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  • And the winner of the Sheldon Adelson primary is... Hillary Clinton
    • You had me at hello, " in respectable U.S. history" , you guys are sounding like something out of a Groucho Marx movie.

  • The way for Americans to take on the Islamic state is to end support for Jewish nationalism
  • Rigged Netanyahu 'conversation' at Center for American Progress shows it's twilight of the Israel lobby
  • State Dep't slams Netanyahu's Hitler story as 'inflammatory' and against 'scholarly evidence'
    • Is there a slow motion color revolution going on in Israel? Is it possible? The west will not confront Israel openly for political reasons but the military intel community is pretty much fed up with the "only democracy in the middle east". The one country (Israel) that spies more on the U.S than most of its worst enemies.

    • Right now as you are here discussing your pathetic past Israel is committing the same crimes that you complain so much about against the Palestinians. Israeli run ghettos, a population without an army bombed by Israeli airplanes exist today. Palestinians are herded like cattle through gates in order to b able to go to work in the mornings. Not in some past where the whole world keeps getting reminded that never again should this sort of thing happen to any people anywhere. It is not only happening but it is being perpetrated in the name of the same people against whom it was perpetrated in the pathetic past that you choose to keep reminding everyone about.
      Hitler and Germany are in the past...Germans of today have paid and continue to pay for crimes of which they were not participants off. Alexander Solzhenitsyn seems to have been correct.

  • Despite global disgust, Netanyahu doubles down on claim that Hitler got idea of Final Solution from a Palestinian
    • 'Also, could you imagine if any Arab or Iranian leader made a major speech downplaying Hitler’s role in the holocaust?'

      More proof that Zionism is enforced by Jewish groups pretty much in all western nations.

  • Facing down hecklers in NY, Gideon Levy calls for equal rights for all in one state
    • Kudos to Gideon Levy, thanks Phil for going to these events and sharing them.
      "The only occupation in history where the occupier presents itself as the victim"

      This narrative has been enforced and controlled through the Jewish Zionist organizations influence over western nations political systems and their press. The network of think tanks and credentialed academics are used to give the lie of the narrative a body of misrepresented truths which they use to validate the fictional narrative which makes the occupier the victim.

      Israel has sown the wind and is reaping the whirlwind.
      Hosea chapter 8 verse 7
      link to

  • Hypothesis: Cappuccino Israelis will be radicalized against apartheid
    • Since you're sharing what turned you off about Zionism let me express my Israel journey. What turned me off about Israel was when i discovered how they founded the nation through terrorism of the native Palestinian population while dispossessing them of their homes.

      The cherry on top of my turnoff was their arrogant hasbarist ways and how the western nations bend to the will of the zionist organizations that create and enforce blind support of Israel among both politicos and the national press.

      I thank Ilan Pappe Benny Morris Norman Finkelstein and the Neocons for clearing my mind about what i thought Israel and Zionism were.

    • I have come to accept that the standard operating procedure for those of the Judaic persuasion here in the U.S when discussing Israel and the dilemma of the Palestinians seem to be similar to how i would have imagined it could have been like if some Germans in Germany were openly discussing the condition of Jews in the Warsaw ghetto in Poland over a glass of some good quality Riesling at their favorite eating establishment in the confines of their homeland, waxing eloquent in a rabbinical sort of way about the living conditions of the Jews, and whether it was good for the Germans or not good for the Germans, all the while complimenting themselves for how open minded they were and how enlightened they were openly discussing the wall being built around the ghetto all the while the abuses continued. I imagine they might have had the same fears of being overheard by other members of their clan who might not have been so sympathetic to the accepted policies being discussed outside a certain framework.

  • Hillary Clinton expresses alarm for Israeli Jews, and not one word about Palestinian victims
    • Here is the punchline in her statement. " or travel to prayers". Part of the mythical jewish state.

  • If I Were an Israeli Looking at the Iran Deal (to the tune of 'If I Were a Rich Man')
    • "Posing problems that would cross a rabbi’s eyes! And it won’t make one bit of difference if I answer right or wrong. "

      What is? Mr Friedman describing his career.

