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  • With nearly half a million displaced in Gaza, UNRWA head calls on Israel to take responsibility
    • 72hr humanitarian ceasefire announced, joint statement by Ban Ki Moon and Kerry, to start 8am (Palestine time) tomorrow. No link - just came thru on radio.

  • Blitzer and Rudoren pump Israeli tunnel fears (and AIPAC cashes in)
  • 'Children killed in their sleep': Israeli artillery fire hits UN school, killing at least 20
    • The video seems to have been removed now. By the user.

    • I hope Ms Bensouda pulls her finger out and ACTS this time. If there's a matter of ICC funding to consider, I bet people would pull together to crowdfund this.

    • Israel is at war against the UN in Gaza too. Don't forget how 'anti-semitic' they say it is. It must be sheer hell to try to work in that situation, and find your shelters, your people, just as much targets as the Palestinian civilians. Am so glad he had someone to comfort him.

  • Video: Mark Regev, deciphered
  • More voices describe Gaza slaughter as a 'genocide'
    • It is genocide. Israeli intent.
      13 days ago, LtCol Lerner spelled it out on radio, and I commented here:
      link to

      "“Distance the terrorists from our borders”.
      Given the warning orders for people to move out of the north of Gaza, and the same for those in the east, it seems clear that they are going to force the people into a much smaller area of the ghetto/enclave, and increase vastly the barren no-go buffer zone. Maybe a couple of miles?"

      And so it is, from this map, 3 kilometers:

      link to

      Clearing a whole 3k along the Gaza/Israel border as an increased no-go/buffer zone. Total destruction.

  • Video: If you voted for Hamas, Israel has a right to kill you, says president of NY Board of Rabbis
    • When the rabbi says “we gave them freedom nine years ago” he would seem to be claiming "Jewish" as his primary NATIONALITY rather than American. But he presumably doesn't see the need to go grab an Israeli passport, because, well, it's a 'birthright'. This sort of comment emphasizes the immense wrong of Israeli nationality laws. He, along with many others, has internalized the message that he is part of a 'Jewish Nation' that belongs to/is born part of Israel and owes a primary loyalty to that nation. Wrong wrong wrong.

  • To my Jewish friend (you know who you are)
    • It is often tough and lonely if you're in an area far from political activism. I was shocked a couple of years ago by the reaction of one of my brothers - he thought my position wrt Israel was 'anti-semitic', but he also claimed our late mother was too, which is total bs as her step-mum was Jewish! (But he doesn't have any memory of our Granny Esther, she died when he was very small)
      Anyhow, I tend not to bang on at family, I'll speak if the subject arises and that seems to be more effective - my son and his wife are starting to take notice of the facts for themselves. He surprised me last week for having noticed the donation of the German team player who donated his winnings for Gaza, and this week they've ordered 'Save Gaza' wristbands. Small stuff, but they've got a huge circle of friends and acquaintances who they in turn might influence. He may even write one of his satirical pieces for 'The Spoof'!

  • Video: Celebrities, artists and activists call for Palestinian freedom in #GazaNames project
    • Wanton destruction of a whole neighborhood.
      Most definitely a war crime caught on camera.
      Wonder if the whole 60mins is available?

    • Couple of sportsmen standing up for Gaza:
      link to

      "German footballer Mesut Ozil, who plays for Arsenal, reportedly said he is donating his World Cup earnings to the children of Gaza following his country’s triumph in the cup. The German Football Association awarded each of the team’s players a €300,000 bonus for winning the cup, in addition to €150,000 following their semi-final win and other rewards for every game."

      link to

      "England have defended Moeen Ali’s right to wear wristbands demonstrating his support and sympathy for the people of Gaza when batting on the second day of the third Test against India in Southampton.

      The International Cricket Council’s code of conduct bans players from displaying “messages which relate to political, religious or racial activities or causes”, and an ICC spokesman confirmed on Monday that the governing body is “investigating the matter”.

      But England believe that Moeen’s messages – “Save Gaza” and “Free Palestine” – were humanitarian rather than political, after the 27-year-old had already been pictured raising money for the Gaza relief efforts in his home city of Birmingham last week."

  • ‘Lone soldiers’ and young ideologues from around the world contribute to Israeli war crimes
    • From Channel4's Factcheck blog:

      link to

      "Unlike some other countries, Britain does not have an effective law prohibiting its citizens from fighting for foreign armies.

