), then why is it necessary to write thousands of words to refute Elder's argument?

      Let's face it, for this website, Israel is evil no matter what, and reality be damned.

  • Israel's real fear: shift in balance of power with a normalized Iran
  • Update: Israeli soldiers manhandle European diplomats seeking to aid demolished Palestinian village
    • Why don't you also reveal for the sake of truth that the French diplomat also lashed physically against an Israeli soldier, on film?

      Why don't you reveal that it is not acceptable for a diplomat to interfere with a judicial process in a friendly nation.

      Actually, perhaps "this shitty little country" isn't a friendly nation of France.

  • Egyptian navy and Israeli gunboats attack Palestinian fishermen off the coast of Gaza
    • Thanks, exactly as I said - since Israel is evil, therefore it's unacceptable to portrait its enemies in bad light, and any mention of Egyptian violence must be "softened" by contemporary mentioning of something bad about Israel!

      By the way, anyone still claims that Egypt, sorry Israel "occupies" Gaza?

    • How convenient was the "shooting by Israeli navy", otherwise, Mondoweiss wud never have commented about Egyptians killing Palestinians, it's just not PC on this website.

      And these IOF Navy are so inept, despite machine-gunning defenceless fishing boats, and not just any machine gun fire, but "heavy machine gun fire" and "routinely", and yet, "no damage of casualties". I think that they should get some training in Egypt, or better, in Syria!

  • Witness accounts on the killing of three Palestinians that stopped peace negotiations
    • Palestinians terrorise Israelis too, only they tend to come and blow themselves up in the middle of Pizza parlours. Doesn't it merit security measures

    • @Woody: "For pete’s sales, you don’t even know what surface you’re looking at or how the shutter is hung" - Why, I know what surface it is, if you and I believe Allison's caption which says "marks on shutter of storefront", further, a sticker is visible which indicates the orientation of the photo and a hinge.

      And yes, I can say that these holes don't look like bullet holes at all, definitely not like shots from the outside. The edges of the holes are bent outwards, and yes, I have seen bullet holes on metal plates, they dont look like that. Actually, these holes look like they were drilled from inside by electric drill, especially that they are unnaturally perpendicular to the surface for a bullet shot.

      The above isn't any pro or anti position, but your reply, and the replies of others here show blind obsession of a zero sum game - "if you show a mistake of "our side", your side wins", Israel Evil - Arab Good. This is nonsense, Israel is bad, good etc, I accept it cos I am not blinded by an obsession, like you are.

    • "Why the IDF unit came during the start of the morning prayers?"

      Piotr, if you were in place of soldiers, would you come at a more "convenient" time, or perhaps you would send your targets an SMS with the schedule of the operation?

    • @Hemi - when you call to stop "settlement expansion", do you mean that you are OK with Jews residing outside of 1948 lines, symmetric to Arabs residing inside these boundaries? If not, why not?

      Also, do you include new buildings in Jewish settlements without getting more land outside the current boundaries of the "settlements" or any building is "expansion". If yes, why is it OK for Arabs inside the 1948 lines to build new buildings in their villages, but it is not ok for Jews inside theirs?

      I would like to hear your logic

    • @just: The raid started at 4am in the morning, what shop is open at these hours?

    • "Shelling marks on shutter of storefront near where three Palestinians were killed earlier this week. (Photo: Allison Deger)"

      The bullet marks indicate that these shots were not made from the outside (unless Allison was making the photo from inside the shop) because the edges of the holes are bent outwards.

      Whether or not this is another Pallywood shot or someone was shooting from inside or it was a genuine mistake by Allison, I don't know, but these are not signs of Israeli war machine shooting indiscriminately, unless of course, they were shooting from inside of the shop.

      Sincerely, it will be interesting to hear an explanation.

  • Egypt closes Rafah crossing to Gaza indefinitely
    • "Egypt closes Rafah crossing indefinitely" - doesn't it mean that Egypt is occupying Gaza? And where are the humanitarian aid naval flotillas, flytillas to Cairo airport to protest? Where is the pro-Palestinian organisations community when one needs it?

  • Roger Waters appeals to fellow musicians -- Endorse the cultural boycott of Israel
    • And how is the fact that Martin Luther King Jr. said this relevant to Israel?

