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  • National Security Agency gives data on Americans to the Israeli government
    • For years people have been referring to israel as the 51st state, I think we should now be realistic and come clean, America has become an Israeli region. Congress belongs to israel, the president asks the Israeli pm's help when he wants to make decision, NSA sends its data to Israel, American money is paid to Israel (I assume as part of the management fees that Israel charges to run America). So lets face it, soon, all Americans will have to swear allegiance to Israel. So, shalom you all.

  • Military deposed Morsi because he was too friendly to Hamas and devalued Israel relationship, says retired Egyptian general
    • Thanx Kathleen, the link to gointotehran was excellent. Recommend reading it by everyone.
      Although I dislike extremism in Islamic groups, I am beginning to wonder the limits of democracy seem to exclude those who do not agree with us, will this come back to bite us In the ass sometime in the future.

  • Shulman moves from 'Israel in peril' to no possibility of a two-state solution
    • Forget it. Now the Qatar regime has decided to sell out Palestine. White House information that Arab league with leadership from Qatar will agree to a modified border not based on 1967. Goodbye Palestine.

  • UN approves Palestinian status upgrade with 138-9 vote (and US Senators threaten to cut aid)
    • Ok so we know why the U.S. votes for Israel, what makes me sick is how Canada has declined to the puppet state level like panama, Micronesia, Palau, Marshall Islands , . This is the Harper legacy making Canada no better than a puppet and irrelevant country. Makes me sick.

  • Worldwide protests against Israeli aggression in Gaza
    • Typically, none of the GCC countries or any so call "arab" monarchies are upset. Also, where is Turkey. (missed Istanbul sorry) I guess the question is where is Erdogan?

  • Did Israel provoke rockets from Gaza to pressure Palestinians to back off UN bid?
    • I don't think Hamas leadership is looking for a fight at this stage, especially after the visit from the Emir of Qatar where he made perfectly clear that they need to stand down with their hostilities. The Emir of Qatar who is working hard to establish himself as a regional leader, promised millions for Gaza and you canbe sure there were a lot of strings attached.
      This latest confrontation i am certain is made in Israel as a means of making Abbas back off the UN bid.
      Also, Israel needs to test many changes that have taken place in the region. The New Egyptian leader needs to be tested just like they tested Sadat after his peace deal. The new weapons that have found their way to Gaza are also worrisome I am sure and they will want to flush those out too, of course now that Obama did get his new mandate, Israel needs to remind him who calls the shots, remember, Obama came on the scene during the last Israelis invasion of Gaza, so maybe this is a way to remind him.

  • Assassination by car bomb in Beirut follows warnings about Syrian 'spillover'
    • False Flag operation. Don't be fooled by the norm.

      Check this from Angry Arab Website.
      "Western media will NOT report another angle to the story: that Hasan's Intelligence branch has been responsible for catching scores of Israeli spies and terrorists in Lebanon. "

  • CAIR takes the highground as Geller cranks it up a notch
    • I am amazed that today in the US, freedom of speech is misused by people using it as freedom to hate. The Nazis would flourish in America today.

  • MSNBC declines comment on Chris Matthews' confession he has gone to Israel 'a number of times' sponsored by Israel lobby
  • Romney's racist bundler: J. Philip Rosen believes Palestinian society is 'pathological'
    • You're absolutely right Colin. However, many of the resulting victims may actually be "us". Sounds a little more fair to me than many of the victims are "them". After all if we're the fools who elect a fool why should they pay for our stupidity. My note was meant to say, it we're going to elect a fool, then WE should pay the price.
      Do you remember the days we built bomb shelters, how do you fight terrorists in our backyards. I bet you the Syrians never thought they would have to do this, maybe we should be watching them and learning, it could be our survival and our future, brought to you by the fools we put in the white house.

    • Romney is obviously a fool, but to be honest, I am hoping he wins.

      Before everybody loads on me, I think it is about time foolishness takes a front seat and let those who think they can promise and say anything they want finally face the consequences of their foolishness.

      My first event I would forward to is moving the embassy to Jerusalem which in fact makes it the capital of Israel. The fall out in the Arab world would make the so called
      Arab spring seem like a picnic at the pyramids. Never mind Egypt and Tunisia, the Saudis, qataris, and all gulf nations would face their worst nightmare. With American bases in Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and UAE, I would not want to be a westerner in any of these countries. Might actually be worth having a real fool running the US.

  • 80 refugees are rounded up as Israel's Interior Minister declares, 'this country belongs to the white man'
    • Maybe i shouldn't be surprised, or maybe i should. After all, who created South Sudan ?
      I am sure everyone remembers the involvement the Mossad had in creating South Sudan and propping up their puppet cowboy with millions in bribes. I wonder since now the job is done (splitting sudan into two countries) , they figure we no longer need to be nice to these people. Just another casualty of the Zionist dream.

  • Alterman says BDS shares Ahmadinejad's agenda, and Hezbollah's too
    • I thought this was a remarkable statement;
      "Terrorism aside, Palestinians have no credible military option vis-à-vis Israel"

      Is he really saying what I think he is saying. Would Palestinians have a more credible military option if they resort to "Terrorism".


  • Iranian talks fail after neocon 'blitz' -- as Obama dispatches aide to reassure Tel Aviv
    • Daniel;
      Thanx for the link the AJE article, it shows the extent of US military in the region and specifically in the areas where Arab monarchs gave away their sovereignty to assure their survival.
      I am left with a question that opnes up some intriguing theories;
      Assume the US, Israel or whatever atack Iran and somehow manage to remove the present Govt and replace it with a US friendly Govt. So the after effects can be numerous;
      -After the removal of the so called threat, why would the Arab monarchs still need US protection and would they decide to ask the US to leave?
      -Is it possible the US already calculated that Iran is not a threat but actually helps them justify their bases around the area and really would not want that to change.
      -Having a virtual threat in an area could possibly be nothing more than a way to justify building up your own power to stay close to where you really have a threat, Russia and China ?

      thinking out loud...

  • Kristol: 'I don't see it as a huge problem'
    • Neither did Goebbel. Nazis had their option too. Kristol meet Goebbel, you both belong inthe history books and remembered as the war criminals of the third option.

  • At Ohio State, a week of events on the Nakba and apartheid
    • What are the ARAB nations doing abouth the Nakba and the memory of this day.


  • It's Good to be the King: Netanyahu scraps elections, buys off opposition and cements power with new unity gov't
    • The fox does it again and he lives another life. sigh :(

      In contrast, check the picture in this article by the ICG; are these two the people who will bring peace to the middle east?
      link to

  • Secrecy pact over Israel's nukes, reached by Nixon and Meir, serves policy of 'nuclear coercion' to avoid peace deal
    • Oh, one more note, if you go to the Amazon site for the book, some lunatic gave it 5 Stars then calls it Anti semitic, hilarious reading;
      link to

    • WOW!. This is really good. I wonder how this will be received or just brushed under as usual.

      The one area that has always intrigued me is the Kennedy connection. I read sometime ago that the archives concerning the Kennedy assasination were not released due to Government officials who stated "the american public is not ready yet to have this information". Well, I don't know if anybody else had their suspicion about this but has there ever been any ersearch into what Israel might have had a hand in the assasination. Would make a lot of sense to get him out of the way and from stopping their work to get Nuclear. As it looks from the book, Kennedy Gone seemed to be a major obstacle removed from this goal.

  • When Mike Wallace questioned Israeli story of '90 massacre, he got called into the owner's office
    • As I mentioned in a previous post, journalism is rotting and journalists are now nothing more than "reporters" where the regugitate what their owners want them to say.

      I love that line, i also have used it many times, "But Judaism is a religion, sir". Seems like many people seem to forget this fact. Especially when they say this is a war between arabs and jews, the irony that arabs can also be jews, becuase, ... Judaism is a religion, sir.

      Mike will be missed, so will this brave lady after the lobby takes her apart. Seems like some politicians, women any way, have more "cohones" than most of those in the house.
      link to

  • Sheizaf shreds Oren Op-Ed touting Israeli democracy
    • Annie; I won't comment on the above since Michael Oren makes my skin crawl every time i see him or read anything he writes. It surprises me that any american with any degree of intelligence actually pays attention to this guy. Eban on the other hand was a master.

      However, i am taken by your comment; "For starters I was appalled that a site I respect and use as a frequent resource would stoop so low as to function as a blatant propaganda outfit for the Foreign Ministry of Israel", .

      I am surprised and shocked that you still regard FP as a source for any kind of open and intelligent op eds. The site has long been taken over by blatant liars and twisters of events that I for one have taken them off my list of trusted links, just like i did with Al Jazeera sometime ago. FP has become a dumping ground for neocon ideology that is counting on the "OLD" reputation of the site to peddle their twisted interpretation of events and generally mislead readers.

      I have kept up with FP for sometime and when the Syrian crisis started (a country i devoted years in learning and monitoring) I noticed the outright manipulation and dumping of garbage on the site by several op eds and was shocked as to why FP was allowing this on their site. My coup de grace came when they published an op ed by France's FM Juppe who had the gull of peddling "France" is Syria's friend and will always protect the christians in this region. That was enough for me.

      FP has joined the compost bin of rotted journalism that seeks to mislead and misinterpret events so future historians are not able to balance what really took place. In this bin you will also find, Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya, WP, NYT, Canada's National Post and on and on ....

  • The Israel/Palestine conflict will be resolved when Arab countries kick the U.S. out of the region
    • International Criminal Court in The Hague says reason for decision is that Palestine is currently recognized by the United Nations as an 'observer,' not a 'Non-member State'.

      link to

    • Putting aside all the conspiracy theories about 9/11, the world definitely took a turn since that event. Consider if the hijackers were mostly Syrians and not Saudis, Syria today would be a Nuclear wasteland. But, since they were Saudis, the US in effect gave Saudi Arabia life if it gave up everything else. So in reality, I think Saudi Arabia no longer exists and the US has taken over this country as a way to keep it alive or else.

      This in effect means the US runs the GCC and Qatar is a prime example of those willingly bending over to accept their new masters and to do the devil's work.

      What's left, well nothing really. Saudi Arabia will never turn, well at least not as long as there is oil there. If a rebellion starts there before then, i am willing to bet the US will treat it like a rebellion in Texas and will go all the way to squash it. Saudi Arabia no longer exists as a sovreign country and those running it are nothing more than employees of the state dept.

      So what will happen with the Palestinians, nothing. Those who stay behind will accept 3rd citizen status and the rest will move, Jordan, Syria, anywhere else but Israel. There is nothing more that Netanyahou would love to see than a 3rd intafada. The mass explusion after that will be a historical event but no one will lift a finger to stop it.

      Today the ICC gave Israel a carte blanche to kill all the Palestinians the want with no
      reprecussion. The ICC stated that since the PA is not a recognized state, they can not file a complaint against Israel for the 2009 massacres. So look out, the 2009 atrocities never existed and Israel can do it again and again and again. Its a new world alright.

