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Unrepresented by my Representatives, and lied to by the media, you might say I'm a bit irked.

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  • Obama's double standard on Syria, Egypt and Israel
    • If you go back to 1981 and do a little digging, you find that Dick Cheney's manipulation of export laws allowed Saddam to acquire the chemical weaponry that was subsequently used against the Iranians and the Kurds.

      But really, underscoring the hypocricy of so many of our nation's stances and policies serves no useful purpose anymore, because the hypocricies have become so blatant and so common place they require no such exposure. If you aren't aware of these double standards by now, its doubtful you care enough to follow world events, or bother to monitor your own government's actions and policies.

      Watching these pathetic posers such as Kerry, Obama, or Biden assume the posture of outraged protectors of human rights is an affront to my intelligence. I can only feel loathing for what our body politik has become.

  • Obama lost his English poodle, but it looks like he'll get a French one
    • I know there are still those here that respect Steve Clemons. If you watched him two nights ago on Maddow, you'd have to be an idiot to still entertain that respect. If you have any doubt that he has completely and utterly sold out, you missed it. He was touting the intelligence that the Syrian military used chemical weapons as being rock solid, and he was blathering that a military response from us was not only warranted, but was necessary. He seems to have forgotten what he was taught on his old blogsite, that some of us out here in the real world aren't blithering idiots.

  • Israel lobby wields influence on US use of force because it is connected across aisles -- Politico
    • The power that organizations such as AIPAC wield over DC is undeniable, unless you're a liar, or an idiot. I leave it to you to find your particular category.

      I will, however, point out a bit of your own behaviour that supports the "idiot" premise. It is the gastral gas you expend to deny the power of this corrosive and insidiously devious organization. Oh wait, perhaps that supports the "liar" premise. Uuuuhmmmm....or.....uh....maybe both.

      OH WAIT! I've got it now! You think WE are the idiots!

  • Chas Freeman: Kerry's talks leave out 4 of 5 Palestinians
    • Amazing. I know damned good and well that you have been paying attention these last coupla decades, American.

      So, your idea of "contacting Hamas" is surreal. Are you a sado-masochist? You WANT the full brunt of our government's attention, complete with the latest fascist additions, courtesy of the NSA?

      Please, keep us posted whats like to be on the no-fly list.

  • Bacevich in 'LA Times': Camp David ushered in 4 decades of US militarism in Mid East
    • Camp David resulted in a policy of bribery, paying Egypt countless billions of U.S. taxpayer's money to protect Israel. These billions upon billions of dollars of bribes paid to Egypt, to protect Israel's security, need to be included in the sum total of monies we have squandered away to this ungrateful and duplicitous psuedo "ally" known as "Israel".

      Frankly, I wish we would cut aid to both Israel and Egypt, and watch the two of them come out from behind thier masks and show us what they are REALLY made of when we aren't comping thier group hug. Never happen, though. We'll pay them off no matter what, even if these DC scumbags have to hide the envelope.

  • Israel and AIPAC keep up efforts to save aid for Egyptian military
    • "Israel’s opinion is a tiny fragment of what motivates Washington"


    • "Israel and AIPAC keep up efforts to save aid for Egyptian military"

      Of course. Since the Camp David Accords we have been bribing Egypt to play nice with Israel.

      "Aid"= Arms + billions to buy arms.

      So, if we stop the bribery, there is no longer any incentive for playing nice, eh? And the last four decades of "aid" suddenly becomes an arsenal aimed squarely at Israel.

      Poetic justice. Open the gate, the chickens are comin' home to roost.

  • President Obama’s secret plan for Egypt
    • Plan??? Oh please, not another “plan” hatched by these feckless posturers in Washington DC and their Israeli counterparts. What “plan”, hatched in DC/Israel, has been constructive in terms of Middle East stability, or our own national security here at home? There is no “plan”. These fumbling and inept clowns in DC are now simply reacting to events and situations as they unfold, occurring in no small part because of the previously launched “plans” of the last two decades that have been proven to be disastrous abject failures. It has tumbled out of control in the middle east, and DC has neither a “plan”, nor a credible excuse for the failures of the last two decades. If there is a silver lining, it might be that this instigator and real estate thief known as "Israel" (The "Jewish State", doncha know) might be taken down a knotch and taught to behave itself. But probably not. I imagine Israel, when confronted with the fruits it has sown, will simply attempt to incinerate the crop in a salvo of gas, cluster munitions, and white phosphorous….and besides, there’s always the nuclear option. Theres no Muslim problem a massive dose of military superiority can’t solve, right? I mean hey, look how successful its been thus far.

    • Plan??? Oh please, not another "plan" hatched by these feckless jackasses in Washington DC and their vampire Israeli counterparts. What "plan", hatched in DC/Israel, has been constructive in terms of Middle East stability, or our own national security here at home? There is no "plan". These fumbling asses in DC are now simply reacting to events and situations as they unfold, occurring in no small part because of the previously launched "plans" of the last two decades that have been proven to be disastrous abject failures. It has tumbled out of control in the middle east, and DC has neither a "plan", nor a credible excuse for the failures of the last two decades. If there is a silver lining, it might be that this murderous little sand pit known as Israel might be taken down a knotch and taught to behave itself. But probably not. I imagine Israel, when confronted with the fruits it has sown, will simply attempt to incinerate the crop in a salvo of gas, cluster munitions, and white phosphorous....and besides, there's always the nuclear option. Theres no Muslim problem a massive dose of military superiority can't solve, right? I mean hey, look how successful its been thus far.

  • In Egypt, fascist incitement
  • Israelis assured Egyptian military there'd be no cutoff in US aid, NYT says (and Israel denies)
    • Here you go, monitor.

      I will also be posting the comments of mine that you censor at a number of other websites that deal with the power of AIPAC, and our continued support for the crimes and travesties Israel commits as a matter of course.

    • "Building nukes is not an option available to Iran"

      And evidence that they are doing so is sorely lacking. But don't let the facts get in your way.

      Gee wonderful, perhaps we can kill another half million Muslim infants through crippling sanctions, like we did in Iraq.

      And, uh, never mind Iran's compliance with the NPT, eh?

      It makes me feel very comfortable knowing those peace lovin' Israeli's are the ones with the nukes. After all, look at the reluctance they've exhibited about using cluster munitions and white phosphrous on civilian populations.

  • 'The one and only Jewish state,' Netanyahu says, pounding the rostrum
    • Monitor........are you afraid of the truth?

    • "......Zio-supremacists and their equally hateful and immoral supporters"

      Would that be virtually every American Jew I've ever talked to, who support Israel, even while exhibiting profound ignorance of the facts? What about the non-zionist Jews who repeatedly vote using the AIPAC playbook?

  • Covert online students hasbara units directed out of Israeli PM Netanyau's office
    • "Nothing has done more to increase antisemitism around the world than the dedicated efforts of the worldwide Jewish establishment to strongly associate in the public mind the Israeli government and Zionism with “the Jews” and Judaism"

      If our government's subservience to the zionist agenda, AIPAC, and the various Jewish lobbies is an effort to win "the Jewish vote", then doesn't it follow that American Jews must shoulder some of the responsibility for our continued unconditional support of Israel's policies, crimes, and human rights abuses?? Isn't their (American Jews) vote and thier campaign contributions the primary incentive for our politician's continued effort to dance to the Israeli/zionist tune????

    • The organized Hasbara efforts have utilized college students for years now. This is not a new thing.

  • All the weasel words fit to print
    • The story behind this private venture really underscores the horseshit Kerry has been spewing these last few months. If any venture deserves our economic participation, Rawabi exemplifies that venture. Yet we have not contributed one cent to this project. One can only assume that Kerry's pie-in-the-sky natterings about helping the Palestinian economy will be a typical pimp job, trying to steer opportunites and profits into the pockets of corporate cronies on the dole in DC. Rawabi could well fail without subsidation from outside entities, and who can doubt the ziopukes and their subservient lackies in DC would like nothing better than to see it fail? Instead, lets ship those murderous criminals steering the Israeli Ship Of State another few billion dollars so they can purchase cluster bombs and white phosphorous.

  • Bored with the Jews
    • "She said that this website is way too negative, that we should be embracing John Kerry as a hopeful messenger........."

      Which would be an admission of ignorance. Of all the horseshit we are currently being fed by the DC posers, is there a bigger farce than this so called "peace process"?

  • A solution to the conflict won't come from the Israeli Jewish public
    • They look like Monopoly game pieces.

      Being in the trades, I understand the motive. Aesthetics cost time and money. When a society intends to expand exponentially, buying time before the inevitable global pushback slows thier consumption of land, such shitty looking unappealing cookie cutter hovels are the expedient solution. Bang....bang.....bang and bingo, another hundred acres of desert is turned into a section of the hive, seemingly as if by magic. These hovels are a perfect reflection of the nature of thier inhabitants.