      In fact, Martin Luther King Jr. was quite supportive of Israel, and not once, he also said in 1967 - "When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews, you are talking anti-Semitism". Is anti-Semitism off-limits at all on this blog?

    • "Time to stick my head above the parapet again"

      What exactly is he afraid of? Violent pro-Israeli bloggers? Performance-disrupting anti-Palestinian flash-mobs at the Proms (hint hint)? Ostracising himself versus his hip Israel hating celeb friends?

      Quelle courage!

  • Alicia Keys show in Israel has propaganda backbeat-- repeatedly tweeted by consulates and Foreign Ministry
  • The Egyptian army and Palestinian Authority join forces to punish Gaza
    • @bilal - is there anything happening in the world without "liason to Israel"?

    • @seafood - apply the logic of Israel "occupying" Gaza because it controls Gaza borders" - isn't it that now Egypt "occupies" Gaza? Or is it a double-occupation? My head spins.

  • Military deposed Morsi because he was too friendly to Hamas and devalued Israel relationship, says retired Egyptian general
    • I just love reading Israel-hating press like Mondoweiss. Instead of being depressed about internal fighting, stranglehold of mafia-like unions, incompetence and national-suicide intentions of some of our leaders and people - reading Mondoweiss makes me relaxed and content - apparently - Obama, the Egyptian army, Kerry, the EU, NYT, WaPo everybody are just grovelling in front of us, bending over backwards to please us and we are an infallible colossus.

  • Yiddish classic of pogrom-- 'Our shtetl is burning'-- is adapted to Palestinian experience
    • Thank you, all the above which proved my point, as I will explain below.

      Let's begin with the real point bedind the discussion. I asked @Woody Tanaka to give an example of "“burning down Palestinian village these days”.

      So Woody Tanaka called us "zios" barbarians and repeated his claim that we (how does he know I am Zionist?) "do it every day", @justicewillprevail called me "blockhead"

      But if you read the replies, you will see that in every reply to my question there was a proof that Zionists do NOT "[burn] down Palestinian village these days”.

      Let's begin.

      @Woody "you set Gaza aflame". Really? Buildings were on fire, but to say that Gaza was "aflame" is exaggeration. Pls ask youself, what proportion of structures must be on fire to qualify that a particular area is "aflame"? 50%? 60%? 1%? Then check the figures (of the Arab side, of course these are, if anything, biased to the up) and let me know if under your definition, Gaza was "set aflame".

      @iResist chastised me that “The mass burning and demolishing of Palestinian villages & towns was completed 1947-49 and 1967.” Even if so, it’s not “these days”. Furthermore, if you bother to look at the photo link that he provided, yes there are strikes, but is NO single “burning” Arab structure. None, let alone whole “villages”. No “carpet bombing”, only burnt hulks of vehicles hit in precision strikes.
      But in the end, Annie provides the best support to my claim. She admits, that this is an “allegory”, which she herself provides a definition that it’s an “art form”, to “represent or symbolize ideas and concepts”. So these ar not “facts”, it’s “art” (and in art indeed the artist does not have to stick to reality, to facts) and so, there aren’t “burning villages these days”, it’s just a symbol. QED

      You see, Israel isn't blameless, but the problem here is that your collective obsession with vilifying Israel blinds you to facts, so need allegories, which in Yiddish is called “bobe meisses”.

      I hope that Annie has the decency not to block my response, as it will undoubtedly be difficult to read to some people on this blog.

    • oh Annie, but I do. Pls gimme an example of “burning down Palestinian village these days”. By Israel, not in Syria.

    • @Tanaka, pls can you give us one example of a "burning down Palestinian village these days"?

  • French court reaches understanding of al-Dura case that contradicts two 'NYT' accounts
    • So Arab anti-Israeli activists do not edit Wikipedia with a bias?

      I once edited the entry for Azmi Bshara (link to Nothing nasty, just something that he himself said to the camera, all smiling: "There isn't and there never was "Palestinian people", it's a colonial invention. It's all south of Great Syria!" (link to, it's in Hebrew, but believe me that the translation is correct - yea, I know, Zionists like me (indeed, any Zionist) cant be trusted or believed...).

      Isn't it relevant for a person that is defined in the opening paragraph as "... a Palestinian intellectual"? It took a few weeks until suddenly, my edit was purged. I hardly edited anything before that, and was overwhelmed by users who knew how to work the system. Initially, the moderator took my side and said that deleting my point was "vandalism", but quickly it was all over.