  • A Growing Movement: Six days in Canada during Israeli Apartheid Week
    • Wanted to share this with Mondoweiss members; I received it from a friend this morning, it is an Excellent and probably the best review of the Syrian situation including the Israel connection.

      link to

    • As a Canadian, I find Stephen Harper to be the worst thing that has happened to Canada. Expressed by a young page girl in Parliament before his win, she held a sign stating "Stop Harper". This is the only time sometthing like this ever took place in Canadian parliament, and will be remembered for generations, hopefully long after Harper moves on and "eats his words".
      By the way his famous excuse for his unconditional support for Israel "it is the only democracy in the middle east".

  • Kill other peoples, but not your own
    • You have to wonder whether Ms. Kilroy follows any intelligent media outlets where some reasearch and some effort has to be made to unearth the truth. She is obviously naive and finds it easier to read out loud the headlines in the western media and plays the victim while sitting in her comfortable home watching BBC and Al Jazeera. Wake up Ms. Kilroy, the world is not on TV. You started on the right track by going to Mondoweiss, keep going, maybe you'll soon find you really need to research in the dark alleys of the Internet to find the facts of what is really happening in Syria.

  • Fighting from civilian areas? Perfectly understandable-- in Syria
  • Blasting Obama as 'blurred,' McConnell assures Israel lobby that bipartisan Congress will authorize 'overwhelming force' against Iran
    • Actually, he really didn't say anything new, this still looks like kissing up with no real subtance. His words "That authorization would make it clear that any effort by Iran to enrich uranium to weapons grade levels "will be met by overwhelming force." Still wagging the dog.
      I am curious, how americans feel when they see their top leadership all the way from the president, to the def sec, to party leadership to practically anybody who runs their Govt, lining up to kiss up to AIPAC. And then watch the PM of a foreign country talk down to them by reiterating we will be the only master of our destiny, but please keep sending us billions of your money while keeping away from your people and also we appreciate sending your sons to die for "our destiny".

  • 'Commentary' covers its eyes and makes Palestinians disappear
    • Interesting point and typical. Although in one way or another, i see no real progress for the Palestinians and time is running out.

      I have always found it interesting that a lot of these people seem to think it is ridiculous to expect Israel to give up the west bank and relocate 700,000 jews but none seem too worried about relocating the millions of Palestinians so that Israel can be jewish only. How in the world would you ever do it.

      Time is running out because of many factors. I am certain there is a lot of pressure on Obama to do things Israel's way before the election and if he doesn't the new republican president my do just that. The arab spring crap could easily be used to start trouble in Jordan and after the king is deposed, guess what, a new palestinian state is born, in old Jordan. Syria is already in turmoil and will be happy to sign a peace deal that says, palestinians who ? not our problem.

      The arab spring has given Israel a window of opportunity to get many things done about their issues with the palestinians. The arabs are even more divided and weaker now than they ever were before. The GCC is only worried about its own survival and will sell any arab country down the drain to maintain their hold on the oil and gaz resources. Syria is no longer an issue and will be looking inward for years to come. Egypt is also in turmoil and if it survives, the military will have no backbone to worry Israel. Libya is alerady broken in many pieces and will likely stay like that for generations. Tunis and Algeria will be more than happy to turn a blind eye to the rest of the world trying to survive economically and politicaly. Sudan is already dead having lost half its territory and it will be keeping its eyes south not north. So for the next several years, Israel has a window to do the impossible, with the world's blessing and i think Netanyahou knows this. All he has to do is open the door for a mass migration and create a destination, Jordan. That's how.

  • The great book robbery
    • This is beyond anything I have ever read about this conflict. The Nazis burned books for reasons of bigotry and ignorance, the Jews stole them to steal a history and a culture. What's worse. This makes me sick.

  • Mixed messages from Syrian National Council on U.S., Israel
    • Here is one of the best analysis i have read so far about the Syrian situation.
      link to

    • The Turks maybe trying to talk Iran into standing down, but I doubt this will happen. Both Assad and the Iranians know their strengths is by staying together. If Syria goes down, Hizballah will fade away and an attack on Iran will be a heck of a lot simpler.
      Neither Iran or Russia will want to see Assad leave any time soon. Iran needs this northern front to keep Israel worried and Russia doesnèt want to risk its base in Tartus.
      A few weeks ago a delegation Iran went to Turkey and delivered a strong message to Erdogan, in summary if the attack starts in Turkey, it will be considered an attack on Iran.
      My cards are on Russia. The US will have to give up a lot to talk them into abandoning Assad, I don't think Syria is worth this much for the US.

    • Very interesting how the SNC is saying all the right things that the US wants to hear especially at the expense of destroying their own country and obliterating any military that the country has. Also the reference to relations to Iran which obviously is what the US, NATO and Israel have been demanding for years.
      The problem is, although many Syrians would like to see a change, not that many are stupid enough to pay the price that Libyans paid. Although the Assad regime is in control, he realizes this control is worthless if the Syrian business elite desert him. So, sooner or later he will step down, make the transition and a new Syria will emerge. The problem with the SNC is that they know this will happen but if it happens peacefully, they will be out of it.
      If the SNC get their way and the US and NATO somehow convince the Russians, Chinese and Iran to stay out of it (doubtful), then Syria will be destroyed. Israel's "Oded Yinon's" plan will have worked perfectly and a new Islamist country will emerge from the ashes.
      Sometimes i wonder to what degree American foreign policy makers actually think beyond short term gains. With Egypt going to the Muslim Brotherhood, Libya who will likely soon go to civil war and a very extreme islamist group will emerge, putting Syria in this mix and hoping it will be pro US is a "pipe" dream , Daniel Pipes that is.

  • 'NYT' dissembles about Sembler, Fox and Adelson's interest in Romney Super PAC
    • under the picture;

      Mel Sembler with Lynne Cheney at American Enterprise Institute gala '09, at David Frum's blog

    • You should follow the link to the picture in David Frumm's Blog. It is a picture of who's who in Neoconservatives and their beneficiaries (at least one percent of them). I bet none of these people went to bed hungry any time intheir lives. See the picture with there's a picture that's worth a few words. by the way, David's, i wouldn't want to wake up next to that.

    • Page: 1
    • The point i was trying to make Annie; the arabs don't seem to care and have given up the fight long ago. Most of the Arab countries are in collusion with Israel and any talk of fighting Israel is fading away as Syria falls apart.
      With this in mind, is all this influence buying to protect Israel or is it to consolidate hold on the US. COnsidering the money, effort, organizations and influence amassed around the Israel/Palestine issue, i am wondering if this is not just a ruse and the real target is the US. After all, would really go to all this trouble over a measly small land like Israel/palestine when what you already paid for is worth a 1000 times more. Just looking at it from a Capitalist point of view.

    • After all was said and done, the fact is that many influential and rich Jewish americans are willing to spend a lot of money to support a candidate that will tow the line to support Israel.
      Ok, so are Jewish americans the only ones with money and have an interest in "buying" a candidate. Saudis and UAE and other Gulf countries have billions if not trillions they can use for the same purpose. Where are they all, or have they all decided to throw in the towel and instead enjoy their money on other things.
      It seems to me that Billions of dollars are being spent to buy candidate to support a war that has already been won ten times over. So what other reasons are there still to "buy" a candidate. Could it be that the fight for Israel is really just a facade and the real focus is on something tottally different.... the fight for the USA.

  • Columbia U book on Iraq war suggests Wolfie, Feith, Wurmser and Perle had 'Israeli interests, not just U.S. interests at heart'
    • One more point, i still remember the cries in Congress during those days, where many reps were saying "its the jews again", not too many of them dare say that again.

    • You're quite right Krauss, and we should never forget the other factors that influence US foreign policy. However, I tend to think that if the Israel lobby was not a major factor in this one, then other groups would not have had the same influence or power to push this war. The key question is who benefits the most. The other groups likely would have pushed the idea too but they would have picked their battles better and may have even abandoned the push fearing Colin Powell for one and AARP for the other. The involvement of the Israel lobby tipped the balance.

  • Adelson is helping Gingrich, as he once helped Bush
    • I suspect Adelson had a hand in Mc Cain's rise during the last election after he was down and practically out, but it didn't do him any good then. Buying a US president doesn't always work.

      If all the money used for the election (funding, advertising, parties, backstabbing etc..) is put towards something more useful, say like helping the poor in the US, who knows, maybe no American kids will go to bed hungry for a change, and the election might actually be a little more representative of the people.

  • Kristol is going to 'punch' Obama administration, in Palm Beach and Vegas
    • Maybe a double edged sword ?

      Highlighting the points in this add may actually work backward!!! How many Americans are so blinded by the lobby that they won't read this attacks against their own leaders and see it as an attack on them. Kristol must be getting old and senile, even his message is poorly contrued... Maybe its the beginning of the end to this old neocon...

  • Obama to Palestine: Drop dead
    • No surprise at all. This has been in the works for years as Israel has been supplying arms and advisors with the sole purpose to split the country and to show the US it can deliver. All the US had to do is to guarantee quick push through the UNSC with its allies.
      Now the results, access to an African base for Israel's air force, access to oil rich region, a stop over region for shipments from Israel to the rest of Africa, a southern flank for Egypt if and when if goes back to war against Israel, access to cover the south read sea straight from Iranian ships, killing the deal for China to access Sudan's oil fields....the list goes on and on... Both Israel and the US made a killing on this deal. all they had to do is pay Bachir and take him off the wanted list, good price?
      all this is old school, but one thing that really bugs me. it sounds childish and far fetched, but... while the trouble in this area was high news all over and how the poor people in the area were being persecuted. Do you remember one person that took the lead in all this, George Clooney. Now that it is all done, he disappears, was he doing this because he cared or "my conspiracy theory" he was working for someone.

  • Who's creating instability in Southern Lebanon, and why?
    • I tend to agree somewhat with this anlysis. The US and NATO definitely want Russia out of the Mediterranean, and that base in Tartus is a real thorn that they would like removed. Its been speculated a lot that the US is pushing the unrest in Syria through its proxy in Lebanon, the Hariri and Geagea groups, to get rid of Assad and have the new ruling group throw the Russians out. This Ghalyoun guy seems to be their ticket as he seems to say all the right things for them, right that is for the US, never mind what the Syrians really want.
      Thinking of all this loudly, i am trying to understand Turkey's role in this. They seem to have done a 180 from supporting and protecting their own interests to doing someone else's doing.
      Then comes the timetable. All this maneuvering can't take until next year, although Israel can't go into south Lebanon in the middle of the winter, so when.

    • Very Interesting analysis Annie. I have to admit i must have been away and missed the story about the lost Israeli drone which would explain all the activity in the border. One thing for sure, I doubt very much if Syria or Hizballah had anyhting to do with the UNFIL attacks. For one, Assad has enough on his hand that to pick a fight with Israel and France for that mater and Hizballah's chief Nesrallah is way too smart to do this, there is absolutely no benefit to him in fighting with UNIFIL

      So a good question is who ?. I also doubt if the salafists are organized enough to mount such an attack. Again, who benefits ?