  • Defying Obama on Iran deal, Schumer cites Hamas
    • Here is the full text of the Obama speech at American University. Also includes video.
      link to

    • And while Obama protested that he didn’t mean to be “provocative,” he aimed his remarks directly at Sen. Cotton and his Israeli fans when he said:

      Now, there are some opponents – I have to give them credit; there are opponents of this deal who accept the choice of war. In fact, they argue that surgical strikes against Iran’s facilities will be quick and painless. But if we’ve learned anything from the last decade, it’s that wars in general and wars in the Middle East in particular are anything but simple. The only certainty in war is human suffering, uncertain costs, unintended consequences. We can also be sure that the Americans who bear the heaviest burden are the less than 1 percent of us, the outstanding men and women who serve in uniform, and not those of us who send them to war.”

      link to

    • Why are neocons such a bellicose lot?

      The battle hymm of the confederacy Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord. He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored.

      or katikva?

      As long as in the heart, within,
      נֶפֶשׁ יְהוּדִי הוֹמִיָּה Nefesh yehudi homiyah, A Jewish soul still yearns,
      וּלְפַאֲתֵי מִזְרָח, קָדִימָה, Ul(e)fa’atei mizrach kadimah, And onward, towards the ends of the east,
      עַיִן לְצִיּוֹן צוֹפִיָּה, ‘Ayin letziyon tzofiyah; an eye still gazes toward Zion;

  • Foxman bashes Israel for taking US and Jewish support for granted and not coming up with a peace plan
    • Justin Raimondo wrote an excellent article over at antiwar dot com, here is an excerpt pertinent to what i believe is the reason why A. Foxman is moving in the direction we see.
      The confluence of events are causing concern and these concerns are bringing about the shift to manage perception.

      link to

      As for the issue of dual citizenship, particularly involving federal officials and specifically members of Congress, the direct relation of this matter to our national security is underscored by the case of Jane Harman. While serving in Congress, Harman was caught out by the National Security Agency having a conversation with an Israeli official in which she agreed to intercede on behalf of two AIPAC lobbyists who had been brought up on espionage charges. Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman, two longtime members of the powerful pro-Israel lobbying group, had been accused of procuring sensitive information purloined from the Pentagon on Israel’s behalf.

      Harman was angling, at the time, to chair the House Intelligence Committee, and the New York Times reported that “One official who has seen transcripts of several wiretapped calls said she appeared to agree to intercede in exchange for help in persuading party leaders to give her the powerful post.” Those transcripts, according to the official, revealed that the Israeli caller “promised her that a wealthy California donor – the media mogul Haim Saban – would threaten to withhold campaign contributions to Representative Nancy Pelosi, the California Democrat who was expected to become House speaker after the 2006 election, if she did not select Ms. Harman for the intelligence post.”

      Rather than run for reelection under this cloud, Harman retired from Congress.

      Israel represents a danger to the national security of this country: this is an incontrovertible fact, and no amount of “anti-Semitism”-baiting is going to obscure it. And that danger is growing, as the story of the Israeli spy-virus makes all too clear.

  • The U.S. is at last facing the neocon captivity
    • Retired Air Force Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski Ph.D. tells how she witnessed Douglas Feith and his WINEP/JINSA/AEI buddies deliberately lie the people of this country into war in Iraq.
      link to

  • An open letter to Pamela Geller
    • Excellent...Geller needs to see first hand.
      Although i do not believe she is a total dolt I do believe she is a propagandist for the country that is near and dear to her heart. She is a cultural warrior doing Israels work in trying to foment hatred of Muslims by Americans.

      She is a mobilizer.

  • Understanding the Jewish National Home
    • As i read these separate documents and their chronology it starts to seem as if the Zionist made every expedient declaration in order to usurp power slowly as the wheels of their design turned all power in their favor. Their mask only coming off once power was consolidated in their total favor. International complicity was also gained through subterfuge and a financial tour de force.

      For the Zionist it has been a long and arduous campaign of deceit, the Harry Truman episode just another example of the depth of their project.

      One of the first to confront their project head on were the orthodox Judaic community of that era and the many Rabbis that denounced Zionism as a danger and threat to Torah Judaism, Those Rabbis fears came true. Israel became for many Jews around the world conjoined to Judaism. The golden calf that Moses confronted when he came down from Mt. Sinai in this modern era for the Jews is Israel.

