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  • French terror attacks contribute to Israeli's isolation
    • I'd be happy if that's what they sell them. But Israel is the ultimate merchant of death and destruction. Drones, Dimes, Domes and various other tools of death. Security technology with trap doors?

    • Israel feels the European heat and is preparing...JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday a wave of anti-Semitism and what he called "Islamisation" in Western Europe are factors in a Jewish state push to expand trade with Asia.

      Europe is Israel's biggest trading partner, but deepening diplomatic disputes over policy toward the Palestinians and anti-Jewish incidents such as a Jan. 9 attack by an Islamist gunman on a Paris kosher deli have triggered Israeli worries.

      Netanyahu, who is also finance minister and a free-market champion, cast his courting of China, India and Japan over the past two years as a partial response to European developments.

      He was due to host a Japanese government and business delegation led by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Sunday.

      "I put emphasis on markets to the East not because we want to give up on other markets. But we definitely want to reduce our dependence on certain markets in western Europe," Netanyahu told his cabinet in remarks at which reporters were present, without naming specific countries.

      "Western Europe is undergoing a wave of Islamisation, of anti-Semitism, and of anti-Zionism. It is awash in such waves, and we want to ensure that for years to come the State of Israel will have diverse markets all over the world."

      Netanyahu, who is stressing his security credentials ahead of a March 17 election in Israel, said his government was also working to facilitate Jewish immigration. The Paris attack has stoked French Jewish interest in the option of moving to Israel.

      According to Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics, Europe accounted for 45.8 percent of imports and 35.8 percent of exports in the first 11 months of 2014. Asia accounted for 22.5 percent of Israeli imports and 25.4 percent of Israeli exports.

      Israel's parliamentary TV channel aired the results of a poll in which respondents were asked "Can Israel do without exports to Europe and pursue policy that is liable to bring about an economic embargo?" Sixty-two percent of Israelis said no, 32 percent said yes.

  • US calls ICC decision to investigate Gaza 'tragic irony'
    • I wonder what Americans would think of who's in charge if they read articles like this in the Times of Israel want to know who the shot caller is? "WASHINGTON – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called US Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday, shortly after the International Criminal Court announced it would begin a preliminary examination of Israel’s actions during last summer’s Operation Protective Edge, following the Palestinian Authority’s allegations of Israeli war crimes. Netanyahu reportedly asked Kerry to offer a strident response to this first step on the potentially long and complex road to indictments, and the State Department indeed promptly issued an emphatic denunciation of the ICC’s move.

      Read more: Short of invading The Hague, not much US can do to thwart ICC probe of Israel | The Times of Israel
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    • Unfortunately the most that can happen is a pyrrhic victory... But a moral civtory nonetheless. Just look how Israel ignored the ruling on the wall? What was the penalty for that? They know nothing will come of this but they will squeal loudly anyway.

    • Interesting that the US which has claimed the mantle of shepherding the state of Palestine into existence is using the fact that they have failed to do so as a reason for not going to the ICC? Is that a hidden agenda to protect their child? Two non signatories to the ICC are proclaiming the loudest...join and then maybe you can have a voice...

  • The 'NYT''s double standard on westerners who go off to fight in Middle East conflicts
    • It's all a double standard when it comes to Israel. When it comes to Israel there can be no daylight...what they really mean is there can be no sunlight to disinfect the infection in US politics. What the congress needs is to wear jersies like NASCAR drivers with sponsors AIPAC across the front. Look what happened to that poor bastard Jim Clancy a 34 yr career ruined over night because of some dumb tweets that offended som Israeli tweeters

  • 10,000 students' demand for accountability dismissed by University of South Florida
    • By dismissing and de certifying the petition and ignoring the referendum they are silencing by ignoring their voice.

    • Dabus is right that the school raises millions from alums...but in south Florida those alums have a decidedly different agenda and if they were to see the mail from those alums it would be a far different message. Now if those 10,000 vow to never give as alums and another 10,000 so vow next year. And so on they may make a difference.

  • Netanyahu's Parisian follies
    • I hope he does win with the right wing nut fringe. That will do far more to accelerate the global isolation, BDS movement than Tzipi Livni who's just as bad but polite. Let the real face of Israel show, it's not pretty

  • Daily Show references Palestinian cartoonist Mohammad Saba'aneh in story on free speech hypocrisy
    • The Israelis have no sense of irony. Today they demanded an apology from a British cartoonist for drawinga pic of Netanyahu bulding a wall out of palestinians and blood. Isn't freedom of speech the reason Netanyahu went to France? Media baron Rupert Murdoch has apologized for a Sunday Times cartoon depicting Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu building a wall using blood-red mortar, an image Jewish leaders said was reminiscent of anti-Semitic propaganda. You can offend Muslims but not Jews