      All i can think of is the one who is making the most noise is Samir Geagea. He is definitley in Israel's pocket and may be trying to hide some assets in the south or helping Israel locate the drone. This guy has more killings on his hands than any other group in the area, wouldn't be surprised if he did the Hariri killing too.

      With Geagea and Hariri Jr. trying to stir up Syria by sending arms across the border, and trying hard to get rid of Hizballah, I wouldn't be surprised if they think by targeting UNIFIL they can get something going in Lebanon that would get the French and Israel to come to their aid. Syria is too busy fighting its own unrest, so maybe they figure its a good time to go after Hizballah. It wouldn't surprise me if Israel is calculating that they can remove Hizballah with the help of France and count on Syria to stay put. Then, well we all know the scenario, target Iran now that the northern front is quiet.

  • Israel trades $100 million in frozen PA funds for nuke-ready submarine
    • How about this headline "IRAN buys two Nuclear ready Subs".

      Of course its false, but can you imagine the reaction from, well... everybody. IAEA would automatically call it a violation, the US would say it is a clear indication that Iran has or is working on Nukes, blah...blah..blah...well you know the chorus to justify attacking Iran.

      Why is no one asking the question < why does Israel need Nuclear ready subs if it doesn't have Nukes.... never mind, i know the answer...

  • '48 is beginning to replace '67 in discourse -- even at UVa
    • This is good. I for one have always thought the discussions between the PA and Israel should be along the 1948 lines. After all, Israel as defined by the UN is based on those lines, or am i wrong. Everything after that was taken by force, which ..I know.. stupid me still believe...AGINST INTERNATIONAL LAW!!!!!

  • US handwringing plea to Israel: building settlement units will only help Palestinian statehood bid
    • OK. I am not an expert on negotiation and I don't pretend to understand how PA or Israeli politicians think, but.... If you read the Palestine papers posted by Al Jazeera a while ago, this was stated by PA's Erakat:

      Erekat went on to enumerate some of the settlements that the PA was willing to concede: French Hill, Ramat Alon, Ramat Shlomo, Gilo, Talpiot, and the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem’s old city.

      So if the PA was willing to concede Gilo, why is it now a big stink.
      Who's playing what game here?

  • Better days will come
    • Very Moving. I am afraid we are doomed to live this tragedy for the rest of our lives, or at least until the day comes when Israel, drunk with its power and blind with its self fulfilment, picks on somebody stronger and pays the price. Only when Israel is humbled will its people remember their past and finally live their future.

  • Mourning the Jewish New Year
    • Very moving and so true. History is not exclusive it is inclusive and the more you deny your history, the good and the bad, the more you are bound to repeat it.

      Marc, this was a good write up, I still have a hard time accepting the referneces to the two groups as JEWS and Palestinians. What are Palestinians if not, JEWS, CHRISTIANS and MOSLEMS alike. And who are those JEWS who take the opposite side, if not EUROPEANS, RUSSIANS and North Americans.

      I was horrified when I listened to the Obama speech. He must think the whole world is stupid. Hitler likely thought the same way when he blamed others for the suffering of Germans. Saying that Israel was continuously attacked by its neighbours and therefore needs our protection is a distortion of history like no other lie by a world leader.

      I pity the people who live in Israel and Palestine and mourn their fate for many years of conflict and bloodshed. Shana Tova.

  • Why I’m in favor of going to the UN: A response to Joseph Massad
    • Arafat went to the UN and declared I am here with an olive branch and a gun, please do not leave the olive branch fall.

      When he used the Gun he was hated but feared and respected, whn he finally dropped the gun and raised the olive branch, he was riddiculed and ignored and "bought out".

      This is how the west solved the Arafat problem, how will they solve Abbas, he is already ridiculed and ignored.

    • Its about time the PA takes a bold step, although I wish someone else was in charge instead of Abbas, someone with "cohones".

      After years of trusting the West and now the Quartet led by the pre madonna Blair (what the hell does this guy do and how much do they pay him for doing nothing??) the PA will need to do or die. Somehow I am skeptical about the chances anything will happen and the outcome has alerady been agreed to with the main players. The end loser will be the same, the Palestinian people and the people as a whole in the region.

      ANother failure for Obama and his gutless policies and a win for AIPAC who has already got Congrees waiting for further instruction on how to respond when the time comes.

      The Arab spring will go down as the end of the Palestinians and the creation of a new order in the Middle east.

  • 'I prefer to live with Jews': A liberal Zionist argument for the two-state solution
    • I get tired of reading all this nonsense about ARABS and JEWS as if you are an ARAB you by default cannot be Jewish. What he seems to be really implying is he doesn't like living with ARABS, people originating in the middle east but would rather be living with Europeans or Russians or North Americans. Somewhere in all this conflict it seems clearer and clearer that this has more to do of where you come from than who you are.
      Is this a war between Jews, Muslims and Christians or a war between European, Russian, North American "White people who happen to be jewish" and people of darker skin originating in the middle east, Africa, orient who are also jewish but raised in an arabic speaking society.

      Whoever said Zionism is not racism does not understand the real conflict...

  • Israeli Ministers promote racist vision for Israel (and Judaism)
    • Yes I looked at the wiki content, i tottally mistrust this site. Most contributors distort the content and there is a concerted effort ot make sure it reflects politics not real history. When you people like Daniel Pipes and others like him as major contributors you need to be suspicious.
      I am studying this area of history but unfortunately many sources are unreliable. it doesn't really matter, this whole concept of nationalizing a race or a religion is doomed to disaster.

    • My real question here, regardless of color or origin. Are all Jews Hebrews. Are Jews and Hebrews one and the same and what are the historical timeline for the existence of hebrews versus the birth of judaism. And finally, can a Hebrew be Non jewish?

    • I am not surprised with this, common feelings by those who see themselves as "chosen". However, I have a question for all;

      Judaism is a religion, like christianity, islam, budhism etc...I can understand the fuss about identifying with a race, some people are preoccupied with these issues as a form of self importance, but Judaism is just a religion. You can have people from arab origins, like morroccans, algerians, egyptians, syrians etc... as Jews, europeans too, can be jewish, so can africans, isn't there some study that suggests ethiopia being the birthplace for this.

      So maybe the confusion here is not whether you are jewish rather whehter you are "hebrew". And that i suggest makes all the difference.

  • State Department beneficiary, MEMRI, is dedicated to bringing Israeli ideas about Arab world and Iran into U.S. establishment
    • "the Israelification of US govt information and intelligence."

      This is a priceless quote. It refelects what has been a concerted effort by AIPAC and other major right wing Jewish groups have been investing in for decades. This cancer has taken over the body and will not be easy to treat. Of course as we know, this means the body is weak and the cancer will kill it, sooner or later.

  • Propaganda spotlight: The truth about the West Bank
    • Truth and Facts are obvious to all of us, but the key here is that the Ayalon youtube video was produced as a easy to follow and even though all lies and distortion to the educated and informed. But the video was produced to the "common" masses, those who read the papers for their history and watch CNN for what is happening, not those who reasearch, read several history books and filter internet sites for realities. The common masses will believe Ayalon's video, unfortuantely this poor video is not a response and the masses will shut it off after 1 minute. You need the Ayalon style to counteract the Ayalon message.

  • 4 Republican congresspeople 'pledge' to hold West Bank
    • I read an article on Al-Jazeera a couple of days ago quoting an ex CIA agent who thinks that Netanyahou will take the gamble this fall and bomb Iran and drag the US to back him up. Perfect timing just before 2012, Obama will be desparate to join the "whores".

      Excellent article and quotes Israel's intelligence agency leaders who believe "Yahou" is just that and is hell bent on bombing Iran thinking it will be a quick and surgical operation.

      I have a feeling the US and Saudis along with the Gulf countries are preparing for just that. No $300 to fill up if the Saudis offer to flood the market. The Saudis are also getting a multi billion dollar weapons deal which would never happen if Israel did not ok. Me thinks, the Saudis and Israel already made the deal and the F18s will be flying through Saudi airspace, and ISrael naval assets will be filling up in Qatar.

    • That's just my point. Since the US has been ignoring Intl law and protecting Israel in its occupation, and the "whores" seem to want to bend over backward to please the lobby, I would have thought by now some real desparate politician looking for bonus points would push that point as part of the 2012 elections.

      By doing this, the US will have declared war on the all its allies in the mid east, like Jordan's king, the saudis, the Gulf countries etc... they will roll like dominoes. Clinton and Bush were too smart for that. In Canada around 1980 (can't remember the real date) a new Govt., led by an idiot "Joe Clark" did just that (proposed to move the embassy), He didn't last very long and got tossed out of office a few months later.

      I would love to see the effects of this one seemingly simple ideas. The "whores" would finally pay the price of peddling their office to the lobby.

    • Not really surprised. As we get closer to election year, the "whores" come out of the closet looking for money and they know who can get it for them.

      Now here's a question I have been dying to get answers for. With all these American political "whores" bending over backward to please the Zionist lobby, how come no one has asked to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. If you really want to look like a 100% pro Zionist, this is one area I think they can get a lot of mileage on.

      Why hasn't anyone from the west asked to move their embassy to Jerusalem ????

  • Amina Abdallah Araf, gay Syrian blogger?
    • I have a big suspicion this is a Moslem Brotherhood initiative that did not start this way but is ending up that way. MB being manipulated by external forces to achieve not necessarily pro democracy type issues.
      In summary, the Syrian revolt being hijacked at its infancy.
      The concentration of the militant uprising in Syria seems to be around MB strongholds. Although many others are non MB related, I am suspicious the MB is receiving a lot of support to stir this up and keep it violent. The Saudis have their own agendas too, but since the Egypt uprising started, did the MB and the US make deals.

    • When I first read this earlier in the Mondoweiss, I was suspicious and skeptical. I subscribed to the Blog and started researching who this person is..... Well, so far I drew a blank. Earlier today I came across a couple of good posts in the AngrArab Blog. You may want to read them.

      link to

      I also found many other sites that have received a lot of publicity are from outside Syria inlcuding the famous FaceBook on Syrian Revolution. So what is the reality of all this media ?

      Although what is happening in Syria is sickening, I would really like to understand how much of this is outside meddling is meant to sink the govt or at least weaken it enough to stay out of the way while something else is in play.
      If you remember some weeks ago on this site, there was a discussion about the end game for Iran. With Obama chosing new Defense groups, Israel's ex Mossad chief increasingly loud objections against an Iran attack, news from Haartez about defense and PM office friction on the Iran issue, is this part of the end game. Is Syria part of softening up the northern front?
      Is Syria being manipulated to weaken it and keep Assad focused on his internal problems while Israel and US start the final "end Game" for Iran.
      This September should be really interesting for this region.

  • Weiner repeatedly lied (about Israel and Palestine-- does anyone care?)
    • THAT"S who this was.....duh!!!!, I tottally forgot that was the Weiner who was in that interview.