  • State Department was right: Israel colonizes the West Bank as peace process continues
    • "You’re not going to get the rightists in the Israeli cabinet to stop issuing tenders, and you’re not going to get the Palestinians to stop telling their children that Jews are bad"

      They don't hafta tell their kids that. Israel's ("The Jewish State") treatment of the Palestinians implants the idea in thier heads. You don't want anti-semitism? Than act in a humane and moral manner.

  • What are Jews to do with our newfound imperial/colonial identity?
    • What are those, like myself, to think about all of this????

      You see, I have no idea what a "jew" is. I grew up in a family atmosphere that was extremely bigoted. My mom was from the deep south, so I learned "Eenie meenie miney moe, catch a nigger by the toe....." in my early youth.

      Jews? For whatever reason, I have no idea why, in junior high and high school jews were insulted, criticized, ridiculed as being miserly, penny pinching, greedy. Of course, being with a peer group meting out such ridicule and derision, I too joined the chorus, having no idea why, or even questioning whether or not the ridicule was warranted.

      I'm now in my sixties, and have managed to shed my bigotries, to the best of my ability, as I have wisened with age. Replacing the bigotry is confusion. What is a "jew" I ask myself. Am I to judge jews by the actions of Israel? Is judaism yet one more fanatical religious mindset? Is it an ethnicity? A theological pursuit? I read articles, essays, such as this one, and it does little to ease my confusion. Steeped in history, the whole thing, the whole Israeli/Palestinian/conflict ball of wax, seems archaic, a kind of interaction that mankind should have long ago abandoned as futile.

      I am not confused about one thing, though. This archaic and futile struggle between "jews" and "muslims" corrodes and tarnishes the entire global social patina. We are headed for no good ending. Our nation's leaders have picked a "side", and in so doing have immersed us deep into this pathetic and costly exercise in futility. It can only escalate, and it will. And people like me, who really don't understand who, what, or why, can only go along for the ride. I want off, and there isn't an exit ramp. While you're looking for your "identity", does the whole world have to suffer through your search?

  • Netanyahu may require DNA tests to prove immigrants have a Jewish 'bloodline'
  • State Department official: 'You are likely to see Israeli settlements continue' during peace talks
    • How the hell can any Palestinian of sound mind have ANY respect for Abbas, if talks proceed while Israel is continuing to allow settlement building? This is a scandalous sham, that has the sole purpose of casting the Palestinians in a bad light. The purposeful endgame here IS failure, which is designed to be laid squarely on Palestinian shoulders. I expect such slimey machination and underhanded scumballery from Netanyahu and his gang, but it saddens and angers me to no end to see Kerry and Obama choreographing this pathetic and corrupt display of political tomfoolery. I'm becoming further ashamed of my country and its "leaders" as each day passes.

  • If ending the conflict is so important, why did Kerry choose Indyk with a record of 'failure'? asks AP's Matt Lee
    • So being good at failure is a requisite resume for inclusion in the "Peace Process".

      Ms Psaki couldn't have made a bigger jackass of herself if she would have simply brayed every time Lee posed a question.

      Ms Psaki: "Heehaw, heehaw, heehaw........"

  • Morsi, the last caliph-president of Egypt
    • Hmmmm. Horseshit is ok occassionally, if well penned. The trick, though, is figuring out how to get your crap across in a brief enough essay, so that your targeted patsies don't loose interest before they've ingested the full dose of Kool-Aid.

      I made it through about a third of Lo's attempt, and regret even that overzealous effort on my part. Fortunately, I won't make the same mistake again, for the only words I will read is the author's name before I move on to the next thread.

  • Brace yourselves for-- 'Kerry's generous offer'
    • It doesn't take a genious to realize that the Palestinians will be cast as the spoilers in this charade. Kerry, in collusion with the zionists, is engaging in an epic deception. This whole thing is a despicable scam, and the Palestinians will be betrayed, yet once more, by this fiction known as "the peace process". I never did care much for Kerry, but this charade exposes him as worthy of my loathing, never mind mere dislike.

      And Obama is up to his neck in this puddle of crap as well. His goal??? To be perceived as the President that brokered a peace deal, that the ungrateful and intransagent Palestinians rejected. He offered success, and the Palestinians turned it into failure. One wonders what windows of opportunity this latest scam will provide to the Israelis. After all, doncha know, no deal is good enough for the Palestinians. So Israel, with the blessings of the United States, might just as well impose a "deal", eh?

  • If Kerry fails, Israel will be an apartheid state 'and that didn't work too well the last time,' CENTCOM general warns
    • Carroll, I am a bit perplexed by your read on things. I talk top people regularly about Israel, and there is no subject that holds rival fopr false impressions and ignorance than the general public's knowledge about our corrosive relationship with Israel. Your contention that the general public considers Israel anything other than a democratic and upstanding ally is ludicrous.

    • So what constitutes "failure" on Kerry's part?

      If he and Obama, in collusion with the zionists, allow Israel to continue stealing land, while acting out this shameless charade about renewed negotiations, it can be considered a success on Kerry's part, not a failure.

      Is there really anyone watching this scam unfold that believes it is a legitimate effort to mediate in a fair manner? This is just one more betrayal committed against the Palestinian people, casting this despicable bigot Netanyahu as one willing to seek peace and just settlement with the Palestinians. Its a scam, an act, that Obama and Kerry are staging, and the zionists are directing the play.

  • Congress and AIPAC want to name Israel 'major strategic partner' -- but AP highlights anti-Arab 'discrimination'
    • "create a new category of U.S. ally - 'major strategic partner' - designating Israel as the only such nation. And they would call for the inclusion of Israel on a list of countries whose citizens can visit the United States for up to 90 days without a visa, granted they register electronically before boarding a flight"

      What a wonderful contribution to Israel's ability to perform false flag terrorist events in the United States.

  • Dozens of settlers rip up Atta Jaber's plants-- under nose of police and Kiryat Arba swimming pool
    • Well....its sure a darn good thing that these Palestinians won't feel ill will towards these Jewish settlers, isn't it? And all the little Palestinian children, witnessing such actions, will remain unjaundiced by prejudice and hatred. Right, Annie?

  • Liberal MSNBC host says Snowden thinks he's in a Spielberg movie and Greenwald is a 'jerk'
    • Surely you don't think that these prison shows are inexpensive to produce? And if it maximizes profits, why doesn't Fox pursue the same windfall? The dearth of weekend "news" coming from the so-called "liberal" side of our media is really inexplicable, and its hard for me to imagine that it is purely driven by economics. Do you really think the viewership of these prison shows equals that of the "news" programs that Fox airs simultaneously? The bottom line, Fox is hawking its rabidly biased psuedo news bullshit on the weekends, influencing the opinions of its news-hungry viewers, while MSNBC is asleep at the wheel, appealing to an audience tittillated by tragedy and human failing, undoubtedly unengaged, ignorant, and indifferent to informing themselves.

    • "I remember when Obama was transformative"

      I remember when he claimed to be transformative. But I certainly don't recall him ever living up to that claim. In actuality, he's a lying piece of shit.

    • “Time to go to prison.”

      Strange that the so-called "liberal" side of of our media signs off on the weekend and airs these prison reality shows. Meanwhile, Fox News rolls on with its purposely divisive and venomous agenda, reaching all the weekend viewers that may not be as prone to watching "news" on weekdays. MSNBC funnels viewers to Fox in this manner. By design? Surely they must realize they are doing it.

    • "BTW, the majority of FBI agents are Mormons...."

      Uh, really???? Just curious, but, uh.....source for that???

    • Page: 2
    • Well....mixed emotions here. These men's sexuality would become the topic, rather than the governmental abuses they seek to expose. Personally, I wish we were at the point we didn't need to underscore or debate the sexual preferences of newsmakers. Certainly many in the gay community must realize that crowing about the homosexuality of people such as Manning only provides a diversion away from why Manning is in the news in the first place. As well, the more open minded of us, that do not judge a man's character by his sexual preferences couldn't care less whether Manning is gay or hetero. It is what he exposed that is important. Yet, who can doubt that the right would only exploit Manning's homosexuality as information thru which to discredit him. I usually agree with you Dan, but, on this one, I think you're all wet.

    • Its obvious that our media celebrities all serve the same masters, formatting thier collusion with the state in a manner that reaches out to both sides of the aisle. Doesn't matter if you're Sean Hannity, or Melissa Harris-Perry, your message is scripted for appeal and indoctrination, rather than to inform. Fox News, or MSNBC, the goal is to divide us along partisan lines by offering seemingly different viewpoints, while pursuing the same agenda. While we bicker amongst ourselves along this contrived and media nurtured illusion of partisan differences, the maggots in Washington DC expand thier tentacles of power beyond our best interests. Really, these media whores are almost, if not actually, worse than their political pimps. The Fourth Estate died long ago, and all thats left is a rotten carcass, which those such as Melissa Harris-Perry feed upon.

