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  • Haaretz joins Rush Limbaugh and company in trying to link Max Blumenthal to KC shooter suspect
    • prescient:

      "Just days before the shootings, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) warned that while anti-Semitic crimes are near an all-time low in the US, the Passover holiday could stoke racial tension. "

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  • Palestinian writers bring Gaza's hardships to American audience
    • bring the hardships, but not the refugees? Ann Coulter turns on the foreign allegiances of the new establishment:

      "Israel Today has trumpeted the success of the 15-foot razor-wire fence along Israel's 140-mile border with Egypt, triumphantly noting last August that, for the first time, "no infiltrations were recorded from the Egyptian border, compared to 193 from the same month last year."

      Adelson himself had suggested just such a policy to the Los Angeles Times last year, saying he wanted to "Put a big fence around our country."

      By "our country," he, of course, meant Israel. In America, he wants illegal immigrants pouring across the border to provide him with an endless supply of cheap labor.
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  • Fear of Arab-Americans in the public square
    • yes Hatred of the ruled, plus ethno -religious barriers for entry into the elite, combined with Bloomberg liberal apartheid: toxic for long term stability:

      These Maps Show Just How Segregated New York City Really Is
      link to

    • The WASPs , whatever their faults, comprised 70%+ ? of the population. Their rule was majority rule based on demographics, not based on one dollar, one vote.

      This is a fundamental difference between WASPs and the new establishment.

      The current situation is not democratic, it is based upon financial corruption and ethnic exclusion, with denigration of the majority population's values and aspirations.

      It will not stand.

  • Alleged K.C. killer: 'If Jews can have a state of their own, why can't we have a White Christian state?'
    • A federal informant /islamaphobe / famous talk show antisemite kills three christians at a Jewish community center?

      for Passover ?

      who was his handler?

  • You know Israel's in trouble when 'NYT' runs op-ed saying it's replacing Iran as isolated theocracy
    • Perhaps the authors meant well, but when you equate “good” with “Western, free market and secular” than you describe positive trends as “secularizing”.

      It's difficult to explain the last century's rise of secularism as correlated with world peace, reduced poverty, freedom, or human happiness; quite the contrary.

      case in point, the murder and torture of children by the secular coup leaders in Egypt

    • this is confusing, to my limited knowledge, Netanyahu, like every Israeli Prime Minister in history, is an atheis, and Israeli legal and social norms are highly permissive.

      Israel is only a 'theocracy' in regulation of marriage and citizenship, but to my mind, this is contrary to Judaism, rather it is ethnic group nationalism.
      Its clergy do have a formal role in the state , as in Iran, Egypt, and Great Britain, but I don't see their influence on regulation of business and social ethics.

      Calling Israel a theocracy is then merely a slur against religious Judaism.
      But it works with the large percentage of Jews and non-Jews who are hostile to religion.


  • Why are two Republican congressmen doing a walkabout on the Temple Mount?
    • Evangelicals represent a very large minority in the US electorate and US military, and they hate Muslims, which is reason enough for them to support ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

      Andrew Sullivan points out that these people have been manipulated by partisans:

      "My phrase "a non-Christian manipulator of Christianity" is an attack on Kristol's cynicism, not his Jewishness. I agree wholeheartedly with Wieseltier that, "if Kristol is wrong about Obama, it is not because Kristol is a Jew." It is because he is a cynic about faith, and a ruthless partisan indifferent to the truth when it cannot be harnessed to the wielding of power. My post was a protest against the manipulation of faith for partisan purposes. It would apply to anyone outside a faith who has decided to use and manipulate another's faith for his own political purposes."
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  • About that special relationship...
    • A tragedy in Kansas as a psychopathic elderly white nationalist opens fire at a Jewish community center, killing three, but not to worry, Muslims,Iran, and BDS are the real threats, according to another type of white nationalist:

      "Today the greatest threat to the Jewish people comes not from stray neo-Nazis but from Islamist terror and a genocidal theocracy in Iran...But while worries about a non-existent wave of prejudice against Muslims are without basis, even in the United States those willing to express hostility to Jews and to, as the BDS movement has shown, subject their state to prejudicial treatment they would not inflict on any other religious or ethnic group, remains an unfortunate reality."

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  • Two desperate anti-Semitism charges, from Foxman and Boteach
  • Florida university president who condemned boycott has financial ties to settlements
    • You can justify a myriad of evils once you've determined that your enemy wants to kill you, your family, and your people. Dangerous stuff, psychopathic racial hatred , ie Podheretz in the WSJ:

      "With this we come to the main reason I believe that the Palestinians do not deserve any sympathy, let alone the astonishing degree of it they do receive (and not least from many of my fellow Jews). It is that ever since the day of Israel's birth in 1948, they have never ceased declaring that their goal is to wipe it off the map. In all other contexts, this would be called by its rightful name of genocide and condemned by all decent people. Yet—here we go topsy-turvy again—for any and every step Israel takes to defend itself against so shamelessly evil an intent, it is the Israelis who are obsessively condemned at the U.N. and by the increasingly strident propagators of what calls itself "anti-Zionism" but is also increasingly indistinguishable from anti-Semitism.
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      This is crossing a line, blood libel hate speech.

  • Amira Hass predicts Israel's 'colonial project' will eventually fail--but at what cost?
    • The statistics show massive networking etho-centric illegal discrimination in education, employment and wealth distribution inside the United States; Palestinians won't be the first to live inside a Jewish privileged multicultural one state solution: this is the last century's historical logic unfolding.

      MW Gellian says:
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      I don’t see any problem at all in the abstract with writing a master’s thesis on the issue that Rick Sanchez had better never mention again.

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  • Simon Schama's Israel whitewash
    • and this psychology loves revenge, as for Obama:
      13 African-American Jews may be facing deportation from Israel
      Israel's High Court to rule on appeal against deportation order after Interior Ministry rejected their Reform conversion.
      link to

      Interior Ministry's Oz police unit accused of beating U.S. immigrants
      Their lawyer: Police yelled at them, 'Afro-Americans, kushim [darkies], we don’t need you here.'
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      from max b twitter

  • 6 DC heavyweights tell Kerry, Netanyahu in West Bank is like Putin in Crimea
  • 66 years ago today 42 members of my family were slaughtered in Deir Yassin
  • Brandeis retracts plan to honor anti-Muslim activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali
    • Bigotry, Ridicule, Defamation also extends to Christians, totally mainstream white gentile minstrel at 'the forward':

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      Bigots don't perceive their own bigotry? or they ignore it for the warm fuzzies it gives them.

    • Why do so many self congratulatory liberals celebrate violent hatred, even murder, of Muslims, based on lies and blood libel ?

      Maybe the same reason an Orthodox Jew, Christian, or Muslim can't work at Mozilla?

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  • 'Poof' -- Kerry blames Israel for breakdown of talks (Updated)
    • self destructive vindictiveness , yes.

    • Yet how much of contemporary 'reform' Judaism is religious? Ethno Nationalism is all that remains for them, except the revolutionary spirit for Justice , which may save all of us.

    • The Saudis, GCC, and Egypt are also apathetic. Certainly the Palestinian leadership and its allies in the West share some of the blame for this apathy. Or is it plain Fear? No one wants to end up like Morsi or Gaddafi.

