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  • Antisemitism and its useful idiots
    • As a Trump voter, and someone who knows many Trump supporters, please believe me when I tell you that not one of them wants a Jew free US. Steve Bannon doesn't even want that. If anything, Trump supporters (I voted for him, but I can't say I am a supporter on many issues) are largely philo-Semitic. Don't believe me? Just visit, and read the comments. Most there support Israel very strongly, and reserve their hatred for Muslims.

      It seems that many in this movement think that they can disarm the accusations of anti Semitism by accusing Trump supporters of it.

  • Mock campaign supporting two-state solution reveals liberal Israeli racism
    • Seriously, what is wrong with you? Google Jeff Sessions for info about his role in desegregation. What part of the nation do you live in? Did you go to predominantly Black schools, live in Black neighborhoods, etc.?

      Jim Crow was government mandated segregation FYI. I know of no one who wants a return to that.

    • It has been clear to me for years that Israel will eventually annex huge parts of the West Bank, and press for the bits of Palestine that remain to be confederated with Jordan, as if that makes things ok for the dispossessed Palestinians. If you read the comments section across the internet, the Hasbarists clearly think or dishonestly argue that Palestinians came from Jordan, and that Jordan is the only true Palestinian homeland. I can see Israel making a take it or leave it offer with large-scale support from our stupid and craven American politicians.

      And I find it so ironic that Jewish senators like Al Franken have been grilling Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions about his role in the desegregation of Alabama, but would never in a million years acknowledge and criticize the presence of Jim Crow in Israel and the occupied territories. This hypocrisy on the part of the Jewish establishment must be exposed.

  • It turns out Jews are as stupid as everyone else
  • Origins of a golden shower
    • You believe the anti Russian propaganda? Russia Russia Russia. The Democrats and the neocons are revealing their inner Jan Brady.

      Do you agree with them that PUTIN is the one who has destabilized Ukraine and Syria?

  • US watched ISIS rise in Syria and hoped to 'manage' it -- Kerry on leaked tape
    • Great article Phil. But the reason Leftists are afraid to go there, is that they do not want to be labeled "conspiracy theorists." They know that the MSM will never reveal enough of the truth to the American people for truth-telling about Syria to be believed. And most of them are even more terrified of the consequences of exposing Israel's role in supporting the violence against the Assad regime, and his many supporters as well.

  • The truck attack that killed four Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem was not 'terrorism'
    • I dare you to research the Oded Yinon Plan. Besides, Israeli leaders have made it clear through their own words that they prefer the so called rebels vs Assad. Yes, Israel has even given medical care to injured Al Qaeda fighters in Syria. Israel and the US have both used Islamic extremists as their Emanuel Goldstein at times and as their ally at other times. This is one of those times.

      And isn't it telling that you want violence unleashed on the majority supported and secular Syrian regime but not the truly revolting House of Saud or the truly tyrannical Sisi of Egypt. Face it, your Jewish supremacist tendencies are showing. You care not a wink for Syrians. Save us the crocodile tears.

    • Israel has regularly acted as the Air Force for Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria, by attacking the Syrian Arab Army, but never AQ or ISIS. Why our side is not proclaiming this fact every chance we can is beyond me. The American people see an Arab killing a Jew and they think terror. It is that simple. Now if they knew that the Jew was a soldier for a state that supports ISIS in Syria, then maybe we could get some minds to change.

  • There is no such thing as 'Progressive Except Palestine'
    • These are often the people who wanted us to take out Assad, Gaddafi, and are easily duped into supporting interventions that always seem to be part of the neocon/Oded Yinon Likudnik game plan. Of course, many supporters of the Palestinian cause have supported these interventions as well, which is just mind blowing to me. Shouldn't they know better?

  • 'Progressive' Defenders of the Racial State: Reflections on the Modern Language Association BDS vote
    • A new actor? I was in a PhD program a few years ago, and observed several Jewish progressive professors frequently speak about racism, but NEVER talk about Zionist supremacism in Israel and the occupied territories. It really is disgusting to see the hypocrisy of so many on the academic Left.

  • Netanyahu has isolated Israel and is driving the US 'off a cliff into chaos' -- Lloyd Doggett
    • Atlantaiconoclast January 8, 2017 at 3:13 pm

      Blame the donors? No, blame lies squarely with those who are too craven and who care more about ambition than doing the right thing.

  • Booker slams UN resolution as 'anti-Israel,' while Saban says it's anti-American
    • Atlantaiconoclast January 7, 2017 at 1:26 pm

      If Trump is able to revive the economy and stop illegal immigration, end massive legal immigration, I don't think any of this will matter, UNLESS we are able to get people across the US to see that Israel is a big liability and not a true friend. Zionism won't fail till the sugar daddy stops subsidizing it.

    • But how do we explain this to people without being called anti Semitic? Without being accused of bringing up "old canards" about Jews?

  • Democratic politicians want no part of Obama's courage at the U.N.
    • You could make the same argument regarding Trump. He HAD to adopt an Israel first set of talking points to please the Christian Zionists and the hardcore Jewish Zionists like Adelson. It is not an excuse! Obama was a hoax, at least Trump hasn't claimed to care about justice in Palestine.

