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  • Israeli military shot over 500 Palestinians in the head during Gaza protests
    • Israel is NOT acting in 'self defense'.

      As the military occupier, israel is the *aggressor*. Israel's highest court has ruled that the occupation is belligerant. Various international bodies including UN have ruled similarly.

      israel slaughters Palestinians because it can, with impunity. The 84% of israelis who supported this slaughter are sick f*kkers. So are its non-israeli supporters.

  • Debunking 18 claims justifying this week's Gaza massacre
    • To 'husband and father' jon 66, perhaps this migh evoke a little empathy?

      "Via B'tselem

      My name is Olfat al-Kurd. I live in Shuja'iya in Gaza. I am 37 years old and have four children. In July 2017, I joined the B’Tselem team as one of three field researchers in Gaza. In the past few weeks, since the protests along the fence with Israel began, we have been working around the clock to document, collect eyewitness accounts and testimonies of injured people, and gather information about the demonstrations and casualties.

      I attend the weekly protests not only in my professional capacity but also as a Gazan. Some of my photos, posted on B’Tselem’s photo blog, show how most of the protesters gather in tents pitched far from the fence. These families enjoy entertainment stages, live music, food stalls and other family activities. We go there to convey a political message, to demonstrate, but non-violently – we don’t go there with weapons. The soldiers shoot at us nonetheless, and people are injured from live fire and tear gas.

      This week, a concerned Israeli colleague asked me why I keep attending the protests, even though it’s dangerous. I replied that I am, of course, afraid, sometimes so much that I fear I won’t come back.

      But the truth is that nowhere in Gaza is safe – whether near the border or in our own homes. Israeli planes can bomb any house, anywhere, at any moment. We all live in constant dread of something terrible happening. Everyone in Gaza lost a relative in the last wars. I lost my brother in the 2009 war.

      The festival activities at the protests are a rare opportunity for us to breathe, meet people, and feel that we belong to something larger than ourselves. The open areas near the fence are the vastest in Gaza, but no one has dared go there since the last war. We can’t go to the beach any longer because sewage infrastructure has collapsed as a result of the blockade, and raw sewage flows into the sea. Many Gazans live in abject poverty and cannot afford to sit in a café or a restaurant, so they come to the protests with a coffee thermos and food.

      Israel has been holding Gaza under blockade for more than ten years. Some of the young people participating in the protests and being wounded or even killed by soldiers, do not know what it’s like to have running water and a steady supply of electricity. They have never left Gaza and grew up in a prison.

      You can’t visit us, Israel doesn’t allow anyone to see what’s going on here. There is no real life in Gaza. The whole place is clinically dead.

      The younger generations are crushed by the hopelessness and death everywhere. The protests have given us all a spark of hope. They are our attempt to cry out to the world that it must wake up, that there are people here fighting for their most basic rights, which they are entitled to fulfill. We deserve to live, too.


      Olfat al-Kurd
      Gaza Field Researcher

    • Carrion eater - but it's israeli policy to prevent Palestinians in Gaza from achieving any kind of normality.

      Zionism, in a nutshell

      Saree Makdisi writes:

      "The demographer Arnon Sofer of Haifa University is the architect of the current isolation of Gaza. In 2004, he advised the government of Ariel Sharon to withdraw Israeli forces from within Gaza, seal the territory off from the outside world, and simply shoot anyone who tries to break out. “When 2.5 million people live in a closed-off Gaza, it’s going to be a human catastrophe,” Sofer told an interviewer in the Jerusalem Post (11 November 2004); “Those people will become even bigger animals than they are today, with the aid of an insane fundamentalist Islam. The pressure at the border will be awful. It’s going to be a terrible war. So, if we want to remain alive, we will have to kill and kill and kill. All day, every day.” He added that “the only thing that concerns me is how to ensure that the boys and men who are going to have to do the killing will be able to return home to their families and be normal human beings.”

    • Exactly. Had any of this really existed the idf and the israeli govt would have released info to the world's media and ensured all zionist talking heads were well armed with their facts. What sources are quoted or named in the article? The whole thing's a lie!

    • "Data obtained by ynet"

      If there was any truth in this the idf would have released it to the world's media and it would have beena major and endless talking point of every pro-israeli talking head in the mediaverse.

