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  • Israeli army kills 14-year old Palestinian with U.S. citizenship
    • Israel would not exist without the founding support of arms, money, and propaganda that flowed from the American diaspora community (primarily) , and this same community has come to dominate the same industrial functions in the USA. The heads of the two snakes are joined, siamese twins, and the greater secular liberal populations of both countries share a violent hatred for the foreign other, whhile significant portions of both countries have an organized religious community seeking a messianic apocolypse, usually involving weapons of mass destruction- a samson option . The european allies seem to go along with the agenda quite agreeably.

      Its unfair to single out the sicness of Israeli society-- Israel is just the point of the spear.

      Chris Hedges Interviews Noam Chomsky

  • Allegations of anti-Semitism used to cover up anti-Palestinian hate crime in Brooklyn
    • "because the Palestinian Solidarity Movement is actively denouncing all form of racism, intolerance and bigotry to distinguish itself as a universal movement. "..

      except broad brush stereotyping of white gentiles, eg

      "White males post video of assault on a woman of color, then blame victim.
      But what's new?"

      recalls Jon Stewart talking about white privilege without once mentioning other forms of privilege

      link to

    • I understand Christians are funding the emigration of Zionist Jews from America to Israel, is there any way we can nominate the Petlack family for priority seating ? Is there a crowd funding donation soruce ?

      Christian Evangelicals' mass aliyah push touches Jewish nerve
      The group’s plan has set off a furious controversy on multiple levels.
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  • 'NYT' can't keep its story straight on anti-Semitism in Germany
    • North and Weiss can easily reconcile the NYT reports Indigeneous Europeans resent Russian-Israeli displacement, privilege, and sometimes criminality, and Israelis appreciate the same opportunities .

      This explains the self segregation described above, but there is another factor, Israeli (Russian sic) organized crime. in Europe, in which Berlin functions as HQ,. This has attracted US State dept concern.

      ¶20. (SBU) Israel's multi-ethnic population provides a deep well of
      opportunity for Israeli OC to expand into new territory. Most
      Israeli crime families trace their roots to North Africa or Eastern
      Europe, and many of their Israeli operatives hold foreign passports
      allowing them to move freely in European countries, most of which
      participate in the visa waiver program with the United States.
      Approximately one million Russians moved to Israel following the
      dissolution of the Soviet Union, and Russian citizens no longer
      require visas to enter Israel. Many Russian oligarchs of Jewish
      origin and Jewish members of OC groups have received Israeli
      citizenship, or at least maintain residences in the country. Little
      is known about the full extent of Russian criminal activity in
      Israel, but sources in the police estimate that Russian OC has
      laundered as much as USD 10 billion through Israeli holdings. While
      most Israeli OC families are native-born and the stereotype that
      Russian immigrants tend to be mobsters is greatly overblown,
      indigenous OC groups routinely employ "muscle" from the former
      Soviet Union.

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      Berlin is the centre of the Russian mafia in Europe

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  • AIPAC rabbi calls for 'militant nonviolent resistance' to racial injustice in St. Louis
  • As Kerry scrambles to prevent Palestinian action at UN, Israeli govt makes clear it will never accept Palestinian state
    • "my own government"
      that's insane:


      "I’m a field Negro. The masses are the field Negroes. When they see this man’s house on fire, you don’t hear these little Negroes talking about “our government is in trouble.” They say, “The government is in trouble.” Imagine a Negro: “Our government”! I even heard one say “our astronauts.” They won’t even let him near the plant — and “our astronauts”! “Our Navy” — that’s a Negro that’s out of his mind. That’s a Negro that’s out of his mind."

  • The Missing Context: 'Islamic State' sectarianism is not coincidental 
    • What if ISIS is just mercs, eg Blackwater / FSA, with an online branding campaign to provoke a US intervention ( the fake syrian gas attacks not having worked ) ?

      Naomi Wolf
      It is unusual for a terrorist group to have an…"English-language online magazine" which features its own atrocities as content…but very sophisticated PR.

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    • Isnt sectarian code for multicultural , the same divide and conquer they use in europe?

    • Does not a One State solution Greater Israel , with limited west bank autonomy freezing arab electoral power, achieve the same solution?

      How come Electronic Intifada cant figure that one out.

