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  • 'There's a lot of anti-Semitism out there' -- Johansson reviews her role as 'new face of apartheid'
    • Annie, so you are no longer a fan? One of the problems here is the demonization of people for their beliefs. Maybe she's a decent person, a good actor, maybe a good friend, daughter. Maybe not. Maybe she's a superficial dimwit. But here stance on Israel does not alter or change her character. A person could be Jewish, they could be a neoconservative, they may love Israel, but this should not alter their humanity(or lack of it).

      Annie, shorter version... I detest what the Roger Waters says on Israel, BDS, and Palestine, but does that detract from the quality of album The Wall? Pink Floyd is still the greatest rock group of all time even if I don't agree with the ideology of its founder.

    • unverified, let's accept your premise, did levels of anti-semitic motifs in Europe increase during and after cast lead? You might be surprised that poling showed about the same belief in anti-Jewish stereotypes during and after cast lead.

      Second point, as a thoughtless zionist, you mention that modern anti-semitism is the result of illegal Israeli occupied territorial activities. Point well taken. So how do you explain anti-semitism before 1967? 1937? Dude, you should search for new, more original tropes about the Jews. Phil Weiss is a wonderful teacher.

  • Bill de Blasio gives Avigdor Lieberman the Big Apple
  • 'NYT' stamps Jimmy Carter 'radioactive' and not 'a force for good'
    • Yes, I'm sure Sadat's roundup of the coptic pope really stirred up the Islamist cell's anger. The average Egyptian would appear to have warm and fuzzy feelings for the Copts. I stand chastised. Not.

    • Shingo, I suggest you read Lawrence Wright account The Looming Towers. You write:

      "Do you realize that Bin Laden ceased to recognize him(Sayyid Qutb) as a leader and turned to Zawahiri?"

      The intellectual father of Bin Laden died in the mid '60's. Bin Laden never met him, let alone 'ceased to recognized him or turned to Zawahiri' as you put it. Qutb was an intellectual hero to both Zawahiri and Bin Laden. I also feel the rest of your well written post reflects the basic thought process of the crowd here.

    • James North writes Sadat was not assassinated by the Muslim Brotherhood -- but by a small offshoot of the organization.... What? Do you realize that you can be a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and also be a terrorist? or you could be a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and work in the political sphere. Do you know a thing about the MB? Do you realize the DIRECT spiritual godfather of Bin Laden and his ENTIRE group and of Salifism was a brilliant, Egyptian intellectual named Sayyid Qutb. Do you know he was a proud member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

      Yes. Sadat was murdered because he let the Islamists out of jail. Mubarak rectified this mistake. Now Sisi is cracking down on the Islamists... both the hardcore Salafis and also the kinder, gentler Morsi. The truth does matter.

      BTW... not only is there hardly a peep in the arrest at the murder and judicial expunging of the Islamists from this world, but there is little protest or furor within Egypt for that matter. Half the population hates them. I don't thin the west gave a fuck about the murder of a million Rwandans, 200,000 Syrians, or 6 million Jews either. But Sheldon Adelson, Apartheid in Israel, that's news.

    • The point should be made that the Israeli haters also are not so pristine on the subject of President Carter. I seem to recall during the 'arab spring' demonstrations the utter glee at the prospect of potential Egyptian abrogation of the Camp David Accord. I seem to recall the constant scorn at the details of the Camp David Accord which were purported to assist only the security of Israel. Now Jimmy's a saint? He was the smartest President, the smartest ex-president, he detests Israel, and, more mildly, dislikes Jews. What's not for the Mondoweiss crowd to love?

  • Oren says Pollard 'sacrificed himself for the Jewish people'
    • I hope Jonathan Pollard is freed soon. Remember, Pollard should be treated just the same as any other ethnicity, spy for any other foreign power. No better--28 years and counting--and no worse. He is certainly not an innocent lamb, but I fail to see why spying for Israel should be treated differently at sentencing or in terms of potential clemency.

      There is an awesome huge added gain for releasing Pollard: imagine all the anti-semites faces redden and their blood pressure's go up. Free Mr. Pollard now and watch the internet explode! But wait, it's all about zionism, not Judaism, right =)

  • 'A Painful Price': The escalating war on Palestine solidarity at U of Michigan and beyond
    • Elderly cranks as anti-semites? How about anti-semitism on the progressive side of the spectrum. Mr. North's very description conflating anti-semitism with Islamophobia is like comparing a melanoma with heart disease? The fact you can break ground on a synagogue and open it does not prove there is anti-semitism or disprove it. The fact that there were protests when Muslim Americans wished to build a prayer room near WTC neither proves or dis-proves Islamophobia, just bad taste in pray room location.

  • Desmond Tutu: Maryland legislature's anti-boycott effort designed to 'punish and intimidate'
    • Yes, I am in favor of releasing Jonathan Pollard. I think he is a scumbag, motivated by money, tried to sell secrets to Pakistan, did sell some to South Africa, and spied for Israel(for dollars). I also think he should be treated as any other spy with similar crimes(profile). Not better, or worse because of his religion. If he moves back to Israel for the rest of his life, fine with me. Answer your question?

    • Shouldn't the good Bishop spend his precious energies on the epidemic of rape in South Africa, HIV AIDS, violent crime and murder? I guess Bishop Tutu is a multi-tasker kind of guy.

  • MJ Rosenberg’s conundrum
    • kalithea, as a zionist, I understand the tactic of BDS. It is simply massive overkill. Finkelstein nailed it with the narrow-minded, cult analogy. BDS will fail precisely because it is too much. There is nothing new about a boycott against Jews or against Israel. If you carefully read the pages of Mondoweiss, all you see are victory after victory in the battle of BDS. You never hear about the growing failures. For in a cult, there are no failures. You are so myopic you apparently recognize no distinction between MJ Rosenberg, Norman Finkelstein and, say Baruch Goldstein. How are you then different from Pam Gellar who makes no distinction between the lovely Islamic Jihad boys in Gaza and M. Abbas? I guess an arab is just an arab and a Jew is always just a Jew. If your mindset and ilk are the personification of BDS, I don't believe you will move the ball towards the goalpost even a little.

    • Ned, MJ was alive and active during the US Civil Right movement from my research; he looks younger than he is.

  • D.C. scribes party with red wine, vinyl, and image of a terrorist
    • If you accept Phil Weiss' definition of a terrorist, what does this make the Palestinian leadership and a Palestinian electorate who votes for the lovely Hamas and their multiple Jew references in their politics, charter, TV? I want to know what he, Phil Weiss, thinks about the latest revelations about the liberal Icon in chief FDR and his "not-so love affair" with the Jews?

  • 'Daily Beast' labels Abbas 'stubborn' for refusing to recognize Israel as Jewish state
    • The beauty is you are so wrong. The fellow travelers of your crowd will always be so odious, so obvious in their jew hatred, all the police actions of the BDS crowd against Atzmon and company will never be enough... another Greta Berlin will always sprout up. You can count on it. It is built into the definition of anti-zionism itself.

  • When you type 'apartheid' on Google search, it supplies 'Israel'
  • SodaStream stock sinks, and Bloomberg cites 'sanctions over Jewish settlements'
    • Sodastream, as a zionist, I've finally found something repulsive about Israel =) I hope it's stock goes into the dudu.

    • I believe soda is locked into obesity and the metabolic syndrome. It's 100 % bad in every way. I've read the Huffingtonpost with interest. One of the most important health issues in the US is childhood obesity. We collectively go nuts over nicotine, pot and booze, but kind of give a pass to soda makers.

