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  • Haaretz joins Rush Limbaugh and company in trying to link Max Blumenthal to KC shooter suspect
    • And people like Pipes provide cover for people who seek to ethnic cleanse the Palestinians. Blumenthal has good intentions. Those who attack him have more in common with that shooter than Max does, believe it or not. They're right wing Jews, he is a right wing hater of Jews. They're related in a certain way through their hatred.

  • Saudis don't care about Palestinians, say American commentators
    • The Saudis are not under a democracy, and they were not polled by anyone regarding the issue. If you polled Saudis and asked them if they cared about the Arab-Israeli conflict, they would resoundingly say "Yes". It's true that some in the Gulf are indifferent because they don't share a border with Israel. The people featured have an ax to grind with Palestinians, and hate them and want to say "Well, see, other people hate them". And, unfortunately, many of those promoting hatred of Palestinians are American Jews in the media. They don't represent your average American Jew, they represent Zionists who want to vanquish the Palestinians and help Israel through the media to do so. Let's be honest about that.

  • Ohio State Hillel member calls Desmond Tutu a 'neo Nazi' for criticizing Israel
    • The poster states that Jews have done things for black rights world-wide. How exactly? Yes, some Jews in various countries have fought against discrimination, but he doesn't represent the spirit of those Jews, and, I hate to break it to him, but Sephardic Jews and Dutch Jews were some of the biggest slavers of the New World. I They sold so many black people into slavery. I used to think it was just some BS story made up by the Nation of Islam, but the story has wheels. It happened. People speak of how Arabs dealt in slavery, but so did Jews. And Desmond Tutu is very much against prejudice and racism. Unfortunately, some Jews don't want to see the racism that's right in front of their face, just as some Arabs sought to ignore what the Sudan was doing to non-Arabs. That's not the world we need. We need a world that's more open and universal.

      Who calls Desmond Tutu a neo-Nazi? One of the senior members of the ANC is a Jew, but he wouldn't like that poster at all; he's critical of Israel. And this idea that most Jews are darker than Palestinians must be some kind of joke. There are so many Russian, Polish, German, and Italian Jews in Israel.

  • Iymen Chehade fights Chicago school's cancellation of his class
    • I understand what you mean. I might work harder to present various points, but he did present various view points. Pro-Zionist speakers are never asked by universities to be "balanced" in Canada or the U.S. Only when speakers are dealing with views that show what's happening to Palestinians in relation to international law, ethnic displacement and what not, do things become controversial because the Palestinians are meant to be viewed as inferior and various donors bought their lives. Their investments in the universities also entail buying academic freedom only for their side and paying for what lives or property are taken from the Palestinian side. And that's the rub, I'm afraid. This is much to do with racism, I'm afraid. It's one thing if the pro-Israeli speakers were always required to be balanced. It's as if Israelis cannot be criticized and there's something holy about it.
      It's ironic that the US criticizes Turkey and says its banning of twitter is like 21st century book burning when so many people who want to talk about the bad situation Palestinians face just cannot. So much for freedom in America, eh?

  • 'NYT Book Review' owes readers an apology for printing blatant racism about Palestinians
    • It is considered acceptable in America to say whatever horrible things you want to say about Palestinians or Arabs because they're considered, to some extent, subhuman by the political establishment, and, in large measure, due to the influence of Israel's friends in America. If one said the same kind of thing about Jews, it would NOT be printed. This fellow has the nerve to talk about Arabs and genocide when Israel has a history of having ethnic cleansed 700,000 people only in 1948, and, since 1967, it has destroyed over 27,000 homes in the West Bank. It's very much the pot calling the kettle black. Certain Israelis and their Zionist forces will talk about genocide and live in some alternative universe where no homes belonging to innocent Palestinians are destroyed, and that Israel follows international law, but the UN is irrelevant. On what basis do they base international law and their sense of morality I remember a former of Bosnia talking about how we need to all have a moral compass pointing to justice. So many of Israel's friends are pointing their compass in the direction from which extreme Serbian nationalism came from. It's the same kidn of thing, the same kind of dark hatred. The Serbians demonized the much weaker Bosnians, as well.

  • Do Americans want to know that Israel is waging war on Africans?
    • The indigenous minority that existed in 1948 didn't want so many "infiltrators" either. The Africans are not seeking to create an African state and expel people. I understand the idea that they want to keep a Jewish state, and an increase in other ethnic groups and non-Jews would reduce the percentage of Jewish people and there would be demands to give the Africans citizenship. I don't think states can simply accept economic or political refugees on a very large scale, but people should have a right to asylum if they make it. The US doesn't want massive illegal immigration, but you don't hear about these massive mobs of people lynching people like you see in these videos. I wish humanity was part of one prosperous Earth. Even if you don't want certain people in your country, they are still people. I believe the Sudan is no longer in a state of war. However, I heard Eritrea still persecutes people very readily.

  • NY Mayor tells AIPAC: 'Part of my job description is to be a defender of Israel'
    • While I understand your point about there being a large community, but he speaks of prejudice while ignoring the prejudice the Palestinians. How can he have the gall to praise Israel and refer to values and racism when ignoring the openly racist statements the Palestinians deal with from Israeli politicians? Yes, I understand there are 1,000,000 Jews in the city, but no mayor should be saying that he's open to the British, French, or Israeli lobby. It's a de facto foreign lobby, though de jure wise, it's a domestic one. I think we need to limit the influence of all lobby groups whether it connects to corporations or foreign policy groups. The American public, at large, is being taken on a ride to various wars it doesn't want to get into. I get the point that one needs to show one's sensitive to major communities in one's city, what Israel is doing to the Palestinians and their families is repugnant. How do American Jews really need that? And many in AIPAC have been butting heads with many Jews over taking Bibi's idea of going against Obama over Iran after all Obama has done for Israel. And you can't say he hasn't done much. He has given more financial and military aid to Israel than any other recent American president. It's a fact.

  • MLA delegates pass measure against Israel denying entry to academics
    • Well, Israel has banned Norman Finkelstein, who's Jewish, from entering Israel for 10 years, and they gave Noam Chomsky, who is also Jewish, a hard time. It is not supporting academic freedom. Many of Israel's supporters say that Israel is being singled out while Israel is singled out to have the most foreign aid in the world when it's not a poor country. It is singled out as America's most important ally though England has provided troops in 2-3 wars America launched in the past 20 years or so. Yet, it wasn't singled out as America's major ally. Israel was. The point is if you're violating human rights, then you have to change your behavior.