      There is an obscure piece of legislation still on the statute books – the Foreign Enlistment Act 1870 – which ostensibly makes it illegal for British citizens to join the armed forces of a country fighting a state at peace with Britain.

      But this proved to be embarrassingly ineffective when prosecutors attempted to stop British volunteers from fighting in the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s.

      The lack of any practical ban on foreign enlistment leads to the slightly odd situation where a teenager can travel to Syria to fight for the brutal Assad regime with impunity, but if he sides with enemies of the regime he could face prosecution as a terrorist back in Britain."

      There are about 100 Brits in the IOF.

  • Kerry is off the Israel bandwagon
    • A para from Derfner's analysis of "Why Israel won't sign any ceasefire that's fair"

      link to

      "If Israel agrees to end the war on terms that grant major, transformative relief to Gaza, that largely lift the blockade on the Strip and allow Gazans substantial freedom of movement – which is what Ban and even Kerry are talking about – then Hamas wins the war."

  • Destruction of Gaza's children is something 'every one of us must confront' -- Jon Snow
    • The bbc have put an Israeli in charge of their middle east coverage. Raffi Berg. When I complain I refer to the 'Israeli censor in charge of the Middle East desk'.
      Some years ago (not sure how many) there was a major falling out between the bbc and GoI over coverage of the P/I issues, and I think they were frozen out for a considerable time. That and other pressures (there exists a website called 'bbcwatch' similar in nature to 'cifwatch', based in Jerusalem solely to monitor and mount campaigns against any coverage not sufficiently pro-Israel) seem to have ruined them journalistically.

  • In Photos: Worldwide protest against Israeli attack on Gaza (Updated)
    • Listening to LBC at moment, NO mention in the bulletins. Duncan Barkes asking who is to blame? Spoke to Israeli in London, spoke to a Dena, who he keeps describeing as being in the West Bank , Israel!!! Fired off texts asking for correction, simply repeated. Bellowing at radio in fury. Had other voices on, but no Palestinians yet.

  • Survivors of massacre in Khuza'a say Israeli forces used Palestinians as human shields
    • Now it's there! I can't go to the "Killing Fields" one though - it's the 3rd one in a row that keeps causing a problem and "internet explorer needs to close". Bah! I keep up with the comments via the 'most recent'.

    • YooHoo, Eds! The article isn't appearing between the headline and the 'about Yousef Alhelou'. Can someone put it back - I haven't read it yet!

  • Claim that Hamas killed 3 teens is turning out to be the WMD of Gaza onslaught
    • I'm sure the rabbi asked a very careful question, such as, "is there any scientific explanation for their bodies being in this condition after being in shallow graves in those temperatures for that many days?" to which of course, the answer would be no.

      "for the first time, since receiving the case where bodies lay in the warm weather" suggests that a specific question of that nature may have been asked, in order to convey the particular message.

    • John O

      link to

      "Rabbi Yaakov Roger, a member of the Chief Rabbinate and Rabbi of ZAKA, the rabbi at the morgue of Forensic Medicine, said in a conversation with Behadrey Haredim that for the first time, since receiving the case where bodies lay in the warm weather, worms were not found on their bodies.

      "I testify that the three saints were not controlled by maggots," says the rabbi, and is surprised. "Beyond the bullet holes there were not any signs of abuse or damage."

      "According to doctors at the Forensic Institute, there is no scientific explanation for this phenomenon," says the rabbi."

      Who had the resources to hide these youths bodies for this length of time in refrigerated conditions that prevented decomposition? Who benefited (in their own twisted ideology)?

    • Despite being found in shallow graves after being missing for 18 days (in temps of 30 - 40c, or 80 - 100+f), their autopsies apparently showed no decomposition. So would you believe the NuttyYahu brigades found and then concealed the bodies until a convenient moment presented itself to plant them on a farm belonging to relatives of the men they've accused of the murders? Or would that be just a tad too cynical?

      Edit - oops, should be in reply to John O!

  • Israeli forces kill 3 during Gaza solidarity march in West Bank village of Beit Ummar (Updated)
  • NY Times reports source of UNRWA school attack is unclear even though Israel said they did it
    • I found a good analysis of media bias by Davids Cornwall and Edwards (of medialens) here:

      link to

      The sub head:

      "The hidden backstory is that Israel's land grab cannot be conducted under conditions of peace. It requires Perpetual War; a phoney, one-sided 'war' dominated by Israel."