  • Lost in Occupation: Scarlett Johansson ends relationship with Oxfam to stick with SodaStream (Updated)
    • Annie, is it now four or five million Soda Stream downloads of the SJ add? How is that a win for BDS? If this is a victory for BDS, then as an ardent lover of zionism, I wish for many more BDS victories like the courage of Scarlet and many more downloads of the SS add.

  • Rabbi raises 'dual loyalty' question-- and all hell breaks loose in DC Jewish community
    • Kathleen, do the American people have any blood on their hands? Did we not vote for Bush in 2004, long after WMD was found to have evaporated into the ether? How about shipping the electorate into the Hague? How about the soldiers who tortured Iraqis? how filmed and photographed murder from helicopters? Is it only the PNAC types who should be purged from society? Just asking.

    • I am not slandering Atzmon. He examines Jewish power, dual loyalty and calls on Jews to examine their own culpability in answering the why behind the historical record . For this he is called out as an anti-semite by the likes of Max Blumenthal and the head of BDS. I would hardly call such individuals supporters of Israel. How is this slandering Gilad?

      In the case of Poland in 1968, the government was later found to have whipped up public sentiment against the tiny minority of Jews to offset their faltering popularity... there were massive student demonstrations against the government back in those days.

      Edrogan appears to be moving in a similar direction today in Turkey, blaming international Jewry for societal unrest, riots, and now for pulling the strings of dissident Islamist voices!

    • Imagine if this same conversation referred to the intelligence or criminal proclivity of African Americans, or referred to Arab Americans as being a fifth column, supportive of Bin Laden. Imagine if each arrest or bad action of an Arab American or an African American led to an intellectual questioning of the entire group in question. This would be called racism. But defenders of this video say if it's accurate, then it's the truth. Sean and Annie, the sole distinction here is the ethnicity in question.

    • I deal with the Jewish dual-loyalty charge by placing it in it's proper context... that of an ancient stereotype against Jews. How many Jewish neoconservatives are there? Did Jews vote Bush before or after Iraq? Did Jews vote against Obama since he opposed the Iraq war?

      Do they contribute to society, to medicine, culture, arts or are they just cosmopolitan characters with dual loyalties. I believe what an individual does should not cast allegiance of the group... Jew, Muslim, or Christian. I love Israel and I love my country the United States.

      At the very least, lets drop the pretense and stop with the 'pioneering work' of those who 'develop' the dual loyalty charge. They are not pioneers but historical followers, recycling tropes which stigmatize Jews as a group, not as individuals.

    • Ecru, it is not the truth. It is simply a reflection of the mindset and world view of those making the dual loyalty charge. I'm sure you believe it, and I'm sure those who made the charge throughout history believed it as well. Belief is not truth. Furthermore, your comments on this being another reflection of the base bigotry and xenophobia that lies at the core of the Zionist world-view is, I would argue, a distorted self-reflection of your own reflection in the mirror. Shalom.

    • Ecru, my point is only that the dual loyalty charge is not new. To make such a charge is not brave, it is not thoughtful, the charge is reeks of anti-semitism, indeed it is almost a definition of anti-semitic core beliefs around the world and throughout recorded history. The dual loyalty charge was employed by Stalin and Hitler and their supporters.

      Long before Israel was a state, the loyalty charge was used successfully in Poland. It was used in Poland in the 1930's and '40's. It was used again when the Polish Jews had declined from 3 million to 20,000 souls in 1968. 4 Classifications of Jews were created by the Polish communist party after the Sixth Day War in '67 in the so-called 'March events' of '68: Zionists... ie Jews who loved Israel and should move there, Jews who were cosmopolitans who secretly loved Israel, Jews who were indifferent and, the good guys or Poles of Mosaic descent as they were called. All groups were booted out of the country for their dual loyalties.

      I bring up these points not to silence any debate but to point out that the dual-loyalty stereotype is one of the very oldest anti-semitic motifs. It did not begin with the birth of Leo Strauss or Paul Wolfowitz, nor did it begin with the Iraq War. An analogy might be how the OJ Simpson trial might have pissed off certain whites in the US. Was OJ Simpson or Rodney King the cause of racism or is there a long strand of racism and slavery that existed in America and throughout the world well before the civil war or revolutionary war.

    • The brilliant posters here and their brave leader Phil should, of course, realize Rabbi Weintraub talk about dual loyalty does not make her a pioneer. This is the same language used in many areas of time and space but with the same meaning:

      Poland in 1967 in the aftermath of the Sixth Day War. Jews were listed, delisted, fragmented into many distinct varietals, including Poles of the Mosaic Origin as the good Jews, distinct from Zionists who were more allied with the interests of Israel, leading to mass expulsion of Jews from Poland.... 20,000 of some of the last Jewish Poles. I'm not comparing this incident with Poland, but I am pointing out that the dual loyalty charge is not new, but embedded from Phil Weiss, this Rabbi, to Poland and into antiquity.

      Slansky trial et al in Eastern Europe, Jews were more loyal to Israel than to their countries of origin.

      Stalin's Doctors plot... again using and scapegoating Jews, vilifying them as ripe for expulsion out of Russia. Zionism was used.

      Hitler's the Jews are our misfortune campaign took the fifth loyalists to the extreme, but part of his logic fragmented Jews as being disloyal to the state--prompting the publication by refutation of loyal Jews who lost their lives in the First World War.... again the Jews starting the war stuff, but being too intellectual and shifty to fight in the battle mantra(not born by Phil Weiss' dystopian vision of the evil neoconservatives).

      The Dreyfus Affair in France with the false charge of dual loyalty directly help conversion of Herzl into a zionist, a sort of response to the dual loyalty canard.

      The Spanish Inquisition looked at blood and loyalty to the state... even the conversion of Jews would not exempt the issue of loyalty to the crown.

      This charge even goes back to the foundation of Christianity and well before.

      The wince of Wexler might have simply been honest disgust and shock at the idiocy for a rabbi not to realize the charged words.

      I find the real distinction between the views of Gilad Atzmon and Phil Weiss is Atzmon simply 'moves the ball' down the field into explaining the hatred of Jews as the Jews fault. Phil Weiss does not engage into such hatred of Jews, but in his disgust at neoconservatives and his cases studies dual loyalty among American Jews(whether true or false), he should reflect that this is not exactly pioneering work.

  • Ariel Sharon, whose political career was unhindered by civilian massacres, dies at 85
    • IMHO, it was malpractice. I'm a neurologist and I recall thinking why the hell was he placed on Coumadin, an oral blood thinner, after his first 'stroke' or TIA event. The only indication from the TIA, or transient ischemic attack, standpoint for Coumadin is atrial fibrillation and I do not believe Sharon had this. This is what is referred to as 'the doctor treating himself' and not the patient. There is no scientific evidence supporting Coumadin for stroke prophylaxis outside of atrial fibrillation(and very little evidence for atrial fibrillation as well).

  • 'Wolf of Wall St' reflects Jewish rise (though Scorsese leaves that out)
    • This is one of the most interesting posts I've ever read on Mondoweiss. It seemed to me the material itself was disgusting in terms of human value, but the over-the-top humor/banter of the interactions between the Jonah Hill character and Jordan Belfort character saved it.

      Leonardo is a great actor but I did feel the ethnic/NYC/Jewish vibe in his acting.

      Christian Bale was also fantastic in American Hustle(complete with oversized star of David), but maybe it's just me, but I also didn't buy his Jewishness. This may also be because there appears to be nothing especially Jewish-focused on their characters... they married out(and our their mistresses were also non-Jewish), their children weren't especially Jewish, nor were their religious activities(they appeared to have no overt religious beliefs). Their sole Jewish attachment was an intense hatred for the blue-blooded, WASP, old money, republican, boarding school elite that ran the show. But I think this hatred was also shared by non-Jews such as the FBI agent who is disgusted by Jordan Belfort but admires the fact Belfort's father wasn't "an asshole" which is code for the WASP elite.

