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  • 'This is our Israel, this is for the Jews. No Palestinian should come to Israel': A Palestinian-American's story of being detained at Ben Gurion airport
    • Well, I visited Ben Gurion airport two years ago from Istanbul. I was kept at the airport for 6 hours. My situation was somewhat different, because I was born in Canada. I don't have an Israeli ID. Of course, they could have still deported me, and they were thinking about it, I think. However, I was calm and answered calmly, and after 6 hours they let me in.

  • What is the vision of Jews who want to replace Al Aqsa mosque with temple?
    • When are American Jews going to wake up to what is being done in Israel? I mean this behavior's just ridiculous. People make it seem that Muslims simply don't want Jews to pray there.

  • Being Palestinian got me barred from visiting Palestine
    • I am a Palestinian American. I've been to Palestine four times in my life. When I first went years and years ago, it was very annoying as it is today, but it was much easier to enter. I went last year for the first time in 13 years. I used the airport. I was kept there for six hours and answered so many questions as calmly and clearly as I could. I didn't let myself get visibly upset. I try to satisfy their inquiries. I didn't let myself get upset and was friendly to everyone in the enclosure I was in. I also assumed we were being watched and acted as best and as calm as I could. 6 hours later, they let me in. I was tired. I wasn't sure if I was going to get in. They asked to see my facebook. I didn't hesitate. They asked shall we see it as if it was threat, and I calmly opened it. I guess I read what the drill consisted of and did my best to answer. But, look, if you're an Israeli and you want a visa waiver with the U.S., I don't support that unless your government stops with this kind of treatment of educated Palestinian Americans who are innocent people. It's just ridiculous.

  • 'No food, no water to revive awaiting certain death...': Horrifying report from Khuza'a village following Israeli attack
    • Do you know what Obama should say if he's honest? First of all, "Are you saying you don't want to ensure our people are safe? This is what the FAA naturally recommends. Yet, you prefer to ignore that over politics? " I understand that probably nothing would happen to people flying into Tel Aviv, but people like to be conservative. Obama doesn't have complete control over the bureaucracy. It's not like the US doesn't issue travel warnings. It does.

  • 'Slate' blames Birthright for indoctrinating American Jew who was killed fighting for Israel
    • This reminds me of Muslim youths who are brainwashed by clerics to go and join fanatical groups in Syria. However, Jews who serve in the IDF, even as part of an occupation force, don't get arrested or charged with anything by say the European countries or the US for being part of an occupation force nor does anyone pay any consequences for being part of a settlement.

  • ‘We have nothing left to lose. I would rather die with my family under the rubble of our house than have a humiliating truce’: Palestinian youth demand justice
    • Various Zionist leaders have sought to use the US for its ends including doing their best to bring America into WWI to please desperate Britain in exchange for Palestine. And America is encouraged to be an accomplice to Israel's crimes today while receiving generous checks from America.

  • Video: A beautiful brother went looking for his family in the death zone (Updated)
  • Arrests without charge of American beating victim's relatives in Jerusalem leave State Dep't 'deeply concerned'
    • Israel armed the Kurds in the 1960s and the 1970's. It's not completely new. If a Kurdistan emerges, the hope would be that Israel would have an ally and Iraq would be a smaller country and less of a problem.

  • Jet Blue incident shifts from anti-Semitic story to anti-Palestinian one
    • Unfortunately, there are more people like her than you think. I've had people scream at me in a similar vein. I knew a guy who was falsely accused of a bomb threat by an Israeli on campus when he never made such a threat and even people who were not even there were going to testify against him. It was dropped in court. She may not be representative of the majority, for sure, but there aren't just a few like her who shout down people and feel entitled to do so even in a public place. It happens more than you think.

  • Report: Hamas offers Israel 10 conditions for a 10 year truce
    • I would be shocked if Israel's leadership accept. Hamas is a convenient enemy - weak enough to pummel without causing damage, strong enough to rally against.

