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  • Pro-Israel groups close in on anti-BDS victory in California legislature
    • Every Californian should ask their state legislators and Gov. Brown why it's ok to boycot North Carolina for violating LGBT rights but it's not ok to boycot a foreign government for violating the human rights of an entire nation. Is Israel more loved than an American state?

  • Let's talk about Russian influence
    • Israel as a sovereign country can do anything it wants in the world including abuse The US in any way it's allowed to, what it can't do is deny and occupy another nation

    • Timely article from retired CIA agent Philip Giraldi arguing credibly that's it's the Clintons who have been compromised by a foreign government (Israel)
      link to

  • Dershowitz will play Trump in Clinton's debate rehearsal, WNYC reports
    • the lessor of two evils is not Hillary it is Donald Trump. The only worry is that he will turn governing over to crazy pence. I can't vote for neocon Hillary and her right wing neocon minions nor can I take a chance on pence so its Jill Stein. She won't win but maybe if she gets enough votes the ruling elites will pay attention.

  • New San Francisco bus ads say: 'Boycott Israel Until Palestinians Have Equal Rights'
    • @j66 that is so reasonable of you to search for common ground even if it seems as if your just an apologist for Israel. I've read your many posts seeking instances of calling Israel out for crossing red lines a criticism perhaps? But not all I see is justification for Israels excess of killing land theft and sundry violations of international law. Maybe if you had one critical post it would be slightly more believable

    • Two thoughts . The best things about these ads is not that they will change anyone's mind but that they will highlight the bullying that will go into efforts to remove them. That will make people question why they protest so much 2) this morning I was reading about boos for Israel at the Olympics. When I mentioned it to my American friend she said I guess the whole world knows except us. That's what these kerfufles do. Bibi is the best thing to happen to BDS

  • Palestinian Foreign Affairs Ministry to World: Stop issuing useless condemnations
    • The Palestinian statement should be accompanied by a mass resignation of the PLA/PLO puppet government and an apology to the Palestinian people acknowledging failure.

  • Jerusalem municipality 'taking advantage' of US elections to expand settlements
    • Does an election really matter ? What has happened to them before ? Condemnation? Concern? Or better yet deeply concerned? Are the Israelis so sensitive to toothless criticism from the US? Give me a break they do what they want when they want and there's no one to stop them

  • 'Does he believe in a God'? -- DNC leaders wanted to undermine Sanders
    • @boomer ok I defer to you on Eisenhower it's just that I wasn't born till '57 in my almost 60 years 50+ in diaspora I have not seen evenhandedness so I ask your forgiveness. For many years decades in fact my mom would instill in me the hope that only America can force Israel into a solution. She took that to the grave with her

    • Ridiculous to worry about evenhandedness that hasn't been the case for 59 years. Who cares what the platform says at least it's now honest on both sides. The US is not and never has been even handed. That's the most important point to come of this the farce is at least over

    • People are terrified of Trump and the media is fanning the fear so that the lessor of two evils theory kicks in. But in total Hillary is far more dangerous than Trump and Pence is more dangerous than Hillary. Kane got the blessing In the Israeli press as a pro Israel centrist. One thing trump is right about the system is corrupt and rigged by dirty blood money.

  • Iran deal is still imperilled by deep state-- hardliners, Israel lobby, Hillary Clinton
    • The empire has been very busy getting its hands dirty all over the world from Iraq Iran Libya Syria the Ukraine Russia turkey and with China in the South China Sea. The lobby hiding in plain sight is stirring the pot. Clinton or Trump were in trouble. like a stumbling drunk on his way to the bottom it's gonna be ugly

  • The iron law of institutions versus Bernie Sanders
    • @David Ok so let's start with what we agree on that in foreign policy she's very conservative (republican like) Iraq Libya Syria regime change etc and no real learned lessons. You mention healthcare as a progressive social issue but nothing else of significance here's some work on domestic issues that she's more conservative like 1) waffle on Wall Street reform 2) TPP the gold standard which is also a neocon project to poke China in the eye and continued her husbands legacy of gutting Wall Street reform like gutting glass steagal and job sucking trade deals2) social security Clinto voted against warrens bill to increase SS benefits and was part of the grand bargain with republicans to cut benefits and increase taxes 3) bankruptcy bill Clinton voted to gut protections for women and children in the bankruptcy bill because During her two terms as a New York senator, Clinton collected more money from the finance, insurance and real estate Industry than any other member of Congress: more than $31 million — a hugely hefty sum given that she was only in office for eight years. Between 2009 and 2014, Clinton’s list of top 20 donors included Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, whose chief Lloyd Blankfein has invested in Clinton’s son-in-law’s boutique hedge fund. Consider the two Canadian banks with financial ties to the Keystone XL pipeline that fully or partially paid for eight of her speeches...or the more then $2.5 million in paid speeches for companies and groups lobbying for fast-track trade. I think I need a bath and then vote for Jill stein