      I watched that interview and was obssessed by one thing, "how can I a guy in such a responsible position lie so openly and so convincingly without batting an eye". Well now I know. If you can hide your sick behaviour from your wife, family and country you sure as hell can lie about what someone is paying you to say. Weiner, raised and weined by Schumer, gotta make you wonder, what is Schumer hiding?

  • 'A Gay Girl in Damascus' has been seized, her family is desperate
    • Phil;
      I am a little weary of this one. This may actually be a bogus site and another one of what Syrians are calling, foreign sites created to discredit the regime. If that is true, it makes you wonder what is really going on there ....
      Check this out from Al Jazeera site:
      "Al Jazeera and other media have reported that a Syrian blogger named Amina Abdallah Arraf was abducted in Damascus on Monday.

      Now, in a New York Times blog post, it's noted that "Andy Carvin, an N.P.R. journalist and expert at debunking Internet rumors, pointed out that none of the reports of the arrest of Amina Abdallah Arraf appeared to have been written by journalists who had previously met or interviewed her."

      A few hours after Mr. Carvin asked his network of followers on Twitter, “has anyone met Amina [Gay Girl In Damascus] in person?” he observed: “It’s just odd that I can’t find anyone who has actually met her in person.”

      Although it remains possible that the blog’s author was indeed detained, and has been writing a factual, not fictional account of recent events in Syria, readers should be aware that the one person who has identified herself — to The Times, The BBC and Al Jazeera — as a personal friend of the blogger, Sandra Bagaria, has now clarified that she has never actually met the author of the Gay Girl in Damascus blog."

  • When Satloff says 1967 is a 'major departure from policy,' he's wrong
    • You can quote all the proper references and facts that you want and argue until you're blue in the face, the issue is: in America the public believes what they read in the media as if it is the truth without question. And unfortunately that is how American public opinion is formed.

      Pro Israel groups realized this generations ago and that's why they publish this crap as often as they can and anywhere they can. American public opinion is based on what they read on the subway, trains and night newscasts for the 20 secs or less it is put out there. You would be surprised how many americans repeat this garbage in day to day conversations and discussions just because they heard it in the media somewhere. To them it becomes true and part of reality, never mind what the real truth is.

  • The assault on Netanyahu's heckler, Rae Abileah
    • Three cheers for Rae, she gives all hope.

      Netanyahu commented on her interruption as "she is lucky to be in a democratic state where you have the privilege to voice her opinion like this". I wonder if the beating she received is part of this right too.

      The other interesting thing about the event yesterday is the number of AIPC members who were present. Its almost like they were there to make sure each Rep understands they are being watched and evaluated. I am amazed at the spectacle that took place, did americans not feel a sense of being hijacked and these people represented Israel far more than they represented americans.

  • 'Jewish donors warn Obama on Israel'
    • The arrogance of these guys, they don't even try to hide it anymore. The sad thing is that Americans take it and go on about their business as it is now part of the norm for this group to dictate policy. A nation of sheep.

  • Libya/Gaza
    • Hypocrits or world leaders;

      Jan 27, 2011

      "In his first on-camera reaction to the demonstrations sweeping Egypt, Obama said President Hosni Mubarak had been a very helpful ally to Washington on a host of issues, but said he had frequently pushed the Egyptian leader for political reform.

      "Violence is not the answer in solving these problems in Egypt," Obama said in a YouTube question-and-answer session about his State of the Union address on Tuesday."

      Maybe Khaddafi should have been more helpful?

    • Obama jumped on the band wagon with Clinton and others in the neocon white house stressing that Americans like to see a tough president. Americans rally around a war time president it makes them feel powerful and this one is cheap and easy especially with so many European countries eager to test their own military and to divert attention from their own economic woes.
      Canada's PM is thinking the same thing. With elections on the horizon, Harper is eager to look like a military leader and show off the military which will play on Canadians pride and attention and likely a more favorable vote if an election is called next week.
      This isn't about Khaddafi or the rebels in Libya, this is about power politics in the West. Sarkozy who had already met with the rebels and committed France to their cause had to take the first shot knowing he would get the credit as the one who took the lead.
      Why are western powers so anxious to show off their miltary might and not their diplomatic prowess.
      If this had been Bahrain and the king along with the Saudis attacking the protesters as they have been, do you think ny of these western powers would be rushing to bomb the king...
      This show of force makes me sick and proves to me that no matter how far we go, western civilization still resorts to killing and destruction as the best means to solve problems.
      Khaddafi could have been forced out with the UN just like he gave in on his nuclear program, chad, terror camps. We just proved we're no better than he is....

  • If Obama thinks the revolutions in the Arab world will lead to more support for the US and Israel, he's wrong
    • I have done a lot of research on Syria in the past decade as part of a "History Retold" project. Although I think the country has a long way to go in improving its human rights policies, I am convinced that this is the most underestimated country in the region.
      If the Americans ever manage to get out form under the pro Israel influence and deal with Syria fairly, the country will move faster towards reforms and more open Government.
      The main obstacle still remains the Golan Heights and Israel's greed which translates into continued pressure on the American administration to ignore Syria and to continue to treat it like a pariah state. In fact, it is clear that American foreign policy has done more harm to moving Syria towards from extremism than towards moderating its actions.
      Syria is an enigma, what you on the MSM is not what you get in reality.
      I love these Youtube clips on the "tea in the axis of evil", is this really Syria?

    • This is typical washington spin which tries to look good after decades of bad behavior.
      One key indicator that those people need to use that the uprising does reflect negative opinions of the US and Israel is the fact that in Syria there hasn't been any major outbreaks.
      Blogs from Syria seem to indicate that although the Syrians would like more freedom and less oppression from their Government, the fact that their Government blatently demonstrates anti Israel and anti US attitude seems very popular and supported by the Syrians.
      No matter how the spin makers try, there is a new Arab world in the making and it might take years but the end result will be a major tidle wave against Israel and the US, although then it wil be fully supported by their new governments. That's democracy.

  • Breaking: Estimated 2 million protesters converge on Cairo's Tahrir Square; similar protests across Egypt; opposition releases unified demands calling for Mubarak ouster, new constitution, new elections; regional reverberations?
    • switch off the american media. Watch AlJazeera in english with their live broadcast, you'll see if the numbers are 100,000 like the NYT says or more than 2 MILLLLLL like the liberated world says.
      link to

    • I hope the americans are watching carefully. This is Obama's failure and history will record how Obama delivered a message of peace and friendship in Cairo then went to sleep. This is the result of failed american foreign policy. Now will the noble peace committee retract their peace prize.

  • This question will soon divide American Jewry: are you a Zionist?
    • The message that little cat at the end of the video made more sense that all the fancy words and lies that Richard Cohen tried to present in WP article.

  • Latest from Egypt: ‘Whether you are a Christian, a Muslim, or an atheist, you will demand your rights!’
    • The silence from western powers is deafening. If this was Iran, China, or anywhere else where the leadership is not a western puppet, we would have heard cries of indignation at suppressing freedoms and how the people are expressing their rights......hmmmmm.

      Where is Hilary and Obama and are they watching america's allies dwindle to nothing...

  • Let's counter the mythology that Iran wants nukes and would strike Israel if it had them
    • Retweeting this is an excellent idea and I encourage others to do the same.

      I am not convinced that either Israel or the US are planning any attacks on Iran any time soon. Iran has been transformed to the "stick" that they will continue to use to stir up fear in the arab world, specially the gulf states and in politics where it is always helpful to have a common demon to focus on.

      An attack would have devastating results and will likely succeed in the short term but fail miserably in its objectives for the long term. Iraq is already beginning to sway away and radical islamic clerics will soon take over that country creating yet another block against a folly US foreign policy.

      During the Bush and Rumsfled era they used the security level to spread fear in the US to keep the public in check, now Obama, or at least those around him who are running the show, are using Iran. Fear is a powerful weapon and Clinton's visit to the Gulf is like a salesrep selling insurance.

  • Well who does he remind you of?
    • An old arab saying "if you throw mud at the wall, it will soon fall but will always leave a mark".
      This is a great picture. People will use it as the Zionist media used a picture of the Mufti saluting Nazi troops and as ADL in Canada used a picture of Hamas fighters with similar salute to draw a nazi comparison.
      The articles in the link are excellent to show how Natanyahou is stalling for time. Israel does not have a real interest in reaching a peace agreement at this time. Another year and he can negotiate from a very strong position where he can depend on american presidential hopefuls coming out in full support for a Israel only solution.

  • Signs of desperation in the lobby
    • "But they sure got a lot o money"

      You bet they do. US tax dollars. The US gives Israel 3 Billion a year in aid but at least 10 times this much in tax breaks and economic special treatments for Israel based companies and research access and of course for Israel supporters running "non-profit" organizations. The new Congress, if they had any "cohones" can tackle the deficit by shutting this area alone....
      If the Tea Partiers really want to "go back to good ol' amercian values" they would shut this drain down instead of just talking about millions in meaningless cuts.

  • Company loves misery
  • Debate over Peto thesis reaches the halls of government as Israel/Palestine proxy battle rages on in Canada
    • What is going in Canada is Election time. The Ontario Govt will be going t the Polls in 2011 and the Pro Israel groups are raising the heat across all media outlets to make sure the polotical parties are "pledging" their allegiance to the lobby.

      There has been many incidents in the past few months where the Canadian Jewish Congress, B'nai Brith and the ADL have been wooing political figures to squash all ciriticsm of Israel and raising the Anti Semitism banner as the wand to make sure political parties voice their support to Israel. This incuded banning books in school curriculums that show poor treatments of the Palestinians, blocking school essays that may encourage students to question the Settles treatment of Palestinians, a visit by Ontario ruling party to Israel and West Bank to encourage trade and many more examples.

      This is the Canadian Jewish lobby at work before an election trying to score the same gains AIPAC has on the US govt.

      The Federal Conservatives have already pledged their allegiance and Steven Harper is well entrenched in the Pro Israel lobby with his famous declaration to the Candian Jewish Congress with "an attack on Israel is an attack on Canada".

      Canada is being put through the lobby gauntlet to make sure the Government here bows before the pro Israel Lobby just like congress does in the US.

  • The US has failed in the peace process, bring in the international community
    • Wishful thinking I'm afraid. The reason Israel is able to turn its back on the International community is because it knows it can veto any and all actions against it through the US rep. Israel has long achieved what everyone seems to know but won't talk aboyut, it is the puppet master and the US is .. well you figure it out. Israel sells itself daily in the US and other Western countries, you don't see Obama negotiating with King Abdallah for Palestine.

      Where Israel will feel the heat is not from the West or Europe or the Russians, Israel needs to feel the heat from its Arab collaborators, the Saudis, the Emirates, Egypt, Jordan and other Arab countries who would be happy to have the problem just go away. Wikileaks proved that Israel has ongoing relations with many Arab countries and even if there is criticism in public, under the table they work together. Whee these countreis fail is to take the Diplomatic offensive where Israel is weakest, inside Israel.

