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  • Nationalism vs imagination -- Beinart and Vilkomerson square off over two-state solution
    • whoa, Bienart mentioned a Nakba Museum in Israel. We don't even have an African slave trade Holocaust Museum in America.

    • Even if you had a Kumbayyah moment in Israel resulting in a truly democratic multicultural state, the indigeneous in Palestine would still have an oppressed minority status governed under a corrupt one dollar one vote bureaucracy. No effective self determination , rule by a hostile elite, just as in America.

      I'm awaiting these progressives to bring up the other occupation.

      (looks like the SNL Hagel skit has been edited out of history )
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  • Efforts to suppress Palestinian activism on US campuses won't work
  • The Minds of Others: An interview with Max Blumenthal
    • MJ Rosenberg doesnt quite get it, as mb states above, Jews are the new WASPs, the new ;whites; theyre all about white privilege, and germans are the whitest people on earth, they ship roma east. Israel is just part of the whiteness now.

      MJ (Mike) Rosenberg @MJayRosenberg · 4h 4 hours ago
      It is the idea of Israel that repels Max Blumenthal, not just the reality. People see through that & it repels them.

      MJ (Mike) Rosenberg @MJayRosenberg · 4h 4 hours ago
      Max Blumenthal is young. A career attacking Jews (in Germany, Lebanon, wherever) seems

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    • I find the germans echoing the judgement of mj rosenberg, that max b has an animus of hate, to be verifiable, not by his call for an Israeli exodus back to europe, but by his comments in the interview above.

      Replace his discussion above's use of the word 'white' with 'Jew' , and he comes off as obsessively hateful as der sturmer.

      "More and more, I view the self-proclaimed anti-Zionist left as primarily being in the hate business, every bit as much as the "pro-Israel" right. The more virulent the attack on Israel and Israelis, the more enthusiastically they will endorse it. Blumenthal's book is all virulence and so they love it. Shavit's book, like The Crisis of Zionism by Peter Beinart, is infused with love of Israel so they hate it -- even though it advances arguments they, in theory, champion. Hate gets in the way."
      mj rosenberg Israel history vs propaganda
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  • Debunking Netanyahu's propaganda on Jerusalem
  • A handful of Wellesley students are trying to shut down discussion of Israel/Palestine
    • is it truly a contradiction, progressive support for apartheid? Or rather is it embedded, progressives being chosen, superior, they deserve a spare country on some one else's land.

      Sam HarrisVerified account ‏@SamHarrisOrg
      For those attacking @SarahKSilverman over my podcast on Gaza. See the annotated transcript:

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  • Poster questioning Zionism makes her feel 'unsafe', Wellesley student says
    • When a dominant ethnic elite refers to 'The Other', non-Jews, as foreigners in their own country, this makes me feel unsafe.

      Why Jews Should Care About Ferguson, The Jewish Daily Forward

      Anti-Semitism is real, but it is no longer intrinsic to the systems of oppression that killed Michael Brown. Like it or not, then, most American Jews find ourselves on the side of privilege. We may be “off-white,” as some theorists have proposed, but we’re close enough. If we stand up for the underdog, it will be out of ethics, not self-interest.

      Yes, there are texts which speak of Jewish supremacy, of conquering everyone else, and of slavery, misogyny, and the rest. But exhortations of non-oppression of foreigners are more numerous

      Most important, I think, is Exodus 22:21: “Do not mistreat or oppress a foreigner, for you were foreigners in Egypt.” Note the past tense. This is a text speaking to a people no longer victimized, but now with the power to victimize others. It is a text for our time.

      I cite these texts not for their authority but for their wisdom. They were written at a time in which the Land of Israel was a multiracial society. Jews were in power (sometimes) but non-Jews — “foreigners” — were always present.

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  • Rightwing flamethrowers see a US role in the battle for Jerusalem
    • How much of Israel's distortion of Judaism is imported from America , specifically new jersey-Long Island ?

      Who is Pruzansky and why should his views matter? He’s a pulpit rabbi in America, not an Israeli politician. He does not have a national following.

      But he is the spiritual leader of the largest synagogue in Teaneck in what may well be the biggest modern Orthodox suburban community in America. And the largely insouciant response among the 800 member families at his shul, Congregation Bnai Yeshurun, to the stream of similar commentary offered by the rabbi over the years on his blog and from the pulpit is a sign of where political discourse is in some corners of the American Jewish community — particularly in Orthodox synagogues, where right-wing views on Israel tend to dominate.

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  • George Lopez turns into a Christian Zionist hack
    • He's not funny, he's a racist, according to the white nationalists.. His 'lily white whore' meme is congruent with the shiksa etymology, shaming gentile , especially blonde, women a constant Hollywood meme.

      Saint George and The "White Whore"

  • 'My friends, with us tonight is the face of the Holocaust': Boteach talks Israel, Palestine, and genocide with Wiesel and Power
    • Agents of a foreign body politic:

      According to court filings, Dr. Amir Gat – an Israeli national – executed a Technology Control Plan (TCP) under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) registration in order to participate in the U.S. taxpayer-funded JPL “Electrospray” space propulsion project at UCLA. The TCP obligates signers not to disclose ITAR – restricted technical data to foreign persons or countries without prior approval from the US State Department. Failure to comply is supposed to trigger criminal fines and penalties.

      Gat allegedly “stored project-related files and technical information on his personal laptop, rather than on his safeguarded office computer, in violation of the TCP and ITAR.” On May 25, 2010, a virus attacked project leader Dr. Sandra Troian’s computer network at Caltech, causing hundreds of project files to be uploaded in rapid succession to an unknown IP address outside of Caltech. Dr. Troian traced the virus that caused the network problems to Dr. Gat’s computer, and notified Caltech officials of this fact. On May 28, 2010, Dr. Gat admitted to Dr. Troian that he had been sharing details of the Electrospray Project with Dr. Daniel Weihs, his Ph.D. advisor at Technion without proper US government approval.

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    • when fiction becomes memory, indeed history, is the central challenge of human consciousness in this epic.

      Only todays technology permits Orwellian simultaneous control of historical records ( eg news, media ) both contemporaneously , and backwards in time through deletion or removal of access, to previous records. And it may be a criminal act to question such edits, especially when they touch on ethnic or gender studies, eg: liberal fanaticism:

      This is why there is no cultural life now in the U.S. Why nothing is of interest coming from the major media in terms of cultural criticism. Why the graduates of the Ivy League with their A, A, A+ grades are complete cultural illiterates, etc. is because they are not being educated in any way to give respect to opposing view points.”

      “There is a dialogue going on human civilization, for heaven sakes. It’s not just this monologue coming from fanatics who have displaced the religious beliefs of their parents into a political movement,”
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    • Mrs Cass Sunstein Powers is a fellow traveler of the Soros International Crisis group, a known British BP Aramco intelligence front, and most certainly knew she was lying when she asserted Assad, and not her mercenaries in Syria, deployed saudi supplied chemical weapons. This is a Cecil Rhodes imperialist takeover of the USA miliatry macine, using humanitarian rationales, to extend the cartel geography.

      A democratic one state of Israel is in their back pocket-- it will simultaneously destroy both Jewish and Palestine aspirations for self rule, sovereignty . Arabs will serve the same economic function as Hispanic immigrants do in much of the USA.

      Will soros funded electronic intifada mourn this outcome?


      Nor is the imperialist current within the human-rights industry a purely American phenomenon: the conquest of Iraq found whooping proponents in Bernard Kouchner, founder of Médecins Sans Frontières, now Sarkozy’s foreign minister, and Michael Ignatieff, also a former head of the Harvard’s Carr Center and poised to become Canada’s next prime minister. Gareth Evans, Australia’s former foreign minister and a grinning soft-peddler of Indonesia’s massacres in East Timor, is perhaps the leading intellectual proponent of the Responsibility to Protect, or R2P as it is cutely called, an attempt to embed humanitarian intervention into international law. Evans, who recently stepped down from leading the International Crisis Group, laments the Iraq War chiefly for the way it has soiled the credibility of his pet idea.

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  • Muslims' beliefs are 'untrue' and 'ridiculous,' 'Salon' author says, offering support for Maher's intolerance
    • what is the probability that all four of the dead in the deplorable synagogue attack were non israeli ?

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    • Taylor is correct to identify religion as a component of behavior . And it is not Islamaphobic or antisemetic to see the connections. But unfortunately he slanders Islam , tells a knowing lie. Islam categorically condemsn FGM Female Genital Mutiliation (although it does permit a cosmetic circumcision procedre much less invasive than male circumcision in the usa). Homor killings and domestic violence are strictly prohibted in Islam , period. And rates of domestic violence are much higher in majority Christian countries than in IMuslim majority nations. In historic Islam there is a special tax for non-Muslims, but it is less than the mandatory tax for Muslims, and non-Muslims are exempt from military conscription but this is hardly relevant since no Islamic state ruled by traditional shariah exists today. Indeed the same political regulations prohibit usury and income / retail taxes, only a tax on unused wealth is allowed.

      Weiss and others should counter the slander with an Islamic scholars correction rather than point to the nonsensical metaphysics of all religions.

  • Settlers spit on Abu Khdeir family as they exit court; alleged killer refuses to enter plea
    • re: synagogue atrocity

      1) the victims are all non Israeli born, American and British
      2) they are religious ultra orthodox who have emnity for netanyahu
      3) was the policeman killed on entry? if not, the synagogue was unguarded
      4) evidently the synagogue is known to be mainly english speaking , and yards away from the place where the Palestinian was kidnapped

      very tragic, complete violation of law of war protecting non combatants, houses of worship.

      and unusual in that all the dead, minus the policeman, are American and religious.

  • For CNN and NYT, Jewish lives matter more than Palestinian ones
    • something terribly sick about the tribal media hug fest and thirst for vengeance, a kind of repulsive multi-cellularity slime mold congealing, as they wash their hands in the blood of innocents:

      The 504 children killed in Gaza during 50 days of conflict
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  • 'Zionism' is now a dirty word for American opinion elite, Frank Luntz concedes
    • Defending sniper shooting of kids gets old to most american ears.