    • Is being pro gay and abortion rights enough to label one a liberal if on every other thing you agree with conservatives and neocons? If yes than Clinton is a liberal but I don't think so. She's no different than Paul Ryan or Marco Rubio or Lindsey Graham or you name the right wing nut ( witness the kagan and Kristol fans) But for the anti gay and abortion agenda it's really hard to differentiate

  • US media fail to report video of soldiers shooting desperate Palestinian girl holding knife overhead
  • As Dems vote against Palestine, Cornel West warns it is the 'Vietnam War' of our time
    • But for a couple of "social issues" I defy anyone to tell me anything different between the two parties

    • I appreciate Phil's positive take on this debacle but it's still polishing a turd. The best thing that can happen actually is for the US to be booted out of the "peace process" business

  • Life as Israel's hostage (or when will Palestinian dispossession be reckoned in the Diaspora?)
    • All these politicians are reaping the years of neglect in their own country and districts. Instead of advocating for and working to improve their country they seen their hours and our money on unanimous support for Usrael. Billions for Israel but deadlock for America. The global economies are in neutral and the peopke are up in arms but as long as Israel is fine and the money is flowing ( to them) then they will continue to fiddle while Rome burns

  • Clinton marshals African-American surrogates against BDS to stop pro-Palestinian influence 'in the public narrative'
    • If you are a self serving attention whore there is no better way then "Sellers" your soul to the lobby. A quick Google search shows a failed politician trying to stay visible in the media by getting attention ( reality tv ) Even a DUI. Nothing easier a than being a black wash for the lobby too easy

  • Clinton to Palestine: Drop dead
    • Not how I meant it but thanks now I'll have different Hillary nightmares

    • The best case is that people finally realize that Clinton is nothing more than unprincipled and nakedly ambitious prostitute. There is nothing progressive about this neocon Dino. When she and her neocon supporters bring us to war with Russia and China people will finally revolt against the empire. Thinking that she or Obana late in his term will allow anything that could be even remotely be considered fair is a quaint concept. With all the indignity Obama has suffered at the hands of his "good friend Bibi" he will slink away with his tail tucked between his legs. There is no solution to Palestine in the US. The US will forever be known as the facilitator of the one state in Palestine

  • Barak says Trump should name Rice or Gates v.p. to improve his chances from 30 percent
  • Palestinian-American Jesse Sbaih loses Nevada Democratic primary to Reid-backed candidate
  • Cuomo's sliding scale
    • The recent record of presidential aspirants who pander to Israel has not been so good. Now hopefully Hillary has the same outcome.

  • Clintonites oppose 'occupation' mention in platform-- as Cornel West says party is 'beholden to AIPAC'
    • If you want to know Hillarys position just read what was just released from her computer...all Israel centric

      Ensure a strong U.S.-Israel partnership
      • First and incontrovertible commitment in the Middle East must be to the security of Israel, America’s strongest ally in the Middle East.
      o “[A]s President I will never compromise when it comes to Israel's security.”
      • Support foreign assistance to Israel, including the annual foreign aid package that involves both military and economic assistance to Israel. Advocate for increased foreign aid budgets to ensure that these funding priorities are met.
      • Ensure that Israel can defend itself from any threat – from Gaza to Tehran.
      o Sustain the unique U.S.-Israel defense relationship by fully funding military assistance and continuing cooperative work on missile defense programs, such as the Arrow.
      o Implement a Memorandum of Understanding that provides $30 billion in assistance to Israel over the next decade – investments to Israel's security that will not be tied to any other nation.
      o Approve the foreign aid request for 2009.
      o Export military equipment to our ally Israel under the same guidelines as NATO.
      • Barack Obama cosponsored the U.S.-Israel Energy Cooperation Act. This bill would establish a grant program to support joint U.S.-Israeli research and development efforts in the areas of alternative and renewable energy sources – a key step toward energy independence, which is very much in the national security interests of the U.S. and Israel.
      • Mean what we say when we speak the words: “never again.”