  • Apathy in Ramallah as negotiations with Israel dive
    • yes, and Egypt's new government, apparently echoing saudi perceptions, announced on state tv that 911 was an American Israeli operation :

      link to

      "The American plan did not start today just as today's positions did not come out of the blue. They have been proceeding in a consistent fashion since the events of 11 September 2001. It is true that the perpetrators were Arabs, Egyptians or Saudis or others. Yet, time has proven that a certain party, American or Zionist, was the one that hatched this plot or permitted its execution. The objective was to provide the Americans with a legitimate cover to mobilise their troops to strike in the region under the pretext of resisting terrorism. Immediately, they directed their strikes against Afghanistan and then they paved the way for striking Iraq and bringing down President Saddam Hussein under the pretext that he possessed weapons of mass destruction. "

    • With two states gone, at best the PA in a one state can develop a Reich-ian economic nationalism.

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  • Narendra Modi, a politician who presided over anti-Muslim pogrom, may be India's next leader, and U.S. cozies up to him
    • Hindu mobs murdered at least 1000 people; women were gang-raped and burned alive

      "Aneesa Begum, 40, recounted how rioters “hacked” the legs of her husband as she huddled under a blanket.

      “They are not outsiders, they are village people. How can we face them again?” she said between sobs as she prepared to visit her husband in hospital.
      “Some of the rape survivors have shown courage and approached the police. But when they see that no action has been taken against their attackers, others also get demoralised,” said Sehba Farooqui of rights group the All India Democratic Women’s Association."

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      entire villages of criminal rapists and their protectors ( in peaceful India.)

  • 'NYT' readers who objected to calling Abbas 'defiant' have a point, public editor rules
    • so many antisemites these days:

      How Peter Beinart Defends the Repulsive Views of the Antisemitic Jew Max Blumethal, Ron Radosh


      ‘NYT’ reporter treats boycott as immoral and anti-Semitic, reminiscent of Nazis,MW

      on and on

    • This is an internal revisionist historical struggle between European (and Jewish reform) universalism and ethno- nationalism , or as ],” Norman Podhoretz put it:

      Believing (on the basis, it should be emphasized, of an obviously scant acquaintance with the literature and history of Judaism) that the essence of Judaism is the struggle for universal justice and human brotherhood, these young intellectuals assert over and over again that anyone who fights for the Ideal is to that degree more Jewish than a man who merely observes the rituals or merely identifies himself with the Jewish community”

      Is Immigration really a Jewish value?
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  • 'NYT' stamps Jimmy Carter 'radioactive' and not 'a force for good'
    • Interesting how liberal critics of Israel don't make a peep about the torture and murder of thousands of clean shaven pro democracy youth protestors in Egypt, hardly Islamic extremists.

      And they still lie about the MB and Sadat;

      weird .

      btw, Egypt also receives massive US financial aid.

    • Carter was a career ICBM delivery system inside the Navy, he never left that mindset , and his truths on Palestine will not atone for what he did to a myriad of USSR and Afghan civilians:

      How Jimmy Carter and I Started the Mujahideen
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  • Oren says Pollard 'sacrificed himself for the Jewish people'
    • Michael Scott Bornstein's idealization of treason, this damned infamy, threatens all dual citizens of every ethnicity with loss of any security clearance or government position

      The USA should refuse to deal with any American born Israelis as a matter of strict policy.

  • 'A Painful Price': The escalating war on Palestine solidarity at U of Michigan and beyond
    • @LeaNder,@James Canning Re:: Wiemar decadence: human trafficking of children .

      "The pathetic situation of the German mark ensured tourists a real deal on the little boy or girl who’d caught their eye..
      A snapshot of Berlin between the world wars includes nudist magazines devoted entirely to children; glittering cabaret shows parading acres of sweaty, perfumed female flesh; and an endless supply of cafes, bars and private clubs catering to gay men, transvestites, lesbians and sadomasochists.

      Inflation is so rampant that the local paper currency is good only for toilet paper. Cocaine, morphine and opium are peddled on every street corner. And more than 120,000 desperate women and girls of every age and stripe sell their bodies for a pittance, including mother-daughter prostitution teams and brazen streetwalkers well into the third trimester of pregnancy. "
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      Hollywood values are not new.

    • I think its a misnomer to describe the set of ideas that came to fruition in the decadence of Wiemar as 'Semitic' or 'Jewish", the majority of its adherents have always been Gentile apostates, or as 'The American Conservative' put it:

      "the displacement of Christian values by Hollywood values."
      Vladimir Putin, Christian Crusader?
      By Patrick J. Buchanan • April 4, 2014
      link to

      or as St. Paul put it, the party of pagan Rome and of the Christopaths:

      "[They] have been persecuting us, and acting in a way that cannot please God and makes them the enemies of the whole human race” (I Thess 1:15)."

  • It's the borders, stupid
    • A One state solution without reparations and wealth re-distribution will be something like the disaster in post apartheid South Africa, or in the one state solution in the USA, where a tiny financial elite corrupts through one dollar, one vote. The Dersh 's comments apply at home also:

      "“It is a lawless country, it’s a country with extraordinarily high rate of violent crime, and it’s a country with deep, deep racial divisions and problems that we wish had disappeared because we all love Mandela, but that’s not the reality."
      link to

      The future for the indigenous is the same as the native Canadian-American reservation reality, assimilation and alcoholism, drugs and diabetes And the Israelis will still live behind armed walls.

  • Boteach posts censored videotape of Columbia debate
    • Interesting how criminal financiers and alleged casino pimps organize around family foundations / philanthropy (bribes) for illegal ethnic cleansing. There is some evidence here of skill borne of experience. 'One small step from having the cash to select the American President [Adelson?] .. Michael, We're bigger than US Steel":

  • Let Pollard go. But first get answers from Tel Aviv
    • Pollard didnt bomb the PLO , that was Israel.

    • There is no evidence Pollard thought he was giving secrets to the Soviet enemy but rather to an American ally and friend; the Israel government caused the harm.

      He was a psychologically disturbed young man exploited by a cynical mafia.

      30 years is too much.

  • Jewish National Fund lures singles to Israel with tasteless sexual joke in NYT
    • This is part and parcel of the culture of Mel Brooks Kaminski and Sarah Silverman, its not Jewish, rather the antinomian messianic rebellion which morphed into Zionism:
      Thus the ritual violation of halakhic prohibitions presented an equal opportunity for women to engage fully in what was viewed by the sectarians as positive religious activism. Moreover, they could even exceed the men’s capacity for such subversive acts of “restoration,” since the Sabbateans’ favoured mode of tikkun was the infringement specifically of those halakhic prohibitions that curtailed the proclivities of the body, most notably the consumption of forbidden foods, or the consumption of food at forbidden times, and above all the violation of the laws of incest. The domain of the body—the effective Sabbatean arena for “restorative” action—had long been associated with women, in line with the dualistic scheme, adopted by medieval philosophers and kabbalists alike, that juxtaposed the female domain of “body” with the male domain of “spirit” or “soul.” The body and its appetites, especially its sexuality, were viewed as the natural environment of the female, whose very creation as a distinct being signalled sexual tension. In this environment women were free not only to act but also to activate men’s sensual urges. It is not surprising, therefore, that they were often able to take charge of the heretical enterprise of “restoration,” which had shifted them from the periphery to the center stage of religious action. ...