  • Congress says possible Palestinian unity gov't must recognize Israel as a Jewish state in order to receive aid
  • Coalition of more than 40 NYC community groups calls on City Council to cancel delegation to Israel
    • It doesn't matter...the leadership of this country is out of touch with thr grass roots. progressive except palestine is enshrined. For example today's Israeli headlines "Obama reassures Netanyahu on Iran, PA war crimes bid
      Leaders speak on phone as president’s UN ambassador tells Republicans White House objects to new sanctions on Tehran
      BY AP January 13, 2015, 3:04 a

      Read more: Obama reassures Netanyahu on Iran, PA war crimes bid | The Times of Israel
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  • Netanyahu crashes Paris unity march, French gov't fumes
  • 'With God’s help, the journalists at Haaretz will be murdered just like in France': Death threats follow publication of cartoon in Israeli newspaper
    • Mayhem-we all saw what incitement can do we've seen it in Israel with the murder of Rabin and the young Abu Keder (sp) in Jerusalem who was burned alive. You really think these are only wishes? Right wing Jews are no different from extremists anywhere and have the same capabilities...if not more since they are all armed.

    • Defeatist propaganda under section 103 blah blah blah? Sounds so facsist.... Where might we have heard that kind of talk before in history?

    • Hmmm if Jews aren't safe in JSIL then maybe they should emigrate back to Europe? Or maybe the U.S.

  • Is Abbas’ war crimes bid against Israel a big bluff?
    • Abbas forces supers seven oeaceful protests. He's not doing it out of concern for his people but his pocket

    • As is now apparent to all but the PA the struggle for statehood is over. Danny Dayan interviewed yesterday declared victory over the Palestinians and the U.S. he was gloating that under his leadership the yesha council killed the two state solution.
      "Not many Israelis can claim to have emerged victorious from a confrontation with the government of the United States of America. But Dani Dayan, a prominent right-wing activist now hoping to enter the Knesset, insists that in the fight over the future of the Jewish settlements in the West Bank, he won and the White House
      "In his talks with senior international officials, Dayan doesn’t try to persuade them to abandon their support for Palestinian statehood for ideological reasons but rather simply because it’s impracticable. “The main doubt I try to cast in their minds is the futility of pursuing the two-state formula. I didn’t even try to convince them that it’s wrong. I concentrated on convincing them it’s not going to happen.”

      World leaders will never publicly admit it, but “the whole international community understands” that no Palestinian state will arise in the West Bank, Dayan claimed, “at least in the short and mid-term.The recent votes in several EU countries to recognize Palestinian statehood have to be seen as insincere gestures intended to “replace the actual effort” to implement a two-state solution, he believes. The international community simply lacks the courage to tell the Palestinians straight to their faces that their dream will not come true, he posited

  • The Israel lobby rallies inside the Republican Party
    • Set aside foreign policy for a second (or not) but for the last 28 years we have had either a Bush or Clinton or Obama as President. Is the world or even the U.S. better off? It's time for fesh thinking, no dynasties here. Anybody but Bush or Clinton

    • Set aside foreign policy for a second (or not) but for the last 28 years we have had either a Bush or Clinton or Obama as Pepresident. Is the world or even the U.S. better off? It's time for fesh thinking, no dynasties here. Anybody but Bush or Clinton

    • Have no fear Paul's pandering continues with his latest convoluted name bill
      so-called "Defend Israel by Defunding Palestinian Foreign Aid Act of 2015".
      Hours before introducing the bill, Rand met with a group leading Jewish donors to the Republican Party, including casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, the Journal reported.The junior Republican senator from Kentucky is openly exploring a run for the White House in 2016. Observers see his bill as being part of a bid to win the support of Republican pro-Israel hawks, who tend to regard the libertarian Paul with skepticism, if not outright hostility........this was reported honestly I. Haaretz you won't see these words in the NYT

  • State Dep't threatens aid to Palestinians over ICC, but holds out no consequences for Israel's settlements
    • Peter Beinart does a good job in Haaretz evicerating the Ross piece in Haaretz today and to your point the best thing that can happen is defunding the PA as a tool of the occupation from Paul Pillar today in The National Interest
      The PA was established two decades ago as supposedly a means to transition from naked occupation to a Palestinian state. Not only have the scheduled dates for that transition already gone far, far into the past; the PA has occupied a role that has made it more of an impediment to creation of a Palestinian state than the facilitator of one. With the PA existing as an entity that is supposed to have some state-like qualities but not be a state, Israelis who—like those currently in power in Jerusalem—oppose creation of a Palestinian state are able to have things both ways to keep such a state from ever coming into being.

