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  • Are the settlers civilians?
    • David - "It’s not that I excuse or sympathize with settlers in the slightest, only that I defend them from a death sentence."

      Which is very hard to do with a status of ongoing war. In any ongoing war the responsibility of a potential death sentence on all its military, paramilitary and other occupation personnel rests squarely on the shoulders of the aggressor. Not only that, civilian damage during massive retaliations for similar acts by the aggressing power have also been considered kosher by the Allies in WWII, and that is still in the book.

      By not allowing the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state, the Zionists complicate the problem even more: there cannot be anyone to grant them a peace treaty. Skipping the details, one can say that there is a highly plausible case to make that this is an active, never-called-off war started in November 1947, that the armistice lines with neighboring states are irrelevant, and that the self-proclaimed Settler State is putting all its citizens under the same potential death sentence, not just those outside the Green Line. It's hard to see why the formal criteria should be any different from those we had during and after WWII.

  • What is Hamas thinking?
    • SAMEL - "Hamas ...has shown that “armed Palestinian resistance is present” all right, but also that it can act as murderously and stupidly as the government it fights against."

      That "murderously" ignores the plain legal situation.

      Settlers are the permanent, armed occupation personnel of one of the most brutal and murderous military occupation regimes during a war of aggression started by the self-proclaimed Zionist entity in 1947; also they are outside the ceasefire line and conduct continual violent military acts against the local, exclusively civilian population. Short, they are just in the same situation as any armed resistance to illegal aggression and occupation and they have the right to resist by any and all means including armed attacks. No different thatn rarmed resistance to Nazi occupation in Europe during WWII, see Nuremberg principles.

      It is not up to some American Zionist, to determine what they have the right to do. There are enough Zionists all over the place to draw the line past which "legitimate fight" in this war is not allowed by their standards. Suspect is not only the author of this piece, but also the blog owners, seeing how they censors clear definitions of the war situation.

      "Apart from the moral unacceptability of randomly killing human beings, Hamas’s outrage seems doomed to backfire. The world’s view of the situation is finally changing." This can be discussed, of course, even though you come across as overly optimistic.

  • Revenge of the Nerds: Partying with the boys of Im Tirtzu
    • Colin Murray - "I wonder how much support Im Tirtzu has in Israel, and from whom."

      The Government, all its departments including especially the Propaganda Department, and the owners of the Government (i.e. the US-based "Israel lobby"), not to mention 95% of the population (as shown by repeated polls.)

      And, well, what a strange question. As if this group of so-typical Nazi rags weren't the very quintessence of Zionism and Zionists ("boorish and pathetic lunatics" is a good description of all) but "losers" they are not. They collect our money under US Gov duress, and they dispossess and kill and maim the owners of the land, in full impunity. Not a definition of "losing".

  • Updated comments policy
    • It's your site.

      There may be a more productive solution than yours, though: the American way. Meaning free speech. Meaning no censorship at all, no matter how ugly, or "provocative" or anti-this-or-that the message.

      After all, all commenters are adult (or under parental authority), and it's not up to you to cool their coffee before serving it. We are not (yet) (officially) in a dictatorship.

      Finally, we are anyway submitted to the worst even while you do censor: the slimiest goons of the Zionist Propaganda Ministry are never absent.

  • The ethnic cleansing of Palestine
    • "the Bedouins are Israeli citizens"

      This is for the Zionist "one state proposal". Make no mistake.

  • Birthright travel diary: 'Outing' myself on a kibbutz
    • Ebba - Forget memory, it's understanding that doesn't serve you. You missed the essential, moron. Also, the "kal" in Baghdad worked well until the late nineties or even later and the neighborhood had a number of inhabitants.

      So where the fuck is your "I mean all"?
      But whay am I talking to a Propaganda-Abteilung machine, anyway?

    • aban - "yet all (and I mean all) were kicked out and their property expropriated when Israel was founded"

      The Propaganda-Abteilung goon "means" all but some remained to this day... They don't count as Jews, I imagine, because they didn't follow the Alijach-Abteilung's call to foul their nest and leave.

      Also, well duh! Seems that, on top of their invasion, massacres and theft, the colleagues of that Ebba also have the crust to expect everybody else to stay calm and friendly.