  • 'Foreign Policy' runs piece on Zionist terrorism in '40s, noting US and British support networks
    • I hope we release Jonathan Pollard soon for three important reasons.

      1. He's served longer than spies from other countries against the US.
      2. It will raise the systolic blood pressure of each and every anti-semite in the US.
      3. It will raise the blood pressure of every progressive, anti-Israel, Jew who gains succor and praise from Professor Walt and company.

    • Right wing zionists... like Frank Sinatra? Many of these "right wing zionists" were communist in political orientation. 6 million dead Jews tends to focus the mind on self preservation. It's easy to give critique from 2014's rosy outlook concerning Jewish safety, but quite another from the vantage point of 1945. Dual Loyalty my ass.

  • Should dual citizen of US/Israel be vice chair of our Federal Reserve Bank?
  • Simon Wiesenthal Center calls Falk, Walker, Waters, Blumenthal and ASA anti-Semites
  • Low turnout for Palestinian prisoner release as negotiations slump
  • El Al airlines promotes tourism in occupied territories
    • Walid so the ones who weren't ethnically cleansed on the Golan are the lucky ones? since they won't be cleansed off the earth by the Syrian Civil War? Is a Golan Druze more happy about the Israeli - Syrian border line today, or does he wish to be back under control.

  • Major Jewish org: boycott vote is wake-up call in battle against 'extremist' delegitimization of Israel
  • Haunting throwaways
  • After attending Mandela's memorial, Knesset member's blood rejected in gov't drive because she is African
    • Is Ethiopia circa 1977 really high risk? I believe Uganda was in certain regions. There was a high incidence in certain colonial villages/towns, then spread. There is perhaps a 6 day to 6 month(rarely this long)period of seroconversion where initial/screening HIV tests might yield a false negative, but the newer, two fold test does not make this mistake.... is much more sensitive and specific.

      The greatest danger is not a region, racial, or even sexual preference, it is the lack of testing at all. BTW, the first HIV test back in the GRID/gay cancer days was actually the Hepatitis B screen... many gays had Hepatitis B positive and were therefore excluded from donating blood/plasma if there Hepatitis B screen was positive.

      I do not understand most countries HIV rules/status. Keep in mind that HIV positivity was once grounds for not being allowed to stay in the US and become a citizen as was the plight of Andrew Sullivan. I believe Obama changed this rule.

  • American Studies Association national council endorses academic boycott of Israel
    • Nobel prizes as a percentage of the population. Put that in your boycott pipe and smoke it.

    • How does an academic boycott work? What are the mechanics?

      Does is pertain to technological use? referencing scientific papers? patents? all forms of dialogue? Would it be considered kosher to use an Israeli device or technology for the saving of a life, or would the 'moral justice' of a boycott win out? Could a university in Boston work, reference, dialogue with a university within the green line if said university professor was deemed sufficiently anti-zionist. Would Israeli professors be banned, or shunned at academic conferences; perhaps a travel ban would be in order.

      And how about all of those Israeli Firsters within the US of A? Would be ban a US citizen who supports Israel in an academic setting? In looking at the technological advances of greater Israel in medicine, trauma surgery, physics, especially chemistry... perhaps a good, old fashioned book burning might be in order before an academic boycott goes into effect. That way, my pesky questions about the mechanics would be rendered moot.

      And who would police the Internecine strife between the Gilad Atmon's and the Phil Weiss's who might support said boycott, but might disagree with the mechanics.

      Bonus question to the anti-zionist masses: what would be the punishment for Hamas members who's relatives are being treated in Israeli academic medical institutions? Would the American Studies group ban them too? What a fucking joke.

  • Kerry is smeared by Israel and its friends as 'pigheaded' adversary of Jewish state
  • Netanyahu's greatest fear: Linkage
    • Repulsive is too hard of a word. I think he thinks he is a great diplomat(and he it not that shrewd). I actually think Kissinger might have been a better SOS today(but he's too old). He also rubbed people the wrong way and the Israelis hated him.

    • Annie, don't you find Kerry kind of repulsive? I'm not talking about his deal with Israel, but his statements about Syria, almost crossing the line into a demand for war not too far back. I remember his words with disgust. Even on the Iranian issue, he's now disseminating some sort of "unity among the Europeans/US" and how Iran balked, when, in obvious reality, the French played hardball.

  • Terry Gross aired Blumenthal when he went after Republicans, but Israel -- no thank you
    • I like how Max interviews people, just letting them tell their own perspectives, sometimes with some humor, usually self-depreciating. He's a hard guy to dislike.

  • Push to investigate the assassination of Alex Odeh renewed
    • Weren't the audio tapes of the IDF jets released on the Liberty attack? There is such a thing as the fog of war. Not every kill is intentional. The audio tapes concerning the Liberty attack were released not too long ago on CNN.

      But this Odeh story is very interesting and compelling. Why the movement now to renew or reopen the investigation? Is the evidence still all there? Perhaps there is some forensic trace of the bomb blast that could be analyzed today by technology not available when Odeh was killed. Annie, this story is more interesting than any kind of Cold Case File I've watched. Another issue... would the bomb maker even be alive today?

  • Dear President Obama, What have you fixed by meeting Malala?
    • Humna, well written article. But, it should be pointed out that drone attacks are highly effective weapons in the war on terror. Many bad guys have been eliminated by drone attacks. There is no risk of loss of American lives as the operators work here at home. The bad guys are denied safe haven and are reduced to hiding in huts/caves, limiting their operational impact.

  • Gaza: Crushed between Israel and Egypt
    • There is some kind of payback at play here were the Egyptian generals are trying to destroy Hamas for what they perceive as supporting(including military support)to Morsi and also in causing havoc in Sinai. I think the latter is wrong and based on having Sinai demilitarized for so long due to the Camp David Treaty... now the generals are cracking down, but the havoc in Sinai is not the fault of Israel, Hamas, or Egypt, but due to the hands of policy on Sinai since '79. I don't think the Egyptians are acting strictly as "Israel's whore" rather "wife beating" would be the better metaphor. They are beating on Hamas because they, the Egyptian leadership, views Hamas, as in sync with Morsi. Using the same logic, btw, they view Edrogan and the Turks as ideological soul mates of Morsi.

  • Netanyahu calls Iran's opening a 'smokescreen' 'on its path to the bomb'
    • Why is it appropriate to ask the Iranian leader if six million Jews were killed in world war II at the hands of the Nazis? Why is it relevant what Phil Weiss old pen pal Gilad Atzmon thinks about holocaust denial? or David Duke? I could give a flying duck.

  • John Kerry invokes apocalyptic 'domino theory' in call with House Democrats
  • Glad tidings from NY: Power gets wise counsel from her hero Wiesel
    • Elie Wiesel is a hero to me and someone I've had the great pleasure to meet. He is a wonderful author, spoke up in an unpopular manner against Reagan's visit to Bitburg, has antagonized anti-semites for years. What's not to love? He is a wonderful author as well. That Samantha Power revers Wiesel(AS DOES PRESIDENT OBAMA)is a source of pride to me, and a source of mockery and derision to Phil Weiss and his not-so-merry posters. Wiesel is a nasty reminder of why the modern day state of Israel was born. His very physical being and personal history during the Shoah will serve to irritate the hater in the precise manner as Martin Luther King Jr. marching through Selma.

  • President Obama’s secret plan for Egypt
    • Leader Edrogan made an honest mistake, conflating a French Jewish intellectual with the state of Israel. LOL.