      So saying that Wikipedia is biased towards Israel is simply wrong.

  • After Kerry visit, Israeli and Palestinian leaders quietly re-open economic negotiations
  • Palestinian activist Abir Kopty: Oslo should go, the peace process serves Israeli interests
    • @hostage, you got me there. I can't anymore follow all the leads from your responses, which are all "not answering my original point". I wud say, however, that it is a pattern here - while there must be legitimate and logical criticism of the Little Satan, when I ask an uncomfortable question, all I see posted are the usual wails of "apartheid", "colonists", "land steal", "racists" "nakba" "nakhsa" etc.

      You seem to be (sincerely) an intelligent and knowledgeable person, and I wud expect you to answer to the point.

    • @Keith - Israel is "an occupying power"? Occupying which territories and from whom? The "Occupying Power" meme requires there to be an "Occupied" party, and there isn't. To "occupy", the "occupier" must have "boots on the ground" and there aren't (100% of Gazastan is Arab and the vast majority of Arabs in Judea and Samaria live in a defacto state under own rule (neither blockade nor the ability to enter a state is tantamount to occupation). And the fact that "everybody says so" isn't an argument.

    • @Hostage,

      You claim the my "argument is nonsense", but your whole tirade "pulverises" my reply with a hail of innuendoes, pseudo-legal unproven "prima-facies" and ideas. I wud start the argument with you about "illegality" of Israel's settlement and the non-sequitur nature of studies by the Lybia-chaired, Syria-cheering "Human Rights Commission", but I don't have time. Your response is just not to my original point - which is whether Palestinians be better or worse before Oslo. Please discuss this point.

      And you didn't answer to me whether I understood correctly from your previous post that you think it fair for Israel to compensate Arab refugees monetarily in exchange for dropping the demand to return into Israel and full end of the conflict. Let's try to solve things.

    • @Keith, I don't suppose that you are not Zionist, to say the least, but you too (and the photogenic Abir Kopty) shud be careful with what you wishes for, cos it may just come true. Let me explain:

      Even if it will be too difficult for Israel to re-impose military rule if Oslo is terminated, or even to send back PLO, there will be no legal or moral incentive for Israel to continue supporting the territories with electricity, water, etc, but this is not all by far. In such case, Israel will just try to preserve the status-quo, and bar violence, the Arabs will have no "stick" to beat Israel. But violence is what they use now to extract concessions from Israel with no recognition of Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state among Arab/Muslim states. By terminating Oslo unilaterally, Arabs will lose.

    • @Hostage. So, you claim that "The Oslo Accords and the so-called peace process have been exploited by Israel and the US to facilitate further colonialism and apartheid. "

      Compare "before Oslo" - military rule and occupation, "after Oslo" - de facto state (actually even two states), self rule (however hampered in you opinion), government and people enjoying enormous aid, etc.

      Some "exploitation".

    • thanks for keeping me as a house-troll (actually, I shud not use this word, as it will give the moderators ideas why to block my replies) Annie, but this is not a "solution", I want to remind to the locals that when they ask "what has the peace process ever achieved for the Palestinians", they (the "locals") shud ask themselves if the situation for the Palestinians was better or worse before the implementation of the Oslo accords.

      And they shud also consider whether unravelling these accords will be positive or negative for the Palestinians because each agreement has two sides and however much you vilify the Israeli side, there have been substantial concessions for Oslo accords and terminating the agreement will not be cost-free for the Palestinians.

    • "ending the [Oslo] accords, a step Kopty strongly advocates for".

      Tfaddalu! Cancel the Oslo Accords and go back to pre-Oslo situation, have the PLO leadership go back to Tunis, collect all weapons from Palestinian security forces, revert to military rule in Judea, Samaria and Gaza Strip. Or is it only a one-way ratchet?

  • End your illusion: Israeli government will never implement a two-state solution, top official says
    • @eljay, pls just confirm whether you agree not to demand the right of return of 1948 Arab refugees into the "culturally Jewish" state?

      If your answer is "no", i.e., you will not demand the right of return, then it is a true opening, if you keep on demanding the right of return, then how long will "new" Israel remain "culturally Jewish"?

    • @eljay, your "two-state solution" is really "one state solution", it is not "two states for two peoples". It is not acceptable to any sane Israeli Jew.

