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  • Finkelstein on Joan Peters's legacy (and Dershowitz's legal troubles)
    • How I love this man Finklestein whose name (to a South Seas islander) sounds like the beginning of a Jewish joke. A modern day St George striding across a devastated, perverted intellectual landscape armed only with his massive sword edged with truth and reason leaving the severed limbs of the dragon in his wake and unmindful of his own wounds.
      I hope he knows how influential he has been, that justice has a legion of supporters half a World away thanks to his courage.

      Finklestein's fierce devotion to staying "on point", evidenced in the addendum is an example for us all.

  • Obama won't meet Netanyahu during 'bizarre,' 'historic,' 'unprecedented' visit (Updated)
    • I wrote about this affair back in 2009 after coming across Gareth Porter's investigation. I've been back to my blog and updated the links. Here's the main one from Porter:

      link to

      After spending several months interviewing officials at the US Embassy in Buenos Aires familiar with the Argentine investigation, the head of the FBI team that assisted it and the most knowledgeable independent Argentine investigator of the case, I found that no real evidence has ever been found to implicate Iran in the bombing. Based on these interviews and the documentary record of the investigation, it is impossible to avoid the conclusion that the case against Iran over the AMIA bombing has been driven from the beginning by US enmity toward Iran, not by a desire to find the real perpetrators.

    • Yes Eva. That looks like the plan:
      "Nothing new: Nisman's report fails to fan flames of conspiracy "
      link to

    • .....and this:
      Woman says Dershowitz 'is lying' in new court filings by U. professor

      "In her declaration, the woman states, "I have recently seen a former Harvard law professor identified as Alan Dershowitz on television calling me a 'liar.' He is lying by denying that he had sex with me. That man is the same man that I had sex with at least six times," she stated. "

      link to

    • How 'bout this one:
      Flight Logs Put Clinton, Dershowitz on Pedophile Billionaire’s Sex Jet

      link to

    • Judging by the hasbara surrounding the death of Alberto Nisman, the push to demonise Iran is up to full noise again:
      link to

      Nisman had been trying to fit Iran to the AMIA bombing for decades despite massive evidence to the contrary. His "evidence" relies on the claims of representatives of the armed Iranian opposition Mujahedin E Khalq (MEK), claims reliant on access to the highest levels of Iran's Government which they clearly do not have.
      link to
      He also claimed claimed that Tehran was involved in a 2007 plot to blow up fuel tanks at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport.
      link to

      For a full account of the AMIA fiasco see:
      link to

      Racking up these accusations against Hezbollah/Iran is significant I think. Perhaps we will see Israel provoking Iran through Lebanon again if Bibi goes back in?

  • Living in Israel isn't the solution to antisemitism
    • Dear Mooser.
      You will probably have guessed my post had to go through several re-writes. My first impulse was simply to call Mayhem out for being a "Lloyd Bridges" !

    • If the above post by Mayhem is not satire, it presents a superb example of the psychopathology of bigotry in general and, in particular, the self-absorption of those who believe their their Jewishness is primary, their membership of the human race, secondary.
      Please tell me its satire.

  • Congress invites Netanyahu to rebut Obama on Iran, and White House slams 'breach of protocol'
  • Virulent, violent verbal tactics reveal Dershowitz as a bully, says fellow Israel advocate
  • 'With God’s help, the journalists at Haaretz will be murdered just like in France': Death threats follow publication of cartoon in Israeli newspaper
    • Fascinating article: The Road From Paris to Damascus–and Back Again

      The so-called West doesn’t like freedom of expression. When I began working at Al Jazeera, then investigating Al Qaeda, the Qatari company was violently targeted. When I was at the BBC, we had a source who was trying to tell the world that Tony Blair’s government was deceiving the public about evidence for an invasion of Iraq. The scientist David Kelly was allegedly driven to suicide. Afterwards, millions were made refugees, wounded or killed, in and around Iraq. Journalists who tried to be free to express themselves were driven out. The head of the BBC was removed.