      The final para:

      "For in truth, biased US-UK journalism is empowering the Israeli government's effort to terrorise the Palestinian people into accepting gradual genocide as their land and resources are stolen. As we have discussed here (see also Gideon Levy here), the hidden backstory is that this land grab can not be conducted under conditions of peace. It requires Perpetual War; a phoney, one-sided 'war' dominated by Israel's perennial trump card: high-tech military power supplied by that eternal 'peace broker', the United States."

      And plenty in between, the first subject being the bbc.

  • Horrifying details continue to emerge of massacre in Khuza'a
    • There were reports much earlier today on bbc radio about this (overtaken by the school bombing) the reporters saying it was the first time they had heard of the IDF doing house to house searches during the present conflict. They must think there's something to find there.

  • How Israel militarized social media
    • One of Gaza's local doctors, interviewed on bbc today said if you want to stay alive, stay away from children!

      Jon Snow's blog from Gaza is harrowing.

      link to

      "I can’t get her out of my mind. Two year old Nema. Her broken skull and fractured nose have imposed two vast round suppurating panda sized blobs effectively closing her tiny eyes.

      Since she was blown up in an Israeli artillery barrage five days ago, she has not uttered a sound. She is mute, whether forever, no one knows.

      And Noradin, playing in a crowded street, hit by shrapnel from an Israel missile fired from an F16. In that explosion 45 people were injured, many of them children, two were killed.

      Finally, for the moment, Maha, her back shattered, her face bruised. She is shrivelled beneath a rag of a sheet, the dirt from the street still clinging to her feet. She is just seven years old.

      I am wandering through the dense maze that is the honeycomb of children’s wards on the second and third floors of Gaza’s remarkable al-Shifa Hospital.

      This is the birth place of saints and the death yard of angels.

      The saints are the doctors from all over the world who are dealing with the bloody consequences of this war. The angels are the innocent children too broken by battle to survive."

      There's more, including a 6min video and pictures, and he ends thus:

      "The world is witnessing what is happening in Gaza. There is bound to be judgement."

      This particular blog has also been made available in Arabic.

      Edit: We're so damn lucky to have someone like Jon Snow on our mainstream media!

  • Israeli forces shell UN school where displaced Palestinians gathered, killing at least 9
    • Surely you just need to conduct the ceremony that follows the awarding of the Grand Order of the Boot? Y'know, the old spit n' polish thingy.

  • Palestinians build tunnel to attack Israeli kindergarten, Netanyahu says
    • Don't be silly Jon66! Gamal is providing a little more context, and showing that things might not have turned out so badly had the Israelis (those 'terror' experts) had any competence.

      Why not tell us what avenues you think the Palestinians have to achieve any redress for the wrongs done to them for so many decades? The whole of Israel is aligned against them, there are powerful forces outside of Israel that are aligned against them, and their leaders will barely take baby-steps in the UN.

      Also, perhaps you could tell us why you think that Hamas have not used their tunnels in the past months for terror purposes such as:

      Roadside IEDs

      Placing indiscriminate car bombs

      Home invasion/murders

      Other terror activities

      As opposed to the purely military uses that they have been put to.

    • No one has come through these tunnels to place indiscriminate IEDs on Israeli roads, no one has come through these tunnels to put bombs beneath cars or trucks, no one has come through these tunnels to commit home invasions or murders. Israel CANNOT justify this 'terror tunnel' meme and really, Ban Ki Moon ought to call him out on it (cos Obama and Kerry won't)!

    • How do you know that Hamas stored their weapons in (by the way, UNUSED) schools? No one knows which faction the rockets belonged to! The UNRWA site didn't know.

    • Absolutely agree. These tunnels could have been used for terrorist purposes any time before the current conflagration. They have not been. IF Hamas was truly a 'terrorist' organisation they would have had no qualms about sending a party into Israel to simply slaughter any Israelis they could find. It has not happened at all. They have been used for exclusively military purposes. What would be an honest name for them, that could be used instead of the preferred by Israel term?

  • 'Heartbreaking' is U.S. government's talking point for Gaza massacre
    • Hah! Israel wants every other nation to adhere to international law but always exempts itself!