  • Resolution for 2017: Stop substituting 'the occupation' for 'Zionism'
    • thanks for seeing my sarcasm

    • Mooser, I could care less if YOU think I am anti Semitic. I was being sarcastic.

      I don't agree that most conservatives are frustrated over the Civil Rights Act of the 60s. Most are eager to prove they are not racist. But yes, many of the Alt Righters do want freedom of association. But even they don't think that is as important as a general shrinking of state power and an end to political correctness and anti White ideology.

      I want a complete end to all aid to Israel. If Israel wants to embrace its apartheid aspects, let it do so on its own dime. And let it face its wars ALONE. Meanwhile, I will be boycotting Israel at the consumer level. I don't expect my govt to do these things for me. And FYI, Jim Crow was most wrong for it was state mandated discrimination as are the Jews ONLY colonies.

      In my personal life, I am in an interracial relationship and do not set a color requirement for friendship. But I don't think it is my right to force others to see things the way I do in that regard. Also, Blacks in the North were not that free. I think you have this need to demonize the South.

    • Here is another one: settlements. Why are we using that word? Why not call them what they really are? Jews ONLY colonies! I swear, even the most anti Israel person rarely uses these three words to describe what Israel is doing in the West Bank.

      Maybe if all of us started using "Jews ONLY colonies," we might get people to see how today's Israel has very much in common with the old Jim Crow South and its Whites ONLY accommodations.

      Or am I being "anti Semitic"?

  • Netanyahu's holy war, and the coming Jewish schism
    • The America firster Trump supporters, at least not those completely deranged by their Zionist ideology, whether Christian or Jewish, are the very people who would become most anti Israel if the truth about what Israel has done to us ever got out. These are the people who could sway Trump, not liberal Jews and Christians.

  • Hate speech and hypocrisy: Some Jews will swallow anything, if it comes from Donald Trump
    • So calling Kristol a rogue Jew is the basis for this belief that Bannon hates Jews? And didn't a Jew at Breitbart write that ? And why is Breitbart tainted because a few of trump's supporters are white nationalists but Bernie Sanders and neocons are NOT TAINTED by their connections to Marxism? Who has killed more in the 20th Century? White nationalists or Marxists?

  • A bi-national, democratic state is the only option Israel and Kerry has left us with
    • Many? I hope that is true, but do you have figures to document this?

    • We don't use leverage against Israel was my point, but there is that potential that remains until our economy crashes so hard that Israel will no longer assume it can depend on us.

    • And unless the US economy crashes to a Depression era level and our influence wanes, the American people will need to be exposed to the truth about Israel's harm to American interests if things are to change.

  • Why Obama waited 8 years to take on Netanyahu
    • Israel is one of the parties who encouraged the slaughter in Syria by pushing for regime change. Hophmi, do you think Netanyahu would hesitate to cause massive collateral damage if HIS regime were under siege by not just bottle rockets, but by massively armed Islamic insurgents from all over the world? Give us a break. You have no moral high ground on Syria. NONE.

    • Respected? Yeah right, He is a fool and a cruel hoax.

    • "We need another speech informing the American people about the CRIMES of Israel, against both Palestinians and Americans." - See more at:

      Yes indeed!!!!!!!!!! This is THE only way to change things. I have been hearing about changing perspectives in the Jewish community for years now. And what has it wrought? We are even farther away from a just settlement.

    • Why are people so afraid to use that word, conspiracy? It just means two or more plotting to do something in secret or without publicizing it.

    • They used to have them on quite often, even during the height of the suicide bombings. Fox has only become more hardcore pro Israel. They literally have no one on there to share the Palestinian perspective. Even Juan Williams has been cucked.

    • CNN and MSNBC have small audiences. Once Fox starts bringing Palestinians back on then I will have some hope.

  • The formal end of the two-state solution
    • Yonah, have you heard of two state condominialism? I would love to get your perspective on it. I think it could be the most realistic just settlement.

    • I sure wish I shared your optimism. I don't think most people on the Left have a clue how deep seated the worship of Israel is across America, mostly among Christians. We have a huge problem that will prevent any progress: this pervasive belief that Israel is our dear friend and super ally. I am not religious but have considered giving to Christian preachers who debunk the heresy of Christian Zionism. I could look past some of their theology for the time being. Why are these brave people not getting more attention here? If Christian America, including the quickly growing Latino community, learned the truth, things would dramatically change.

      We must find ways to dismantle this myth that Israel is our friend. If we don't, nothing will change. I want all those who are over 48 to think about the fact that Israel's occupation has lasted longer than we have been alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you want to die without seeing a change for the better?

      I urge everyone to brainstorm ways to reach the masses so that this special relationship undergoes a hard divorce. How do we convince the masses that Israel is not in the right? Show how it has not be an ally!!!!!!!!!