  • Chilean soccer team puts Palestine front and center
    • This group does not represent the whole Jewish community. They represent a political group, organization. We don't have a poll of the community. I understand your anger, but let's not use profanity against a whole group no matter how angry someone might be at any side. I do think more Jews need to wake up to the human rights situation caused by a certain state rather than being offended by a map. Would they rather the map showing what Palestinians have minus the settlements? That would look more offensive to other, perhaps.

  • 'This is a conflict felt around the world,' Kerry says on his tenth trip
    • With all due respect, Mcohen, you're speculating. You don't have pronouncements from Abbas stating that. On the contrary, both Hamas and the PLO said they recognize 242, but Israel refuses to accept 242. That's what gives BDS more fuel for their political fire. You're implying that the Palestinians' statements can't be trust, but how has Israel been a trustworthy partner when it seizes land and destroys homes after having signed Oslo?

      Not only that, Olmert's government had certain proposals, then his successors just ignore that. When Hamas initially had a similar for a brief period, sanctions were on them like flies on honey, but it never happened to Israel. Israel keeps moving the goal posts and then says the Arabs are not trustworthy. How is Israel trustworthy when it keeps acting thus? Many Palestinians would accept one state where there's a constitutional guarantee for religious freedom for all. You're assuming everyone insists on some Muslim domination thing. You're engaging in propaganda, I'm afraid.

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  • 'It's hard to see why Israel won't follow white South Africa's road to extinction,' says 'Forward' writer
    • Norman, with all due respect, isn't Israel building and building more settlements thereby making a future agreement more-and-more difficult? Shlomo Ben Ami once said that settlement expansion didn't violate the letter of Oslo, but the spirit of the agreement. It shows a clear lack of good-will and the fact that Israel doesn't want a two state solution based on the 1967 lines at all, but rather something more similar to large Indian reservations. The Arabs didn't force Israel's leaders to build all those settlements. It was nationalism and dumb headed zealotry. You reference hate, but it's not like Israel's treating the Arabs with love when it often seizes land using military excuses while never seizing land from Jews for military excuses. I know you'll say they've removed Jews from illegal outposts. Yet, even Palestinians who had ancestors who bought land during the Ottoman Empire or British Mandate in a legal fashion can have their land seized without getting so much as a penny or a farthing. Israel's government is no better than horse thieves, truth-be-told.

  • Israel's dancing soldiers
    • Mahanae, you stated that the Palestinians are not treated as sub-human. Then are you saying they're treated as equals? What evidence do you have that the Palestinians under Israeli control are treated fairly and well? Based on what human rights reports. If you have such reports, I'd be happy to read them.

  • Roger Waters joins Alice Walker in plea to Alicia Keys not to play Israel
    • It's unfortunate that stars have to make such decisions and get involved in the political actions of the state. However, people worried about the treatment of a certain people and see their abuse are pointing it out more and more, it appears. This is not how people should treat each other.

  • Op-Ed: Sen. Schatz, the Israel visa waiver exemption bill promotes a process similar to Hawaii's own history of colonization and exploitation
    • Well, I, as a Palestinian American, have not been to the West Bank in 13 years. I'm contemplating visiting. I'm going to Turkey, and, in some ways, I'd rather not go to the West Bank because I have to deal with Israel and an occupation. In a way, Israel's behavior separates relatives from each other. It seems like you have to not tell the Israelis that you're going to the West Bank or they may not let you enter. I don't any real details. I have to figure out this mess, so I can visit my relatives. For an American of Palestinian ancestry who is very American and just wants to say hello to relatives this can be very annoying, and it shows that Israel is a spiteful country that is very inhumane.

  • New York City Council official urges Brooklyn College to hire 'professor from Israel'
    • Why do we need an envoy on anti-Semitism? Why not anti-black racism? There's far more racism against black people in America. It's not like Jews aren't more well-off and doing much better than African Americans.

  • Boston Globe's groundbreaking salute to BDS will bring 'fierce criticism,' US Campaign says
    • It is natural that the pro-Israeli lobbies will attack savagely. It's in their interest to do so, but they can't silence people's voices forever. More and more organizations will choose to join BDS. They can't stop that. Every drop will lead to the massive ocean of a world of boycotts.

    • Yrn, the Palestinians have lost more than they gained through the peace process. They've lost a lot more land. They've talked to Israel. The European states chastised Israel, various American administrations have. Governments are too afraid to do anything, so I think civil societies the world over will inevitable side-step the governments. They don't have any faith in the Israeli polity and population doing the right thing on their own, and some Israelis who care about the Palestinians don't have faith in their people or politicians. South Africa's whites could have done the right long before 1994, but they chose not to until it was too inconvenient to keep the status quo. You may have relatives down in Israel, but let's be practical. Talking doesn't make Israel budge much at all. You have to have consequences.

  • Glenn Greenwald brings facts and reason to 'Real Time', ruins Bill Maher's night
    • The thing is with apostasy, if an apostate openly speaks about not believing in the religion, they take it as grounds for executing him. When you have secularism, you don't have people using religion as an excuse to kill others whether they're Jews, Muslims, or Christians. The idea of killing apostates comes from ancient Jewish traditions. And the idea of what it is to not work against Muslim society sounds rather arbitrary. Also, in practice, Buddhism was wiped out in Afghanistan under Islamic rule just as Canaanite paganism was wiped out by Jews when they conquered certain areas. Religions don't often tolerate other religions. There are exceptions like in Senegal where the Muslim majority population is very good to the Christian minority, and there are never clashes between those nice Senegalese Muslims and the Christians . In Nigeria, unfortunately, you have loads of fanatics.

  • The power of Stephen Hawking
    • To clarify Chomsky's views, he does support boycotts. He doesn't necessarily support an all-out academic boycott of Israel. In this case, there were many non-academics, so if Chomsky encouraged him to boycott the conference, it would still mean Chomsky was being consistent. That's all. He doesn't agree with all of BDS's political positions, but he agrees with some boycotts.

    • Well, the thing is Hawking's position is something that many people would take notice of out there. Some Israelis might be afraid that stances like his might make others question Israel, and that, with time, it won't be business as usual, but even Olmert and Barak warned of such things, not that they didn't, over their careers, contribute to the mess.