  • 'We know that Israel has no red line when it attacks us': Civilians bear the brunt as Israel’s offensive on Gaza continues
    • I did hear a couple of 'good news' stories on bbcR4 WorldTonight (10pm) - reporters on the ground said a few people had been found alive in the rubble of their homes in Shujaya, days after the bombing there. They also had a couple of good Palestinian spokesmen on - one of whom castigated the UK for abstaining at the UN vote! But the Israeli spox (not sure of name, seemed to have a south African accent) was terrible - all hasbara and 'terror tunnels'. Sadly that last will be the oft repeated cr*p that sticks in peoples heads.
      There was also a prog on the 'morality' of the war on Gaza (Moral Maze: link to ) in which Mad Mel Phillips got her panties in a serious wad over one speaker, Ted Honderich, who was solidly behind Hamas! Of course, Col Richard Kemp was on before him. Worth a listen. Except for the screwed up hasbaracentric 'facts'.

  • 'Slate' blames Birthright for indoctrinating American Jew who was killed fighting for Israel
    • I don't know about US figs, but Channel4 here thinks there are about a hundred Brits in the IDF:
      link to

      "The numbers of volunteers from the UK are small but significant: the IDF told Channel 4 News there are “around one hundred Brits currently serving” in its ranks.

      There is a even a support group for British parents of IDF soldiers called Mahal Mums."

      Much more at the link.

  • Oh what a lovely war!
  • The deafening silence around the Hamas proposal for a 10-year truce
    • @travellerh
      The recent case of a disused school being used to store weapons (tho' whose among all the factions hasn't been made clear) is the ONLY case that's true and confirmed. None of those Israeli 'precision' bombs seem to have caused the secondary explosions that would be proof that they actually hit any other such! DaBakr elsewhere on this site is claiming another, but offers absolutely no link to where he got his news.

    • Maybe this too:
      link to
      "3.41pm BST
      A correspondent with BBC Arabic was attacked while delivering a live report from inside Israel at the Gaza border Tuesday.

      Correspondent Firas Khatib was rushed and knocked off-screen by an unidentified man “at the Gaza border,” as Khatib described it. The attacker can be heard cursing at Khatib. He is thrown off Khatib by an unidentified man in press garb.

      Must see. BBC Arabic reporter attacked live on air by an Israeli near #Gaza border link to

      — Jenan Moussa (@jenanmoussa) July 22, 2014
      Khatib, seemingly unshaken, carries on his report off-camera as a BBC anchor in London cuts in. When the camera returns to him Khatib gestures in the direction of the attacker and says Israeli protesters were in the area and the report would be updated later.

      Khatib is a veteran correspondent whose work has included analysis on the Israeli perspective on the Arab Spring."

      There was also this:

      "2.59pm BST
      UN chief Ban Ki-Moon has just been speaking at a press conference with Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv.

      He began by condemning rocket fire from Gaza and the use of schools, hospitals and mosques for military purposes.

      Ban was moved by the murder of three Israeli boys and the killing of Mohammed Abu Khdeir, he said.

      He said the two sides should stop fighting and start talking, urging Israel to exercise "maximum restraint". "

      Just ONE proven use of civilian infrastructure, and that was disused! But it leads to Ban parroting hasbara, and it's that bit that gets quoted on radio and world service bulletins, as if it is a fact.

  • 'Telegenically Dead': Israel’s crumbling media war
    • link to

      Todays top stories are all from the region:

      Interview with Gen Yaakov Amidror
      Interview with Hamas spox Ihab al Ghosein
      Interview with Dr Medhat Abbas, Al- Aqsa Hospital

      Links to Jonathan Miller's blog

      And to a 'most watched' video of Israeli military claiming Hamas have built an underground town. (I'm just off to watch that one!)

  • US Jews occupy Israeli army support office in NY in civil disobedience action
    • I guess Palikaka can say that because s/he considers not their faith (some may have none) but their nationality to be Jewish. Since the only nationality in Israel is not 'Israeli' but 'Jewish', Palikaka is confused, and like many raised on ziopoop, is unable to see or understand, fellow Jews as nationals of other nations. To him/her, they all automatically belong to Israel above all others.

  • Naomi Wolf walked out of synagogue when they had nothing to say about Gaza massacre
    • @NormanF
      And you have not a word to say about the Palestinian children being murdered beneath massive Israeli bombs.