      • Never recognize Hamas unless it renounces its fundamental mission to eliminate Israel.
      • Isolate Hamas until it recognizes Israel’s right to exist, abandons violence, and abides by previous agreements made between the Palestinian Authority and Israel.
      o Cosponsored the Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act of 2006 — outlaws direct assistance to any entity of the Palestinian Authority controlled by Hamas until it meets the conditions of the United States, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations to renounce violence, recognize Israel, and agree to abide by all agreements signed by the Palestinian Authority.

      Palestinian Politics
      • Stand by Palestinians who are committed to cracking down on terror and carrying the burden of peacemaking.
      • Obama signed a letter urging President Bush to make it clear to Palestinian leaders that terrorist groups must either disarm or be barred from the political process.
      • Opposed holding elections in 2006 with Hamas on the ballot.
      • Since the elections, Obama has stated that Israelis must have a true Palestinian partner for peace. He has sought to encourage Palestinian moderates who seek peace and to isolate Hamas and other extremists who are committed to Israel’s destruction.

      • Obama signed a letter to the European Union pressing the EU to designate Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.
      • Call for the end of Syrian and Iranian support of Hezbollah via arms shipments and funding.
      • Urged the enforcement of UN Resolution 1701, which demands the cessation of arms shipments to Hezbollah, a resolution that Syria and Iran continue to disregard.
      • Long before the July 2006 conflict, Barack Obama worked to limit Hezbollah’s influence in the region, signing a letter urging President Bush to place al-Manar, the official television station of Hezbollah, on the Treasury Department’s Specially Designated Global Terrorist Entity list and to aggressively target organizations that aid in its broadcast.

      Israel’s Right to Self-Defense
      • Support Israel’s right to self-defense.
      • Stand up for Israel's right to defend itself in the United Nations and around the world.

  • Flanked by AIPAC and Israeli consul, Cuomo signs anti-BDS order
    • Amazing we can boycot North Carolina for their stand on lgbt rights but not Israel for apartheid?

  • Max Boot has perfect propaganda on murdering medic-- but Jeffrey Goldberg is silent
  • Front-page play for Israel battle shows that Israel has lost the Democratic Party base
    • It's going to be a battle as Hillary and Schultz have tried to stack the deck in anticipation of this. Hillacon has too much money at stake to go in any other direction. Even the Jerusalem debacle in public at the convention doesn't shame. Another question might be why does Israel command so much attention in a US election? Congress devoted much of its agenda in May To Israel or Israel centric policy decisions... Crazy!

      link to

    • Controversial? Only to you and a handful of wishful thinking Zionist trying to change the narrative. Ask any Palestinian they will tell you they live under a military occupation .

  • Israel is at war over nature of a Jewish state, and NYT spins it as 'changing of the guard'
    • The only people who believe the NYTripe is the dwindling choir. The real pulse is in the readers picks comments . It's there where you really see how disconnected the times is from its readers

  • 'NYT' blames Hamas for civilian deaths in front-page article that sounds like Hillary Clinton
    • There have been no recent elections because the occupation army and their extension force the PA and backed by big brother the democracy police the US won't allow it because they know Hamas will win

  • New Jersey anti-BDS bill is an affront to the first amendment and basic human rights
    • States rush to pass anti BDS laws that target Israel, performers play in tel aviv but then it's ok to boycott North Carolina because they discriminate against LGBT. The hypocrisy boggles the mind

  • Two more young Palestinians are shot dead -- this time after one allegedly throws a knife
    • Another execution as if a knife thrown from a distance against a armed and armored soldier is a threat worth of shooting. Interesting Israeli media said the brother had a knife and switchblade but the pictures are of a knife and multi tool so apparently multi tools can get you shot too.

  • Video: Israel demolishes every home in West Bank Bedouin village
  • 'What certainly influenced me' to support Iraq war, Clinton says, was Bush's billions of aid to NYC
    • Matthews is a Hillary sycophant. There were no hard questions no lobby questions no Haim Saban questions and you can be sure she was teed up for these softball questions. No questions about why keep making the same mistakes in Libya and now Syria? What other Mid East mistakes will she make?