  • Goddamn the neoconservatives
    • It just seems ludicrous to me that one can use the correct terminology to describe the power change in Egypt, and as a result be accused of taking sides.

      Well...,uh...duh...the military removes a leader from power, puts someone in his place, institutes arrests, and stations tanks and military personel willy nilly throughout the urban centers....and its not a "military coup"???


      I believe in healthy debate, but egads. Seems to me Taxi's meter is overcharging.

    • "Such statements are widely considered offensive in modern American culture"

      Actually, your statement should read "Such statements are widely considered offensive in the modern American culture that I expose myself to." Plying my trade in Central California , which has an extremely conservative population, the kind of venom Brooks spits out is not only popular and acceptable, but is commonplace.

      "But he doesn't have that anymore; in fact he has damaged himself, irrevocably"

      You gotta be kidding me. You turned on the news lately? It ain't Brooks being skewered by the media. Its Morsi and Snowden. You're dreaming, Phil. The average American can't even tell you who Brooks is, and, really, couldn't care less.

      The neopukes are about to be resurrected, Phil. Who the hell do you think is stirring the pot in Syria and Egypt? Bugs Bunny?

  • Video: Israeli military detains five-year-old Palestinian for allegedly throwing a stone
  • After pressure from Israeli High Court state to re-open investigation into IDF shooting of American peace activist Tristan Anderson
    • Oh my. Like you wouldn't lie about this issue. Uh huh.

    • What these despicable apologists for the IDF do not mention is that Israel has, long ago, outlawed the use of these high velocity tear gas canisters, yet the IDF continues to use them, without fear of indictment or prosecution.

    • "Video proves Ms Henochowicz was accidentally injured by ricochet."


  • Children of Beit Ommar Popular Committee are targeted again
    • "The anti semitism thing is part of the con"

      Carroll, as you well know from your years of reading my opinions, here and at TWN, I am well aware of the accusation of "anti-semitism" being used to divert and justify the policies and actions of the so-called "Jewish State". But the actual con-job, and the existence of policies and actions that DO foster anti-semitism, are two separate topics of discussion. Surely you don't believe that actual anti-semitism is non-existent? To deny the existence of actual anti-semitism within the Muslim community is as ludricous as denying prejudice against Muslims within the Jewish community. That is not to say that Annie is correct in accusing me of lumping ALL Palestinians, or ALL Jews, of harboring such prejudice. But surely you must recognize that the actions of one ethnic or religious group of people against the welfare of another ethnic or religious group of people will result in prejudicial hatred. It is a self-perpetuating dynamic that is as real to human nature as oxygen is to earth's atmosphere. Both Muslims and Jews need to realize that actions presented as a collective will result in prejudice against that collective by those oppressed by the actions or policies.

    • "hatred corrodes the soul"

      Of course it does. Why do you think an Israeli military commander can order the disbursement of millions of cluster bomblets against an urban community of non-combatants, or a Muslim fanatic can detonate a bomb in a marketplace full of women and children? Recognizing the effect hatred has on one's very essence does not preclude hatred from being an actual component of human nature. I suspect you've led a very safe and sheltered life, Annie, where your loved one's have not been starved, butchered, murdered or oppressed by an ethnic, racial, or religious segment of the global community.

    • Annie, I think you are way off base on this one. You are positing from your heart, and not from logic or human history. One only need examine the wars throughout history to realize that prejudicial hatred has been the propelling force that keeps the soldiers engaged. Often, the hatred is nurtured by those that profit by the hostility.

      Ponder, if you will, the societal sentiment that allowed the Japanese interment camps. The various slurs that arise out of conflict; skinnies (somalia), nips (world war two), gooks(Viet Nam), ragheads(GWOT)......need I go on? I am quite certain, although not directly aware, that there is undoubtedly such slurs developed by many Palestinians to describe thier Jewish adversaries. And can you really dismiss the rabid prejudices that many in the Israeli settler communities express against thier Palestinian neighbors? Your optimistic reading of human nature is certainly sweet, but is in direct conflict with history and human nature. How I wish you were correct. But to ascribe prejudice to one side of this conflict, while giving the other side the benefit of the doubt, is a stance that belies common sense. Or perhaps you hold the opinion that there is not widespread prejudice against Muslims within Israeli Jewish society? That this conflict is simply fueled by the Zionist Israelis quest to expand thier territory, and the Palestinians are simply resisting that expansion, neither side propelled by prejudicial malice? You really believe that?

    • "It’s not “anti-semitism” if you’re resisting a brutal occupier who happens to be jewish. It’s “anti-semitism” if you hate on jews for no good reason. Big difference"

      I think thats a pie in the sky opinion that defies common sense. Basic human nature would turn to prejudice when constantly attacked, abused, or oppressed by any given religious, racial, or ethnic segment of humanity. Make no mistake, Israel's actions instill hatred against Jews in Palestinian youth. To posit otherwise is naive and unrealistic.

    • "All the responses to BrianEsker’s comment were accurate"

      Yet, typically, his dingleberry will hang there, unbuttressed by any debate he might offer in response to our rebuttals. This consistent lack of response is the hallmark of the feckless trolls that erect these thin and weakly mortared walls of denial.......always refusing to concede the obvious.

      Well, Brian, what pebble of inconsequence will you throw next? Personally, I find it far easier to respect the courage of a youth throwing stones at a tank than I do finding any respect for you and your literary projectiles of denial. Often I find myself pondering how easily and unabashedly some here, (in attempting to advocate for Israel and the zionists), expose themselves as completely and utterly devoid of character or integrity. If you have to lower yourself to such a degree in order to advocate for anything, can that thing be worthy of your advocacy??? I don't get it.

      BTW, Brian..what "firebombs"??? You made the assertion, now back it up with some facts. Or perhaps you'd rather examine irrefutable proof of REAL firebombs being "thrown". Its called "white phosphorous", and it ain't Palestinian kids that throw it.

    • "It would be a bit more honest and less of a distortion if the author included mention of why these kids were arrested"

      I'm always astounded by comments such as this.

      First, what "firebombs"? Perhaps I'm just uninformed, but can Brian provide us with an account of any recent arrests of Palestinian youths for employing "firebombs"???

      And rocks???? Of course many stones are being thrown by Palestinian kids. What other avenue of venting do they have for the daily hardships, abuses, and prejudices that Israel imposes on them and thier families. Israel nurtures their hatred, earns it with policy and deed.

      Poor Israel, their tanks, troop carriers, and heavily armored soldiers are endangered by kids with rocks. Gosh, maybe if you steal more land, humiliate more pregnant women, deprive more villages of water, livestock, orchards and crops these nasty Palestinian hooligans will stop throwing stones. Might help too if you target a few more fishermen for target practice, you're gettin' kinda lax on that front.

    • For a state that is so worried about anti-semitism, one wonders why they work so hard at instilling it into the mindsets of arab youth.

  • J'lem restaurant that employs Palestinians is repeatedly struck by skinheads -- 'Death to Arabs'
    • My concept of a "skinhead" is based on what I witnessed in North Idaho, living there when Reverend Butler and his Aryan Nation Church were in a compound at Hayden Lake. These maggots were rabidly anti-semitic, going so far to run a local Jewish restaurant owner out of town through vandalisam and threats. (Chef Rosen. An amazing chef and human being.)

      I really think that the term "skinhead" might be misused here. If, in fact, true "skinheads" were in Israel, both arabs AND Jews would be targeted.

  • Netanyahu brags on his fancy German car
    • Really....too.....

      The German car is less an issue of Netanyahu's boasting than what his boasting telegraphs. Like our own elitist sacks of crap at the helm of our Ship of State, Netanyahu has lost touch with the reality of having to scrounge for a living, which most citizens have to do in today's global economy. His out of touch boasting is despicable enough if only considered from the standpoint of the less than fortunate Jewish Israeli citizens. But when one considers the plight that most Palestinians are experiencing, his boasting is obscene.

      The term" leaders", when considering our own "leaders", as well as the term being applied to these Israeli "leaders" such as Netanyahu is a misnomer. These elitist megalomaniacs are far from the kind of humans that should be "leading" the citizens of global powerhouses such as Israel or the United States. These people such as Netanyahu and Obama are dangerous to the global population, and the only place they will "lead" us to is global catastrophe and endless war.

    • "Me? I’ve owned a half-dozen VW beetles since 1967....."

      HA!!! Remember the "Volkwagen Repair Book For the Complete Idiot"? Great cars, I've had eleven over the years, although only two beetles. The rest were vans and buses, no newer than 1971, (the year they changed the buses into pieces of junk.)

      The idea of "the people's car" was a fantastic concept, kinda reminds me of what many urban centers are now attempting to do with bicycles. Hitler, evil to the core, at least got something right. I'd buy an older bus today if I could find one for a decent price. Unfortunately, they are now priced out of range if not a rust bucket.

      Memories, man, memories..........