  • Kerry hasn't cleared his throat, and Trump and Hoyer are jumping down it
    • It is rather disgusting eh? I can remember a time when, even when suicide bombers were blowing up Israelis, even Fox would often have a Palestinian perspective on. No more. Our media is controlled to the max by Zionists or those who fear them.

  • Israeli hysteria over UN vote is solidifying country's new status, as a rogue state
    • I used to watch Fox quite a lot, and what is so ironic is that at the height of the suicide bombings within Israel, even Fox would regularly have on Palestinian voices or those sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. However, at the same time that the violence from the Palestinians began to seriously wane, the mainstream networks stopped bringing on pro Palestinian voices. Things have gotten much worse since the mid 2000s in terms of media fairness, and even prior to that, things were not good!

      I think they key reason is the perception among Americans that Israel is our best friend and besieged by Islamic terror. Somehow, our side has to find a way to dismantle this meme.

    • Most Trump supporters that I have come across are either neutral about Israel or hardcore pro Israel.

      Very few complain about aid to Israel.

  • One-state solution gets fairer shake in a NY synagogue than it gets in NY Times or MSNBC
    • According to Zionist Jews and Christian Zionists, all Jews who show some semblance of compassion for the Palestinians are self hating Jews. So not sure how much impact there will be if even a majority of American Jews come to oppose the status quo favoring Israel. Phil, would you please consider interviewing American Evangelicals who are challenging the dominant Christian Zionist narrative?

      I am not a Christian, well not anymore, but I have seen a number of anti Zionist Christians of varying stripes on youtube who would make for very interesting subjects. Alliances can be made with these people.

  • Scenes from a neoconservative meltdown
    • YOUR lobby has most of the blood on its hands for promoting the destabilization of Syria. You tell me what leader would not do what Assad has done if they were up against Islamic savages trying to overthrow it! All these crocodile tears over Syrians from hateful Zionists!

    • What makes you think I have not? I do all the time, though kicked me off of their forums forcing me to use another username and modify my words. If you think I am hard on folks here, you should see me there. Still, I don't think I get rude or personal with those with whom I disagree.

      As for the apartheid comment, I don't support forced segregation. I do support freedom of association. And I believe the withering of the state would open up wonderful possibilities for more peaceful co-existence.

    • Certainly! I agree 100%.

      Still, there is room for using this to our advantage. For example, if we can show how Israel has sown discord in the ME, supporting Al Qaeda and even ISIS in Syria, by serving as their Air Force, by treating their injured fighters, then we might change the dynamic to our favor.

      We can also benefit by not branding everyone who is legitimately concerned about Islamist culture as an Islamophobe. With all of the attention given to terror in the news, is it any wonder so many Americans are terrified of Muslims?

    • I peruse conservative and mainstream columns regularly, and I am telling you, Israel's greatest ammunition is the unchallenged meme that it is America's best friend!

      If we are to ever make any progress on this issue, we must systematically dismantle this myth and show that Israel is indeed NOT an ally. Not even SJWs though, acknowledge how wrong the meme has been. They just focus on appealing to concern for human rights and political identity.

      But even if SJWs were demolishing the big Israel is our best ally myth, we need to move beyond just SJWs. We need to reach out to the masses.

      Do you want to make a difference? Or do you just want to keep feeling politically correct?

  • Obama stands up to Trump (and Israel)
    • Plenty of non Jews were very upset about this move by Obama.

      Just visit and see for yourself. I think these people could be persuaded, IF American interests were highlighted.

  • Desperate Netanyahu lectures Obama about US responsibility to veto UN resolution
    • Two hardcore Zionists and one lukewarm Zionist are brought onto CNN to discuss Israel. Not surprising. I would be impressed if they had just put ONE real Jewish anti Zionist on the panel to debate these two racist Jews.

    • I have zero sympathy for the fraud that is Obama. This fool has had 8 years to pressure Israel to stop settlement expansion. He has never even tried.

      He will go down in history as the biggest cruel hoax of all time.

      And we already have plenty of UN Resolutions on this issue. Nothing will change till the American people decide Israel is not our friend.

  • Adelson and Saban were kingmakers, now they're beggars
    • I try, but I would have more success if I was joined by people spending so much energy in ways that never seem to change the situation for the better.

      Yes, Christian Zionists are a tough nut to crack, but they are also patriots, and if they can be shown that Israel has taken us to war for ITS interests, rather than OUR's, that it has spied, and actually attacked the US in different ways, some of which are obvious in FBI Reports but remain shrouded by gatekeepers afraid of being called anti Semitic.

    • I wish you guys would focus on changing minds of the greater body politic of the US. There will never be enough anti Zionist Jews to make much of a difference when there are so many Christian Zionists and people who have no clue what has really happened in Palestine. And they will not be moved by the suffering of Palestinians, but by appeals to American interests.

  • Deborah Lipstadt's double standard on white nationalism and Jewish nationalism
    • She certainly does not condemn Jewish nationalism as she does White nationalism.

    • The only thing Phil gets wrong is the notion that Americans will ever care much about what Israelis have done in Palestine. They WILL care if they learn what Israel has done to the US.

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