      When The Guardian tried to reveal the Edward Snowden revelations about everyone in Britain being bugged by the secret services, David Cameron sent in the heavies – not to kill editor Alan Rusbridger – but to smash up Guardian computers. Snowden had to flee to Moscow with the aid of Wikileaks. The mass surveillance state had already been used against Wikileaks for having the temerity to believe it was free to expose U.S. military killing of civilians. Thousands more than who died in Paris have been extra-judicially assassinated by President Obama’s drones. There was no place in the Western mainstream media for blame on NATO nations for aiding Israel as it killed and maimed thousands of Palestinian civilians in Gaza over the summer.

      link to

  • Why I am not Charlie
    • JeffB.

      I kept thinking there is another fallacy in your argument but I couldn't quite figure it until now. I think it lies here:
      "The issue is though those people were French."

      In my view, this does not make any difference. What would you say if this attack had been perpetrated by a Gallic or Norman Frenchman? Would you say he was disloyal to France or simply criminal?
      The victim of the attack was a publication that fosters Islamophobia. That particular prejudice is a detriment to French society. The attack is not therefore, in my view, an attack on France per se. If one held the extreme view that Charlie Hebdo's activities were endangering France, quite the opposite conclusion might be drawn. In other words, criminality and loyalty are separate issues.

    • Anyone who hasn't yet recognised Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah as one of the most rational actors in this tragedy needs to read more. Here's a start:
      link to

    • My post was originally composed for a blog with a readership of less subtle minds than yours dear Mooser - but you are correct as is usual.
      It seems to me that the difference between the perpetrators of atrocity such as these fellows (or IRA, Irgun, Mossad etc) and such as myself lies simply in the attitude to violence. I do not believe in it, not only on moral grounds but also practically - I don't think it is productive in the long term.
      These so-called "terrorists" are of a different mind. Their outrage is similar to mine but we differ in method of expression. Their methods mirror those of the current leaders of the Western World, Christian and Judaic, who also subscribe to violence as an instrument of policy.

    • It seems to me that context is important to understanding controversy.
      The overwhelming reaction to atrocities such as the Hebdo massacre is to place responsibility on Islam, a notion you seem to be buying into. My point is as simple one.
      I assert that any group identity subjected to attack by powerful forces will react asymmetrically.
      I do not assert "Muslims are intrinsically untrustworthy as French citizens". I maintain that the religion of the perpetrators is secondary to their outrage at the on-going slaughter of innocents in Iraq, Libya, Syria etc who may or may not be co-religionists.

    • Lets try an experiment shall we?

      1. Invade Israel to bring about “regime change”.
      2. Arrest and/or assassinate Israeli political leaders and Rabbis who object.
      3. Deploy drones to eliminate any opposition to regime change (issue apologies for “collateral damage” to schools, hospitals etc).
      4. Repeal all European laws outlawing anti-Semitism in Europe and set up a magazine specializing in cartoons of big-nosed rabbis in obscene poses characterising Judaism as a violent, nihilistic religion.
      5. Count the days until said magazine is attacked.

  • Dershowitz story is also an Israel story
    • Apparently Edwards and Epstein have a little more History.

      "In 2009 he (Epstein) sued Rothstein and Edwards individually in Palm Beach Circuit Court for defamation and civil racketeering violations. He alleged Edwards touted Epstein's willingness to settle sex abuse lawsuits for big bucks to lure Ponzi investors.

      Edwards filed a counterclaim saying the suit was a frivolous effort to force him to drop the federal lawsuit.

      "The sole motivation was an attempt to intimidate Brad to abandon the interests of his clients," Scarola said.

      Perhaps Epstein had interests other than his own in mind. Edwards had put him on notice he intended to depose in the federal case heavy-hitters including Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Dershowitz.