  • 'We’re Like Toys for Them': Young Gazans speak about Operation Protective Edge
    • Could you kindly explain how a cafe showing a World Cup was a place Hamas was operating from on a beach when it was bombed? We're not that naive to accept that thousands of homes are all places Hamas has operated from? If you really believe that, then you might as well believe in Santa Claus.

  • Understanding Hamas
    • In my opinion, I don't see why Hamas cannot change the charter and revise it even if it is historical. I understand that it has an election manifesto. However, it can put forward a new, more progressive charter instead of having people using the charter against it and then saying it's not important. A big problem for Hamas is not only the charter, but the fact that it has the history of suicide bombs that I was always against. Israel used the cover of the suicide bombs to build more settlements, and it made it easier to harm all kinds of Palestinians. I know the world is not fair to Hamas, but its history in the 1990's and it's charter are two negative points. It cannot change the past, of course. However, it can change the charter. If people are obsessing over it and view it as genocidal in some circles, then do something to get rid of the label.
      If you put a nice election manifesto, some open minded people will see that, but many will say that the charter still exists and many people think that charters are important to organizations. I do understand that Hamas has made many changes.

  • Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder says Israel is using our taxes to 'drop bombs on children' and take land
  • Florida Congresswoman sides with Israeli police over her own brutalized teenage constituent
    • Jews account for 10% of Florida's population and in certain areas the percentage is, obviously, a lot higher. And many of the Jews in Florida, let's face it, don't care if he is a minor. If Israel claims that he was in a protest, then the IDF could have killed the youth by beating him for all they care. That's the reality. And she needs the money to be elected. She's not going to potentially sacrifice her career for the young lad.

  • Israeli leaders incite hatred against Palestinians and are shocked when people listen (and act)
    • The cartoon refers to incitement by Israeli politicians, named above, of Arabs. However, they want violence only utilized by IDF soldiers i.e. people wearing uniforms and issued orders because they have political cover. However, their inciting language led to vigilante actions and the killing of an Arab teenager. They were not inciting against certain Jews, so it makes sense that the cartoons wrote RIP in relation to that Arab youth because the incitement and feelings for revenge coming out of the mouths of the politicians connect to what happened to that boy. Your implication that the Israeli youths lives don't matter has no connection to the cartoon except that the lives of those youths was used as an excuse for violence by politicians. Of course, the killing of those youths is a crime. How many hundreds of young Palestinian teenagers have been killed by troops? What's the difference between militants killing those innocent Israeli teenagers and soldiers killing Palestinians who really bare no threat to them with all the protection they have? Not much difference yet 100's of those youths were killed all the time. Palestinian teenagers die all the time like it's nobody's business, and the politicians make excuses when the IDF kills them. I am sure some Palestinians made excuses for the deaths of those Israeli youths, as well. While the families of those youths have my sympathy, so do the hundreds of Palestinians families who have lost sons. Anyway, remember the cartoonist is referring to incitement by politicians against Arabs and is making the point that the politicians then act all surprised when people engage in pogroms or attacks and kill Arabs. That was the point she was making. It's no surprise that the right that likes to whip people into a hysteria contributed to the death of Rabin, who was a man of peace. May Rabin and those youths rest in peace. They are all victims of a false peace.

  • Relentless bombing on Gaza continues: Israel kills media worker, 9 people watching World Cup on beach
    • We need more BDS to counteract more of Israel's political BS and war crimes. It's one major way to change the political balance sheet. The US cannot stop groups and people from supporting BDS. Whether you believe in two-states or one-state, it doesn't matter. Israel doesn't really believe in two-states in a real sense, so support BDS. Israel kills and makes excuses. What do people watching a World Cup game have to do with terrorism? Israel should be at the top of the list when it comes to terrorism. Hamas is an amateur compared to Israel.

