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  • Netanyahu to stage hunger strike against world peace
    • "how do you think of this! you should be a comedy writer adam."

      MW runs equally funny stories like this every day, I just assumed they were all fictional to some degree made up by those who run this site.

      And yourself of course.

      I thought everybody knew MW was just an anti Israel version of the Onion.

  • In Gaza, Palestinians celebrate resistance and credit it with 'victory'
    • Perhaps as well as regrouping, re-energising and rebuilding they should rethink the strategy of launching rockets at Israel until Israel strikes back. Because this leads to lots of people getting killed. It's surprising how strategically dim these Hamas are. Or perhaps they don't care.

    • How is it over. Are the Gazans no longer occupied?

  • Despite ravages of war, Gaza supports armed resistance to lift the siege
  • HAMAS made me do it!
    • When exactly? Within a year right?

    • I know, why does a sovereign state such as Israel have to attack military assets from a fundamentalist government devoted to it's destruction, which, despite willfully launching thousands of rockets at civilians have caused few casualties ? It makes no sense.

      Someone should do a cartoon called 'Israel Made Me Do It', because surely the Israelis are making Hamas fire rockets at them in the first place.

  • 'NYT Book Review' owes readers an apology for printing blatant racism about Palestinians
  • 'NPR' denies the Nakba
    • "but Siegel doesn’t say something like “Without WWI, there would never have been enough Jewish immigrants in Palestine to make a serious conflict with the Palestinians and the birth of Israel possible.”

      Isn't that what is implied? because he isn't denying the conflict actually happened between Jewish refugees and Arabs in reality leading to a Jewish majority.

      I don't understand how the wording is

      "not referring to those refugees"

      i.e. those after the Holocaust and not those of the '30s when he mentions the Holocaust in the previous sentence.

      "In this counter-historical world, there is no Holocaust....but without a flood of refugees it remains a minority [Jewish] community there."

      It isn't denying anything, it just doesn't go into detail about events and is another case of MW shouting Nakba denial at the internet.

  • Robert Caro, Nakba-denier
    • "So the Holocaust is relegated to your insulting characterization of ‘pet favourite subject’ in a discussion about Hitler"

      No, I'm saying the opposite, that a lack of discussion about the Holocaust is valid in that case just as a lack of Nakba discussion is valid for Robert Caro.

      People like you and the OP who have an erect penis for Arab suffering beyond any kind of reason, even handedness or critical assessment who want to shoehorn their Nakba porn into everything they see are the problem. It's much the same kneejerkoff reaction as those who scream anti-semite whenever Israel is criticised.

    • "Exactly. He should have said something. He said nothing."

      So he didn't actively deny the Nakba then, he just didn't cover it when discussing Robert Kennedy's visit to Palestine? Did he cover Jewish expulsion from Arab countries? Why doesn't Robert Bullock's 'Hitler a Study in Tyranny' cover the events of the Holocaust in anything but the briefest of mentions? Is it because he is trying to minimise the extent of the Holocaust? No, it's because an editorial decision on it's relevance has been taken.

      Being upset when a historian doesn't cover your own pet favourite subject because it's relevance to that historian's narrative has been judged to be unimportant is childish. Is it really impossible to report the contents of RK's correspondence without a discussion of the Nakba?

  • 'NYT' dismisses Wieseltier attack on Judis as tempest-in-a-teapot
    • The vote was on the 19th. And it and the attendant discussions of the unity government weren't symbolic.

      I've only ever addressed the "we must not..." quote in any detail, one of the most famous and prolifically used quotes that supports the idea of BG supporting transfer. I haven't disputed any other claims of BG supporting transfer.

    • "FYI, he reads Hebrew and has no doubt, at all, that Ben Gurion actually meant to say that he supported expelling the Arabs and taking their place"

      No he says this "In conclusion, one must therefore say that this particular quote on transfer by Ben-Gurion is problematic! "

    • So despite voting for land for peace immediately after the 67 war it took winning the 73 war less decisively, for them to drop the Sinai like a hot potato as you put it. Albeit a potato somehow still hot when Sadat concurred on the same course of land for peace years after being defeated in 73.

      Perhaps you can give us your translation of the Hebrew documents I linked to since your abilities are so advanced you are able to translate an unseen handwritten original document from an incorrect typed transcription.