    • I don't understand the outpour of indignations here. Is there anyone here who supports the "2 states solution"?

      PS: don't forget, it has to be a real "solution", not a "salami destruction of Israel", i.e., it has to be "2 states for 2 peoples, end of the conflict, end of any demands, including return of any Arabs into the Jewish state or Jews into the Arab state".

      Anyone who is berating Israeli politicians for not accepting the "2 state solution" shud agree with the above, shudnt they, or otherwise they are hypocrites, isn't it?

  • Prestigious int'l soccer tournament begins in Israel-- and dignifies Jim Crow
    • @Hostage,

      "Yes you do, every time you open your mouth about the right of return and encourage or condone making the illegal displacement or deportation of the victims permanent."

      Your logic leads to an interesting conclusions: anyone who doesn't agree with destruction of Israel is a Nakba Denier!

      But there is even more interesting point in you reply - "without paying compensation" - do I hear that you, Hostage, will accept Israel if it buys-out the refugees, ie money only? This is intriguing, sincerely. Pls pls explain.

    • @Hostage,

      Can I take it as a "No"?

    • @Annie, I never denied the Nakba, but it is irrelevant to the question implicitly raised by @Amigo's reply which I raised originally.

      C'mon, no one here has the courage to answer this simple question by Yes/No?

      I will ask it again, for the benefit of listeners that joined us just recently:

      Is Israel’s conceding the territories it gained in 1967 (after it conceded the vast majority of them already) enough to end the conflict without any further demands? For if the answer is “no”, then demanding this concession is hypocritical.

      Yes or No?

    • @hostage,

      what is the relevance of our discussion and "Nakba denial"? You and others here are simply evading to answer my original question:

      Is Israel's conceding the territories it gained in 1967 (after it conceded the vast majority of them already) enough to end the conflict without any further demands? For if the answer is "no", then demanding this concession is hypocritical.

      Yes or No, pls.

      I am sorry to sound repetitive, but I have many responses, which are repetitive in their evading answering this question.

    • @Hostage,

      Pls don't divert from the original point of the discussion: @Amigo's statement that Israel shud "keep to its own borders" and my question on whether it will be enough for him that Israel retreats to the armistice lines?

      Therefore, events of 1948-49 and Arab refugees are not relevant here.

      @Amigo, as far as can see, by the way, hasn't answered the original question, which I will repeat:

      "Please indicate that if Israel stick to its own territory (I assume you mean the Armistice lines of 1948) then you, Amigo, agree that Israel then can exist as a Jewish state without the right of return of Palestinian refugees?"

      For if the answer is No, then berating Israel's "occupation" is insincere, because it implies "occupation" resulting from the Six Day War (recently celebrated, by the way).

    • @hostage "forced population transfers across international frontiers"

      Which "transfers" of settlers were "forced" and on across which "international frontiers"? (perhaps you word it very cunningly and "frontiers" are different to "borders" - wow, this is becoming interesting!) Pls explain.

      And by the way, I asked @Amigo whether a retreat of Israel to 1948 will be sufficient for peaceful and unthreatened existence. According to your reply, it is not, so how can one ask Israel to compromise, when the compromise is only one step in the its destruction (PLO's well known strategy link to And BTW, I am not interested in your opinion about the Zionists, but you confirmed implicitly that the answer to my original question to @Amigo is "no" and the position is hypocritical. Or is it just taqiyya?

    • @Amigo, "if Israel would stick to it,s own territory you would not have a problem."

      Please indicate that if Israel stick to its own territory (I assume you mean the Armistice lines of 1948) then you, Amigo, agree that Israel then can exist as a Jewish state without the right of return of Palestinian refugees?

      If your answer is yes, then I salute your courage,
      If the answer is "no", then you are a hypocrite.

    • @ezzo,

      please can you answer to the point?

    • "Palestinians won't be able to attend" Really? At least one player of Israeli national U21 team is an Arab, what you call "Palestinian". Any Arab living in Israel with Israeli passport can attend as they please.

      And if you meant that "Palestinians" living on the east of the separation barrier, then Israel has the right to admit only its own citizens as it pleases on its territory. Will it be possible for Jewish Israeli to attend a football game in Ramallah? then why is it any wonder looking the other way?