    • Thanks for all of the historical excerpts, very fascinating. As for 2015 and international pressure being a catalyst for change in Israel i doubt it very much. The Zionist project is very well funded and deeply enmeshed into so many political organizations and gov't's that i only expect them to mislead more and continue to shove their (Zionist) project down the throat of its opposition. The Western press will do its part in propagating the Zionist interest and point of view.

      I hope i am wrong and you will be correct in this hopeful expectation.

  • BDS Victory: Veolia sells Israel businesses targeted by Palestinian-led boycott campaign
    • #BDS is the most hopeful way to support a two state solution...or whatever they can democratically agree upon.

  • Netanyahu flails against int'l conspiracy, as liberal Zionists seek orange revolution against 'fading strongman'
  • Paris university reverses decision, allows Israeli apartheid event with Blumenthal
    • Congratulations Max Blumenthal! Mazel Tov!

      They will not listen to reason; their response, suppression.

  • 'NYT' reports 'surge of hostile sentiment against Jews' nationwide -- on what basis?
    • These Zio zealots will lobby for making Israel bashing a hate crime based on some Hollywood style incident. Anti semitism is their historical traveling companion. We live in the age of ""Never waste a good crisis".

      Their arrogance causes them to go further than anyone would expect, hubris is their mothers milk.

  • Over one quarter of Netanyahu’s speech to Congress consisted of applause and standing ovations
  • Media are stunned by Congress's 'loyalty' to Netanyahu (but refuse to explain it)
    • What is it that the Press refuse to explain? Self monitoring occurs, it occurs here also. That is the fear of the AIPAC Lobby.

      The Press fear The One and Only, fear inducing, Jewish Lobby AIPAC, which include the Christian Zionist lobby of preachers along with a media elite that would blast anyone of the reporters who would start to broach the subject without permission into the realm of unemployed and persona non grata. How many past examples do we not have of relatively major reporters (msm types) being blasted into the ether-sphere and labeled as untouchables for transgressing the unwritten unutterable law of Thou shalt not speak evil of Israel but especially do not mention the Jewish Lobby AIPAC.

      The Lobby, "night flower", enforces this law like we have all seen over the years.

      The problem isn't American anti semitism, but the fear induced upon us all by a lobby that has called itself the "night flower" because they prefer to operate in the dark without attention being brought upon them. Now what do you think is the solution for a night flower Lobby that hates the light? Sunshine as disinfectant and good riddance. But not many are willing to pay the ultimate price and thus the conversation here is monitored as to not insult anyones sensibilities.

      The minions that they influence to make phone calls and accuse news media or business interests of that most dreaded of all accusations have the affect of making them walk the walk or be subjected to a shmearing with the dreaded accusation. Those who support the Lobby only fear one thing, being labeled more loyal to Israel than to the U.S.

      This will all play itself out based on how long it will take for the masses to realize this and pushback on their political appointees. Hopefully it doesn't happen during a financial upheaval when populations are more likely to blame anyone for the things they are going through.

      The Lobby is an arrogant lot.

  • Pelosi blasts Netanyahu speech as 'insult to intelligence of U.S.', Amanpour calls it 'dark, Strangelovian'
  • US and Israel divorce rumors over Iran
    • Do the U.S and Israel need to file for a Get to make it official?

      ‘Cherry-picked leaks’: US accuses Israel of distorting Iran nuclear talks details
      link to

    • Listen to Jeb (the smart) Bush pitch his presidency plan to israel lovers and adherents of an aggressive and exceptionalist foreign policy. These guys (exceptionalists and hegemonist) just can not accept that the world has changed and that the U.S just does not deserve the respect that it once had.

      Edward Snowden has given an invaluable gift to the entire world, the duplicity of the United Sates deep state has been laid bare for all the world to see.

      An awakening has occured and it is based on facts on the ground from a century of domination and enforcement ( Monroe Doctrine), of what we wanted the world to look like without much consideration for the underlying sentiments growing in those countries. Oppression and suppression can only happen for so long before blowback rears it's ugly head.

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  • Dear Mr. Netanyahu, please don't cancel your speech
    • I am sure you all will have by now seen this but it's just starting to become too much fun for me. Watching the wheels start to come off this project has been long in coming and frankly i never thought i'd see the day. Oh they will still circle the wagons and play pretend but at least now the cracks are showing. Notice it is about being seen as "Israel firsters".
      Mj Rosenberg first used that term in public then decided to stop using it but in the end he somehow seems to have come back to it which is as it should be.