      What it really is is a lie created to inform 'folk memory' in the future. There will be references made to it by every zionist, but this lying article will be the original source of an utterly unfounded claim.

  • Killing Gaza: New documentary features Life Under Siege
  • Live Blog: Protests continue as Palestinians begin holding funerals for 61 killed in Gaza
  • Israel distorts timeline of events to play victim in the dangerous escalation with Iran and Syria
    • Syrian Arab Army put out its version of events:

      "A short summary of the chain of events that led to the current situation in the occupied-Golan Heights

      • Enemy air force fired a stand-off missile toward Damascus that was intercepted by Syrian Air Defenses

      • Enemy artillery targeted a Syrian military point in al-Quneitra which led to a return of fire from the Syrian Military across borde

      • Enemy brought a Merkava Tank which fired 6 random shots into al-Baa'th city in al-Quneitra

      • Syrian Tank Hunters fired back at the enemy's Merkava with no reports on its status yet

      • Syrian Military responded by firing a barrage of missiles at Zionist military points inside the occupied-Golan"

  • Maybe Israel is interfering in our politics over the Iran Deal? Naaah!
    • Israel making hay.

      They're presently (or within the last couple hours) bombing an iranian convoy in Syria.

      Taking Trump's withdrawal as a joint declaration of war against iran?

  • Natalie Portman says, Enough!
    • The article doesn't make clear that she's supposed to have won this prize? What on earth for? Has she done something that could equate to a Nobel prize winner?
      Even where I read it earlier didn't make clear she'd won - I assumed she was a prominent invitee and wondered why that seemed to throw the cat among the pigeons.

  • How Gaza came to be trapped 'from fence to fence'
    • "about rockets...from Gaza".
      Rockets with little to no payload.
      How about telling us how many bombs with massive payloads israel has dropped on the strip over the same time period?
      I'm sure somebody, somewhere must have counted them. It'll be a figure well into the thousands with a vastly higher death toll - especially of civilians.

      Go eat roadkill jokedaw.

  • Netanyahu suspends watershed refugee deal with UN following rightwing criticism
    • Citizen, the Woke Folks fb page tends to be pro Palestine, and there was an item about this israeli racism in the past couple of days. A number of well aware comments too.

  • Bret Stephens and Bari Weiss can't wait to call you an anti-Semite in 'The New York Times'
    • Over here (UK) just heard LAW (Labour Against the Witchhunt) are being given space on bbcR4 late news - 10pm - to argue the real reasons behind the hunt for left -antisemitism. If any others wish to tune in!

  • The double standard for 'a peaceful English town' and Gaza
    • In the earliest news reports that came out it was pointed out that Skripal's wife, brother and son have died in mysterious circumstances. As also pointed out above, there were many opportunities for the Russian govt to do away with him instead of using him in a prisoner swap. He is said to have betrayed hundreds of fellow spies for money. I'm pretty sure a number of those, or people linked to them, would have an interest in harming him, and I don't think it too far fetched to consider that some among them could have access to the means to have carried out such a hit.

  • Israel deployed more than 100 snipers along Gaza border in preparation for nonviolence protest
  • Jeremy Corbyn and ’anti-Semitism’ - making sense of the hysteria
    • I've seen considerable amusement about JC attending the wrong sort of seder. At the 'mainstream Jewish organisations' and Blairite (non-Jewish) MPs and party apparatchiks calling out the wrong sort of Jews in such a way as they are exposing their own antisemitism. A rather odd thing has happened on bbcR news too. Earlier in the day 'mainstream Jewish organisations' have now become 'established' and 'more established' Jewish organisations. Curious change in terminology.

    • I reported one threatening a Jewish MP with gas chambers just two days ago. Apparently that didn't breach 'community standards' at fb either.

  • The problem with Passover
    • More UK - first 7 weeks of this year, over 10,000 'excess deaths'. The weather for those weeks was milder than normal, and it can't be attributed to flu.

      And why do things like this not even touch the msm? 'Austerity' has been an excuse to cull the 'lower' elements of the British population. The elites are keeping their mouths zipped.