  • Israeli right-wing flys off the deep end following Hawking boycott
    • Many people don't really give the politics too much thought, Yonah, until someone brings it up. Did you consider that? Some people don't think about politics 24/7.
      Hawking may not have thought about Israel and politics. He thought about presenting as a physicist, and then some people could have brought up objections to him doing that, and he could have, then, considered it. You could say nothing changed over the last two months, but you're assuming that everyone follows politics like you and me when only some people do.

    • No one's questioning that there are brilliant Jewish scientists in Israel, but there are also many prominent Jewish scientists in America? Israel can't act as if the only human beings matter are them. Don't Israelis benefit from inventions that Japanese come up with, and haven't they benefited from inventions Muslims came up with when they had an advanced civilization? Isn't it part of being a good human to try to do good. Saying that Israel is helping people who suffer like Hawking is a moral bankrupt position because medicine is supposed to help all humankind, and while Israel talks about that it cares not for the welfare of the Palestinians. It's not like such a position was easy for Hawking! He has nothing against Israelis, and he has been to many conferences. He just wants to what is right while some have trashed him. Instead of trashing him, do good in our world.

    • No matter what these fascist types say, and they are fascists pretending to be liberals who try to call other people anti-Semites when they behave in a fashion that resembles people who were violent anti-Semites, many Jewish academics in the West don't want to be connected to Israel, either. It's not like Albert Einstein, when he was alive, really approved of Israel's behavior, and we're talking about decades ago. He could see what Israel would become and spoke of it. He saw that the perception of Jews and Judaism would be possible casualties of Israel's horrible, horrible behavior.
      Israelis should take responsibility for their actions instead of blaming other people.
      It's part of being mature.

  • US Jews are so 'polarized' over Israel they can't talk about it to each other, 'Jewish Chronicle' reports
    • What exactly do they want to debate- whether Israel is or is not an apartheid state?
      If such a debate is necessary, it shows that Israel is horrible, and some people don't want to admit to themselves that Israel treats the Palestinians so horribly, and don't wake up and face their responsibilities that the state is morally bankrupt. What is their debate? It's clear that what Israel is doing is horribly wrong, and talking hasn't stopped Israel. The Europeans have talked and talked, and Israel destroys and destroys homes and seizes land. The talking has been useless so far because there has been no real action at the back of the talk.

  • 'I know you have another email address, give it to me' (Deported at Ben Gurion)
    • I try not to write anything about Israel in e-mails and generally try to avoid posting things on facebook related to Israel or delete them. I haven't visited Palestine/Israel in a long time, and I may go there, and I don't really want to give anyone an excuse to stop me from visiting relatives.

  • Kerry likens Boston victims to 'Mavi Marmara' victims
    • What Kerry said wasn't smart politically at all, but there was some truth to what he said except the passengers had political motives. None-the-less, the Israelis attacked them first and in international waters, and Israel shot an unarmed 18 year old several times at close range. That's definitely criminal. Israel's behavior was criminal.

  • Boston Marathon bombings unleash a new wave of Islamophobia
    • People panic when these things happen including law enforcement, I would say. They scramble for answers. And secular Arabs born Muslim are appalled when they hear such stories as do visibly Muslim or religious Muslims who don't feel connection to such radicalized views. Unfortunately, many Americans don't understand the differences between Muslims and just see that Muslims did it and there's often some kind of ideology based on interpretation of religion going on. The media should educate people more about Islam and Muslims, and countries with radical clerics should keep tabs on them and videos with radicals should be removed from the internet, period.

  • Israeli military refuses to investigate deadly Gaza strike that killed 12 civilians
    • Well, I feel sorry for the Israelis who commit such crimes because having the identity of Jewish, Christian, Muslim, or Buddhist will not absolve you of a crime in the end. I believe there's always a price to being a criminal. What Israel is doing is very criminal.

  • Palestinian-American boy, 14, locked up in Israeli military jail
    • Even if Israel abuses an American Jew who is protesting against Israel's behavior, America would do nothing unless the person was the son of a prominent person or the media decided to do something about it. I knew a guy who was half Jewish and an American. He was tossed in jail for a night simply for giving his opinion about the conflict.

  • 'Do you know any Arabs in London?' Israeli airport authorities grill British photojournalist before kicking him out
    • Why is it a crime to be a photojournalist? If he said he was an amateur photo journalist they would have probably deported him. Israel doesn't support freedom of the press and neither do you, apparently. Do you really think if someone said, "I'm an amateur photographer, journalist" that Israel would let the person in? Many people take pictures when they go somewhere and have blogs and document how people live and what their situation is. There's no such thing as Syria having real human rights abuses versus Israel not having human rights abuses. The crimes committed in Syria don't make the crimes committed in Israel correct. If there are no crimes in the West Bank, then why is Israeli intelligence afraid of the guys with cameras? It's clear that crimes are being committed.

    • Actually, he stated he was going to go to the West Bank and what is considered Israeli territory, so he was going to both places. However, the authorities seemed to object to him going to the West Bank. Israel seems to want to deny people from going to th West Bank. Now why is that?

    • Let me get this straight. You think it's somehow criminal to have a camera and maybe to take photos in the West Bank? Even if isn't a true tourist and trying to document things or take pictures of what is happening there how is that exactly wrong? Israel doesn't want that because Israel wants to be able to have the sanction to do what it wants, and it doesn't want Europeans reporting what may constitute violations of international law. Anyway, what proof did they or do you have that he was lying? It's based on an e-mail he said he hardly uses. Israel also denied an Arab American Christian some months entry and to someone who was raised in America. Israel often comes up with excuses to deny people entry. Anyway, the West Bank is not recognized as Israeli territory under international law, so if someone wants to visit the West Bank why should the person be denied that? If Israel is to continue behaving this way. It's the crazy behavior of Israel that's encouraging more Israelis of Russian descent and European descent to pack their bags and leave for Europe and the U.S.

    • I think it's sad that he wasn't allowed entry. It sends the wrong message to tourists. If they don't want tourists, then they will harm the hotels, restaurants that cater to them.
      You should welcome people not be so quick to find excuses to expel people, but I understand because those guys feel it's their job to find someone to expel like cops looking for tickets, so it subconsciously effects their decisions.

  • Federal anti-discrimination law being used to shut down criticism of occupation
    • Trying to suppress freedom of speech won't work. That kind of thing backfires. Not allowing people their right to speak is unacceptable. What's this country coming to?