      Why Israel Lobby Is Biggest Casualty of Feud Over Benjamin Netanyahu's Speech
      AIPAC and Jewish Backers Fume Over Being Dumped by Bibi

      Read more: link to

    • The intelligence community in the United States believe there is no hard evidence that Iran has decided to build a nuclear bomb, the New York Times finally reported on Saturday.

      link to

      And if you only choose to believe the main stream press here is the NY Times.
      link to;

    • Very nice piece Mr Weiss. The hallmark of a neocon has always been their arrogant hubris.
      The Neocons will now depend heavily on the Christian Zionist to defend Israel.
      These groups have been cultivated explicitly for this type of an event. For many many years Pat Robertson paraded many Israelis, people like Dora Gold and B. Netanyahu and others, through his program to reinforce the Israel is God's land and Christian s must defend it to the end mantra.

      Keep in mind that this could work itself out either way, if the Christian Zionist along with the lobby can control the narrative then the U.S would become more like Israel than ever before. Nationalism can have a dark heart. The progressives could be isolated and made to look like pacifist's in the face of the Isis Muslim hordes waiting outside the gates of Rome.

      Here is a nice little piece from Col Pat Lang's website. The article is by Richard Sale.

      "I am not familiar with Christians United for Israel, but I am not in the least surprised by the zealous fervor of groups like it.

      In late 1980s and early ‘90s, I was told by senior CIA officials, that for many years, American “national grassroots movements focused on building support of Israel” had been secretly funded by Mossad, whose purpose is to reinforce the strain of Christian fundamentalism in America...Mossad used to fund pilgrimages trips to Israel and other events, these officials said."

      link to

  • Biden will skip Netanyahu's speech
    • Abe Foxman Calls on Benjamin Netanyahu To Scrap Speech to GOP Congress
      ADL Chief Wants Israel Premier To End 'Circus'

      Read more: link to

    • Norman Finkelstein made the observation that in the early days of Zionism here in the U.S, American Jews were careful not to be perceived as disloyal to the United States by showing a preference for Israel.
      Well i believe this is going to be fun (for me) as we start to see how this loyalty issue develops.

      link to

      I believe that the Christian Israel lobby has been cultivated ( by our favorite forces) for, as the Christians are fond of using a biblical term used to describe Queen Esther's beneficial presence at the kings court, "for such a time as this".

      The loyalty issue is going to be instructive to watch play out, especially in the media, because the media will be very circumspect in how they present the issue, ensuring that loyalty is not part of the discussion. Just guessing that is how they will frame things.

  • Shit dead rabbis say about gentiles
  • How a culture remembers its crimes is important: A review of 'American Sniper'
    • Our media is a conveyor belt of propaganda and disinformation.

      To me this movie shows the power that the free press in the United States has and how it misleads it's people into believing things that lead to murder and mayhem.

      Kyle was a product of this misinformation, he believed that the Iraqi's were part of the tragedy of 9/11 and he was doing his duty in defending his country.

      In 2015, almost 14 years later, many people in this country still have no idea how these events were orchestrated by the Intel services of this nation and how they used the credibility of men like Colin Powell to present manufactured information to the U.N in order to get the go ahead which led our volunteer military into a war of choice.

      Our press is despicable, it is an echo chamber of propaganda and state manufactured lies, they deserve most of our disdain for what is allowed to happen.

      "The reporters are fully aware and they r engaged in daily self sensorship bcause they know their careers will end immediately if they were actually to ask challenging tough questions to the powers that be. Their media outlets would be denied access to important gov’t figures who they rely on to get their anonymous news source quotes, there would be reprimands repercussions and firings, the reporters know they are part of a system of propaganda." Brian Becker (the answer coalition)

  • Netanyahu crashes Paris unity march, French gov't fumes
    • The untouchables

      The Paris prosecutor’s office has said it has opened an investigation into the comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, after a Facebook post in which he said “I feel like Charlie Coulibaly”.

      The post from Dieudonné, who has faced allegations of anti-Semitism for a gesture that many say mimics a Nazi salute, has since been taken down.

      link to

  • The 'bait & switch' politics of liberal Zionism
    • The Jews of Iraq, by Naeim Giladi

      The Jews of Iraq
      Article by Naeim Giladi

      An Iraqi Jew tells his story of Zionist activities that Jews from Islamic lands did not emigrate willingly to Israel; that, to force them to leave, Jews killed Jews; and that, to buy time to confiscate ever more Arab lands, Jews on numerous occasions rejected genuine peace initiatives from their Arab neighbors.


