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  • Watch: Young Israeli Jew at Western Wall calls for 'another war and another war and another war and another war'
    • MW

      I dare you to interview young soldiers families at a mall outside a US military base. This is the culture which sprang forth civilian murder games and body part trophies in Afghanistan and Iraq.

      these Israeli kids seem actually quite constrained relative to other populations.

      U.S. Soldiers Allegedly Killed Afghan Civilians, Kept Body Parts As Trophies
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  • Daily News publisher, Gov. Cuomo, Yankees president, and NE Patriots' owner are latest to rush to Israel's side
    • Bloomberg and Cuomo are partners in an organized crime venture , one different than the State of Israel

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      For Jewish organized crime in America, believe it or not, there were multiple gangs. There was the Purple Gang in Detroit, which were infamous for being super-violent and importing alcohol from Canada during prohibition. There were also many other smaller gangs. But by far, the largest, most successful one was Murder Incorporated (Murder Inc.). Few words can sum up Murder Inc., they were a driving force in America. They could control government by buying out judges, senators, and such. Murder Inc. may have only dealt with murder, but members of it dealt with every other sort of crime you could think of. The bosses usually dealt with bootlegging, gambling, and labor rackets. Everyone else dealt lightly in other things such as pimping, gambling, racketeering, and every other criminal activity. But mainly, most men of Murder Inc. were hit-men. They were all, bosses and hit-men, bad men.

      Murder Incorporated killed over 1000 people across the nation. They were also known as the Combination. The term “Syndicate” is often used when talking about organized crime. The Syndicate was Murder Inc.

      Murder Inc.: Jewish Gangsters in America
      Michael Sugarman, May, 2003

  • Three dissident Jewish orgs to hold silent vigil during 50 Jewish orgs' memorial to Israeli dead
    • For the Israeli Left , religious freedom is the answer to Gaza. The kind of religious freedom which outlaws Islamic political movements, but not Jewish ones, because, after all, even if they are arguably 'people', they are not like 'us'. They rejoice in their own dead children; they are aliens, 'from another world.'

      We function on the assumption that Hamas is made up of people like us. This is only partialy true. They are people, but they are not like us. They are people who pretended they were fighting for independence and when they were given the opportunity to rule themselves in Gaza, all they cared about was carrying on the fight. They are people who received billions of dollars that could have been used to make Gaza a flourishing port in the Middle East and instead spent it on thousands of rockets and terror tunnels. They are people who seem bouyed by our dead as well as their own, especially the children, and view casualties as fuel for the fire of the Islamic Revolution. So to be clear: They are from another world and another era -- a world and an era that has no value for the sanctity of life.

      Any peace process will have to gurantee that an Islamic movement never, ever, rises to power on our border. Yes, it is not easy to accept that our enemies are so problematic. But one does not choose his enemies.

      Shachar Ilan is vice president of the "Hiddush Association For Religious Freedom and Equality". The opinion piece is not written on behalf of the association.

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  • Goldstone sequel to be co-authored by Amal Alamuddin, Clooney's fiancee
    • Its Hollywood (Cooney dated Kelly Preston, married to Travolta.), from The Tablet, 'A new read on Jewish life' :

      "Travolta explained how he learned to Stop Worrying and Love Transactional Same-Sex Liaisons: By accepting that Hollywood is controlled by “homosexual Jewish men” who expect sexual favors in return for career-related ones."
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    • rosenfield says no:

      But hours later Clooney’s Hollywood agent, Stan Rosenfield, issued a statement on Alamuddin’s behalf saying she had declined the post because she was too busy.
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    • Amal Alamuddin is highly spooked up :

      Amal Alamuddin Notable Clients

      Advised Kofi Annan, the Joint Special Envoy of the United Nations and the Arab League on Syria
      Represented Yulia Tymoshenko, former Ukrainian Prime Minister, in challenging her detention before the European Court of Human Rights
      Prosecuted those responsible for assassinating Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri at a UN-sponsored court in The Hague
      Providing legal advice to the King of Bahrain involving Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry probe of human rights violations
      Representing Julian Assange, head of WikiLeaks, in extradition proceedings.
      Acting as Counsel to the UN inquiry on the use of drones in counter-terrorism operations.
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  • Boycott Israel?
  • Propaganda on Palestine: All-Knowing White Man & Angry Black Woman conjure good Jews and evil Arabs
    • I do not like the serial black face pantomime of "Da White Man" making Azeris, Greeks, Lebanese, Italians, and Swedes into one Hillbilly Klan constituency or race. as in :"Though a European American, Holm is allergic to and seeks to avoid contact with All-Knowing-White-Men. " -mimicking the white face caricatures of The Colbert Report.