      Israeli Troops Shoot 10-Year-Old Palestinian in Neck for ‘Loitering’
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      if you act like Chuck Schumer, and people react negatively, is that because they dont like your ethnicity?

  • Yad Vashem
    • The death camp at Treblinka

      Each group of women or men were hurried along from the rear by some German and very often the Kommandant himself – Franz accompanied by a dog. As they approached the gas chamber the people began to back away in terror.

      Oftentimes they tried to turn back. At that point lashes and clubs were used. Franz immediately set upon the condemned his dog which was specially trained to snap at their sex organs. At each gas chamber there were 5-6 Germans besides the “motorists” with their dogs. With clubs and lashes they drove the people into the corridor of the gas chamber and then into the chambers.

      In this the Germans would compete with the “motorists” in brutality towards the people selected to die. Marchenko for instance had a sword with which he mutilated the people. He cut the breasts of women. After the chambers were filled they slammed shut with hermetically sealed doors. The “motorists” Marchenko and Nikolay would turn on the motors.

      The Gas Chambers at Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka-- Descriptions and Eyewitness Testimony
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  • Caltech prof says Israeli scientist passed NASA rocket secrets to his government
    • Its called shumpting the Shiksa America ( This type of Infiltration and exploitation apparently was some kind of payback born of hatred, according to Phillip Roth) :

      "Yes, I was one happy yiddel down there in Washington, a little Stern gang of my own, busily exploding Charlie’s honor and integrity, while simultaneously becoming lover to that aristocratic Yankee beauty whose forebears arrived on these shores in the seventeenth century. Phenomenon known as Hating Your Goy and Eating One Too."

  • Ilan Pappe offers a reminder that the 'ongoing Nakba' implicates many of us in Israel's history
    • there are terrorists in hollywood as well:

      Defendant, BRYAN JAY SINGER, manipulated his power, wealth, and position in the entertainment industry to sexually abuse and exploit the underage Plaintiff through the use of drugs, alcohol, threats, and inducements which resulted in Plaintiff suffering catastrophic psychological and emotional injuries. Defendant Singer did so as part of a group of adult males similarly positioned in the entertainment industry that maintained and exploited boys in a sordid sex ring. A Hollywood mogul must not use his position to sexually exploit underage actors.

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    • Blumenthal 'has pity for Germany, controlled by neocon puppeteers'.

  • Why I confronted Gregor Gysi
    • Terrible hypocrisy Blumenthal , unlike Ellis, has branded GA an anti-semite, and asked others to boycott any discussion with him, the same behavior of Gregor Gysi, If Aztmon is indeeed a hater of Jews we could understand this better with a discussion by his accusers with the accused, rather than a slander made in public without rebuttal:

      Real News
      Max Blumenthal: And one person--I think one of the leading anti-Semitic critics of Israel--you couldn't even call him a critic of Israel. He's an ex-Israeli who pretends to be an anti-Zionist but is actually just a pure anti-Semite and who believes that all of the problems of Israel flow not from colonialism but from Judaism, is Gilad Atzmon. And I signed a Jewish letter denouncing him and basically telling him to get lost. There's been a Palestinian letter organized by Ali Abunimah and, you know, a who's who of Palestine solidarity activists who say anti-Semitic freaks, get the hell away from us; we don't want any part of you. And there have been other efforts to castigate people who have advanced anti-Semitic critiques of Israel and of Jews in general.

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  • 'We will make soap out of you!': Violent right-wing protest against Jerusalem art exhibit reflects rising anti-democratic tide in Israel
    • Meanwhile the UK definition of a hate crime extends 'Jewish privilege' to include assault and battery on an elderly member of parliament

      ----.A charge of religiously aggravated assault against him was dropped.

      A former civil servant and BBC manager, Masterson , 39, ran at Mr Galloway while the MP posed for pictures with two members of the public in Notting Hill, west London on August 29.

      Masterson, who converted to Judaism, punched the MP repeatedly and then kicked him in the face after he was knocked to the ground.

      Masterson then pushed away another man who tried to intervene.

      Mr Galloway spent a night in St Mary's Hospital Paddington following the attack.

      During an earlier hearing in September, prosecutor Douglas Adams quoted Masterson as saying he "carried out the attack because he felt the victim was an enemy of Judaism".
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    • The final expulsion is building:

      "“We all have pepper spray, knives – even brass knuckles,” he said. “I keep a baseball bat by my bed, because you never know when, or if, you are going to get attacked. You always have to be prepared.”

      Green’s friend David Bromberg, who said Arabs had recently attacked his brother’s car while his infant twin sons were inside, said he faulted police for the crisis.

      “We are afraid because our police aren’t doing a good job,” he said. “Mostly, they arrest Jews for spraying graffiti [in ‘price-tag’ attacks].”

      Bromberg added that he felt he could be attacked without warning at any moment.

      “I’m afraid an Arab will come and kill me; that’s what they do,” he said. “So I have to walk around knowing they want to kill us.”

      Asked if he felt safe, Meir, a 20-year-old IDF conscript of five months who said he could not reveal his last name due to army policy, reached into his right pocket.

      “When I go outside, I carry this,” he said, pulling out a silver utility knife. “I don’t know who is going to jump me. They want the Jews dead and out of al-Aksa [Mosque] and Israel.”

      Despite repeated requests, Meir said, his commanding officer has refused to issue him a standard machine gun “because of where I am psychologically.”

      “They won’t give one to me right now because they think I will use it the wrong way,” he explained."

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    • even ISIS isnt alleged to make soap, lamp shades, or shrunken heads, or make the threat thereof, and an allegation can persist indefinitely

      ALLIED OCCUPATION VIDEO : US forces liberated the Buchenwald concentration camp on April 11, 1945. This footage records examples of Nazi atrocities (shrunken head, pieces of tattooed human skin, preserved skull and organs) discovered by the liberating troops.
      Browse all Historical Films, US Holocaust Memorial Museum
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      "YALE LAW SCHOOL GOLDMAN LIBRARY - There I also saw the shrunken heads of two young Poles who had been hanged for having relations with German girls. The heads were the size of a fist, and the hair and the marks of the rope were still there." (3423-PS)
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  • Pittsburgh's 'Conflict Kitchen' is latest battleground over Palestine, free speech and criticism of Israel
    • safety IS an issue:

      Bethesda Native Sentenced to One Year in Georgetown University Ricin Case
      Georgetown University student pleaded guilty in September to making the deadly chemical

      link to

      The president of GU Pride, Georgetown University’s LGBT student group, may have prevented a fellow gay student from taking his own life or harming or killing another student with a bag of lethal ricin powder by quickly reporting the student to campus authorities - See more at: link to

  • Video: Routine exchange on a bus reveals racism embedded within Jewish Israeli society
    • amazing description of #JSIL by Max Blumenthal on norway tv

      link to

    • Jewish supremacy—“strength and victimhood all melded together"

      This isn't an Israeli characteristic, its a global phenomenon, and Remnik cant see it

      consider the Jews only critics of Israel, eg International Jewish Anti-Zionist network (IJAN)

      link to

      They carry on an anti-zionist critique within an apartheid organizational framework Nd dont notice the irony. Self interest propels them into an externalization of the characteristic to a foreign other, its them not me., all the while they benefit from a position of privilege, discrimination, networking, etc.

      Israel is the scapegoat for a global problem.

  • Rather than exhibit real solidarity, church leaders appeal to Israel's occupation to protect Al Aqsa
    • I'd rather be a Christian (or Muslim ) in Israel rather than in Germany

      German Jewish politician Gregor Gysi, says " Raus ! ", literally, to Max Blumenthal and David Sheen, as he locks himself in a toilet:

      Max Blumenthal's Toilet Scene (Atzmon parody), contains Blumenthal's anti-semite accuation against Atzmon

      HSLDA helped the Romeikes leave Germany in 2008 after they were threatened with jail time and losing custody of their children. The Romeikes are evangelical Christians, and say they should be allowed to keep their children home to teach them Christian values.
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  • Pro-Israel billionaires Adelson and Saban muse over buying the New York Times
    • Hillary’s Sheldon Adelson
      Clinton major donor cavorts with racist warmonger, urges mass bombing. Will she be asked about it?

      But last weekend here was Saban, Democratic mogul, on stage alongside Sheldon Adelson, the two performing sort of duet: One could title it “Pity the Zionist Billionaires Who Can’t Always Get What They Want.” Adelson claimed the Palestinian were an “invented people” Saban came back with the retort that in the event of a “bad” Iran nuclear deal, Bibi “should bomb the living daylights of the sons of bitches [the Iranians].” When Saban mentioned that there were actually a lot of Palestinians between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean, Adelson retorted with “So Israel won’t be a democratic state, so what.” (One might at least credit him with candor not usually evident among Israel’s most vociferous right

      Hillary has never paid a political price for her ties to right-wing Israel supporters, though she has reaped the usual benefits. Might the American political culture be ready to turn on this, at least to the extent that she will no longer get a free pass? The Twittersphere agog at the Sheldon and Haim show was largely a liberal Jewish one, journalists and writers who are hardly hostile to Israel, but are increasingly dismayed as the Israeli right wing entrenches itself in power while becoming ever more extreme. Its numbers are small, but it speaks for an influential slice of Democratic Party elite opinion—supportive of the two state solution, of negotiating with Iran. A recent J Street-sponsored poll found that 84 percent of American Jews backed an Iran deal which restricts Iranian nuclear enrichment and subjected Iran’s nuclear sites to inspection. But Adelson and Saban do not.

      Where does Hillary stand, with her financial backers or the more mainstream opinion of the Democratic Party? It’s a question worth watching in the presidential year to come.
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  • What is the vision of Jews who want to replace Al Aqsa mosque with temple?
    • Interesting the professors make the case that Gentiles used non-universal values, that is , a kind of in group chosen-ness, to resist the predations of the intermediaries, and this was the source of an anti-market racial hatred, or was it exactly the reverse, vice versa ?