  • 'Progressive' rabbi ascribes Roger Waters's concern with 500 Palestinian child victims to rocker's alleged drug use
    • Progressive except Palestine PEPs may be Gibeonites:

      " “Maimonides, Laws of Forbidden Relationships, Chapter 19, Law 17.” In that chapter, Maimonides states that Jews are not supposed to marry gentiles. He further states that if you meet a Jew with certain character traits, you should doubt that they are really Jews. Even if you meet a person whose family tree is Jewish all the way up, if they display certain traits, Maimonides says that you shouldn’t marry them for fear that they can’t really be Jews. He states:

      “Similarly, whenever a person is characterized by insolence and cruelty, hating people and not showing kindness to them, we seriously suspect that he is a Gibeonite. For the distinguishing signs of the holy nation of Israel is that they are meek, merciful and kind.”

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  • Israel's Dead Soul: Steven Salaita's critical scholarship explains his dismissal from the University of Illinois
    • He's implying, but not stating outright, a conclusion others have reached, the link between multiculturalism and zionism, the former flowing from the latter:

      "My point here is not to suggest that Zionism corrupts multiculturalism, though that is likely the case, at least in the abstract. I suggest instead the possibility that multiculturalism itself is problematic because it so easily accommodates Zionism (and other troublesome ideologies). Is the point of multiculturalism to oppose unjust power and racism? Or is it to provide spaces within institutions where ethnic minorities can escape racism? What is the point of using multicultural apparatuses to promote Israel as the apogee of Jewishness? -

      No, zionism did not corrupt multiculturalism, MC is a weapon of Zionism: it breaks up national, religious class identities and replaces those unities with ghettoized skin color and sexual role identities, easily manipulated into ineffective divisive splintered body politics.

      How can we explain the Progressive except Palestine ideology, the NAACP as an organization founded and maintained by zionism, the MC embrace of an organization called 'La Raza', the race. ?

      Balkanization, supremacism, choseness for all, and none, at the same time. The ideology of transnational corporations - all reduced to Benetton skin color, sexual expression, and consumerism fetishes.

  • Andrew Sullivan should stop giving a pass to Sam Harris and Bill Maher's bigotry
    • its accelerating

      Gary Cass at charisma mag
      Why right-wing Christians are actively promoting genocide
      A leading Evangelical magazine is calling for the destruction of Islam. It's not the outlier we might like to think

      link to

      Radical Right Wing Christians Who Supported the Iraq War Want to Convert, Deport and Kill Muslims

      link to

      Cass also doesnt like Jews very much:

      The temerity of some Jews to demand that a prayer for the conversion of the Jews be stricken from the prayers of the church is astonishing," said Cass. "For two thousand years Israeli Jews have renounced Christ and Christians. Jewish teachers have belittled Christ and Christians in the most strident terms in their sacred writings, the Talmud. I do not see these same Jews demanding anti-Christian texts be removed from their Talmud."

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    • Sullivan and his extremist caricature Rod Dreher both come out of the Israeli peretz young man at the TNR line of conservatism, as do many clever writers and defenders of Israel

      Why Anders Breivik's Manifesto Mentions Me
      By Rod Dreher

      link to

      Noah Millamn on Dreher and Sullivan

      Dreher and Sullivan alike are Christians. I’m not. They assume that Jesus’s call to “turn the other cheek” means that Christianity has acted as a historic brake on violence. As a Jew, I have to question that assumption. After all, the number of Christian countries in history that have been governed according to principles of non-violence is exactly zero. Someone from a religious tradition whose founding texts articulated rules about when violence is justified or permitted might look at the long history of Christian violence – not just violence by Christians, but violence undertaken with the Church’s encouragement and undertaken in the name of Jesus – and say: gee, maybe saying “turn the other cheek” backfires, makes all violence seem equally sinful, and therefore opens the gate to truly horrific behavior?