  • 'Courage is Contagious': Glenn Greenwald electrifies Chicago crowd speaking on Snowden, journalism and the NSA
    • Alkong this vein, there is an article in this morning's Los angeles Times (front page about) an muslim american citizen unable to board an aircraft in Bankock to return home to the states. Seems he is on the "no-fly list". They won't tell ya why you're on the list, and they won't tell you who is on the list. When this guy was finally able to come home, after being detained for days at the Bankock airport, they confinscated all his electronics at the stateside airport. Lap top, phone, etc, saying theyt were "going to make copies. He has recieved no explanation for why he is on the list, and has no avenue through which to have himself removed from the list. Welcome to the FSA. The Fascist State of America.

  • 'Democracy Now' focuses on 'TWA 800' documentary by Borjesson and Stalcup
    • "Hastings’ last Em was:
      “Also: I’m onto a big story, and need to go off the rada[r] for a bit.” "

      The Hastings thing reeks. I think that he was about to reveal that the feds are, in fact, spying on individuals illegally, rather than simply mass data mining. They killed him, in my opinion.

      The longer Obama is in office the more sinister he and his administration become. I believe we "conspiracy theorists" aren't really paranoid enough. Its beginning to look like we are far closer to being a fascist state than even our tin-foil hats have allowed us to believe. The "party" thing is a charade. Our politicians ceased having national interests long ago, their aspirations are global, and they well sell the citizens of the United States out in a heartbeat if it increases their power.

      Why, after the last two decades, should we believe anything that comes out of DC, or these complicit traitors in our media that hawk the script?? Mondo doesn't like any comments about 9/11, but honestly, only an idiot can possibly swallow the swill that the "official explanation" consists of. And the bullshit they fed us running up to the Iraq invasion should convince even the most ardent "patriot" that these DC maggots have no qualms about sacrificing truth for agenda.

    • "Seventeen years ago TWA flight 800 crashed over the Atlantic shortly after takeoff. All 230 on board perished. Within two days the FBI commandeered the investigation into the crash, backed-up by Navy divers"

      Actually, the divers were not all Navy. There was also a contractor involved. I met one of the divers, civilian, who worked for the contractors. Long story.

      He said "we will never know the truth". He also claimed there was a huge amount of cash in the cargo hold that was removed and turned over to the feds.

  • American Jewish leaders are mad that settlement-boosting minister exposed their charade
    • "...yeah, that got totally blacked out of US news coverage(as i recall)."

      ROFLMAO!!!!! You're really something, Annie.

    • Amazing that these so-called "American Jewish leaders" are so comfortable with being recognized as liars. Bennet also said "build, build, build" when he was delivering his all too rare honest description of Israeli intentions.

      Amazing, isn't it, when the truth tellers pursuing an agenda expose the liars who are pursuing the same agenda? Its like these so called "leaders" are mumbling..."Shhhh....don't tell them the truth! They'll stop giving us money." Truth be told, the truly despicable ones are these "Jewish Americans" who are selling us down the river. Bennet deserves a mote of respect, at least for his honesty, even if his intentions are worthy of loathing. But both the intentions and the dishonesty of these "American Jewish leaders" deserve only contempt.

      Worse, though, are these non-jewish "leaders", squatting in DC, who sell us down the river, and advance the great lie about Israel's intentions, for alms and power. And they are the rule rather than the exception.

      I see where one of the more peacefully co-existent (with their settler neighbors) arab communities has been severely vandalized by Israeli Jewish radicals, right on the heels of Bennet's words. No suprise there. Bennet's honesty is awakening the honesty of quite a few of the settlers. They are taking off their masks, and showing us who they REALLY are.

      Israel, unmasked. And, as a result, the unmasking of Washington DC. We'll still sign the check, and Israel will gladly, (if not gratefully), cash it.

  • Sharon Stone spouts New Age gobbledygook at Israeli president's party
    • "And Many more, all praised Peres and Israel"

      Bribery, blackmail, or just a simple dirth of integrity?

  • Hillary's court is the Israel lobby
    • Democrats...Republicans...Democrats...Republicans....blahblahblah.....

      Gads, after seeing what happened to Ron Paul, and before him, Dennis Kucinich, and before him, Conyers......

      How the heck can such optimism survive? It blows my mind. Do you really think, after these last three election cycles, that the results are not planned, pre-ordained, manipulated, and choreographed? Are you all really unable to recognize the charade that is being played out by this so called "partisan divide" that our politicians have so slickly created to keep us bickering amongst ourselves while they pursue global power and obscene wealth? Egads, if Obama's duplicity and insincere posturing hasn't opened your eyes, what will?

    • "The democrats under Obama are working side by side with alqaida in Syria and other hot-spots in the mideast and regular Joe and Jane have been reading about it all on the net"

      Oh horseshit. "Regular Joe and Jane" are not informed, nor are they informing themselves. Most of us here, and on sites such as this, are anomalies. "Regular Joe and Jane"s are getting their world view from the mainstream media.

      You talk to your neighborhood "Regular Joe and Jane"s at any length? If you do, I doubt you would offer such a naive rant as you do in your comment. One of the most honest foreign policy sites I read is Moonofalabama. You think that site is widely recognized by your "Regular Joe and Jane"s???? Ask someone who Sybil Edmonds is. Are they going to say "Oh yeah, she has that "Boiling Frogs" website"??? Of course not.

      We are years away from the kind of social enlightenment you so optimistically apply to this coming election cycle. Nothing is going to change as long as a very few informed members of our society unrealistically assume the general public shares their desire to find the truth. Such unfounded optimism inspires complacency in those of us, the informed, that should be screaming from the rooftops. Sites such as these merely provide the fodder that we must bring to the dinner table, the gym, the boardroom, the pews, and the office. We have a long way to go, and we aren't even close to getting there.

  • When a 'stockpile of homemade bombs' is ho-hum and ha-ha
    • Actually, in this case, (were this wackjob a muslim), the media would be tripping over themselves to sensationalize his arrest. After all, this survellience, this steady erosion of our rights to privacy, is paying dividends, doncha know!

      We need to be careful, (as if anything "we" do will affect the downward spiral towards facism our nation is currently experiencing). We have reached the point where the mere allocation of a label can render you devoid of any legal rights. All they need do now is point and mumble the word "terrorist", and your rights are forfeit. Warrants enabling wiretaps and intrusions into your email accounts are issued by a secret court, merely by attaching that handy catch-all label to you.

      Yes, any muslims engaged in any activity that may be suspect should be very careful right now, as these fascist lying elitists in DC are looking for justification, a rationale they can peddle to the masses. They're only doin' it to keep you safe, you know. Never mind that their foreign policies, meddling, and murderous military adventures are serving the exact opposite purpose.

      Don't they get it? Don't they realize we are hated because we deserve to be hated? And these slimey little Washington fascists and spooks, hiding under our beds, listening to our phones, and reading our emails do nothing to change that irrefutable fact. Stop earning hatred, and people will stop hating you.

  • An Israeli veteran comes forward to decry 'how shitty we are' to Palestinians
    • So, uh, what is your argument? That because of her boring posting, Palestinians are NOT "treated shitty"?? I mean, hey, you're really kinda avoiding the actual POINT here, aren't you? Are Palestinians treated shitty by the IDF, Oleg? Or are we to disbelieve the hundreds of testimonies by the abused and the abusers?

      Diversion. You guys do it well, albiet transparently and ad nauseum.

  • Four months later, did Hagel's confirmation make any difference at all?
    • “Or perhaps more importantly – why did anyone on the left support him in the first place?”

      Chuckling, here. Not one to say I told ya so...but uh....

  • World Bank, the PA and Israel work together to confiscate Palestinian land for West Bank dump site
    • And the "implications" part of my comment? Do you see one single MSM article that doesn't push the "just Danon's opinion" premise, rather than reporting the OBVIOUS implications of Israeli duplicity? The optimism here, at times, is ludicrous.

    • "That’s pretty doubtful"

      Perhaps to you, but not to me. Lets revisit both of our opinions a year from now. Time will tell.

    • Notwithstanding Danon's honest appraisal of Israel's true intentions, we can expect the status quo to continue unabated. Admissions and revelations such as Danon's will have no impact on the ability for these kinds of projects to proceed. Seen anything in any of our domestic papers or media exposing Danon's comments, and the implications of his comments??? Of course not. What little media comment I have seen have presented his comments as an "opinion" rather than a realistic disclosure of the true nature of Israel's ongoing occupation as a means to nix the creation of a Palestinian state. Settlement activity is booming, and our politicians elect to send more money. "Confinscate" is poorly used here. The actual term is "colonize illegally", whether it be a landfill or an apartment unit. The land is being stolen, not confinscated. "Confinscated" implies an actual legal process, not the pseudo-legal machinations of a racist and brutal Israeli regime. And the next time you fork over your hard earned treasure to the IRS, bear in mind you are subsidizing Israel's ability to continue this grand deception we are spoon fed about Israel's greatness and the "shared values" that lubricate this subsidation. Personally, I'm ashamed. Israel, and our leader's cowardly fealty to this racist and brutal nation has rendered me ashamed to be an American. No matter the travesties, crimes, and abuses that the Israeli's heap upon the Palestinians, our leaders are in lockstep pledging support and admiration. For shame, for shame, for shame.