      "is often referred to as “bonding” (restricted to homogenous groups) as opposed to “bridging” (across diverse social groups) social capital .. or “limited” as opposed to “generalized” morality -

      Does this have an implication for Palestine, is it not true that the physical construction of the displacing gentrification settlements is left to the blue collared arab workers, while the intermediaries will eventually live there ?

      How much of this is just 'anti-market' sentiment?

    • This does not seem to be an issue or Israeli religious practice, rather it may be an American led political provocation, and lastly an important security concern:

      1) 3 out of 3 interviewed above are American Jews (living in Israel). The ZOA and AJC are American institutions apparently to the right even of the Likud government.

      2) Islamic law permits Jews to pray in Mosques but rabbis consistently for ages do not permit it under Jewish halaka law, hence this is ethno nationalism, not Judaism.

      3) Jordanian and Muslim concern over ews praying in the Mosque compound perhaps see this not as an Islamic issue, but as a political one, as Muslim authorities retain some sovereignty there.

      4) The Kahanist zionist Jewish extremists are armed and violent, there is perhaps a netanyahu concern that these armed settlers may initiate another msss murder

      JDL Praises Baruch Goldstein’s Massacre of Palestinians
      Kahanist Group Calls Israeli Murderer a 'Saint' in Eulogy

      Read more: link to

      video obtained by Ynet depicts Jewish residents of east Jerusalem's Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood during their Purim celebrations singing songs of praise for Baruch Goldstein, a Jewish terrorist who murdered 29 Palestinians 16 years ago at the Cave of the Patriarchs.

      link to

    • Interesting the Mormons, who lalrady have temples, agree:

      sponsored mormon zionist writer bishop at the jewish journal causes controversy

      Mark Paredes is a Mormon bishop in Los Angeles. He has worked for the ZOA, the American Jewish Congress, and the Consulate General of Israel in Los Angeles. He has also served as a U.S. diplomat in Israel and Mexico.
      link to

      Harry Reid not a worthy Mormon? LDS Church, Dems cry foul

      In the aftermath of this week’s elections, an LDS bishop in Los Angeles set off political fireworks by asserting in a blog that Mormon Sen. Harry Reid was not worthy to enter one of the faith’s temples for his support of Democratic Party stances.

      Writing on his long-standing blog at the Jewish Journal, Paredes began by describing one of the "temple recommend" questions (meant to gauge adherence to Mormon beliefs and practices) that asks members if they "support, affiliate with or agree with any group or individual whose teachings or practices are contrary to or oppose those accepted by the [LDS Church]."

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    • This conflict is as old as modernity:

      "Overall, historians agree that modernity is rooted in traditionallyJewish social functions and attribute to Jews of 18th- 20th century Eastern Europe the role as a driving forceof capitalism and market development (e.g., Sombart 1913; Jacobs 1919; Veblen 1919; Slezkine 2004;Botticini and Eckstein 2005, Muller 2010).
      Finally, we suggest a plausible mechanism that can explain the long-run effects of the Pale. Weargue that the non-Jewish population developed a special anti-market culture and bonding trust amongrepresentatives of their own group at the time when Jews and non-Jews lived side-by-side in towns andshtetls inside the Pale. Historical sources document hostility, rivalry, and little social interaction beyondmarket transactions between Jews and local non-Jewish population (Hoffman 1997, Slezkine 2004). The presence of a rival group in close proximity with alien religion, traditions and language, and with a veryspecific social role as market intermediary, created pressure on the non-Jews to unite against the Jews.This social pressure had two important consequences for the non-Jewish population within the Pale. First,ethnic antagonism between the two groups led to the development of within-group solidarity and trust. Asthis kind of trust developed in opposition to the rival group, it is often referred to as “bonding” (restrictedto homogenous groups) as opposed to “bridging” (across diverse social groups) social capital (Fukuyama1995; Putnam 2000), or “limited” as opposed to “generalized” morality (Tabellini 2008). Second, sinceJews as a group represented a liberal pro-market force by their distinct traditional occupations, ethnichostility of the non-Jewish population against Jews triggered the development of an anti-market cultureamong the non-Jewish population as anti-market sentiment was equated with anti-Jewish sentiment. Weargue that both the anti-market culture and within-group bonds have persisted among descendants of thenon-Jewish population up to the present day"

      link to

  • Evangelical Christians come under attack as more move to oppose Israeli occupation
    • quite the contrary, the Bible condemns non-universal ethics:, Christian and otherwise:

      Josephus [Against Apion, 2.14], represents one calling them "Atheists and Misanthropes, the dullest of barbarians"; and Tacitus [Histories, 5.5], "They have a hostile hatred of all other men." However, the contrariety to all men here meant is, in that they "forbid us to speak to the Gentiles

      from 1 Thes 2:15

      who killed the Lord Jesus and the prophets and who have persecuted us severely. They are displeasing to God. They are enemies of the whole human race

      link to

    • The Washington hostile elite is now threatening the national security and economic well being of its American host:

      Who Leaked the Obama-Khamenei Letter?
      How did the Israelis know?

      link to

  • In and out of love with Israel: Tzvia Thier's story
    • looks like Obama is gearing up for an AIPAC fight by choosing this attorney general nominee:

      Earlier this year, Lynch charged Rep. Michael Grimm, a Republican congressman from Staten Island, with perjury, wire fraud, obstruction of justice, and tax evasion for his dealings in a health-food restaurant he had operated before he ran for office. Lynch said Grimm was operating a “very simple scheme,” that allegedly involved under-reporting wages and earnings when filing his taxes. Grimm has pleaded not guilty.

      link to

  • Gone
    • I'm beginning to think this is all theatre, except for the dead.

      From " Everybody sucks, except Matt Taibbi [ and Glenn Greenwald ]":

      Now. I’m not suggesting that the story of First Look is as important as the story of what American troops are doing in Afghanistan. Not at all.

      Yes, Pierre Omidyar works closely with USAID to affect regime change in places like Ukraine; and, yes, Pierre Omidyar worked to influence the general election in India. And yes, Pierre Omidyar spent a quarter of a billion dollars to buy up the people with access to the entire Snowden document cache shortly before it was reported that the national security agency had accessed user data from eBay (founded by Pierre Omidyar) and Skype (previously owned by eBay) to monitor the communications of millions of Americans.

      link to

  • Root cause of current crisis is Israeli government effort since 1967 to transform East Jerusalem into a Jewish city
    • I hate to admit it but I suspect there is some truth to the orientalist claim that arab elites act tribally, that is they maximize the welfare of their extended family units, and have no feeling of common cause with their co-ethnics, co-religionists. Even the geography of arabia testifies this. Where else do you have a country named after a family.

    • this indeed is a Holy War , without the introduction of settlers: it is a war of values,globalist monopoly multicultural anti-theist capitalism versus its resistance. In this sense the anti-theists are correct. Islam is the mother of all bad ideas , that is ideas resistant to the elite religion.

      Even progressives are beginning to see the spiritual basis of the conflict, and Israel's attack on Al Aqsa is a clear manifestation of it being the spear tip of the global managerial elite.

      " This is precisely why the ongoing US [ anglo -israeli ] military interventions in the Islamic world are, despite the rhetoric emanating from the White House, a war against Islam. The acceptance of Western liberal values is essential for the perpetuation of capitalism and many of these individualistic values contravene some of the collectivist values found in Islam."

      [extended family, family, anti-monopoly, anti-usury, taxation of wealth not income etc ]

      link to

  • After deadly attack Netanyahu vows ‘iron fist’ as clashes and closures rock Jerusalem
    • "after a lot of pains to everybody there Jews"

      One man, a Palestinian doctor named Khalil Abed Hassan Ammam, described the scene shortly after he saw his family home bombed to the ground: “It was terrifying, we couldn’t save anyone…. All of the kids were burnt, I couldn’t tell which were mine and which were the neighbours’… We carried whoever we were able to the ambulance… I only recognized Ibrahim my eldest child, when I saw the shoes he was wearing… I had bought them for him two days before.”

      Amnesty International has not used the hashtag #JSIL and is not using this in relation to our latest report on Israel/Gaza,

      Amnesty Accuses Israel of War Crimes in Damning Report on Gaza Conflict
      link to

    • How do you operate a modern city, New York, London, or Tel Aviv without Arab drivers ?

      RAND asymmetric warfare: conflicts between nations or groups that have disparate military capabilities and strategies. RAND investigates political and military responses to
      — and the impacts of — counterinsurgency, terrorism, and other forms of irregular warfare.
      link to

      VIDEO Live leak --Asymmetric warfare against occupation forces using civilian transport, driver runs over 3 Israeli soldiers.

      link to

    • Why I don’t believe people who say they loathe Islam [ or Zionism ]but not Muslims [Zionists ]
      Andrew Brown

      It is a trope among people who loathe and fear Islam that their fear and loathing has nothing in common with racism because Islam is not a race, the implication being that hating Muslims is rational and wise whereas hating black people is deeply irrational and stupid.


      But if we allow that the crimes of Stalin, or of Mao, were comparable to those of the transatlantic slave trade in ambition if not in duration, they are not excused in the slightest by saying that the most terrible atheist dictators were not very racist at all.

      Stalin and Mao would have enthusiastically endorsed Sam Harris when he wrote that “there are some beliefs so terrible that we are justified in killing people just for holding them”, just as they would have endorsed his defence of torturing prisoners.

      In the end, the position of people who claim that hatred of Islam is somehow superior to hatred of black people is pretty much like Alan Partridge boasting that at least he’s not David Brent.

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  • New Amnesty International report accuses Israel of committing war crimes in Gaza
    • what can they do , the administration is riddled with Israeli spies:

      Israel learned independently about the secret letter U.S. President Barack Obama sent to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, according to a Jerusalem official who asked to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of the matter.

