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RN, math teacher. Activist for equality, clean environment, social democracy, peace. Against GMO's, NWO, AIPAC, ALEC, corporate greed, climate geoengineering (chemtrails), racism, bigotry and suppression of truth.

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  • 'NYT' runs Israeli's op-ed recommending that Palestinians 'emigrate voluntarily'
    • This is the most disgusting piece I have read in a long time. Once upon a time in utopia (as compared to now) the Jews and Palestinians lived together in decent harmony (which is the best we can say about different groups living together). I am not anti-semitic, but to my core, I am anti-Zionist....look it up, there's a difference. When we overlook "one human family" in deference to any "race, religion, color or creed" we become all the lesser for it. We are ONE RACE, the human race....but there is that thread of greed and power and selfishness that overcomes compassion, cooperation and community and all but slaps in the face all the religions in the world that impart the wisdom and righteousness of caring for each other.

  • MLA votes against BDS, tables resolution blaming PA and Hamas for restrictions on Palestinian academic freedom (Updated)
    • Another travesty. When is this going to stop? By International Law what Israel has done, and is doing, to the Palestinians is illegal. And under International Law it is actually legal for the Palestinians to fight back. I am not anti-Semitic but very, very much anti-Zionist. How can we claim our 'fight for human rights' abroad and support Israel? Maybe because we're seeking global control (hello NWO) and Israel has a good Army, lots of nukes, and is our ally? It all stinks to high heaven.

  • Clinton's foreign policy speech downplays Israel (and leaves out Palestine)
    • We aren't locked in to a choice of Hillary or Trump, you know. The sanest, and most constitutionally correct (i.e.. 'for the people') candidate is Bernie. Why do you think he's being largely ignored and being asked to drop out? Our corporate owned government doesn't want him. All the more reason he needs to be elected if we are going to see any glimpse of hope and change. We voted for that once, and apparently, need to keep doing it until we get there. We need a government for, of and by the people, not a government for, of and by the corporations. And we need to pick up our war toys and come home. The US has been at war 93% of the time since 1776. Google it. We are, sadly, the world's terrorists.

  • Clinton baits Sanders over 'destruction of Israel'
    • I really don't 'get' our alliance to Zionist Israel. They get approximately 1/3 of the US foreign aid budget, they comprise 1/1000 of the world population and have one of the world/s highest per capita income. I have read articles claiming Israel has 80-150-300 nuclear warheads. Let's just take the lowest claim of 80 (from a Guardian article 3 June 2014). No weapons inspectors have found nuclear weapons in Iran. Just like they didn't in Iraq....but that didn't stop us. And,as far as a full outright attack/invasion of another country, Iran hasn't done that in over several centuries. All that said, what the devil is Israel doing destroying Palestinian homes and taking their land? That, I find, even more abhorrent, given their history in Nazi Germany. I am not claiming to have the answers, but when one looks at the situation and the horrific destruction going on in the Middle East, one has to question, what is really going on??? Fear mongering and war mongering is going on all over (seems especially true when you watch US mainstream media). Israel is completely capable of defending itself, why does our money have to go over there? Common people don't want war. Greed, corruption and power fuel the decisions of the power elite, making their power completely immoral as far as I am concerned. And sadly, the US is just as guilty.

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