      The PA serves as the Palestinians on the plantation, as distinct from the ones in Gaza who are off the plantation. The notion of the PA as a transition mechanism keeps alive the fiction that the Israeli government really is committed to such a transition. It keeps alive the notion that Palestinians should “earn” statehood by building a state from below, while the occupier imposes conditions on it from above that never really enables it to do that kind of building. And if the PA gets uppity enough to start behaving like a real state, as it has done at the UN and in signing those international conventions, then it swiftly gets slapped down.

      The most effective thing the PA has been permitted to do is to serve as an auxiliary administrator of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank. Those who denounce the PA for signing treaties on grounds that it is not a state are right; it is indeed not a state. It is more like a prison trusty.

      Khalil Shikaki of the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research in Ramallah says of the prospect that Abbas's ICC move will bring about crippling economic punishment from the United States as well as Israel, “This could indeed be the beginning of the end of the PA. They fully realize that.” If this happens and the trappings of a false transition are stripped away, and a gussied-up occupation becomes once again a naked occupation, it may turn out to be the most useful thing Abbas has ever done. Such a development may stir the international pot just enough, and get enough more Israelis to think hard about the costs and consequences to their nation of continuing the occupation, to save the possibility of, in the words of the failed Security Council resolution, “two independent, democratic and prosperous states, Israel and a sovereign, contiguous and viable State of Palestine.”

  • Obama reported to be looking into settler attack on State Dep't officials, even as NYT buries the story
    • PS if anyone thinks anything will come of this, just ask the survivors of The Liberty

    • The prestige and power of this once great country has been sacrificed at the alter of Israel. No one in the world has any respect for the U.S. anymore and it can be directly traced to the disrespect from Israel. Obama lost any hope of global leadership when he let Netanyahu bitch slap him over and over in public

  • Couldn't there be just one 'NYT' columnist who was critical of Israel? (No)
    • gee can a newspaper in a part of the country with major wealthy influential Jewish community employing primarily Jewish columnists be critical of Israel? Kinda answers itself

  • 'Spiral,' 'threat,' 'polarization,' or 'full-scale popular campaign for Palestinian freedom' -- reactions to the ICC move
    • 24000 sophisticated missiles? That's Israeli propaganda. The Palestinians can not count on any one to come to their aid in an official capacity. Those missiles will stay land bound. My mom used to say the Palestinians need the Americans because they are the only ones who can move the Israelis. She's long since gone and now we know that's not true. Jettising the Americans is step one (though I don't trust Abbas that he has truly but the cord) and step two is getting rid of the PLA. Then the real work can start in building a true freedom movement. All organized armed resistance can do is justify more brutality by the Jewish State. But individual actors seem to be much more effective much more scary.

    • There will be no civil nor regional war. There is no regional power that can threaten Israel, the U.S. has guaranteed that. The only thing that will get the Israelis to move is the financial pain of a global BDS movement. That will also have to be at the grassroots level since politicians in the world but especially in the US are too blinded by money and guilt.

    • The NYT has another lame editorial taking the Palestinians to task for going to the ICC and making things worse. Typical NYT institutional crap. But what makes it fun is to read the comments section and to see that the Hasbarra is NOT working.

    • Remarkable to read righteous enlightened outrage and solid opinions till one gets to Samantha Power and hilarity ensues. Does she think she can continue to fool all the people all the time?

  • Our top ten viewed posts in 2014 -- and five most prolific commenters, too!
  • Fireworks in Ramallah, as Abbas signs treaty to join International Criminal Court
    • PS I still think he's bluffing

    • It's hysterical that anyone with any semblance of credibility thinks the Palestinians should continue to put their fate in the hands of the U.S. and Israel. That just leaves the NYT because that belief is institutional and Abbas because it's financial. Every one else seems to recognize the fraud.

  • Palestinian resolution fails at the Security Council, U.S. votes against 'staged confrontation' at the UN
    • No way Annie. The ICC will be powerless in the face of Israel and the U.S. they will simply ignore thr rulings as they did the rulings against the wall. And the U.S. , willing to sacrifice the blood of their young men in the service of Israel in Iraq and maybe Iran will no doubt spend the entire treasury to,protect Israel from any sanctions. The only real power is in the one state solution. The reality of that will scare them much more than any thing else

  • Updated Security Council resolution calls for East Jerusalem as Palestinian capital, Israel says UN creating 'second Hamastan'
    • This was never designed to pass. Abbas would have waited a coup,e of days if he wanted it to pass. And anyone who thinks that Abbas has the cojones to go to the ICC in any meaningful way is smoking crack. The solution has to come from the grassroots in the world and Palestine. Governments are too corrupt.