      The official said Israel learned about the letter shortly after it was sent. The information arrived indirectly, through channels that are not part of Israel’s official contacts with the American administration.

      link to

    • Not the first Israeli war crime:

      "After the torpedo hits, torpedo boats circle, machine-gunning the ship with armor-piercing projectiles for another 40 minutes. At 3:15 p.m., as lifeboats are lowered into the water, the Israelis proceed to machine-gun the lifeboats. This is a full hour after confirmation has been given that the ship is American."

      link to

      VIDEO Al Jazeera 'The Day Israel attacked America'

  • Israel lobby stakes claim for Jerusalem at Supreme Court, but Kagan isn't buying
  • Is Israel the wallpaper in US culture?
    • To understand the Warsaw Poland 'Jewish' (actually anti-Jewish according to its rabbinic critics ) culture of Mamet, Dunham, and Netanyahu you need to read IB singer, the ideas are actually anti-torah, and reflected deeply in Hollywood film: Lena Funham epitomizes the articl below;s ideas perfectly:

      Tracing The Antinomian Trajectory Within Sabbatean Messianism
      Written by Deborah Pardo-Kaplan

      Antinomianism has been defined as the "subversion of a religious or moral code." 1 On a superficial level, this may be perceived as motivated only by a rebellious attitude towards author­ity. Yet what might outwardly appear as subversive behavior may truly be an inner desire to affirm religious truth as the protagonists define it, or as they interpret a particular religious tradition.

      link to

  • Ambassador Power to kick off 3-hour event on 'never-ending' genocide of Jews
    • Can we not love the 'Fiddler on the Roof' Jewish religionists and the blumenthal-Greenwald univeralist challengers of power, while despising the casino pimp Adelsons and their AJC establishment?

      What is the vocabulary for this ?

      Contra-'Zemitism' ? (if we dfeine 'Zemitism as Zionist supremacism unjoined to any moral framweork , the religion of the latter , quite distinct from true Judaism )

  • 'We are in a violent fight with extreme Islam' -- Feiglin leads rightists to pray at al-Aqsa Mosque
    • I didnt know that it was contrary to orthodox Judaism to pray on the temple mount, Lynette Nusbacher explanations of the halaka is instructive, and her replies to the crazies have an impressive empathy and kindness. She almost places zionism, by implication, as a heretical movement, a new Judaism

      link to

    • Tourists should sing up for a visit to al aqsa before it is bulldozed for safety security reasons:

      "Charges against the student group, issued over a month after the incident, include “bias-motivated misconduct,” “harassment and bullying,” and violation of school demonstration policies. SJP-LUC explained their action in a statement released on October 1, stating that “about fifteen students decided on an ad-hoc basis to peacefully line up at the Taglit-Birthright table and ask if they, as Palestinians whose families were expelled from villages inside present-day Israel, could also register for a Birthright trip…After calm conversations between students at the front of the line and students tabling, and after being turned away from the registration table because they were not of the ‘right’ religious or ethnic identity, the Palestinian and Arab students lined up for a photo some distance away with signs identifying their village of origin and exposing their exclusion from the program…[N]o activities during this action can be characterized as threatening or as harassment.”"
      link to

  • David Brooks's romance of community
  • A visit to Auschwitz
    • Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
      Elie Wiesel, Rabbi Shmuley, Ambassador Samantha Power and Professor Noah Feldman at NYU for a riveting panel discussion. Secure your tickets today! Free for NYU/YU and Cooper Union Students!

      link to

      Max Blumenthal @MaxBlumenthal · 5h 5 hours ago

      Just when I was about to call @AmbassadorPower a huckstering moral fraud, I saw this: link to

    • many german soldiers and civilians died from typhus, which evidently, was less of a threat than the NKVD raping its way to Berlin:

      From January 17 to 21, the Germans marched approximately 56 thousand prisoners out of Auschwitz and its sub-camps in evacuation columns mostly heading west, through Upper and Lower Silesia. Two days later, they evacuated 2 thousand prisoners by train from the sub-camps in Świętochłowice and Siemianowice. The main evacuation routes led to Wodzisław Sląski and Gliwice, where the many evacuation columns were merged into rail transports. From the sub-camp in Jaworzno, 3,200 prisoners made one of the longest marches—250 km. to Gross-Rosen Concentration Camp in Lower Silesia.

      link to

    • This cannot be true, there is no museum:

      German Postwar Diary

      We arrived in the city of Heilbronn by the Neckar, In the end we counted 240,000 men, who lived on the naked ground and without cover.

      Spring and summer were mild this year, but we were starving. At 6;00 am we received coffee, at noon about a pint of soup and 100 grams of bread a day........

      The 'Amis' gave us newspapers in German language, describing the terrors of the concentration camps. We did not believe any of it. We figured the Americans only wanted to demoralize us further.

      The fields on which we lived belonged to the farmers of the area...soon nothing of the clover and other sprouting greens were left, and the trees were barren. We had eaten each blade of grass.....

      Sometimes it happened that groups of our own men were gathered and transported away. We presumed they were discharged to go home, and naturally, we wished to be among them. Much later we heard they were sent to labor camps! My mother's cousin, feared that he would be drafted into the Hitler Youth SS, he volunteered to the marines, in 1945 his unit was in Denmark. On April 20th they were captured by the Americans. his experience in the POW camp was identical that of my brother's. They lived in open fields, did not receive and food and water the first six days, and starved nearly to death. German wives and mothers who wanted to throw loaves of bread over the fence, were chased off. The prisoners, just to have something to chew, scraped the bark from young trees. my cousins job was to report each morning how many had died during the night. "and these were not just a few!" he adds to his report he wrote me.

      American Guard Account

      In Andernach about 50,000 prisoners of all ages were held in an open field surrounded by barbed wire. The women were kept in a separate enclosure that I did not see until later. The men I guarded had no shelter and no blankets. Many had no coats. They slept in the mud, wet and cold, with inadequate slit trenches for excrement. It was a cold, wet spring, and their misery from exposure alone was evident.

      Even more shocking was to see the prisoners throwing grass and weeds into a tin can containing a thin soup. They told me they did this to help ease their hunger pains. Quickly they grew emaciated. Dysentery raged, and soon they were sleeping in their own excrement, too weak and crowded to reach the slit trenches. Many were begging for food, sickening and dying before our eyes. We had ample food and supplies, but did nothing to help them, including no medical assistance.

  • Update: Why did Netanyahu respond to chickenshit with 'grassy knoll' remark?
    • "I dont like to mention it but .."

      We were sharing a pastrami sandwich and pickles at a Los Angeles landmark: Canter’s Deli on Fairfax. I was 24; she was nearly 50 years older, with a piercing voice as loud as her flaming red wig.

      Her name was Eva Rubenstein Grant, and she was a little-known [meyer lansky linked strip] nightclub manager the morning of Nov. 24, 1963, when her brother Jack Ruby left the apartment they shared in Dallas and blasted his way into infamy by fatally shooting Lee Harvey Oswald.

      ...Chicago Mafia figures told him Ruby was sent to Texas to run nightclubs that were fronts for illegal gambling operations.

      It was a quintessentially Jewish response, albeit delivered in Eva’s hybrid Chicago-Dallas accent. And the Rubensteins were a staunchly Jewish family, a fact that may have played a role in Ruby’s killing of President John F. Kennedy’s alleged assassin.

      “I was shocked,” Silverman said. “I visited him the next day in jail, and I said, ‘Why, Jack, why?’ He said, ‘I did it for the American people.’ ”

      I interrupted Silverman, pointing out that other reports had Ruby saying he did it “to show that Jews had guts.” The elderly rabbi sighed. “Yes, he mentioned that. But I don’t like to mention it. I think he said, ‘I did it for the Jewish people.’ But I’ve tried to wipe that statement from my mind.”

      link to

    • Is Oprah Hasbara ?

      Exec Producer, JFK, Arnon Milchan, Producer Behind '12 Years a Slave,' Admits To Double Life as Mossad Agent

      link to

  • Al Aqsa and the war against Palestinians
    • Praying under Occupation is not limited to the west bank (making Christianity a hate crime):

      "In his capacity as the state’s attorney general, Abbott said in an Oct. 15, 2014, letter to David Feldman, Houston’s city attorney, that Feldman’s "office has demanded several Houston pastors hand over to the city government many of their private papers, including their sermons.""
      link to

      Houston City Attorney David Feldman, , speaker at ADL Houston breakfast
      link to

      Judith Finkel, ADL's Southwest Regional Board Chair, is pictured with David Feldman, Houston's City Attorney
      link to

  • Why are liberal Zionists embracing Matti Friedman's Islamophobia?
    • or put differently, rage born of a deeply ingrained sense of supremacist, narcissistic entitlement resulting in a pathological hatred of the Other , and sorry, but it exists outside of zionism, and typical of white collar manic (short term-ism) criminality we associate with modern American elite financial manipulations.

      Narcissistic Rage and the Sense of Entitlement

      When the expectation is strong but meets with frustration, the response is often narcissistic rage — whether in Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality or any other superficially discrete category of diagnosis. The person may spew venom at a friend or relation; she may become violent, either destroying objects in her environment or launching a physical assault on someone nearby; he may seek to belittle or destroy someone whom he envies. In these cases, the element of rage is obvious, on the surface.