      You have not a word to say about the clear fact that Hamas have NOT used their tunnels to 'infiltrate' Israel on civilian killing sprees at all before the current ISRAELI aggression, and have used them solely to attack military targets since.

      You have not a word to say about the right of Palestinians to defend themselves from genuinely massive Israeli aggression.

      You have zero decency, you treat Israel as if it is an object of religious worship and believe even the most egregious lies emanating from it.

      You have nothing to say about the venomous and genocidal anti-Arab outbursts all over Israel and occupied Palestine - which have led to violence and murders.

      You stand in the toilet of history.

  • Burning children
    • Restraint that's led to the death toll currently being above 600?
      What's the casualty ratio again? Between 70% and 80% civilian on the Palestinian side and what - 95% military on the Israeli side. Remind us again, who are the terroreeests?

  • Renouncing my Israeli citizenship
    • Why? With all the zio propaganda yelling 'come on in, the water's lovely'?
      Compensation for false selling.

  • Video: Night raid in Bethlehem's Aida Refugee Camp
    • Well, impossible to see, yes, but mebbe you could listen to it!
      link to

      If you listen from somewhere around 20mins in. Levy mentions a few things we haven't seen on here.

    • OOH!
      Gideon Levy on bbcR4 news at 10pm!
      Is the Israeli army the 'most moral' army?
      Up against Col Richard Kemp, proving he's sold his soul to the zionists.

  • The fascists wanted to murder us: An eyewitness account of Haifa's anti-war protest
    • Hey, Palikaka,
      Where have you been hiding while your idf has fired twice as many bombs onto Palestinian civilians, with several thousand times the explosive power?
      Where were you during the weeks before, when the idf targeted some 50 sites in Gaza with their bombs, while Hamas did not fire back? Only the smaller factions did. Hamas didn't protect then from the repercussions. Their rockets only started *after* the idf bombed one of their tunnels, killing several Hamas personnel.
      And where is your voice decrying the wanton slaughter the idf is quite deliberately inflicting on Gaza's civilian population? Have you watched the video of the very clearly unarmed youth being murdered by one of yours during the ceasefire? Or is he one less to breed more of the same?

  • Finally, Israel is alienating the US mainstream media
  • Video: A beautiful brother went looking for his family in the death zone (Updated)
  • Look at Netanyahu's 'evidence' that civilians are harboring rockets in Gaza
  • Israeli military destroyed el-Wafa hospital even though it knew there were no weapons inside
  • Israel is in a pickle
    • Oh yeah! Can't link at the moment, but Desertpeace has the hasbara version followed by the genuine article - in Syria!

    • Interesting Walid. Israel will be unable to claim 'terroreeesm' if these Hamas forces haven't made for civilian homes and massacred them, will they! If Hamas victims are military, they turn out to be the more 'moral' fighters. Israel, the IDF, with its multitudinous civilian casualties, including so many children, will again look even worse.

  • NBC reverses; Mohyeldin to return to Gaza to cover 'Palestinian side of story'
    • Congratulations to Ayman! And all those who put pressure in the right places.
      Meanwhile, on its own "Feedback" program (bbcR4), they had a segment on the protests about biased coverage, called in a boss of the dept, and exonerated themselves. So that fight has to go on.

  • 'Jews Against Genocide' hold memorials for killed Palestinian children in front of Israeli govt buildings around the world
    • Your comment and your handle tell us all we need to know!
      You're a complete narcissist who has only the 'Little Red Riding Hood' side of the story - complete mythology.
      IE "for nine years only one side was hurting us" is total rubbish. For nine years and many more, your side has been hurting the 'other' as often and as viciously as it can! If you can get out of your 'poor little me, I'm such a victim' mindset you can very easily discover that it is your 'side' that provokes fireworks from Gaza and then smashes it with massive bombs - how else are they going to maintain both the $billions from the US and the sales of their 'battlefield' proven weaponry?

  • Hasbarapocalyse: Naftali Bennett says Hamas committing 'massive self-genocide'
    • Nice one, thanks!
      By the way, the first speaker was Nicholas Soames, grandson of Winston Churchill.

      And then the computer forced me into a game of whack-a-mole! Every time I ended the youtube page, it popped back up in four more windows and tabs! mutter mutter discontent. bah.

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