    • The reality is that Israeli lives are viewed as more important than that of Palestinian lives by far. There's no doubt about it, and Al Qaeda didn't do the Palestinians any favors when they attacked on September 11th. Yes, I know some claim it was a false-flag attack. Regardless, the various attacks by Islamic extremists doesn't help when you have so many in the United States who are woefully ignorant when it comes to the world. Only 18% of Americans take the side of the Palestine. It's better than say 7%, which was where it was at in 2001, but far from where it needs to be. I would like to see it go past the record of 20%. The US is afraid to criticize Israel because of the lobbyists who have so much clout. You know which lobby I am referring to. And, in turn, the UN is limited in its criticism. Both the US and UN say Israel has security concerns and what not, but they never say that for the Palestinians. Israel can round up hundreds of men, kill some people, including two minors, and Hamas people and people who were previously released and the Palestinians have no right to respond. Only the Israelis have the right to respond. It's like being bullied and accepting the fact that others are saying it's okay that someone wants to bully you. You appeal to the higher authorities, and they don't protect you nor do they help you.

  • White House says US can't stop 'tsunami' of boycott and isolation if Israel won't end 'occupations'
    • The soldiers didn't know that the youth was a Palestinian-American. I'm not sure if it made a difference or not. He was said to be in his uncle's garden. He stated he was not protesting. Even if that was the case, it wouldn't justify the horrible beating when he was restrained. Anyway, Israel recently killed two youths and not much was done or said. Why does someone have to have a US passport for their death to be significant? I think your death is more likely to be treated as significant if you have either an Israeli or American passport, but not if you're a Palestinians. You're just a statistic, at best.

    • It is a warning to Israel. Essentially, they're saying "We can protect you at the U.N. to some extent, but not in the General Assembly, and the PA can potentially join organizations, and many private firms and organizations and people are choosing to boycott the state, and the US has no control over that, and Israel would feel the pinch if that happened. Israeli lobbyists can't stop people from choosing to boycott the state. They can't buy everybody. Some people aren't for sale, especially when they realize it means selling the lives and human rights of Palestinians.

  • Why is Mohammed Abu Khdeir's death different from all other Palestinian deaths?
    • It appears that we're hearing of many attempts at kidnapping Palestinian children as if to say if you kidnap 3 of ours, we will kidnap many more of yours. The conflict will only deform both sides, and the occupier, in the end, will look the worst.

  • Deaths of five teenagers in the West Bank expose mainstream indifference to Palestinian life
    • The United States media has Native Americanized the conflict. Native Americans died in large numbers defending their lands and people. The lives of Native Americans were not viewed as significant. The Native Americans were outgunned and didn't have much of a chance. They were labeled as savages and the whites were civilized. The US is allowing that to happen to another people; it's shameful. And decades after the Nazi Holocaust, you see a state that espouses an ideology not too distantly related from what Hitler espoused. Yes, it's not based on racial purity or anything like that, but the idea of being Jewish or not Jewish and the idea of Jewish supremacy over the Palestinians and leaving them as little as possible.

    • It seems like Israelis are becoming more hysterical and a lot of violence is not only coming from the military and much more from settlers and regular citizens. There will probably be more pressure to ethnic cleanse Arab-Israelis and attack them. Who knows? Of course, it would be difficult to go too far in 2014. Israel's no different from some of the horrible colonial governments that existed many decades ago in Africa. Many Zionists took upon arrogant, hateful nationalistic views and spread it among the community. The seeds of fascism were always there, unfortunately.

  • The Israeli culture of vengeance on full display
    • Israelis and their supporters keep saying they're more civilized, but when you're an occupying power you have no high moral ground. Of course, Israelis play with words and say there's no occupation, but the fact of the matter is that there were few Jews in the West Bank in the 1940's. Yes, there were Jews in some parts like Hebron, but they were a small fraction of the population. For decades Israel has been taking land by force from Palestinians, and Zionists have the gall to claim they are part of a higher, more civilized culture. In what universe? There's a lot of arrogance at play here.