  • In 2005, nearly 10,000 truckloads of goods were exported from Gaza, in 2012 it was barely 250
    • "In 2005, nearly 10,000 truckloads of goods were exported from Gaza, in 2012 it was barely 250"

      "Average number of people exiting via Erez - 2005 >500k; 2012 - <4k"

      "Average number of missiles against Israeli civilian targets from Gaza: 2005 - zero; 2012 - hundreds"

      Average number of suicide bombings intentionally against Israeli civilians including children 2005: 2-3 per month; 2012: 0 per months (thanks god).

  • More on the 'creepy' al-Dura report
    • So, even Derfner agrees that al Dura wasn't killed by Israeli bullets. Note that he is sheepishly saying that al dura was killed "in exchange of fire" not in a "hail of Israeli bullets" as per Charles Enderlin, the enthusiastic dupe.

  • Im Tirtzu protests ‘nakba bullshit’ at Tel Aviv University
    • "Cumulatively, since Israel’s founding 93% of Palestinian land has been confiscated by the state, with only 3% of the total land of Israel owned by Palestinians, even though they comprise nearly 20% of the population."

      If, by "owned by Palestinians" you mean that the land is owned by private individuals who classify themselves as Palestinians, then it will be interesting to find how much land is "owned" by private individuals who are non-Palestinians (ie Jews)?

      This will be a correct comparison. Otherwise, the statement is meaningless.

      It will be interesting to see

  • J14 is back-- and still has nothing to say about the occupation
    • @Woody. You hit the nail on the head, so to speak when you say to Allison that "You are an activist journalist". The definition of a journalist is someone who "collects, writes, and distributes news and other information". Definition of of an activist is someone who is "vigorous advocate of a cause, especially a political cause".

      The two are incompatible Woody and implying that they are, shows your bias, in this case, anti-Israel.

    • Indeed, on the other side, in Arab and Muslim country, no demonstration can pass without the mandatory "Israel's is this and Jews are that".

      But we in Israel separate between internal issues and external problems.

      May I suggest some more items for Allison:

      "Makkabi Tel Aviv wins the premier league, and still has nothing to say about the occupation"

      or how about: "The Knesset clashed on how to limit the gas exports, and still has nothing to say about the occupation"

      and finally: "Despite the cold weather in Europe, in Tel Aviv the beaches were full, and still has nothing to say about the occupation"

  • Islamophobic 'Foreign Policy' article compares Boston bombing and Palestinian resistance to occupation
    • Cloak, mind to tell us the percentage in the world, not only in US? Is it not that the proportion will reverse?

    • "I think Shamir let us all know who wants to conquer whom."

      Reading the preceding sentence in Shamir's article, it is "malevolent terror" that he wants to "conquer". What's wrong with that?

  • Double standard on killing collaborators
    • The moral equivalence between Nazi-led murder of millions in the Holocaust and the oppression of Palestinian Arabs by Israel is preposterous enough.

      But trying to make an analogy between wrongdoings of a political party (Hamas) with ethnicity (Jews) smells of racism, or in this case of anti-Semitism.

      Do I hear Shlomo Zand's supporters that Jews are not a nation (or rather an invented nation)? So Jews are not a "nation"? If so, please reconcile that with the main thrust of this article.

      Some logical conundrum, I know. This is what happens when hatred blinds reason.

  • Nour Joudah returns to U.S., but continues to fight Israel's arbitrary denial of entry
    • Dear Alex, you say in your article that "Things seem utterly normal...You would be forgiven if you forgot for a moment that there was an Israeli occupation.” Maybe it's because Ramalla is NOT occupied?

      The ridiculousness of the argument that Ramallah is “occupied” is obvious, which makes for Mondoweiss' customary clarification for the faithful that it IS indeed occupied because “Israeli soldiers, though, still conduct raids in the heart of Ramallah as they see fit.”

      Don’t you have better targets to criticise the little Satan?

  • Not an empty sand dune: A Palestinian mansion in downtown Tel Aviv
    • Radical left groups, black immigrants, tracking of original owners...doesn't sound like a ruthless apartheid dictatorship to me... Is Alison going native?

  • Geller's speech leaves Muslim community unsafe, and echoes era of anti-Semitism
    • I read the article above, but nowhere there was any explanation about what is it so offending and Islamophobic that Geller said. Sincerely, pls explain.