      I write this article for the same reason I wrote my book: to tell the American people, and especially American Jews, that Jews from Islamic lands did not emigrate willingly to Israel; that, to force them to leave, Jews killed Jews; and that, to buy time to confiscate ever more Arab lands, Jews on numerous occasions rejected genuine peace initiatives from their Arab neighbors. I write about what the first prime minister of Israel called “cruel Zionism.” I write about it because I was part of it.

      link to

      - See more at: link to

  • David Brooks says 'people from around the world' can serve in Israeli military
    • So i guess that the acronym #JSIL really does apply to Israel. Israel is (turning into if one can not accept the fact that it was from it's inception) a religious colonialist and racist project which is now seeking to enlist converts to join them in their quest for middle east domination.

  • New Amnesty International report accuses Israel of committing war crimes in Gaza
    • Another Establishment America type condones war crimes for all the world to see.

      US general backs Israel on Gaza casualties
      Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff says Israel went to "extraordinary lengths" to limit civilian deaths during Gaza war.

      link to

  • 'Progressive' rabbi ascribes Roger Waters's concern with 500 Palestinian child victims to rocker's alleged drug use
    • I'd rather do drugs than imbibe the blatant supremacist ideology that is Zionism, which has led the state of Israel to commit monstrous crimes against humanity, all the while hiding under the mantle of Judaism and shielding any criticism of itself by using the holocaust of the innocent jews of Europe and that old worn out shield of antisemitism.

  • The proportion of Gaza's children who were killed should shock conscience of weapons-suppliers
  • US branch of the Jewish 'family' owes the homeland 'unconditional love' -- Rosner
    • Phil what is the moral difference between allowing these racist calls by jews to stand for Israel to ensure that no critique of Israels actions be allowed to go unpunished within your community and what Jews would call anti-semitism?

      In many cases these "tropes" are used to stifle inquiry and they serve from allowing diaspora jews from discovering zionist actions of the past. I would imagine that the book Righteous Victims is an anti semitic book? It must be because the zionist turned their back on the righteous victims who were slaughtered en masse in Europe.

      You allow Jewish racism to be posted on this board ( these pronouncements to stand as one behind Israel) are a racist call to shut out any debate that point to Israel "The Jewish State" right after they just slaughtered a mostly helpless population on the basis of racism.

      I understand the need to be hyper sensitive to what your community may think of you if you were to allow any of those "old tropes" as the jews are fond of calling anything that points to jews being involved in unsavory historical facts.

      What is the difference between allowing clearly racist views and what Jews conveniently call anti-semitism?

      I am not a jew. I see it purely as racism. I always compared jews to the catholics in the middle ages where the mass was given in latin and noone knew what the hell was being said...just trust and obey for there is no other way.

      A clueless and Shtetl existence enforced by ostracization.

  • Hollywood's latest blacklist shadows Bardem, Cruz, Almodovar
  • Gaza war gives rise to new Jewish group targeting Jewish institutions that support occupation
    • From the Forward website.

      The last time Israel invaded Gaza, in 2008, the activist group J Street took a hard line against Operation Cast Lead. J Street framed Israel’s attack as collective punishment and demanded an immediate end to the conflict.
      The organization was pilloried by American Jewish leaders.
      This time around, J Street has taken a radically different position, sticking close to other mainstream Jewish groups. J Street has asserted Israel’s right to defend itself, and has condemned Hamas while expressing concern for Palestinian and Israeli civilians.

      Read more: link to

  • The selected writings of Samantha Power
    • Great article. For the most part anyone who wants to be in a governmental position in the U.S seems to know that the way to achieve their goal is to recite the mantras approved by the power behind the throne. Our press is another area where if one does not dance to the tune one gets pulled off of the stage.

      Michael Scheuer is really going hard here.
      link to

  • Elie Wiesel plays the Holocaust trump card in Gaza
    • In the Old Testament book of Jeremiah in chapt 7 it says that Israel sacrificed their children in the fire.

      30 For the children of Judah have done evil in my sight, saith the Lord: they have set their abominations in the house which is called by my name, to pollute it.