  • The 'so-called peace process' and Gaza 'siege' -- Mohyeldin conveys Palestinian despair on MSNBC
    • It is refreshing that there are naysayers when it comes to the propaganda from Israel that seeks to have this idea that the Palestinians should be denied their humanity or voice or to be heard from in the world. Once, the ancestors of Israelis were a minority that suffered, and, now, Israelis are making Palestinians suffer via an ethnocratic ideology. It's the idea of ethnic supremacy, and didn't the Germans believe in ethnic supremacy, as well?

  • 'Operation Protective Edge' begins: Gaza rocked by Israeli airstrikes as Palestinian militants shoot at Jerusalem
    • Kay24, Obama, deep down, doesn't really like Israel. Many presidents haven't really been big fans of Israel. The reality is Israeli lobbyists paid enough for plenty of dead Palestinian bodies, and plenty of people in the US including Christian Zionists, and some American Jews support this genocidal colonial project, unfortunately. The Europeans and Americans would find it easier to say no if more says would strongly say no. Israel's also trading on the memory of the holocaust. So, in a sense, Palestinians are being killed for a crime they did not commit.

  • Contradicting Israeli officials, family of Tarek Abu Khdeir says he was attacked while in uncle's Jerusalem backyard
    • I was wondering about the Kuffiyeh, as well. Was wearing a Kuffiyeh near a place where youths are throwing rocks wise even if you're in your uncle's garden? I don't think so. He was innocent, regardless of what he was wearing, but the IDF looks for excuses to brutalize and arrest people. You don't want to be sporting a Kuffiyeh when they are attacking youths and vice-versa. I understand his relative was killed, and he wanted to express solidarity, but it's very dangerous down there.

    • When you sustain such head injuries, it is serious. It could affect you for the rest of your life. So many pro-Israelis don't understand how brutal the occupation is and how they encourage the incarceration of so many people and brutalize them and turn them into angry humans. What happened to the 3 Jewish youths was a disgusting tragedy. Did Netanyahu and people like him, with their policies, help create certain Palestinian monsters as well as their own Israeli monsters in uniform? That's what an occupation does.

  • After brutal police beating, Palestinian-American Tarek Abu Khdeir, 15, sentenced to home arrest without charge
    • Tarek's "crime" was WWBA or walking while being an Arab. It's kind of like driving while being black. He may have been somewhat near a protest, which is not hard to do, and the Israeli soldiers were out-of-control and view all Arab youths as guilty if they are near a protest, and their pro-Israeli supporters, understandably, want to explain away what happened and want to insist he was protesting when his parents say he was not. Even if he were protesting, he was handcuffed and in custody. Do you beat a juvenile almost to death when you have them handcuffed? That's clearly a violation of international law and human rights, but plenty of folks who support Israel wrong-or-right don't want to view the Palestinians as humans and examine their humanity while claiming to be more civilized. It beggars the imagination, I tell you.

  • A Selfie of the Potential Murderer as a Young Man
    • Israel does not view the occupation of the West Bank as a colonial project, but the reality is when it settles the land with Jewish Israelis and has to often remove indigenous people who were already there to do so, that is, by-definition, a colonial project in a true sense. Prior to 1967, there were not many Jews in the West Bank. There were some in some certain areas like Hebron including some who were killed by fanatics during some hysterical moments (And, yes, some were protected by neighbors). Thus, for the most, the only indigenous inhabitants were those who in circa 2014 spoke a form of Levantine Arabic as Aramaic-Syriac was no longer the dominant language by the 12th century as the inhabitants had converted from Christianity and Judaism for various reasons. The people who are part-and-parcel of the land's history are being treated as if they are a mistake of history and not even human beings except when someone without state authority possibly kills and burns a Palestinian youth. When the IDF does it with an official uniform it's easier to ignore it and explain it away. That's a colonial attitude that reminds me of Albert Camus's book "L'etranger".