  • Sanders's outreach to Arab Americans on Islamophobia helped deliver Michigan surprise
    • I would never vote for neocon Rubio why would I vote for neocon Hillary? From Haaretz today headline Rubio would recognize Golan annexation further down "Rubio also reitrated his stance that the conditions do not exist for the creation of “some sort of Palestinian statehood” even if peace talks resume between Israel and the Palestinians.

      “Peace, yes. An agreement and some sort of Palestinian statehood with the situation right now? I do not believe the conditions exist for that,” Rubio told the Orthodox Jewish magazine.

      “I do not believe that as things stand today the conditions exist for a permanent resolution to this issue of a Palestinian homeland, and the fact of the matter is, if such a territory were to be created today it would be probably used to launch attacks against Israel the way Gaza is used,” he asserted.

      Rubio’s position seems to be in sync with both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton.

  • And the winner of the Sheldon Adelson primary is... Hillary Clinton
    • When it comes to Israel/Palestine, indeed the entire Middle East does it really matter who is president ? You don't have to look much farther than the last great hope, Obama. Humiliated, abused forced to grovel and still the most hated man in Israel and what did he do for the Palestinians? American policies in favor of Israel have gambled away all the capital the US has in that part of the world.

  • Video: Israeli police continue firing after Palestinian attacker is incapacitated
    • Beyond the obvious horror of seeing a murder is the look of fear and confusion on the faces of the occupiers. Heavily armed and armored soldiers driven to fear and confusion by a single teen potentially armed with a knife.

  • The list of foreign policy experts Bernie Sanders should be consulting
    • More importantly who not to consult. The reason Clinton Rubio bush and Cruz sound alike on foreign policy is they all share the same advisory group. Consultants affiliated with a small Washington, D.C., firm called Beacon Global Strategies hold the unique privilege of providing high-profile foreign policy guidance to Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz, among others. From the intercep
      link to
      When I see all this kids for Clinton/Rubio/Bush/Cruz I wonder do they know they are cannon fodder for these people?

  • Adelson-owned newspaper denies Rubio endorsement came from Adelson
    • We all know how that turned out for Newt and Mitt. Hopefully it will turn out the same way for the dangerous shallow Marco. More dangerous on the Democratic side is Haim and Hollywood elite. This years Oscar door prize has a free trip to Israel, valued at $55,000, is the most valuable gift in the Oscar “goody bag” that will be given to nominees for this year’s Academy Awards.

  • US spying on Israel reveals cynical heart of the 'special relationship'
    • The only way this gets any positive traction is for the sheeple to hear that their elected officials are willing to fellate a donkey for Israeli money. The story is not what the NSA heard from the Israelis but what they heard from the Americans and that is why this story will fade very quickly

  • Israel and its lobby lose the Iran Deal all over again, in news of damning wiretaps
    • If this is an administration leak it's very clumsy. It's being spun as very anti Obama and even Rubio might make an appearance in the snare to investigate spying on our strongest allies. The only way this comes out positive for the good guys if we actually get to hear what it took to get those votes... Now that would be very interesting. That's also why this will fade very quickly

  • Brazil and Israel square off in diplomatic showdown over settler envoy
    • Brazil is an economic basket case don't be surprised if Israel calls in it big brother into the fight with an economic billy club and Brazil folds. Just sayin

  • Christmas in Bethlehem
    • Christmas wishes from Jews of the holy land

      Jewish extremists' leader: Christians are 'blood sucking vampires' who should be expelled from Israel
      Benzi Gopstein, head of Lehava, calls to ban Christmas in the Holy Land: 'Let us remove the vampires before they once again drink our blood.'

  • Denouncing Iran deal, Democratic Rep. Maloney mixes up Asia and Africa
    • When asked to clarify further she said oh who cares about all those silly countries that aren't Israel, now don't I look cute in my fire fighter thingy?