    • The 2 links I gave you have nothing to do with the Ben Gurion letter. They refer to the Israeli decision to offer land for peace immediately after the 67 war.

    • "The government of Israel got rid of the Sinai like a hot potato after the 73 war."

      Long after deciding to exchange land for peace after 67 and before the 3 noes.

      There you go, OCR and Google translate these.

      link to

      link to

    • You're wrong to say that the humiliation of not winning YK as definitively as they'd have liked caused returning Sinai, leaving S.Leb (after entering it years after YK!) and leaving Gaza in...2005!

      That's not the same issue as Israel's debateable expansionism or ability to expand into the above territories using force or any other factors (such as peace for the Sinai) regarding their withdrawals from the above.

    • But when is it happening? Some ballpark figure for the major events resulting from BDS or whatever's actions and the result for Israel. Just anything other than it's 'just round the corner' or Israel cannot stand much longer or Zionism cannot take much more in world opinion. When?

    • "the IDF got humiliated so badly that the government lost faith in them and subsequently pulled out of the Sinai, Southern Lebanon, and Gaza anyway."

      Obviously something like Yom Kippur can have long term political and cultural effects like the abrupt end to the feeling of invincibility the 67 war gave Israel when it defeated a number of enemy states in short shrift, but Sinai withdrawal was for lasting peace with Egypt, they went into S.Lebanon years after YK and withdrew in 2000 and Gaza withdrawal was in 2005.

      You are clumsily trying to set forth the idea of a course of thwarted Israeli expansionism within the context of the YK war for your own dogmatic reasons.

      You're not even wrong, as they say.

    • "He his head buried in the sand and doesn’t understand that there can be a first time for everything"

      I do understand that, but my position doesn't rely on BDS/sanctions and my position doesn't have the consequence of prolonging Palestinian suffering while claiming to be against such a state of affairs. You should answer Jeff's question and say a date when your outcome of a Palestinians state (or ROR?) will happen because of sanctions/BDS or whatever.

      It's always just around the corner isn't it? If it isn't then I would suggest a different strategy from people like you is in order if you give 2 flying figs about Palestine more than you enjoy endlessly displaying your hatred for Israel.

      When's it happening Hostage? And when it does will our suffering your counter productive hostile yip yap end too?

      I'll take any personal insults on my character as an admission of your ignorance and inherently flawed position.

    • So they didn't lose the Yom Kippur war and it doesn't follow that HB are in a position to go to war with Israel to liberate Palestine.

    • He's being conservative.

      link to

    • "...the UN is very likely to impose sanctions on Israel of it fails to end the occupation."

      "I’ve been following this nonsense for 19 years and Israel is always just about to get it any day now."

      Yep, this is the problem with MW and Hostage. As long as there is the notion of a definite end to Israel just around the corner the hatred of Israel can continue safe in the knowledge that the hatred is for the cause of quickly ending Palestinian suffering.

      Hostage relies on this always being just about to happen in the near future because; all Israel has to do is run out the clock maintaining the status quo. If her disintegration doesn’t happen and Israel is still the Jewish state in 200 years, by echoing the anti-Zionist arguments here, won’t those living in Israel be regarded as the indigenous people? Nobody identifying themselves as Palestinian living in Brooklyn in 200 years time will have any kind of claim of returning to their ‘homeland’ which has been the recognised sovereign state of Israel for nearly 300 years.

      All Israel has to do is wait, whereas Hostage has to wait for change. And without the ‘certainty’ of this change, sitting around watching the eggtimer only prolongs the current situation and the suffering of the people you claim to care about. And because you have this ‘certainty’ your options are limited to anti-Israel in the first instance as a means to a pro-Palestinian end rather than pro-Palestinian in the first instance.

      You are betting it all on no Israel, I won’t wish you luck with that. Sounds reckless and is indicative of the depth of hatred you have for an entire country. It doesn't say much for your claims of supporting Palestinians either.

  • Political Zionism is destroying a culture and a people, and intentionally so
    • "The Archives simply supplied a copy of one of Ben Gurion’s typed manuscripts to the Journal of Palestine Studies for them to use as the basis of the translation. "

      I have a copy of the letter as it was hand written direct from the BG archives if you want to try to OCR and Google translate it if you think that will somehow help you. Perhaps the technology has moved on enough for that to not be a stupid waste of time instead of it being an approach that only a cretin, safe in the knowledge that he's displaying his prejudiced 'results' to the gallery of applauding sheep, would do.