  • Treason, loyalty oaths, Nakba and film bans-- counting down the hits in the Knesset
    • howard - "what are the chances of such legislation ever actually being passed"

      Quite high. 1. Jesse Helms would be a very moderate, left-wing member, 2. Look at the Zohrabi vote if you say they wouldn't dare, 3. The pressure on Israel obliges them to drop the mask and have open Nazism.
      And anyway, none of these new comedy items is as offensive or as "antidemocratic" than the initial declaration of a "Jewish state" in the first place.

  • Jeremy Ben-Ami's main argument against BDS is it doesn't affirm Israel's right to exist as Jewish homeland
    • Distinctions be damned. What is needed is for all Zionists to feel under their skin that they are rejects of humanity, that nothing short of a just peace, as their victims define it, will save them from being total pariahs. This is what worked with South Africa.

      To work, this must be like excommunication by the church in theocratic times: every commercial, human, cultural exchange must be banned. Nothing can be bought or sold, no scientific papers coming from there can be published, no artists can visit, just a total pariah.

      The only possible exception are the Master-Race Israelis who officially fight against Zionism and pay a proce for it, like Shahak or the deserters. I say possible, because they are the ones who know what will hurt Israel most.

      And the aim is to hurt Israel most, forget the nice words.

    • potsherd - "I can’t share the enthusiasm ...for BDS, which will never be effective if there were a realistic chance of any solution"

      Obviously, only idiots would propose boycotts as the only solution. The fact is, however, that Israeli Zionism depends entirely on three main sponsors: US Gov, diaspora Zionism, and European governments. Boycotts can weaken all three.

      The Israelis will have to totally drop the mask very soon and start frank annexation (see the new Likud one-staters) and the wholesale extermination of populations; the Z may well also start a world war, and the boycotts will become a major force. Short of an open military- fascist regime in the US, boycotts are the best way of getting the Z to lose US and European support. Could possibly also kill the the common-folk diaspora Zionism. Their direct effect on Israel is not really part of this equation.

  • The Israeli rape-by-deception verdict
    • tuyzendfloot - Forget the haircut. The logical step now is to introduce a distinctive sign to be worn at all times by all non-Jews.

      Only, it won't be yellow and it won't be a star, that's for sure. So that we can't draw certain parallels.

  • Wikileaks blows the cover off the war in Afghanistan
    • Schwartzmann - "Wow, no mention of how the release of these documents will harm American troops. I guess the well-being of our soldiers.."

      So, the Israeli Propaganda-Abteilung goon pretends to become an American, all of a sudden?

      Nuremberg principles: Illegally committing the crime of aggression makes one a legitimate, repeat legitimate, target of resistance. Being in Iraq or Afghanistan in US uniform or on official business makes you automatically a criminal.

      "I was obeying orders" is not acceptable defence. It hangs both the giver of orders and the one who obeys it.

      The US Constitution and the US military code prescribe the punishment of criminals against peace and the war criminals. The guilty party is whoever tries to protect them from punishment (asking for the "well-being" of criminals is just your job, isn't it?)

      As for Israelis like you, you have no Constitution or laws to apply the international conventions, so the Nuremberg laws should apply whenever an Israeli is caught anywhere.

  • Al-Awda: two-state solution would only prolong oppression
    • robin - "Maybe Israelis give up Zionism — or start down that path, which is how I see these right wing proposals — in exchange for peace, legitimacy, AND territory"

      Oh yeah, as anything else than a Jewish state? I'll believe it when I eat it.

    • robin - "The non-Jewish vote is irrelevant now. Because it’s a minority by design — by ethnic cleansing"

      What I can't understand is people still assuming that things get better. Instead logic suggests that the only way for Zionists to keep Zionism is to perform ethnic cleansing much more efficiently (by giving "citizenship" and even "vote"), cancel civil rights --also for the Master-Race population if needed. The non-Jewish vote is not totally irrelevant now, because its voters are still below the Weitz quota. The moment they are more it will get cancelled.

      Remember again and again: South Africa and Israel were born together and planned by old friends.

    • Robin - "actually advocating giving millions more Palestinians the vote in Israeli elections"

      Really? I haven't read a single unambiguous word about one-man-one-vote. I read it rather as an obvious intent to make all non-Jewish vote irrelevant. Because it's either that, or abolish the Ar-, ehm sorry, Jewish State definition. You can't have both at the same time. Even Houdini can't. That's why SA is so important to study.

      Three guesses allowed as to which of the two characters the Zionists are ready to "sacrifice". Or read Jabotinsky and Ben Gurion and Weitz (the quota man.)