  • BBC to censor violinist Nigel Kennedy's statement about Israeli apartheid from TV broadcast
    • Tom, can a Jew or Christian practice their faith in Saudi Arabia? Could a Christian marry a Jew in the Kingdom? Is there a division of population along religious lines in Cairo? Are the Copts ghettoized in Egypt? their Churches burning as we debate this post? How much Jewish, and now Christian property is being throughout the middle east? I would argue that 'down the list, no "opinion" involved bodes true for more than Israel in 'that' next of the woods, or perhaps I've had too much wine tonight.

  • The morning commute (through the checkpoint)
    • Phil, you should try the commute in Cairo this morning.

      Breaking News: Liberal Rabbi has angst over settlements page 1. Page 2 thousands die in Egypt and Syria... moving right along.

  • The Egyptian army and Palestinian Authority join forces to punish Gaza
    • I thought the closure of the Egyptian entrance(s)into Gaza was closed under President Morsi. The demolition of tunnels from Egypt into Gaza also were closed under Morsi. Morsi also did not abrogate the Israeli peace treaty. He kept his mouth shut and worked and took the money, working quite closely with US Amb. Patterson.

      Do I have my facts wrong here? Or was Morsi just a head of state in name only?

  • Never mind the coup: U.S. military aid will continue to flow to Egypt
    • Actually, a unity government which would include moderate Islamists would be ideal. Or, instructing Islamists that religion is a private concern, best left to the home/mosque. I doubt that will work as it wouldn't work here in America or anyplace else. Mubarak and his sons apparently have some new prison mates... from the MB.

  • Egypt's continuing revolution makes a mockery of Huntington's 'clash of civilizations'
    • According to what I'm reading tonight, the last straw for the military was Morsi calling for Jihad in Syria. The Egyptian military felt this was a red line for Morsi... and also the violence against Shia in Egypt. But it seems to me that an alliance of secularists, salafists and the military isn't going to last long.

    • I had/have profound misgivings about President Morsi based on some of his past comments. He has tried on been inclusive, appointing Christians to his cabinet, rejected blind deference to the military, upheld his treaty obligations with Israel(despite his probable disgust with Camp David). In what way has he proven to be that irresponsible? Is he responsible for the economic downturn? for the decline of tourism? Some things are outside of his pay grade. I do not want to see Egypt becoming another failed state, but how does having the military kick out the elected Egyptian leadership serve Egypt's future? Seems to me that pissing off the Muslim Brotherhood bodes for good tidings.

    • I, as usual, completely disagree. Morsi was elected in more than one election. Yes, I would have preferred Mubarak(personally), but I'm not Egyptian. Egypt has been ruled by a military dictatorship since their King went into exile.

      While I strongly dissent from Morsi or the Salafists(who had previously aligned with Morsi--but now have major problems with Morsi), is it really my call who they should elect?

      If Palestinians reject the PA stooges and elect Hamas, should I reject this? If the far right wins every election in Israel with stronger majorities, leaving the Peace Now ilk far behind, should Israel throw out the elections because hundreds of thousands of secular Israelis protest in the bubble(Tel Aviv)??? Is an Israeli Peace Now member who rejects the occupation representative of Israel??? Is a secular Egyptian who hates Islamist thought and practice representative of "Egypt"? or is Morsi with all his warts??? I would strongly argue Morsi was the first sprouting of any sort of democracy in Egypt... not the secular blogger or the army.

  • 'Courage is Contagious': Glenn Greenwald electrifies Chicago crowd speaking on Snowden, journalism and the NSA
    • Annie, I agree completely. The no liquids/no shoes at TSA in airports was my last straw. I guess grandmothers and woman with vials of baby formula need detailed threat analysis. What a joke.

  • Obama succumbs to rightwing 'fearmongering' -- of Israel's 'delegitimization'
    • Couldn't have summed it up better myself. Dismantle the Israel Apartheid State. No ambiguity at all. As a strong supporter of Israel, it's music to my ears as well. By placing Israel as the fulcrum of man's inhumanity to man, you over reach, and the average person in the US will blow you off time and again. I believe this is the reason Norman Finkelstein's point against BDS as well, although he approaches it differently than I. BDS and the ICC... how about a good Doctor's plot as well? LOL.

  • Yet another film about Palestinian suicide bombing ('The Attack')
    • I cannot wait to watch this movie, but it sounds extremely weird. I also wonder about the sobriety of the screenwriter. I believe the guy who wrote Traffic was stoned most of the time =)

  • Zombie Hasbara: 'World War Z' and Hollywood’s Zionist embrace
    • Jesse, you are a very good writer, and I completely enjoyed your review as I thoroughly enjoyed this movie having been a fan of Max Brooks zombie books. If there was some sort of symbolism to make Israel look good, or the wall as being justified against the "arab zombie" menace, then the film misses its mark. Do you forget who survives the zombie menace? North Korea!!! Because their dictator cuts out all of the teeth of every human, North Korean to avoid the spread of the zombie plague. So, Israel is being directly compared to North Korea as "efficient" countries who avoid the zombie plague. BTW, Max Brooks wrote the book, not the screenplay which was markedly changed from the book. The special effects were great. The movie was mindless enjoyment for the Summer. I was waiting for Mondoweiss to tackle WW Z and Jesse's piece was extremely well written and enjoyable, but comparing Israel to North Korea is not exactly first class hasbara. LOL.

  • Snowden/Greenwald show: left and right must overcome cultural differences for work ahead
    • Let's hope this left-right bloc can unite in stopping any intervention in Syria outside of letting immigrants into the US. It is simply beyond belief that Obama may intervene with a limited no-fly zone bordering Jordan. And yet, the briefing today seemed to indicate a much more activist US position in Syria.

  • I've got Mohammed Assaf fever
  • Four months later, did Hagel's confirmation make any difference at all?
    • Personally, I like Samantha Powers a great deal. But if you examine her academic writings and entire philosophy, she's 100 % neoconservative. Even her off the cuff comments on invading Israel with troops smacks of staunchly interventionist leanings. She would be the strongest neoconservative person ever at the UN and that includes John Bolton.

  • Ben Ami on ethnocentrism, the blown Arab Peace initiative, and the 'war of races'
    • I live in a town of 40,000... people... about 3 Jews, 2 Muslims and 39,995 Christians. I certainly do not view the world as the gentile world. My family does not. I don't even know what the gentile world is. It's just an ungentle world... but gentile has nothing to do with it. I agree. It's very sad.

  • Weiner's Park Ave apartment belongs to man whose 'only agenda' is Israel
  • Glenn Greenwald on the Woolwich attack and blowback from the 'war on terror'
    • Every religion has grievances. I don't understand Greenwald's point. Yes, I understand the concept of defensive Jihad, the west occupying Islamic lands, support for Israel, defaming the prophet. So what? Is that an excuse to chop somebody's head? This is not a slam on Islam being a religion of grievances. My religion is Judaism but now I'm pretty agnostic. Judaism and, indeed zionism is based on grievance(s)(if you admit to it or not, or justified or not). The world expelled us for every country. The Holocaust. The Spanish Inquisition. The Destruction of the Temple(s). Christianity and it's tradition of martyrers of the faithful, the feeding of Christians to the lions, the Passion of the Christ. What religion doesn't have a set of grievances? Is there one?

      I guess my counterargument to this is are Muslim grievances more justified than Judaism or Christianity. Every religion or cult has grievances. Does this give you the justification to murder or behead somebody. Are Muslim immigrants more justified in their beliefs to go postal? Greenwald would say it is a. Islamophobic to ask and b. Christians were just as evil back in the middle ages, but this is a cop out. Why aren't there Israeli suicide bombers against Germany after world war II?