  • To atone for mispronouncing Hamas, Carson hires Netanyahu adviser and announces Israel trip
    • Feckless Carson can't even get this right according to the times of Israel "Birnbaum’s former associates said the statement was misleading and that the title of “chief of staff” was “a serious exaggeration.” in Yiddish Carson is a Freire

  • Hatred of Israel was reported motive for CA attack, but US press politely ignores the story
    • Bin laden was a genius he used our country's arrogance against us. One man in one move has caused us to do so much self inflicted economic and reputational damage to what could have been the greatest country. Not until we get a transformational government will we ever get out of this morass. Obama proved we need someone other than a politician.

  • Bragging that she and Israel were born within months, Hillary Clinton wants to take relationship to 'next level'
    • You can't sell what you don't have. A politician with a soul is an oxymoron. It's pure Clinton perfidy. Say or do anything to get elected. It will be much worse when she actually has power because her sights will be set in the next four years. More and more Trump and Betnie seem to be the lesser of many evils. Trump said it best to the RJC you won't vote for me because you can't own me

    • I'm blownaway that trump is actually making more sense on the Middle East than Clinton. She must be made to realize her neocon ways are not being rewarded by the war party and she is going to Sacrifice her base

  • Open letter to Rabbi Susan Talve from St. Louis Jews
    • A nice letter destined to be ignored because when it comes to the tribe there is no principle. To expect otherwise from a selective progressive is naive

  • Video: 'I killed for you, with these hands!' cries Israeli veteran with PTSD
    • They will sacrifice everything and everyone at the altar of Zionism. Now with all the distractions in the world we must be vigilant because the zionists are already plotting their next major move. They always strike during times of global disruption

  • Trump's claim of 9/11 celebration in New Jersey is based on arrest of 5 'laughing' Israelis
    • I only point that out as an example of the opportunistic nature of Israelis willing to do anything anytime for what is perceived to be in their interest. No doubt their perfidy in Syrian Suns deep and wide

    • The merchants of death stand to profit even from turkey Russia tension as they stand ready to take the place of Turks in trade with Russia by shipping fresh produce in place of turkey. Aren't they good indispensable US allies?

  • The only way to take on ISIS is to take on Wahhabi doctrine
    • Yet the clueless chorus of us politicians want the Sunnis of Saudi and Qatar to form an army to go and fight the Sunnis in Isis they created and support. How can we expect any solution from these people who don't get it not republican not democrat. If anyone wants to hear a breath of enlightenment look up tulsi gabbard of Hawaii she actually gets it

  • Israeli police shoot two scissors-wielding Palestinian teenage girls, killing one
    • So sad and disgusting. They were clearly subdued and executed by cowards with guns. I don't condone what they did because it's so futile but then again I can't imagine the pain they live with that compels them to effectively commit suicide

  • Hillary Clinton equates ISIS and Hamas
    • Give me liberty, or give me death!

      – Partrick Henry, American Founding Father, 1775

      They value their civil liberties more than they value life. I disagree with that. You want to be free and dead? I’d rather be not free and alive

      – Billionaire Hillary Clinton donor Haim Saban, 2015

    • Wow don't be such a tough girl Annie! Oops it can happen to the best of us! ????

    • @italian patriot sunshine is the great disinfectant perhaps sharing a scholarly article such as the link will help at least educate I've used it not so much with people with opposite view but a view only informed by the governments stenographers

    • The readers of this blog are not typical low information Americans for you to deflect. The only way Iran and isis are interwoven is that Iran has recognized the danger of Isis early and is fighting them. Hamas is a liberation movement fighting for statehood and existed before Isis and is in no shape or way related to isis. The desire to conflate all Islamists under the banner of Isis is a distinctive neocon Israeli strategy that makes it more difficult to tackle Isis globally.

    • Maybe someone can forward the following article to Hillary it will help explain things link to

    • News flash Hillary... Iran. Hezbollah and Hamas are leading the fight against Isis. How can someone so ignorant aspire to be the leader of the freaked? How could a room of ostensibly foreign policy wonks not challenge her? Has the government so obfuscated the situation as to render critical thinking impossible?

  • West's war against terrorism is Israel's war, Chuck Schumer says
  • Today's a day to grieve for Paris, not score political points
  • Obama administration will do nothing for Palestinians through end of term
    • Increasingly the US has sacrificed its prestige and standing for the benefit of Israel. In all spheres the US is largely becoming irrelevant replaced by Russia and China. BDS is a grass roots effort and no amount of government legislation or interference can make me buy the occupation not here not inEurope. But it is no longer in support of two states but fairness in one. The global beacon of democracy will be naked in support of apartheid

  • 'Netanyahu destroyed hope' -- Erekat
    • Boomer Israel has been consistent across every governmental iteration the slow march towards total annexation. As have the Palestinains with Erakat. They were never going to treat their neighbors with dignity and respect and if they had any dignity or self respect they would have walked away long ago instead of signing on as enforcers of the occupation.

