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  • From Greta Gerwig to NYU, Israel has deep reservoir of cultural support in U.S.
    • Zionism is the very successful national liberation movement of the Jewish people, who are indigenous to the Land of Israel. Zion, or Jerusalem, is connected to the liturgy and religious obligation. If you try to categorize and stereotype the Jewish people, you are a fool. People in the US are pro-Israel because they are fair, mostly not anti-Semites, and because it is the right thing to do. There are over 24 failed and undemocratic Arab/Moslem countries, and only one Israel. Get used to it. One million Jews escaped from Arab and African countries, so there was an exchange of populations.
      Stop the lies and propaganda. Israel is forever.

  • Can't discuss Palestine on campus? Then disaffiliate.
    • What a great idea: anti-Semitic professors should disavow their universities, so their lack of academic honesty will not be blamed on the integrity of the university. Better yet, they should stop teaching so as not to poison the next generation with their prejudices. Zionism is the national liberation movement of the Jewish people, represented by the amazing state of Israel. Salaita is a liar and propagandist, and anti-Israel ideologue.

  • Democratic candidate for Illinois gov'r fires his running mate over BDS
    • The Jews are the indigenous, native people of the Land of Israel, not the nomadic tribes that declared themselves to be Palestinian in 1963. There is no return for the generations after the 600 who were told to leave; will the million Jews who fled the Arab/Moslem world be invited back? Why don't you knee-jerk anti-Israel propagandists show some "tough love" to Syria for killing their own people, or to Somalia or to Yemen? As long as you define the problem as either/or, winner/loser, you are not on the side of peace. BDS is not impacting Israel at all, but it is poisoning our universities with hatred and intimidation, and teachers who are willing to lie. The supporters of BDS are responsible for the increase in anti-Semitism in the US.

  • Head of American Jewish Committee is Israel's 'Foreign Minister,' said Netanyahu minister
    • Mondoweiss, as a knee-jerk anti-Israel organization, raises the age-old canard that Jews have double loyalties and cannot be trusted to participate in this US democracy. There is never a question about the loyalties of other Americans, but Jews cannot possibly speak for American interests because of our concerns for the safety of our relatives in Israel. This article also states that "Israel killed 500 Palestinian children," without mentioning that Hamas bombarded Israel with thousands of rockets for years until Israel responded, and that they forced children to stay in buildings that were warned ahead of time to evacuate. Dead bodies are good for Hamas propaganda.
      David Harris is a wonderful speaker, and a big threat to the enemies of Israel, who want to see Americans end their support. AIPAC conferences are made up of hundreds of high school college students, so the wish that the younger generation will stop supporting Israel is greatly exaggerated.

  • Jews made America great so 'we deserve our influence' on Israel policy, Dershowitz tells Scarsdale synagogue
    • Thank you, Prof. Dershowitz, for your support for Israel, and for helping us be more forceful in telling anti-Israel ideologues the truth about our love of Zionism, the very successful national liberation movement of the Jewish people.
      Chazak, Chazak, v'Nitchazek.

  • 100 senators throw their bodies down to end UN 'bias' against Israel
    • The Jews are the indigenous people in the Land of Israel. You cannot colonize your own country.
      You cannot stand a tiny Jewish state, too bad for you, because Israel is here to stay. Get over your prejudices.

      From the river to the sea, Israel for eternity.

    • Wow, it is good to know that the shekel is "almighty." So, I heard it from an anti-Israel ideologue.
      The apartheid lie is for uninformed, want to be prejudiced against Israel jerks. Israel is a diverse country, in which all its citizens have equal access to everything the society has to offer. Unfortunately, that includes neighbors who knife, blow up, and ram with cars, babies and their families in their homes and in the streets. But you have no compassion for Israelis.

  • Israel lobby group threatens lawsuit if MLA endorses academic boycott
  • NYC city council anti-BDS bill meets resistance from protesters
    • The Syrians are killing their people in the thousands, the Iranians are hanging gay men and killing women who have the courage of defiance, and you jokers are boycotting Israel, the scapegoat of the left. I am sad for you, because your hostility and ignorance make peace impossible.

      From the river to the sea,
      Palestine will never be.

  • A brief history of the 'Nakba' in Israel
    • While about 600,000 Arabs left their homes in Israel, over 800,000 Jews left their homes all over the Arab world. That is a "transfer of populations." Add to that the continued manipulation of "refugee" status on the part of UNWRA, and there are too many generations of Arabs claiming refugee status, and an entire Arab world that inhumanely connived and refused citizenship to Arabs who left Israel. The need for justice has to come from Arab countries, not from Israel.

  • Law firm pulls $250,000 gift to Harvard over Palestine event (demonstrating Zionism's pervasiveness)
    • This group of [..] movement of the Jewish people.

      Am Yisrael Hai.

    • Ignorance of history and anti-Semitism fuel your stupidity. The conflict in the Middle East is complicated, and takes a lot of study and thought. Yes, Jews have a right to our ancient and modern homeland. It is a beautiful and thriving country. You should be honest anti-Semites: no technology or polio vaccines for you. In your honor, I have just made donations to The Red Star of David and the Jewish National Fund. It felt great.
      The moment you make things up about the Jewish national homeland, and the Jewish people, it is a reflection on you. Most people are capable of independent thought. You have accepted as fact the lies and propaganda of Israel's enemies, which you have joined.

    • Zionism is the national liberation movement of the Jewish people. Nothing more, nothing less. The enemies of Israel have added hatred, anti-Semitic metaphors and lies to life-saving Zionism. Because of the success of Zionism, Jews escaping Africa, the Arab world and Europe have a place to go. Just like any sovereign nation, there is a home. There should be no one killed because there was nowhere to go. The Arabs are responsible for their own failures.
      Bravo to Millbank for using their money and influence to insist that knee-jerk hatred of Israel is challenged. Maybe the haters will begin to expect more nation-building, instead or murder and terrorism, from the Arabs.

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