  • Israel is biggest importer of philanthropy, but exports? Not so good
    • "Or will be answered as …’but we are most special and hated so you cant expect us to share with outsiders.’"

      The irony, of course, being that they can't even be charitable to each other. (Read the Times article) It is a society victimized by its own sense of entitlement.

      The Israelis ARE victims. They are victims of themselves. It will be their downfall.

    • Reading this article in the L.A. Times the other day I couldn't help but ponder the logic behind the articles disclosure. It made perfect sense that the Israelis, as a society, are selfish and ungiving. After all, haven't they, for far too long now, presented themselves as an entitled people, abused throughout history by the rest of mankind, therefore deserving of our charity and repentence?? They brag of a robust and thriving economy, yet apparently are stingy to a fault. No suprise there.

  • The education of Samantha Power
    • If something should happen to Obama, imagine Biden, Rice, Kerry, and Powers determining policy towards Israel.

      (Oh my gosh, did I just give Hophmi an orgasm?)

    • There seems to be a disconnect between Obama's choice of Powers, and Philip's optimistic stance about Obama seeking to avoid war with Iran. Why nominate a liberal hawk, Powers, to this position if he wants to avoid the military option in regards to Iran??

  • The horror: 'Breaking the Silence' releases women's frightful testimonies of occupation
    • "Had they been caught doing some of the things they said they did, they would have been sent to jail"

      Actual history belies that assertion. It is well known that IDF abuses are rarely prosecuted to a conviction, if prosecuted at all.

      But hey, nice try. (Not really.) I knew you ziobots would eventually come up with something disgustingly disingenuous. You never disappoint.

    • I see the Jewish women that wish to pray at the Wailing Wall need police protection if they attempt to do so. Seems the "only democracy in the Middle East" is havin' a tough time living up to its self-proffessed claims to fame. Not only are Palestinian women treated as inferior beings, so too are Jewish women by a huge segment of the Israeli population.

      Lets send these folks a few more billion of our tax dollars, eh? Shared values indeed. Trouble is, they only share values with the scumbags running things in DC. It sure as hell ain't the values I hold, nor the values I was brainwashed into believing our nation stood for.

      Where's our hasbara spewing trolls on this thread? Kinda hard to write a justification script for this one, eh?

  • End your illusion: Israeli government will never implement a two-state solution, top official says
    • "Look at the government: there was never a government discussion, resolution or vote about the two-state solution,’ Danon said. ‘If you will bring it to a vote in the government — nobody will bring it to a vote, it’s not smart to do it — but if you bring it to a vote, you will see the majority of Likud ministers, along with the Jewish Home [party], will be against it"

      So, now that the cat is out of the bag, how will these bribed and cowardly scumbags in DC justify our alliance, subsidation, and fealty paid to a racist and fascist nation that has grown out of a lie.

      Its really pretty simple. We have been conned out of countless billions of dollars, for decades, by liars.

  • Olmert jokes being called 'war criminal' may restore his reputation in Israel as activists disrupt speech at Woodrow Wilson Center
    • "They bring disrepute on to the Palestinian position, that too often uses fabrications and lies to build its case against Israel"

      I can think of no country that is going to greater effort than Israel to advance a false narrative through a well organized and calculatingly distributed propaganda. But who knows that better than you, eh, Mayhem?

    • "No matter that the scale of murder and torture in so many other countries is 100 times worse, they can only pay attention to every minor incident that involves Israel."

      Well, if dumping white phosphorous and cluster bombs on citizen non-combatants is a "minor incident", I'll concede you have a point.

      And this blogsite is concerned with the Israeli/Palistinian situation. What part of that don't you understand? Perhaps if you want to debate the governmental actions of Central American, African, or Asian countries, maybe you're in the wrong place.

      But, uh, just outta curiousity, would you be so kind as to tell me what other country has recently incinerated non-combatants in white phosphorous, or rained thousands of cluster bombs in the urban centers of a neighboring country? Feel free to roam the globe in your search for an answer.

  • UN nominee Power spoke of Israeli human rights abuses and US 'domestic constituency' with 'tremendous' financial clout
    • "What she says is gobbledygook. You can make anything you want of what she says, except sense"

      I got the same take on her words. Really, she ain't too articulate, is she??? Perhaps she'll do better when they hand her the script. It won't be in Hebrew, but rest assured, it might just as well be. She might wanna contact Hagel, and he can give her some tips on how to play the weasel.

  • Never Surrender: A Palestinian-American recounts harassment and discrimination during trip to Israel/Palestine
    • "Now why in the world would any security person have suspicions about a tense, enraged, fist clenching teenager covered in sweat and on the edge of losing control?"

      It is astounding to me that those like yourself must create fantasies to arrive at justifications. But even more amazing is that you don't seem to realize what that says about you, and your cause.

    • I too, like another poster has queried, would like to know exactly what Obsidian is saying, without the pebbles in his mouth. He is obviously making the insinuation that Moe has embellished the actual occurence, if not out and out lied about it.

      So, lets take the hypothetical that Obsidian offers; That the story might be true if Moe was claiming that it happened yesterday, rather than claiming it was an event that occurred 9 years ago. I'm a little curious if Obsidian thinks such harrassment, if recent, is now justified. And I can't help but wonder if Obsidian realizes what he is admitting to; That Israel is devolving, becoming more and more racist and fascist as time passes. I wonder, if Obsidian is willing to accept, as truth, that Moe's story is only believable if applied to the current security at Ben Gurion airport, what truths will Obsidian be admitting to ten years from now. Will Israel be gassing these people like Moe upon their arrival??? Or perhaps just tattooing thier wrists?

  • Palestinian teen describes being used as a human shield by Israeli forces in Abu Dis
  • Kerry tells the lobby: I'm your boy, but you're radicalizing the world
    • Only through radicalizing the Palestinians can Israel realize its actual goal. This goal, of course, is to create the justification for a final solution to the "Palestinian problem".

  • Obama told friends he reneged on progressive promises out of fear of assassination -- former CIA analyst
    • To discount fear as a motive for cowardice is ridiculous. Of course the man is scared, he'd be an idiot not to be. Jeez, some of these powerful elitist racist sociopaths in DC need no other reason to want him dead other than the fact that Obama is black. (Evidence?? Look at the racially prejudiced actions being taken to rob the blacks of thier vote. Are not those scumballs behind these proposed policies showing thier true colors by pursuing such courses of action???) If you don't think racism against blacks is rampant on the far right, you ain't paying attention. But fear is but one aspect of this lying scheming cowardly man's actions, policies, and broken campaign promises. He is simply a man of no integrity, no substance. He becomes what he needs to become to acquire power. It is what these scumbags become, what they must become, to attain high office in Washington DC.

      The irony behind this cowardly worm's refusal to hold the Bush Admin criminals to the letter of the law??? The far right will not extend the same "courtesy". If they can hang him, they will, in a hot flash.

      Does Israel tie into this fear factor, and his kowtowing to the zionist agenda??? Does a bear shit in the woods? Hows the caped crusader Hagel working out for the feckless optimists amongst you??

      Gee, blackmail??? Would Israel resort to such a travesty???? How could you possibly believe such a thing??? Just because they'll incinerate women and children in white phosphorous doesn't mean they'll resort to blackmail, now does it??? I mean, hey, ya gotta draw the line somewhere.

  • An American teenager is shot execution style by foreign forces-- how long can Obama ignore quest for justice for Furkan Dogan?
    • ROFLMAO!!!!

      Right Annie. I can't tell you how many times I have WASTED my time writing a lengthy comment here, only to have the moderator decide for unexplained reasons not to allow it to appear. Email queries as to "why" are equally a waste of time. So now you suggest I gamble effort, time, research, etc, on the risky proposition that any article I write will be seriously considered? Yeah, uh huh.

    • "or better yet why not write something yourself"

      And take the 50/50 chance the moderator here will allow my post to appear in a timely manner before the thread is archived?

    • "When will Mondoweiss set an example and honor the [fallen] men of the USS Liberty or is that another ‘verboten’ and ‘self-censored’ area?"

      As well, I have seen no effort here to underscore, or keep us posted, on the condition of Tristan Anderson, or Emily Henochowitz. Emily's story has great value towards garnering the sympathies of the American public, opening the door to informing the masses about the true nature of the brutal occupation.

  • Exile and the prophetic: Kerry offers Palestinians a photo-op
    • I imagine, when passing through security at the airport, the Israeli jackboots will welcome you with open arms when you tell them.....