      "The evidence he collected from repenting Sabbateans who confessed before the rabbinical court of Satanov in the summer of 1757 suggests that Haya Schor exerted a great deal of power in the Sabbatean circles of her day. She initiated new recruits to the sectarian fellowship, not hesitating to pronounce some candidates unfit and to withhold her sexual favours from them if she judged them to be insufficiently proficient in the doctrines of the sect or if they exhibited reluctance to consume the prohibited fat of an animal—an antinomian act by which she tested the measure of their sectarian allegiance. She acted quite independently of her husband, at times defying his authority even if, as was customary among the Sabbateans, he was eager to sanction her adulterous acts, viewed within the sect as positive commandments, “mending” or “restoring” the redeemed world to its final state of perfection. "

      link to

      Thus what was once sin ( usury, gaming, adultery, murder of innocents, etc) becomes a religious rite of worship.

  • Reports: Abbas faults Israel for 'procrastinating,' says Palestine will move to join int'l organizations
    • Kerry-Obama can also apply pressure:

      Secrets about suspected Israeli theft of U.S. weapons-grade nuclear material declassified - IRmep
      WASHINGTON, March 27, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- On March 18, 2014 ISCAP, the highest declassification authority in the U.S., released 84 pages (PDF) of formerly secret information about investigations into the illegal diversion of weapons-grade nuclear material from a Pennsylvania plant into the clandestine Israeli nuclear weapons program. Files now available to the public from IRmep's ISCAP process include:

      4/2/1968 Letter from the Director of the CIA alerting the Attorney General (PDF) about a huge loss of material from Pennsylvania's Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation (NUMEC). "It is critical for us to establish whether or not the Israelis now have the capability for fabricating nuclear weapons which might be employed in the Near East."

      03/09/1972 FBI memorandum (PDF) "On the basis of the foregoing it must be assumed for the purpose of U.S. national security that diversion of special nuclear materials to Israel by Dr. [Zalman] Shapiro and his [NUMEC] associates is a distinct possibility."

      07/28/1977 Notes of a briefing from CIA's Associate Deputy Director for Operations Theodore Shackley to the Carter administration National Security Council (PDF) "I also asked Shackley to get us a rundown on the political aspects—e.g. when were the President and Congressional officials briefed on the Israeli weapons program, on the NUMEC connection, and what were their reactions. In December, Carter was briefed on the NUMEC problem as President-elect by Bush in Georgia...I do not think the President has plausible deniability. The CIA case is persuasive..."

      08/02/1977 Memo to Carter from Zbigniew Brzezinski "So far as we know however, (and we have made serious effort to discover it) there is nothing to indicate active CIA participation in the alleged theft...There is a tremendous amount of interest in this issue in Congress...We face tough sledding in the next few weeks in trying to keep attention focused on ERDA's technical [overall U.S. nuclear material loss] arguments..on the FBI investigations, and away from the CIA's information."

      All released CIA evidence and former Tel Aviv Station Chief John Hadden suggest the severely undercapitalized NUMEC was "an Israeli [smuggling] operation from the beginning." Multiple health-related lawsuits have been filed targeting companies that later assumed NUMEC ownership. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers currently estimates its toxic cleanup of NUMEC will cost $500 million. No damage claims have yet been filed against the Israeli government.
      link to

  • 'NYT' editorial writer savages Republicans for 'pro-Israel, philo-Semitic' curtseys to Adelson
    • ex banker ?

      The source says that Bill has had it out for Marc ever since he quit his Wall Street job just six months after he married Chelsea in 2010, so that he could “sort his head out”.

      Marc lived the life of a ski bum for a while in Wyoming and left Bill’s baby girl to fend for herself in New York

      Read more at link to

  • Boteach stops reporter from videotaping Columbia University debate
    • What is truly frightening is that a learned man, a man who has a pretense of spirituality, a Rabbi, will not publicly disavow a call for terror and mass murder, and more sick, is that few members of his flock disapprove.

      These are sociopaths.

  • A British Jew warns US Jewish orgs to heed rapidly-shifting world opinion
    • Its normal to hate an elitist group's actions that discriminate against the 'others', and pushes a foreign self serving morality upon the majority, especially when this is done with financial corruption and deception. This isnt racism , unless it extends to a confusion of the group actions with individuals in the group.

      Certain WASP groups earned the same disdain.

    • Even American Evangelicals are waking up to the mainstream pathological hatred of Christianity , from 'Christopaths' , in Israel and Hollywood . That and pink washing will reverse evangelical attitudes in one generation.

      Muslims our natural allies
      link to

    • this seems entirely explanatory of recent and mid 20th century history:

      J-Streetophobia, and the U.S. Jewish right's hatred for American Jews
      A new film was meant to be an expose of J Street. Instead, it sheds light on a message that marquee names on the U.S. Jewish right have for the vast majority of their fellow American Jews: You're stupid. We hate you.
      link to

  • 'NYT Book Review' gives platform to Radosh to accuse Judis of writing 'what-if' history
    • What disturbs me is that the non-Palestinian members of BDS do not call
      for extension of the boycott call to Egypt, which is also blockading Gaza.

      It gives credence to Chomsky's claim of singling out the Jewish state.

    • Israel's allies in Egypt, the anti MB coalition ,of Liberals, Gulf money, and the Army, is torturing children:

      EGYPT: Brutal beatings, sexual abuse, and electric shocks are being carried out on detainees, including teenage children, in Egypt, according to testimonies gathered by the BBC.
      link to

  • 'Contractually obligated' to say the peace process is alive, Aslan told Americans to get ready for one state
    • Would you Die for that ?

      fyi, stephen walt of harvard.foreign policy mag makes the point that Israel is nt an ally?

      "The right question when potential allies come calling is: What's in it for us? What have they got that we want, and how badly do we want it? U.S. power and protection is still a significant asset, and America shouldn't be offering it to anyone on the cheap. Truly valuable allies provide the United States with reliable intelligence, basing rights, advanced technology, and sometimes even troops sent to fight alongside those of America -- and the best allies don't get into senseless quarrels with their neighbors (or maintain illegal occupations that make the United States look bad). Other allies are valuable not because they do that much for America, but because they happen to control resources the United States wants and so the country has to tolerate some of their foibles. Foreign policy is not philanthropy, and the United States should not leap to embrace allies that can't or won't do plenty for it. "
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  • 'The clash of civilizations’ theory is absolutely and completely dead
    • I don't see why intelligent liberals remain steadfast in supporting 'democracy' when it amounts to one dollar, one vote, but only after a Jewish primary which selects to whom we vote for. I don't think it is accidental that this occurs in a cathedral of vice:

      Adelson holding 'Sheldon Primary' to pick Republicans to back
      Chats with casino mogul in Vegas will determine who who he puts his money on for 2016.
      link to

    • The most subversive element here is that any criminal activity done on behalf of a foreign state which is prosecuted, will result in immediate legal protection and asylum refuge, for the associated ethnic group member.

      So it doesn't matter if formal Israeli dual citizenship exists, all ethnic Jewish Americans are automatic potential dual citizens; they must merely raise their hand.

      Certainly this must be offensive to all those loyal Americans defamed by this Israeli policy, especially when it often protects the most vile crimes:

      High Court To Decide Whether Accused Haredi Pedophile Who Fled Arrest In Britain Can Get Asylum In Israel
      link to

    • Zionism is but one expression of the clash and not causal:

      Slezkine argues that the Jews were, in effect, among the world's first free agents. They traditionally belonged to a social and anthropological category known as "service nomads," an outsider group specializing in the delivery of goods and services. Their role, Slezkine argues, was part of a broader division of human labor between what he calls Mercurians-entrepreneurial minorities--and Apollonians--food-producing majorities.