      Violent enforcement of Apartheid officializes the current situation and solves the settler problem, too. And why shouldn't they enforce it? They could even continue to say, for a few years to come, "But we don't (yet) have the ovens!"

    • robin - The logic of it is very clear: It has nothing to do with the voter numbers. The whites in South Africa were a small minority, weren't they? It's all about how you set up the system.

      The most ferociously racist people in Israel are for the one-state solution BUT still a "Jewish state". It solves all their problems. One does get to keep all settlements and can control pariah-"citizens" better than non-citizens, and one can also start expanding further to Greater Israel, knowing that the land is no more "contested". The only price to pay is to let go of the flimsy pretence of "democracy" but that was overrated anyway (now dead.)

      Given that a "2-state solution" is impossible even to dream of because of the nature of Zionism, this will necessarily progress to an openly racist-fascist military state (just because Phil doesn't like the use of the word Nazi) and to large mass extermination attempts/practice. If the Zionists are not deprived of US support and stopped by total boycott and isolation.

  • Smear tactics show that lobby is losing power in discourse
    • Annie - "of course there are anti semites out there"

      And of coursest there are organized, disciplined, sometimes paid squads of Zionist propaganda agents out there.

      Who are well known for their taking part in "false-flag operations" --just like their armed brethren.

  • 'Brown Man's Burden' of 1899 was prescient
    • So fucking what?
      I'm censored too and I'm sure many othr people are.

      You don't like it, you open a blog of your own, doesn't cost anything, stop whining, get lost and report to your supervisor at the grosszionistische Propaganda-Abteilung that it's soooo hard to do your job.

  • Fisk: Obama 'grovelling' to Israel lobby for midterms
    • hughsansom - "bad though he is, the Republicans are worse"

      Any data to support that? Continue hoping. Looks like you are really asking for it.

  • Few Palestinians are listening to the western debate over non-violence
    • Oscar - "Matthew’s blather is Wittyesque"

      Or worse. While Witty is only after creating whatever distraction he can, Taylor is unbearably nagging in trying to impose a religion of so-called nonviolence on people who only need a solution, i.e. whatever will work for their practical aims --violent or nonviolent, who cares as long as it gets effectively from Point A to Point B. That nagging has an insistence comparable to a Puritan preacher's (to avoid offensive comparisons), presumably until everyone is flattened into acquiescence. The fact that the non-violent tactic is often more effective has nothing to do with this.

  • Jews are fleeing a Swedish city-- why?
    • hoppmi - "you will not get me to play your game of working under the assumption that Israelis are the same as Nazis"

      One cannot get a pre-programmed e-mail robot to play one's game without having access to the commands, so Hoppmi should stop emitting absurdities.

      Zionists same as Nazis?
      let's check

      - Total, sneering contempt of international law

      - Total, sneering contempt of the rule of law

      - Open and totaly lawless development of WMD

      - Shameless, open advocacy and action for a World War

      - Continuous wars of aggression, without even bothering to buy a fig leaf

      - Openly committing atrocities, total disregrad of all international conventions, both in hot war and in the most brutal military occupation since the end of Nazism
      check (only that the Nazi were before, not after their end)

      - Armed terrorism openly committed both in sovereign countries and in occupied areas

      - Total, lawless, relentless and pitiless suppression of free expression by the lesser races under occupation

      - Application of the racial myth that has a Master Race, then the tolerable ones, then the ones to eliminate, in official documents

      - Open plans for the extermination of the aboriginal population of their "Lebensraum"

      - Myth of a "Lebensraum" as manifest destiny for racial/national expansion

      - Relentless moronic indoctrination and militarization of a captive population of Master Race subjects
      check (here a remark is appropriate: The German Nazis, at least, had some kind of excuse that they didn't even vote for the dictatorship and that they risked theor life by opposing it, while upwards of 90% of the Master Race population in the Neo-Nazi state are enthusiastic participants.)

      There are a number more characteristics that, taken together, paint only one picture: These guys are Nazis, the twin children of the so-called 19th Century Romantic Eastern European Natioalism with all the added, peculiarly National-Socialist characters. Any attempt, albeit well-intentioned, to change the subject is dangerous. In fact, more dangerous than in 1939 because this time America is on the wrong side.

    • potsherd - "Zionists seem to define peace as the Romans did, a landscape without life"

      Not exactly. The Zionist definition of peace is well known and has not been updated since 1940.