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  • Tablet types Rev. Shipman as elite, anti-semitic WASP
    • an elite built on usury, banal entertainment, gaming, and tech toys , of any religion, will always be crass and seek to displace the culture of building things and agriculture, old ways. History repeats itself:

      "Austrians may not have known exactly what it meant to be Austrian, but their search for an identity “developed within the bounds of an already shaky political framework that gained stability when defined in terms of Jewish difference” (p. 9). Jews were “in danger of becoming shut out of a definition of Austrianness that unified its otherwise fractured political and ethnic elements under one anti-Semitic rubric” (p. 9). If nothing else, interwar Austrians could agree that being Austrian meant being “not Jewish.” Additionally, Jewish difference played into the dichotomy between the provinces and Vienna. Whereas the provinces, and those who populated them, defined themselves as rural, traditional, Catholic, and thus truly “Austrian,” they coded “Red Vienna” as their opposite, a “dangerous ‘Jewish’ metropolis—superficial, ugly, crass, corrupt, depraved, socialist, capitalist, materialist, decadent, modern, and immoral,"
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  • Wiesel lauds settlers for 'strengthening the Jewish presence in Jerusalem' -- and expelling Palestinians
    • The Society of Jesus was the religious order with the largest number of prisoners in Dachau. There were 26 Jesuit priests in the camp, not counting Jesuit lay brothers and seminarians. Because they were so numerous, the Jesuits formed their own community and elected a superior, Fr. Leo DeConinck, SJ, of Belgium. After the war, Fr. DeConinck described his jailers and tormentors: "Never before Dachau had I seen real hatred: eyes aflame with wickedness, mouths twisted in anger at the mere sight of a priest. "

      Elie Wiesel, who was a child when he was sent to Auschwitz, has said: "Not all victims [of the Nazis] were Jews, but all Jews were victims.... They were doomed not because of something they had done or proclaimed or acquired but because of who they were." This statement is equally true of the Slavs and the Gypsies whom the Nazis had also marked for extermination. In time, if the Third Reich had triumphed, it might have become true for all Christians, since Hitler saw the Church as an implacable enemy.
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  • Ofra Yeshua-Lyth and the case for a new Israeli left
    • We can still preserve privilege in a secular democratic multicultural state; indeed this is the optimal solution for power with the facade of democracy.

      New York city is the perfect example of a one state solution, indeed one party solution , rule by plutocrats.


  • NY rabbi implores those in her congregation who are joining Israel's enemies to love the country
    • No its not an Israeli [rabbinic] prohibition, its part of the religion itself, which does permit femal leadership roles . Whether reform Judaism is actually part of historic Judaism is another question.

      Kohl Finegold and two other women made history in June by being the first women to graduate from the Yeshiva Maharat—a four-year program created in New York in 2009 to ordain Orthodox women as spiritual leaders and in the Jewish community.

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      New York - ADL Calls On Israeli Knesset Member To Apologize For Saying Reform ‘Is Not Jewish’
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  • Following shocking sermon, Atlanta JVP calls on area rabbis to challenge racism in Jewish community
    • Not according to the Jewish encyclopedia :

      The name "Molech," later corrupted into "Moloch," is an intentional mispointing of "Melek," after the analogy of "bosheth" (comp. Hoffmann in Stade's "Zeitschrift," iii. 124). As to the rites which the worshipers of Molech performed, it has sometimes been inferred, from the phrase "pass through the fire to Molech," that children were made to pass between two lines of fire as a kind of consecration or februation; but it is clear from Isa. lvii. 5 and Jer. xix. 5 that the children were killed and burned. The whole point of the offering consisted, therefore, in the fact that it was a human sacrifice. From Jer. vii. 31 and Ezek. xx. 25, 26, it is evident that both prophets regarded these human sacrifices as extraordinary offerings to Yhwh. Jeremiah declares that Yhwh had not commanded them, while Ezekiel says Yhwh polluted the Israelites in their offerings by permitting them to sacrifice their first-born, so that through chastisement they might know that Yhwh was Yhwh. The fact, therefore, now generally accepted by critical scholars, is that in the last days of the kingdom human sacrifices were offered to Yhwh as King or Counselor of the nation and that the Prophets disapproved of it and denounced it because it was introduced from outside as an imitation of a heathen cult and because of its barbarity. In course of time the pointing of "Melek" was changed to "Molech" to still further stigmatize the rites.

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    • recall, this is a liberal rabbi in a liberal community.

      andrew sullivan , sam harris, and bill maher are one with this community.

      as are the humanitarian interventionists

      some one besides Gilad Atzmon must speak on the idea of Judaism-Christianity without Torah, the identity politics of reform at churches and synagogues, , and why this has resulted in modern violent neo colonialism, at home and abroad.