      Sometimes it’s less easy to detect. A person in manic flight may not appear to be enraged but nonetheless expresses hatred for the frustrating limitations of reality by defying them — going on a spending spree; attempting to do something all at once (rather than slowly over time) in order to get the desired benefit right now; behaving in omnipotent ways, as if they held magic powers, because they hate the demands of hard work. In other words, I’m suggesting that most manic episodes in part reflect a hatred of and narcissistic rage against the frustrations of reality.
      link to

  • Al Aqsa mosque is closed off for first time in 47 years as tensions flare
    • There is an alternative minority view, inspired perhaps by the crusader maps showing jerusalem (meaning holy city) to be present day Istanbul, and that ancient rome is a much later fabrication.
      Any person who has inspected the medeival dated churches adjacent to the so called anceint roman coliseum in rome, notes immediately the identical construction methods and materials, a radical theory proposed by the russian historians in the New Chronology, eg:

      To repeat: the original Biblical Jerusalem (the city of Yoros) is situated on the eastern, Asiatic shore of Bosphorus, closer to the Black Sea, very near to the Beykoz mountain (Golgotha) [ЗИ] ([FJ] ‘Forgotten Jerusalem. Istanbul in the light of New Chronology’ G.B.Nosovskiy, A.T.Fomenko. – translator’s note)

      link to

      which would imply that the OT is Hellenistic restatement of Babylonian myths and histories in Judaized form:, with the Septugint the original, and the Masoretic text and late medeival rabbinic fabrication, see Lemke , copenhagen school, biblical minimalism

      Many of the Old Testament passages in the New Testament are either direct quotes or paraphrase from the Septuagint, not the Hebrew Masoretic text. Textual variations between the Hebrew and Greek Old Testament quotes are for the most part minor, but from time to time they will diverge; in that case which one should one prefer? I would suggest the older source text should be given preference. This makes sense in light of the fact that the Septuagint was produced about two to three centuries before the birth of Christ. The Masoretic text would not be compiled by Jewish scholars until the 600s to 900s. This makes the Greek Septuagint almost a thousand years older than the Hebrew Masoretic text!

      link to

    • G_d is laughing

      "Professor Finkelstein, who is known as "the father of biblical archaeology", told the Jerusalem Post that Jewish archaeologists have found no historical or archaeological evidence to back the biblical narrative on the Exodus, the Jews' wandering in Sinai or Joshua's conquest of Canaan. On the alleged Temple of Solomon, Finkelstein said that there is no archaeological evidence to prove it "

      link to

  • Bouquets for Melissa Parke
    • Bibi confesses to JFK and makes a threat"

      The famously combative Israeli Prime Minister went on to say:

      "When there are pressures on Israel to concede its security, the easiest thing to do is to concede. You get a round of applause, ceremonies on grassy knolls, and then come the missiles and the tunnels."

      Bibi, who spent many years in the United States, is surely cognizant of what his "grassy knoll" reference connotes. You can argue it was just an infelicitous phrase, or that Bibi was referring to himself, not Obama. Maybe so. But what if, say, an Iranian official, even a low-ranking one, had said such a thing? The uproar would be deafening. And so the question must be asked: was Bibi threatening the President of the United States?

      link to

  • 'Chickenshit' attack enrages Netanyahu and lobby, but will it stir voters against Obama?
  • Sh*tstirring Jeffrey Goldberg dumps diplomatic sh*tstorm with 'chickensh*t' quote
    • Bennett is echoing classic ADL defined antisemetic canards in claiming Jews in the USA have their leader in Tel Aviv:

      "The prime minister is not a private person but the leader of the Jewish state and the whole Jewish world. Such severe insults towards the prime minister of Israel are hurtful to millions of Israeli citizens and Jews all over the world,” he wrote.

      "But to suggest that it is something other than anti-Semitism is a grave mistake. Even in America, where Jews are more at home and secure as equal citizens than anywhere else in 2,000 years, the unsettling fact is that fully one-third of Americans still accept the notion that Jews have "dual loyalties." This was apparent in the Anti-Defamation League's June 2002 survey of Anti-Semitism in America, which also found that 20 percent of the American public agrees that, "Jews have too much power in the U.S. today."

      link to
      link to

  • Shimon Peres gets one tough question -- on illegal settlements -- and Colgate University censors it
    • Interesting how old money wasp liberal arts colleges like Colgate have crumbled into garish tel aviv zionist bordellos

      With so much good news to celebrate, attendees were receptive to Colgate’s campaign to raise $5.3 million for a series of Jewish studies and Jewish life initiatives. Foremost on this list is the endowment of a chair in Jewish history. Other priorities include endowing a position for Hebrew-language instruction, endowing the Rabbi position, and supporting Jewish studies off-campus study, the Jewish Chaplaincy, and the Saperstein Center’s future activities.

      link to

  • Another New York Times' reporter's son is in the Israeli army
    • what is most startling is that every one of the outed reporters appear to be good liberal multiculturalists , left leaning secularists abroad, but violent ethno nationalists in their home , spare , country.. The christians are helping some to come home:

      Help the Christians bring the Jews Home to Israel
      link to

      Ali Abunimah ‏@AliAbunimah
      .@AmbShapiro When you retire as US amb. to "Israel" do you think you'll renounce your citizenship like @AmbDermer did & become Israeli amb?

      link to

  • Kerry just snubbed a gov't minister who calls for segregated bus lines. And that's a bad thing?
    • Palestinian anti-Semitism doesn’t require anti-Semitic textbooks or fanatical Islamist preachers to encourage. All it requires are Israeli combat jets and tanks and soldiers bearing the symbol of the Jewish State in Israel in the Levant on their uniforms to encourage it.”

      Blumenthal traveled among the ruins of homes in places that were bombarded and saw Stars of David spray painted on walls or etched into furniture, where soldiers “marked their territory.” Effectively, they are “spreading hatred of Judaism.”

      “They are abusing the symbol of the oldest monotheistic religion in the world and narrowing it down to the miserable seventy-year experience of an apartheid state. That is incredibly dangerous and it reflects the attitude that is inculcate

      link to

  • Israeli army kills 14-year old Palestinian with U.S. citizenship
    • Israel would not exist without the founding support of arms, money, and propaganda that flowed from the American diaspora community (primarily) , and this same community has come to dominate the same industrial functions in the USA. The heads of the two snakes are joined, siamese twins, and the greater secular liberal populations of both countries share a violent hatred for the foreign other, whhile significant portions of both countries have an organized religious community seeking a messianic apocolypse, usually involving weapons of mass destruction- a samson option . The european allies seem to go along with the agenda quite agreeably.

      Its unfair to single out the sicness of Israeli society-- Israel is just the point of the spear.

      Chris Hedges Interviews Noam Chomsky

  • Bus ads hitting US aid for Israeli 'war crimes' roll in Portland (after ban in Seattle)
  • 'Village on the volcano' is latest effort to change the subject from the occupation
    • NYT says syrian abductors had foreign accents , some from europe, and does this sound familiar?

      At gunpoint, Mr. Sotloff and Mr. Abobaker were driven to a textile factory in a village outside Aleppo, Syria, where they were placed in separate cells. Mr. Abobaker, who was freed two weeks later, heard their captors take Mr. Sotloff into an adjoining room. Then he heard the Arabic-speaking interrogator say in English: “Password.”

      It was a process to be repeated with several other hostages. The kidnappers seized their laptops, cellphones and cameras and demanded the passwords to their accounts. They scanned their Facebook timelines, their Skype chats, their image archives and their emails, looking for evidence of collusion with Western spy agencies and militaries.
      link to

      IDF veteran 2 standing ovation @ evangelical summit "Israel must smash their skulls" re Hamas / Palestinians link to

    • Allen West On Ottawa Attack: "Shut Down" Mosques Of Perpetrators And Deport The Imams
      link to

  • Allegations of anti-Semitism used to cover up anti-Palestinian hate crime in Brooklyn
    • "because the Palestinian Solidarity Movement is actively denouncing all form of racism, intolerance and bigotry to distinguish itself as a universal movement. "..

      except broad brush stereotyping of white gentiles, eg

      "White males post video of assault on a woman of color, then blame victim.
      But what's new?"

      recalls Jon Stewart talking about white privilege without once mentioning other forms of privilege

      link to

    • I understand Christians are funding the emigration of Zionist Jews from America to Israel, is there any way we can nominate the Petlack family for priority seating ? Is there a crowd funding donation soruce ?

      Christian Evangelicals' mass aliyah push touches Jewish nerve
      The group’s plan has set off a furious controversy on multiple levels.
      link to

  • 'NYT' can't keep its story straight on anti-Semitism in Germany
    • North and Weiss can easily reconcile the NYT reports Indigeneous Europeans resent Russian-Israeli displacement, privilege, and sometimes criminality, and Israelis appreciate the same opportunities .

      This explains the self segregation described above, but there is another factor, Israeli (Russian sic) organized crime. in Europe, in which Berlin functions as HQ,. This has attracted US State dept concern.

      ¶20. (SBU) Israel's multi-ethnic population provides a deep well of
      opportunity for Israeli OC to expand into new territory. Most
      Israeli crime families trace their roots to North Africa or Eastern
      Europe, and many of their Israeli operatives hold foreign passports
      allowing them to move freely in European countries, most of which
      participate in the visa waiver program with the United States.
      Approximately one million Russians moved to Israel following the
      dissolution of the Soviet Union, and Russian citizens no longer
      require visas to enter Israel. Many Russian oligarchs of Jewish
      origin and Jewish members of OC groups have received Israeli
      citizenship, or at least maintain residences in the country. Little
      is known about the full extent of Russian criminal activity in
      Israel, but sources in the police estimate that Russian OC has
      laundered as much as USD 10 billion through Israeli holdings. While
      most Israeli OC families are native-born and the stereotype that
      Russian immigrants tend to be mobsters is greatly overblown,
      indigenous OC groups routinely employ "muscle" from the former
      Soviet Union.

      link to

      Berlin is the centre of the Russian mafia in Europe

      link to

  • AIPAC rabbi calls for 'militant nonviolent resistance' to racial injustice in St. Louis
  • As Kerry scrambles to prevent Palestinian action at UN, Israeli govt makes clear it will never accept Palestinian state
    • "my own government"
      that's insane:


      "I’m a field Negro. The masses are the field Negroes. When they see this man’s house on fire, you don’t hear these little Negroes talking about “our government is in trouble.” They say, “The government is in trouble.” Imagine a Negro: “Our government”! I even heard one say “our astronauts.” They won’t even let him near the plant — and “our astronauts”! “Our Navy” — that’s a Negro that’s out of his mind. That’s a Negro that’s out of his mind."

  • The Missing Context: 'Islamic State' sectarianism is not coincidental 
    • What if ISIS is just mercs, eg Blackwater / FSA, with an online branding campaign to provoke a US intervention ( the fake syrian gas attacks not having worked ) ?