      "I'm a businessman from the United States, and I'm here to invest in the Palestinian's future!"

      Hmmmm. Think you could blink before they have you on a plane headed back to the states?

  • Palestinian's message to Kerry: 'We do not trust you and America'
    • "What i can agree with, is that I also can not see any serious political will on the US side to enforce with robust policies a just and fair settlement of the I-P-conflict"

      Has it occurred to anyone that a huge part of this unfolding debacle, this complicity in the crimes and abuses practiced by Israel, is the fact that the majority of these dinosaurs running the show in DC are simply and hopelessly racist to the core??? They hate Muslims, never mind what they think about Jews. Here, on Mondo, we decry the racism of the Zionists, while ignoring the racism of our own political right and left. There has been, in the last 22 years, since we gave Iraq a wink and a nod to invade Kuwit, a concerted effort on the part of our leaders to instill that hatred, that racist sentiment, in the public at large. Cheney, Pipes, Bolton....on and on...can there really be a doubt about thier racism??? It hasn't been demonstrated through words and deed? Or what about our media??? Maddow. Any doubts? Hannity??? Any doubts???? Cooper.....???

      Geopolitics, national interest, security......hhmmmm. Maybe its a bit more basic than that. Maybe a huge part of it is the same human dynamic that history reveals century after century.....

      We hate you, well, because we hate you. You're different than we are.

  • Kerry faults Israelis for complacency -- peace isn't 'on the tip of everybody's tongue'
    • "Citizen, yet again, I’m afraid you’re right but I hope you’re wrong "

      Egads. What does it take to convince you? Are you really entertaining the notion that Kerry will wield any kind of stick over Israel's head? Threaten them in anyway at Obama's behest? You gotta be kidding me. The bizarre optimism I occassionally see here is utterly inexplicable. It is as though some of you live in a separate reality, where what is becomes what isn't, where what is directly in front of your face is obscured by by some fantasy inducing screen. What has Obama done that would instill such "hope" in you? Name one single actual act of governance that this lying sack of shit has committed that warrants you giving him the benefit of the doubt. His words mean NOTHING, it is his actual actions that define him, that provide you with the foundation upon which you can build your conjecture about his future course of action.

      Step into reality, Ramzi.

    • Wonderful. They can execute American citizens on the high seas, pepper urban centers and rural areas with million of cluster bomblets, fry civilian non-combatants in white phosphorous.....

      But hey, by golly, they're gonna piss us off if they get complacent.

      Kerry is little more than their pet monkey.

  • Israel cracks down on American travel to West Bank by requiring tourists to obtain military permit
    • "With the visa legislation on the bubble, this has to be a deal killer"

      Nope. No deal killer. Boxer's treasonous bias will stand unchallenged, and the legislation will slide through, lubricated by the able machinations of AIPAC and our subservient and thoroughly bribed body politic.

  • Turkish PM raises Mavi Marmara at White House press conf, calls grow for Obama to investigate killing of Furkan Doğan
    • What a waste of time this letter was. Obama is a subservient worm, who has repeatedly demonstrated that he lacks any physical attachments that even vaguely resemble testicles.

  • Washington Post's racism map omits Israel
    • "It is, in fact, the most tolerant nation in the region. Muslims living in Israel enjoy more freedom than those living in most Arab countries"

      Yeah, well, that must be when the batshit crazy orthos aren't spitting on bus riding women, or throwing rocks at them because they wanna pray at the wailing wall. But, gee, just because they spit on and stone thier own Jewish folk, we mustn't think they'd be intolerant of Muslims, eh???

  • Dershowitz should stop lying about Tutu's record
    • "I would have emailed Dershowitz ....."

      You have his email address???? Good lord, man, let's have it!!!!

  • Newseum honors newsman who ran guns for ethnic cleansing of Palestine
    • "....we only had one editorial direction and that is we could not mention Israel, in any context"

      Something tells me that Maddow is subject to the same mandate, one that she seemingly embraces with no regrets.

    • So....has anyone heard back from "Newseum" on this? I know a number of us have contacted them, and I'm curious as to thier response, if any.

  • Another landmark: 'Boston Globe' honors Hawking's boycott as nonviolent effort to pressure Israel
    • "Hawkings should not have gotten involved in this"

      I would be interested in why you say that. Because he is not singing praises for the Jewish State? Because great minds have no business taking moral stands? Because he is respected and his opinion carries weight? Let's see...eenie meanie...miney moe..who am I gonna listen to...Dershowitz....or Hawkins......

      Kind of a no brainer, ain't it?

  • Dershowitz calls Hawking an 'ignoramus,' a 'lemming,' and likely an anti-Semite
    • "The Palestinians are worthy of concern, but not at the expense of Israel"

      What an amazing statement. Do people really think like that?

      I see the male orthos are stoning Jewish women at the wailing wall, for thier daring to pray there in celebration of the recent Israeli court decision allowing it.The stones, the statements such as quoted above, personages such as Dershowitz...the disingenuous hasbaridiotic internet trollwork of those such as Hophmi or RJL...all symptoms of a deep ailment suffered by zionism, insidiously infecting the whole of Israel.

      "The Palestinians are worthy of concern, but not at the expense of Israel"

      Oh my. Unbelievable, isn't it?

    • Hmmmm.....perhaps I should have said..... "He is everything they can honestly claim to be. "

    • I consider Dershowitz to be the perfect spokesman for Israel and the zionists. He is everything they claim to be.

  • Mainstream turns against intervention, this time (Tom Friedman has spoken)
    • "About Clemons……"

      You still don't get it, do you? He sold out. Its all about his career now, no matter what snake oil he has to peddle, or ass he has to kiss. He wants in the inner sanctum, so what's he care about how donkey tastes?

    • "I would note that last night on the PBS News Hour, Steve Clemons of the Atlantic and the New America Foundation praised Israel for its attack and said it might be a model to us."

      What a huge disappointment this guy Clemons has become. An opportunist who doesn't think twice about doing whatever it takes to climb the career ladder. Donkey, ape, dog.....ain't gonna matter to him, if it gets him one more rung up the ladder.

  • Land swaps in Israel/Palestine (and a bridge for sale in Brooklyn)
    • "Blank – - What is “fantasy” about the effort of many coutries, to achieve a nuke’free zone in the Middle East?"

      Well, the facts as we know them, and history, speak for themselves. You blunder forth with a pipedream, and expect to be taken seriously? Tell me, James. do you honestly forward the premise that the political will exists in Washington DC do act in the manner you describe? Or perhaps you entertain the absurd notion that such a scenario as you describe can take place without the United States signing on?

      Fact is, James, Israel has virtually guaranteed that the middle east will NEVER be a "nuke free zone" by its own actions, threats, and indimidations. The LOGICAL response to Israel's threats to its nieghbors, its historical expansion, and it's repeated war crimes and invasions against neighboring countries is to seek nuclear parity to establish an actual balance of power. Certainly, if I was a citizen of Iran or Iraq I would consider it the RESPONSIBILITY of my nation's leaders to seek a military capability that was on a par with Israel's. Considering Israel's clandestine past and present actions concerning its sizable nuclear arsenal, it is obvious they cannot be trusted with such a destructive power unless it is countered by a neutralizing force, such as a nuclear armed Iran. Ironically, Iran's development of a nuclear arsenal may be the factor that deters the eventuality of nuclear weapons being used in the middle east. But to people like you, "nuclear free" apparently translates to "only Israel has nukes" in the middle east, because if you think they are going to give up thier nukes, you're even more delusional than I imagined.

      So, uh, tell me James, considering Isreal's treatment of the Palestinians, its false flag operations, its gargantuan and organized propaganda machine, its threats, its willingness to attack its neighbors, and its history of using white phosphorous and cluster munitions against civilian non-combatants.......

      You think they'll think twice about incinerating a few million Muslims in a nuclear fireball if they can create the rationale for doing so? PARTICULARLY if it means acquiring yet more acreage?

    • "The only answer now is to apply trade sanctions that will force the state of Israel to renounce its nuclear and chemical weapons programs and agree to a ME Nuclear Weapons Free Zone in the immediate future"

      Optimism such as the above is sheer idiocy. Why advance a "solution" that one realizes is nothing but a fantasy?

  • Potemkin Village in NY: Dersh and Beinart hold second debate over whether Zionism is in crisis
  • Rightwing Israel discourse makes even Dershowitz and Foxman look... moderate
    • Ya gotta love it when a hateful bigot isn't enough of a hateful bigot in the opinion of a roomful of hateful bigots. Where's Koresh when we need 'im?

  • Andrea Mitchell asks Michael Oren 7 questions. How many mention Palestinians?
  • Our deadly democracy: 225,000 killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan
    • And the 200 dead this week due to the chaotic sectarian violence our meddling has imposed upon the Iraqi people? What of those poor unmentioned souls at Tuwaitha who bathed, drank, and did laundry with water that was stored in yellow cake barrels, all because of the incompetence and indifference of our military leaders?? And those that will suffer and die from thier exposure to DU? The victims of the daily sectarian bombings in Iraq?