  • David Brooks's son joining Israel army is an 'extreme case' -- NYT public editor
    • Talk is cheap, why aren't you taking action? Show me what you've done to actually stop Ebola. And if enough Muslims had really condemned Ebola like you claim, it wouldn't be spreading, now would it?

      Redditors mock 'Islamophobia' by denouncing a deadly virus.
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  • U.S. life insurance company underwrites Israeli colonel's talk on his army's 'moral high ground' in Gaza
  • Fineman and Robinson blast Sam Harris and HBO for promoting ignorance about Islam
    • VATICAN CITY (RNS) A special Vatican meeting on the Middle East ended Saturday (Oct. 23) with a flare-up in Catholic-Jewish tensions, after an American bishop declared the Bible does not give Jews privileged rights to the land of Israel.

      "We Christians cannot speak of the 'promised land' as an exclusive right for a privileged Jewish people," said Archbishop Cyril Bustros, a native of Lebanon who is currently a Melkite Greek Catholic bishop in Newton, Mass.

      "This promise was nullified by Christ," Bustros said at a Vatican press conference marking the end of a two-week session of the Synod of Bishops. "There is no longer a chosen people -- all men and women of all countries have become the chosen people."

      Bustros' remark drew swift and strong rebukes from Israeli spokesmen.
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    • If you mean by Caliphate an EU-like borderless trade union of arabic speaking and majority muslim peoples, organized with freedom of religion as in Islamic Spain, I would say this would be a good thing for the region in bringing stability and a deterrent , even if financial, to western aggression. This is generally called self determination when not forced from above.

      Also recall that Shariah is a legal system based upon religious (natural law) precepts , BUT administered by judges , will leeway on sentencing, most of the extreme punishments overlap with the Jewish halaka -Leviticus from a time without prisons and borders, in which non Muslims are exempt, and emigration out of the jurisdiction was completely voluntary. I do not know of any Jewish or Islamic courts in today's era which apply the Leviticus punishments --excepting of course the terrorist entities armed and funded outside of the religious traditions. I would much prefer to be administred under a Jewish halaka or Islamic shariah court than by the corrupt elite 'justice' system of chuck schumer and dershowitz, which by the way has created unprecedented numbers of incarcerated , even in comparison to mao and stalin;s gulags.

  • Where is the antiwar movement?
    • why won't progressives / liberals question the origin of ISIS , who arms them, who buys their oil , who provides medical assistance to the mercenaries, who runs the blue screen film production studios, where were they trained, what kind of jihadis know how to operate a black market trading center with oil tanker shipping logistics, truck transports somehow immune to us bombing attacks ?

      Naomi Wolff seems to be the only one asking questions, covered by th epeople editor Jenn Selby:

      Naomi Wolf reacts to criticism for Isis 'conspiracy theories' after she questions whether beheading videos are real

      link to

  • Maher lumps Islam with ISIS, and CNN's Cuomo says Aslan's 'primitive' tone proves Maher's point
    • the only opposition to pc speeech control and eternal orwellian 'progressive' war is localism , what weiss calls tribalism, eg extended families with a traditional code of ethics:

      Vatican rejects “chosen people” claim, calls on Israel to end “occupation”
      link to

    • Cole connects the dots :

      Maher ironically has de facto joined an Islamophobic network that is funded by the Mellon Scaife Foundation and other philanthropies tied to the American Enterprise Institute, etc. which is mainly made up of [zionist ] evangelical Christians, bigoted American Jews who would vote for the Likud Party if they could, and cynical Republican businessmen and politicians casting about for something with which to frighten working class Americans into voting for them.

      link to

    • I get the upper west side disdain for the religious preoccupations of fly over country gentiles and the shtetl orthodox , a kind of 'hold my nose' soft bigotry for the masses not smart enough to read or write for the NYT. But at least connect it to reality. Case in point, are the religious more violent than the secular, forgetting the obvious historical-political problems with that question, focus on the often cited example of women's rights, intimate partner violence., sexual harassment IN Europe it is not associated with 'progressive' values, quite the opposite:

      Despite stereotypes depicting Eastern and Southern European countries as having “macho” cultures, the European country with the lowest reported violence against women is Poland, with 19 percent. In fact, since 2005, Poland has had a dedicated Law on Domestic Violence and a nationwide program to increase awareness and provide support for abuse victims.