      Yet does not have the courage to note Praeger's primary ethno religious allegiances.
      "if you are an anti-Zionist or advocate the destruction of the Jewish state, then let's be clear: You are an enemy of the Jews and of Judaism, and the word for such a person is anti-Semite "
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  • The West Bank insurrection
    • the 47th street insurrection, bringing light unto the world.

      Spontaneous Pro-Israel Rally Erupts in Response to Protestors

      Amidst the raucous shouts of “Free, free Palestine!” a different call emerged. A pro-Israel crowd appeared, clapping and chanting “Is-ra-el, Is-ra-el!” Some business owners closed their stores to join, supporters flooded the sidewalk, and the street filled with chants celebrating Israel. The “Free Palestine” zealots looked dazed and confused, their voices out of unison, a couple of stray “Allahu Akbars” honked out as a last resort.

      a disturbing question of universalism , present , or historical, under an ethno religious supremacist body politic , that is where ethnicity and sect substantially overlap, eg shia persia, puritan new england, the sunni gulf, Hindu India and 'Is Ra El" in New York or Palestine?

  • Hollywood's latest blacklist shadows Bardem, Cruz, Almodovar
    • the defacto american muslim blacklist (intimidation works ):

      "Not in the name of Islam, but in the name of the values proclaimed by the United States. However, the ISNA leadership is too often silent, as if paralyzed by fear. It fares no better with respect to American foreign policy. Its silence over American support for the outlaw and inhuman policies of Israel cannot be justified, even less so after attending an iftar organized by the White House during which President Obama defended Israel while the Israeli ambassador tweeted his delight! We cannot be forever silent: what kind of active and responsible citizenship does the ISNA leadership offer young American Muslims? What kind of example? That of silent, fearful sycophants--or of free, public-spirited citizens who, while defending the values of human dignity and justice, serve their country in the most sincere and critical way? That of the unconditional loyalty of the timorous, or the critical loyalty of free individuals? To attend the ISNA convention would be to endorse their silence."

      Tariq Ramadan (official)

      Why I will not attend the ISNA (August 2014)
      and RIS (December 2014) conferences

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  • Professor Salaita was fired for disagreeing too vehemently with Professor Nelson
  • Video: Israeli sniper kills Palestinian protester in Hebron
    • Its a Jersey thing, you wouldn't understand

      Democrat youth wing fires members who criticized Israel’s child killings
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    • Noam Chomsky: Israel’s Actions in Palestine are "Much Worse Than Apartheid" in South Africa

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    • yes but if the shoe was on the other foot....

      David Sheen ‏@davidsheen 4 Jul 2012
      Pope announces new Italian hotel *-star ranking system; hotel kitchens that employ Jews or Muslims get downgraded #IfTheJewWasOnTheOtherFoot
      David Sheen ‏@davidsheen 8h

      Soldier investigated by USArmy for "fraternizing with minorities" (having a Jewish friend) link to … #IfTheJewWasOnTheOtherFoot
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    • What would Adorno Horkheimer say?

      "We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children," she said. "But we can never forgive them for forcing us to kill their children." Golda Meir / CBS Bob Schieffer

      " To understand — and ultimately confront — the outbreak of contemporary Jew-hatred, a sociological theory provided by two German Jewish philosophers carries great explanatory power. Theodor W. Adorno (1903-1969) and Max Horkheimer (1895-1973) argued that post-Holocaust Germany was contaminated with “Guilt-defensiveness anti-Semitism.”

      In short, they argued, many Germans sought to purge their guilt by blaming the Jews for the Hitler movement. The Israeli psychoanalyst Zvi Rex captured this outlook in one sarcastic, ironic sentence: The Germans will never forgive the Jews for Auschwitz."