    • I totally's time for Abbas and his government to resign. They have failed in every respect except to guarantee themselves and their kin lots of money. Let those who continue to thwart every legitimate peaceful effort by the Palestinians deal with the aftermath. Israel's are gloating but he who laughs last laughs best

  • Meet the Falics: West Bank settlement funders, Netanyahu backers, and owners of Duty Free America
    • It would actually be great for the US to defund the UN in favor to JSIL ( Jewish state in the levant) it will hasten the decline of the US empire like a drug addict we must hit bottom

    • Bought and paid for : Senator Graham threatens to defund UN over Palestine bid
      Graham went so far as to say that “any effort by the French, the Jordanians or anyone to avoid direct negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians over the peace process, anyone who tries to take this to the UN Security Council” will be met with “a violent backlash by the Congress that could include suspending funding to the United Nations. We will not sit back and allow the United Nations to take over the peace process.He also said the US Congress “has your back, in a very bipartisan way. The Republican Party now runs the House and the Senate, and things will be a bit different. But one thing will be constant: There will be bipartisan support” for Israel.

      Read more: Senator Graham threatens to defund UN over Palestine bid | The Times of Israel
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  • Israel should pay 1.4 million Palestinians to leave Gaza, Moshe Feiglin says
    • The best thing that can happen is for these crazy right wing nuts to get into direct power in Israel. ( they are in power indirectly now) sane people all over the world will start to see whatThe Jewish State in the Kevant (JSIL) is really like. no different than ISIS

  • Next U.S. elections threaten Israel's 'total isolation' -- and the Israeli public is worried
    • The one thing that Israel can count on for the foreseeable future is unconditional US support . There is no conceivable election scenario that even remotely hints at a change in that dynamic. As evidencedby the pilgrimages made by every candidate including fringe candidates like Ben Carson.

  • Sony email chain on behalf of Israel joined Russell Simmons and Michael Lynton with rightwing Zionists
    • Geez if anyone were to say that this kind of letter and collaboration existed they would be accused of anti semitism and blood libel ala protocols. The truth is much more scary.

  • Roger Cohen recites Livni talking points in 'NYT' column to blame Palestinians for peace process failure
    • Reading the article and the NYT picks can be very depressing. But then I read the readers picks and I smile. The BS is starting to stink and it's getting harder and harder to get the sheeple into order

    • The Palestinian Papers released some time ago show that even when Livni had the power she was as intransigent as Netanyahu. The Palestinians gave in everything, so much so that it was embarrassing and it was she who said not to some very unreasonable for the Palestinans and generous offers. As far as the Palestinians go I think they would prefer an honest thief like Bennet than a lying thief like Livni

  • Hillary Clinton's decision to support Iraq war was driven by Israel concern, Chris Matthews says
    • The U.S. culture of now makes introspection and reflection a lost skill. Intellectual laziness makes it hard but for only the most committed to see and internalize how US policy and interest are being subverted for the benefit of Israel. The committed few steamroll the sheeple

  • Shmuley Boteach taunts Palestinian solidarity demonstrators in NY
    • PS what he failed to do I. His column is explain that they weren't prtesting because Leviev is Jewish but because he bankrolls settlements...not a word about that

    • Your exactly right, he wrote his article in The Times of Israel with plenty of embellishment and spin. He wasn't the raging lunatic but an aggrieved fighter for democracy and against anti Semites who randomly protest agains Jews. like there were no cameras

  • You're on a roll, Mr. President, so abstain from vetoing the Palestinian bid to the UN Security Council
    • Who's in charge?

      Livni: ‘The world listens to me,’ not to Netanyahu
      Hatnua leader says she asked Kerry to torpedo Palestinian UN statehood bid, not delay it until after elections
      BY MARISSA NEWMAN December 21, 2014, 12:20 pm

    • It's the only bipartisan issue in Washingtin. Try getting anything done for Americans. I'd love to know what laws that benefit Americans has this bunch sponsored?

    • Not counting the last eight years the prior 20 have been either a Bush or Clinton. The question is after the last 28 years (incl Obama, is there really much of a difference) is the US and the world in a better place or not?

    • Incredibly the U.S. has hitched it's wagon to Israel. It will cost the U.S. increasingly more and more in the world, both morally and economically. More and more countries will emulate the Israel model where you get rewarded for disrespecting the U.S. From the Jpost instead of distancing from Israel "

      WASHINGTON – Israel is now officially a strategic partner of the United States, a classification held by no other nation, according to a bill signed into law by US President Barack Obama on Friday.