      Almost every Israeli PM has been to Egypt and Jordan since Sadat made his famous trip. And although there has been some secret visits by the King of Jordan and Mobarak to Israel for talks, never have these been confirmed or made public. The Arabs need to learn marketing 101 and appearances in Israel, challenge the Isareli Govt in its own house. The King of Saudi Arabia needs to back up his peace plan of returning to the 1967 borders by offering to go to Jerusalem with other Arab leaders to negotiate the deal. Push the point inside Israel, go visit the PA in the West bank and establish it as an entity. Put Israel on the diplomatic defensive, they will have nowhere to go.

  • Lebanon, the endgame
    • This makes sense, but only to a point. The joker in the deck is Syria. You have to throw that card in before you can make this plan work. So far, no progress on the Syrian Israeli peace talks, as a matter of fact, lieberman last week stated " we should not talk peace to Syria".

      The Syrians have been busy the last several months and are not about to sit back and watch without something for them in this grandiose plan. I don't think Syria would start anything, but if this goes through without them getting anything, Syria would lose a major deterrent by losing Hizballah. So, i would need to see how Syria is being placated in this plan to keep them quiet.

      The spark may actually be Gaza. To keep Abbas quiet, first Israel has to get rid of Hamas, easy to do and this way your southern flank is clear. Then they will turn to Hizballah and rape Lebanon one more time. Except i fear this time a more radical and extremist group will take over the country and we're back to square one.

  • Canadian lawmakers resurrect McCarthy in hearings that say criticism of Israel is anti-Semitism
    • By the way, if you don't know who Irwin Cotler is, you can google him, but it suffices to know :

      He is a past president of the Canadian Jewish Congress.

    • If you dig deep enough you will find how this is getting manipulated.

      At the CPCCA website you will find the two MPs who supposedly started this and then you would find the real brain child;

      Monica Kugelmass; the Director of the project.

      She was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. She holds an honors degree in political science from the University of Western Ontario, and recently completed a Masters degree in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. While at Western, she became involved in organizations such as the Israel Action Committee and STAND. Monica was also President of Amnesty International on campus where she focused her time on human rights issues in the Middle East. More recently, Monica was a research assistant at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, working with international human rights lawyer Justus Reid Weiner. Monica is the first Canadian Legacy Heritage Fellow, and is working as a Middle East policy advisor at the office of the Honorable Irwin Cotler MP, official opposition critic for Human Rights.

      The Associate Director for the Project is Rachel Levy;

      Canada is so small, to hijack its ideology and is not as complex as the US. In this case it only took two fairly bright woman to manipulate the political system, not a tough job.

      Canada's AIPC has much easier job than the US counterpart.

  • US threatens cuts in aid to its Arab friends, why not its Jewish one?
    • Also;

      The cost of the war in Iraq,
      The cost of the war on "terrorism"

      or the cost of al the lives lost in the middleeast since 1948 and in WTC in 9/11
      all to support what? the right for the jews to return to a land they left 2000 years ago.!!!

    • It is a matter of perception. US aid to the so called arab friends is actually US aid to Israel. What these "friends" settle for is mere crums compared to what Israel gets in money, economic aid, military aid, tax free donations from all jewish charities, special status in research and Development. yadda yadda yadda. But for the crums the arab "friends" get, the US buys silence and capitulation. Once the so called war is over, this life line will be cut and Israel will continue to receive aid to make sure it wins the new war, the economic dominance of the region.
      Meanwhile the crums the arab "friends" get go to the Moubarak family's coffers and for the King to buy more toys.
      I wonder if the american people ever calculated what they would have been able to do with all this money in their own country if it wasn't being spent on this special friend.
      Maybe 20 cents a gallon?

  • the Arab world is filled with conspiracy theories about the Israel lobby
    • This threat is real. Jordan sold out its sovreignty to the US and at the same time, Israel by signing the surrender (peace treaty) with the promises of financial and economic support. What the Kingdom didn't realize is the long term cost of this surrender also includes remaining a puppet kingdom for the US and remaining a sub economic power to Israel to ensure Israel retains economic superiority in the region.
      I keep wondering why the king doesn't replace his red Keffiyeh with a kippot.

  • Obama's refusal to jettison the special relationship is an abrogation of his responsibility
    • I don't think the flotilla incident will play much more than it already has and it is definitely not the SOWETO of Gaza.
      If Israel can kill 1300 people during the attacks on Gaza during 2009, of whom most were civilians and even worse, children, what happened with the flotilla is the water boiling again and soon it will cool off.
      Although the rift with Turkey is the biggest outcome which will likely see US and other European countries getting involved to mend these fences. That on its own may have some benefits which may force Israel to change its Gaza policy, or not, depends on what Turkey is looking for.
      Turkey will play this hand to its own benefit and we'll likely see a lot of Turkey / Iran getting together soon to up the pressure on the US and specially Europe which has been shrugging its shoulders at Turkey.
      Erdogan is not the fool that people make him out to be and he is playing high stakes poker as no one will want to see an axis from IRAN all the way to Israel's northern borders through Turkey. Well, no one except Iran and of course the Russians.

  • 'In the spirit of humanity!' --a look at the MV Rachel Corrie
  • Turkey convened emergency NATO meeting
    • I wouldn't lose sleep waiting for their reaction. Turkey is about to find itself isolated amongst Israel's "powerful friends" as Erdogan accused them.

      The Russians must sallibating at the possible outcome. Would it be possible that with the US blind and stupid support for anything that Israel does would push NATO to ignore the Turkish outrage and risk losing Turkey. You can bet this is not lost on the Russians.

      So, tell me again, how is Israel good for american interest.

  • Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren's Speech Disrupted at University of California, Irvine
    • My friend, this was not a debate, this was a one way presntation. Each situation requires a special way to handle. HE MUST SPEAK. Only through his words can you find the ammunition to disprove him and reveal his lies. I think he would have been ten times more angry if the audience just sat quiet, listened and then calmly asked questions about what is going on in Israel, the west bank and Gaza. They had so much ammunition and wasted it firing in the air. He counted on the disruption and by this he received the support and sympathy even from those in the crowd who were skeptical. The students made his life easy and he got away with more lies than he could hope for. Next time, LET HIM SPEAK, listen, raise your hand and ask.
      Palestinians always complain they can't fight Israel because they don't have the same weapons. Well, here you do, and here you can win big battles, your enemy won't even bother showing up anymore. The power of democracy and free speech, its a powerful weapon.

    • I have attended and watched a few of this type of presentations. The questions are definitely filtered but in many cases, this works against the presenter. In all the presntationsi attended, a well placed, well planned and reserached question puts the presenter in a very awkward spot tat even his supporters raise an eybrow about a bad response. The key here is he gets 20 minutes or so to present a one sided presentation, it only takes one very good question the undermine it all.
      for example. I would have asked him about JStreet and their reactions to his shunning them, there are many Jews in the audience, he would have had to dance.

      Then when he is awkward and off balance, ask him about the plans of settling Palestinians in Jordan. As an ambassador, he could start a heck of problem with his Jordanian friends no matter what he answers.

    • I have a hard time applauding students who think they are scoring something by this action. Even if Oren is lying through his teeth and even if he represents a oppressor government, you win more by asking him crucial questions and show how he's lying and question his corrupt logic. I would rather catch this guy in a lie than shut him down by not letting him show how much of a liar he is.

      I found the last part amusing, the old woman flipping the bird to the protestors, very classy and also the Jewish guy who was telling the students that they failed their exam. What this part of the exam?

      Arabs and Moslems need to control their emotions and use truth, patience and the weakness of their enemies against them. This is a strong enemy and very smart but the truth is stronger so be calm, and present your arguments in a clear and calm voice, people will listen.

  • David Frum considers his next sock puppet
    • Sorry, the blog i was referring to is this :
      link to

    • Not surprised David is nervous about Sarah. The New Majority he is pushing does not consider someone like Palin as a viable canidate to carry out the neo conservative card which needs to be far more obedient than Bush turned out to be. The neo conservatives are working hard to unseat Obama in the next election and have many fronts covered, even Clinton who has been kissing up so she can get her shot at the white house. Bush capitualted near the end and fell back to his old oil not blood loyalties and did not carry out their wishes to blow up Iran. Although Plain can likely be talked into "putting on the lipstick" she may actually turn out like Bush and sooner or later stop short. What they really want is someone like McCain who will go all out and deliver the final solution as he believes in too.
      By the way, her eis a great article in Joshua Landis's Blog,
      link to
      and is a must read to understand why the region is in the state its in.

  • Abdullah: Ending the Palestinian grievance solves the Iran threat
    • Tell me again how solving the Palestinian problem (if this will ever happen) convinces Iran that somehow it is now safe not to build Nuclear weapons. It was Iraq who invaded Iran on US urging, it was the US who tried toppling this regime several times and who put the Shah in there, it was the US who shot down the Iranian Civilian airliner. I think Iran is looking further west than the west bank.

      The King needs to find another reader for his arabic coffee, this one is running out of sories. The King has only himself to blame if he all of a sudden he finds himself hosting hundreds of thousands of Palestinians made refugees by his friend Israel as part of their final solution.

      The hashemite family has been trying to play a cat and mouse game with the Irsraelis and some day soon the cat will use its claws and game will be over. King Hussein slept with the Israelis for decades and plotted with them the fate of the Palestinians and backstabbed the rest of the Arab countries which is why Egypt's president Nasser wanted him removed. Someday histroy will show how King Hussein literally gave away the West bank in 1967 thinking Israel would leave him alone. The chikens are coming home to roost and no matter what he tries, Israel will dump the west bank Palestinians on its (ally???). Then as far as they are concerned, the problem is solved and guess what, the US will agree and Iran will have another reason to build Nuclear weapons.

  • What will another Lebanon war do for Obama's Cairo speech?
    • I envy you Richard. I wish i was able to visit the area and meet with the people there.

      I am very puzzled by the sudden friendship and the so called cooperation agreements between Syria, Lebanon and Turkey. Israel needs Turkey for an attack on Iran which is why they are working hard to fix this relationship. Barak is supposed to visit Turkey next week and try to keep the alliance alive, although i think he will find Turkey not as open as they used to be. I think arrogance and stupidity is playing an interesting role specially with Lieberman and his crew, the miltary however is nervous and want this relationship fixed.

    • I can only imagine the pain and suffering the poor people in Southern Lebanon had to face in 2006. Israel's attack was barbaric and targeted civilian infrastructure which is a war crime, sadly, the West supported the attacks along with several lebanese leaders who thought it would eliminate Hizballah. 2006 was NOT a planned attack nor a response to the kidnapping of the soldiers. It was a knee jerk reaction by Olmert who wanted to cover up problems in his cabinet and ordered a brutal response. Contrary to the invasion by Sharon in the 80's in 2006 Israel's attacks were poorly coordinated, badly planned and suffered major setbacks which is why they increased their attacks on the civilian infrastructure. Just like Sharon's invasion in the 80's, the next attack on Lebanon will be massive and will include the bulk of their military machine, the objective will be to eliminate Hizabllah, which will be costly for both sides. The West will again support Israel and abandon Lebanon, just like they did in the past.