      Read more: link to

  • 'We are all Palestinian'
    • You have to get to the root cause of the Palestine conflict, the irrational violent hatred of Jews hence mosques and schools are primary targets:

      "UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon said that one must seek the “root cause” of the Israel-Hamas conflict so as to enable us to resolve it. However politically incorrect it may be to say so, this culture of hatred – this genocidal anti-Semitism – is the root cause and has fueled the ongoing Hamas terrorist war of attrition...A crucial point oft ignored: Palestinian society in Gaza must be freed from the cynical and oppressive culture of hate and incitement. This not only constitutes a standing threat to Israel, but undermines the development of authentic Palestinian self-determination, as in the cruel deployment of Palestinian child labour in the terror tunnels. No peaceful solution will be possible if massive resources continue to be poured into state-controlled media, mosques, refugee camps, training camps, and educational systems that serve the sole purpose of demonizing Israel and the Jewish people, and inciting to war against them."

      Read more: Gaza: The road not yet taken | Irwin Cotler | The Blogs | The Times of Israel link to

      Mosques destroyed amid renewed violence in Gaza
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  • Six arrested in civil disobedience at Federation offices in Philly
  • Gaza 2014 has clarified the international struggle
    • The Gaza-ans should change their religion to devil worship if they want any goodies parachuted in from Obama

      "Then there is the devil worship: arguably, the Yazidi worship what Christians or Muslims might call “Satan”, though the Yazidi call him “Melek Taus”, and he appears in the form of a peacock angel.

      Why might Melek Taus be “the devil”? For a start, the Yazidi believe the peacock angel led a rebellion in heaven: clearly echoing the story of Lucifer, cast into Hell by the Christian God. Also, the very word "Melek" is cognate with "Moloch", the name of a Biblical demon – who demanded human sacrifice."

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  • 'Day of rage' tomorrow: Palestinian resistance 'starts with the tongue'
    • The dead in Gaza , low IQ people who don't even own a pencil, deserve to be dead, just like the kids in Hiroshima (leading celebrity Joan Rivers)

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      maybe its not Israel the state, but the 'culture'.

  • With friends like these...
    • speaking of robbery, Sharansky says, euro multiculturalism was a kind of ethnic cleansing [we were part of developing that] which backfired on Jews

      ""But on top of that, Jews had historically and naturally felt very much at home in the liberal, progressive parts of European society, they were part of developing that," he added. "Now, the ideology of liberalism has become bound-up with multiculturalism, against religion, against nationalism.

      "These two forces [anti-Zionist campaigners on the Left, and Muslim radicals] are not allies, but they inevitably are co-operating and work in one direction. One side hates Jews as a race, the other blames Israel for being racist. Unless this changes, Jews will not continue to live in Europe.

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  • 'A blind evil rage that increased forever, day and night' --Mads Gilbert on Operation Protective Edge
    • anti-zionists in america do not like to mention christians in palestine either .wonderr why.

      "When I moved to Stamford Hill, 12 years ago, I didn't realise that goyim were about as welcome in the Hasidic Jewish shops as Martin Luther King at a Ku Klux Klan convention. I didn't realise that a purchase by a goy was a crime to be punished with monosyllabic terseness, or that bus seats were a potential source of contamination, or that road signs, and parking restrictions, were for people who hadn't been chosen by God. And while none of this is a source of anything much more than irritation, when I see an eight-year-old boy recoiling from a normal-looking woman (because, presumably, he has been taught that she is dirty or dangerous, or, heaven forbid, dripping with menstrual blood) it makes me sad. "

      Jewish hostility to Christians: the prejudice no one ever writes about
      link to

  • Visiting Israel on AIPAC's dime, Rep. Steve Israel gets defensive about 'war crimes'
  • Steven Salaita case recalls blacklisting of Pete Seeger and Paul Robeson
    • The guardian: The media's coverage of the Israeli thirst for Palestinian blood invokes the old antisemitic canard of the thirst for gentile blood,.