      "Epstein's housekeeper Alfredo Rodriguez testified Dershowitz stayed at Epstein's house [at times] during the years when Epstein was assaulting minor females on a daily basis," according to a 39-page "statement of undisputed facts" Scarola filed in Epstein's defamation suit on April 8, 2011."

      Read more: link to

    • Come to think of it, was that you we used to step over coming out of Gary's Red Lion Mooser?

    • The Beeb has a bob each way on Dershowitz. Coupla quotes:

      "...Noam Chomsky...told an interviewer that Mr Dershowitz is "not very bright" and "basically a clown", often resorting to personal attacks.

      "He knows that he can't respond to what I say," he said. "He doesn't have the knowledge or the competence to deal with the issues. Therefore, the idea is to try to shut it up by throwing as much slime as you can."

      "...Dahlia Lithwick says that the lawyer's career "has been a natural experiment in the proposition that the cure for toxic speech is invariably more speech"

      link to

    • I spent a Spring working for Anacortes Yacht Charters many years ago. Loved it. Would have stayed there but for commitments down here in Kiwiville.

    • And to think that Alan didn't see it coming. The Nostradamus award for 20x20 foresight goes to the High School teacher who told Alan to get a job where he uses his mouth rather than his brain.
      Dersh should have recognised the game Edwards was playing :
      "In poker it is impossible to bluff with all your cards showing. In law it is difficult, but not impossible."
      —Alan Dershowitz

      link to

    • I can see the reasoning behind the question but........

      link to

    • Many of the players must have viewed Dershowitz's antics of the past few days with great trepidation. It remains to be seen whether criminal proceedings can be brought (because of the previous plea deal) but it is now inevitable that all the evidence will be aired in public court. This is a huge victory for Edwards who was incensed at the injustice of the plea deal. Heads are gonna roll. I'm getting out my knitting.

    • Here's my take on what has happened here.
      The deal Dersh engineered back in September 2007 was designed to make any further litigation/examination of this offending impossible. It was specifically designed to circumvent any prosecution of Epstein's co-offenders - make it all go away.

      Here it is back on the front pages and in several court rooms.

      Well done Brad Edwards.

    • That snapping sound is the jaws of the Cassell/Edwards/Scarola trap coming together.
      link to

    • Cassell and Edwards appear to be playing this very cannily.
      Dershowitz has acted predictably, shooting his mouth off and impugning their reputations in, what appears to me, an actionable way. They would have anticipated this.
      Dersh's suit against them hasn't a prayer (a lawyer is entitled to believe his client) but theirs against him appears to have more substance - Dersh has mouthed off in every media outlet that would have him. - "defamatory per se directly attacking the fitness of the plaintiffs to engage in the honoured profession of the practice of law".
      I wonder if they planned this - its all happening very rapidly as if they had prepared for it.

      Then there is the business of the other three Janes unidentified so far. Might we anticipate a sharp intake of breath from the vicinity of casa Dershbag when they are revealed? We know measures were taken to buy or bully some victims into silence. Maybe it wasn't enough.

  • Dershowitz named in lawsuit alleging abuse of underage sex slave
    • "blackmail of powerful politicians" may be the big story here.

    • Lawyers acting for Ms Roberts and three other women, who claim their right to be consulted on the non-prosecution deal was infringed by US prosecutors, believe that documentation exists to show that a number of public figures, including Prince Andrew and the former Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, lobbied on Epstein’s behalf during the case. Mr Dershowitz also strongly denies the claim.
      But under an unpublicised ruling obtained by lawyers for Epstein, the details of the documents cannot be disclosed after it was argued that the negotiations over his plea deal were confidential and should not automatically enter the public domain.
      Legal documents seen by The Independent said the material potentially includes “letters of recommendation or similar communication to any [US] government official vouching for or providing support for Jeffrey Epstein”.