      Naomi Wolf
      It is unusual for a terrorist group to have an…"English-language online magazine" which features its own atrocities as content…but very sophisticated PR.

      link to

    • Isnt sectarian code for multicultural , the same divide and conquer they use in europe?

    • Does not a One State solution Greater Israel , with limited west bank autonomy freezing arab electoral power, achieve the same solution?

      How come Electronic Intifada cant figure that one out.

  • 'Progressive' rabbi ascribes Roger Waters's concern with 500 Palestinian child victims to rocker's alleged drug use
    • Progressive except Palestine PEPs may be Gibeonites:

      " “Maimonides, Laws of Forbidden Relationships, Chapter 19, Law 17.” In that chapter, Maimonides states that Jews are not supposed to marry gentiles. He further states that if you meet a Jew with certain character traits, you should doubt that they are really Jews. Even if you meet a person whose family tree is Jewish all the way up, if they display certain traits, Maimonides says that you shouldn’t marry them for fear that they can’t really be Jews. He states:

      “Similarly, whenever a person is characterized by insolence and cruelty, hating people and not showing kindness to them, we seriously suspect that he is a Gibeonite. For the distinguishing signs of the holy nation of Israel is that they are meek, merciful and kind.”

      link to

  • Israel's Dead Soul: Steven Salaita's critical scholarship explains his dismissal from the University of Illinois
    • He's implying, but not stating outright, a conclusion others have reached, the link between multiculturalism and zionism, the former flowing from the latter:

      "My point here is not to suggest that Zionism corrupts multiculturalism, though that is likely the case, at least in the abstract. I suggest instead the possibility that multiculturalism itself is problematic because it so easily accommodates Zionism (and other troublesome ideologies). Is the point of multiculturalism to oppose unjust power and racism? Or is it to provide spaces within institutions where ethnic minorities can escape racism? What is the point of using multicultural apparatuses to promote Israel as the apogee of Jewishness? -

      No, zionism did not corrupt multiculturalism, MC is a weapon of Zionism: it breaks up national, religious class identities and replaces those unities with ghettoized skin color and sexual role identities, easily manipulated into ineffective divisive splintered body politics.

      How can we explain the Progressive except Palestine ideology, the NAACP as an organization founded and maintained by zionism, the MC embrace of an organization called 'La Raza', the race. ?

      Balkanization, supremacism, choseness for all, and none, at the same time. The ideology of transnational corporations - all reduced to Benetton skin color, sexual expression, and consumerism fetishes.

  • Andrew Sullivan should stop giving a pass to Sam Harris and Bill Maher's bigotry
    • its accelerating

      Gary Cass at charisma mag
      Why right-wing Christians are actively promoting genocide
      A leading Evangelical magazine is calling for the destruction of Islam. It's not the outlier we might like to think

      link to

      Radical Right Wing Christians Who Supported the Iraq War Want to Convert, Deport and Kill Muslims

      link to

      Cass also doesnt like Jews very much:

      The temerity of some Jews to demand that a prayer for the conversion of the Jews be stricken from the prayers of the church is astonishing," said Cass. "For two thousand years Israeli Jews have renounced Christ and Christians. Jewish teachers have belittled Christ and Christians in the most strident terms in their sacred writings, the Talmud. I do not see these same Jews demanding anti-Christian texts be removed from their Talmud."

      link to

    • Sullivan and his extremist caricature Rod Dreher both come out of the Israeli peretz young man at the TNR line of conservatism, as do many clever writers and defenders of Israel

      Why Anders Breivik's Manifesto Mentions Me
      By Rod Dreher

      link to

      Noah Millamn on Dreher and Sullivan

      Dreher and Sullivan alike are Christians. I’m not. They assume that Jesus’s call to “turn the other cheek” means that Christianity has acted as a historic brake on violence. As a Jew, I have to question that assumption. After all, the number of Christian countries in history that have been governed according to principles of non-violence is exactly zero. Someone from a religious tradition whose founding texts articulated rules about when violence is justified or permitted might look at the long history of Christian violence – not just violence by Christians, but violence undertaken with the Church’s encouragement and undertaken in the name of Jesus – and say: gee, maybe saying “turn the other cheek” backfires, makes all violence seem equally sinful, and therefore opens the gate to truly horrific behavior?

      link to

  • Tablet types Rev. Shipman as elite, anti-semitic WASP
    • an elite built on usury, banal entertainment, gaming, and tech toys , of any religion, will always be crass and seek to displace the culture of building things and agriculture, old ways. History repeats itself:

      "Austrians may not have known exactly what it meant to be Austrian, but their search for an identity “developed within the bounds of an already shaky political framework that gained stability when defined in terms of Jewish difference” (p. 9). Jews were “in danger of becoming shut out of a definition of Austrianness that unified its otherwise fractured political and ethnic elements under one anti-Semitic rubric” (p. 9). If nothing else, interwar Austrians could agree that being Austrian meant being “not Jewish.” Additionally, Jewish difference played into the dichotomy between the provinces and Vienna. Whereas the provinces, and those who populated them, defined themselves as rural, traditional, Catholic, and thus truly “Austrian,” they coded “Red Vienna” as their opposite, a “dangerous ‘Jewish’ metropolis—superficial, ugly, crass, corrupt, depraved, socialist, capitalist, materialist, decadent, modern, and immoral,"
      link to

  • Wiesel lauds settlers for 'strengthening the Jewish presence in Jerusalem' -- and expelling Palestinians
    • The Society of Jesus was the religious order with the largest number of prisoners in Dachau. There were 26 Jesuit priests in the camp, not counting Jesuit lay brothers and seminarians. Because they were so numerous, the Jesuits formed their own community and elected a superior, Fr. Leo DeConinck, SJ, of Belgium. After the war, Fr. DeConinck described his jailers and tormentors: "Never before Dachau had I seen real hatred: eyes aflame with wickedness, mouths twisted in anger at the mere sight of a priest. "

      Elie Wiesel, who was a child when he was sent to Auschwitz, has said: "Not all victims [of the Nazis] were Jews, but all Jews were victims.... They were doomed not because of something they had done or proclaimed or acquired but because of who they were." This statement is equally true of the Slavs and the Gypsies whom the Nazis had also marked for extermination. In time, if the Third Reich had triumphed, it might have become true for all Christians, since Hitler saw the Church as an implacable enemy.
      link to

  • Ofra Yeshua-Lyth and the case for a new Israeli left
    • We can still preserve privilege in a secular democratic multicultural state; indeed this is the optimal solution for power with the facade of democracy.

      New York city is the perfect example of a one state solution, indeed one party solution , rule by plutocrats.


  • NY rabbi implores those in her congregation who are joining Israel's enemies to love the country
    • No its not an Israeli [rabbinic] prohibition, its part of the religion itself, which does permit femal leadership roles . Whether reform Judaism is actually part of historic Judaism is another question.

      Kohl Finegold and two other women made history in June by being the first women to graduate from the Yeshiva Maharat—a four-year program created in New York in 2009 to ordain Orthodox women as spiritual leaders and in the Jewish community.

      link to

      New York - ADL Calls On Israeli Knesset Member To Apologize For Saying Reform ‘Is Not Jewish’
      link to

  • Following shocking sermon, Atlanta JVP calls on area rabbis to challenge racism in Jewish community
    • Not according to the Jewish encyclopedia :

      The name "Molech," later corrupted into "Moloch," is an intentional mispointing of "Melek," after the analogy of "bosheth" (comp. Hoffmann in Stade's "Zeitschrift," iii. 124). As to the rites which the worshipers of Molech performed, it has sometimes been inferred, from the phrase "pass through the fire to Molech," that children were made to pass between two lines of fire as a kind of consecration or februation; but it is clear from Isa. lvii. 5 and Jer. xix. 5 that the children were killed and burned. The whole point of the offering consisted, therefore, in the fact that it was a human sacrifice. From Jer. vii. 31 and Ezek. xx. 25, 26, it is evident that both prophets regarded these human sacrifices as extraordinary offerings to Yhwh. Jeremiah declares that Yhwh had not commanded them, while Ezekiel says Yhwh polluted the Israelites in their offerings by permitting them to sacrifice their first-born, so that through chastisement they might know that Yhwh was Yhwh. The fact, therefore, now generally accepted by critical scholars, is that in the last days of the kingdom human sacrifices were offered to Yhwh as King or Counselor of the nation and that the Prophets disapproved of it and denounced it because it was introduced from outside as an imitation of a heathen cult and because of its barbarity. In course of time the pointing of "Melek" was changed to "Molech" to still further stigmatize the rites.

      link to

    • recall, this is a liberal rabbi in a liberal community.

      andrew sullivan , sam harris, and bill maher are one with this community.

      as are the humanitarian interventionists

      some one besides Gilad Atzmon must speak on the idea of Judaism-Christianity without Torah, the identity politics of reform at churches and synagogues, , and why this has resulted in modern violent neo colonialism, at home and abroad.

  • David Brooks's son joining Israel army is an 'extreme case' -- NYT public editor
    • Talk is cheap, why aren't you taking action? Show me what you've done to actually stop Ebola. And if enough Muslims had really condemned Ebola like you claim, it wouldn't be spreading, now would it?

      Redditors mock 'Islamophobia' by denouncing a deadly virus.
      link to

  • U.S. life insurance company underwrites Israeli colonel's talk on his army's 'moral high ground' in Gaza
  • Fineman and Robinson blast Sam Harris and HBO for promoting ignorance about Islam
    • VATICAN CITY (RNS) A special Vatican meeting on the Middle East ended Saturday (Oct. 23) with a flare-up in Catholic-Jewish tensions, after an American bishop declared the Bible does not give Jews privileged rights to the land of Israel.

      "We Christians cannot speak of the 'promised land' as an exclusive right for a privileged Jewish people," said Archbishop Cyril Bustros, a native of Lebanon who is currently a Melkite Greek Catholic bishop in Newton, Mass.