      Honestly, it irks me that this so-called "study" is being shown the light of day here. Why not just tell us "they hate us for our freedoms ", or "we really DID find WMDs in Iraq" if you're going to hawk this kind of garbage. Might as well go all out, and give Fox a run for its money.

    • Really, the only honest way to assess the devastating cost to the Iraqi people is by starting at the beginning, when we gave Saddam a wink and a nod about his intention to invade Kuwait, providing the neo-con SCUM thier excuse for pursuing a definite agenda in the Middle East, which is still being pursued as we speak, even by this imposter and scheming liar currently soiling the rugs in the Oval Office. Since 1991 is the proper and just timeline through which to estimate the deaths wrought by our despicable and illegal meddlings in Iraq, never mind Afghanistan and Pakistan. And what of the deaths caused by our support of Saddam's war against Iran?? And the chemical weaponry that Cheney and Rumsfeld made sure that Saddam had in his arsenal to be used against the Iranians and the Kurds??? We don't count the deaths caused by this kind of debauchery engaged in by the satanic actions of such DC maggots????

      250,000 is laughable, absurd, fictitious, despicably dishonest, detached from reality, purposely deflated, ludicrous, and a pathetic attempt to edit history.

      The Lancet, Volume 355, Issue 9218, Pages 1851 - 1857, 27 May 2000 <Previous

      Sanctions and childhood mortality in Iraq


      In 1999 UNICEF, in cooperation with the government of Iraq and the local authorities in the “autonomous” (northern Kurdish) region, conducted two similar surveys to provide regionally representative and reliable estimates of child mortality (the subject of this paper) and maternal mortality.
      In a cross-sectional household survey in the south/centre of Iraq in February and March, 1999, 23 105 ever-married women aged 15—49 years living in sampled households were interviewed by trained interviewers with a structured questionnaire that was developed using the Demographic and Health Surveys questionnaire and following a pre-test. In a similar survey in the autonomous region in April and May 14 035 ever-married women age 15—49 were interviewed.
      In the south/centre, infant and under-5 mortality increased during the 10 years before the survey, which roughly corresponds to the period following the Gulf conflict and the start of the United Nations sanctions. Infant mortality rose from 47 per 1000 live births during 1984—89 to 108 per 1000 in 1994—99, and under-5 mortality rose from 56 to 131 per 1000 live births. In the autonomous region during the same period, infant mortality declined from 64 to 59 per 1000 and under-5 mortality fell from 80 to 72 per 1000. Childhood mortality was higher among children born in rural areas, children born to women with no education, and in boys, and these differentials were broadly similar in the two regions.
      Childhood mortality clearly increased after the Gulf conflict and under UN sanctions in the south/centre of Iraq, but in the autonomous region since the start of the Oil-for-Food Programme childhood mortality has begun to decline. Better food and resource allocation to the autonomous region contributed to the continued gains in lower mortality, whereas the situation in the south/centre deteriorated despite the high level of literacy in that region.


      The Lancet, one of the oldest scientific medical journals in the world, published two peer-reviewed studies on the effect of the 2003 invasion of Iraq and subsequent occupation on the Iraqi mortality rate. The first was published in 2004; the second (by many of the same authors) in 2006. The studies estimate the number of excess deaths caused by the occupation, both direct (combatants plus non-combatants) and indirect (due to increased lawlessness, degraded infrastructure, poor healthcare, etc.).

      The first survey[1] published on 29 October 2004, estimated 98,000 excess Iraqi deaths (with a range of 8,000 to 194,000, using a 95% confidence interval (CI)) from the 2003 invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq to that time, or about 50% higher than the death rate prior to the invasion. The authors described this as a conservative estimate, because it excluded the extreme statistical outlier data from Falluja. If the Falluja cluster were included, the mortality estimate would increase to 150% over pre-invasion rates (95% CI: 1.6 to 4.2).

      The second survey[2][3][4] published on 11 October 2006, estimated 654,965 excess deaths related to the war, or 2.5% of the population, through the end of June 2006. The new study applied similar methods and involved surveys between May 20 and July 10, 2006.[4] More households were surveyed, allowing for a 95% confidence interval of 392,979 to 942,636 excess Iraqi deaths. 601,027 deaths (range of 426,369 to 793,663 using a 95% confidence interval) were due to violence. 31% (186,318) of those were attributed to the Coalition, 24% (144,246) to others, and 46% (276,472) unknown. The causes of violent deaths were gunshot (56% or 336,575), car bomb (13% or 78,133), other explosion/ordnance (14%), air strike (13% or 78,133), accident (2% or 12,020), and unknown (2%).

    • 225,000????? What, now Mondo is going to feed us swill? No mention of the Lancet Report? No mention of the UN report citing 500,000 infant deaths as a direct result of the sanctions?

      225,000 deaths is a ridiculously low number, rendered absurd by the disingenuous representation of this being any kind of objective or fact based "study". If someone actually chooses to be suckered into buying this kinda propaganda, fine. But expecting to sell it to anyone reasonably informed is a bit presumptuous. And personally, I dislike being presumed to be an idiot.

  • 'I know you have another email address, give it to me' (Deported at Ben Gurion)
    • There is a column in the Sunday Los Angeles Times, Opinion Section, along these same lines today, written by an Amercan citizen with a Palestinian father and anglo american mother. It describes an angreement that that shameful witch Boxer has arranged with the Israelis. It makes it very simple and easy for an Israeli to breeze on into our country by visa, but does not hold Israel to the same standard when vetting American citizens wishing to visit Israel. The column is well written, and clearly logical in its dissent against such lopsided and biased policy agreements. It was somewhat gratifying to see the Times run the piece. I can only imagine the zio spore that the "letters to the editor" section will be soiled with tomorrow.

  • Send in the clowns
    • Oh....


      ....Glenn Beck.

    • "......the Chilli Peppers — Alicia Keys,—Chaka Khan ( a magnificent singer but no intellectual expert) Macy Gray?! Tilda Swinton......"

      You're right. Its absurd to call upon celebrity when the truth speaks for itself. A shame you zios rarely have the option to utilize the truth, though. So, hence the utilization of these jackasses like Alexander. Unfortunately for our side, we have no excuse. Cheer up, zio, at least you've got Chuck Norris.

  • Post-Boston vulnerability will at last force Americans to consider 'why they hate us'
    • Wrong.

      Phil, you obviously are not hobnobbing with Joe Homeowner middle america. We are, collectively, some of the most ignorant, ill-informed, brainwashed, and opinionated creatures on God's green earth. Just this morning, at the counter of one of the local eateries here, I listened to an extremely intelligent (seriously) townsperson wax elequent on middle eastern affairs, citing, verbatim, the worthless swill that is regurgitated daily on Fox News. We have a looooong ways to go before your optimism is even remotely founded in reality. As long as our media continues to be a spokesentity for Washington DC and its policies, rather than serving as our Fourth Estate, the idea that the general public will wake up to the very real phenomena of "blowback" is ludicrous to the extreme. Our general sources of info are corrupted beyond redemption, becoming more so with each passing day. Our ignorance is nurtured with misinformation designed to popularize policy and agenda.

      Truthfully, often times I find the optimism expressed here naive to the extreme. Case in point, the recent swooning expectations many expressed about the impending confirmation of Hagel as Sec of Def. Does anyone here really believe he would have ascended to his position if he was willing to buck the status quo?

      No, Phil, these events, such as the Boston bombing, are merely fodder to continue to nurture a public acceptance of middle eastern policy. Politically capitalized on, they have the exact OPPOSITE effect on the public psyche than the effect that you are so optimistic in advancing. Besides, if a localized and relatively minor "attack" such as the Boston event does not get us all back in line chanting the GWOT mantra, I have no doubt that a larger event will be concocted to do the trick. The two kids in Boston are a prime example of a neo-con's wet dream. I imagine those such as Cheney thanked thier lucky stars when those two bombs exploded.

  • Israel supporters use Boston bombing to call for firing of UN Rapporteur
    • Again and again, non-stop, we see false narratives used by the advocates of Israel. What is truly astounding to me when considering the hasbarist trolls that post here, is that they apparently don't recognize what these false narratives say about Israel, and themselves. What admirable act, policy, nation, people or agenda needs to be constantly defended by lies and exaggerations??? If admirable, would such prevarications be neccesary???

      Of course not, the truth would suffice.

  • U.S. ambassador to UN says 'huge part' of her work is defending Israel
    • "Obama supports the Palestinians more than he does Israel...blablahblah"

      I'm speechless. This person wants to be taken seriously?

    • "Yes, we heard it before, all the problems in the world are because of the Jews"

      Not really. They had nuthin' to do with the gopher in my garden.

    • "Mexicans just can’t freely drive on American roads....blablahblah."