      In May last year, prosecutors surrendered 541 pages of correspondence with Epstein’s lawyers leading up to the 2008 non-prosecution agreement as part of an ongoing process by the alleged victims seeking access to almost 15,000 pages of documentation.

      Instead, lawyers for the women must redact any references to the correspondence in their public filings after a judge ruled that Mr Epstein had “shown good cause to prevent potential dissemination... to the press for the purposes of generating publicity”.

      The so-called protective confidentiality order was fiercely opposed by those representing Ms Roberts, now 31, who has three children and is living in America. They argued that it risked impeding public scrutiny of the Epstein case.
      In a legal paper opposing the order, Brad Edwards and Paul Cassell, the lawyers for Ms Roberts, said: “There is an overriding interest in having these matters exposed to public light.

      “There is considerable public interest in the question of how a serial child molester could arrange such a lenient plea agreement.”

      link to

      " it was argued that the negotiations over his plea deal were confidential and should not automatically enter the public domain."

      I'd be interested in seeing the legal arguments for this extraordinary decision.

    • When the above video ends you are offered a number of others. Among them is this:

      If anyone (and I'm looking at you Hoppy) should not understand why this community is enjoying Alan Dershowitz coming under fire, this video in which Norman's sincerity and humanity are palpable provides the reason.

    • For goodness' sake why aren't the media fact-checking? It can't be difficult to ascertain the state of completion of the New Mexico ranch at the time of Dersh's visit. I for one want to know.

    • "Give him enough rope" is also buzzing round my addled brain along with "haven't laughed so much since aunt Mabel caught her left tit in the mangle".

    • Awww cmon. I know a sea cucumber who's not too fussy. Said she'd do Alan for a few grand, sight unseen.

    • "She claimed to meet the Queen."
      She did not. Her father suggested she might have and has since retracted.
      "Serial prostitute" reflects rather badly on Dersh's procurer buddy does it not? How long has Dersh known she is a serial pro?
      Come to think of it, I'd suggest he has already swallowed his feet with this blast. Does it not confirm all of the allegations about the goings among Epstein's distinguished guests?

      There is a circularity of argument to the accusations of lying and perjury - "She is a liar because I am innocent" ...."I am innocent because she is a liar".

    • That article gives me more confidence that Cassells/Edwards are deliberately enticing Dershowitz because they have him bang to rights.

      Considering the pictures of Dersh, do you guys have the expression "possum in the headlights"?

    • Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, who is boldly hailed as “the most famous Rabbi in America, is calling on Jews to defend lawyer Alan Dershowitz against accusations that he sexually assaulted an underage girl......
      Shmuley asks, “Where are the Jewish leaders to rise to Dershowitz’s defense? He deserves our support. He deserves our solidarity. And he deserves our voice. ......
      “Well I’m not surprised that they would jump on these allegations with great glee,” Shmuley told The Mirror. “While no one knows whether these allegations are true or not — and I suspect they are not — he is a man of sterling reputation. …We need to show gratitude and solidarity.”
      link to

      Hmmm. In my book the appropriate response would be to advise Jewish leaders to take no position until allegations are either substantiated or refuted.

    • He's on better form in the Today interview. The interviewer is also impressive. Is "Today" a reputable news source?

    • I doubt a U.K. court would exercise jurisdiction in an action between Dershowitz and Cassell/Edwards. Dersh would have to sue one of the U.K. newspapers. Difficult to succeed if they have reported only what people have alleged accurately - if my recall of Torts (our legal system derives from and is very similar to the British) is reliable.

    • "The only community I see obsessively discussing this story in relation to Dershowitz is this one - See more at: link to"

      "Alan Dershowitz story is now trending at number 3 on yahoonews" link to - See more at: link to
      ....not to mention CNN, Today, The Daily Mail etc etc.

      "So your response is to suggest that the guy’s a pedophile"

      Find another bale of straw. Every comment here deals with the likelihood of a contingency and the ramifications should that contingency become fact.