    • wouldn't count on it. Even Israel knows not stir up an already dead horse. Gaza is dead and it will take a long time before this becomes a target again. Gaza would cost more than Lebanon in public opinion.

    • The difference between Turkey and the US is that in Turkey, the Jewish lobby has no teeth. When Erdogan goes for reelection he has to worry about moslem votes not jewish.

      Obama knows no one in the Democratic party, his own close advisors or his sercretaries (namely Clinton) will support him if he puts any pressure on Israel. Clinton is biding her time and will try another shot at the presidency in the next term, to do this she needs the jewish lobby and she has already sold out to them on Bill's advice. Will Clinton give up the presidency for the sake of Palestinians...not.

      Once Obama realizes he is a one term president, things will change. But in the meantime, like any politician, he is kissing up to power and the influence of the lobby.

      Israel has no choice but to invade Lebanon this spring, or early summer. Hizballah added a major arsenal of long range missiles with heavier loads from Syria, they also added SAM defense systems, not the best but will have a painful effect, this changes the balance that Israel likes to maintain which is a very weak enemy, whereas in this case, this enemy is growing stronger by the day. B-Yahou has already decided peace with Syria is too far off and too expensive, and he would likely risk an invasion of Lebanon to demilitarize Hizballah and then talk with Syria from a stronger position when they can't rely on Hizballah to back them up. Obama will support this action and will come out blaming Hizballah and Iran for the war and he will rely on Egypt, Jordan and the Saudis to cover his back in the arab world. Israel can't afford to wait much longer. Israel still wants to destroy Iran's Nuclear capability but will want to neutralize Hizballah to avoid a northen front. The logic is simple. Neutralize Hizaballah to weaken Syria and then offer some of the Golan back to get a peace treaty then turn all your attention to Iran.

  • Paul Hodes could be 14th Jewish senator
    • It is sadder than you think. I firmly believe there is a large group of politicians, in Israel, who really would like to see peace and are willing to go a long way to get it. Counter that, there is also a large group of politicians, special interest groups, businessmen and of course radicals and religious extremists who want the opposite. Radicals, extremist religious groups and idiots you can deal with, the others are more dangerous than any weapon ever created.
      A case in point, even the Israel army chief of staff, Ashkenazi has on many occasions pushed for withdrawl from the Golan, talking to Hamas and Hizballah etc... to get a peace deal in place. He along with many other Israelis see the need for peace, however the cost to the other side a is far to high and peace would achieve the opposite.
      There now exists a cohesion between several groups in Israel and the US, (along with several other western countries), where the Mid East conflict has been transformed into a tool to achieve many other goals along with feeding the Weapons industry, Political influence, Economic deals and for many others achieving goals, like PNAC. A war in Iran is a must to keep this monster alive, pity the pawns in the mid east.

    • I think we're missing the point. Jews in America aren't the same as Jews in Israel. Or maybe to be more precise, Jews in American "POLITICS" are not really Jews, or to say, give a damn about Judaism, Israel, peace or anything we're focused on.
      American Jews in politics are pro Israel not because they give a damn about Israel or what is happening in the Mid-East, but as typical American politicians, they're in it for themselves. Power, money, influence and selfish motives.
      American politicians have made Israel a tool they can use for their own purposes and are simply waving the Israel flag to get their own interests served, and damn be anyone in the Mid East if they get in the way. American politicians and special interests groups have turned Israel into the biggest propaganda and marketing tool to help achieve their own goals using the Israel banner as a way to smooth many obstacles. No need to remind everyone how the Health Care coalitions is shmoozing to AIPAC to achieve their own goals. Anyone in American politics who is trying to achieve an agenda realizes that by courting the Jewish marketing machines (AIPAC, AJC, etc...) is half way home. Do you really think any of these people give a damn about what happens to a few thousand Palestinians who have absolutuely no power or representation in the US political establishment. How do you achieve your goals with this weak group.
      Let's face it, politicians are worse than whores, their only motivation is to get their own projects and agendas and if this means sleeping with the devil, then why not, most have done worse. And most would NEVER, NEVER want to see peace in the Mid East, why lose your marketing edge, for what?. Even Bill Clinton can tell you this, "get over it". Many so called Christian Zionists groups, whose real end goal is the destruction of Judaism also court this group for the same reason, POWER and Influence.
      Think about it. What if peace by some miracle actually takes a hold in the Mid East, would AIPAC survive? would the power of American Jewish group continue to carry a big schtik. Of course not, no reason or motive left. And that is why American politicians support this group and will continue to court it because as whores, you don't cut off the hand that feeds you, you keep licking it. The sad thing, is Jewish American politicians who for generations avoided this establishment are now realizing, the key to their success and achieving their "American" agendas is through waving the same marketing flag. The star of David has become the biggest marketing tool in the US.

  • Barak mentions taboo subject: binational state
    • Who would have thought, a war criminal, the man who ordered a punishing price on Gaza and Lebabnon in 2006, now seems to be the only person in Israel's B-yahou cabinet to be seeing a light and is advocating talks.
      He is also the same man who is pushing for talks with the Syrian govt and is willing to give almost anything to neutralize that front.
      Is it a coincidence or is Barak tired of the killing, specially when he has so much of that blood on his hands.

  • Obama aide is not post-racial
    • I keep wondering why Israel won't just take the last step and complete their takeover of the American Govt. If you do very little research you will find they already have the Congress, the NSC, most foreign relations and security committees, US miltary establishment and companies, research institutes and so called think tanks who write papers 100% favoring support for Israel policies. They scare the heck out of any president and pretty well dictate what they want them to say. Every President or prospect like McCain and others before him go to AIPAC and apply there first.
      Is President Benjamin Netanyahou a fantasy or simply a matter of how you look at things inside the US. Knesset or Congress, take your pick. How do Americans feel about becoming Israelis, of course all non jews would have to accept 2nd class status.

  • Wolman: Wright mucks up Gaza
    • Did everyone forget how Gaza became so radical...
      Fox News, 2003:
      "Israel's military on Tuesday ordered 15 Palestinian detainees expelled from the West Bank to the Gaza Strip, an action human rights groups denounced as a violation of international law.

      Israel maintained this policy for sometime as Sharon was planning his withdrawl from GAZA. Sharon was no dummy and did not evacuate Gaza out the goodness of his heart, but a sinister way to create a open air prison and fill it with the most radical of Palestinians and then deal with it in one blow. Today's Gaza is the creation of Israel, planned and calculated in a sinister way to dump Palestinians in this prison and choke them to death.

      I hope he can come out of his coma soon so he can be tried along with Karadizch.

  • Look at the headline
    • here's the first report on their ticker "
      15:02 Top U.S. army official: Texas army base shooter likely shouted `Allah Akbar` (AP)

      let's make sure we demonize muslims while we're at it....

    • That's not as bad as their first headline "the shooter likely cried out "Allah akbar""

  • Goldstone's Brandeis debate with Dore Gold to be online
    • I forgot that part, when i heard him tell this story, i wondered where Dore Gold thought he was when he was by citing this type of crap. But, this is typical Dore Gold and fabricating things is not unusual for Isareli politicians trying to defend their actions.

      Here is the link for the summary of the debate. Brandeis will be posting the video on Monday according to their site, try to catch it, it was good.
      link to

    • I forgot one more really interesting comment by Gold. He mentioned how Israel is always picked on by the UN and has no one to support it. He referenced "if someone attacks Luxembourg" then the european community would come to its aid, if some country in Asia was attacked then the whole Asianic community would help, whereas poor Israel picked on by the UN doesn't have anyone to come to its aid... I had tears in my eyes and was fighting to keep my dinner. Surprised no one mentioned to him that the US has blocked dozens of UN resolutions condeming Israel. And the dozens of resolutions where western powers including England, Canada and the ussual suspects sided with Israel. In one breath he mentioned the Congressional resoltion to ignore the Goldstone report and then he says Israel has no one to protect it...Poor Israel is on its own with no friends, well, just the US, Canada, England, France, Germany, and pretty well all of "new" Europe who have now rewritten the war crimes manual and nullified the Geneva convention. Based on this, Radavan Karadizch should be set free.

    • I watched the whole webcast last night and it was surprisingly good. Gold did what i expected him to do but failed to make Judge Goldstone angry. Gold seemed outclassed and used typical media tricks to make a bad point, as if those students at Brandeis were all stupid. He kept referencing quotes and images on the screen as proof of how IDF was a moral army and tried its best to avoid killing civilians. He was sickening specially when he accused Hamas of blowing up a lot of the buildings and the mosque where several people were killed during combined prayer. He said "the IDF didn't do this and it was really explosives stored by Hamas in the building", Goldstone ridiculed the repsonse and mentioned the IDF markings found inside the mosque from the missiles they used.

      The questions by students were mostly simple but gave Goldstone a chance to hamper on the main point that Israel refused to give him and his team access to the towns in southern Israel for his investigation which he wanted to emphasize the pain on the civilians in these towns. Gold had no response to this.

      My favorite part was Gold didn't disappoint me as I always knew him and mentioned
      in my earlier post,
      "keeps repeating tired old statements like, Israel is a legitimate state, recognized by the UN and has the right to defend its citizens. Hamas is a terrorist group outlawed by the world community and therefore can’t be trusted or believed"
      well he did it again, but Goldstone was great and kept referring to the destruction of civil infrastructure like the water works, sewage and schools and asked how is this a proportional response and not targeting civilians.

      Good work Judge Goldstone and i think he noticably outclassed Gold and showed some sympathy top a Palestinian woman who tried to ask a question about Palestinian representation in the debate and he agreed with her that would have been great. Of course Gold and his usual slimey and classless way chuckled and said, if you tried to get a Palestinian point of view you couldn't since they're so divided, what an a**hole.

    • I hope Goldstone has a lot of patience when debating with someone like Dore Gold. This is the Teflon debater where he simply ignores your arguments and keeps repeating tired old statements like, Israel is a legitimate state, recognized by the UN and has the right to defend its citizens. Hamas is a terrorist group outlawed by the world community and therefore can't be trusted or believed. He used this method when he partnered with Alan Dershowitz against (can't remember the other side) on Frost's show. The other side lost their temper specially when Dershowitz ran back to his signature cowardly argument of "you're a bigot".
      Gold is slippery and slimey and his debating style is to get you angry with his slow cold responses that ignore your points which usually gets on the opponent's nervers and makes them emotional then he strikes like a snake.
      Good luck Dr. Goldstone, you are swimming with sharks.

  • J Street throws Gaza under the bus
    • Looks like J Street is trying so hard to be accepted as a good alternative to extremists Zionists that it is finding it easier to court them than to fight them. This is typical of most centre left leaning organizations who want to participate in the dbate but don't want to be seen a "soft" on object of interest.

      I am not surprised considering the leadership. Ben Ami in his opening speech mentioned "of my grandparents who built Tel Aviv out of the sand dunes". Sand Dunes ??? Did he forget Jaffa or is it typical J Street double talk to appeal to Jewish listeners and show that underneath it all, J Street is just another Pro Israel organization and the only difference is the banners for peace, the problem the banners gather dust and will fade long before anyone from JStreet will try to rock the boat.