  • B'Tselem Video: Mass arrest of Palestinian children on their way to school in Hebron
    • What is Uncle Tom Obama going to say about what Israel's doing? Nothing. He's going to act an overseer.

  • 'Forward' slams Ehrenreich for questioning Zionism and Palestinian villagers for throwing stones at soldiers
    • I think many liberal Jews find it harder to be silent in the face of Israel's brutal behavior when compared to say 20 to 30 years ago. Israel, in many ways, resembles apartheid South Africa, and there's no question you have a status where a state is endeavoring to increase its ethnic supremacy over an other group. People who seek to defend Israel's record want to ignore the fact that Israel's a Jewish state that passes laws so that the Jewish population can lord over the Palestinians. It's a tyranny of a majority over a minority, and if we consider the fact that Gaza and the West Bank do not enjoy sovereignty or freedom, then you have a Jewish minority controlling a Palestinian majority. When is Israel going to let those people go and live in dignity and end the occupation, and when are we going to stop supporting the status quo?

  • US Jews leave 'Gatekeepers' asking why we give money to Israel -- says Oren, outraged
    • Michael Oren is an apologist for a country that's not the country of his birth, and he has no shame in ignoring the horrible crimes committed by his adopted country. He doesnt' like this freedom of speech. Well, the Nazis didn't like freedom of speech nor did Mussolini.

  • Netherlands takes bold move: settlement products must be labeled
    • Labeling doesn't do much since Israel can slap on a made in Israel label and lie. It also isn't a ban on those products. Thus, the EU and the US are abetting theft of land, and they're trying to pretend they're doing much. However, it's a nice, symbolic first step. It's better than nothing.

  • New cross-Canada student coalition looks to build on BDS victories
    • I am glad SPHR is still doing great work. I remember when we started it, and we would get harassed constantly by pro-Israeli right wingers and also get harassed by some administrators in the university. They didn't really support freedom of speech at all.
      SPHR and the people who support, support the down-trodden, suffering Palestinians. And they want to alleviate their suffering and stand up for their rights and for that, Mr. Diamant, wants to call them Bin Ladin's Youth? That's just stupid rhetoric, it would be as politically mature as someone calling him Hitler's protege or something.

  • State Dept. refuses to accept Palestinian autopsy showing Arafat Jaradat died from Israeli torture
    • The implication is one must Arabs can be liars and whatever America's Israeli friends say is the truth. Israel lies just as bad as the German Nazi writer of Der Strumer.
      It would be nice if America sent its own people to conduct an autopsy and see for themselves and admit the truth to themselves, and American Jews need to wake up the monster behind the state of Israel and the abuse of the Palestinians that continues unabated. The Palestinians are beginning the world for help, and the world is silent.
      Does that sound familiar?

  • At Berkeley screening of '5 Broken Cameras,' StandWithUs brings Israeli army propagandists
    • No, people are not asserting that Palestinians under occupation don't throw stones, they do. Remember, an occupier can never truly be a defender when the occupier is controlling another people. He's automatically the aggressor. That soldier should be ashamed of himself for having been an occupier. What was done in Lebanon and Gaza was monstrous, and he was part of that. And many homes are destroyed and people are seeing their lands forcibly seized and annexed. It's an ethnic cleansing that Israel engages in regardless if someone threw stones or not.

  • Brooklyn College stands behind BDS event as pressure from elected officials comes down hard
  • Racism thriving on the streets of Tel Aviv: 'Out with the Africans'
    • Well, it's ironic that this one guy said he was born there, but I doubt his grandfather was born there while 100s of thousands of Palestinians who were born there were expelled. The ironies of it all.

  • On foot through the hills of E1 -- Palestinians join Bab al-Shams protest village
    • The solutions have already been proposed, Jimmy, but Israel refuses such ideas of giving up occupied East Jerusalem, and it won't even accept 1 refugee caused by the war of 1948. It wants to keep huge settlements. The Palestinians did not come to the Israelis. It was the other way around. The Palestinians are a by-product of all the ancient peoples who lived there including people like Moses and Abraham.
      They're the descendants of ancient Semites. Israel knows this, but it keeps pushing them out of their lands.

  • 'NYT' (literally) erases the occupation from coverage of Bab al-Shams
    • In many cases, there's ethnic cleansing because inhabitants native to the land are often removed by force. One need not kill people en masse as was done to the Bosnian Muslims for there to be ethnic cleansing. However, people are too afraid to call a spade a spade in the U.S. They don't want to offend some pro-Israelis. Whatever you want to call it, it's certainly morally bankrupt to demolish thousands upon thousands of homes and seize land and remove people from lands they were born on. It doesn't phase the Israeli Government even one bit, and the US media hasn't the courage to shine some daylight on such a dark situation.

    • Well, the fact that that original heading was there shows that there are plenty in the Jewish community in the US who believe in calling a spade a spade, but you still have some powerful forces who don't want that or consider it too controversial. If they didn't want controversy, they could have said Palestinian plant tents on land where they want their future state. I gave a lecture today about the conflict and explained that some Israelis and their supporters don't view the land as occupied, but the Palestinians definitely feel it is as do the international bodies out there. Israel has a lot of pull.

  • Goldberg smears JVP after 'NYT' columnist mentions them for defending Hagel
    • Those who quickly throw around the word anti-Semite in many cases are anti-white, anti-black. How about they look at their own racism? America belongs to all races, creeds, and ethnicities. All men are created equal. Enough of the slandering of people. We won't tolerate the unfair character assassinations of anyone.

  • 'This is war propaganda, and you are the target'--latest anti-Muslim subway ads get another makeover
  • Israeli pours putrid skunk gas over homes in occupied Palestine
    • I can't really speak Hebrew, but I know Yeled means children, and it makes sense since he's pointing to the fact that there are children why they're doing this. Then he refers to a soldier who may be Arab (Druze?) and sees "He who sells himself is no Arab". That's the best I can do. He starts speaking in Hebrew and yelling and then uses Arabic at the end.

  • In backing Hagel, mainstream news organizations call out the Israel lobby
    • So let me get this: We can say Chinese lobby, but we can't say Jewish lobby? What makes those Jews better than those Chinese people? I hate to disappoint them, but we're all human beings. We're all the same.

  • Why should I be accused of being Westernized?
    • What you wrote is very articulate. With Palestinians, it's not just gender issues, it's being also open to other ideas in general, whether you're male or female. There's not much room for intellectual thinking in many cases when there's a war and the interpretation of religion will take on a very forceful hue. Both men and women must conform, but it's more outward, obviously, for the women. Israel makes Gaza a big prison and then those who control it make a prison, too, and are like the jailers claiming to be the heroes of all.