      Seriously Hoppy, you don't seem to be a zealot. Why don't you come up with substantiated arguments rather than trying to weave them from gleanings? I for one am always ready to consider a well referenced case. You seem to share Alan's proclivity for pyrrhic victories.

    • Seriously, watching his own performance on CNN must be excruciatingly painful for Alan, even if he is squeaky clean. His own self-image as a surgically precise advocate must be painfully hurt by these huge gaffes in front of (as my Dad would say) "God and everyone".
      "Double spanking today please mistress and hold the mercy!"

      By maligning Paul Cassell he has upped the ante considerably. I believe Cassell possesses the goods and may well be waiting for the proper forum in which to lower the boom. If so, Dersh is courting disaster.

    • Who is anti-Semitic here Hoppy? Haaretz, Wikileaks or the State Dept?

      WikiLeaks: U.S. worried Israel becoming 'the promised land' for organized crime
      U.S. Embassy follows Israeli crime families closely and considers them a serious threat, cable shows.
      link to

    • His "reproductive agent" probably couldn't be found with a button-hook right now!

    • Not only but also. From the interview:

      "The real villains are the lawyers Brad Epstein and Paul Cassel"

      - the name is Brad Edwards. Epstein is his procurer buddy.

      These slips enhance the body language enormously.

      I am thoroughly enjoying this. Please let it be that Tony Blair gets enmeshed in it too - he was in Epstein's "black book" of contacts.

    • Freudian slip on CNN?

      "I am filing today a sworn affidavit denying categorically the truth"

    • "Why stop the chase?"

      This seems to be the king-plank in the deck of Israeli Jurisprudence - "Look, we've gotten away with it so long we deserve to be let off". It is applied to U.N. sanctions, land theft, ethnic cleansing, offences against Geneva accords etc in equal measure. In the end it comes down to an ideology that sanctions different classes of people, in short, exceptionalism.

    • Oh come on Hoppy. Take your hand off the Anti-Semitic button. "communities that have obsessively spread this story on social media" are acting exactly as they do when any celebrity or powerful figure is suspected of impropriety or hypocrisy, no matter the faith or ethnicity.

      It is perfectly natural that this story will have legs in this community, Dershowitz has offended each and every one of us either directly or by implication. That we do not like this man's actions and are enjoying his discomfiture tells you absolutely nothing about our attitude to race or religion.
      When you begin to understand that your philo-Semitism is simply the mirror image of anti-semitism, equally egregious, you will be on the road to recovery and rejoining the community of man.

    • Lovely picture at your link Taxi.
      link to

      This story looks like going somewhere. Paul Cassel has immaculate credentials. He does not seem the kind of fellow to make an allegation without watertight backup.
      Perhaps he is an upright chap who resents the disrepute brought to the Law by the likes of Dershowitz? There has to be a reason for including that name in the motion.

      This from Taxi's link intrigues me:

      "Mr. Dershowitz said he would deny the claims in a sworn affidavit, “subjecting me to criminal prosecution if I’m lying.”......
      In a statement Friday, Mr. Cassell said the allegations in the motion were truthful, but declined to discuss what steps he and his co-counsel, Mr. Edwards, took to verify them.

      “We have been informed of Mr. Dershowitz’s threats based on the factual allegations we have made in our recent filing. We carefully investigate all of the allegations in our pleadings before presenting them,” he said.

      Mr. Cassell said that he looks forward to reading Mr. Dershowitz’s affidavit when it’s filed."

      There are dates and times for verification (Dersh has already asserted he wasn't there) and rumours of peekaboo film.
      Lets see if he does indeed swear an affidavit.

      Here's a list of his more notorious clients:
      Harry Reems
      Sheldon Seigel
      Bernard Bergman
      Ricky Tison and Raymond Tison
      Claus von Bulow
      Leona Helmsley
      link to
      Michael R. Milken
      Jonathan Pollard
      Mike Tyson
      OJ Simpson

  • Our top ten viewed posts in 2014 -- and five most prolific commenters, too!
    • Seasons greetings to all from downunder. 2014 seems to have been the year that Mondoweiss really broke through. Its been a privilege to exchange views with some very good folk here and to watch the site grow in stature.