  • Praise for J Street
    • "and broke into applause whenever Palestinian human rights were mentioned"

      Progress indeed and very surprising. I still remember many a times when the mere mention of Palestinian Human Rights abuses would clear the halls by several pro-Israel attendees who simply would not tolerate any negative references to what is going on in Israel.

      This too is progress which I hope will gather some steam
      Who decided to go to war in Gaza and why?
      link to

  • Israel, we have a democracy problem
    • Actually this is an excellent report by the State Dept. It clearly shows the religious bias used by the Govt of Israel in its application of the laws and the nature of the state of Israel which can never be sustained or stand any test in Democracy. I wonder how they got away with publishing this. Will AIPAC jump in to to have it removed or will someone in Obama's admin try to use it to show why Israel needs to mend its ways and wake up to the new world.

      I wonder, what were David and Moses before they became jews and do they qualify under Israel's laws as "real" jews.

    • I think the problem is that we're starting with the false premise, "Israel is a Democracy". This can never be. In its nature Israel violates all the rules of Democracy as we know in the West. No country can claim democratic rule when one of its major foundation is the exceptional treatment of one group in the population against all others. Israel is and will always be an apartheid state unless one day the founders decide the idea of Democracy is more relevant than a dream of having a state based on asingle religious entity.

      I have an issue with some of the wording i see here and on many other sites when it comes to describe JEWS and Arabs and other people form that area.

      Lets see if I am confused or just missed a point. Judaism is a religion, which means in effect anyone can be a JEW if you chose to be just by converting, just like anyone can chose to be a Muslim or a Christian. So in effect when we describe Arabs and Jews, we are not being consistent, since Arabs can be Jews or Christian or Muslim. What they can't be is ....Hebrew. Although they are both inherently semitic. So many people like Madonna and Britney who chose to convert to Judaism are in fact a reliogious converters and by the same rules adapted by the State of Israel, they have a right to live in Israel, NO???

      Is the problem religious or ethnic.
      As per previous post "OMG, WTF!".

  • Hope in Obama is 'evaporating' in the Middle East as the peace process goes nowhere
    • Obama is not the false prophet and if everyone in the mid-east is losing patience, then i think they should looking within and not at Obama.

      I can't imagine somehow everyone thinks Obama will fix years of problems in the mid east in just a few months. The problems he has to deal with is a well entrenched lobby group and a political system that is tottally dependent on money and influence for survival. Noboday in the US political system is willing to commit political suicide over the mid east, this is not the only problem facing the US and as we all know, the politician's first role is to survive to stay in the game, and unfortunately this applies to Obama too.

      Things will start to move once everyone is on the same page, this includes leaders in the arab world not just the US. So far all we heard from Egypt, Jordan and other arab countries who have relations with Israel is a whimper and words of support to the peace process, but none have yet to come out and, as everyone here seems to think Obama should do, and put pressure on Israel with economic boycot, closing diplomatic missions, etc. These countries are looking after their own interests and will not risk the limelight in fear of being marginalized.

      The surprising thing is what Turkey is doing. With loud accusations against Israel's actions in Gaza, improving and strengthening realtions with Syria and openly criticizing Israel on dragging its feet on the peace process, Turkey has done more than any other Arab country who have relations with Isarel have dared to do. And this is surprising and putting more pressure on Israel than anything Obama can do.

      So, before we write off Obama and how long its taking to show progress, Egypt's Mobarak and Jordan's king are dragging their feet even worse and signing more economic deals with Israel. Again, as I stated before, if the Arabs really want to fix this problem, then theu need to start at home and show a united front, even the Palestininans can't agree and openly fight each other. The solution for the mid east starts in the mid east not washington.

  • Univ. of Buffalo student forces Tony Blair to respond to (and dodge) the Goldstone report
    • I am not a big fan of the Goldstone report on the war in GAZA and the findings that both Hamas and Israel committed war crimes and BLAIR is one of the reasons for my disapproval.

      When the Presdident of Sudan was cited for crimes against humanity, he was named specifically and the court clearly identified who they were after and why. They didn't name Sudan. Here, the report is general and a bit defensive on Israel and I think they threw Hamas in there as a measure to apphease critics, the results as we see, western countries are falling over each other trying to protect Israel. Would there have been the same reaction if Barak was named as principal?

      I would have liked to see more direct charges and accusations against people like Ehud Barak and Livni for prosecuting the war with little concern for civilian casualties. Several of the field commanders should have been named specifically and specific crimes charged against them. Then maybe you're not really attacking a whole country but the individuals who were responsible for the crimes.

      Blair himself, along with George Bush, Romsfeld, Rice, and a whole slew of neocons in the Bush white house along with Perle, Wolfowitz and Bill Clinton all deserve to be named for war crimes for their role in the death of hundreds of thousands of civilians in Iraq. But who is going to pursue that action.

      The best you can hope from the Goldstone report will be the same fate as the Kahan Commission on Ariel Sharon and his role in the massacres in Sabra and Shatila, a wrap on the knuckles and later elect him as Prime Minister, reward for his war crimes ?

      If you want to prosecute people for their war crimes, win the war, then charge the losing side with everything you can think of, case in point, Nuremberg. Notice no one was charged in the US for the crimes committed in Vietnam.

      Hypocrisy still rules our world and justice leans towards those who win and can write history with their own words. This is exactly what Blair is saying.

  • Will the real people of the West Bank please stand up, please stand up
    • KAPOS.
      from wiki..... KAPO was a prisoner who worked inside German Nazi concentration camps during World War II in some lower administrative position (prisoner-functionary). The German word also means "foreman" and "non-commissioned officer", and is derived from French for "Corporal" (fr:Caporal) or the Italian word capo[1][2]'. Kapos received more privileges than normal prisoners, towards whom they were often brutal. They were often convicts who were offered this work in exchange for a reduced sentence or parole, however they were usually murdered and replaced with a new batch of prisoners at regular intervals.....

      From the Jewish Virtual Library ....... The German concentration camps depended on the cooperation of trustee inmates who supervised the prisoners. Known as Kapos, these trustees carried out the will of the Nazi camp commandants and guards, and were often as brutal as their SS counterparts. Some of these Kapos were Jewish, and even they inflicted harsh treatment on their fellow prisoners. For many, failure to perform their duties would have resulted in severe punishment and even death, but many historians view their actions as a form of complicity. After the war, the prosecution of Kapos as war criminals, particularly those who were Jewish, created an ethical dilemma which continues to this day.....

      History or human nature.

  • Letter to Gaza from a West Bank Palestinian
    • Not sure what you need to understand that Hamas is and has been in trouble and what happened in January was nothing more than to reinforce the message, "you will not win against Israel through militant means".
      And you are perfectly correct that the PA is compromised and very likely not representative of the people, if they did, they would act like Hamas and the West Bank will be starving and what we're reading about settler violence would become more like the 2002 operation Protective Shield.
      It is unfortunate, but moving forward for the people of Palestine can only be measured by how long they can survive. The US, EU and Gulf states will support that survival through economic growth and let the future somehow decide the politics.
      I know its subtle, but reality tends to be this way.

    • JPost article says Abbas agreed to "defer" not drop the report. Under a lot of pressure from B-Yahou, Liberman and I suppose US and EU promises of more economic incentives.

      This is the wrost and dirtiest types of politics but for a beaten realist like Abbas, what choice does he have. Israel can choke off the West Bank as much as it does Gaza. As in the West, "its the economy stupid".

      With all due respect to Rehmat, Hamas will not survive. Palestinians are facing tough choices . Rhetoric and grandiose shows of empty victories may play well for the poor people in Gaza but in reality, nothing moves forward.

      The Palestinian's only real choice is survival.

      The Goldstone report has already done all it will do. An arab friend told me this saying " if you throw mud at the wall, it will fall, but the stain will stay". I guess all they can hope for with report is the stain.

  • Abunimah: Obama just proved it, partition is over
    • Abunimah is barking up the wrong tree. While he criticizes Obama, the Palestinians still maintain a divided line making it very easy for Israel to ignore them. At the asme time, so called Arab leaders like Mobarak and King Abdullah, the Emirates mafia, and many other Arab countries have increased their economic cooperation with Israel, offering additional exchanges and more contacts. Hard to blame Obama, while the Israel lobby is doing what it can to derail him, the Arabs are greasing that slope is more.
      The solution starts inside the region not outside. While Israel bombed and killed civilians in southern lebanon in 2006, these same Arab states whined and barked but continued to maintain economic exchanges and other contacts. While Gaza burned, well the whining got louder but again Israel was counting on this as just another dust storm which soon settles down and then back to business as usual. When Israel bombed the Syrian "unknown" nuclear site, not a whimper of support or outcry.
      So, where's the problem, and do you really think pressure from the US is what is needed.
      I think B-Yahou is smiling in his office with the realization, "no one gets it and by the time they do, Palestine will be no more, thanx to the Arabs".

  • White House phones Jewish leaders to promise veto on Goldstone
    • And i thought Bush had already left the White House...Oh well, Israel will now have a carte blanche for its next genocide in the mid-east. This is a sign that the US will continue to turn a blind eye to whatever massacres Israel commits.
      Isn't it incredble how 6 Mill people in a nation of over 300 mill can legitimize murder, this is true democracy. choke

  • rise of the realists, re Iran
    • Linda and All;

      I truly apologize for my insensitive comment to Linda earlier, even if i had misunderstood, it does not give me the right to lash out with pesronal feelings and stupid comments. This is a great site and almost everybody here seems to share the same message, we need peace in our time. If i should try some defense for my comment it is that i see the side of peace is not make headway and when you watch a fool like Gaddafi rumble on about nothing and then Obama trying to man handle the world and again trying to isolate Iran when we need to bring them closer to the table, I wonder if we peace has a chance. But i guess we need to keep the fight going. Sorry again.

    • Israel nuclear weapons not now not ever ...oops too late...
      Great...Good stuff....what a fantastic cause...we should all jump in on this band wagon and help the AJC spread more hatred against a nation which has never done anything to them. Israel is asking the world for permission to destroy Iran because the fool who leads that country has a big mouth and is, well let's line up and include other idiots in that line up. How about B-Yahou annd the state of Israel who by the way still refuses to discuss its nuclear program...kills children by the hundreds, destroys infrastructure to de develop nations...well the list is too long for this blog.

      Linda J...when you solicit support for a cause, try to be a little more realistic and balanced, if this cause is to disarm the WHOLE mideast of nuclear weapons then hurray for you and the AJC. What you are asking is to support disarming one nation while continuing to support Israel's Nuclear arsenal. hmmm something is missing. Maybe if Israel one day stands up and admits to its nuclear arson and starts to destroy its nuclear weapons then maybe this will be a good cause, in the meantime its nothing but Isareli propaganda to justify its policy of genocide in the mid east.
      a personal note since this makes me angry... in your ear...