      They have always defined it as a Greater Israel with only the Chosen Race living in it with a small quota of aboriginal slaves to perform the menial tasks, extending into various countries
      (i.e. Jabotinsky's Sea-to-Euphrates, or the latest,
      Ben Gurion's 1938 "Southern Lebanon, Southern Syria, today's Jordan, all of Cis-Jordan and the Sinai")

      The latter one is still the last one on the books.

      As for the the percentage of aboriginal slaves allowed to live, that is last defined by the quota of 15% maximum indicated by Weitz in 1940.

      So, the Zionist program as its latest public version stands is very clear and has not been denied by any action. This is the program and it is being implemented without a hitch.

      As to the methods, they are also on the Zionist books:

      Weitz, who was the very official head of the Colonization Department of the Jewish Agency, also spedified the acceptable methods: "We shall not achieve our goal if the Arabs are in this small country. There is no other way than to transfer the Arabs from here to the neighboring countries --all of them. Not one village, not one tribe should be left."

      The Koenig report updated that in 1976: "We must use terror, assassination, land confiscation and the cutting of all the social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population."

      So, let us please stop assuming that there is any appetite for peace or coexistence of even any kind of acceptation of a two-state solution on the Zionist side. Their program is public; it still calls for a lot more land annexation and for exterminating and exiling the local population.

      Did those demonstrating in Malmö to support the Gaza massacre know that?

      Of course they did! With the only exception of the most deeply retarded. Perhaps.

    • "Einstein" - yarright, some genius.

      One advantage of having here robots programmed at the grosszionistische Propaganda-Abteilung is that it gives one a glimpse into the evolution of the mass-murderers' manipulative techniques.

      Take their so frequent reference to "ad hominem" argument, for example. The totally wrong context suggests that this is used not to make a point about the type of argument, but to suggest that the Zionist cowards, inventors of unmanned planes and guns, are actually using sentient human beings for propaganda and spam. Absurd.

      And, of course, it brings also a major risk, should these despicable beetles actually be human beings: time to remember why Julius Streicher was hanged. Not that they risk the hangman anymore.

    • Shmuel - "The press was less than sterling in its reports of the incident, but can they really be blamed for identifying Jews with Israel and Israel with Jews?"

      If "they" is the press, then just that should be the principal charge against it. The press who should know better is not the people.
      Anyway, interesting snippet from "Il Manifesto" on 6/25:

      "the story told by the President of the Jewish Community, Riccardo Pacifici, was rather serious and even incredible: he first complained about "Jewish demonstrants attacked by insults", then refused to apologize to the victim Salman, because "it's up to law enforcement to tell us if to apologize or not".

    • Lexikon - "This animosity... undeserved ..."

      No doubt most people don't deserve it, but how doyou propose to change the way a majority of people have been feeling and reacting as far back as we know?

      "in the end, support something IS NOT the same as DOING something"
      This one is the crassest, heaviest nonsense in a long time. Ever heard words like "accessory", "complicity", etc.?

    • First of all, it's not easy to believe the "Forward" when reporting on what it thinks is re antisemitism. This is one of the rare cases where it's essential to have your reporting from an uninvolved or minimally involved source.

      Anyway, let's be at least minimally realistic. Even if part of that is true, I'd suggest that the victims in this case are not entirely blameless from the viewpoint of the man-in-the-street without statistical training. Even in Sweden, the odds that an overwhelming majority of the so-called "Jewish community" supports Zionism are high. This kind of revenge feelings against groups are of course wrongity wrong, but it has always been the price to pay when a large majority of any group takes a given position. Which brings us to the next question: why on earth should anyone identify with such a "community", especially a non-Synagogue-goer?

  • They asked for it
    • As the president of the IHH (Humanitarian Aid Foundation) said in an interview to an Israeli propaganda agent, "even if some people had a death wish, how does it give you the right to kill?"

    • potsherd - "the evidence that Israel confiscated and destroyed, there would doubtless be enough to convict the commandos in any court"...

      Irrelevant. The fact that they did board that ship at all is enough to convict them. Even if their blockade were legal, which it certainly isn't, then boarding in international waters is enough. Both are uncontested and the arrest warrants for the government and army leaders could be out worldwide.

    • "Martyr" means witness, too, and that's the original meaning the second, metaphorical one, developed from. Same for the Arabic, where it took a slightly different form.