  • Israel will lose all American Jews but the crazies
    • Danger of Rabies. The dog might catch it should it happen to bite someone.

    • Those are not muzzles, they're mouth guards - everyone needs one in company like that.

    • "flash as a rat with a gold tooth"
      Lovely! Most apposite. Haven't heard that saying for years. Some readers might need to know that "flash" downunder means "showy" - often applied to con-men, shonky used car salesmen. Ooops, do I need to define "shonky" ? Stiffen the crows, this could go on forever.

    • Forgot the link to "The Ultimate Ally. The "realists" are wrong: America needs Israel now more than ever. "

      link to

    • I guess its all in the perception.

      "Martin Indyk, the courtliest man in the world" and "The distinguished Oren" have always made my stomach churn. Both are propagandists of the worst kind as anyone even vaguely familiar with the History of Palestine could clearly see on first reading of their "impressive books. Indyk has a special place of loathing in my rogues gallery for his being raised "down under" just a few years after me. Watch how he reacts to Norman then spews gobbledegook to cover up his embarrassing inability to counter the valid points Norman raises:
      link to

      Norman also pointed up the flaws in Oren's "Six days of War", nailing him for:
      "attaching equal weight to a public statement (or memoir) and the hard evidence of an internal document contradicting it, burying in an avalanche of dubious evidence a crucial counter-finding, minimizing, misrepresenting, or suppressing a crucial piece of evidence"
      - the hallmarks of the propagandist.
      link to

      How does a reading of Oren's 2011 essay strike one today? A sample:

      "What is the definition of an American ally? On an ideological level, an ally is a country that shares America’s values, reflects its founding spirit, and resonates with its people’s beliefs. Tactically, an ally stands with the United States through multiple conflicts and promotes its global vision. From its location at one strategic crossroads, an ally enhances American intelligence and defense capabilities, and provides ports and training for U.S. forces. Its army is formidable and unequivocally loyal to its democratic government. An ally helps secure America’s borders and assists in saving American lives on and off the battlefield. And an ally stimulates the U.S. economy through trade, technological innovation, and job creation. "

      Have to go, my stomach is gurgling.

  • Jews who speak out on Ferguson but not Palestine fear 'vengeance of Jewish establishment' -- Magid
    • {{{Greetings and best wishes!}}}

    • Yes. I often ponder the success of the transfer propaganda technique - the art of taking what "we" do and making out it is being done to "us". Similarly with modernity thing. In fact many of the early Europeans who invaded were inexperienced in agriculture and land management, requiring huge assistance whilst Palestine was already quite well developed, particularly so compared to colonies like New Zealand and Australia. Here's a picture of Jaffa circa 1930.
      link to
      ....and one taken in Auckland around the same time:
      link to

    • This is the type of story I like to see.
      One of the most challenging tasks lies in helping others to understand that the Palestinian situation is "that" kind of struggle.
      The entire edifice of Zionist colonialism is built on exceptional-ism, has been from the beginning. Much of its longevity is owed to the manufactured images that portray it as being different, unique - when in fact it is a very old, commonplace predatory philosophy arising out of divine right.
      I have watched the scales fall from many pairs of eyes when the realisation hits that Palestinians are an indigenous people all but expelled from their native land. This is easy to bring about when the listener has already been involved with or at least understands indigenous rights movements. He/she has been accustomed to thinking that Palestine is an intractable Gordian Knot of a problem with religious complications.
      The comparison with Human Rights/Police Brutality struggles is also pertinent and therefore an effective consciousness-raising method.
      I hope Magid continues to push this barrow. Is he an influential figure? Does he read Mondoweiss????

  • We're all anti-American now

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