    • I think the chances of this "misadventure" taking place have declined or delayed for a while since the Obama announcement of cancelling the Checzh missile shield. As far as I have read so for, B-Yahou made that deal in Moscow which in effect, Don't give Iran the new Missile defense system and we'll convince the US to cancel/delay their plans in Europe. At least for now. I think B-yahou might have had to give a bit more like stopping arms sales to Georgia.
      I think in effect, the Russians won a few victories at the expense of Iran and at the same time delayed any misadventure Israel may have be thinking of.
      The question now is how long will Israel wait before it decides its policy of dealing with Iran Nuclear activities through Mosad assasinations and disruptions is no longer enough and its time to get stupid. One thing you can be sure of, the problems in southern Lebanon lately are part of this manouvering and Israel may decide to do what it is known for doing which is while everyone thinks they have a deal and following the agreed road plan, it will open a new front, stir up trouble and move with its initial plan claiming, this has nothing to do with what was agreed. I still look for Israel to do a limited attack before Spring.

  • Desperation: Canadian newspaper likens Naomi Klein to.... Goebbels
    • The National Post is not CANADIAN. CANWEST which owns the paper and other local media outlest is owned by the ASPER family, founder ISRAEL ASPER. IZZY as he used to be liked to be called, not sure why, was a very close friend of B-Yahou and publicly instructed his media to be pro Israel on their reporting, something like the idiot Murdoch. Both these guys had no fear of showing their alliances with the Zionist state and openly declared their loyalty to this movement. IZZY, before his death, invited B-Yahou to visit him in Canada and when B-yahou stopped in Montreal to give a talk to a local university he started a riot with many students deciding to break things and become very loud. IZZY was incensed by this and instructed his media outlets, the TV part, GLOBAL TV to do a "documentary" on the incident in Montreal calling it, get this "trying to control the media". He openly criticized the students of trying to block and control information...duh!!! Like the kettle calling the pot, well you know that stupid racist saying.
      The National Post hires mostly pro Israel employees who openly declare their willingness to publish pro Israel info. CANWEST is not a popular organization and many of its low level employees call it racist and unfair in its treatment. Also, if you are a prominent Jew and need a job and are pro Zionist, they will provide you with a platform, point in case, Linda Frum, who was recently appointed as Senator as a favour to her brother David Frum, a close friend of PM Stephen Harper. Sounds like a SOAP, it is. Don't ask how the MOSAD asked and received several Canadian Passports to use in their intelligence operations. A local EX Mosad agent blew the whistle on this and is now living in Ottawa Canada.
      The NATIONAL POST, and THE OTTAWA CITIZEN, Canada's capital only national newspaper are the voice and opinion of ISRAEL ASPER and his family, no more no less. The only good thing about this is that CANWEST is facing bankruptcy. The ASPER boys who took it over from their father just did not have the business know how. Many rumours in Winnipeg where they reside about lavish spendings and well, gossip.

  • At Gaza rates, West Bank evacuation would cost $140 billion
    • I don't see the problem. Those who paid to settle these people in the WB, should flip the bill to resettle them somewhere else. How about getting Hagee, the Christain Zionists evangelists who have been funding a large portion of this and those American Jewish billionaires in Las Vegas and of course Rabbi Eckstein who has been funneling charity money to send it to settlers. It should be made known publicly that these will be the people who will be responsible to pay this bill at the end. Watch how settlement funding dries up all of a sudden.

  • When do we get to talk about the one-state solution?
    • I have to assume you are one of those people hired to try and promote Israel's message on the web by bombarding blogs, such as Mondoweiss with the type of babble you posted here.

      All you have to do is read and think to understand that Israelis continuously torture, kill and destroy in the land of Palestine to continue the policy they started in 1948 under Plan Dalet :
      " 1Destruction of villages (setting fire to, blowing up, and planting mines in the debris), especially those population centers which are difficult to control continuously.
      Mounting search and control operations according to the following guidelines: encirclement of the village and conducting a search inside it. In the event of resistance, the armed force must be destroyed and the population must be expelled outside the borders of the state. "

      Israel was created by Colonialist and Imperial powers who were victorious after WW2 against another Colonial and Imperial country. Nothing is legitimate about the creation of this entity and both the Jews and the Arabs caught in this mess thanks to these countries have suffered enough. Unless both these people decide to step away from the Colonialist model imposed on them, death and misery will continue to reign in this part of the world.

      No matter how much babble you insist on spreading, History has a way of piercing through the B.S. for those who look for peace and truths.

    • One State or Two state, one thing for sure, people like this Ed_Frias would need to be excluded from any solution since they will always be the fly in the ointment. Those people can move to Miami and enjoy a long happy life and who knows start another Israel there and see if it will work with whatever lies and hatred they can spread.

    • Ibish tries to play a pacifist role so he can stay in the limelight. Let's face it, he is still one of the few spokesmen that the Western media still calls on when they think the need to show they are even handed and want to present the other point of view. Love him or hate him, there are far more other so called Palestinian spokesmen who do more harm to the cause than Ibish. At least the media likes this guy enough to let him speak.

      For years we heard the West supporting the two state solution, even the EU came out for it. No more, we now hear whimpers from everywhere and support for the old solutions are being overshadowed by new realities, the realities that Israel and many Arab countries have created on the ground.

      Can you have two states, Israel, pre 1967 and Palestine, West Bank and Gaza. Independent, friendly relations, economic cooperation, respect, no military borders, and pigs will fly, or will they.

      Before I try to explain this phenomena, I think you need to understand, most if not all Arab states are tired of this conflict and will take anything that puts it behind them so they can move into the new world. Survival in the new world needs realities not nationalism, religious extremism or weak hearts.

      So, why will pigs never fly. Here's my very simplistic analysis of 4 very simple realities;

      First, Geography. How do you support a Palestine with two separate geographies that need a road link within Israel that remains always open no matter what travels through it. The Arabs, namely Eqgypt and Jordan had that capability pre 1967 but never moved to implement, why should it work now. The Gaza experience should provide enough history why this is a no go.

      2) Realities on the Ground. What about the Palestinians who live inside Israel, pre 1967. Do they get to stay or will Israel ask them to leave. Of course an even tougher reality, what about the Israelis inside the West Bank, do you offer them Palestinian citizenship and they'll be, what, happy. Don't forget these are the extremists. And, what about the millions of refugees living in the neighbouring countries, do they get to go home to the new Palestine, with Israel's blessings...Do you really believe these two people will find a friendly solution to this question after all these years of conflicts and hatred.

      3) How sustainable will either the Israel and the new Palestine states become even if peace is established. In this area where you will now have about 14 Million people living, prior to that at the best time you had about 7 Million. Water issues, natural resources, and all you need to sustain a viable economy apart from relying on world donations.

      4)The Zionist dream... does it fly away when you wake up in the morning and you thought it was just a nightmare...or did you see pigs fly.

      Ibish may not be everybody's idea of realism, but he doesn't believe pigs can fly and i think we all need to wake up to the new reality. One country, several states, federalist system with equal representation. Oh look up in the sky's a biurd ...not it's a it's........

  • neocons linger. why lord?
    • Not sure how much of a surprise this would be to Canadians. PM Harper has been cozying up to pro Zionist groups for some time now. The Canadian Jewish Congress awarded Harper the Saul Hayes Human Rights award (I'm sure the Lebanese community appreciates that since he balmed them for Israel's bombardment in 2006)and the CJC has been boasting about its influence and increasing power in Canada. Harper, is a close friend of David Frum, Bush's speech writer and of course a member of AEI. David has been staying close to Harper, I guess to make sure the venom he gave to Bush work also on Harper. Harper is also a close friend of the Asper family and was very close to Izzy Asper, founder of CanWest media and owners of National Post and of course, the only National newspaper in Canada's capital, the Ottawa Citizen.
      The sick thing about this appointment is that Linda Frum has nothing to boast about in her career. If Harper really wanted to reward her for any great deed for Canadians then he sure picked an empty CV. Linda is riding the Zionist wave in Canada and was given a job at the Asper's CanWest National Post as a reporter, but if you research her work, nothing of any significance, so why? why appoint such a mediocre person to the Senate, was he rewarding her or investing in his own future with this group, or was this a present to his good friend David. Necocons maybe going underground in the US, but they're alive and thriving in Canada.

  • I was with the neocons-- (Then I went to the Middle East)
    • Bernard Lewis, is a dupe used by the Neocons during the Bush admin to distort Mid East history and political entities. He was used because he sounded like he knows what he's talking about, but like Allan Dershowitz, he is just another mouth piece and a whore who would say and o anything for money. I wonder how many people listened to this fool on TV and said, wow he sure knows his stuff...gag...dress them up, paint lipstick on them and they're still pigs.

  • In the beloved Old Country, a Jew has visions of her homeland
    • Wow... I hope many Jews read this, this is reality with intelligence and a warm heart beating. Thans for sharing this.

  • Help! Washington State AG (with political ambitions) reached out to Israeli consulate before meeting with Corries
    • Its interesting how these people come out of the woodwork on this type of issue when it has nothing to do with their responsibilities. I imagine they all had some promises made by some pro Israel groups to instigate this silly letter.
      One thing that does intrigue me however. The letter quotes, 730 Isarelis killed by Hamas rockets since 2005 and the number of rockets themselves in the thousands, can anyone find any data to collaborate these figures. I looked but the numbers didn't even come close.

  • Virtue campaign in Gaza--and blindness to Gaza in the West Bank
    • I sympathize with Seham on her feelings about Fatah and how Abbas must have felt the agony of having to keep his mouth shut while Gaza burned. BUT, Abbas is in it for the long term and not a skirmish or two. He has brought a lot of support from Western countries to the Palestinians and although he is failing with Israel, I don't think anyone can win with these people, specially not with B-Yahou at the helm.
      Will Hamas ever be able to duplicate any Hizballah abilities, NO, never. Apart from their extremist Islamic views, Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza didn't even put up a fight when Israel bombed Gaza mercilessly. All they did was talk and threaten from the safety of their bunkers while the children died. If they wanted a fight they sure as heck didn't show it. I still remember the rehtoric as to how the streets of Gaza will be turned to blood of the invaders, instead the blood was that of the children and mothers of Gaza .
      Hamas lost any right to govern mainatin its hold on this tiny strip when it provoked Israel for the genocide that was committed. I would have rather read 5000 dead in Gaza, all Hamas militias, than the 300 that were caught behind the lines and the poor people who paid the price. If 5000 Hamas soldiers died in the fight, then Hamas can hold its head high and do whatever it wants for it would have earned it. As it is, history will show how ill prepared they were when they provoked a merciless enemy and let their innocent people get massacred. Hamas must go before any more innocent civilians die and let Fatah and their leadership who have learned, you need to sleep with your enemy and deal with the devil to get anywhere.
      Their push now to a more radical Islam is nothing more than a cover to hide behind their continued failures. If what Phil wrote about the people of Gaza during his trip was accurate, the people will get rid of these guys and move towards a more open future and a more secular co existence.

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