  • Israeli military refuses to investigate deadly Gaza strike that killed 12 civilians
    • @Annie - "they’ve been covering their arses time and again. people were slaughtered, innocents were slaughtered." Annie, have you ever wrote these words when Jewish civilians were killed intentionally (as stated by Palestinian senders of the perpetrators)? And have Palestinian ever tried to "cover their arses" or they just don't bother when they target Jewish civilians - has there ever been an "inquiry" by Hamas of attacks on Jewish civilians? I wonder if you have any sense of justice, then you wud have been symmetrical in your writings. Dou you?

    • @Cliff, how do you know what values I believe in? I never "claimed" anything.

      How about you answer to the point of my comment? You don't have to, you know, but if you do, pls answer to the point. Provided that my response will not be blocked, of course.

    • "Human Rights Watch had called for Israel to investigate the attack, but that won’t be happening."

      What's the point in calling to investigate something you already determined to be a crime? ("Human Rights Watch, which concluded that the attack was a “clear violation of the laws of war.”)

  • BRICS memo: Time 'to take decisive action against the increasing Israeli Occupation as well as Israel's apartheid policies'
    • Cloak, Palestinians and Arabs have been waging violent struggle with Jews since early 20-th century. This fact is undisputed and any sane person will agree with it. Do you not agree.?

    • @hostage, as usual, your answer to my reply is long and supported, but this time, your true colors shine through, you are a stock holocaust denier, or, at the least justifier of Nazis, after all, according to you, Jews collaborated with the Nazis, and were in fact Hitler's business partners.

      do you also have supportive documents that Jews were not murdered by Einzatztruppen, gassed and burned in concentration camps? Or perhaps they were sold to Hitler in exchange for Palestine? So Hitler was double crossing the Mufti in the famous photo-op while cajoling with the Jews, now it all falls into place for me.

    • @hostage, isn't it also true that great pious Ghandi advised the Jews in Nazi occupied territories to practice civil disobedience and peaceful protests?

      I wonder why that didn't work in concentration camps, and how does that reflect on his other musings, especially those that you bring in you reply above.

    • When "BRICS" refer to "increasing" occupation, what is "increasing" in the "occupation" since 1967? if you don't count life expentancy and income per capita that is. Pls explain to me, someone.

  • Gay porn mogul unveils pinkwashing documentary
    • @Woody, "gracefully" or not, Barca was wearing "Qatar Foundation" logo when they lost to Milan yesterday. I am not lying, and last time since I checked, Qatar Airlines was fully owned by the Emirate, so part of the state.

      And we were not discussing whether Israel is or isnt "appartheid state", so please don't "knee-jerk" into smears and divert the discussion from the issue of my original email - that Israel's expenditures on PR are not excessive comparatively, apartheid or not.

    • @Woody,

      your Nazi analogy is laughable. If the Nazis would do "good" things, I would still critisize the regime, but I wud not waste my time and the credibility of my intelligence on criticising them for the GOOD things that they do.

    • @Woody, I am not lying. The correct information is not that Qatar Airlines sponsors Barca, but rather Qatar Foundation. @Annie, you can find it here "FC Barcelona Has a New Sponsor: The Qatar Foundation" link to .

      So now, when we are clear who is lying, don't change subject, Woody, greatest player or not, it is still $20 v $14. And anyone opening CNN Int'l, Bloomber TV or BBC World NEws knows that the biggest spenders are Arab sovereign funds (eg Quwait Fund, Qatar Foundation etc). Not always Israel is the devil.

    • @Annie,

      "PR spend per person" is not relevant in this case, rather, the size of the intended target.

      But if you want comparison in figures, the Emirate of Qatar pays 30 million euros per season to a single PR channel - the Barcelona Football Club. At less than 2m people in Qatar, this results in about $20 per person, on one channel only!

      So $14 per person is not crazy, is it?

    • @Annie,

      "100 million dollars a year are invested in glamorizing the belly of the beast" 'cos every country does it, now much does your country invests in glamorising itself?

      Is it that EVERYTHING about Israel (exception to non-Jews and the "corageous" loony left) is "bad"? Perhaps MW's resident correspondent (I guess that this is what Allison is), can write something about A positive aspect? One thing is sure, that post will have the highest number of replies ever in MW history!