      Since the dawning of the Modern Age, Mercurians have taken center stage. In fact, Slezkine argues, modernity is all about Apollonians becoming Mercurians--urban, mobile, literate, articulate, intellectually intricate, physically fastidious, and occupationally flexible. Since no group has been more adept at Mercurianism than the Jews, he contends, these exemplary ancients are now model moderns.
      link to

    • Huntington's thesis absent the Islamaphobia was tautological; there are civilizations, and they clash. Russia is clashing with the West which wants all the Caspian Oil and Russian gas on its own terms (economic) but also opposes Russia on cultural grounds (Eastern Orthodoxy) vs European cultural marxism.

      This is the real fault line ; the clash of civilizations is between transnational cosmopolitan elites , the rootless intermediary parasites, and the fixed traditional culture hosts where real economic activity occurs : infrastructure, agriculture, and manufacturing . This is both an international and intra-national conflict between fixed populations and parasitism. How else to explain Rachel Maddow boosting al qaeda in syria and neo nazis in Ukraine ?

      Parasitical Economy as Political Exchange Value, JONATHAN M. FELDMAN
      link to

      America: “A Parasite On The World” By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
      link to

      Some right wing critics get the Clash:

      Conservative commentator Pat Buchanan is completely enamored with Russian president Vladimir Putin, and is particularly excited about his anti-gay crackdown. In his syndicated column today, Buchanan lauds Putin as a leader of “conservatives and traditionalists in every country” who are resisting “the militant secularism of a multicultural and transnational elite” who push “abortion on demand, homosexual marriage, pornography, promiscuity, and the whole panoply of Hollywood values.”

      Putin is a champion of “conservatives, traditionalists and nationalists of all continents and countries” and has taken up their fight “against the cultural and ideological imperialism of what he sees as a decadent West,” Buchanan writes.

      link to

  • Liberal Zionists are the new front line against BDS
    • Oopps, FBI drops internet promotion of SPLC and ADL as authorities on hate:

      We commend the FBI for removing website links to the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization that not only dispenses erroneous data but has been linked to domestic terrorism in federal court. We hope this means the FBI leadership will avoid any kind of partnership with the SPLC,” Tony Perkins, FRC President, told Secrets.
      link to

    • Here's a thought experiment:

      What if 'Liberalism' per se was always part of an ethnic agenda against native American-European traditional culture, in order to make it friendly to the new arrivals?

      Wouldn't this explain the discomfort Chomsky, Finkelstein, and the liberal zionists express towards BDS?

      And more importantly, the discomfort anti-zionist Jews have with Israeli nationalism? Its all part of making the new arrivals secure in their acquired elite establishment position, that is a minority ethnic socio-economic ethnic agenda.

      Liberalism is intellectual colonization , occupation, settlement of the mind.

  • 'I'm reminded of Jackson, MS, closing all public pools rather than integrating them' -- Franke on Barnard's Banner-gate
    • FYI to MW/ Ali A Electronic Intifada , sexual zionism : regarding Haverford talk on Palestine .link to

      1. Chair of Board of Trustees , famous 9/11 survivor Howard W. Lutnick,[CEO Cantor Fitzgerald], is a partner with Sands Corp in gaming (Adelson): Cantor Gaming is the exclusive provider of mobile gaming and In-Running wagering solutions to ..Las Vegas Sands Corp...

      2. Islamic Studies political science courses are taught by an Israeli intelligence IDF veteran who speaks arabic (west bank interrogations ,Mossad ?):
      link to

      Haverford Quakers alumni talk (Mossad ? expert on 'Jihad')

  • Right-wing news outlets attack U. Mich's divestment drive
  • JJ Goldberg says Adelson's influence fulfills anti-Semitic belief
    • It is important to remember that not long ago , amassing billions in an international syndicate running loan sharking usury, numbers ,prostitution, and pornography was considered organized crime. The last American century coincides with the glamorization and legalization of businesses exploiting these human vices.

      Arnold Rothstein
      link to

      The Jewish Century with Yuri Slezkine (Conversations with History)
      link to

  • NY Times should apologize for publishing Palestinians 'have avowed as their goal the killing of all Jews'
    • bravo. But if a non Hebrew speaking American wrote to the NYT, would they publish the letter?

      This is the American occupation.

  • OSU group questions campus presentation of an Israeli soldier as a 'feminist role model'
    • I recall in the army before the Gulf War(s) , a Combat Infantry Badge was highly coveted.

      Now Israeli 'combat' with children, what does that award look like?


      The revelations centre on t-shirt designs made for soldiers that make light of shooting pregnant Palestinian mothers and children and include images of dead babies and destroyed mosques.

      link to

  • U.S. intel analysts doubt Israeli claim that captured weapons were headed to Gaza
    • Gentile Life is cheap , paraphrasing the leader of the liberal Jewish New York intelligentsia.
      (marty peretz)

      could be merely predictive:

      Hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood supporters face death sentence: Will Egypt carry it out?
      link to

  • Ohio State Hillel member calls Desmond Tutu a 'neo Nazi' for criticizing Israel
    • in Hollywood, there are genocidal neo nazis everywhere

      "What you see in yourself is what you see in the world."
      afghan proverb

  • A movement grows in a Georgia church basement
    • Changing the world starts where you are today, never where you want to be tomorrow.’

      Israeli President Peres asks the Russian President:

      - Vladimir, are you of Jewish ancestry?

      - Putin: What makes you think so, Shimon?

      - Peres: You made the US pay five billion dollars to deliver Crimea to Russia. Even for a Jew, that is audacious!

      link to

  • 'NYT Book Review' owes readers an apology for printing blatant racism about Palestinians
    • The Blood libel allegation followed other crimes for which the Islamic medieval nations were co-complicit:

      "Perhaps the widespread fear that Jews were scheming to abduct children, subjecting them to cruel rituals, even antedates the appearance of stereotypical ritual murder which seems to have originated in the 12th century. As for myself, I believe that serious consideration should be given to the possibility that this fear was largely related to the slave trade, particularly in the 9th and 10th centuries, when the Jewish role in the slave trade appears to have been preponderant.

      During this period, Jewish merchants, from the cities in the valley of the Rhône, Verdun, Lione, Arles and Narbonne, in addition to Aquisgrana, the capital of the empire in the times of Louis the Pious [Louis I]; and in Germany from the centres of the valley of the Rhine, from Worms, Magonza and Magdeburg; in Bavaria and Bohemia, from Regensburg and Prague—were active in the principal markets in which slaves (women, men, eunuchs) were offered for sale, by Jews, sometimes after abducting them from their houses. From Christian Europe the human merchandise was exported to the Islamic lands of Spain, in which there was a lively market. The castration of these slaves, particularly children, raised their prices, and was no doubt a lucrative and profitable practice."
      Pasque di sangue: Ebrei d’Europa e omicidi rituali (Blood Passovers: European Jews and Ritual Murder) (Bologna, Italy: Il Mulino, 2007), [by Israeli medievalist] Ariel Toaff

  • US Jewish leaders blast Harvard students on pro-Israel trip for taking photo at Arafat's tomb (Update)
  • Some liberal Zionists will blame Netanyahu for failure of talks
    • Wishes Won't Stop Bullies Like Putin
      [Rabbi] Dov S. Zakheim, March 21, 2014

      ie , More money for Big Oil and the M.I. Complex , More Gentiles into the Meat Grinder:

      "here are things that the United States, as the world's leading military and economic power can do to convince Putin to go no further than the Crimea. First, it must lead NATO in stationing troops in the Baltic states and Poland. If Putin doesn't like it, he can lump it. Second, the administration should immediately increase the current Fiscal Year 2014 defense budget through a budget amendment that, sidesteps the Budget Control Act and adds $25 billion to the operations and maintenance and procurement accounts. Third it should make clear to Moscow that any movement into eastern Ukraine will lead to NATO's immediate invitation to both Ukraine and Georgia to join the alliance. Finally, in addition to imposing financial sanctions on Russia, Washington should release American oil and gas for export to Europe, and immediately approve the Keystone pipeline from Canada. A Germany that is less reliant on Russian energy will stiffen its spine vis a vis Moscow. And as Germany goes, so will go the rest of NATO."
      link to

      Do you have any recommendations for young Jews who want to go into government or political work?