      People like you are the reason Israel was created. An no, I don't mean because you are a Jew.

    • "Bing bong is the troll who tried to defend Ben Gurion’s letter to his son.."

      Since you bring it up here's the translation I kindly supplied for you. The one that you thought you could do to uphold an incorrect translation you and your bias approved of by using OCR software and Google translate. I think Herodotus and Gibbon used that same method. And you went on to subsequently use the flawed Institute for Palestine Studies translation again despite knowing it was incorrect. What a cheating rotter. I wonder how many other 'facts' are extracted from the piles of legal documents you cite on MW to uphold your bias?

      link to

      And I still don't understand how I've somehow driven off the Palestinians.

    • So according to you, I've driven Palestinians off, I am a racist and I try to dehumanise Palestinians.

      If this is how you treat people who want a separate state of Palestine for Palestinians it's no wonder your blustering bombastic tactics, already damaging to Palestinians, are also damaging to your cause. Perhaps in the next 5 or 10 years of BDS will make Israel will be what you want it to be. Or 15. I'm sure Israel won't build any more settlements and the original refugees won't die during that time. And I'm sure the Palestinians employed by Israel will thank you for losing their jobs because your ego driven bias regards BDS as some sort of banner waving teary eyed resistance crusade for the noble Arab.

    • "I think its pretty obvious that you are the one with a loose screw, fucked up logic, interminable racist wheelspinning."

      That's because you cannot process how non Jewish non Israelis can disagree with your angry biases.

    • I haven't driven anyone off (?!). Judging by your interminable wheelspinning and counter productive dogma in tow to your scattergun emotive reactions you may indeed have been driven crazy, but I don't believe I can take credit for that either.

    • "No Palestinian in his or her right mind would accept such a rump state as Kerry-Israel will allow."

      I hope you're not calling Palestinians in favour of 2SS mentally defective.

    • Not so much work nowadays, now that Israel has; against massive odds, established itself as a state in the world and has enough defences/resources coupled with international support to survive.

    • "I really was for the two-state solution until Israeli expansionism and colonization in Palestine made that impossible."

      link to

      2SS is not impossible and most want that. I'm sure this guy would go back to supporting such if he knew the support that it had and the hope a majority of Palestinians share for their own state alongside Israel.

      And why does he see it as impossible? Israel was created from the ground up against enormous odds. A 2SS is far more doable than that was especially considering the support throughout the world that solution has nowadays from people who's first concern is peace and don't take a 'one side is better than the other' prejudice as both a start and end point.

  • By 2035, Jewish population in Israel/Palestine is projected at 46 percent
    • "And these statistics do not count all the Palestinians presently exiled from Mandatory Palestine,"

      The original refugees or those plus the subsequent 3 generations who haven't lived in Mandatory Palestine?

  • Stirring debate on BDS, 'NYT' allows readers to speak out about inequality
    • "The B.D.S. movement has nothing to do with animus toward Jews."

      That's right, plenty of non Jews suffer because of BDS.

  • Canadian groups press Neil Young not to play Israel
  • Free it or f--- it, Palestine comes to Los Angeles
    • "Thank you, Sumud. What a pearl. From the time when even Time magazine had educated and thinking people who could write."

      "Two milleniums of sorrow and insecurity in a hostile world had put their stamp on the character of this people. In Israel, a few years of struggle to build a state, a few months at the center of the world stage, a few weeks of battle had superimposed another, bolder stamp. That the Israelis' victory had come just after the worst of a thousand persecutions, that it had been won by those who survived the slaughter of 6,000,000, made the newly-minted Jewish character gleam brighter."

  • Don't expect this NYT ethicist to talk about the Nakba
    • "The BBC should be featuring alternative views, but its news programmes are largely a parade of vested interests."

      They can't even give an alternative view of their own views, that's why we can't read the Balen report.

  • The real SodaStream commercial they don't want you to see
  • 'We must expel Arabs and take their place': Institute for Palestine Studies publishes 1937 Ben-Gurion letter advocating the expulsion of Palestinians

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