  • Turning blood into cement: Reflections on nationalist violence in wake of suspected revenge killing of Palestinian teen
    • Isn't the roots of Zionism a nationalist that came out of Germany and Austria? A type of nationalism connected to the idea of blood and race? Israel has long promoted home demolitions even when someone had nothing to do with violence because they wanted the land. It seizes land. Of course, so many of the youths are going to turn out that way. It feels falsely empowering to be able to conquer and enslave others. The Germans were seduced by the power of the Panzer divisions and conquering nations, as well, and talking about how people could look at the German people. What's the difference, I ask you? The Germans thought they knew who they were through the nationalism Hitler espoused. This echos in Israel.

    • You can bet that if the Palestinians were properly armed, Israelis wouldn't dare fight them. If they simply used fists and didn't have the backing of an army with guns, they would lose. They act as if they are strong and tough, but they're Zionist fascists drunk with some crazy, outdated nationalist dream while Europe and the US are afraid to say anything.

  • Photo Essay: Israeli soliders destroy Qawasmeh and Aisha family homes in retribution attack
    • Many Israelis and their supporters talk about how the Palestinians are barbaric and who kidnaps teenagers. They are very blind to how their army behaves in the West Bank. How many innocent Palestinians has Israel killed over the years when there weren't and when there were cameras? The two men they're looking for may or may not be guilty, but how is that whole family guilty and that little girl and the father who has cancer and asthma. Imagine if that was your father who had cancer? Israelis just don't care and pretend their country is moral. You cannot reason with many of the Israelis when it comes to that. They just repeat that they have a democracy, Arab-Israelis are equal, the Arabs are violent and want the Jews dead, never mind that so many Arabs have been killed by Israel.

  • Missing Israeli teens found dead near Hebron; Netanyahu: 'Hamas is responsible and Hamas will pay'
    • Israel pretends it's civilized, and that every Palestinian killed by the IDF deserves it. With that kind of behavior by the colonial regime of Israel it is only going to encourage an atmosphere where wandering settlers could get killed. In response, Israel says it should bomb. In that case, Israel would then kill some innocent Palestinians. When you bomb a people, demolish thousands of their homes, take their lands by force, have your army beat juveniles, arrest thousands of people and hold so many without a trial or evidence, have your soldiers kill people and let them get away with it, you are going to elicit some violence from the populace that's the target of such behaviors. I know the family and friends of the youth are mourning, but do Israelis think of Palestinians who mourn their innocents?

    • Obviously, it's bad news to hear those youths were murdered in cold-blood. They were defenseless, unarmed. It would be one thing if they were combatants. Yes, they were settlers and some people don't feel sympathy for settlers just as some Algerian militants didn't for the Pieds Noirs among them. The reality is Israel kills so many Palestinians including youths using many excuses, and it is quick to bomb Palestinians, which leads to the deaths of youths. It had some soldiers recently kill a couple of unarmed Palestinians, and the IDF defended it all. If Israel's Netanyahu says that it's all the fault of Hamas, and they will kill the leadership, which may have nothing to do with this, Israel's populace will cheer along blindly for such deaths. Netanyahu has done the opposite of championing peace, so, in a way, he's also responsible for the deaths of those young men. Israel risks lives of young soldiers and others for the sake of some nationalist extremism. It's all madness.
      It's too bad some horrible idiots had to kill those youths.

  • Hewlett-Packard's complicity in occupation makes headlines
    • I guess this gives me more of a reason to not like HP. I own a Toshiba, thankfully. I had one HP laptop years back, but that was the last time I got one. If they think helping an occupation is fine, then I wouldn't ever consider buying one in the future. If I saw a bargain for an HP and was looking, I would look the other way. The more customers find out about this, the more they will lose business. It would take time, however.

  • Jeffrey Goldberg leads the charge on latest BDS smear: Presbyterian Church divestment is anti-Semitic because David Duke supports it
    • David Duke was associated, in the past with the KKK. We understand that. I don't know where he stands today; I am not really that interested in him. Is Goldberg stating that all those who support Israel have no racist views either among the Christian or Jewish supporters? I mean like at the owners of the LA Clippers. How much more racist can you get, and the owner was talking about how Israel treats black people without making any apologies about it. It's all ridiculous to ignore all that. By the way, many Zionists, in the distant past in Europe, met with anti-Semites for the sake of Zionist nationalism. It's not the first time Zionists were connected to racists. Did Goldberg forget about South Africa? I guess he did.