    • "rather than a meaningful look into the lives of LGBT people, or the occupation"

      Allison, what is the connection between lives of LGBT and the O-word? How is the freedom (even if not perfect, but where is it perfect?) of LGBT in Israel related to occupation? Is there anything not evil about Israel that isn's some kind of "washing"?

      BTW, Alison, since you seem to be staying in the belly of the beast - do you have enough professional courage to write about the good things of Israel (which are NOT some kind of "washing", or not coming on account of Arabs? Or is it always a knee-jerk reaction "Israel-evil" "evil-Israel"?

  • Comparisons to Nazi Germany are exaggerated
    • I wonder if the esteemed professor (and/or Mondoweiss, for this matter) care to make the same comparison-points to ALL countries that want to destroy Israel, say Syria, Iran, PA, Hamas, Egypt, Hezbollah, etc.

      Do you have the courage and moral integrity to make such comparison?

  • Re-elect Netanyahu and you get international boycott, Livni warns
    • "Re-elect Netanyahu and you get international boycott, Livni warns"

      Let me see, Internationl Boycott on one hand, national suicide on the other. It's a tough choice, but I think i'll go with the former. MaHaL voting pad for me, please.

  • Palestinian teenager shot dead by Israeli soldiers in Hebron
    • @Annie - which "‘border’ was 35 miles away from this ‘checkpoint’" please clarify.

    • @Kathleen, what's the point of "racism" in this incident? You may claim that Israel is racist, that it's presence in Hebron (or elsewhere) is illegal, etc. But we have a clear incident of an attack by a person on a soldier. Where is the racism in this incident?

    • @justice, what "post-justification" is needed here? The young man clearly attacked a soldier.

    • Annie, my "point" is that on this blog, both the writers and commenters invariably hold Israel guilty for everything (although in a small proportion, the guilt apportioned is indirect, e.g., "this happened only because the poor Palestinians have no other choice", etc.) - but sometimes, this approach is clearly wrong.

      I support Israel, but in certain cases, I admit that actions by Israeli soldiers, settlers, etc., are wrong, full stop, no excuses.

      In this case, some commenters claim that Israeli position is fake, but their main argument is something like "Israel lied before, therefore, it is lying in this incident" - this, despite the reports coming clearly from Palestinian sources that support the story of a fake pistol being drawn. Not the presence of Israel in Hebron, but the particulars of this incident are important, but that doesn't stop commenters here.

      This particular thread was started by someone commenting that there were six bullets shot into the deseaced person, implying (I called it "innuendoes") that this fact proves that there there was intention to kill, as there supposedly no need to shoot someone 6 times to neutralise them, and when I commented in response, the thread went again for the "Israel can not be in the right, therefore it is in the wrong" direction.

      This is my point.

    • @justice...

      whether or not Israel's presence in Hebron is justified, your assertion that the soldiers "are not under threat" is simply wrong, and this completely undermines your position. You can argue as much as needed regarding the justification or demonisation of Israel, but please, do it separately from each incident.

    • @Kathleen - have you ever been in a situation like what happened, and even more, have you served as a soldier in an environment of hatred and constant threat?

      Because if you have, you wud have realised that when someone waves something that resembles a weapon, no sane soldier will take any chances and 6 times is actually quite a low count. Just ask the poor electrician that got shot in London tube by the British police. And he did not even have a gun, just the adrenalin and the fear of a suicide bomber - the bobbies made sure that the guy cant reach the trigger, it was just that he had none.

      So whatever you think about Israel, unless you can prove that the guy was shot in cold blood completely unnecessarily, then pls avoid innuendoes.

      And one more thing, apparently, the guy's brother was a member of Hamas who got exiled to Gaza...

    • Pls correct, the deceased was 17 yrs old, not 16, see here from Palestinian source, translated.

      link to

  • Another 'NYT' reporter goes to Gaza and offers condescending anthropological observations on social media
    • @Cliff,

      kalithea, above, claimed that Israeli occupation is the "longest military occupation in modern-day history", and I suggested that Tibet's occupation is older. We did not dispute the details such as "ethnic cleansing" or "colonizing", just the timing.

    • @Mooser, transgressions of one side do not legalise the transgressions of the other. Do you argue that war crimes against Israel should be tolerated while Israel itself should be held to account?

    • @Cliff - Wikipedia (link to says that "The History of Tibet from 1950 to the present was heralded by the People's Liberation Army entering Tibet in 1950-51. ". "Entering", you see ;).