      The fact that the forward-thinking Nordic countries have such high rates of violence against women seems counterintuitive.
      Read more:

  • Bill de Blasio ruins the liberal Zionists' glorious hour
    • Weiss doesnt seem to see the implications here.

      Why can't progressives, liberal zionists take on the ideology of secular cosmopolitan transnationals privilege?

      Because privilege is the underlying raison d'etre of the entire project

      Its ugly.

      link to

  • Read the genocidal sermon a notable Atlanta rabbi gave this Rosh Hashanah
    • More genocidal incitement

      Maher, Sam Harris Battle Affleck, Kristof on Radical Islam

      link to

    • This is lliberal reform Judaism, rejecting traditional Judaism's moral teachings, all that is left is ruthless power seeking at any cost, including preventive nuclear genocide, and historical revisionist triumphalism in war - industrial killing of civilians without mercey:

      1. Laying the moral ground work for multiple Dresdens / Hiroshimas , industrial scale, mass preventive murder :

      Understand we are dealing with an irreconcilable enemy who wants our total destruction or submission. Compromise is not an option with such deadly fanatics. We are in greater peril today than we were in World War II. We made no apologies then, and [we ? ] crushed the Nazis and the Japanese utterly. It was an unconditional surrender.
      link to

      2. Notice the repitition of the Ginsberg meme of the Jews defeating Hitler
      Interview with Ben Ginsberg, author of How the Jews Defeated Hitler:
      link to

      3. The Rabbi is a liberal not an Orthodox religious Jew, he rejects traditional Judaism, eg holding his nose for the Christians:

      I know for some it’s uncomfortable and yes, their stand on choice, gay rights, etc. many of us find disturbing, but we must recognize the urgency of the da

    • my favorite AZ has pale skin and reddish hair, and probably gets a red neck when he farms in the sun.

      redneck Max Blumenthal

      the last kosher racial epithet

  • AIPAC rabbis stand up for racial justice in Michael Brown case
    • Naomi Wolff on Israel as the land given by G_d:

      Okay, so I was challenged below: "Read the Bible! God gave the land of Israel to the Jewish people." So....I may get crucified for this but I have started to say it -- most recently (terrified, trembling) to warm welcome in a synagogue in LA: Actually if you read Genesis Exodus and Deuteronomy in Hebrew -- as I do -- you see that God did not "give" Israel to the Jews/Israelites. We as Jews are raised with the creed that "God gave us the land of Israel" in Genesis -- and that ethnically 'we are the chosen people." But actually -- and I could not believe my eyes when I saw this, I checked my reading with major scholars and they confirmed it -- actually God's "covenant" in Genesis, Exodus and Deuteronomy with the Jewish people is NOT ABOUT AN ETHNICITY....

      link to

  • Netanyahu's 'poison' -- latest settlement will distance Israel's closest allies, State Dep't warns
    • The threat was reiterated on msnbc by Miller and Mitchell:

      Andrea MitchellVerified account ‏@mitchellreports

      Aaron David Miller warns Obama may face choice of military action to stop Iran nuclear program in 2015 if no deal or bad deal in talks

      link to

    • Obama is still stronger than Warren, and the kibbutzniki Bernie Sanders, the first Israeli to run for President.

      "“Obama is just more of the same, in my opinion. Did I hope for something different? Yes. I wished for something different, and I was delusional. I think that unfortunately, no matter who I’ve ever voted for, it’s been the lesser of the evils, and I’ve been grossly disappointed because they always have to get funding from somebody. AIPAC is always a big part of the funding source and Wall Street is the other big source. I’m sorry, but they’re owned. I don’t have any better hopes for Bernie Sanders or Liz Warren, although I had hopes at one point for both of them, but then I hear both of them stand up for Israel and I want to vomit,” said Baird."
      link to

      Sanders (born September 8, 1941) was born in Brooklyn, New York, the son of Polish Jewish immigrants. Sanders graduated with a B.A. in political science from the University of Chicago in 1964 and afterwards spent time working on a kibbutz in Israel.
      link to

  • 'Ethnic cleansing for a better world' -- Richard Cohen says Palestinians brought the Nakba on themselves
    • You have no idea. Cohen actually praised the post war gynocide in eastern europe. - a unspeakable thought crime to mention the hell of the allied victory:

      Kill! Kill! In the German race there is nothing but evil; not one among the living, not one among the yet unborn but is evil! Follow the precepts of Comrade Stalin. Stamp out the fascist beast once and for all in its lair! Use force and break the racial pride of these German women. Take them as your lawful booty. Kill! As you storm onward, kill, you gallant soldiers of the Red Army.
      Soviet papmlet, Thomas Goodrich’s Hellstorm:
      The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944–1947

      Putin, Peres unveil Netanya memorial honoring Red Army
      link to

    • Ask Chomsky, or Bernie Sanders about the Nakba, they were both Israelis when if was fresh in people's memory, Its not clear when Sanders was in Israel , graduated high school in 1959, graduated chicago 1964, if he was in Israel before graduation it was probably between Brooklyn college and Chicago, little more than 10 years after Der Yassim.

      "After graduating from the University of Chicago, Sanders spent time on an Israeli kibbutz around(?) 1963 – notably before the 1967 Six-Day War, when it was not common for American youngsters to spend time in Israel.

      Read more: link to

      If elected, he will be our first Israeli president.

  • NYT's opening to a 'fringe voice' excites rage from Israeli army, journalism, business leaders
  • The Greater Gaza Plan: Is Israel trying to force Palestinians into Sinai?
  • ISIS wants us to come in and bomb Arabs (Rouhani and Matthews agree)
    • Is an Israeli running for the Democratic Presidential party nomination ?

      Bernie Sanders who studied at James Madison Brooklyn [ Chuck Schumer ], Brooklyn College [Dershowitz]; After graduating from the University of Chicago, Sanders spent time on an Israeli kibbutz around 1963 – notably before the 1967 Six-Day War, when it was not common for American youngsters to spend time in Israel.

      link to

      Townhall : ‘Excuse Me! Shut Up!’: Bernie Sanders Defends Israel
      link to

      Sanders Mentor Prof. Sugarman:
      An unapologetic Zionist, Sugarman is left of center on every issue “except Israel.”
      link to

  • Lutheran activists fear new church leadership will stifle criticism of Israeli occupation
    • Jim Trafficant . read a few obits, not much discussion of his central issue, the Israeli owned traitors in the congress.

      weird how in a democracy , 'history' can be snitized.


  • Netanyahu heads to New York to ‘refute all the lies’ and praise ‘the most moral army in the world’
    • Hipsters have a ZOA chapter at Cooper Union ?

      Ruthie Lehmann, a Jewish senior at New York University, called Abbas’s planned speech a “disgrace,” especially given the large Jewish student population at Cooper Union, a design school in Manhattan’s East Village.

      The Zionist Organization of America students group is also protesting the speech, according to Zach Stern, the group’s Northeast campus coordinator who provided educational pamphlets for the protest.

      Read more: link to

  • Burke and Lincoln would have hated the special relationship
    • MW and others here neglect the domestic consequences of the special relationship between the West and a hostile transnational cosmopolitan elite (No, very few Jewish ethnics in this group ) :

      Bill Black: The New York Times Claims Opposing EU Austerity Leads to Anti-Semitism
      link to

      I once wrote a long piece about Yasser Arafat. One of his favorite sayings was, “We are not the red Indians.”

      I think the reason that the Palestinians weren’t the red Indians was that the Israelis weren’t the North Americans. Had they pursued a comprehensive campaign of extermination like the Americans and Australians did before them, then no one would be around to complain.


      You know, there’s an old joke: Three elderly Jewish Communists in the Bronx are talking. They’re in their eighties. One is in a wheelchair. So they say, “Abie Cohen, have you heard from him lately?” “Abie, he’s had some health problems but he’s living in Los Angeles in a nursing home, still working for socialism.” “All right, what about Mike Abramowitz, have you heard from him?” “Well, you know Mike is in rehab, he fell, he broke his hip, a lot of problems. But even in the nursing home he’s fighting for socialism!” So someone says, “What about Moe Goldberg?” “Oh, Moe, he moved to Israel, didn’t you know that?” “Well, is he fighting for socialism?” The guy answers, “In his own country? What kind of man do you think he is?!”