      Also, if Israel is the initial sin, then why was the Muslim Brotherhood set up in the twenties? Why did the intellectual development of modern salifism in Egypt spawn from the writings of Sayyid Qutb so influenced by his visit to the relatively-speaking conservative 1949 American landscape with the mixing of the sexes, jazz music.

      Yes. Yes. Yes. All religion is kind of cult like, all have a concept of the other, all have contempt for woman, and most have some conflict with modernity. I get it. I have seen how ultra-orthodox Jews treat secular woman in Israel. What I don't understand is why Greenwald and his ilk seem to argue that, "hey they have these grievances, so we kind of fucked up everything in the middle east...."

      Is the argument that Islam has an exceptional set of justified grievances that are justified... Iraq, Israel colonialism so chopping off someones head in London must be taken into context.

      Would he argue that Baruch Goldstein is justified because from his point of view, 'the land' is his, ordained by god? or Yigal Amir(killing the head of Israel had a religious justification in the eye of the beholder)? or Charles Manson?

      Would Glenn Greenwald or Phil Weiss try to explain someones religious grievances as blowback for biblical sin? or just call them religious, evil, nut jobs. Understand Bin Laden? Fuck him and fuck Baruch Goldstone and their ilk. Blow back my ass.

  • Reporters Without Borders on the Israeli al-Dura investigation: 'the nature and substance of this report are questionable and give the impression of a smear operation'
    • Adam, are you or Phil members of the secret Facebook group of journalists who secretly have discussed Israel body politic that is linked on Drudge today? LOL. Is this secret Facebook real? This is the funniest damm thing I've ever seen. So, the AP guys can bash Israel a lot in their super-secret society and just a wee bit in their public pieces? But, if the story is true, there was a pro-Israel mole.

  • Biden says Jewish 'influence' behind American cultural politics is 'immense... immense'
    • Phil, I wonder if the 'youth' who beheaded that British soldier in London today was philosemitic or just anglophobic? or should we move right along(nothing much to see there).

    • I guess the Jewish boys murdered in Mississippi for marching in the civil rights movement or Rabbi Heschel did a bit more than stayed on the sidelines.

    • "And if we're so influential, doesn't that give people the right to discuss that influence-- say in the instance of the lobby, the Jewish marriage to Zionism and the effect of that collision on US policy in the Middle East? Of course."

      Phil, there is a right which gives people the right to discuss that influence. You may have missed Youtube and the numerous individuals and groups who devote all of their talent and energy to discussing said influence. Free speech also allows individuals the right to defend Jews who are vilified for success, influence, support for Israel for our one friend in the Middle East. Free speech also allows us to respond to haters. Sadly, numerical success in the arts, commerce, and medicine does not always turn into happy endings. Of course.

    • I believe if you add in half-Jews, the nobel laureates inches up to 50 %.

  • Islamophobia is as widespread and acceptable as anti-Semitism used to be
    • Vilification of Jews historically had numerical consequences... in terms of immigration levels, admissions to colleges of higher education, as well as admission to many blue blood law firms in NYC. You cannot formally discriminate in such a manner today, but you can informally do so. Immigration is another matter. Here the government can and does discriminate. 9/11 led to security based discrimination that really hasn't been seen in this country since 1919. Muslims are especially helpless targets after events such as Boston or 9/11. They are easily identified, unprotected, and can be targeted through guilt by association.

      On the other side of the coin, Muslim integration in American life is a success story in terms of areas such as the medical profession and other professions. I can speak first hand on medicine. Nothing breaks down suspicion and bias like having a family member successfully treated by a physician who happens to be Muslim. I see it every day in a very rural part of America. This appears to be especially true of Palestinian physicians as they are well represented in the US.

  • 'The policy of the present Israeli government is likely to lead to disaster': Stephen Hawking pulls out of conference hosted by Shimon Peres, backs academic boycott of Israel (Updated)
    • From reading the comments and updates and other news sites, I still don't understand what the hell happened. Last I checked, motor neuron disease does not turn a genius into a human, Rorschach test for either BDS or zionism. Fortunately(or unfortunately depending on your point of view)ALS does not typically impact cognition.

      At any rate, no matter his views on BDS, I love Professor Hawking, but I'll never forgive Elvis Costello or Pink Floyd. The magnificent talent of Justin Bieber would not relent to BDS(or Madona) or Bobby Brown =)

  • We cannot fix the national problems of Syria
    • Assad opponents constantly bringing up Professor Landis wife's religion is an example of vilification by association. Their is a tremendous amount of vilification and stigmatization of the Alawite faith as the bogeyman of Syria, almost displacing the eternal bogeymen, the Jew. Bringing up the religion of Professor Landis wife is akin to bringing Nazis bringing up the faith of FDR advisors in the 1930's. The argument is not made to merely question his fairness, but to tar him with evil itself. It is ironic that vilification of Alawites is starting to mirror vilification of Jews.

  • The three whoppers of Alan Dershowitz
    • I preferred Ron Silver in Reversal of Fortune to the real Dersh. The cover of Mondoweiss now has an awesome pic of the Dersh... looks like he's a bit dyspeptic after a big mac.

  • Hagel, Livni and Free Syrian Army commanders reported to gather in D.C. at behest of Israel lobby
    • Was Hafez Assad's attack on Hamma sectarian? Many Syrians would argue sectarianism has been alive and well in Syria for forty years! Gamel Nasser accused Hafez Assad of creating a sectarian conflict within Syria before I was born.

  • Israel strikes Syria, explosions rock Damascus like 'an earthquake'
    • Again, I used to completely dismiss Annie's point of view on the Syrian Government and the whole false flag deal, but, I've come to the conclusions with Syria:

      1. There are no heros or saints here with no blood on their hands(government or Jihadists.

      2. In my judgement, the future of Syria would be more respectful of minority rights(and secular)under Assad.

      3. While there is a secular opposition to Assad. They have either been killed, sidelined, or, more important, so insignificant in terms of power/numbers as opposed to the Jihadis, you could liken them to the power of the Israeli Communist party. The "secular guys" live in Milan or DC! like the "secular guys" in Libya.

      4. Everybody has proxy interests in Syria with complex, nuanced positions. Sunni--Shia, Iran--Israel, Russia--US, Iran--Gulf States.

    • IL1948.... Click on my name dude here. I'm a well known pro-Israeli guy on this site(Hasbara--LOL). Annie is fair to my point of view and my 'Jewdar' of Annie is 0.00 percent on the anti-semite meter. Chill. IL1948, dude, she's the only one here who has covered the Syria issue on Mondoweiss... repeatedly. I may not agree with her all of her conclusions on Syria, but she has not avoided Syria. Perhaps your accusations of journalistic integrity should be aimed elsewhere.

    • Annie, this is from a poster on MoonofAlabama's recent piece: It sort of rings true. link to

    • No, but the last video shows the gigantic scale of the attack. The next morning there is an video showing some sort of chicken clucking away on top of utter destruction. On the one hand, the Syrians are truthfully claiming the Israelis did the strike, but, falsely claiming that they hit useless targets like a chicken coup, gas station, research facility. I believe the Syrians are hiding what was destroyed and the Israelis are remaining mum. What is going around the Syrian twitter rumor mill is that Maher Assad's elite reserve units were hit.

    • Annie, yes I do believe that rockets were targeted and this is in Israel's interest, but the scale of the blasts tells me this is more than hitting weapons headed for Lebanon. And I believe Jordanian/Turkish/Saudi/gulf arab states intel inside of Syria is superior to Israel. Could be a simple collusion of interests in a dysfunctional world.