      31 And they have built the high places of Tophet, which is in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to burn their sons and their daughters in the fire; which I commanded them not, neither came it into my heart.

  • 'I can't be silent. It is genocide' -- Anoushka Shankar
    • This is from Col Pat Lang's site.
      link to

      If you think the current Israeli invasion of Gaza is a response to the discovery of the bodies of three kidnapped Israeli teenagers in late June, think again. Israel’s invasion was a pre-planned action and, if you simply go back and examine the news reports since April, you will realize that the missing teens became a convenient, tragic symbol that Israel disgracefully used as a pre-text for trying to destroy Hamas. Let me walk you thru some of the relevant press clippings.

  • Dr. Kristol's curriculum: US 'special responsibilities' include 'ancient longings' of Jewish nationalists
    • Making Israel a reason for the Iraq war is one bridge the Neocons do not want erected.

      Israel-first Neoconservatives are very sensitive and have a heightened sensibility for the scent of anti-semitism or that other favorite of theirs "self hating jew".

      "Unreconstructed Zionism without a Palestinian in sight" describes their colonialist supremacist mindset so well, the end justifies the means. Not much else matters to them. They are dinosaurs of political evolution.

  • Renouncing my Israeli citizenship
  • Gaza is a concentration camp, and it's an American delusion not to recognize that -- Weschler
    • Those who support that Frankenstein monster in the Middle East and do not hold it accountable do a disservice to Judaism.

      Oy, gevalt!

  • Israeli strike kills four Palestinian children playing soccer on Gaza beach
  • Obama raises big bucks at home of man who said president and Netanyahu are on 'the same page'
    • I guess the imp knows how to raise money..."I can't hear you...donate more and we will consider listening".

  • Video: Diane Sawyer misrepresents photo of Gazans in aftermath of Israeli bombing as Israeli victims of Palestinian missiles (Updated)
    • A moment of great pride for the American free press.

      Nice Suit your Highness.

      Naturally, the King not wanting to appear a fool, said,

      "Isn't it grand! Isn't it fine! Look at the cut, the style, the line!
      The suit of clothes is all together
      But all together it's all together
      The most remarkable suit of clothes that I have ever seen.
      These eyes of mine at once determined
      The sleeves are velvet, the cape is ermine
      The hose are blue and the doublet is a lovely shade of green.
      Somebody send for the Queen."

  • Chomsky supports portions of BDS agenda, but faults others, citing realism and int'l consensus
    • Prof Chomsky

      To be uncertain is to be uncomfortable, but to be certain is to be ridiculous.

  • Among US expressions of outrage and condolence, Obama, Kerry and Rice identify with Israeli parents
  • Reporters talk about Sykes-Picot of 1916 (and ignore the Balfour Declaration of 1917)
    • Here is a recap of the conversation within the Jewish community between the children and the adults in the room.

      Jack is on the adults side and Tom represents the children also in the room.
      Jessep (Jack Nicholson): You want answers?
      Kaffee (Tom Cruise): I think I’m entitled to them.
      Jessep: You want answers?
      Kaffee: I want the truth!
      Jessep: You can’t handle the truth! Son, we live in a world that has walls. And those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Who's gonna do it? You? You, Lt. Weinberg? I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom. You weep for Santiago and you curse the Marines. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know: that Santiago’s death, while tragic, probably saved lives. And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives. You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties you want me on that wall. You need me on that wall. We use words like honor, code, loyalty. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punch line. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it! I would rather you just said ‘thank you’ and went on your way. Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon and stand a post. Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think you are entitled to! "

      my favorite line.
      "And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives."

  • What's your politically-correct World Cup bracket?
    • Sophistication and enlightenment are the hallmark of post racist, politically correct individuals, who ultimately end up enforcing their dogma upon the less enlightened. The bolsheviks were intellectual geniuses who knew what was best.

      Colombia has a stellar team.
      Brazil, Costa Rica, I will take Mexico over the Netherlands because their goalie is showcasing his talent magnificently. I'd love to see Nigerian beat France but do not think it would be possible. Germany over Algeria simply because I am a fan and they are strong as hell. ( now i would love for the Algerians make a strong showing against Germany just because they support the holy cause (Palestinian statehood).
      I would love to see Switzerland beat Argentina just because i am not a fan and it is possible as well.
      I would love to see the U.S beat Belgium and it is a possibility. Just depends on which U.S team shows up.