    • @sibiriak who know is they had ended the charade of peace process decades ago what would have happened. Who know if they didn't enforce the occupation for decades where resistance would be today. And while it started as a sincere effort they got hooked on dirty money while the occupation entrenched. The only thing that scares the Israelis is talk of one state without the Vichy of Palestine perhaps there might still be some pizza left

    • He can't because he and Abbas and their cronies are corrupted by the occupation and the millions they make selling out their people. How does Abbas son get tens of millions for his projects? How are all these guys do rich when they are surrounded by poverty and despair? If you can't be successful then resign

  • Hillary Clinton promises to invite Netanyahu to White House in her first month
    • Obama not to press for two state solution is another gift in addition to billions more in high tech toys of destruction . Like all entitled they are still ungrateful

    • @Boomer as a Christian Palestinian ( I point that out because the Christian Palestinians always had it slightly better) in the diaspora you have accurately described the despair I feel. But it is nothing the the dread it brings me when I hear about the abject despair that is causing the children of Palestine to lose all hope and commit suicide at the hands of the occupation army only to hear Hillary show no empathy to the victim. What a bitc@

  • Video: Israeli military tells Palestinian refugee camp, 'We will gas you until you die'
    • There are daily explicit threats by all kinds of sundry military types, they are itching to be turned loose. From today's times of Israel a tank commander warns beware of waking the lion "“I don’t have a plan for Operation Defensive Shield 2. But do I have the tools necessary for Operation Defensive Shield 2? Absolutely. Right now I can go with my brigade and within 12 hours I will be in Hebron and take care of it. I will go to Jenin and take care of it. And when I finish there, Hebron and Jenin won’t be the same as when I came,” he warned.

  • Netanyahu's having a better week in the Democratic Party than Hillary Clinton!
    • This isn't about money all are awash in dirty money. This is about absolute power and global hegemony. Witness the love fest in DC with the warm embrace between Ash Carter and Yallon yesterday! Here is a man who rejects everything the US says about "peace"( he knows it's BS but isn't even polite enough to pretend) insults the sec of state the President and anyone that gets on his way gets a big hug. In Germany the largest ever joint war game with Israel. This is about making the Palestinians capitulate completely give up any and all hope and get global political cover. It's not just the US that bends a knee. Then they can go on to their next conquest Jordan to Iraq to Lebanon. Israel will be the true global hegemon with global tentacles to do their bidding

  • Settlers gawk as Palestinian woman lies dying at checkpoint (Update)
    • Anyone notice in the first picture there is no knife by the barrel. Then later it mysteriously appears by the barrels?

    • We always hear about the different types of settlers who live on stolen lands, all are thieves, but the settlers in Hebron are a unique brand of scum. Primitive filthy and evil

  • The Obama administration needs to own up to the quagmire in Syria
    • It's not going to matter what the US policy is. Russia has called Obama's ISIS bluff. Another fascinating article linked below.
      link to

    • I disagree that Obama inherited the regime change policy, he fully embraced it and in a most confusing way allying with the worst of the worst of Islamist radicals leading to the death and suffering of millions from full article at the link
      This notion that Obama was a reluctant warrior who only got involved in Syria recently is a fiction.

      From the very beginning of the phony Arab spring actions in Syria, it was not even necessary for former general Wesley Clark to reveal that Syria was on a hit-list of governments slated for subversion to see the reactionary presence of U.S. intelligence agencies in the “rebellion” in Syria.

      Former French Foreign Minister, Roland Dumas blew the whistle on Western war plans against Syria, long before the first “spontaneous” protests erupted in 2011. While Dumas told a story of British and French intrigue, it was always clear that those two sub-imperialist nations would not have been engaged in anything of that magnitude and sensitivity without a green light from the U.S. hegemon.