    • Al Manar would appear to resemble FOX news. The B role shows utter devastation as far as the eye can see, except for a few unscathed roosters!

    • ToivioS, Egypt have condemned the strike as has the Arab League. But little public outcry. Pro forma stuff. Do you really believe there will be mourning in the arab street for elite Alawite units being eliminated? This may also be a calculation by the Syrian neighbors to end the conflict sooner rather than later. By wiping out Assad's elite troops/weapons/command structure, you could tip the balance against him. The level of vitriol expressed by Edrogan against Assad today makes me thinks the strikes are not over and that all options are on the table against Syria. Assad hasn't exactly acted in a saintly manner towards Sunni Muslims in the past two years. How much sympathy can he elicit on the arab street?

    • It could be a fraction of the entire reason. Turkey, Israel, and Jordan may be fearful of latest Assad military success over the past few weeks.

    • link to

      Hopefully, this link works. I believe the Turkish leaders comment is being drowned out in the midst of the Israeli air strike. I believe the Syrians, the Israelis, and the Jordanians have been carefully sharing intel and are coordinating between themselves and among Assad's foes.

      Some of the targets may not be revealed initially. I believe Turkey gave Israel a laundry list of high-value targets to include here, aimed at tipping the balance. Don't forget that Assad has lately been on a military role, while keeping his most Alawite Republican guards in reserve. I do not believe Israel would have done this specific set of targets without Turkish--Israeli talks and the Israeli apology.

      After the Israeli apology, Netanyahu and others said it was all about Syria. I didn't get it at the time. I do now. Yes, Israeli obviously hit an arms depot. But, they also hit key targets out of reach to the FSA. This was a key, unpublicized, part of the Syrian--Israel agreement. A private understanding.

      Israel, Jordan, and Turkey concluded Assad will do nothing in response. He has his hands full at home.

    • Annie, there is something surreal about the arabic 'god is great' chant in response to the IDF strike on the Mount Qassioun complex. Al Manar(and RT initially) also claimed two IDF pilots were captured and the entire raid's main outcome was to decimate a poultry farm, showing razed chickens.

  • Islamophobic 'Foreign Policy' article compares Boston bombing and Palestinian resistance to occupation
  • Palestinian-American lineman Oday Aboushi drafted by his hometown team, the New York Jets
    • Awesome. The level of athletic commitment and training in today's world raises the bar for anybody to get into the NFL. Look at how fast these guys run a 40 yard dash, or lift compared to even ten years ago. As for his measurements. He's 6 foot five and over 300 pounds but, in the pictures, I see absolutely no fat. No one is born that good. It took unbelievable hard work. Unlike other NFL players, he appears to be quite smart as well.

  • Boston Marathon bombings unleash a new wave of Islamophobia
    • The question of how was he radicalized and did the Mosque do it assumes a. their attacks were religiously inspired(this has not been established)-ie did David Berkowitz' religion inspire his murders or his belief that a rabid dog instructed him to kill, and b. assuming that their attacks were religiously inspired an American Mosque is not the place for such radicalization to fester(the internet probably would be).

      Yes, the brothers were Muslim, but the entire thing looks strange and bizarre to be a religiously inspired event. It looks as weird as the batman murders. How does killing marathon runners, spectators further any type of goals? It looks to me that the older brother was off his rocker and led his more impressionable brother into mayhem.

      In retrospect, you could see the goals of the 9/11 attackers, but what possible goal would an attack on a marathon accomplish? It is every bit as weird as the Batman attacks. I feel very sorry for these brothers uncle.

  • Chris Matthews suggests that Boston suspects are Arabs
    • Annie, all hell is breaking loose in the Boston area right now. Cops down(more than one)and car chase with bombs and shootout. It's on the police scanners tonight.

  • Innocent until proven Muslim
    • Kalithea, America, land of dreams, you can smell the racism in the air...

      unlike Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Palestine... true respect for dissent in said lands... LOL. Give it a rest.

  • Fear of democracy in the Jewish community
  • '92d Street Y' says Roger Waters appearance is cancelled -- Updated
    • BDS is a joke. When the leader of Hamas' little sister gets treated by Jewish doctors within Israel, is this a violation of BDS? What if the treating Jewish physician lives one inch across the sacred green line? As Norman Finkelstein describes it: "it's a cult...." Can't get any more succinct than that. I think he compared it to Maoism. LOL!

      As for being a Palestinian invention, color me skeptical. It seems more like a bunch of privileged, leftist, lunatics.

    • seafoid, you should read Syrian Comment and Enduring America's report on how the other half lives in Allepo. That staunch arm of the "heroic resistance" against the zionist enemy had 6,000 confirmed kills last month. Unless Salafism is a new varient of zionism, one might ask if zionism is the height of evil, the cause of man's dark side, then what do you call the regime of Bashar Assad?

      How do you begin to contemplate that degree of evil? Granted, Mr. Assad is not a zionist and he is not a colonialist, and, like Hitler, he doesn't much like religion and is a staunch secular guy.

      We live in an absurdist world with idiots with malice in their heart, with heads full of nothing but venom.

    • I thought it was an April fool's announcement at first. Maybe Mr. Waters and 'Rev' Tutu are studying the 6,000 dead Syrian statistic last month and wondering if was a typo? BDS or just BS?

  • Obama allowed Zionists to feel cool again
    • Nice Dickerson. Does the Khazar stuff ever get old. Does the playbook ever get old, or is just recycling garbage ad nauseam. Using your logic, Israel be 'ok' if its Jews were really Jews and semites and not Khazars?

  • Obama was 'absolutely livid' when Dem platform didn't say Jerusalem is Israel's capital -- Villaraigosa
    • As full disclosure, I'm not comfortable with being called chosen, Tikkun olam kind of scares me since to me that such an ideal could be grossly misused, but the concept of repentance and it's centrality to Judaism does greatly appeal to me. But again, this is a universal concept in all religions I believe. The very concept of Jihad is a form of repentance as is the entire New Testament. I liked Abraham Heschel precisely because he moved away from Orthodox Judaism to a more universal message and he had a towering intellect and supported the civil rights movement, opposed Viet Nam.

      But the question is now what I believe, but what does President Obama believe. I'm starting to believe he is our first Jewish President(did Norman Finkelstein posit this?).

    • Another case in point from today's Passover wishes: "As my family and I prepare to once again take part in this ancient and powerful tradition, I am hopeful that we can draw upon the best in ourselves to find the promise in the days that lie ahead, meet the challenges that will come, and continuing the hard work of repairing the world,"

      In this sentence, he identifies especially with the concept of penitence the penitent, Tikkun olam... on the one hand the concept of drawing upon the best in ourselves(turning towards god, god hears the penitent's pray above others ect...ect...) and the concept of Tikkun olam or healing or repairing the world.

      Is this donor bait, or is it his heart? or a little of both. I believe his words and actions suggest this represents not only his heart, but also with extension to his identification and support of Israel.

    • Question to Phil. Phil, is it possible that you and MJ Rosenberg(and Norman Finkelstein among others) have it wrong. Your thesis(please correct me if I'm wrong)is Obama is deeply neutral to crypto-hostile to Israel. He only talks the talk and walks the walk because of the lobby and its power.

      I guess my retort is what is a second term for but to show your true side.