      When I started in my career there were not that many of us in the government. There are a lot of committed Jews now. Whether its Senator Pat Toomey’s (R-PA) press secretary Nachama Soloveichik, who is a committed Jew, or Jack Lew (White House Chief of Staff to President Barack Obama), who I am personally friendly with but with whom I totally disagree on politics. He is obviously a yerei Shamayim who sends his kids to Jewish schools, is a member of an Orthodox shul and a proud Jew. Eliot Cohen (Counselor to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice under President George W. Bush) is another example.
      An Interview with Rabbi Dr. Dov Zakheim
      link to

  • Is the U.S. quietly imposing travel sanctions on Israeli officials?
    • "the military occupation and annexation of Crimea"

      why do Liberals support extra-national violent coups (Palestine, Venezuela, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Ukraine) while opposing majority opposition to such in referendum or armed resistance?

      Disgusting how Hayes and Maddow are supporting the neocons in Ukraine.

  • Obama doesn't talk to Jimmy Carter -- because of Israel
    • Even if Obama and the evangelicals don't give a hoot for the suffering of the Palestinians , nor for the persecution of Christians and immigrants, inside Israel; why do they not care for basic national security, real security, threatened by the neo-Nazi / Israeli allied Putsch inside the Ukraine, and the chicken hawk traitor neocons clamoring for war ? But didnt Carter/Brezinksi initiate this 50 year war against Russia and the Middle East ?

      McCain wants proxy war with Russia
      link to

      Nice Job Neocons: Another Fine Mess in Ukraine
      And as for the neocons, now the very same cadre of mouthy embedded deep
      cowards who have declared war on American values since September 11, 2001 have gotten us into the mother of all messes. They have no shame about it either, the chickenhawk leader of the movement William Kristol, a modern incarnation of Joseph Goebbels just published a screed in his vile propaganda organ The Weekly Standard that called out Americans for not being sufficiently enthusiastic about starting World War III. Like all of the others with the exception of the fanatical war criminal John McCain whose acts of wartime bravery consisted of dropping jellied fire on Vietnamese women and children and Lindsey Graham whose USMC service consisted of flying a desk ALL neocons are chickenhawk cowards. Kristol likes to toot his own horn, especially when advocating for the children of American mothers to be fed into the meat-grinder for his own self-aggrandizement yet his copious biography is strangely (or not so) devoid of military service.
      link to

  • AIPAC's 2-state lip-service: conference featured university in settlement
    • Many progressives are hoping for a Jewish president:

      Why Hillary Clinton Should Fear Bernie Sanders
      link to


      Sanders is the darling of the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee and the right-wing Likud government of Israel. He has done everything within his power to keep the myth of Islamic terrorism alive. He never questions the U.S. government’s unconditional support of Israeli acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians. It is as though these are nonevents.
      link to

  • Kerry isn't satisfied by Israeli minister's non-apology for calling Obama a wimp
    • KERRY: Yes , we can all learn from the bravery of the Israeli Defense Minister . He has a long career in defending Israel against a brutal threat, he bravely employs white phosphorous munitions, modern fighter bomber jets, and artillery against a vicious foe, a foe without air defense , tanks, long range weapons of any merit, indeed without an army, indeed an occupied defenseless civilian population. Bravo to the General;s bravery, and we welcome his front line leadership in any forthcoming conflict in Syria, Iran, just as his troops fought shoulder to shoulder with our troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Vietnam.

  • The battle over Palestine is raging--and Israel is losing: Ali Abunimah on his new book
    • “Whether you think we are in the Middle East to stabilise the region, to take the oil, to spread freedom and democracy,”

      All those above are public rationales. smoke. Absent a spiritual dimension, we are mere primates, and war is a massive transfer of wealth to an intra species parasitic class--Human sacrifice being the oldest religion. It's biology:

      link to

      link to

      link to

  • Now the US is trying to 'delegitimize' Israel's defense minister
    • worth reading, photo is disgusting like a still from Seinfeld:
      rom left: Jamie Kirchick, Eli Lake, Rosie Gray, Liz Wahl. Photo from Twitter.

      How Cold War-Hungry Neocons Stage Managed RT Anchor Liz Wahl’s Resignation
      link to

      from Rania Khalek ‏@RaniaKhalek 6h
      link to

  • Ululating at Vassar: the Israel/Palestine conflict comes to America
    • This is the essence of the conflict in both occupations, the one in Palestine, and the occupation of the intelligentsia in the West.

      Jewish racial privilege, affirmed proudly as both discriminatory and right, over the majority Gentiles, of any color.

  • In Abbas meeting, Obama dropped formula about recognizing Israel as Jewish state
    • Under the Glick -Electr intif. One State Solution, Israelis will have the right to live anywhere in the West bank, and devour the real estate from the dispossessed
      The right doesnt go the other way, its subject to security permissions naturally.

      Preparations are being made to give the dispossessed new passports to Gaza or Jordan.

      But integration and peace will most likely assimilate Israelis faster than it does Arabs.

  • 'NYT' covers Palestinian generational divide over the two-state solution
    • when the NYT is appluading Bin Abbas as a one stater then you know the fix is in, MW and Eectrnic intifada can announce victory, while every Israeli will havethe right to buy land anywhere in the WB, and under one dollar one vote democracy, Palis will have the same self determination as African Americans under Bloombergism in New York.


  • Johansson got career boost from 'comic farrago' over SodaStream -- 'New Yorker'
    • When Obama picked an Israeli as his Chief of staff, what was your reaction ?

      If I was so stupidly hoodwinked on crass emotional appeals once before, how do I know now what deeply held essential beliefs I hold, are also mere rubbish, say , for example, the shangrila of the One state solution, that some others now appear to be adopting?

      head fake:

      NJ Jewish News ‏@NJJN Mar 14
      J Post pundit calls for a single Jewish state: Caroline Glick, in talk at Rutgers, says Israel can absorb West... link to
      link to

  • 'What's being done to Palestinians is wrong,' evangelical Christian says on NPR religion show
  • Northeastern president is urged to restore SJP's First Amendment rights
    • Is Jewish Voice for Peace JVP joining hands with Getraer ‏ and Glick Jewish Voice for Greater Israel, to argue for the one state solution ?