  • Bowing to Israel lobby group, 'NYT' editors neuter reporters' assertion that Israel is nixing two-state solution
    • This would have the effect of cutting off parts of the West Bank from those areas because people would have take some cumbersome route to get there. It's one thing if you're correcting something and another if it's to be technically correct in favor of an occupying power.

  • Hebron teen was killed by Israelis minutes after buying cake for his 17th birthday -- PCHR
    • Dan, sorry, but no cigar. The boy was 17, not 13, so it would not make sense that he owned such a gun. It would be more characteristic of younger children to have such plastic guns as the Palestinian human rights group said. I've never seen a 17 year old looking to purchase a plastic gun. That's for 12 year old kids. Something doesn't make sense. Why doesn't Israel release the full footage of what happened? Someone's guilty a crime and Israel covers up many crimes. Explain to me why a 17 year old guy would even have such a toy gun at that age? It makes no sense.

    • The comments that the 17 year old didn't have a plastic gun might make sense since he was 17 years old. I once spent a summer in Palestine visiting relatives, and I had a cap gun, but I was like 12 years old. Palestinian kids, at age 17, wouldn't tend to have plastic guns when they're almost adults. He was still kind of a kid, but not that young. The Israeli story makes no sense.

    • It kind of seems strange that an Israeli soldier would just randomly open fire on the 17 year old after a boy had a plastic toy. Perhaps, the 17 year old was trying to help the young boy who was being detained and was shot. We don't seem to get proper answers. What was the 17 year old doing when he was shot? It's clear Israel is lying about something because it makes no sense to point a toy gun at soldiers, but many Israelis sometimes think Palestinians are stupid animals, and he was a stupid animal who got himself killed.

  • Head of Israel lobby education group boasts of 'fear' political opponents feel
    • It's not a secret, just as there is an Italian mafia, there's a Jewish mafia, a political one, and you'll face risks if you're Jewish or non-Jewish and do this. It's a bit easier if you're Jewish because you're not an immigrant, you're in the society, but an immigrant faces more risks.

  • Family of teenager killed in Hebron calls fake gun story a 'fabrication'
    • It is possible he had a plastic gun, and she assumed since he was Palestinian it was a real gun, but they were claiming and lying that he attacked someone. It looks like he didn't, and she just started shooting at him.


  • Palestinian teenager shot dead by Israeli soldiers in Hebron
    • This story doesn't make sense- typical Israeli "pravda" propaganda. So this clean looking kid who was 16 jumps on guards when he only has a toy gun?
      That sounds like garbage. It was murder, and the Israelis probably discussed what their common story would be. There's something called "karma", and a price will be paid.

    • He was 16 years old, not 36 years old or 46 years old, and I don't believe he was pointing it at the soldiers. I think they made that up. They saw the plastic gun, and they assumed it was real and shot him, and had to explain themselves later.

  • On the anniversary of his death, activists name Israeli soldiers responsible for killing Mustafa Tamimi
    • I recognize the state of war crimes against the Palestinians. I cannot recognize politically a state that treats the indigenous inhabitants thus. Those officers should be charged with something, but they're free to kill with impunity. However, I believe what you sow is what you reap, and those officers will pay a price for their ways, one way or another.

  • Merkel squirms during Netanyahu's love song to 'special relationship'
  • Israel could only survive by 'killing all the Arabs'-- Netanyahu's father
    • Bension was against the wickedness in Spain, but supports it in Israel. People like Benzion look at the Spanish Inquisition as if the Spanish were doing something wrong by "purifying" Spain. I'm being sarcastic. With Israel oppressing the Palestinians the way it is doing and the talk of killing the Palestinians shows that people like Benzion have no grounds to judge the Spaniards of that time as wicked if he promoted wickedness, himself.

  • One day later: B'nai Jeshurun leaders regret voicing support for Palestine UN bid
    • Israel's friends are in panic in America. I mean if more and more Jews speak out against Israel, fewer Christians will want to back Israel and fewer Democrats.

  • Israel's annexation moment has arrived
    • The Mufti joined the Nazis only because the British had betrayed the Palestinians. What he did was wrong, and I don't like what the Mufti Husseini did, but when your land is being carved in a way where your people's destiny is being sold it can make you go off the chain. Jews did also support Hitler until they realized he was against them.

  • 'America and Israel are in it together,' Clinton declares-- and nary a word about settlements
    • American politicians want power, and they feel they need a green light from a foreign power- Israel, to get it. They have to sell themselves to the devil, so to speak.

  • Apartheid? Don't be silly
    • Yonah, this sign is not for barring Israelis based on the will of Palestinians. It's a safety measure. Obviously, in the 1960s, if you walked into certain black neighborhoods when whites were oppressing black people in the U.S., you were taking a risk, and sometimes there's still a risk. There are many no go areas even for Arab-Israelis in Israel as you know. And also Israel doesn't want Israelis going in those areas. However, as you know, certain Israelis who are friends of the Palestinians regularly enter those areas. I'm sure you know it, and as far as having the sign at the 1967 lines, that would unacceptable, but this sign exists in a context of an Israel not accepting politically such a state because of Israel's leadership, so it's a red herring type of comment, I'm afraid. Palestinians can't go pretty much anywhere in what was historical Palestine, so it's laughable to point to this. In the vast majority of the land of up to 78% they can't go there pretty much.

  • No balance: CNN slobbers over Peres, grills Meshaal
    • I used to like Christiane Amanpour, but I don't anymore. She ruined her career with this behavior. The way she dealt with the Palestinian side shows that she's clearly prejudiced.

  • Washington Post defends picture of dead Gaza child after complaints from 'Jews in large numbers'
    • Let us face it, you have various Jewish mailing lists and they have various issues they deal with and have to have something to attack. The fact of the matter is only around 3 Israeli Jews were killed versus 100 times that and by the time that father was pictured it was less than that. You always hear that mantra from pro-Israeli Likudniks that every time someone shows the Palestinians suffering you have to show how Israelis feel. Do Israelis demand that of Jews who are pro-Israeli? Hell no! And then they slander Jews who criticize Israel and try to call them self-hating Jews. It's getting old. How about instead of using all that energy to get all upset about the letter get all upset about the occupation!