    • Life expectancy stats released last month:

      females lowest economic decile - down by 3 months
      females highest economic decile - UP by 2 months

      males lowest economic decile - UP but by less than one month
      males highest economic decile - UP by 4 months

      Rather suggestive of the power of wealth - or lack of it - on ones health.
      Even in the UK with what remains of our NHS.

  • Criticism of Women’s March leaders reminiscent of attacks on Jesse Jackson 30 years ago
    • We might not have the evangelical element, but we have a scary number of people following extremist racist US, Aussie and Israeli sites on fb that encourage xenophobia and especially islamophobia. Thankfully 'Britain First', Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding have been tossed off the platform, but I'm sure they've become martyrs to the cause (many of BFs 2m followers were foreign, btw). From what I bumped into online, their age range ran the gamut from young to late middle age. In the near total absence of UKIP during the GE last year many were actively promoting the tory line - and the tories in turn were actively seeking their votes.
      Online, with the 'New Left Media' I have seen stuff that Phil dreams of - in the last 12 to 15 months especially, more critical articles about israel, anger at being tarred with the brush of 'antisemitism', and a determination to reject at full strength, that charge. With proof, as per the Skwawkbox article linked above.

    • Annie, I read Skwawkbox daily, so I've read the repost today along with a couple more articles re JLM and JVL.

    • The Heil sowing hate again, when the truth about Corbyn is so very different:

      'New Left Media' - a place to find the truth.

  • Landmark 'NYT' op-ed by Jewish official blames Israel's leadership for its isolation (not BDS)
    • I have now. It wasn't up when I posted!
      Trouble ahead? Clear israeli involvement in enabling far right governments. Followed by clear israeli govt approval of far right govts.

      Neither NYT or the Guardian will like that aspect of their investigation.

    • Cambridge Analytica sting op by Channel 4 News
      (Posted to youtube today)
      the three *top* UK personnel drop themselves in the do-do.
      This is an outfit funded by the far right Mercers, Bannon was one of its founders. They have been manipulating elections worldwide. And - at the tail end of the video - credit their *israeli* intelligence personnel with helping to win the right wing european elections. The ones Bibi and top israeli pols went off to visit.

  • Zionism, anti-Semitism, Israel — and the UK Labour party
    • 404 error. Link don't work.
      Listened to Goldstein last night - didn't take long for him to get to "deligitimisation of israel". Just another defender of endless occupation.

    • I didn't even know there was such a thing as a "secret" fb group until yesterday when one of mine was made secret - it isn't a political one.

    • As if to *prove* it's all about israel - the leader of the new Jewish Labour grouping, Jewish Voice for Labour, opposite to Newmark's zionist Jewish Labour Movement, has been suspended from the Labour Party. For antisemitism. One Glynn Secker. Shows McNicol aint gone yet, still working through his resignation period.

  • 18-year-old fisherman killed by Israeli forces off the coast of Gaza
    • Corvid, why do you keep moving the goalposts? It doesn't seem to stop you scoring own goals.

    • I think that might be the 90s. Also it was within London, being the IRA.
      During John Major's premiership iirc.

    • I've known a few people have that kind of premonition, shown by that kind of behavior change rather than an outright declaration. They were proven right. Closest declaration was "just a feeling of not being around much longer".

  • 14-year-old girl forced alone into Gaza is another example of the Israeli occupation's cruelty
    • Mooser, I think he may also be israeli now. I recall a couple of articles on his website about his application some years ago.

  • Pro-Israel Democrats concede 'human rights' issue is killing the brand
  • Zionists should be excluded from left-oriented protests
    • "National liberation movement" - total rot. Nation 'creating' movement which was predicated on destroying the nation that already existed on the coveted land. And so it has become a nation oppressing movement. Nothing to take (vicarious) pride in. A century of shame.

  • I'm blacklisted and banned from Israel, but for many others this is nothing new
    • Taking your argument to its conclusion then, there should be no such law as israel's "Law of Return". One or two out of a squillion ancestors two and more millennia ago hailing from the region does not a valid claim make. In fact, having that absurd law actually *validates* exiled Palestinians and their grandchildren's claims. After all, the fact that 'x' generations ago their own ancestors converted from Judaism didn't change their rights to or ownership of the land. It's likely that by far the majority of their ancestors were there two millennia ago.