      Andrew Getraer ‏@AndrewGetraer Mar 15
      @MaxBlumenthal Wrong. Far from apartheid, she advocates full citizenship and legal rights for all, Arabs and Jews.

      link to

      Interesting how anti-zionists and zionist sare converging on this greater israel one state solution promoted in the establishment foreign policy mag:

      Who's Afraid of a One-State Solution?
      link to

  • Peace Now board member jokes about owning a SodaStream
    • This was a joke about the Book of Esther, celebrated at the Purim festival, in which intrigues led to the mass murder of Persians including women and children. Most likely ahistorical, it, The Book of Esther, nonetheless has some motivational merit, Netanyahu handing a copy to Obama in 2012. Historical near east massacres of Christians by Jews may have found motivation in this Biblical text:

      Israeli historians have backed the BBC after the corporation stood by comments made in a TV documentary claiming that an ancient Jewish tribe massacred Christians who refused to convert..Ms Humble said the Jews had offered the villagers the choice between conversion to Judaism or death and that 20,000 Christians had then been massacred.
      link to

      "The Vengeance of the Jews Was Stronger Than Their Avarice": Modern Historians and the Persian Conquest of Jerusalem in 614
      link to
      Netanyahu gives Obama a copy of the book of Esther
      link to

  • Kerry tries to get out of Jewish-state trap set by Netanyahu and the lobby
    • Abbas should accept the idea of a Jewish Sate subject to:

      --Freedom from religious discrimination in work, housing, and citizenship/immigration.

      --Protection for religious minorities, including Christians, from state policies that seize their churches for government purposes, and preservation of church properties.

      --Protection form price tagger and other Jewish bigots who assault Christians , or spit on them, etc.

      This would make the whole 'Jewish sate' thing meaningless , and the thee above
      points would nullify Jewish privilege that is at the crux of the conflict.

  • Palestinian teen in critical condition after being shot by Israeli soldiers during West Bank protest
    • Dershowitz tells the truth about 'One State' multicultural solutions, laying the groundwork to block that path for the Jewish state:

      Dersh: South Africa is a failed country

  • Does Israel Have a Right to Exist as a Jewish State?: An excerpt from Ali Abunimah's 'The Battle for Justice in Palestine'
    • Looks like the Ali A./ Soros One State solution is being adopted in the Israeli Amen corner, with the right to buy out at bargain prices the whole of Palestine, and of course, adoption of the one shekel, one vote paradigm:
      (Glick fawned over at frontpagmag)

      Contingent on security concerns—applied on individual rather than on a communal basis—Palestinians will have the right to travel and live anywhere they wish within Israeli territory. Similarly, Israeli Jews will also be allowed to live anywhere they wish. All prohibitions on property and land sales to Jews will be abrogated.

      As permanent residents of Israel, with the option of applying for Israeli citizenship, the Palestinians would find themselves living in a liberal democracy where their individual rights are protected. [ by Israeli law and courts , lol ]

      link to


  • Journalist David Sheen delivers blistering indictment on Israel's racist war on African migrants
    • Note Sheen uses the code word 'Immigration Reform ' for increasing the US low skill population by perhaps 30 million, severely harming the chances of wage increases for African Americans, but he does note the #Jewishprivilege of ethnic nationalism, which extends to regulation of offensive mocking and humor, if only it targets Jews::

      NYTimes suggests mocking of Judaism should be met with incarceration.
      "Not only has he escaped conviction in many of the cases brought against him or, at worst, had to pay fines" , less worse than paying fines is prison.

      No word yet from Rubin on incarcerating Mel Brooks and Sara Silverman for mocking Christian suffering.

      eg Mel Brooks - Last Supper - History of the world Part 1

      NYT By ALISS J. RUBIN MARCH 10, 2014
      link to
      Related Coverage French Comic’s ‘Anti-System’ Salute Is Frequently Used to Mock Jewish Suffering

    • since when is russia and ukraine in europe?

  • A War on Campus: 'Democracy Now' covers the Northeastern SJP suspension (Updated)
    • BTW: Europeans the grandchildren of Nazis Nazi colloborators.

      [Is this not ethnic hate speech ,blood libel, illegal in the EU? ]

      The Holocaust was perpetrated by Europeans— by Nazi sympathizers and collaborators among the French, Dutch, Norwegians, Swiss, Belgians, Austrians and other Europeans, both western and eastern. If the French government had not deported to the death camps more Jews than their German occupiers asked for; if so many Dutch and Belgian citizens and government officials had not cooperated in the roundup of Jews; if so many Norwegians had not supported Quisling; if Swiss government officials and bankers had not exploited Jews; if Austria had not been more Nazi than the Nazis; the Holocaust would not have had so many Jewish victims. In light of the widespread European complicity in the destruction of European Jewry, the pervasive anti-Semitism and irrationally hateful anti-Zionism that has recently surfaced throughout Western Europe should surprise no one.

      link to

  • Fruits of a right-wing takeover: Knesset barrage limits Arab parties, conscripts the ultra-Orthodox, and puts the peace process to a vote
    • 1.I'm not sure the Western democracy of 'One Dollar, One Vote', regulated somewhat by a fluid constitution as defined by elected for life representatives of a money elite, is optimal for all Israelis or all Westerners, though it seems to work for apparatchiks in the parasitic administrative sectors of media-propaganda , government, and financialization., ie Citizens United.

      Funding Fathers
      link to

      2. Its worth investigating the coalitions here: it seems to be a unity of liberal early immigrants with russian-ish recent immigrants, against religious traditional minorities in the Hareedim and the native Arabs. Contrary to minority will, they want to impose loyalty oaths and forced conscription, and evangelize their moral values. This is the worst kind of majority tyranny and contrary to self determination for these minority groups. It is the liberal equivalent of Islamic Anti-Federalism in Sudan:

      link to

      There must be some better solution for Israel and the West than One dollar, One Vote, majoritarian tyranny.

      The solution is perhaps a federalism which is not geographic, but voluntary
      communitarian-ism, where religious Jews and other value set minorities, can possess self-rule, that is self determination, while allowing the majority to do the same. This resulting set of voluntary associations would would be competitive and fluid, allowing people to choose their own sets of state obligations and associative benefits, without subsidizing dysfunctional failed models, a kind of Chomsky anarchism without the totalitarian mandates. So far the One State Solution discussed is a repeat of these anti-democratic impulses, injurious to the working class and cultural minorities.

      Its too tempting to criticize the Israelis when we are co-complicit as Americans, and not offering a solution which will not result in some sort of IMF-EU -Citizens United , degradation of the positives inside Israeli life.