      "This promise was nullified by Christ," Bustros said at a Vatican press conference marking the end of a two-week session of the Synod of Bishops. "There is no longer a chosen people -- all men and women of all countries have become the chosen people."

      Bustros' remark drew swift and strong rebukes from Israeli spokesmen.
      link to

    • If you mean by Caliphate an EU-like borderless trade union of arabic speaking and majority muslim peoples, organized with freedom of religion as in Islamic Spain, I would say this would be a good thing for the region in bringing stability and a deterrent , even if financial, to western aggression. This is generally called self determination when not forced from above.

      Also recall that Shariah is a legal system based upon religious (natural law) precepts , BUT administered by judges , will leeway on sentencing, most of the extreme punishments overlap with the Jewish halaka -Leviticus from a time without prisons and borders, in which non Muslims are exempt, and emigration out of the jurisdiction was completely voluntary. I do not know of any Jewish or Islamic courts in today's era which apply the Leviticus punishments --excepting of course the terrorist entities armed and funded outside of the religious traditions. I would much prefer to be administred under a Jewish halaka or Islamic shariah court than by the corrupt elite 'justice' system of chuck schumer and dershowitz, which by the way has created unprecedented numbers of incarcerated , even in comparison to mao and stalin;s gulags.

  • Where is the antiwar movement?
    • why won't progressives / liberals question the origin of ISIS , who arms them, who buys their oil , who provides medical assistance to the mercenaries, who runs the blue screen film production studios, where were they trained, what kind of jihadis know how to operate a black market trading center with oil tanker shipping logistics, truck transports somehow immune to us bombing attacks ?

      Naomi Wolff seems to be the only one asking questions, covered by th epeople editor Jenn Selby:

      Naomi Wolf reacts to criticism for Isis 'conspiracy theories' after she questions whether beheading videos are real

      link to

  • Maher lumps Islam with ISIS, and CNN's Cuomo says Aslan's 'primitive' tone proves Maher's point
    • the only opposition to pc speeech control and eternal orwellian 'progressive' war is localism , what weiss calls tribalism, eg extended families with a traditional code of ethics:

      Vatican rejects “chosen people” claim, calls on Israel to end “occupation”
      link to

    • Cole connects the dots :

      Maher ironically has de facto joined an Islamophobic network that is funded by the Mellon Scaife Foundation and other philanthropies tied to the American Enterprise Institute, etc. which is mainly made up of [zionist ] evangelical Christians, bigoted American Jews who would vote for the Likud Party if they could, and cynical Republican businessmen and politicians casting about for something with which to frighten working class Americans into voting for them.

      link to

    • I get the upper west side disdain for the religious preoccupations of fly over country gentiles and the shtetl orthodox , a kind of 'hold my nose' soft bigotry for the masses not smart enough to read or write for the NYT. But at least connect it to reality. Case in point, are the religious more violent than the secular, forgetting the obvious historical-political problems with that question, focus on the often cited example of women's rights, intimate partner violence., sexual harassment IN Europe it is not associated with 'progressive' values, quite the opposite:

      Despite stereotypes depicting Eastern and Southern European countries as having “macho” cultures, the European country with the lowest reported violence against women is Poland, with 19 percent. In fact, since 2005, Poland has had a dedicated Law on Domestic Violence and a nationwide program to increase awareness and provide support for abuse victims.

      The fact that the forward-thinking Nordic countries have such high rates of violence against women seems counterintuitive.
      Read more:

  • Bill de Blasio ruins the liberal Zionists' glorious hour
    • Weiss doesnt seem to see the implications here.

      Why can't progressives, liberal zionists take on the ideology of secular cosmopolitan transnationals privilege?

      Because privilege is the underlying raison d'etre of the entire project

      Its ugly.

      link to

  • Read the genocidal sermon a notable Atlanta rabbi gave this Rosh Hashanah
    • More genocidal incitement

      Maher, Sam Harris Battle Affleck, Kristof on Radical Islam

      link to

    • This is lliberal reform Judaism, rejecting traditional Judaism's moral teachings, all that is left is ruthless power seeking at any cost, including preventive nuclear genocide, and historical revisionist triumphalism in war - industrial killing of civilians without mercey:

      1. Laying the moral ground work for multiple Dresdens / Hiroshimas , industrial scale, mass preventive murder :

      Understand we are dealing with an irreconcilable enemy who wants our total destruction or submission. Compromise is not an option with such deadly fanatics. We are in greater peril today than we were in World War II. We made no apologies then, and [we ? ] crushed the Nazis and the Japanese utterly. It was an unconditional surrender.
      link to

      2. Notice the repitition of the Ginsberg meme of the Jews defeating Hitler
      Interview with Ben Ginsberg, author of How the Jews Defeated Hitler:
      link to

      3. The Rabbi is a liberal not an Orthodox religious Jew, he rejects traditional Judaism, eg holding his nose for the Christians:

      I know for some it’s uncomfortable and yes, their stand on choice, gay rights, etc. many of us find disturbing, but we must recognize the urgency of the da

    • my favorite AZ has pale skin and reddish hair, and probably gets a red neck when he farms in the sun.

      redneck Max Blumenthal

      the last kosher racial epithet

  • AIPAC rabbis stand up for racial justice in Michael Brown case
    • Naomi Wolff on Israel as the land given by G_d:

      Okay, so I was challenged below: "Read the Bible! God gave the land of Israel to the Jewish people." So....I may get crucified for this but I have started to say it -- most recently (terrified, trembling) to warm welcome in a synagogue in LA: Actually if you read Genesis Exodus and Deuteronomy in Hebrew -- as I do -- you see that God did not "give" Israel to the Jews/Israelites. We as Jews are raised with the creed that "God gave us the land of Israel" in Genesis -- and that ethnically 'we are the chosen people." But actually -- and I could not believe my eyes when I saw this, I checked my reading with major scholars and they confirmed it -- actually God's "covenant" in Genesis, Exodus and Deuteronomy with the Jewish people is NOT ABOUT AN ETHNICITY....

      link to

  • Netanyahu's 'poison' -- latest settlement will distance Israel's closest allies, State Dep't warns
    • The threat was reiterated on msnbc by Miller and Mitchell:

      Andrea MitchellVerified account ‏@mitchellreports

      Aaron David Miller warns Obama may face choice of military action to stop Iran nuclear program in 2015 if no deal or bad deal in talks

      link to

    • Obama is still stronger than Warren, and the kibbutzniki Bernie Sanders, the first Israeli to run for President.

      "“Obama is just more of the same, in my opinion. Did I hope for something different? Yes. I wished for something different, and I was delusional. I think that unfortunately, no matter who I’ve ever voted for, it’s been the lesser of the evils, and I’ve been grossly disappointed because they always have to get funding from somebody. AIPAC is always a big part of the funding source and Wall Street is the other big source. I’m sorry, but they’re owned. I don’t have any better hopes for Bernie Sanders or Liz Warren, although I had hopes at one point for both of them, but then I hear both of them stand up for Israel and I want to vomit,” said Baird."
      link to

      Sanders (born September 8, 1941) was born in Brooklyn, New York, the son of Polish Jewish immigrants. Sanders graduated with a B.A. in political science from the University of Chicago in 1964 and afterwards spent time working on a kibbutz in Israel.
      link to

  • 'Ethnic cleansing for a better world' -- Richard Cohen says Palestinians brought the Nakba on themselves
    • You have no idea. Cohen actually praised the post war gynocide in eastern europe. - a unspeakable thought crime to mention the hell of the allied victory:

      Kill! Kill! In the German race there is nothing but evil; not one among the living, not one among the yet unborn but is evil! Follow the precepts of Comrade Stalin. Stamp out the fascist beast once and for all in its lair! Use force and break the racial pride of these German women. Take them as your lawful booty. Kill! As you storm onward, kill, you gallant soldiers of the Red Army.
      Soviet papmlet, Thomas Goodrich’s Hellstorm:
      The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944–1947

      Putin, Peres unveil Netanya memorial honoring Red Army
      link to

    • Ask Chomsky, or Bernie Sanders about the Nakba, they were both Israelis when if was fresh in people's memory, Its not clear when Sanders was in Israel , graduated high school in 1959, graduated chicago 1964, if he was in Israel before graduation it was probably between Brooklyn college and Chicago, little more than 10 years after Der Yassim.

      "After graduating from the University of Chicago, Sanders spent time on an Israeli kibbutz around(?) 1963 – notably before the 1967 Six-Day War, when it was not common for American youngsters to spend time in Israel.

      Read more: link to

      If elected, he will be our first Israeli president.

  • NYT's opening to a 'fringe voice' excites rage from Israeli army, journalism, business leaders
  • The Greater Gaza Plan: Is Israel trying to force Palestinians into Sinai?
  • ISIS wants us to come in and bomb Arabs (Rouhani and Matthews agree)
    • Is an Israeli running for the Democratic Presidential party nomination ?

      Bernie Sanders who studied at James Madison Brooklyn [ Chuck Schumer ], Brooklyn College [Dershowitz]; After graduating from the University of Chicago, Sanders spent time on an Israeli kibbutz around 1963 – notably before the 1967 Six-Day War, when it was not common for American youngsters to spend time in Israel.

      link to

      Townhall : ‘Excuse Me! Shut Up!’: Bernie Sanders Defends Israel
      link to

      Sanders Mentor Prof. Sugarman:
      An unapologetic Zionist, Sugarman is left of center on every issue “except Israel.”
      link to

  • Lutheran activists fear new church leadership will stifle criticism of Israeli occupation
    • Jim Trafficant . read a few obits, not much discussion of his central issue, the Israeli owned traitors in the congress.

      weird how in a democracy , 'history' can be snitized.


  • Netanyahu heads to New York to ‘refute all the lies’ and praise ‘the most moral army in the world’
    • Hipsters have a ZOA chapter at Cooper Union ?

      Ruthie Lehmann, a Jewish senior at New York University, called Abbas’s planned speech a “disgrace,” especially given the large Jewish student population at Cooper Union, a design school in Manhattan’s East Village.