  • Presbyterians insist on 'breaking down the walls' in Israel/Palestine despite pressure from the Jewish community
    • citizen - Of course that's the situation. It also shows a total lack, as yet, of either logic or balls, while at the same time they want the credit that should go to people who don't fear being tarred with the antisemitism brush whenm protesting a crime against humanity. But then, these guys' position has always been --at least since before Prohibition-- that of having their cake and eating it, too. Watch them crow after the Zionists fall, suggesting that they started it all.

      PS to Phil/Adam : make up your minds about censorship

    • As all here seem to agree, nothing much happened at this church do (and let's please not call it PCUSA!)

      The most sickening in all this, though, is their constant talk of "relations with the Jews", meaning that they still buy the basic Zionist nonsense of Zionism having something to do with the Jews hook line and sinker.

  • Frum and Feith's Holocaust statements are politically loaded and too terse
    • Wondering J - The usual entertainer doesn't know his ass from his elbow. So which is it, the Zionist definition (race), or "reading"a dead language and being colonialist-racial supremacist shits?

      They don't check with each other.

    • hoppmi - Wow, somebody at the Propaganda-Abteilung must have upgraded his software.
      I mean, he gave a positively poetic turn to the same old turds.

      "But we have moved on, us Jews. Since the Holocaust, we founded a state of our own"
      Us Jews or us racist, white supremacist Zionist shits? Or to Olbermann that, howdareyousir?

      Anyway, the Ziobot inadvertently something very true and important: "how your claim that these other peoples have “moved on” is, well, unsupported..." Yes, it is all of that. The Armenians who are still being denied justice because of the political tricks of Zionist shits are not moving on; the Palestinians whose catastrophe is ongoing and worsening are not either.

      Others are not moving on either: the Jews whose parents and friends died because the Zionist organizations under Rabbi Wise managed to close the US and GB borders, those who lost people whose suffering has been made into a circus, a ridiculous cash cow of a business by the ridiculous Zionist entity, who even pockets their blood money.

    • "an Armenian lobbyist handing them a bundle of checks"

      Not even a fraction of what the many Turkish governments have been spending over the years on fake endowed history chairs, nabob trips, factfinding trips and so on. Look it all up. Complemented by the Israel Lobby clout (i.e. US taxpayer money.) As for the commission, that's the worst hoax of all if you care to read about it in detail. In the last 2 years, however and especially the last months, the wind turned in Turkey, with the government opening to democratization and opposition by the army, the Kemalists, the Nazi and the Zionists becoming intense.

      With the post-flotilla reversal Israel might now lose its military-fascist allies within Turkey while trying to play some of the Kurdish separatists and perhaps some of the Armenians, too.

  • Those backward Muslims
    • Murray - "These people are bat-shit crazy"

      What's new? The religious... pff, no big deal. Not worse than their dear colleagues the Saudis or Afghans mollahs or the Ayatollahs.

      The Zionists, now, godfearing and godless both, they are a whole nother story, not just the "Likud" or "neo-cons" or "old cons". All Zionists are bat-shit crazy, or has anyone data to state otherwise?

      They've been all of that for almost 130 years. And they have the A-bomb and napalm and phosphorus bombs and all the ABC that the US can produce. And they have such a beautiful record of, ehm, not using any of that. So the craziness of the religious, hurting some "immodest" exposure, is globally negligible.

      The zionists may soon force a world war. Not pretty, but highly probable. Massive slaughter. So what's a couple innocent stonings?

  • Beinart says he was silent for years out of deference to friends
    • Debonnaire - The point??

    • "an assimilating Jew, who naturally tends towards the “who gives a shit” attitude towards Zionism"

      What, for the thousandth time, has Zionism to do in any way or wise, even at a huge distance, with "being a Jew"? There is no such nation. There is no common vernacular, there is no common culture if not liturgical or liturgy-related, and the so-called biological basis myth is way shakier than the Aryan myth. Also no discussion that Zionism is definitely not limited to religious people only, who would have something in common. The height of the absurdity in your message was "How often did you attend synagogue or temple", in howling contradiction with all basic tenets of Zionism.

      The only thing that, in your cobwebbed, kinky, nationalist brain stem would justify this abomination called Zionism is, well, kinky nationalism. Narrow Ashkenazi nationalism, by the way, as given away by your measuring old-country-new country-grandparents bullshit. If you have to do all that navel-gauging to know who is how much percent of "Jew" you are totally devoid of any self-identification to the human race. As much as the most despicable of any Aryan or Turanian or Panslavic nationalist. More, because on foreign land.