      Obsessive Gaza coverage is fanning antisemitism,
      Sometimes the hyperbole gets close to incitement. When people accuse Israel of “genocide”, invoking the Holocaust or likening Gaza to a “concentration camp” or wielding placards that equate the Star of David – a Jewish symbol as well as an Israeli one – with the swastika, they reveal a deep ignorance of both the past and present. As Dave Rich of the Community Security Trust has argued: “It’s a totally false comparison that plays on Jewish sensibilities in order to provoke a reaction. Another word for that is Jew-baiting.”

      It is no less disturbing to find the casual use of classically antisemitic tropes for example accusations that the Jews control the media or governments or that they thirst for gentile blood. The Everyday Antisemitism Project, which I established two weeks into the current round of conflict to expose this phenomenon, overflows with examples of anti-Israel rage expressed through traditional anti-Jewish stereotypes and tropes.

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  • After Gaza
  • Jodi Rudoren and Abe Foxman mull over 'the Arabs' owning New York hotel
    • the Palestine resistance includes an army of rabbis

    • Yes , she is a racist and tribalist, but according to Eliot Abrams this is part and parcel of her 'milieu', liberal and urbane New Yawk:

      ""This was precisely what was feared when Ms. Rudoren was named the Times’s bureau chief: that she would move solely in a certain political and social milieu, the rough Israeli equivalent of the Upper West Side of Manhattan,"

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  • Even Wieseltier is upset by 'indifference in Jewish world' to Gaza slaughter and wholehearted Israeli support for it
  • Over 400 Middle East scholars and librarians call for the boycott of Israeli academic institutions (Updated)
  • Gaza war gives rise to new Jewish group targeting Jewish institutions that support occupation
  • Steven Salaita-- unremitting in criticism of Zionism and Gaza slaughter-- loses a job at University of Illinois
    • not just academia, the entire 'culture' is occupied

      Stars Face Hollywood Backlash in War of Words Over Israel
      link to

    • There are Israeli IDF intelligence officers running Islamic studies departments. No kidding.

      "Barak Mendelsohn is Associate Professor of Political Science and Program COORDINATOR for Middle Eastern and ISLAMIC Studies at Haverford College. He is the author of Combating Jihadism: American Hegemony and Interstate Cooperation in the War on Terrorism .. Five years of military service, mostly as an analyst of international affairs and strategy. Last position - head of a branch. In addition, a stint as an instructor in the cadet course for prospective intelligence analysts. In my last position I served as a head of a branch.

      Like choosing a Hamas branch commander , an expert on Israeli colonialism, to run Jewish Studies at Brandeis.

    • does attacking all ethno nationalists equally apply to the NAACP and La Raza (The Race) ? No of course not, nor to the ADL / JDL.

      Now you begin to understand the logic and purpose of identity politics, and even anti-zionist zionists.

  • Thousands of displaced Palestinians take shelter on the fringes of Gaza City
    • this is worth a discussion on MW

      Sean McBride
      Stephen Walt: This is rather scary. The Last And First Temptation Of Israel: link to via @DishFeed link to

      I suppose someone will claim that the deputy speaker of the Knesset, and the former head of the National Security Council or the former chief rabbi in Israel or the head of the largest Jewish youth group in the world are fringe figures. But I note that, so far as I have been able to find, there have been no consequences for their statements for any of them. And I have to ask a simple question: which leader of another American ally has appointed a man who favors genocide and ethnic cleansing as the deputy speaker of the legislature? Which other democracy has legitimate political parties in the governing coalition calling for permanent occupation of a neighboring state – and deliberate social engineering to create a new demographic ethnic reality in that conquered land? Putin’s Russia has not sunk that low.

      And we are not merely talking about a hypothetical situation. The grotesque death toll from Gaza is a distillation of this mindset – revealing at best a chilling contempt for Arab life and at worst, with the shelling of schools and shelters, a policy of indiscriminate hatred and revenge. Yes, killing women and children in shelters is about as low as you can get in wartime. As the State Department, in a rare moment of public candor, noted, it is appalling and disgraceful.

      link to

  • Conflict Resolution 101: Talk to Hamas
  • Bob Schieffer in a 'world gone mad'
    • Schieffer , sheeesh. The US Hollywood-Media elite is deeply entwined within the 'Humanitarian Industrial Complex'. The genocide could not occur without their complicity.