      So I think as Jewish humor often does, that captures the point that you made. I’ve actually had students say exactly this. They say, “How come in my high school we couldn’t sing Christmas carols; however, in Israel they can establish a religion?” And they believe that it was the Jews who brought this about in the United States. And are they wrong? No.

      link to

  • Schumer is obnoxious
  • Netanyahu erases the boundary between world Jewry and Israel in celebration of 'our country'
  • 'Civility' is for dancing classes, not universities, and is tool of pro-Israel political operatives -- Franke
    • And here are two of my favorites. Salaita agrees with me on national interest:

      1. Rednecks need a new slogan. Instead of “kick their ass and take their gas,” how about “#Gaza is a disaster, but Netanyahu is my master”?

      - See more at: link to

      what do you mean by red necks? do you mean light skinned people that work outside and get their necks burnt by the sun ? Unlike professors who have nice offices and AC?

      How is Netanyahu their master ? Does he supervise construction workers in Oklahoma ?
      then how does he get the rednecks in the ditch to work ? Please explain.

  • Rabbis want to criticize Israel but fear donors (and 'NYT' buries the news)
    • we need english speakers at mossad, please apply here :


      ​​Given the nature of the Mossad, the acceptance tests are complex and may take some time.
      The amount of time is subject to how suitable your personal details and your skills are for the position for which you are applying.

      Candidacy in English may be submitted without marking a specific position.

      Please note that the questionnaire may take some time to fill out.

      From here, you can continue to the candidacy submission screen.
      After filling out the form and submitting it, you will receive confirmation on your screen. At this stage, this is the only message you will receive. If you receive this confirmation, there is no need to resubmit.

      The CV questionnaire is used by the Mossad merely to check employment possibilities! The questionnaire will be stored and secured in our internal systems, and will be available to a limited authorized group of employees involved in recruitment, screening, and placement in the Mossad.

      Please note: Sending the questionnaire to other institutions in the service of the state will only be permitted if you approve this in the appropriate field in the questionnaire.
      link to

  • What Max Blumenthal saw in Gaza
    • Was this legal espionage?

      "Nitsana Darshan Leitner, a lawyer for one of the plaintiffs in the case, told the New York Observer that she wanted Cantor’s testimony because he had in 2013 discussed with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Israel’s refusal to allow a former Israeli intelligence official to testify in the case.

      Uzi Shaya, the former intelligence official, according to reports alerted Chinese security officials in 2005 to suspicious transactions, including transfers of money to terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad. "
      link to

  • Russell Tribunal on Palestine: Delegitmisation of Israeli apartheid has to happen in the courtroom too
  • Palestinian babies not included on Israel gov't list of most popular names
    • yes not fully of our concern:

      Jeffrey Goldberg ‏@JeffreyGoldberg 11h
      Say a prayer for the Westerners held hostage by ISIS.

      Maytha Alhassen ‏@mayalhassen 11h
      but not Syrians or Iraqis bc who cares about their subhuman lives? “@JeffreyGoldberg: Say a prayer for the Westerners held hostage by ISIS.”

      Nu'man El-Bakri ‏@numanelbakri 10h
      @JeffreyGoldberg @mayalhassen Tell that to all those Palestinian prisoners you tortured in jail. They'll appreciate the irony.

      TheRealJohnSeal ‏@TheRealJohnSeal 10h
      @JeffreyGoldberg Was that before or after you served as a concentration camp guard? @mayalhassen

      link to

  • Homegrown jihadis and the limits of the Israel lobby
    • There are foreign fighters , not just in the IDF, but embedded in the Pentagon and the mass market media , tied to ISIS -Syria invasion agenda are manifest. I am nost sure of these (Israeli?) experts on Islam / Arab culture, eg.