  • Naked justice
    • Corvid, your Q to Annie is a pile of dishonest guano. There *are* israelis who live among the Palestinians, with their consent. Perhaps Amira Haass is the most prominent?

    • Featherbrain

      I'm sure there must be some law on the Palestinian statute books about illegal immigrants and theft of land and resources that would cover this, if they were only able to enforce their own laws.....blah blah impediments...blah

    • Corvid.
      If they buy property in not-israel from an israeli realtor then there's an 80% chance the land it's built on is stolen goods. They don't/won't have legitimate title. Even if the government and armed forces of their criminal enterprise - oops, 'country' - support them by force, as they do.

  • Abbas's crime was saying that Zionism is a colonial project
  • Braying donkeys
    • Carrion eater - since you disputed its meaning, its down to *you* specifically to provide links backing up *your* claims as to context etc. Or shut your own hole.

  • What MLK's 'Letter from Birmingham Jail' tells us about Ahed Tamimi in a cold Israeli cell
  • Vic Mensa's searing piece in 'Time' on Israeli oppression is prefaced by clunky disclaimer re anti-Semitism
    • I've sat down and discussed faith with a muslim, Jack. 15 years ago, heard a young man passionate about his faith and despairing of those who would take it to extremes. And then bewildered about having been drawn into said discussion in the furniture showroom where he worked. There've been other occasions too, but that was most memorable.

  • Privileged American Jews are safe thanks to 'Israel's might'-- Roger Cohen
    • It goes beyond welcoming. Israel (or its directed supporters) provided funding to the EDL (said to be modeled on JDL). It fosters their extremist positions - especially of course, on islamophobia. It has directly provided intel to them (there is or was video of edl meeting with israeli intel personnel in israel). We know from mw alone that countless extreme right political party members, elected and not, have been entertained in israel. The CAP produced its controversial report on the funding of hate - particularly islamophobia - somewhen around 2011(?) and found a huge amount came from zionist and Jewish foundations and donors. I see the results when I click on profiles of individuals who make provocative comments in very different places on fb. Amongst local and internationally recognised hate groups are right wing extremist israeli groups and fb pages. I consider this to be extremely dangerous - israel's actions could so easily backfire onto ordinary Jewish people around the world. Unless that is an aim?

  • From Spinoza to Vilkomerson, Jewish voices for peace have long been banned-- by Jews
    • One story:

      Young woman, widowed, pregnant, two small children, friendless, no help, no resources (fairly substantial but lost to the nazis), post war London. No welfare state. Turned to prostitution in an effort to keep a roof over their heads. Arrested. Older children taken into care. Youngest, once born, was adopted. Mother was put in an asylum. She remained there the rest of her life, dying not long after youngest child traced and met her. Missing older sister was also traceable, but no sign of what became of brother. Daughter of youngest child would be interested in knowing if there is/are any organisations who try to find relatives who may have been kidnapped to israel.

  • Finally a 'New York Times' columnist says liberal Zionism is dead
    • "Before the 1967 war" there were 100s of settlements - planted on the top of Palestinian towns and villages. And back then, the Palestinians *in* israel were under martial law to prevent them from returning to towns and villages, lands they had been expelled from, in 47/48. Palestinians outside israel were (and still are) prevented from returning to *their* homes, towns, villages - and have never even been compensated for the theft and expulsion. Since the Palestinians have no armed forces it's kinda difficult for them to carry out a war against the heavily armed, nuclear state of israel. They are *NOT* the party "responsible for the situation they are now in" - that would 100% be israel.

  • Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as capital of 'Jewish people' is assault on my religion -- Queens rabbi
    • What an outright racist you are Boris. My d-in-law's grandmother would be indistinguishable from a crowd of average white britons.

    • Well, boris, Naiem Giladi who *served* in the israeli forces describes how he was indeed tasked with poisoning Gaza wells with cholera. Nowadays idf and settlers either destroy them or take them over completely.

