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I actually live in Israel, know "settlers," and see clearly how people eagerly drink in lies as fact, without even a hint of challenging the source.

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  • Interview with Israeli BDS activist Tali Shapiro: The fear of international isolation is shifting the discourse in Israel
    • Way to know your history guys. I'm talking about the Arab aggression that "officially" started in 1911 as a response to Jewish immigration to the Palestine region, and really garnered speed with pogroms of Jews by Arabs in the 1920's and 1930's.
      I'm also talking about the Arab aggression that led a huge swath of countries to attempt to push Israel into the sea in 1947-49 and 1967. So no, I'm not just talking about "Palestinian" aggression.
      The point is, it's not that Israelis are "blind to a brutal military occupation," as Shapiro wants us to believe. Rather, virtually everyone understands that what the world wants to condemn us for has come out of nothing more than self-defense. When you boil it down, this is essentially what you are protesting against.
      The real blindness is not seeing this. It would be much easier to simply cave to the so-called "international community," but as shown with Gaza withdrawal in 2005, this type of action just results in more attacks on Israel. The only thing that will truly fix the problem is an end to a culture of hate among Palestinians and the raising of their children to see Israel as an eternal enemy. As long as this is happening, no action on Israel's part will ever result in "peace."

    • Are you guys serious? You're going to compare a liberal democracy with apartheid South Africa? "Apt comparison?" Far from it.
      So are you guys that support boycotts going to start boycotting everything that's "made in China?" Good luck with that.
      Moreover, why doesn't anyone acknowledge the role of Arab aggression in all of this? Hello??

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    • Considering none of you know the comment I am talking about, you're not really in a position to dispute it.
      What's up with "every single rabid zionist hasbarists should be kept on a very short leash here as far as i am concerned?" I don't think my post was particularly rabid. So in other words, anyone that challenges your point of view should be silenced?
      So let me re-pose my question. You wrote a miniature book here about "innocent until proven guilty." Do you apply the same standards to the Israel Defense Forces? When an article from the ISM comes out making all sorts of outrageous claims about soldiers' behavior, do you challenge the source there? Or do you immediately take it as fact and write harsh words of condemnation?
      As far as what I hate said about the Palestinians, their history, and their recent act of savage butchery, at least read this article. It's by Larry Derfner, who has made a career out of being a harsh critic of Israeli policy, so it's from anything but a pro-Israel source.
      link to
      So no, my views do not in any way stem from racism and I'll bet that I'm friends with more Arabs than you are, and I mean in real time, that I spend time with every day. Don't accuse me of being a racist when you don't know the first thing about me.

    • Why wasn't my comment to the Itamar article posted? If there was some sort of problem, please let me know--simply not posting it does not look like you are interested in creating dialogue.
      As for Alvin Alexsi Currier's question, a Palestinian group initially took credit for the slaying and celebrations among Palestinians were in effect. If you need me to substantiate that FACT, then contact me and I will do so. As far as why people are "convinced" that Palestinians are behind the murder, it's pretty obvious if you've been observing the last 100 years (or more) of activity in the region. Why are you so desperate to believe otherwise? And if you are so intent on trying to challenge this, are you also challenging the allegations against the IDF that commonly appear on this site?

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