      WikiLeaks conformed those plans when it released over 7000 secret diplomatic cables that documented that from 2006 to 2010, the US spent 12 million dollars in order to support and instigate demonstrations and propaganda against the Syrian government.
      link to

    • Sorry Annie ain't gonna happen. Owning up to the mess Obama has created will require him to acknowledge that this is all about regime change to benefit Israel and the Qatari pipeline that Assad said no to passing through Syria to break the hold Russia had on gas to Europe. Oh what a tangled web we weave

  • The Israel lobby is alive and well-- and split
    • Before anyone declares the lobby dead or even injured, wait and see the onerous companion legislation attached to the Iran resolution. Like a vampire very hard to kill or injure.

  • The day after Abbas: Will it make a difference?
    • Abbas has done so much damage and his successor cronies won't be much better, but it's a step in the right direction. The sooner he's gone the sooner the next phase will kick in

  • Debacle for the Israel lobby: Booker jilts Boteach, and Netanyahu sinks AIPAC
  • Pittsburgh Jews say Obama will allow 'Second Holocaust' while Israel's ambassador openly lobbies Capitol Hill
    • Sadly not only will Obama let go but he will go groveling to Netanyahu with billions in new toys to terrorize the Middle East for ever. That will be another legacy. Netanyahu knows Obama has feet of clay or else he wouldn't have dared to pull off such a stunt. What's another bitch slap to the President of the United States? The real damage is to the U.S. In the eyes of the world. Who can respect the U.S. Ever again? This more than anything the neocon republicans can come up with is the real threat to our national security

  • Skunk water for Palestinian protesters, not right-wing Jews, in roads near Mohammad Allan's hunger strike
    • Bradley Burston in today's Haaretz throws in the towel and labels Israel apartheid. Numerous examples highlighted it might be behind paywall here's link and highlights
      link to
      What I'm about to write will not come easily for me.

      I used to be one of those people who took issue with the label of apartheid as applied to Israel. I was one of those people who could be counted on to argue that, while the country's settlement and occupation policies were anti-democratic and brutal and slow-dose suicidal, the word apartheid did not apply.

      I'm not one of those people any more. Not after the last few weeks.

      Not after terrorists firebombed a West Bank Palestinian home, annihilating a family, murdering an 18-month-old boy and his father, burning his mother over 90 percent of her body - only to have Israel's government rule the family ineligible for the financial support and compensation automatically granted Israeli victims of terrorism, settlers included.

      I can't pretend anymore. Not after Israel's Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, explicitly declaring stone-throwing to be terrorism, drove the passage of a bill holding stone-throwers liable to up to 20 years in prison.

      The law did not specify that it targeted only Palestinian stone-throwers. It didn't have to.

      Just one week later, pro-settlement Jews hurled rocks, furniture, and bottles of urine at Israeli soldiers and police at a West Bank settlement, and in response, Benjamin Netanyahu immediately rewarded the Jewish stone-throwers with a pledge to build hundreds of new settlement homes.

      This is what has become of the rule of law. Two sets of books. One for Us, and one to throw at Them. Apartheid.

  • Non-Jew dares to announce position on Iran Deal
    • This has devolved into a show in what Netanyahu thinks he can win the long game both by extorting Obama and the Democrats now and get more goodies when the Republicans get elected according to Haaretz.
      link to

  • Shocker: 'NYT' runs front page press release for AIPAC warning Obama to cool his jets
  • The day after 9/11, Kagan father-son duo said 'take the war' to Palestine
    • It might take something like Israel blowing up the nuke deal to really do damage to themselves. Every where I read articles and reader commentary it's very hostile to netanyahu's interference. In any event this is very illuminating to the silent majority about who's driving the DC bus. If there really is a war it will be even worse. Chances are the rest of the world will go along Iran will get their money the U.S. Will be shut out and the non existent bomb program will continue to be non existent. But China Russia Great Britain and France will laugh all the way to the bank

  • Understanding the Partition plan
    • The history is interesting in that it serves to highlight the unfairness of the original partition. Most likely based on racism of the British in their superiority. However the conclusion of a federation (involuntary) or confederation (voluntary) sounds nice an would have been logical is now impossible. In order to federate you must have at least two entities and in this case one doesn't exist and never will

  • US gov't has 'faith in the system' that Israel will prosecute killers of Palestinian child-- why?
    • This guy reminds me of the woman married to a serial abuser standing there with a black eye cut lip saying please don't take him away he's really a good person

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