      The United States-Israel Strategic Partnership Act of 2014 took more than a year to draft in Congress, and became an omnibus bill for the US-Israel relationship, reinforcing cooperation across industries with a focus on defense.Signing the law, the president hailed its bipartisan support and said it “reflects the importance placed by my administration on strengthening and deepening US-Israel bilateral cooperation and ties.”“It reinforces critical defense and security programs, which have reached an unprecedented level under my administration,” Obama said. “It also lays the groundwork for increased trade and cooperation across a range of cutting-edge fields, including energy, water, agriculture and technology.Recommitting the US to maintaining Israel’s “qualitative military edge” over its neighbors in the Middle East, the act expands authority for the forward deployment of US-made weapons stockpiles in Israeli conflicts.It is the policy of the United States, the bill reads, “to reaffirm the unwavering support of the people and the government of the United States for the security of Israel as a Jewish state.”

      Members of Congress Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Florida), Ted Deutch (D-Florida), Ed Royce (R-California), Eliot Engel (D-New York) and Senators Barbara Boxer (D-California) and Roy Blunt (R-Missouri) authored the law.

    • Obama/Kerry have proven themselves to be cowards and worthless on this issue. Kerry has been busy strong arming the world to sell out the Palestinians. The solution for Palestinians will never be found in the US and increasingly not in Europe. It for sure will never be found with Abbas. Global grassroots advocacy for one state is the only path.

  • Obama took on the Cuba lobby-- when will he take on the Israel lobby?
    • Nope no way never...Obama is a coward the U.S. has already stated that they will not support a Palestinian UN resolution. So the sooner the US is taken out of the equation the better

  • Jordanian-Palestinian resolution to the UN Security Council gives US and Israel wiggle room
  • SodaStream rejected, at Harvard (and in Brooklyn)
    • Harvard is already go,ding. No less than the President and Provost at Harvard are weighing in against the boycott and have reversed the order. Can't wait to see the emails from Dersh and the like threatening.

  • PA to seek UN Security Council resolution giving Israel two years to end the occupation
    • To wit

      "The Palestinian Authority’s foreign minister indicated Tuesday that the PA may slightly delay its submission of a statehood bid to the UN Security Council, and said it would be open to adopting a softened European draft resolution with some tweaking.

      Read more: PA to consider revised European statehood bid | The Times of Israel
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    • The resolution will never see the light of day as it is written. The Palestinains themselves will water it down as to render it emanigless. In any event if it eveen gets close the US will veto it or if passed it has no teeth no enforcement and will be ignored like any other resolution that Israel doesnt like. Meawhile Germany will continue to fund warships and submarines, France will continue to give support and the US will keep the money flowing

  • As Kerry and UN press on occupation, Netanyahu sees a 'diplomatic assault'
    • To answer your quewtion about whether the US will be ahindrance or not from Haaretz
      "At a White House meeting last week, Obama's top foreign policy aides were unable to agree on an approach to France's potential resolution, according to a report by the Associated Press.

      U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry suggested steering away from the effort at a time of increased Mideast violence and with the Israeli election a couple of months away, according to a U.S. official familiar with the discussion who spoke to AP.

  • Collective punishment of 1.8 million human shields in a prison -- Newsweek dares publish the truth of Gaza
  • Liberal Zionists seek to strip Naftali Bennett of freedom to travel in hope of saving two-state solution
    • What good is it when the U.S. government continues to thwart Palestinian aspirations..even more than Israe recent head,one in Timesodisrael
      " Kerry seeks to avert UN Palestinian showdown" it may as well read Kerry seeks to thwart peace

  • PA considers ‘re-defining security coordination’ with Israel in wake of Palestinian govt minister death
    • The leaders of the Jewish State in the Levant (JSIL) know that the PLA will huff and puff and do nothing. It's kind of embarrassing at this point. How many times can they actually cry wolf?

  • Israel has no answer to BDS, Barghouti tells packed hall at Columbia
    • Palestinians are taught to value an education because that is one thing that cannot be stolen from them. That is why Palestinians tend to be the most educated. Many traveled overseas to Italy and Russia and the US over the years for educational purposes. Just like Bibi is US educated. As for where people are born, it doesn't matter, unlike many Jews in Israel who are not ethnically semitic but Jewish by religion who were born in Europe and other countries (Latvian Lieberman), Barghouti is ethnically Palestinian...

  • Efforts by Israel's supporters to silence nonviolent Palestinian advocacy does not promote peace
  • For the first time Israel's high court wrestles with legality of punitive home demolitions
    • Even in the unlikely event the supreme court rules against the state, in Israel the Supreme Court is regularly ignored by the Jewish State in the Levant (JSIL)

  • What if the USA was the state of Anglo-Saxon Protestants round the world?
  • Activists block Jericho road to protest East Jerusalem land grab
    • The wheels are coming off of the JSIL (Jewish state in the levant) faster than I ever thought. I hope Netanyahu wins again. There are more comparisons to Iran in the press than ever. I like JSIL to describe it now. Sorry Bibi Israel resembles ISIS more than Hamas does...wait I'm not sorry

  • Lieberman unveils racist peace plan: Pay Palestinians to leave Israel
    • You can't live in Palestine... There is no such place. Maybe Lieberman should focus his energies on creating a Palestinian state and then see who he can pay to move?