      1. First foreign trip... Israel.
      2. Increases iron dome spending at every intervel.
      3. He isn't running for anything anymore and I seriously doubt he gives a rats ass who runs congress if truth be known and this point needs to be taken into account.
      4. He conflates zionism with Judaism as friends(and foes)of Israel does with abandon, and ties the two together, almost into a unitary force. One would be hard pressed to see the distinction between zionism and Judaism if you watched any of Obama's speeches in Israel.
      5. Despite having a horses ass as Prime Minister of Israel to deal with as Obama does, he not only makes the best of it, and has learned how to deal with him.
      6. Despite tying the settlements with negotiations, he jettisoned this approach on his trip to Israel.
      7. Working with Israel on Iran in a much more layered approach than Bush did.
      8. At the UN and on his trip to Israel, when it counts, Obama does back Israel up. He especially addresses the entire boycott issue with his strong support of Israel. By showcasing the positive, diverse aspects of Israel, he increases the current against BDS. Whether this is by design or chance is another question, and whether you agree with BDS or oppose it, love or hate Israel is not my point.
      9. Increased dramatically the aid to Israel in terms of military partnership.
      10. From his standpoint, he seems to conflate Israel and Judaism. And many of his professional friendships in the past 6-8 years have been Jews. Rahm et al.
      11. He conflates the civil rights movement with the history of Judaism, both in text with rabbis marching in the '60's but also from a theoretical standpoint with moral teachings.

      Again, my point here is not to necessarily posit these points regarding Judaism. I am a zionist and a Jew, but realize one can be one without the other. I also realize that American Jewry did not completely support the civil rights movement, although there were guiding forces such as the late, great rabbi A. Heschel whose book The Prophets influenced Dr. King and others.

      I encourage others not to debate my points, but my thesis. I mean what election is Obama running for? Is it possible as I believe that he is a zionist, a zionist who conflates Israel and Judaism, a zionist whose favorite holiday is Passover, a zionist with a keen identification with the civil rights movement and it's biblical underpinning, a zionist with a deep understanding of the Holocaust and its impact on history, a zionist whose closest friends and peers are Jewish?

      Jimmy Carter has done just fine as an ex-President without Jewish donors... many arab donors have filled in just fine. I always felt a visceral antipathy regarding Carter and the Jews. Obviously, I've never felt this about Obama. I believe Cornell West made some mention how Obama's friends are all Jewish(not black men as he puts it) and Rev. Wright made mention about how it's hard to reach Obama due to his Jewish friends.

      Long winded, but my thesis is that Obama is deeply philo-semitic and a zionist, whereas Phil, MJ Rosenberg, Finkelstein and others see Obama as only acting this way to please the donors. I guess it's kind of like the ink blot test =)

  • Obama gets it
  • Obama brokers Netanyahu apology to Turkey over 'Mavi Marmara' attack
    • President Obama expressing his love for Israel, the US brokered Edgrogan--Bibi make out session. Not a good week for the cause of BDS.

    • Chu, do you realize that trade between Turkey and Israel is very strong. There was never an economic boycott of Turkey for Israeli products or the reverse. Economic trade... measured in dollars... is quite high. Intelligence which we cannot measure is also most likely close. As for Israeli tourists, there are regions of Turkey which will absolutely love this news. Turkey and Israel remain natural allies... and President Obama facilitated the nuptials and kiss.

    • Turkey and Israel need one another regarding one crucial issue, Syria. As Syria implodes, Turkey and Israel both face a new hostile, dangerous border and neighbor. Syria's zero neighbor problem is no more, the Kurds are increasingly restless, Israeli's quiet Golan border is no more. To say Edrogan is now a zionist is farce judging from his comments just days ago.

      Obviously Israel and Syria have been cooperating very closely on the intel level in the past year while publicly hostile. For Obama to mediate such a phone call(if true), shows he is a true friend of Israel and a zionist at heart(as I've suspected all along).

  • What's the point of this trip?
    • Onion is getting better and better. I almost spit out my cereal when I read Iron Dome story.

    • Maybe Obama went there to meet Miss Israel. This isn't on the Onion(yet), but isn't so difficult to believe when you see her on video. Phil, men have probably traveled more than this for a date. Just a thought.

  • Obama praises Israel to high heavens as Israeli and American elite cement 'unbreakable' alliance
    • This is the trend I worry most about in Israel, the middle east, and within the US. I find no redeeming qualities in religion itself. Also, Annie, another disturbing trend of Palestinians, Israelis, Syrians, Egyptians I've met... the secular, highly educated often move to the US, the crazies stay. I thought those signs in Hebrew admonishing Jewish woman "to be modest" were a weird joke.

      Perhaps the best religious solution would be if alien life was discovered, rendering God moot. While I'm proud of my Jewish heritage, I'm deeply unsettled by religious zealots of any stripe.

    • In studying today's comments on Mondoweiss, I must admit to a keen and unhealthy sense of 'mondofreude' which I should be ashamed of. Also, query to seafoid: what's so bad about a hungarian folk song? I'm of partially of Hungarian descent. My wife and many others make fun of this, casting aspersions as if Hungarians are the hicks of Europe. Not cool. Tokay wine rocks as well.

  • Obama to visit Bethlehem (any chance of Pope Benedict's photo opp?)
    • One last aside, I have debated vigorously Annie on Mondoweiss on many issues in a heated manner. I find her(as much as you can tell based on the internet)as a very nice person with a good sense of humor who happens to have a different point of view from my own. She is not a hater, an anti-semite, or crazy. I feel a previous poster attacked her in a manner that was not deserved. I am also very fearful of Obama's safety on his visit. There are too many religious, nut cases on all sides.

    • Annie, is this the same pope who was a nazi whose youthful picture in seig heil salute is floating around the net? or the same Pope who could be indicted for his 'handling' of pedophilia within the Church? That Pope?

  • Using secret travel ban, Israel prepares to deport activist Adam Shapiro preventing him from being at the birth of his first child
    • This is the single most infuriating column and comments I have ever read on and I've read each story with interest, humor, praise, or scorn, but this takes the cake. I've got absolutely nothing against this young couple in particular. Wasn't there also a case in the US where a leading Muslim intellectual was denied entry to teach(the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood) a few years back. I don't recall a good reason or rationale to deny this man entry? Weren't thousands of US citizens kicked out of the US around 1919(mostly Jews punted back to Russia)for being communists.

      Is there another county on this planet that never, ever screws over dissidents by denying them entry. Israel did the same thing to Chomsky and Finkelstein et al. Whether you approve of it or not, it is hardly unique in any possible regard.

      How is this article different than one that explores how Israeli prostitutes are sometimes abused and hooked on drugs, that there are criminals in Israeli society, scam artists, selfless dissidents, rapists, people who devote their life to science, government officials who detest the occupation, craven government officials who love Netanyahu. In this respect, how is it that Israel is different than any other country?

      Annie, others, I'm listening. Sincerely I am. Annie is obviously an activist, presumably of the left, but open minded. I support Israel on many topics and am proud of her, but we are both US citizens. Should be be tarred and feathered together as "US lackeys" even though we have diametrically distinct attitudes?

      I fail to see what is it in this article that postulates something unique or even bad about Israel as compared to EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD IN THE COURSE OF HUMAN HISTORY!

  • NPR's 'National Conversation' on US-Israel relations -- you need not apply
    • Phil, it looks like the hate Israel/Kreplach Soup crowd also was dealt a body blow with the death of the lovely progressive Hugo Chavez... RIP. I don't think Maduro has the stuff to extend the revolution. He did blame Chavez cancer on a US/imperialist operation and mentioned the demise of Arafat as a form of proof.

      Hagel and Barak making out. Hugo Chavez gone... what's next for the anti-Israel crowd? Locusts?