      "As an American he has abandoned his “who gives a shit” attitude to adopt a negative attitude: Zionism is fucking up my America." No shit. The limit of your understanding seems narrower than what you show. Did Philip's writing strike you as nationalist, my-country-right-or-wrong? Pathologic thinking to the point where one has to attribute nationalist or racist motives to whoever clearly and avowedly moves from anti-racist and anti-nationalist conviction... a deadly disease, Sir. Unfortunately no one can do anything for you.

    • Terianne - "Lieberman only saying what all Israelis leaders have said behind closed doors"

      In fact, he doesn't appear to have said anything that hasn't been already stated by, not Jabotinsky and company, but Ben Gurion already by 1938 or so.
      So the program is unchanged, it is being implemented without a hitch ever, and what's new?

      Good catch.

    • Wondering J - "For an assimilated Jew to come out against Israel is different than for an involved Jew to come out against Israel"

      How so? That sounds like looking for an excuse. All it takes is brains and conscience.

      My brother-in-law (who by the way occasionally writes here) and I grew up in the same neighborhood, with the same languages and the same biological group origin. He grew up fully Jewish, having a Bar-Mitzvah and going to funny rituals. I grew up fully Greek, without any sense of kinship with the Jewish and a rabid enemy of any religion. Now, he has been antizionist from the start just as much as or more than truly yours, campaigning against the 67 war in the teeth of all the official propaganda and the characters who surrounded him, and campaigning inside the synagogue, too. I'm not saying it was easy for him (I wouldn't know, never having felt connected) but he did it and he knew how to choose his side.

      I'm sure all it takes is an environment conducive to critical thought, as opposed to justificative lawyering, and some equipment to think with. And, of course, absence of personal financial interest.

      Anyway, good job, Phil!

  • Obama got it once. Krauthammer never will
    • Mooser - "No President ever benefited so much from the comparison to his predecessor"

      Dunno, the predecessor was way more upfront. He didn't screw so many almost-intelligent, decent liberals; in fact, he mainly kept his word.

      As for being smart and educated and suave and cool and fashionable, we sure can see what that buys you (that, and a token...)

    • mrw - My, my, the Michigan kids are the "Moslem Woor-eld"... good catch. Now get me some argument around the question of how all of them are supposed to be "Moslem".

    • All this shows is that Obama is a worse bigot than even the bigot's bigot Krauthammer.

      If it's true that he gave such instructions to the head of the NASA, one cannot avoid agreeing with The Kraut: The NASA's job is definitely not, according to its name, that of the State Dept or USAID or the Southern Baptist Missionaries of the Glad Tidings. Or is it that they are restructuring the NASA because too much was spent on the Izzies and no space jobs are left?

      Then, he talks of billions of people as "The Muslims" fercryinoputloud, as if the Obamination had personally entered the head of each and every one of them to measure his degree of religiousness!

      The Obamination's brain is as fucked-up a racial brain as that of the Zionists = no matter your effective religion or absence of it, born to one of our women means you can't get out of it. Or, and that's the more charitable view, as fucked-up a theological brain as the Saudis, whose bigoted religion-fucked equivalent we US citizens seem to be. As shown by the fact that the present company, as civilized and as smart as anyone could wish (to the exception of the Goebbelses) talks in the same terms of "Muslims", accepting the Zio-Fundo shorthand.

  • notes on my racism (part 1)
    • jayhawk - "you write as if “Jews” are a race"

      Of course they're not, and he didn't say they were.
      The working definition of racism the world over (except for some groups in the US, just like the metric system) is group prejudice based on an accident of birth. And, in fact, Philip means "Ashkenaze ethnic"...

  • Note to Kristof: Palestinians don't need Israeli tutelage with nonviolent protest
    • Witty - "Your [sic] right that I don’t always fully read the posts that I comment on"

      But there is no need at all.
      Who ever would ask a lowly henchman of the Propaganda-Abteilung to read? He is paid to repeat his moronic "talking points" no matter what.

      No one expects anyone who can understand what he is reading to still be working for the goons.

    • Witty - I have no idea why everybody is talking to this moronic propaganda robot calling himself witty.

      "Palestinians won’t get Israeli solidarity with their struggle to demean those that conditionally support it", he says.