  • Elizabeth Warren visits Netanyahu, even as he undermines US negotiations with Iran
    • Yonah I'm an Americancitizen and a Palestinian. I too have lots of family in Palestine, yet I cannot maintain dual citizenship. Must be nice to be so privileged

    • As if Hagel wasn't deferential enough, the new Sec Def will be vetted for pro Israel bona fides prior to confirmation from Haaretz "Of course it will be hard to muster the kind of nasty opposition that Hagel was subjected to in late 2012, especially at a time of severe defense challenges around the globe. Former Under Secretary of Defense Michelle Flournoy, who many consider to be the leading candidate to replace Hagel, was the favorite of many Republican conservatives as well as the pro-Israel lobby last time around as well. Her appointment, as well as that of some of the other candidates who are being mentioned, could elicit pressures on GOP senators to make an exception in the name of honor and country and to quickly approve Flournoy’s appointment – providing ample fodder, if any is needed, to those who believe that Israel controls Congress in the first place.

    • It's almost quaint to think that any politician will be honest about Israel/Palestine while they aspire to or wish to stay in politics. The honest ones all have the title ex or former. The best that can be done is to ask awkward question that make them squirm trying to square the round peg of their stated beliefs

  • 'What is your religion?' question surprises two American visitors to the occupation
    • What intolerent religions? Why cant they all be like the Jews. " JTA -- The rabbi of a major modern Orthodox synagogue in New Jersey has written a blog post that calls for Israel to collectively punish Arab Israelis and Palestinians until they realize “they have no future in the land of Israel.” In the post, written Friday and titled “Dealing with Savages,” Rabbi Steven Pruzansky of Congregation Bnai Yeshurun in Teaneck offers suggestions that range from destroying whole Palestinian towns to uprooting the Dome of the Rock.
      “There is a war for the land of Israel that is being waged, and the Arabs who dwell in the land of Israel are the enemy in that war and must be vanquished,” Pruzansky writes.
      theres more here

  • 'My friends, with us tonight is the face of the Holocaust': Boteach talks Israel, Palestine, and genocide with Wiesel and Power
    • Power is a shirt timer in government. Unless she looking to parlay into a zio corporate job, my sense is she's the type who will be resentful of the humiliation by Boteach and be another former official for Palestinians rights...

  • For Obama officials, synagogue attack is 'pure terror' -- and not a word about attacks on Palestinians
    • Yonah I've tried searching for one comment from you expressing human sympathy and understanding for the children of Gaza not just the ones killed but the ones hurting now homeless and hungry or the Palestinian children shot and killed while protesting in the last few weeks...couldn't find a thing

    • The Israelis for the most part have a cost free occupation. They don't feel the pain of the Palestininas. They speak openly of maintaining the status quo. Well if there is no cost there is no occupation. This is the cost of dehumanizing Palestinians such that they know they are going to die and have nothing to lose. It's amazing after decades of trying to make this a religious instead of a political problem that they are shocked of the religious dinension. From MK's who want to destroy Islams third holiest shrine and calls the palestine by biblical names

    • Fear not the FBI has launched an investigation. You can only kill Arab Americans not American Jews...see the difference?

  • Caltech prof says Israeli scientist passed NASA rocket secrets to his government
    • Laws are not meant for Israelis. They even ignore their own Supreme Court rulings. There is only one law in the world and that's what Israel says it is. The UN resolutions only apply to countries America says they apply to (especially if they are Islamic and never to Israel)

    • It's not spying if the target allows it. It's Israel after all and spying against America is allowed. He didn't need to steal anything. Bibi could have just given someone in AIPAC a shopping list and like a personal shopper someone would round up the info put a bow on it and send it off.