  • Israeli prosecutors try to make Ahed Tamimi a terrorist
  • Shmuley Boteach's unhinged attack on Lorde will only help the movement to boycott Israel
    • The Lorde cancellation was the subject of a few minutes discussion on bbcR5 tonight. The three participants were noticeably uncomfortable and definitely tiptoeing around the I/P situation. Brief reference was made to the occupation. Then on to other topics for that hour. HOWEVER, after the newsbreak, the presenter, Adrian Goldberg, had to issue a 'correction'. Seems bbc Newspeak dept now forbids reference to occupation of Palestine, henceforth it is to be 'control' of the territory.

  • Jewish activist who counseled Lorde on BDS gets the full 'kapo' treatment in the Israeli press
    • How the hell can *anyone* try to portray israel as non-violent and keep a straight face?
      I read this moments after reading of bombing sorties across Gaza *again* tonight.
      Wohl has wool between his ears if he thinks the people of the world will accept that insane absurdity.

  • 'They would charge us with the crime of being born Palestinian': a report from the latest Tamimi court hearing
  • Why liberal Zionists have nothing to say about Ahed Tamimi's slap and arrest
    • She has resistance fighters in her family. Just as there were in France during WWII. Just as there were during other military occupations. The 'violent propagandists' are the israeli government and military, constantly glorifying their crimes to panting audiences of zionists around the world and with barely a squeak of protest from our 'enabling' governments.

  • Israeli journalist who called for unspeakable acts against Ahed Tamimi tries, and fails, to backpedal
    • The word they're replacing it with is 'control'. I learned this from bbc radio. 'Occupation' was mentioned during a brief and uncomfortable discussion of Lorde's decision. After the newsbreak the presenter had to issue a 'correction' - he supposedly should have referred to 'controlled' territory. Zioclaws tearing up the dictionary!

  • Israel has detained 148 Palestinian children since Trump's Jerusalem speech 2 weeks ago
  • Trump threatens to cut aid to countries voting against Jerusalem decision at UN
    • How about Tasmanian Devils? Crazy behavior and they seem to suffer from erupting tumors. Not very many of them, either. Hope I didn't malign them too much!

  • Michael Oren says Palestinian activists stage 'kids in American clothes' to provoke Israeli army
    • Jon66
      between 48 and 67, with Palestine under Jordanian trusteeship, the israelis refused to give up the land occupied (between its *declared* borders and the Armistice/Green Line) in 1948 - in defiance of UN, and against its own promise one week after declaring its borders.

    • Her cousin is comatose in hospital.
      Her mother was detained when she went to ask where her daughter was being held.
      Today, her father was detained when he attended her hearing. (Last via Rich Siegal fb page)

    • Brave kids, those girls. Of course that video is being spread around the internet by zionist groups complaining about 'Pallywood' productions, and completely *failing* to note that these armed idiots are operating outside their own country against these young girls and their families, enabling land theft, resource expropriation, thuggery and worse from their own compatriots who are busily dispossessing the indigenous population. They are heroes, and perhaps foolhardy.

    • Oren is a walking obscenity.

      From where does he get some nefarious 'right' to dictate how Palestinians should dress?!

      His major problem with Ahed is probably that she isn't veiled (after all, isn't that how he *expects* muslim females to be attired?!!!) and thus her light hair, light eyes, her appearance in general, is too like that of many millions of young western girls. Heck! The western kids might identify with her! Thoroughly and utterly racist of him.

  • Detained Palestinian teen in viral photo to be sentenced in a court with a 99.74 percent conviction rate
    • 16 year old Ahed Tamimi has been arrested:

      "The Israeli occupation forces arrested Palestinian girl Ahed Tamimi 16 years old .

      Israeli Minister said : Ahed must spend her whole life in the prison .
      #FreeAhed ."

      Front page news in one israeli paper. Ahed and her family feature in a number of MW articles.

  • Israel opens an investigation into army for killing double-amputee in Gaza
    • Regarding the israeli 'investigation' into this death, I just read this by a fb friend:

      "After a 3 day cursory investigation of the execution of Ibrahim Abu Thruayeh, the IOF has just announced that it found no "moral or professional failures".
      Dear world please wake up
      The man was executed in cold blood in his wheelchair .
      The IOF has lost all "moral & professional" . Since long time ."