  • Gazans are 'ho-hum' about the deaths of relatives -- NYT's Rudoren
    • You do know there's a blockade and siege of Gaza, a place with limited connections to the outside world. Thus, they have grounds to fight their oppressors. Maybe you wouldn't fight your oppressors and would be happy in such a situation, but many human beings all over the world would not.

    • There are many images and videos of Palestinians screaming with grief, but some have been numbed after many years of occupation to where it's hard for them to express their emotions, but they still care. They're deeply scarred, but she's too much far away from human compassion to understand.

  • 'Up With Chris' on MSNBC features 2 Palestinians out of 4 guests -- and bankruptcy of neocon Frum's claims
    • Well, Frum was in front of two Palestinians and a Jewish-Israeli who sort of sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinians and seem to somewhat understand their suffering. He probably expected an Israeli who was more right wing and was probably taken aback by not only having two Palestinian guests, but also a very moderate Israeli. I'm not a fan of Frum or Right wing Israel, but I can understand how he would have been intimidated. Israel is hard to defend anyway by American Jews considering it looks worse and worse.

  • Settler car bomb near Ramallah redoubles 'price tag' attacks
    • I guess this is okay. It's "Kosher" violence. If Muslims do it, it's terrorism and savage. Israeli state violence has created this mentality amongst the Jews down there. They're impatient when it comes to taking more land from the Arabs. The Israeli government moves too slowly when it comes to being land thieves, and that annoys some settlers, I guess.

  • Election theatrics: Obama to sign bill that gives Israel $70 million while Romney hints Jerusalem is capital
    • If they want one Jerusalem, then there should be one state, and no Jewish state at all. You can't have it both ways.

  • One apartheid state, with liberty and justice for Jews only
    • Personally, I agree that there are moral imperatives, but, as you said, many will try to say that it only applies to B'nai Israel not to the goyim because they're not Chosen. They didn't embrace the Jewish faith. Only if they embrace the Jewish faith would it apply. They would be part of the tribe. The reason why those people took such a stance with you, Yishai, is because parts of the writings historically give room to such chauvinistic thinking as you know. There isn't simply just one opinion. You do have love your neighbor which came to Judaism before Christianity. Also, you have "Be kind to the "Ger" or stranger for you were once a stranger in Egypt". There's also the idea by Rabbi Hillel to not do what is hateful to others what you would find hateful to you, but the problem is many of the Jewish "religious" settlers think that doesn't apply to the non-Jewish Palestinians they are dealing with. They're emphasizing certain views of certain writings in the faith and a kind of mentality that led to the oppression of other Jews in Europe by other Jews when they were controlled by communal courts. In the end, Israel won't be able to hold this charade together. I think in our global world, one needs a more global understanding of the faiths emphasized, or it will be deadly.

  • Adelson-backed ad campaign features Jewish Dem claiming Netanyahu represents 'all' Jews
    • He is saying that Jews follow and believe in fascism because that's what Netanyahu represents, and it's a sad irony that this would be said considering Jews suffered from fascism. Now, the shoe is on the other foot. Of course, so many Jews don't support Netanyahu. You know that, and I know that, but not everyone will know that. This is dangerous behavior. These people should be sued by Jews who object.

  • Should maps ad be censored at Chappaqua rr station? a newspaper asks
    • So many pro-Israeli supporters don't believe in democracy as much as they would have you to believe because many act like fascists. They talk about something showing only one side, but they never, never, ever show the Palestinian side, so they're being hypocrites. They don't want anyone to hear the Palestinian side, and the reason is obvious. No matter how you slice things, it will be clear that the Palestinians have been wronged.

  • Israel lobby groups acknowledge that occupation is 'delegitimizing'/'killing' Israel
    • I think it's also the fact that some of them are having a hard time explaining to younger Jews, including younger Jewish relatives, and maybe themselves deep down why Israel is acting so fascist. Israel has long said it's the only democracy in the region. It's not really the case, if it ever was, anymore. And also Israel is an ethnocracy.

  • Huffington Post features Israel lobby propaganda in slander against the Presbyterian Church
    • Zionists don't tend to present more than one side. However, they scream when you show your side saying you didn't show their side as if they have the God given right to always have something to say no matter where or what, but they will do everything to silence you. It's the height of arrogance. As some Orthodox rabbis said, Zionism has become a religion. Israel has become a god.

  • 'NYT's takeout on a Jewish leader's 'criticisms' of Obama doesn't dare to mention Israel
    • It's kind of funny how some Jewish "leaders" are complaining about his policies regarding Israel. He hardly says anything critical of Israel. They just know that, unlike Bush, he's not crazy about Israel due to its behavior. George W., however, could care less about the Palestinians.

  • In attempt to unfreeze US aid, Abbas intervened in Cuba on behalf of jailed Jewish American contractor
    • Israel is not interested in peace as a state. Otherwise, it wouldn't have continued to build settlements and reached an agreement and various Jewish American interests went against Olmert when he wanted to compromise. These various interests are interested in ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from certain parts of the land and then annexing some land and granting citizenship to 20-30,000 Palestinians and leave the rest of the West Bank for the PA. That's the goal. They can say they have no partner whether it's Arafat or Abbas. They're right. They have no power because Israel is not a partner for anyone.

  • In 2002, nearly 50% of Jewish Israelis supported forcibly removing Palestinians from the occupied territories - what are the numbers today?
    • What about people Jews who spy on America for Israel? Does that mean one should label all Jews negatively because of that, and I don't think Azmi Beshara did what you said he did. That's an accusation that was never proven.

  • Backer of NY ads exposing Palestinian land-loss says response has been 'astounding' and news 'coverage is pouring in'
    • This whole thing about maps being anti-Semitic seems to mean as if Israel is a religion and God the whole world must worship, and if you criticize Israel then you are of the damned. This is kind of a dictatorial premise, and it doesn't work. The more you suppress such things, the more people eventually rebel whether they're Jews or gentiles. They get super annoyed and plenty of young Jews are not afraid to confront right wing Zionists in a vociferous way from my own experience and tell them to get lost. The scare tactics won't work so well anymore.