      Well, fuck Israeli solidarity. That's not what Palestinians need. Fuck Israeli anything, in fact. They need their land, their rights and their full sovereignty. So shove your solidarity you know where and just get out, or drop dead, or make it secualr and egalitarian, or whatever. And for fuck's sake shut the hell off. If there is a single human being worth calling that among the Israelis he will desert and walk over anyway.

  • Obama's kicking can down the road because he can't save Israel even if he tried
    • Keith - "second Holocaust" yarright, what some people can imagine they are reading..

      At any rate, the Zionists badly, very badly need a good dose of "persecution". Who says they don't get whatever they want, everytime?

    • Psy God - "Come back, Mr. Obama"

      Now it finally enters the blog's subject, full front. Mr. Obama was never there, so he can't come back. He never intended to do anything different than Bush, and being a lawyer he announced it in the small print that was within each speech.
      Who the hell do you think bought the presidency for the Obamination? Anyway, it was done in plain daylight, 90% of our voting morons voted again for the single party's one or the other team for their ...ehm ...hopes and we have to thank you for that. More to the point of this blog, the Palestinians have to thank us all for that.

  • The Jewish tragedy: Scientific community fosters censorship after showing of 'Occupation 101'
    • I'm sure Phil has all the names and functions of everyone involved with that Community Association. I suppose it's simple enough if we work at it to have their names on a ton of web sites. I'm sure they will love the attention.

  • Mearsheimer: Israel has used 'nuclear coercion' to force U.S.'s hand
    • hopmi - "Save your ad hominem insults"

      Aren't we touchy these days?

      Unfortunately there can be no "ad hominem" in any insult directed at a brainless, heartless, murderous robot. [invective removed by webmaster]

    • hopmi - "Palestinians engage in terrorism, and the Israelis respond"

      My, my, don't your handlers teach you anything at all at those Propaganda-Abteilung briefings? The Zionist entity is in a state of war that never got settled since 1948. So not only is any and all resistance by the occupied population considered a natural right (designed "terrorism" by the Nazi followed by the Zionist states, but "legitimate resistance" for the rest of the world) but all the population of the Zionist entity, including that behind the Nov. 47 partition line, is officially put at risk as long as a peace treaty is not signed with a Palestinian state.

      As for civilian damages, those who have over 25,000 (and counting) civilian victims (we are not even counting the million just slaughtered by us in their behalf) should speak first. Goose, gander. Mainly goose.

  • Nasr firing is yet another shameful capitulation to the lobby
    • At this point, I wonder if the "power of Internet" has reached the point where it's worth considering an intensive campaign to discredit CNN, specifically. This here is something that, if built up to a certain volume, could possibly threaten CNN's credibility in the gullible public. This time, it would not be dependent on "controversial" interpretation of the news and, given enough momentum to it, could create anxiety at CNN. The time may be OK now to oppose, on the one hand, summary dismissal for this tweet, and on the other the openly Zionist reporting that burns incense to the war criminals. It looks like some significant part of the public is getting aware of the war crime angle.

  • Wash. Post column suggests that discovering the 'Israel lobby' now helps careers, doesn't hurt em
    • radii - "If ...msm jews ...going after the israeli lobby they can start with ...traitors"

      I think the day is here, or rapidly approaching, when you won't have to establish bona fides by compulsory inspection of your wee-wee.

  • Thaddeus Russell defends his piece on Israel's dangerousness
    • Sumud - Thanx much. There was one more though, on one of these rabbi-something sites IIRC, a short historical summary showing they have been at it from before day 1 with strictly regimented, government-led pressure groups.

    • RoHa - "Invoking the Barbary pirates? Desperate, aren’t they?"

      Nah, justly proud of having done worse.

    • In cases like this, where all the flak consists in predigested, moronic talking points listed by the official propagnda department, it would be a good idea to link every time to the summaries about "hasbara" activities and the shameless official documents.

      Some very useful links to both were posted yesterday or so, in 2 posts that I am unable to find today. Could the authors re-send the links? Thanks.

  • Meg Ryan & Dustin Hoffman pass on Israeli film fest after flotilla attack
    • Mooser - "We must learn from the Nazi tactics..."
      You got a problem with that? Nobody is protesting except you, the self-hater.