  • Oldman says Hollywood is 'run by Jews,' then offers over-the-top apology
    • Who cares about the religion of those who own the studios or whatever else that can be called Hollywood. Only the ADL type watch groups who's task it to try and contain anything that they feel might develop into the mal-odorous stench of anti-semitism.

      It's ok to laud someone for being jewish only when you stoop to your knees and accept reprogramming. But heaven forbid if you laud a jew for being wealthy, like if it were a sin for jews to be wealthy but not for gentiles.

      Like the Stalin show trials those who stoop and make a public contrition still go on to become persona's non grata to some degree or another.
      Sort of like getting sprayed by a skunk, the smell lingers on you.

      The ADL must think that they have to manage the image of jews around the world, these show trials only serve to point to the power that produce these b.s confessions and reprogrammed public figures.

      Conflating Israel with Judaism has turned out to be the disaster that those old non Zionist Rebbe's of Europe predicted this conflation would lead to.

  • From Mississippi to Gaza -- Dorothy Zellner reflects on 50 years of struggle
    • What a great interview!
      I wonder if Norman Finkelstein has changed his views on the BDS movement.

      One thing Finkelstein does say that i believe may be a very perceptive take on what will ultimately move the rest of the "most important community" on this issue, will be when they start to perceive that supporting Israel over the U. S in the open may cause their loyalty to the U.S to come into question.

      He says that this was a common attitude back in the late fifties and early sixties.

  • Cantor's defeat had nothing to do with religion
    • "I wish I could say that his district rejected him over his Israel stance, but it didn’t. His defeat has nothing to do with religion."

      Me too but alas tis probably immigration.
      My best guess as the contributors that took Dave Brat over the top were the twin blondes of immigration, Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham.

      He also got the anti establishment discontents, otherwise known as Libertarians vote.

      Brat: “There is just 1 party up in DC right now. It's not Republicans & Democrats, it's one party. It's the power party & it's the $ party.”

      "His loyalties both upward and downward have shifted in his eager embrace of the Ruling Class"

      link to

  • CNN showed 'blatant' bias when Blitzer aired Oren saying 2 killed Palestinians may not be dead -- Munayyer
    • This is Moral Normcore: Keeping your mouth shut and your head down in the face of what you and most everyone else would consider morally wrong. Silently acquiescing to—and thus accepting—something which you know to be wrong or in fact evil, all for the sake of comforming, and not rocking the boat.

      link to

  • Alleged K.C. killer: 'If Jews can have a state of their own, why can't we have a White Christian state?'
  • Adelson would install Netanyahu in the White House if he had his druthers -- Avnery
    • God, wouldn't it be great if Israeli Jews would turn on their monied brethren in the diaspora and blame the direction that Israel has taken on the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee. We already have seen how the far right has turned on Alan Dershowitz recently.

  • 'NYT' stamps Jimmy Carter 'radioactive' and not 'a force for good'
    • The Israel firsters are going to have to go on the record. They have decided to stand for ethnocentricity, tribal superiority, and of course power through the channels of influence including the power of the purse along with the power to vilify by calumny and repetitious vitriol, smearing their enemy du jour, through the Press/MSM; their poodle.

  • Reports: Abbas faults Israel for 'procrastinating,' says Palestine will move to join int'l organizations
    • So the Palestinians don't want peace?
      Does Israel have a willing partner in this peace process?
      Stay tuned and find out tomorrow when we'll hear our Hero say " Blah blah blah bla bla Israel does not have a willing partner in this peace process".

  • Pollard was in it for money, and sold so many dox Cap Weinberger wanted the death penalty
    • So we are to believe that he did it for the money (filthy lucre) yet, he refuses to be exchanged for Palestinian prisoners as if the exchange would taint his noble deed (beau geste), done out of a deep seated affection, a dual love of sorts, for Americas' BFF in the Middle East.

  • Not an April Fool's joke: U.S. weighs releasing Pollard to keep Israelis at negotiating table
    • If US intel and Military didn't resent Israel and our Zio-friendly Politicos enough yet, freeing the Israeli spy should pretty much finish pinning the tail on that donkey.

  • State Dept puts American seal of approval on latest Israeli-initiated round of violence

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