  • Israeli gov't study declares West Bank not occupied, Earth flat
  • American citizens are detained in Hebron for wearing hijab on a 'Jewish street'
    • What you're saying is ridiculous. Of course, people care when Assad kills Palestinians or Syrians. People want Assad removed from power. His anti-Israel stance is a facade. Israel has been brutalizing the Palestinians since the beginning. Syria's secret police has been killing some Palestinians only last year. People mention Syria all the time. I guess you need to know how to read. The problem is Russia is protecting Syria just like America protects Israel. No one should protect Israel or Syria with such behavior coming from them. Israel has been protected for decades in what it has been doing.

  • Democratic Congressman's aide who said there are no Palestinians says he wasn't speaking for his boss
    • Of course, insulting Palestinians and offending them is not so bad because in the political stock market Palestinians are valued as trading low all the time, but their cousins are valued as high, though their same cousins should also remember that some decades ago they were valued in a low way and people didn't pay attention to their suffering. When we don't pay attention to each others suffering we cause more human suffering to others. I don't see why Garcia had to resign. She opposed the occupation while Litman opposed the existence of the said people under occupation. He said something worse in a way, but nothing happened to him.

  • Presbyterians reject divestment, endorse 'positive investment' by 369-290 vote; settlement product boycott vote tomorrow
    • Well, I wasn't expecting divestment, so the fact that they came close to divestment was positive. I understand that Caterpillar doesn't make Israel do what it's doing, but it should not have its products used to ethnic cleanse the Palestinians. Too many people feel they don't want to divest because they're dealing with a Jewish state, and they think it would offend too many Jews. Well, not all Jews are the same and are of one mind just like the Muslim state of Sudan is so different than the one in the United Arab Emirates or Jordan. People need to take a stronger stand against the occupation. I hope the church will do that.

  • Police officer kicks 9-year-old boy, and Israeli commenters cheer him on
    • In my experience, most Germans are not too fond of Israel, and it's not because of anti-Semitism. Germans, in many cases, feel that Israel keeps getting billions over the holocaust, and they're reminded, somewhat understandably, of the holocaust, but Israel goes on ethnic cleansing Palestinians from parts of the West Bank and uses nationalist justification for their actions. Thus, they learned the wrong lesson from WWII. And if you say what I wrote, you'll be called an anti-Semite. However, Norman Finkelstein did say in a lecture that when you come out of a tragedy, an injustice, you shouldn't assume someone is going to better. Many people become worse human beings in terms of behavior. The boy may have thrown stones, but they are cops. They're supposed to be professional, not abuse the boy. I understand they're human beings, and you can get angry. The problem is not so much the soldiers. It's Israel. The soldiers are part of an occupation, and when you have to enforce an occupation, you will act that way, if not worse. It doesn't matter if the Palestinians are mostly Muslim and the Israelis are mostly Jews. It's about one group of people controlling another group of people and trying to downplay the injustice of that and ignore it.

    • Israel is becoming less liberal, but it always brutalized the inhabitants to some extent. The difference was the inhabitants under occupation did not respond in a major way to the occupation until after 1987. They decided after that to take the abuse less, and, in turn, the IDF and many supports of Israel's way of trying to crush those opposed to being occupied have sought to become more brutal, naturally. Israel is not alone in engaging in brutality. None-the-less, an occupation is illegal, and since the occupation also entails trying to bend American political power in favor of Israel it's not good for the image of Jews around the world anymore than fanatical Muslims like Binladin did any favors for Muslims world-wide. People need to take a clear stand against backward use of religion to suppress others or extreme ethnic nationalism. Israel is going backwards in the sense that it has to use more force, and it's also turning on its own citizens, and radical settlers are attacking Arab-Israeli places of worship and graves, as well. It wasn't like that before.

  • Netanyahu says Shamir statement, 'The sea is the same sea and the Arabs are the same Arabs,' is correct
    • Imagine if someone in Europe said that about another ethnic group. However, it's par-for-the-course that one can utter racist statements about Arabs, and it will be accepted in the U.S. to some extent, though that's going to be a harder sell to many younger Americans be they Jews or non-Jews. Yes, Orthodox Jews are increasing somewhat, but it will be harder to sell hardcore Zionism to younger Americans, possibly. As far as Streisand, her support of right wing Israelis and the same from some other liberal Jews showed that liberalism in America was something they championed because it benefited them as a Jewish minority in America, but they didn't care if Arabs were under Israeli boots because the Arabs were the minority. However, so many young Jews who are liberal have found Israel has become too extreme that Streisand types are falling out of favor. After all some of the radical Jews are coming after liberal Jews more and more. Israel is far removed from liberal values now.

  • From 'Save Darfur' to expel Darfur: a Zionist flip-flop on Sudanese refugees
    • Why was Darfur so important because Arab Muslim Sudanese were involved, and it would help Israel's image and give Israel a protective shield when abusing Palestinians because you would often hear "What about Darfur". I insisted all along that the concern for Darfur wasn't so genuine.

  • 100,000-strong Zionist youth brigade join settler opposition to Ulpana eviction
    • We are reminded over and over how some Germans treated Jews and Slavs as subhumans. What about these Jewish skinhead types? I mean they view the Palestinians as subhuman. They talk about morality, but morality does not include the non-Jewish Palestinians. The never again idea only applies to their fanatical group. How sad.

  • Sheldon Adelson ('all we care about is being good citizens of Israel') vows to spend whatever it takes to knock out Obama
    • Now if he was a Muslim, he would be blasted in the press as a Jihadi sympathizer.
      He's a zealot for Zion, so that's okay.

  • MSNBC squelched Donahue, Press and Buchanan to make way for Iraq war cheerleaders
    • Banfield also showed Israel in a non-flattering light, and I don't think people like Shapiro liked that if he's a right wing guy. That's why he was petty. He's a fascist plain and simple.

  • 'Ha'aretz' article in Hebrew suggests that racism is inherent in Zionism
    • I don't know where you're quoting that from. It's not in the article.

    • That's because the Jews there are not stealing from each other. They're stealing from the Arabs. Also, racial epithets are often used towards Arabs. When whites in North America stole from the Indians they were racist towards the Indians. There's no doubt about it. They weren't randomly stealing from other whites. That should clue you in.

  • 'NYT' covers up a Republican donor's concern for Israel
    • He supports gay people being equal with straight people, but not equality between Arabs and Jews, and he doesn't care enough for human rights for the Arabs. He's a clear hypocrite. He only cares about gay issues because his son's gay, I'd wager.