  • It is time to repeal the law being used to criminalize French BDS activists
    • BTW, what happened with this Sandy Berger type episode between SSCI senate select committee staff (Rockefeler, feinstein) at POTUS / CIA? strange inter-democratic party conflict, where Brennan took back documents from the staffers who made unauthorized access hacks? There are known overlaps between CIA torture incidents and the presence of Israeli interrogation officers and methods:

      Israeli link possible in US torture techniques
      Ali Abunimah The Daily Star 11 May 2004
      link to

      An investigative reporter, or someone at Justice, should cross check these with AIPAC fronts:

      Feinstein staff
      link to

      link to

      Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
      link to

      Payee Name Start date End date Salary Title Amount Notes PDF
      John R. Livingston Jr. (Jack) 04/01/13 09/30/13 Minority Counsel $85,657.44 View original PDF
      Martha Scott Poindexter 04/01/13 09/30/13 Minority Staff Director $85,657.44 View original PDF
      David Alexander Grannis 04/01/13 09/30/13 Professional Staff Member $84,871.92 View original PDF
      Lorenzo V. Goco 04/01/13 09/30/13 Budget Director $84,323.96 View original PDF
      Kathleen Bernadette Rice 04/01/13 09/30/13 Counsel $81,799.92 View original PDF
      Virginia Renee Simpson (Renee) 04/01/13 09/30/13 Professional Staff Member $80,199.96 View original PDF
      David S. Luckey 04/01/13 09/30/13 Professional Staff Member $80,199.96 View original PDF
      Hayden S. Milberg 04/01/13 09/30/13 Minority Budget Director $79,999.64 View original PDF
      Kathleen P. McGhee 04/01/13 09/30/13 Chief Clerk $79,715.00 View original PDF
      Daniel J. Jones (Dan) 04/01/13 09/30/13 Professional Staff Member $72,999.96 View original PDF
      Eric P. Losick 04/01/13 09/30/13 Counsel $72,999.96 View original PDF
      Michael F. Buchwald (Mike) 04/01/13 09/30/13 Professional Staff/Counsel $72,999.96 View original PDF
      Randall D. Bookout (Randy) 04/01/13 09/30/13 Professional Staff Member $70,987.92 View original PDF
      Richard S. Girven (Rich) 04/01/13 09/30/13 Professional Staff Member $70,800.00 View original PDF
      Oliver L. Galloway 04/01/13 09/30/13 Director of Information Management and Technology $69,597.83 View original PDF
      Christian M. Cook 04/01/13 09/30/13 Professional Staff Member $69,499.98 View original PDF
      Andrew F. Kerr 04/01/13 09/30/13 Professional Staff Member $69,499.98 View original PDF
      Tyler Stephens 04/01/13 09/30/13 Professional Staff Member $65,799.96 View original PDF
      Evan R. Gottesman 04/01/13 09/30/13 Professional Staff/Counsel $65,499.96 View original PDF
      Michael Pevzner 04/01/13 09/30/13 Professional Staff Member $65,499.96 View original PDF
      Clete Daniel Johnson 04/01/13 09/30/13 Professional Staff/Counsel $65,499.96 View original PDF
      John B. Dickas 04/01/13 09/30/13 Professional Staff Member $65,499.96 View original PDF
      Jennifer H. Barrett 04/01/13 09/30/13 Professional Staff Member $65,499.96 View original PDF
      Tressa Steffen Guenov 04/01/13 09/30/13 Professional Staff Member $65,499.96 View original PDF
      James A. Catella (Jim) 04/01/13 09/30/13 Professional Staff Member $65,499.96 View original PDF
      James A. Wolfe (Jim) 04/01/13 09/30/13 Security Director $64,678.92 View original PDF
      Brian William Walsh 04/01/13 09/30/13 Professional Staff Member $64,499.97 View original PDF
      Brian Andrew Miller 04/01/13 09/30/13 Professional Staff Member $64,499.97 View original PDF
      Paul M. Matulic 04/01/13 09/30/13 Professional Staff Member $64,499.97 View original PDF
      Jeffrey R. Howard 04/01/13 09/30/13 Professional Staff Member $63,300.00 View original PDF
      Michael C. Tanner (Chad) 04/01/13 09/30/13 Professional Staff Member $62,374.96 View original PDF
      Ryan M. Tully 04/01/13 09/30/13 Professional Staff Member $61,999.98 View original PDF
      Ryan M. Kaldahl 04/01/13 09/30/13 Professional Staff Member $51,999.93 View original PDF
      Jon Jason Rosenwasser 06/11/13 09/30/13 Budget Director $49,361.08 View original PDF
      Sheryl D. Wood 04/01/13 09/30/13 Deputy Security Director $43,893.48 View original PDF
      Andrew James Grotto 04/01/13 07/07/13 Professional Staff Member $38,541.64 View original PDF
      Kelly E. Shaw 04/01/13 09/30/13 Court Reporter $33,000.00 View original PDF
      Matthew Y. Pollard (Matt) 04/01/13 06/18/13 Professional Staff Member $30,333.31 View original PDF
      Lorelei M. Shepard (Lori) 04/01/13 09/30/13 Staff Assistant $29,787.96 View original PDF
      Margaret E. Evans (Peggy) 04/01/13 05/28/13 Budget Director $27,388.87 View original PDF
      Neal Leigh Higgins 04/01/13 06/03/13 Professional Staff Member $22,569.42 View original PDF
      Amy Frances Hopkins 04/01/13 05/17/13 Professional Staff Member $16,972.19 View original PDF
      Josh A.G. Alexander 09/04/13 09/30/13 Professional Staff Member $9,374.99 View original PDF
      Jared E. Rieckewald 04/01/13 04/30/13 Professional Staff Member $6,458.32 View original PDF
      Jacqueline A. Russell (Jacqui) 04/01/13 04/07/13 Deputy Minority Staff Director $3,331.11 View original PDF
      45 results
      Many of these names have apparently just left for the private ( Military Industrial) sector.

  • Gaza heats up: Israel bombards coastal enclave under siege with multiple airstrikes
    • Not just Edomites:
      all the nations, goyim, from the Hebrew concordance: goy (156c); from the NASB - every nation, Gentiles

      link to

    • And the streams thereof shall be turned into pitch, and the dust thereof into brimstone, and the land thereof shall become burning pitch..For the LORD'S indignation is against all the nations..he hath delivered them to the slaughter..For My sword is satiated in heaven, Behold it shall descend for judgment upon Edom And upon the people whom I have devoted to destruction,
      Isaiah 34

  • Amended anti-boycott bill in Maryland removes financial penalties, labels BDS as 'racist'
    • BDS is just another facet of the Anti-Semites to create another Holocaust (along the lines of Jack Ruby's argument fingering the John Birch society and a Texan)
      Unfortunately, Chief Earl Warren, had you been around 5 or 6 months ago, and I know your hands were tied, you couldn't do it, and immediately the President would have gotten ahold of my true story, or whatever would have been said about me, a certain organization wouldn't have so completely formed now, so powerfully, to use me because I am of the Jewish extraction, Jewish faith, to commit the most dastardly crime that has ever been committed.
      Can you understand now in visualizing what happened, what powers, what momentum has been carried on to create this feeling of mass feeling against my people, against certain people that were against them prior to their power?
      That goes over your head, doesn't it?
      Chief Justice WARREN. Well, I don't quite get the full significance of it, Mr. Ruby. I know what you feel about the John Birch Society.
      Mr. RUBY. Very powerful.
      Chief Justice WARREN. I think it is powerful, yes I do. Of course, I don't have all the information that you feel you have on that subject.
      Mr. RUBY. Unfortunately, you don't have, because it is too late. And I wish that our beloved President, Lyndon Johnson, would have delved deeper into the situation, hear me, not to accept just circumstantial facts about my guilt or innocence, and would have questioned to find out the truth about me before he relinquished certain powers to these certain people.
      Mr. RUBY. I am sorry, Chief Justice Warren, I thought I would be very effective in telling you what I have said here. But in all fairness to everyone, maybe all I want to do is beg that if they found out I was telling the truth, maybe they can succeed in what their motives are, but maybe my people won't be tortured and mutilated.

      link to

  • Open letter from NYC Iranians to Mayor de Blasio: When you stand by AIPAC, you do not stand by us
  • 'NPR' denies the Nakba
    • That's a canard and conspiracy theory.