    • kalithea, China's occupation of Tibet is longer, check your facts.

    • @Mooser, until the armed resistance in Warsaw ghetto was finally crushed and insurgents killed, yes, Jews had “sovereignty and control” over the territory they, err, controlled, however small this territory was and however tansient and brief the period. Please explain your argumentation.

    • @American, please can you explain the relevance of your diatribe above to refute my arguments that Gaza isnt occupied?

    • @Citizen, despite disagreeing with you on the "massacre" thing, I agree with you that Gaza has a "right to resist". But it has neither legal nor moral right to "resist" by breaking the laws of war specifically and inteninally targetting civilians from the Israeli side.

      Don't you agree with me?

    • Own flags waiving in the wind, heavy machine guns displayed leisurely, operated by own-force fighters, people openly sporting military fatigues, including on small children, politicians sharing small-talk...On the background of these displays of sovereignty and control, what “occupation” is meant in the following statement:
      "As if militancy is Gaza's destiny and essence, rather than, say an artifact of occupation."

  • Two days after ceasefire Israel kills Palestinian man in Khan Younis
    • During a armed confct in which Israeli soldiers (and civilians) were targeted from Gaza usingdirect fire, the person approached border and ignored warnings.

      If any of the outragedd commenters were in the place of Israeli sodliers, what wud you do?

      You can argue that Israel is bad, that it is illegitmate etc, but that does not mean that you can abandon logic about a particular incident, well actually, you can, and you are doing it in your comments.

      Actually, even Annie Robbins doesnt berate Israel, only brings the two articles.

  • Day after Israel rejects ceasefire, bus explodes in Tel Aviv outside IDF Spokesperson office
  • Video: Israeli's car strikes Palestinian demonstrator
    • Woody,Reuben, Avi,

      nothing of what you said above contradicts the logic of my argument. Your rage against Israel is preventing you from seeing undisputed logic.

    • Excuse me, but the article's headin s misleading. the definition of the verb "to strike" is "verb (used with object) 1. to deal a blow or stroke to (a person or thing), as with the fist, a weapon, or a hammer; hit. "

      I did no see a car "hitting" the demonstrator. The demonstrator clearly tried to prevent the car from passing in the middle of an automotive road, the car clearly stopped (or was movin very slowly) - so it can not fall under "strike", perhaps more appropriate was to say that "Israeli car shoves a demontrtor trying to bock it".

  • Israel rejects truce and escalates fighting in Gaza with assassination of Hamas leader; 10 killed, 90 wounded in Israeli attacks
    • "Jabari, the Hamas leader, brokered the Palestinian side of the 2011 deal that freed Gilad Shalit"

      The definition of a "broker" is "an agent who buys or sells for a principal on a commission basis without having title to the property. 2. a person who functions as an intermediary"

      Was Jabary an "intermediary" or an "agent" or a party to the transaction?

  • 7 Palestinians, including 3 children, killed and 52 injured as Israeli attack on Gaza continues
  • Key members of the Congressional 'Islamophobia caucus' swept from Congress
    • Indeed, dark times for Israel are on the horizon. Demographic changes in the US mean GOP will have hard times too. But maybe, just maybe, you see on that picture that next black POTUS?

  • Iran wants nukes to deter attack
    • Annie and Woody, the problem is with you. I feel no comfort if you guys "believe" in one thing or another. I asked you to reveal your your real positions - if you are for Iranian nukes, then why? Is it for Iran to "defend" itself from Israel? It's a self defeating argument - Israel's attack may come only to prevent these nukes in the first place. Balance of power? Why is there a need for a balance of power with Israel that has no claims on Iranian territory? Again, makes no sense.

      However, for Iran to tighten the screws on the jews (a great rhime i know) and smoke them out of Israel, bingo, makes sense. Cos if not, for what purpose does Iran need nuclear capability and why are you so against Israel trying to prevent it? So are you FOR Iranian nukes or AGAINST, yes/no pls.

    • I dont understand the point of this article, the comments to it, and for that matter the points of most of articles and comments on this site. Just say what you really mean - you WANT Iran to have the nuclear capaility not to defend itself, you cudnt care less. You want Iran to have nuclear capability because you hope that it will use it and drive the jews into the sea or into the grave. C'mon, be sincere and admit it.

  • Tel Aviv and the failure of the Zionist dream

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