      Barak Barfi, Sotloff’s close friend and the official spokesman for the Sotloff family following Steven’s brutal murder this month at the hands of ISIS, told The Daily Beast in an interview that the group responsible for Sotloff’s detention and indirectly for his death is not only a part of the Free Syrian Army, but the same exact brigade that met with Sen. John McCain at that same border crossing only three months before.
      link to

      The Jewish Federation of Northeastern New York has announced a joint affinity society program on Sunday, Sept. 21, 7:15 p.m., at Agudat Achim Synagogue, 2117 Union St., Schenectady. Guest speaker, Barak Barfi, the New America Foundation Research Fellow specializing in Arab and Islamist affairs, will present on “Understanding the Arab Mindset and Strategies.”
      link to

      Imagine "The Jewish Mindset and Strategies ", a talk by Hipster Hitler (Save the Panzers)

      link to

  • Hamas is just as bad as ISIS and worse than Boko Haram -- Israeli government propaganda
    • Its sickening when religious people express hatred and bigotry as religiously sanctioned . This includes Muslims, Buddhists, etc and lately many liberal Christians.

      case in point, the ignorant 'christian' bigot Rod Dreher. Someone should write an analysis of his articles repeatedlu dripping with racial animus and incitement.

      The Arab Barbarians, The American Conservative
      link to

  • Did Snowden blow the whistle because of the US special relationship with Israel?
    • I dont know why, but it seems the reporters are dodging the actual story of where this information is being used, even JTA gets it, but they left out the Council on Foreign Relations Greenberg criminal syndicate.

      Mark Brener, the alleged pimp at the center of the prostitution scandal engulfing Spitzer, is an Israeli.

      Spitzer, once seen as a strong candidate to be the first Jewish president, built his career as an anti-crime, anti-corruption crusader. Most of his cases were high-profile Wall Street targets, but during his eight-year stint as state attorney general, Spitzer’s office also investigated at least two Jewish organizations, the National Council of Young Israel and the World Jewish Congress.

      In both cases, Spitzer’s office found what it deemed examples of misused funds and reached an agreement limiting the future involvement of a longtime leader of the organization in question.

      Read more: link to

      Eliot Spitzer Sued By Hank Greenberg, Former AIG CEO, For Defamation
      link to

      Launch of the Maurice R. Greenberg Center for Geoeconomic Studies with Vice President Dick Cheney
      link to

  • Yale president's office was involved from the gitgo in blowup over Yale chaplain's letter
    • At Unz review, ethnocentrists K. MacDonal and Steve Sailer are now discussing the validity of calling attention to the foreign miitary IDF connections of David Brooks and other american commentators, evidently following Mondoweiss

      Ethnic Extremist Leaves U.S. to Fight in Middle Eastern Tribal War
      By Steve Sailer • September 25, 2014
      link to

      From the Jewish Journal of Greater L.A. (via MondoWeiss):
      David Brooks’ Son Is In the Israeli Army: Does It Matter?
      by Rob Eshman

      Steve Sailer on the need for criticism of Jewish loyalty
      Kevin MacDonald on September 26, 2014 — Leave a Comment

  • US Congressman Danny Davis calls for lifting the blockade of Gaza
    • un report on Israeli aid to al nusrah in golan

      link to

    • Look deeper than skin color. Obama is rainbow, as is Israel, now providing support to Al Qaeda on the Golan:

      The UN remarks came in a report by its Secretary General on the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) during the period from May 29th to September 3rd 2014.

      The report said that members of the so-called “armed opposition” transported 47 of its wounded members through “the ceasefire line” and handed them to the “Israeli army”, indicating that the “Israeli army” handed 43 of the wounded who were treated at the Israeli hospitals to the armed terrorist organizations.

      link to

      Foreign Policy mag/ june 2014 Exclusive: Israel Is Tending to Wounded Syrian Rebels
      link to

      Report: UN pulling out peacekeepers from Syrian side of Golan Heights
      link to

  • 'Stop$30Billion' coalition unveils new digital billboard in Albuquerque, NM
    • Report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force for the period from 29 May to 3 September 2014
      {Israeli air and medical support to al nusrah on the Golan separation area]

      link to

    • you omitted a crucial pillar of Begin / Israeli intelligence-military tactics

      "Members of the Irgun, commanded by Yosef Avni and Yisrael Levi [1] and dressed as Arabs and as the Hotel's distinctive Sudanese waiters, planted a bomb in the basement of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, part of which was being used as the base for the Mandate Secretariat, the British military headquarters and a branch of the police Criminal Investigation Division. 91 people were killed, most of them staff of the secretariat and the hotel: 28 British, 41 Arab, 17 Jewish, and 5 other. Around 45 people were injured."
      link to

      False Flag - Foreign Policy
      link to

      Exclusive: Israel Is Tending to Wounded Syrian Rebels
      link to

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