      In fact, the good Missus Judge Benito is obviously not a serious student of history. Otherwise she would know that many 20th Century propaganda tactics (to say nothing of many a racial theory) were inaugurated by the Zionists before being passed on to the Nazis.

      True, the Zios were the students in some cases but they showed how smart they are by applying what they learned immediately and better than their masters.

      Their achievement in the field of propaganda was way better than the Nazis'. The Zio-sheep were not under military dictatorship like the Germans, and nary a whisper was heard from the Americans, otherwise so resistant to Nazi propaganda.

      Her Honor Hadassa Benito should get a Turning Point Award for dropping the mask when it is no more needed(in other words, Q: What is the real difference between Benito-type fascism and Nazism? A: Not having to bother with the window-dressing anymore)

      PS to Phil & Adam
      Not that it would cause any loss, but you're welcome to tell people to get the fuck off your blog if that's what you mean. Shameful quasi-censoring is so 19th Century.

  • Maybe the 'Times' reporter in Jerusalem shouldn't be best friends with Charles Bronfman?
    • es1982 - "They’re anti-Zionists"

      I love that Propaganda-Abteilung bullshit!

      In fact, no, it seems that a big chunk of them went to "Israel" after the Nakba. Somebody tell me how antizionist that is.

      They are fucking s e t t l e r s!!!!!
      You're just as full of it as the other propaganda slaves around here. And as lame as to brains.

      They didn't utter a peep when the anti-Zionist religious group down there, residing since way before the Nakba, were beaten, humiliated, persecuted and forced to flee.

  • Petraeus emails show general scheming with journalist to get out pro-Israel storyline
    • "(this does not mean it should be “bombed into the stone age”)"

      It's not just about returning a stupid, barbarian slogan to its sender. Let's get real: if the Zionist thing continues to act mad, keep nukes and push for generalized war it's gonna get what it wished for. Even with Sugardaddy fighting in their stead, they're not on this side of the Ocean. Can anyone guarantee that things won't go that far before the nonsense stops?

      Put it in a frame of reference that I readily understand, one is extremely upset by what stubbornness in war did to the population of Germany under the Nazis but, all the same, I'm very happy it wasn't the other way around.

  • Nonviolence and the struggle for Palestinian-Israeli equality
    • Witty (not much truth in advertising here) - "how the message of dignity and improvement for Palestinians can be conveyed to Israelis and sympathizers, and to persuade them to reconcile"

      The Propaganda shill pretending to be unaware of the clearly stated price for reconciliation.

      It's an exceedingly simple price tag. Scrupulously respect the UN GA resolutions, international law and the requests made by the freely elected representatives of the Palestinian people in the absence of any military of civil occupation.

      Like he's never heard it. Tomorrow he'll pretend again that he didn't.

    • Psycho God - "why not put your effort to BLASTING it into the heads of Israelis that what they are doing to Palestinians is wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong"

      But of course they know it; better, perhaps, than we do. What must be blasted into their head is that they are losing and the price tag is getting steeper.

    • Matthey Taylor - "I could write endlessly on this topic"

      Didn't yo already do just that?

      the point: to end Palestinian suffering, you gotta help the Israelis relax and feel safe"

      ... so that they can expropriate more land faster and kill with greater impunity.

  • One small reason why I support the Right of Return
    • Schwartzmann - Shameless, aren't you?
      Let's copy here what your slander is trying to hide:


    • None of your business if you're a Zionist, because you are the only one not supposed to be there (not you personally, of course, probably enjoying the safety of the US).

    • "What about all the Jews kicked out of Saudi Arabia by Mohammad?"

      You are writing from a nuthouse, right?

  • Makdisi in Houston Chronicle: Americans must confront the dispossession of Arabs in '48
    • kapok - "But Hitler... was a flaming wingie who loved him some corporadoes"

      Well, he was a socialist ("National-Socialist"), like "Zionist Labor", more or less. I mean, if you believed in right-or-left self-definitions, he'd stand to the "left" of the Likoudistas.

    • Ken Davis - "What was stopping the Arabs then from making a Palestinain state?"

      This guy can't be for real.

      The presence of an expanding armed Zionist colony on their land, the award of a "partition" plan by the British as if the land was theirs to give. And, first and foremost, the fact that the Zionists voided even the partition plan by jumping the gun and invading over the so-called partition line ahead of time, the fact that Palestinians under the brutal British-and-Zionist occupation did not have anything much to fight with.

      Can't these propaganda people at least read a line or two?

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