      The Zionist Organization of America students group is also protesting the speech, according to Zach Stern, the group’s Northeast campus coordinator who provided educational pamphlets for the protest.

      Read more: link to

  • Burke and Lincoln would have hated the special relationship
    • MW and others here neglect the domestic consequences of the special relationship between the West and a hostile transnational cosmopolitan elite (No, very few Jewish ethnics in this group ) :

      Bill Black: The New York Times Claims Opposing EU Austerity Leads to Anti-Semitism
      link to

      I once wrote a long piece about Yasser Arafat. One of his favorite sayings was, “We are not the red Indians.”

      I think the reason that the Palestinians weren’t the red Indians was that the Israelis weren’t the North Americans. Had they pursued a comprehensive campaign of extermination like the Americans and Australians did before them, then no one would be around to complain.


      You know, there’s an old joke: Three elderly Jewish Communists in the Bronx are talking. They’re in their eighties. One is in a wheelchair. So they say, “Abie Cohen, have you heard from him lately?” “Abie, he’s had some health problems but he’s living in Los Angeles in a nursing home, still working for socialism.” “All right, what about Mike Abramowitz, have you heard from him?” “Well, you know Mike is in rehab, he fell, he broke his hip, a lot of problems. But even in the nursing home he’s fighting for socialism!” So someone says, “What about Moe Goldberg?” “Oh, Moe, he moved to Israel, didn’t you know that?” “Well, is he fighting for socialism?” The guy answers, “In his own country? What kind of man do you think he is?!”

      So I think as Jewish humor often does, that captures the point that you made. I’ve actually had students say exactly this. They say, “How come in my high school we couldn’t sing Christmas carols; however, in Israel they can establish a religion?” And they believe that it was the Jews who brought this about in the United States. And are they wrong? No.

      link to

  • Schumer is obnoxious
  • Netanyahu erases the boundary between world Jewry and Israel in celebration of 'our country'
  • 'Civility' is for dancing classes, not universities, and is tool of pro-Israel political operatives -- Franke
    • And here are two of my favorites. Salaita agrees with me on national interest:

      1. Rednecks need a new slogan. Instead of “kick their ass and take their gas,” how about “#Gaza is a disaster, but Netanyahu is my master”?

      - See more at: link to

      what do you mean by red necks? do you mean light skinned people that work outside and get their necks burnt by the sun ? Unlike professors who have nice offices and AC?

      How is Netanyahu their master ? Does he supervise construction workers in Oklahoma ?
      then how does he get the rednecks in the ditch to work ? Please explain.

  • Rabbis want to criticize Israel but fear donors (and 'NYT' buries the news)
    • we need english speakers at mossad, please apply here :


      ​​Given the nature of the Mossad, the acceptance tests are complex and may take some time.
      The amount of time is subject to how suitable your personal details and your skills are for the position for which you are applying.

      Candidacy in English may be submitted without marking a specific position.

      Please note that the questionnaire may take some time to fill out.

      From here, you can continue to the candidacy submission screen.
      After filling out the form and submitting it, you will receive confirmation on your screen. At this stage, this is the only message you will receive. If you receive this confirmation, there is no need to resubmit.

      The CV questionnaire is used by the Mossad merely to check employment possibilities! The questionnaire will be stored and secured in our internal systems, and will be available to a limited authorized group of employees involved in recruitment, screening, and placement in the Mossad.

      Please note: Sending the questionnaire to other institutions in the service of the state will only be permitted if you approve this in the appropriate field in the questionnaire.
      link to

  • What Max Blumenthal saw in Gaza
    • Was this legal espionage?

      "Nitsana Darshan Leitner, a lawyer for one of the plaintiffs in the case, told the New York Observer that she wanted Cantor’s testimony because he had in 2013 discussed with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Israel’s refusal to allow a former Israeli intelligence official to testify in the case.

      Uzi Shaya, the former intelligence official, according to reports alerted Chinese security officials in 2005 to suspicious transactions, including transfers of money to terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad. "
      link to

  • Russell Tribunal on Palestine: Delegitmisation of Israeli apartheid has to happen in the courtroom too
  • Palestinian babies not included on Israel gov't list of most popular names
    • yes not fully of our concern:

      Jeffrey Goldberg ‏@JeffreyGoldberg 11h
      Say a prayer for the Westerners held hostage by ISIS.

      Maytha Alhassen ‏@mayalhassen 11h
      but not Syrians or Iraqis bc who cares about their subhuman lives? “@JeffreyGoldberg: Say a prayer for the Westerners held hostage by ISIS.”

      Nu'man El-Bakri ‏@numanelbakri 10h
      @JeffreyGoldberg @mayalhassen Tell that to all those Palestinian prisoners you tortured in jail. They'll appreciate the irony.

      TheRealJohnSeal ‏@TheRealJohnSeal 10h
      @JeffreyGoldberg Was that before or after you served as a concentration camp guard? @mayalhassen

      link to

  • Homegrown jihadis and the limits of the Israel lobby
    • There are foreign fighters , not just in the IDF, but embedded in the Pentagon and the mass market media , tied to ISIS -Syria invasion agenda are manifest. I am nost sure of these (Israeli?) experts on Islam / Arab culture, eg.

      Barak Barfi, Sotloff’s close friend and the official spokesman for the Sotloff family following Steven’s brutal murder this month at the hands of ISIS, told The Daily Beast in an interview that the group responsible for Sotloff’s detention and indirectly for his death is not only a part of the Free Syrian Army, but the same exact brigade that met with Sen. John McCain at that same border crossing only three months before.
      link to

      The Jewish Federation of Northeastern New York has announced a joint affinity society program on Sunday, Sept. 21, 7:15 p.m., at Agudat Achim Synagogue, 2117 Union St., Schenectady. Guest speaker, Barak Barfi, the New America Foundation Research Fellow specializing in Arab and Islamist affairs, will present on “Understanding the Arab Mindset and Strategies.”
      link to

      Imagine "The Jewish Mindset and Strategies ", a talk by Hipster Hitler (Save the Panzers)

      link to

  • Hamas is just as bad as ISIS and worse than Boko Haram -- Israeli government propaganda
    • Its sickening when religious people express hatred and bigotry as religiously sanctioned . This includes Muslims, Buddhists, etc and lately many liberal Christians.

      case in point, the ignorant 'christian' bigot Rod Dreher. Someone should write an analysis of his articles repeatedlu dripping with racial animus and incitement.

      The Arab Barbarians, The American Conservative
      link to

  • Did Snowden blow the whistle because of the US special relationship with Israel?
    • I dont know why, but it seems the reporters are dodging the actual story of where this information is being used, even JTA gets it, but they left out the Council on Foreign Relations Greenberg criminal syndicate.

      Mark Brener, the alleged pimp at the center of the prostitution scandal engulfing Spitzer, is an Israeli.

      Spitzer, once seen as a strong candidate to be the first Jewish president, built his career as an anti-crime, anti-corruption crusader. Most of his cases were high-profile Wall Street targets, but during his eight-year stint as state attorney general, Spitzer’s office also investigated at least two Jewish organizations, the National Council of Young Israel and the World Jewish Congress.

      In both cases, Spitzer’s office found what it deemed examples of misused funds and reached an agreement limiting the future involvement of a longtime leader of the organization in question.

      Read more: link to

      Eliot Spitzer Sued By Hank Greenberg, Former AIG CEO, For Defamation
      link to

      Launch of the Maurice R. Greenberg Center for Geoeconomic Studies with Vice President Dick Cheney
      link to

  • Yale president's office was involved from the gitgo in blowup over Yale chaplain's letter
    • At Unz review, ethnocentrists K. MacDonal and Steve Sailer are now discussing the validity of calling attention to the foreign miitary IDF connections of David Brooks and other american commentators, evidently following Mondoweiss

      Ethnic Extremist Leaves U.S. to Fight in Middle Eastern Tribal War
      By Steve Sailer • September 25, 2014
      link to

      From the Jewish Journal of Greater L.A. (via MondoWeiss):
      David Brooks’ Son Is In the Israeli Army: Does It Matter?
      by Rob Eshman

      Steve Sailer on the need for criticism of Jewish loyalty
      Kevin MacDonald on September 26, 2014 — Leave a Comment

  • US Congressman Danny Davis calls for lifting the blockade of Gaza
    • un report on Israeli aid to al nusrah in golan

      link to

    • Look deeper than skin color. Obama is rainbow, as is Israel, now providing support to Al Qaeda on the Golan:

      The UN remarks came in a report by its Secretary General on the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) during the period from May 29th to September 3rd 2014.

      The report said that members of the so-called “armed opposition” transported 47 of its wounded members through “the ceasefire line” and handed them to the “Israeli army”, indicating that the “Israeli army” handed 43 of the wounded who were treated at the Israeli hospitals to the armed terrorist organizations.

      link to

      Foreign Policy mag/ june 2014 Exclusive: Israel Is Tending to Wounded Syrian Rebels
      link to

      Report: UN pulling out peacekeepers from Syrian side of Golan Heights
      link to

  • 'Stop$30Billion' coalition unveils new digital billboard in Albuquerque, NM
    • Report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force for the period from 29 May to 3 September 2014
      {Israeli air and medical support to al nusrah on the Golan separation area]

      link to

    • you omitted a crucial pillar of Begin / Israeli intelligence-military tactics

      "Members of the Irgun, commanded by Yosef Avni and Yisrael Levi [1] and dressed as Arabs and as the Hotel's distinctive Sudanese waiters, planted a bomb in the basement of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, part of which was being used as the base for the Mandate Secretariat, the British military headquarters and a branch of the police Criminal Investigation Division. 91 people were killed, most of them staff of the secretariat and the hotel: 28 British, 41 Arab, 17 Jewish, and 5 other. Around 45 people were injured."
      link to

      False Flag - Foreign Policy
      link to

      Exclusive: Israel Is Tending to Wounded Syrian Rebels
      link to

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