  • US Jewish voters have more favorable feelings about Netanyahu than Obama
    • Sorry Walid too subtle. I know your comments I should have known we agree

    • Really two events from the last few weeks versus everything that he has taken from Netanyahu and Israels supporters for the last 6 years? that's pressure? Do you even know why Yalon was denied a few meetings? Or that he met with Hagel and plenty of others and left with a suitcase full of goodies? Sorry doesn't cut it

    • Could someone please point out to me what Obama has done to earn such Jewish opprobrium? What pressure has he exerted on Israel? What punishment has he inflicted on them for all their disrespect? For endless settlements? The destruction of Gaza? Iron dome funding? Even when not necessary? Maybe he should actually do something to earn the hate

  • Sea change down under: Ex-Australian Foreign Minister announces himself a 'Friend of Palestine'
  • Chickenshitgate: A dissenting view
    • This is it in a nutshell...i cant believe the "elites" dont know it, but they are counting on the sheeple to not know it. Anyone who reads this should share it with as many people as they can

  • Update: Why did Netanyahu respond to chickenshit with 'grassy knoll' remark?
    • As with all things having to do with Israel, there is much more than meets the eye. Goldbeg's article was clearly designed to put Obama and the White House on the defensive at a critical time, was it The Iran deal? Was it Abbas at the UN ( funny I know) the upcoming election? And Netanyahu's threat ( warning) was clearly part of the context. Just look at the aftermath apologies and groveling all over the place. Yet there was no such expectation when they insulted the U.S. this is all very dirty business.

  • 'Chickenshit' attack enrages Netanyahu and lobby, but will it stir voters against Obama?
    • He's hurt enough to threaten the President of the U.S.! What else could he mean by the comment about ceremonies on "grassy knolls" we all know what happened from the grassy knoll as does Netanyahu. Seems like the secret service should investigate. Some say Kennedy was killed by Mossad, there are plenty of references to Mossad and Kennedy death.but this warning from Netanyahu certainly seems ominous.

    • This is classic disinformation by Goldberg to rally the right wing base before the elections. While it may have been said the timing is designed to show Obama not to mess with Israel . But if one reads the comments from the reporting it may have backfired, excepting the hasbara trolls most comments have been affirmative. People are sick of israel

  • US-Israel relationship is still 'strong and formidable,' says State Dep't
    • This type of weak kneed response to a in your face provocation by "our closest" ally does more to endanger our national security and damage to our standing in the world thean just about anything else. Why should anyone listen to the US when this piss ant country can lecture, slap the President around and still rob our treasury with impunity

  • Another New York Times' reporter's son is in the Israeli army
  • Israeli army kills 14-year old Palestinian with U.S. citizenship
    • Why are children throwing rocks confronted by the military? Why isn't this a police matter, not that the outcome will be much different

    • It's not how the American was killed it's what ethnicity that matters. Arabs Turks no problem Israeli ? Problem. Pretty simple

    • Al a walkies son was droned at 16 Annie but I think the post was supposed to be more ironic. He's Arab in their mind he will never be anAmerican. I'm a Christian Palestinian and am tolerated..,barely

  • It looks like Obama is checking out on Israel
    • There is no downside to Israel of Obama checking out. If Netanyahu slapping him upside his face for the last 6 years didnt do anything what will this do?

  • Netanyahu heads to New York to ‘refute all the lies’ and praise ‘the most moral army in the world’
    • Another stream of talks? What makes Abbas think Israel will agree when the US couldn't get them to talk about borders? Abbas has proven himself to be Sharon's plucked chicken. It's like he heard it and aspired to it. Even if he were to go to the ICC I'm jot sure he has the capacity to effectively prosecute and will waste another opportunity.

  • Burke and Lincoln would have hated the special relationship
    • Some years ago I traded emails with Phil where I told him that i had given up on the two state solution. I still have the email where Phil was still optimistic. Now its increasingly clear to all but those using the two state solution as an excuse to prolong the occupation. There is now only one state solution and these "entrenched elites" will find it impossible to hide from equal rights argument once it is in the forefront by talking about two states. Like the state dept they wont be able to hide behind the fantasy of two states. As long as Abbas flails about two states he gives them cover. If indeed there is a slim chance for two states it will be the realization of one state that makes it happen

  • Encounter at a post office
    • Unfortunately this isn't a new problem. It's been going on for decades. When my parents were alive and letters were the only method of communication my mom would be forced to write Ramallah Via Israel . She's refused to just write Israel

  • University of Illinois trustees vote to reject Salaita reinstatement
  • J Street can't tie Israel's latest 'illegal land grab' to cutting US aid
    • What a bunch of baloney. The EU the US all summon their respective ambassadors use weasel words about unhelpful, bad timing ( is there a good time) but ultimately do nothing and the Israelis go back to business as usual. I can't help but wonder if many of our problems in the world aren't just because of our support for Israel, but because there is no cost gir ignoring America. Maybe under honest leadership the Palestinians can use these words against the same people who will try and frustrate the Palestinians cause at the ICC.

