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  • Gilad Atzmon’s attack against me – the 'merchant of JVP'
  • A US veteran reflects on protesting alongside Palestinian human rights activists in Hebron
    • You'd think people like him would respect American veterans more given all the, let's say, "benefitial" to Israel wars they engage in and the ones they have yet to engage in

      It's almost like they treat Americans as something that can be easily moved, a tool to be discarded once useless, hmmmm....

  • The dismal cartography of Trump's pre-fascist state (and opportunities for progressive populism)
    • "...there just may be tacit and effective cooperation between the national security deep state and a progressive populism..."

      Indeed, as the icon of American Civil Rights Martin Luther King Jr. once said:

      “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that....but the Deep State is fine too!”

      "American society is not in crisis....greatly exaggerated and misleading portrayal of distress in the American economy...the evils of economic globalization and unfair trade relations that are widely understood to be largely ‘fake’"

      It wasn't just right wing bigots, you also had bernie who despite lack of media coverage put up a most impressive fight, yet the author seems to ignore the "populism" that already took hold of the American people and led to a development worthy to be called "historical", reflected through both trump & bernie, arbitrarily deeming it some form of irrational wave of hatred, a fever, if you will, that will subside given time. Opting to wait instead for a convenient "populism" that matches liberal sensitivities and preferences, If liberals/progressives hope to amount any meaning resistance to trump looking into working class dissatisfaction they ignored for too long would be a first step

      "The Democratic Party has not seized the moment vigorously and creatively; progressive populist leadership has yet to emerge inspiring trust and hope; so far there are sparks but no fire."

      Does your left hand ever act out on it's own to punch your right hand? Neither does mine :)

      "Denigrating the political class of both political parties as corrupt and responsible for the decline of the country and the hardships inflicted on his followers"

      A perfect descriptor of folks like Jill Stein, Gary Johnson and Ralph Nader, thank God for the Obama's and Hillary's seeking to save us from the evils of fascistic third parties

      "The signs of intense dissatisfaction are giving rise to protest activities that are massive and seem deeply rooted in beliefs and commitments of ordinary citizens, especially women and young people"

      Putting aside "intense dissatisfaction" seven days into his presidency, do the millions(including women) who actually voted for Trump in rust belt states also count as "ordinary people"? If so why are their economic woes relegated to "fake news"? If the think tanks & media bubbles failed to see the "Trump Train" approaching, does that not call for a revision of our understanding of the state of the American populace and Two Party Duopoly? Was this election cycle not a validation of the ever hated spoiler Ralph Nader?

      "There is growing dissatisfaction within the bipartisan intelligence and national security bureaucracies as whether Trump and Trumpism can be tamed before it wrecks the post-1945 international order that rests on America’s global military presence, a global network of alliances, and a disposition toward a second cold war focused on hostility to Russia..."

      It is a mad time when a "right wing bigot" is posing more threat to the endless war apparatus than "progressives" and "liberals", of course Trump most likely will oil the war machine just as diligently as liberal heart throb Obama did, but to ally with those endorsing the New Cold War (and what will that lead to? A new McCarthyism this time endorsed by liberals? (hint: WaPo) Immoral military interventions blessed by progressives?) and counting the FBI & CIA as comrades in the fight against fascism sounds confused & lost.

      "...and hope that a saner, more humane political mood leads quickly and decisively to repudiate those policies and attitudes that flow from this pre-fascist set of circumstances."

      Some would say you were lucky to get the orange clown instead of a more sinister, well spoken, therefore effective demagogue, but regardless, I don't think this to be a train that will stop any time soon, the Obama's and Clinton's paved the way for the Trumps & Ted Cruzes. Trump can be assassinated tomorrow, that won't free the state from corporate control & won't impress all those Americans who shrink with disgust at the corruption pervading both parties.

      Closing one's eyes and hoping for a better tomorrow is optimistic, but betting on the democratic party is, imho, magical thinking

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