      "The Jewish State uses religion as a subterfuge to hide political-military aggrandizement. Nothing quite like this psychotic exhibition of statecraft—and utter desecration of religion per se. To all critics, Israel and its propaganda organs abroad, notably, AIPAC, rush in to charge “self-hating” Jew to silence dissent among Jewish people, while non-Jews are merely and quickly labeled anti-Semites. How long can this racket continue? How long the BLASPHEMING of Judaism, yes, nothing short, because insulting G-d through acts of murder, cruelty, vengeance, and therefore the profanation of a religion devoted to His service and therefore treating what is sacred with contempt? How long ethnic cleansing, population displacement, promiscuous killing of the innocent, hauteur and sangfroid in the act of bombing hospitals, refugee-packed UN schools now shelters to escape the constant bombing and ground-forces’ actions in residential neighborhoods? Not a tear (except of the crocodile variety, rote, sanctimonious in the face of gut-wrenching human suffering), never an admission of wrong-doing, always an insinuation, the slyness of the authoritarian mind, that the other party is culpable."
      Israeli’s Adeptness at Genocide
      link to

  • What I said to the couple holding a banner with a swastika on it
    • raimondo at puts a swastica on his banner:

      The multicultural kibbutzim envisioned by early Zionist utopians had to evolve into the Israeli Sparta of today. Zionism is a form of religious nationalism predicated on a strategy of colonization, conquest, and expulsion of indigenous peoples. What Leibowitz rightly labeled "Judeo-Nazism" was festering at Israel’s core from day one. And as Leibowitz famously put it, "Religious nationalism is to religion what national socialism is to socialism" – which is precisely what we are seeing emerge, full blown, in Israel today.

      link to

    • Counterpunch makes the equation semi-explicit, the equivocation occurs in omission of the clear underlying intent of displacement, ethnic cleansing, ethno-supremacy (clear characteristics of even liberal zionism) not genocide even in Israel a fringe basis for action.

      "What is the point of continuing? Israel, AIPAC, congregants everywhere, the universal voice of DENIAL of what is happening, as though right out of World War 2, only oppressor and oppressed now switching roles, Israel, as I have suggested in previous articles, having introjected the psychological poisons, and some noticeable character traits (e.g., cruelty, impersonally felt and expressed), of those responsible for, and who perpetrated on them, the unspeakable crimes of the Holocaust. "
      Israeli’s Adeptness at Genocide
      link to

    • Title and discussion in post are misleading unless you provide a photo showing otherwise.

      Clearly this was an equivocation message , that is something like Bibi = Hitler.
      The power of this equivocation message is in its inversion of the Holocaust bludgeon against the Gentiles.

      And no where does your post author ever decry the application of Nazi to Hamas or other resistance movements, many of them non-violent.

  • The selected writings of Samantha Power
    • does anyone believe Bloomberg, Pritzker , and obama bode well for africa ?

      "Hosted by Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker and Bloomberg Philanthropies head and former Mayor of New York Mike Bloomberg, the day long U.S.-Africa Business Forum gathers African heads of state, President Obama, and American and Africa CEOs around the continent’s dominant themes: business, investment, and job creation."

      link to

      seems the model is oligarchs of the adelson-bloomberg type, purchasing democracy, with ample service workers in the bronx, and hipster apparatchiks playing the robot ideology guards of THX 1138.

      link to

      'please come back, you have nothing to fear'

  • Rightwing Jews who want to destroy Muslim holy site in Jerusalem raise funds on Indiegogo
    • The goal is not the Temple but the erase of Christian and Muslim history from the Holy Land.

      Who is 'Judaizing' King David's Tomb?
      The Israel Antiquities Authority's peculiar decision not to reconstruct smashed Ottoman tiles in King David's Tomb means the vandals who attacked the site last year managed to erase virtually every remnant of its Muslim past.