  • Naomi Wolf to debate genocide charge against Israel with Shmuley Boteach
    • Death of Israeli child reveals Netanyahu's hypocrisy
      Netanyahu recently told two U.S. congressman that Hamas, Hezbollah and other Islamist groups are defying all international norms. So said the man who has just finished killing some 2,100 people.
      By B. Michael | Sep. 7, 2014 | 3:00 AM | 3

      “Hypocrisy: The practice of claiming to have higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case” (Oxford English Dictionary)

      A few days ago, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with two members of the U.S. Congress. “We are closely following the events on the Golan Heights,” he told them, adding, “What we see is that the Nusra Front, Hamas, Hezbollah – backed by Iran, Al-Qaida, and these other terrorists groups – are basically defying all international norms.”

      So said the man who had just finished killing some 2,100 people, most of them civilians, breaching every norm of international conduct.

      “And I think the United Nations would do itself a great favor if, instead of the automatic Israel-bashing, they actually turned their attention and their investigative committees against these terrorists who trample every norm on which the UN was founded,” the prime minister also added.

      So said the man whose air force only a few days before had wiped out whole residential neighborhoods, sometimes together with their inhabitants, trampling quite a few values and norms upon which the UN was founded.

      After that conversation, Netanyahu went home. The next day he “expropriated” another 4,000 dunams (almost 1,000 acres) of occupied land to build more settlements, and transfer to them thousands more of his country’s citizens.

      Thus, there was not one value, norm, international law or treaty – of all the values and norms and laws and treaties on which the United Nations was founded – that he did not break, crush, smash and pulverize.

      One might therefore say – and even with a great deal of certainty – that from everything noted above, Benjamin Netanyahu very successfully meets all the requirements of the dictionary definition of a hypocrite.

      But for those who still doubt the magnificence of the prime minister’s hypocrisy, here are some more examples.

      On August 20, Mr. Netanyahu was recorded on film expressing his deep shock at the beheading of an American journalist by the knife of an Islamic State murderer. Truly, a wicked deed.

      On August 19, just one day before that horrific execution, the prime minister approved the killing of an 8-month-old baby together with his mother, in the hope that the father would be with them and also be killed.

      The assassination was carried out. Success was partial; baby and mother were crushed, the fate of the father is unknown. (Never mind. He will probably get married again, and we’ll have another chance.)

      Strange. Just one day passed from one convenient execution to shock-to-the-very-core at another execution? And how is the honor of a baby less than that of a journalist?

      Perhaps this only comes to teach us a lesson in the ways of hypocrisy. It turns out that, sometimes, when the needs of hypocrisy require, it is not the deed that is the decisive element but the tool. Did you use a knife to kill? You are the epitome of animal barbarity. Did you use a laser-guided missile? You are the epitome of moral advancement.

      But Netanyahu reached the apex of his hypocritical abilities after the terrible death of 4-year-old Daniel Tragerman on August 22. His face somber, the prime minister declared the killing of Daniel a “double war crime.” True words. He also pledged that Hamas would pay a heavy price. Sharp words.

      The catch is that in the 50 or so days prior to that bitter day, the Israeli army killed 10 children every day. At least. Every day. A total of more than 500 children killed. Or – as Netanyahu put it – 500 double war crimes. And who will pay for these?

      And that, dear readers, is not just a piece of the finest hypocrisy. That is an impressive candidate to win the title for the height of temerity.

      King Alexander Jannaeus, so the Talmud tells us, told his wife Salome the following (more or less): Fear not the Pharisees, nor the Saduccees, but only the hypocrites, who ape the Pharisees; because their deeds are the deeds of Netanyahu, but they expect a reward like Nelson Mandela.

      Jannaeus convinced me. I certainly do fear.

  • Israel has three years to end the occupation -- Abbas
    • It's very helpful. In poker it's called drawing dead and he's bluffing. In three years there will be nothing left. It's now or never really and even though he acknowledges that he's gotten nothing in over 20 years he's still listening to the puppet master the US, it's not just the Obama administration or the Likud. It's every administration and every party in Israel

  • Our new look
    • My biggest whine is I'd love to be able to print..other wise like anything new it will take abit of getting used to

  • Salaita's hire set off fundraising alarm at U of Illinois, per emails to chancellor
  • Gov. Cuomo annexes Jerusalem to Israel -- and 'NYT' echoes him
    • It's easy to say that now. There have been no primaries. If she's going to run to the right of Obama, she's in for a rude awakening. Obama has all but lost his base because of his Bush III policy. If they see Hillary as Bush IV I'm not sure even women will vote for her . Elizabeth Warren is too scattered to be any great hope and too weak.

    • This might help cement his place inNY but as Romney saw (not learned) it won't help on the national stage. Hillary might have learned a thing or two after her Goldberg interview. I didn't see a single positive comment in many of the iterations of the interview. The Internet is equalizing the dialogue and the NYT is becoming increasingly irrelevant (much like the US in the world) in exchange for subservience to israel

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