  • Chuck Hagel meets Ehud Barak (and wants to make sure the Israel lobby knows it)
    • Judging from the televised man hug between Hagel and Barak today... perhaps, Ramzi, Hagel is trying to compensate for 'the Jewish thing' and 'the gay thing' in one photo op =)

  • The controversy over the Oscars joke that Jews run Hollywood
    • Phil began his conversion due to neoconservative dominance of our foreign policy establishment vis-a-vis WMD and Iraq. Now, it's the Jews running Hollywood. The only difference I can find here between David Duke's 'evolution' and phil's is one makes a increasingly tenuous distinction between Jews and Zionists, one(Duke)makes no distinction.

      Annie, I'm honestly shocked to see you calling for censoring my point of view? Because it is an alien point of view, does not mean it should not be heard.

    • If the late Rabbi Kahane called for the expulsion or extermination of Palestinians, how is he different from Hitler? One is Jewish. One hates Jews. Is it wrong to call such a person a nazi because he is a Jew. I'm not comparing Phil Weiss to David Duke. I am comparing his post to many youtube posts on Jewish control of Hollywood. Does Phil get a special break from having his posts compared to David Duke because a "liberal" cannot possible be a hater?

    • Annie, why would you censor the simple question of how Phil's post differs from David Duke? How are their arguments different? Yes, one uses better grammar and one used to wear white sheets, but both seem to worry about excessive Jewish influence in American life. Both appear to be hyper sensitive to any possible objection to the projectile vomit discourse of how the Jews control the world meme.

    • How can you have a discussion concerning an ethnic groups predominance in an industry and then stop? I didn't realize that is how history works. I thought that usually talk leads to action.

      Using the k word, the n word, talking about reverse discrimination, lambasting arabs, gays... whatever... obviously there is a freedom to discuss these issues if you have the stomach to do so, but isn't there also a responsibility to be aware of the historical context? If you talk to a black person about why they shouldn't have any type of affirmative action, and you ignore the history of slavery or persecution as historical precursors for why there might be a need for such a law, what does that say about your humanity.

      To protest the actions of Israel is one thing. To protest for Palestinian rights is another thing. To bemoan the influence of Jews in Hollywood seems to be quite another thing entirely. Sadly, haters simply conflate all three issues into one.

    • David Duke mirrors your desire to talk about Jewish control over Hollywood. Phil, don't you realize this. Is it really needed? Phil, would you call it racist to talk about African American dominance in sprinting or basketball? What would you call a highly educated pundit who talks and questions in a serious manner the dominance of Africans and African Americans in sprinting and basketball? I believe you would call him a racist; and you would be right. What's so different about Hollywood and Jews?

      The debate and question has history, dating back to Jews representation in 'control' over the economy, our higher education institutions, our government.

  • Argo's Oscar and the failure of truth
    • How about the great Sally Field in her role in 'Not without my daughter' which I've come to learn is a true story about an American woman who wasn't exactly treated that well in the decidedly post-Orientalist Iran. Was her story also Orientalist Porn, and when the holy government of Iran strings up homosexuals... is that Hasbara, orientalist porn, or the sad truth? Thanks.

  • '5 Broken Cameras' loses out to 'Searching for Sugar Man' for best doc Oscar
    • 5 Broken Cameras was fantastic. Talk about an interesting, micro-lowbudget picture. There were two movies looking at the same thing from a different perspective, hence 5 Broken Cameras didn't have a chance. Gatekeepers and Broken Cameras perhaps cut each other out in the voting is my guess.

  • Autopsy reveals Arafat Jaradat died of extreme torture in Israeli custody
    • How can you diagnose heart failure at autopsy? The best you can do is to find a thrombosis in the artery/sometimes spasm indicating a heart attack. An enlarged heart or enlarged left ventricle indicates chronic heart failure which occurs over the course of years, not days. Some sort of electrical disturbance in the heart would not be diagnosed at autopsy nor would heart failure... only a heart attack which would not be expected in a young man, nor would a stroke.

      Question here. Wouldn't there have been some internal video tape made? Also for the Australian-Mossad agent, it seems weird that video tapes are not made/used for a very wide variety of reasons.

  • Future Democratic leaders at Harvard are 'infuriated' at Israel, 'Haaretz' reports
    • What is wrong with this age-old pattern?

      Did the Spanish Inquisition solve the Jewish problem, did the Final Solution? Does Israel? Will the absence of Israel solve the Jewish Problem?

      My only Jewish problem is where to find good cheesecake in Little Rock. As far as I can see, there is no Jewish problem, just as there is no black or Muslim problem... to paraphrase a learned rabbi from another generation, you simply have an eye problem.

  • SNL on Hagel: 'It is vital to Israel's security for you to go on national television and perform oral sex on a donkey... Would you do THAT for Israel?'
    • Was that funny? Only a few laughs at the donkey sex, but it was lumbering IMHO.

      Lorne 'Lipowitz' Michaels was born on a Kibbutz in Israel so maybe he might be receiving directives from the ghost of Golda Meir.

  • Chomsky: Obama strongly supported Israel's 2006 Lebanon invasion
  • Emad Burnat in LATimes-- will he be the first Palestinian to win an Oscar?
    • The Gatekeepers and 5 Broken Cameras are both available for streaming as well as for purchase on Netflix. So is the well-made Beaufort and, I believe, Kippur. 5 Broken Cameras was much better than The Gatekeepers which might be renamed The Talking Heads. Netflix is getting better in its selections.

  • Hagel offers himself as secretary of Israel's defense
    • Are you saying McCain is a kind of a dick? Point taken.

    • Certain California biotechnology companies in the neurological sector, but nothing in the military scene. Some of them have been awarded DARPA grants, but that's for keeping pilots up for 24-48 hours with amphetamine-like drugs, but zilch to do with Israeli controlled American military small-caps! But I'm game! The only Israeli company I've ever bought stock in was Pharmos, but that was a true turd.

    • Hagel appeared confused, disjointed. He could not answer many basic questions. There is nothing wrong for the US defense secretary to dislike Israel. There is something wrong with his ability to enunciate his points or even to understand Obama's basic policy goals.

      If this was a display of The Lobby's power, maybe they slipped something into his water.

  • Rebranding the War on Terror for the age of Obama: 'Zero Dark Thirty' and the promotion of extra judicial killing
    • Deepa, I very much enjoyed your piece. It was extremely thought provoking but I approach the message differently than you when you write:

      "For a film maker of Bigelow’s talent it is shocking to see such unambiguous “good guys” and “bad guys.” The only way to be brown and not to be a villain in her narrative is to be unflinchingly loyal to the Americans, as the translator working for the CIA is. The “good Muslim” does not question, he simply acts to pave the way for American interests."

      How does the film make the US good guys when they are bashing, beating and torturing numerous individuals who at least believe in something. I cannot fathom how an objective viewer could see the initial torture scene and not be revolted. It is unclear what the motivation for Maya is outside of personal retribution for the murder of her CIA colleague station chief who was murdered in a suicide bombing near the Pakistani border.

      I think the film shows the CIA version of events, but it is hard not to have respect for the Jihadists who are portrayed as devout believers. While the movie was fast paced, I fail to see what the CIA operators actually believe in.

      I also too her comment about Pakistan being kind of fucked up more to towards the corrupt nature of the government and the ISI and their dealings with the US. This is a distinct issue from the Muslim religion. Note also how Maya charges the ISI 'fucked' her voice by publicly outing him.

    • Maya, if recruited out of high school, could have been due to proficiency in some language? This is just my guess but why at this age? She was also at the Marriott Hotel bombing in Pakistan. This hotel was frequented by spies. She was shot at.

      I'm no detective, but the filmmakers and assorted literary profiters have provided more than enough clues to guess at her actual identity which I think I've done correctly but I will obviously not post what I've come up with. Another very interesting tidbit on Maya, is that the female lead actor in Homeland is modeled after her and met her at CIA headquarters according to the actress.

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