  • 'About 60,000 Americans were murdered' by Palestinians in Israel, says Shmuley Boteach
    • He probably thinks that the lives of 1 American or Jew (non-Muslims) are worth much more than that of the Arab Muslims or Christians. Like a ration of 1 to 1,000. People like that don't see the Palestinians as human beings. Rather, they're just a demographic threat.

  • In 'turning-point' vote, Presbyterians divest from occupation-linked corporations
    • It's kind of rich about how people say that addressing Israel's human rights abuses and corporations that profit from such abuse should not be dealt with as it would harm peace. It reminds me of wife beaters and their supporters who say you'll break up a family if you interfere, and that the fact that the husband is giving his wife black eyes is not germane. If you interfere, you're being against men and break up families and not help the woman. I can understand some Presbyterians voting for this because some don't want to offend Jews, but any Jewish rabbi ignoring the abuses or not doing much about it, support darkness, not the light.

  • The American father insists that Israel is an egalitarian society, his daughter disagrees
    • You're missing the point. Yes, many Israelis know where certain words come from them and that they have co-opted a large chunk of the food, words, borrowed from Arabic grammar even in the past, dances, but they see no point in acknowledging the humanity of the Palestinians and to treat them like human beings. It is ridiculous. You borrow a ton of stuff from another civilization and see what they created as worthy of borrowing, but you don't see them as worthy of the human being label.

  • Dershowitz disqualifies an entire continent from supporting BDS, citing history of 'Jew hatred'
    • If Dershowitz and the majority of American Jews had been fighting for decades against Israel's racial and settlement policies, we wouldn't be having this discussion. Imagine if South Africa said people had no right to criticize Afrikaners because other countries were worse at that time. Also, Europe was under German control during WWII. Much of Europe suffered during the war. It was not like every European was in a position to save people in the camps. And haven't Jews had in their community people who engaged in bad behavior? As I recall, some of the most prominent slavers in the New World were Jewish. This is not a conspiracy; it's a fact. Many got rich by selling people, not just white Protestants or Catholics.
      And what of some of the Jews in Poland who helped the Polish aristocracy to oppress Ukrainian peasants? What about the ancient history of the Jews who killed tons of other Semites, which many Israelis use today to justify themselves? And many call the Palestinians the Amalekites?

  • I am Palestinian, and I am human, and I am here
    • When you're a Palestinian-American, sometimes it's easy at all. There are different varieties of Palestinian-Americans. If you're a secular, liberal type who is not religious but can speak the language well and know the culture, you feel kind of caught between different things - an American culture held hostage by pro-Israeli political groups, the racism that they encourage, this idea that all people born Muslim are alike and identical, and the Arabs and Palestinians who insist you should also be identical and part of some mass group think. As John Legend said, we're all human beings. That's something to keep site of, and Palestinians deserve treatment as human beings. All people deserve human rights, and that d-bag who joked about it probably descends from some European group that was denied human rights by another European group. I doubt all his ancestors enjoyed human rights.

  • Blacklisted by the 'Jewish community' over Israel, the Shondes take their stand
    • They are not boycotting their fellow Jews. That's inaccurate. They're boycotting a state i.e. Israel. That would be like if Ireland decided to boycott Catholic Croatia over human rights. It doesn't mean the Irish would be boycotting people based on religion and what not. If a black majority boycotts another does it mean they're boycotting all black people? No. Israel is not all Jews. This shouldn't be happening in America. Anyway, Israel violates so many human rights laws and behaves in a way that the US South did, if not worse, back in the 1950's. Didn't whites in the North go against that, as well, including Jews?

  • Dr. Ruth says she might shoot you if you don't support Israel
    • She was in the Haganah and some people were in the KKK and burned crosses. What's so good about having been in the Haganah?

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