  • Should we call it apartheid?
    • I think one cannot constantly worry about the sensibility of some Americans. George Mitchell was constrained by the influence of a certain lobby and Israel on American foreign policy. He couldn't easily say the truth about what he thought about what Israel was doing and how he felt about Israel's policies. Nor could Zinni for that matter when he was there. We don't have much time to explain what's going on TV. And if people hear the word apartheid enough times, they may decide to probe deeper to decide if it's true or not, and it's true that Israel is an apartheid, Jim Crowe state.

  • Shmuley Boteach seems to think US army serves Israel
    • The reality is that Shmuley wants his son to use his military training in the U.S. to help Israel. It's like getting on-the-job training somewhere with the goal of ultimately working for another country. It shows the father has a strong focus on his ethnicity to where he wants his son to use his American military training to help a foreign country. On the surface, there's nothing wrong with it, but the son is going to Yeshiva, he's super religious, not a secular American, so I'm not sure how much the family cares about your average American out there. Some Jews have chosen to worship a God called Israel instead of principles connecting to the universality of humankind. The same applies to many Muslims and Christians. The more you focus so much on your ethnicity or religion, the more you're disconnected from your fellow man, in my experience. The son's in Germany in a mystical, hyper religious Yeshiva. How connected is that to America?

  • 22 congressional reps seek investigation into FBI 'outreach' that collected data on Muslims
    • Many Muslims and Arabs were paranoid about having to go in to talk to the FBI because of their experience under police states in the Middle East. And what did they get? A police state action in the U.S. against them, and the FBI was asking them to cooperate and oblige them. This is so disgusting on so many levels. Someone's head should roll for this one. Someone should be fired. Those Muslims came in good faith, and the FBI operated in very bad faith. How sad.

  • Groundhog day at State: Settlements are 'nonconstructive,' Israel continues to construct
    • Well, people will see that the state of Israel keeps taking money from America while using its political attack dogs to make sure the president and State Department are both muzzled.

  • 'Of course' -- Abbas will return to UN to try to become non-member state
    • Israel is a criminal state, and it has to be stopped. People keep on appeasing Israel all the time. They're all acting like Neville Chamberlains in the face of a clearly fascist state that has no qualms in ethnic cleansing the Palestinians.

  • 'Do you feel more Arab or more American?': Two women's story of being detained and interrogated at Ben Gurion
    • It seems like it's okay for Israel to treat people of Arab descent in an apartheid manner. I have relatives who want to see me, and I haven't seen them in years. I'm not so inclined to see them because of such things. I have never been denied, but it can happen. I never saw much of my grandparents when I was growing up. This is the light of Israel that it has shone on the Palestinians. I see darkness from Israel. The British and Europeans sympathized with the Jews of Europe for the abuse and crimes they endured. The answer was not to abuse other people.

  • Knesset member and J14 advocate: Jail all human rights activists who support African migrant workers and send them to work camps
    • American Jews long supported Israel though Israel's actions sort of contradicted the liberal views of many American Jews. However, the gap has become too, too, too huge. I figured this would happen even back in the 1990s. I thought eventually supporting Israel would become more and more difficult. Israel is shooting itself in the foot, and when so many Russians came in, many (definitely not all) were hard-core people who like militant nationalism.

  • Killing Without Consequence: New campaign challenges Israeli impunity
    • Let's be honest. There's no difference between some Israelis on the extreme right and some who served Nazi Germany and had certain ideas of race. The guy did not see the Arabs as human at all. The Palestinians are indigenous to the land, and they were born there. Maxim was not. He came to the land and immigrated or made Aliyah and decided that he was following some kind of God that tells him Arabs need to be eliminated from the land, and people like him are protected in Israel in the same way white cops were protected all the time in the South when blacks were killed by corrupt white cops. Yet, the US supports this Jim Crowe like state so happily. It's sickening.

  • Native American and Indigenous Studies Scholars defend UCLA Professor David Shorter and supporters of BDS
    • They say that crime does not pay, but the folks who keep on yelling anti-Semitism are actually protecting the racist policies of Israel, a country which constantly destroys Palestinian olive trees, impoverishes people, seizes their land.

  • Major olive producing village ordered to uproot 1,400 trees by May 1
    • This is so that Israel could ethnic cleanse those Palestinians from that area and try to push them out. It's rather clear. Israel is not Jewish since the TORAH says one should not cut even trees in war, and it's in a war against the Palestinians as a whole and using the cutting of trees as a kind of rape of the people. Israel is not quite like Nazi Germany, obviously, since it's not committing mass genocide in terms of killing people, but unlike the Germans, the Israelis have access to modern media, the internet, and it's harder to claim they didn't know anything, and they have a democracy. Germany had a dictatorship most of the time. Israelis are responsible for their government.

  • Right-wing attack group caught fabricating quotes in effort to smear critics of Israel
    • To be honest, and I really hate to say this, but this does not surprise me, Zionists in some cases believe in the Mossad motto "By deception thou shalt win wars". They feel it's fine if what is being said might not be true because they're doing it all for Israel, and they worship Israel and Israel is more important to them than being honest people.
      I've seen those types lie way too many times to count. They've smeared so many people. I am not talking about all Zionists, but a certain type. They have no shame at all.

  • BDS victory: Veolia loses huge waste-treatment contract in London boroughs
    • Israel's first supporters can claim that BDS is not working, but it is because it's financially affecting plenty of Israeli and non-Israeli interests whereas before this was not the case, so that means they're losing chances to make money in many cases. That would bother them, I am sure.

  • Two critiques of Norman Finkelstein
    • As far as the refugee issue, Israel should take responsibility for the refugees. This will entail some resettlement in the 1948 lands and/or an immigration formula for their descendants without expecting Israeli Jews to agree to being a minority in Israel. Otherwise, a recognition of Israel wouldn't be a reality. I would love all refugees to return, but I don't think all of them can return, but they should have the right in theory and connected to an immigration formula.

  • On Shabbos the rabbi stood outside neighbor's house shouting F-you at his 'Free Palestine' bumper sticker
    • People should not be super shocked by the behavior of Israel and some fanatical Jews.
      Fanatical people are off-their-rockers regardless of their religion. At any rate, let's not forget that many Jewish religious figures in Europe before the Emancipation of Jews in Europe were controlled the rank-and-file and often in a non-enlightened way. The social justice ideas come from Leftists not those types of religious figures, IMHO. They focused on the social aspects found in Judaism and in the Bible to help bolster their arguments. There is the idea of social justice, but there are also texts that help justify what Israel is doing, and this aggressive thinking that the rabbi represents.

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