  • The Chanukah of fire and occupation (is not about ancient times)
    • Boris.
      wheelchair and flag. Plenty of stills and video of him all over in his last minutes. No sling I've seen.
      anyways, how many slingshot pebbles can reach across hundreds of yards of no-mans-land (as ordered by israel) and be able to cause more harm to iof thugs heavily covered in military issue?
      there were no violent riots, merely symbolic gestures. For that, israel murders?

  • Netanyahu has been interfering in U.S. politics for a long, long time
    • Apparently Time is reporting that Kushner failed to disclose that he's on the board of the family foundation that donates to illegal settlements - maybe that could give legs to such a charge?

  • Letter to a drone
  • Israel has more legitimacy than US because the bible mentions Jerusalem, not New York -- says David Harris
    • Is there much "comfort and privilege" in "the Arab Middle East" - except perhaps for Israel's Arab allies? The rest seem to have been rather shattered according to Israel's wish list, don't they.

  • Target Hezbollah
    • Robert Fisk is also certain Hariri's resignation is a Saudi put-up job. He takes that from the delivery of the speech and the Saudi-styled Arabic (rather than Lebanese style). Hariri, being a dual national (SaudiLebanese) was summoned to a meeting with the king. Flew there, did that, couple days later, summoned to another meeting, then the resignation.

      Almost the same time-frame, we've had (UK) the blow-up of a diplomatic storm over Boris Johnson's comments about British/Iranian Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliff. About a year and a half ago she took her infant daughter on an extended family visit to Iran. Arrested and imprisoned as some kind of spy. After being told the usual keep your head down, we're doing what we can for several months, her husband Richard Ratcliff, began taking to the airwaves to broadcast her plight and try to get some positive action. Pretty much banging his head against a brick wall. The politicians gave themselves a get-out clause as she's a dual national. Yet suddenly, when this proxy-war is being planned, Boris can endanger her further by claiming she was teaching journalists? And then his side-kick Michael Gove throws oil on the fire, claiming not to know why she was there - after iranian judiciary have taken Boris at his word and increased her sentence. In my opinion all very deliberate and an attempt to manipulate and inflame UK public opinion against iran. Doing so would be well received by CFI and tory donors as well as israel, also by Saudi as major customer of british arms who May's government are anxious to please.

  • Prince Charles decried White House's failure to take on 'Jewish lobby' over Israel
    • I don't recall where I read about this this morning, but apart from thinking good for him, I was intrigued by the mention of Charles being in Israel for a funeral (was it after the assassination?) - and taking time out to visit the grave of his paternal Grandmother! How did Prince Philip's mother come to be buried there? Married in to the Greek royals?

  • The Russiagate farce, or how the Russians corrupted our pristine democracy
  • The Weinstein effect drags in Israel
    • Ch4 journalists were chasing Lord Polak, who had accompanied Priti Stupid on her 'private holiday' to israel (at a time when her underling at DfID, Alistair Burt was *also* there, on official business, but claimed not to know she was) - into a massage parlor! Perhaps he didn't want to be questioned about his most recent visit - when he sat next to al Jazeera Lobby subject, LFI MP Joan Ryan at their Knesset meeting. PRID=13624

  • Thousands march to UK parliament calling for justice on Balfour centenary
    • I think George is in hot water at the moment over some dismissive comments over the current sex abuse allegations flying around. By belittling the situation he's been called a rape apologist and such like. There are no abuse accusations against him (that I've seen or heard of), but emotions are high at the moment. This is a possible reason. If he were to think his presence would cause harm, I'm sure he would absent himself.

  • The Balfour centenary is also the centenary of the Zionist lobby
  • Smear campaign is defused as Tom Suarez speaks at UMass
    • Aside from endlessly maligning anybody who speaks out about israel's excesses, Hoffman can often be found (and has been photographed) palling around with highly placed leaders of British far right groups, such as EDL and Britain First. He was also openly supportive of the Irish Times columnist (and holocaust denier) recently sacked for claiming the highly paid female bbc stars achieved their high remuneration because they were Jewish.

  • Nick Cave urged to cancel Tel Aviv shows by Roger Waters, Angela Davis, Thurston Moore

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