      A serious act of vandalism, a string of coincidences, and a decision by the Israel Antiquities Authority have combined to change the character of King David’s Tomb on Mt. Zion from a Muslim site into a synagogue.

      link to

  • A brief respite in Gaza
  • israel is the golden calf
    • "No, you carried your pagan gods--the shrine of Molech, the star of your god Rephan [saturn] , and the images you made to worship them. So I will send you into exile " acts 7:43 [from OT Amos 5:26 , the Israelities in the wilderness ]

      the AIPAC star is indeed closely tied to the worship of the golden calf.

      some Christians argue it is the mark of the beast, Judaism rebukes its use as a Talisman , whether on flags , or on bombs dropped on elementary schools.

  • Israel, your brand is tanking
    • Frankfurter and Brandeis were both secret active traitors sitting on the supreme court . amazing.

    • @hophmi is on to something. "liberal democratic values' cannot be separated from the tendency for progressives to see themselves as offering an 'End to History', that is a supreme set of values which will eventually overcome the backward non-progressive world. Inside this supremacy of thought is a doubtless certitude of righteousness, that is special chosen-ness, that permits one to murder your political opponents. Hence the strategic bond between secular neo-liberal Egypt and Israel, and the concurrent bombing of civilians in both the Ukraine and Gaza.

      humanitarian interventionism is not right wing nor conservative but rather in complete accord with the Israeli mindset- we are supreme in power and righteousness, and kill our opponents. The Israelis impose a racial supremacist veneer on the same progressive chosen-ness-- the religious ideology of the transnational corporation in the neo-liberal order. It is this racial veneer which will eventually force Israel into a multicultural state, that is the destruction of the Jewish state, and at this time, liberals will care as much about Gazans as they do for black south africans today.

      Consequently, I have no doubt, that if they could, the Rachel Maddows of the world would round up all the orthodox religious and put them in concentration camps such as Gaza, There can be no self determination or self government for the heretics. Once the Middleast becomes a multicultural union, this is the next internal war, both There and Here.


      If you wont come to liberal democracy, liberal democracy will come to you.
      link to

  • Israel shells another UN school-- and even the US is 'appalled'
    • Max Blumenthal @MaxBlumenthal · 3h
      Israel's Foreign Ministry accuses Hamas of committing ritual "child sacrifice" link to … HT @JFXM

      link to

      ritual - a repetitive task of religious devotion
      religious sacrifice- killing of an innocent to appease a deity

    • Palestine activists must appeal to the evangelical base of Zionism

      Children in Gaza sponsored by Christian charity killed [by the Jewish State ]
      link to

      World Vision: Gaza conflict taking alarming toll on children
      --World Vision joins 56 organisations working amid the conflict in Gaza and Israel to say enough is enough.

      - Children in World Vision programmes are being killed and injured in Gaza
      -- Aid organisation says it’s struggling to reach children in need while conflict continues
      -- World Vision and 56 other international organisations calling for a lasting ceasefire and a durable and just peace

      link to

    • us reaction push back in response to israel violating the cease fire with the fake soldier capture, but more:

      Israel-Gaza conflict: John Kerry’s phone calls ‘tapped by Israeli government’ while he mediated Middle East peace talks
      link to

      wonder what Brit Hume has to say:

      flashback fox 2002

      BRIT HUME, HOST: Last time we reported on the approximately 60 Israelis who had been detained in connection with the Sept. 11 terrorism investigation. Carl Cameron reported that U.S. investigators suspect that some of these Israelis were spying on Arabs in this country, and may have turned up information on the planned terrorist attacks back in September that was not passed on.

  • 'I can't be silent. It is genocide' -- Anoushka Shankar
  • The British public and the world see that Israel's actions are 'wrong and unjustified' -- Miliband
    • walt/mearsheimer{ old news that only scratches the surface

    • And they use lies as cover for revenge killing of children:

      "Abu Zuhri called on UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and the international community "to correct their positions after the discovery of Israel's lying and deception."

      Similarly, Tibi wrote in an open letter to US President Barack Obama posted on Facebook Sunday: "It seems that the Israeli soldier Hadar Goldin is not captured or 'kidnapped' as the Israeli [prime minister] claimed. Someone misled you, sir."

      "On the other [hand], hundreds of Palestinian civilians, mainly women and children were brutally killed in reaction to his [alleged] capture," Tibi wrote."

      link to

  • What Jim Fallows and I saw

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