    • The Nakba was a left wing ethno-centric expression, which followed closely in time, the Soviet genocides , and the National Socialist holocaust, all of which could not have happened without majority populations' non-intervention. Siegel's Orwellian omissions of history are not unique to NPR.


      he [Solzhenitsyn] added: "But it is impossible to find the answer to the eternal question: who is to be blamed, who led us to our death? To explain the actions of the Kiev cheka [secret police] only by the fact that two thirds were Jews, is certainly incorrect."
      Solzhenitsyn breaks last taboo of the revolution
      link to

  • US Homeland Security investigates Israeli arms deal to Iran
    • I cannot conceive of a mechanism for top-down control of the very pluralistic news media on issues related to Israel, yet the MW-Antiwar attended summit on the US Israel special relationship, had virtually no mainstream edia pickup , how the heck do they do that Phil ?

      dropped into a black hole:

      link to

  • Marty Peretz's message to Chris Hughes: Keep 'The New Republic' on Israel's side
    • Peretz's chief contribution was laying bare the bigotry and violent hatred that underlied New York Jewish liberalism for thrity years unspoken outside those circles,, but certainly joined in by his many co-participants and colloborators at the TNR including Sullivan, Beinart, and Kinsey. None yet have spoken vigorously of his private insanities and expletives on race and religion, but the truth is coming out slowly, and its not a pretty picture; and it is certainly demonstrable of some elemental truth that he chose his final exile and place to spend his fortune, to be in Tel Aviv with a young IDF soldier

      This is the intellectual cult leader of New York Jewish liberalism for a generation. Euripides, The Bacchae.


      "Peretz's life has sort of fallen apart over the last year. Though he has been an avowed bigot for most of his adult life, he has only been held to account for his ethnic hostility to Arabs and Persians recently, when he wondered aloud on his New Republic blog "whether I need honor these people and pretend they are worthy of the privileges of the First Amendment, which I have in my gut the sense that they will abuse." The "these people" were Arabs, for whom Peretz also said "life is cheap" (he later apologized for the First Amendment line). The naked racism of the sentiment caused even some of Peretz' oldest friends to hang their heads in shame, and served as an ignominious cap to his career. He and his wife divorced in 2009 (they had been separated since 2005), and late last year he stepped down as the New Republic's titular editor-in-chief and moved to Tel Aviv...
      link to

      as Gawker pointed out, the articles included dog-whistle hints—noting, for example, that Peretz (now 75) lives in a high-rise with a 26-year-old Israeli ex-soldier—so that insiders could read between the lines.
      link to

  • Evangelicals who dissent from Christian Zionism wear 'stain of indelible infamy,' Israel says
    • speaking of evangelicals, at summit on us -israel special relationship on cspan

      Author Warns of Racist Movement in Israel Looking for ‘Right to Kill Non-Jewish Children’
      link to

      or Admitted [Israeli ]Spy Shows up for Oscars—and Wins
      link to

      tells you more about the Film Academy's views on loyalty to the Jewish state.

      related at algemeiner

      link to

  • Grindr in Hebron: A dispatch from the last debate
    • During the debate’s question and answer session, a gay pro-Israel student activist named Raphael Fils picked up where Landes left off. Fils, a founder of the Safe Hillel movement, recounted a tour he took to Hebron, an occupied city in the West Bank plagued by a suffocating regime of settler terror and army repression, and complained to Atshan about the greatest horror he witnessed there: When he logged onto Grindr, a popular geosocial hook-up application for gay and bisexual men, he could not find any available men.

      “What’s up with that?” Fils asked Atshan in a deadly serious tone.

      This is supposed to be a new pro-zionist Islamaphobe talking point?

      it might have worked on msnbc with putin, but try running it by the evangelicals.

  • Conservatives for Palestine
    • Weird that the audience and much of the panel was so old; I think Walt was onto something, you have to be retired to write or speak on this subject.

    • There is an interesting case study linkage of the purging of Sam Francis, Joe Sobran, and Pat Buchanan from National Review, on the Israeli issue, coupled with the purging of mirror white identity politics (Brimelow, Derbyshire) from Corporate Conservatism/National Review
      with anti-Catholicism: the 'AntiSemitism of the Left'.
      see Francis’s Legacy. by E. M. Jones.

  • Robert Caro, Nakba-denier
    • Caro was/is merely a careerist, he knew who buttered his bread, we can't expect him to be more brave than the Nakba deniers at Binart's Open Zion, even now only a member of the tribe could edit MW or write 'Goliath'.

      Which is why some past Soviet citizens, consider the west even more totalitarian. MW and EI is our Samizat, but far less penetrating of mainstream culture.

      "Caro's books have been published by Alfred A. Knopf, first under editor in chief Robert Gottlieb and then by Sonny Mehta, "who took over the Johnson project – enthusiastically – after Gottlieb's departure in 1987." "
      link to

      "when Sonny Mehta, my boss [the president of the Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group within Random House], gave me the responsibility for running Schocken, we agreed that Schocken should focus on its traditional and core publishing strength, which is books that have some connection to the Jewish experience. "
      link to

      Nakba denial and rape culture at Peter Beinart’s Open Zion
      link to

  • 2013 was record year in new settlement construction, and 2014 rate is already higher
  • 'Daily Beast' labels Abbas 'stubborn' for refusing to recognize Israel as Jewish state
    • Chris Hayes is supporting a neo nazi coup which ironically is installing dual citizen Israeli oligarchs in Ukraine, even after its obvious the snipers were not from the corrupt elected gov.

      You're living in a BDS cult bubble if you think polymorph Liberals will ever allow a one state solution in Palestine.

  • Dateline, Ukraine: How the State Department 'midwives' democracy
    • This used to be classic FM Field Manul doctrine on Insurgency; sniper attacks on protestors and soldiers alike initiated both the Syrian conflict and the first Coup in Egypt.

  • 'Netanyahu is a Nazi': Scenes from an Orthodox anti-military draft protest in Jerusalem
    • Back in the day, I constantly heard fellow college students echoing Roth's fascination with the shiksa , coupled with the desire to seek revenge for the holocaust, through shtup-ing , whatever that is. Interestingly my friends never mentioned the male equivalent, shegetz, in my presence. This is a constant theme in Mel Kaminsky Brooks, depiction of the German woman, and he of course, married a Shiksa, pimping her as the cold WASP alcoholic sexual deviant Mrs Robinson, and once referring to the Queen of England, as the 'biggest shiksa in the world'.

      link to

      But this doesn't mean that all Jewish humor is Christopathic, motivated by a pathological hatred of Gentiles, nor that all inter-religious romances are Rothian .

    • In Israel, shiksa means an unclean 'harlot', ie dirty prostitute, but in mainstream American journalism and Hollywood discourse, it is an inoffesnive term for a gentile woman; it's not about ethno-religious hatred.

      Why Hollywood's Jewish guys fall in love with shiksas -
      Patrick Goldstein and James Rainey
      on entertainment and media -
      link to

  • State Dept to 'check out' vicious attack on Palestinian athletes
    • Waiting for Bernie Sanders and Al Franken to present this on the Senate Floor.

    • I believe it was Hitler who first targeted Jewish and Black athletes at the Munich Olympics , shooting them in the feet and maiming them for life by breaking their knees.

      Munich 1936
      link to

      "Or so the story goes.."

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