      You gotta be kidding me. Egads, what makes these idiots tick?

  • Kerry likens Boston victims to 'Mavi Marmara' victims
    • Check out the L.A. Times article, today, (the 22nd), on Hagel's impending visit to
      the Jewish State. Long article, not a single mention of the Palestinians. Whole article devoted to how Hagel's visit is to reinforce our "oneness" with Israel over the Iranian "nuclear threat". Hagel, unfortunately, is gonna be a HUGE disappointment to all his loyal fans here at Mondo. He is as spineless,and as sold-out, as Obama is.

  • Obama has done nothing to alleviate 'explosive' occupation -- eminent Europeans
    • There is nothing in Obama's tenure that so perfectly defines him as a fake and a fraud as his Cairo speech does. Of course, we have many other examples of his insincerity; for example, rendition, military aggressiveness, Gitmo, signing statements, the "public option", etc.. But really, the Cairo speech is epic in its clear representation of what this empty oportunistic piece of sh*t is actually made of. At least that embarrassing monkey Bush was the real deal. We expected a monkey, and we got a monkey. But we sure didn't expect to get what Obama has ended up being......(A SNAKE).

  • Reflecting on bombings in Boston and Iraq
    • Well, prior to our criminal intervention in Iraq's affairs, the Iraqi people were not plagued by the daily bombings and carnage that they must now suffer. We have killed over a million of them, non-combatant Iraqi citizens, since 1991. And really, we might as well count those dying now through sectarian violence, seeing as how our criminal intervention set the stage for the turmoil, suffering, and carnage that is now commonplace in Iraq. And those that will die as the result of DU contamination and severe damage to thier environment? Shouldn't we count them too?

      Is it any wonder there are those that hate us enough to drive them to commit acts of terrorism against us?? This Boston event may be domestically plotted, or maybe not. But should it really suprise us if it is an act of terrorism committed by an Islamic radical, or radicals, incensed by our crimes, policies, and international meddling?The simple truth is that our leaders are subjecting us to the inevitable and dangerous anger of those victimized by our policies in the middle east. We are our own worst enemy. We might as well get used to being targeted, because it is the logical result of our own actions.

  • Palestinian-American boy, 14, locked up in Israeli military jail
    • "Alex, why was he, as opposed to any other boy, arrested? Who gave the IDF his name? If he’s not responsible, he’ll be released" RJ

      You have lied to us. When the lie was pointed out, you just went on to your next blahblahblah justification for the unjustifiable without apologizing for the lie, or seeking to counter the accusation of dishonesty. You don't have any credibility. You're a shameless liar. Why do you continue to post when you have so completely destroyed your own credibility?

    • "One day they will go too far even for their apologists"

      No they won't. Just ask Tristan Anderson or Emily Henochowitz. They can do whatever they want to Ameerican citizens, and the scum in DC will just send them a few more billion dollars in return.

    • Wow, no comments on this one? Perhaps 'ol Hophmi will enlighten us as to why this master criminal deserves such a force to take him into custody.

      Damn, forget those Irani nuklur monsters lurking under every Israeli bed, the TRUE threat is these rock throwin' teenage hooligans. By golly, its amazing these troopers were able to capture this adolescent dynamo of ill intention without the use of a cluster bomb or two!

  • In landmark case on Israel and Jewish identity, British tribunal says anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism
    • "British tribunal says anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism"

      Good. Perhaps they'll clue-in Rosenberg on that fact.

  • Hiroshima epiphany
    • "My beloved friend, Phil, should either shut down all comments or preferably screen them for anti-Semitism, Islamohatred and other forms of bigotry"

      BTW, Rosenberg, there can be no greater example of "Islamohatred" than that demonstrated by the zionist settlers by their actions towards the Palestinians. And, I see that Hophmi, downthread, has hitched his jackass to your wagon. There's a message there for ya, but I doubt you'll get it.

    • Ah, Hophmi. To see YOU so align yourself with Rosenberg on this thread should tell Rosenberg something. But it won't.

    • "Those who feel the need to say that there is “nothing terribly unique” about the Holocaust are, in my opinion, driven by anti-Semitism"

      Oh horseshit. You just lost any respect I had for you. History is stuffed to the gills with mass murders of epic numbers of humans, eradicated in the pursuit of racial or ethnic "cleansing" by one fanatical segment of humanity or another.

      Egads, by some counts, that I happen to believe, the United States is responsible for the deaths of over a million Iraqi non-combatants through war and the sanctions. And who knows how many more will die from the effects of DU dust and the horrible environmental damage we inflicted upon their country? You want an eye opener? Check into what happened at Tuwaitha.

      Accusations of "anti-semitism" because we choose to see the full picture of man's inhumanity to his fellows, instead of buying into your carefully exploited"special" kind of suffering does not paint a very flattering picture of you.

      "Why let it be tainted by people who found the cause because they just don’t like Jews"

      OK, I'll bite. Who here, in your esteemed opinion, "just doesn't like Jews". Be direct. Name the person, and quote the person, giving us the exact comment that enabled you to reach the conclusion that you are so confident in. Personally, I find your accusation every bit as offensive as the kind of bigotry you are accusing us of.

    • "Two of them thought the exhibition explains well why there is a need to attack Iran"

      Amazing, isn't it? Does it just escape thier mindless pondering that thier most strident ally is the one country that has actually incinerated fellow humans in a nuclear fireball? And that thier own government has repeatedly insinuated a willingness to do the same thing to the Iranians? A nation that has actually used nukes allied with a nation that repeatedly threatens to use them does not seem like a duo that has much room to judge.

  • Dialogue doesn't mean inviting someone to spew 'racist hatred' -- Jews Against Islamophobia coalition
    • "Nothing from the other side, no Islamic organizations extending invitations to non-Muslims to come inside and talk"

      Hmmm. Who do you suggest they invite? Besides, here you have a Jewish Synagogue inviting a rabidly racist Jew to speak. How do you waltz into this being about inviting a member of another faith to speak to an Islamic organization? Where is the parrallel to a synagogue inviting the witch Geller to speak? Perhaps you think CAIR should invite Geller to speak??? Maybe you just haven't thought things through, eh?

  • Jewish space plays host to spirited debate over whether Israel is a democracy
    • Ahhh, so a classically racist and brutally prejudicial system of government is a democratic institution simply because we don't live in a utopian world.

      Well, golly, lets label child molestors as "saints" then. I mean, after all, its not a perfect world, eh?

    • "How would you define the democracy of Belgium?"

      Who gives a shit??? We're talking about Isreal. Do you ever directly address an issue, or is the kinda horseshit diversion you offer above pass as honesty in your fantasy world?

  • NY synagogue's invitation to Geller to 'promote bigotry' elicits call to cancel event
    • Letting her speak may underscore the depravity of her mindset to those of us reasonably informed. But the problem becomes those uninformed individuals who assimilate her lies and distortions because they fill the empty areas in thier body of knowledge. One of our local talk radio pukes, "Chaz McCay", regularly has Geller on. And I wish I had a tenspot for everytime one of her hateful distortions of reality are repeated by someone I engage in a conversation about Israel, the Middle east, Judaism, or Muslims. These people BELIEVE Geller. They truly DO believe in bloodthirsty hordes of radical Islamists seeking to impose Sharia law on American soil. Letting her speak only feeds the ignorance that is the norm, rather than the exception, among our general populace. When Geller speaks on this particular radio program callers are carefully screened about what it is they intend to ask or comment about, or listener's calls are not even introduced into the program. Obviously, there's a reason for that. It doesn't take a mensa to figure out the reason, does it? They WANT you to be ignorant and uninformed. They WANT you to assimilate Geller's venomous and vile bigotry. They nurture it. They sow it. And, sadly, there are many amongst us that are all too eager to do so.

  • When it comes to North Korea, everyone's a coldblooded realist
    • "For the Americans, It’s about avoiding an arms race in a strategically important region"

      Then why did Israel start one by developing nuclear weapons, refusing to join the NPT, and constantly threatening its nieghbors by putting "all otions" on the table?? Personally, I hope Iran DOES develop nukes. Only then will the foaming at the mouth zionists think twice about incinerating a bunch of Arabs in a fit of insanity.

  • Questioning Israel's 'international legitimacy,' Siegman says two-state solution would require Kerry to reject 'robbery' beyond '67 lines
    • Interesting. Most people, when offering "facts" in a comment, react to verify or butress thier "facts" if they are accused of purposely offering "information" that is challenged as a lie by other commentors. But RJL offers no such effort when being accused of being a liar. See, thats the problem with so much of the hasbara crap talking points. One really wonders what kind of person offers a lie when common sense should tell them the lie will be recognized as a lie by the targeted readers. I guess its the old addage about throwing enough crap that some of it is bound to stick. Only a fool could fail to recognize the damage this has done to the whole hasbara effort. Anyone here trust anything RJL has to say?

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